Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 14

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These are the novel illustrations that were included in Masou Gakuen HxH Volume 14



Aine looked around anxiously.

It was a small alley from the main road. There wasn’t any sign of people on the street this late at night. There was only the sound of cars that sometimes were running on the main road.

「Hey, Kizuna……we’re really, doing it?」

Kizuna responded to the upward gaze that looked like begging for forgiveness with a smile.

「Yeah. There is almost nobody who will pass through here. Though there might be residence of the buildings that use the backdoor to go through here.」

Aine followed Kizuna’s gaze and looked up on the walls of the buildings standing at both sides of the path. Most of the windows were dark. However, there were several windows that shined dimly, showing that there was person there. She felt like someone would open the window and peek out even now.

Aine gulped, then she hugged herself and deeply closed her coat’s seam.

「The, then, someone might pass through here as expected. This……this kind of place where there isn’t any cover to hide……I」

A navy blue topcoat was wrapping Aine’s body, giving an outline of the body undulation underneath it. It was hot to wear coat in this season, but despite that Aine’s body was shivering.

「If you hate it, then I’m fine sending you to the main street.」

「No, no way! Not that!」

Aine lifted up her face in panic, but she then looked down once more while hugging the front of her coat and shrank into herself.


Kizuna called Aine’s name to press her on.

Aine’s arms let go with a face that was scared and anxious. The front of her coat was slowly opening with that.

A milky white naked body appeared from the gap of navy blue coat.

Kizuna felt like this was a ceremony of unveiling a treasure.

Tight stomach from the valley of the breasts, the navel that was bored there. And then from the gently sloping abdomen was the conservative silver bush and Aine’s most important place that was gasping below it.

The climax of the show appeared right after the opening. However, it was still only the slight opening of the front of the coat. It was nothing more than a glimpse of Aine’s beauty, but the soft fair skin that stood out whitely inside this dark alley made Kizuna felt like his heart was suddenly grabbed tightly.

Aine’s moist red eyes were directed pleadingly at Kizuna. However Kizuna heartlessly ignored that gaze.

「Aine. Someone will come if you don’t hurry.」

Aine jerked and her hands trembled.

「Besides you’ll be at your limit soon right?」

When he told her that, her urge to urinate that she tried to ignore fiercely attacked her once more.

「It’s because……you made me……drank a lot of juice and coffee so much like that.」

Her beautiful face twisted from impatience and nervousness. She opened her hands to left and right with eyes that looked like she would cry.

Aine’s breasts were exposed.

The tips were dyed pink like stretched up large fruits that became ripe. Those tips that looked like they would drip honey even now were slightly jutting out more than normal. It conveyed the degree of Aine’s pleasure to Kizuna.

「Put the coat here.」

Aine’s throat made a gulping sound. She stared fixedly at the palm that Kizuna held out to her.

However she looked down from being struck by despair and dropped the coat from her shoulder. And then she pulled out her arms one by one from the sleeves and folded the coat twice. After a slight hesitation, Aine made her decision and handed the coat to Kizuna.

Kizuna held the coat under his armpit and stared at Aine’s figure from up and down as though he was licking her with his eyes.

She was practically stark naked, but she was still wearing her uniform’s garter stocking and shoes. If she was wearing the coat, she would look like she was dressed normally so no one would suspect her. However if that single piece was stripped, her appearance would change quickly into the unusual just like this.

Aine hid her breast unconsciously with her right hand and her crotch with her left hand. Her cheeks reddened and she glared at Kizuna in challenge.

「So? Are you satisfied with this?」

However her voice was trembling. It was obvious she was bluffing with her all.

「Yeah. Then let’s go for a walk.」

His tone was filled with the lack of tension as though they would really just going for a stroll in the neighborhood. Aine’s blushing face went pale once more.

「Wa, walking……while I’m dressed like this?」

「Of course. There is a park ahead from here right? There will be a public toilet if we go there.」

Aine also knew about that park. It was close to her path home from the academy until the dormitory and it was used as place of relaxation and refreshment by the students. Aine herself once also sat together with Kizuna on a bench there and chatted.

「Then Aine, you walk ahead.」

「We, we’re really……going? Like this……」

Aine asked in disbelief. But, she also understood at the same time that there was no way Kizuna would let her off.

Aine started walking with a hesitant step.

「Yo, you absolutely must accompany me. Don’t leave me.」

Aine was walking while looking back many times to check that Kizuna was there.

「Yeah. I won’t go somewhere else leaving you alone.」

Aine could only believe what he told her.

Kizuna was right nearby even though she was doing a perverted act like this. He would help her if something happened. When she thought that, she felt like she would be able to endure even this abnormal nervousness and fear.

The small alley immediately ended and she arrived at one side of a two-way road for car. The traffic light was green but she hid herself at the corner for the moment and carefully looked around to check if there was any passerby.

Fortunately there wasn’t anyone. But the traffic light changed while she was doing that. A headlight of a car was approaching from afar. She hurriedly pulled back her face and crouched on the spot and made herself smaller. She prayed that the approaching sound of motor would pass without stopping. The time felt excessively long.

Before long the motor sound and road noise passed over her along with dazzling light.

She sighed in relieve and heavily stood up. The light became green once more so she turned around. Kizuna wordlessly nodded.

Aine daringly leaped into the street. She hid her breasts by hugging her body and made a small run to cross the street.

After she crossed, she immediately entered a small path. It was the street of a residential area where two cars could only just barely pass one another. However the chance of somebody passing through was high.

──Wi, will it really be alright……I’ll be ruined if someone find me like this. I won’t be able to go to the academy anymore. But…….

Her heart was beating hard with tension and fear. However, was her heart beat caused only by that?

The sound resounding inside her chest couldn’t be differentiated from the sound of throbbing heart.


A trickle of something seeped out from within Aine.

──Ge, geez. Really me…….

「Aine, what’s the matter?」

She closed her thighs strongly and forcefully closed her entrance that wanted to open. Kizuna tilted his head slightly seeing that.

「Perhaps you can’t hold it in anymore.」

She was also in a pinch from that, but right now the reason Aine closed her thighs was something else.

「I, it’s nothing……let’s hurry」

Aine hurriedly made a small run.

Because she moved in a hurry, the sensual honey overflowed and trickled down Aine’s thigh, creating a stain on her stocking.

And then the vibration from moving up and down intensely stimulated her bladder.

The urge to urinate that she almost forgot due to the fear and tension attacked her once more.

She wanted to rush into the toilet in the park for even a second faster.

──A bit more, just a bit more!

She told herself that and fought her urge to pee that almost crossed the limit.

Kizuna ignored that impatience of Aine and walked slowly without any care in the world.

「Ki, Kizuna. Walk faster……tsu」

She lowered her voice and pleaded, but Kizuna’s walking pace didn’t change. He intentionally walked slowly. Aine resented him, but she had no time to care about that. If it was like this then she could only quickly go to the park even if she had to be alone.

Aine reached the next corner with a small run and checked for sign of people.

There wasn’t anyone.

After she crossed the next crossroads, it would be her destination park at the front.

Hope and sense of achievement welled up in Aine’s heart. Her eyes that unconsciously smiled,


They caught sight of a silhouette that appeared from the crossroads.

From the appearance, it was a male at the later half of his twenty. Judging from the white coat he was wearing, he might be a staff of the lab. Most likely he had just gone home temporarily and now he was returning back to the lab again. He turned the corner while keeping his gaze on the smartphone in his hand, walking toward Aine.

──Wha, what do I do!?

She turned around looking for help, but Kizuna was walking leisurely at some distance away. Aine turned forward and stared at the approaching person.

If he lifted up his gaze from the smartphone──,

  • Prickle*, fear was cutting apart her heart.

Her heartbeat sped up and cold sweat was dripping down.

──A, a place to hide, somewhere,

A car was parked a few meter ahead.

There was no time to hesitate. She immediately dashed and leaped into the cover of the car to hide. She held her breath and waited for the passerby to pass.

Was she seen when she moved to hide? Did the person hear any sound that made him suspicious? Such worry caused Aine’s heartbeat to intensify.

As the footsteps drew closer, Aine’s heartbeat also got louder.

She became worried if her heartbeat would be heard by the passerby. Aine pressed on her heart from above her chest and curled into herself.

The footstep passed right beside her.

She couldn’t bring herself to look at all. She only stared on the ground and waited until her fear left.

But, what if she was discovered?

Cold sweat was dampening Aine’s whole body.

What if the person looked back for some reason and saw her?

Such thinking whirled around inside her head and she almost fell into panic.

──Ki, Kizuna.

Her shoulder was tapped.


She kept crouching. Her back jerked.


Tear was overflowing.

When she fearfully looked back, Kizuna was smiling there like usual.

「You got through that well.」

「Yo, you……」

Aine raised the corner of her tearful eyes and stood up.

She was going to complain to him, but then perhaps because her extreme tension relaxed instantly, her endurance broke. Warm water was trickling down her thigh.


It leaked out slightly but, she desperately tightened and held back once more. The amount of cold sweat oozing from her whole body increased and leaked out as big drops.

She was able to endure somehow, the next moment when she thought that,

──Ah, no, no good!


She got out from behind the car’s cover and ran in full speed toward the park. Her heart was painfully raging inside her chest due to her running momentum. But right now she couldn’t care about that.

It was right in front of her. Just ten more meter.

──I did it!!

When she rushed into the park that was surrounded by plants, Aine yelled inside her heart.

She would reach the toilet in just a few more seconds.

It was a public toilet, but it was still a clean and hygienic toilet. There was also a changing room that was equipped with amenity.

Aine touched the door that was made from cloudy glass.


The door didn’t open.

Even though the sensor should detect her and opened the door automatically.

「N, no way. Open it! Open up!」

She hit the door with her palm.

Cold sweat was trickling down her neck and back.

When she looked around in fluster, she noticed the electronic paper pasted beside the door after this late.

『Out of use because it’s in the middle of repair』

「Lies!? ……After coming, this far!!」

──Where is other toilet!?

She thought that only for an instant.


Warm drop was trickling down from her crotch.

──I can’t, anymore……the, limit,

The water drop became a stream and made a sound from falling on the ground.

Aine put both her hands on the glass and her body trembled in the posture where her waist was pushed out. The momentum of the flow couldn’t be stopped anymore even by Aine herself.

──Aa……it’s coming out. I did it.

The flow of warm flow sped up and the sound it made on the ground turned louder.

──No, moree……it’s embarrassing……I want to disappear.

Tear was trickling down Aine’s cheek.

She had been tormented by unusual shame and tension all this time since she was told to take off her clothes. She let go of what she had been holding back and now she was tasting a supreme feeling of liberation.

The experience that was just too out there made Aine drunk with pleasure that she had never felt before. Even though she was being bullied, even though she was being shamed, she was enveloped in indescribable euphoria.

Even the excitement that Aine was feeling inside her body reached a height that she never felt until now. Even the tips of her breasts were getting painfully hard to show that.

She let out everything that she had held back in her bladder and let out a deep sigh. At that time, someone grabbed her butts that were sticking out.


When she looked over her shoulder, there was Kizuna opening up her butts while bringing his waist near.

A familiar sensation was touching the mouth that was gushing out warm liquid just now. ‘Ah’, Aine spoke in panic.

「Wa, wait! Right now it’s dirty from my pee so……in the first place doing it in this kind of──」

Kizuna thrust his pointed end into Aine’s entrance in order to shut down Aine’s entreaty.


──Aa, it, it entered……it entered inside, in this……kind of place.

A thrilling pleasure rushed up Aine’s back.

「Do, don’t……. Kizuna.」

She spoke words of rejection incoherently. However Aine was the one who knew best that her body was rejoicing.

And then Kizuna pushed inside in one go. He reached the deepest wall from the entrance in a single breath.

Aine’s body bent backward reflexively.


It felt like a spear called pleasure pierced inside her body and penetrated until her brain.

Her sight was flickering, her consciousness was getting further away.

──I, I’m co……ming──,

Aine’s body reached the climax in the blink of eye. The strength of her knees left her and her body almost fell.

「Aine, get a hold of yourself.」

Her breasts were grasped from below to support her body. Aine looked back at Kizuna with vacant eyes.

「Wa, wait, Kizuna……I, I just, co-──」

Kizuna pulled back his waist, and then he pushed inside once more.


The sense of climax assaulted Aine once more.

Her hazy consciousness became clear as though it was hit awake instantly. The next moment she was struck back into a tempestuous chaos once more.

She was made to taste climax with each thrust. She didn’t know of anything anymore. She couldn’t keep a hold of something like her sanity. Anything else didn’t matter anymore. She didn’t mind even if she was seen by people or she wouldn’t be able to go to the academy from tomorrow. As long as Kizuna was there for her. Right now in this instant she became one with Kizuna, as long as she could feel Kizuna, if she was able to be together with this wild pleasure, then anything else didn’t──

At that time, the sensitive part that was enveloping Kizuna sensed a slight change.

──Ah, Kizuna’s inside is rising.

MGHxHV14 005 ill.jpg

A sweet feeling was overflowing from inside Aine’s chest.

──Come, come-, come-! Kizuna’s, inside me-!

The thing that Aine had been eagerly looking forward to was released inside her body.

From Kizuna’s tip, into Aine with a surprising vigor. Aine felt that pressure from the inside of her body. That sensation pulled Aine up into even further height.


The degree of the climax was something she had never felt until now.

Various sensations and feelings were mixing inside her mind within an instant.

Pleasure, happiness, suffocation, sadness, love.

Aine even felt fear of the fact that her body could feel pleasure to this degree.

And then her consciousness was getting further within feeling of happiness and tranquility.

Aine’s body relaxed from all tension. Kizuna kept his hold on her body and crouched on the ground. And then he talked to empty air.

「Love Room, halt the scene. Enter standby mode.」

The park vanished in that moment.

The door where Aine was placing her hands on changed into white wall. The ground turned into cushioned panel and the starry sky into a ceiling that shined white.

「Aine, are you alright?」

Aine recovered her consciousness at Kizuna’s voice.


Aine whose excitement after the act still hadn’t cooled down looked up at Kizuna with an erotic gaze. Her blushing cheeks were sweaty, her hair was sticking on her cheeks. Aine replied with gasping voice between her heated sigh.

「Today, might be……a bit too amazing……」

Kizuna brushed away the hair sticking on Aine’s cheek and gently combed her silver hair. Aine displayed her happiness with a calm smile.

「Good grief……really Kizuna, you’re just perverted♡」

Although she said that, Aine rubbed her satisfied looking face on Kizuna’s hand.

Kiziuna also felt satisfaction at Aine’s fawning gesture.

It seemed today’s content made Aine pleased. Recently when they were doing the ultimate hybrid, they only did completely normal sex.

According to Aine,

『You don’t really need to do anything special. After all it’s already the greatest happiness as long as I can become one with Kizuna, it feels so good nothing can top it.』

She said, but Kizuna didn’t just swallow that without doubt.

If he didn’t put in some effort sometimes and came up with an ingenious plan, then dissatisfaction would be piling up. That kind of act was also stimulating, and she would also be happy that he was thinking a lot and spending effort and time for her.

Especially these days, Kizuna suspected that she was frequently doing boasting discussion with Hayuru and Yurishia under the pretense of information exchange.

Because of that, two days later after he came up with an ingenious plan and executed it, the other two would act a bit stiffly toward Kizuna. Depending on the situation they would made an obviously dissatisfied face or the opposite fawning on him.

For Kizuna it was also a meeting that increased his source of anxiety.

「Hey, Kizuna♡」

She looked up and coaxed him for a kiss.

Kizuna responded to her expectation and gently put his lips on her lips. He entangled his tongue inside Aine’s mouth to soothe her. They continued tasting each other’s lips for a long time. When their lips parted, Aine’s tongue reached out in reluctance and she let out a sigh of ecstasy.

「It’s always like this, I become unable to understand whether I’m inside Love Room or in the city for real.」

「Especially today, it’s using real time processing that reflected the information from security camera inside the city and the traffic data. The tension was amazing just from that.」

「As I thought the condition was the same with reality……in that case, actually doing it for real will also be alright won’t it?」


Kizuna stared at Aine with a taken aback look.


Aine’s face was blushing bright red rapidly. It seemed she finally noticed the meaning of the words that slipped out of her mouth.

「Wait! That’s not it! I just meant that we won’t be found out even if we actually did it in the city, it’s not like I mean that I want to do it in the city itself!!」

「I get it. I get it already.」

Kizuna soothed her down with a wry smile while starting to wear pilot suit.

「Wait Kizuna! Do you really get it!?」

「Yeah. That’s why Aine too wear your pilot suit. Soon it will be the time enemies are coming out.」

「I know that!」

Kizuna knew that she wasn’t really angry but merely doing it to hide her embarrassment.

Aine felt that lukewarm gaze of Kizuna while quickly wearing her pilot suit.


With a flash Aine’s body was equipped with Heart Hybrid Gear Zeros.

Aine stared at her armor with a deep emotion.

「It makes me feel a bit reluctant when I think that it might be my parting from Zeros with this.」


Kizuna was about to equip Eros, but he stopped from saying its name.

「What do you mean by that?」

「Because today’s……somehow, it feels a bit different.」

And then she softly stroked her stomach.


「Re, really!? Aine!」

Aine nodded with a slightly embarrassed look.

「I, I see……I’m?」

He was feeling complicated, like he was troubled, and also happy.

「No……somehow, it doesn’t feel real for me yet, and it’s embarrassing or something.」

「Fufu, come on, put on Eros quickly……papa♡」

「O, ou! Eros!!」

What protected Kizuna’s body was the jet black Heart Hybrid Gear Eros.

The one and only male armor. Normal Heart Hybrid Gear couldn’t demonstrate their ability if it wasn’t equipped by female. However Eros was an exception. It was the only Heart Hybrid Gear in the world that could demonstrate its ability exactly because it was used by male.

When they opened Love Room’s hatch and went outside, it was a desolate land that continued until the horizon.

Here was northern part of Africa.

A land that was effectively controlled by a certain large country by taking advantage of the chaos from AU Collision War. There was a nuclear facility along with Heart Hybrid Gear’s research base here.

Nayuta Lab guessed that they intentionally built the place here because there was a high risk of bio hazard and techno hazard. Most likely they were doing a considerably dangerous experiment here.

And then in fact Eros’s sensor was quickly displaying alert.

「There is severe air pollution and land pollution happening here……it will be bad if it’s not disposed together with the ground.」

Kizuna displayed a grave expression. Aine responded with understanding smile.

「There won’t be any problem because I’m here. But before that──」

Aine looked around the surrounding of Love Room.

From a brief glance, there were thirty Heart Hybrid Gears each armed with characteristic weapon like gun or sword or the like surrounding them.

「The welcome is warmer than expected.」

「Is that so? This is too few to welcome me and Kizuna. They’re underestimating us.」

Kizuna smiled wryly. Even so a question floated inside his heart.

The reason was because the Heart Hybrid Gear force surrounding them didn’t belong to the country that owned the research facility. The mark that was patterned after the side face of a woman with chest and shoulder attached. It belonged to Europe Union──EU’s Heart Hybrid Gear force Valkyrie.

「Ataraxia’s Hida Kizuna and Chidorigafuchi Aine is it! We are EU’s Heart Hybrid Gear team Valkyrie!」

The one who gave that introduction was a beautiful girl with light brown hair that was like milk tea. Her hair was tied into ponytail at the side of her head and her face was well ordered like an idol. She was glaring at Kizuna with a grim gaze, but there was no doubt that she would look lovely if she smiled.

Her age was around twenty. The pilot suit she was wearing was designed to have red and blue line over white color. And then her hand was holding a western sword. Two mechanical swords that looked similar with Neros’s Blade were floating at both sides.

───I assume……,

Kizuna searched the list in his memory.

「And you must be Valkyrie’s captain, France’s Christelle Baladur. And that Heart Hybrid Gear is Mires……was it?」

The sharpness of Chrsitelle’s eyes didn’t slack down. But a smile was tugged on her lips.

「Yes, so you know. That’s right, of course you know that isn’t it.」

Christelle let out a chuckle ‘fufufu’ and lifted up one hand as though making a pose.

「I am the next head of the proud Baladur House and Europe’s strongest woman! If there is someone who don’t know me in this earth, that will be the proof of that person’s savageness!」

「A, aa……that’s, perhaps.」

Her character that was more peculiar than expected made Kizuna felt put off. Putting aside her name, he didn’t know that she had this kind of personality.

「I think that you also naturally know this but, I’m also active as an musician artist. My newest track was broadcasted to the whole world last week. Did you listen? You listened didn’t you!? If you haven’t heard that means Ataraxia is a solitary island in distant sea, a dinosaur that is isolated from the world’s civilization!」

「Tha, that’s……」

This was his first time hearing about her activity as artist.

However he couldn’t say the truth at Christelle whose eyes were shining in anticipation.

「I……I downloaded it but, I haven’t listened to it yet, I think?」

It was a trite excuse but, Christelle seemed convinced. She was smiling in satisfaction.

Kizuna moved his gaze to the girl with short cut black hair beside her.

「And, the one beside you there is……」

She seemed to be the same age like Christelle, but she looked a bit demure. She wasn’t dazzlingly beautiful like Christelle, but she was a beautiful girl that reminded him of a fairy wandering inside a deep forest. Her pilot suit was grey added with black and red. She was wearing a Heart Hybrid Gear that was carrying an extremely long rifle on her back.

「Vice captain Elfriede Weitling is it. Her gear’s name is Dagura.」

Elfriede nodded her head slightly.

「You’re knowledgeable. Or perhaps, you have inserted the data of all the women in the world into your head? Perhaps the nickname of Eros Demon King isn’t a joke but the truth.」


Kizuna spontaneously lost his words at that unexpected reply.

「Oi, Aine! Why is that name become known even until EU!?」

「There is no way I know that!」

Elfriede nodded in satisfaction hearing that conversation.

「I see. Looks like it’s true. Will update the information when we return to base.」

「You don’t need to do that!! Don’t spread such insignificant information throughout the world!」

Christelle snorted ‘fufun’ to make fun of him.

「It’s troubling that there are a lot of unconfirmed information about Ataraxia. Especially Kizuna, your Eros is the one thing that is the most unknown.」

Of course it was. The information of Eros leaking out to outside was only when they were putting up a common front together with Masters in the middle of the AU Collision War. Even that was only a very limited part of information that got leaked into America. Furthermore at that time even Nayuta Lab hadn’t grasped the full scope of Eros’s capability.

To say nothing of EU. They must have only been able to confirm that it was a mysterious Heart Hybrid Gear that was worn by a man.

Christelle put on an idol smile and lifted her hand toward Kizuna as though asking for a handshake.

「I think there is a need for us to know a little bit better about each other. Hey? Won’t you come to our base for a bit? If you do something like refusing my invitation, that’ll be like an uncultured savage who don’t know any decorum.」

Kizuna looked across the wasteland that continued without end.

「Base you say……where?」

「Fufu, that’s-a-se-cret♪」

Tension ran through the other members of Heart Hybrid Gear force who wasn’t moving at the slightest like a doll until now. And then they simultaneously pointed their weapon toward Kizuna and Aine.

Kizuna quickly checked their equipments.

──Twenty people are armed with firearms, while the rest are using sword or spear type weapon. Christelle is the only one using Res-series huh……There are many Gura series which are firearm type. It’ll be troublesome if there is Er series but……doesn’t look like there is any.

Christelle saw Kizuna’s wariness and smiled full of confidence.

「Now, come with us quietly. We won’t do anything bad.」

However Kizuna let out his breath and relaxed his shoulders. He talked to her with a carefree tone like talking to classmate in the academy.

「I want to ask one thing before that. Is it okay for me to think that the owner of this facility is absent?」

Elfriede answered that question.

「Yes. It’s empty when we arrived……or rather, it was your side who ordered them to leave right?」

Kizuna shrugged.

「Well yeah. We’ll destroy this base after this, so we thought to confirm that there isn’t anyone inside at least.」

Elfriede scowled angrily.

「Please stop. A very dangerous research was carried out here. Even if it has to be destroyed, we have to start from investigating how to dismantle the facility first. The project will surely take dozens of years until the dismantling is completed.」

Aine who got nothing to do cut in.

「Something like that will only take several seconds if I get involved.」


Elfriede was──making a face of incomprehension. Kizuna turned his palm toward the other party to calm her down.

「Now now, in any case Christelle and others should also leave. Let’s see……I think it will be fine if you take distance around ten kilometers from here.」

Christelle lifted one hand in front of her face.

Her idol smile was still there, but the shine of her eyes was different.

「Looks like the negotiation break down.」

She turned her palm and swung it to the side.

The muzzles spewed fire all at once.

Light of particles were sparkling so much that they couldn’t open their eyes.

The bullets of light fired from twenty Heart Hybrid Gears attacked Kizuna and Aine.

The basic fighting style of the members of Valkyrie was to surround one unit with a lot of number and finished off the opponent with certainty. They also slain category A class magic weapon with this tactic during the AU Collision War.


「What’s that!?」

A dome shaped wall of light. The shield that was shining pink very easily deflected the bombardment of Valkyrie members.

Inside that, Hida Kizuna and Chidorigafuchi Aine were standing calmly.

That shield, Absolute Territory had the same color like the light circulating in Kizuna’s Eros.

「It’s that guy’s shield!!」

Christelle yelled in irritation.

「Even so……what toughness……」

Elfriede muttered that. Then her eyes opened even wider.

「It’s coming this way!?」

Unbelievably, Eros’s shield was approaching toward the Valkyries who were bombarding it. Furthermore it was doing that in great speed while raking the ground.

It was like a bulldozer that was running with the speed of a racing car.

「This is bad! Get away for now!」

Far from destroying the shield, the opponent was pressuring them instead. Valkyrie force got away helplessly.


A member who hesitated in retreating was knocked away by the shield.


The moment Christelle clicked her tongue, the shield vanished.


「Christelle! Above!!」

When she looked up, she could see Eros and Zeros soaring to the sky with their thruster.

「You won’t get away!」

Christelle also flew up without delay. Elfriede and the other members were also following behind.

They closed in on them with terrific speed. Their thruster’s output was at the limit. They never done a vertical ascend this recklessly. For a moment the fear of stalling and crashing crossed her head. That fear was subdued by her instinct to chase after the prey.

Zeros’s figure couldn’t be seen, but they would be able to catch up to Eros!

Christelle could see Kizuna glancing back at her. A smile of a hunter formed on Christelle’s face.

「Hida Kizuna! I’ll catch you right away! I’ll at least treat you to a tea when we arrive at the base so──」

「Mode Zeros!!」


The pink light running on Eros’s armor changed into blue. It then instantly accelerated like a rocket.

「No, no way!?」

They couldn’t possibly catch up.


The two of them stopped when their altitude crossed 20000 meter.


Christelle was suspicious, but she turned pale seeing the thing in Aine’s hand.

「Don’t tell me……that’s……」

She reflexively lowered her speed and stopped with some distance between them.


Elfriede and others caught up. And then they also saw the thing in Aine’s hand and held their breath. Trembling voices were coming out from the mouths of the members.

「That’s, the reported……」

「The one that sunk down even other world’s two kilometer class ship with one shot……」

There was a huge cannon in Aine’s arms.

A magic circle spread under her feet. And then light particles and electrical discharge were whirling around Aine.

──Just what are they going to do?

Christelle held her breath unconsciously.


An explosive light was fired.

It was a lump of powerful particles that she had never even seen before. It advanced without stopping toward the ground.

And then an unbelievable phenomenon occurred at the ground far below them.

The underground research facility was pulverized together with the bedrock underneath it. Even the stored nuclear warhead, and also the energy for the research of Heart Hybrid Gear, the instant they exploded, even that explosion itself was pulverized. Flame, shockwave, light, all of them broke into fragments and then vanished.

Christelle somehow formed a word with her tangled tongue.

「Wha……what, in the world……」

Elfriede also muttered with an overwhelmed look.

「That is, Corrupted Armament……Pulverizer……」

They were watching in a daze. They didn’t know how long they stayed like that, whether just for several seconds or several minutes.

When they came back to themselves, the trace of light and both Zeros and Eros had gone.

What remained was a giant crater where the underground research facility once existed.

They fearfully descended and landed at the center of the crater with diameter that reached five kilometer.

Christelle used her Gear’s sensor and investigated the air and soil quality.

「No abnormality……whether it’s radioactivity, or toxic substance, anything……」

「It’s truly……god’s lightning……isn’t it」

Christelle’s heart almost broke at Elfriede’s mutter.


  • Pan*, she slapped her cheeks.

「Christelle? What are you──」

「Elfriede! I understand that your heart feel like it will break after witnessing the opponent’s true strength. But still, that’s something we have known since the beginning! We simply have reconfirmed it with our own eyes. Yes, just this much is nothing at all!」

「However……there is no way to close the gap between Ataraxia and our fighting strength. The difference is hopeless.」

However Elfriede turned her back on Elfriede and walked inside the crater.

「No. There is a possibility.」

Elfriede stared at the back of Christelle doubtfully.

「There is this operation that we’re planning together with USA. The plan seems to be a bit interesting.」

「With America?」

Christelle’s shoulders were quivering.

Elfriede wondered if she was crying. But──,

Christelle turned around with a wide smile on her face.

「Because you saw it right!? That power!? It was that much! Obviously people all over the world will want it! It was really nice! That thing!!」

The eyes that were staring at Elfriede glinted.

「I want it too!!」


「I swear I’ll obtain it! Because, if the operation this time succeed──」

Christelle spread out her hands at the center of the crater.

「It’ll be the end for Ataraxia!!」

Chapter 1 – Dragon Cavalry Once More[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Ataraxia Academy high school section. Refreshing morning wind was flowing into the class of combat skill department third year first group. The whimsical wind sometimes softly sent sakura petal on Aine’s skin.

But even such tasteful arrangement that was weaved by the wind and sakura couldn’t console Aine. Aine was looking outside the window with a sulky face with her head rested on her palm.

「Aine-san. Good morning.」

Himekawa Hayuru placed her bag on the seat diagonally in front of Aine while giving a casual greeting.


However Aine was wordlessly staring outside the window. Hayuru sighed ‘fuu’ seeing that.

「So, have you returned Zeros’s core to the lab?」


Aine glared at Hayuru with an extremely displeased face. And then she lightly tapped her stomach.

「If it’s Zeros’s core then it’s still inside here, do you have any problem?」

Hayuru sat on her chair and simply spoke ‘oh dear’ before looking down.

「What’s with you! If you have something to say then say it!」

Then a voice came not from Hayuru but from diagonally behind Aine.

「From the start I have thought that this will be the case anyway.」

Yurishia Farandole played with her blonde hair while smiling. That smile which looked as though she had seen through this was enough to rub Aine the wrong way.

「Yurishia! Wasn’t you really frustrated like that yesterday!?」

However Yurishia eluded that remark with a triumphant smile. It wasn’t like she had won in anything against Aine, but it was like she had the composure of a winner. She gently caressed blue enamel collar around her neck lovingly.

The two were glaring at each other with a table between them. To draw their attention, Hayuru intentionally let out a loud sigh.

「Who was it who kept boasting a lot yesterday? You said that you absolutely got a child with Kizuna. That you’re sure about it──it even made me want to ask you just what was it that you were sure about.」

Aine’s cheeks turned red in shame. This type of embarrassment was completely different from the one that she tasted in the ultimate hybrid with Kizuna, this one was nothing but disgrace for her.

「AaAAAAAAAAAAH! I don’t know anything about it!!」

Aine prostrated on her desk.

Aine stared at Aine with a weary face. This girl who was lying flat on her desk was the girl who introduced herself as the legal wife of the man she loved.

The time for the first period to start was approaching, the number of student was also increasing.

──I wish that this topic will end soon.

For Hayuru, this wasn’t a topic that she wanted to discuss in a loud voice. Because the ordinary students didn’t know about the detail of what Kizuna and them were doing.

At best they only knew about Heart Hybrid──even if it was a lewd act, at best they only got their body touched. That should be the most that the ordinary students knew about.

Even so it was an important matter for normal high school student. Similarly even Hayuru in the past was thinking that it was an absurdly indecent act.

If other students knew about what they were doing, what kind of reaction they would make?

Hayuru’s body was shivering just from thinking it.

What they were doing wasn’t know, it mustn’t be known no matter what.

After all Hayuru was still public morals committee member even now. Furthermore now that she had become third year, she was officially appointed as the committee chairman.

──If someone in my position become known of doing something like that with Kizuna-kun……I, I’ll be ruined! I, I’m purely doing it because it is a duty but, surely it will be difficult to ask everyone to understand that. After all the duty is doing something that indecent──,

However just from 『that indecent thing』 crossing her mind for an instant, her body reacted sensitively. Her abdomen became warm and her butt was itchy.

──Aa, the things that I have done……what kind of wretched body I’ve come to develop……no matter how I try to hold back, recently my body will react by itself. It become like this──,

Hayuru stared at the empty seat between Aine and Yurishia.

──All of it is Kizuna-kun’s fault!

Hayuru turned her back on Aine and Yurishia and began to prepare for the class in order to chase away this matter from inside her head already. However Yurishia talked to Aine as though to deal additional blow on her.

「In the first place, just why did you get the idea that you’re pregnant?」

Hayuru turned around in panic.

「Wait!? Yurishia-san, your voice is loud-」

Aine squirmed and muttered hesitantly.

「Because……it was the first time, it felt that amazing……I thought that this will absolutely do it……」

Yurishia continued talking to the back of Aine’s head with an exasperated face.

「I think there isn’t any relation between those two you know?」

Aine stood up in a flash and yelled toward Yurishia.

「You’re annoying-! I get that already!」

「That’s why both of you! Please be quiet already-!!」

The door was opened at that timing and the teacher Sakisaka entered.

「Oo Himekawa, be quiet. Remember that you’re the committee chairman.」

「Kuh……I, I’m sorry……-」

Hayuru gritted her teeth with bright red face while stifled laughter sounded around her.

She looked behind angrily and glared at Aine and Yurishia with tearful eyes. However,


The two feigned ignorance.

──The-, these twooooooo-!

「Now, let’s start the class, the class. But you knowww, sensei feels like that it should be fine even if everyone study by themselves today~. I thought to drink just for a bit before sleeping but see~, when I realized the night has strangely turned to dawn.」

Sakisaka-sensei was giving off the smell of alcohol that could be smelled even from when she was standing at the teacher podium.

──I, I got, scolded by that Sakisaka-sensei, this is humiliating!

That Sakisaka-sensei fell asleep ten minutes after the class started.

Part 2[edit]

Kizuna wasn’t in the class wasn’t because he was playing hooky.

Today Kizuna came to the elementary school as a lecturer. He was wearing jersey on top of his pilot suit and headed to the courtyard from the entrance together with Gertrude Baird who was an instructor here.

「Boss Kizuna, I want to give you a warning just in case.」

Gertrude looked up at Kizuna while walking side by side.

「Hm? Aa, the students are in primary grade after all. It’s fine, I’ll deal with them gently.」

「That’s good and all but……, please don’t lay your damn hand on my students alright?」

「No way I’ll do that!」

Gertrude was a member of Masters even now. But, she was prioritizing her duty as instructor of primary grade as long as she wasn’t summoned.

The other Masters starting from Scarlet was doing Ataraxia’s patrol duty while attending the academy in their off day──that was their life here.

By the way Leila declared 「I’ll start a business」 and quitted the academy to open a maid café. But, she arbitrarily sold imported goods from outside Ataraxia without receiving the lab’s inspection──such illegal trade was discovered and the business was suspended. Currently she returned to the academy, but it seemed she was planning something suspicious again.

「Oh, everyone is already gathered. I’m damn impressed.」

Sixteen girls were lined up orderly at the courtyard. When they saw Gertrude, they greeted her simultaneously.

「Instructor, good morning-!」

The pilot suit they were wearing all looked the same, a design that looked exactly like racing swimsuit. The thin fabric made the curve of their childish body to stand out in detail. They were children but, Kizuna was a little worried if it was alright for him to see this.

「Aa, well then everyone, listen damn well. Today I asked the captain of Amaterasu to come here as a damn lecturer.」

Gertrude introduced Kizuna with a tone that was as usual unclear whether she was talking politely or rudely. Kizuna lightly lifted his hand.

「I’m Hida Kizuna. Everyone, take care of me.」

「Please take care of us-!」

They gave back an energetic reply, so Kizuna reflexively smiled.

Everyone was focusing on Kizuna with eyes that were overflowing with curiosity. The hero who saved the world from other world and then from the machine gods was before them, so the children were naturally excited.

But among them there was just one child whose expression was clouded.

Blonde hair that conspicuously attracted attention from among the primary grade students. Her half-closed eyes were also shining gold.

The girl who possessed the flesh body of Hida Nayuta and the soul of machine god Thanatos.

──Hida Setsuna.

It seemed she sensed Kizuna’s gaze. Setsuna lifted her face. When her eyes met Kizuna, she blatantly averted her gaze.


Seeing Kizuna’s lightly shocked reaction, Gertrude raised her voice 「Achaa」 inside her heart.

「Ee, then, first let’s start from warm-up! Form a damn pair you all.」

It seemed to be the usual menu for the children. They began doing calisthenics even without being given detailed instruction.

Setsuna sat down with her legs opened. A girl with braided hair was pushing her back behind her.

「Hey, hey, Setsuna-chan」

「What is it?」

「Kizuna-sensei is Setsuna-chan’s big brother right?」

「……That’s right. More or less.」

Then a twin tail child who was bending forward beside Setsuna looked her way with a face that broke into a bright smile.

「He is so cool」

The girl with short cut hair behind that girl also nodded with a smile.

「It’s true, how nice for you Se-chan」

However Setsuna frowned.

「……Is that so」

The girls around her peered onto Setsuna’s face in confusion.

「Se-chan, you don’t like your big brother?」

Setsuna stole a glance at Kizuna with her golden eyes.

Their gazes clashed. Kizuna flinched a bit.

──Wha, what is with this awkwardness since some time ago?

Kizuna sent her a twitching forced smile. Setsuna averted her gaze in a huff.

「……I don’t know him」

The girls must be intending to keep the talk between them, but it was overheard by Kizuna and also Gertrude.

「We, well……children at that age is damn difficult you know, I think.」

「……I’m grateful for your consideration.」

And then the warm-up finished and they progressed well in doing the practical training. Simple muscle training and exercise to temper their body trunk. And then training to cultivate sense of balance and ability to grasp the space which was indispensable for piloting Heart Hybrid Gear. In addition was other trainings like polishing reflexes and the like. The students were completing such menu.

And then at the end was what the student had been waiting for. It was hands-on learning of Heart Hybrid Gear from Kizuna and Gertrude. The body of the students was fixed on the gear with a harness so they could experience Heart Hybrid Gear’s performance and battle.

「Amazing! It’s amazing! It’s completely different from technical gear!」

The student who experienced it first couldn’t suppress her excitement and talked nonstop.

「How niceee! Me too-!!」

「Next! Next is me!!」

It was like they were quarreling for their turn doing jet coaster.

「Yes yes, line up based on your damn seat number. Odd number line up in front of me while even number line up in front of Boss Kizuna.」

「Everyone will properly get their turn to fly, so don’t worry……wait, next is Setsuna huh.」

Setsuna was standing in front of Kizuna with a fixed stare.

「Don’t worry. Leave it to Onii-chan──」

However Setsuna pulled the sleeve of the twin tail girl lining up in front of Gertrude.

「If you don’t mind, can you switch place with me?」

「Eh, is it okay? But……」

The twin tail girl looked up at Kizuna questioningly.

「A, aa……well, it’s fine I guess.」

Gertrude was watching that from the side.

──This is really damn tough……as his partner perhaps I should pitch in and take one for the team here. Well, it won’t be me who take one though.

Gertrude grinned inside her heart.

Part 3[edit]

Gertrude tapped Kizuna’s shoulder when the hands-on learning was over.

「Then, I have a damn emergency business, so I’ll leave the rest to you boss.」

「I don’t mind but, just what should I do?」

Gertrude ignored that question and spoke to the children.

「Then today you girls can also take boss Kizuna along.」

Then the children cheered 「Waai」.

「O, oi Gertrude?」

「See ya!」

Gertrude left those words behind and left like the wind.

「Senseii, over hereee」

The braid girl grabbed Kizuna’s hand with her small hand.

「Ehehee, together with Kizuna-sensei~」

Both his hands were pulled, his back was pushed. Without being able to shake them off, Kizuna was taken by the students to somewhere.

And then──,

「Waaai, taking a bath together with Kizuna-senseiii」

The little girls squealed in delight and rushed into the large public bath.

Even Kizuna only knew now that there was a large public bath in the primary grade department.

The students quickly plunged into the bathtub that was made from granite. There were also children who were running around on the floor that was covered with soft mat in anticipation of someone falling.

「That damn Gertrude……what is she making me do after telling me to not lay a hand on them?」

But, Kizuna could imagine the reason for Gertrude’s action.

『The best damn way to close the gap between both sides is with naked association!』

──It must be something like that, perhaps.

「Don’t fall and get hurt okaayy」

When Kizuna warned them, obedient reply 「Yeees」 came back──but they still didn’t show any sign of soaking in hot water quietly.

──Perhaps that damn Ger-san was simply pushing troublesome thing to me?

Kizuna sat down in front of one of the washing places lined up there. Not only soap, there was also body soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other things provided there.

The body of the students that weren’t covered with a single cloth flew into his eyes through the mirror in front of him.

「Sensei, I’ll wash your backkk」

「Eh? N, no, I’m thankful for your offer but……」

「Aaa not fair. Me tooo」

The girls inside the bathtub energetically got out and came toward him.

「Me too, me too!」

Instantly five or six students swarmed him and a skin colored wall was created in front of his eyes.

──Wha, what is this situation!?

「I’ll wash the right handd」

They began to rub Kizuna’s body with a bubbly sponge.

「Heave-ho, heave-ho」

His body was rubbed together with a cute shout. However their strength was weak, so it felt more ticklish rather than pleasant.

「Sensei, you mustn’t moveee」

「Stay still there.」

Kizuna smiled wryly from being scolded like a kid.

Passing down what he learned and experienced through many battles to primary grade children who would shoulder the future was a meaningful and important work──or that should be the case but,

「Why am I swarmed by little girls and washed by them?」

「Sensei also want to wash somebody?」

「No, there is no way I can do that. I should be the one doing various things for you girls, having you girls doing something like this for me──」

The twin tail girl cut in front of Kizuna while he was answering like that.

「Then sensei, wash mee」

MGHxHV14 006 ill.jpg

She appealed in front of Kizuna with a luscious and flat body.

「……I got the feeling it will be really bad if I do that.」

The twin tail girl tilted her head, but she then interpreted his words in her own way.

「Then I’ll be the one washing sensei!」

She took body soap into her hand and began lathering it on Kizuna’s chest.

──Looks like it’ll be useless no matter what I say.

When Kizuna gave up and let them did whatever they pleased, a steady footstep was approaching him.


When he turned toward the footstep, Setsuna was there with a towel wrapped on her body while looking down on Kizuna.

「Everyone, that kind of thing will be a bother for sensei so you all better stop it. Depending on the situation, this matter might become a problem if this become known to other people.」

Then with surprised face everyone was,

「Eeee!? Is that true?」

「Even though Instructor Gertrude say it’s all right……」

「Sensei, sorry.」

The students apologized dejectedly. Kizuna hurriedly consoled them.

「No no, you all don’t need to apologize. Rather──」

Setsuna cut off Kizuna’s words.

「Onii……sensei, I think it’s no good unless you make it clear.」

「……Certainly. Sorry.」

He didn’t have any face after being scolded by a little girl who was his sister. Kizuna honestly apologized.

In that instant, Kizuna suddenly felt like he saw the shadow of Nayuta and Thanatos in Setsuna. Setsuna frowned seeing Kizuna’s face like that.

「What’s with you, making a lewd look like that from getting washed by small girls.」


Setsuna huffed and turned her back on him.

「I’m getting out first.」

She left those words and walked toward the entrance. Kizuna got the feeling that he had to say something to her and called at Setsuna’s back.

「Ah, Setsuna? How about I wash your back? You’re my little sister after all, so there won’t be any problem.」

Setsuna’s feet stopped still.

She looked back across her shoulder. Her golden eyes were shining coldly.

Kizuna felt his guts froze for a moment.

──Machine god Thanatos. Her silhouette crossed his mind.

「……No need.」

Setsuna muttered briefly and opened the door, leaving from the bathroom.

The other students saw off her back in astonishment.

「Sensei, are you in a fight with Se-chan?」

One student looked up at Kizuna with a worried face.

「I don’t know about that……」

Kizuna also wanted to know about that.

Part 4[edit]

Strategic Defense Academy Ataraxia was position between New Zealand and South America, close to South Pacific’s Antarctic Ocean.

Hida Reiri was staring at the many monitors floating in the air inside the new control room that was newly set up in Nayuta Lab. Reiri was on a mezzanine floor that was jutting out like a balcony. There were only the seats of the commander and deputy commander there.

When she leaned her neck and looked down to the first floor, she was able to see around thirty operators busily doing their work. They gathered information from throughout the world 24 hours nonstop and scrutinized it.

No matter which part of world it was, if there was strange movement discovered, it would be reported in addition of the danger level.

Of course, there was no country that was providing information to Ataraxia publicly. The information came from information that was spreading behind the scene, after that was from wiretapping or hacking, or perhaps information directly obtained by Amaterasu or Masters, or perhaps from the newly set up intelligence department.

The work that the operators were doing right now was early detection of threat toward Ataraxia. And then their other work was an important job──it was a search.

「It’s rea「lly hard to find when we’re actually searching for it huh.」

Reiri said that tiredly and leaned on her chair. The chair was smooth and able to recline, it helped Reiri in taking a comfortable posture.

The deputy commander Shikina Kei stared at Reiri who lied down and made a slightly worried face.

「Reiri, are you unwell?」

「I’m just a bit tired.」

Reiri brushed her long black hair to behind her ear and narrowed her eyes with a smile. That gesture and expression was unbelievably sensual. It even made the chest of Kei who had know her for long to skip a beat.

──Recently it even feels like she has grown to look similar with Professor Nayuta.

Kei thought that, but thinking that it might made Reiri’s mood worsened, she didn’t say it out loud.

Reiri vaguely looked like she had too much free time on her hand.

「More importantly about Genesis, is there any notably information about it?」

Kei typed on her keyboard and quickly looked at the report from this one hour.


Reiri stared at the ceiling and let out a small sigh.

「The Genesis in this world……huh.」

Genesis──it was a device that governed over god’s miracle and life that machine god Thanatos prepared in order to stimulate the evolution of Atlantis World.

So to speak, it was the same with the giant pillar that was towering high in the imperial capital Zeltis of Vatlantis Empire. This tower produced life and it was literally supporting Atlantis World.

「This world should also have the same thing……or perhaps something equal here.」

「But still, it’s strange that something so huge haven’t been discovered until now. Besides, even with Nayuta Lab putting all effort in searching for it, we don’t have a single clue to show for it in these three months. Does it really exist?」

「But, it should be somewhere. Surely.」

Lemuria and Atlantis was two worlds that were created as pair by the machine god.

Perhaps there was something equivalent to Genesis in Lemuria too?

And then, it would be troublesome if if Lemuria’s Genesis was obtained by some force other than Ataraxia. Because of that the important mission to obtain Genesis faster than other country began.

「After all it’s a stupidly huge structure like that. It must be buried underground or sinking to the bottom of the sea.」

「Or perhaps, it’s in the moon.」

They hadn’t thought of that, Reiri thought.

Suddenly she recalled the time before when she equipped Zecros and enjoyed a night stroll with Kizuna.

The stars and moon that she was watching with Kizuna above the cloud were really beautiful.

──The atmosphere there was really good. Thanks to that I wanted Kizuna even though we were at the sky……that was really romantic.

Reiri recalled that time and narrowed her eyes.

「Moon travel huh……it won’t be bad for honey moon.」

Reiri unusually made a frivolous talk. Kei unconsciously smiled.

「Speaking of it, you won’t meet Kizuna today?」

Amaterasu members and Reiri, the people who had the cores of Ros series installed in them were doing ultimate hybrid with Kziuna periodically.

There was one reason. It was to get pregnant.

Ultimate hybrid was something that converted source of life to obtain vast energy. Usually the source of life would be wholly converted to energy and the woman wouldn’t get pregnant.

But extremely rarely, in a percentage of one in a thousand or one in ten thousand, there was a chance that the source of life managed to be implanted. Then the core would be ejected outside the body as though vacating that place for the fertilized egg.

Now that Nayuta was gone, the only way for the core to be safely ejected was to get impregnated.

It was necessary to first allow the next generation succeeded Ros series that boasted overwhelming ability compared to other cores without fail.

Of course, that couldn’t be done if each member didn’t wish for it.

However Aine, Hayuru, Yurishia, and Sylvia were proactive instead. With the people themselves also hoping for it, it was decided that they would carry out ultimate hybrid in turns.

「Today is a little bit……I gave my turn to Himekawa.」

Kei was really shocked that she stared at Reiri open mouthed.

──This Reiri, the brocon who is incurable to a lethal degree, who once even took all of her little brother’s free time as her own is…!?

Reiri seemed to be ticklish toward Kei’s gaze, but she instead pretended to not pay it any mind.

「It’s because the little girls complained it’s unfair that it’s only the commander. Well, this is to make up for that.」

And then Reiri smiled wryly.

Part 5[edit]

Kizuna finished the practice with the primary grade students and returned to the high school section. When he entered the school building, the bell that informed the end of the sixth period chimed.

「The school is already over huh……」

──Perhaps it would be better if I went home directly to the dormitory or picked up Nee-chan at the lab?

「Hm? Come to think of it, today it’s not Nee-chan but Hayuru wasn’t it?」

Kizuna recalled the rotation schedule for these days.

──Come to think of it she switched with Aine last week……thinking carefully, I haven’t done it with Nee-chan for a while.

Did he do something that made her hate or avoid him? He tried thinking back, but he couldn’t remember anything. His anxiety was gradually growing big while imagining various possibilities.

──Let’s try meeting her directly tomorrow afternoon and talk.

Kizuna decided that. Then he began to think of how to spend time with Hayuru today.

He was worried about the matter with Reiri, but today was a day to be spent with Hayuru. If he thought about other woman, she would sensitively sense that somehow so he forgot about Reiri for now.

「For now let’s go pick her up……」

──At this time, she’ll be at the public morals committee’s room I think?

Kizuna climbed the stair and arrived until the room of public morals committee.

When he opened the door, there was only Hayuru inside.

「Kizuna-kun? What’s the matter that you’re intentionally coming here?」

「Aah, I heard that my schedule today is with Hayuru.」

Then Hayuru joined the fingers of both her hands together with a deeply moved look.

「Yo, you intentionally came here to pick me up? I’m happy.」

Her cheeks reddened and her eyes were sparkling. And then she quickly moved the confiscated items piled up on the desk into a locker.

「I’ll tidy this up right away.」

Kizuna looked around inside the room while replying.

「You don’t need to be that hurried. I’ll wait until you finish.」

「Ah, come to think of it」

Hayuru’s hands stopped moving and she looked up to the wall clock in remembrance.

「I’m sorry. I think I will take thirty more minutes. I’m waiting for a student.」

「Is it a committee member?」

「No, at lunch break inside the PE storehouse……that, there were students doing adulterated relationship there. I called him here……」

「Ah, so it’s like that……are you going to give him warning and punishment?」

「No, I’m thinking to just give him a warning.」

「Is that so?」

「It’s only natural to wish to be connected with someone you love. I have no intention of rebuking that. But, I just want him to understand the time and place. I’ll just tell him that.」

「I see……」

Hayuru had become very mellow for this kind of thing. Previously she hated illicit sexual relationship itself, so she absolutely wouldn’t forgive such act no matter where it was done. Hayuru herself had been changing bit by bit while spending time together with Kizuna.

Kizuna was immersed such deep emotion while staring at the back of Hayuru who was tidying up the desk. Her butt that was shaking left and right felt like it was tempting Kizuna.

──No, but this is public morals committee’s room. This isn’t Love Room or anywhere else. We’re really in the academy. No matter what this is just…….

Hayuru’s hands that were collecting the confiscated items on the desk stopped still. It seemed to be a porn book that a student brought. It seemed the page was opened when she was tidying up and 3D image surfaced from there.

It seemed the sound was turned off so there was no voice, but image of man and woman entangled with each other immodestly was projected on the book. He saw from behind that Hayuru’s ears were red seeing that. And then her thighs were fidgeting.

However that was only for a bit, Hayuru immediately closed the book.

「Go, good grief……boys really don’t know how to judge time and place……」

Kizuna approached Hayuru from behind. She should have sensed his presence, but Hayuru didn’t turn around. Kizuna’s hand quietly crawled on Hayuru’s butt.


Hayuru’s body jerked and trembled, but she didn’t look shocked or angry. Most likely Hayuru had also anticipated this.

──Or perhaps, she is……anticipating it?

Kizuna grabbed the flesh of her butt with two hands strongly.


As expected a gasp leaked out from Hayuru’s mouth. However Hayuru didn’t turn around. She placed her hands on the desk and told Kizuna with her face still looking down.

「Ki, Kizuna-kun. Don’t, this is……not in the committee’s room……」

Kizuna’s hands let go of Hayuru’s butt and pushed the lock button on the door. The door made a faint electronic sound and became locked.

「Wh, why are you locking the door……?」

「With this no one can enter. There is still thirty minutes right?」

「Bu, but. Something like this, inside the committee’s room……」

Hayuru was feeling great guilt. But, at the same time she should also be feeling pleasure from the immorality.

Kizuna pulled Hayuru into an embrace and forcefully took her lips.

「Nn……fuu♥……nh, chuu-」

Hayuru immediately opened her lips and aggressively sought Kizuna’s tongue.

「Nn, chu……fuh, aah」

Hayuru’s tongue came entangling with him inside her mouth. It was a ticklish and lovely sensation. Hayuru too had already had her switch turned on.

Even so when their lips parted,

「Don’t……even though I cracked down on illicit sexual relationship, doing this in the academy……furthermore in the room of public morals committee……」

Hayuru’s little remaining self-restrain tried to stop this act.

「Hey? Kizuna-kun. Wo, won’t you come to my room? I was in luck and got my hand on Uji tea. I’ll make you matcha today so」

She said such thing while elegantly entwining her fingers together.

While staring at Kizuna with a completely excited gaze.


Kizuna pushed down Hayuru’s body on the desk to lie face up.

「Ki……Kizuna-kun, please. This place is……」

She muttered pleadingly, but it wasn’t like she was resisting. Even when he flipped her skirt and grabbed her underwear, she allowed him to do so.

When he took off her underwear, Hayuru looked aside in shame. The porn comic she had just confiscated was there. The cover showed a woman inviting a man with a face that was melting in pleasure and opened legs.

Hayuru thought that it was a very vulgar and disgraceful cover.

──Right now, I’m looking the same…….

Her face boiled red.

When Kizuna’s tip touched her, she already made her decision.

Even while saying don’t, that place that was impatiently waiting for him to come in couldn’t lie.


Kizuna’s thickest part passed through the entrance. It entered inside while spreading her out. She loved this moment where she could keenly feel her becoming one with Kizuna the most.

Indecent liquid was welling out copiously from inside. Sticky watery sound could be heard each time Kizuna’s thing went in and out.

It resounded inside the quiet public morals committee room. She felt a vulgarity that was hard to endure.

「Hah, a, ahn……do, don’t, my voice, got out……so♥」

She stifled down her voice. However she was feeling it in order to taste the pleasure that was continuously created inside her body. And then perhaps because of the push from the immorality, Hayuru was reaching the peak in the blink of eye.

「Nh♥ Ah, aa! Ha……eh?」

Kizuna who was proclaiming its existence inside herself so much like that suddenly vanished.

When Kizuna pulled his waist back, it slipped out smoothly without obstruction.

「Aa……w, why……?」

After she asked Kizuna, she noticed that she was making a dissatisfied face. Hayuru abruptly turned ashamed and lifted up her body and brushed her hair to tidy up her appearance.

「Do you feel unwell somewhere in your body? In that case don’t force yourself──」

「It’s not that. I want to do that thing Hayuru like the most.」

「Eh……the most」

Hayuru went bright red until her ears.

「I, it’s not like I……such thing」

She didn’t say specifically about what it was.

However between the two of them, it was something that they had come to understand completely.

「I’ll stop if you really don’t want it but……what’ll you do?」

Hayuru looked down and answered with a very thin voice.

「……There is no way I can go against Kizuna-kun isn’t it?」

And then she slowly got down from the desk. Her body slightly twisted in discomfort but, she quickly turned around to show her back toward Kizuna, then she laid her upper body on the desk and lifted her butt.

「But……I have no confidence that I’ll be able to hold down my voice. Sound will carry out here so……that’s why, don’t be too intense……ahn♥」

Kizuna put his finger inside Hayuru’s front slit and covered his finger fully with the slippery liquid. And then she caressed Hayuru’s rear hole with that finger.


Hayuru hurriedly covered her mouth with her hands. As expected even Kizuna was surprised by her excessively strong reaction.

「Hayuru……you really felt that……you usually weren’t reacting this strongly.」

「I, I don’t understand……today, is different from usual……」

As expected her excitement was greater than usual by doing it inside the academy’s public morals committee room. Furthermore it wasn’t in Love Room, but in the actual public morals committee room.

There was no doubt that the immorality Hayuru was feeling was tremendous.

「Do your best to hold back your voice.」

Kizuna gently massaged her butt hole with his fingertip.

「Ye, yhes! Ih! Ku…… ♥♥」

She reacted intensely like he had inserted inside even though he was only caressing around. Even Kizuna felt happy that she felt it this much. When she slightly relaxed, he slightly pushed his fingertip inside.

「!!!! FuuUHHH!!」

Sound leaked out even with her hands covering her mouth.

Hayuru looked back at Kizuna and shook her head left and right as though to say she couldn’t do this anymore.

However Kizuna scooped the honey from Hayuru’s front and rubbed it thoroughly on her butt.

「Uu……haan♥ Ah, don’t, move, too much……aaan」

After confirming that the hole didn’t completely close even when he pulled out his finger, he placed his thing on the entrance.

The sensation made Hayuru felt nervousness along with happiness.

──Haa……aa, finally♥ My voice, I have to hold back…….

And then Kizuna’s thing entered inside.

「Hiuh! Ku……hh!」

The foreign object that originally should intrude into the other side made Hayuru tasted pleasure that sent him shivers from the inside.

──Aah. I finally……did it……in the academy, what’s more in the public morals committee room……how, shameful……how indecent……how sinful……how, a, amazing♥

「Kuuh……haa, a! aAAH」

Unlike when doing it at the front, Kizuna entered inside slowly and carefully.

It was a delicate part, so Kizuna also went deeper inside carefully.

And then he was tasting a sensation of intense tightness that was different from the front. He didn’t force his way deeper, but advanced gradually when it loosened. And then, Kizuna covered over Hayuru and whispered into her ear.

「Hayuru, it’s all in.」

「Ahn♥……I, I’m happy……」

That place also tightened on Kizuna’s thing *kyuu* as though to represent her body’s happiness.

「Hey, Kizuna-kun……it’s alright……if you move」

Kizuna lifted his body from Hayuru’s back and slowly began to pull out. Thing coming out was that place’s natural movement so it easily pulled out. If he wasn’t careful, the whole thing would slip out so he needed to pay attention.

Hayuru raised a voice of pleasure when it was going out.

「Haa♥……Aa, a, aan……」

And then it stopped still before pushing in gradually once more.


The speed was gradually increasing. However Kizuna kept in mind to move gently and not intensely.

「Ki, Kizuna-kun. Even if……you do it stronger, it’s alright, you know?」

「You don’t need to force yourself. The most important thing is that Hayuru feels good from this.」

However Hayuru looked at Kizuna with a face that was tense from pleasure.

「Fo, for me, there isn’t anything that’s more important, than Kizuna.」

Kizuna reached out and patted Hayuru’s head.

「Thank you, Hayuru. Then……I’ll do it stronger.」


Hayuru smiled happily before placing her face on the desk again.

Kizuna pushed into Hayuru stronger than before. And then he began going in and out intensely.

「Aa, Kizuna-kun, Kizuna-kun♥」

For Hayuru right now it wasn’t painful even if he did it intensely. She felt everything as pleasure. Hayuru tasted an unusual feeling from receiving stimulation that originally she wouldn’t receive from all directions.

Kizuna pushed his thing into Hayuru’s stomach.

「Kyah……nnnnnnnn!? Kuu…………fu」

Hayuru let out a sweet gasp from having her womb stimulated from the back side. The pleasure that couldn’t be felt often made the inside of her stomach felt like it would melt.

──I, I can’t, hold back……my voice anymore.


──The, there is still time, I, I want to, reach the climax, once, qu-, quickl──,

There was a knocking sound from the door.



There was a voice of male student asking from outside the door.

Hayuru covered her mouth in panic but it was too late. The student already heard that she was inside.

「Excuse me, I’m a bit early but, I come about the matter at the lunch break……」

Hayuru’s heart was beating like alarm bell.

Her whole body stiffened from nervousness.

Because of that, the tightness of her butt hole tightened so much it was painful.

Hayuru looked back and asked with a small voice.

「Ki, Kizuna-kun. For now we should……」

However her face was flushed and her hair was stuck on her skin from sweat. Her uniform was also messed up. It would take time for her to tidy up her appearance.

「No, I think we will be found out if he enter inside. The only way is to talk to him across the door.」

Hayuru hesitated, but the student would be needlessly suspicious if she stayed quiet. She took a deep breath and switched her face to a crisp look.

「I am currently in the middle of something, so just listen from there. Are you always doing that kind of indecent act inside the PE storehouse?」

──Re, really me……even though I myself am doing something this indecent…….

She could sense the male student’s hesitation outside the door.

MGHxHV14 007 ill.jpg

「No! You’re wrong. That was, we were by chance……both of us got carried away unintentionally.」

「So, something like that……ca, cannot become an excuse. That kind of, obscene……」

──I’m sorry. The truth is I’m the indecent one……obscenely so.

At that time Hayuru felt Kizuna twitching inside her.


──I, I’m scolding you like this while……my butt right now……is being filled……by my loved one♥

The inside of her chest felt disordered when she muttered that in her heart. Guilt and pleasure became jumbled together. It felt like her chest was brushed with fur from the inside.

Her self-condemning words drove even more pleasure into Hayuru.

Hayuru licked her lips while sighing.

「Haa……nn, really, doing something like that in the academy, you should be ashamed. Fo-, for god’s sake-!」

──He was only hugging and kissing. It was something cute compared to what I’m doing.

Hayuru looked up at Kizuna over her shoulder.

Kizuna was unconsciously startled by her eyes.

Hayuru’s eyes were moist. It was so bewitching that he shuddered.

And then he instinctually sensed what those eyes were pleading for.

──Is it, really okay?

Kizuna only frowned. However it seemed it went through to Hayuru. She slightly nodded.


Kizuna hesitantly pulled out his thing from inside Hayuru.

However he stopped at the thickest part and pushed inside once more.


Hayuru gritted her teeth and held back her voice.

──My, my butt, it’s melting……-!!

The student who was discovered kissing was hanging his head down outside the door.

「I’m sorry……I, won’t do it anymore.」

──No, no good. I’m already……the, the feeling of my lower body is…….

「I, if you understand then, there is nothing more to say.」

「Yes. But senpai.」

──Wha, what? I’m, already, can’t think of anything here…….

「But I can’t change the fact that I love that girl. I’ll refrain in the academy but, outside the academy, we……」

Hayuru’s moist lips smiled.

「Do, do as you like. You mustn’t……make the girl you love, sad okay?」

「Ye……yes-! Thank you very much!」

A joyful voice came from outside the door.

「Ju, just, g, go……already……-!!」

The moment she heard the footstep that was getting distant, something hot was fired into Hayuru’s intestine.


Hayuru bit the sleeve of her uniform and desperately held back her voice. Something hard was pulsating inside her butt. The inside of her stomach was filled by something hot with great momentum.

Kizuna spurted out everything he had in the state where he pushed in deeply until the base. He shot out with a momentum as though he wanted it flowed out from inside Hayuru.


Hayuru’s body trembled. Her legs were also shaking.


Her face that was looking down was lifted up. There she was making an expression that was enraptured with pleasure.

Her eyes slovenly opened and drool was trickling to the desk> She looked as though she had fainted.

It was a face that couldn’t possibly be shown to other public morals committee member. The absentminded face that was drowning in obscene pleasure was outrageously lewd and beautiful.



Her gaze was vacant. Her pupils were unfocused. She didn’t even seem like she heard Kizuna addressing her.

He let her like that and caressed her head and back for a while. Around the time Hayuru’s breathing settled down and he pulled back, Kizuna himself slipped out smoothly.


An ardent sigh leaked out from Hayuru’s lips.

Hayuru’s butt was becoming spread out with Kizuna’s size and didn’t close back.

「Are you alright, Hayuru?」

Hayuru lifted her upper body from the desk and looked up at Kizuna with damp eyes.

「……I’m not, alright.」

「I, I see……perhaps, I overdid it?」

Hayuru stood up with unsteady legs. Kizuna embraced her to support her body. Then Hayuru pressed her cheek on Kizuna’s chest fawningly.

「It was amazing♥」

Hayuru looked up and they lightly kissed, then Kizuna tidied up his appearance.

「……Then, let’s return to the dorm.」

「Yes. Before that……I’m sorry but, can I ask you to do one thing for me?」

Hayuru rummaged her pocket and took out something small. From a glance it looked like a bottle cap or a wine stopper.

She looked up at Kizuna with blushing cheeks and upturned eyes.

「If my butt……keep being open like this, it……Kizuna-kun’s will drip down so……please」

Her smile was bewitching and terrifyingly erotic.

Part 6[edit]

Kei glanced at the clock.

Soon the date would change. Surely Kizuna and Hayuru were working hard doing the ultimate hybrid right now.

Kei mused about Reiri’s line inside her head.

『Today is a little bit……I gave my turn to Himekawa.』

This was Reiri who was generally accepted as a brocon. That Reiri gave up her turn?

When she was drunk she would say,

『That Kizuna, she said something like my breast is the best……fufufu, that spoiled child』

She would boast like that happily. That Reiri gave up her turn?

Incidentally, Kei wished that Reiri would stop making that kind of boast because she was troubled of how to react.

……An adult’s composure?

Perhaps, inside Reiri there was some thinking of hers that changed. She must be suppressing her affection and desire to monopolize her little brother and took a step back to observe the situation calmly.

──As expected from someone who served as commander, she has a different caliber.

At that timing, Reiri who went to another room returned into the command room. The second floor of the command room was an empty space only for them the commander and deputy commander. Kei talked to her not using keyboard but directly with her voice.

「Reiri, what about the presentation of the plan of new weapon development?」

「It’s not bad but……Kurumizawa is too partial toward firearm. And most of all, can’t something be done about that naming?」

「I also agree with that.」


Suddenly a third person’s voice who wasn’t Reiri or Kei spoke up.

「Valdy huh. What’s the matter?」

The corner of the room flickered. The next moment a tall and slender woman was standing. It was the former royal guard of Vatlantis Empire Valdy.

She accompanied Reiri like a shadow, protected her from all danger, and obeyed her order with absolute obedience. She was an existence like a ninja serving her lord.

「You need to rest soon.」


Reiri looked up to the clock on the wall.

「It’s still 12 o’clock but……I guess you’re right.」

Valdy kneeled and bowed her head.

「I’ve acted impertinently……forgive me.」


Reiri made a slightly apologetic face.

「I’ll take my leave after this. Contact me if something happen.」

「Roger. Reiri too, rest well.」

Kei wouldn’t use her voice in a place that had other people than Reiri, but Valdy was the only one that she didn’t really mind about. She replied to her really naturally.

Reiri nodded slightly and moved to exit the command room. It was then.

A grating electronic voice resounded through the command room.

Everyone inside the command room looked around in surprise.


Reiri and Kei’s expression stiffened as though they had just heard something unbelievable. Reiri’s eyes changed into a sharpness that reminded them of the battle in the past.

「This sound……」

This sound shouldn’t sound right now.

Kei looked at Reiri with a flustered face.

「It shouldn’t be……but」

But this was a sound that they had heard many times before.


──It was air-raid alarm that notified them of invader from another world.

Part 7[edit]

Kizuna and Hayuru left the academy together, then they stopped by at a nearby shopping mall.

Shop employee would talk to them when they had a look at a store front. Like that they were enjoying their shopping casually. But even while doing that, the anal plug that was inserted into Hayuru’s butt continued to grant her pleasure steadily.

──Really me, I’m walking outside with this obscene thing inside me like this and talk to other people like it’s nothing…….

The more she thought that, the more secret arousal was piling up inside her.

They took dinner outside and returned to the dorm when it became really late.

And then that arousal exploded when they entered inside Hayuru’s room.

「AaAAANNH! Ki-, Kizuna-kun! Thi-this is, ama……aAN!!♥♥♥」

Three hours already passed since the two started the act of making love.

However the completely trained body of the two didn’t show any fatigue. Even after reaching climax many times over, Hayuru was still mounting above Kizuna while naked.

Kizuna’s thing was alredy gouging the inside of Hayuru. The hard thing that was towering up was being accepted by Hayuru’s lower lips that were overflowing with honey.

The tightness wasn’t as severe as the rear one, even so it was tight enough and also soft despite that. All of Hayuru’s inside was lovingly clutching Kizuna’s thing, producing pleasure for both of them.

But it wasn’t just Kizuna’s thing that was granting Hayuru pleasure. At Hayuru’s rear was a black tail wriggling as though to express her happiness. In exchange of the anal plug that was inserted into Hayuru’s anal, there was a tail that was inserted into her right now. The subtle vibration that was jolting her inside was also transmitted slightly to Kizuna.

「Hayuru, is it painful?」

「Hah, aaah! I’m, fine-. Kizuna-kun, are you, feeling good too?」

「Yeah, of course, I am!」

He thrust up from below to answer Hayuru.


──I’m being loved by Kizuna-kun from the front and from the back……it’s like I’m being loved twice over……I’m happy♥

And then Hayuru twisted her waist so that everywhere inside her body could sense the feel of Kizuna.

「I now understand really well of what to do so Hayuru can feel good by asking you to move above me like this.」

「Yahn♥ Do, don’t mind me-! As, as long Kizuna-kun can feel good then」

She moved her body up and down like she was jumping while saying such laudable words.

Hayuru’s breasts that recently got slightly bigger were dancing up and down. He grasped those breasts with both hands and thoroughly massaged it by lifting it up and grabbing it down.

「AAAAH! Ki, Kizuna-kun. Is it still not good? I, I’m, already」

「I’m also at my limit already. You can come now, Hayuru.」

「Ye, yes-♥ AAAAAAAAAAH! Cu, cumming, I’m comiiiiiingggg♥」

Hayuru tightened on Kizuna’s thing hard.

The tail that extended from her butt stretched up tensely.

Kizuna’s waist floated to make his thing reached until Hayuru’s deepest part. In that instant, he fired from his tip like an explosion. That pressure spurted and struk Hayuru’s inside.


Hayuru bent her body backward and looked up. Her exposed neck quivered.

And then the radiance that conveyed the success of ultimate hybrid filled the room.

Hayuru’s body stiffened and convulsed repeatedly. At that timing Hayuru’s inside moved repeatedly as though to swallow the thing that Kizuna spurted out.

「A, aa……aan♥♥」

The climax continued for long. Hayuru kept immersing himself in the climax while keeping her throat exposed.

──I, I’m dying……this just…….feels too good♥


Kizuna pinched the tip of Hayuru’s chest that was jiggling to drag her back from heaven.


And then he gently massaged her breast as though to envelop it.


She stared at Kizuna with eyes that were moist with pleasure. It couldn’t be helped even if her face right now was called as debauched. Her expression was just that lewd.

Hayuru smiled and licked her lips, then she began to shake her waist──at that timing,


『It’s emergency!!』


Suddenly Reiri’s close up picture appeared in front of the two.


「Ne-! Nee-chan!?」

The half transparent screen floating in the air was projecting Reiri’s tense face.

『Kizuna, Himekawa! Gather to the command room!』

「Wa, wait a second. Just what’s with the hurry?」

Kizuna said that while thinking about the detail of the emergency situation.

However currently there was no enemy that could become a threat to Ataraxia even if they searched anywhere on earth.

If Reiri was this flustered from the situation, then it wouldn’t be from external enemy but from some kind of accident……such possibility was high.

But Reiri’s next words blew away that conjecture of Kizuna.

It wasn’t a mere threat,

But a bigger mystery.

And also a shocking one,


『A magic weapon appeared.』

Part 8[edit]

──Magic weapon, it was the main weapon of Vatlantis Empire, the invader from other world, an unmanned invasion weapon.

The AU Collision that happened twice in the past. At that time Entrances, contact point with other world materialized everywhere in the world. A great number of magic weapons invaded into this world from there and carried out destruction and massacre repeatedly.

But that battle had ended and the Entrance had also vanished. That was why magic weapon also shouldn’t exist.

That was how it should be.

When Kizuna rushed into the command room, Aine, Yurishia, and Sylvia were already gathering there. Kizuna didn’t even greet them and yelled toward Reiri.

「Just what in the world is going on, why is magic weapon here!?」

Reiri was sitting on the commander’s seat and staring at the monitor that was projecting information one after another.

「The security system has still only detected the mana energy──but, the measured value is resembling magic weapon. We’re in the middle of collecting information right now. Wait there quietly.」

When he looked at the first floor, he could see there were the thirty seats for operator and students twice that number moving around busily.

Everyone was frenzied with anxiety and impatience. But that couldn’t be helped.

Various feelings were also whirling inside Kizuna.

Why was magic weapon here now?

Could it be, another AU Collision had occurred?

If the other party was Grace or Gravel, there should be some kind of contact from them. But then why magic weapon was sent here instead?

Even Hayuru who came together with Kizuna was frowning in doubt.

「Isn’t this some kind of mistake? Because, we were told that AU Collision won’t happen again……」

Yurishia folded her arms as though to lift up her huge breasts from below and gave a smile of agreement with Hayuru.

「Yes. Isn’t the system mistaking a new weapon of a country somewhere with magic weapon?」

Everyone was looking up to the monitor that was displaying the world map. There the location of the magic weapon was displayed. From the direction of its movement, it looked like it was heading here from South America continent.

「Is the plan to evaluate its capability with all of us here desu?」

Sylvia shrank into herself like a scared little animal.

「Something like that doesn’t matter!!」

Aine who was quiet until then suddenly yelled.

Her movement made her silver hair that reached until her butt to become disheveled and she stared at Reiri with wavering red eyes.

「Is that magic weapon the real thing!? What about the Entrance? Where did it appear!?」

Aine desperately maintained her calm, but even that had reached the limit. And then after it crossed the limit, her rampaging emotion couldn’t be braked.

Kizuna gently touched Aine’s shoulder.

「Aine, calm down. We only know that the reading is similar to a magic weapon, but we still don’t know its true identity. Right now let’s wait for more information.」

「But! Perhaps we’ll be able to come and go to Vatlantis again you know!? Perhaps we’ll be able to meet with everyone, with Grace!!」

Aine’s pleading that even sounded like a cry hurt Kizuna’s chest.

「You’re right……sorry, Aine.」

──I want Aine to be here. Aine answered that wish of mine and threw away Atlantis and her position as Vatlantis emperor and stayed here for me. She discarded the world where she spent her childhood in, her beloved little sister, and the vassals who look up to her.

Kizuna grimaced and clenched his fist tightly.

──For Aine living in Lemuria is something that she need to pay a lot of sacrifices for. Even I am thinking that I want to meet again with Grace and Gravel so much. However, the strength of Aine’s feeling should be incomparable with mine.

Was Aine’s presence here in this world really leading to her happiness?

Was he simply forcing Aine to make a sacrifice just to satisfy his own ego?

Aine returned to her senses seeing Kizuna’s pained face.

「Ah……tha, that’s not it. Kizuna, that’s not it.」

Aine clung on Kizuna’s chest with a panicked face.

「I didn’t mean that when I spoke just now. It’s true okay? That’s why Kizuna, don’t make that face.」

「……Thank you Aine. But, it’s also the truth that I’m making Aine to feel lonely.」

「That’s why I’m telling you that’s not it!」

Tension ran through the atmosphere of the command room.

Hayuru forcefully made a smile to interrupt the two.

「Ca, calm down……Aine-san.」

Aine didn’t pay any attention to Hayuru who was trying to calm her down and pressed on Kizuna.

「I’m here because I decided it myself! That’s why I’m here! I wasn’t forced by anyone!」


At that time, an excited voice of an operator came.

「The satellite data arrived! It’ll take several seconds for the 3D processing──the picture is complete!!」

Everyone held their breath and looked up to the giant screen on the wall.

And then──,



「Unbelievable!!」 [1]


Everyone raised a surprised voice.

「What, the……」

Reiri glared at the object projected in the screen with a grim gaze.

It was something extremely familiar for them.

It was a dragon with long neck.

A winged torso.

On its back was a humanoid upper body.

Its true identity was already clear to anyone watching.

Aine’s lips muttered its name.




It was an opponent that they had fought in the past many times.

Category A class magic weapon.

Reiri stood up.

「Amaterasu, march out! Wake up the Masters too!」

The command room became flurried all at once.

The true identity was now known but, it created many more bewilderment and questions. In order to solve it there was no other way that to actually clash with it.

「Let’s go! Everyone!!」


Part 9[edit]

Aine, Hayuru, Yurishia, and Sylvia each equipped their Heart Hybrid Ger and flew through Pacific Ocean.

Even the sea that was pitch black when they departed Ataraxia was gradually becoming clearer that they could see the shape of the waves. The starry sky receded and the sky ahead of them got brighter.

「I can see it!」

A black silhouette emerged from the rising sun. The form of the upper body of armored knight attached on the back of a large winged dragon.

「There is no mistake! It’s a Dragre!!」

Aine yelled in excitement. In contrast Yurishia was smiling leisurely.

「It’s true~. Somehow it feels nostalgic.」

「To think that we will fight it one more time……」

Hayuru muttered with a disbelieving face. However from her there was no wariness from her like in the past. Dragre was once a powerful enemy, but against their current self it wasn’t their match. They had that conviction.

Their interest instead lied in where did it come from and why did it exist.

「Yosh. Let’s capture it without destroying it for the investigation.」

The instant Kizuna ordered that──,

Dragre’s mouth opened and its inside turned bright.

──It’ll breath flame huh.

Should he defend with barrier or dodge?

If it was in the past this was where he would feel anxious, but now he could deal with it calmly.

Bright red flame was breathed out from the largely opened mouth of Dragre. The flame approached them with a roar like a dragon.

──But, its speed suddenly increased, turning into a streak of bright light that drew near.

「!? Be careful!」

Kizuna yelled that. At the same time he deployed his barrier. The barrier of light appeared in front of Kizuna and others. Dragre’s beam crashed on it.


Light burst.

The barrier creaked and an impact that made it felt like Kizuna’s arm would break was added.

「Wha……what!? This power!!」

──It’s different from Dragre in the past!


Everyone understood with that single word.

The five of them scattered at the same time when Kizuna’s barrier broke.

「Mode Neros!!」

Kizuna yelled. Heart Hybrid Gear, Eros’s light changed from pink to Neros’s red in respond to his voice.

It was ability copy of a partner’s Heart Hybrid Gear through Heart Hybrid. This was Eros’s other special ability that matched Heart Hybrid.


Kizuna lifted his hand and yelled, then a sword’s hilt appeared at his fingertip. When he grabbed that, a sword was created in the blink of eye.

Kizuna took a stance with that sword and assaulted Dragre.

However the knight on its back aimed its gunsword at Kizuna to protect the dragon. The particle bullet that was fired hit Kizuna’s arm that was holding the sword.


Its aim was accurate, its reaction speed was fast, and the bullet speed was also in a different league.

He kicked on the air and changed direction, even so the shots were following him. And then ahead of it──,


The beam shaped flame that was breathed from the dragon’s mouth was waiting for him.

The knight and dragon worked together splendidly. Even though in the past its attack was sketchier──Kizuna muttered that inside his heart while moving to deploy his barrier once more.


Neros’s midrange suppression weapon attacked Dragre. The knight prioritized defense and aimed its muzzle toward the Blade.

However there──,

「Hel Fire!!」

Yurishia who took distance showered it with all out shooting of Differential Frame. A bunch of golden light hit Dragre’s neck.

Dragre changed the direction of its neck toward Yurishia with the sound like a lot of gears creaking together. Yurishia switched the Differential Frame from total offense into propulsion force. But, her evasion didn’t make it in time. Dragre’s flame attacked Yurishia as though it was cutting apart the sky.

「You won’t succeed desu!!」

Taros cut in between them.

It lifted its huge right arm that contained its Corruption Armament and blocked Dragre’s flame.


Crimson flame spread in the sky.

Yurishia’s anxious voice resounded.

「Sylvia!! Are you okay!?」

Taros was knocked back by the explosion’s impact, but Sylvia immediately replied with a lively voice.

「Sylvia is fine desu! Taros’s armor can endure just this much desu!」

Sylvia’s Taros halted in midair and aimed the main cannons on its shoulders toward Dragre.


The large caliber particle cannon that rivaled the main cannon of a battleship spat out fire together with Sylvia’s yell. The surrounding’s temperature instantly rose and wind blew violently.

Dragre also deployed barrier using magic power at its front. Enormous flame blast spread in the sky.

There was the figure of Dragre without a single scratch on it at the other side of the flame and smoke.


Kizuna’s eyes became much sharper.

「It’s impossible to capture it alive! We’re defeating it!」


Everyone replied back simultaneously.

Sylvia fired up Taros’s rocket engine and went in front of everyone.

「Sylvia will become the shield desu! Use that chance!!」

Without delay Yurishia switched Differential frame into attacking.

「Hell Fire!!」

Differential Frame that was installed with several particle cannons fired simultaneously. Several streaks of light drew a line while heading toward Dragre.

Dragre’s barrier was smashed apart with a sound like glass breaking.


Aine who was looking for an opening until now flew into Dragre’s chest.

A powerful kick that was boosted by her acceleration’s momentum penetrated the knight’s stomach.


By all right she should easily penetrate through. But instead her kick was stopped with only her ankles sinking in.

The knight’s eyes shined and the sword tip of its gunsword shined.


Aine kicked the knight’s stomach with her other foot and pulled out her foot. However the sword attacked her defenseless back.



Kizuna spread out his barrier with his right hand alone and flew in front of Aine. However the barrier that was half way deployed was easily smashed.


Aine caught Kizuna who was sent flying.

Drops of red blood were flowing in front of Aine’s eyes.


The right arm’s armor that covered Aine was broken and blood was flowing.

Aine’s face distorted in anger the instant she saw that blood.

「How dare you……」

Aine drew back with her thruster working in full while strongly hugging Kizuna in her arms.

「Calm down Aine, this is just a scratch.」


Taros stood in the way of the Dragre that came chasing them.

「You won’t pass here desu!」

Taros’s barrier and Dragre’s barrier clashed.

It was a battle of power now that it became like this.

──I can’t imagine Talos lose, but it will become an exchange of shots the instant the shields of both sides are broken. If that happen then even Sylvia won’t get away unscathed.

Even if they defeated it, Kizuna wanted to just turn it unable to fight and then brought it until Ataraxia. If they investigated it they might understand why magic weapon came back like this.

But, the situation right now didn’t allow such thing anymore.

Now it might get annihilated until no trace of it remained, but if it went well then they might be able to at least bring its wreckage home.


Kizuna called the name of Amaterasu member who possessed the strongest weapon at this time.


After all he was doing ultimate hybrid together with Hayuru right before they were called.

That was why──,

「Use Gladius!!」


Hayuru unhesitatingly thrust out her hand. Red magic circle spread out on her fingertips.

「Corruption Armament! Gladius!!」

The magic circle roated slowly and became triple layered. The magic formula automatically expanded.

A cylinder that was excessively long to be a sword handle appeared from inside it.

Hayuru grabbed it and pulled it out in one go from the magic circle.

It was a large sword with a handle that was already the size of a normal sword. A sword with strange appearance of three blades in one sword made its appearance.

Red particles were circulating on the blade part and emitted bewitching light. The thing that was touched by this blade would be severed no matter what it was. It severed by rejecting the target’s connection as an existence.

If it was now after they had done ultimate hybrid, it would be possible to deny the enemy’s connection with this world and erased it.


「Hayuru! Don’t eliminate it completely, we want to recover its remains!」


「Sylvia! Get away in five more seconds! Start counting down!」

「Roger desu! 5!!」


「Leave the cover fire to me!!」


And then Kizuna exchanged eye contact with Aine. When Kizuna pointed below, Aine pointed up, then the two separated to above and below.


Hayuru took a deep breath and focused her mind.


Neros’s armor opened and the red light at its inner part shined radiantly.


Yurishia fixed her aim on the Dragre and adjusted her aiming in detail by predicting the future development.

「Here I go desu!!」

Taros’s barrier vanished.


The large caliber particle cannon that was fired from point-blank range directly hit Dragre’s shield. All the heat was focused into one spot.

「Hell Fire!!」

Cross’s all out bombardment landed on the impact point of Ignis with pinpoint precision.

Dragre’s shield burst in that moment.

Taros used Ignis’s backlash to make a big jump backward. Hayuru charged toward Dragre as replacement.


The speed of Neros that was powered up by ultimate hybrid wasn’t ordinary.

The knight detected Hayuru’s approach and readied its gunsword.

At that time the knight was already severed from the dragon.

The knight’s body crumbled and vanished without even any time to rise the shriek of death agony.

And then its other half the dragon was also going to collapse.



The nose diving Zeros and the steeply climbing Eros.



Their aim was Dragre’s dragon neck.

The kick of Zeros that surpassed the speed of sound and Eros’s sword that slashed with all its strength attacked the dragon’s neck from above and below.

Aine’s kick dented the armor and crushed the machine inside.

Kizuna’s sword cut apart the metal and dig in until halfway the neck.

The pressure from above and below that targeted a single spot snapped the Dragre’s neck. The armor was crushed and magic power spurt out like blood. Its internal machine parts flowed out like entrails.

The neck was pulverized midway and the head was cut off.

The effect of Gladius encroached into the dragon’s body at that timing and reached the neck.

And then everything became fragments of light.

The fragments sparkled and flew away with the wind.

In the middle of the magic power particles that danced in the air, Kizuna turned his palm toward Aine. And then Aine also turned her palm toward him. The two’s palm lightly clapped *pan*.

And then Aine entwined her fingers with Kizuna’s fingers to hold his hand.

「But Kizuna……even if it got away from Gladius’s effect, the magic weapon would still vanish wouldn’t it?」

「Normally it will be like that but……if that’s the case, the Dragre’s existence in this world itself is strange. I thought that perhaps we will be able to recover its wreckage.」

「Something like that──」


Taros’s huge frame flew up from the nearby sea surface below.

Aine opened her eyes wide in surprise.

「Sylvia picked this up desu!!」

Dragre’s neck was there in Taros’s arms without vanishing.

Part 10[edit]

「The Dragre was defeated.」


Christelle clicked her tongue hearing Elfriede’s report.

But, Amaterasu’s location was at the other side of the horizon. Elfriede loked toward the figure of Kziuna and others who she shouldn’t be able to see and sighed.

「Furthermore the head part was taken away.」

「Aau! Geez!!」

Christelle swung her fist as though her opponent was there.

「Do something about it! Is that rifle on your back just a decoration!?」

「Please don’t ask for something unreasonable. What I can do is only peeking at best. I would only notify them of my presence if I sniped at them. I cannot match them with my capability.」

「I know that! I just want to say it! It’s a mystery how you can be that calm-!」

「Thank you very much.」

「I’m not praising you!」

Elfriede’s Dagura was a gear that specialized in long range sniping. But its ability to grasp the situation of distant place was remarkably greater than its offensive power. In the first place, it could be said that her 『eyes』 were a rare case that was strangely developed, which was thought to be an ability for the sake of sniping.

「However, with this we have grasped the enemy’s detection capability and their scramble’s reaction time.」

「Exactly! Well, that’s our actual objective, so it’s not like I’m bothered at all!」

Christelle’s mood completely changed.

「Besides this is just the opening move.」

Christelle narrowed her eyes and smiled mysteriously.

「After all Ataraxia will fall to my hand with just a little bit more!」

Chapter 2 – Izgard’s Bride And New Hero[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Three months had passed since the contact point between Lemuria and Atlantis was lost.

After sending off Kizuna and others to Ataraxia, Grace returned to Atlantis. And then after that the Entrance immediately vanished.

Only the blue sky and white cloud could be seen at the sky where the Entrance once existed. Grace looked up to that sky and keenly felt that the connection with Lemuria had really gone for good.

Since then, Grace was living together with a great sense of loss. It felt like there was a large hole gouged in her chest, as though there was blank space inside her body.

However three months passed and the wound of her heart was gradually healing.

Her daily works as emperor. The restoration of the ruined territory. Reorganizing the country. There were a lot of works to do. It didn’t mean that the gap in her heart due to Aine’s leave was filled with that. However her busy schedule sometimes became a consolation──Grace thought that.

That was why, she thought to respond to the invitation letter that reached her just now happily.

「Hohou……this is a matter of congratulation.」

At the palace located in Vatlantis Empire’s imperial capital, Zeltis. Grace stared at the letter she received on her throne and her face broke into a smile.

The four Quartum looked up at Grace with a curious gaze.

After the four looked at each other, Clayda asked as their representative.

「Is it some kind of a good news?」

「Umu. It seems that Gravel of Izgard will hold a marriage ceremony three months later.」


The four raised a shocked voice together.

And then Elma immediately let out a question.

「Who is the partner?」

「It’s Aldea.」


The four made an awkward face.

「I seee, so she finally caught her huuuh」

Ramza smiled wryly. Lunorlla lightly elbowed her side.

「Don’t say something like that. Perhaps the person herself is happy.」

「Yes yes. Even so, she was someone who once fell as far as being a prisoner who was no different from a slave and even got tortured by us. But right now she is Izgard’s president. And Aldea who is touched in the head will be the first lady. Amazing isn’t ittt」

After returning to Atlantis, Grace recognized the independence of Izgard and Baldin. It came from the feeling of gratitude and respect from fighting together against the danger to the world──was a part of the reason, but there was also the pragmatic aspect of Vatlantis’s inability to look after their country currently.

In this chaotic situation, there was a limit in taking control of reconstructing and governing the whole world. If they forced it, surely conflict would occur. Their relationship that had finally turned favorable would be ruined and it was possible that it would become another civil war.

Vatlantis Empire was already boasting a vast territory even now, and it also had a lot of problem. Therefore she thought making the two countries independent and had them solve the matter of their respective country by themselves would be a good plan.

And then independence was also Izgard and Baldin’s earnest wish, so there was no reason for them to object.

After achieving independence and taking a step toward a bright future, the representative of Izgard would hold a wedding ceremony. This was a bright news for the populace too, and the effect it would bring for the economy would surely also be something considerable. There was no doubt that the momentum of Izgard’s reconstruction would accelerate further.

However Clayda bit her nail with a conflicted face.

「Putting aside Gravel, when it come to Aldea……she has this nickname as comrade slayer, I pray that their country won’t get crushed.」

「Ee, it’s other country anyway, it doesn’t matter for us isn’t it?」

「Idiot. If it becomes something like that, it will also affect us. Refugees will flood us in great number.

「I, I see……」

Ramza scratched her head while averting her gaze.

Grace flapped the invitation letter held between her fingers and smiled.

「I will directly ascertain that matter. Let’s see, I think it will be faster to have Zelcyone read her heart──」

Suddenly Grace noticed that Zelcyone wasn’t here.

「Mu? Where did Zel go?」

The four Quartum looked at each other’s face.

「Come to think of it……we don’t see her today.」

「I also didn’t see her yesterday.」


While the three were falling into thought, Ramza said 「Ah」 and lifted her face in remembrance.

「Now that you mentioned it, Zel-sama went out.」

「What did you say?」

「She left a letter in her room. Somehow it sounds like a secret work……wait, it wasn’t something that Grace-sama ordered?」

Ramza put her fingers into between her breasts and pulled out a folded paper.

Clayda, Elma, and Lunorlla peered onto that paper.


──Please don’t look for me. Zelcyone



Clayda spread out the paper in panic.


──At this occasion, I wish to resign from my post as the captain of the royal guard as well as from Vatlantis army due to personal reasons. I have been in your care for a long time. Eternal glory for the magnificent emperor Grace and the proud Vatlantis army.

I’m thinking to have a peaceful life as a commoner from here on.


Please don’t look for me. Zelcyone



「Eh, that’s why I’m telling you she is away──」


Clayda screamed, and then she rushed up the stair to the throne and handed the letter to Grace.

Grace read it once and frowned with a troubled look.

「This is……really sudden.」

「She, she wrote here to not look for her but……Grace-sama……」

「Obviously we’ll search for her. Although, I don’t think we’ll be able to catch her with her ability though……」

Zelcyone’s special skill was mind manipulation. Even if her pursuer discovered her, it would be the end if she hypnotized them as though they had never found her.

「A, also, if Zel-sama is gone……it will be really troubling.」

「Umu. After all the royal guard in effect is the one supervising the whole army of Vatlantis. It won’t be good if the captain is absent……」

Lunorrla also looked down with a troubled look.

「There are also fellows forming rebel army and carrying out terrorist action at the provinces……those guys might also get fired up if they know this.」

「You’re right. Our chain of command might also fall into chaos.」

Grace folded her arms and groaned, but after a while she spoke resolutely.

「It can’t be helped. I will appoint a new captain.」

Part 2[edit]

The captain of royal guard Leon squad Hyakurath was heading to the throne room with a nervous look.

──To be summoned out of nowhere like this……ju, just what kind of business could it be? Aa, my heart is beating so hard it feel like my heart will stop. No matter how much I think, I don’t have any idea at all what is this about……did I do some kind of blunder? No, there shouldn’t be any particular problem that happened recently. I also made my squad to keep the order, and there is also no soldier in my squad that caused commotion in the city…….

Aa, but perhaps they have done something that incur the wrath of other with me simply not noticing.

Uu……it makes my stomach hurt thinking about that…….

Bu, but if that’s the case……will I get, demoted?

……Ah, but that might not be bad.

That’s right. I’ve been thinking this since a long time ago. Being something like the captain of Leon squad is too heavy of a burden for me. That’s why it’s the correct choice to demote me. Everyone simply lionize me too much calling me something like sword saint and appointing me to a post that doesn’t suit my stature.

If I get demoted, maybe I’ll become a sword instructor……that’ll be nice. I’ll teach sword to the young cadets. And then, everyone will look up to me as the kind teacher……ufufu♪

Hyakurath arrived at the throne room while she was having such delusion and met with Grace.

「Hyakurath. Today I appoint you as the new royal guard captain.」


Hyakurath’s eyes turned into dot.

「From today you’re the top of the whole army of Vatlantis Empire. Be proud of that responsibility and glory. And then accomplish your duty superbly.」

Hyakurath’s face became pale. The cold sweat oozing from her whole body wouldn’t stop.

──What? What’s this? What’s this situation.

It’s a joke right?

Say that it’s a joke. Please.

She turned a shaking face toward the four Quartum.

「「「「New captain banzaaaai」」」」

They congratulated her with in monotone.

Grace made an apologetic face seeing Hyakurath trembling with tearful eyes.

「Forgive me for this informality due to the suddenness of the matter. Don’t be that displeased.」


Hyakurath’s mouth opened and closed. She shook her head left and right as fast as she could.

She wanted to say something, but no words came out.

「Today is just for the appointment. You don’t need to worry, we will hold the formal appointment ceremony before long.」

Tears spilled down from Hyakurath’s two eyes uncontrollably.

──Sto, stop. Please, I’m begging you.

She thought that, but no voice could come out due to the great shock.

Grace nodded with a pleased smile.

「Umu umu, I’m happy that you’re so greatly moved like that. I will prepare a grand ceremony for you.」


The, the captain of the royal guard?

The top of the whole army of Vatlantis Empire?

Thi, this me?

N, no, something like that is, scary.

This is a dream, that’s right, it’s a dream, a bad dream.

「You should prepare your speech in front of everyone at the appointment ceremony. After all the whole country will be watching.」

I, impossible! It’s completely impossible for me!!

「It’ll also be good to broadcast it to the whole world to give the impression of a new Vatlantis army. Something like the royal guard that is reborn by the sword saint, that sounds good. It will obtain the support from the populace with a clean image from here on.」

Hyakurath desperately held on her consciousness that was getting farther away.

「Do……do your best, do your best……Hyakurath……u……u……」

Part 3[edit]

An election was carried out in Izgard that obtained independence from Vatlantis Empire. Gravel became the president with support from the people.

Continuing after the inauguration half a year ago, this time was the marriage ceremony of that president. The bright news boosted the business conditions and the whole country was enveloped in atmosphere that was filled with energy.

The festival mood in the capital Argento reached the climax at the day of the marriage ceremony. Argento was a resort city that was adjacent to the sea, the temperature was also warm, and because the citizens originally also loved festival, the whole city was in high spirit.

Amidst that, Gravel herself was standing on the deck for welcoming honored guests that was set up at the beach. She was staring at the blue sea.

In the past when she escaped from Vatlantis, she spent time together with Kizuna here. The day when they swam together in this sea was nostalgic.

──He called me cute for the first time that day.

「Wait a second Gravel. You’re remembering Kizuna again aren’t you?」

Aldea took Gravel’s arm with a sulky look.

「Aa, I’m amazed you understand that.」

「I understand you really well.」

The two of them were wearing white holter neck wedding dress. Wind caused the bottom of the dress to flap gently. A shadow suddenly covered the area.

「They came.」

Gravel looked up to the blue sky.

Three a castle with size that far surpassed 2 kilometer was moving. It was a flying imperial villa with luxurious and gorgeous appearance. It was the flagship of Vatlantis Empire, Oldium.

A small ship for landing descended from that Oldium. And then it landed quietly at the welcoming deck where Gravel was standing. The pink haired girl standing on the deck came in front of Gravel with twenty knights accompanying her.

「It’s an honor that the president herself is here to welcome me.」

Gravel bowed her head respectfully.

「Vatlantis Empire’s emperor your majesty Grace Synclavia. Thank you for personally──」

「Oh stop that. I and you are friend. Spare me from all the stuffiness.」

Gravel lifted her head and showed a honest smile.

「Thank you for coming, your majesty Grace.」

「Obviously. It won’t start without me coming here. After all──」

Grace stared at Gravel’s stomach that was swelling up greatly.

「My niece is also in attendance. It’s only natural to be present here as an aunt.」

After she said that, the two laughed together in amusement.

Gravel was pregnant.

The stomach part of her white dress was round. It swelled out largely. It was already impossible to hide with that size.

In Atlantis, people were blessed with child by offering blood of two married people to the Genesis. The Genesis was located at Vatlantis Empire, but its offshoot also existed in Izgard and Baldin. It was worshipped as god in each country since the ancient time and the place where that tower was located was considered as holy land.

However the child inside Gravel’s stomach wasn’t a child that came from Genesis.

「Even so, for you to be pregnant with Nii-sama’s child……」

「Honestly, I was also surprised. I heard that it was a miraculous probability so……that’s why I’m really happy.」

Gravel lovingly caressed her stomach that had grown big.

「You must be. My only worry is whether Aldea is giving you worries. I came thinking that I have to ascertain that.」

Aldea who was hugging Gravel’s arm glared at Grace with an offended face.

「There is no need for worry. After all I have nipped off all of Gravel’s sources of worry.」

However Gravel made an intentional sigh.

「That’s not good. How about it your majesty, can I ask you to scold this undisciplined wife of mine later?」

Grace grinned and nodded.

「Got it.」

Aldea pulled Gravel’s arm with an angry look.

「Gravel? If you say something mean like that──」

Gravel gently separated Aldea’s arm from her.

「Aldea, go ahead and take care of the preparation. I will give a tour for her majesty.」

Aldea made a sullen face, but she obediently followed Gravel’s words and left that place.

「She is unexpectedly obedient.」

「It seems she is working hard to change even though she look like that.」

「Hou……in that case」

──It might be just my needless worry.

「Is something the matter?」

「No. I’m thinking about how I’ll be called an aunt at this age.」

Gravel smiled softly.

「No no, what are you saying. You will be the world’s youngest and most beautiful aunti.」

Grace opened her eyes wide in a bit of surprise.

「I’m surprised that you can make a flattery. Isn’t that right, captain-dono?」

「Ye, yes……ah, no!」

The twenty knights following behind Grace.

Everyone was the elites of the royal guard. All of them were famous knight and even just from taking a glance at their face, there was none of them whose name wasn’t known to Gravel.

But, there was one person with an outstanding fame even among them.

The knight who stood at the forefront and was called captain. She was the most beautiful and emitted overwhelming presence. The uniform she was wearing was also luxurious and gorgeous, drawing attention whether one wanted or not.

Even Gravel unconsciously almost got fascinated by her.

「Leon squad’s──no, new royal guard captain Hyakurath-dono.」

The newly made captain uniform was made from the highest quality white fabric with gold thread decorating it. The additional sky blue color splendidly matched the blond hair and blue eyes of Hyakurath. It was elegant as well as extravagant. In addition it also exposed a lot of skin as though to show off the wearer’s voluptuous body.

That appearance which splendidly put nobility, dignity, beauty, and strength in harmony would make anyone who saw her to sigh in admiration.

The problem was that in contrast of that appearance and skill, the person was abnormally faint of heart and weak toward pressure, but other people didn’t notice that.

「I listened to your inaugural speech as the new royal guard captain. It was very wonderful.」

Hyakurath’s cheeks reddened.

──NOOOOO! Please stop! Please don’t make me remember it! It’s embarrassing-! Something like that was broadcasted to the whole world……I want to die.

She looked down with tearful eyes and replied back somehow.

「Tho, those words are wasted on me. I’m still immature so……this role that is too grand for me makes me feel my lack of ability everyday……I wish that the day I can relinquish this position will come even for a day earlier……」

‘Hahaha’, the surrounding laughed.

「The captain is joking again.」

「As expected it’s really grand to joke like that in front of the emperor and Izgard’s president.」

Everyone held back their laughter and whispered to each other. The place’s atmosphere became softened by a lot. But, the vice captain standing beside Hyakurath was the only one sweating coldly with her mouth forming ‘^’ shape.

It was Mercuria who was forcefully appointed as Hyakurath’s vice captain because she was her best friend. Mercuria was the only one who stood out from the surrounding due to her nervous expression. She was on the tenterhooks wondering if Hyakurath would start crying in front of other people.

Gravel replied with a delighted smile.

「So even the sword saint Hyakurath can joke like that. Well, even as a joke that sounds too humble it might be interpreted as sarcasm you know?」

「Yes……my apologies.」

──You’re wrong! I’m not being humble! Aa, I wonder if Zelcyone-sama hasn’t been found yet. Please return quickly! I want to return home quickly…….

At that time, the form of a gigantic living thing appeared in the air.

Its length was more than 500 meters. It was a golden dragon with four pair of wings. It was a gigantic magic weapon and the battleship of Baldin.

「Golden Dragon──looks like Landred has also arrived.」

The Golden Dragon flapped its wings and landed down n the beach. From the hatch on its torso, Baldin’s queen, Landred appeared just as Grace said.

「Everyone~. Long time no see~」

She ran on the beach toward them with casualness that wasn’t befitting a queen. The way her huge breasts bounced was amazing, but it seemed the person herself didn’t mind it.

「Welcome to Izgard, Queen Landred.」

「My my my!」

Landred’s eyes shined staring at Gravel’s stomach.

「So this is the child of headmaster’s little brother.」

She showered Gravel with questions for a while and asked to touch her stomach. After that Landred smiled with an ecstatic expression.

「An existence who is blood related with headmaster in this world……aam this might be god’s will.」

「But Queen Landred. I am that child’s aunt. I shall have you go through me first for anything concerning that child.」

Grace said something that was unclear whether it was a joke or serious with a smirking face. It seemed they wouldn’t finish talking anytime soon, so Gravel pointed at a white hotel at the other side of the beach.

「Both of you. We shouldn’t talk while standing here, let me show everyone to the waiting room.」

「You’re right. Then please show the way.」

「Forgive us for making you do this despite your pregnancy.」

Gravel stood at the lead while Grace and Landred followed behind her.

「There is no problem because right now is a stable period. More importantly, please also look forward to the dinner at the wedding party. It will be a course made from only Izgard’s product cooked by capable cooks.」

「Hohou. I’m looking forward to that.」

「Agriculture and livestock are Izgard’s pride after all. I heard that Vatlantis is lacking in food due to unstable supply. If you like, please consider importing from us.」

「Good grief. Even the hero has completely become a politician now.」

Grace’s teasing gaze was responded with a wry smile from Gravel.

「Please don’t say that. I’m aware that I’m doing something I’m not accustomed to. However──」

Gravel caressed her stomach.

MGHxHV14 008 ill.jpg

「If it’s for the sake of creating a country where this child can live in peace without lacking anything……I will do anything. After all this is the happiness of a lifetime that Kizuna gave me.」

「……It’s unfair for you to say it like that. Well, I will think about it. First let’s start from actually eating it!」

「Actually I also have something to mention.」

Landred faced Grace and smiled brightly.

「Oo, if it’s about the matter of Baldin’s wood, I also wish to talk about it.」

「I’m really thankful for that however, actually it’s a different matter.」


「I wish to ask to temporarily halt the working of Genesis.」

The unexpected request caused Grace to unconsciously stop walking. Gravel also turned around in surprise.

「What did you say? What do you mean by that?」

「Queen Landred, won’t the world collapse again if we do that?」

However Landred smiled softly to calm them.

「Rather I wish to do this in order to prevent the collapse of Genesis like before.」

「What do you mean?」

「Genesis will break down again one day if we don’t hold a religious ceremony for it correctly. However, the thing necessary for that ceremony doesn’t exist in Atlantis right now.」

「……Nee-sama’s Zeros huh.」

Grace tightened her lips into the form of ‘^’ with a troubled look.

「That is also a concern of mine. But, according to the data that was uncovered from Nayuta’s research facility isn’t it also possible to do it in another way?」

「Yes, that method is the Ceremony of Eternity that is equivalent with the maintenance of Genesis. It’ll be necessary to halt Genesis temporarily to hold that ceremony.」

「Fumu……to put it another way, is it the same like when all the magic engines are halted temporarily when it’s time for the periodical inspection of the palace’s magic furnace?」

「Yes. It’s exactly like that.」

Gravel folded her arms with a puzzled expression.

「However Queen Landred, how do know so much like that? Is that also from Nayuta’s research?」

「There is also that but, actually when we went to Odin’s world……I and Nayuta-san learned a lot from the mural in her palace. Also, we were able to directly ask about it from Odin herself.」

「From Odin?」

「Yes. What I learned from that time is that there is a deep connection between Odin’s world and Baldin’s culture. Thanatos might use it as reference when creating this world.」

Grace raised her voice in realization.

「That means, there was also Genesis in Odin’s world?」

Landred smiled broadly and clapped her hands.

「Wonderful. That’s exactly the case.」

「Fufun. You shouldn’t underestimate the emperor’s discernment.」

Grace smiled proudly. Seeing that Landred and Gravel secretly thought 「Cute」.

「Even so, why did you keep quiet about such important talk until now?」

Gravel peered onto Landred with a searching gaze.

「I verified it with Baldin’s god, the tower of ice. Does the method taught by Odin really work at our world? I have finished verifying it, so that’s why I’m proposing this plan at this chance.」

「Can that method also be used with Izgard’s tower of stone?」

The Genesis in Izgard was a quadrangle stone pillar that reached the height of a hundred meter. It was also worshipped here as god since the past.

「Yes. Both the tower of ice and the tower of rock are branching from Genesis. So the method should be usable for any tower.」

「I understand. However this talk is too important to be decided while standing around like this. How about I prepare another place for a meeting after the wedding is finished?」

「You’re right. This is something that the three countries should do together. If there is something that Izgard can help with then please don’t hesitate to ask.」

And then that day the wedding ceremony was held in the shrine of the tower of stone.

After that the whole country was reveling in the festivity for three days and three nights. The meeting concerning Genesis was held after four days later.

At that meeting, it was decided that the maintenance of Genesis, the Ceremony of Eternity would be done by the three countries together.

Chapter 3 – nayuta[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Ataraxia detected the appearance of Dragre yesterday and began to move once more in order to avoid another attack. Currently it was heading toward Antarctic Ocean.

Due to that Ataraxia’s temperature also lowered and it was enveloped with chilly air like it was late autumn. However for the residences of the megafloat, the change in climate due to the movement was something familiar. It wasn’t anything big compared to the experience of continuously moving frequently at the time of AU Collision War.

「The investigation result of the head of Dragre that was collected has come out.」

Reiri was walking in front of Kizuna wearing her usual commandant outfit with a coat above it. Certainly it was slightly cold, but Kizuna didn’t think that it was that cold. He was wearing the academy’s uniform like usual while heading to the hangar that was adjacent with Nayuta Lab.

The hangar was also used as a large laboratory. Its main purpose of use was for large machine that couldn’t be brought into the lab or for developing dangerous weapon.

「Then, do we also know why the Dragre was stronger?」

「Yeah. In addition, it seems they have also guessed in general where did it come from.」

「Don’t tell me an Entrance was……」

「I also haven’t heard the report, but it’s hard to think that is the case. More importantly──」

Reiri walked while looking back at Kizuna over her shoulder.


Kizuna felt a discomfort. His big sister’s atmosphere was different from usual. Her eyes that were staring at Kizuna looked vaguely anxious. It was as though she was worrying about something.


「No, it’s nothing.」

Kizuna wasn’t convinced but, they would soon arrive at the hangar so their talk cut off.

When the door of the hangar opened, there was the head of Dragre there.

「The discomfort isn’t half-assed when a magic weapon is put here like this……」

The raw head of dragon made from metal that was lying down in the hangar of Ataraxia. Several cables were stretching from the cut section and its opened mouth. They were connected to the large measuring tools surrounding Dragre.

「And……why is this thing more powered up than before?」

Even before that, why was it existing in this world?

──Don’t tell me,

There was no basis to it but, there was something that Kizuna uneasily thought about since when they recovered the head.

「Don’t tell me, other country has discovered the Genesis of Lemuria……something like that?」

When he looked at Reiri’s face from the side, she was making the same grim face like Kizuna.

「Certainly, using Genesis’s power to power up a magic weapon and increase its activity time limit even further……there is also that possibility. Kei, please report.」

Kei appeared from behind Dragre with a portable keyboard in hand.

「Shikina-san, how is it?」

Kei shook her head left and right still with her expressionless face.

『Certainly it might be possible if there is Genesis. But this time the reason the Dragre was strengthened and its wreckage didn’t disappear even when it was destroyed is something other than Genesis.』

Reiri folded her arms as though to prepare herself.

「Let’s hear it.」

『In the first place the reason magic weapon vanish is because its magic power supply is severed. When the mechanism that circulate the magic power is damaged, it become unable to supply magic power to each part and break down. Even if the magic weapon isn’t destroyed, if it run out of magic power then it will naturally break down.』

Kizuna looked up at the head of Dragre that looked like it would start growling even now.

「Then, how did this thing……」

『The reason for that, is this.』

Kei took out a metal capsule from her coat’s pocket.

「That’s──Heart Hybrid Gear’s core!?」

Kizuna stared hard at the small capsule on Kei’s palm.

「Why is a core……?」

『This core and one more core were loaded inside the head of this Dragre.』


Kizuna raised his voice unintentionally.

『It’s this core’s power that supplied Dragre with magic power. It will be able to continue existing until the core’s power run out.』

Reiri’s face distorted in annoyance.

「They thought of something like this……I guess they reused the core taken out from dead pilot……」

『It’s quite a heavy work, or rather I get the sense that they installed this core forcefully. However, we learned that the research of magic weapon has advanced even further than we thought.』

「But, Nee-chan. With this we’re able to recover two cores isn’t it?」

Letters were flowing in Kei’s window in exchange of an answer from Reiri.

『Certainly that’s true, but this core cannot be used anymore. Perhaps it was worked too hard that the damage is terrible and it’s too dangerous to be installed into someone.』

Reiri put her hand on her chin with a grave face.

「Even so it’s a good thing that the number of gear they can use has decreased. However……this core should be important for them too. I can’t understand why they’re using it like consumable goods like this.」

『From the result this magic weapon become a weapon with greater fighting ability than their Heart Hybrid Gear. As a way of thinking it’s not mistaken.』

‘I see’──Reiri and Kizuna nodded in understanding.

「That means, another strengthened magic weapon will attack us again like this from here on?」

「Wait Kizuna. There is one more thing that we have to confirm before that. In the first place why is a magic weapon here?」

『We’re still in the dark regarding that──』

Kei stopped typing on her keyboard and stared fixedly at the window floating in front of her face.

「What’s wrong?」

When Reiri asked her with a dubious face,

『A mail came.』

Kei stiffened like rock right after she answered so. Cold sweat was flowing down her forehead with her face looking very flustered.



A tiny voice leaked out from Kei’s trembling lips.


Kizuna was surprised that Kei spoke not using writing but with her own voice. Kei muttered with the raw voice that she didn’t allow anyone other than Reiri to hear.

「On, this earth, there are several places where magic power is naturally gushing out, like a spring……in case a magic weapon stop operating at such a place by accident……there is a possibility, it will remain without vanishing……」

「What did you say? Where does that mail come from?」

Reiri asked that, but Kei was trembling with a pale face.

「Kei, what’s the matter?」

「I don’t know……but」

Kei looked up at Reiri with a face that was looking for salvation.

「It come from the address nayuta……」

Reiri and Kizuna stiffened with a shocked expression.


It was impossible for that word to refer to anyone else than Hida Nayuta.

Part 2[edit]

Kurumizawa Momo saluted energetically.

「Well then Demon King Eros exploration party! Deeeepart!!」

「Don’t stick a strange team name on us as you please!」

A team was instantly formed in order to pin down the originator of the mysterious mail that claimed the name Nayuta. Although it would also be troubling if the rumor that Hida Nayuta was alive spread out. And so it ended up becoming Kurumizawa and Kizuna chasing after the mail alone.

Right now they were at the lab’s underground floor. Kei and Reiri were giving explanation there.

『I tracked the place the mail was sent from but, the trace became unclear midway. However there is no doubt that it went through the router at Ataraxia’s underground block 128.』

「Past that point is connected with cable. If we pursue it physically, we should discover a terminal that is outside our knowledge. I dare say……」

「Nee-chan. What, if we don’t find it?」

「Then perhaps, it’s really a mail from that person.」


Kizuna didn’t know what to do about the unease inside his heart.

Nayuta should have been died──no, she should have become a god, a system that administered the whole world. That was the equivalent of being dead for a living thing. There should be no way she would be able to create data or anything.

Then, who was it that created this data?

Was it Nayuta’s ghost?

Or perhaps,

──If, I can meet with Kaa-san again,

Such thought unconsciously welled up.

Reiri suddenly smiled.

「Kizuna, don’t make that kind of face. Go accomplish your mission without holding any strange preconception or hope.」

Certainly it was just as she said. Kizuna persuaded himself.

「Right……I understand. I’m going.」

The hatch that usually was forbidden to be entered was opened and he entered inside. It was a small room inside and there was one more room at the other side.

When he opened that door,

「So this is Ataraxia’s internal structure……」

A terrifyingly huge atrium was extending. The floor was dozens of meter below. A large elevator for transporting heavy objects were connecting until the floor from the dizzying height. Below the scenery of multiple tanks and pipes running everywhere was spreading below. In a glance it looked like industrial area.

「Is this the first time Kizuna-kun enter here?」

Kurumizawa asked that while pushing the elevator’s switch to descend.

「Yeah. So there is a space this huge here.」

「It was built so there is some extra space that can be used for expansion. Well, with the current improvement project, even this space will get filled, so this scenery will only be for now.」


When the elevator started moving, it descended with a surprising speed. It was bare bone with only frame and without even glass, so people with fear of height wouldn’t be able to endure. He was surprised once more by the size of the place when they approached the plant.

「Is this place the plant unit?」

「That’s right. This area is the plant that creates synthetic fiber. We can’t see it due to the bulkhead, but the next plant makes steel material.」

When the elevator reached the floor, Kizuna and Kurumizawa went deeper. And then they passed through several blocks and rode another elevator to below.

「We’ll get lost like this……」

「Ahaha, you’re right. I also don’t know the way at all.」


Kurumizawa opened the front of her boiler suit. Her breast that was enveloped by a black bikini was exposed in front of Kizuna generously.

「Wha, what’re you doing!?」

「Geez, don’t get flustered with just this. Even though you’re demon king Eros.」

She pulled out a thin paper from the backside of the bikini without even waiting for Kizuna’s reply.

「I don’t forget to bring a map so it’s fine.」

It was a folded electronic paper. When it was spread out, the map of the plant block and their current position was shown with red dot.

「Your suit have a lot of pockets……why did you keep it at that kind of place?」

「The pockets of my suit each has their own role already. There isn’t any place to put the map.」

It seemed she had a fixation that he couldn’t understand. Kizuna didn’t ask further. And then they walked further inside with Kurumizawa at the lead.

「Hmmm, it should be around here.」

The surrounding was a field of vegetables. Tall shelves were lining up close to each other. All of them were equipped with fluorescent lamp and planted with vegetable.

「They said that there is something else than vegetable here……」

Kurumizawa lifted up the floor’s panel and checked the wiring below.

「There is the cable here. Perhaps it will be here or around the next block.」

「Is it really here……」

Kizuna made a fed up expression after seeing the vegetable shelves as far as the eyes could see.

「If it’s not here, then it means there is a backdoor for an intrusion into the network wirelessly.」

「……Then, I hope it’s here.」

「I’ll check this place, demon king Eros, take care of the next block okay?」

「Yes yes.」

Kizuna didn’t even have the energy to correct her anymore and walked pass the vegetable shelves toward the next block.


It was a dense forest with trees growing in abundance.

He looked up. If he didn’t see the illumination at the ceiling through the leaves and branches, it would make him want to suspect that he had been teleported somewhere or got hypnotized by Zelcyone.

「Where should I start searching from……」

When he stepped inside, it seemed under him wasn’t soil but synthetic fibers lying on top of one another. Kizuna touched the nearby tree with his hand. It seemed the tree was genuine.

「Are they growing plants for roadside trees or the like here?」

Other than that perhaps they were also used as building material, medicine material, and various other things. He walked around while thinking of such thing, but he really couldn’t find any facility or equipment that seemed to fit the bill.

「Ooooi Kurumizawa! How about your end!?」

There was no reply. It seemed his voice didn’t reach.

「Can’t be helped.」

When he was going to return for the moment, his foot got caught by ivy.


His hand caught the wall when staggered and almost fell. The surface of the wall also had ivies growing on it.

「It’s really amazing……it’s not any different from a natural forest……」


The spot near his palm was shining red. The light changed into blue when he noticed that light.

「Don’t tell me……」

Kizuna grabbed the ivy and tore it off with all his strength.

There was a door there.

The LED screen that was shining blue displayed the word ‘unlock’.

Kizuna touched the button under it to operate the door. Then the door opened by sliding aside.


──It’s there.

From the forest it completely changed into an empty room with only white color.

A large black super computer was standing tall in the center of it.

The word floating in the LED screen attached on its front was most likely the computer’s name.


It was displaying ‘nayuta’.

Part 3[edit]

Reiri and Kei arrived after receiving the report from Kizuna. And then they thoroughly investigate for several days just what was the deal with the computer that was named nayuta.

The result──,

『This is a parting gift from Professor Nayuta.』

「Parting gift?」

Originally this was Ataraxia’s unused area that was used by Nayuta for personal business. The super computer that was secretly set up there was nayuta’s true identity.

After that, the area in front of the room became vegetation laboratory, but that room located deeper inside was kept untouched.

Now even the fact that there was a room there was forgotten. If the door didn’t open due to its reaction to Kizuna’s presence, there was no doubt it would be left alone like that for more than ten years.

Reiri folded her arms and looked up to the large black frame.

「And, this computer is the mail’s sender?」

『Yes. Vast amount of data that hypothesized every kind of case and thought program that Professor Nayuta created are entered here. It automatically collect the lab’s information and generate the danger it conjectured and the method to deal with it from there as document.』


『So to speak it’s a counselor that give advice, or rather……a nosy and helpful aunt.』

Kizuna thought that words choice could greatly changed the impression of something.

「In short, Kaa-san was worried about Ataraxia after she is gone and so she left this?」

Kizuna’s chest turned warm and he looked toward her sister with a delighted face.

However Reiri let out an exasperated sigh.

「Good grief……she is too overprotective. That stupid parent.」

『However, even the credibility of this meddlesome document has shot up because it came from a system created by Professor Nayuta.』

For some reason Kizuna felt thorniness from Kei’s words. Perhaps it was just his feeling but, even her usual expressionless face vaguely looked displeased somewhere in it.

The reason for that was because of the complex that Kei had. The complex toward the genius Hida Nayuta who she couldn’t catch up to no matter how hard she worked. The person herself understood and accepted that part of her. It was fine to call it as a worship in a sense. However, it was painful to be reminded of that fact at every turn.

Kei was the one who knew best just how far away she was from her mighty predecessor Professor Nayuta. She felt empty each time she was told 「I respect you」「I look up to you」 by her juniors Kurumizawa and others.

Even so she did her best at what she could do. Now that Professor Nayuta was gone, her only weak point was her own heart. It would be great if she could just win against her complex.

She was thinking that. And like that she worked hard in her own way until now.

And there, this idiot parent system appeared.

Kei’s expression was only slightly cloudy, but the inside of her heart wasn’t calm. It was stormy.

──To be shown this difference between our talents even after she died.

「Rather than a nosy and helpful auntie……it might be more of a ghost.」

She muttered with a small voice that couldn’t be heard by anyone.

「What did you say Kei?」


A window for her reply immediately appeared.

『Anyway, we can only follow the advice and search all over the world for place that looks suspicious.』

Kizuna frowned.

「Even if you say that……that’s too vague.」

『It’s not.』

Kei took out a printout from her breast pocket and spread it to show the others.

『A list of the candidates was attached.』

──Really how annoying.

Kei cursed inside her heart.

Part 4[edit]

The content of the list was mostly world famous ancient ruin or religious sacred place. It was the so called power spot.

The system that Nayuta left behind, nayuta generated the document──according to this document, the place that gathered faith from the ancient time or place where the civilization prospered was where magic power naturally gushed out even if there was difference in the density between each spot. Perhaps the people of ancient time were enjoying the blessing of the magic power without noticing that.

Under the leadership of the newly formed intelligence unit, they headed to the actual site and advanced the preliminary arrangements for the investigation there.

If they just went there and check it then it wouldn’t take much time──Kizuna thought, but Reiri objected.

「Field study means marching into enemy ground. We can also investigate forcefully with brute force, but there is also the matter with Dragre. We shouldn’t underestimate the opponent too much.」

Certainly, the multinational force that was their enemy still hadn’t shown all their hand. They didn’t know what they were scheming.

Kizuna recalled Christelle and Elfriede who he encountered before.

Christelle was awfully confident. Perhaps it was simply her personality but…….

「Boss, Boss Kizuna.」

When he noticed, Gertrude was pulling his sleeve beside him.

「Hm? Ah, my bad. Something is in my mind for a bit.」

Kizuna was currently watching the primary grade’s practical training as a lecturer. The menu today was to equip technical gear and ran the obstacle course that was created at the sports ground in order to familiarize themselves with the gear.

「Everyone is doing their damn best to show off in front of boss, so please look properly at them.」

「……I’m sorry.」

Kizuna switched his mood and looked at the practice ground. The obstacle course had things like vaulting box, balance beam, and other things lined up. The children were running the course with awkward movement.

Everyone today was wearing mechanical armor on top of their usual pilot suit. It was the gear that wasn’t using magic power, the technical gear.

「However, the technical gear has evolved a lot.」

「Yes. The difference compared to when boss damn fought Aine-san is like heaven and earth.」

At that time the gear was a roughly improvised thing, an exoskeleton that was forcefully installed with motors, electrical components, weapons, and rocket engines. Naturally there wasn’t any leeway to think about miniaturizing it at that time. A child equipping it was out of the question.

However, now it had been minimized so that even primary grade student could wear it.

The girls passing under net and jumping over trench were wearing something that was only a size bigger than the actual Heart Hybrid Gear. The output was weak, but that was safer instead for the children.

「Now, just one more damn lap!」


Everyone replied with a loud voice even while breathing hard. Among the girls who were sweating while running, Kizuna’s eyes naturally followed the girl with golden hair.


Suddenly he recalled the computer which was Nayuta’s parting gift that was discovered several days ago.

Setsuna’s moving body once belonged to Nayuta. And then residing inside that body was the machine god Thanatos who created this world.

However all her memories were erased, so her personality was completely new.

──Setsuna didn’t know anything about Kaa-san, and of course she isn’t Kaa-san.

He understood that, but he associated them together reflexively.

Setsuna’s golden eyes turned toward Kizuna as though she sensed his gaze.

Kizuna’s heard jumped.

For him to get flustered by a gaze from a primary school student──Kizuna told himself, but it was futile. He couldn’t calm himself down.

Setsuna frowned, then she averted her face with a huff.

──I’m being hated huh.

Kizuna smiled bitterly. It was then,

「Come to think of it boss」

Gertrude asked him not as an instructor but with an expression of a bosom buddy.

「I heard that you will infiltrate into enemy territory again for investigation or something.」

「You have sharp ears.」

Gertrude grinned.

「I recall the damn time when we infiltrated into Vatlantis.」

「Kuh……for, forget about that. Please forget it.」

Vatlantis Empire only had female, so Kizuna was forced to dress as woman. Gertrude would teases him sometimes even now about it.

「How about it? It’s fine even if you team up with me again you know?」

That was an attractive offer. However──m

「……I think it’s okay this time.」

「Eh, I got damn rejected.」

She said that, but Gertrude didn’t really look that disappointed.

Kizuna looked toward the courtyard once more. The students who finished running the laps that were assigned to them were hanging their head down or lying down to sort their breathing.

「It feels like I’ll be hated if I take away the instructor they look up to that often after all. Besides……」

「What is it?」

「This time it’s not that difficult of a mission. It’s not something we need to ask Ger-san to make an appearance for.」

Gertrude glared at Kizuna with a displeased look.

「No no. Please don’t make me do nothing but mission that’s like a damn punishment game. When you called for me sometimes and I tried giving it a go, it was always nothing but dangerous works. You see, sometimes a work where it’s like a holiday is also──」

「Instructor. Everyone has finished running.」

Without them noticing Setsuna was standing in front of Gertrude.

「Oh, then we’ll move to a training that is a bit more like damn combat next.」

After Gertrude said that, the students’ eyes shined in anticipation.

「It’ll be a damn light practice match with Kizuna-sesei.」


Shocked voices rose. Expression of anxiety and then fear also spread together with it.

「Aah, you all don’t need to worry. Even though he look like this Kizuna-sensei is unexpectedly damn tough, so even if everyone’s attack hit he won’t die.」

Gertrude looked up at Kizuna and winked.

Kizuna scratched the back of his head with a smile to calm down the students.

「Hahaha, everyone go easy on me.」

The tension seemed to unravel with that. The students smiled back.

「Now, fight with everything you have. Do it with the intention of defeating the damn legend!」


「Then boss too go start preparing.」

「Yeah……wait, where is the technical gear?」

「It’s damn troublesome so please do it with your own gear.」

The students immediately got excited.

「Uwaaah! Sensei do the transformation!」

「Transform, transfooorm!」

「Do it, do iiiit」

It was like being pestered to do a transformation in a hero show. If it was an actor that was playing hero role in television show, they would look troubled but still did it happily. That was something that often happened.

「Yoosh, then everyone watch me. Eros!!」

Alogn with a radiant flash Kizuna’s body was equipped with black armor.


The students were extremely excited. They gave a loud applause.

「It’s Erooos!」


「Erooos Erooos」

The children made transformation pose for some reason and repeatedly called the name of Eros. Kizuna felt something that was close to guilt seeing their innocence.

「Aah……everyone. You shouldn’t say Eros so much in front of other people……」

Kizuna warned while sweating coldly. Setsuna was the only one staring at him with a chilly gaze.

「Getting carried away……really……Onii-chan is……」

「Setsuna, did you say something?」

「It’s nothing.」

She averted her face with a huff.

「Then, let’s damn start when you finish preparing!!」

With Gertrude’s order, the practice match with time limit of one minute per person began.


The twintail girl raised her fist and closed the distance quickly. However she seemed to be scared with how she was closing her eyes. Kizuna lightly dodged to the side and caught the girl’s body from the side.

「Oi, it’s no good if you close your eyes right?」

「Ah……I reflexively」

He gently put down the girl’s body on the ground and smiled while raising his index finger.

「Look carefully at your opponent, one more time.」


An adorable punch landed on Kizuna’s body.

「Yosh, that’s good! Continue hitting!!」

「Ei-, ei, eeei!」

Kizuna received the student’s strike while encouraging her.

「Are you tired already? Do your best! You can do more!」

The bell that notified one minute had passed rang at that time.

「Tha, thank……you, very, very mu……muuch……」

The twintail student bowed her head before returning to the line of other students with unsteady footsteps.

「I can’t go on~」

She collapsed with such pathetic voice.

Just one minute. However if they continued fighting with their full strength, they would use up their stamina in the blink of eye. The students who finished the practice match were all totally exhausted. They were running out of breath and couldn’t even stand.

「E, even though it’s just a minute……am I, this lacking, in……stamina?」

「Sho, shocking~」

Cute lamentation rose from the students who lied down like heaps of corpses.

And then the last students stood in front of Kizuna.

「Please take care of me.」

「Setsuna huh. Go easy on me.」

Setsuna ignored Kizuna’s soothing consideration and returned a chilly gaze.

And then the bell that signaled the start rang.


Setsuna rushed out at that instant.

It was a perfect full powered jump. She didn’t only use the waist thruster but she charged him by also using all the support thrusters on the legs. If a beginner did that, most of the time they would overshoot.

However Setsuna headed straight toward Kizuna.

Setsuna pulled off the difficult horizontal piloting right at the start and closed the distance with Kizuna.

And then next was a punch without the slightest hesitation.


He tried to stop it with his palm but he didn’t make it in time. He used his forearm to sweep away her arm to the outside.


Setsuna’s face distorted in vexation. Setsuna’s body tilted due to the momentum of her swept away arm. Kizuna was slightly panicked if he had brushed her off too strongly.

However without pause Setsuna’s body rotated in midair.


The thrusters on her legs spouted fire and her foot was swung up toward Kizuna’s head. Kizuna was at a loss of word seeing that smooth movement.

It was a feat that couldn’t be done without trickily adjusting the posture control thrusters on her whole body.

──She’s really something.

He caught Setsuna’s full powered kick with one hand.


It seemed to be unexpected for Setsuna. She showed a shocked expression.

「If it’s like this, I think it would be better if I also face you with technical gear.」

Kizuna intended to praise her with that, but Setsuna seemed to take it as humiliation. She displayed an angry look and kicked with her other leg.


Kizuna twisted his arm and swung it around while still holding Setsuna’s foot.


And then he toseed her up.

He intended to catch her when she fell. However Setsuna stopped her body’s rotation with thrusters and performed a steep climb with max output.


The output of technical gear for primary grade was low, at best it would assist when jumping. It should be impossible to fly in the sky with it. However Setsuna’s body already flew up for more than ten meter. She was trying to climb even higher.

「Just, how──」

Something strange entered Kizuna’s eyes at that time.

The technical gear Setsuna was wearing.

Golden light was flowing on its surface.


It was the light of magic power circulation that was impossible for technical gear.


Gertrude yelled uneasily.

「Leave it to me!」

Kizuna instantly jumped up. Eros’s spec was low compared to other gear, but its performance was improved throughout the fights until now. And then Kizuna’s skill was also──,



The moment Setsuna turned around in surprise, the golden light flowing on the technical gear’s surface vanished.

Kizuna passed over the back of Setsuna who turned around. The technical gear’s back unit was cut when he passed her. The electrical system died instantly and Setsuna’s complexion changed.

She suddenly lost her support in the sky and started falling toward the ground.


──I’m falling.

When she thought that, her body rotated and got caught really gently within two arms.

「Don’t struggle.」


There was Kizuna’s smile when she looked up. Setsuna returned to the ground while being carried in princess carry. She was put down on the ground, but the technical gear with its electronic system died was heavy. There was also no power assist from its joints, so she was unable to move properly.

「I’ll turn on the power now so wait a bit.」

However Setsuna didn’t wait for that and pushed the technical gear’s release button that was installed in the left arm. The armor came off along with the sound of key clicking open. Setsuna took off all the parts and started running toward the school building without looking back at Kizuna.

Kizuna hesitated for a while before following behind her.


When Kizuna called out like that, Setsuna glanced back briefly. It felt like her cheeks were reddening.

「I don’t feel good so I’m leaving early.」

「Wait, Setsuna. No, if you don’t feel good then it’s fine even if it’s later, I want to talk for a bit with you.」

「……Is it a scolding?」

Setsuna replied with her back still turned to him.


「There is no need. I already know what I have done wrong.」

「By wrong you mean……that’s not it. About the match just now──」


Setsuna suddenly started running. She got out of the school with a speed that was unthinkable for a child’s legs.


Kizuna immediately chased behind her.

When he got out of the courtyard, he saw a figure rushing into the entrance of the school building. If it was like this then he would be able to catch up while she was putting on shoes. Thinking that, Kizuna also rushed into the school building a few seconds later.

「!? Oops」

Setsuna was standing still in front of the shoe rack.

「Why are you following me?」

「That’s……because I’m worried for you.」

Setsuna lifted her face. Her golden eyes stared straight at Kizuna. The same eyes like Thanatos made Kizuna felt like he would be overwhelmed.


「I’m not lying.」

「I am……different from Onii-chan and Onee-chan anyway.」

Setsuna’s golden eyes half looked down. And then she scooped her long hair with her hand.

「My hair is also blonde, even my eyes……the color of my pupils, isn’t the color of human.」


──I see.

So she is troubled regarding her birth……well, of course she would.

Kizuna and Reiri had talked to each other whether to tell Setsuna the truth or not. They concluded that the shock later on would be unnecessarily great if they poorly concealed the fact and told her without hiding anything from the start.

Even so, there must be a lot of things worrying her.

Kizuna and Reiri tried to treat Setsuna as their actual sister, even so Setsuna might be feeling loneliness even then.

Kizuna crouched in front of Setsuna and matched the height of her eyes.

「Setsuna, you also know the reason of that right? But you know, I and Onee-chan are without a doubt your family.」

「Is it because this body belonged to Onii-chan and Onee-chan’s mother?」



「But I, am not mother, I’m also not the god who created the world.」

Not even a year had passed since Setsuna was born. However her mind grew rapidly and right now she was displaying maturity that was practically the same with her body’s age or perhaps even older than that. Exactly because her mind had matured that she began to worry.

Even so her mental age was still primary school student.

She didn’t understand how to interpret the event of her birth that was too special, or how to face her own destiny.

Kizuna regretted his lack of thoughtfulness toward Setsuna.

「I understand. Even if your body belonged from Kaa-san and your mind from Thanatos, Setsuna right now is your own human with independent heart. that’s why──」


Setsuna frowned and looked up to Kizuna.

「Am I human? Really?」

「What are you saying, Setsuna. That’s obvious.」


Even Kizuna could understand what Setsuna wanted to say.

Certainly, strictly speaking Setsuna might not be human. However, right now that wasn’t what Kizuna wanted to convey.

「There are various people in the world. There are people with slightly strange power compared to other people, and there are also people with special birth. But, just because of that doesn’t mean they aren’t human. It’s nothing more than the degree of difference. That’s why you’re the same like everyone.」

「Then, why is Onii-chan is looking at me differently from other children? Are you giving me preferential treatment?」

「That’s……because you’re my little sister. I don’t intend to favor you but, if I’m asked whether I can look at you completely the same like other children then it’s impossible.」

Setsuna’s lips tightened into ‘^’ shape and she made a dissatisfied face.

「Aren’t you actually not thinking of me as your little sister?」

「Why do you think so?」


Setsuna’s cheeks slightly blushed pink.

「If I’m your actual little sister……you’ll be more……」

「Please Setsuna. Tell me. Why do you think that? If I did something wrong then──」

Setsuna averted her gaze to the opposite side this time with a displeased face.

「I, it’s nothing.」

「It’s not nothing right? We thought of you as someone precious. Both me and Nee-chan too.」

Setsuna glared sharply at Kizuna the moment he said that.

「Let’s see. This is just an example but, somehow the atmosphere is different. Onii-chan’s attitude and expression toward me is different.」

「Different you say, what is?」

「The atmosphere between Onii-chan and Onee-chan.」

──Sha, sharp!

Kizuna was unable to object right away and couldn’t find any word to say.

「……As I thought.」

Setsuna was glaring with damp eyes.

For some reason Kizuna felt she was a woman from those eyes.

「No, there are various circumstance about that……but, that’s not a problem of seeing us as brother and sister or not, I think……」

Even his excuse was incoherent. He got a hunch that he would find himself in deep shit if her talked carelessly.

「I and Onee-chan, due to some reason we’re doing special duty. Well, because of that the time we spent with each other is long and our relationship deepened but, that’s──」

「If you say that I’m your little sister, then it’ll be fine if you do the same thing with me too.」

「How should I say it, there’s no need to do it with you……」

When he noticed Setsuna was looking down with a sad face.

Cold sweat trickled Kizuna’s forehead.

──This is bad. I’m not reassuring Setsuna at all.

「Bu, but you know! You’re the little sister I’m proud of! That’s the truth.」


「I’m telling you it’s not a lie.」

「……Then, can I ask you to do one thing for me?」

Kizuna smiled happily.

「Yeah! Ask me for anything.」

「If I’m no good then please clearly say that I’m no good.」


「There’s no meaning if you praise me in consideration just so I won’t get hurt. I don’t want you making a nice face at the surface while thinking ‘this girl is useless’ at my back.」

「Setsuna? To be frank, you’re a prodigy you know?」

「But, compared to Onii-chan and Onee-chan……」

「It’s strange saying this myself but, putting aside Onee-chan, when I was at Setsuna’s age, I was completely useless and wasn’t anything you know?」

Kizuna was conveying the truth as it was but, from Setsuna’s expression it was obvious she wasn’t believing him.

「The person who defeated a god and saved all the worlds is saying that? There is no way that’s true. Please don’t say something random because you think I won’t know.」

「Aah geez……what should I say here……」

Kizuna held his head at his wits’ end.

「Anyway the thing about me doesn’t matter. What’s important is, Setsuna, it’s you. Even at the practice match just now you were amazing.」

Setsuna averted her face sulkily.

「That match where it was like I couldn’t even touch you?」

「Yeah. It’s really a big deal that an primary grade student can do that much. Besides, that power wasn’t something that a technical gear could display.」

「Technical gear couldn’t……then, how──」

Setsuna’s face stiffened as though she had been dealt a blow.

「Is that because……I’m not a human, just as I thought?」

──Damn it.

Kizuna cursed his own rashness.

「Don’t misunderstand. Setsuna, that was──」

However Setsuna ran through the corridor to get away from Kizuna’s words.

Kizuna continued to stare at the corridor even after Setsuna’s figure vanished from view.

「A kid at that damn age is complicated, what’s more Setsuna-chan has various circumstances on top of it.」


Gertrude had come to his side without him noticing. Kizuna felt like he had calmed down slightly.

「I’m completely useless as a big brother……」

「Well, I’ll have boss continue as lecturer for a while, so it’ll be fine if you close the distance with her bit by bit ain’t it?」

「I keep getting indebted to you Ger-san.」

Kizuna sighed. Gertrude flashed a satisfied smile to him.

「More importantly, the damn match just now……Setsuna-chan is really something.」

「Yeah……that talent of hers as pilot.」

「According to boss’s damn judgment, how much is it?」

「……She might rivaled Sophia.」

Gertrude’s mouth spontaneously whistled.

「That’s really damn something. But──」

「Yeah……I know.」

The problem wasn’t that.

The golden light before this was most likely Setsuna’s magic power. Even technical gear that didn’t use magical mechanism was manipulated using magic power due to that ability.

──That’s the power of machine god.

Anxiety whirled inside Kizuna’s heart.

Part 5[edit]

The silhouette of huge triangle shape rose to the forefront inside the air that was blurry due to the sand. Slightly dirty and uneven buildings were spreading all over in front of it like building blocks being scraped together.

「Fuwaaaa……so that’s a pyramid desu……amazing desu.」

The highest height was 400 meters in total. It was a world heritage which was the most famous ancient ruin in the world. It was the group of Giza’s pyramid located at the outskirt of Egypt’s Cairo.

The preparation had been finished by the intelligence department and the investigation of the places that were suspected as hiding magic weapon was starting.

The candidates were scattered all over the world. The ruins of Maya – Inca – Nazca at Central and South America, the holy land of North America Sedona, the ruins of Mesopotamia like Babylonia and the like, Australia’s Ayers Rock, England’s Stone Henge, Greece’s Delphi, Jerusalem, etc, etc. They formed team of two and investigated while receiving backup from the intelligence department.

And then Kizuna and Sylvia were in charge of Egypt.

Of course they didn’t enter the country in the normal way.

Last night, Kizuna and Sylvia infiltrated Cairo at night using Heart Hybrid Gear. And then after entering the hotel that had been arranged beforehand, they met with someone from Ataraxia’s intelligence department who was waiting there.

「Kizuna-sama. I’ve been waiting.」

「Valdy, sorry for all the troubles.」

Valdy usually followed Reiri around like shadow as bodyguard, but she was at this kind of place. Kizuna felt that it was a bit strange.

「No. However, I have to return to Ataraxia immediately. Tomorrow someone else will come to act as your support.」

「I see. So there is other team than us.」

Aine and Hayuru went to Australia, and Yurishia and Scarlet should be going to South America.

「No, it’s because there is no way I can leave Reiri-sama’s side for long.」

「Aa, so it’s like that……but, it’s not like Nee-chan is unarmed. After all Zecros is the strongest gear. I understand your feeling but, won’t it be alright even if you don’t worry that much?」

Valdy made a doubtful face when Kizuna said that.


Kizuna tilted his head seeing her reaction.

「What’s the matter?」

「……No, it’s nothing. This is your change of clothes.」

She handed a paper bag each to Kizuna and Sylvia. After that they confirmed the plans. The dawn had come right after they finished that.

「Then please excuse me.」

Valdy bowed and left the room.

──After that Kizuna and Sylvia moved inside Cairo using taxi. Their destination was Giza’s pyramid.

「Captain, it’s nice that it’s easy to disguise ourselves in Islamic country desu.」

Sylvia and Kizuna were wearing black veil from their head. It was the clothing style of Muslim woman that hid the whole body. Only their eyes were exposed. Their whole body was dressed in black. It was ideal for disguise.

「Yeah. Even though this is also woman clothing, but compared to when infiltrating into Vatlantis Empire, the hurdle is surprisingly low.」

「But, Sylvia also wanted to see it desu……」

Sylvia muttered with disappointment from the bottom of her heart.

Not far off from the pyramid. Kizuna and Sylvia got off from the taxi at the sphinx entrance gate. They were ripped off but, it was only a few hundred yen at most so they paid obediently as asked. It was safer than making a ruckus.

There was a shopping district until just before the entrance gate. Several famous chain stores of hamburger and pizza were lining up. There were also a lot of people. The atmosphere was really disordered.

Kizuna and Sylvia casually passed the gate and walked through the tourist course around the sphinx.

「How is it desu? Does captain feel something desu?」

Kizuna shook his head.

「No. Besides, there is also no trace of magic weapon at all……」

「Sylvia also cannot see any facility that looks like it desu.」

Sylvia looked up at the huge monument with human face and lion body.

「But……the sphinx looks like a magic weapon desu.」


Kizuna let out a smile and patted Sylvia’s head. He couldn’t touch her head directly due to the cloth covering her, so it didn’t really feel like he was patting her head. However Sylvia’s eyes were smiling.

「Ehehe……what should we do next desu?」

「Let’s try looking at the pyramid. It’s desert at the other side, so perhaps there is a large facility underground.」

「Roger desu.」

It was quite far but they traveled by walking. They could travel while investigating the surrounding, and in the slightest chance they got attacked inside a bus, they had no confidence that they would be able to solve it without resulting in any injured people.

There were several large warehouses that seemed to be a facility along the way but none of them was for researching archeology. They walked on the desert where rocks are lying around and went until right nearby the pyramid.

They were overwhelmed by the size of the pyramid seen from close, but there was also nothing that looked like development facility of magic weapon here.

「Amazing desu. To think that people in the past could create something like this.」

「What’s more the way to build this is still not clearly understood. It’s a ruin with many mysteries.」

「But captain, Sylvia is happy we can sightsee yet……it’s unthinkable that the pyramid is hiding magic weapon desu. Why are we coming until this near desu?」

Kizuna looked up to the huge ruin once more and said.

「I thought this might be the equivalent of Genesis in Lemuria. Perhaps I can understand something if I get closer to it.」

「Certainly, this is a top category ruin in this world desu. And, does captain learn anything desu?」

However Kizuna smiled wryly.

「No, not at all. How about you Sylvia? Do you sense anything special?」

Sylvia also shook her head left and right with a disappointed expression.

「Sylvia doesn’t feel anything special desu. But if we search the ruins like this, perhaps we will find a clue before long desu.」

「You’re right……let’s stop for today and continue tomorrow.」

「Roger desu.」

Kizuna opened the memo pad Valdy gave him. When the electronic paper confirmed Kizuna’s biometric sign, it made letters rose to the surface.

「We’re scheduled to be picked up just right here. It will be soon──」

At that time a large bus stopped in front of Kizuna and Sylvia.

The door opened with the sound of gas being compressed out. There a smug face was looking down on the two of them.

「I came to pick up you guys! Be thankful!」

That girl who looked like an elementary school student in a glance was dressed casually with a T-shirt and denim short pants. She was folding her arms looking self-important. Her ringlet curls blond hair that was styled into twintail bounced actively.


Sylvia smiled seeing her best friend who appeared unexpectedly.

「Come, get up quickly! We’ll talk after that!」

Sylvia hopped up to the bus’s step, Kizuna also followed right behind her.

The door immediately closed after the two got in and the bus slowly began to move. The inside of the bus was decorated like it was an extravagant living room. Fluffy carpet, leather sofa, wall made from wood. It was an extravagant design that was unthinkable for a bus interior.

「Say, Ragrus. Who is driving?」

「It’s in autopilot. Autopilot.」

Ragrus relaxed as though it was her own room. She threw herself on the sofa.

「There is toilet and shower room inside. Also there is a separate bedroom. It doesn’t have Love Room function though.」

Kizuna took off the black veil he had been wearing for the whole day and brushed his hair roughly with his hand.

「Aaa, that’s a relief.」

He ended up only in a T-shirt and brief after taking off the black dress wrapping around his body. Perhaps because he was confined in black clothes for the whole day, now he was feeling a refreshing sense of liberation.

「So the other intelligence member Valdy said she would send here is you Ragrus.」

「Well yeah. My face is not known in this world, so it’s convenient for this kind of activity. In exchange the time I can spend together with Sylvia became less though.」

Ragrus looked up at Sylvia whose whole body was still covered with black cloth and made a curious face.

「What’s wrong? Just strip off that kind of clothes quickly.」

「Err……about that desu……」

She was about to say something, but Sylvia changed her mind and took off her veil, exposing her face.

「Actually, there is clothes prepared under this dress too……Sylvia is wearing it desu but……」

「What about it?」

Sylvia resolutely took off the black cloth covering her whole body.


Ragrus made a strange voice and her cheeks reddened.

From under the cloth that was pitch black like darkness, what appeared was vivid red that wrapped around the white limbs. It was a provocative lingerie that made liberal use of lace and see through material.

Both the bra and panty allowed the important part to be seen. And then there was the garter belt made from lace and embroidery and the stocking that dyed her slender legs with faint red.

The obscene underwear that decorated Sylvia’s white beautiful skin made that immature and pure body to be like a lewd prostitute.

Sylvia’s cheeks blushed and she made an excuse hurriedly.

「Sylvia at first asked Valdy-san why is it this kind of underwear desu but……she said something like there is information, that everyone here is wearing plain cloth but, because of that there are a lot of people wearing showy things under it, and when it’s taken off it’s amazing desu……」

Was that information a necessary information? Kizuna thought doubtfully.

「Well, putting aside the authenticity of that information, I don’t think there’s any need for the detail to be that elaborate……」

When he glanced at Ragrus, she was looking completely entranced. Her mouth was half opened looking like she would be drooling, and her eyes were wide open like saucer.

「Err, Ragrus? For now can you tell us about our plan after this?」


Ragrus returned to her senses and wiped her mouth in hurry. And then she coughed to keep up her appearance.

「We, we’ll move on land like this. Our destination is Luxor. We’ll arrive in ten hours. Finish your sleep and rest and also hybrid during that time.」

「We don’t need to investigate around Cairo anymore?」

「Yes, we will prioritize Luxor.」

Sylvia also sat down beside Kizuna.

「Luxor, where is it located desu?」

「You can find the city by going upstream Nile River. The investigation target is the west bank. It’s a place that is called the valley of the kings, the city of the dead Necropolis. The magic power reaction is the strongest from there, and there is also information coming in that for a while even tourists got refused from visiting there. It’s blatantly suspicious right?」

Hearing the city of the dead Necropolis mentioned reminded Kizuna of his life saver Osiris in nostalgia. Surely Osiris’s world was used as reference when creating this world Lemuria.

「However Ragrus has also gotten really used to this world huh.」

How she was smoothly mentioning names of various place, how she came picking them up with a bus, how she grasped the situation of the sightseeing area, etc, her speech and conduct really had nothing to criticize. It could be seen clearly how she was discerning the common sense in Lemuria.

「Well yeah. I also had Sylvia taught me various things.」

「Ragrus-chan is really quick to learn desu.」

Ragrus averted her eyes to look outside the window in a bit of embarrassment.

「It’s only obvious because I’ve decided to live in this side. If I don’t properly show that I’m useful, I’ll end up becoming a mere burden who came from other world.」

To Kizuna that sounded like Ragrus’s true feeling which she suddenly expressed.

「Yeah. We’re helped thanks to that.」

「It’s true desu. An intelligence operative, that’s really cool desu.」

Ragrus folded her arms with an embarrassed face.

「We, well, I’ve been teamed up with Valdy from the start so it’s easy to work. Sometimes I don’t really get her but……well, I’ll show just how competent I am.」

And then she stared shyly at Sylvia before averting her eyes right away.

「……But, perhaps joining Amaterasu one day and forming a duo with Sylvia, might be nice too……wait, that’s just a thought, that’s all.」

Sylvia smiled brightly.

「That’s true isn’t it desu. The intelligence operative Ragrus-chan is cool but, that idea is also wonderful desu. Sylvia will be waiting desu.」

Ragrus looked down while turning red until her ears. Her shoulders were shaking from embarrassment, but it seemed she went over her limit and she suddenly raised her face and howled.

「I, it doesn’t matter about me! More importantly, we don’t know what will be in Luxor! Do your hybrid quickly!」

「Will Ragrus-chan, do it too desu?」

「It can’t be helped right!? The magic power consumption in Lemuria is absurd after all!」

There Ragrus paused and averted her face awkwardly.

「We, well, I’ll stop if Sylvia doesn’t like it though……」

「That’s not true desu. Sylvia is happy to be able to do hybrid together with Ragrus-chan desu.」

「The, then that’s fine……」

Ragrus fidgeted restlessly as though there was something that she found it hard to say.

「A, also……I, I’ve never ultimate hybrid before so……I’m wondering, what kind of hybrid it is.」

「I, it’s a bit embarrassing desu but……in that case……」

Sylvia looked toward Kizuna with an inquiring gaze.

「Yeah. Perhaps there’ll be battle in Luxor after all. We need to replenish magic power, and there is also that case with the Dragre the other day. It will be safer to do ultimate hybrid with Sylvia beforehand. Ragrus too, looks like she is interested in what her best friend is doing.」

「I, I’m, not really, that……」

Ragrus didn’t know what to say and her eyes wandered around with red face.

「E, enough already! Le, let’s begin!」

Ragrus resolutely took off her T-shirt. Her slightly swelling breasts and the light pink tips on them immediately greeted them. She wasn’t wearing a bra, no, there was no need for her to wear one so it was only natural.

Kizuna also pulled Sylvia beside him into his embrace.


However when his lips touched her neck, Sylvia gasped in realization and jumped back.

「No, no good desu! First Sylvia will take a shower desu!! Sylvia has been sweaty this whole day desu.」

「Aa……certainly. But, I don’t mind──」

「Sylvia mind desu!」

Sylvia’s expression was resolute, showing that she wouldn’t concede at all.

It was a waste that she would take off the sexy lingerie that she was rarely wearing. That was the thought of Kizuna and Ragrus, but Sylvia was unexpectedly fussy about this kind of thing.

「No, I just wanted to say that I don’t mind but, Sylvia will be bothered by my smell right? That’s all.」

Kizuna stood up with a wry smile and headed toward the shower room at the back of the bus. The door was made from glass, so he could see that the place was spacious even before entering. Sylvia and Ragrus also followed behind.

「Sylvia’ll was captain’s back desu.」

「The, then, I’ll also do it for you.」

And so Kizuna ended up taking a shower together with the two girls with immature appearance.

And then he reconfirmed Sylvia and Ragrus’s miraculously childish physique once more. Furthermore their skin that glistened from getting wet by the shower’s hot water was lustrous. It made him felt forbidden allure from them.

Although they had childish physique, compared to genuine primary grade student, there was distinct difference. If he had to make an example, it was like a flower bud that was still stiff and a flower bud that was in the verge of blooming.

Sylvia and Ragrus’s breasts weren’t flat but slightly swelling, he could feel their softness when touching them. The curve of their body was properly there like with the slimness of their waist.

Even so, to be honest the two of them were at the age where it their body style should grown a bit more mature.

「How is it desu? Does it feel good desu?」

「Yeah……it feels really good.」

They were in a place with a lot of sand and dust for the whole day, so it felt really good to dash hot water from his head. But the pleasure from Sylvia and Ragrus surpassed that.

Four small hands rubbing and washing his important place gave him a pleasure that sent shivers to his tailbone.

There was the impulse of wanting to say that place wasn’t his back, but even his complaint withdrew in front of this pleasure.

Sylvia’s technique was surprisingly good. She accurately pinpointed the place that felt good as though she was reading Kizuna’s heart. She immediately made Kizuna’s thing to stand tall right after entering the shower room.

「Captain’s……it’s big desu.」

「Really……it’s hard……」

The two’s hand held it between them from left and right. They stroke it up and down to lather it with soap. And then their other hand was gently massaging the thing dangling below it.

「Hey, Sylvia. I’ve been curious since before but……what is inside this thing?」

「Sylvia also don’t really know desu. But, it looks like the origin of baby is inside this desu.」

Ragrus softly grasped it and then rolled it inside her hand.

「…….This thing rolling around inside. This is the origin of baby?」

「It’s what is making the origin of baby……Sylvia think desu. Perhaps desu.」

It was like two primary school student talking. But the topic was about the body of Kizuna himself. It made him felt embarrassed and also conflicted that they were having such talk right before him.

Ragrus used her fingertip to caress Kizuna’s hard thing from its head until its base.

「But, will this really……enter? Isn’t it impossible?」

「That’s not true desu.」

「Hmmmm……hey, Kizuna. Can you crouch a bit?」

Kizuna slightly bent his knee and lowered his waist just as he was told. Ragrus got closer to Kizuna and stuck his abdomen tightly on him. Her eyes widened seeing Kizuna’s tip reached until above her belly button.

「Because, it’s reaching until this high you know? It’s completely impossible right?」

「Umm. Now that you mentioned it, it’s mysterious desu……」

Sylvia also measured Kizuna’s length with her body like Ragrus.

「It’s true desu……but, everything can go in you know desu?」

「No way, really? The, then…….ca, can it also, enter inside me?」

「Sylvia think it might be alright desu. At first it’ll be a bit hurt but, it seems the pain is really small compared to normal due to the core’s effect desu.」

「I, I see……Sylvia got no problem with this?」

「Of course desu. Captain was really gentle desu♥」

The two didn’t notice how their conduct and conversation gave Kizuna stimulation and excitement. Even if it was something innocent for Ragrus and Sylvia, for Kizuna it felt like a very obscene and immoral act.

「Then, we will wash the foam desu.」

Kizuna stopped crouching and the shower’s hot water washed him. The foam was washed away and Sylvia brought her face closer.

「Captain is clean now desu♪」

Kizuna also took a body soap with both hand and started making it foam.

「It makes me feel bad to do nothing, so I’ll also wash the two of you.」

「Eh, that’s. Sylvia will service……aahn♥」

「Wa, wait a second! I’m, weak when it’s done to──nnkkuuunnnh♡!!」

The two tried to run, but there was no way to run inside the shower room. Even if they hid their body with their hands, when his hand caressed along their spine, their body bent back.


And then after he lathered foam from their side to their abdomen, their hands went away from their breasts.

Kizuna didn’t let go of that opening and gently caressed their breasts. His fingertip was feeling slight softness, but their sensitivity was sharp as though in inverse proportion to that smallness.

「Aahnn, do, don’t desuu. The, the tip is haahn!」

「Aah! Do, don’t touch there so persisten-, aaaaahhaaaah!」

The two’s resistance surrendered against the pleasure they felt from the tip of their breast. At this point they couldn’t resist the pleasure anymore. They could only twist their childish body along with the pleasure created by Kizuna’s hands. Kizuna’s hands went away from their breast and twined around their slender body. And then he grasped their butt.

「Hyaaaahn! I-, it’s intense desu-」

「Yah, do, don’t spread it like that-, fuaaahhan!」

He grasped, kneaded, and pulled at each side of their butt’s mount one by one.

「Haah, aan. Captain’s hand is also……big desu.」

「Kuu……my, my butt, is, getting hot.」

The two’s temperature that was transmitted to Kizuna’s body was gradually increasing. When Kizuna’s hands let go of their butt, he made the two of them to stand side by side and his hands reached out to their respective crotch from the front.



The two of them reflexively closed their thighs when their most sensitive part was touched.

「Come on, both of you. Open your legs.」

「Ye, yes……desu.」

「Do, don’t be, too rough okay?」

The two hesitantly opened their legs.

Even with their legs opened, there was only a single slit there. Kizuna moved his finger to slip inside like groping for a completely closed valley.


「As, as expected……this is embarrassing.」

When Kizuna located the sensitive bud, he gently shook his fingers.

「Haa……haa……nn, nnfuuh……a♥」

「Ku……ha, aaaaa♡nnu……ya, aan♡」

The two of them stayed standing without even being able to run away from the pleasure given to them. They could only tremble from the sensual happiness.

MGHxHV14 009 ill.jpg

「Ca, captain’s hand, fe, feels good desu♥」

「Ye, yes, it is……-! Ku, kuuhnn♡」

Sylvia looked toward Ragrus with a face that reddened erotically.

「Ragrus-chan, are you, alright……desu?」

「Ye, yeah……but, my waist is shaking……I might not be able to put strength into my legs……nnuuh!」

The two of them were breathing hard as though they had just run long distance. They let out their tongue and desperately breathed in air.

Something slipper was flowing out from the two’s chasm. It didn’t just wet Kizuna’s finger but also trickled down their thighs.

「Haah, hah, a♥ aaah, aah♥」

「Yaa……aaah♡! Ah, hah, haah, hah♡」

The two of them were making face that was completely drowning in pleasure. Their eyes half closed drowsily. Their mouth lost any tension and opened slightly, their tongue was peeking out from between there.

It wasn’t a face that a little girl would make.

Their body would sometimes jerk. Their important part that Kizuna was touching had also become completely hot and wet.

Kizuna got the hunch that they would arrive at their first climax soon. Kizuna shook his fingers slightly stronger.

Ragrus stood on her tiptoes and threw her head back.

「AaAAAAAH! Sy, Sylvia, I, I’m, already……♡」

Sylvia took Ragrus’s hand and entwined their fingers together.

「Do, do your best desu. Sylvia too, in a bit more──aAAAAHNN! ♥」

「Y, yhes! Bu, buutttt♡ Ou♡ OaAAAH!」

Kizuna attacked the sensitive protrusion while his fingertips buried themselves into the hot and moist hole.

「AaAAA, Ragrus-chan, to, together-, AaAAAAAAAAAA♥♥♥」


Sylvia also stood on her tiptoes and the legs of the two stretched straight. And then hot liquid flowed out from their closed slit, making sound on the floor of the shower room.

「Haah, aa, au……♥」

「Hya……♡aaa, haa, ha……♡」

They looked like they would collapse. Kizuna held their body and exited the shower room.

When he went to the bedroom, there was a bed that used the whole width of the bus there. Kizuna laid down the two’s body on the bed and toweled them.

「So, sorry desu……even though, Sylvia and Ragrus-chan need to give service……」

「Bu, but, after experiencing something like that……I just can’t……」

Kizuna stared at the two’s limp body and moved to the next step.

Kizuna held up Sylvia’s leg and then he lifted up her small body.

「Hyah!? Ca, captain?」

Sylvia immediately placed her hands around Kizuna’s neck. She was in a posture of both her legs being opened widely and embraced from the front.

「Sylvia is really light.」

Sylvia let out a sad voice when he said that with a smile.

「Uu……Sylvia doesn’t grow taller at all in this half year desu……somehow, it looks like Sylvia’s growth has really stopped completely desu……」

「Is that so?」

「Yes……Sylvia’s body should become a nice body like Yurishia-san desu but……」

He didn’t understand what was her basis of thinking that she would become like Yurishia, but thinking of their race it wasn’t unreasonable for her to think that.

However perhaps this too was a kind of miracle in its own way.

「But, I’m also happy that Sylvia will still be the cute Sylvia forever though.」

「I, is that so desu? Really desu?」

「Yeah. Of course it’s true.」

Sylvia strongly hugged Kizuna’s neck.

「Then……Sylvia isn’t sad, even if she doesn’t grow taller desu……captain♥」

And then the two naturally kissed. Sylvia opened her lips and waited for Kizuna to enter. When Kizuna’s tongue began to trace Sylvia’s line of small teeth, Sylvia also moved her tongue seeking for Kizuna.


Ragrus made a face that wasn’t amused seeing the passionate kiss.

「Really, how long are you two going to suck each other’s lips……」

When Kizuna and Sylvia’s lips separated, they looked at each other and smiled shyly.

After this he would do ultimate hybrid with Sylvia, but it would be done while Ragrus was watching──it was slightly embarrassing when thinking that. Even though they had experience doing harem hybrid with 26 people.

「Then, Sylvia. We’ll start like this.」

「Fue? Like this……」

And then Kziuna slowly lowered Sylvia’s body.

Sylvia finally noticed Kizuna’s intention at this time.

「Sylvia, will be skewered by captain desu……♥」

However Kizuna’s tip missed Sylvia’s entrance.


Sylvia noticed that situation and turned toward Ragrus.

「Ragrus-chan……please help desu.」

Ragrus who was sitting on the bed watching with held breath lifted her waist.

「Yeah, alright but……」

She said that and crouched in front of Kizuna, then she guided Kizuna’s tip to Sylvia’s entrance.

「Thank you, Ragrus.」

Kizuna smiled at her. Ragrus lifted her face a bit anxiously, even so her expression was filled with curiosity.

「Bu, but……will it really enter? This thing?」

Ragrus had experience doing heart hybrid but, she had never done ultimate hybrid, she had never even seen it. Her eyes were sparkling with curiosity.

「Ragrus-chan. Please watch from there desu.」

「Ye, yes.」

Ragrus continued watching the part where the two were connected while sitting.

Sylvia’s body that was held by Kizuna was slowly descending. The head’s tip was already slipping into Sylvia’s lips with Ragrus’s help. It pushed open Sylvia’s small lips in one go.

「Nnh♥! Ha, aa……」

Ragrus gulped her saliva.

「A, amazing……it’s really, entering……」

Kizuna’s thickest part entered inside Sylvia. Then Sylvia’s inside hugged Kizuna’s thing with all its strength as though to express her affection with her all.

「Kuh……Sylvia’s inside, is really……tight.」

「Ca, captain too……it’s big♥ AaANNNH♥」

Ragrus muttered when it entered until the middle.

「He, hey, you’re still going in? I, is it alright?」

「No, worry desu……a, hauuuuhnnn♥」

Kizuna’s thing was welcomed until deep inside by Sylvia’s own weight.

And then finally Kizuna’s abdomen and Sylvia’s entrance bumped.

「Ama……zing, it, it really, went all in……」

Ragrus raised a surprised voice when Kizuna’s thing completely disappeared from view. And then she looked up worriedly at Sylvia who was gasping with anguished look.

「Sy, Sylvia, you alright? It doesn’t hurt?」

Sylvia turned around with a happy smile.

「It’s tough but……it doesn’t hurt desu……it feels really, good desu♥」

「Is that so……」

「Inside my stomach, is full with captain desu♥……」

Ragrus’s eyes moistened seeing Sylvia smiling in ecstasy.

「Then, here I go.」

Kizuna started moving by shaking his waist.

「Ah♥ A! An♥ A, amazing desu. Somehow, it feels strange desu.」

「Strange how?」

「Sylvia feels like she’s floating in the air……but captain is holding Sylvia tight……hauuu」

Kizuna gradually increased his pace and rampaged inside Sylvia.

「Bu, but, captain, aren’t you, tired desu-, aah♥! Hauuh!」

「Sylvia is light like feather. Perhaps I can do something like this is only with Sylvia, see-」

Sylvia hugged Kizuna with her whole body to show her happiness.

「Then, e, even a small, body……auhn! Mi, might be good, desuu, haan!」

Kizuna almost reached the limit faster than usual due to the great pleasure from Sylvia’s embrace.

「A, aah, aaaaah♥ Ca, captain-, Sy♥ Sylvia’s, already-!」

「Haaah, hahiih♥ Ple, please come desu-♥uUUUUuUUH♥!」

Kizuna brought down Sylvia’s body as far as possible and penetrated deeply.


In that moment Kizuna’s tip fired with fierce momentum. The source of life powerfully struck Sylvia’s inside. Sylvia was feeling that pressure and pulsation at the deepest part of her body.

「A, aa……aAAAaAA♥……a, amazhing♥ desuu……hot……Sylvia’s stomach, is full♥……desu♥」

Kizuna laid down Sylvia on the bed.

He slowly pulled out in front of Ragrus who was staring with moist eyes.


When the head slipped out, Kizuna’s thing bounced up vigorously.


Ragrus unconsciously raised her voice.

That thing was completely wet with the liquids that Sylvia and Kizuna let out.

「This was……inside Sylvia until now……」

Ragrus gulped audibly. And then her face came closer unconsciously.

「Tsu!? Ragrus?」

When he noticed, she was crawling her tongue on Kizuna’s thing.

「Haa……this is……♡」

And then she held it in her mouth. She was licking and sucking it as though to clean the liquid sticking on Kizuna. Thanks to that Kizuna’s thing was maintaining its hardness even without rest.

「I see, next is Ragrus’s turn for heart hybrid huh.」

However, Ragrus shook her face left and right while still holding Kizuna inside her mouth.

「It’s not?」


Sylvia who was still breathing roughly spoke with a weak voice.

「Plaese, do it to……Ragrus-chan too desu.」


Kizuna stared at Ragrus who was burying her face onto his crotch. When he caressed her head, Ragrus’s mouth separated from his thing.

And then she rubber her cheek on the thing that was glistening with her own saliva.

「This. I also…..want it.」

She stared at Kizuna with a completely sexually excited eyes. She pleaded with a heated sigh.

「I also……want to try……doing u, ultimate hybrid.」

Part 6[edit]

After that, Ragrus also finished ultimate hybrid without trouble while Sylvia was watching.

Kizuna lied down on the bed. He turned his face to his right side. Ragrus’s sleeping face was there breathing softly.

「Is she already asleep desu?」

「Yeah, she is sleeping peacefully.」

When he looked at the opposite side, he found Sylvia’s smiling face.

「That’s great desu. Ragrus-chan also looks happy desu.」

「We should sleep too. We have to rest in preparation for tomorrow.」

Sylvia nodded. She then turned over and lied face up.

「But it’s mysterious desu. After doing this with captain, power is welling up inside endlessly. Surely Ragrus-chan is also going to be stronger than before with this desu.」

Kizuna also looked up at the ceiling.

「It’s the power of Eros’s core rather than my power though.」

「But, Sylvia think that’s also captain’s power desu.」

「I wonder……if there is anything that I do, it’s thinking of the partner, treasuring them, and loving them……I think. Perhaps Eros is sharing my feeling.」

The back of Sylvia’s hand touched Kizuna.

「Eros is the core of love isn’t it desu.」

Kizuna reflexively smiled.

「That sounds nice.」

Kizuna entwined his fingers with Sylvia’s hand and they held hand.

──Thinking back,

In the past I also asked Grace, Gravel, and also Landred about Eros. But, no one knew about its existence. It seems that even Atlantis doesn’t have any core like Eros.

Why did Thanatos create this kind of irregular core?

Besides, it looks like Eros has been in this world since a long time ago……it’s wrapped in mystery.


Before he noticed Sylvia had snuggled on Kizuna’s body and brought her lips close to his ear.

「There is still seven hour until we arrive at Luxor desu.」

It was a pleasant whisper.

「Is it fine……to do it just a bit more desu?」

Invited by the sweet and tempting whisper of the succubus, Kizuna stared at Sylvia. Her eyes were moist with expectation. Her cheeks were reddening with shame and excitement.

Kizuna quietly pulled Sylvia toward him so to not wake up Ragrus.

Part 7[edit]

They arrived in Luxor. While heading toward the valley of the kings, the road was blocked.

「It’s getting even more suspicious.」

The bus stopped at nearby parking lot and they discussed of their plan ahead.

「It will be dawn soon but, the outside is still dark. Let’s go out for recon right now.」

The two agreed with Kizuna’s suggestion and changed into pilot suit before exiting the bus.


Jet black armor attached itself on Kizuna’s body as though night itself was melting onto him.

「Taros and Demon will stand out too much here.」

Kizuna said that and held the two in his arms.

「Endure it for a bit.」

Kizuna deployed his barrier in front of him and started running. And then his thruster came to life and they cut across the dry wasteland with low-altitude flying. He rushed through the darkness without a single light around and suddenly climbed up steeply.

When they flew across high above the set up barricade, he noticed the light far ahead.

「So that’s the valley of the kings.」

A valley was brightly illuminated within the darkness. It was a desolate valley that was sandwiched between the rocky mountain slopes.

Something curious was lying down there.

It was like a huge organism made from metal.

However it was an animal that couldn’t possibly exist in this world.

That was a dragon with three heads.


Kizuna landed on the slope in front of the valley of the kings and hid inside the darkness.

「Captain, just now……」

Sylvia whispered into his ear. Ragrus muttered that name before Kizuna could reply.

「Tri-Head……I’m amazed something like that is remaining here.」

「Yeah, that’s a really formidable enemy.」

──What now?

They were already having a hard time against Dragre, it would inevitably be a hard battle if they faced Tri-Head……no, this time he had done ultimate hybrid with Sylvia and Ragrus.


「Let’s destroy the Tri-Head before it’s activated.」

Sylvia and Ragrus nodded.

「Most likely there is multinational Heart Hybrid Gear force guarding it. They will surely appear if we cause a commotion.」

「Then, we just need to destroy it swiftly isn’t it?」

「Yeah. Leave the multinational force to me, I’ll leave the Tri-Head to Sylvia and Ragrus.」

「Understand desu. We will defeat it while it’s asleep desu.」

Kizuna nodded, then Sylvia and Ragrus each yelled their core’s name.



The two’s body shined and floated lightly in the air. Lines of light grew from their arms and legs. They moved to draw the shape of armor like drawing a blueprint in the air. Particles of magic power gathered, materialized, and manifested the parts that were drawn in the blueprint. And then it was put together in the blink of eye like watching construction progress in fast forward.

When he realized, giant frames that he had to look up to had manifested.

The fantastic appearance of the white and purple giant frame emitted an indescribable terror. Gun of judgment at the left and hammer of sealing at the right. That was the biggest and strongest Heart Hybrid Gear Taros.

A vivid red giant frame. The figure that stood imposingly with its powerful arms that were hiding terrifying destructive power folded, it truly looked like a demon. The hell inferno that would burn everything to ash, the magic armor Demon.

「We’re going! Sylvia!!」

「Roger desu! Ragrus-chan!!」

The two giant gears flew over the mountain. They slid down the slope at the opposite side.

And then Sylvia approached Tri-Head while focusing her aim with the main cannons Ignis on both her shoulders.


The particle cannons that rivaled a battleship’s main cannon hit Tri-Head’s body and a giant flame blast rose up.

That impact and explosive sound immediately caused the valley of this kings to become flurried.

「What happened just now!?」

Rushing out from a simple lodging house was Valkyrie’s captain Christelle. It seemed she rushed out in panic after waking up from sleep. She wasn’t even wearing her pilot suit properly. She barely got her legs to put on the suit, but her chest was exposed. The pink tips were also shaking greatly.

Elfriede wearing her pilot suit perfectly came toward Christelle who was in such unladylike appearance.

「Christelle, it’s Amaterasu.」

「As I thought, they sniffed it out huh……」

Christelle bit her nail. A man’s voice talked to her.

「Aa, my bad. We’ll defeat the Tri-Head here.」


When she turned around with her breasts swinging around with her, a man in black was standing there.


Cold sweat trickled down Christelle’s cheek.

Kizuna made a slightly surprised face. However, Christelle didn’t manage to grasp the meaning of that expression.


Elfriede whispered idly beside her in Kizuna’s place.



She hurriedly hugged her breasts to hide them.

「Kuh……my breasts are costly just so you know……」

「Sorry, I’ll apologize for that.」

Christelle put her arms through the pilot suit’s arm hole and locked the electronic fastener.

「It seems you planned a surprise attack but, we’ll turn the table on you. That Tri-Head is installed with nine cores. It’s beyond compare with the Dragre! Besides──」

Christelle made a proud gesture.


A beautiful Heart Hybrid Gear with white armor and blue and red additional colors enveloped her body. Her action pose made it looked like a hero’s transformation scene.


On the other hand Elfriede didn’t take any pose. Her standing posture was equipped with gray and slightly rugged armor just like that.

「My bad but, I’ll be the opponent of you guys──Mode Taros!!」

Eros’s light changed into purple color. At the same time outrageous power welled up inside Kizuna’s body.

Christelle frowned seeing that transformation.

「That phenomenon again……what’s with that gear?」

She pulled out Mires’s weapon, a sword and moved the swords floating beside her body to take fighting readiness. These swords had the same function like Neros’s Blade. However the number was half of Neros and both its speed and also destructive power were inferior. So to speak it was the scaled down version of Neros.

「Noow then……」

She quickly sent her swords as a feint. And then she herself also dashed forward.

And then behind her Elfriede gave cover fire with her rifle.

──Prepare yourself Hida Kizuna! No matter how superior Ros-series is……!?

Kizuna swung up his fist and he was already punching.

At the ground.


Christelle reflexively raised her voice. The ground below her vanished.

──No way-!?

The ground collapsed.

Kizuna’s fist created a crater like a falling meteor.

Wind blast and cloud of sand whirled up. And then the split up ground soared high to the sky as though it was blown away.

Elfriede’s sight was taken away. She helplessly lowered her rifle.


The sound of metal clashing resounded inside the cloud of sand.

──They’re crossing swords?

But the next moment Christelle’s body flew out from inside the smoke.


Elfriede couldn’t catch Christelle’s body and the two of them somersaulted before falling on the ground and rolling around.

Christelle lifted up her upper body and spat out some words.

「Damn you……what brutish power!」

Kizuna’s figure showed up from the other side of the thinning cloud.

「I want to ask something. Is that the last magic weapon that is equipped with Heart Hybrid Gear’s core?」

「So what about it huh!!」

Kizuna stared at Christelle’s angry look and muttered a question.

「What are you scheming?」

「……Ha? Of course it’s creating a strong weapon and subduing you guys.」

Christelle glared at Kizuna with an obviously displeased look.

The two glared at each other for several seconds.

「……I see. In that case──」

Tri-Head’s roar thundered at that time.

Three giant necks rose up at the searchlight. It moved around its necks like it was just waking up from sleep and confirming the enemy’s existence.

「So it activate completely……this is bad.」

「Ahahahahahahahaha! How unfortunate for you! This fight is ours now!」

Her expression changed completely from before and she puffed out her chest with a smug expression.

「You’re a girl with extreme change in emotion huh……」

「Hah! Say whatever you like! With this the secret of other world belong to us!」

「Why do you want to learn that so much?」

「Because, it’s unfair that you guys are monopolizing it for yourself! If you guys know the secret, then I also have the right to know! Monopolizing technology is unforgivable!」

「My bad but, I can’t allow that.」

「Why not!?」

「A power that is too much for you will destroy yourself.」


Christelle tilted her head with an expression that asked just what was he saying.

「We saw a world that destroyed itself because of technology that was developed without end. Other world’s technology isn’t something that we mankind can manage. As long as we ourselves don’t grow, we won’t be happy no matter how amazing the technology we developed. We will only get swung around by the tool we created and head toward self-destruction.」


Kizuna thought that Christelle would get worked up and argued back but she was staying quiet. It was unexpected for Kizuna.

Christelle stared fixedly at Kziuna with her blue eyes.

「……You talked like you know it all. But, as long as you don’t do something about that, there will be no tomorrow for you.」

Christelle pointed at the Tri-Head with her thumb.

At that time flame approached toward their location.


Kizuna reflexively yelled toward Christelle.

「Watch out!!」

Christelle and Elfriede got down on the ground while Kizuna flew to the sky.

Tri-head’s flame grazed Kizuna’s foot.

「Uou!? That’s dangerous……Sylvia! Ragrus! Are you two okay!?」

Tri-Head’s three heads were breathing out flame. Red giant frame was running around amidst that.

『Shut up for a bit-!! This dragon, it’s super annoying──!!』

Ragrus’s enraged face was projected in front of Kizuna’s face. Her face was sooty and even her blond ringlet curls were also slightly scorched.

『Sylvia-! I’ll throw it your way, so do something about it!!』


Kizuna didn’t understand what she meant but, it seemed her meaning was conveyed to Sylvia.

『Leave it to Sylvia desu!』

She replied without qualm.

──However, there is no way she can punch that Tri-Head flying.

Kizuna wondered what she was going to do. Then a shocking scene entered his eyes.


Demon grabbed the Tri-Head’s tail and began to swing around the giant body with total length of 80 meter like a giant swing.

「Oi oi……there’s no way」

No matter how powerful Demon was, something like this was impossible.

No, it was impossible before.

──Ultimate hybrid.

Tri-Head’s giant body passed over Kizuna’s head. He unconsciously ducked and half-smiled.

「That’s amazing……」

『Here I go!! Sylvia!!』

Demon’s hands let go.

Tri-Head’s body flew to diagonally above. However, Tri-Head that was freed spread its wings to control its posture. It raised an angry roar and hovered a kilometer above the ground. And then its three heads turned toward the opponent who threw it and glared.

However Demon and Ragrus folded her arms and yelled victoriously.

「Get him! Sylvia!!」

「Roger desu!」

Taros was behind Tri-Head. And then the right arm’s hammer that looked like a safe was directed toward Tri-Head. The seal opened with a sound.

「Corruption Armament Titania!!」

The Pandora’s box opened and darkness was liberated.

That darkness flew straight toward its prey.

It was a black celestial body.

A cage of gravity where even light couldn’t escape.

The black hole caught Tri-Head’s tail.

In that moment, the three headed dragon who managed to luckily survive until now received death sentence.

Tri-Head that noticed the abnormality turned one of its heads to behind. There half of its body turned smaller and sucked into a small black sphere.

The dragon head raised a growl that resounded from the bottom of its stomach.

Tri-Head exerted all its strength and struggled to escape from Titania.

However that was impossible.

A cry that sounded like a shriek surged out from the three heads. But Tri-Head’s body was gradually sucked into the black sphere.

Suddenly the cry vanished.

The figure of Tri-head wasn’t there. There was only a black sphere floating under the sky of dawn.

That sphere returned into Taros’s right arm, then it was locked behind the seal once more.

「You did it, Sylvia!」

「We did it desu, Ragrus-chan!」

The two of them held each other’s hands.

「Amazing you two! I was shocked.」

Kizuna flew toward the two. They welcomed him with smiling faces.

「It’s thanks to captain’s love desu.」

「Ri, right. Without ultimate hybrid, I wouldn’t be able to throw it.」

Christelle’s angry voice resounded at that time.


She was approaching with a terrible expression.

Kizuna’s face twitched, then he got on Taros’s shoulder.

「Sorry Sylvia. Run away in full speed.」

「Roger desu! Ragrus-chan too, please hop on desu!」

Ragrus also dispelled Demon and got on Sylvia’s side.

「Mission complete. Returning home to Ataraxia desu!!」

Taros’s huge rocket spewed flame.


The Heart Hybrid Gear that looked like magic weapon flew away above Christelle’s head. Taros that was accelerated with ultimate hybrid surpassed the speed of sound in the blink of eye and vanished from the sight of Christelle and others.


Elfriede stared at the back of Christelle and called her name.

「Even Tri-Head is defeated.」


She thought that Christelle would rage, but her voice was extremely calm.

「No matter how powerful magic weapon we prepared, it won’t be a match against that. It’s not even exploding the opponent, but absorbing them……」

「Don’t be that dejected. We still──」

Christelle suddenly brought her face close to Elfriede who tried to console her. With a wide smile.

「Because you saw!? Just now! That was a black hole you know!? There is a limit even in being absurd!」


「It’s clear with this. As I thought, we can’t win by fighting them from the front.」

Christelle took Elfriede’s hands.

「The small scale experiment is a success, so it’s fine! What’s left is to carry it out without any rehearsal but, we will manage somehow! Aa, I’m really looking forward to it!」

「Christelle, you aren’t frustrated?」

「Not at all!」

And then she spoke like a child who couldn’t wait for Christmas to come.

「Because, that power will soon belong to me!!」

Chapter 4 – Vatlantis’s Mother and Hero of Ill Fate[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Several months after Gravel’s wedding ceremony.

At the palace of Vatlantis Empire, the new royal guard captain Hyakurath was swamped with work.

In the office that Zelcyone used in the past. Hyakurath was facing the desk with tearful eyes. Everyday paperwork was piled up on the massive desk like a mountain.

「Err, this is petition from the third unit……transfer request, punishment for violating rules……that’s right, I have to make the draft to review the rules……err, this is the military’s budgetary allocation for next year……it’ll take several days just for looking at this……」

When she had only just begun the work,

『So Zelcyone-sama was taking care of this much work. Amazing.』

She was impressed, but Clayda of Quartum said,

『No, she practically delegated all of it to each department.』

Hyakurath was speechless hearing Clayda saying that casually.

Then, if she was asked whether she could do the same, what if a great problem occurred in the future──thinking that, Hyakurath got scared and couldn’t copy Zelcyone.

『What did Zelcyone-sama do when a problem occurred?』

『She severely punished the one responsible.』

She also threw all the responsibility to her subordinate. Her doing such thing──just imagining it made her back shuddered.

As might be expected from the top leader of the whole army, every single one of the approval document was heavy. A single one of this document would greatly change the life of many. When she thought that, her stomach felt painful.

Even so it would still be alright if it was just deskwork.

Mercuria who was flipping the schedule register beside the desk checked the time.

「Hyakurath, it will be the departure ceremony of the western subjugation force soon. Please give a speech to increase the morale.」

Hyakurath’s face struck against the deck with bumping sound. Hyakurath asked with a weeping voice while keeping her face on the desk.

「To, today, that’ll be all……right? When it’s over, it’ll be fine to go home won’t it?」

Mercuria’s face twitched and she glared at the back of Hyakurath’s head.

「Don’t sleep talking. After that will be briefing the new soldiers, and then giving warning to rule offenders──you’ve to scare them to death.」

「I, I get it……but, after that」

「From the evening it’ll be a meeting with the generals of the subjugation army. It’ll be the confirmation of their duty for three months ahead. Question them harshly about the matter of their failure to subjugate the west’s insurrection army. Don’t you spoil them too much.」

「……My stomach feels painful.」


Hyakurath raised her face that looked like it would break crying even now.

「There is……still more?」

「At night it’ll be a party in the palace. Civil officials and big shots of financial world will gather there. Please give a speech that’ll make them think that their future will be bright if they do a favor for the military. Also display the dignity of the royal guard and make them swear an oath of allegiance to Grace-sama.」

「……I want, to go home……」

Mercuria pressed her forehead to endure her headache.

「Get a hold of yourself, Hyakurath. How long you’re going to speak childishly.」

Hyakurath gasped in realization and she smiled.

「Tha, that’s right. Won’t it be fine if Mercuria attend the meeting and give a speech in my place? I think Mel will be able to do a good job.」

Blood vessel pulsed on Mercuria’s forehead.

「Don’t speak like you got a good idea! How can the captain not do it herself!?」

「It’ll be fine! The vice captain can do it too!!」

「There’s no way it’s fine! You’re advertised as the face of the royal guard! What’ll happen if I’m the one who show up!? Besides you’re already a hero! Everyone is hoping for you to come and speak! Anyone else won’t cut it!」

Once she got the ball rolling, Mercuria’s dissatisfaction flooded out one after another.

「Even I wanted to pile up achievement in Tigris squad, and yet you appointed me as you please to become something like vice captain that doesn’t have any real authority! What I’m doing here is practically babysitting you!」

「Because……because, it’s impossible for me alone mon!」

Mercuria scratched her red hair roughly.

「AAAAAH! Don’t say mon like a child! Listen well, you absolutely mustn’t speak like that in public!!」

Tears finally spilled out from Hyakurath’s eyes.


「Don’t cry! I’m the one who want to cry!」

Hyakurath’s shrunk her shoulders and hung her head down.

「Do……do your best, do your best……Hyakurath……uu……」

Honestly, Mercuria also thought that this work didn’t suit Hyakurath’s personality. However at the same time she understood that the one who could do this work the best was also Hyakurath.

The war with other world was over and the Genesis was also resurrected. And then this was an important period where both Atlantis and Vatlantis Empire were stepping into a new situation. If they cut corners even just for a bit here, people with power would start rearing their head and aimed for hegemony. In fact, an insurrection was occurring at the countryside that was far away from the capital.

Right now Vatlantis Empire had to become one under Emperor Grace. Strong power was necessary for that. Hyakurath was the symbol of that.

Putting aside the person’s timidity, she possessed the strength that made her be called as sword saint and also good social standing. And then her clean personal history that wouldn’t show any stain no matter how scrupulous anyone scrutinized it. Her virtuous personality. There was nothing that could be reproached from her as someone who was held up as a hero. In addition her appearance was outstanding. The gorgeous and beautiful appearance of Hyakurath boasted immense popularity even among the populace.

Zelcyone was a type who ruled with fear. That terrifying personality brought order instead in that chaotic period. She had also done considerable dastardly deed but, it was a necessary evil.

──However it would be different from here on.

Mercuria clenched her fist. No matter what she was saying, Mercuria intended to support Hyakurath with her all.

「Listen to me Hyakurath. The fate of Grace-sama and Vatlantis Empire is hanging on you right now. That’s why──」

──Damn it. That’s the wrong approach.

Hyakurath was trembling fiercely with a pale face.

「For, forget what I just said. You just need to simply fulfill your duty. After all this position is nothing more than being a leader of a single group. The scale is somewhat different but, fundamentally it’s not any different from when you served as the captain of Leon squa──no, that’s right……the class representative of Ataraxia academy, yes, this is the same like that.」

Hyakurath looked up at Mercuria with an anxious gaze.

「I, is it like that……」

──No, actually it’s not.

There was no way she could speak honestly like that.

「Besides you just need to be patient until Zelcyone-sama return. We don’t know when it will be, but Quartum will also join the search from next week. Surely they will bring back good news.」

「Right……when Zelcyone-sama return, I won’t have any face to meet her with if the royal guard isn’t in proper order……」

「Yeah, that’s right. That’s why let’s do our best together. I’ll be with you.」


Hyakurath wiped her tears with a handkerchief and tightly clenched both her fists.

「Do your best, do your best, Hyakurath.」

Mercuria watched her like that while thinking how long she would be able to continue deceiving her.

It was just her hunch but, Mercuria got the feeling that Zelcyone wouldn’t come back anymore.

──In that case, it’s important to make Hyakurath keep harboring hope that she might be found for the meantime. Perhaps I should prepare a scenario to have the Quartum bring back a positive report.

A floating window opened on the desk while Mercuria was thinking of such arrangement.

The name of the caller was displayed at the center of the screen. Hyakurath pushed the receiving button with a speed that eyes couldn’t follow the instant she saw the name.

「Has Zelcyone-sama been found!?」

Inside the screen Clayda jerked back with a surprised face.

『You picked up really quickly……besides why are you that desperate?』

「That doesn’t matter!! Clayda! Have you found Zelcyone-sama!?」


Hyakurath’s shoulders slumped down dejectedly.

Her shock was great in proportion with her expectation that swelled up although it was only for a moment.

『Right now we have come until Rouzen at the south but there isn’t any clue at all. No, we have tried using all possible means searching for her until here though.』

「I, is that so……I see.」

Hyakurath showed a powerless smile. Her eyes were empty and completely unfocused.

──This is bad.

Mercuria clicked her tongue and cut in front of Hyakurath.

「Clayda. Search even more thoroughly! It’s not like she she is gone. It’s also certain that she hasn’t crossed the border. She is surely somewhere in Vatlantis! Search for her even if you have to look at every nook and cranny! Please!!」

Then Hyakurath also lifted her face in a flash.

「Please! Clayda!! Bring back Zelcyone-sama here!! I’m begging you-!!」

She pleaded earnestly while crying again.

『U, understood. I’ll finish my report for now with this.』

When the communication was over, Clayda turned back toward the other three with a face like she had bitten a sour grape.

「Looks like we still cannot go home yet.」

Elma put her hand on her cheek with a troubled face.

「They really won’t give up……」

「As expected, hasn’t they found out that we aren’t searching seriously? Ah, this is delicious.」

Seeing Ramza devouring a meat with its bone still attached, Lunorrla reached out to the meat too.

「Even if we search seriously……will we find her?」

「Impossible. Because even if we actually manage to find her, it’ll be over for us if Zel-sama use her Heart Rebuild.」

Clayda also returned to the table and sat down heavily on the chair.

「Besides if it’s Zel-sama then she won’t escape to this kind of place.」

The three looked around them once more hearing what Clayda said.

The surrounding scenery was pastoral. Fields and grasslands were stretching out, gentle sloping hills were extending like wave. Even the most bustling road in the village only had a few stores. The three were having meal in one of those stores, the only restaurant of this village.

There was only a counter inside the restaurant, the guest seating was mainly with tables and chairs that were placed on the street. Even so there wasn’t anyone who complained. In the first place there was no car passing by. One hour had passed since they took seat here, but there were only around three people that passed through.

Modest private houses were lined up at the other side of the street. A woman wearing white dress was airing her laundry in her yard. Looking at the laundry she was hanging, it seemed the woman had a baby.

「It’s peaceful……」

「Really. There ain’t anything here.」

「It’s the sticks.」

When the three finished muttering, there was no other sound except the sound of wind and bird chirping.

Clayda slowly shook her glass that was filled with red wine and stared at the rippling red color.

「It’ll be easier to hide around Zeltis’s business district rather than a countryside like this. Besides you can play with woman as much as you like there. This place is only good for raising a child at best.」

「Then, why are we coming to search at this kind of place?」

Clayda lifted her glass and grinned.

「Of course, that’s because of the rumor that the wine here is tasty.」

「Since leaving Zeltis, we haven’t done anything except having a normal trip aren’t we?」

「But y’know, there isn’t aaany clue at all even if we want to search, it’s hopeless.」

Lunorlla directed a troubled face at the unmotivated Ramza.

「But if we don’t prepare some kind of result, we won’t be able to return to Zeltis no matter how much time passed.」

Clayda tilted the bottle to pour the wine, but she noticed that it was empty.

「It can’t be helped. Let’s fabricate something.」

She said that while standing up. The other three also stood up without motivation. They left money on the table along with tips and walked to the middle of the street.

At that time they heard the crying voice of a baby. They couldn’t see the baby but, it must be the child of the house at the other side of the street. The mother who was at the yard hurriedly rushed into the house. Her fluttering white dress and swaying braided purple hair were eye catching.

「……Her hair is purple.」

Clayda muttered. Elma looked like she got an idea and clapped her hands.

「Hey, let’s ask for a strand of hair of that person and say that it’s a clue.」

「Well, it’s better than nothing I guess……」

That house and yard was surrounded by wooden fence. The four of them leaned on that fence with their elbow and peered into the yard.

Then the sugary voice of the mother came from inside the house.

「Yosh yosh, you’re really a good liwtle child. Is it deliccious?」[2]

Surely the mother was giving her baby milk. For the four who was living in a bloodthirsty world, this scene felt like a different world for them.

Ramza was staring at the house with a disinterested face. The entrance that was facing the yard was left wide open. The inside of the house was slightly visible. There was baby bed, baby carriage, and the likes. The atmosphere child raising life was oozing out.

「I’ve been thinking this since before but……why is when an adult talking to a baby, they also talk with baby words?」

「Haa? Who cares about something like that.」

Clayda spat out her reply. However Lunorlla was blushing slightly and her lips loosened up.

「Because it’s cute……」


The other three reflexively stared at Lunorlla’s face from the side. It was then,

「Ufufu, the way you suck mama’s breast is exactly lwike ywour papa~」

The four strongly frowned in that instant.


「Drink a lwot and become a cute, lovely, and cool boy like your papa okay~」

Their frown deepened further.


Elma made a twitching smile.

「He, hey……does Genesis, can create a boy now after it’s revived?」

「……I never, heard anything like that.」

Clayda answered so. Cold sweat was trickling on her forehead.

「A, anyway, for now, shouldn’t we go?」

Ramza’s voice was trembling. Lunorlla also asked with a trembling voice.

「We, we won’t ask for her hair?」

「Be, because, because……you know」

The palpitation of the four became fast. Cold sweat was making their back damp.

「Yo, you’re right. For some reason, I got the feeling we shouldn’t be here.」

At this rate it felt like they would see something that mustn’t be seen. For now, they should leave this place. The moment everyone thought that inside their heart.

「Oh? Is there someone there? Perhaps the delivery has arrived.」

The mother came out from inside the house while carrying her baby.

「Thank you for your……work……」

The mother opened her eyes wide in shock and she stiffened.

And then Clayda and the other three stiffened as though they were glared at by Medusa.

「Ze……Zel, sama?」

A peaceful face without any sharpness that looked like a changed person.

However, that face was undoubtedly the royal guard captain Zelcyone.

「Yo……you, four……why are, you here……」

Only the baby in her arms were making voice joyfully.

Clayda’s throat gulped.

The inside of her head was all messed up in chaos.

「Tha, that, Zel-sama. That child……don’t tell me」

Zelcyone’s body jumped with a jerk.

「Thi, this child is, you see……it was a small whim of mine. An accident. A mistake. I only made this child against my better judgment.」

「That baby……is a boy isn’t it?」

Zelcyone stiffened once more. *Gulp*, it felt like they could hear such sound.

「You, you four. What did, you come here for?」

Elma was staring at Zelcyone with a twitching smile.

「Why……Zel-sama suddenly concealed your whereabouts, so we came searching for you. The emperor is also worried……」

「I won’t hand this child to anyone!!」

Magic circle came to the surface of Zelcyone’s eyes.

MGHxHV14 010 ill.jpg


Clayda immediately took off the eye patch on her right eye.

There was a mechanical eye there. It intercepted all magic power intervention and converted the magic formula into a mere vision data. Clayda closed her left eye and stared at Zelcyone with only her mechanical right eye.

「Magic nuclear membrane, start magic formula reflection.」


Sensing danger, the magic circle vanished from Zelcyone’s eyes. Instantly the other three who fell into a hypnotized state returned to their senses.

「Clayda……you bastard, that eye……」

Zelcyone sent Clayda an annoyed gaze. Clayda traced the edge of her right eye with her fingertip.

「Before the final battle against the machine god, I asked the scientist of Lemuria to attach this in me. In the end it didn’t need to be used but, I never thought it will be useful here.」

「Ku……damn you.」

Zelcyone glared at Clayda with a grim expression. Perhaps sensing her dangerous atmosphere, the baby in her arms started to look unsettled.

「Zel-sama. However if it’s against you who wear Teros, than even this eye will surely be useless. In other words that child is……」

Elma opened her eyes wide.

「Don’t tell me……」

Even though they thought it, but everyone hesitated to speak it out loud. However ignoring that atmosphere,

「Eeeeh!? Is that really Zel-sama’s child with Kizuna!? Really!?」

Ramza yelled.

Zelcyone’s face was dyed bright red and she yelled back angrily.

「So, so what if that’s true!?」

The baby started crying hearing her yelling.

「A, aa~ sowwy, everything is alright here. Mama will protect you okay~」

「……For some reason, we’re the bad guy here?」

Lunorrla was bewildered, but Ramza denied it in hurry.

「No no no! We’re just coming here to search for Zel-sama after all!」

But Zelcyone turned her back on the four of them as though to protect the baby and hid him from their gazes.

「Don’t lie! You four come here to take away this child from me right!?」

「There is no way that’s true! We’re just surprised that Zel-sama is giving birt to a child!」

Elma also pressed her hand on her forehead with a stumped look.

「Furthermore, of all people it’s a child with Kizuna……this is really complicated.」

Clayda let out a long sigh in exasperation.

「Aa……if it’s a child with a random woman somewhere then we can also pretend to not see it but……this is……impossible I guess.」

The four opened the gate and briskly entered the yard.

「You, you bastards, what are you planning to do!?」

Clayda yelled at Zelcyone who was backing away.


Clayda’s body was equipped with magic armor instantly. Next the other three also called the name of their respective magic armor.




「Wa, wait! Don’t come here-」

Lunorlla and Ramza mercilessly approached the scared Zelcyone and grabbed her arms.

「What’re you doing!? Let go!!」

「Now, let me take care of the baby.」

Elma lifted up the child from Zelcyone’s arms.

「Aah! Wait!」

However Clayda told Zelcyone with a tired face.

「Zelcyone-sama. We will have you come back to the palace with us for now. Please tell your excuse directly to Grace-sama. Or rather, we don’t want to get involved with this case. It’s troublesome.」


Zelcyone’s body was already carried high to the sky when she was going to complain.

Part 2[edit]

Grace was looking down on Zelcyone who was sitting seiza in the throne room with a conflicted expression. If her expression had to be interpreted, it was a face that was saying 「Even though this fellow is competent, why did she do something stupid like this?」.

「I’ll ask you one more time but……this baby, he is the child between you and Nii-sama, is that right?」

Zelcyone kept looking down and didn’t lift her face. A drop of cold sweat fell on the floor.


「I’m amazed you had the free time for something like that. When?」

「My, my deepest apologies. That, at the last night……it was, I drank alcohol together with Reiri and Queen Landred at that time. Should I say that it was because of alcohol’s influence」

「You’re a bottomless hole when it come to drinking though?」

「Yes, indeed……against my better judgment, perhaps it was because of the atmosphere, that, even I myself don’t know why I did something like that……for some reason, I was unable to contain myself, and visited Kizuna’s room.」

「Whether it’s Gravel or you……if I remember right, I was told that the possibility of making child is extremely low but……obsession is really something terrifying.」

Grace suddenly thought──it would be great if she also did it.

「Ye, yes. I also thought the same, who ever thought that a child would be created by just doing it once.」


「Ah……no, I don’t remember the number of times but……it, it was all night. Until morning.」

Grace held her head.

──To make this demonic royal guard captain fall this much……Nii-sama is really terrifying. He is truly Lemuria’s demon king.

「At that time Nee-sama was still the emperor. Therefore, you stole the emperor’s man and ended up bearing his child. On top of that you abandoned the important position as a captain and absconded away.」

Zelcyone lifted her face. Her complexion was pale.

「My, my deepest apologies! I, I will receive any kind of punishment. But, please just that child! Please at least spare just that child!」

Grace stood up from her throne and approached the cradle that was placed in front of it.

Inside it a baby who was still a few months old was sleeping. When Grace brought her face closer and peered into the baby’s face, the baby opened his eyes in a nice timing.

And then when he saw Grace’s face, he showed an innocent friendly smile.




I, in addition, he has Nii-sama’s looks in him.

Maternal love and yearning toward Kizuna welled up in Grace’s chest.

「……Zel. In that case, I shall have you atone for your sin.」

Zelcyone lowered her head until it touched the floor.

「Yes……no matter what……」

「I’m formally dismissing you from your post as royal guard captain. And then I strip you off from your qualification as military personnel and you won’t be allowed to fight anymore. Teros’s core shall be confiscated too. On top of that I’ll give you your punishment.」


「It’s life sentence for you.」

  • Twitch*, Zelcyone’s back jerked.

「A corner of the palace will be remodeled to become the baby’s rearing facility. You and this baby will live there from now on and cannot leave without my permission.」


Zelcyone lifted her face and looked up at Grace with a shocked gaze. Grace suddenly smiled and answered with a kind eyes.

「Your punishment, is to raise up this child to be a splendid person.」


「Of course, I intend to assign him the best instructor, but a mother’s existence will be the most essential. This is a child who is left behind by the husband of the previous emperor you know? Your responsibility is a heavy one.」

Tears spilled out from Zelcyone’s eyes.

「Yes……even if I have to pay with this life, I will raise him to be someone splendid……uu……」

「Don’t cry. Even though this child is finally smiling, he will also cry if his mother is crying.」

「My, my deepest……apologies……」

Zelcyone smiled while crying.

Grace peered into the cradle once more and poked the baby with her fingertip. Then a small hand grabbed the fingertip.

Just from that an indescribable affection welled up inside Grace’s chest.

──Nii-sama’s child.

What’s more he is a boy.

Surely he will grow to become a magnificent warrior like Nii-sama.

「……Umu. A mere difference of fifteen years old isn’t that uncommon.」

「Grace-sama? Did you say something?」

Zelcyone asked while wiping her tears.

「No, it’s nothing. More importantly──」

The throne room’s door was opened at that time. A blonde haired and blue eyed knight gallantly wearing a splendid military uniform entered with her mantel flapping behind her.

「Is it true that Zelcyone-sama has returned!?」

Zelcyone turned around toward that voice.

「Oo, Hyakurath. Long time no see.」

Hyakurath rushed toward Zelcyone and reverently grabbed her hand.

「Zelcyone-sama! I’ve waited for your return!! I wished it from the bottom of my heart!!」

「I see……thank you. Hyakurath.」

Zelcyone smiled gently.

Hyakurath had tears of happiness in her eyes. She showed a bright smile like someone who was liberated from all burdens.

「I kept persuading myself during my time waiting for Zelcyone-sama’s return to somehow take care of the matters in your absence. Aa, with this I can finally let go of the post as captai──」

Grace cuddled the baby while speaking with a delighted voice.

「Oo, I’ve just formally dismissed Zel from her post.」

Hyakurath’s smile froze.


「Or rather, I made her retire from military. She won’t take away the captain post from you. No need to worry.」


Hyakurath turned toward Zelcyone with a motion that was like rusted machine.

「E, err, Zelcyone-sama? I am, a temporary, captain, until your return, now that you have returned──」

Zelcyone smiled with a soft expression that was completely different from the past when she was the captain.

「Now I’m just a mother. From here on I’ll simply be someone under the protection of Hyakurath──no, Hyakurath-sama.」

And then she pinched the fringe of her dress and bowed politely.

「Please protect my child and Vatlantis Empire.」

Hyakurath fainted while still standing.

Chapter 5 – Ataraxia Landing Operation[edit]

Part 1[edit]

When I, Hida Setsuna finished my arithmetic homework, I turned off the desk’s power and closed and closed my notebook and textbook.

The lesson of primary grade school doesn’t consist of only drill. Subjects like language, arithmetic, science, and social studies are also normally included. I have no problem in any subject, things are going well right now.

……But perhaps I’m a little bit weak in language.


I yawned.

Ah, it’s past ten.

「I’ve got to sleep……」

I went to the washroom and brushed my teeth, changed into pajama, and got on the bed.

After lying down for a while, I turned over several times.


I can’t sleep…….

Even though I should be sleepy just now, I can’t sleep at all after getting into bed like this.

There will be practical skill class right from the morning tomorrow, so I have to sleep enough──perhaps it’s bad to think that, now I’m unable to sleep even more.

I half give up and opened my eyes to stare at the white ceiling.

──Will Onii-chan come to the training tomorrow…….

Apparently he is busy with missions recently. He doesn’t really come to the primary grade’s drill.

That’s fine if that’s the case.

He isn’t thinking of someone like me as little sister anyway, in the first place there is no doubt that he isn’t even thinking of me as human.

That’s why, he’s distant.

His attitude toward me is always like I’m a tumor.

Besides, if he’s thinking of me as a little sister, then he’ll be more affectionate with me. Even though he’s flirting all the time with other girls and Onee-chan.

For some reason it feels very irritating watching Onii-chan being like that and I always ended up angry.

……But, I think it can’t be helped.

After all, I’m not his actual little sister. Because I’m a child created from Nayuta and Thanatos who tried to destroy the world.

I have to be a normal human.

That’s why, I mustn’t let out a strange power like the match before this.

A strange power will come out by itself when I get absorbed or excited. That’s why usually I’m bearing in mind to not get angry or laughing as much as possible.

But, it’s no good with just that.

I’m not a normal human, so it’s not enough just being a normal good child. I have to be more competent, stronger, I have to show them that I’m useful.

If not, I’ll be an unneeded child. My place here will disappear.

「If only, I’m really his little sister……」

That mutter vanished into the darkness.

I understand that it’s useless thinking like that.

Both Onii-chan and Onee-chan doesn’t care about me at all.

Not just that, they might even feel disappointed.

That’s right. Surely it’s like that.

Because, Nayuta who became my origin should be an amazing genius and yet……I’m not a genius or anything. My grade is in top ranking but……but Nayuta had published thesis in the scientific society when she was around my age.

Even the other one Thanatos was a machine god of the strongest class. She was an amazing god who created the world, and yet……I can’t even cook my own food. I have someone in this dorm to cook for me and sleep without doing anything for it.

……Even though I’m not useful for anything.

Onii-chan praised me in the practical skill’s training but, I don’t think he’s honest.

Or perhaps, he has given up of me as a useless child, and he’s saying I’ve done well, for a useless child that is.

I want to be stronger, be useful for everyone, and become someone who is needed.

If I do that, then Onii-chan and Onee-chan,

They might,

……Recognize me as their true little sister.

That’s why, I want him to tell me honestly I’m no good if I’m no good in something.

Please don’t give up on me.

I’ll fix it properly.

I’ll become more capable to do anything properly.

I want you to tell me the truth, I also don’t want to be treated specially.


If, he is really thinking of me as a little sister,

I want him to treat me more specially.

It’s lonely to only be able to meet occasionally.

……I want him to pay attention to me more.


What, I’m thinking,

Is it,

the opposite…….

Part 2[edit]

Two weeks after Kizuna returned from Egypt.

This day, Kizuna met face to face with Aine and Hayuru at the same time inside the classroom of Ataraxia academy after so long. He went to several more places other than Egypt for the investigation, but each time his partner would change, so there was no chance for the three of them to meet like this.

Besides Yurishia was also here even though right now she wasn’t on her seat. Sylvia was also at the middle school department, but she should be coming to the academy. It had been quite long since all Amaterasu members attended school.

Hayuru sat facing the side to talk with Kizuna behind her and Aine beside her.

「The investigation of power spots in various places has advanced quite far.」

Aine also confirmed the schedule using the small terminal that also doubled as student’s handbook.

「Looks like it……though it will take around one more month until all the places are checked.」

「Currently the only major find is the Tri-Head that was discovered in Egypt huh.」

「It seems so. As for me I encountered an Albatross at England when I went there with Sylvia-chan……how about Aine-san?」

Then Aine let out an exaggerated long sigh.

「All of them are a miss. Good grief, even though this me had expressly headed there, there wasn’t any reception at all. There is a limit even in being aggravating.」

「Hm? There wasn’t anything like the multinational force’s interception?」

Aine brushed her silver hair and made a smug look.

「I infiltrated properly without letting the enemy discovering me. When I’m the one doing it even spy work will be done perfectly.」

Kizuna and Hayuru reflexively looked at each other.

「……What? If you have something to say just say it.」

Hayuru hurriedly made a forced smile.

「N, no. That’s amazing, Aine-san.」

「Fufuh. That’s right, it’s amazing.」

Hayuru leaned toward Kizuna and softly whispered.

「What do you think?」

「No, there is no way that Aine is the only one that they didn’t manage to detect.」

Aine wasn’t really good at doing things stealthily. If pushed to say, she was the type who did things slovenly and forcefully.

「In that case, it means……they purposefully overlooked her.」

「Did they understand that they aren’t her match and avoided pointless battle?」

「It’ll be nice if that’s the case but……」

Kizuna felt a vague apprehension in his chest.

Suddenly his conversation with Christelle crossed his mind.

『Because, it’s unfair that you guys are monopolizing it for yourself! If you guys know the secret, then I also have the right to know! Monopolizing technology is unforgivable!』

──I can’t imagine her giving up that easily.

There is something.

But, he didn’t understand what that something was.

Kizuna was feeling a vague uneasiness.

At that time, Scarlet entered the classroom with her red ponytail swaying behind her.

「Hii! Kizuna. Long time no see」

「Scarlet? What’s the matter?」

Scarlet who was a first year was naturally in a different classroom. Their floor was also different.

「I’ve business with Yurishia but……she isn’t here?」

Everyone’s gaze turned toward the empty chair.

Aine tilted her head.

「Now that you mentioned it, I haven’t seen her since the fourth period.」

「She was here this morning but……I thought that she has a mission or something.」

Scarlet waved her hand with a smile.

「Aa, it’s fine, it’s fine. It’s not anything that important. I’ll come again after school.」

The bell of the fifth period rang at that time.

「Ah, the lunch break is over. See ya, Kizuna.」

Scarlet returned to her own classroom with light footsteps.

Hayuru waved her hand and saw her off, then she stared at Yurishia’s seat. Her gaze was stern.

「……Could it be that Yurishia-san, she is playing hooky.」

Aine’s face didn’t look that interested.

「Just leave her alone. She’ll return when she get hungry.」

「Yurishia-san isn’t a dog.」

Kizuna listened to the two’s conversation while standing up.

「Ah, Kizuna-kun. Where’re you going?」

「I remembered that Nee-cha──headmaster called me. Tell sensei that for me.」

Kizuna exited the classroom and headed to boy toilet instead of the headmaster office.

The chime that informed the beginning of the fifth period resounded inside the empty toilet.

There were urinals lining up at the left side, while there were five toilet stalls at the right side. The door of the farthest stall was lighted with the display that it was in repair.

Kizuna touched the touch panel that displayed the letters in repair. Then it switched into a screen that asked for password.

Kizuna inputted the password with smooth finger movement. The sound *click* came and the door’s lock opened.

He entered inside the opened door. There,

A naked woman body was strapped on the toilet bowl with black tape.

A blindfolded Yurishia was there.

「Nnu!? Nnnnh」

A gag was put into her mouth, so she could only moan. Drool was trickling from the corner of her mouth. A drip was falling onto her breast.

Her beautiful blond hair flowed left and right each time she shook her head. She must be trying to shift the blindfold, but the eyemask that was order made to fit the shape of Yurishia’s face was clinging perfectly on her. It didn’t shift at all.

Kizuna closed the door behind him with his hand and locked it with the control panel on the wall. And then he confirmed that the sound blocking system was working. Thanks to this function the sound inside wouldn’t leak outside.

Kizuna slowly observed Yurishia.

Both her arms were tied behind her and her legs were opened to form M shape and fixed in place, so her important places were all exposed in front of Kizuna’s eyes. She was only wearing a collar on her body.

Yurishia’s large breasts were moving up and down intensely. It was unclear whether it was from fear or excitement. The pink protrusion that bloomed on the tip was looked pointed and hard. It seemed she was very stimulated.

It was the same when he checked her lower body.

At the center of her legs that were opened into M shape was blonde hair. The mouth below it was gaping open hungrily. Drool was trickling from there.

「Nn……nnn? Nnuuh!」

Yurishia was staying here during the fourth period and lunch break.

Kizuna brought Yurishia here when the third period ended and just before the next lesson started. And then he ordered her to take off her clothes here and then tied her so she couldn’t move before leaving her alone.

Why was he doing something like this?

The cause because coincidentally he had no chance to team up with Yurishia during the investigation of power spots. Because of that Yurishia’s stress had risen to the peak.

Furthermore at the morning Aine got carried away and boasted about when she went with Kizuna to Ayutthaya in Thailand, so Yurishia’s expression changed to be very grim.

Kizuna thought that he had to deal with it quickly and decided to do ultimate hybrid in the academy with haste. Furthermore it was with a situation that would make Yurishia excited.

Kizuna took off Yurishia’s gag.

「……tsu, haah, Ki, Kizuna? Hey, it’s Kizuna there right?」

Yurishia frowned and asked pleadingly.

「Hey, please. Say something!」

Yurishia couldn’t see who was standing in front of her. Her voice was shaking with anxiety and fear.

Kizuna felt excited seeing Yurishia like that. Yurishia didn’t know about the sound blocking system or the display of in repair on the door, so surely she had been spending her time here with bated breath. She could hear the sound outside, so she must be feeling scared each time someone came in.

She should be trembling with worry that this stall might get suspected because someone had been inside all the time and wouldn’t come out. And then at the same time she was also feeling arousal due to the disgrace that Kizuna was giving her.

「Aa……please, forgive me already. Kizuna.」

Tear spilled out from below the eyemask.

However Kizuna ignored that and lowered his trouser.

Yurishia’s complexion turned white hearing the rustling of cloth.

「N, no……stop, who? Who’s there!? NOOOOOOO!」

Yurishia’s frail and scared figure fanned up his sadism. Kizuna pushed his hardened thing onto Yurishia’s lewdly drooling and twitching lips.

「Hih! Do, don’ttt! Aa──!!」

Kizuna’s tip entered inside Yurishia.


Yurishia’s body reacted in spite of her will. Her body bent back and her waist floated.

Kizuna pushed deeper inside. The inside that was tightening to deny the invasion was forcefully wrenched open. The movement that was trying to remove the entering foreign object ended up strengthening Yurishia’s sensuality instead.

「Kuh! Fuuuh♥!! Ah, NOOOOOhh!」

Even though her mouth was saying that, Yurishia lifted her waist and pushed it forward for Kizuna’s thing. Kizuna thrust until her deepest part in respond.

「!?……NnHaAaAAAH! Ah, haaa, aAAAAANNNNNH♥」

Yurishia’s lower body quivered with light climax.

However Kizuna didn’t slow down his attack and began to thrust into Yurishia roughly.

「Hih! Ah, nnaah! Yah, do, don’t! I, I’m, aaAAAAAAAAAH!!」

Yurishia’s breasts that were larger than anyone shook up and down matching with Kizuna’s movement. Kizuna grabbed the rampaging breast tightly.


He massaged her breast so hard his finger might left a mark behind. Kizuna massaged that breast as though he was grappling with the large breast that was too big for one hand.

Normally it might be a bit painful, but for Yurishia right now even that was a pleasure. Kizuna’s waist pounded strongly while pinching the stiff tip of the breast.

「Haah! Sto, stop, I, I’m, already, aah! Sto-, stoooppp♥」

Yurishia’s inside trembled and clung to Kizuna’s tip. It was demanding for the thing that would be shot out from Kizuna, as though pleading for him to hurry up.

Their vigor increased further and the two dashed up to the peak of pleasure at the same time.

And then Kizuna strongly pounded the last thrust and struck the inside wall.

Kizuna’s tip fired out cloudy white liquid in that instant.


Like a muddy stream, it headed to a place of Yurishia that couldn’t be touched by anyone. The liquid flooded in.

「Ih, no no-! I’m comi, aAAAH! AAAAAAAA♥♥」

Yurishia threw her head back and climaxed intensely.

Yurishia’s waist floated up and trembled, It repeatedly pulsated as though gulping down what was let out inside her. her inside tightened *kyun* fawningly.


Yurishia convulsed repeatedly and drifted within the reverberation of the climax.

Before long Kizuna tasted the sensation of Yurishia’s inside enveloping and stroking his thing all around. It was as though she was confirming from the shape who was it that entered inside her.


It seemed Yurishia became convinced from that shape and called his name.

Kizuna took off Yurishia’s blindfold. Yurishia’s eyes that appeared from below were narrowed joyfully.


Kizuna brought his face closer and took Yurishia’s lips. Yurishia sought Kizuna’s mouth as though to embrace him with her lips and tongue in the place of her tied arms.

When the two’s lips separated with saliva stretching between them, Yurishia let out a relieved smile.

Kizuna caressed her cheek while smiling.

「You held out well, Yurishia.」

Yurishia’s inside tightly held Kizuna in reply.

「Yes……goshujin-sama. It was very embarrassing and terrifying but……I did my best. So that I won’t be an embarrassment as goshujin-sama’s love slave♥」

「Then I’ve got to give you a reward.」


Kizuna took out a piece of paper from his pocket. On it was a love shaped pattern with letters written inside it.

「Kizuna’s Love Slave……? Kizuna, this is……」

Yurishia’s eyes sparkled. A happy smile was already spreading on her face.

「Yeah. It’s a proof that you are mine. You have been wanting a sign all this time right?」

「This is……engraved on my body? Is it okay?」

「Yeah. It’s a tattoo sticker but, the durability is the same like the real tattoo ink. Once it’s pasted then it will remain there for life as long as it’s not removed with a special removal method.」

Yurishia’s flushed cheeks reddened even more. Her eyes were moist with happiness.

「I’m happy♥……Kizuna.」

Kizuna pushed that sticker on Yurishia’s abdomen.

「Then……I’m putting it on.」


Kizuna tore away the sticker’s cover. Then the letters and pattern permeated into Yurishia’s skin and stayed there.


Yurishia smiled happily from the bottom of her heart.

MGHxHV14 011 ill.jpg

Part 3[edit]

Even after that Yurishia begged him and Kizuna ended up doing the ultimate hybrid for the second time.

The two exited the toilet just before the class was over. They walked on the corridor while hearing the chime of the end of fifth period.

Students got out one after another from the classroom along with the end of the class. The students sighed in admiration seeing Yurishia’s figure.

「Yurishia-san, she is pretty no matter how many times I see her……」

「Really. Especially today, she is prettier than usual.」

「Her skin and hair are also glossy……」

Such whispers entered the ears of Yurishia and Kizuna.


Yurishia softly caressed her abdomen.

「It’s thanks to Kizuna that I became prettier.」

Yurishia said that and smiled bewitchingly.

「You shouldn’t make that kind of expression in the corridor right?」

Yurishia lightly shrugged.

「Fufu, you’re right. I’m sorry.」

「Also tell me if there is time when it’ll be bad if that tattoo is seen. I’ll erase it right away.」

Then Yurishia scowled and glared at Kizuna.

「What are you saying? I won’t erase it for my whole life.」

Kizuna faltered instantly in front of that pressure.

「A, aa……I see……that’s good.」

For Kizuna he only intended it as a part of the ultimate hybrid in the end, but it seemed to be something different for Yurishia.

The siren inside the school resounded when they were going to return to the classroom of third year first group.

Even the students in the corridor stopped walking hearing that sound and their expression changed.

「Kizuna, this is!」

「The alarm of magic weapon again! Let’s go to the command room!!」

Kizuna and Yurishia equipped their gear and flew out from a nearby window. At the front they saw Aine and Hayuru who were heading to Nayuta Lab a step ahead of them.

It only took several seconds using gear from the academy until the lab. It didn’t take two minutes for them to land on the rooftop and rushed into the command room since the alarm sounded.

There was the form of magic weapon that they had never seen before when they rushed into the command room.

「What……is that……?」

It was a dragon with strange shape.

It looked like Tri-Head in a glance. However it had six heads.

The form looked like it was forcefully welded with the front half of one more Tri-Head on its back.

Sylvia who entered the command room later than them turned a questioning gaze toward Ragrus who came together with her.

「I, I also don’t know! I never saw anything like that!!」

Hayuru was staring at the magic weapon’s figure in frustration.

「Even though we thought we had checked the main power spots……where did they hide something like that……」

Reiri turned toward Kei who was checking the data on the desk beside her.

「Kei. Did you learn something?」

『It appears to be two Tri-Head being combined into one. However it’s unclear how much increase of offensive power it has. In my opinion having two Tri-Head moving separately will have higher merit, I don’t understand the point of that combination.』

A restless air flowed inside the command room.

『And then it’s hypothesized that its emergence point was Bermuda Ocean. That place was included in the list of Nayuta document, but we were in the middle of considering of how to investigate the wide ocean bottom area.』

「And, how long it will take until it reach Ataraxia?」

『Two more hours.』

Reiri looked around at Kizuna and others.

「Is there anyone who can use Corruption Armament right now?」

Yurishia raised her hand.

「I can go.」

Hayuru glared at her reflexively.

「Yurishia-san, as I thought you skipped class……」

「It’s fine. Thanks to that we’ll be able to repel it back. Then, should we depart?」

However Kizuna put his finger on his chin ponderingly while staring at the screen.

「What’s the matter, Kizuna?」

「……I’m thinking, why is there no Heart Hybrid Gear force with it?」

Reiri also made a suspecting face.

「Kei, what about the movement of enemy other than the magic weapon?」

『It appears that an aircraft carrier is sallying out from the coast. However there isn’t any warship or aircraft accompanying the magic weapon as guard. We can’t detect any Heart Hybrid Gear.』

「Nee-chan, isn’t this strange? The Dragre before was also alone but, this time it’s also the same. If they plan to take down Ataraxia then it’s strange that they don’t send other force along.」

「……Certainly, it’s strange.」

Everyone was staring at the screen with indescribable worry in their chest.

And then it suddenly happened.

The six headed magic weapon unleashed a light and the screen turned white.


「What happened!?」

Reiri’s yell echoed inside the command room. The operators who were staring in a daze at the screen started moving once more.

Kurumizawa made the report loudly from the operator floor.

「It’s an explosion!! The magic weapon self-exploded!」


Everyone was taken aback.

「What’s……going on?」

Aine frowned and looked around.

However there was no way anyone had the answer. Yurishia shrugged.

「Who knows? Perhaps the forceful reconstruction came to bite them back in the ass?」

However Hayuru was staring at the empty screen with a worried gaze.

「……It’ll be great if that’s the case.」

「They tried too hard powering it up that the engine break down right away.」

Yurishia answered lightly, but it was clear from her expression that she wasn’t saying that seriously. Her eyes weren’t smiling at all.

Kizuna also glared at the screen with a grave face.

「I’ve nothing but bad premonition……」

──Don’t tell me, this is those guys’ tactic?

When he thought that,

Kizuna felt a wind.

He noticed that it was an explosion blast even without any proof.

It wasn’t that there was wind actually blowing.

However, he felt something.

It was like an intense shockwave.

As though it blew away every important thing.

Aine and Hayuru and others were making bewildered expression.

「Wha, what? Just now. Did you feel it Hayuru?」

「Yes……Aine-san too? What about everyone else?」

Yurishia, Sylvia, and Ragrus were also making grim expression.

However Kei tilted her head in puzzlement. The operators at the lower floor also showed no reaction.

Aine put her hand on her stomach.

「But, it felt like something really important stopped working……」

And then she yelled resolutely.


Silence ruled the command room.

「No way……」

Aine looked down on his own body.

The uniform of Ataraxia academy.

The beautiful white gear that should appear wasn’t there.


However Hayuru’s body also wasn’t equipped with the red armor.

It was the same even when anyone else tried it.

Cold sweat appeared on Reiri’s forehead.

「Is this, an attack from them……Kizuna, what about you?」

Kizuna’s body shook and tilted when Reiri called him.

And then he fell on the floor without consciousness.

Aine screamed.


Chapter 6 – Overlapping World[edit]

The imperial capital of Vatlantis Empire, Zeltis. There was a pillar at its center, soaring high as though to support the heaven.

That was Genesis.

A temporary shrine was built at its base. It was a simple building that was built from wood ordered from Baldin, but the inside was decorated with high quality silk and carpet, turning it into a pleasant space.

It was built to stick on Genesis, so the wall inside was the surface of Genesis. An altar was placed in front of it, surrounded by wall with wooden framework. Hot water was prepared there. Vapor was wafting up from it.

It was something that imitated a holy spring. The altar was an island floating on the spring, it was positioned like a holy land.

VIP from three countries were gathering in this temporary shrine. Grace, Gravel, and then the head priestess Landred.

Other than them there were Zelcyone and six guards from each country. Grace’s guard was Hyakurath and Mercuria along with the Quartum.

Including other people like the ceremony helpers, around thirty people were gathered into the shrine. All of them were wearing same attire.

Although it was called clothes, it was a silk gown so thin it was transparent. Everyone’s beautiful body was faintly seen through the transparent fabric.

And then fragrance was burned at the altar. A sweet smell was filling the shrine. Their body mysteriously became hot when they smelled that scent.

Landred was looking around at everyone from the other side of the altar.

「Well then everyone. We will begin the maintenance of Genesis now. Please take off your clothing.」

They didn’t understand what they would be made to do, but they obeyed the instruction of the head priestess Landred. Everyone obediently slipped off their gown from their shoulder and became naked like when they were born.

Hyakurath muttered with a red face.

「Aa……to be called to participate in even something like this……」

Mercuria whispered into her ear from her side.

「It’s alright. Compared to captain’s work this is nothing.」

「Tha, that might be so but, doing something like this, in front of everyone……it’s too embarrassing.」

「It’s not just you. Everyone is doing the same thing. It’s not embarrassing.」


Mercuria secretly gripped Hyakurath’s hand.

「It’s fine. I’m with you.」


And then everyone silently put their foot into the spring.

The moment Grace put her toes into the hot water, she spontaneously moaned.

「U……this is」

However she continued putting both her legs into the hot water and moved toward the altar inside the spring.

「Landred, is this……nectar?」

「It’s holy water that is mixed with nectar as the base. The arousal effect is higher than the normal thing.」

「I see……this is, qu, quiet effective……」

Grace smiled fearlessly. However the tips of her breasts were already stood stiffly, and her knees were shaking. If she was careless, the mouth below her pink bush might opened up.

Landred narrowed her eyes seeing Grace who was obviously bluffing.

「Certainly, this is……really……working.」

Gravel also felt dizzy just from breathing in the rising vapor.

Gravel’s body that had finished giving birth was recovering its former tough physique. Her breasts were slightly bigger than before but there was no other change.

「Well then, Genesis will stop operating for a while after this. I wish for everyone to supply their life force to this spring.」

Gravel tightly closed her trained thighs and desperately suppressed the carnality welling up inside her body while asking.

「Qu, Queen Landred. By, by life force you mean?」

「Right now everyone is desperately holding it back. That is to say, the drop of love welling up from the spring inside your body.」

Everyone gulped.

「It doesn’t matter if you comfort yourself or cooperating with someone near you. Everyone here all possess exceptional amount of magic power. I wish for this spring to receive that nectar.」

Grace’s lips suddenly loosened. And then she opened her closed legs.

「Hmph. There is no need for any comfort. After all it’s already overflowing.」

From the opened legs, a drop of liquid flowed down into the spring, leaving behind a trace trailing behind.

Landred’s eyes moistened and she smiled.

「As expected from Emperor Grace. You have amazing sensitivity.」

The others also followed Grace and stopped holding back to allow their nectar to trickle. There were people who were affected by the spring’s effect and couldn’t hold back from caressing their own body, and there were also people who embraced each other to scoop out the nectar from each other’s spring.

「Aa……Hyakurath’s place here, is really hot……」

Mercuria intensely fingered Hyakurath’s crotch in a state of arousal.

「No, nooo hn. Do, don’t, it’s embarrassing……aan♡」

「Hyakurath too, do me……」

Mercuria opened her crotch to better receive Hyakurath.

「Ye, yes……」

Hyakurath reached out in shame and her fingers spread out Mercuria’s slit.


A passionate sigh leaked out from Mercuria’s lips. It made Hyakurath’s chest to tighten.

And then she gradually strengthened her stimulation to Mercuria’s most sensitive place. In respond to that, Hyakurath felt Mercuria’s finger that was caressing her to intensify.

「Haa……it’s lovely♡Mel……」

「Me too, aa……Hyakurath. You are the most important to me in this world.」

「Yes……I know.」

Drop of love fell from between the two’s legs. The two spreading ripples melted into one.

Gravel looked down on her breasts. The tips of her breasts were helplessly stiffening. She wanted to touch them. She thought that, but she desisted when she saw the white liquid oozing out slowly from the tips. Milk would undoubtedly gush out if she touched them. It made her worried if it would ruin this ceremony.

Landred spoke to the hesitating Gravel.

「Gravel-san and Zelcyone-san, over here.」


When she turned her gaze there, Zelcyone was also standing still with a troubled look. Something white was oozing from the tips of her breasts like Gravel.

She pushed her way through the hot water until the altar. There Landred prepared two glasses.

「Can I receive the milk of the two of you here?」

Zelcyone and Gravel looked at each other.

「Our, milk?」

「Yes. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the milk of the two of you who once carried magic armor’s core and then conceived a child is a highly concentrated life energy. It will become nourishment for Genesis too. Surely it’ll become a power that heal any malfunction.」

The two of them were a bit taken aback, but if it was something like that, they accepted and pushed their breasts toward the glass. And then they pressed their breast with both hands and squeezed it.

Then white milk immediately gushed out from the nipple. It gathered at the bottom of the glass quickly.

Zelcyone let go of her right breast and moved her left nipple toward the glass this time.

「Somehow, this feels strange……the milk that should be for my child to drink is……」

Gravel also milked her breast while muttering.

「However, surely our children will forgive us if the world can be saved with this.」

Suddenly Zelcyone’s lips broke into a smile.

「So we are the mother of the whole world huh.」

「It’s too exaggerating to say it like that but, that’s not wrong.」

When Gravel smiled, the flow of milk from her breast improved.

Before long the glass became full. Then Landred put her hands on the wall behind, the surface of Genesis.

「From here Genesis will enter a temporary hibernation.」

Landred chanted some kind of spell inside her mouth. No one present there understood what language it was. However, they immediately understood that the spell was giving influence to Genesis.

「What? Light is disappearing from Genesis.」

The light running on the wall vanished, and the mechanism running inside the tower also stopped.

Genesis fell silent as though it was dead. Black cloud filled the sky as though responding to that. The surrounding turned dark.

Landred held the glasses filled with the milk from Gravel and Zelcyone with both hands, then she began pouring it onto Genesis. Right after that──,

Gravel’s eyes opened wide.

「This is……!?」

White lines were going up on the wall of Genesis that lost its light.

「In exchange of light, white lines are……is that, our……?」

「That’s right. Please observe.」

Spots on the surface that were cracked were miraculously repairing when the white lines passed through.

「Certainly, this is amazing……」

Grace also spoke in admiration seeing that.

「This is really something……this technique of Baldin and Landred.」

Landred shook her head left and right with a surprised look.

「No. This is the result of everyone combining their power. I and Baldin alone won’t be able to do anything like this.」

「I see……you’re right.」

Grace smiled and looked alternately to Landred and Gravel.

「This is a good chance for the three countries to join their strength. Let’s hold this ceremony from here on too period──」

The water surface of the spring below them rippled.


And then the sky rang.

It was like a giant gear was turning. Heavy and low sound like metal scraping roared.

──This is,

Grace’s complexion changed.

「AU Collision!?」

Landred immediately put her hands on the Genesis.

「I will reactivate Genesis immediately!」

Gravel also yelled with urgency.

「What’s the meaning of this! Shouldn’t this be safe!?」

「I don’t know! If there’s a problem, I can only guess that a large problem happened at Lemuria’s side.」

「Lemuria’s side……?」

「Yes. There is enough magic power in this world. Even if Genesis is stopped, it won’t give any great effect if it’s only for a short time. Perhaps this is……some kind of magical abnormality also occurred in Lemuria and both phenomenons interfered with each other……」

Gravel stiffened with a face of realization.

「If an AU Collision is occurring……can we meet with Kizuna again!?」

Hearing those words, Grace’s expression also changed from the face of emperor into the face of a normal girl.

「What do you think Landred!? Can we meet with Nii-sama and Nee-sama again!?」

However Landred answered with a pained face.

「We can’t. If the collision occur like this, what kind of disaster will result……」

「But still! Perhaps we might be able to come and go between two worlds like before again you know!? Nee-sama might be just ahead from there! And yet──」

At that time, a voice entered Grace’s ear.


There was no way she could forget that voice even if she tried to forget it.

There was also no way she would mistake that voice no matter how.

──Is that you Grace?


Chapter 7 – Surely We Will be Able to Meet Again[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「Just what is going on?」

Reiri was sitting beside Kizuna in Nayuta Lab’s sickbay.

Kizuna was laid down on the bed. He was continuously breathing painfully in an unconscious state. He was thoroughly examined and the data was sent to Ataraxia’s medical AI, but they couldn’t obtain any answer.

Kei’s perplexed face was projected in the window floating in front of Reiri.

『Our conjecture is that a powerful magic power impairment is occurring due to the explosion of the remodeled Tri-Head. Most likely a considerable number of cores were loaded inside that magic weapon. Our conjecture is that forceful remodeling was for loading even more core inside it.』


Reiri looked at Kizuna’s suffering sleeping face and gritted her teeth.

『By exploding those cores simultaneously, a colossal magic power burst occurred. It caused a wide range magic power abnormality. Its area of influence is practically the whole earth. The gears within that range all become unusable. In other words, it’s something similar with EMP pulse attack caused by high altitude nuclear explosion.』

「Something like that doesn’t matter!」

Reiri glared at Kei with a terrifying look.

「Why is Kizuna the only one who ended up like this!?」

Kizuna was moaning painfully even now. He was sweating heavily, and his breathing was also rough.

「Aine and others also become unable to wear their gear, but they don’t collapse. Why is it only Kizuna!?」


Kei looked down and bit her lower lip. Seeing her expression Reiri told herself to calm down.

「……Sorry. Kei, I……」

『I don’t mind. More importantly, battleships and aircraft carriers from many countries are starting to move toward Ataraxia.』

「……Annoucn the first class emergency alert. Ataraxia can fight well enough even in battle of conventional weapons.」

『Also we have confirmed a Heart Hybrid Gear force at the other side of earth at Austalia. They’re in the middle of haeding to Ataraxia with transport aircraft.』

「What!? Why can they use Heart Hybrid Gear!?」

『Most likely the other side of the earth is just barely outside the explosion’s effect range.』

「So this is going as they planned……」

Reiri gritted her teeth and squeezed out her voice.

『I will report again as soon as the information come.』

Kei said that and cut the communication.

Silence returned to the sickbay and only Kizuna’s pained breathing could be heard.


Reiri held her head and looked down.

They had no hand to play.

They could fight against the landing force, but if they were pushed back with quantity, it was only a matter of time until they fell. Even before that, the match would be decided when the enemy’s Heart Hybrid Gear force arrived.

Would it end like this?

What’s wrong Hida Reiri. Show that you’ll manage somehow.

Are you only someone of this level in the end?

Your name as second generation devil is crying here.

But she couldn’t think of any breakthrough solution.

Would Kizuna die like this?

Would Ataraxia get taken over?

Everyone would be captured and become subject for experiment and torture.

She wouldn’t let such thing to happen.

But, it was pointless to just think that.

Was there some kind of concrete──,

Tears were blurring her eyes.


She muttered that for some reason.

Tears trickled down Reiri’s cheeks and her lips smiled in irony.


For her to cry and asked for help from her mother.

Even though that person wasn’t anywhere anymore.

At that time, her breast pocket vibrated.

A mail arrived in her communication terminal.

The sender’s name was──,


Reiri stared on that name in a daze. And then, her eyes immediately changed into a sad one.

「The timing is too good even for a joke……」

A chuckle unconsciously slipped out.

The mail’s title was 『Regarding the method to restore Genesis』.

「Why is……something like this, at this time……」

Reiri’s hollow eyes chased after the mail’s letters.

And then,

Those eyes were gradually opening wide.

When she finished reading.

Light had returned to Reiri’s eyes.

Part 2[edit]


Kizuna recovered his consciousness.

「So you’re away, Kizuna!」


Something soft was pushed on his face forcefully.

An object that was like a huge skin colored manju. The transcendental pleasantness and elasticity clung on his face closely. The damp and smooth skin texture. Kizuna knew this sensation very well. There was no way he would mistake it.

──Ne, Nee-chan’s breast!?

Kizuna turned his head and slipped out from below his sister’s breast.

When he looked around, it seemed he was in the sickbay. And then he was lying on the bed, his head on his big sister’s lap where she was making him sucking her breast. Reiri had unbuttoned the front of her uniform and exposed both her breasts.

「Wait, Nee-chan. What is this situation──」

She didn’t let him say anything and placed her breast on his face.

「Be quiet, just drink more.」


He didn’t understand but, Reiri’s voice and gaze were serious. Kizuna obeyed and put his mouth on Reiri’s nipple before sucking.

The next moment, a sweet taste spread inside Kizuna’s mouth.


His mouth spontaneously let go and stared at the tip of his big sister’s breast.

White liquid was dripping from there.

「Ne, Nee-chan? This is……」

「A, aa……it might be the effect of core’s installation. Don’t mind it.」

「I mind! Just what in──nnuh!?」

His mouth was blocked by her breast once more.

Reluctantly, Kizuna continued sucking Reiri’s breast just like he was told.

Even Aine, Hayuru, and Yurishia who were installed with core longer than Reiri didn’t produce breast milk.

However Kizuna couldn’t win against the temptation of the white liquid that overflowed copiously from his big sister’s breast. Sweet and gentle taste spread inside his mouth. It passed his throat and fell into his stomach. This taste and scent mysteriously calmed him. He felt peaceful.

He rolled the stiff nipple inside his mouth with his tongue.


Sweet voice spontaneously flowed out from Reiri’s mouth.

「Oi, don’t play any prank. Suck seriously.」

Sucking his big sister’s breast seriously──Kizuna thought it funny. He sucked the breast strongly in the place of answer and massaged the other breast with his hand.

Then something warm touched his palm.

Several white lines were drawn from the tip of Reiri’s breast and trickled on Kizuna’s body.

When he sucked the breast strongly again, milk came out with even more amount than before.

Reiri gently caressed Kizuna’s head as though to comfort a child.

「Fufu……right now it belong to only you. Drink as much as you like.」

Kizuna still couldn’t understand why he was drinking Reiri’s milk. However, he was enveloped in tranquility that made him didn’t care of such thing. And then the more he drank, the more his body felt better. He felt like that.

He didn’t know why but, it felt like the milk he drank spread until every corner of his body and healed every bad spot.

It was just his impression, and Kizuna also understood in his head that there was no way such thing was going on. But he was feeling like that.

He remembered collapsing right after the explosion of the remodeled Tri-Head. At that time, he felt like his body was breaking.

Now he felt invigorated, as though those broken parts were recovering.

His crotch was getting constricted the more his energy was coming back. Reiri sharply discovered that change.

「Nn……Kizuna, you」

Kizuna let go of Reiri’s breast and spoke in panic.

「No, I don’t know why but it’s turning like that on its own! Perhaps it’s the same like waking up at the morning──wapuh!?」

「It’s fine just suck. It’s fine even if you play around.」

The permission had been given, so Kizuna playfully bit his big sister’s nipple.

「ahn!?♥ O, oi, I said it’s fine for you to play around but……aan♥」

Kizuna gently licked the place he bit to comfort it. Reiri’s face quickly changed into an intoxicated look.

Reiri also reached toward Kizuna’s lower body and lowered his trouser. And then Kizuna’s thing bounced up energetically.

The thing that had hardened completely like a pillar made Reiri gulped.

「So your function has returned……I need to confirm it.」

She said that while her moistened eyes and expression looked very obscene.

Her thin and slender fingers entwined around Kizuna’s thing.

Kizuna spontaneously sucked Reiri’s breast strongly.


Milk spurted out once more.

「Kizuna, you should us this side too soon……」

Reiri brought her opposite breast toward Kizuna’s mouth. When stuck his mouth at the stiff tip and started to suck again loudly.

「Aahn♥ Haa……that’s right. Stronger……uuhn♥」

Reiri’s chest grew hotter when she was looking at the face of his little brother who was sucking her milk intently. And then she felt like the flow of the milk became better.

The sense on her palm also became sharper, the sensation of the hard thing in her grasp was conveyed to her whether she wanted it or not.

「Fufu♥ This sensation has been a long time……」

Kizuna was also feeling unbearable pleasure from the sensation of Reiri’s fingers and palm after so long. The hand that was holding with superb strength control that wasn’t too weak or too strong moved up and down. The transparent liquid that oozed out from the tip increased the smoothness and accelerated the pleasure further.

Kizuna’s pleasure increased in explosive power. His attack to Reiri’s breast also turning more intense in proportion to that. Inside his mouth he rolled the nipple, pecked it with his tongue to tease it, he tested every kind of method to learn how much he could make Reiri felt it while making milk came out.

「Nhkufuuh♥ Ki, Kizuna-, you’re sucking, that desperately……♥AaAAAAH!!」

He felt unbearably happy when Reiri raised such voice of pleasure. He put even more strength into his sucking.

「Hah♥ Aah, i, if you want to let it out…..a♥ anytime is fine okay……」

Reiri too was completely feeling it from getting her breast teased persistently. Her face blushed and she kept letting out a heated sigh with gasping breath.

Looking from her erotic expression that was totally feeling it, he understood that it was Reiri instead who was closer to the climax.

──To think, that it will feel this good, when feeding Kizuna my milk……I, I’m going to come just from my breast…….

But, Kizuna was also rapidly ascending to the climax as though to chase behind Reiri. Perhaps he was excessively excited by his big sister’s hand after so long, he was really close to his limit.

──Ne, Nee-chan!

He unconsciously lifted up his waist.

Reiri guessed his state from there and leaned above Kizuna’s crotch. His mouth quickly caught Kizuna’s thing that was standing hard.

Suddenly Kizuna felt he was enveloped by something hot and sticky. His brain and body reflexively misunderstood, wondering whether he had inserted into Reiri’s femininity itself──in that instant, Kizuna reached the climax in the blink of eye.


Kizuna’s pillar shot out something white hard.

Reiri made a shocked expression with it still inside her mouth.

──A, amazing spurt……besides, the amount too……♥

A great amount of liquid moved into Reiri’s mouth with shocking speed and it flowed into her throat directly. The sensation of it passing through her throat created unbearable pleasure inside Reiri.

MGHxHV14 012 ill.jpg

──A, aa, no, co, coming, me too──!!

Reiri’s waist shook.

She was drinking her little brother’s thing while her body reached the climax.

Reiri’s body was convulsing while she continued to drink the liquid that was let out inside her mouth.

Before long Kizuna finished letting it out. Reiri’s mouth let go and she hovered over Kizuna.

「You let out too much……good grief♥」

The two of them entrusted their body to the pleasant relaxation for a while. Kizuna’s hand took the hair of his big sister who was hanging over him and enjoyed the silky texture.

「……Nee-chan. What in the world happened? Besides, this is……」

It was a magic power impairment attack by exploding a great amount of cores. The effect of that caused dysfunction in you. I made you drank milk because that was the method to revive Genesis.]


──The method to revive Genesis?

「Wait, I don’t get it at all.」

Then Reiri lifted her upper body and looked down on Kizuna with a gentle gaze.

「Eros’s core is the equivalent of Genesis in Lemuria.」


──Eros is?

Kizuna lifted his body and fixed his attire.

「Sorry, it’s a bit……what does that mean……I don’t get it at all.」

Reiri also fixed her appearance and sat down beside Kizuna. They stared at each other. And then, she gently placed her hand on Kizuna’s cheek.

「The core of Heart Hybrid Gera came from Atlantis. Especially when the first AU Collision happened, we recovered the cores that were scattered in this world and used them. However Eros’s core had been in this world over here all this time even before AU Collision.」

──Come to think of it,

Kizuna recalled what he heard from Nayuta before.

『It’s thought that the other cores fell into our world when AU Collision occurred. However, Eros is the only one different. It’s a mysterious object discovered in an island at Mediterranean Sea approximately a hundred years ago. But to all appearances it only looks like modern industrial good or a toy. There wasn’t even any commotion of OOParts discovery and it had been sleeping all that time inside a collector’s warehouse.』

Nayuta at that time overlapped with Reiri in front of him.

「This is just my conjecture but……Thanatos must be intending to experiment with Atlantis and Lemuria as different case. That was why she changed the condition. And then she wanted to see how each world would evolve……surely she never thought that AU Collision would occur and the OOParts of the two worlds would get mixed up.」

「I and Eros are……the Genesis that we were searching……?」

Various thoughts were jumbled up inside Kizuna.

「Eros, isn’t a……Heart Hybrid Gear?」

He couldn’t accept that fact right away.

「No, it’s a Heart Hybrid Gear. But, it uses the power of Genesis. It’s something that you created.」

「……I did?」

「Thinking back, there was many strange things. The first time I felt a question was when you first did Climax Hybrid with Neros.」

In order to defeat Tri-Head, Kizuna did Climax Hybrid with Hayuru for the first time. And then Hayuru obtained Corruption Armament while Kizuna created the sword and fought Aldia.

「I thought it was strange when I saw Eros created the sword at that time. Corruption Armament was loaded inside the gear since the beginning. The only problem was whether the user can pull it out or not. But, Eros is different. It created the weapon of its Climax Hybrid partner one after another.」

「Certainly……but, that is Eros’s power……」

「Yeah. It’s Eros’s ability. But that power clearly surpassed a gear’s limit.」

Kizuna stared at his palm.

──Certainly, Eros inside my body is clearly different from other core. But, if that’s the case,

「……Nee-chan. In the first place it’s strange that Eros can do Heart Hybrid isn’t it?」

「Exactly. Thinking back, it produce life energy, produce material, and improving and altering other gears. That is truly Genesis’s ability. From the beginning we were fighting with its blessing behind us.」

They didn’t notice that at all──Reiri made a self-depreciating smile.

Kizuna put his palm on his face.

「Good grief.」

Strangely a smile came to the surface.

「Even though I thought it was useless, in reality it was a gear with special power……and now from the beginning it actually wasn’t a gear. Then, a man like me can install it is also because of that?」

「That’s right.」

Kizuna suddenly noticed something.

「But how does Nee-chan know about it?」

「Someone taught me.」


Reiri took out her communication terminal from her jacket’s breast pocket and showed the screen to Kizuna.



「Yeah. That computer sent me a mail. There, the information regarding Genesis I mentioned just now and the maintenance method were written. I breast feed you just now was merely following the maintenance procedure.」

「That was……maintenance?」

「That’s right. It seems woman who is installed with core will go through change physically. The liquid that is produced by that body will have the effect to repair Genesis. Breast milk is the liquid with the highest effect even among all of them.」

After that Reiri added looking a bit embarrassed.

「Well, this is a second hand knowledge from that person though.」

「Is that so……Kaa-san was」

Kizuna stood up and fixed his clothes.

「As I thought, she is watching over us even now, surely.」

「You’re right……but it doesn’t mean that all of our problem is resolved.」

Reiri expression returned into a sharp one and she stood up.

「The multinational army’s regular force and heart Hybrid Gear force are approaching Ataraxia. We can deal with the regular force, but it will be the end when the gear force arrives. We have to think of how to deal with them before that.」

「It’s fine.」


「No, it’s not like I have a good idea.」

Kizuna scratched his head with an awkward look.

「But, we have gotten through even worse situations many times until now. Each time Ataraxia, we caused a miracle. That’s why surely this time we’ll also manage somehow.」

Kizuna’s eyes were straightforward. Reiri also grinned seeing that.

「Yeah. I also think so. God and demon both sided with us here. There’s no way we’ll lose.」

Kei’s face suddenly appeared between the two siblings who were staring at each other.

『A, a disaster! Reiri! Come here quickly!!』

Kei’s face that was projected in the floating window was a cornered one. It was rare she was making such expression, but her yell with her actual voice was even rarer. Even for Reiri this was her first time hearing her yelling like that.

The two of them rushed out of the sickbay and got down one floor. They ran into the command room.

「What’s the matter!?」

No one there answered that yell of Reiri.

『Headmaster!? Is that headmaster!?』

For a moment Reiri couldn’t closed her opened mouth.

「Wha……what was that just now? Kei! Did you replay Landred’s voice?」

『No! I’m right here!! You can’t see me though!』

Surprise and confusion filled Reiri’s face.

「What’s going on……」

When she turned her gaze, Aine was reaching out with her hands as though to touch someone unseen.

「Grace! You’re there aren’t you Grace!」

『Nee-sama! Aa……this is like a dream. To think I can hear Nee-sama’s voice again!』

Their figure couldn’t be seen. However Grace’s familiar voice certainly came from the spot where Aine’s hand reached out.

Hayuru was also talking toward empty air like Aine.

「Hyakurath-san!? This is Hayuru! Himekawa Hayuru!」

『Himekawa-san! This is really Himekawa-san’s voice. Are you well?』

「Yes, Hyakurath-san too……are you well?」

『Eh? E, err……well』

Hayuru made a worried expression hearing that inarticulate reply.

「Did something happen?」

『That’s……I was appointed as captain of the royal guard……』

「Tha, that’s……congratulations for your promotion……?」

Kizuna looked around inside the command room.

Inside there was Reiri and Kei, then Aine, Hayuru, Yurishia, Sylvia, and Ragrus. No one else.

However, the voices of Grace, Landred, and Hyakurath were clearly audible. And then, they could also converse properly.

「Kizuna……is that, really……Kizuna?」

「That voice, is that Gravel?」

「Ye, yeah……what a miracle……Kizuna, there is something that I want to tell──no」


「……It’s nothing. Zelcyone, do you also want to say something……」

「Yeah, it’s me……this is Zelcyone. We are……it’s truly great to be able to hear your voice──」

「Ye, yeah……? I’m also happy.」

「I also want that child, to hear this voice……n, no! It’s good if you’re safe.」


While each of them was renewing old friendship, Reiri wracked her brain in order to sort out the situation.

──Is Lemuria and Atlantis getting closer because of some reason?

「Landred. Just what in the world is going on? Is this the work on your side?」

『We are temporarily stopping the function of Genesis over here in order to perform maintenance. However, something like this shouldn’t occur but……perhaps, some kind of abnormal situation related to magic power also happened over there?』

The image of the remodeled Tri-Head exploding revived at the back of Reiri’s head.

「Yeah. An abnormality was caused to magic power due to a great number of cores getting exploded. The effect caused us to fall into a situation where magic armor over here cannot be used.」

『Is that so……most likely due to the timing overlapped coincidentally, it caused both worlds to get closer. At Lemuria’s side it become a situation that is similar to shortage of magic power, while here Genesis’s operation is halted. I think both worlds are being pulled toward each other because of that.』

「Furthermore the Genesis over here is also stopped. What coincidence……」

Reiri pressed her forehead.

『But, there is no need to worry. The Genesis here is starting to restart, and the magic power abnormality over there will surely recover within several hours at best.』

「However, Ataraxia will be attacked by the enemy before that.」

Reiri briefly explained about Ataraxia’s situation.

While she was talking, even though her figure couldn’t be seen, they could feel Grace’s killing intent welling up.

『Damn them! If I can go over there, I will hand down judgment to all of those scoundrels!!』

「Ca, calm down Grace. I’m happy that you feel like that though.」

Aine desperately soothed down the enraged Grace.

The uproarious atmosphere from the Atlantis side was transmitted to this side.

『But……if I remember correctly, a similar accident also occurred in Baldin……』

Her figure couldn’t be seen, but Landred’s worried feeling was conveyed. And then Landred suddenly spoke brightly.

『That’s right! There was a similar precedent before. Please prepare a spare core. If it’s a core in dormant state that hasn’t been installed, it shouldn’t receive the effect of magic power abnormality. If the little brother install it to someone, it should work without problem!』

A ray of hope.

And then despair.

There wasn’t a single usable core in Ataraxia currently.

The cores that they collected from the Dragre were all damaged and couldn’t endure being used.

Kizuna gritted his teeth and endured his frustration.

──Is there no way left?

An air of defeatism was ruling over the command room. It was then.

「No──there is one.」

Reiri said.

「If it’s core then we have one.」

Kizuna’s eyes opened wide.

Everyone present there stiffened with their mouth staying open.

「What did you say!? Is that true, Nee-chan!?」


Aine seemed unable to trust that so suddenly. She stared at Reiri doubtfully.

「I never heard anything like that until now! Why wasn’t it used until now?」

「Aine-san! Right now we should prioritize using that core rather than questioning that!! Commander! Where is that core right now?」

「Uu……tha, that’s, you see」

Yurishia also frowned in suspicion.

「What’s the matter? Also what kind of core is that?」

「Could it be, it’s a core that isn’t really strong desu?」

Reiri averted her gaze from Sylvia’s worried expression.

Her face looked more ashamed rather than troubled. Her cheeks blushed and her gaze was downcast while wandering around.

The hesitant attitude that was unlike his big sister caused Kizuna to be impatient too.

「Nee-chan! Right now we’re in a race against time. Just what is──」

When he pressed her with question like that, Reiri took out a small metal capsule from her pocket.

──The core of Heart Hybrid Gear or its alternate name magic armor.

Reiri handed that core to Kizuna.

「This is……?」

Kizuna was familiar with that core.

The detailed and cute decoration applied on its surface.

It was the order made magic armor that a mother made for her daughter’s sake.

Kizuna showed a shocked expression.

「Nee-chan……this is……」

Several questions inside Kizuna connected to each other at that time.

Recently, she didn’t spend the night with him,

She was paying attention so her body wouldn’t get cold,

Valdy was really nervous about Reiri’s safety,

Reiri proclaimed with a small voice and red face.

「…..It’s, Zecros’s core.」

The command room fell silent.


Kizuna approached Reiri and grabbed her arm.

「Nee-chan. Why, didn’t you say that sooner?」

Reiri couldn’t look directly at Kizuna’s face and averted her gaze.

「That’s……before, if I manage to get pregnant first……I intended to boast but……that, when it actually happened, somehow it got embarrassing……besides──」

Reiri looked up at Kizuna with an anxious gaze.

「When I thought of how you will think……I got worried……」

Kizuna unconsciously held his breath. He had never seen his big sister making that kind of frail face.

She continued shouldering the heavy position as commander while holding such insecure feeling.

He wanted to comfort Reiri.

He wanted to reassure her.

He wanted to convey his gratitude and happiness.

But, he couldn’t find any word that he should say.

All words wouldn’t match Reiri’s feeling──he got such feeling.

He lost his words and couldn’t say anything.

That was why Kizuna,

Hugged Reiri’s body.


He conveyed his feeling of being unable to find any good words through the embrace. He wanted his feeling to be directly transmitted through his arms that were hugging her, from their chests that were pressed on each other.

Kizuna put his passionate feeling, his gratitude, his love, all his feelings into that hug.

Strongly, but gently.

To answer that feeling of her little brother, Reiri also put her hands around Kizuna’s back.

「Yeah……I understand, Kizuna.」

Reiri was the one reassuring Kizuna instead by lightly patting her little brother’s back.

Kizuna let go of Reiri’s body and they stared at each other.

「Nee-chan. There’re a lot of thing that I want to discuss. But right now──」

「I know.」

Reiri answered strongly like that. Her face returned to the face of a commander.

Confident and self assured. The commander of Ataraxia who was feared by countries all over the world as devil.

Kizuna turned toward the members of Amaterasu.

「Everyone! We can still fight!」

Kizuna’s voice that was filled with joy and motivation slid over Aine and others.

「? What’s wrong everyone?」

Aine’s face distorted from the shock she received. She was muttering something incoherently.

「No……no way. The commander beaten me to the punch……this me……even though I’m the first wife……even though I’m the emperor……even though I’m the galaxy ace……」

Aine began to run her mouth incomprehensibly in confusion. It caused Hayuru’s face to twitch.

「A, Aine-san? Please get a hold of yourself.」

「Aren’t you frustrated Hayuru!?」

It made her lashed out.

「O, obviously it’s frustrating! Well……but, if it’s the commander, in a sense……it’s not unreasonable, or rather I can accept it.」

「I can’t accept it here-!!」

Yurishia interrupted the conversation that was running wild.

「Wa, wait a second! There’re various things that I can’t accept but, that core is exclusive for the commander right?」

Aine and Hayuru said ‘ah’ in realization only now.

Yurishia turned her eyes questioningly toward Kizuna.

「In addition, who should be the one installed with that core?」

That question was only natural.


Certainly, it couldn’t be installed into Reiri at her current state.

Kizuna fell into thought. Hayuru also looked downcast seeing him.

「Even though the strongest core managed to be spared……this is like pearls thrown before swine.」

Aine also switched her feeling and yelled toward the unseen Landred.

「Landred! Is there something that can be done!?」

『That’s……we don’t know……forgive us……』

Cold sweat trickled from Kizuna while he desperately thought.

Just one more step.

They could win if they could overcome this.

Landred seemed to be unable to endure the atmosphere that fell silent and muttered.

『E, err……that’s something that Nayuta-san created so……』


A girl’s figure flashed inside Kizuna’s mind.

That’s right.

There is one.

Just one person.

A girl who could possibly succeed this core.

Part 3[edit]

「Err……do you need me for something?」

Setsuna said that while getting off the car.

This was the entrance of Nayuta Lab. Setsuna turned a bewildered expression toward Kizuna who was waiting for her there.

──Just several minutes ago.

There was an announcement for Setsuna who was evacuated to the underground shelter of the primary grade school so that she departed to Nayuta Lab in an emergency. When she followed the teacher who came to call her and went to the entrance, a car from the lab was parked there. The car that came to pick her up ran with normally unthinkable speed and ignored all the traffic lights.

「To forcefully bring me here like this……」

「It’s emergency situation. Ataraxia’s fate is hanging on the line. Come with me.」

Kizuna only said that and turned around to enter inside the lab.

「Eh? Please wait!」

Setsuna didn’t understand what was going on. She chased Kizuna’s back with a face that looked angry.

「I, I’m asking you to wait!」

She followed behind Kizuna and entered an elevator.

When the door closed, it moved to underground.

「Setsuna, Ataraxia is in a pinch.」


「The multinational army is sending a large force to attack Ataraxia. They’ll arrive in two more hours.」

Setsuna gulped. Her widely opened eyes were shakened up.

「The enemy won’t just use conventional weapons. There is also the Heart Hybrid Gear force of Europe. It will be the end of us if they arrive.」

「Bu, but, with Amaterasu and Masters here……」

「Due to the enemy’s strategy, all of Ataraxia’s Heart Hybrid Gear cannot be used. At this rate there will be a lot of victims and Ataraxia will fall.」

「No way……」

The elevator’s door opened with an electronic sound.

They arrived at what seemed like an experiment room. The ceiling was high and the space was so wide it felt like a car could drive around here. A white container was placed there alone.

Setsuna got out of the elevator hesitantly and stared at that container.

「What is……that?」

「That’s Love Room.」

Setsuna still didn’t understand even if she was told that. She tilted her head slightly.

「Love, Room? It’s a cute name but……this isn’t the time to do something like──」

The thick hatch that was like a safe opened and Kizuna entered inside.

Setsuna passed through the hatch warily.

「The inside isn’t too cute……」

It was an empty room that was completely white with only a single bed.

「This is the mid-range mobile tactical supply room that was developed at the beginning. Its nickname is Love Room.」

Kizuna touched the wall in nostalgia.

「This is the only one that can be used right away. The more modern version it is, the more time it will take to activate it and it will also take effort to adjust it.」

「Stop screwing around! Right now Ataraxia is in a pinch isn’t it!? We should intercept the enemy quickly or something……」

Setsuna was anxious.

The talk that she heard from Kizuna was too terrifying. She thought that they had to do something, but she couldn’t think of anything concrete. What she could think of was only something like wearing technical gear and pulling the gun’s trigger.

「There is a way.」

「The, then, there isn’t any time to talk with me! Please do that right away! Please save everyone, save my friends!」

Kizuna took out a small metal capsule from his pocket.

「That is?」

「This is a Heart Hybrid Gear’s core.」

Setsuna opened her eyes wide.


The silver core was reflected on the golden eyes that shined in curiosity.

「It’s my first time seeing it……it’s pretty……」

「This is the core that Nee-chan used until now.」

‘Eh’, Setsuna raised her voice.

「Then, this is Zecros’s……? But, why is it here……」

「I’ll install it into you.」

Setsuna stared at Kizuna with a puzzled face──m

A scream gushed out of her three seconds later.


「It’s natural that you’re surprised. But, there isn’t any other way.」

「Wh, wh, why why is that!? I, I’m still in primary school, I don’t have such qualification at all──」

Kizuna was calm in contrast with the flustered Setsuna.

「This is an exclusive core that Kaa-san created for Nee-chan’s sake. It won’t be able to display its actual capability even if it’s installed at anyone other than Nee-chan.」

「Exclusive……then, that’s even more……」

「But, Setsuna. It’s different if it’s you.」


「Setsuna’s body is something inherited from our Kaa-san. Kaa-san and Nee-chan’s Heart Hybrid Gear aptitude and biological analysis are very close. The one with the best aptitude for Zecros’s core is you Setsuna.」

「Bu, but……there is Onee-chan herself here.」

「Nee-chan is……there is a reason why it can’t be installed in here right now.」


「Besides the drop in attitude will be amended by your special power. With your power that turn even technical gear into magic armor, Zecros should be adjusted to match your body.」


Setsuna’s expression clouded.

「I……don’t want that.」


「I’m human. A human, can’t do something like that. That’s why I mustn’t do that.」

Setsuna looked down and her shoulders shrunk. She curled into herself as though she wanted to vanish.


Kizuna put his hand on Setsuna’s shoulder to pep her up.

「Setsuna, you’re piling up your worry inside yourself too much.」

「Because……it’s not something to talk with other people……」

「It’s fine if it’s with family right?」


Setsuna lifted her face like a withered flower that recovered its vitality.

Kizuna put his hands around Setsuna’s back and gently hugged her.

「That’s why say it without reservation. What does Setsuna want to do? What do you want?」


Tears gathered on Setsuna’s eyes.

「I, want to be a normal human. The same like, Onii-chan, and Onee-chan. Then, I’m not, god or anything, but a normal……」

「I see……is there anything else?」

「I want to be useful to everyone. I don’t want to be told that I’m unneeded.」

「Aah. And?」

「I don’t want to be given special treatment, just because I’m not normal.」

「Got it. Is there other?」

「I want……to be treated, specially……」


Setsuna pressed her forehead on Kizuna’s chest.

「Because……I’m your little sister. I’m different, from other children, I’m special……」

Kizuna gently patted Setsuna’s back to reassure her.

「I want to be your true little sister……」

He kept embracing Setsuna like that for a while. They both felt each other’s warmth and ascertained the feel of each other’s body once more.

「Hey, Setsuna. If there is a human who can lift up one ton, is that person not a human?」

Setsuna looked up at Kizuna with a puzzled face, wondering what he was saying so suddenly.

「That’s……if I have to say which then that person is superhuman……perhaps?」

「Right. But, that person might be called monster if he killed someone with that strength.」

Setsuna’s body jerked.

「Setsuna’s power is also something like that. You’re superhuman for those who sought that power. Perhaps it’s even the power of god. But for people who are opposing you, you’re monster with the power of demon.」

「……Will I become, demon to people outside Ataraxia?」

「However, if you use that power than you can save Ataraxia, and even the world outside it.」


「The whole world is targeting the technology in Ataraxia’s possession. Because if they have the other world knowledge and technology that we have, they will be able to get ahead of other countries. They will be able to use that technology to create even better mass murder weapon. That’s the path of ruin that was once reached by Thanatos’s world. We’re also going to walk toward such future.」

Setsuna imagined that future and trembled in fear.

「That’s why our battle is not just to protect Ataraxia. We fight in order to protect this world’s future. And now we’re leaning toward that future of destruction.」

Kizuna let go of her body and crouched in front Setsuna.


「Right now we don’t have any way to fight. You’re our last hope.」

Setsuna stared at the face of her big brother in front of her.

Did she ever stare straight into her brother’s eyes like this before?

They were eyes that were really pretty, unclouded, and without any lies.

「Does that mean……I am being needed?」

「Everyone in Ataraxia need you.」

「……Onii-chan too?」

「Of course.」

「Then……can I, ask for one thing?」

Kizuna smiled.

「Say anything. It can be cute clothes or tasty sweets, or anything.」

Setsuna chuckled in amusement.

「It’s not anything like that. Can……」

Setsuna’s cheeks reddened and she spoke in whisper.

「Can Onii-chan, make me……into your true little sister?」

Kizuna hugged Setsuna once more.

This time Setsuna also reached out and hugged Kizuna’s neck.

Kizuna spoke with a happy voice.

「You’re my true little sister from the start.」

Setsuna responded with a tearful voice.

「Please don’t say……things just to console me.」

The two of them kept hugging like that and after a while Kizuna suddenly started talking.

「Setsuna, how about you leave the dorm and live together with me?」


「Together with Nee-chan too. Let’s live together as family.」


The hands around Kizuna’s neck hugged harder. Tears spilled out from Setsuna’s eyes, wetting Kizuna’s neck.

「Setsuna, will you receive Zecros’s core?」

「Yes……with pleasure.」

Setsuna let go of him and wiped her tears.

Kizuna stood up and went to the control panel on the wall. And then he pushed several buttons. The result surprised Setsuna.


The bleak white room changed into a beautiful green forest.

「Thi, this is……?」

The small stream flowing nearby. The refreshing smell of woods. The sensation of wind that caressed their cheeks and made their hair fluttered. Everything was genuine.

「I, instant, teleportation?」

「No. It work directly to human’s brain to make them have simulated experience with their sight, hearing, smell, and even their touch. That’s Love Room’s function.」

When Kizuna moved his finger, the scenery changed into a beautiful sandy beach in the evening.

Setsuna’s eyes sparkled.


And then this time it was a splendid bedroom like in a palce.

「Amazing! It’s amazing, Onii-chan!」

Setsuna acted excitedly in high spirits. She looked like an extremely normal girl like that.

Setsuna ascertained the bed’s texture with her hand. Kizuna showed her Zecros’s core.

The trump card that was succeeded from the mother to the big sister, and then from the big sister to the little sister.

「But, how to do the install?」

「This will be inserted into Setsuna’s body.」

Setsuna frowned with a troubled look.

「It feels a bit impossible to swallow it though……」

「Aa……about that. It will be inserted from below.」

Setsuna’s face reddened.

「Do, don’t tell me……from the bu──」

「It’s close but a bit wrong.」

Setsuna let out a sigh of relieve, but she then showed a worried face again.

──How should I explain this?

「Fi, first let’s prepare. I’ll take off your clothes.」

Setsuna hugged her body with a bright red face.

「We, we’re going to do indecent thing like that!?」

「E, ee……well」

Setsuna gulped and made a meek expression.

「Do, don’t tell me……Onii-chan and Onee-chan also……」

Kizuna’s heart jumped in fright.

「Do things like ki, kissing or something-!?」


Kizuna was beaten up once more by the sinfulness of what he was going to do.

「Yo, you two really did something like that!」


Setsuna’s eyes were swirling while she hit the bed with her hand.

「Wha, wha, what are you going to do if a baby is created-!?」

──I’m sorry. A baby is already created.

He couldn’t say that.

Kizuna sat down on the bed beside Setsuna and hugged her shoulder to calm her anger.

「Onii-chan cannot kiss with Setsuna?」


Setsuna went bright red until her ears. She entwined her fingers together with a troubled look.

「That, that’s, troubling……I, it’s still, too early for me, but……」

After a while, she was muttering to herself while feeling conflicted.

「Uuu……bu, but, if Onee-chan is also doing it then, even I……but, what to do if a baby is created……」

「Let me tell you just in case but, a baby won’t be made with just a kiss you know?」

「Eh? I, is that so? The, then……I, it might be fine.」

Her cheeks blushed and she answered shyly.

「Setsuna is really a good child.」

When Kizuna caressed her head, Setsuna narrowed her eyes happily.

「Tha, that’s……♪」

「Then, close your eyes.」


Kizuna slightly lifted up Setsuna’s face. He brought his lips toward Setsuna’s face that was filled with nervousness.

Kizuna’s lips touched Setsuna’s small lips.


Setsuna’s body stiffened completely. Kizuna pulled Setsuna toward him while keeping their lips locked.


Setsuna let out a sweet moan and opened her eyes slightly. Golden particles were flowing in her eyes.

Kizuna who was secretly observing her was surprised inside his heart.

──Sign of Heart Hybrid just from this?

Kizuna separated their lips.

「Setsuna, are you alright?」

「……He? Yes……I’m, fine.」

Her expression was changing into an intoxicated look just from a kiss.

Her cheeks blushed, her eyes moistened with pleasure, and a lewd smile was tugged on her lips.

It wasn’t an expression that a primary grade student should make.

──Even though she isn’t even installed with a core……this reaction. Is this the influence of Thanatos’s power?

However if it was like this they might be able to do the install without much trouble. It encouraged Kizuna.

──Though I say that……won’t she just got ticklish when I touch her body?

He touched Setsuna’s flat chest while holding such concern.


She properly returned an adorable moan.

Kizuna started taking off the uniform Setsuna was wearing. Setsuna whose mind seemed to be hazy not only didn’t resist, she even allowed him obediently.

When he put his hand inside her slip, Kizuna smiled at her.

「Come on, Setsuna. Say banzai.」


He slowly pulled up her slip from both her hands that she raised. Kizuna reached to the simple panty that only had a small ribbon attached on its front. And then he slowly pulled it down and took it off from both her legs.

Setsuna lied down on the bed without a single string covering her body.

She was obviously even more immature compared to Sylvia. Kizuna felt guilt, even so his hand crawled on her flat chest.


A gasping voice slipped out.

Kizuna used his other hand to caress her stomach to her abdomen, and then her thigh to check her reaction.


Although her reaction was somewhat dull, she was fully feeling it.

Kizuna also took off his jacket and took Zecros’s core into his hand.

「Setsuna, I’ll insert the core into you now.」


Setsuna stared at the core with an intoxicated face. And then her hand reached toward the core.


Setsuna held the core between her fingers and muttered.

「But, it has Onee-chan’s color……」


Setsuna’s small tongue stretched out and gave a lick at the core.


Pleasure ran through between Kizuna’s legs.

Setsuna began to lick the core passionately without even knowing his condition.


The core that glistened with saliva was changing into golden color.

──This is?

Setsuna held the core with both hands like it was a treasure and licked it single-mindedly. The part where her tongue passed up and down was changing into golden color.

「Zecros’s white core is……changing into gold?」

Setsuna’s mouth went away from the core for a moment and she stared fixedly at it. She confirmed that half of the core was changing into golden and smiled happily.

──Don’t tell me, she is customizing the core to suit her?

「Just a bit more♡」

And then she put even more strength into her tongue and began licking.

That stimulation was fully conveyed to Kizuna’s thing that was synchronized with it.


When the core’s color completely changed to gold, change also appeared at its shape.

Setsuna looked up to Kizuna.

「Onii-chan, somehow its shape became strange……」

The synchronized core was changing into the same shape like Kizuna.

「Tha, that’s, how it is. You don’t need to mind it.」

「Is that so……it’s a strange shape that I’ve never seen before.」

She grabbed the longer core with both her hands. Setsuna then opened her mouth wide and held the tip inside her mouth.

「Nnu……nh, nnh……」

An immoral pleasure assaulted Kizuna. That pleasure was sending even more blood into Kizuna’s thing.

Setsuna frowned with a distressed look. She couldn’t endure and her mouth let go.

「Nnh! Haa……haa, geez, it’s gradually getting bigger……I can, put it inside my mouth……」

Kizuna gently caressed the head of Kizuna who was breathing hard.

「It’s enough.」

Kizuna took the completely changed core from Setsuna’s hand.

「Setsuna, spread your legs.」


Kizuna placed the core between the legs that she opened obediently.


──Is this really okay?

It’s too big no matter how he looked at it.

However a core wouldn’t injure the body. It should be fine based on his experience until now.


Kizuna put strength into his arm and pushed the core’s tip into Setsuna’s small entrance.


「Does it hurt?」

Kizuna looked at her worriedly. Setsuna shook her ecstatic face left and right.

「No……but, it’s a weird feeling……nh♡」

Kizuna spread open the narrow slit with the core further. The thickest part opened Setsuna’s entrance fully.

MGHxHV14 013 ill.jpg

「AaAHN! Wha, what? This-……my body, it’s tearing……and yet……an♡」

Kizuna resolutely pushed deeper without a pause.

「It feels like, inside my body, a large stake is, going in……O, Onii-chan-, I-, I’m scared.」

Her hand reached out toward Kizuna. He immediately grasped it.

「It’s alright! No need to worry. I’m with you here!」

「Haa, O, Onii-chan-♡」

Tears floated on the golden eyes.

The pink lips that leaked out pained breathing were opened in desire.

Kizuna kissed Setsuna one more time.

And then he slipped his tongue inside.


Their tongues touched each other. Their saliva mixed.

Golden light overflowed from Setsuna’s body at that instant.

Sparkling particles were dancing around the two.

Golden lines ran around all over Setsuna’s body from her stomach. Each time that happened, Zecros’s core was connecting with Setsuna’s body.

Setsuna’s body jumped.

Her back bent backward as far as it could.

Tears flowed from her opened eyes. Scream of joy flowed into Kizuna’s mouth.

Despite her immature body, Setsuna reached the climax.

Her small body was trembling.

Her toes clenched on the sheet.

Her whole body was expressing happiness.

When Kizuna’s lips left, she let out a coquettish voice with all her strength even with her childish body.


Part 4[edit]

The fleet of the multinational army had approached until a range where they could sight Ataraxia.

Furthermore a hundred kilometer behind them, the transport plane that was boarded by Europe’s Heart Hybrid Gear force Valkyrie was heading toward Ataraxia with subsonic speed.

「Noow then, we’re going to get off the slow taxi and rush off soon!」

After Christelle said that, the thirty squad members all stood up from their seat.

「Elfriede. How is the situation over there?」

Using the long range detection ability of Dagura, Elfriede checked the unmanned aircraft force that was going ahead.

「The unmanned aircraft force is ten kilometer in front of Ataraxia. They will start attacking soon.」

「No good-! We’re late. Let’s go!」

Christelle flew out before the rear hatch was fully opened. Following her the squad members threw themselves to the sky one after another.

The members of Valkyrie immediately increased their thruster output when they flew in the air and overtook the transport jet aircraft.

They avoided the cloud and lowered their altitude. There they could see the fleet on the sea.

「Hee, this is really a great view!」

Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and Aegis-class cruiser, destroyer and amphibious assault ship, etc, etc. There were dozens of them in total. It was astounding that they could gather this much force.

Thinking of the military vessels that were lost in the AU Collision War, it would make one think that perhaps all the existing battleships in the world had been gathered here.

Above them, Christelle flew past them with a condescending smile.

「Every last one of them is being greedy.」

「You’re saying that?」

Elfriede who caught up to her immediately retorted.

「Fufuh, can you say that about other?」

Christelle stared back at Elfriede with a smile as though she was seeing through her.

「What do you mean by that?」


「……I won’t allow France to monopolize this.」

「Ahahahahaha, that’s not it! Elfriede!」

Christelle winked.

「It won’t be by France. It will be me!」

She accelerated right after she finished saying that.

「Ahahahahaaa, I’ll be the first one!! Get out of my way drones!!」

Christelle was about to overtake the unmanned aircraft’s formation, it was then──,


The unmanned aircrafts exploded all at once.


Christelle rapidly brake at the spot.

The other members also stopped rushing and stared toward the flowers of flame blooming in the sky with dumbfounded look. A belt of flame was formed in the sky, cutting through the sky in a horizontal line. That flame and aircraft fragments fell toward the sea.

「What in, the world……Elfriede!!」

Elfriede responded to Christelle’s voice and started to search for the enemy.

「From where……」

She searched for the enemy while sweating coldly.

At that time, an immense magic power reaction was detected from the sky above.


When she thought that, a light ran from above to the sea behind them.

It was like the god’s lightning.

Elfriede immediately turned around.

「──The fleet-!?」

There wasn’t even any time to give warning.

Even if her warning actually reached, there would be no way to defend anyway.

A terrifyingly gigantic and long sword of light cut apart the fleet. Several destroyers had their bow cut off skillfully and they were tilting due to the water flooding in.

The fleet’s movement stopped and began to rescue the sinking ships.


Christelle looked up to the sky.

Light shined down from between the clouds.

Within that light, a winged girl with a sword in her right hand swooped down.


That armor was familiar. But, the size was completely different.


That was undoubtedly Hida Reiri’s Zecros.

However, no matter how she saw it, the wearer was a girl around the age of primary grade.

Christelle glared with a grim face.

──Who? This child?

She was a girl with golden hair and golden eyes with godly beauty.

Even Zecros fit that girl really well as though it was made for her. The lovely design combined with the girl’s beautiful figure made her looked exactly like an angel from heaven.

That girl opened her pink lips.

「I am Hida Setsuna. The little sister of Hida Reiri and Kizuna!」

「Little sister……you say?」

There was no information that Reiri and Kizuna had little sister. Was the information mistaken, or was it fake?

──No, that doesn’t matter.

「How surprising. To think there’s still a gaer that can move. Furthermore, that’s Zecros isn’t it?」

「So, so what about it」


Christelle immediately saw through Setsuna’s discomposed appearance.

「For a young lady like you to come out, perhaps you’re the only one who can move. Am I wrong?」

Setsuna groaned ‘uu’ and lost her words. Cold sweat was trickling down her cheek.

Christelle snickered inside her heart.

Certainly the power that destroyed the unmanned aircrafts and fleet was terrific. However they were likely against an amateur with no real battle experience. In that case──,

「Disperse! B!!」

Christelle decided a formation pattern and grabbed one of the swords floating beside her. She sent the other one to rush at Setsuna.


A shield was immediately formed on Setsuna’s left hand. That shield deflected the sword.

However the attack didn’t stop there. The scattered members surrounded Setsuna and began bombarding her.


Setsuna spread the wings on her back and attempted to retreat.

「Don’t let her get away!」

Two members stood on the way of Setsuna due to Christelle’s instruction.


Setsuna raised her voice in panic.

──What now!?

She recalled Kizuna’s words at that time.

『Your power is amazing. Compared to that power, your technique is low because you have only begun training. That’s why don’t think too much. Just push through with brute force.』


Setsuna’s wings opened and she accelerated drastically. The members of Valkyrie lost sight of her.


When they noticed, one already got sent flying by Setsuna who charged at them with her shield still raised.

It was just a tackle.

However the gear of the member was smashed and she became unable to fight.

「What power!! Surround her and attack her together!」

The members surrounding Setsuna fired simultaneously while keeping distance from her.

「I have no technique and tactic.」

Setsuna’s sword shined gold.

「But, I can at least swing my sword faster than anyone-!!」

Setsuna cut the particle cannon’s bullets heading at her.


The bullets coming at her from all directions were deflected by shield or cut by sword.

It wasn’t a technique that human was capable of doing.

A shiver ran through Christelle’s body.

──Is this child, human?

Setsuna’s eyes shined gold.


Golden light stretched out from the sword she swung. The trace of the sword attacked the Valkyrie members like a large caliber particle beam.

「Wha-, what!?」


Even if they dodged, their gear as destroyed just from the beam grazing near them. The golden light impacted the sea after that like god’s lightning. The sea was split into two.

Cold sweat trickled down Christelle’s forehead.

「So that was what destroyed the aircrafts and ships in one attack……」

The Valkyrie members were made unable to fight one after another and left the frontline. The force’s number was already reduced until half.

Setsuna smiled.

──I did it. I can win! I can protect everyone! I can also be useful!

The moment she thought that,

She felt a severe impact on her back.


Her body pitched forward.


When she turned around while getting thrown forward, she sensed that there was an enemy aiming a rifle from far away at her.

──Just one person, from that far!?

「Nice job! Elfriede!!」

Christelle didn’t let go of that opening. She attacked Setsuna followed by two swords.

「I, I won’t lose!」

──Because, if I lose, everyone in Ataraxia will…!

She swung her sword in panic and drew golden lines.

However Christelle displayed a surprising maneuverability and dodged all the lines.

──No way!?

Christelle’s sword was thrust toward Setsuna’s neck.

「This is checkmate, little miss.」


MGHxHV14 014 ill.jpg

Tears spilled from Setsuna’s eyes.

「You’re really something. We almost got annihilated. Well, I have various things to ask you, but that’s for later.」

Christelle gave an order without taking off her gaze from Setsuna.

「Everyone reorganize the formation! Also restrain this child.」


Two members grabbed Setsuna’s arms and twisted them up.

「O-! Ouch!」

A member who grabbed Setsuna’s arm brought her face closer to Setsuna and threatened her.

「Shut up! We can’t let our guard down against you brat. Perhaps I should dislocate your arm too!」


Seeing Setsuna’s body shivering in fear, the other member showed a sadistic smile.

「Even though you’re just a brat you only have power going for you. As expected perhaps we should break your bones.」

She joyfully muttered and put more strength to the arm that she twisted.


The two who were restraining both her arms exploded in laughter hearing that scream.

「Ahahahahahahah!! Yo, you heard that?」

「O, O, Onii-chaaan she said! What a joke!!」

Those two got their shoulder tapped.


When they turned around, a man was there.

「Take off your hands from my little sister.」


It was a man wearing black armor.

A thought that they had seen this man before crossed their mind. The next instant they shrieked.


The two let go of Setsuna’s hands and flew back from Kizuna. Setsuna felt relieved and stared at her brother’s face right in front of her.

「O, Onii……chan?」

Kizuna hugged Setsuna.

「You really worked hard. Good job, Setsuna.」

「O, Onii-chaaaann!!」

Setsuna hugged Kizuna tearfully.

The two who threatened Setsuna just now were staring at Kizuna in incomprehension.

「Wh, why……since when……」

「That man, where the hell he appeared from……」

Steel claws stabbed the stomach of the two who were muttering with shrill voice.


Two arms suddenly grew from empty air.

Christelle’s face distorted seeing those hands.

「Ataraxia’s death god……」

Kizuna’s back flickered and a slender beautiful girl appeared.

「You were a big help, Valdy.」

「……I’m only following Reiri-sama and Kizuna-sama’s command.」

Kizuna gently caressed the back of Setsuna who he held on his chest.

「Valdy, it’s fine already here. Protect Nee-chan for me. Absolutely don’t let her get hurt.」

「I’ll protect her even at the cost of my life.」

Valdy left those words behind and vanished.

Kizuna let go of Setsuna and sent a sharp glare at Christelle.

Christelle received that gaze right from the front and showed a bold smile.

「I see. So the magic power abnormality already ended……uunfortunate. Even though the suppression would be over already without that child here.」

「Your strategy failed. Retreat.」

「Guess so……what to do I wonder……we’ve come this far already……」

Christelle was waiting for Elfriede’s sniping.

──German and British people can’t be trusted but……that girl’s skill can be trusted.

In fact, Elfriede was aiming at Kizuna.

Relying on her gear’s distant sensing ability, she was in the middle of calculating the revised value of the environment. However it was finished in less than several seconds.

──I can hit.

Her finger touched the trigger.


The gun barrel vanished before her finger could pull the trigger.


The length became half, the tip was melting and turning red.

──I was fired at!? From here!?

Elfriede searched for the enemy but she couldn’t find one anywhere. When she widened the range of her detection, she reached until Ataraxia.


Above Ataraxia’s protective wall, a pointlessly gorgeous woman was standing.

Her beautiful blonde hair was fluttering. She was wearing a blue Heart Hybrid Gear.


Cold sweat formed on Elfriede’s forehead.

That person was……at the AU Collision War, at the time when they still could only barely defeat a single magic weapon in group, she was the world’s strongest that defeated 300 by herself…….

Yurishia threw a kiss as though she was aware Elfriede was peering at her.

Seeing that, Elfriede smiled wryly in spite of herself. And then she opened a communication line with Christelle.

「Sorry Christelle. Please take care of the rest on your own.」

After she cut off the communication, she suddenly tilted her head.

──What is the meaning of 『Kizuna’s Love Slave』 written on the world’s strongest’s stomach?

On the other side, the communication that suddenly came from Elfriede made Christelle grimaced.

「Aaaah geez! We’re doing this you all!!」

Christelle sent the swords at her left and right flying toward Kizuna.

However they were struck down easily midway.


It was the same flying swords like Christelle that struck hers down.

「I won’t let you lay a hand on Kizuna-kun!」

A black haired girl was standing on her way with sword in hand.

Christelle kicked on the air and ran through the sky toward that girl. She picked up the two swords that were deflected with both her hands and slashed without pause.

「Oh yeah! But there’s no way I’ll lose in sword!」

「I accept the challenge!」

The two’s swords scattered sparks.

Christelle swung her sword through. Right hand, and then left hand, the two swords continuously attacked. She rotated her body and slashed elegantly like a dance.

The opponent was toyed by that sword speed and the movement that took her by surprise.

──Strong, but!

The black haired girl blocked and parried those swords and also rotated to match the opponent. They attempted to kill each other looking like they were in a Waltz dance.

──She is still far below Hyakurath-san.


The black haired girl bellowed, and then connected a slash in a speed that human’s eye couldn’t follow. It wasn’t swinging around a sword single-mindedly like Setsuna, it was a technique that was built on long diligent study and training.

Christelle’s sword was deflected away. She stared at the black haired girl in red armor with disbelieving eye.

「This is a joke right……」

「Please withdraw. I dislike killing in vain.」

「What the hell are you!? JK!? Cheat!? Or sword saint!?」

The black haired girl was at a loss of words at Christelle’s desperate questions. And then──,

「Tha, that’s right! I, I’m, the sword saint──Himekawa Hayuru!!」

Her cheeks flushed bright red after she said that.

──Aah, I got carried away. I said it! I said it! It’s embarrassing!!

For some reason right now she wanted to apologize to the dear friend she missed.

Kizuna smiled seeing that situation.

──The match is decided.

However a communication came from Reiri at that time.

『Kizuna, the amphibious assault ships are still heading toward Ataraxia. Deal with them.』


Kizuna replied to Reiri and immediately gave an instruction.

「Sylvia! Ragrus!」

The two large frames that were standing at the edge of Ataraxia like gatekeeper moved out.

「Roger desu! Ragrus-chan!!」

「Sylvia! First let’s start from the one at the front!!」

Ragrus replied with her face wearing a visor so that her face wouldn’t be exposed. Demon clung on the starboard without paying attention to the amphibious assault ship’s bombardment. And then Sylvia’s Taros also lined up beside her.

「「Onee two!!」

The huge fists were lifted up. Demon and Taros’s terrifyingly powerful arms slammed on the ship’s side. A loud sound like a bell resounded and a large hole was gouged open. A lot of sea water flooded inside from there. The ship that was longer than 200 meter started to tilt.

「Now, if you don’t want to drown then run away quickly!! Then let’s go to the next one!」

「Roger desu!」

Christelle sent a communication to the fleet commander.

「Wait! Just retreat already! We’re just going to bleed fighting force like this!!」

However the chain of command was in chaos and couldn’t control the situation. Christelle grimaced.

「Ah!? Idiot!!」

She spontaneously yelled seeing the information displayed on the window. A nuclear submarine was rising to the surface far away from the fleet.

When she turned around, several lines of smoke were rising toward the sky from the other side of the horizon.

──Nuclear warhead missile!!

Christelle clicked her tongue.

「You’re going to annihilate it if it won’t become yours!? Or rather, we’re going to get hit too like this!!」

Christelle immediately judged the situation.

All Amaterasu members were here. Members of Masters weren’t seen might be because they were protecting Ataraxia. Would it be possible to shot down the missiles with Masters’ bombardment without making it detonated?

──No. That’s impossible. It might be possible if it’s the past nuclear warhead, but that type will activate the detonator on the spot even if it got shot down and explode.


「To think we’ll also get sacrificed along…..」

Christelle smiled bitterly.

At that time she saw a silver haired girl heading here from Ataraxia.


Kizuna responded with a smile toward that voice.

「Aine! I’ve been waiting.」

The girl rushed through the sky toward the other party like a pair of reunited lovers.

Kizuna spread his arms and welcomed Aine.

「Kischarge Hybrid!!」

The two exchanged a passionate embrace and kissed.

Christelle couldn’t close her opened mouth seeing the sudden kiss.

──These two, what in the world are they doing? This isn’t the time for doing love scene……!?

The two’s body shined radiantly.

It was a sublime light as though it was blessing the two’s love.

That light burst and vanished. The two’s figures weren’t there anymore.

In exchange she could see blue and pink lights rising to the sky far away while leaving a trail of light.

「……What’s, that……」

The two lights were heading to the airborne missiles.

──Don’t tell me, they plan to strike down the missiles with their hand!?

The nuclear missiles were arcing down and almost arrived at above Ataraxia.

There was no way they would make it in time no matter how she saw it.

Even if they caught up, what would they do then?

The two flying toward the missiles received the data of its inner structure from Ataraxia. The warhead attached on the missile’s tip, the one at the forefront was shining red. The moment Kizuna saw the data, he understood the intention of that data.

「Aine! We’ll crush the warhead! The detonator can be destroyed!」

「Leave it to me!!」

Aine accelerated faster. And then she overtook the missiles.


She rotated with a somersault roll and crushed the missile’s head with axe kick. The missile with its detonator destroyed couldn’t implode the plutonium anymore. The tip of the missile was greatly distorted and its trajectory was diverted to fall into the sea.


Kizuna also struck a missile’s tip with his fist. The warhead was greatly dented and it veered away from Ataraxia as though it lost its target.

Aine and Kizuna struck down the missiles one after another with their punch and kick. Not one of the ten odd nuclear missiles explode and all vanished from the sky.

The face of Christelle who was watching that formed a twitching smile.

「That’s too monstrous…….」

「Christelle, let’s retreat.」

Elfriede arrived holding a rifle with half its barrel melted.


Christelle stared fixedly on Elfriede’s face.

「What’s the matter? Give the instruction al──」

Suddenly Christelle drew near to Elfriede’s face──and stole her lips.


Christelle parted away while Elfriede stiffened.

「Wha……wha, wha wha……」

Christelle tilted her head ignoring Elfriede whose face blushed red and eyes darting around.

「Hmmm, there isn’t any particular change……everyone retreat!!」

「What was that-!? Just now-!!」

Elfriede was looking deranged, as though her usual calmness was a lie.

「It doesn’t matter, we’re going. You’ll be left behind if you dawdle!」

Valkyrie members distanced themselves from Ataraxia following Christelle’s order.

After rescuing the crews from the sinking ships, the fleet also left toward the horizon.

And then peace returned to Ataraxia.


At the staff dormitory located within the ground of Nayuta Lab. In the lobby that was using plenty of marble material, three girls were walking. It was holiday, so they were dressed casually instead of their usual uniform.

Carrying a handbag filled with present, Hayuru let out a mutter that was mixed with a sigh.

「After everything, in the end it’s the commander who is the first……」

However Aine folded her arms. Far from lamenting, she even showed a fearless smile.

「No, that’s not the case Hayuru.」

Yurishia pressed the elevator button while tilting her head.

「What do you mean by that, Aine?」

「Because the commander is the big sister. In the first place she isn’t a wife. She’s a special case, special case!」

Hayuru felt like even more strength left her body.

「……Really, Aine-san just doesn’t know when to give up.」

The elevator door’s opened along with electronic sound. The three entered inside and then Aine pressed the button for the topmost floor.

「Naturally. After all I’m number one within Amaterasu. I’m the first wife!」


Yurishia slightly gave a hint of a sense of superiority. Aine glared toward her.

「What Yurishia?」

Yurishia caressed her abdomen from over her clothes where the proof that she belonged to Kizuna was engraved.


Her composed expression and her gesture of caressing her abdomen made Aine and Hayuru’s complexion changed.

「「Don’t tell me!?」」

「That’s not it. I’m simply not concerned anymore whether one is number one or two, legal wife or mistress. After all I and Kizuna are tied with even stronger bond♡」

Aine snorted while Hayuru sighed in relieve.

When they got off the elevator, the room they were heading to was right there.

After pressing the interphone’s buzzer, the door was opened and a small girl peered out from inside.

「We, welcome.」

Hida Setsuna looked up at the three shyly.

「Oh, you all are early. Come in.」

From inside Kizuna came wearing jinbei. Hayuru smiled happily seeing that.

「Ah, so you are wearing that.」

「Yeah, it’s really comfortable and easy to wear. Thanks for this, Hayuru.」

「No, that’s……」

Hayuru blushed and fidgeted. Yurishia and Aine were staring at her intently.

「Really Hayuru, you stole a march while keeping it a secret from us……」

「Good grief, when it come to this thieving cat, I can’t let my guard down at all.」

「I, it’s a misunderstanding! I only handed it early as congratulatory gift for the house moving.」

Kizuna smiled wryly at the three who were arguing at the entrance.

「Well, come inside for now. Let’s talk leisurely then.」

Urged by him, the three entered the room.

The living room inside was really spacious. It was a bright space with sunlight shining in from the window.

「Aa, so you all came.」

Reiri wearing an apron showed her face from the kitchen.

Aine and others unconsciously backed away.

「What’s this……this housewife air.」

「……I can’t recognize her as the commander.」

「Hey Aine. As expected isn’t she the last boss?」

Reiri’s face twitched.

「You all……」

「Ah! This is a present. From a new cake store at the shopping mall!」

Before Reiri’s anger exploded, Hayuru immediately presented the handbag. Then instead of Reiri it was Setsuna who raised her voice in surprise.

「Eh!? It’s from that shop where there is always a long queue and the stock is sold out in the blink of eye!?」

「Yes, that’s right. Furthermore we bought all the types.」

「Well, it doesn’t matter how long the queue is, we can shop there without waiting in line.」

「We heard that Setsuna-chan looked like you want to eat the sweets there so we bought it you know? Is it to your liking?」

Setsuna looked up to the three with sparkling eyes.

「Thank you very much! Onee-sama!」

And then she glared toward Reiri,

「What are you doing, Onee-chan! Please prepare the tea quickly. That’s impolite to the guests.」

Reiri replied ‘yes yes’ before glaring at Aine and others.

「……You girls, you’re planning to win over Setsuna huh.」

The three showed a mischievous smile and sat down on the sofa.

Setsuna shrewdly sat down beside Kizuna. Aine smiled at her with her best smile.

「Hey, Setsuna-chan. You know that we are doing a lot of missions together with your Onii-chan right?」

「Yes. All of you are Amaterasu members after all, so I think that must be the case.」

Hayuru also stared at Setsuna with a kind gaze.

「I think that your big brother coming back late from the academy or going out at night will happen occasionally……no, happen almost every day.」

Yurishia winked with an apologetic smile.

「We’re really sorry, borrowing your Onii-chan like that.」

However Setsuna shook her head.

「No, I have realized before this that it’s an important duty to protect Ataraxia. Please take care of Onii-chan.」

She bowed with her small head.

「Leave it to us.」

「Yes, leave it to us.」

「Fufu, leave it to us.」

The three looked at Kizuna’s face and grinned.

「E, err……」

Reiri came at that timing bringing teas and cakes that were placed on a tray.

「Really you all, you’re like hungry beast.」

「Of course, it might be alright already for commander, but for us this is still only the beginning.」

「Or perhaps, commander is still……in rotation?」

「No, I can’t do it right now after all. Right now I’ll leave it to you girls. My return will still take a while.」

Yurishia stared at Reiri with her eyes half-closed.

「So you mean, you intend to still do it……」

Reiri made a taken aback face and her cheeks turned red quickly.

「Shu, shut up.」

Kizuna was listening to that conversation nervously. Beside him Setsuna was making a puzzled face.

「Everyone, what are you talking about?」

「No, nothing……ah! More importantly Aine. Were you able to talk properly with Grace?」

「Yeah……thank you.」

After that she looked at Hayuru and Yurishia and said.

「My bad, I joined up late that time.」

That time when the multinational army exploded the remodeled Tri-Head, Lemuria and Atlantis were extremely close.

It was so close the voices from both sides could reach.

『Grace, are you healthy? You aren’t sick or anything?』

『I’m fine. Nee-sama yourself, is there no problem?』

『Yes……I’m spending every day happily. It’s thanks to Grace.』

『I’m glad……I’m really glad……Nee-sama.』

Even when it was time to sortie, Kizuna considerately told her that it was fine to keep talking until the very end.

Hayuru also narrowed her eyes in remembrance of happy memory.

「How nice……I was also really happy being able to talk with Hyakurath-san.」

But, she was worried that Hyakurath sounded a bit dispirited.

『Hyakurath-san, is something the matter? You had just received promotion right?』

『……Himekawa-san too, how about you introduce yourself as sword saint too soon?』


Because there was that conversation, right after that she introduced herself like that spontaneously. When she recalled it, it was so embarrassing it felt like her face would burn even now. Hayuru blushed.

「Hayuru, what’s wrong?」

「N, no, that’s──that’s right, speaking of being beaten to the punch, there is also Gravel-san.」

Aine looked surprised in remembrance and her face became displeased.

「That’s right! Well putting aside Gravel, it’s Zel who is unforgivable! Good grief……the next time we met, I absolutely won’t let her get away.」

Gravel and Zelcyone kept it quiet so that Kizuna wouldn’t fuss about them but, after that Grace spilled it to Aine in the end.

There were two children that descended from Kizuna at Atlantis’s side. Furthermore one was a boy. Perhaps they would become an existence that brought about revolution to Atlantis.

By the way, the two of them were named Kizuna after their father.

Yurishia smiled in amusement.

「It’s puzzling that the two of them are Kizuna.」

Setsuna tilted her head in puzzlement with a fork in her mouth.

「Two Onii-chan?」

「No, nothing. It’s nothing important. Don’t mind it.」

「A, anyway! We also cannot lose. We have to do our best with ultimate hybrid from here on too. Especially Kizuna.」

Aine folded her arms and spoke haughtily for some reason.

「Eh, me?」

He sent his gaze toward Hayuru and Yurishia to ask for help, but the two of them were also nodding intently in agreement.

「I, I’ll do my best.」

Kizuna also brought the cake into his mouth. The taste was sweet and mellow. It was the taste of happiness.

Aine suddenly remembered something and spoke.

「That’s right! One day when we also got a child, let’s go to meet everyone in Atlantis.」

Both Hayuru and Yurishia didn’t retort ‘How?’ or the like.

「That sounds nice. I’m looking forward to it.」

「I can imagine it’ll become an amazing mama meet. What’ll we talk about there I wonder?」

In respond to Yurishia’s question, Aine stared at Kizuna with a mean smile.

「Of course, it will be complaints about the husband.」

And then the three laughed together.

Kizuna, Reiri, and Setsuna were also drawn in and smiled.

Having a trifling conversation like this and laughing together with the friends from another world.

Such day would surely come.

They believed so.

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Not just Kizuna and co, how are the girls who moved from Vatlantis Empire to settle down in this world doing? Also, what about the characters at the Vatlantis side? To answer such questions, I also introduce the Atlantis world at present. I wish you readers can read it with mood like you’re in a trip.

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