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Chapter 2 – Izgard’s Bride And New Hero[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Three months had passed since the contact point between Lemuria and Atlantis was lost.

After sending off Kizuna and others to Ataraxia, Grace returned to Atlantis. And then after that the Entrance immediately vanished.

Only the blue sky and white cloud could be seen at the sky where the Entrance once existed. Grace looked up to that sky and keenly felt that the connection with Lemuria had really gone for good.

Since then, Grace was living together with a great sense of loss. It felt like there was a large hole gouged in her chest, as though there was blank space inside her body.

However three months passed and the wound of her heart was gradually healing.

Her daily works as emperor. The restoration of the ruined territory. Reorganizing the country. There were a lot of works to do. It didn’t mean that the gap in her heart due to Aine’s leave was filled with that. However her busy schedule sometimes became a consolation──Grace thought that.

That was why, she thought to respond to the invitation letter that reached her just now happily.

「Hohou……this is a matter of congratulation.」

At the palace located in Vatlantis Empire’s imperial capital, Zeltis. Grace stared at the letter she received on her throne and her face broke into a smile.

The four Quartum looked up at Grace with a curious gaze.

After the four looked at each other, Clayda asked as their representative.

「Is it some kind of a good news?」

「Umu. It seems that Gravel of Izgard will hold a marriage ceremony three months later.」


The four raised a shocked voice together.

And then Elma immediately let out a question.

「Who is the partner?」

「It’s Aldea.」


The four made an awkward face.

「I seee, so she finally caught her huuuh」

Ramza smiled wryly. Lunorlla lightly elbowed her side.

「Don’t say something like that. Perhaps the person herself is happy.」

「Yes yes. Even so, she was someone who once fell as far as being a prisoner who was no different from a slave and even got tortured by us. But right now she is Izgard’s president. And Aldea who is touched in the head will be the first lady. Amazing isn’t ittt」

After returning to Atlantis, Grace recognized the independence of Izgard and Baldin. It came from the feeling of gratitude and respect from fighting together against the danger to the world──was a part of the reason, but there was also the pragmatic aspect of Vatlantis’s inability to look after their country currently.

In this chaotic situation, there was a limit in taking control of reconstructing and governing the whole world. If they forced it, surely conflict would occur. Their relationship that had finally turned favorable would be ruined and it was possible that it would become another civil war.

Vatlantis Empire was already boasting a vast territory even now, and it also had a lot of problem. Therefore she thought making the two countries independent and had them solve the matter of their respective country by themselves would be a good plan.

And then independence was also Izgard and Baldin’s earnest wish, so there was no reason for them to object.

After achieving independence and taking a step toward a bright future, the representative of Izgard would hold a wedding ceremony. This was a bright news for the populace too, and the effect it would bring for the economy would surely also be something considerable. There was no doubt that the momentum of Izgard’s reconstruction would accelerate further.

However Clayda bit her nail with a conflicted face.

「Putting aside Gravel, when it come to Aldea……she has this nickname as comrade slayer, I pray that their country won’t get crushed.」

「Ee, it’s other country anyway, it doesn’t matter for us isn’t it?」

「Idiot. If it becomes something like that, it will also affect us. Refugees will flood us in great number.

「I, I see……」

Ramza scratched her head while averting her gaze.

Grace flapped the invitation letter held between her fingers and smiled.

「I will directly ascertain that matter. Let’s see, I think it will be faster to have Zelcyone read her heart──」

Suddenly Grace noticed that Zelcyone wasn’t here.

「Mu? Where did Zel go?」

The four Quartum looked at each other’s face.

「Come to think of it……we don’t see her today.」

「I also didn’t see her yesterday.」


While the three were falling into thought, Ramza said 「Ah」 and lifted her face in remembrance.

「Now that you mentioned it, Zel-sama went out.」

「What did you say?」

「She left a letter in her room. Somehow it sounds like a secret work……wait, it wasn’t something that Grace-sama ordered?」

Ramza put her fingers into between her breasts and pulled out a folded paper.

Clayda, Elma, and Lunorlla peered onto that paper.


──Please don’t look for me. Zelcyone



Clayda spread out the paper in panic.


──At this occasion, I wish to resign from my post as the captain of the royal guard as well as from Vatlantis army due to personal reasons. I have been in your care for a long time. Eternal glory for the magnificent emperor Grace and the proud Vatlantis army.

I’m thinking to have a peaceful life as a commoner from here on.


Please don’t look for me. Zelcyone



「Eh, that’s why I’m telling you she is away──」


Clayda screamed, and then she rushed up the stair to the throne and handed the letter to Grace.

Grace read it once and frowned with a troubled look.

「This is……really sudden.」

「She, she wrote here to not look for her but……Grace-sama……」

「Obviously we’ll search for her. Although, I don’t think we’ll be able to catch her with her ability though……」

Zelcyone’s special skill was mind manipulation. Even if her pursuer discovered her, it would be the end if she hypnotized them as though they had never found her.

「A, also, if Zel-sama is gone……it will be really troubling.」

「Umu. After all the royal guard in effect is the one supervising the whole army of Vatlantis. It won’t be good if the captain is absent……」

Lunorrla also looked down with a troubled look.

「There are also fellows forming rebel army and carrying out terrorist action at the provinces……those guys might also get fired up if they know this.」

「You’re right. Our chain of command might also fall into chaos.」

Grace folded her arms and groaned, but after a while she spoke resolutely.

「It can’t be helped. I will appoint a new captain.」

Part 2[edit]

The captain of royal guard Leon squad Hyakurath was heading to the throne room with a nervous look.

──To be summoned out of nowhere like this……ju, just what kind of business could it be? Aa, my heart is beating so hard it feel like my heart will stop. No matter how much I think, I don’t have any idea at all what is this about……did I do some kind of blunder? No, there shouldn’t be any particular problem that happened recently. I also made my squad to keep the order, and there is also no soldier in my squad that caused commotion in the city…….

Aa, but perhaps they have done something that incur the wrath of other with me simply not noticing.

Uu……it makes my stomach hurt thinking about that…….

Bu, but if that’s the case……will I get, demoted?

……Ah, but that might not be bad.

That’s right. I’ve been thinking this since a long time ago. Being something like the captain of Leon squad is too heavy of a burden for me. That’s why it’s the correct choice to demote me. Everyone simply lionize me too much calling me something like sword saint and appointing me to a post that doesn’t suit my stature.

If I get demoted, maybe I’ll become a sword instructor……that’ll be nice. I’ll teach sword to the young cadets. And then, everyone will look up to me as the kind teacher……ufufu♪

Hyakurath arrived at the throne room while she was having such delusion and met with Grace.

「Hyakurath. Today I appoint you as the new royal guard captain.」


Hyakurath’s eyes turned into dot.

「From today you’re the top of the whole army of Vatlantis Empire. Be proud of that responsibility and glory. And then accomplish your duty superbly.」

Hyakurath’s face became pale. The cold sweat oozing from her whole body wouldn’t stop.

──What? What’s this? What’s this situation.

It’s a joke right?

Say that it’s a joke. Please.

She turned a shaking face toward the four Quartum.

「「「「New captain banzaaaai」」」」

They congratulated her with in monotone.

Grace made an apologetic face seeing Hyakurath trembling with tearful eyes.

「Forgive me for this informality due to the suddenness of the matter. Don’t be that displeased.」


Hyakurath’s mouth opened and closed. She shook her head left and right as fast as she could.

She wanted to say something, but no words came out.

「Today is just for the appointment. You don’t need to worry, we will hold the formal appointment ceremony before long.」

Tears spilled down from Hyakurath’s two eyes uncontrollably.

──Sto, stop. Please, I’m begging you.

She thought that, but no voice could come out due to the great shock.

Grace nodded with a pleased smile.

「Umu umu, I’m happy that you’re so greatly moved like that. I will prepare a grand ceremony for you.」


The, the captain of the royal guard?

The top of the whole army of Vatlantis Empire?

Thi, this me?

N, no, something like that is, scary.

This is a dream, that’s right, it’s a dream, a bad dream.

「You should prepare your speech in front of everyone at the appointment ceremony. After all the whole country will be watching.」

I, impossible! It’s completely impossible for me!!

「It’ll also be good to broadcast it to the whole world to give the impression of a new Vatlantis army. Something like the royal guard that is reborn by the sword saint, that sounds good. It will obtain the support from the populace with a clean image from here on.」

Hyakurath desperately held on her consciousness that was getting farther away.

「Do……do your best, do your best……Hyakurath……u……u……」

Part 3[edit]

An election was carried out in Izgard that obtained independence from Vatlantis Empire. Gravel became the president with support from the people.

Continuing after the inauguration half a year ago, this time was the marriage ceremony of that president. The bright news boosted the business conditions and the whole country was enveloped in atmosphere that was filled with energy.

The festival mood in the capital Argento reached the climax at the day of the marriage ceremony. Argento was a resort city that was adjacent to the sea, the temperature was also warm, and because the citizens originally also loved festival, the whole city was in high spirit.

Amidst that, Gravel herself was standing on the deck for welcoming honored guests that was set up at the beach. She was staring at the blue sea.

In the past when she escaped from Vatlantis, she spent time together with Kizuna here. The day when they swam together in this sea was nostalgic.

──He called me cute for the first time that day.

「Wait a second Gravel. You’re remembering Kizuna again aren’t you?」

Aldea took Gravel’s arm with a sulky look.

「Aa, I’m amazed you understand that.」

「I understand you really well.」

The two of them were wearing white holter neck wedding dress. Wind caused the bottom of the dress to flap gently. A shadow suddenly covered the area.

「They came.」

Gravel looked up to the blue sky.

Three a castle with size that far surpassed 2 kilometer was moving. It was a flying imperial villa with luxurious and gorgeous appearance. It was the flagship of Vatlantis Empire, Oldium.

A small ship for landing descended from that Oldium. And then it landed quietly at the welcoming deck where Gravel was standing. The pink haired girl standing on the deck came in front of Gravel with twenty knights accompanying her.

「It’s an honor that the president herself is here to welcome me.」

Gravel bowed her head respectfully.

「Vatlantis Empire’s emperor your majesty Grace Synclavia. Thank you for personally──」

「Oh stop that. I and you are friend. Spare me from all the stuffiness.」

Gravel lifted her head and showed a honest smile.

「Thank you for coming, your majesty Grace.」

「Obviously. It won’t start without me coming here. After all──」

Grace stared at Gravel’s stomach that was swelling up greatly.

「My niece is also in attendance. It’s only natural to be present here as an aunt.」

After she said that, the two laughed together in amusement.

Gravel was pregnant.

The stomach part of her white dress was round. It swelled out largely. It was already impossible to hide with that size.

In Atlantis, people were blessed with child by offering blood of two married people to the Genesis. The Genesis was located at Vatlantis Empire, but its offshoot also existed in Izgard and Baldin. It was worshipped as god in each country since the ancient time and the place where that tower was located was considered as holy land.

However the child inside Gravel’s stomach wasn’t a child that came from Genesis.

「Even so, for you to be pregnant with Nii-sama’s child……」

「Honestly, I was also surprised. I heard that it was a miraculous probability so……that’s why I’m really happy.」

Gravel lovingly caressed her stomach that had grown big.

「You must be. My only worry is whether Aldea is giving you worries. I came thinking that I have to ascertain that.」

Aldea who was hugging Gravel’s arm glared at Grace with an offended face.

「There is no need for worry. After all I have nipped off all of Gravel’s sources of worry.」

However Gravel made an intentional sigh.

「That’s not good. How about it your majesty, can I ask you to scold this undisciplined wife of mine later?」

Grace grinned and nodded.

「Got it.」

Aldea pulled Gravel’s arm with an angry look.

「Gravel? If you say something mean like that──」

Gravel gently separated Aldea’s arm from her.

「Aldea, go ahead and take care of the preparation. I will give a tour for her majesty.」

Aldea made a sullen face, but she obediently followed Gravel’s words and left that place.

「She is unexpectedly obedient.」

「It seems she is working hard to change even though she look like that.」

「Hou……in that case」

──It might be just my needless worry.

「Is something the matter?」

「No. I’m thinking about how I’ll be called an aunt at this age.」

Gravel smiled softly.

「No no, what are you saying. You will be the world’s youngest and most beautiful aunti.」

Grace opened her eyes wide in a bit of surprise.

「I’m surprised that you can make a flattery. Isn’t that right, captain-dono?」

「Ye, yes……ah, no!」

The twenty knights following behind Grace.

Everyone was the elites of the royal guard. All of them were famous knight and even just from taking a glance at their face, there was none of them whose name wasn’t known to Gravel.

But, there was one person with an outstanding fame even among them.

The knight who stood at the forefront and was called captain. She was the most beautiful and emitted overwhelming presence. The uniform she was wearing was also luxurious and gorgeous, drawing attention whether one wanted or not.

Even Gravel unconsciously almost got fascinated by her.

「Leon squad’s──no, new royal guard captain Hyakurath-dono.」

The newly made captain uniform was made from the highest quality white fabric with gold thread decorating it. The additional sky blue color splendidly matched the blond hair and blue eyes of Hyakurath. It was elegant as well as extravagant. In addition it also exposed a lot of skin as though to show off the wearer’s voluptuous body.

That appearance which splendidly put nobility, dignity, beauty, and strength in harmony would make anyone who saw her to sigh in admiration.

The problem was that in contrast of that appearance and skill, the person was abnormally faint of heart and weak toward pressure, but other people didn’t notice that.

「I listened to your inaugural speech as the new royal guard captain. It was very wonderful.」

Hyakurath’s cheeks reddened.

──NOOOOO! Please stop! Please don’t make me remember it! It’s embarrassing-! Something like that was broadcasted to the whole world……I want to die.

She looked down with tearful eyes and replied back somehow.

「Tho, those words are wasted on me. I’m still immature so……this role that is too grand for me makes me feel my lack of ability everyday……I wish that the day I can relinquish this position will come even for a day earlier……」

‘Hahaha’, the surrounding laughed.

「The captain is joking again.」

「As expected it’s really grand to joke like that in front of the emperor and Izgard’s president.」

Everyone held back their laughter and whispered to each other. The place’s atmosphere became softened by a lot. But, the vice captain standing beside Hyakurath was the only one sweating coldly with her mouth forming ‘^’ shape.

It was Mercuria who was forcefully appointed as Hyakurath’s vice captain because she was her best friend. Mercuria was the only one who stood out from the surrounding due to her nervous expression. She was on the tenterhooks wondering if Hyakurath would start crying in front of other people.

Gravel replied with a delighted smile.

「So even the sword saint Hyakurath can joke like that. Well, even as a joke that sounds too humble it might be interpreted as sarcasm you know?」

「Yes……my apologies.」

──You’re wrong! I’m not being humble! Aa, I wonder if Zelcyone-sama hasn’t been found yet. Please return quickly! I want to return home quickly…….

At that time, the form of a gigantic living thing appeared in the air.

Its length was more than 500 meters. It was a golden dragon with four pair of wings. It was a gigantic magic weapon and the battleship of Baldin.

「Golden Dragon──looks like Landred has also arrived.」

The Golden Dragon flapped its wings and landed down n the beach. From the hatch on its torso, Baldin’s queen, Landred appeared just as Grace said.

「Everyone~. Long time no see~」

She ran on the beach toward them with casualness that wasn’t befitting a queen. The way her huge breasts bounced was amazing, but it seemed the person herself didn’t mind it.

「Welcome to Izgard, Queen Landred.」

「My my my!」

Landred’s eyes shined staring at Gravel’s stomach.

「So this is the child of headmaster’s little brother.」

She showered Gravel with questions for a while and asked to touch her stomach. After that Landred smiled with an ecstatic expression.

「An existence who is blood related with headmaster in this world……aam this might be god’s will.」

「But Queen Landred. I am that child’s aunt. I shall have you go through me first for anything concerning that child.」

Grace said something that was unclear whether it was a joke or serious with a smirking face. It seemed they wouldn’t finish talking anytime soon, so Gravel pointed at a white hotel at the other side of the beach.

「Both of you. We shouldn’t talk while standing here, let me show everyone to the waiting room.」

「You’re right. Then please show the way.」

「Forgive us for making you do this despite your pregnancy.」

Gravel stood at the lead while Grace and Landred followed behind her.

「There is no problem because right now is a stable period. More importantly, please also look forward to the dinner at the wedding party. It will be a course made from only Izgard’s product cooked by capable cooks.」

「Hohou. I’m looking forward to that.」

「Agriculture and livestock are Izgard’s pride after all. I heard that Vatlantis is lacking in food due to unstable supply. If you like, please consider importing from us.」

「Good grief. Even the hero has completely become a politician now.」

Grace’s teasing gaze was responded with a wry smile from Gravel.

「Please don’t say that. I’m aware that I’m doing something I’m not accustomed to. However──」

Gravel caressed her stomach.

MGHxHV14 008 ill.jpg

「If it’s for the sake of creating a country where this child can live in peace without lacking anything……I will do anything. After all this is the happiness of a lifetime that Kizuna gave me.」

「……It’s unfair for you to say it like that. Well, I will think about it. First let’s start from actually eating it!」

「Actually I also have something to mention.」

Landred faced Grace and smiled brightly.

「Oo, if it’s about the matter of Baldin’s wood, I also wish to talk about it.」

「I’m really thankful for that however, actually it’s a different matter.」


「I wish to ask to temporarily halt the working of Genesis.」

The unexpected request caused Grace to unconsciously stop walking. Gravel also turned around in surprise.

「What did you say? What do you mean by that?」

「Queen Landred, won’t the world collapse again if we do that?」

However Landred smiled softly to calm them.

「Rather I wish to do this in order to prevent the collapse of Genesis like before.」

「What do you mean?」

「Genesis will break down again one day if we don’t hold a religious ceremony for it correctly. However, the thing necessary for that ceremony doesn’t exist in Atlantis right now.」

「……Nee-sama’s Zeros huh.」

Grace tightened her lips into the form of ‘^’ with a troubled look.

「That is also a concern of mine. But, according to the data that was uncovered from Nayuta’s research facility isn’t it also possible to do it in another way?」

「Yes, that method is the Ceremony of Eternity that is equivalent with the maintenance of Genesis. It’ll be necessary to halt Genesis temporarily to hold that ceremony.」

「Fumu……to put it another way, is it the same like when all the magic engines are halted temporarily when it’s time for the periodical inspection of the palace’s magic furnace?」

「Yes. It’s exactly like that.」

Gravel folded her arms with a puzzled expression.

「However Queen Landred, how do know so much like that? Is that also from Nayuta’s research?」

「There is also that but, actually when we went to Odin’s world……I and Nayuta-san learned a lot from the mural in her palace. Also, we were able to directly ask about it from Odin herself.」

「From Odin?」

「Yes. What I learned from that time is that there is a deep connection between Odin’s world and Baldin’s culture. Thanatos might use it as reference when creating this world.」

Grace raised her voice in realization.

「That means, there was also Genesis in Odin’s world?」

Landred smiled broadly and clapped her hands.

「Wonderful. That’s exactly the case.」

「Fufun. You shouldn’t underestimate the emperor’s discernment.」

Grace smiled proudly. Seeing that Landred and Gravel secretly thought 「Cute」.

「Even so, why did you keep quiet about such important talk until now?」

Gravel peered onto Landred with a searching gaze.

「I verified it with Baldin’s god, the tower of ice. Does the method taught by Odin really work at our world? I have finished verifying it, so that’s why I’m proposing this plan at this chance.」

「Can that method also be used with Izgard’s tower of stone?」

The Genesis in Izgard was a quadrangle stone pillar that reached the height of a hundred meter. It was also worshipped here as god since the past.

「Yes. Both the tower of ice and the tower of rock are branching from Genesis. So the method should be usable for any tower.」

「I understand. However this talk is too important to be decided while standing around like this. How about I prepare another place for a meeting after the wedding is finished?」

「You’re right. This is something that the three countries should do together. If there is something that Izgard can help with then please don’t hesitate to ask.」

And then that day the wedding ceremony was held in the shrine of the tower of stone.

After that the whole country was reveling in the festivity for three days and three nights. The meeting concerning Genesis was held after four days later.

At that meeting, it was decided that the maintenance of Genesis, the Ceremony of Eternity would be done by the three countries together.

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