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Chapter 6 – Overlapping World[edit]

The imperial capital of Vatlantis Empire, Zeltis. There was a pillar at its center, soaring high as though to support the heaven.

That was Genesis.

A temporary shrine was built at its base. It was a simple building that was built from wood ordered from Baldin, but the inside was decorated with high quality silk and carpet, turning it into a pleasant space.

It was built to stick on Genesis, so the wall inside was the surface of Genesis. An altar was placed in front of it, surrounded by wall with wooden framework. Hot water was prepared there. Vapor was wafting up from it.

It was something that imitated a holy spring. The altar was an island floating on the spring, it was positioned like a holy land.

VIP from three countries were gathering in this temporary shrine. Grace, Gravel, and then the head priestess Landred.

Other than them there were Zelcyone and six guards from each country. Grace’s guard was Hyakurath and Mercuria along with the Quartum.

Including other people like the ceremony helpers, around thirty people were gathered into the shrine. All of them were wearing same attire.

Although it was called clothes, it was a silk gown so thin it was transparent. Everyone’s beautiful body was faintly seen through the transparent fabric.

And then fragrance was burned at the altar. A sweet smell was filling the shrine. Their body mysteriously became hot when they smelled that scent.

Landred was looking around at everyone from the other side of the altar.

「Well then everyone. We will begin the maintenance of Genesis now. Please take off your clothing.」

They didn’t understand what they would be made to do, but they obeyed the instruction of the head priestess Landred. Everyone obediently slipped off their gown from their shoulder and became naked like when they were born.

Hyakurath muttered with a red face.

「Aa……to be called to participate in even something like this……」

Mercuria whispered into her ear from her side.

「It’s alright. Compared to captain’s work this is nothing.」

「Tha, that might be so but, doing something like this, in front of everyone……it’s too embarrassing.」

「It’s not just you. Everyone is doing the same thing. It’s not embarrassing.」


Mercuria secretly gripped Hyakurath’s hand.

「It’s fine. I’m with you.」


And then everyone silently put their foot into the spring.

The moment Grace put her toes into the hot water, she spontaneously moaned.

「U……this is」

However she continued putting both her legs into the hot water and moved toward the altar inside the spring.

「Landred, is this……nectar?」

「It’s holy water that is mixed with nectar as the base. The arousal effect is higher than the normal thing.」

「I see……this is, qu, quiet effective……」

Grace smiled fearlessly. However the tips of her breasts were already stood stiffly, and her knees were shaking. If she was careless, the mouth below her pink bush might opened up.

Landred narrowed her eyes seeing Grace who was obviously bluffing.

「Certainly, this is……really……working.」

Gravel also felt dizzy just from breathing in the rising vapor.

Gravel’s body that had finished giving birth was recovering its former tough physique. Her breasts were slightly bigger than before but there was no other change.

「Well then, Genesis will stop operating for a while after this. I wish for everyone to supply their life force to this spring.」

Gravel tightly closed her trained thighs and desperately suppressed the carnality welling up inside her body while asking.

「Qu, Queen Landred. By, by life force you mean?」

「Right now everyone is desperately holding it back. That is to say, the drop of love welling up from the spring inside your body.」

Everyone gulped.

「It doesn’t matter if you comfort yourself or cooperating with someone near you. Everyone here all possess exceptional amount of magic power. I wish for this spring to receive that nectar.」

Grace’s lips suddenly loosened. And then she opened her closed legs.

「Hmph. There is no need for any comfort. After all it’s already overflowing.」

From the opened legs, a drop of liquid flowed down into the spring, leaving behind a trace trailing behind.

Landred’s eyes moistened and she smiled.

「As expected from Emperor Grace. You have amazing sensitivity.」

The others also followed Grace and stopped holding back to allow their nectar to trickle. There were people who were affected by the spring’s effect and couldn’t hold back from caressing their own body, and there were also people who embraced each other to scoop out the nectar from each other’s spring.

「Aa……Hyakurath’s place here, is really hot……」

Mercuria intensely fingered Hyakurath’s crotch in a state of arousal.

「No, nooo hn. Do, don’t, it’s embarrassing……aan♡」

「Hyakurath too, do me……」

Mercuria opened her crotch to better receive Hyakurath.

「Ye, yes……」

Hyakurath reached out in shame and her fingers spread out Mercuria’s slit.


A passionate sigh leaked out from Mercuria’s lips. It made Hyakurath’s chest to tighten.

And then she gradually strengthened her stimulation to Mercuria’s most sensitive place. In respond to that, Hyakurath felt Mercuria’s finger that was caressing her to intensify.

「Haa……it’s lovely♡Mel……」

「Me too, aa……Hyakurath. You are the most important to me in this world.」

「Yes……I know.」

Drop of love fell from between the two’s legs. The two spreading ripples melted into one.

Gravel looked down on her breasts. The tips of her breasts were helplessly stiffening. She wanted to touch them. She thought that, but she desisted when she saw the white liquid oozing out slowly from the tips. Milk would undoubtedly gush out if she touched them. It made her worried if it would ruin this ceremony.

Landred spoke to the hesitating Gravel.

「Gravel-san and Zelcyone-san, over here.」


When she turned her gaze there, Zelcyone was also standing still with a troubled look. Something white was oozing from the tips of her breasts like Gravel.

She pushed her way through the hot water until the altar. There Landred prepared two glasses.

「Can I receive the milk of the two of you here?」

Zelcyone and Gravel looked at each other.

「Our, milk?」

「Yes. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the milk of the two of you who once carried magic armor’s core and then conceived a child is a highly concentrated life energy. It will become nourishment for Genesis too. Surely it’ll become a power that heal any malfunction.」

The two of them were a bit taken aback, but if it was something like that, they accepted and pushed their breasts toward the glass. And then they pressed their breast with both hands and squeezed it.

Then white milk immediately gushed out from the nipple. It gathered at the bottom of the glass quickly.

Zelcyone let go of her right breast and moved her left nipple toward the glass this time.

「Somehow, this feels strange……the milk that should be for my child to drink is……」

Gravel also milked her breast while muttering.

「However, surely our children will forgive us if the world can be saved with this.」

Suddenly Zelcyone’s lips broke into a smile.

「So we are the mother of the whole world huh.」

「It’s too exaggerating to say it like that but, that’s not wrong.」

When Gravel smiled, the flow of milk from her breast improved.

Before long the glass became full. Then Landred put her hands on the wall behind, the surface of Genesis.

「From here Genesis will enter a temporary hibernation.」

Landred chanted some kind of spell inside her mouth. No one present there understood what language it was. However, they immediately understood that the spell was giving influence to Genesis.

「What? Light is disappearing from Genesis.」

The light running on the wall vanished, and the mechanism running inside the tower also stopped.

Genesis fell silent as though it was dead. Black cloud filled the sky as though responding to that. The surrounding turned dark.

Landred held the glasses filled with the milk from Gravel and Zelcyone with both hands, then she began pouring it onto Genesis. Right after that──,

Gravel’s eyes opened wide.

「This is……!?」

White lines were going up on the wall of Genesis that lost its light.

「In exchange of light, white lines are……is that, our……?」

「That’s right. Please observe.」

Spots on the surface that were cracked were miraculously repairing when the white lines passed through.

「Certainly, this is amazing……」

Grace also spoke in admiration seeing that.

「This is really something……this technique of Baldin and Landred.」

Landred shook her head left and right with a surprised look.

「No. This is the result of everyone combining their power. I and Baldin alone won’t be able to do anything like this.」

「I see……you’re right.」

Grace smiled and looked alternately to Landred and Gravel.

「This is a good chance for the three countries to join their strength. Let’s hold this ceremony from here on too period──」

The water surface of the spring below them rippled.


And then the sky rang.

It was like a giant gear was turning. Heavy and low sound like metal scraping roared.

──This is,

Grace’s complexion changed.

「AU Collision!?」

Landred immediately put her hands on the Genesis.

「I will reactivate Genesis immediately!」

Gravel also yelled with urgency.

「What’s the meaning of this! Shouldn’t this be safe!?」

「I don’t know! If there’s a problem, I can only guess that a large problem happened at Lemuria’s side.」

「Lemuria’s side……?」

「Yes. There is enough magic power in this world. Even if Genesis is stopped, it won’t give any great effect if it’s only for a short time. Perhaps this is……some kind of magical abnormality also occurred in Lemuria and both phenomenons interfered with each other……」

Gravel stiffened with a face of realization.

「If an AU Collision is occurring……can we meet with Kizuna again!?」

Hearing those words, Grace’s expression also changed from the face of emperor into the face of a normal girl.

「What do you think Landred!? Can we meet with Nii-sama and Nee-sama again!?」

However Landred answered with a pained face.

「We can’t. If the collision occur like this, what kind of disaster will result……」

「But still! Perhaps we might be able to come and go between two worlds like before again you know!? Nee-sama might be just ahead from there! And yet──」

At that time, a voice entered Grace’s ear.


There was no way she could forget that voice even if she tried to forget it.

There was also no way she would mistake that voice no matter how.

──Is that you Grace?


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