Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 13 Prologue

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I have an interest in the birth of life.

But it’s not an interest in the manner of simple biology.

It’s an interest towards emotions that spring forth incidentally.

Since I was born, I have never harbored any special feelings towards life other than myself.

A human is just a life-form.

The system called a human body that is created from cells and genetics. They think, move, and carry out information transfer with other individuals as their function.

I recognized them as an elaborate and exquisite system from that.

But, they aren’t a special existence.

Any speech that explains the importance of life is illogical.

Consciousness and emotion are nothing more than a result that is outputted by information transfer from cellular and electrical signals.

There isn’t anything special there.

The thing called a heart, or emotions, or life aren’t things that have high value like human thought.

What is called a soul doesn’t exist.

But, I know that there are a lot of cases where change of awareness happens due to creating a new life using one’s own body.

The emotion of loving a child as a parent becomes strong and the maternal instinct also gets stimulated strongly.

Will such phenomenon also happen to this me?

Perhaps a change of awareness will occur by making a child using this body.

It’s something that is hard to imagine, but interest is welling up inside me.

And then I carried out an experiment.

I made two attempts.

Nothing changed.

Even my child is no different from other specimen.

I cannot even feel the emotions called affection or motherhood.

Why does no emotion well up inside me?

Am I lacking some kind of function?


Other humans are the ones not behaving normally in the first place?

Or perhaps,

Am I the form of an even more evolved living thing──

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