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First, my gratitude for continuing to read Masou Gakuen HxH until now.

Really thank you very much. This is Kuji Masamune.

The thirteenth volume this time is the last volume of Masou Gakuen HxH. It is also the timing of that kind of ending, so I’m thinking of trying to talk seriously about my own work that normally I won’t really do.

First about the presentation of eros that is also the greatest trait of this series, I was keeping in mind of trying to make it the greatest thing while also keeping it as ero expression in light novel till the end.

For example, first I didn’t use directly indecent language. And then I avoided presentation that displayed the deed specifically, I aimed to stimulate the reader’s imagination so they can associate what I don’t write as though they are reading it. After that, there is the kind of play of making use of depiction and expressiveness to create a really obscene atmosphere even though the characters actually not really doing anything considerable.

By the way I often caught sight Masou Gakuen being alluded as adult-oriented book or erotic novel, but I interpreted them positively like ‘Those are praising words for the height of my writing ability!’ (lol)

However as much as I was highlighting the eros, the drama and the setting of the world view became even more important than that. In order to support the ero setting, I think a solid setting and drama is necessary to become a firm foundation. Without that, the persuasiveness about the necessity of the characters doing the erotic act won’t be created. Without that it won’t be possible to support the story unless the ero scene’s density and elaborateness are increased by many times over.

And then above all else, I also have a intention of not wanting to write something that is only consisting of ero. I want to make a work that I can proudly say has a magnificent content even though there is ero scene in it.

I want to create a work that has universal theme, the correct message, love, justice, humanity, and the straightforward affirmation towards living.

The gloomy setting of death when the Hybrid Count reached zero and the world was ruined in reality because of the Another Universe Conflict were created because of that.

However I also want it to not become too dark, a cheerful and enjoyable work that is fitting for a light novel (because of that there might be a lot of readers who completely forget about the tragedy and urgency though).

And then hot and intense battle where within the despairing situation where there was no way to win, the character made use of their wisdom and courage and the Hybrid, believing in the ray of hope and grasped the victory.

And then the worry and trauma that each character had. The drama from overcoming them together with Kizuna. Although all the heroines are strong, each of them had their own heavy past and worry.

Kizuna already overcame that kind of worry and mentally he was already a relatively completed character from the beginning. However his low combat ability and how he was abandoned by his mother because of that was a wall for Kizuna. Even so he obtained strength by deepening his understanding with the heroines and cooperated with them.

In normal light novels, there are a lot of patterns where the character is the strongest right from the start, but Kizuna wasn’t like that. Perhaps that was insufficient for readers who seek for quick enjoyment, but that is exactly the reason why Masou is masou and Kizuna is Kizuna. Kizuna would lose and he would become down. However he didn’t give up, changed the shape of the fight and kept challenging no matter how many times. Even if there was a misunderstanding or disagreement at the start, he would recognize his mistake and redo it.

「We can do over anytime, we can restart anytime」 That line of Kizuna is one of the important themes in Masou.

And then in the sense of the nature of this work’s message, Kizuna’s big sister, Hida Reiri is even more important than him.

「The worth of human isn’t whether they have high or low ability. It’s a problem of how they live.」 That line has been conveyed continuously several times throughout the story, it’s an important message.

It depends on everyone how you will interpret it. It will be great if everyone thinks about this message in your own way and reach your own conclusion.

Regarding that message and the nature of this work’s theme, there is an important person who is a set with Reiri.

That is Hida Nayuta. Nayuta is my favorite character who I contemplated from the beginning and wrote a lot in the story. When this work was turned into anime, I was asked who is my favorite character? When I answered Hida Nayuta, I remember that the other person made a really conflicted face (lol). Well of course he would be like that. After all at that point she only looked like a somewhat mysterious inhuman villain. The one who asked naturally would expect me to answer with one of the heroines.

I was able to write Nayuta to the end following my own imagination at the beginning, and I’m glad that I was able to write her last scene just like the conclusion that I decided in the beginning.

When I finished writing volume 12, my editor O-san told me 「This work is a tale of family」. He really hit the bull’s eye.

If I have to mention another particularly favorite character of mine……it has to be Ger-san (lol).

Gertrude is an important character that showed the message of this work and cannot be ignored. Or rather, she ascended to become that kind of character before I noticed. At first she was only one of the Masters, a character that wasn’t important, but now it feels like ‘how did it become like this!?’. Now she is a beloved character that is really important even within Masou. When a series continues for long, this kind of thing can also happen. It can be thought like that. I can see Gertrude with a triumphant look now.

There is also Gravel who transformed into an adorable character. Dark skinned characters is one of my favorite types, so at first I intended to enter her as one of Amaterasu, but I gave it up due to various reasons. And then in the first half she made her entrance as the strongest enemy, and then she played an active role in many scenes, so I think the result is fine. At first I only focused at her being strong and cool, but she was gradually getting remodeled into a maiden. Is this what they mean by character moving on their own?

That kind of change that surpassed imagination often happen with the sub characters. With a momentum that overwhelm the main heroines even.

The main heroines of Aine, Hayuru, Yurishia, Sylvia, and Reiri had their characters decided to a certain degree from the start, perhaps it’s because of that they were unable to rampage as they pleased.

But I often got inspirations from seeing the illustrations of Hisasi-san. The setting of Himekawa kitty cat & ass preference was created because I saw the pinup poster of the first volume and thought 「Let’s mix this into the second volume」.

Yurishia is truly a sex symbol. She is a person that is the condensation of female’s sexual charm, someone who any man won’t be able to oppose. Furthermore she isn’t just someone who simply has good style, her brain is also smart. The perfect symbol of sexiness cannot lack intelligence.

Sylvia is the symbol of cuteness. No, Sylvia is really cute.

Aine properly accomplished the role of main heroine. There are a lot of charming rivals with strong individuality around, so I think she has it hard, and then from now on too I don’t think she will have any peace of mind (lol). Hope she works hard.

I’m glad I wrote a cute side of Zelcyone, but my heart is weighed a bit because it would be great if I had a chance to write about Quartum, Masters, and also Hyakurath and the others a bit more. Everyone has quirks in their personality, it feels like it will be really interesting to create a story where they have the leading part.

I made Ragrus to be Sylvia’s rival who would be in a position to pick up a bit of fight with her (sorry!), but she ended up having that kind of stormy life that was full of drama……but in the end she became love love with Sylvia so please forgive me desu.

Valdy also shrewdly settle at the position she herself wanted at the end. Other than them there is also Landred-san, Mercuria and Aldea, Kei, Kurumizawa, Sakisaka-sensei, etc. There are a lot of characters. I like everyone, so I want them to become happy no matter what.

When I think back like this, the experience and growth that I obtained from Masou Gakuen HxH cannot be measured. It was also the first time my book was published, the first time my work got turned into a drama CD and comic and anime, anyway Masou Gakuen has give me many things.

I think that the anime had especially given me a lot. There are also some aspects that I regretted, but I think the anime was a work that has unconventional heat and intense individuality. It left behind enough achievements that a second season of it can be created, so I’m praying that someday a chance of it getting an anime again will come.

Come to think of it when I received the newcomers award, the editor-in-chief at that time told me 「I’ll recognize you as fully qualified if you can continue until seven volumes」. Masou has reached volume 13 at its main media. I don’t know whether in the end I’ve become fully qualified as an author. But, even now I can keep going without forgetting my feelings when I was still a newcomer and do my daily work. If I feel like I’ll forget that feeling, at that time then perhaps I will open Masou Gakuen HxH again. Because I have the feeling that I’ll be able to return to that day anytime.

Well then for the thanks section.

Hisasi-san, thank you so much for the long accompaniment. The illustrations of Masou Gakuen will be my treasure for life. Kurogin-san, thank you very much for the cool gear design.

I have bothered Ouraidou-san of the proofreading a lot. My gratitude for helping me. Shindousha-san, thank you for the designs that were to the point every time.

Editor O-san from Sneaker’s editing department has been a great help since my debut. I think it’s thanks to O-san being in charge of me that Masou Gakuen can become like this. I’m thankful to you from my heart. And then editor I-san who succeeded him, Ayakawariku-san who is in charge of the comic, the anime staffs starting from Supervisor Furukawa, all of the casts who were led by Akabane-san, I have been supported by a great number of people. Thank you very much.

And then, all of you readers who accompanied this series till the end! There is no doubt that you all are the people with the greatest contribution. Really thank you very much! My endless gratitude to everyone who always supported me through fans letter or Twitter. When I received a letter that said 「Kizuna’s words saved me when I was worried in real life」, I was really glad, happy, I thought from the bottom of my heart that I’m glad I wrote this novel.

Masou Gakuen HxH is completed with this volume 13, but it doesn’t mean that this work will die because it reached completion. There should be people who read this work, watch the anime, and become new fan of Masou in the future too. And then this work will continue to live in the hearts of people who read this work.

Besides, it’s not like I have decided to not write Masou again forever. Surely there will be another chance for me to write Masou again due to some kind of opportunity. That’s why, as expected at the end it should be these words that are used for the temporary farewell.

Best regards eros!

Kuji Masamune

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