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Chapter 3 – The Time of Parting[edit]

Part 1[edit]

After Nayuta left, everyone looked up to the sky.

It was a beautiful night.

The crescent moon was floating like a ship in the starry sky. A streak of light was stretching within that world of stars. It was a streak of light that was stretching from the land like a bridge that connected to the heaven.

And then there was lively music and people’s cheers.


Kizuna looked around in panic.

Below them was a gigantic colosseum. And then there was a huge audience filling it to the brim.

「This place──」

‘The capital of the Vatlantis Empire, Zeltis!?’

「Ki, Kizuna?」

And then beside him was Aine──no, Emperor Ainess Synclavia wearing the emperor’s outfit.

「A, Aine? This place……」

「This is the empire’s throne hall……err, Kizuna? Honestly, my head cannot catch up.」

Kizuna was also the same.

Above the stage in the colosseum, they could see Amaterasu and Masters moving about in confusion. The song’s orchestra was playing, but the singing voices couldn’t be heard. The audience was also noisy seeing that.

In the VIP room on the other side, he could see Reiri and Kei were talking with each other in panic.

Kizuna also put his hand on his forehead and desperately recalled his memory.

「Aine, this place is Zeltis right? Besides this event, it’s after the battle was over……no, after the battle between the joint army of Lemuria and Izgard against Vatlantis was over, the Genesis was repaired, and this is the night of celebration right?」

「Ri, right……it feels like we are coming back to several years ago……or perhaps, were we dreaming……Kizuna, do you remember?」

「Yeah……the fight against the machine gods right? Also in Ataraxia Academy──」

「I don’t know about that though. Hey……it, really happened right?」

When he was asked that, he was unable to answer confidently.

It felt like he had seen a long dream.


After this late he noticed that there was a figure lying down below his feet.


As expected, it was something that really happened.

The proof was sleeping on the floor.

The shadow of the existence who was once a machine god and obtained the flesh of Kizuna’s mother.

The little girl with long golden hair was curling into herself and sleeping.

Part 2[edit]

After that, they moved around in confusion searching each for other and then they rejoiced with each other when they reunited and embraced each other.

Sylvia, Himekawa, and Yurishia of Amaterasu, and the idol group of Masters excluding Gertrude were continuing their performance on the stage without stopping.

There was a really noticeable pause of the show, their song and performance were also shaky, but there was a mysterious excitement in their act and it seemed the audience was satisfied.

And then the night of festival began once more.

But, there wasn’t really much time left.

Now that Genesis had recovered and the world’s system had stabilized due to Nayuta, the AU Collision also wouldn’t occur anymore.

The Entrance that was currently opened with Atlantis would also vanish soon.

The time to return back to their respective worlds had come.

「The Entrance will vanish in several more days.」

It was Landred who said that. She was the only person who inherited the super ancient technology in the world of Atlantis. Her words had credibility.

「If the Entrance closes, it won’t be possible to go to Lemuria anymore.」

And then according to the result of Kei’s investigation, certainly the reduction of the Entrance was detected.

Now that Nayuta had vanished, it was impossible to create an Entrance by their own strength.

From the results of the examination, it was decided that they would return to Lemuria using Vatlantis’s battleship in three more days.

Part 3[edit]

Starting from the next day, each of them started saying their farewells reluctantly using the slightly remaining valuable time.

Kizuna and Aine too would also──

「It’s a beautiful sight.」

Kizuna visited the imperial villa where Aine was raised in her childhood.

The chalk white castle that was built above a lake was contrastive with the black buildings of Zeltis. Perhaps this building was built with the intention of raising a pure and innocent girl. The beautiful white castle was even more beautiful with the distant snowy mountain peaks as the background.

Aine who was wearing the emperor outfit and Kizuna were walking side by side across the bridge above the lake. Kizuna was wearing his usual Ataraxia uniform. He was told that a Vatlantis-style outfit would be prepared for him, but it was Vatlantis’s fashion that the exposure rate would be higher the greater the status of the wearer was. As expected, Kizuna was told that the best look for him was if he was wearing only a mantel and nothing else, so he politely refused.

Aine stopped walking in the middle of the bridge. And then she pointed at the shore at the other side.

「I went to Lemuria from the other side after crossing this bridge. I didn’t know that there was an Entrance and got lost into it.」

「Is that so……」

Kizuna stared at the place where there was once an Entrance.

「Perhaps it was a tough experience for Aine, but thanks to that I was able to meet Aine. Right now I’m thankful towards that Entrance.」

「Yes……there were enjoyable things and painful things due to me going to Lemuria but……the best thing that happened is how I was able to meet Kizuna. So much so that I think it’s fine to consider all the other painful things to be worth it.」

It was the greatest praise that was extremely straightforward for Aine. It made Kizuna feel awkward.

「I, I see……no, but, there were really so many things that happened huh.」

「Yes. In the end, the Genesis was also repaired and peace also came to this world. The destruction of the world due to the machine gods’ whim was also cancelled. Let me express my thanks once again as Vatlantis’s emperor too.」

Aine said that and lowered her head with a beautiful gesture.

「Sto, stop it. That’s too formal……with our relationship.」

Kizuna felt uncomfortable with Aine’s speech and action.

It was as though she was trying to take distance from him.

It felt like she was trying to emphasize that she wasn’t Chidorigafuchi Aine, but Ainess Synclavia.

「Say, Aine.」


Those eyes looked somehow sad.

「Won’t you live with me in Lemuria?」


Aine opened her lips and tried to say something, but she stopped.

「I certainly understand Aine’s position. But, for me you are Aine, Chidorigafuchi Aine.」

「……Kizuna, sorry.」

Kizuna’s breathing stopped instantly.

「I……can’t return.」


Kizuna pretended to not notice his heart beat that was ringing like an alarm bell and asked.

「Even though I am the emperor of Vatlantis, all that time I didn’t know about this country’s predicament. I left my little sister alone……I pushed everything to her……I cannot burden Grace with even more hardship than this.」


「I……as the emperor of Vatlantis, I have to fulfill my duty.」

「Then, I’ll──」

──’I’ll, stay in this world?’

He wanted to do that if it was possible.

But, just like Aine he also had to lend his strength for Lemuria’s recovery. There was also the cleanup of the matters that Vatlantis and his mother left behind. And then, as expected he also couldn’t just push everything on Reiri.

Aine chuckled.

「As I thought, we are really similar.」


The faces of the two who were smiling like that were overflowing with sadness and helplessness as expected.

Part 4[edit]

That night, Kizuna was falling into thought alone inside the room that was prepared for him. He laid down on the bed and wracked his brain while staring up at the ceiling.

──’What should I do?’

He wanted to stay together with Aine from now on too. Aine should also feel the same.

However it was something difficult with their positions.

Kizuna woke up.

He was going to try talking with Aine once more.

He couldn’t imagine that their decision would change after meeting again.

The more they met, the more painful it would become to part. He also got such feeling. However──

As expected he would still go to meet her. When he was thinking like that, the door was knocked.

‘Could it be Aine?……’ He braced himself.

「Co……come in.」

However, the one who opened the door and entered inside awkwardly was the brown skinned beast.

「Sorry to come so suddenly.」


Gravel stood still at the entrance with blushing cheeks. She was fidgeting.

「What’s up? Don’t just stand there, come inside.」

After he said that, Gravel finally entered inside.

And then she faced Kizuna with a determined face.

「Kizuna, I will stay behind in this world.」

Kizuna felt like his heart clenched tightly.

「The Genesis was repaired and the world that was in the process of dying was resurrected. And then the relation between Vatlantis and Baldin has also been repaired, from here on it will be an important time for Izgard.」

「You’re right……Gravel is a hero there huh.」

Gravel’s cheeks were getting increasingly red.

「I, I’m not anything that exaggerated. It’s just, I have responsibility towards my home country and its people.」

「I see……it will be lonely.」

Kizuna approached Gravel and stared into her eyes.

Gravel’s throat made a small gulping sound.

「……Kizuna. I have one last request. Will you listen to me?」

「Yeah, anything, if it’s something that I can do.」

「I want you……to do, Ecstasy Hybrid with me too.」


Kizuna held his breath.

Ecstasy Hybrid……or rather──it was that.

Gravel’s face turned bright red and she looked up at him with an anxious look. That face wasn’t the face of a hero, but the face of a maiden in love.

「……But, are you okay with that?」

「I won’t be able to meet with Kizuna anymore……that’s why, I want you to carve it into my body. The proof of our being together. Perhaps, if we don’t do this……I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. That’s why……」

He understood Gravel’s feeling so well it was painful.

Kizuna wordlessly embraced Gravel’s body.


Then Gravel leaked out a sigh that sounded relieved and happy. Kizuna whispered into Gravel’s ear.

「There is something that I have to say first. Ecstasy Hybrid coverts the source of life I send into energy. In case the partner is someone who has Ros-series installed, all of the life source will be processed by the core. That’s why, it won’t cause any pregnancy.」

「Yeah……even so──」

「But──it’s a really low probability but, even so very rarely the partner will get impregnated.」


Gravel distanced her face slightly and stared into Kizuna’s eyes.

「Wha, what you just said……」

「Yeah. There is possibility that Gravel will get pregnant with my child.」

「A child……with Kizuna……」

Gravel’s eyes were sparkling like a star.

「What’s more, if that happens within a few hours the core will be chased out and ejected outside the body. As though the child is taking away its place.」

「Su……such, thing is」

Kizuna nodded with a serious face.

「That’s right, if that happens, the effect won’t be small. For Gravel who is the hero of Izgard, it will surely become a big problem if you lose Zoros, above all else──」

「There isn’t any problem! Kizuna!」

「Eh? I, is that so……? Well, it’s true the probability is low, like one in a thousand or one in tens of thousands.」

When he said that to reassure Gravel, her eyes sharpened instead. They were filled to the brim with motivation.

「I, I’ll, do my best!」


Gravel separated herself from Kizuna and began to strip her clothes. And then after she took off everything, she stood in front of Kizuna. Brown glossy skin. Springy voluminous breasts, and the light pink tips of the breasts that were blooming there. Navel and waist that were tight with muscles. And then a tightly closed line that was running across the hill that was hairless like a little girl.

「You’re beautiful, Gravel.」

Gravel dropped her gaze shyly and entangled the fingertips of her hands with each other.

「Kizuna too……quickly.」

She said that to hide her embarrassment, but it made her even more embarrassed because it sounded like she wanted to see Kizuna naked and urged him to do so.

When Kizuna became completely naked just like she requested, Gravel was fascinated with his look.

「You’re lovely……Kizuna.」

Kizuna’s thing was already pointing up gallantly.

Kizuna was aroused that he was going to do it with her. Gravel who realized that was also happy and her lower lips were also turning moist.

──’That thing, it will enter into me.’

She touched her lower stomach and inside it became heatedly tight.


Gravel spontaneously felt like she would cry when Kizuna embraced her. She endured her tears and in exchange she caressed Kizuna’s body to express her feelings for him. And then Kizuna too also caressed to taste the beautifully tight and slender body of her.

Gravel asked for a kiss with a flushed face.


Their lips touched and pressed on each other to enjoy the soft texture. And then from their opened lips, their tongues reached out. The tongues touched each other between the slightly separated lips and entangled with each other.

The act of stretching out only their tongues and licking each other felt really lewd. It was gradually fanning up their carnality.

After that the two of them touched each other’s body, licked each other, touched around, and repeatedly caressed intensely as though to completely dominate the whole body.

It was as though they were trying to burn the whole body of the other into their memory.

Even Gravel who was usually reserved was seeking Kizuna proactively. While they were caressing each other like that repeatedly, the desire inside their bodies couldn’t be suppressed anymore.

Before long they moved on to cross the final line where it was unclear which of them started it.

Gravel lay down and looked up to Kizuna with intoxicated eyes.

Kizuna suddenly recalled the time when they performed the reinstall of the core.

However this time it wouldn’t be just a pseudo thing. He would enter into Gravel with his own body without a doubt.

That fact made his waist tremble in excitement. His hardening thing swelled into its maximum size and towered up stiffly.

Gravel who was staring at it with an erotic gaze was also completely wet.

The lips at the center of Gravel’s spread out legs were opening right now while twitching. It looked like it was waiting impatiently for Kizuna to enter.

「Here I go, Gravel.」

Gravel smiled happily and nodded slightly.

Kizuna aimed at Gravel’s lower lips that were opened and waiting. And then the head slipped in while making a sticky sound.

「Uh……a, AAaAAH♥!」

Gravel’s back was bending backwards the deeper he went.

「Wha, what’s-, this-……it, feels, too good……a, aah, no, don’t♥」

Gravel’s body quickly began to tremble.

Kizuna resisted against the terrific tightening and forcefully screwed in deeper. And then the moment Kizuna’s tip kissed the deepest part of Gravel, her body convulsed.

「Co-, co……ming-! uUU……NNNH!!♥♥♥」

The excessive tightening even made him wonder if his thing would get torn off. Gravel’s legs stretched out tensely while trembling with small twitches. Both the outside and inside of her body were convulsing repeatedly.

Before long she was breathing hard as though she had just ran a sprint with all her strength.

「Gravel, are you alright?」

Kizuna gently caressed the face of Gravel who became soaked with sweat and brushed away her hair that was sticking on her forehead.

Gravel was looking up at Kizuna with an empty gaze.

「A, amazing……」

──’It’s completely different from when I did it with Aldea. Besides even the reinstall the other day wasn’t……this is, the real deal…….’

「It is for this……that man and woman……become like this.」

Gravel spontaneously patted her stomach.

The inside of her body was hot.

Kizuna tightened his expression from the pleasure.

「Gravel’s……there, feels like it’s sucking in the tip.」

「Tha, that’s……」

It felt like her face that was already blushing became even more flushed.

‘Is it because……my body, wants to become pregnant?’

Gravel’s inside was contracting without pause, moving as though to suck in Kizuna’s thing deeper and deeper. It was slowly causing Kizuna’s desire to rise.

「Gravel’s insides……feel really good.」

「I, I see……that’s, great.」

「But I never thought that you would come just from me entering.」

「Shu, shut up……」

Gravel looked aside in a huff with an angry look. That gesture was cute. It caused the feeling that was loving Gravel and the wish to taste Gravel’s body more to well up inside him.

「I’m sorry, Gravel.」

「It’s not like you need to apo──aAAAAAAAHNN!! ♥♥」

Kizuna slowly pulled out as though to ascertain the texture of her inner wall. And then just before his thickest part slipped out, he drove inside until the depth in one go.


And then he repeated that movement.


Gravel’s face became completely intoxicated. Her eyes were unfocused and tears were welling up. Her opened mouth was trickling out saliva.

Kizuna’s hand reached at her breast that maintained its shape even while she was facing up.


He slowly rubbed her breast while repeating his piston movement.

Gravel’s inside was diligently continuing its motion as though to wring out Kizuna’s thing pleadingly.

「Aa……Kizuna, Kizunaa……I, I want it……」

Gravel begged while shedding tears.

「No, good……I, I’m, going to come by myself again so……please.」

In the first place Kizuna was also at his limit.

「──Got it.」

The movement of Kizuna’s waist instantly became more intense. The sound of their bodies colliding was echoing inside the room with brisk rhythm. Her breasts were also bouncing in accordance with that as though they were dancing while the bed was making creaking sounds.

「Ahn! Ah♥ Haah! Aah! Ki-♥ Kizuna-!」

Gravel’s honey was gushing out as though it was being pushed out from their connected part. The sticky sound from the honey was stirring up the obscenity.

「HaaAAAHNN, ye, yees-! I’m, happy-♥ I-, Kizuna-♥」

Sensation that couldn’t be suppressed was running from Kizuna’s waist into Gravel.

「Gravel! I’m coming!」

「Ah, fuaaAAHNN♥」

Gravel clung on Kizuna by embracing him and both her legs were also firmly locked on Kizuna’s back to push his body on her. it was her declaration of intent that she wished to receive Kizuna’s thing inside her no matter what.


Kizuna pushed in with a conspicuously strong pounding and made his tip to stick on Gravel’s deepest entrance. That place of Gravel was also sucking at Kizuna’s tip as though it had been waiting for it.

In that moment, something rushed up from inside Kizuna with tremendous speed and fired inside Gravel with severe momentum.

「Ih!! ♥♥♥AaAH! AAaAAAa! AAAAA♥AA♥AAAA♥♥♥♥」

It was a pleasure that almost made her lose her mind.

Lights flickered in front of her eyes.

It felt like her body would float up without ever stopping.

Gravel felt something hot spreading inside her. It granted warmth and happiness into Gravel’s body. It felt like her body and heart would melt.

‘If I can melt and become one with Kizuna’──she thought.

MGHxHV13 005 ill.jpg

Part 5[edit]


On the floor that had fur carpet with nice texture spread out, Yurishia and Himekawa, and then Aine were clinking their glasses together. This was the so called girls only gathering, a pajama party.

Although, the pajamas were prepared by Vatlantis, so they were naturally see-through negligee. At first Himekawa was disapproving, but she accepted after being told that no other people would come.

「Aa, this is really delicious.」

Himekawa’s face burst into a smile after a sip.

「You’re right. Aine, what kind of drink is this?」

「It’s a liquor that used fruit grown in Vatlantis. If you like it then I’ll arrange some for souvenirs. A one year supply.」

「Tha, that much?」

Himekawa made a twitching smile.

「Tell me if there are other things that you also want. I’ll make them prepare most of the local specialties.」

「It’s too late to notice this but, you are really an imperial princess huh……Aine-san.」

「That’s right. You can worship me if you want.」

「It came out, Aine’s speech.」

When Yurishia smiled in amusement, Aine also snorted.

「So Aine, you won’t change your feelings?」

Aine put the glass she was holding with both hands on her lap and nodded slightly.

Himekawa frowned and leaned forward.

「That’s……what did Kizuna-kun say to you?」

「He told me that he wants me to come together but……」

「Then! You should be honest to your own feelings!」


Aine made a troubled smile towards her friend who was desperately insisting to her.

「Good grief Hayuru……even though it’s fine even if you say something like ‘then Kizuna will be mine isn’t it’.」

「There is no way I can say that!」

Himekawa yelled with teary eyes. Aine’s feeling became apologetic seeing Himekawa thinking seriously about the two of them.

「Why do you two have to part when you two love each other! That is just too cruel!」


Aine faced Himekawa and reached out. She hugged her to console her and to express her thanks.

「Thank you Hayuru. But, because you are there I can entrust Kizuna to you without worry.」

「E, even if you tell me that, there is no way I can just answer ‘yes, leave it to me’!」

Yurishia emptied her glass and then poured the second serving from the bottle.

「Is that so? Then perhaps I’ll take him in that case.」


Himekawa who perceived the light talk seriously glared at Yurishia with a scary face. Yurishia reflexively shrugged and poured more liquor into the two’s glasses.

「And then, what did Grace say?」

「She told me she is happy. Though she is indignant that Kizuna won’t stay behind.」

Yurishia imagined that scene and smiled wryly.

「I seee……but Aine. This won’t be a long distance relationship you know? Perhaps you two won’t be able to meet again forever. I think it’s great that you feel responsible as the emperor, but I think no one will blame you even if you prioritize yourself.」

Aine gulped the content of her glass and let out a long sigh.

「……Thank you Yurishia. But, I have already decided.」

Yurishia and Himekawa looked at each other’s faces and sighed.

At that time, a knocking sound came. Aine replied without any hesitation.

「Come in.」

The door opened and Hyakurath peered inside hesitantly.

「Excuse me. Is Himekawa-san here?」

「Hya, Hyakurath-san!?」

「Ah……forgive my rudeness. I didn’t know that emperor Ainess is also here.」

「I don’t mind. What’s the matter?」

「Yes. The second year group two of Ataraxia Academy is holding a farewell party. It will be great if Himekawa-san can also come even if only for a bit……」

Aine spoke to urge Himekawa.

「Go there, Hayuru.」


Yurishia also smiled telling her to not mind them.

「We will also have fun here on our own. It’s fine even if you come back here when you feel like it.」

「……I understand. Then, I will show up for a bit there. Please don’t drink too much just because I’m not here. Tomorrow there will be a parting live show after all. We will have rehearsals throughout the morning you know?」

「Yes yes.」

Yurishia replied half-heartedly while waving her hand. And then, she suddenly remembered something and added.

「Ah……speaking about the rehearsal, I wonder where is Sylvia-chan going?」

「Come to think of it, I didn’t see her anywhere here……if only she contacted us properly beforehand.」

Part 6[edit]

Around that time, Sylvia was also spending her few remaining valuable time for a farewell with her important friend.


「Ra, Ragrus-chan. Please don’t cry like that desuu~」

In the room that was assigned to Sylvia, Ragrus suddenly visited when she was checking the program of the live show tomorrow about an hour ago.

And then, since that time she had been like this all along.

Right now she was burying her face into the long sofa and crying.

「Sylvia made tea desu. Drink it and calm down desu.」

Sylvia came carrying a tray with tea on it. It was a high-class tea from Izgard, and it was a bit similar to Earl Grey, which Sylvia liked.

She put the tray on the table in front of the sofa and poured the tea into a cup.

「Here, enjoy desu.」


Ragrus held the cup Sylvia handed her with both hands and sipped it with slurping sound.

「Is it delicious desu?」

「……It’s delicious.」

「That’s great desu.」

Ragrus put the cup on the table with a loud sound.

「What do you mean great! Aren’t you feeling sad?」

「Ra, Ragrus-chan……」

The area around Ragrus’s eyes was swelling red because she was crying too much. Even so tears were trickling once again and Ragrus yelled.

「Yo, you are, thinking that I’m someone who doesn’t matter to you anyway! Because, all that time I only kept harassing you after all!」

「There is no way Sylvia isn’t sad desu!」

Sylvia sat beside Ragrus and hugged her.

「Ragrus-chan is Sylvia’s most important friend desu! Best friend desu! And yet, we won’t be able to meet again, there is no way Sylvia isn’t sad desu!」

The shoulders of Sylvia who was hugging her were trembling. Ragrus forgot to even cry at Sylvia’s drastic change and stayed dumbfounded.

「Sy, Sylvia……」

Sylvia’s voice was shaking and mixed with sobbing.

「Sy, Sylvia thought, tha, that finally, in the end……we can laugh, and have fun memories desu……and yet.」

Tears were flowing without end from Sylvia’s eyes.


Sylvia’s thin arms hugged Ragrus with all her strength.

Tears were overflowing from Ragrus’s eyes once more.



They called each other’s name and continued crying loudly while hugging each other.

They cried until their tears dried out.

Before long they were tired from crying and leaned on each other limply. It was then that Ragrus talked faintly.

「I won’t……stay behind.」


Sylvia stared at Ragrus with the area around her eyes swelling red.

「I won’t stay behind in Vatlantis. I’ll go to Lemuria.」

「Ra, Ragrus-chan? But, that’s……」

Ragrus’s twintails shook left and right from her shaking her head.

「I’m just an orphan anyway……I also have no one close to me. I’m also out of place in the imperial guard……honestly I have no lingering attachment to Vatlantis. But……」

Ragrus looked down shyly.

「I have lingering attachment to Lemuria……or rather, I’ve made something that I don’t want to lose……」

Sylvia was flustered by the sudden decision.

「Bu, but, is it really okay desu? You won’t be able to come back here you know desu?」

Ragrus lifted her face abruptly and talked back stubbornly.

「It’s fine! I’ve decided already!」

After declaring that, Ragrus’s face became a bit timid.

「But that’s, only if……Sylvia-chan will keep being my friend from here on too.」

There was bewilderment in Sylvia’s heart.

It was the fear that because of her fault, the future of her important friend became disordered.

Previously too, there was that time when she fought Ragrus at the Tokyo recapture operation which resulted in Ragrus losing her memory.


Right now was different from that time.

Sylvia grasped the hand of her best friend.

「We are friends for life desu! When we return to Lemuria, no matter what happens Sylvia will protect Ragrus-chan desu!」

Ragrus looked back at Sylvia’s serious gaze with an astonished look.

「Tha……that’s a promise okay? E, even if you say later that as expected it’s impossible or anything, I won’t accept it!」

「Yes desu!」

Ragrus felt awkward and she was unable to look straight at Sylvia. Sylvia pulled the hand of Ragrus who was like that toward her.

「It’s a promise desu.」

Sylvia said that and turned a smile at the end.

「Yes……a promise.」

And then Ragrus also showed a gentle smile as though all her worries had been resolved.

Part 7[edit]

──The next day.

Kizuna was rushed with ceremonies and interviews that he didn’t even have time to meet Aine.

He thought that there would be a chance to meet at night, but it was suddenly decided that he would make an appearance at the farewell live show of Amaterasu and Masters.

Although it might be called a decision, in reality the woman named Maris who introduced herself as the manager of Amaterasu was forcefully taking him to the specially constructed stage in the colosseum without letting him refuse.

And then in the VIP room there was a figure who was looking down at Kizuna who was waving his hand on the stage.

「Good grief. They didn’t even give any notice……」

Reiri muttered with a displeased look and gulped the alcohol in her glass in one gulp.

Inside the room with luxurious decorations, the music and noises in the venue were broadcasted in moderate volume.


Landred who was sitting beside her on the sofa reached out to pour alcohol into Reiri’s glass.

「Ah, thanks.」

Reiri held out her glass and received the alcohol.

Zelcyone who was sitting across from her frowned seeing that exchange.

「You are still calling her like that……」

Landred smiled like a holy mother.

「Yes. I’m thinking to persist with it till the end after coming this far.」

Inside the VIP room, the adult group of Reiri, Zelcyone, and Landred were pouring alcohol for each other.

「That kind of farce……that was just for Nayuta’s amusement.」

Zelcyone looked to be in a bad mood. Landred faced her and shook her head.

「From my point of view, I’m grateful to Nayuta-san. In the end she repaired Genesis and saved this world after all. Besides, she made my dream come true.」


「Yes……I wish to live not as a queen, but as a normal citizen, living a peaceful life while feeling a small happiness. It’s that kind of meager dream.」

Zelcyone leaned her body on the sofa behind her as though she was going to lie down.

「I see. Certainly that is a meager wish, but it is the hardest wish for the queen of Baldin.」

Reiri shook her glass and stared at the swaying alcohol.

「I’ll keep that room in the teacher dormitory empty with your name on it.」


Reiri smiled at the astonished Landred.

「Also we always have shortage for the nursing staff. If you feel like it then send me your CV.」

「My. But, it looks like it will be really difficult to come for the interview.」

「However Landred-sensei, no one understands what the future holds. Perhaps someday the day will come when it becomes possible to come and go across both worlds again.」

If it was Landred who possessed magic power and also the knowledge and skill to infer Odin’s history, then perhaps someday she would discover the way to travel to another world. Such thinking suddenly crossed Reiri’s mind.

There was no basis to it. But, Landred’s mysterious atmosphere, it had something that made her felt ‘perhaps’──such a feeling.

Zelcyone lifted up her upper body from the sofa and leaned forward.

「Oi, is there any basis in what you said just now?」

「No, nothing at all.」

「None at all.」(Landred)

Zelcyone clicked her tongue in disappointment.

「What? Do you have any lingering attachment to Lemuria?」

「That’s not it. Just……」

Zelcyone fell silent after that. The other two made a wondering face seeing her like that. During that time, Zelcyone’s cheeks were slightly tinged red.

「It’s just, you know……I have a debt to Kizuna……it’s just a bit annoying if he runs away like this.」

Reiri’s eyes narrowed coldly.

「I’ll say this first, I’ve no need for an older little sister.」


Zelcyone prattled on in a rush.

「Oi! You yourself, do something about your brother complex! To begin with you are Kizuna’s big sister right!? Do you think that Kizuna is your possession!?」

However Reiri glared back with a composed smile.

「Obviously. A little brother is the possession of the older sister since they were born. Remember that.」

「……Kuh! To think there is such custom between male and female siblings……」

Zelcyone stood up in a bad mood and walked to the exit.

「My, you are going back already?」

「Yeah. I remembered a bit of work to do.」

Zelcyone left behind the thorny parting remark and exited the room.

「……What’s with her?」

Reiri was staring with a dubious gaze at the door that Zelcyone went out from.

「──Now, it’s just the two of us, headmaster♥」

Landred’s whisper caused Reiri’s hair to stand on end.

──’Damn it!?’

「La, Landred……-! Wa」

At that time Reiri was already pushed down by Landred.

Part 8[edit]

Kizuna finished the greeting on the stage that he wasn’t used to and returned quickly to his room.

And then, he looked down at the stage where he was standing on just now.

「Everyone is amazing……looking so joyful like that in front of that many people.」

Kizuna was in admiration once more seeing his comrades who completely became popular idols.


His eyes caught sight of the emperor’s throne that looked the most conspicuous at the audience seats.


Tomorrow they would depart. Tonight he had to talk with her.

Thinking that, Kizuna immediately moved to go out of the room once more. However, the room’s door was knocked as though to forestall him.


「I’m coming in.」


The one who came was the imperial guard captain of the Vatlantis Empire, Zelcyone. She rudely entered the room and sat down on the bed without asking permission.

「A, ah……do you have any business with me?」

Her temper softened when they performed the reinstall, but right after that she put up a behavior that was even more thorny than before.

──’Don’t tell me, she is going to pick a quarrel and arrest me……or perhaps she is going to brainwash me?’

Kizuna stared at Zelcyone with obvious wariness.

Zelcyone was staring outside the window while staying quiet. She stayed like that for a while and silence was flowing inside the room where it was just the two of them. The sound from the stage was faintly echoing inside.

Zelcyone sighed deeply in resignation.

「……Do Ecstasy Hybrid with me.」

Kizuna almost said 「Why?」 right away. He only barely swallowed back that reply while repeating Zelcyone’s words several times inside his head.

──’I cannot think of any reason why she has to do Ecstasy Hybrid. I don’t think it’s possible but……could it be she just wants to do it……or something?’

Zelcyone glared sharply at Kizuna as though she had read his heart. Her cheeks were blushing slightly.

「Don’t misunderstand! I only want to wipe away my dishonor of some time ago!」

She said that and took off her upper wear.

「Ze, Zel?」

Zelcyone glared at Kizuna with a demonic look and stood up.

「Don’t call me so familiarly! I let my guard down when we did the reinstall, but this time it won’t go like that. I’ll toy with the likes of you using my technique.」

She took off her underwear that was fashioned like a leotard without hesitation and displayed her beautiful naked body without a single string covering her in front of Kizuna.

That perfect mature body and the seductive sensuality made Kizuna feel that his cheeks were growing hot.

「Fufu……what’s the matter? You are getting cold feet, Lemuria’s demon king?」


Kizuna expressed his frustration just like a boy who was made fun of by an older woman.

「Got it. I accept your challenge.」

Kizuna also began to take off the uniform of Ataraxia he was wearing. Zelcyone was watching him with a mocking smile, but she seemed to suddenly notice something and spoke.

「Hm……? What, it’s already that stiff.」

She narrowed her eyes seeing the thing that was pushing up on Kizuna’s underwear.

「Like that you won’t even last five minutes. The result is already really clear to see.」

However Kizuna smiled fearlessly.

「I wonder about that.」


When Kizuna became naked, he glared at Zelcyone who was standing on the other side of the bed.

「I have conviction from the previous experience. It will be my win even if we do it one more time.」

Zelcyone’s eyes were raised angrily.

「Don’t get carried away. The same technique won’t work for the second time on me. In several more hours you will grovel in front of me and beg for forgiveness. Fufufu……I can just see it already.」

「Bring it on. Come, Zelcyone!」

And then, the two’s decisive battle began.

On the bed.

──Thirty minutes later.

「AaAHAaANN♥♥♥Kizunaaa-ahn, the-, theree! ♥」

Kizuna and Zelcyone became one in the posture of sitting facing each other. Zelcyone twisted her waist to taste Kizuna’s thing from every direction.

「AaAAA! A, amazing-!♥ I, it’s completely different-, fro, from the core-♥ Thi, this is, u, unfair-♥ Aah, I, I can’t win……nnaaAAA!」

「Ze, Zelcyone, are you okay?」

Kizuna was a bit worried at her extremely discomposed state.

「Yeah, ah, ca-, call me Zel♥ah, yah, iyaan♥」

She said that while gasping, then next she rained down kisses that were filled with affection on Kizuna.

Kizuna was overwhelmed by Zelcyone’s complete transformation.

She was wearing her cool mask only during the first few minutes, but then she turned into this state in the blink of an eye.

Perhaps this was an illusion, and he was already getting brainwashed by Zelcyone? It made him want to doubt like that.

But no matter how he looked, the one who was raising an erotic coquettish voice with disheveled hair was Zelcyone. Her well-shaped eyebrows were knitted and her face that was desperately enduring the pleasure with an anguished look was shining with sweat.

That obscenely alluring figure was bolstering up Kizuna’s excitement.

The pleasure of dominating a woman who was older than him to his heart’s content. He didn’t really have a partner who could satisfy his desire of domination like this.

He wanted to make her feel more, he wanted to make her even more discomposed. Such desire was welling up in him.



Kizuna pushed down Zelcyone. And then he drew back his waist to temporarily pull out.

Zelcyone’s complexion changed quickly.

「Aan! No-, don’t pull it ouuutt!」

Zelcyone pleaded sorrowfully. Kizuna persuaded her to calm down.

「I’m only changing our posture a bit.」

His thing that he pulled out was drawing string stickily from Zelcyone’s lower lips. The hard and rugged surface was glistening from the slippery liquid covering it. That place of Zelcyone that was inserted with Kizuna’s thing until now was twitching as though it was seeking for Kizuna.

Kizuna made Zelcyone to lie on her side and lifted up her leg with his arm to open her groin. He straddled her other leg and put his body between her opened legs.

He pierced Zelcyone in one go.


It was as though Zelcyone’s eyes would roll back while her tongue stretched out.

「Okuh! OGUuU♥ I, I’m feeeeliing iiit♥♥」

Zelcyone grabbed the sheet as though she was scared to drown on the bed. It was as though she was trying to somehow hold her body that was writhing around in pleasure that resembled agony in place.

Even so Kizuna was assaulting Zelcyone’s deepest part mercilessly. Zelcyone was shedding tears while leaking out her sobbing.

「AaAA! NN♥Yes♥A-, amazhiiing! ♥I, I’m not, a, a match against something like thiiiis-♥♥I, I lost-, I loooooossstt♥♥♥」

「Ku……Ze, Zel……I’m coming.」

「AAaAH! I-, inside-♥ Come-, INSIDEEEeEEEEE! ♥」

Kizuna thrust in his thing deeply to get even 1 more millimeter deeper.

And then the moment he pierced the deepest place, he fired everything.


Zelcyone bent her back as hard as she could and her posture became like a bow. Her trembling tongue was peeking out from her opened lips.

Kizuna’s thing pulsed heavily. Every time life energy was sent into Zelcyone, her body would also jerk in reaction.

After letting out everything and his heavy breathing settled down, Kizuna slowly pulled out his thing.

The thing that appeared from inside Zelcyone was covered with the mix of his and Zelcyone’s secretion. It was feeling so hot it felt like steam would come out.

──’That’s right. Aine…….’

Kizuna recalled what he was thinking before Zelcyone visited him.

When he was going to climb down from the bed, he was pinioned from behind.


And then he was pulled back to the bed in the blink of an eye and got pinned down by Zelcyone.


Zelcyone leaned above Kizuna and gave him a passionate kiss.

「No……don’t go……I want, more.」

「How, however……you see」


Tears gathered in Zelcyone’s eyes.

「Uu……I, I get it. I’ll stay with you, so don’t cry.」

After he replied like that, Zelcyone smiled happily.

She lifted her waist and placed Kizuna’s thing on her entrance.

「I’m happy……then, let’s do it until morning♥」

Kizuna went ‘Eh?’, and then he entered inside Zelcyone once more.

Part 9[edit]

Aine and Grace were watching the farewell live show from the emperor’s throne room.

They were sitting on magnificent chairs that were placed side by side while staring at the stage below.

Even so, while watching the performance of Amaterasu, for some reason it was Aine who was getting embarrassed.

「……Both Hayuru and Yurishia are really doing well there.」

She spoke in exasperation, but her eyes that were watching her comrades’ stage looked like they were having fun somewhat. Grace’s feeling was becoming heavy when she stared at that expression from the side.

「Say Nee-sama……this might sound obstinate but, is it really okay?」


「I’m saying, is Nee-sama really fine staying in Vatlantis to become the emperor?」

「Ah, that matter?」

Aine answered lightly with a smile.

「I have made you feel really lonely all this time……but, I will be together with you from now on.」

「I’m happy to hear that but……Nee-sama will be separated from the world you have been living in for many years because of that you know?」

「Originally I was born and raised here. There is no problem.」

「That’s true, but the biggest problem is……Nii-sama.」

「……It can’t be helped. Kizuna was born and raised in Lemuria. Both Lemuria and Ataraxia need Kizuna. There is no way Kizuna can remain behind by himself in Vatlantis just for the sake of me alone.」

Grace made a difficult face and crossed her arms. And then she addressed the Quartum who were standing by behind her.

「What do you all think?」

The Quartum, Clayda, Elma, Lunorlla, and Ramza looked at each other’s face.

The blonde haired Clayda who was wearing an eye patch cocked her head in puzzlement while answering.

「As I thought, is it better to imprison him?」

The white haired Elma also nodded.

「That’s right. We have also done that before anyway.」

Lunorrla who had scars all over her body muttered vacantly.

「It will be simple……if he receives Zel-sama’s brainwashing.」

The red haired Ramza looked around restlessly.

「Speaking about that, where is Zel-sama?」

Aine immediately rejected the four’s opinion.

「No way. It will be execution if anyone turns their hands to Kizuna.」

The emperor’s authoritative announcement caused the four to tremble.


Aine let out a loud voice to drown out Grace’s worried voice.

「Ah! The next song is my favorite! Well, it will be even better if I’m the one singing it though!」

「Nee-sama……you know」

Aine stood up to shake off Grace’s attempt at continuing, and then she went until the edge of the throne room to watch from there.

「Hee, the whole of Amaterasu and Masters are singing together! Nice show! I’ll give them my praise!!」


The back of her high-spirited big sister looked really lonely to Grace.

Part 10[edit]

And then the day of the parting finally arrived.

The huge Entrance that was nearest to Zeltis, right now its size had become less than half compared to before. The two thousand meter-class battleship of Vatlantis couldn’t pass through there anymore. Kizuna and the others would be sent off using a relatively smaller five hundred meter-class battleship.

Other than the crews of Ataraxia, there were only seven other people who were on board. They were Aine, Grace, Zelcyone, and the Quartum.

The five hundred meter-class ship was floating in the air while heading toward the Entrance that was towering up in the middle of the desert.

Gravel and Aldea were watching the battleship heading towards the Entrance from the deck of Izgard’s battleship.

「……Hey Gravel. Is it really alright?」

「What is?」

「What, you said……is it okay that you aren’t accompanying Kizuna?」

「You will be troubled if I go with him right?」

Then Aldea snorted triumphantly.

「If you go, I’ll also go to Lemuria.」

Gravel made an exasperated face and her shoulders relaxed.

「A lot of people are waiting for me in Izgard. There is also the job of rebuilding the country. It’s an important job of creating everyone’s happiness.」

「What about Gravel’s happiness?」

The wind was making Aldea’s hair flutter. She brushed up the hair that was covering her face and sent a sad gaze towards Gravel.

However Gravel answered with a content smile.

「My happiness? Something like that……」

Gravel gently caressed her stomach.

「I’ve received a lifetime’s worth of it.」

And then the battleship Kizuna and the others were boarding vanished into the Entrance.

It was pitch dark inside the Entrance. Beautiful light in various colors and shapes were flying inside it. They had experienced moving between worlds when fighting the machine gods. The scenery was really similar with that time.

Kizuna was staring at that beautiful sight from the bridge’s window.

When he turned around, there were Aine and Grace sitting side by side on magnificent chairs that were placed at the high place. Around them were Zelcyone and the Quartum surrounding them as bodyguards. The atmosphere they emitted wasn’t one where he could go talk to them.

──’Like this, we will…….’

Before long a rift of light appeared at the front.

The next instant they were enveloped by dazzling light and──

The city of London that had become ruins spread out before their eyes.

「It’s London……desu.」

Sylvia muttered while staring at the tower bridge and Big Ben.

Kizuna recalled that the whereabouts of Sylvia’s parents in London were unknown. When he was thinking whether they would be able to go search for them while they were here, a yelling voice came from behind.

「Look at that! Ataraxia is!」

When he turned around, the monitor that displayed their rear was showing the familiar huge construction.

It was there as though it was only natural, but thinking back, before they went to Vatlantis, Ataraxia should be in a state that was near destruction.

「Ataraxia is……fixed?」

After Kizuna muttered his question, Kei’s monitor was displayed in front of his face.

『This is the Ataraxia that we lived in at the other world.』


When he looked beside him, Shikina Kei was holding a portable keyboard with both her hands and tapped a key with her thumb.

『Professor Nayuta had completed Ataraxia’s data from before the reconstruction of this world. This is the Ataraxia where we were living before encountering the machine gods, the one that was once taken away by Thanatos.』

「I see……it’s that Ataraxia Academy.」

It was the Ataraxia where the students of Vatlantis, Izgard, and Baldin were spending their time together.

The battleship descended on Ataraxia and landed on the testing site of Nayuta Lab. And then it took around one hour until all the students of Ataraxia were able to board the battleship.

What was left for the ship was only to go home.

Kizuna was feeling bewilderment at the parting that was too simple.

Before his eyes, Aine, Grace, and then Zelcyone and the Quartum were standing.

Beside Kizuna was Reiri, and then behind them were Himekawa, Yurishia, Sylvia, and also Ragrus who decided to stay behind in Ataraxia, standing side by side.

Zelcyone asked Ragrus to ascertain her will.

「Your decision hasn’t changed right?」


However her voice was trembling. Sylvia put her strength into the hand that was holding Ragrus’s hand to encourage her.

「I see. Sylvia, I’ll leave Ragrus in your care.」

「Yes desu.」

Zelcyone lowered her head respectfully towards Aine and Grace.

「Your majesty, the Entrance will start closing soon. We have to prepare to depart.」

「Right. Everyone, my thanks for everything until now. The life in Ataraxia Academy was really fun. Besides there is also the matter of Genesis’s repair. It pains my heart that we won’t be able to help with the postwar treatment on Lemuria’s side, please forgive us for that.」

Reiri replied as the representative.

「In the battle against the machine gods, our world also wouldn’t have been restored without the cooperation from Vatlantis’s side. We will consider it as sufficient compensation. Besides, it seems that it’s a fact it was our side who started the fight in the Second Another Universe Conflict……at any rate, leave the cleanup to me.」

「Right, then……」

And then Grace sent a questioning gaze at Aine.


Aine spoke while looking at everyone’s face one by one.

「Thank you very much for everything until now. I am Ainess Synclavia right now but……but, please don’t forget about Chidorigafuchi Aine.」


Kizuna unintentionally muttered. Aine’s gaze that looked resigned somewhere in it caught him.


Tears welled up in Kizuna’s eyes. They were going to spill out anytime now.

「I also don’t want you to forget about her, the girl named Chidorigafuchi Aine.」

「I won’t forget. I am me──」

She bit her lips.

「No, I am Ainess, but I won’t forget about that girl.」

Grace who was listening from the side was making a face that distorted bitterly.

「That girl who is awkward and obstinate, unskillful in interacting with others and easy to get lonely……and also, who loves you Kizuna, more than anyone.」


Kizuna couldn’t hold it and tears trickled down his cheek.

Himekawa covered her mouth and desperately endured her sobbing.

「Aine-san……you are, really stupid……」

Yurishia also smiled sadly with tears pooling at the corners of her eyes.

「Bye, Aine.」

Tears were also flowing down Sylvia’s cheeks without stopping. Beside her Ragrus was wiping Sylvia’s cheeks using a handkerchief with a flustered look.

「Sa, sayonara……desu.」

Reiri was also staring at Aine with a sad gaze.

「Aine, take care of yourself.」

「You too, commander.」

Aine took a deep breath and forced herself to make a bright smile.

「This is good bye. Kizuna, everyone, thank you for everything.」

Aine turned around. Midway she looked back several times and waved her hand. And then she finally arrived at the boarding door of the battleship. Then a low mechanical sound resounded and a huge magic circle emerged under the battleship.

The five hundred meter-class battleship floated up with its boarding door staying open.

Aine and the others were standing there while looking down on Kizuna and the others.

And then the side that was sending them off was also waving their hands with their all with a reluctant look.



「Take careeee-!」

Each one of them bid farewell in their own way.

And then Kizuna looked up at the leaving battleship,


He yelled as loud as he could.

That voice reached Aine who was staring down from the boarding door.


Large drops of tears spilled out from Aine’s eyes.

「Kizuna, Kizuna, Kizuna, Kizuna, Kizuna, Kizuna, Kizuna, Kizuna, Kizuna……」

Tears were overflowing each time she repeated the name.


Aine yelled back as strong as she could in respond.

And then, she crumbled down on that spot and started crying.


The figure of her big sister weeping full of grief was reflected on Grace’s eyes.

The deeply sad voice of her big sister resounded in Grace’s ears.

That pain stabbed inside Grace’s chest as though it was her own pain.

Grace nodded once as though to ascertain her own heart.

「Ane-uebig sister.」

Aine lifted her face and answered with a faltering voice.

「I-, I’m……so-, rry, I’m fine-……uu」

However Grace shook her head.

「No, you aren’t fine at all.」

「Sorry……I won’t cry anymore so──」

Aine wiped her tears while looking up at her little sister’s face.

However what she found there was a stern gaze.


Grace yelled with a dignified voice.

「How can you show that kind of pathetic appearance as the emperor of the glorious Vatlantis! I’m disgusted with Ane-ue!」

Those words caused not only Aine, but even Zelcyone and the others to stiffen with surprised expressions.

「Wha……what are you saying, Grace-sama!?」


「Gra, Grace-sama……」

Aine also opened her eyes wide and stared at Grace.

「Gra, Grace? Wait──」

Grace clenched her fist and bit her lips.

Her teeth were making grinding sound.

──And then,

Grace spoke with determination.

「I’m launching a coup d’etat!!」




Everyone’s jaws dropped.

「From now on I am the emperor of Vatlantis! I hereby banish Nee-sama! Scram to wherever whether it’s Lemuria or anywhere!」


Aine’s eyes shook.

Grace leaped foward and hugged Aine’s body.

「I want Nee-sama to smile. Even if you are going to stay together with me forever, it will be painful to continue watching Nee-sama feeling sad because of me.」

「I……I’m sorry. I, don’t mean that!」

However Grace continued.

「Rather than staying nearby while harboring sadness……Nee-sama laughing happily even if you are in another world somewhere far away……I too can be happy if I can think of it like that.」


Aine also hugged Grace back strongly.

「Grace……sorry, Grace.」

Grace separated herself from Aine who was apologizing while crying.

「Never mind that, just go. Nii-sama is waiting.」


Aine kissed Grace and then she stood up vigorously.

「Everyone! Thank you for everything!」

Zelcyone smiled kindly.

「Be happy……Ainess-sama.」

「Wait! Is this really okay!?」

「But isn’t this lovely?」

「Ah…, be happy!」

「Eh? Wha, what? What’s going on!?」

Aine smiled at the Quartum who were all shaken up. She then kicked on the floor and started running.

Without pause she leaped with all her strength from the boarding door.

Aine’s body was flying in the blue sky.

The strong wind made the emperor outfit flapped. Aine stripped away that clothes and yelled.


Aine’s body was covered with a white Heart Hybrid Gear.

And then she was falling towards her beloved.


Kizuna came back to his senses hearing the voice that called his name.

When he looked up and found her figure in the sky, Kizuna doubted his own eyes.

He wondered whether his desire had become a hallucination.


The falling Aine. That was without doubt──

Kizuna yelled.


Kizuna’s body was covered with a black magic armor.

And then he rushed to the sky right away.

He flew in a straight line in order to catch the person he loved in his arms.



Their hands reached out,

Their fingertips touched,

The two embraced each other in Ataraxia’s sky.

MGHxHV13 006 ill.jpg

‘I won’t let go anymore.

No matter what happens.

I love you.‘

All words and emotions whirled inside their hearts.

However, the two right now didn’t need any words.

What was needed was a hug,

And then, a kiss.

Only the union of their hearts and love.

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