Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 14 Afterword

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I’ve returned. This is Kuji Masamune.

Even though I had written really sentimental afterword like that at volume 13, it’s really awkward to write the next volume like this (lol). However, I can’t go against the joy of being able to write the next volume of Masou. I really enjoyed writing this. It’s to the degree that I thought if this is already a hobby of mine.

Kizuna and others who continued living like usual even after that. And then within the new world order, how would Ataraxia act? Will the current Kizuna and co able to go the world where they can live? This volume is about that.

Not just Kizuna and co, how are the girls who moved from Vatlantis Empire to settle down in this world doing? Also, what about the characters at the Vatlantis side? To answer such questions, I also introduce the Atlantis world at present. I wish you readers can read it with mood like you’re in a trip.

Other point that should be mentioned, story wise volume 13 was concluded cleanly, but there was just one foreshadowing that I couldn’t oick up. That mysterious foreshadowing is picked up at this volume 14. Thinking back, it’s an unexpectedly important setting though (lol). If you’re wondering what I’m referring to, then please read the volume and confirm it yourself.

Also, due to the flow of the story in volume 13, I was unable to depict Eros scene for Amaterasu members, so this time I covered everyone with greatly increased amount and increased extremity. Please take a look at that too by all means. Anyway the content of this volume 14 is really heated up, even so I don’t manage to write everything, or rather it feels like I can keep writing it without end. I’m praying that the day the Entrance to this Masou world can open again will come!

Ina addition my new series Maou Gakuen no Hangyakusha is starting at the same time with this volume 14! It’s a story where the main character who become a demon king candidate even though he is a human is aiming at the top of the academy of demon. Fierce battle with powerful enemy, giving the right message, it’s a work that can also be said as the successor of Masou Gakuen, you can read it in one go without stress, enjoy it and feel refreshed, and it’s a bit lewd. It’s a work that is walking the royal road and the right path of light novel. Please buy it together with this volume!

Then for the thanks. It’s a sight for the sore eyes to be able to enjoy Hisasi-san’s Masou characters! Thank you very much! Editor I-san, a lot of other people who is involved with Masou, and all fans who continue to give their unchanging support, thank you very much!

Masou Gakuen HxH is eternal and undying!! Take care eros!

Kuji Masamune

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