Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 14 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Dragon Cavalry Once More[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Ataraxia Academy high school section. Refreshing morning wind was flowing into the class of combat skill department third year first group. The whimsical wind sometimes softly sent sakura petal on Aine’s skin.

But even such tasteful arrangement that was weaved by the wind and sakura couldn’t console Aine. Aine was looking outside the window with a sulky face with her head rested on her palm.

「Aine-san. Good morning.」

Himekawa Hayuru placed her bag on the seat diagonally in front of Aine while giving a casual greeting.


However Aine was wordlessly staring outside the window. Hayuru sighed ‘fuu’ seeing that.

「So, have you returned Zeros’s core to the lab?」


Aine glared at Hayuru with an extremely displeased face. And then she lightly tapped her stomach.

「If it’s Zeros’s core then it’s still inside here, do you have any problem?」

Hayuru sat on her chair and simply spoke ‘oh dear’ before looking down.

「What’s with you! If you have something to say then say it!」

Then a voice came not from Hayuru but from diagonally behind Aine.

「From the start I have thought that this will be the case anyway.」

Yurishia Farandole played with her blonde hair while smiling. That smile which looked as though she had seen through this was enough to rub Aine the wrong way.

「Yurishia! Wasn’t you really frustrated like that yesterday!?」

However Yurishia eluded that remark with a triumphant smile. It wasn’t like she had won in anything against Aine, but it was like she had the composure of a winner. She gently caressed blue enamel collar around her neck lovingly.

The two were glaring at each other with a table between them. To draw their attention, Hayuru intentionally let out a loud sigh.

「Who was it who kept boasting a lot yesterday? You said that you absolutely got a child with Kizuna. That you’re sure about it──it even made me want to ask you just what was it that you were sure about.」

Aine’s cheeks turned red in shame. This type of embarrassment was completely different from the one that she tasted in the ultimate hybrid with Kizuna, this one was nothing but disgrace for her.

「AaAAAAAAAAAAH! I don’t know anything about it!!」

Aine prostrated on her desk.

Aine stared at Aine with a weary face. This girl who was lying flat on her desk was the girl who introduced herself as the legal wife of the man she loved.

The time for the first period to start was approaching, the number of student was also increasing.

──I wish that this topic will end soon.

For Hayuru, this wasn’t a topic that she wanted to discuss in a loud voice. Because the ordinary students didn’t know about the detail of what Kizuna and them were doing.

At best they only knew about Heart Hybrid──even if it was a lewd act, at best they only got their body touched. That should be the most that the ordinary students knew about.

Even so it was an important matter for normal high school student. Similarly even Hayuru in the past was thinking that it was an absurdly indecent act.

If other students knew about what they were doing, what kind of reaction they would make?

Hayuru’s body was shivering just from thinking it.

What they were doing wasn’t know, it mustn’t be known no matter what.

After all Hayuru was still public morals committee member even now. Furthermore now that she had become third year, she was officially appointed as the committee chairman.

──If someone in my position become known of doing something like that with Kizuna-kun……I, I’ll be ruined! I, I’m purely doing it because it is a duty but, surely it will be difficult to ask everyone to understand that. After all the duty is doing something that indecent──,

However just from 『that indecent thing』 crossing her mind for an instant, her body reacted sensitively. Her abdomen became warm and her butt was itchy.

──Aa, the things that I have done……what kind of wretched body I’ve come to develop……no matter how I try to hold back, recently my body will react by itself. It become like this──,

Hayuru stared at the empty seat between Aine and Yurishia.

──All of it is Kizuna-kun’s fault!

Hayuru turned her back on Aine and Yurishia and began to prepare for the class in order to chase away this matter from inside her head already. However Yurishia talked to Aine as though to deal additional blow on her.

「In the first place, just why did you get the idea that you’re pregnant?」

Hayuru turned around in panic.

「Wait!? Yurishia-san, your voice is loud-」

Aine squirmed and muttered hesitantly.

「Because……it was the first time, it felt that amazing……I thought that this will absolutely do it……」

Yurishia continued talking to the back of Aine’s head with an exasperated face.

「I think there isn’t any relation between those two you know?」

Aine stood up in a flash and yelled toward Yurishia.

「You’re annoying-! I get that already!」

「That’s why both of you! Please be quiet already-!!」

The door was opened at that timing and the teacher Sakisaka entered.

「Oo Himekawa, be quiet. Remember that you’re the committee chairman.」

「Kuh……I, I’m sorry……-」

Hayuru gritted her teeth with bright red face while stifled laughter sounded around her.

She looked behind angrily and glared at Aine and Yurishia with tearful eyes. However,


The two feigned ignorance.

──The-, these twooooooo-!

「Now, let’s start the class, the class. But you knowww, sensei feels like that it should be fine even if everyone study by themselves today~. I thought to drink just for a bit before sleeping but see~, when I realized the night has strangely turned to dawn.」

Sakisaka-sensei was giving off the smell of alcohol that could be smelled even from when she was standing at the teacher podium.

──I, I got, scolded by that Sakisaka-sensei, this is humiliating!

That Sakisaka-sensei fell asleep ten minutes after the class started.

Part 2[edit]

Kizuna wasn’t in the class wasn’t because he was playing hooky.

Today Kizuna came to the elementary school as a lecturer. He was wearing jersey on top of his pilot suit and headed to the courtyard from the entrance together with Gertrude Baird who was an instructor here.

「Boss Kizuna, I want to give you a warning just in case.」

Gertrude looked up at Kizuna while walking side by side.

「Hm? Aa, the students are in primary grade after all. It’s fine, I’ll deal with them gently.」

「That’s good and all but……, please don’t lay your damn hand on my students alright?」

「No way I’ll do that!」

Gertrude was a member of Masters even now. But, she was prioritizing her duty as instructor of primary grade as long as she wasn’t summoned.

The other Masters starting from Scarlet was doing Ataraxia’s patrol duty while attending the academy in their off day──that was their life here.

By the way Leila declared 「I’ll start a business」 and quitted the academy to open a maid café. But, she arbitrarily sold imported goods from outside Ataraxia without receiving the lab’s inspection──such illegal trade was discovered and the business was suspended. Currently she returned to the academy, but it seemed she was planning something suspicious again.

「Oh, everyone is already gathered. I’m damn impressed.」

Sixteen girls were lined up orderly at the courtyard. When they saw Gertrude, they greeted her simultaneously.

「Instructor, good morning-!」

The pilot suit they were wearing all looked the same, a design that looked exactly like racing swimsuit. The thin fabric made the curve of their childish body to stand out in detail. They were children but, Kizuna was a little worried if it was alright for him to see this.

「Aa, well then everyone, listen damn well. Today I asked the captain of Amaterasu to come here as a damn lecturer.」

Gertrude introduced Kizuna with a tone that was as usual unclear whether she was talking politely or rudely. Kizuna lightly lifted his hand.

「I’m Hida Kizuna. Everyone, take care of me.」

「Please take care of us-!」

They gave back an energetic reply, so Kizuna reflexively smiled.

Everyone was focusing on Kizuna with eyes that were overflowing with curiosity. The hero who saved the world from other world and then from the machine gods was before them, so the children were naturally excited.

But among them there was just one child whose expression was clouded.

Blonde hair that conspicuously attracted attention from among the primary grade students. Her half-closed eyes were also shining gold.

The girl who possessed the flesh body of Hida Nayuta and the soul of machine god Thanatos.

──Hida Setsuna.

It seemed she sensed Kizuna’s gaze. Setsuna lifted her face. When her eyes met Kizuna, she blatantly averted her gaze.


Seeing Kizuna’s lightly shocked reaction, Gertrude raised her voice 「Achaa」 inside her heart.

「Ee, then, first let’s start from warm-up! Form a damn pair you all.」

It seemed to be the usual menu for the children. They began doing calisthenics even without being given detailed instruction.

Setsuna sat down with her legs opened. A girl with braided hair was pushing her back behind her.

「Hey, hey, Setsuna-chan」

「What is it?」

「Kizuna-sensei is Setsuna-chan’s big brother right?」

「……That’s right. More or less.」

Then a twin tail child who was bending forward beside Setsuna looked her way with a face that broke into a bright smile.

「He is so cool」

The girl with short cut hair behind that girl also nodded with a smile.

「It’s true, how nice for you Se-chan」

However Setsuna frowned.

「……Is that so」

The girls around her peered onto Setsuna’s face in confusion.

「Se-chan, you don’t like your big brother?」

Setsuna stole a glance at Kizuna with her golden eyes.

Their gazes clashed. Kizuna flinched a bit.

──Wha, what is with this awkwardness since some time ago?

Kizuna sent her a twitching forced smile. Setsuna averted her gaze in a huff.

「……I don’t know him」

The girls must be intending to keep the talk between them, but it was overheard by Kizuna and also Gertrude.

「We, well……children at that age is damn difficult you know, I think.」

「……I’m grateful for your consideration.」

And then the warm-up finished and they progressed well in doing the practical training. Simple muscle training and exercise to temper their body trunk. And then training to cultivate sense of balance and ability to grasp the space which was indispensable for piloting Heart Hybrid Gear. In addition was other trainings like polishing reflexes and the like. The students were completing such menu.

And then at the end was what the student had been waiting for. It was hands-on learning of Heart Hybrid Gear from Kizuna and Gertrude. The body of the students was fixed on the gear with a harness so they could experience Heart Hybrid Gear’s performance and battle.

「Amazing! It’s amazing! It’s completely different from technical gear!」

The student who experienced it first couldn’t suppress her excitement and talked nonstop.

「How niceee! Me too-!!」

「Next! Next is me!!」

It was like they were quarreling for their turn doing jet coaster.

「Yes yes, line up based on your damn seat number. Odd number line up in front of me while even number line up in front of Boss Kizuna.」

「Everyone will properly get their turn to fly, so don’t worry……wait, next is Setsuna huh.」

Setsuna was standing in front of Kizuna with a fixed stare.

「Don’t worry. Leave it to Onii-chan──」

However Setsuna pulled the sleeve of the twin tail girl lining up in front of Gertrude.

「If you don’t mind, can you switch place with me?」

「Eh, is it okay? But……」

The twin tail girl looked up at Kizuna questioningly.

「A, aa……well, it’s fine I guess.」

Gertrude was watching that from the side.

──This is really damn tough……as his partner perhaps I should pitch in and take one for the team here. Well, it won’t be me who take one though.

Gertrude grinned inside her heart.

Part 3[edit]

Gertrude tapped Kizuna’s shoulder when the hands-on learning was over.

「Then, I have a damn emergency business, so I’ll leave the rest to you boss.」

「I don’t mind but, just what should I do?」

Gertrude ignored that question and spoke to the children.

「Then today you girls can also take boss Kizuna along.」

Then the children cheered 「Waai」.

「O, oi Gertrude?」

「See ya!」

Gertrude left those words behind and left like the wind.

「Senseii, over hereee」

The braid girl grabbed Kizuna’s hand with her small hand.

「Ehehee, together with Kizuna-sensei~」

Both his hands were pulled, his back was pushed. Without being able to shake them off, Kizuna was taken by the students to somewhere.

And then──,

「Waaai, taking a bath together with Kizuna-senseiii」

The little girls squealed in delight and rushed into the large public bath.

Even Kizuna only knew now that there was a large public bath in the primary grade department.

The students quickly plunged into the bathtub that was made from granite. There were also children who were running around on the floor that was covered with soft mat in anticipation of someone falling.

「That damn Gertrude……what is she making me do after telling me to not lay a hand on them?」

But, Kizuna could imagine the reason for Gertrude’s action.

『The best damn way to close the gap between both sides is with naked association!』

──It must be something like that, perhaps.

「Don’t fall and get hurt okaayy」

When Kizuna warned them, obedient reply 「Yeees」 came back──but they still didn’t show any sign of soaking in hot water quietly.

──Perhaps that damn Ger-san was simply pushing troublesome thing to me?

Kizuna sat down in front of one of the washing places lined up there. Not only soap, there was also body soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other things provided there.

The body of the students that weren’t covered with a single cloth flew into his eyes through the mirror in front of him.

「Sensei, I’ll wash your backkk」

「Eh? N, no, I’m thankful for your offer but……」

「Aaa not fair. Me tooo」

The girls inside the bathtub energetically got out and came toward him.

「Me too, me too!」

Instantly five or six students swarmed him and a skin colored wall was created in front of his eyes.

──Wha, what is this situation!?

「I’ll wash the right handd」

They began to rub Kizuna’s body with a bubbly sponge.

「Heave-ho, heave-ho」

His body was rubbed together with a cute shout. However their strength was weak, so it felt more ticklish rather than pleasant.

「Sensei, you mustn’t moveee」

「Stay still there.」

Kizuna smiled wryly from being scolded like a kid.

Passing down what he learned and experienced through many battles to primary grade children who would shoulder the future was a meaningful and important work──or that should be the case but,

「Why am I swarmed by little girls and washed by them?」

「Sensei also want to wash somebody?」

「No, there is no way I can do that. I should be the one doing various things for you girls, having you girls doing something like this for me──」

The twin tail girl cut in front of Kizuna while he was answering like that.

「Then sensei, wash mee」

MGHxHV14 006 ill.jpg

She appealed in front of Kizuna with a luscious and flat body.

「……I got the feeling it will be really bad if I do that.」

The twin tail girl tilted her head, but she then interpreted his words in her own way.

「Then I’ll be the one washing sensei!」

She took body soap into her hand and began lathering it on Kizuna’s chest.

──Looks like it’ll be useless no matter what I say.

When Kizuna gave up and let them did whatever they pleased, a steady footstep was approaching him.


When he turned toward the footstep, Setsuna was there with a towel wrapped on her body while looking down on Kizuna.

「Everyone, that kind of thing will be a bother for sensei so you all better stop it. Depending on the situation, this matter might become a problem if this become known to other people.」

Then with surprised face everyone was,

「Eeee!? Is that true?」

「Even though Instructor Gertrude say it’s all right……」

「Sensei, sorry.」

The students apologized dejectedly. Kizuna hurriedly consoled them.

「No no, you all don’t need to apologize. Rather──」

Setsuna cut off Kizuna’s words.

「Onii……sensei, I think it’s no good unless you make it clear.」

「……Certainly. Sorry.」

He didn’t have any face after being scolded by a little girl who was his sister. Kizuna honestly apologized.

In that instant, Kizuna suddenly felt like he saw the shadow of Nayuta and Thanatos in Setsuna. Setsuna frowned seeing Kizuna’s face like that.

「What’s with you, making a lewd look like that from getting washed by small girls.」


Setsuna huffed and turned her back on him.

「I’m getting out first.」

She left those words and walked toward the entrance. Kizuna got the feeling that he had to say something to her and called at Setsuna’s back.

「Ah, Setsuna? How about I wash your back? You’re my little sister after all, so there won’t be any problem.」

Setsuna’s feet stopped still.

She looked back across her shoulder. Her golden eyes were shining coldly.

Kizuna felt his guts froze for a moment.

──Machine god Thanatos. Her silhouette crossed his mind.

「……No need.」

Setsuna muttered briefly and opened the door, leaving from the bathroom.

The other students saw off her back in astonishment.

「Sensei, are you in a fight with Se-chan?」

One student looked up at Kizuna with a worried face.

「I don’t know about that……」

Kizuna also wanted to know about that.

Part 4[edit]

Strategic Defense Academy Ataraxia was position between New Zealand and South America, close to South Pacific’s Antarctic Ocean.

Hida Reiri was staring at the many monitors floating in the air inside the new control room that was newly set up in Nayuta Lab. Reiri was on a mezzanine floor that was jutting out like a balcony. There were only the seats of the commander and deputy commander there.

When she leaned her neck and looked down to the first floor, she was able to see around thirty operators busily doing their work. They gathered information from throughout the world 24 hours nonstop and scrutinized it.

No matter which part of world it was, if there was strange movement discovered, it would be reported in addition of the danger level.

Of course, there was no country that was providing information to Ataraxia publicly. The information came from information that was spreading behind the scene, after that was from wiretapping or hacking, or perhaps information directly obtained by Amaterasu or Masters, or perhaps from the newly set up intelligence department.

The work that the operators were doing right now was early detection of threat toward Ataraxia. And then their other work was an important job──it was a search.

「It’s rea「lly hard to find when we’re actually searching for it huh.」

Reiri said that tiredly and leaned on her chair. The chair was smooth and able to recline, it helped Reiri in taking a comfortable posture.

The deputy commander Shikina Kei stared at Reiri who lied down and made a slightly worried face.

「Reiri, are you unwell?」

「I’m just a bit tired.」

Reiri brushed her long black hair to behind her ear and narrowed her eyes with a smile. That gesture and expression was unbelievably sensual. It even made the chest of Kei who had know her for long to skip a beat.

──Recently it even feels like she has grown to look similar with Professor Nayuta.

Kei thought that, but thinking that it might made Reiri’s mood worsened, she didn’t say it out loud.

Reiri vaguely looked like she had too much free time on her hand.

「More importantly about Genesis, is there any notably information about it?」

Kei typed on her keyboard and quickly looked at the report from this one hour.


Reiri stared at the ceiling and let out a small sigh.

「The Genesis in this world……huh.」

Genesis──it was a device that governed over god’s miracle and life that machine god Thanatos prepared in order to stimulate the evolution of Atlantis World.

So to speak, it was the same with the giant pillar that was towering high in the imperial capital Zeltis of Vatlantis Empire. This tower produced life and it was literally supporting Atlantis World.

「This world should also have the same thing……or perhaps something equal here.」

「But still, it’s strange that something so huge haven’t been discovered until now. Besides, even with Nayuta Lab putting all effort in searching for it, we don’t have a single clue to show for it in these three months. Does it really exist?」

「But, it should be somewhere. Surely.」

Lemuria and Atlantis was two worlds that were created as pair by the machine god.

Perhaps there was something equivalent to Genesis in Lemuria too?

And then, it would be troublesome if if Lemuria’s Genesis was obtained by some force other than Ataraxia. Because of that the important mission to obtain Genesis faster than other country began.

「After all it’s a stupidly huge structure like that. It must be buried underground or sinking to the bottom of the sea.」

「Or perhaps, it’s in the moon.」

They hadn’t thought of that, Reiri thought.

Suddenly she recalled the time before when she equipped Zecros and enjoyed a night stroll with Kizuna.

The stars and moon that she was watching with Kizuna above the cloud were really beautiful.

──The atmosphere there was really good. Thanks to that I wanted Kizuna even though we were at the sky……that was really romantic.

Reiri recalled that time and narrowed her eyes.

「Moon travel huh……it won’t be bad for honey moon.」

Reiri unusually made a frivolous talk. Kei unconsciously smiled.

「Speaking of it, you won’t meet Kizuna today?」

Amaterasu members and Reiri, the people who had the cores of Ros series installed in them were doing ultimate hybrid with Kziuna periodically.

There was one reason. It was to get pregnant.

Ultimate hybrid was something that converted source of life to obtain vast energy. Usually the source of life would be wholly converted to energy and the woman wouldn’t get pregnant.

But extremely rarely, in a percentage of one in a thousand or one in ten thousand, there was a chance that the source of life managed to be implanted. Then the core would be ejected outside the body as though vacating that place for the fertilized egg.

Now that Nayuta was gone, the only way for the core to be safely ejected was to get impregnated.

It was necessary to first allow the next generation succeeded Ros series that boasted overwhelming ability compared to other cores without fail.

Of course, that couldn’t be done if each member didn’t wish for it.

However Aine, Hayuru, Yurishia, and Sylvia were proactive instead. With the people themselves also hoping for it, it was decided that they would carry out ultimate hybrid in turns.

「Today is a little bit……I gave my turn to Himekawa.」

Kei was really shocked that she stared at Reiri open mouthed.

──This Reiri, the brocon who is incurable to a lethal degree, who once even took all of her little brother’s free time as her own is…!?

Reiri seemed to be ticklish toward Kei’s gaze, but she instead pretended to not pay it any mind.

「It’s because the little girls complained it’s unfair that it’s only the commander. Well, this is to make up for that.」

And then Reiri smiled wryly.

Part 5[edit]

Kizuna finished the practice with the primary grade students and returned to the high school section. When he entered the school building, the bell that informed the end of the sixth period chimed.

「The school is already over huh……」

──Perhaps it would be better if I went home directly to the dormitory or picked up Nee-chan at the lab?

「Hm? Come to think of it, today it’s not Nee-chan but Hayuru wasn’t it?」

Kizuna recalled the rotation schedule for these days.

──Come to think of it she switched with Aine last week……thinking carefully, I haven’t done it with Nee-chan for a while.

Did he do something that made her hate or avoid him? He tried thinking back, but he couldn’t remember anything. His anxiety was gradually growing big while imagining various possibilities.

──Let’s try meeting her directly tomorrow afternoon and talk.

Kizuna decided that. Then he began to think of how to spend time with Hayuru today.

He was worried about the matter with Reiri, but today was a day to be spent with Hayuru. If he thought about other woman, she would sensitively sense that somehow so he forgot about Reiri for now.

「For now let’s go pick her up……」

──At this time, she’ll be at the public morals committee’s room I think?

Kizuna climbed the stair and arrived until the room of public morals committee.

When he opened the door, there was only Hayuru inside.

「Kizuna-kun? What’s the matter that you’re intentionally coming here?」

「Aah, I heard that my schedule today is with Hayuru.」

Then Hayuru joined the fingers of both her hands together with a deeply moved look.

「Yo, you intentionally came here to pick me up? I’m happy.」

Her cheeks reddened and her eyes were sparkling. And then she quickly moved the confiscated items piled up on the desk into a locker.

「I’ll tidy this up right away.」

Kizuna looked around inside the room while replying.

「You don’t need to be that hurried. I’ll wait until you finish.」

「Ah, come to think of it」

Hayuru’s hands stopped moving and she looked up to the wall clock in remembrance.

「I’m sorry. I think I will take thirty more minutes. I’m waiting for a student.」

「Is it a committee member?」

「No, at lunch break inside the PE storehouse……that, there were students doing adulterated relationship there. I called him here……」

「Ah, so it’s like that……are you going to give him warning and punishment?」

「No, I’m thinking to just give him a warning.」

「Is that so?」

「It’s only natural to wish to be connected with someone you love. I have no intention of rebuking that. But, I just want him to understand the time and place. I’ll just tell him that.」

「I see……」

Hayuru had become very mellow for this kind of thing. Previously she hated illicit sexual relationship itself, so she absolutely wouldn’t forgive such act no matter where it was done. Hayuru herself had been changing bit by bit while spending time together with Kizuna.

Kizuna was immersed such deep emotion while staring at the back of Hayuru who was tidying up the desk. Her butt that was shaking left and right felt like it was tempting Kizuna.

──No, but this is public morals committee’s room. This isn’t Love Room or anywhere else. We’re really in the academy. No matter what this is just…….

Hayuru’s hands that were collecting the confiscated items on the desk stopped still. It seemed to be a porn book that a student brought. It seemed the page was opened when she was tidying up and 3D image surfaced from there.

It seemed the sound was turned off so there was no voice, but image of man and woman entangled with each other immodestly was projected on the book. He saw from behind that Hayuru’s ears were red seeing that. And then her thighs were fidgeting.

However that was only for a bit, Hayuru immediately closed the book.

「Go, good grief……boys really don’t know how to judge time and place……」

Kizuna approached Hayuru from behind. She should have sensed his presence, but Hayuru didn’t turn around. Kizuna’s hand quietly crawled on Hayuru’s butt.


Hayuru’s body jerked and trembled, but she didn’t look shocked or angry. Most likely Hayuru had also anticipated this.

──Or perhaps, she is……anticipating it?

Kizuna grabbed the flesh of her butt with two hands strongly.


As expected a gasp leaked out from Hayuru’s mouth. However Hayuru didn’t turn around. She placed her hands on the desk and told Kizuna with her face still looking down.

「Ki, Kizuna-kun. Don’t, this is……not in the committee’s room……」

Kizuna’s hands let go of Hayuru’s butt and pushed the lock button on the door. The door made a faint electronic sound and became locked.

「Wh, why are you locking the door……?」

「With this no one can enter. There is still thirty minutes right?」

「Bu, but. Something like this, inside the committee’s room……」

Hayuru was feeling great guilt. But, at the same time she should also be feeling pleasure from the immorality.

Kizuna pulled Hayuru into an embrace and forcefully took her lips.

「Nn……fuu♥……nh, chuu-」

Hayuru immediately opened her lips and aggressively sought Kizuna’s tongue.

「Nn, chu……fuh, aah」

Hayuru’s tongue came entangling with him inside her mouth. It was a ticklish and lovely sensation. Hayuru too had already had her switch turned on.

Even so when their lips parted,

「Don’t……even though I cracked down on illicit sexual relationship, doing this in the academy……furthermore in the room of public morals committee……」

Hayuru’s little remaining self-restrain tried to stop this act.

「Hey? Kizuna-kun. Wo, won’t you come to my room? I was in luck and got my hand on Uji tea. I’ll make you matcha today so」

She said such thing while elegantly entwining her fingers together.

While staring at Kizuna with a completely excited gaze.


Kizuna pushed down Hayuru’s body on the desk to lie face up.

「Ki……Kizuna-kun, please. This place is……」

She muttered pleadingly, but it wasn’t like she was resisting. Even when he flipped her skirt and grabbed her underwear, she allowed him to do so.

When he took off her underwear, Hayuru looked aside in shame. The porn comic she had just confiscated was there. The cover showed a woman inviting a man with a face that was melting in pleasure and opened legs.

Hayuru thought that it was a very vulgar and disgraceful cover.

──Right now, I’m looking the same…….

Her face boiled red.

When Kizuna’s tip touched her, she already made her decision.

Even while saying don’t, that place that was impatiently waiting for him to come in couldn’t lie.


Kizuna’s thickest part passed through the entrance. It entered inside while spreading her out. She loved this moment where she could keenly feel her becoming one with Kizuna the most.

Indecent liquid was welling out copiously from inside. Sticky watery sound could be heard each time Kizuna’s thing went in and out.

It resounded inside the quiet public morals committee room. She felt a vulgarity that was hard to endure.

「Hah, a, ahn……do, don’t, my voice, got out……so♥」

She stifled down her voice. However she was feeling it in order to taste the pleasure that was continuously created inside her body. And then perhaps because of the push from the immorality, Hayuru was reaching the peak in the blink of eye.

「Nh♥ Ah, aa! Ha……eh?」

Kizuna who was proclaiming its existence inside herself so much like that suddenly vanished.

When Kizuna pulled his waist back, it slipped out smoothly without obstruction.

「Aa……w, why……?」

After she asked Kizuna, she noticed that she was making a dissatisfied face. Hayuru abruptly turned ashamed and lifted up her body and brushed her hair to tidy up her appearance.

「Do you feel unwell somewhere in your body? In that case don’t force yourself──」

「It’s not that. I want to do that thing Hayuru like the most.」

「Eh……the most」

Hayuru went bright red until her ears.

「I, it’s not like I……such thing」

She didn’t say specifically about what it was.

However between the two of them, it was something that they had come to understand completely.

「I’ll stop if you really don’t want it but……what’ll you do?」

Hayuru looked down and answered with a very thin voice.

「……There is no way I can go against Kizuna-kun isn’t it?」

And then she slowly got down from the desk. Her body slightly twisted in discomfort but, she quickly turned around to show her back toward Kizuna, then she laid her upper body on the desk and lifted her butt.

「But……I have no confidence that I’ll be able to hold down my voice. Sound will carry out here so……that’s why, don’t be too intense……ahn♥」

Kizuna put his finger inside Hayuru’s front slit and covered his finger fully with the slippery liquid. And then she caressed Hayuru’s rear hole with that finger.


Hayuru hurriedly covered her mouth with her hands. As expected even Kizuna was surprised by her excessively strong reaction.

「Hayuru……you really felt that……you usually weren’t reacting this strongly.」

「I, I don’t understand……today, is different from usual……」

As expected her excitement was greater than usual by doing it inside the academy’s public morals committee room. Furthermore it wasn’t in Love Room, but in the actual public morals committee room.

There was no doubt that the immorality Hayuru was feeling was tremendous.

「Do your best to hold back your voice.」

Kizuna gently massaged her butt hole with his fingertip.

「Ye, yhes! Ih! Ku…… ♥♥」

She reacted intensely like he had inserted inside even though he was only caressing around. Even Kizuna felt happy that she felt it this much. When she slightly relaxed, he slightly pushed his fingertip inside.

「!!!! FuuUHHH!!」

Sound leaked out even with her hands covering her mouth.

Hayuru looked back at Kizuna and shook her head left and right as though to say she couldn’t do this anymore.

However Kizuna scooped the honey from Hayuru’s front and rubbed it thoroughly on her butt.

「Uu……haan♥ Ah, don’t, move, too much……aaan」

After confirming that the hole didn’t completely close even when he pulled out his finger, he placed his thing on the entrance.

The sensation made Hayuru felt nervousness along with happiness.

──Haa……aa, finally♥ My voice, I have to hold back…….

And then Kizuna’s thing entered inside.

「Hiuh! Ku……hh!」

The foreign object that originally should intrude into the other side made Hayuru tasted pleasure that sent him shivers from the inside.

──Aah. I finally……did it……in the academy, what’s more in the public morals committee room……how, shameful……how indecent……how sinful……how, a, amazing♥

「Kuuh……haa, a! aAAH」

Unlike when doing it at the front, Kizuna entered inside slowly and carefully.

It was a delicate part, so Kizuna also went deeper inside carefully.

And then he was tasting a sensation of intense tightness that was different from the front. He didn’t force his way deeper, but advanced gradually when it loosened. And then, Kizuna covered over Hayuru and whispered into her ear.

「Hayuru, it’s all in.」

「Ahn♥……I, I’m happy……」

That place also tightened on Kizuna’s thing *kyuu* as though to represent her body’s happiness.

「Hey, Kizuna-kun……it’s alright……if you move」

Kizuna lifted his body from Hayuru’s back and slowly began to pull out. Thing coming out was that place’s natural movement so it easily pulled out. If he wasn’t careful, the whole thing would slip out so he needed to pay attention.

Hayuru raised a voice of pleasure when it was going out.

「Haa♥……Aa, a, aan……」

And then it stopped still before pushing in gradually once more.


The speed was gradually increasing. However Kizuna kept in mind to move gently and not intensely.

「Ki, Kizuna-kun. Even if……you do it stronger, it’s alright, you know?」

「You don’t need to force yourself. The most important thing is that Hayuru feels good from this.」

However Hayuru looked at Kizuna with a face that was tense from pleasure.

「Fo, for me, there isn’t anything that’s more important, than Kizuna.」

Kizuna reached out and patted Hayuru’s head.

「Thank you, Hayuru. Then……I’ll do it stronger.」


Hayuru smiled happily before placing her face on the desk again.

Kizuna pushed into Hayuru stronger than before. And then he began going in and out intensely.

「Aa, Kizuna-kun, Kizuna-kun♥」

For Hayuru right now it wasn’t painful even if he did it intensely. She felt everything as pleasure. Hayuru tasted an unusual feeling from receiving stimulation that originally she wouldn’t receive from all directions.

Kizuna pushed his thing into Hayuru’s stomach.

「Kyah……nnnnnnnn!? Kuu…………fu」

Hayuru let out a sweet gasp from having her womb stimulated from the back side. The pleasure that couldn’t be felt often made the inside of her stomach felt like it would melt.

──I, I can’t, hold back……my voice anymore.


──The, there is still time, I, I want to, reach the climax, once, qu-, quickl──,

There was a knocking sound from the door.



There was a voice of male student asking from outside the door.

Hayuru covered her mouth in panic but it was too late. The student already heard that she was inside.

「Excuse me, I’m a bit early but, I come about the matter at the lunch break……」

Hayuru’s heart was beating like alarm bell.

Her whole body stiffened from nervousness.

Because of that, the tightness of her butt hole tightened so much it was painful.

Hayuru looked back and asked with a small voice.

「Ki, Kizuna-kun. For now we should……」

However her face was flushed and her hair was stuck on her skin from sweat. Her uniform was also messed up. It would take time for her to tidy up her appearance.

「No, I think we will be found out if he enter inside. The only way is to talk to him across the door.」

Hayuru hesitated, but the student would be needlessly suspicious if she stayed quiet. She took a deep breath and switched her face to a crisp look.

「I am currently in the middle of something, so just listen from there. Are you always doing that kind of indecent act inside the PE storehouse?」

──Re, really me……even though I myself am doing something this indecent…….

She could sense the male student’s hesitation outside the door.

MGHxHV14 007 ill.jpg

「No! You’re wrong. That was, we were by chance……both of us got carried away unintentionally.」

「So, something like that……ca, cannot become an excuse. That kind of, obscene……」

──I’m sorry. The truth is I’m the indecent one……obscenely so.

At that time Hayuru felt Kizuna twitching inside her.


──I, I’m scolding you like this while……my butt right now……is being filled……by my loved one♥

The inside of her chest felt disordered when she muttered that in her heart. Guilt and pleasure became jumbled together. It felt like her chest was brushed with fur from the inside.

Her self-condemning words drove even more pleasure into Hayuru.

Hayuru licked her lips while sighing.

「Haa……nn, really, doing something like that in the academy, you should be ashamed. Fo-, for god’s sake-!」

──He was only hugging and kissing. It was something cute compared to what I’m doing.

Hayuru looked up at Kizuna over her shoulder.

Kizuna was unconsciously startled by her eyes.

Hayuru’s eyes were moist. It was so bewitching that he shuddered.

And then he instinctually sensed what those eyes were pleading for.

──Is it, really okay?

Kizuna only frowned. However it seemed it went through to Hayuru. She slightly nodded.


Kizuna hesitantly pulled out his thing from inside Hayuru.

However he stopped at the thickest part and pushed inside once more.


Hayuru gritted her teeth and held back her voice.

──My, my butt, it’s melting……-!!

The student who was discovered kissing was hanging his head down outside the door.

「I’m sorry……I, won’t do it anymore.」

──No, no good. I’m already……the, the feeling of my lower body is…….

「I, if you understand then, there is nothing more to say.」

「Yes. But senpai.」

──Wha, what? I’m, already, can’t think of anything here…….

「But I can’t change the fact that I love that girl. I’ll refrain in the academy but, outside the academy, we……」

Hayuru’s moist lips smiled.

「Do, do as you like. You mustn’t……make the girl you love, sad okay?」

「Ye……yes-! Thank you very much!」

A joyful voice came from outside the door.

「Ju, just, g, go……already……-!!」

The moment she heard the footstep that was getting distant, something hot was fired into Hayuru’s intestine.


Hayuru bit the sleeve of her uniform and desperately held back her voice. Something hard was pulsating inside her butt. The inside of her stomach was filled by something hot with great momentum.

Kizuna spurted out everything he had in the state where he pushed in deeply until the base. He shot out with a momentum as though he wanted it flowed out from inside Hayuru.


Hayuru’s body trembled. Her legs were also shaking.


Her face that was looking down was lifted up. There she was making an expression that was enraptured with pleasure.

Her eyes slovenly opened and drool was trickling to the desk> She looked as though she had fainted.

It was a face that couldn’t possibly be shown to other public morals committee member. The absentminded face that was drowning in obscene pleasure was outrageously lewd and beautiful.



Her gaze was vacant. Her pupils were unfocused. She didn’t even seem like she heard Kizuna addressing her.

He let her like that and caressed her head and back for a while. Around the time Hayuru’s breathing settled down and he pulled back, Kizuna himself slipped out smoothly.


An ardent sigh leaked out from Hayuru’s lips.

Hayuru’s butt was becoming spread out with Kizuna’s size and didn’t close back.

「Are you alright, Hayuru?」

Hayuru lifted her upper body from the desk and looked up at Kizuna with damp eyes.

「……I’m not, alright.」

「I, I see……perhaps, I overdid it?」

Hayuru stood up with unsteady legs. Kizuna embraced her to support her body. Then Hayuru pressed her cheek on Kizuna’s chest fawningly.

「It was amazing♥」

Hayuru looked up and they lightly kissed, then Kizuna tidied up his appearance.

「……Then, let’s return to the dorm.」

「Yes. Before that……I’m sorry but, can I ask you to do one thing for me?」

Hayuru rummaged her pocket and took out something small. From a glance it looked like a bottle cap or a wine stopper.

She looked up at Kizuna with blushing cheeks and upturned eyes.

「If my butt……keep being open like this, it……Kizuna-kun’s will drip down so……please」

Her smile was bewitching and terrifyingly erotic.

Part 6[edit]

Kei glanced at the clock.

Soon the date would change. Surely Kizuna and Hayuru were working hard doing the ultimate hybrid right now.

Kei mused about Reiri’s line inside her head.

『Today is a little bit……I gave my turn to Himekawa.』

This was Reiri who was generally accepted as a brocon. That Reiri gave up her turn?

When she was drunk she would say,

『That Kizuna, she said something like my breast is the best……fufufu, that spoiled child』

She would boast like that happily. That Reiri gave up her turn?

Incidentally, Kei wished that Reiri would stop making that kind of boast because she was troubled of how to react.

……An adult’s composure?

Perhaps, inside Reiri there was some thinking of hers that changed. She must be suppressing her affection and desire to monopolize her little brother and took a step back to observe the situation calmly.

──As expected from someone who served as commander, she has a different caliber.

At that timing, Reiri who went to another room returned into the command room. The second floor of the command room was an empty space only for them the commander and deputy commander. Kei talked to her not using keyboard but directly with her voice.

「Reiri, what about the presentation of the plan of new weapon development?」

「It’s not bad but……Kurumizawa is too partial toward firearm. And most of all, can’t something be done about that naming?」

「I also agree with that.」


Suddenly a third person’s voice who wasn’t Reiri or Kei spoke up.

「Valdy huh. What’s the matter?」

The corner of the room flickered. The next moment a tall and slender woman was standing. It was the former royal guard of Vatlantis Empire Valdy.

She accompanied Reiri like a shadow, protected her from all danger, and obeyed her order with absolute obedience. She was an existence like a ninja serving her lord.

「You need to rest soon.」


Reiri looked up to the clock on the wall.

「It’s still 12 o’clock but……I guess you’re right.」

Valdy kneeled and bowed her head.

「I’ve acted impertinently……forgive me.」


Reiri made a slightly apologetic face.

「I’ll take my leave after this. Contact me if something happen.」

「Roger. Reiri too, rest well.」

Kei wouldn’t use her voice in a place that had other people than Reiri, but Valdy was the only one that she didn’t really mind about. She replied to her really naturally.

Reiri nodded slightly and moved to exit the command room. It was then.

A grating electronic voice resounded through the command room.

Everyone inside the command room looked around in surprise.


Reiri and Kei’s expression stiffened as though they had just heard something unbelievable. Reiri’s eyes changed into a sharpness that reminded them of the battle in the past.

「This sound……」

This sound shouldn’t sound right now.

Kei looked at Reiri with a flustered face.

「It shouldn’t be……but」

But this was a sound that they had heard many times before.


──It was air-raid alarm that notified them of invader from another world.

Part 7[edit]

Kizuna and Hayuru left the academy together, then they stopped by at a nearby shopping mall.

Shop employee would talk to them when they had a look at a store front. Like that they were enjoying their shopping casually. But even while doing that, the anal plug that was inserted into Hayuru’s butt continued to grant her pleasure steadily.

──Really me, I’m walking outside with this obscene thing inside me like this and talk to other people like it’s nothing…….

The more she thought that, the more secret arousal was piling up inside her.

They took dinner outside and returned to the dorm when it became really late.

And then that arousal exploded when they entered inside Hayuru’s room.

「AaAAANNH! Ki-, Kizuna-kun! Thi-this is, ama……aAN!!♥♥♥」

Three hours already passed since the two started the act of making love.

However the completely trained body of the two didn’t show any fatigue. Even after reaching climax many times over, Hayuru was still mounting above Kizuna while naked.

Kizuna’s thing was alredy gouging the inside of Hayuru. The hard thing that was towering up was being accepted by Hayuru’s lower lips that were overflowing with honey.

The tightness wasn’t as severe as the rear one, even so it was tight enough and also soft despite that. All of Hayuru’s inside was lovingly clutching Kizuna’s thing, producing pleasure for both of them.

But it wasn’t just Kizuna’s thing that was granting Hayuru pleasure. At Hayuru’s rear was a black tail wriggling as though to express her happiness. In exchange of the anal plug that was inserted into Hayuru’s anal, there was a tail that was inserted into her right now. The subtle vibration that was jolting her inside was also transmitted slightly to Kizuna.

「Hayuru, is it painful?」

「Hah, aaah! I’m, fine-. Kizuna-kun, are you, feeling good too?」

「Yeah, of course, I am!」

He thrust up from below to answer Hayuru.


──I’m being loved by Kizuna-kun from the front and from the back……it’s like I’m being loved twice over……I’m happy♥

And then Hayuru twisted her waist so that everywhere inside her body could sense the feel of Kizuna.

「I now understand really well of what to do so Hayuru can feel good by asking you to move above me like this.」

「Yahn♥ Do, don’t mind me-! As, as long Kizuna-kun can feel good then」

She moved her body up and down like she was jumping while saying such laudable words.

Hayuru’s breasts that recently got slightly bigger were dancing up and down. He grasped those breasts with both hands and thoroughly massaged it by lifting it up and grabbing it down.

「AAAAH! Ki, Kizuna-kun. Is it still not good? I, I’m, already」

「I’m also at my limit already. You can come now, Hayuru.」

「Ye, yes-♥ AAAAAAAAAAH! Cu, cumming, I’m comiiiiiingggg♥」

Hayuru tightened on Kizuna’s thing hard.

The tail that extended from her butt stretched up tensely.

Kizuna’s waist floated to make his thing reached until Hayuru’s deepest part. In that instant, he fired from his tip like an explosion. That pressure spurted and struk Hayuru’s inside.


Hayuru bent her body backward and looked up. Her exposed neck quivered.

And then the radiance that conveyed the success of ultimate hybrid filled the room.

Hayuru’s body stiffened and convulsed repeatedly. At that timing Hayuru’s inside moved repeatedly as though to swallow the thing that Kizuna spurted out.

「A, aa……aan♥♥」

The climax continued for long. Hayuru kept immersing himself in the climax while keeping her throat exposed.

──I, I’m dying……this just…….feels too good♥


Kizuna pinched the tip of Hayuru’s chest that was jiggling to drag her back from heaven.


And then he gently massaged her breast as though to envelop it.


She stared at Kizuna with eyes that were moist with pleasure. It couldn’t be helped even if her face right now was called as debauched. Her expression was just that lewd.

Hayuru smiled and licked her lips, then she began to shake her waist──at that timing,


『It’s emergency!!』


Suddenly Reiri’s close up picture appeared in front of the two.


「Ne-! Nee-chan!?」

The half transparent screen floating in the air was projecting Reiri’s tense face.

『Kizuna, Himekawa! Gather to the command room!』

「Wa, wait a second. Just what’s with the hurry?」

Kizuna said that while thinking about the detail of the emergency situation.

However currently there was no enemy that could become a threat to Ataraxia even if they searched anywhere on earth.

If Reiri was this flustered from the situation, then it wouldn’t be from external enemy but from some kind of accident……such possibility was high.

But Reiri’s next words blew away that conjecture of Kizuna.

It wasn’t a mere threat,

But a bigger mystery.

And also a shocking one,


『A magic weapon appeared.』

Part 8[edit]

──Magic weapon, it was the main weapon of Vatlantis Empire, the invader from other world, an unmanned invasion weapon.

The AU Collision that happened twice in the past. At that time Entrances, contact point with other world materialized everywhere in the world. A great number of magic weapons invaded into this world from there and carried out destruction and massacre repeatedly.

But that battle had ended and the Entrance had also vanished. That was why magic weapon also shouldn’t exist.

That was how it should be.

When Kizuna rushed into the command room, Aine, Yurishia, and Sylvia were already gathering there. Kizuna didn’t even greet them and yelled toward Reiri.

「Just what in the world is going on, why is magic weapon here!?」

Reiri was sitting on the commander’s seat and staring at the monitor that was projecting information one after another.

「The security system has still only detected the mana energy──but, the measured value is resembling magic weapon. We’re in the middle of collecting information right now. Wait there quietly.」

When he looked at the first floor, he could see there were the thirty seats for operator and students twice that number moving around busily.

Everyone was frenzied with anxiety and impatience. But that couldn’t be helped.

Various feelings were also whirling inside Kizuna.

Why was magic weapon here now?

Could it be, another AU Collision had occurred?

If the other party was Grace or Gravel, there should be some kind of contact from them. But then why magic weapon was sent here instead?

Even Hayuru who came together with Kizuna was frowning in doubt.

「Isn’t this some kind of mistake? Because, we were told that AU Collision won’t happen again……」

Yurishia folded her arms as though to lift up her huge breasts from below and gave a smile of agreement with Hayuru.

「Yes. Isn’t the system mistaking a new weapon of a country somewhere with magic weapon?」

Everyone was looking up to the monitor that was displaying the world map. There the location of the magic weapon was displayed. From the direction of its movement, it looked like it was heading here from South America continent.

「Is the plan to evaluate its capability with all of us here desu?」

Sylvia shrank into herself like a scared little animal.

「Something like that doesn’t matter!!」

Aine who was quiet until then suddenly yelled.

Her movement made her silver hair that reached until her butt to become disheveled and she stared at Reiri with wavering red eyes.

「Is that magic weapon the real thing!? What about the Entrance? Where did it appear!?」

Aine desperately maintained her calm, but even that had reached the limit. And then after it crossed the limit, her rampaging emotion couldn’t be braked.

Kizuna gently touched Aine’s shoulder.

「Aine, calm down. We only know that the reading is similar to a magic weapon, but we still don’t know its true identity. Right now let’s wait for more information.」

「But! Perhaps we’ll be able to come and go to Vatlantis again you know!? Perhaps we’ll be able to meet with everyone, with Grace!!」

Aine’s pleading that even sounded like a cry hurt Kizuna’s chest.

「You’re right……sorry, Aine.」

──I want Aine to be here. Aine answered that wish of mine and threw away Atlantis and her position as Vatlantis emperor and stayed here for me. She discarded the world where she spent her childhood in, her beloved little sister, and the vassals who look up to her.

Kizuna grimaced and clenched his fist tightly.

──For Aine living in Lemuria is something that she need to pay a lot of sacrifices for. Even I am thinking that I want to meet again with Grace and Gravel so much. However, the strength of Aine’s feeling should be incomparable with mine.

Was Aine’s presence here in this world really leading to her happiness?

Was he simply forcing Aine to make a sacrifice just to satisfy his own ego?

Aine returned to her senses seeing Kizuna’s pained face.

「Ah……tha, that’s not it. Kizuna, that’s not it.」

Aine clung on Kizuna’s chest with a panicked face.

「I didn’t mean that when I spoke just now. It’s true okay? That’s why Kizuna, don’t make that face.」

「……Thank you Aine. But, it’s also the truth that I’m making Aine to feel lonely.」

「That’s why I’m telling you that’s not it!」

Tension ran through the atmosphere of the command room.

Hayuru forcefully made a smile to interrupt the two.

「Ca, calm down……Aine-san.」

Aine didn’t pay any attention to Hayuru who was trying to calm her down and pressed on Kizuna.

「I’m here because I decided it myself! That’s why I’m here! I wasn’t forced by anyone!」


At that time, an excited voice of an operator came.

「The satellite data arrived! It’ll take several seconds for the 3D processing──the picture is complete!!」

Everyone held their breath and looked up to the giant screen on the wall.

And then──,



「Unbelievable!!」 [1]


Everyone raised a surprised voice.

「What, the……」

Reiri glared at the object projected in the screen with a grim gaze.

It was something extremely familiar for them.

It was a dragon with long neck.

A winged torso.

On its back was a humanoid upper body.

Its true identity was already clear to anyone watching.

Aine’s lips muttered its name.




It was an opponent that they had fought in the past many times.

Category A class magic weapon.

Reiri stood up.

「Amaterasu, march out! Wake up the Masters too!」

The command room became flurried all at once.

The true identity was now known but, it created many more bewilderment and questions. In order to solve it there was no other way that to actually clash with it.

「Let’s go! Everyone!!」


Part 9[edit]

Aine, Hayuru, Yurishia, and Sylvia each equipped their Heart Hybrid Ger and flew through Pacific Ocean.

Even the sea that was pitch black when they departed Ataraxia was gradually becoming clearer that they could see the shape of the waves. The starry sky receded and the sky ahead of them got brighter.

「I can see it!」

A black silhouette emerged from the rising sun. The form of the upper body of armored knight attached on the back of a large winged dragon.

「There is no mistake! It’s a Dragre!!」

Aine yelled in excitement. In contrast Yurishia was smiling leisurely.

「It’s true~. Somehow it feels nostalgic.」

「To think that we will fight it one more time……」

Hayuru muttered with a disbelieving face. However from her there was no wariness from her like in the past. Dragre was once a powerful enemy, but against their current self it wasn’t their match. They had that conviction.

Their interest instead lied in where did it come from and why did it exist.

「Yosh. Let’s capture it without destroying it for the investigation.」

The instant Kizuna ordered that──,

Dragre’s mouth opened and its inside turned bright.

──It’ll breath flame huh.

Should he defend with barrier or dodge?

If it was in the past this was where he would feel anxious, but now he could deal with it calmly.

Bright red flame was breathed out from the largely opened mouth of Dragre. The flame approached them with a roar like a dragon.

──But, its speed suddenly increased, turning into a streak of bright light that drew near.

「!? Be careful!」

Kizuna yelled that. At the same time he deployed his barrier. The barrier of light appeared in front of Kizuna and others. Dragre’s beam crashed on it.


Light burst.

The barrier creaked and an impact that made it felt like Kizuna’s arm would break was added.

「Wha……what!? This power!!」

──It’s different from Dragre in the past!


Everyone understood with that single word.

The five of them scattered at the same time when Kizuna’s barrier broke.

「Mode Neros!!」

Kizuna yelled. Heart Hybrid Gear, Eros’s light changed from pink to Neros’s red in respond to his voice.

It was ability copy of a partner’s Heart Hybrid Gear through Heart Hybrid. This was Eros’s other special ability that matched Heart Hybrid.


Kizuna lifted his hand and yelled, then a sword’s hilt appeared at his fingertip. When he grabbed that, a sword was created in the blink of eye.

Kizuna took a stance with that sword and assaulted Dragre.

However the knight on its back aimed its gunsword at Kizuna to protect the dragon. The particle bullet that was fired hit Kizuna’s arm that was holding the sword.


Its aim was accurate, its reaction speed was fast, and the bullet speed was also in a different league.

He kicked on the air and changed direction, even so the shots were following him. And then ahead of it──,


The beam shaped flame that was breathed from the dragon’s mouth was waiting for him.

The knight and dragon worked together splendidly. Even though in the past its attack was sketchier──Kizuna muttered that inside his heart while moving to deploy his barrier once more.


Neros’s midrange suppression weapon attacked Dragre. The knight prioritized defense and aimed its muzzle toward the Blade.

However there──,

「Hel Fire!!」

Yurishia who took distance showered it with all out shooting of Differential Frame. A bunch of golden light hit Dragre’s neck.

Dragre changed the direction of its neck toward Yurishia with the sound like a lot of gears creaking together. Yurishia switched the Differential Frame from total offense into propulsion force. But, her evasion didn’t make it in time. Dragre’s flame attacked Yurishia as though it was cutting apart the sky.

「You won’t succeed desu!!」

Taros cut in between them.

It lifted its huge right arm that contained its Corruption Armament and blocked Dragre’s flame.


Crimson flame spread in the sky.

Yurishia’s anxious voice resounded.

「Sylvia!! Are you okay!?」

Taros was knocked back by the explosion’s impact, but Sylvia immediately replied with a lively voice.

「Sylvia is fine desu! Taros’s armor can endure just this much desu!」

Sylvia’s Taros halted in midair and aimed the main cannons on its shoulders toward Dragre.


The large caliber particle cannon that rivaled the main cannon of a battleship spat out fire together with Sylvia’s yell. The surrounding’s temperature instantly rose and wind blew violently.

Dragre also deployed barrier using magic power at its front. Enormous flame blast spread in the sky.

There was the figure of Dragre without a single scratch on it at the other side of the flame and smoke.


Kizuna’s eyes became much sharper.

「It’s impossible to capture it alive! We’re defeating it!」


Everyone replied back simultaneously.

Sylvia fired up Taros’s rocket engine and went in front of everyone.

「Sylvia will become the shield desu! Use that chance!!」

Without delay Yurishia switched Differential frame into attacking.

「Hell Fire!!」

Differential Frame that was installed with several particle cannons fired simultaneously. Several streaks of light drew a line while heading toward Dragre.

Dragre’s barrier was smashed apart with a sound like glass breaking.


Aine who was looking for an opening until now flew into Dragre’s chest.

A powerful kick that was boosted by her acceleration’s momentum penetrated the knight’s stomach.


By all right she should easily penetrate through. But instead her kick was stopped with only her ankles sinking in.

The knight’s eyes shined and the sword tip of its gunsword shined.


Aine kicked the knight’s stomach with her other foot and pulled out her foot. However the sword attacked her defenseless back.



Kizuna spread out his barrier with his right hand alone and flew in front of Aine. However the barrier that was half way deployed was easily smashed.


Aine caught Kizuna who was sent flying.

Drops of red blood were flowing in front of Aine’s eyes.


The right arm’s armor that covered Aine was broken and blood was flowing.

Aine’s face distorted in anger the instant she saw that blood.

「How dare you……」

Aine drew back with her thruster working in full while strongly hugging Kizuna in her arms.

「Calm down Aine, this is just a scratch.」


Taros stood in the way of the Dragre that came chasing them.

「You won’t pass here desu!」

Taros’s barrier and Dragre’s barrier clashed.

It was a battle of power now that it became like this.

──I can’t imagine Talos lose, but it will become an exchange of shots the instant the shields of both sides are broken. If that happen then even Sylvia won’t get away unscathed.

Even if they defeated it, Kizuna wanted to just turn it unable to fight and then brought it until Ataraxia. If they investigated it they might understand why magic weapon came back like this.

But, the situation right now didn’t allow such thing anymore.

Now it might get annihilated until no trace of it remained, but if it went well then they might be able to at least bring its wreckage home.


Kizuna called the name of Amaterasu member who possessed the strongest weapon at this time.


After all he was doing ultimate hybrid together with Hayuru right before they were called.

That was why──,

「Use Gladius!!」


Hayuru unhesitatingly thrust out her hand. Red magic circle spread out on her fingertips.

「Corruption Armament! Gladius!!」

The magic circle roated slowly and became triple layered. The magic formula automatically expanded.

A cylinder that was excessively long to be a sword handle appeared from inside it.

Hayuru grabbed it and pulled it out in one go from the magic circle.

It was a large sword with a handle that was already the size of a normal sword. A sword with strange appearance of three blades in one sword made its appearance.

Red particles were circulating on the blade part and emitted bewitching light. The thing that was touched by this blade would be severed no matter what it was. It severed by rejecting the target’s connection as an existence.

If it was now after they had done ultimate hybrid, it would be possible to deny the enemy’s connection with this world and erased it.


「Hayuru! Don’t eliminate it completely, we want to recover its remains!」


「Sylvia! Get away in five more seconds! Start counting down!」

「Roger desu! 5!!」


「Leave the cover fire to me!!」


And then Kizuna exchanged eye contact with Aine. When Kizuna pointed below, Aine pointed up, then the two separated to above and below.


Hayuru took a deep breath and focused her mind.


Neros’s armor opened and the red light at its inner part shined radiantly.


Yurishia fixed her aim on the Dragre and adjusted her aiming in detail by predicting the future development.

「Here I go desu!!」

Taros’s barrier vanished.


The large caliber particle cannon that was fired from point-blank range directly hit Dragre’s shield. All the heat was focused into one spot.

「Hell Fire!!」

Cross’s all out bombardment landed on the impact point of Ignis with pinpoint precision.

Dragre’s shield burst in that moment.

Taros used Ignis’s backlash to make a big jump backward. Hayuru charged toward Dragre as replacement.


The speed of Neros that was powered up by ultimate hybrid wasn’t ordinary.

The knight detected Hayuru’s approach and readied its gunsword.

At that time the knight was already severed from the dragon.

The knight’s body crumbled and vanished without even any time to rise the shriek of death agony.

And then its other half the dragon was also going to collapse.



The nose diving Zeros and the steeply climbing Eros.



Their aim was Dragre’s dragon neck.

The kick of Zeros that surpassed the speed of sound and Eros’s sword that slashed with all its strength attacked the dragon’s neck from above and below.

Aine’s kick dented the armor and crushed the machine inside.

Kizuna’s sword cut apart the metal and dig in until halfway the neck.

The pressure from above and below that targeted a single spot snapped the Dragre’s neck. The armor was crushed and magic power spurt out like blood. Its internal machine parts flowed out like entrails.

The neck was pulverized midway and the head was cut off.

The effect of Gladius encroached into the dragon’s body at that timing and reached the neck.

And then everything became fragments of light.

The fragments sparkled and flew away with the wind.

In the middle of the magic power particles that danced in the air, Kizuna turned his palm toward Aine. And then Aine also turned her palm toward him. The two’s palm lightly clapped *pan*.

And then Aine entwined her fingers with Kizuna’s fingers to hold his hand.

「But Kizuna……even if it got away from Gladius’s effect, the magic weapon would still vanish wouldn’t it?」

「Normally it will be like that but……if that’s the case, the Dragre’s existence in this world itself is strange. I thought that perhaps we will be able to recover its wreckage.」

「Something like that──」


Taros’s huge frame flew up from the nearby sea surface below.

Aine opened her eyes wide in surprise.

「Sylvia picked this up desu!!」

Dragre’s neck was there in Taros’s arms without vanishing.

Part 10[edit]

「The Dragre was defeated.」


Christelle clicked her tongue hearing Elfriede’s report.

But, Amaterasu’s location was at the other side of the horizon. Elfriede loked toward the figure of Kziuna and others who she shouldn’t be able to see and sighed.

「Furthermore the head part was taken away.」

「Aau! Geez!!」

Christelle swung her fist as though her opponent was there.

「Do something about it! Is that rifle on your back just a decoration!?」

「Please don’t ask for something unreasonable. What I can do is only peeking at best. I would only notify them of my presence if I sniped at them. I cannot match them with my capability.」

「I know that! I just want to say it! It’s a mystery how you can be that calm-!」

「Thank you very much.」

「I’m not praising you!」

Elfriede’s Dagura was a gear that specialized in long range sniping. But its ability to grasp the situation of distant place was remarkably greater than its offensive power. In the first place, it could be said that her 『eyes』 were a rare case that was strangely developed, which was thought to be an ability for the sake of sniping.

「However, with this we have grasped the enemy’s detection capability and their scramble’s reaction time.」

「Exactly! Well, that’s our actual objective, so it’s not like I’m bothered at all!」

Christelle’s mood completely changed.

「Besides this is just the opening move.」

Christelle narrowed her eyes and smiled mysteriously.

「After all Ataraxia will fall to my hand with just a little bit more!」

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