Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 13 Short Story

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Electronic Special SS – Shikina Kei[edit]

My name is Shikina Kei. The person in charge of supervising Nayuta Lab in Ataraxia. Previously my title was proxy chief, but now I have become a chief both in name and reality.

I was a proxy because Professor Nayuta went missing. I am not a proxy anymore because Professor Nayuta has died.

No, rather than saying that she died, it would be more accurate to say that she reincarnated into a different living thing I guess. She became an existence that is worthy to be called god.

Although, for me, Professor Nayuta had been god since a long time ago.

I wondered, why was that kind of person born into this world? I can only think of her as a mutation. It’s hard for subspecies to be born from the human race when the DNA among each other is mostly similar. As I thought, is the remaining path of evolution for the human race is to wait for a mutation that posses outstanding capability like Professor Nayuta to be born?

Or perhaps──

『Chief Shikina! This is Kurumizawa!』

The ringtone that informed the arrival of a visitor rang out. Then an energetic voice came next. My hand reach out to the control panel on the desk and unlocked the door.

「Excuse me!」

This is the head researcher of the firearms division, Kurumizawa Momo. Her cheeks are blushing and her eyes are sparkling. This girl is always energetic and straightforward. Her future is overflowing with hopes and dreams, that’s how it feels. She is too bright for me.

「Chief Shikina, I bring the report for today!」

Her momentum feels like she is even going to salute.

「This is the written report!」

Momo put an A4 electronic paper in the paperwork box on the desk. I type on the keyboard beside it and display a window in front of Momo’s face.

『Thank you for your hard work. However, I should have told you it’s fine to just send the report through email.』

「No! I wish to directly hand it over to Chief Shikina by myself!」

『Why is that?』

Then, Momo’s cheeks reddened and she fidgeted.

「Tha, that is……I want to increase the chances for talking with Chief Shikina……」

『With me? Why?』

「That’s because I respect you!」

My hand stops unintentionally. Now I don’t know which key I should hit.

「You are the top of Nayuta Lab at that age! An outstanding genius! Truly a prodigy! Any researcher will absolutely idolize you.」

『That is an overestimation』

Momo shook her head left and right in a big way.

「Rather it’s still not sufficient! For me it’s not an exaggeration to even say that Chief Shikina is a god-!」


It feels like my brain will freeze.

It feels like I will type strange sentences, I’m getting scared.

I hit the keys cautiously.

『I have received the report. Thank you for your hard work.』

「Yes-! Please excuse me!」

Momo bends her waist and bowed in a ninety degree angle before going out.

A tired feeling presses down on me heavily. My body slides down sink into the chair.

I also feel envious towards her feeling which was so straightforward and pure like that. However, for me, it’s nothing but a heavy burden to have such feelings directed towards me.

I know my place. I’m far away from the character that girl imagined. It even makes me feel like I’m deceiving Momo.

One day that girl will also grow and she surely will understand my level. At that time, perhaps that girl will be disappointed. I wonder how her feelings and attitude towards me will change. Her respectful gaze towards me will change into a disinterested gaze. Surely it will be like that.

When I imagine that, my stomach feels painful. I’m feeling down. At this rate it feels like I won’t stop at the chair, I’ll keep sinking until the floor and get buried underground where no one can find me.

My hand reaches to the console and confirms that the door is locked, after that I open the list of my video files.

They are secret recording data that I cannot show to anyone. There are monitoring cameras inside Nayuta Lab that can only be accessed by me. I open their recorded data.


The gasping voice of my best friend suddenly began playing.

On the screen, the siblings Hida Reiri and Kizuna are doing Ecstasy Hybrid. That scene was secretly recorded. It is purely for research, but not even Reiri herself knows that she was being recorded.

Surely I will get scolded if she finds out. No, it won’t end with just scolding. Surely she will scorn me, and perhaps she won’t be my friend anymore.

In reality, I myself think that this kind of peeping act isn’t good.

However, I cannot stop.

Reiri who is discomposed because of her deed with her little brother is beautiful.

And also cute.

The limbs that all females yearn for are tensed tautly, her glossy black hair is disheveled on her gasping figure. It’s impossible to not get excited after getting showed something like that.

I lift my waist and pull down my panty. I pull out one foot from it and leave it hanging on the ankle of my other foot, then I spread out my legs. And then, my hand reaches between my legs.

At this moment, I feel embarrassed even knowing that no one is watching.


When I stimulate my most sensitive part, I fall into the hallucination that I’m experiencing the same pleasure that Reiri is feeling.


「Aan♥ Kizuna-! Tha, that place, wa, wait-, YAaAAANNN♥」

It looks like Kizuna is starting to target Reiri’s weakest spot. When I also enter my finger inside and attack the place that feels good.

「aU! Ah! Ahn♥ A, aah♥」

Unbecoming appearance that normally cannot be shown to anyone no matter what. Obscene expression, high-pitched coquettish voice that is filled with arousal. It’s only Kizuna and me who can see the solemn Reiri like this.

Hida Reiri who is feared and called a demon is going wild on the bed. That obscene dance is instigating my arousal.

「Hah, an, fuaaah♡」

When I notice, not just sigh, my voice also leaks out from my mouth.

Reiri who is accepting her little brother’s thing inside the screen is shaking her waist intensely. My finger’s movement also matches that and moves even more intensely.

Before long Reiri’s toes tensed out, they bend as though trying to hold on to something.

The climax comes.

I also assault the most sensitive part inside me and rolled the sensitive protrusion near the entrance with my fingertip.


The instant Reiri climaxed, I also tensed my whole body. My toes stretch out tautly and my legs jerk and tremble.

Kizuna and Reiri inside the screen collapse down while they are still connected.

If other people know what I’m doing, they might tell me to not do something lonely like that, or go find a partner.

But, that advise is off the point.

I’m not doing something like this because I don’t have a partner.

I don’t want a partner or anything.

It’s fine because I’m alone.

This indirect act of masturbationself-consolation is literally consoling me. I’m feeling happiness from it.

That’s why, I can even endure the heavy responsibility of being Professor Nayuta’s successor that only seems like a punishment game from my point of view. Even knowing that she is an existence that I absolutely won’t be able to catch up to, I am able to continue doing this work.

I’m continuing to protect this Ataraxia, protecting what Professor Nayuta created and protected.

This secret act is indispensable to allow me to perform such a big task that doesn’t suit the caliber of someone like me.

I understand that no one can understand it. Surely even Reiri and Kizuna will be astonished if they knew, Momo will also be disappointed or disgusted at me.

However, for me, this is something indispensable so that I can do my work and keep living. I won’t budge on it.

Inside the screen, Reiri is kissing Kizuna like someone spoiled. I stop the playback there. And then I clean up my wet groin and the chair with tissues, wash my hands thoroughly, and then I read the written report Momo brought here.


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