Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 14 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – nayuta[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Ataraxia detected the appearance of Dragre yesterday and began to move once more in order to avoid another attack. Currently it was heading toward Antarctic Ocean.

Due to that Ataraxia’s temperature also lowered and it was enveloped with chilly air like it was late autumn. However for the residences of the megafloat, the change in climate due to the movement was something familiar. It wasn’t anything big compared to the experience of continuously moving frequently at the time of AU Collision War.

「The investigation result of the head of Dragre that was collected has come out.」

Reiri was walking in front of Kizuna wearing her usual commandant outfit with a coat above it. Certainly it was slightly cold, but Kizuna didn’t think that it was that cold. He was wearing the academy’s uniform like usual while heading to the hangar that was adjacent with Nayuta Lab.

The hangar was also used as a large laboratory. Its main purpose of use was for large machine that couldn’t be brought into the lab or for developing dangerous weapon.

「Then, do we also know why the Dragre was stronger?」

「Yeah. In addition, it seems they have also guessed in general where did it come from.」

「Don’t tell me an Entrance was……」

「I also haven’t heard the report, but it’s hard to think that is the case. More importantly──」

Reiri walked while looking back at Kizuna over her shoulder.


Kizuna felt a discomfort. His big sister’s atmosphere was different from usual. Her eyes that were staring at Kizuna looked vaguely anxious. It was as though she was worrying about something.


「No, it’s nothing.」

Kizuna wasn’t convinced but, they would soon arrive at the hangar so their talk cut off.

When the door of the hangar opened, there was the head of Dragre there.

「The discomfort isn’t half-assed when a magic weapon is put here like this……」

The raw head of dragon made from metal that was lying down in the hangar of Ataraxia. Several cables were stretching from the cut section and its opened mouth. They were connected to the large measuring tools surrounding Dragre.

「And……why is this thing more powered up than before?」

Even before that, why was it existing in this world?

──Don’t tell me,

There was no basis to it but, there was something that Kizuna uneasily thought about since when they recovered the head.

「Don’t tell me, other country has discovered the Genesis of Lemuria……something like that?」

When he looked at Reiri’s face from the side, she was making the same grim face like Kizuna.

「Certainly, using Genesis’s power to power up a magic weapon and increase its activity time limit even further……there is also that possibility. Kei, please report.」

Kei appeared from behind Dragre with a portable keyboard in hand.

「Shikina-san, how is it?」

Kei shook her head left and right still with her expressionless face.

『Certainly it might be possible if there is Genesis. But this time the reason the Dragre was strengthened and its wreckage didn’t disappear even when it was destroyed is something other than Genesis.』

Reiri folded her arms as though to prepare herself.

「Let’s hear it.」

『In the first place the reason magic weapon vanish is because its magic power supply is severed. When the mechanism that circulate the magic power is damaged, it become unable to supply magic power to each part and break down. Even if the magic weapon isn’t destroyed, if it run out of magic power then it will naturally break down.』

Kizuna looked up at the head of Dragre that looked like it would start growling even now.

「Then, how did this thing……」

『The reason for that, is this.』

Kei took out a metal capsule from her coat’s pocket.

「That’s──Heart Hybrid Gear’s core!?」

Kizuna stared hard at the small capsule on Kei’s palm.

「Why is a core……?」

『This core and one more core were loaded inside the head of this Dragre.』


Kizuna raised his voice unintentionally.

『It’s this core’s power that supplied Dragre with magic power. It will be able to continue existing until the core’s power run out.』

Reiri’s face distorted in annoyance.

「They thought of something like this……I guess they reused the core taken out from dead pilot……」

『It’s quite a heavy work, or rather I get the sense that they installed this core forcefully. However, we learned that the research of magic weapon has advanced even further than we thought.』

「But, Nee-chan. With this we’re able to recover two cores isn’t it?」

Letters were flowing in Kei’s window in exchange of an answer from Reiri.

『Certainly that’s true, but this core cannot be used anymore. Perhaps it was worked too hard that the damage is terrible and it’s too dangerous to be installed into someone.』

Reiri put her hand on her chin with a grave face.

「Even so it’s a good thing that the number of gear they can use has decreased. However……this core should be important for them too. I can’t understand why they’re using it like consumable goods like this.」

『From the result this magic weapon become a weapon with greater fighting ability than their Heart Hybrid Gear. As a way of thinking it’s not mistaken.』

‘I see’──Reiri and Kizuna nodded in understanding.

「That means, another strengthened magic weapon will attack us again like this from here on?」

「Wait Kizuna. There is one more thing that we have to confirm before that. In the first place why is a magic weapon here?」

『We’re still in the dark regarding that──』

Kei stopped typing on her keyboard and stared fixedly at the window floating in front of her face.

「What’s wrong?」

When Reiri asked her with a dubious face,

『A mail came.』

Kei stiffened like rock right after she answered so. Cold sweat was flowing down her forehead with her face looking very flustered.



A tiny voice leaked out from Kei’s trembling lips.


Kizuna was surprised that Kei spoke not using writing but with her own voice. Kei muttered with the raw voice that she didn’t allow anyone other than Reiri to hear.

「On, this earth, there are several places where magic power is naturally gushing out, like a spring……in case a magic weapon stop operating at such a place by accident……there is a possibility, it will remain without vanishing……」

「What did you say? Where does that mail come from?」

Reiri asked that, but Kei was trembling with a pale face.

「Kei, what’s the matter?」

「I don’t know……but」

Kei looked up at Reiri with a face that was looking for salvation.

「It come from the address nayuta……」

Reiri and Kizuna stiffened with a shocked expression.


It was impossible for that word to refer to anyone else than Hida Nayuta.

Part 2[edit]

Kurumizawa Momo saluted energetically.

「Well then Demon King Eros exploration party! Deeeepart!!」

「Don’t stick a strange team name on us as you please!」

A team was instantly formed in order to pin down the originator of the mysterious mail that claimed the name Nayuta. Although it would also be troubling if the rumor that Hida Nayuta was alive spread out. And so it ended up becoming Kurumizawa and Kizuna chasing after the mail alone.

Right now they were at the lab’s underground floor. Kei and Reiri were giving explanation there.

『I tracked the place the mail was sent from but, the trace became unclear midway. However there is no doubt that it went through the router at Ataraxia’s underground block 128.』

「Past that point is connected with cable. If we pursue it physically, we should discover a terminal that is outside our knowledge. I dare say……」

「Nee-chan. What, if we don’t find it?」

「Then perhaps, it’s really a mail from that person.」


Kizuna didn’t know what to do about the unease inside his heart.

Nayuta should have been died──no, she should have become a god, a system that administered the whole world. That was the equivalent of being dead for a living thing. There should be no way she would be able to create data or anything.

Then, who was it that created this data?

Was it Nayuta’s ghost?

Or perhaps,

──If, I can meet with Kaa-san again,

Such thought unconsciously welled up.

Reiri suddenly smiled.

「Kizuna, don’t make that kind of face. Go accomplish your mission without holding any strange preconception or hope.」

Certainly it was just as she said. Kizuna persuaded himself.

「Right……I understand. I’m going.」

The hatch that usually was forbidden to be entered was opened and he entered inside. It was a small room inside and there was one more room at the other side.

When he opened that door,

「So this is Ataraxia’s internal structure……」

A terrifyingly huge atrium was extending. The floor was dozens of meter below. A large elevator for transporting heavy objects were connecting until the floor from the dizzying height. Below the scenery of multiple tanks and pipes running everywhere was spreading below. In a glance it looked like industrial area.

「Is this the first time Kizuna-kun enter here?」

Kurumizawa asked that while pushing the elevator’s switch to descend.

「Yeah. So there is a space this huge here.」

「It was built so there is some extra space that can be used for expansion. Well, with the current improvement project, even this space will get filled, so this scenery will only be for now.」


When the elevator started moving, it descended with a surprising speed. It was bare bone with only frame and without even glass, so people with fear of height wouldn’t be able to endure. He was surprised once more by the size of the place when they approached the plant.

「Is this place the plant unit?」

「That’s right. This area is the plant that creates synthetic fiber. We can’t see it due to the bulkhead, but the next plant makes steel material.」

When the elevator reached the floor, Kizuna and Kurumizawa went deeper. And then they passed through several blocks and rode another elevator to below.

「We’ll get lost like this……」

「Ahaha, you’re right. I also don’t know the way at all.」


Kurumizawa opened the front of her boiler suit. Her breast that was enveloped by a black bikini was exposed in front of Kizuna generously.

「Wha, what’re you doing!?」

「Geez, don’t get flustered with just this. Even though you’re demon king Eros.」

She pulled out a thin paper from the backside of the bikini without even waiting for Kizuna’s reply.

「I don’t forget to bring a map so it’s fine.」

It was a folded electronic paper. When it was spread out, the map of the plant block and their current position was shown with red dot.

「Your suit have a lot of pockets……why did you keep it at that kind of place?」

「The pockets of my suit each has their own role already. There isn’t any place to put the map.」

It seemed she had a fixation that he couldn’t understand. Kizuna didn’t ask further. And then they walked further inside with Kurumizawa at the lead.

「Hmmm, it should be around here.」

The surrounding was a field of vegetables. Tall shelves were lining up close to each other. All of them were equipped with fluorescent lamp and planted with vegetable.

「They said that there is something else than vegetable here……」

Kurumizawa lifted up the floor’s panel and checked the wiring below.

「There is the cable here. Perhaps it will be here or around the next block.」

「Is it really here……」

Kizuna made a fed up expression after seeing the vegetable shelves as far as the eyes could see.

「If it’s not here, then it means there is a backdoor for an intrusion into the network wirelessly.」

「……Then, I hope it’s here.」

「I’ll check this place, demon king Eros, take care of the next block okay?」

「Yes yes.」

Kizuna didn’t even have the energy to correct her anymore and walked pass the vegetable shelves toward the next block.


It was a dense forest with trees growing in abundance.

He looked up. If he didn’t see the illumination at the ceiling through the leaves and branches, it would make him want to suspect that he had been teleported somewhere or got hypnotized by Zelcyone.

「Where should I start searching from……」

When he stepped inside, it seemed under him wasn’t soil but synthetic fibers lying on top of one another. Kizuna touched the nearby tree with his hand. It seemed the tree was genuine.

「Are they growing plants for roadside trees or the like here?」

Other than that perhaps they were also used as building material, medicine material, and various other things. He walked around while thinking of such thing, but he really couldn’t find any facility or equipment that seemed to fit the bill.

「Ooooi Kurumizawa! How about your end!?」

There was no reply. It seemed his voice didn’t reach.

「Can’t be helped.」

When he was going to return for the moment, his foot got caught by ivy.


His hand caught the wall when staggered and almost fell. The surface of the wall also had ivies growing on it.

「It’s really amazing……it’s not any different from a natural forest……」


The spot near his palm was shining red. The light changed into blue when he noticed that light.

「Don’t tell me……」

Kizuna grabbed the ivy and tore it off with all his strength.

There was a door there.

The LED screen that was shining blue displayed the word ‘unlock’.

Kizuna touched the button under it to operate the door. Then the door opened by sliding aside.


──It’s there.

From the forest it completely changed into an empty room with only white color.

A large black super computer was standing tall in the center of it.

The word floating in the LED screen attached on its front was most likely the computer’s name.


It was displaying ‘nayuta’.

Part 3[edit]

Reiri and Kei arrived after receiving the report from Kizuna. And then they thoroughly investigate for several days just what was the deal with the computer that was named nayuta.

The result──,

『This is a parting gift from Professor Nayuta.』

「Parting gift?」

Originally this was Ataraxia’s unused area that was used by Nayuta for personal business. The super computer that was secretly set up there was nayuta’s true identity.

After that, the area in front of the room became vegetation laboratory, but that room located deeper inside was kept untouched.

Now even the fact that there was a room there was forgotten. If the door didn’t open due to its reaction to Kizuna’s presence, there was no doubt it would be left alone like that for more than ten years.

Reiri folded her arms and looked up to the large black frame.

「And, this computer is the mail’s sender?」

『Yes. Vast amount of data that hypothesized every kind of case and thought program that Professor Nayuta created are entered here. It automatically collect the lab’s information and generate the danger it conjectured and the method to deal with it from there as document.』


『So to speak it’s a counselor that give advice, or rather……a nosy and helpful aunt.』

Kizuna thought that words choice could greatly changed the impression of something.

「In short, Kaa-san was worried about Ataraxia after she is gone and so she left this?」

Kizuna’s chest turned warm and he looked toward her sister with a delighted face.

However Reiri let out an exasperated sigh.

「Good grief……she is too overprotective. That stupid parent.」

『However, even the credibility of this meddlesome document has shot up because it came from a system created by Professor Nayuta.』

For some reason Kizuna felt thorniness from Kei’s words. Perhaps it was just his feeling but, even her usual expressionless face vaguely looked displeased somewhere in it.

The reason for that was because of the complex that Kei had. The complex toward the genius Hida Nayuta who she couldn’t catch up to no matter how hard she worked. The person herself understood and accepted that part of her. It was fine to call it as a worship in a sense. However, it was painful to be reminded of that fact at every turn.

Kei was the one who knew best just how far away she was from her mighty predecessor Professor Nayuta. She felt empty each time she was told 「I respect you」「I look up to you」 by her juniors Kurumizawa and others.

Even so she did her best at what she could do. Now that Professor Nayuta was gone, her only weak point was her own heart. It would be great if she could just win against her complex.

She was thinking that. And like that she worked hard in her own way until now.

And there, this idiot parent system appeared.

Kei’s expression was only slightly cloudy, but the inside of her heart wasn’t calm. It was stormy.

──To be shown this difference between our talents even after she died.

「Rather than a nosy and helpful auntie……it might be more of a ghost.」

She muttered with a small voice that couldn’t be heard by anyone.

「What did you say Kei?」


A window for her reply immediately appeared.

『Anyway, we can only follow the advice and search all over the world for place that looks suspicious.』

Kizuna frowned.

「Even if you say that……that’s too vague.」

『It’s not.』

Kei took out a printout from her breast pocket and spread it to show the others.

『A list of the candidates was attached.』

──Really how annoying.

Kei cursed inside her heart.

Part 4[edit]

The content of the list was mostly world famous ancient ruin or religious sacred place. It was the so called power spot.

The system that Nayuta left behind, nayuta generated the document──according to this document, the place that gathered faith from the ancient time or place where the civilization prospered was where magic power naturally gushed out even if there was difference in the density between each spot. Perhaps the people of ancient time were enjoying the blessing of the magic power without noticing that.

Under the leadership of the newly formed intelligence unit, they headed to the actual site and advanced the preliminary arrangements for the investigation there.

If they just went there and check it then it wouldn’t take much time──Kizuna thought, but Reiri objected.

「Field study means marching into enemy ground. We can also investigate forcefully with brute force, but there is also the matter with Dragre. We shouldn’t underestimate the opponent too much.」

Certainly, the multinational force that was their enemy still hadn’t shown all their hand. They didn’t know what they were scheming.

Kizuna recalled Christelle and Elfriede who he encountered before.

Christelle was awfully confident. Perhaps it was simply her personality but…….

「Boss, Boss Kizuna.」

When he noticed, Gertrude was pulling his sleeve beside him.

「Hm? Ah, my bad. Something is in my mind for a bit.」

Kizuna was currently watching the primary grade’s practical training as a lecturer. The menu today was to equip technical gear and ran the obstacle course that was created at the sports ground in order to familiarize themselves with the gear.

「Everyone is doing their damn best to show off in front of boss, so please look properly at them.」

「……I’m sorry.」

Kizuna switched his mood and looked at the practice ground. The obstacle course had things like vaulting box, balance beam, and other things lined up. The children were running the course with awkward movement.

Everyone today was wearing mechanical armor on top of their usual pilot suit. It was the gear that wasn’t using magic power, the technical gear.

「However, the technical gear has evolved a lot.」

「Yes. The difference compared to when boss damn fought Aine-san is like heaven and earth.」

At that time the gear was a roughly improvised thing, an exoskeleton that was forcefully installed with motors, electrical components, weapons, and rocket engines. Naturally there wasn’t any leeway to think about miniaturizing it at that time. A child equipping it was out of the question.

However, now it had been minimized so that even primary grade student could wear it.

The girls passing under net and jumping over trench were wearing something that was only a size bigger than the actual Heart Hybrid Gear. The output was weak, but that was safer instead for the children.

「Now, just one more damn lap!」


Everyone replied with a loud voice even while breathing hard. Among the girls who were sweating while running, Kizuna’s eyes naturally followed the girl with golden hair.


Suddenly he recalled the computer which was Nayuta’s parting gift that was discovered several days ago.

Setsuna’s moving body once belonged to Nayuta. And then residing inside that body was the machine god Thanatos who created this world.

However all her memories were erased, so her personality was completely new.

──Setsuna didn’t know anything about Kaa-san, and of course she isn’t Kaa-san.

He understood that, but he associated them together reflexively.

Setsuna’s golden eyes turned toward Kizuna as though she sensed his gaze.

Kizuna’s heard jumped.

For him to get flustered by a gaze from a primary school student──Kizuna told himself, but it was futile. He couldn’t calm himself down.

Setsuna frowned, then she averted her face with a huff.

──I’m being hated huh.

Kizuna smiled bitterly. It was then,

「Come to think of it boss」

Gertrude asked him not as an instructor but with an expression of a bosom buddy.

「I heard that you will infiltrate into enemy territory again for investigation or something.」

「You have sharp ears.」

Gertrude grinned.

「I recall the damn time when we infiltrated into Vatlantis.」

「Kuh……for, forget about that. Please forget it.」

Vatlantis Empire only had female, so Kizuna was forced to dress as woman. Gertrude would teases him sometimes even now about it.

「How about it? It’s fine even if you team up with me again you know?」

That was an attractive offer. However──m

「……I think it’s okay this time.」

「Eh, I got damn rejected.」

She said that, but Gertrude didn’t really look that disappointed.

Kizuna looked toward the courtyard once more. The students who finished running the laps that were assigned to them were hanging their head down or lying down to sort their breathing.

「It feels like I’ll be hated if I take away the instructor they look up to that often after all. Besides……」

「What is it?」

「This time it’s not that difficult of a mission. It’s not something we need to ask Ger-san to make an appearance for.」

Gertrude glared at Kizuna with a displeased look.

「No no. Please don’t make me do nothing but mission that’s like a damn punishment game. When you called for me sometimes and I tried giving it a go, it was always nothing but dangerous works. You see, sometimes a work where it’s like a holiday is also──」

「Instructor. Everyone has finished running.」

Without them noticing Setsuna was standing in front of Gertrude.

「Oh, then we’ll move to a training that is a bit more like damn combat next.」

After Gertrude said that, the students’ eyes shined in anticipation.

「It’ll be a damn light practice match with Kizuna-sesei.」


Shocked voices rose. Expression of anxiety and then fear also spread together with it.

「Aah, you all don’t need to worry. Even though he look like this Kizuna-sensei is unexpectedly damn tough, so even if everyone’s attack hit he won’t die.」

Gertrude looked up at Kizuna and winked.

Kizuna scratched the back of his head with a smile to calm down the students.

「Hahaha, everyone go easy on me.」

The tension seemed to unravel with that. The students smiled back.

「Now, fight with everything you have. Do it with the intention of defeating the damn legend!」


「Then boss too go start preparing.」

「Yeah……wait, where is the technical gear?」

「It’s damn troublesome so please do it with your own gear.」

The students immediately got excited.

「Uwaaah! Sensei do the transformation!」

「Transform, transfooorm!」

「Do it, do iiiit」

It was like being pestered to do a transformation in a hero show. If it was an actor that was playing hero role in television show, they would look troubled but still did it happily. That was something that often happened.

「Yoosh, then everyone watch me. Eros!!」

Alogn with a radiant flash Kizuna’s body was equipped with black armor.


The students were extremely excited. They gave a loud applause.

「It’s Erooos!」


「Erooos Erooos」

The children made transformation pose for some reason and repeatedly called the name of Eros. Kizuna felt something that was close to guilt seeing their innocence.

「Aah……everyone. You shouldn’t say Eros so much in front of other people……」

Kizuna warned while sweating coldly. Setsuna was the only one staring at him with a chilly gaze.

「Getting carried away……really……Onii-chan is……」

「Setsuna, did you say something?」

「It’s nothing.」

She averted her face with a huff.

「Then, let’s damn start when you finish preparing!!」

With Gertrude’s order, the practice match with time limit of one minute per person began.


The twintail girl raised her fist and closed the distance quickly. However she seemed to be scared with how she was closing her eyes. Kizuna lightly dodged to the side and caught the girl’s body from the side.

「Oi, it’s no good if you close your eyes right?」

「Ah……I reflexively」

He gently put down the girl’s body on the ground and smiled while raising his index finger.

「Look carefully at your opponent, one more time.」


An adorable punch landed on Kizuna’s body.

「Yosh, that’s good! Continue hitting!!」

「Ei-, ei, eeei!」

Kizuna received the student’s strike while encouraging her.

「Are you tired already? Do your best! You can do more!」

The bell that notified one minute had passed rang at that time.

「Tha, thank……you, very, very mu……muuch……」

The twintail student bowed her head before returning to the line of other students with unsteady footsteps.

「I can’t go on~」

She collapsed with such pathetic voice.

Just one minute. However if they continued fighting with their full strength, they would use up their stamina in the blink of eye. The students who finished the practice match were all totally exhausted. They were running out of breath and couldn’t even stand.

「E, even though it’s just a minute……am I, this lacking, in……stamina?」

「Sho, shocking~」

Cute lamentation rose from the students who lied down like heaps of corpses.

And then the last students stood in front of Kizuna.

「Please take care of me.」

「Setsuna huh. Go easy on me.」

Setsuna ignored Kizuna’s soothing consideration and returned a chilly gaze.

And then the bell that signaled the start rang.


Setsuna rushed out at that instant.

It was a perfect full powered jump. She didn’t only use the waist thruster but she charged him by also using all the support thrusters on the legs. If a beginner did that, most of the time they would overshoot.

However Setsuna headed straight toward Kizuna.

Setsuna pulled off the difficult horizontal piloting right at the start and closed the distance with Kizuna.

And then next was a punch without the slightest hesitation.


He tried to stop it with his palm but he didn’t make it in time. He used his forearm to sweep away her arm to the outside.


Setsuna’s face distorted in vexation. Setsuna’s body tilted due to the momentum of her swept away arm. Kizuna was slightly panicked if he had brushed her off too strongly.

However without pause Setsuna’s body rotated in midair.


The thrusters on her legs spouted fire and her foot was swung up toward Kizuna’s head. Kizuna was at a loss of word seeing that smooth movement.

It was a feat that couldn’t be done without trickily adjusting the posture control thrusters on her whole body.

──She’s really something.

He caught Setsuna’s full powered kick with one hand.


It seemed to be unexpected for Setsuna. She showed a shocked expression.

「If it’s like this, I think it would be better if I also face you with technical gear.」

Kizuna intended to praise her with that, but Setsuna seemed to take it as humiliation. She displayed an angry look and kicked with her other leg.


Kizuna twisted his arm and swung it around while still holding Setsuna’s foot.


And then he toseed her up.

He intended to catch her when she fell. However Setsuna stopped her body’s rotation with thrusters and performed a steep climb with max output.


The output of technical gear for primary grade was low, at best it would assist when jumping. It should be impossible to fly in the sky with it. However Setsuna’s body already flew up for more than ten meter. She was trying to climb even higher.

「Just, how──」

Something strange entered Kizuna’s eyes at that time.

The technical gear Setsuna was wearing.

Golden light was flowing on its surface.


It was the light of magic power circulation that was impossible for technical gear.


Gertrude yelled uneasily.

「Leave it to me!」

Kizuna instantly jumped up. Eros’s spec was low compared to other gear, but its performance was improved throughout the fights until now. And then Kizuna’s skill was also──,



The moment Setsuna turned around in surprise, the golden light flowing on the technical gear’s surface vanished.

Kizuna passed over the back of Setsuna who turned around. The technical gear’s back unit was cut when he passed her. The electrical system died instantly and Setsuna’s complexion changed.

She suddenly lost her support in the sky and started falling toward the ground.


──I’m falling.

When she thought that, her body rotated and got caught really gently within two arms.

「Don’t struggle.」


There was Kizuna’s smile when she looked up. Setsuna returned to the ground while being carried in princess carry. She was put down on the ground, but the technical gear with its electronic system died was heavy. There was also no power assist from its joints, so she was unable to move properly.

「I’ll turn on the power now so wait a bit.」

However Setsuna didn’t wait for that and pushed the technical gear’s release button that was installed in the left arm. The armor came off along with the sound of key clicking open. Setsuna took off all the parts and started running toward the school building without looking back at Kizuna.

Kizuna hesitated for a while before following behind her.


When Kizuna called out like that, Setsuna glanced back briefly. It felt like her cheeks were reddening.

「I don’t feel good so I’m leaving early.」

「Wait, Setsuna. No, if you don’t feel good then it’s fine even if it’s later, I want to talk for a bit with you.」

「……Is it a scolding?」

Setsuna replied with her back still turned to him.


「There is no need. I already know what I have done wrong.」

「By wrong you mean……that’s not it. About the match just now──」


Setsuna suddenly started running. She got out of the school with a speed that was unthinkable for a child’s legs.


Kizuna immediately chased behind her.

When he got out of the courtyard, he saw a figure rushing into the entrance of the school building. If it was like this then he would be able to catch up while she was putting on shoes. Thinking that, Kizuna also rushed into the school building a few seconds later.

「!? Oops」

Setsuna was standing still in front of the shoe rack.

「Why are you following me?」

「That’s……because I’m worried for you.」

Setsuna lifted her face. Her golden eyes stared straight at Kizuna. The same eyes like Thanatos made Kizuna felt like he would be overwhelmed.


「I’m not lying.」

「I am……different from Onii-chan and Onee-chan anyway.」

Setsuna’s golden eyes half looked down. And then she scooped her long hair with her hand.

「My hair is also blonde, even my eyes……the color of my pupils, isn’t the color of human.」


──I see.

So she is troubled regarding her birth……well, of course she would.

Kizuna and Reiri had talked to each other whether to tell Setsuna the truth or not. They concluded that the shock later on would be unnecessarily great if they poorly concealed the fact and told her without hiding anything from the start.

Even so, there must be a lot of things worrying her.

Kizuna and Reiri tried to treat Setsuna as their actual sister, even so Setsuna might be feeling loneliness even then.

Kizuna crouched in front of Setsuna and matched the height of her eyes.

「Setsuna, you also know the reason of that right? But you know, I and Onee-chan are without a doubt your family.」

「Is it because this body belonged to Onii-chan and Onee-chan’s mother?」



「But I, am not mother, I’m also not the god who created the world.」

Not even a year had passed since Setsuna was born. However her mind grew rapidly and right now she was displaying maturity that was practically the same with her body’s age or perhaps even older than that. Exactly because her mind had matured that she began to worry.

Even so her mental age was still primary school student.

She didn’t understand how to interpret the event of her birth that was too special, or how to face her own destiny.

Kizuna regretted his lack of thoughtfulness toward Setsuna.

「I understand. Even if your body belonged from Kaa-san and your mind from Thanatos, Setsuna right now is your own human with independent heart. that’s why──」


Setsuna frowned and looked up to Kizuna.

「Am I human? Really?」

「What are you saying, Setsuna. That’s obvious.」


Even Kizuna could understand what Setsuna wanted to say.

Certainly, strictly speaking Setsuna might not be human. However, right now that wasn’t what Kizuna wanted to convey.

「There are various people in the world. There are people with slightly strange power compared to other people, and there are also people with special birth. But, just because of that doesn’t mean they aren’t human. It’s nothing more than the degree of difference. That’s why you’re the same like everyone.」

「Then, why is Onii-chan is looking at me differently from other children? Are you giving me preferential treatment?」

「That’s……because you’re my little sister. I don’t intend to favor you but, if I’m asked whether I can look at you completely the same like other children then it’s impossible.」

Setsuna’s lips tightened into ‘^’ shape and she made a dissatisfied face.

「Aren’t you actually not thinking of me as your little sister?」

「Why do you think so?」


Setsuna’s cheeks slightly blushed pink.

「If I’m your actual little sister……you’ll be more……」

「Please Setsuna. Tell me. Why do you think that? If I did something wrong then──」

Setsuna averted her gaze to the opposite side this time with a displeased face.

「I, it’s nothing.」

「It’s not nothing right? We thought of you as someone precious. Both me and Nee-chan too.」

Setsuna glared sharply at Kizuna the moment he said that.

「Let’s see. This is just an example but, somehow the atmosphere is different. Onii-chan’s attitude and expression toward me is different.」

「Different you say, what is?」

「The atmosphere between Onii-chan and Onee-chan.」

──Sha, sharp!

Kizuna was unable to object right away and couldn’t find any word to say.

「……As I thought.」

Setsuna was glaring with damp eyes.

For some reason Kizuna felt she was a woman from those eyes.

「No, there are various circumstance about that……but, that’s not a problem of seeing us as brother and sister or not, I think……」

Even his excuse was incoherent. He got a hunch that he would find himself in deep shit if her talked carelessly.

「I and Onee-chan, due to some reason we’re doing special duty. Well, because of that the time we spent with each other is long and our relationship deepened but, that’s──」

「If you say that I’m your little sister, then it’ll be fine if you do the same thing with me too.」

「How should I say it, there’s no need to do it with you……」

When he noticed Setsuna was looking down with a sad face.

Cold sweat trickled Kizuna’s forehead.

──This is bad. I’m not reassuring Setsuna at all.

「Bu, but you know! You’re the little sister I’m proud of! That’s the truth.」


「I’m telling you it’s not a lie.」

「……Then, can I ask you to do one thing for me?」

Kizuna smiled happily.

「Yeah! Ask me for anything.」

「If I’m no good then please clearly say that I’m no good.」


「There’s no meaning if you praise me in consideration just so I won’t get hurt. I don’t want you making a nice face at the surface while thinking ‘this girl is useless’ at my back.」

「Setsuna? To be frank, you’re a prodigy you know?」

「But, compared to Onii-chan and Onee-chan……」

「It’s strange saying this myself but, putting aside Onee-chan, when I was at Setsuna’s age, I was completely useless and wasn’t anything you know?」

Kizuna was conveying the truth as it was but, from Setsuna’s expression it was obvious she wasn’t believing him.

「The person who defeated a god and saved all the worlds is saying that? There is no way that’s true. Please don’t say something random because you think I won’t know.」

「Aah geez……what should I say here……」

Kizuna held his head at his wits’ end.

「Anyway the thing about me doesn’t matter. What’s important is, Setsuna, it’s you. Even at the practice match just now you were amazing.」

Setsuna averted her face sulkily.

「That match where it was like I couldn’t even touch you?」

「Yeah. It’s really a big deal that an primary grade student can do that much. Besides, that power wasn’t something that a technical gear could display.」

「Technical gear couldn’t……then, how──」

Setsuna’s face stiffened as though she had been dealt a blow.

「Is that because……I’m not a human, just as I thought?」

──Damn it.

Kizuna cursed his own rashness.

「Don’t misunderstand. Setsuna, that was──」

However Setsuna ran through the corridor to get away from Kizuna’s words.

Kizuna continued to stare at the corridor even after Setsuna’s figure vanished from view.

「A kid at that damn age is complicated, what’s more Setsuna-chan has various circumstances on top of it.」


Gertrude had come to his side without him noticing. Kizuna felt like he had calmed down slightly.

「I’m completely useless as a big brother……」

「Well, I’ll have boss continue as lecturer for a while, so it’ll be fine if you close the distance with her bit by bit ain’t it?」

「I keep getting indebted to you Ger-san.」

Kizuna sighed. Gertrude flashed a satisfied smile to him.

「More importantly, the damn match just now……Setsuna-chan is really something.」

「Yeah……that talent of hers as pilot.」

「According to boss’s damn judgment, how much is it?」

「……She might rivaled Sophia.」

Gertrude’s mouth spontaneously whistled.

「That’s really damn something. But──」

「Yeah……I know.」

The problem wasn’t that.

The golden light before this was most likely Setsuna’s magic power. Even technical gear that didn’t use magical mechanism was manipulated using magic power due to that ability.

──That’s the power of machine god.

Anxiety whirled inside Kizuna’s heart.

Part 5[edit]

The silhouette of huge triangle shape rose to the forefront inside the air that was blurry due to the sand. Slightly dirty and uneven buildings were spreading all over in front of it like building blocks being scraped together.

「Fuwaaaa……so that’s a pyramid desu……amazing desu.」

The highest height was 400 meters in total. It was a world heritage which was the most famous ancient ruin in the world. It was the group of Giza’s pyramid located at the outskirt of Egypt’s Cairo.

The preparation had been finished by the intelligence department and the investigation of the places that were suspected as hiding magic weapon was starting.

The candidates were scattered all over the world. The ruins of Maya – Inca – Nazca at Central and South America, the holy land of North America Sedona, the ruins of Mesopotamia like Babylonia and the like, Australia’s Ayers Rock, England’s Stone Henge, Greece’s Delphi, Jerusalem, etc, etc. They formed team of two and investigated while receiving backup from the intelligence department.

And then Kizuna and Sylvia were in charge of Egypt.

Of course they didn’t enter the country in the normal way.

Last night, Kizuna and Sylvia infiltrated Cairo at night using Heart Hybrid Gear. And then after entering the hotel that had been arranged beforehand, they met with someone from Ataraxia’s intelligence department who was waiting there.

「Kizuna-sama. I’ve been waiting.」

「Valdy, sorry for all the troubles.」

Valdy usually followed Reiri around like shadow as bodyguard, but she was at this kind of place. Kizuna felt that it was a bit strange.

「No. However, I have to return to Ataraxia immediately. Tomorrow someone else will come to act as your support.」

「I see. So there is other team than us.」

Aine and Hayuru went to Australia, and Yurishia and Scarlet should be going to South America.

「No, it’s because there is no way I can leave Reiri-sama’s side for long.」

「Aa, so it’s like that……but, it’s not like Nee-chan is unarmed. After all Zecros is the strongest gear. I understand your feeling but, won’t it be alright even if you don’t worry that much?」

Valdy made a doubtful face when Kizuna said that.


Kizuna tilted his head seeing her reaction.

「What’s the matter?」

「……No, it’s nothing. This is your change of clothes.」

She handed a paper bag each to Kizuna and Sylvia. After that they confirmed the plans. The dawn had come right after they finished that.

「Then please excuse me.」

Valdy bowed and left the room.

──After that Kizuna and Sylvia moved inside Cairo using taxi. Their destination was Giza’s pyramid.

「Captain, it’s nice that it’s easy to disguise ourselves in Islamic country desu.」

Sylvia and Kizuna were wearing black veil from their head. It was the clothing style of Muslim woman that hid the whole body. Only their eyes were exposed. Their whole body was dressed in black. It was ideal for disguise.

「Yeah. Even though this is also woman clothing, but compared to when infiltrating into Vatlantis Empire, the hurdle is surprisingly low.」

「But, Sylvia also wanted to see it desu……」

Sylvia muttered with disappointment from the bottom of her heart.

Not far off from the pyramid. Kizuna and Sylvia got off from the taxi at the sphinx entrance gate. They were ripped off but, it was only a few hundred yen at most so they paid obediently as asked. It was safer than making a ruckus.

There was a shopping district until just before the entrance gate. Several famous chain stores of hamburger and pizza were lining up. There were also a lot of people. The atmosphere was really disordered.

Kizuna and Sylvia casually passed the gate and walked through the tourist course around the sphinx.

「How is it desu? Does captain feel something desu?」

Kizuna shook his head.

「No. Besides, there is also no trace of magic weapon at all……」

「Sylvia also cannot see any facility that looks like it desu.」

Sylvia looked up at the huge monument with human face and lion body.

「But……the sphinx looks like a magic weapon desu.」


Kizuna let out a smile and patted Sylvia’s head. He couldn’t touch her head directly due to the cloth covering her, so it didn’t really feel like he was patting her head. However Sylvia’s eyes were smiling.

「Ehehe……what should we do next desu?」

「Let’s try looking at the pyramid. It’s desert at the other side, so perhaps there is a large facility underground.」

「Roger desu.」

It was quite far but they traveled by walking. They could travel while investigating the surrounding, and in the slightest chance they got attacked inside a bus, they had no confidence that they would be able to solve it without resulting in any injured people.

There were several large warehouses that seemed to be a facility along the way but none of them was for researching archeology. They walked on the desert where rocks are lying around and went until right nearby the pyramid.

They were overwhelmed by the size of the pyramid seen from close, but there was also nothing that looked like development facility of magic weapon here.

「Amazing desu. To think that people in the past could create something like this.」

「What’s more the way to build this is still not clearly understood. It’s a ruin with many mysteries.」

「But captain, Sylvia is happy we can sightsee yet……it’s unthinkable that the pyramid is hiding magic weapon desu. Why are we coming until this near desu?」

Kizuna looked up to the huge ruin once more and said.

「I thought this might be the equivalent of Genesis in Lemuria. Perhaps I can understand something if I get closer to it.」

「Certainly, this is a top category ruin in this world desu. And, does captain learn anything desu?」

However Kizuna smiled wryly.

「No, not at all. How about you Sylvia? Do you sense anything special?」

Sylvia also shook her head left and right with a disappointed expression.

「Sylvia doesn’t feel anything special desu. But if we search the ruins like this, perhaps we will find a clue before long desu.」

「You’re right……let’s stop for today and continue tomorrow.」

「Roger desu.」

Kizuna opened the memo pad Valdy gave him. When the electronic paper confirmed Kizuna’s biometric sign, it made letters rose to the surface.

「We’re scheduled to be picked up just right here. It will be soon──」

At that time a large bus stopped in front of Kizuna and Sylvia.

The door opened with the sound of gas being compressed out. There a smug face was looking down on the two of them.

「I came to pick up you guys! Be thankful!」

That girl who looked like an elementary school student in a glance was dressed casually with a T-shirt and denim short pants. She was folding her arms looking self-important. Her ringlet curls blond hair that was styled into twintail bounced actively.


Sylvia smiled seeing her best friend who appeared unexpectedly.

「Come, get up quickly! We’ll talk after that!」

Sylvia hopped up to the bus’s step, Kizuna also followed right behind her.

The door immediately closed after the two got in and the bus slowly began to move. The inside of the bus was decorated like it was an extravagant living room. Fluffy carpet, leather sofa, wall made from wood. It was an extravagant design that was unthinkable for a bus interior.

「Say, Ragrus. Who is driving?」

「It’s in autopilot. Autopilot.」

Ragrus relaxed as though it was her own room. She threw herself on the sofa.

「There is toilet and shower room inside. Also there is a separate bedroom. It doesn’t have Love Room function though.」

Kizuna took off the black veil he had been wearing for the whole day and brushed his hair roughly with his hand.

「Aaa, that’s a relief.」

He ended up only in a T-shirt and brief after taking off the black dress wrapping around his body. Perhaps because he was confined in black clothes for the whole day, now he was feeling a refreshing sense of liberation.

「So the other intelligence member Valdy said she would send here is you Ragrus.」

「Well yeah. My face is not known in this world, so it’s convenient for this kind of activity. In exchange the time I can spend together with Sylvia became less though.」

Ragrus looked up at Sylvia whose whole body was still covered with black cloth and made a curious face.

「What’s wrong? Just strip off that kind of clothes quickly.」

「Err……about that desu……」

She was about to say something, but Sylvia changed her mind and took off her veil, exposing her face.

「Actually, there is clothes prepared under this dress too……Sylvia is wearing it desu but……」

「What about it?」

Sylvia resolutely took off the black cloth covering her whole body.


Ragrus made a strange voice and her cheeks reddened.

From under the cloth that was pitch black like darkness, what appeared was vivid red that wrapped around the white limbs. It was a provocative lingerie that made liberal use of lace and see through material.

Both the bra and panty allowed the important part to be seen. And then there was the garter belt made from lace and embroidery and the stocking that dyed her slender legs with faint red.

The obscene underwear that decorated Sylvia’s white beautiful skin made that immature and pure body to be like a lewd prostitute.

Sylvia’s cheeks blushed and she made an excuse hurriedly.

「Sylvia at first asked Valdy-san why is it this kind of underwear desu but……she said something like there is information, that everyone here is wearing plain cloth but, because of that there are a lot of people wearing showy things under it, and when it’s taken off it’s amazing desu……」

Was that information a necessary information? Kizuna thought doubtfully.

「Well, putting aside the authenticity of that information, I don’t think there’s any need for the detail to be that elaborate……」

When he glanced at Ragrus, she was looking completely entranced. Her mouth was half opened looking like she would be drooling, and her eyes were wide open like saucer.

「Err, Ragrus? For now can you tell us about our plan after this?」


Ragrus returned to her senses and wiped her mouth in hurry. And then she coughed to keep up her appearance.

「We, we’ll move on land like this. Our destination is Luxor. We’ll arrive in ten hours. Finish your sleep and rest and also hybrid during that time.」

「We don’t need to investigate around Cairo anymore?」

「Yes, we will prioritize Luxor.」

Sylvia also sat down beside Kizuna.

「Luxor, where is it located desu?」

「You can find the city by going upstream Nile River. The investigation target is the west bank. It’s a place that is called the valley of the kings, the city of the dead Necropolis. The magic power reaction is the strongest from there, and there is also information coming in that for a while even tourists got refused from visiting there. It’s blatantly suspicious right?」

Hearing the city of the dead Necropolis mentioned reminded Kizuna of his life saver Osiris in nostalgia. Surely Osiris’s world was used as reference when creating this world Lemuria.

「However Ragrus has also gotten really used to this world huh.」

How she was smoothly mentioning names of various place, how she came picking them up with a bus, how she grasped the situation of the sightseeing area, etc, her speech and conduct really had nothing to criticize. It could be seen clearly how she was discerning the common sense in Lemuria.

「Well yeah. I also had Sylvia taught me various things.」

「Ragrus-chan is really quick to learn desu.」

Ragrus averted her eyes to look outside the window in a bit of embarrassment.

「It’s only obvious because I’ve decided to live in this side. If I don’t properly show that I’m useful, I’ll end up becoming a mere burden who came from other world.」

To Kizuna that sounded like Ragrus’s true feeling which she suddenly expressed.

「Yeah. We’re helped thanks to that.」

「It’s true desu. An intelligence operative, that’s really cool desu.」

Ragrus folded her arms with an embarrassed face.

「We, well, I’ve been teamed up with Valdy from the start so it’s easy to work. Sometimes I don’t really get her but……well, I’ll show just how competent I am.」

And then she stared shyly at Sylvia before averting her eyes right away.

「……But, perhaps joining Amaterasu one day and forming a duo with Sylvia, might be nice too……wait, that’s just a thought, that’s all.」

Sylvia smiled brightly.

「That’s true isn’t it desu. The intelligence operative Ragrus-chan is cool but, that idea is also wonderful desu. Sylvia will be waiting desu.」

Ragrus looked down while turning red until her ears. Her shoulders were shaking from embarrassment, but it seemed she went over her limit and she suddenly raised her face and howled.

「I, it doesn’t matter about me! More importantly, we don’t know what will be in Luxor! Do your hybrid quickly!」

「Will Ragrus-chan, do it too desu?」

「It can’t be helped right!? The magic power consumption in Lemuria is absurd after all!」

There Ragrus paused and averted her face awkwardly.

「We, well, I’ll stop if Sylvia doesn’t like it though……」

「That’s not true desu. Sylvia is happy to be able to do hybrid together with Ragrus-chan desu.」

「The, then that’s fine……」

Ragrus fidgeted restlessly as though there was something that she found it hard to say.

「A, also……I, I’ve never ultimate hybrid before so……I’m wondering, what kind of hybrid it is.」

「I, it’s a bit embarrassing desu but……in that case……」

Sylvia looked toward Kizuna with an inquiring gaze.

「Yeah. Perhaps there’ll be battle in Luxor after all. We need to replenish magic power, and there is also that case with the Dragre the other day. It will be safer to do ultimate hybrid with Sylvia beforehand. Ragrus too, looks like she is interested in what her best friend is doing.」

「I, I’m, not really, that……」

Ragrus didn’t know what to say and her eyes wandered around with red face.

「E, enough already! Le, let’s begin!」

Ragrus resolutely took off her T-shirt. Her slightly swelling breasts and the light pink tips on them immediately greeted them. She wasn’t wearing a bra, no, there was no need for her to wear one so it was only natural.

Kizuna also pulled Sylvia beside him into his embrace.


However when his lips touched her neck, Sylvia gasped in realization and jumped back.

「No, no good desu! First Sylvia will take a shower desu!! Sylvia has been sweaty this whole day desu.」

「Aa……certainly. But, I don’t mind──」

「Sylvia mind desu!」

Sylvia’s expression was resolute, showing that she wouldn’t concede at all.

It was a waste that she would take off the sexy lingerie that she was rarely wearing. That was the thought of Kizuna and Ragrus, but Sylvia was unexpectedly fussy about this kind of thing.

「No, I just wanted to say that I don’t mind but, Sylvia will be bothered by my smell right? That’s all.」

Kizuna stood up with a wry smile and headed toward the shower room at the back of the bus. The door was made from glass, so he could see that the place was spacious even before entering. Sylvia and Ragrus also followed behind.

「Sylvia’ll was captain’s back desu.」

「The, then, I’ll also do it for you.」

And so Kizuna ended up taking a shower together with the two girls with immature appearance.

And then he reconfirmed Sylvia and Ragrus’s miraculously childish physique once more. Furthermore their skin that glistened from getting wet by the shower’s hot water was lustrous. It made him felt forbidden allure from them.

Although they had childish physique, compared to genuine primary grade student, there was distinct difference. If he had to make an example, it was like a flower bud that was still stiff and a flower bud that was in the verge of blooming.

Sylvia and Ragrus’s breasts weren’t flat but slightly swelling, he could feel their softness when touching them. The curve of their body was properly there like with the slimness of their waist.

Even so, to be honest the two of them were at the age where it their body style should grown a bit more mature.

「How is it desu? Does it feel good desu?」

「Yeah……it feels really good.」

They were in a place with a lot of sand and dust for the whole day, so it felt really good to dash hot water from his head. But the pleasure from Sylvia and Ragrus surpassed that.

Four small hands rubbing and washing his important place gave him a pleasure that sent shivers to his tailbone.

There was the impulse of wanting to say that place wasn’t his back, but even his complaint withdrew in front of this pleasure.

Sylvia’s technique was surprisingly good. She accurately pinpointed the place that felt good as though she was reading Kizuna’s heart. She immediately made Kizuna’s thing to stand tall right after entering the shower room.

「Captain’s……it’s big desu.」

「Really……it’s hard……」

The two’s hand held it between them from left and right. They stroke it up and down to lather it with soap. And then their other hand was gently massaging the thing dangling below it.

「Hey, Sylvia. I’ve been curious since before but……what is inside this thing?」

「Sylvia also don’t really know desu. But, it looks like the origin of baby is inside this desu.」

Ragrus softly grasped it and then rolled it inside her hand.

「…….This thing rolling around inside. This is the origin of baby?」

「It’s what is making the origin of baby……Sylvia think desu. Perhaps desu.」

It was like two primary school student talking. But the topic was about the body of Kizuna himself. It made him felt embarrassed and also conflicted that they were having such talk right before him.

Ragrus used her fingertip to caress Kizuna’s hard thing from its head until its base.

「But, will this really……enter? Isn’t it impossible?」

「That’s not true desu.」

「Hmmmm……hey, Kizuna. Can you crouch a bit?」

Kizuna slightly bent his knee and lowered his waist just as he was told. Ragrus got closer to Kizuna and stuck his abdomen tightly on him. Her eyes widened seeing Kizuna’s tip reached until above her belly button.

「Because, it’s reaching until this high you know? It’s completely impossible right?」

「Umm. Now that you mentioned it, it’s mysterious desu……」

Sylvia also measured Kizuna’s length with her body like Ragrus.

「It’s true desu……but, everything can go in you know desu?」

「No way, really? The, then…….ca, can it also, enter inside me?」

「Sylvia think it might be alright desu. At first it’ll be a bit hurt but, it seems the pain is really small compared to normal due to the core’s effect desu.」

「I, I see……Sylvia got no problem with this?」

「Of course desu. Captain was really gentle desu♥」

The two didn’t notice how their conduct and conversation gave Kizuna stimulation and excitement. Even if it was something innocent for Ragrus and Sylvia, for Kizuna it felt like a very obscene and immoral act.

「Then, we will wash the foam desu.」

Kizuna stopped crouching and the shower’s hot water washed him. The foam was washed away and Sylvia brought her face closer.

「Captain is clean now desu♪」

Kizuna also took a body soap with both hand and started making it foam.

「It makes me feel bad to do nothing, so I’ll also wash the two of you.」

「Eh, that’s. Sylvia will service……aahn♥」

「Wa, wait a second! I’m, weak when it’s done to──nnkkuuunnnh♡!!」

The two tried to run, but there was no way to run inside the shower room. Even if they hid their body with their hands, when his hand caressed along their spine, their body bent back.


And then after he lathered foam from their side to their abdomen, their hands went away from their breasts.

Kizuna didn’t let go of that opening and gently caressed their breasts. His fingertip was feeling slight softness, but their sensitivity was sharp as though in inverse proportion to that smallness.

「Aahnn, do, don’t desuu. The, the tip is haahn!」

「Aah! Do, don’t touch there so persisten-, aaaaahhaaaah!」

The two’s resistance surrendered against the pleasure they felt from the tip of their breast. At this point they couldn’t resist the pleasure anymore. They could only twist their childish body along with the pleasure created by Kizuna’s hands. Kizuna’s hands went away from their breast and twined around their slender body. And then he grasped their butt.

「Hyaaaahn! I-, it’s intense desu-」

「Yah, do, don’t spread it like that-, fuaaahhan!」

He grasped, kneaded, and pulled at each side of their butt’s mount one by one.

「Haah, aan. Captain’s hand is also……big desu.」

「Kuu……my, my butt, is, getting hot.」

The two’s temperature that was transmitted to Kizuna’s body was gradually increasing. When Kizuna’s hands let go of their butt, he made the two of them to stand side by side and his hands reached out to their respective crotch from the front.



The two of them reflexively closed their thighs when their most sensitive part was touched.

「Come on, both of you. Open your legs.」

「Ye, yes……desu.」

「Do, don’t be, too rough okay?」

The two hesitantly opened their legs.

Even with their legs opened, there was only a single slit there. Kizuna moved his finger to slip inside like groping for a completely closed valley.


「As, as expected……this is embarrassing.」

When Kizuna located the sensitive bud, he gently shook his fingers.

「Haa……haa……nn, nnfuuh……a♥」

「Ku……ha, aaaaa♡nnu……ya, aan♡」

The two of them stayed standing without even being able to run away from the pleasure given to them. They could only tremble from the sensual happiness.

MGHxHV14 009 ill.jpg

「Ca, captain’s hand, fe, feels good desu♥」

「Ye, yes, it is……-! Ku, kuuhnn♡」

Sylvia looked toward Ragrus with a face that reddened erotically.

「Ragrus-chan, are you, alright……desu?」

「Ye, yeah……but, my waist is shaking……I might not be able to put strength into my legs……nnuuh!」

The two of them were breathing hard as though they had just run long distance. They let out their tongue and desperately breathed in air.

Something slipper was flowing out from the two’s chasm. It didn’t just wet Kizuna’s finger but also trickled down their thighs.

「Haah, hah, a♥ aaah, aah♥」

「Yaa……aaah♡! Ah, hah, haah, hah♡」

The two of them were making face that was completely drowning in pleasure. Their eyes half closed drowsily. Their mouth lost any tension and opened slightly, their tongue was peeking out from between there.

It wasn’t a face that a little girl would make.

Their body would sometimes jerk. Their important part that Kizuna was touching had also become completely hot and wet.

Kizuna got the hunch that they would arrive at their first climax soon. Kizuna shook his fingers slightly stronger.

Ragrus stood on her tiptoes and threw her head back.

「AaAAAAAH! Sy, Sylvia, I, I’m, already……♡」

Sylvia took Ragrus’s hand and entwined their fingers together.

「Do, do your best desu. Sylvia too, in a bit more──aAAAAHNN! ♥」

「Y, yhes! Bu, buutttt♡ Ou♡ OaAAAH!」

Kizuna attacked the sensitive protrusion while his fingertips buried themselves into the hot and moist hole.

「AaAAA, Ragrus-chan, to, together-, AaAAAAAAAAAA♥♥♥」


Sylvia also stood on her tiptoes and the legs of the two stretched straight. And then hot liquid flowed out from their closed slit, making sound on the floor of the shower room.

「Haah, aa, au……♥」

「Hya……♡aaa, haa, ha……♡」

They looked like they would collapse. Kizuna held their body and exited the shower room.

When he went to the bedroom, there was a bed that used the whole width of the bus there. Kizuna laid down the two’s body on the bed and toweled them.

「So, sorry desu……even though, Sylvia and Ragrus-chan need to give service……」

「Bu, but, after experiencing something like that……I just can’t……」

Kizuna stared at the two’s limp body and moved to the next step.

Kizuna held up Sylvia’s leg and then he lifted up her small body.

「Hyah!? Ca, captain?」

Sylvia immediately placed her hands around Kizuna’s neck. She was in a posture of both her legs being opened widely and embraced from the front.

「Sylvia is really light.」

Sylvia let out a sad voice when he said that with a smile.

「Uu……Sylvia doesn’t grow taller at all in this half year desu……somehow, it looks like Sylvia’s growth has really stopped completely desu……」

「Is that so?」

「Yes……Sylvia’s body should become a nice body like Yurishia-san desu but……」

He didn’t understand what was her basis of thinking that she would become like Yurishia, but thinking of their race it wasn’t unreasonable for her to think that.

However perhaps this too was a kind of miracle in its own way.

「But, I’m also happy that Sylvia will still be the cute Sylvia forever though.」

「I, is that so desu? Really desu?」

「Yeah. Of course it’s true.」

Sylvia strongly hugged Kizuna’s neck.

「Then……Sylvia isn’t sad, even if she doesn’t grow taller desu……captain♥」

And then the two naturally kissed. Sylvia opened her lips and waited for Kizuna to enter. When Kizuna’s tongue began to trace Sylvia’s line of small teeth, Sylvia also moved her tongue seeking for Kizuna.


Ragrus made a face that wasn’t amused seeing the passionate kiss.

「Really, how long are you two going to suck each other’s lips……」

When Kizuna and Sylvia’s lips separated, they looked at each other and smiled shyly.

After this he would do ultimate hybrid with Sylvia, but it would be done while Ragrus was watching──it was slightly embarrassing when thinking that. Even though they had experience doing harem hybrid with 26 people.

「Then, Sylvia. We’ll start like this.」

「Fue? Like this……」

And then Kziuna slowly lowered Sylvia’s body.

Sylvia finally noticed Kizuna’s intention at this time.

「Sylvia, will be skewered by captain desu……♥」

However Kizuna’s tip missed Sylvia’s entrance.


Sylvia noticed that situation and turned toward Ragrus.

「Ragrus-chan……please help desu.」

Ragrus who was sitting on the bed watching with held breath lifted her waist.

「Yeah, alright but……」

She said that and crouched in front of Kizuna, then she guided Kizuna’s tip to Sylvia’s entrance.

「Thank you, Ragrus.」

Kizuna smiled at her. Ragrus lifted her face a bit anxiously, even so her expression was filled with curiosity.

「Bu, but……will it really enter? This thing?」

Ragrus had experience doing heart hybrid but, she had never done ultimate hybrid, she had never even seen it. Her eyes were sparkling with curiosity.

「Ragrus-chan. Please watch from there desu.」

「Ye, yes.」

Ragrus continued watching the part where the two were connected while sitting.

Sylvia’s body that was held by Kizuna was slowly descending. The head’s tip was already slipping into Sylvia’s lips with Ragrus’s help. It pushed open Sylvia’s small lips in one go.

「Nnh♥! Ha, aa……」

Ragrus gulped her saliva.

「A, amazing……it’s really, entering……」

Kizuna’s thickest part entered inside Sylvia. Then Sylvia’s inside hugged Kizuna’s thing with all its strength as though to express her affection with her all.

「Kuh……Sylvia’s inside, is really……tight.」

「Ca, captain too……it’s big♥ AaANNNH♥」

Ragrus muttered when it entered until the middle.

「He, hey, you’re still going in? I, is it alright?」

「No, worry desu……a, hauuuuhnnn♥」

Kizuna’s thing was welcomed until deep inside by Sylvia’s own weight.

And then finally Kizuna’s abdomen and Sylvia’s entrance bumped.

「Ama……zing, it, it really, went all in……」

Ragrus raised a surprised voice when Kizuna’s thing completely disappeared from view. And then she looked up worriedly at Sylvia who was gasping with anguished look.

「Sy, Sylvia, you alright? It doesn’t hurt?」

Sylvia turned around with a happy smile.

「It’s tough but……it doesn’t hurt desu……it feels really, good desu♥」

「Is that so……」

「Inside my stomach, is full with captain desu♥……」

Ragrus’s eyes moistened seeing Sylvia smiling in ecstasy.

「Then, here I go.」

Kizuna started moving by shaking his waist.

「Ah♥ A! An♥ A, amazing desu. Somehow, it feels strange desu.」

「Strange how?」

「Sylvia feels like she’s floating in the air……but captain is holding Sylvia tight……hauuu」

Kizuna gradually increased his pace and rampaged inside Sylvia.

「Bu, but, captain, aren’t you, tired desu-, aah♥! Hauuh!」

「Sylvia is light like feather. Perhaps I can do something like this is only with Sylvia, see-」

Sylvia hugged Kizuna with her whole body to show her happiness.

「Then, e, even a small, body……auhn! Mi, might be good, desuu, haan!」

Kizuna almost reached the limit faster than usual due to the great pleasure from Sylvia’s embrace.

「A, aah, aaaaah♥ Ca, captain-, Sy♥ Sylvia’s, already-!」

「Haaah, hahiih♥ Ple, please come desu-♥uUUUUuUUH♥!」

Kizuna brought down Sylvia’s body as far as possible and penetrated deeply.


In that moment Kizuna’s tip fired with fierce momentum. The source of life powerfully struck Sylvia’s inside. Sylvia was feeling that pressure and pulsation at the deepest part of her body.

「A, aa……aAAAaAA♥……a, amazhing♥ desuu……hot……Sylvia’s stomach, is full♥……desu♥」

Kizuna laid down Sylvia on the bed.

He slowly pulled out in front of Ragrus who was staring with moist eyes.


When the head slipped out, Kizuna’s thing bounced up vigorously.


Ragrus unconsciously raised her voice.

That thing was completely wet with the liquids that Sylvia and Kizuna let out.

「This was……inside Sylvia until now……」

Ragrus gulped audibly. And then her face came closer unconsciously.

「Tsu!? Ragrus?」

When he noticed, she was crawling her tongue on Kizuna’s thing.

「Haa……this is……♡」

And then she held it in her mouth. She was licking and sucking it as though to clean the liquid sticking on Kizuna. Thanks to that Kizuna’s thing was maintaining its hardness even without rest.

「I see, next is Ragrus’s turn for heart hybrid huh.」

However, Ragrus shook her face left and right while still holding Kizuna inside her mouth.

「It’s not?」


Sylvia who was still breathing roughly spoke with a weak voice.

「Plaese, do it to……Ragrus-chan too desu.」


Kizuna stared at Ragrus who was burying her face onto his crotch. When he caressed her head, Ragrus’s mouth separated from his thing.

And then she rubber her cheek on the thing that was glistening with her own saliva.

「This. I also…..want it.」

She stared at Kizuna with a completely sexually excited eyes. She pleaded with a heated sigh.

「I also……want to try……doing u, ultimate hybrid.」

Part 6[edit]

After that, Ragrus also finished ultimate hybrid without trouble while Sylvia was watching.

Kizuna lied down on the bed. He turned his face to his right side. Ragrus’s sleeping face was there breathing softly.

「Is she already asleep desu?」

「Yeah, she is sleeping peacefully.」

When he looked at the opposite side, he found Sylvia’s smiling face.

「That’s great desu. Ragrus-chan also looks happy desu.」

「We should sleep too. We have to rest in preparation for tomorrow.」

Sylvia nodded. She then turned over and lied face up.

「But it’s mysterious desu. After doing this with captain, power is welling up inside endlessly. Surely Ragrus-chan is also going to be stronger than before with this desu.」

Kizuna also looked up at the ceiling.

「It’s the power of Eros’s core rather than my power though.」

「But, Sylvia think that’s also captain’s power desu.」

「I wonder……if there is anything that I do, it’s thinking of the partner, treasuring them, and loving them……I think. Perhaps Eros is sharing my feeling.」

The back of Sylvia’s hand touched Kizuna.

「Eros is the core of love isn’t it desu.」

Kizuna reflexively smiled.

「That sounds nice.」

Kizuna entwined his fingers with Sylvia’s hand and they held hand.

──Thinking back,

In the past I also asked Grace, Gravel, and also Landred about Eros. But, no one knew about its existence. It seems that even Atlantis doesn’t have any core like Eros.

Why did Thanatos create this kind of irregular core?

Besides, it looks like Eros has been in this world since a long time ago……it’s wrapped in mystery.


Before he noticed Sylvia had snuggled on Kizuna’s body and brought her lips close to his ear.

「There is still seven hour until we arrive at Luxor desu.」

It was a pleasant whisper.

「Is it fine……to do it just a bit more desu?」

Invited by the sweet and tempting whisper of the succubus, Kizuna stared at Sylvia. Her eyes were moist with expectation. Her cheeks were reddening with shame and excitement.

Kizuna quietly pulled Sylvia toward him so to not wake up Ragrus.

Part 7[edit]

They arrived in Luxor. While heading toward the valley of the kings, the road was blocked.

「It’s getting even more suspicious.」

The bus stopped at nearby parking lot and they discussed of their plan ahead.

「It will be dawn soon but, the outside is still dark. Let’s go out for recon right now.」

The two agreed with Kizuna’s suggestion and changed into pilot suit before exiting the bus.


Jet black armor attached itself on Kizuna’s body as though night itself was melting onto him.

「Taros and Demon will stand out too much here.」

Kizuna said that and held the two in his arms.

「Endure it for a bit.」

Kizuna deployed his barrier in front of him and started running. And then his thruster came to life and they cut across the dry wasteland with low-altitude flying. He rushed through the darkness without a single light around and suddenly climbed up steeply.

When they flew across high above the set up barricade, he noticed the light far ahead.

「So that’s the valley of the kings.」

A valley was brightly illuminated within the darkness. It was a desolate valley that was sandwiched between the rocky mountain slopes.

Something curious was lying down there.

It was like a huge organism made from metal.

However it was an animal that couldn’t possibly exist in this world.

That was a dragon with three heads.


Kizuna landed on the slope in front of the valley of the kings and hid inside the darkness.

「Captain, just now……」

Sylvia whispered into his ear. Ragrus muttered that name before Kizuna could reply.

「Tri-Head……I’m amazed something like that is remaining here.」

「Yeah, that’s a really formidable enemy.」

──What now?

They were already having a hard time against Dragre, it would inevitably be a hard battle if they faced Tri-Head……no, this time he had done ultimate hybrid with Sylvia and Ragrus.


「Let’s destroy the Tri-Head before it’s activated.」

Sylvia and Ragrus nodded.

「Most likely there is multinational Heart Hybrid Gear force guarding it. They will surely appear if we cause a commotion.」

「Then, we just need to destroy it swiftly isn’t it?」

「Yeah. Leave the multinational force to me, I’ll leave the Tri-Head to Sylvia and Ragrus.」

「Understand desu. We will defeat it while it’s asleep desu.」

Kizuna nodded, then Sylvia and Ragrus each yelled their core’s name.



The two’s body shined and floated lightly in the air. Lines of light grew from their arms and legs. They moved to draw the shape of armor like drawing a blueprint in the air. Particles of magic power gathered, materialized, and manifested the parts that were drawn in the blueprint. And then it was put together in the blink of eye like watching construction progress in fast forward.

When he realized, giant frames that he had to look up to had manifested.

The fantastic appearance of the white and purple giant frame emitted an indescribable terror. Gun of judgment at the left and hammer of sealing at the right. That was the biggest and strongest Heart Hybrid Gear Taros.

A vivid red giant frame. The figure that stood imposingly with its powerful arms that were hiding terrifying destructive power folded, it truly looked like a demon. The hell inferno that would burn everything to ash, the magic armor Demon.

「We’re going! Sylvia!!」

「Roger desu! Ragrus-chan!!」

The two giant gears flew over the mountain. They slid down the slope at the opposite side.

And then Sylvia approached Tri-Head while focusing her aim with the main cannons Ignis on both her shoulders.


The particle cannons that rivaled a battleship’s main cannon hit Tri-Head’s body and a giant flame blast rose up.

That impact and explosive sound immediately caused the valley of this kings to become flurried.

「What happened just now!?」

Rushing out from a simple lodging house was Valkyrie’s captain Christelle. It seemed she rushed out in panic after waking up from sleep. She wasn’t even wearing her pilot suit properly. She barely got her legs to put on the suit, but her chest was exposed. The pink tips were also shaking greatly.

Elfriede wearing her pilot suit perfectly came toward Christelle who was in such unladylike appearance.

「Christelle, it’s Amaterasu.」

「As I thought, they sniffed it out huh……」

Christelle bit her nail. A man’s voice talked to her.

「Aa, my bad. We’ll defeat the Tri-Head here.」


When she turned around with her breasts swinging around with her, a man in black was standing there.


Cold sweat trickled down Christelle’s cheek.

Kizuna made a slightly surprised face. However, Christelle didn’t manage to grasp the meaning of that expression.


Elfriede whispered idly beside her in Kizuna’s place.



She hurriedly hugged her breasts to hide them.

「Kuh……my breasts are costly just so you know……」

「Sorry, I’ll apologize for that.」

Christelle put her arms through the pilot suit’s arm hole and locked the electronic fastener.

「It seems you planned a surprise attack but, we’ll turn the table on you. That Tri-Head is installed with nine cores. It’s beyond compare with the Dragre! Besides──」

Christelle made a proud gesture.


A beautiful Heart Hybrid Gear with white armor and blue and red additional colors enveloped her body. Her action pose made it looked like a hero’s transformation scene.


On the other hand Elfriede didn’t take any pose. Her standing posture was equipped with gray and slightly rugged armor just like that.

「My bad but, I’ll be the opponent of you guys──Mode Taros!!」

Eros’s light changed into purple color. At the same time outrageous power welled up inside Kizuna’s body.

Christelle frowned seeing that transformation.

「That phenomenon again……what’s with that gear?」

She pulled out Mires’s weapon, a sword and moved the swords floating beside her body to take fighting readiness. These swords had the same function like Neros’s Blade. However the number was half of Neros and both its speed and also destructive power were inferior. So to speak it was the scaled down version of Neros.

「Noow then……」

She quickly sent her swords as a feint. And then she herself also dashed forward.

And then behind her Elfriede gave cover fire with her rifle.

──Prepare yourself Hida Kizuna! No matter how superior Ros-series is……!?

Kizuna swung up his fist and he was already punching.

At the ground.


Christelle reflexively raised her voice. The ground below her vanished.

──No way-!?

The ground collapsed.

Kizuna’s fist created a crater like a falling meteor.

Wind blast and cloud of sand whirled up. And then the split up ground soared high to the sky as though it was blown away.

Elfriede’s sight was taken away. She helplessly lowered her rifle.


The sound of metal clashing resounded inside the cloud of sand.

──They’re crossing swords?

But the next moment Christelle’s body flew out from inside the smoke.


Elfriede couldn’t catch Christelle’s body and the two of them somersaulted before falling on the ground and rolling around.

Christelle lifted up her upper body and spat out some words.

「Damn you……what brutish power!」

Kizuna’s figure showed up from the other side of the thinning cloud.

「I want to ask something. Is that the last magic weapon that is equipped with Heart Hybrid Gear’s core?」

「So what about it huh!!」

Kizuna stared at Christelle’s angry look and muttered a question.

「What are you scheming?」

「……Ha? Of course it’s creating a strong weapon and subduing you guys.」

Christelle glared at Kizuna with an obviously displeased look.

The two glared at each other for several seconds.

「……I see. In that case──」

Tri-Head’s roar thundered at that time.

Three giant necks rose up at the searchlight. It moved around its necks like it was just waking up from sleep and confirming the enemy’s existence.

「So it activate completely……this is bad.」

「Ahahahahahahahaha! How unfortunate for you! This fight is ours now!」

Her expression changed completely from before and she puffed out her chest with a smug expression.

「You’re a girl with extreme change in emotion huh……」

「Hah! Say whatever you like! With this the secret of other world belong to us!」

「Why do you want to learn that so much?」

「Because, it’s unfair that you guys are monopolizing it for yourself! If you guys know the secret, then I also have the right to know! Monopolizing technology is unforgivable!」

「My bad but, I can’t allow that.」

「Why not!?」

「A power that is too much for you will destroy yourself.」


Christelle tilted her head with an expression that asked just what was he saying.

「We saw a world that destroyed itself because of technology that was developed without end. Other world’s technology isn’t something that we mankind can manage. As long as we ourselves don’t grow, we won’t be happy no matter how amazing the technology we developed. We will only get swung around by the tool we created and head toward self-destruction.」


Kizuna thought that Christelle would get worked up and argued back but she was staying quiet. It was unexpected for Kizuna.

Christelle stared fixedly at Kziuna with her blue eyes.

「……You talked like you know it all. But, as long as you don’t do something about that, there will be no tomorrow for you.」

Christelle pointed at the Tri-Head with her thumb.

At that time flame approached toward their location.


Kizuna reflexively yelled toward Christelle.

「Watch out!!」

Christelle and Elfriede got down on the ground while Kizuna flew to the sky.

Tri-head’s flame grazed Kizuna’s foot.

「Uou!? That’s dangerous……Sylvia! Ragrus! Are you two okay!?」

Tri-Head’s three heads were breathing out flame. Red giant frame was running around amidst that.

『Shut up for a bit-!! This dragon, it’s super annoying──!!』

Ragrus’s enraged face was projected in front of Kizuna’s face. Her face was sooty and even her blond ringlet curls were also slightly scorched.

『Sylvia-! I’ll throw it your way, so do something about it!!』


Kizuna didn’t understand what she meant but, it seemed her meaning was conveyed to Sylvia.

『Leave it to Sylvia desu!』

She replied without qualm.

──However, there is no way she can punch that Tri-Head flying.

Kizuna wondered what she was going to do. Then a shocking scene entered his eyes.


Demon grabbed the Tri-Head’s tail and began to swing around the giant body with total length of 80 meter like a giant swing.

「Oi oi……there’s no way」

No matter how powerful Demon was, something like this was impossible.

No, it was impossible before.

──Ultimate hybrid.

Tri-Head’s giant body passed over Kizuna’s head. He unconsciously ducked and half-smiled.

「That’s amazing……」

『Here I go!! Sylvia!!』

Demon’s hands let go.

Tri-Head’s body flew to diagonally above. However, Tri-Head that was freed spread its wings to control its posture. It raised an angry roar and hovered a kilometer above the ground. And then its three heads turned toward the opponent who threw it and glared.

However Demon and Ragrus folded her arms and yelled victoriously.

「Get him! Sylvia!!」

「Roger desu!」

Taros was behind Tri-Head. And then the right arm’s hammer that looked like a safe was directed toward Tri-Head. The seal opened with a sound.

「Corruption Armament Titania!!」

The Pandora’s box opened and darkness was liberated.

That darkness flew straight toward its prey.

It was a black celestial body.

A cage of gravity where even light couldn’t escape.

The black hole caught Tri-Head’s tail.

In that moment, the three headed dragon who managed to luckily survive until now received death sentence.

Tri-Head that noticed the abnormality turned one of its heads to behind. There half of its body turned smaller and sucked into a small black sphere.

The dragon head raised a growl that resounded from the bottom of its stomach.

Tri-Head exerted all its strength and struggled to escape from Titania.

However that was impossible.

A cry that sounded like a shriek surged out from the three heads. But Tri-Head’s body was gradually sucked into the black sphere.

Suddenly the cry vanished.

The figure of Tri-head wasn’t there. There was only a black sphere floating under the sky of dawn.

That sphere returned into Taros’s right arm, then it was locked behind the seal once more.

「You did it, Sylvia!」

「We did it desu, Ragrus-chan!」

The two of them held each other’s hands.

「Amazing you two! I was shocked.」

Kizuna flew toward the two. They welcomed him with smiling faces.

「It’s thanks to captain’s love desu.」

「Ri, right. Without ultimate hybrid, I wouldn’t be able to throw it.」

Christelle’s angry voice resounded at that time.


She was approaching with a terrible expression.

Kizuna’s face twitched, then he got on Taros’s shoulder.

「Sorry Sylvia. Run away in full speed.」

「Roger desu! Ragrus-chan too, please hop on desu!」

Ragrus also dispelled Demon and got on Sylvia’s side.

「Mission complete. Returning home to Ataraxia desu!!」

Taros’s huge rocket spewed flame.


The Heart Hybrid Gear that looked like magic weapon flew away above Christelle’s head. Taros that was accelerated with ultimate hybrid surpassed the speed of sound in the blink of eye and vanished from the sight of Christelle and others.


Elfriede stared at the back of Christelle and called her name.

「Even Tri-Head is defeated.」


She thought that Christelle would rage, but her voice was extremely calm.

「No matter how powerful magic weapon we prepared, it won’t be a match against that. It’s not even exploding the opponent, but absorbing them……」

「Don’t be that dejected. We still──」

Christelle suddenly brought her face close to Elfriede who tried to console her. With a wide smile.

「Because you saw!? Just now! That was a black hole you know!? There is a limit even in being absurd!」


「It’s clear with this. As I thought, we can’t win by fighting them from the front.」

Christelle took Elfriede’s hands.

「The small scale experiment is a success, so it’s fine! What’s left is to carry it out without any rehearsal but, we will manage somehow! Aa, I’m really looking forward to it!」

「Christelle, you aren’t frustrated?」

「Not at all!」

And then she spoke like a child who couldn’t wait for Christmas to come.

「Because, that power will soon belong to me!!」

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