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Chapter 5 – Ataraxia Landing Operation[edit]

Part 1[edit]

When I, Hida Setsuna finished my arithmetic homework, I turned off the desk’s power and closed and closed my notebook and textbook.

The lesson of primary grade school doesn’t consist of only drill. Subjects like language, arithmetic, science, and social studies are also normally included. I have no problem in any subject, things are going well right now.

……But perhaps I’m a little bit weak in language.


I yawned.

Ah, it’s past ten.

「I’ve got to sleep……」

I went to the washroom and brushed my teeth, changed into pajama, and got on the bed.

After lying down for a while, I turned over several times.


I can’t sleep…….

Even though I should be sleepy just now, I can’t sleep at all after getting into bed like this.

There will be practical skill class right from the morning tomorrow, so I have to sleep enough──perhaps it’s bad to think that, now I’m unable to sleep even more.

I half give up and opened my eyes to stare at the white ceiling.

──Will Onii-chan come to the training tomorrow…….

Apparently he is busy with missions recently. He doesn’t really come to the primary grade’s drill.

That’s fine if that’s the case.

He isn’t thinking of someone like me as little sister anyway, in the first place there is no doubt that he isn’t even thinking of me as human.

That’s why, he’s distant.

His attitude toward me is always like I’m a tumor.

Besides, if he’s thinking of me as a little sister, then he’ll be more affectionate with me. Even though he’s flirting all the time with other girls and Onee-chan.

For some reason it feels very irritating watching Onii-chan being like that and I always ended up angry.

……But, I think it can’t be helped.

After all, I’m not his actual little sister. Because I’m a child created from Nayuta and Thanatos who tried to destroy the world.

I have to be a normal human.

That’s why, I mustn’t let out a strange power like the match before this.

A strange power will come out by itself when I get absorbed or excited. That’s why usually I’m bearing in mind to not get angry or laughing as much as possible.

But, it’s no good with just that.

I’m not a normal human, so it’s not enough just being a normal good child. I have to be more competent, stronger, I have to show them that I’m useful.

If not, I’ll be an unneeded child. My place here will disappear.

「If only, I’m really his little sister……」

That mutter vanished into the darkness.

I understand that it’s useless thinking like that.

Both Onii-chan and Onee-chan doesn’t care about me at all.

Not just that, they might even feel disappointed.

That’s right. Surely it’s like that.

Because, Nayuta who became my origin should be an amazing genius and yet……I’m not a genius or anything. My grade is in top ranking but……but Nayuta had published thesis in the scientific society when she was around my age.

Even the other one Thanatos was a machine god of the strongest class. She was an amazing god who created the world, and yet……I can’t even cook my own food. I have someone in this dorm to cook for me and sleep without doing anything for it.

……Even though I’m not useful for anything.

Onii-chan praised me in the practical skill’s training but, I don’t think he’s honest.

Or perhaps, he has given up of me as a useless child, and he’s saying I’ve done well, for a useless child that is.

I want to be stronger, be useful for everyone, and become someone who is needed.

If I do that, then Onii-chan and Onee-chan,

They might,

……Recognize me as their true little sister.

That’s why, I want him to tell me honestly I’m no good if I’m no good in something.

Please don’t give up on me.

I’ll fix it properly.

I’ll become more capable to do anything properly.

I want you to tell me the truth, I also don’t want to be treated specially.


If, he is really thinking of me as a little sister,

I want him to treat me more specially.

It’s lonely to only be able to meet occasionally.

……I want him to pay attention to me more.


What, I’m thinking,

Is it,

the opposite…….

Part 2[edit]

Two weeks after Kizuna returned from Egypt.

This day, Kizuna met face to face with Aine and Hayuru at the same time inside the classroom of Ataraxia academy after so long. He went to several more places other than Egypt for the investigation, but each time his partner would change, so there was no chance for the three of them to meet like this.

Besides Yurishia was also here even though right now she wasn’t on her seat. Sylvia was also at the middle school department, but she should be coming to the academy. It had been quite long since all Amaterasu members attended school.

Hayuru sat facing the side to talk with Kizuna behind her and Aine beside her.

「The investigation of power spots in various places has advanced quite far.」

Aine also confirmed the schedule using the small terminal that also doubled as student’s handbook.

「Looks like it……though it will take around one more month until all the places are checked.」

「Currently the only major find is the Tri-Head that was discovered in Egypt huh.」

「It seems so. As for me I encountered an Albatross at England when I went there with Sylvia-chan……how about Aine-san?」

Then Aine let out an exaggerated long sigh.

「All of them are a miss. Good grief, even though this me had expressly headed there, there wasn’t any reception at all. There is a limit even in being aggravating.」

「Hm? There wasn’t anything like the multinational force’s interception?」

Aine brushed her silver hair and made a smug look.

「I infiltrated properly without letting the enemy discovering me. When I’m the one doing it even spy work will be done perfectly.」

Kizuna and Hayuru reflexively looked at each other.

「……What? If you have something to say just say it.」

Hayuru hurriedly made a forced smile.

「N, no. That’s amazing, Aine-san.」

「Fufuh. That’s right, it’s amazing.」

Hayuru leaned toward Kizuna and softly whispered.

「What do you think?」

「No, there is no way that Aine is the only one that they didn’t manage to detect.」

Aine wasn’t really good at doing things stealthily. If pushed to say, she was the type who did things slovenly and forcefully.

「In that case, it means……they purposefully overlooked her.」

「Did they understand that they aren’t her match and avoided pointless battle?」

「It’ll be nice if that’s the case but……」

Kizuna felt a vague apprehension in his chest.

Suddenly his conversation with Christelle crossed his mind.

『Because, it’s unfair that you guys are monopolizing it for yourself! If you guys know the secret, then I also have the right to know! Monopolizing technology is unforgivable!』

──I can’t imagine her giving up that easily.

There is something.

But, he didn’t understand what that something was.

Kizuna was feeling a vague uneasiness.

At that time, Scarlet entered the classroom with her red ponytail swaying behind her.

「Hii! Kizuna. Long time no see」

「Scarlet? What’s the matter?」

Scarlet who was a first year was naturally in a different classroom. Their floor was also different.

「I’ve business with Yurishia but……she isn’t here?」

Everyone’s gaze turned toward the empty chair.

Aine tilted her head.

「Now that you mentioned it, I haven’t seen her since the fourth period.」

「She was here this morning but……I thought that she has a mission or something.」

Scarlet waved her hand with a smile.

「Aa, it’s fine, it’s fine. It’s not anything that important. I’ll come again after school.」

The bell of the fifth period rang at that time.

「Ah, the lunch break is over. See ya, Kizuna.」

Scarlet returned to her own classroom with light footsteps.

Hayuru waved her hand and saw her off, then she stared at Yurishia’s seat. Her gaze was stern.

「……Could it be that Yurishia-san, she is playing hooky.」

Aine’s face didn’t look that interested.

「Just leave her alone. She’ll return when she get hungry.」

「Yurishia-san isn’t a dog.」

Kizuna listened to the two’s conversation while standing up.

「Ah, Kizuna-kun. Where’re you going?」

「I remembered that Nee-cha──headmaster called me. Tell sensei that for me.」

Kizuna exited the classroom and headed to boy toilet instead of the headmaster office.

The chime that informed the beginning of the fifth period resounded inside the empty toilet.

There were urinals lining up at the left side, while there were five toilet stalls at the right side. The door of the farthest stall was lighted with the display that it was in repair.

Kizuna touched the touch panel that displayed the letters in repair. Then it switched into a screen that asked for password.

Kizuna inputted the password with smooth finger movement. The sound *click* came and the door’s lock opened.

He entered inside the opened door. There,

A naked woman body was strapped on the toilet bowl with black tape.

A blindfolded Yurishia was there.

「Nnu!? Nnnnh」

A gag was put into her mouth, so she could only moan. Drool was trickling from the corner of her mouth. A drip was falling onto her breast.

Her beautiful blond hair flowed left and right each time she shook her head. She must be trying to shift the blindfold, but the eyemask that was order made to fit the shape of Yurishia’s face was clinging perfectly on her. It didn’t shift at all.

Kizuna closed the door behind him with his hand and locked it with the control panel on the wall. And then he confirmed that the sound blocking system was working. Thanks to this function the sound inside wouldn’t leak outside.

Kizuna slowly observed Yurishia.

Both her arms were tied behind her and her legs were opened to form M shape and fixed in place, so her important places were all exposed in front of Kizuna’s eyes. She was only wearing a collar on her body.

Yurishia’s large breasts were moving up and down intensely. It was unclear whether it was from fear or excitement. The pink protrusion that bloomed on the tip was looked pointed and hard. It seemed she was very stimulated.

It was the same when he checked her lower body.

At the center of her legs that were opened into M shape was blonde hair. The mouth below it was gaping open hungrily. Drool was trickling from there.

「Nn……nnn? Nnuuh!」

Yurishia was staying here during the fourth period and lunch break.

Kizuna brought Yurishia here when the third period ended and just before the next lesson started. And then he ordered her to take off her clothes here and then tied her so she couldn’t move before leaving her alone.

Why was he doing something like this?

The cause because coincidentally he had no chance to team up with Yurishia during the investigation of power spots. Because of that Yurishia’s stress had risen to the peak.

Furthermore at the morning Aine got carried away and boasted about when she went with Kizuna to Ayutthaya in Thailand, so Yurishia’s expression changed to be very grim.

Kizuna thought that he had to deal with it quickly and decided to do ultimate hybrid in the academy with haste. Furthermore it was with a situation that would make Yurishia excited.

Kizuna took off Yurishia’s gag.

「……tsu, haah, Ki, Kizuna? Hey, it’s Kizuna there right?」

Yurishia frowned and asked pleadingly.

「Hey, please. Say something!」

Yurishia couldn’t see who was standing in front of her. Her voice was shaking with anxiety and fear.

Kizuna felt excited seeing Yurishia like that. Yurishia didn’t know about the sound blocking system or the display of in repair on the door, so surely she had been spending her time here with bated breath. She could hear the sound outside, so she must be feeling scared each time someone came in.

She should be trembling with worry that this stall might get suspected because someone had been inside all the time and wouldn’t come out. And then at the same time she was also feeling arousal due to the disgrace that Kizuna was giving her.

「Aa……please, forgive me already. Kizuna.」

Tear spilled out from below the eyemask.

However Kizuna ignored that and lowered his trouser.

Yurishia’s complexion turned white hearing the rustling of cloth.

「N, no……stop, who? Who’s there!? NOOOOOOO!」

Yurishia’s frail and scared figure fanned up his sadism. Kizuna pushed his hardened thing onto Yurishia’s lewdly drooling and twitching lips.

「Hih! Do, don’ttt! Aa──!!」

Kizuna’s tip entered inside Yurishia.


Yurishia’s body reacted in spite of her will. Her body bent back and her waist floated.

Kizuna pushed deeper inside. The inside that was tightening to deny the invasion was forcefully wrenched open. The movement that was trying to remove the entering foreign object ended up strengthening Yurishia’s sensuality instead.

「Kuh! Fuuuh♥!! Ah, NOOOOOhh!」

Even though her mouth was saying that, Yurishia lifted her waist and pushed it forward for Kizuna’s thing. Kizuna thrust until her deepest part in respond.

「!?……NnHaAaAAAH! Ah, haaa, aAAAAANNNNNH♥」

Yurishia’s lower body quivered with light climax.

However Kizuna didn’t slow down his attack and began to thrust into Yurishia roughly.

「Hih! Ah, nnaah! Yah, do, don’t! I, I’m, aaAAAAAAAAAH!!」

Yurishia’s breasts that were larger than anyone shook up and down matching with Kizuna’s movement. Kizuna grabbed the rampaging breast tightly.


He massaged her breast so hard his finger might left a mark behind. Kizuna massaged that breast as though he was grappling with the large breast that was too big for one hand.

Normally it might be a bit painful, but for Yurishia right now even that was a pleasure. Kizuna’s waist pounded strongly while pinching the stiff tip of the breast.

「Haah! Sto, stop, I, I’m, already, aah! Sto-, stoooppp♥」

Yurishia’s inside trembled and clung to Kizuna’s tip. It was demanding for the thing that would be shot out from Kizuna, as though pleading for him to hurry up.

Their vigor increased further and the two dashed up to the peak of pleasure at the same time.

And then Kizuna strongly pounded the last thrust and struck the inside wall.

Kizuna’s tip fired out cloudy white liquid in that instant.


Like a muddy stream, it headed to a place of Yurishia that couldn’t be touched by anyone. The liquid flooded in.

「Ih, no no-! I’m comi, aAAAH! AAAAAAAA♥♥」

Yurishia threw her head back and climaxed intensely.

Yurishia’s waist floated up and trembled, It repeatedly pulsated as though gulping down what was let out inside her. her inside tightened *kyun* fawningly.


Yurishia convulsed repeatedly and drifted within the reverberation of the climax.

Before long Kizuna tasted the sensation of Yurishia’s inside enveloping and stroking his thing all around. It was as though she was confirming from the shape who was it that entered inside her.


It seemed Yurishia became convinced from that shape and called his name.

Kizuna took off Yurishia’s blindfold. Yurishia’s eyes that appeared from below were narrowed joyfully.


Kizuna brought his face closer and took Yurishia’s lips. Yurishia sought Kizuna’s mouth as though to embrace him with her lips and tongue in the place of her tied arms.

When the two’s lips separated with saliva stretching between them, Yurishia let out a relieved smile.

Kizuna caressed her cheek while smiling.

「You held out well, Yurishia.」

Yurishia’s inside tightly held Kizuna in reply.

「Yes……goshujin-sama. It was very embarrassing and terrifying but……I did my best. So that I won’t be an embarrassment as goshujin-sama’s love slave♥」

「Then I’ve got to give you a reward.」


Kizuna took out a piece of paper from his pocket. On it was a love shaped pattern with letters written inside it.

「Kizuna’s Love Slave……? Kizuna, this is……」

Yurishia’s eyes sparkled. A happy smile was already spreading on her face.

「Yeah. It’s a proof that you are mine. You have been wanting a sign all this time right?」

「This is……engraved on my body? Is it okay?」

「Yeah. It’s a tattoo sticker but, the durability is the same like the real tattoo ink. Once it’s pasted then it will remain there for life as long as it’s not removed with a special removal method.」

Yurishia’s flushed cheeks reddened even more. Her eyes were moist with happiness.

「I’m happy♥……Kizuna.」

Kizuna pushed that sticker on Yurishia’s abdomen.

「Then……I’m putting it on.」


Kizuna tore away the sticker’s cover. Then the letters and pattern permeated into Yurishia’s skin and stayed there.


Yurishia smiled happily from the bottom of her heart.

MGHxHV14 011 ill.jpg

Part 3[edit]

Even after that Yurishia begged him and Kizuna ended up doing the ultimate hybrid for the second time.

The two exited the toilet just before the class was over. They walked on the corridor while hearing the chime of the end of fifth period.

Students got out one after another from the classroom along with the end of the class. The students sighed in admiration seeing Yurishia’s figure.

「Yurishia-san, she is pretty no matter how many times I see her……」

「Really. Especially today, she is prettier than usual.」

「Her skin and hair are also glossy……」

Such whispers entered the ears of Yurishia and Kizuna.


Yurishia softly caressed her abdomen.

「It’s thanks to Kizuna that I became prettier.」

Yurishia said that and smiled bewitchingly.

「You shouldn’t make that kind of expression in the corridor right?」

Yurishia lightly shrugged.

「Fufu, you’re right. I’m sorry.」

「Also tell me if there is time when it’ll be bad if that tattoo is seen. I’ll erase it right away.」

Then Yurishia scowled and glared at Kizuna.

「What are you saying? I won’t erase it for my whole life.」

Kizuna faltered instantly in front of that pressure.

「A, aa……I see……that’s good.」

For Kizuna he only intended it as a part of the ultimate hybrid in the end, but it seemed to be something different for Yurishia.

The siren inside the school resounded when they were going to return to the classroom of third year first group.

Even the students in the corridor stopped walking hearing that sound and their expression changed.

「Kizuna, this is!」

「The alarm of magic weapon again! Let’s go to the command room!!」

Kizuna and Yurishia equipped their gear and flew out from a nearby window. At the front they saw Aine and Hayuru who were heading to Nayuta Lab a step ahead of them.

It only took several seconds using gear from the academy until the lab. It didn’t take two minutes for them to land on the rooftop and rushed into the command room since the alarm sounded.

There was the form of magic weapon that they had never seen before when they rushed into the command room.

「What……is that……?」

It was a dragon with strange shape.

It looked like Tri-Head in a glance. However it had six heads.

The form looked like it was forcefully welded with the front half of one more Tri-Head on its back.

Sylvia who entered the command room later than them turned a questioning gaze toward Ragrus who came together with her.

「I, I also don’t know! I never saw anything like that!!」

Hayuru was staring at the magic weapon’s figure in frustration.

「Even though we thought we had checked the main power spots……where did they hide something like that……」

Reiri turned toward Kei who was checking the data on the desk beside her.

「Kei. Did you learn something?」

『It appears to be two Tri-Head being combined into one. However it’s unclear how much increase of offensive power it has. In my opinion having two Tri-Head moving separately will have higher merit, I don’t understand the point of that combination.』

A restless air flowed inside the command room.

『And then it’s hypothesized that its emergence point was Bermuda Ocean. That place was included in the list of Nayuta document, but we were in the middle of considering of how to investigate the wide ocean bottom area.』

「And, how long it will take until it reach Ataraxia?」

『Two more hours.』

Reiri looked around at Kizuna and others.

「Is there anyone who can use Corruption Armament right now?」

Yurishia raised her hand.

「I can go.」

Hayuru glared at her reflexively.

「Yurishia-san, as I thought you skipped class……」

「It’s fine. Thanks to that we’ll be able to repel it back. Then, should we depart?」

However Kizuna put his finger on his chin ponderingly while staring at the screen.

「What’s the matter, Kizuna?」

「……I’m thinking, why is there no Heart Hybrid Gear force with it?」

Reiri also made a suspecting face.

「Kei, what about the movement of enemy other than the magic weapon?」

『It appears that an aircraft carrier is sallying out from the coast. However there isn’t any warship or aircraft accompanying the magic weapon as guard. We can’t detect any Heart Hybrid Gear.』

「Nee-chan, isn’t this strange? The Dragre before was also alone but, this time it’s also the same. If they plan to take down Ataraxia then it’s strange that they don’t send other force along.」

「……Certainly, it’s strange.」

Everyone was staring at the screen with indescribable worry in their chest.

And then it suddenly happened.

The six headed magic weapon unleashed a light and the screen turned white.


「What happened!?」

Reiri’s yell echoed inside the command room. The operators who were staring in a daze at the screen started moving once more.

Kurumizawa made the report loudly from the operator floor.

「It’s an explosion!! The magic weapon self-exploded!」


Everyone was taken aback.

「What’s……going on?」

Aine frowned and looked around.

However there was no way anyone had the answer. Yurishia shrugged.

「Who knows? Perhaps the forceful reconstruction came to bite them back in the ass?」

However Hayuru was staring at the empty screen with a worried gaze.

「……It’ll be great if that’s the case.」

「They tried too hard powering it up that the engine break down right away.」

Yurishia answered lightly, but it was clear from her expression that she wasn’t saying that seriously. Her eyes weren’t smiling at all.

Kizuna also glared at the screen with a grave face.

「I’ve nothing but bad premonition……」

──Don’t tell me, this is those guys’ tactic?

When he thought that,

Kizuna felt a wind.

He noticed that it was an explosion blast even without any proof.

It wasn’t that there was wind actually blowing.

However, he felt something.

It was like an intense shockwave.

As though it blew away every important thing.

Aine and Hayuru and others were making bewildered expression.

「Wha, what? Just now. Did you feel it Hayuru?」

「Yes……Aine-san too? What about everyone else?」

Yurishia, Sylvia, and Ragrus were also making grim expression.

However Kei tilted her head in puzzlement. The operators at the lower floor also showed no reaction.

Aine put her hand on her stomach.

「But, it felt like something really important stopped working……」

And then she yelled resolutely.


Silence ruled the command room.

「No way……」

Aine looked down on his own body.

The uniform of Ataraxia academy.

The beautiful white gear that should appear wasn’t there.


However Hayuru’s body also wasn’t equipped with the red armor.

It was the same even when anyone else tried it.

Cold sweat appeared on Reiri’s forehead.

「Is this, an attack from them……Kizuna, what about you?」

Kizuna’s body shook and tilted when Reiri called him.

And then he fell on the floor without consciousness.

Aine screamed.


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