Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 13 Epilogue

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Part 1[edit]

Thus the long fight came to an end, and peace returned to the world.

However, it was nothing more than a single period within the long tale of history.

When one conflict ended, another new conflict would begin.

With the closing of the door to another world, the people were delighted by the peace and the whole world celebrated the end of the fight. And then, the world was moving towards recovery.

However what happened then wasn’t limited to only beautiful occurrences.

People who aimed to take advantage of the chaos to pillage and perform crime also weren’t few.

Countries that pushed into the territory of other countries by taking advantage of the reconstruction that hadn’t progressed far and taking control. Groups that created borders as they pleased and introduced themselves as new countries. There were also a lot of people who took advantage of the chaos to fulfill their own greed and ambition by doing things like snatching other country’s resources or the like.

Within such chaos, there was something that all the countries and groups desired very desperately.

That was Ataraxia, a treasury of the other world’s technology, and magic armors along with their pilots.

The country that obtained Ataraxia would be able to construct a new world order as they pleased using that overwhelming super technology. That meant becoming the rulers of the earth.

And then the pilots of the magic armor would become tools in order to fulfill their desires to rule and conquer. In the end, what was waiting for the pilots would be a future as guinea pigs of human experiments in order to research the magic armor and the core.

What was waiting for the heroes who saved the world and ended the war was the greed of the people.

And then right now Kizuna was──

In space.

Flying at the altitude of 400 kilometers was the orbital strategic space station──nicknamed 『Space Love Room』. Inside it, Kizuna was,

「Ki, Kizuna……mo, more……please, stronger──Kyaahn!♥」

Yurishia’s butt was whipped along with a sharp striking sound.


Yurishia was wearing a bondage suit that exposed her breasts, butt, and navel. Both her arms and legs were shackled with her body posture leaning forward. Both her wrists were restrained using belts on the table. Her ankles were shackled to the floor in a state where her legs were opened and her butt stuck out. Thanks to that her body wasn’t floating in the air even within this zero gravity.

And then Kizuna was only wearing underwear and shoes. The shoes were special shoes that generated magnetism to make it possible for him to stick on the floor. There was a trick on how to walk using the shoes, but now he was completely used to it after going to space like this several times.

「This won’t be a punishment if you are feeling it, Yurishia.」

He said that maliciously and swung down the whip.

*Pishi-* A satisfying sound came and a red mark was engraved on the butt.

「NnAaAHN♥ For, forgive me-, Goshujin-sama-!」

Yurishia made an intoxicated expression hearing Kizuna’s words.

「Ple, please, punish……this obscene, me……more……stronger♥」

She said that and shook her exposed beautiful white butt to left and right in front of Kizuna. There were several red marks on that white butt. They were the marks from Kizuna’s whip. Yurishia should be feeling pain, but her mouth was opened slovenly with intoxicated eyes.

Kizuna grabbed Yurishia’s large butt and spread it to the left and right to humiliate her.

「Yurishia, scars will remain if I hit you stronger than this you know?」

「Aan, it’s fine……if Kizuna engraves your mark on me……I’ll be able to really feel that I belong to Kizuna……it will be my joy.」

Kizuna smiled wryly behind Yurishia. However that was because Yurishia couldn’t see him. Kizuna had to act as the master that Yurishia wished for in front of her.

「Good grief……you are really a needy pet.」

He struck her butt not with the whip, but with his palm. *Pachin* A nice sound resounded.

「Kyauuhn! ♥」

Yurishia’s spine shivered and she expressed her happiness.

「Actually I want to show this to the whole world. I, I want, it to be known that I am Kizuna’s slave……the world strongest ace of Ataraxia is, a pet that Kizuna keeps. That the reward of me fighting……is to get bullied and treated affectionately by Kizuna, that I’m a pervert whose mind is occupied by that──KUAaAHN♥!」

Kizuna inserted his finger between Yurishia’s legs and roughly stirred around inside. Then, hot liquid flowed out without pause from inside. The finger’s movement flicked the liquid and turned it into splashes. It became water drops that were floating sparklingly in the air.

MGHxHV13 007 ill.jpg

「AaaAH♥ Ki-, Kizuna’s finger, feels good-!」

At that time, a small communication device in Kizuna’s ear emitted a voice.

『Kizuna? It will be ten more minutes. Have you finished preparing?』

「Yeah, roger.」

Kizuna replied shortly and cut off the communication. He then tore the Velcro on his waist and took off his underwear. The thing that was completely aroused from Yurishia’s pathetic state appeared from inside.

Kizuna grabbed Yurishia’s waist.

「Yurishia, this is the advance payment for your reward. I’ll work you hard after this, so taste it properly okay?」

「I, I’m happy♥ Please, Goshujin-sama! Co, come, quickly! I cannot endure it anymore!」

Something hot overflowed from between Yurishia’s crotch as though to prove those words. It became drops of liquid that floated in the air.

Kizuna strengthened his shoes’ magnetism and fixed his feet on the floor. And then he placed his hardened thing on Yurishia’s center. Kizuna’s fingers touched the heated slimy flesh.


Yurishia let out a sigh just from that.

The moment she breathed out and let down her guard, Kizuna thrust until the depth in one go.


Yurishia who was taken by surprise got pierced through by climax in her defenseless state. She lightly came in her carelessness and her inside tightened on Kizuna’s thing strongly.

「A, aa……♥Amazi……ing」

「Just now you came lightly right?」

Yurishia denied in panic. It would be a disaster for her if Kizuna ended this now.

「N-, no……just now……」

「Feeling good on your own like that without permission, what a useless slave.」

Yurishia’s gaze indecently melted in intoxication and her body became even more heated from that verbal abuse.

「Aa……please forgive me. I’m a dirty and undisciplined slave……」

Kizuna’s waist immediately began to nail into Yurishia.

「♥♥AAAaAAAH! A-, amazing! Kizuna-!」

The impact of the nailing waist was transmitted to Yurishia. Her long blonde hair floated in the air from it. Her large breasts that were filling the outfit to bursting floated up and shook up and down as the representation of the kinetic energy that was transmitted within Yurishia’s body.

The motion was really different from when they were on the ground. Yurishia’s breasts that were liberated from gravity were floating and shaking in the air. Only her breasts were moving like a different organism. He wouldn’t get bored watching them.

Kizuna grabbed Yurishia’s floating breasts.

「IAAAHN♥! My, my breasts too-, fe, feels great-♥」

Even while tasting the sensation of Yurishia’s breasts with both hands, his lower body still continued to move back and forth intensely.

Inside Yurishia was really warm and soft. And then it had tightening parts that were divided into several areas. When he was pistoning into her, each area was moving differently, driving Kizuna toward his limit.

He didn’t remember how many times he had done Ecstasy Hybrid with Yurishia, but he didn’t get tired of it. And then each time their bodies joined, he understood about Yurishia.

「Ah, aah, do, don’t! That place is-, AAaAAAAAAH♥♥!」

Kizuna changed the angle and focused his attack to the spot that Yurishia liked the most.

Yurishia stood on her tiptoes because of that and put her strength into her legs. In conjunction with that, her tightening wall strengthened its pressure on Kizuna even more.

「yaUu! Nn!♥ AAAA, co, coming, this is, coming♥!」

Kizuna intensely scraped the inside of Yurishia over and over to corner her further. Kizuna himself was also nearing his climax.

「A♥A, a, a, a, a, co, co, co, coming-♥ I’m, COMIiIING♥♥!」

Yurishia’s body bent backward like a bow. Her body convulsed as though electricity was flowing inside her. Her insides tightened even stronger. And then at the same time Kizuna also ejaculated with all he had inside Yurishia.


At that instant, Kizuna and Yurishia’s cores entered full operation and dazzling light filled the Love Room’s inside.

『Kizuna! It’s coming!!』

A communication came from Scarlet as though she had timed the timing.

「Yeah, I know even without getting told.」

It was a call to inform him that the ICBM was approaching.

Currently a total of 23 ICBMs were approaching Ataraxia. It would become a great disaster if even a single one slipped through.

Kizuna took off his shoes and pushed the switch on the table, freeing Yurishia from the shackles. Then Yurishia also quickly jumped over the table and grabbed the pilot suit floating in the air.

Kizuna too quickly changed into his pilot suit and confirmed the missiles’ positions.

「Yurishia, they will pass 600 meters at the side in 40 more seconds.」

「It’ll be an easy win──Cross!」

She equipped the Heart Hybrid Gear while her face was still erotically flushed and sweaty and the proof of their love affair was trickling down her thigh. It was truly an immoral and lewd sight.


Kizuna also finished equipping his and opened the hatch before flying out to the outer space.

He didn’t have space suit or helmet. If the magic armor’s Life Saver was deployed across the whole body surface, it would protect the pilot from every kind of harm. And then the magic armor also provided all the necessary things to preserve life.

「It’s coming!」

White shadows came into view from beyond the dark outer space.

「Watch me Kizuna♥ This is my showtime.」

Yurishia deployed her Differential Frame and aimed the muzzle to the ICBMs.

「Hell Fire!!」

Several streaks of light were fired from the Differential Frame. They accurately shot down the ICBMs. Furthermore the shots didn’t explode or destroy them, they instantly evaporated the target. The debris in space wouldn’t increase from that.

Yurishia shot down all 24 missiles. She then turned around and gave a thumbs up at Kizuna. Kizuna also responded with a thumbs up.

「As expected from Yurishia. I was wondering why we needed to do Ecstasy Hybrid even though we are going to shot down missiles, so it’s actually to deal with the attack without increasing debris.」

「Eh? Ye, yes……」

Yurishia replied with a vague answer.

「When we destroyed a military satellite before this, Scarlet and the others had it hard when they had to recover the debris. As expected you are considerate of your juniors.」

「E, ee~rr……」

Yurishia didn’t think of anything like that at all. She scratched her cheeks while her eyes were darting around.

「Tha, that’s right. It’s not good to increase the trivial work.」

『What are you saying. It’s just an excuse to have a secret affair with Kizuna anyway right?』

Scarlet’s transmission cut in.

「Stop with the false accusations. Besides, Ecstasy Hybrid is part of my work right now.」

『Then, help us out if you are finished with over there. It’s really troublesome over here after all.』

「Oh, nooo. I have a plan to have lunch with Kizuna after this. Sorry~」

『Wait Yurishia!? That’s unfair!』

Yurishia grabbed Kizuna’s arm and activated her thruster instantly to enter into the atmosphere.

Part 2[edit]

Himekawa Hayuru was driving an electric car towards the testing site of Nayuta Lab.

While driving, she saw a shining object at the end of the sky descending. She should be meeting them, but she was slightly late.

After she passed through the entrance of the testing site with a drift maneuver, she saw a group of students of the research department at the front. She drove until near them and stopped the car.

Himekawa got down from the car and waved her hand at Yurishia who was receiving a health examination.

「Welcome back Yurishia-san.」

「My? I’m back Hayuru. It should be fine even if you don’t come to pick me up though.」

Yurishia already dispelled her magic armor. She was only wearing a pilot suit. When Yurishia finished her examination, she walked towards Hayuru who was restlessly looking around.

「Err……where is Kizuna-kun?」

Yurishia borrowed an Ataraxia’s designated spring coat that was hanged nearby without asking and wore it on her shoulders.

「He said that he has some business and went away without even receiving the examination.」

「……So he ran away.」

Himekawa glared angrily at the direction of the entrance. However she couldn’t fine Kizuna’s figure anywhere.

「I wonder if it’s because he detected the scary public morals committee chairman coming here?」

「I, I am only giving warnings so that Ataraxia’s public morals won’t get out of order! Even the Ecstasy Hybrid has to be performed within the limitation of the duty to the end!」

「Yes yes, I get it. Then, can you take me until the dormitory?」

Yurishia lightly warded away Himekawa’s speech and climbed into her car.

「Good grief! Yurishia-san, you too! Even today there was no need to do Ecstasy Hybrid isn’t it!?」

Himekawa climbed on the driver’s seat and stepped on the pedal roughly. The tires lightly made a skidding sound and the car went out of the testing site.

Yurishia sent an exasperated gaze at the angry Himekawa.

「Hayuru, you said that, but even you are doing Ecstasy Hybrid aren’t you? The attack to the nuclear facility last week, that was Hayuru right?」

The hands that were holding the wheel twitched in surprise. The car lightly swayed to left and right.

「Even the spent nuclear fuel at the testing site was annihilated without a trace. Even if it was Gladius, it would be impossible without doing Ecstasy Hybrid.」

Himekawa’s face became bright red and her shoulders hunched down.

「Tha, that……there was no other way……」

Yurishia smiled teasingly.

「But it was an amazing discovery wasn’t it~ To think that it’s possible to do Ecstasy Hybrid from the back too.」

「I also did it at the front properly!」

The car almost leaped at the other side of the traffic lane.

「Wai-! Hayuru, auto driving!」

Yurishia reached out in panic and pushed the switch on the console for auto driving. The zigzagging car immediately ran in a straight line.

Yurishia let out a deep sigh and stared at Himekawa with a fixed gaze.

「……So? You said 『also』……Hayuru, you did it both ways then?」

「……Please don’t ask.」

Himekawa curled into herself with tears gathering in her eyes.

「Well……it doesn’t matter. But, the probability will get halved like that you know?」

「I understand that……but」

Himekawa rubbed her fingertips together while fidgeting.

「There is also the problem of preference but……as expected, the front makes me feel guilty or something……」

「Now listen, Hayuru. Even we won’t be able to stay on active duty forever you know? Ejecting the core and handing it over to the next generation can even be said to be the most important duty for us right now. Hayuru, are you going to keep doing Heart Hybrid, wear Neros, and fight in public even forty years from now?」

「That’s impossible!」

Himekawa immediately answered.

「Right? Now that Professor Nayuta is gone, there is no way to eject the core other than doing Ecstasy Hybrid. We have to do Ecstasy Hybrid with Kizuna proactively for that too.」

Almost a hundred percent of the thing that Kizuna let out when doing Ecstasy Hybrid was converted into energy, preventing pregnancy.

However, pregnancy might happen in an extremely small chance. At that time, the core would be ejected outside the body as though it was handing over its place to the baby.

Himekawa pressed both her hands on her cheeks as though to cool down her heated face.

「Although it’s something that can’t be helped……making baby, with Kizuna-kun……」

「The research department is in the middle of researching another way but, it looks like it will be impossible in our generation.」

「Even though Kizuna-kun and Aine-san are officially going out……it became this kind of licentious, preposterous outcome……somehow it makes me feel guilty.」

However Yurishia responded candidly.

「Even Aine consented to it.」

「There is that but……」

Himekawa frowned. Yurishia smiled seeing her like that.

「As I thought……you cannot give up on Kizuna?」

Himekawa pressed her lips tightly and answered after a while.

「……We are bringing our bodies together periodically……it’s impossible to forget about him like that.」

「Then isn’t it fine? Well, in my position, it will help me if you say that you are giving up, my rivals will decrease like that.」


「This is an era where divorce or remarriage are commonplace you know? It’s fine if in the end I can obtain Kizuna. Besides Ataraxia is an independent country you know? There is no need to be bound by the laws of the old world.」

「I, it’s not a problem of law, but an ethical problem!」

「Actually, I thought to make a new law and right now I’m in the middle of formulating it. Don’t you think that polygamy is good?」

「What are you scheming……also, there is something bothering me since some time ago.」


「That necklace……what’s with that……」

There was an unfamiliar leather belt on Yurishia’s neck. It was a type that was fastened using metal fittings, it was as though──

「Ah, this? It’s a collar.」

「Co, collar……wait!?」

「I asked Kizuna to put it on me. With this it will also get conveyed to everyone that I am Kizuna’s sex slave won’t it?」

「Yu, Yurishia-san……you are really」

「What? Are you jealous?」

「I, I’m not jealous or anything!」

However for some reason, a feeling of jealousy was whirling somewhere inside Himekawa’s heart.

──’E, even me when it’s just the two of us I’m……Ki, Kizuna-kun’s……pe, pet. At that time even I wear a collar……wha, what’s more it even has a bell attached! My collar is absolutely better!’

The car stopped at the dormitory’s entrance while Himekawa was strangely burning with rivalry.

「Welcome back Yurishia.」

A silver haired girl was going out from the entrance at that timing.

「My, Aine. This is rare for you to welcome me.」

「It’s just a coincidence.」

Aine who was wearing Ataraxia’s uniform peered into the car.

「Kizuna isn’t with you?」

Himekawa answered with a sigh.

「That’s……it looks like he immediately ran off somewhere.」

「……So he ran away.」

Aine bit her thumb and muttered in frustration.

After Yurishia and Himekawa got down from the car, it automatically started running towards the parking lot.

「Well, in the end he will come back here. How about we go back to the room for now?」

「You’re right. How did your mission go?」

Aine asked while heading towards the entry hall.

「It went smoothly. What about you Aine?」

「My opponent was just a reconnaissance drone. I hit it back to the country that sent it. I attached the option that the next time they send another, I’ll sink it along with the aircraft carrier.」

「Rather than that Aine-san. Listen to this, Yurishia-san, she was talking about trying to make polygamy legal in Ataraxia you know? What do you think?」


Aine slightly looked up and thought for a while.

「I don’t really mind you know?」


「As expected from Aine, how magnanimous. It’s not for nothing that you were an emperor.」

Aine made a boasting smile at the two who were showing contrastive reactions.

「Well, the first wife is this me after all. Perhaps it’s more accurate to call it the composure of the legal wife?」

Certainly that might be so──however, getting told that so straightly also wasn’t amusing for Himekawa and Yurishia.

「……I guess. But, there are many stories of concubines or mistresses being loved more rather than the first wife.」

Aine’s eyebrows twitched up.

「What did you say?」

「That’s right isn’t iit. Besides, in this current situation……the one who gets pregnant with Kizuna’s child first will be in the lead.」


Aine glared at Yurishia with a flustered look.

「Now wait a second! In that case isn’t it the commander who has the most advantage!?」

「Eh!? Aine-san, what do you mean by that?」

「It’s just a rumor but……I heard just now that the commander abused her authority to summon Kizuna during all his free time……I was waiting outside because I want to ascertain it but……」

Yurishia also made a fearless smile.

「This is……it has to be checked from Kizuna himself isn’t it.」

「Really! Let’s tie him up, then we will absolutely make him confess!」

「Good grief! Just where is he going, that man!?」

Part 3[edit]

Around that time Kizuna was watching the practical class of the elementary school in the schoolyard.

The students with small bodies running around noisily were calming his heart as though he was watching small and cute animals.

「Riight, now then be damn quiet. I am Gertrude Beard, the one who will be the teacher of you damn ladies and gentlemen from now on. Well, best regards.」

Gertrude was greeting the little kids with her usual way of speaking that was unclear whether she was being polite or rude.

Speaking about the kids, they were staring at their teacher with admiring gazes.

「It’s the real thing……it’s the real Gertrude Beard-san……」

「The godslayer Gertrude-san……」


The whispering voices and sparkling eyes caused Gertrude to avert her gaze awkwardly.

「Aa no……I don’t know what you ladies and gentlemen have heard, but I ain’t someone that exaggerated.」

When Gertrude started speaking, the children completely stopped speaking and fell silent. It was as though they wouldn’t miss to hear even a single word of the person they idolized.

──’Thi, this is damn difficult!!’

Kizuna felt like he could hear such voice from Gertrude’s heart. He desperately endured from laughing.

「I, I only did what I could. It’s obviously impossible to defeat a god by myself alone. But we can accomplish big work if we combine our strength. What I did was nothing more than being in charge of a part of that.」

Gertrude tried to conclude the talk, but the kids’ serious gazes made her feel like she had to say something a little bit more.

「Well, you all just need to diligently and seriously accumulate daily training you damn kids.」

At that time, a single student raised their hand.

「Oh? What is it? You can speak. What is your damn name?」

「Yes. Err……I’m Hida Setsuna.」

That student had long hair with shocking golden color and golden pupils that would make anyone hold their breath. Even though she was a child, she possessed a beauty that would make anyone who saw her freeze and an abnormal presence.

「Teacher said that just now, but isn’t that because teacher is strong?」


「We aren’t strong like teacher, and we don’t know whether we will be able to become strong. In the end, if we don’t have the ability……we will become unneeded children in this Ataraxia.」

In contrast with her sublime appearance that was like an angel, she weak-heartedly disclosed her worry. It seemed that worry was also something the other children could sympathize with. Many of the children nodded or looked at each other and whispered with low voices.

「She is right……I cannot even imagine me being able to defeat god like teacher……」

「That isn’t something you can become able to do by training.」

「Perhaps it’s pointless to just work hard……」

Gertrude put her hand on her waist and looked around at the children.

「I seee……I understand well everyone’s worry. I too was once worried that I am completely useless.」

Unrest spread through the children.

They made a face that said they couldn’t believe their aspiration Gertrude-san ever had any time like that.

「After all there is this thing called difference in talent. It’s not like everyone here will be able to become ace pilots, and certainly, there might even be those of you here who cannot even become pilots.」

The commotion stopped and the children became quiet. Among them there were also children who got teary eyed.

「──But, so what?」

‘Eh’, the children spontaneously raised their voices.

「It’s sad to have your hopes not coming true, but that ain’t mean that you ladies and gentlemen are worthless because of that. A human’s value ain’t decided from the height of their ability. How that person lives, that is what will decide the value of that person.」

The children held their breaths and stared fixedly at Gertrude.

MGHxHV13 008 ill.jpg

「That’s why even if you cannot become an ace, it’s fine if you can become a support pilot. Even if you cannot become a pilot, it’s fine if you can do ground duty. It’s fine if you can find the place where you will be the most useful and work hard there with pride. Live well, and there not gonna be anyone who laugh on you ladies and gentlemen saying that you are worthless.」

Gertrude grinned.

「If you do that, then there will be a time where even someone like me who only has normal ability will be needed by those guys who possess monstrous ability.」

Those words weren’t something that she only had smattering knowledge about or second-hand knowledge. They were words that Gertrude herself discovered within her life and proved with her way of life.

Perhaps the children here couldn’t understand or accept it. But, one day the time would come when they understood. That was what Gertrude thought.

「The damn talk ends here! We are starting training now! First is a light run for warming up! Keep damn running until I say stop!」

When Gertrude clapped her hands, the children obediently started running on the schoolyard track. Kizuna waved his hand to Gertrude who was walking to the edge of the courtyard while scratching her head.

Gertrude who noticed Kizuna jogged towards him.

「This is damn unusual isn’t it, boss Kizuna. Did you escape from the scene of carnage?」

「What an abrupt greeting there, godslayer Ger-san.」

「Stop calling me like that! Just who in the hell started that!? The guy who damn spread that nickname!!」

「I don’t know who but, isn’t it fine?」

Gertrude glared at Kizuna with suspicion.

「I’m completely failing to live up to that name damn it……rather than that.」

Gertrude stared at the girl with golden hair and golden eyes running in the courtyard.

「As expected, is boss worried about Setsuna?」

「……Well yeah.」

Hida Setsuna──on the surface she was Kizuna’s little sister, but the truth was different.

The girl who possessed the consciousness of the AI Thanatos who accomplished evolution until she became a god that ruled all the worlds, and now she possessed the body of Nayuta, Kizuna’s mother who became a machine god──that was Setsuna.

Although, Thanatos’s memory didn’t remain.

It hadn’t been a year since her birth, but her mental age was already growing until it wasn’t inferior compared to the age of her appearance. How would she grow from now on, would she discover special abilities someday, there would be no end to it if they listed the things that were a matter of concern.

「She looks like a good kid ain’t she?」

「Yeah……looks like it.」

Kizuna’s eyes that were watching Setsuna had worry in it even while he was saying that.

Gertrude thought that was surely because Kizuna was treasuring Setsuna.

「After this it will be a practical training of Technical Gear, how about it? Boss can be her training partner. Boss is also good at handling Technical Gear ain’t it.」

「Technical Gear huh……」

Kizuna recalled the time he challenged Aine using Technical Gear and smiled wryly.

「I have nothing but memories of almost dying with it but……that skill isn’t something that I can forget. I’ll give it a try.」

「──No. Please come with me.」

A whisper entered his ear.


Kizuna almost rolled over to the front to get away from the source of the voice and he turned around.

「Valdy huh……you, don’t keep appearing in a way that is bad for my heart.」

Valdy who was wearing magic armor was standing behind the spot where he was at just now.

「Reiri-sama is calling. I will lead you until the lab’s command room right away.」

Kizuna nodded weakly.

He understood what it was about in general.

Kizuna had no more plans for today. That was why he was called.

He also thought about escaping, but it would be impossible for him to shake off Valdy’s pursuit. It would be a different story if she let him off, but Valdy had sworn absolute loyalty to Reiri. It was unthinkable that she would let him off.

Ragrus properly reported to Zelcyone and came to Ataraxia after receiving permission, but as for Valdy, she was already here when they noticed.

There was no way to go back so, she was working as Reiri’s bodyguard but……honestly speaking, she was excellent.

After all, Reiri who was the leader of Ataraxia had her life being targeted by the secret agencies and terrorists from the whole world.

When Reiri attended events like international summits and the like, it would become a situation that made him want to ask whether it was an international tournament of assassins. However, Valdy safely protected Reiri to the end and annihilated the hostile assassins.

Since then, Valdy was called the 『god of death』 and she was feared by the secret agencies of many countries.

Although, Reiri too was unrivalled when she equipped Zeros.


Kizuna felt his body floating.

「Wait, oi! Valdy!」

Valdy carried Kizuna in the posture of princess carry. Gertrude grinned seeing that.

「Haha, this reminds me when I sneaked into Vatlantis together with boss.」

「Shut up! Forget about that!! Valdy, got it! I’ll walk by myself, so let me down!」

「It’s my role to carry out Reiri-sama’s order without fail. Please bear with it for a while.」


Valdy leaped with Kizuna in her arms.

Part 4[edit]

Reiri was in the middle of a conference inside the command room.

Her talking partners were the leaders of various countries that were located several thousand kilometers away.

「Today, there is a country that fired ICBMs towards my Ataraxia. After some consideration, we decided to take a suitable measure for retribution.

『Wait. Which country are you talking about?』

The voice of an elderly woman came from the speaker.

「The person concerned should know. Within four months from now, the nuclear weapons of the country responsible will be removed.」

A different ghastly voice interrupted.

『Reiri, wait. Do you think that kind of highhandedness will be tolerated?』

「I’ll say this──schemes and bargains won’t work in Ataraxia. Rather than that how about worrying about maintaining your own government? Besides it seems you are also taking really highhanded approach to the countries in your surroundings. It’s better if you start worrying about their revenge after your nuclear weaponry got removed.」

『Don’t mess with me! Before that happens I’ll sink Ataraxia no matter what kind of method I have to use! Don’t forget that my country also has Heart Hybrid Gears!』

「That’s convenient. I beg you to attack us. That will save us the time to go there ourselves to steal the cores.」


「But I won’t guarantee the pilots’ life. Also, just like I mentioned in my council before, in case a pilot of Heart Hybrid Gear dies, we will recover the core. We won’t recognize any refusal no matter what reason you have.」

『This demon……』

「Indeed, that’s me. You didn’t know?」

Reiri’s mocking voice made the country leaders speechless.

「Also the country that is persistently carrying out spying acts using unmanned drones is──nh」

Reiri’s voice paused.

『What’s the matter demon?』


A stir could be felt at the other side of the speaker due to the abnormality that was happening to Reiri.

「The conference is over with this……we will send message of when the next one will be held.」

『Wha-! Wa, wait──』

The instant the communication was cut off, Reiri raised a coquettish voice.


Her upper body was lying down on a table while she was sorting her heavy breathing. And then she looked across her shoulder.

「Ki, Kizuna. Don’t move so suddenly. My voice almost leaked out just now.」

「Sorry, but I’m not moving though.」

「What are you saying. Inside──aAN♥ I, I’m saying……aa, it’s getting bigger again……♥」

When Kizuna was taken by Valdy and arrived at the command room, just as he thought, he was ordered to do Ecstasy Hybrid. However in the middle of it, the time of the conference arrived……

「Nee-chan, no matter what it’s impossible to have a meeting while doing Ecstasy Hybrid isn’t it? It would be better to stop temporarily.」

「Fufu……but, it was exciting. You were the same right?」

He couldn’t deny that. He thought that the figure of his big sister contending against the leaders of the countries was cool. Furthermore his thing was inserted inside his big sister while she was in such a conference. She was stark naked with her butt thrust out to accept her little brother’s thing until her deepest part.

Perhaps because of nervousness or perhaps because she was enduring the pleasure, Reiri would tighten on Kizuna sometimes. That would also heighten Kizuna’s arousal.

Even without Kizuna moving his waist, his thing would grow bigger on its own and pulse twitchingly. It couldn’t be helped.

「The, the work is over……now, continue──AaAHNN♥」

Kizuna suddenly began to move his waist intensely.

「FuAAAH! AuHNN♥ Ki, Kizuna, do-, don’t be, that greedy! aAA!」

「I’ve been holding back all this time. No way I can endure it now!」

After saying that, he roughly nailed forward without reservation.

「Ah, AA! There-♥」

The compatibility of his body with Reiri was extraordinary. When Kizuna was doing Ecstasy Hybrid with his big sister, he always lost control. He became even more honest with his desire.

And Reiri was also happy of that. She would climax many times over during the time Kizuna came once.

「Aah! Kizuna-! Don’t, so-, something big is……co, comiing♥」

「M, me too, I can’t──」

He injected his load inside Reiri with his all.


Reiri raised a long gasping voice and her back shuddered. Inside her stomach, she was feeling the hot thing that Kizuna fired and her climax repeated many times.

「Ku……♥-! Fuuuh♥ fuuuh♥ fuh, kahah……Aa, haa♥♥」

Kizuna was listening to his big sister’s sensual sigh while tasting a pleasant sense of accomplishment in his waist.

When both of their breathing calmed down, he slowly pulled out. When the tip jumped out while making sound, Reiri’s large butt trembled.

What Kizuna had just released into Reiri just a moment ago was mixed with Reiri’s honey and dripped down viscously from Reiri’s gaping open part.

Reiri raised her sweaty face and brushed her black hair that was stuck on her face to behind her ear. Her expression and gesture were too alluring that Kizuna felt a sensation that was similar with vertigo.


Reiri brought her face close and stole her little brother’s lips.

「Nh♥……chu, fu……nnh♥」

Kizuna couldn’t make any resistance. Rather he also stretched out his tongue and tasted the inside of his big sister’s sweet mouth.

When their lips separated, Reiri stared at Kizuna with an intoxicated gaze. And then she gripped Kizuna’s thing and invited it inside her once more.


Kizuna’s thing was buried into Reiri along with a slippery pleasant sensation.

「Nee-chan yourself……you don’t need to be this greedy.」

Reiri smiled with a gentle expression.

「Because, I want to quickly let her see her grandchild’s face……」

Kizuna recalled the time when they were doing the Harem Hybrid. That short moment when they sat together in harmony.

Kizuna thought of his mother who became a faraway existence and muttered.

「……Can she see I wonder?」

Reiri put her hands on Kizuna’s back and buried her face on his neck.

「She is the god who manages the whole worlds after all. Surely she is also right beside us.」

Hearing that, Kizuna felt the presence of their mother smiling right beside them. Even though he understood that it was just his imagination, he felt happy.

「I see……besides, I also have to eject the core out from Nee-chan’s body.」

「That’s how it is……an♥」

Kizuna pushed his thing to slip even deeper.

MGHxHV13 009 ill.jpg

Part 5[edit]

Kizuna got out of the command room when it became night.

Honestly, he was dead tired. He dragged his tired body and he finally returned home to his dormitory.

He would sleep right away after entering the bath today. He was thinking that while opening the door.

「Ah, you finally came back.」

「Aine!? Also──」

「Kizuna-kun! Where were you loitering around since you returned to earth until this late!?」

「Hey Kizuna. I’m free tomorrow. So today, until the morning……you know♥」

Even Himekawa and Yurishia were waiting for him inside the room. Furthermore the three of them already changed into their pajamas. They were pretty determined to stay the night here.

「Ha, haha……I was, at Nee-chan’s place doing things, like attending the conference with leaders of various countries, or talking about the tactics and so on after this──」

The eyes of the three of them gleamed fiercely hearing that answer.

「About that, can you tell us about it in a bit more detail?」

「That’s right. There is also this rumor that you are favoring the commander by a good deal.」

「Riiight, the commander too is already at that age so I can understand that she is impatient but……in this we too have to receive the chance equally isn’t it?」

The three were gradually cornering Kizuna.

「E, err……everyone, let’s calm down. We can talk it out. We can tal──」

‘Should I just run away from the door?’ When Kizuna thought that, the door was opened energetically.

「I’m home deeesu!!」


Sylvia who had a small build like usual leaped at Kizuna.

「We, welcome back. Didn’t you go to London?」

「Yes! Sylvia was able to confirm the safety of papa and mama without any problem desu! The government of Britain also said that they will guarantee their safety desu.」

「I see……that’s great, Sylvia.」

Kizuna patted Sylvia’s head.

「Ehehe……by the way everyone, what are you all doing desu?」

「Right now we are about to corner Kizuna.」

「Yep♥ Today will be an eros party with Kizuna until morning♪」

「Yu- Yurishia-san! Please don’t speak that bluntly to Sylvia-chan!」

Sylvia made a puzzled face, but then she gasped and replied.

「Then, Sylvia will also participate desu.」

She was saying that while starting to strip her uniform.


Himekawa yelled with a squeaking voice.

「Sylvia also wants to show papa and mama the face of their grandchild desu!」

The unexpected development caused even Yurishia’s complexion to change.

「That’s still too early for you!」

However Sylvia didn’t falter and replied with an innocent smile.

「But, based from the probability, even if Sylvia is doing Ecstasy Hybrid everyday, it will take around five until ten years on average. Sylvia heard that from Professor Shikina desu. It’s better to do it from now desu.」

「The, then, it’s us who take priority!」

「Hayuru. I’ll say this first, you cannot get pregnant from the ass you know?」

「I know that!!」

「It’s me! I have said before that I won’t accept if I’m not the first!」

「Eeh!? Haven’t we discussed it just now that today will start from me!?」

「Sylvia hasn’t done it recently for some time desu. Speaking about the equality of the chance, Sylvia believes that it will be just right for today to be fully reserved for Sylvia desu.」

「No way! Thinking back, my Ecstasy Hybrid was half-baked. It’s necessary that I receive the continuation properly.」

「You already did it enough right!? I still haven’t done it today!!」

「Enough, all of you calm DOWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!」

However Kizuna’s yell ended in vain. And then the argument of the four heated up even more.

Before long Himekawa snapped and yelled.

「Aah, geez! There is no use talking-!! Neros!!」

「I-, idiot! Sto──」

Aine ignored Kizuna who tried to stop them and took off her pajama with a grin, leaving herself in her underwear.

「Interesting. We haven’t faced each other for a while isn’t it……Zeros!」

Aine’s body also wore Zeros. And then Yurishia also took off her pajamas. She wasn’t wearing underwear, so her large breasts flew out with a jiggle.

「Fufu, I’ll prove it once more that I’m the world’s strongest♪ Cross!」

Yurishia’s naked body was covered with Cross.

Three magic armors lined up inside Kizuna’s room. One was wearing pajama, another one was only in underwear, and the other one was stark naked while wearing the armor. It was chaos.

「Are you three planning to destroy other person’s room again!?」

「The winner will reserve Kizuna for herself, how about it?」

Himekawa made a fearless smile at Aine’s proposal.

「Is that alright? You will regret it giving that condition you know?」

「My? The two of you, you won’t be able to win against me you know?」

「Sylvia will also join desu! Ta──」

「Wait!! Sylvia!!」

Kizuna stopped Sylvia with all his strength.

If she wore Taros, not just this room, the whole upper floor would get destroyed. Depending on the situation, the floor wouldn’t be able to endure the weight and the lower floor would also get destroyed.

Sylvia looked up at Kizuna with a troubled face.

「But captain……at this rate the dormitory will get destroyed again desu.」

「Yeah……I know.」

It would be a suicidal act to rush unarmed in the middle of the three who were getting this excited.

Kizuna sighed deeply inside his heart.

And then──he yelled.


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