Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 14 Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Surely We Will be Able to Meet Again[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「Just what is going on?」

Reiri was sitting beside Kizuna in Nayuta Lab’s sickbay.

Kizuna was laid down on the bed. He was continuously breathing painfully in an unconscious state. He was thoroughly examined and the data was sent to Ataraxia’s medical AI, but they couldn’t obtain any answer.

Kei’s perplexed face was projected in the window floating in front of Reiri.

『Our conjecture is that a powerful magic power impairment is occurring due to the explosion of the remodeled Tri-Head. Most likely a considerable number of cores were loaded inside that magic weapon. Our conjecture is that forceful remodeling was for loading even more core inside it.』


Reiri looked at Kizuna’s suffering sleeping face and gritted her teeth.

『By exploding those cores simultaneously, a colossal magic power burst occurred. It caused a wide range magic power abnormality. Its area of influence is practically the whole earth. The gears within that range all become unusable. In other words, it’s something similar with EMP pulse attack caused by high altitude nuclear explosion.』

「Something like that doesn’t matter!」

Reiri glared at Kei with a terrifying look.

「Why is Kizuna the only one who ended up like this!?」

Kizuna was moaning painfully even now. He was sweating heavily, and his breathing was also rough.

「Aine and others also become unable to wear their gear, but they don’t collapse. Why is it only Kizuna!?」


Kei looked down and bit her lower lip. Seeing her expression Reiri told herself to calm down.

「……Sorry. Kei, I……」

『I don’t mind. More importantly, battleships and aircraft carriers from many countries are starting to move toward Ataraxia.』

「……Annoucn the first class emergency alert. Ataraxia can fight well enough even in battle of conventional weapons.」

『Also we have confirmed a Heart Hybrid Gear force at the other side of earth at Austalia. They’re in the middle of haeding to Ataraxia with transport aircraft.』

「What!? Why can they use Heart Hybrid Gear!?」

『Most likely the other side of the earth is just barely outside the explosion’s effect range.』

「So this is going as they planned……」

Reiri gritted her teeth and squeezed out her voice.

『I will report again as soon as the information come.』

Kei said that and cut the communication.

Silence returned to the sickbay and only Kizuna’s pained breathing could be heard.


Reiri held her head and looked down.

They had no hand to play.

They could fight against the landing force, but if they were pushed back with quantity, it was only a matter of time until they fell. Even before that, the match would be decided when the enemy’s Heart Hybrid Gear force arrived.

Would it end like this?

What’s wrong Hida Reiri. Show that you’ll manage somehow.

Are you only someone of this level in the end?

Your name as second generation devil is crying here.

But she couldn’t think of any breakthrough solution.

Would Kizuna die like this?

Would Ataraxia get taken over?

Everyone would be captured and become subject for experiment and torture.

She wouldn’t let such thing to happen.

But, it was pointless to just think that.

Was there some kind of concrete──,

Tears were blurring her eyes.


She muttered that for some reason.

Tears trickled down Reiri’s cheeks and her lips smiled in irony.


For her to cry and asked for help from her mother.

Even though that person wasn’t anywhere anymore.

At that time, her breast pocket vibrated.

A mail arrived in her communication terminal.

The sender’s name was──,


Reiri stared on that name in a daze. And then, her eyes immediately changed into a sad one.

「The timing is too good even for a joke……」

A chuckle unconsciously slipped out.

The mail’s title was 『Regarding the method to restore Genesis』.

「Why is……something like this, at this time……」

Reiri’s hollow eyes chased after the mail’s letters.

And then,

Those eyes were gradually opening wide.

When she finished reading.

Light had returned to Reiri’s eyes.

Part 2[edit]


Kizuna recovered his consciousness.

「So you’re away, Kizuna!」


Something soft was pushed on his face forcefully.

An object that was like a huge skin colored manju. The transcendental pleasantness and elasticity clung on his face closely. The damp and smooth skin texture. Kizuna knew this sensation very well. There was no way he would mistake it.

──Ne, Nee-chan’s breast!?

Kizuna turned his head and slipped out from below his sister’s breast.

When he looked around, it seemed he was in the sickbay. And then he was lying on the bed, his head on his big sister’s lap where she was making him sucking her breast. Reiri had unbuttoned the front of her uniform and exposed both her breasts.

「Wait, Nee-chan. What is this situation──」

She didn’t let him say anything and placed her breast on his face.

「Be quiet, just drink more.」


He didn’t understand but, Reiri’s voice and gaze were serious. Kizuna obeyed and put his mouth on Reiri’s nipple before sucking.

The next moment, a sweet taste spread inside Kizuna’s mouth.


His mouth spontaneously let go and stared at the tip of his big sister’s breast.

White liquid was dripping from there.

「Ne, Nee-chan? This is……」

「A, aa……it might be the effect of core’s installation. Don’t mind it.」

「I mind! Just what in──nnuh!?」

His mouth was blocked by her breast once more.

Reluctantly, Kizuna continued sucking Reiri’s breast just like he was told.

Even Aine, Hayuru, and Yurishia who were installed with core longer than Reiri didn’t produce breast milk.

However Kizuna couldn’t win against the temptation of the white liquid that overflowed copiously from his big sister’s breast. Sweet and gentle taste spread inside his mouth. It passed his throat and fell into his stomach. This taste and scent mysteriously calmed him. He felt peaceful.

He rolled the stiff nipple inside his mouth with his tongue.


Sweet voice spontaneously flowed out from Reiri’s mouth.

「Oi, don’t play any prank. Suck seriously.」

Sucking his big sister’s breast seriously──Kizuna thought it funny. He sucked the breast strongly in the place of answer and massaged the other breast with his hand.

Then something warm touched his palm.

Several white lines were drawn from the tip of Reiri’s breast and trickled on Kizuna’s body.

When he sucked the breast strongly again, milk came out with even more amount than before.

Reiri gently caressed Kizuna’s head as though to comfort a child.

「Fufu……right now it belong to only you. Drink as much as you like.」

Kizuna still couldn’t understand why he was drinking Reiri’s milk. However, he was enveloped in tranquility that made him didn’t care of such thing. And then the more he drank, the more his body felt better. He felt like that.

He didn’t know why but, it felt like the milk he drank spread until every corner of his body and healed every bad spot.

It was just his impression, and Kizuna also understood in his head that there was no way such thing was going on. But he was feeling like that.

He remembered collapsing right after the explosion of the remodeled Tri-Head. At that time, he felt like his body was breaking.

Now he felt invigorated, as though those broken parts were recovering.

His crotch was getting constricted the more his energy was coming back. Reiri sharply discovered that change.

「Nn……Kizuna, you」

Kizuna let go of Reiri’s breast and spoke in panic.

「No, I don’t know why but it’s turning like that on its own! Perhaps it’s the same like waking up at the morning──wapuh!?」

「It’s fine just suck. It’s fine even if you play around.」

The permission had been given, so Kizuna playfully bit his big sister’s nipple.

「ahn!?♥ O, oi, I said it’s fine for you to play around but……aan♥」

Kizuna gently licked the place he bit to comfort it. Reiri’s face quickly changed into an intoxicated look.

Reiri also reached toward Kizuna’s lower body and lowered his trouser. And then Kizuna’s thing bounced up energetically.

The thing that had hardened completely like a pillar made Reiri gulped.

「So your function has returned……I need to confirm it.」

She said that while her moistened eyes and expression looked very obscene.

Her thin and slender fingers entwined around Kizuna’s thing.

Kizuna spontaneously sucked Reiri’s breast strongly.


Milk spurted out once more.

「Kizuna, you should us this side too soon……」

Reiri brought her opposite breast toward Kizuna’s mouth. When stuck his mouth at the stiff tip and started to suck again loudly.

「Aahn♥ Haa……that’s right. Stronger……uuhn♥」

Reiri’s chest grew hotter when she was looking at the face of his little brother who was sucking her milk intently. And then she felt like the flow of the milk became better.

The sense on her palm also became sharper, the sensation of the hard thing in her grasp was conveyed to her whether she wanted it or not.

「Fufu♥ This sensation has been a long time……」

Kizuna was also feeling unbearable pleasure from the sensation of Reiri’s fingers and palm after so long. The hand that was holding with superb strength control that wasn’t too weak or too strong moved up and down. The transparent liquid that oozed out from the tip increased the smoothness and accelerated the pleasure further.

Kizuna’s pleasure increased in explosive power. His attack to Reiri’s breast also turning more intense in proportion to that. Inside his mouth he rolled the nipple, pecked it with his tongue to tease it, he tested every kind of method to learn how much he could make Reiri felt it while making milk came out.

「Nhkufuuh♥ Ki, Kizuna-, you’re sucking, that desperately……♥AaAAAAH!!」

He felt unbearably happy when Reiri raised such voice of pleasure. He put even more strength into his sucking.

「Hah♥ Aah, i, if you want to let it out…..a♥ anytime is fine okay……」

Reiri too was completely feeling it from getting her breast teased persistently. Her face blushed and she kept letting out a heated sigh with gasping breath.

Looking from her erotic expression that was totally feeling it, he understood that it was Reiri instead who was closer to the climax.

──To think, that it will feel this good, when feeding Kizuna my milk……I, I’m going to come just from my breast…….

But, Kizuna was also rapidly ascending to the climax as though to chase behind Reiri. Perhaps he was excessively excited by his big sister’s hand after so long, he was really close to his limit.

──Ne, Nee-chan!

He unconsciously lifted up his waist.

Reiri guessed his state from there and leaned above Kizuna’s crotch. His mouth quickly caught Kizuna’s thing that was standing hard.

Suddenly Kizuna felt he was enveloped by something hot and sticky. His brain and body reflexively misunderstood, wondering whether he had inserted into Reiri’s femininity itself──in that instant, Kizuna reached the climax in the blink of eye.


Kizuna’s pillar shot out something white hard.

Reiri made a shocked expression with it still inside her mouth.

──A, amazing spurt……besides, the amount too……♥

A great amount of liquid moved into Reiri’s mouth with shocking speed and it flowed into her throat directly. The sensation of it passing through her throat created unbearable pleasure inside Reiri.

MGHxHV14 012 ill.jpg

──A, aa, no, co, coming, me too──!!

Reiri’s waist shook.

She was drinking her little brother’s thing while her body reached the climax.

Reiri’s body was convulsing while she continued to drink the liquid that was let out inside her mouth.

Before long Kizuna finished letting it out. Reiri’s mouth let go and she hovered over Kizuna.

「You let out too much……good grief♥」

The two of them entrusted their body to the pleasant relaxation for a while. Kizuna’s hand took the hair of his big sister who was hanging over him and enjoyed the silky texture.

「……Nee-chan. What in the world happened? Besides, this is……」

It was a magic power impairment attack by exploding a great amount of cores. The effect of that caused dysfunction in you. I made you drank milk because that was the method to revive Genesis.]


──The method to revive Genesis?

「Wait, I don’t get it at all.」

Then Reiri lifted her upper body and looked down on Kizuna with a gentle gaze.

「Eros’s core is the equivalent of Genesis in Lemuria.」


──Eros is?

Kizuna lifted his body and fixed his attire.

「Sorry, it’s a bit……what does that mean……I don’t get it at all.」

Reiri also fixed her appearance and sat down beside Kizuna. They stared at each other. And then, she gently placed her hand on Kizuna’s cheek.

「The core of Heart Hybrid Gera came from Atlantis. Especially when the first AU Collision happened, we recovered the cores that were scattered in this world and used them. However Eros’s core had been in this world over here all this time even before AU Collision.」

──Come to think of it,

Kizuna recalled what he heard from Nayuta before.

『It’s thought that the other cores fell into our world when AU Collision occurred. However, Eros is the only one different. It’s a mysterious object discovered in an island at Mediterranean Sea approximately a hundred years ago. But to all appearances it only looks like modern industrial good or a toy. There wasn’t even any commotion of OOParts discovery and it had been sleeping all that time inside a collector’s warehouse.』

Nayuta at that time overlapped with Reiri in front of him.

「This is just my conjecture but……Thanatos must be intending to experiment with Atlantis and Lemuria as different case. That was why she changed the condition. And then she wanted to see how each world would evolve……surely she never thought that AU Collision would occur and the OOParts of the two worlds would get mixed up.」

「I and Eros are……the Genesis that we were searching……?」

Various thoughts were jumbled up inside Kizuna.

「Eros, isn’t a……Heart Hybrid Gear?」

He couldn’t accept that fact right away.

「No, it’s a Heart Hybrid Gear. But, it uses the power of Genesis. It’s something that you created.」

「……I did?」

「Thinking back, there was many strange things. The first time I felt a question was when you first did Climax Hybrid with Neros.」

In order to defeat Tri-Head, Kizuna did Climax Hybrid with Hayuru for the first time. And then Hayuru obtained Corruption Armament while Kizuna created the sword and fought Aldia.

「I thought it was strange when I saw Eros created the sword at that time. Corruption Armament was loaded inside the gear since the beginning. The only problem was whether the user can pull it out or not. But, Eros is different. It created the weapon of its Climax Hybrid partner one after another.」

「Certainly……but, that is Eros’s power……」

「Yeah. It’s Eros’s ability. But that power clearly surpassed a gear’s limit.」

Kizuna stared at his palm.

──Certainly, Eros inside my body is clearly different from other core. But, if that’s the case,

「……Nee-chan. In the first place it’s strange that Eros can do Heart Hybrid isn’t it?」

「Exactly. Thinking back, it produce life energy, produce material, and improving and altering other gears. That is truly Genesis’s ability. From the beginning we were fighting with its blessing behind us.」

They didn’t notice that at all──Reiri made a self-depreciating smile.

Kizuna put his palm on his face.

「Good grief.」

Strangely a smile came to the surface.

「Even though I thought it was useless, in reality it was a gear with special power……and now from the beginning it actually wasn’t a gear. Then, a man like me can install it is also because of that?」

「That’s right.」

Kizuna suddenly noticed something.

「But how does Nee-chan know about it?」

「Someone taught me.」


Reiri took out her communication terminal from her jacket’s breast pocket and showed the screen to Kizuna.



「Yeah. That computer sent me a mail. There, the information regarding Genesis I mentioned just now and the maintenance method were written. I breast feed you just now was merely following the maintenance procedure.」

「That was……maintenance?」

「That’s right. It seems woman who is installed with core will go through change physically. The liquid that is produced by that body will have the effect to repair Genesis. Breast milk is the liquid with the highest effect even among all of them.」

After that Reiri added looking a bit embarrassed.

「Well, this is a second hand knowledge from that person though.」

「Is that so……Kaa-san was」

Kizuna stood up and fixed his clothes.

「As I thought, she is watching over us even now, surely.」

「You’re right……but it doesn’t mean that all of our problem is resolved.」

Reiri expression returned into a sharp one and she stood up.

「The multinational army’s regular force and heart Hybrid Gear force are approaching Ataraxia. We can deal with the regular force, but it will be the end when the gear force arrives. We have to think of how to deal with them before that.」

「It’s fine.」


「No, it’s not like I have a good idea.」

Kizuna scratched his head with an awkward look.

「But, we have gotten through even worse situations many times until now. Each time Ataraxia, we caused a miracle. That’s why surely this time we’ll also manage somehow.」

Kizuna’s eyes were straightforward. Reiri also grinned seeing that.

「Yeah. I also think so. God and demon both sided with us here. There’s no way we’ll lose.」

Kei’s face suddenly appeared between the two siblings who were staring at each other.

『A, a disaster! Reiri! Come here quickly!!』

Kei’s face that was projected in the floating window was a cornered one. It was rare she was making such expression, but her yell with her actual voice was even rarer. Even for Reiri this was her first time hearing her yelling like that.

The two of them rushed out of the sickbay and got down one floor. They ran into the command room.

「What’s the matter!?」

No one there answered that yell of Reiri.

『Headmaster!? Is that headmaster!?』

For a moment Reiri couldn’t closed her opened mouth.

「Wha……what was that just now? Kei! Did you replay Landred’s voice?」

『No! I’m right here!! You can’t see me though!』

Surprise and confusion filled Reiri’s face.

「What’s going on……」

When she turned her gaze, Aine was reaching out with her hands as though to touch someone unseen.

「Grace! You’re there aren’t you Grace!」

『Nee-sama! Aa……this is like a dream. To think I can hear Nee-sama’s voice again!』

Their figure couldn’t be seen. However Grace’s familiar voice certainly came from the spot where Aine’s hand reached out.

Hayuru was also talking toward empty air like Aine.

「Hyakurath-san!? This is Hayuru! Himekawa Hayuru!」

『Himekawa-san! This is really Himekawa-san’s voice. Are you well?』

「Yes, Hyakurath-san too……are you well?」

『Eh? E, err……well』

Hayuru made a worried expression hearing that inarticulate reply.

「Did something happen?」

『That’s……I was appointed as captain of the royal guard……』

「Tha, that’s……congratulations for your promotion……?」

Kizuna looked around inside the command room.

Inside there was Reiri and Kei, then Aine, Hayuru, Yurishia, Sylvia, and Ragrus. No one else.

However, the voices of Grace, Landred, and Hyakurath were clearly audible. And then, they could also converse properly.

「Kizuna……is that, really……Kizuna?」

「That voice, is that Gravel?」

「Ye, yeah……what a miracle……Kizuna, there is something that I want to tell──no」


「……It’s nothing. Zelcyone, do you also want to say something……」

「Yeah, it’s me……this is Zelcyone. We are……it’s truly great to be able to hear your voice──」

「Ye, yeah……? I’m also happy.」

「I also want that child, to hear this voice……n, no! It’s good if you’re safe.」


While each of them was renewing old friendship, Reiri wracked her brain in order to sort out the situation.

──Is Lemuria and Atlantis getting closer because of some reason?

「Landred. Just what in the world is going on? Is this the work on your side?」

『We are temporarily stopping the function of Genesis over here in order to perform maintenance. However, something like this shouldn’t occur but……perhaps, some kind of abnormal situation related to magic power also happened over there?』

The image of the remodeled Tri-Head exploding revived at the back of Reiri’s head.

「Yeah. An abnormality was caused to magic power due to a great number of cores getting exploded. The effect caused us to fall into a situation where magic armor over here cannot be used.」

『Is that so……most likely due to the timing overlapped coincidentally, it caused both worlds to get closer. At Lemuria’s side it become a situation that is similar to shortage of magic power, while here Genesis’s operation is halted. I think both worlds are being pulled toward each other because of that.』

「Furthermore the Genesis over here is also stopped. What coincidence……」

Reiri pressed her forehead.

『But, there is no need to worry. The Genesis here is starting to restart, and the magic power abnormality over there will surely recover within several hours at best.』

「However, Ataraxia will be attacked by the enemy before that.」

Reiri briefly explained about Ataraxia’s situation.

While she was talking, even though her figure couldn’t be seen, they could feel Grace’s killing intent welling up.

『Damn them! If I can go over there, I will hand down judgment to all of those scoundrels!!』

「Ca, calm down Grace. I’m happy that you feel like that though.」

Aine desperately soothed down the enraged Grace.

The uproarious atmosphere from the Atlantis side was transmitted to this side.

『But……if I remember correctly, a similar accident also occurred in Baldin……』

Her figure couldn’t be seen, but Landred’s worried feeling was conveyed. And then Landred suddenly spoke brightly.

『That’s right! There was a similar precedent before. Please prepare a spare core. If it’s a core in dormant state that hasn’t been installed, it shouldn’t receive the effect of magic power abnormality. If the little brother install it to someone, it should work without problem!』

A ray of hope.

And then despair.

There wasn’t a single usable core in Ataraxia currently.

The cores that they collected from the Dragre were all damaged and couldn’t endure being used.

Kizuna gritted his teeth and endured his frustration.

──Is there no way left?

An air of defeatism was ruling over the command room. It was then.

「No──there is one.」

Reiri said.

「If it’s core then we have one.」

Kizuna’s eyes opened wide.

Everyone present there stiffened with their mouth staying open.

「What did you say!? Is that true, Nee-chan!?」


Aine seemed unable to trust that so suddenly. She stared at Reiri doubtfully.

「I never heard anything like that until now! Why wasn’t it used until now?」

「Aine-san! Right now we should prioritize using that core rather than questioning that!! Commander! Where is that core right now?」

「Uu……tha, that’s, you see」

Yurishia also frowned in suspicion.

「What’s the matter? Also what kind of core is that?」

「Could it be, it’s a core that isn’t really strong desu?」

Reiri averted her gaze from Sylvia’s worried expression.

Her face looked more ashamed rather than troubled. Her cheeks blushed and her gaze was downcast while wandering around.

The hesitant attitude that was unlike his big sister caused Kizuna to be impatient too.

「Nee-chan! Right now we’re in a race against time. Just what is──」

When he pressed her with question like that, Reiri took out a small metal capsule from her pocket.

──The core of Heart Hybrid Gear or its alternate name magic armor.

Reiri handed that core to Kizuna.

「This is……?」

Kizuna was familiar with that core.

The detailed and cute decoration applied on its surface.

It was the order made magic armor that a mother made for her daughter’s sake.

Kizuna showed a shocked expression.

「Nee-chan……this is……」

Several questions inside Kizuna connected to each other at that time.

Recently, she didn’t spend the night with him,

She was paying attention so her body wouldn’t get cold,

Valdy was really nervous about Reiri’s safety,

Reiri proclaimed with a small voice and red face.

「…..It’s, Zecros’s core.」

The command room fell silent.


Kizuna approached Reiri and grabbed her arm.

「Nee-chan. Why, didn’t you say that sooner?」

Reiri couldn’t look directly at Kizuna’s face and averted her gaze.

「That’s……before, if I manage to get pregnant first……I intended to boast but……that, when it actually happened, somehow it got embarrassing……besides──」

Reiri looked up at Kizuna with an anxious gaze.

「When I thought of how you will think……I got worried……」

Kizuna unconsciously held his breath. He had never seen his big sister making that kind of frail face.

She continued shouldering the heavy position as commander while holding such insecure feeling.

He wanted to comfort Reiri.

He wanted to reassure her.

He wanted to convey his gratitude and happiness.

But, he couldn’t find any word that he should say.

All words wouldn’t match Reiri’s feeling──he got such feeling.

He lost his words and couldn’t say anything.

That was why Kizuna,

Hugged Reiri’s body.


He conveyed his feeling of being unable to find any good words through the embrace. He wanted his feeling to be directly transmitted through his arms that were hugging her, from their chests that were pressed on each other.

Kizuna put his passionate feeling, his gratitude, his love, all his feelings into that hug.

Strongly, but gently.

To answer that feeling of her little brother, Reiri also put her hands around Kizuna’s back.

「Yeah……I understand, Kizuna.」

Reiri was the one reassuring Kizuna instead by lightly patting her little brother’s back.

Kizuna let go of Reiri’s body and they stared at each other.

「Nee-chan. There’re a lot of thing that I want to discuss. But right now──」

「I know.」

Reiri answered strongly like that. Her face returned to the face of a commander.

Confident and self assured. The commander of Ataraxia who was feared by countries all over the world as devil.

Kizuna turned toward the members of Amaterasu.

「Everyone! We can still fight!」

Kizuna’s voice that was filled with joy and motivation slid over Aine and others.

「? What’s wrong everyone?」

Aine’s face distorted from the shock she received. She was muttering something incoherently.

「No……no way. The commander beaten me to the punch……this me……even though I’m the first wife……even though I’m the emperor……even though I’m the galaxy ace……」

Aine began to run her mouth incomprehensibly in confusion. It caused Hayuru’s face to twitch.

「A, Aine-san? Please get a hold of yourself.」

「Aren’t you frustrated Hayuru!?」

It made her lashed out.

「O, obviously it’s frustrating! Well……but, if it’s the commander, in a sense……it’s not unreasonable, or rather I can accept it.」

「I can’t accept it here-!!」

Yurishia interrupted the conversation that was running wild.

「Wa, wait a second! There’re various things that I can’t accept but, that core is exclusive for the commander right?」

Aine and Hayuru said ‘ah’ in realization only now.

Yurishia turned her eyes questioningly toward Kizuna.

「In addition, who should be the one installed with that core?」

That question was only natural.


Certainly, it couldn’t be installed into Reiri at her current state.

Kizuna fell into thought. Hayuru also looked downcast seeing him.

「Even though the strongest core managed to be spared……this is like pearls thrown before swine.」

Aine also switched her feeling and yelled toward the unseen Landred.

「Landred! Is there something that can be done!?」

『That’s……we don’t know……forgive us……』

Cold sweat trickled from Kizuna while he desperately thought.

Just one more step.

They could win if they could overcome this.

Landred seemed to be unable to endure the atmosphere that fell silent and muttered.

『E, err……that’s something that Nayuta-san created so……』


A girl’s figure flashed inside Kizuna’s mind.

That’s right.

There is one.

Just one person.

A girl who could possibly succeed this core.

Part 3[edit]

「Err……do you need me for something?」

Setsuna said that while getting off the car.

This was the entrance of Nayuta Lab. Setsuna turned a bewildered expression toward Kizuna who was waiting for her there.

──Just several minutes ago.

There was an announcement for Setsuna who was evacuated to the underground shelter of the primary grade school so that she departed to Nayuta Lab in an emergency. When she followed the teacher who came to call her and went to the entrance, a car from the lab was parked there. The car that came to pick her up ran with normally unthinkable speed and ignored all the traffic lights.

「To forcefully bring me here like this……」

「It’s emergency situation. Ataraxia’s fate is hanging on the line. Come with me.」

Kizuna only said that and turned around to enter inside the lab.

「Eh? Please wait!」

Setsuna didn’t understand what was going on. She chased Kizuna’s back with a face that looked angry.

「I, I’m asking you to wait!」

She followed behind Kizuna and entered an elevator.

When the door closed, it moved to underground.

「Setsuna, Ataraxia is in a pinch.」


「The multinational army is sending a large force to attack Ataraxia. They’ll arrive in two more hours.」

Setsuna gulped. Her widely opened eyes were shakened up.

「The enemy won’t just use conventional weapons. There is also the Heart Hybrid Gear force of Europe. It will be the end of us if they arrive.」

「Bu, but, with Amaterasu and Masters here……」

「Due to the enemy’s strategy, all of Ataraxia’s Heart Hybrid Gear cannot be used. At this rate there will be a lot of victims and Ataraxia will fall.」

「No way……」

The elevator’s door opened with an electronic sound.

They arrived at what seemed like an experiment room. The ceiling was high and the space was so wide it felt like a car could drive around here. A white container was placed there alone.

Setsuna got out of the elevator hesitantly and stared at that container.

「What is……that?」

「That’s Love Room.」

Setsuna still didn’t understand even if she was told that. She tilted her head slightly.

「Love, Room? It’s a cute name but……this isn’t the time to do something like──」

The thick hatch that was like a safe opened and Kizuna entered inside.

Setsuna passed through the hatch warily.

「The inside isn’t too cute……」

It was an empty room that was completely white with only a single bed.

「This is the mid-range mobile tactical supply room that was developed at the beginning. Its nickname is Love Room.」

Kizuna touched the wall in nostalgia.

「This is the only one that can be used right away. The more modern version it is, the more time it will take to activate it and it will also take effort to adjust it.」

「Stop screwing around! Right now Ataraxia is in a pinch isn’t it!? We should intercept the enemy quickly or something……」

Setsuna was anxious.

The talk that she heard from Kizuna was too terrifying. She thought that they had to do something, but she couldn’t think of anything concrete. What she could think of was only something like wearing technical gear and pulling the gun’s trigger.

「There is a way.」

「The, then, there isn’t any time to talk with me! Please do that right away! Please save everyone, save my friends!」

Kizuna took out a small metal capsule from his pocket.

「That is?」

「This is a Heart Hybrid Gear’s core.」

Setsuna opened her eyes wide.


The silver core was reflected on the golden eyes that shined in curiosity.

「It’s my first time seeing it……it’s pretty……」

「This is the core that Nee-chan used until now.」

‘Eh’, Setsuna raised her voice.

「Then, this is Zecros’s……? But, why is it here……」

「I’ll install it into you.」

Setsuna stared at Kizuna with a puzzled face──m

A scream gushed out of her three seconds later.


「It’s natural that you’re surprised. But, there isn’t any other way.」

「Wh, wh, why why is that!? I, I’m still in primary school, I don’t have such qualification at all──」

Kizuna was calm in contrast with the flustered Setsuna.

「This is an exclusive core that Kaa-san created for Nee-chan’s sake. It won’t be able to display its actual capability even if it’s installed at anyone other than Nee-chan.」

「Exclusive……then, that’s even more……」

「But, Setsuna. It’s different if it’s you.」


「Setsuna’s body is something inherited from our Kaa-san. Kaa-san and Nee-chan’s Heart Hybrid Gear aptitude and biological analysis are very close. The one with the best aptitude for Zecros’s core is you Setsuna.」

「Bu, but……there is Onee-chan herself here.」

「Nee-chan is……there is a reason why it can’t be installed in here right now.」


「Besides the drop in attitude will be amended by your special power. With your power that turn even technical gear into magic armor, Zecros should be adjusted to match your body.」


Setsuna’s expression clouded.

「I……don’t want that.」


「I’m human. A human, can’t do something like that. That’s why I mustn’t do that.」

Setsuna looked down and her shoulders shrunk. She curled into herself as though she wanted to vanish.


Kizuna put his hand on Setsuna’s shoulder to pep her up.

「Setsuna, you’re piling up your worry inside yourself too much.」

「Because……it’s not something to talk with other people……」

「It’s fine if it’s with family right?」


Setsuna lifted her face like a withered flower that recovered its vitality.

Kizuna put his hands around Setsuna’s back and gently hugged her.

「That’s why say it without reservation. What does Setsuna want to do? What do you want?」


Tears gathered on Setsuna’s eyes.

「I, want to be a normal human. The same like, Onii-chan, and Onee-chan. Then, I’m not, god or anything, but a normal……」

「I see……is there anything else?」

「I want to be useful to everyone. I don’t want to be told that I’m unneeded.」

「Aah. And?」

「I don’t want to be given special treatment, just because I’m not normal.」

「Got it. Is there other?」

「I want……to be treated, specially……」


Setsuna pressed her forehead on Kizuna’s chest.

「Because……I’m your little sister. I’m different, from other children, I’m special……」

Kizuna gently patted Setsuna’s back to reassure her.

「I want to be your true little sister……」

He kept embracing Setsuna like that for a while. They both felt each other’s warmth and ascertained the feel of each other’s body once more.

「Hey, Setsuna. If there is a human who can lift up one ton, is that person not a human?」

Setsuna looked up at Kizuna with a puzzled face, wondering what he was saying so suddenly.

「That’s……if I have to say which then that person is superhuman……perhaps?」

「Right. But, that person might be called monster if he killed someone with that strength.」

Setsuna’s body jerked.

「Setsuna’s power is also something like that. You’re superhuman for those who sought that power. Perhaps it’s even the power of god. But for people who are opposing you, you’re monster with the power of demon.」

「……Will I become, demon to people outside Ataraxia?」

「However, if you use that power than you can save Ataraxia, and even the world outside it.」


「The whole world is targeting the technology in Ataraxia’s possession. Because if they have the other world knowledge and technology that we have, they will be able to get ahead of other countries. They will be able to use that technology to create even better mass murder weapon. That’s the path of ruin that was once reached by Thanatos’s world. We’re also going to walk toward such future.」

Setsuna imagined that future and trembled in fear.

「That’s why our battle is not just to protect Ataraxia. We fight in order to protect this world’s future. And now we’re leaning toward that future of destruction.」

Kizuna let go of her body and crouched in front Setsuna.


「Right now we don’t have any way to fight. You’re our last hope.」

Setsuna stared at the face of her big brother in front of her.

Did she ever stare straight into her brother’s eyes like this before?

They were eyes that were really pretty, unclouded, and without any lies.

「Does that mean……I am being needed?」

「Everyone in Ataraxia need you.」

「……Onii-chan too?」

「Of course.」

「Then……can I, ask for one thing?」

Kizuna smiled.

「Say anything. It can be cute clothes or tasty sweets, or anything.」

Setsuna chuckled in amusement.

「It’s not anything like that. Can……」

Setsuna’s cheeks reddened and she spoke in whisper.

「Can Onii-chan, make me……into your true little sister?」

Kizuna hugged Setsuna once more.

This time Setsuna also reached out and hugged Kizuna’s neck.

Kizuna spoke with a happy voice.

「You’re my true little sister from the start.」

Setsuna responded with a tearful voice.

「Please don’t say……things just to console me.」

The two of them kept hugging like that and after a while Kizuna suddenly started talking.

「Setsuna, how about you leave the dorm and live together with me?」


「Together with Nee-chan too. Let’s live together as family.」


The hands around Kizuna’s neck hugged harder. Tears spilled out from Setsuna’s eyes, wetting Kizuna’s neck.

「Setsuna, will you receive Zecros’s core?」

「Yes……with pleasure.」

Setsuna let go of him and wiped her tears.

Kizuna stood up and went to the control panel on the wall. And then he pushed several buttons. The result surprised Setsuna.


The bleak white room changed into a beautiful green forest.

「Thi, this is……?」

The small stream flowing nearby. The refreshing smell of woods. The sensation of wind that caressed their cheeks and made their hair fluttered. Everything was genuine.

「I, instant, teleportation?」

「No. It work directly to human’s brain to make them have simulated experience with their sight, hearing, smell, and even their touch. That’s Love Room’s function.」

When Kizuna moved his finger, the scenery changed into a beautiful sandy beach in the evening.

Setsuna’s eyes sparkled.


And then this time it was a splendid bedroom like in a palce.

「Amazing! It’s amazing, Onii-chan!」

Setsuna acted excitedly in high spirits. She looked like an extremely normal girl like that.

Setsuna ascertained the bed’s texture with her hand. Kizuna showed her Zecros’s core.

The trump card that was succeeded from the mother to the big sister, and then from the big sister to the little sister.

「But, how to do the install?」

「This will be inserted into Setsuna’s body.」

Setsuna frowned with a troubled look.

「It feels a bit impossible to swallow it though……」

「Aa……about that. It will be inserted from below.」

Setsuna’s face reddened.

「Do, don’t tell me……from the bu──」

「It’s close but a bit wrong.」

Setsuna let out a sigh of relieve, but she then showed a worried face again.

──How should I explain this?

「Fi, first let’s prepare. I’ll take off your clothes.」

Setsuna hugged her body with a bright red face.

「We, we’re going to do indecent thing like that!?」

「E, ee……well」

Setsuna gulped and made a meek expression.

「Do, don’t tell me……Onii-chan and Onee-chan also……」

Kizuna’s heart jumped in fright.

「Do things like ki, kissing or something-!?」


Kizuna was beaten up once more by the sinfulness of what he was going to do.

「Yo, you two really did something like that!」


Setsuna’s eyes were swirling while she hit the bed with her hand.

「Wha, wha, what are you going to do if a baby is created-!?」

──I’m sorry. A baby is already created.

He couldn’t say that.

Kizuna sat down on the bed beside Setsuna and hugged her shoulder to calm her anger.

「Onii-chan cannot kiss with Setsuna?」


Setsuna went bright red until her ears. She entwined her fingers together with a troubled look.

「That, that’s, troubling……I, it’s still, too early for me, but……」

After a while, she was muttering to herself while feeling conflicted.

「Uuu……bu, but, if Onee-chan is also doing it then, even I……but, what to do if a baby is created……」

「Let me tell you just in case but, a baby won’t be made with just a kiss you know?」

「Eh? I, is that so? The, then……I, it might be fine.」

Her cheeks blushed and she answered shyly.

「Setsuna is really a good child.」

When Kizuna caressed her head, Setsuna narrowed her eyes happily.

「Tha, that’s……♪」

「Then, close your eyes.」


Kizuna slightly lifted up Setsuna’s face. He brought his lips toward Setsuna’s face that was filled with nervousness.

Kizuna’s lips touched Setsuna’s small lips.


Setsuna’s body stiffened completely. Kizuna pulled Setsuna toward him while keeping their lips locked.


Setsuna let out a sweet moan and opened her eyes slightly. Golden particles were flowing in her eyes.

Kizuna who was secretly observing her was surprised inside his heart.

──Sign of Heart Hybrid just from this?

Kizuna separated their lips.

「Setsuna, are you alright?」

「……He? Yes……I’m, fine.」

Her expression was changing into an intoxicated look just from a kiss.

Her cheeks blushed, her eyes moistened with pleasure, and a lewd smile was tugged on her lips.

It wasn’t an expression that a primary grade student should make.

──Even though she isn’t even installed with a core……this reaction. Is this the influence of Thanatos’s power?

However if it was like this they might be able to do the install without much trouble. It encouraged Kizuna.

──Though I say that……won’t she just got ticklish when I touch her body?

He touched Setsuna’s flat chest while holding such concern.


She properly returned an adorable moan.

Kizuna started taking off the uniform Setsuna was wearing. Setsuna whose mind seemed to be hazy not only didn’t resist, she even allowed him obediently.

When he put his hand inside her slip, Kizuna smiled at her.

「Come on, Setsuna. Say banzai.」


He slowly pulled up her slip from both her hands that she raised. Kizuna reached to the simple panty that only had a small ribbon attached on its front. And then he slowly pulled it down and took it off from both her legs.

Setsuna lied down on the bed without a single string covering her body.

She was obviously even more immature compared to Sylvia. Kizuna felt guilt, even so his hand crawled on her flat chest.


A gasping voice slipped out.

Kizuna used his other hand to caress her stomach to her abdomen, and then her thigh to check her reaction.


Although her reaction was somewhat dull, she was fully feeling it.

Kizuna also took off his jacket and took Zecros’s core into his hand.

「Setsuna, I’ll insert the core into you now.」


Setsuna stared at the core with an intoxicated face. And then her hand reached toward the core.


Setsuna held the core between her fingers and muttered.

「But, it has Onee-chan’s color……」


Setsuna’s small tongue stretched out and gave a lick at the core.


Pleasure ran through between Kizuna’s legs.

Setsuna began to lick the core passionately without even knowing his condition.


The core that glistened with saliva was changing into golden color.

──This is?

Setsuna held the core with both hands like it was a treasure and licked it single-mindedly. The part where her tongue passed up and down was changing into golden color.

「Zecros’s white core is……changing into gold?」

Setsuna’s mouth went away from the core for a moment and she stared fixedly at it. She confirmed that half of the core was changing into golden and smiled happily.

──Don’t tell me, she is customizing the core to suit her?

「Just a bit more♡」

And then she put even more strength into her tongue and began licking.

That stimulation was fully conveyed to Kizuna’s thing that was synchronized with it.


When the core’s color completely changed to gold, change also appeared at its shape.

Setsuna looked up to Kizuna.

「Onii-chan, somehow its shape became strange……」

The synchronized core was changing into the same shape like Kizuna.

「Tha, that’s, how it is. You don’t need to mind it.」

「Is that so……it’s a strange shape that I’ve never seen before.」

She grabbed the longer core with both her hands. Setsuna then opened her mouth wide and held the tip inside her mouth.

「Nnu……nh, nnh……」

An immoral pleasure assaulted Kizuna. That pleasure was sending even more blood into Kizuna’s thing.

Setsuna frowned with a distressed look. She couldn’t endure and her mouth let go.

「Nnh! Haa……haa, geez, it’s gradually getting bigger……I can, put it inside my mouth……」

Kizuna gently caressed the head of Kizuna who was breathing hard.

「It’s enough.」

Kizuna took the completely changed core from Setsuna’s hand.

「Setsuna, spread your legs.」


Kizuna placed the core between the legs that she opened obediently.


──Is this really okay?

It’s too big no matter how he looked at it.

However a core wouldn’t injure the body. It should be fine based on his experience until now.


Kizuna put strength into his arm and pushed the core’s tip into Setsuna’s small entrance.


「Does it hurt?」

Kizuna looked at her worriedly. Setsuna shook her ecstatic face left and right.

「No……but, it’s a weird feeling……nh♡」

Kizuna spread open the narrow slit with the core further. The thickest part opened Setsuna’s entrance fully.

MGHxHV14 013 ill.jpg

「AaAHN! Wha, what? This-……my body, it’s tearing……and yet……an♡」

Kizuna resolutely pushed deeper without a pause.

「It feels like, inside my body, a large stake is, going in……O, Onii-chan-, I-, I’m scared.」

Her hand reached out toward Kizuna. He immediately grasped it.

「It’s alright! No need to worry. I’m with you here!」

「Haa, O, Onii-chan-♡」

Tears floated on the golden eyes.

The pink lips that leaked out pained breathing were opened in desire.

Kizuna kissed Setsuna one more time.

And then he slipped his tongue inside.


Their tongues touched each other. Their saliva mixed.

Golden light overflowed from Setsuna’s body at that instant.

Sparkling particles were dancing around the two.

Golden lines ran around all over Setsuna’s body from her stomach. Each time that happened, Zecros’s core was connecting with Setsuna’s body.

Setsuna’s body jumped.

Her back bent backward as far as it could.

Tears flowed from her opened eyes. Scream of joy flowed into Kizuna’s mouth.

Despite her immature body, Setsuna reached the climax.

Her small body was trembling.

Her toes clenched on the sheet.

Her whole body was expressing happiness.

When Kizuna’s lips left, she let out a coquettish voice with all her strength even with her childish body.


Part 4[edit]

The fleet of the multinational army had approached until a range where they could sight Ataraxia.

Furthermore a hundred kilometer behind them, the transport plane that was boarded by Europe’s Heart Hybrid Gear force Valkyrie was heading toward Ataraxia with subsonic speed.

「Noow then, we’re going to get off the slow taxi and rush off soon!」

After Christelle said that, the thirty squad members all stood up from their seat.

「Elfriede. How is the situation over there?」

Using the long range detection ability of Dagura, Elfriede checked the unmanned aircraft force that was going ahead.

「The unmanned aircraft force is ten kilometer in front of Ataraxia. They will start attacking soon.」

「No good-! We’re late. Let’s go!」

Christelle flew out before the rear hatch was fully opened. Following her the squad members threw themselves to the sky one after another.

The members of Valkyrie immediately increased their thruster output when they flew in the air and overtook the transport jet aircraft.

They avoided the cloud and lowered their altitude. There they could see the fleet on the sea.

「Hee, this is really a great view!」

Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and Aegis-class cruiser, destroyer and amphibious assault ship, etc, etc. There were dozens of them in total. It was astounding that they could gather this much force.

Thinking of the military vessels that were lost in the AU Collision War, it would make one think that perhaps all the existing battleships in the world had been gathered here.

Above them, Christelle flew past them with a condescending smile.

「Every last one of them is being greedy.」

「You’re saying that?」

Elfriede who caught up to her immediately retorted.

「Fufuh, can you say that about other?」

Christelle stared back at Elfriede with a smile as though she was seeing through her.

「What do you mean by that?」


「……I won’t allow France to monopolize this.」

「Ahahahahaha, that’s not it! Elfriede!」

Christelle winked.

「It won’t be by France. It will be me!」

She accelerated right after she finished saying that.

「Ahahahahaaa, I’ll be the first one!! Get out of my way drones!!」

Christelle was about to overtake the unmanned aircraft’s formation, it was then──,


The unmanned aircrafts exploded all at once.


Christelle rapidly brake at the spot.

The other members also stopped rushing and stared toward the flowers of flame blooming in the sky with dumbfounded look. A belt of flame was formed in the sky, cutting through the sky in a horizontal line. That flame and aircraft fragments fell toward the sea.

「What in, the world……Elfriede!!」

Elfriede responded to Christelle’s voice and started to search for the enemy.

「From where……」

She searched for the enemy while sweating coldly.

At that time, an immense magic power reaction was detected from the sky above.


When she thought that, a light ran from above to the sea behind them.

It was like the god’s lightning.

Elfriede immediately turned around.

「──The fleet-!?」

There wasn’t even any time to give warning.

Even if her warning actually reached, there would be no way to defend anyway.

A terrifyingly gigantic and long sword of light cut apart the fleet. Several destroyers had their bow cut off skillfully and they were tilting due to the water flooding in.

The fleet’s movement stopped and began to rescue the sinking ships.


Christelle looked up to the sky.

Light shined down from between the clouds.

Within that light, a winged girl with a sword in her right hand swooped down.


That armor was familiar. But, the size was completely different.


That was undoubtedly Hida Reiri’s Zecros.

However, no matter how she saw it, the wearer was a girl around the age of primary grade.

Christelle glared with a grim face.

──Who? This child?

She was a girl with golden hair and golden eyes with godly beauty.

Even Zecros fit that girl really well as though it was made for her. The lovely design combined with the girl’s beautiful figure made her looked exactly like an angel from heaven.

That girl opened her pink lips.

「I am Hida Setsuna. The little sister of Hida Reiri and Kizuna!」

「Little sister……you say?」

There was no information that Reiri and Kizuna had little sister. Was the information mistaken, or was it fake?

──No, that doesn’t matter.

「How surprising. To think there’s still a gaer that can move. Furthermore, that’s Zecros isn’t it?」

「So, so what about it」


Christelle immediately saw through Setsuna’s discomposed appearance.

「For a young lady like you to come out, perhaps you’re the only one who can move. Am I wrong?」

Setsuna groaned ‘uu’ and lost her words. Cold sweat was trickling down her cheek.

Christelle snickered inside her heart.

Certainly the power that destroyed the unmanned aircrafts and fleet was terrific. However they were likely against an amateur with no real battle experience. In that case──,

「Disperse! B!!」

Christelle decided a formation pattern and grabbed one of the swords floating beside her. She sent the other one to rush at Setsuna.


A shield was immediately formed on Setsuna’s left hand. That shield deflected the sword.

However the attack didn’t stop there. The scattered members surrounded Setsuna and began bombarding her.


Setsuna spread the wings on her back and attempted to retreat.

「Don’t let her get away!」

Two members stood on the way of Setsuna due to Christelle’s instruction.


Setsuna raised her voice in panic.

──What now!?

She recalled Kizuna’s words at that time.

『Your power is amazing. Compared to that power, your technique is low because you have only begun training. That’s why don’t think too much. Just push through with brute force.』


Setsuna’s wings opened and she accelerated drastically. The members of Valkyrie lost sight of her.


When they noticed, one already got sent flying by Setsuna who charged at them with her shield still raised.

It was just a tackle.

However the gear of the member was smashed and she became unable to fight.

「What power!! Surround her and attack her together!」

The members surrounding Setsuna fired simultaneously while keeping distance from her.

「I have no technique and tactic.」

Setsuna’s sword shined gold.

「But, I can at least swing my sword faster than anyone-!!」

Setsuna cut the particle cannon’s bullets heading at her.


The bullets coming at her from all directions were deflected by shield or cut by sword.

It wasn’t a technique that human was capable of doing.

A shiver ran through Christelle’s body.

──Is this child, human?

Setsuna’s eyes shined gold.


Golden light stretched out from the sword she swung. The trace of the sword attacked the Valkyrie members like a large caliber particle beam.

「Wha-, what!?」


Even if they dodged, their gear as destroyed just from the beam grazing near them. The golden light impacted the sea after that like god’s lightning. The sea was split into two.

Cold sweat trickled down Christelle’s forehead.

「So that was what destroyed the aircrafts and ships in one attack……」

The Valkyrie members were made unable to fight one after another and left the frontline. The force’s number was already reduced until half.

Setsuna smiled.

──I did it. I can win! I can protect everyone! I can also be useful!

The moment she thought that,

She felt a severe impact on her back.


Her body pitched forward.


When she turned around while getting thrown forward, she sensed that there was an enemy aiming a rifle from far away at her.

──Just one person, from that far!?

「Nice job! Elfriede!!」

Christelle didn’t let go of that opening. She attacked Setsuna followed by two swords.

「I, I won’t lose!」

──Because, if I lose, everyone in Ataraxia will…!

She swung her sword in panic and drew golden lines.

However Christelle displayed a surprising maneuverability and dodged all the lines.

──No way!?

Christelle’s sword was thrust toward Setsuna’s neck.

「This is checkmate, little miss.」


MGHxHV14 014 ill.jpg

Tears spilled from Setsuna’s eyes.

「You’re really something. We almost got annihilated. Well, I have various things to ask you, but that’s for later.」

Christelle gave an order without taking off her gaze from Setsuna.

「Everyone reorganize the formation! Also restrain this child.」


Two members grabbed Setsuna’s arms and twisted them up.

「O-! Ouch!」

A member who grabbed Setsuna’s arm brought her face closer to Setsuna and threatened her.

「Shut up! We can’t let our guard down against you brat. Perhaps I should dislocate your arm too!」


Seeing Setsuna’s body shivering in fear, the other member showed a sadistic smile.

「Even though you’re just a brat you only have power going for you. As expected perhaps we should break your bones.」

She joyfully muttered and put more strength to the arm that she twisted.


The two who were restraining both her arms exploded in laughter hearing that scream.

「Ahahahahahahah!! Yo, you heard that?」

「O, O, Onii-chaaan she said! What a joke!!」

Those two got their shoulder tapped.


When they turned around, a man was there.

「Take off your hands from my little sister.」


It was a man wearing black armor.

A thought that they had seen this man before crossed their mind. The next instant they shrieked.


The two let go of Setsuna’s hands and flew back from Kizuna. Setsuna felt relieved and stared at her brother’s face right in front of her.

「O, Onii……chan?」

Kizuna hugged Setsuna.

「You really worked hard. Good job, Setsuna.」

「O, Onii-chaaaann!!」

Setsuna hugged Kizuna tearfully.

The two who threatened Setsuna just now were staring at Kizuna in incomprehension.

「Wh, why……since when……」

「That man, where the hell he appeared from……」

Steel claws stabbed the stomach of the two who were muttering with shrill voice.


Two arms suddenly grew from empty air.

Christelle’s face distorted seeing those hands.

「Ataraxia’s death god……」

Kizuna’s back flickered and a slender beautiful girl appeared.

「You were a big help, Valdy.」

「……I’m only following Reiri-sama and Kizuna-sama’s command.」

Kizuna gently caressed the back of Setsuna who he held on his chest.

「Valdy, it’s fine already here. Protect Nee-chan for me. Absolutely don’t let her get hurt.」

「I’ll protect her even at the cost of my life.」

Valdy left those words behind and vanished.

Kizuna let go of Setsuna and sent a sharp glare at Christelle.

Christelle received that gaze right from the front and showed a bold smile.

「I see. So the magic power abnormality already ended……uunfortunate. Even though the suppression would be over already without that child here.」

「Your strategy failed. Retreat.」

「Guess so……what to do I wonder……we’ve come this far already……」

Christelle was waiting for Elfriede’s sniping.

──German and British people can’t be trusted but……that girl’s skill can be trusted.

In fact, Elfriede was aiming at Kizuna.

Relying on her gear’s distant sensing ability, she was in the middle of calculating the revised value of the environment. However it was finished in less than several seconds.

──I can hit.

Her finger touched the trigger.


The gun barrel vanished before her finger could pull the trigger.


The length became half, the tip was melting and turning red.

──I was fired at!? From here!?

Elfriede searched for the enemy but she couldn’t find one anywhere. When she widened the range of her detection, she reached until Ataraxia.


Above Ataraxia’s protective wall, a pointlessly gorgeous woman was standing.

Her beautiful blonde hair was fluttering. She was wearing a blue Heart Hybrid Gear.


Cold sweat formed on Elfriede’s forehead.

That person was……at the AU Collision War, at the time when they still could only barely defeat a single magic weapon in group, she was the world’s strongest that defeated 300 by herself…….

Yurishia threw a kiss as though she was aware Elfriede was peering at her.

Seeing that, Elfriede smiled wryly in spite of herself. And then she opened a communication line with Christelle.

「Sorry Christelle. Please take care of the rest on your own.」

After she cut off the communication, she suddenly tilted her head.

──What is the meaning of 『Kizuna’s Love Slave』 written on the world’s strongest’s stomach?

On the other side, the communication that suddenly came from Elfriede made Christelle grimaced.

「Aaaah geez! We’re doing this you all!!」

Christelle sent the swords at her left and right flying toward Kizuna.

However they were struck down easily midway.


It was the same flying swords like Christelle that struck hers down.

「I won’t let you lay a hand on Kizuna-kun!」

A black haired girl was standing on her way with sword in hand.

Christelle kicked on the air and ran through the sky toward that girl. She picked up the two swords that were deflected with both her hands and slashed without pause.

「Oh yeah! But there’s no way I’ll lose in sword!」

「I accept the challenge!」

The two’s swords scattered sparks.

Christelle swung her sword through. Right hand, and then left hand, the two swords continuously attacked. She rotated her body and slashed elegantly like a dance.

The opponent was toyed by that sword speed and the movement that took her by surprise.

──Strong, but!

The black haired girl blocked and parried those swords and also rotated to match the opponent. They attempted to kill each other looking like they were in a Waltz dance.

──She is still far below Hyakurath-san.


The black haired girl bellowed, and then connected a slash in a speed that human’s eye couldn’t follow. It wasn’t swinging around a sword single-mindedly like Setsuna, it was a technique that was built on long diligent study and training.

Christelle’s sword was deflected away. She stared at the black haired girl in red armor with disbelieving eye.

「This is a joke right……」

「Please withdraw. I dislike killing in vain.」

「What the hell are you!? JK!? Cheat!? Or sword saint!?」

The black haired girl was at a loss of words at Christelle’s desperate questions. And then──,

「Tha, that’s right! I, I’m, the sword saint──Himekawa Hayuru!!」

Her cheeks flushed bright red after she said that.

──Aah, I got carried away. I said it! I said it! It’s embarrassing!!

For some reason right now she wanted to apologize to the dear friend she missed.

Kizuna smiled seeing that situation.

──The match is decided.

However a communication came from Reiri at that time.

『Kizuna, the amphibious assault ships are still heading toward Ataraxia. Deal with them.』


Kizuna replied to Reiri and immediately gave an instruction.

「Sylvia! Ragrus!」

The two large frames that were standing at the edge of Ataraxia like gatekeeper moved out.

「Roger desu! Ragrus-chan!!」

「Sylvia! First let’s start from the one at the front!!」

Ragrus replied with her face wearing a visor so that her face wouldn’t be exposed. Demon clung on the starboard without paying attention to the amphibious assault ship’s bombardment. And then Sylvia’s Taros also lined up beside her.

「「Onee two!!」

The huge fists were lifted up. Demon and Taros’s terrifyingly powerful arms slammed on the ship’s side. A loud sound like a bell resounded and a large hole was gouged open. A lot of sea water flooded inside from there. The ship that was longer than 200 meter started to tilt.

「Now, if you don’t want to drown then run away quickly!! Then let’s go to the next one!」

「Roger desu!」

Christelle sent a communication to the fleet commander.

「Wait! Just retreat already! We’re just going to bleed fighting force like this!!」

However the chain of command was in chaos and couldn’t control the situation. Christelle grimaced.

「Ah!? Idiot!!」

She spontaneously yelled seeing the information displayed on the window. A nuclear submarine was rising to the surface far away from the fleet.

When she turned around, several lines of smoke were rising toward the sky from the other side of the horizon.

──Nuclear warhead missile!!

Christelle clicked her tongue.

「You’re going to annihilate it if it won’t become yours!? Or rather, we’re going to get hit too like this!!」

Christelle immediately judged the situation.

All Amaterasu members were here. Members of Masters weren’t seen might be because they were protecting Ataraxia. Would it be possible to shot down the missiles with Masters’ bombardment without making it detonated?

──No. That’s impossible. It might be possible if it’s the past nuclear warhead, but that type will activate the detonator on the spot even if it got shot down and explode.


「To think we’ll also get sacrificed along…..」

Christelle smiled bitterly.

At that time she saw a silver haired girl heading here from Ataraxia.


Kizuna responded with a smile toward that voice.

「Aine! I’ve been waiting.」

The girl rushed through the sky toward the other party like a pair of reunited lovers.

Kizuna spread his arms and welcomed Aine.

「Kischarge Hybrid!!」

The two exchanged a passionate embrace and kissed.

Christelle couldn’t close her opened mouth seeing the sudden kiss.

──These two, what in the world are they doing? This isn’t the time for doing love scene……!?

The two’s body shined radiantly.

It was a sublime light as though it was blessing the two’s love.

That light burst and vanished. The two’s figures weren’t there anymore.

In exchange she could see blue and pink lights rising to the sky far away while leaving a trail of light.

「……What’s, that……」

The two lights were heading to the airborne missiles.

──Don’t tell me, they plan to strike down the missiles with their hand!?

The nuclear missiles were arcing down and almost arrived at above Ataraxia.

There was no way they would make it in time no matter how she saw it.

Even if they caught up, what would they do then?

The two flying toward the missiles received the data of its inner structure from Ataraxia. The warhead attached on the missile’s tip, the one at the forefront was shining red. The moment Kizuna saw the data, he understood the intention of that data.

「Aine! We’ll crush the warhead! The detonator can be destroyed!」

「Leave it to me!!」

Aine accelerated faster. And then she overtook the missiles.


She rotated with a somersault roll and crushed the missile’s head with axe kick. The missile with its detonator destroyed couldn’t implode the plutonium anymore. The tip of the missile was greatly distorted and its trajectory was diverted to fall into the sea.


Kizuna also struck a missile’s tip with his fist. The warhead was greatly dented and it veered away from Ataraxia as though it lost its target.

Aine and Kizuna struck down the missiles one after another with their punch and kick. Not one of the ten odd nuclear missiles explode and all vanished from the sky.

The face of Christelle who was watching that formed a twitching smile.

「That’s too monstrous…….」

「Christelle, let’s retreat.」

Elfriede arrived holding a rifle with half its barrel melted.


Christelle stared fixedly on Elfriede’s face.

「What’s the matter? Give the instruction al──」

Suddenly Christelle drew near to Elfriede’s face──and stole her lips.


Christelle parted away while Elfriede stiffened.

「Wha……wha, wha wha……」

Christelle tilted her head ignoring Elfriede whose face blushed red and eyes darting around.

「Hmmm, there isn’t any particular change……everyone retreat!!」

「What was that-!? Just now-!!」

Elfriede was looking deranged, as though her usual calmness was a lie.

「It doesn’t matter, we’re going. You’ll be left behind if you dawdle!」

Valkyrie members distanced themselves from Ataraxia following Christelle’s order.

After rescuing the crews from the sinking ships, the fleet also left toward the horizon.

And then peace returned to Ataraxia.

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