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Chapter 2 – The First Mission[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Kizuna awoke after being unable to sleep well.

His body was heavy.

After all, yesterday was completely wretched for him.

“My fatigue, is still not going away……yy-!?”

“To wake up even later than this me, there is a degree even if you want to slack off.”

About 30 cm in front of his eyes, there were red eyes staring at him.

It was Chidorigafuchi Aine in her uniform appearance, she was lying on her belly above the futon.

“Yo, you! Why are you here!?”

“I have come for yobai.” [1]

“This is morning!”

“Isn’t yobai called as an early-morning attack?”

“No, it feels like that, but it’s different somehow!”

When Aine tilted her head, her silver hair smoothly flowed down on his chest. A nice smell gently drifted in the air. Even through the futon, he could feel the breasts of Aine which were full with the sense of weight.

Putting aside the yobai, she might be really serious in her early-morning attack statement. After all, yesterday her half-naked body was touched around, her naked breast was rubbed, and the whole particulars of it were screened in front of the whole student body. Looking from her point of view, she would surely feel embarrassed.

“Then how are you feeling I wonder? Feel excited?”


“So you cannot even say any word. I wonder if far from being excited, you are now already becoming an animal in mating season instead?”

“I’m not! Rather, a human won’t have anything like that!”

Just what was going on with this girl? Wasn’t she coming here for her retaliation on him?

“How strange. According to my material, an erotic event should occur when a girl comes to wake up a boy in the morning though.”

“What kind of material is that! It’s fine already, just move away. I’m already awake.”

Looking at the clock beside the pillow, the time was already 8 o’clock. Although the dormitory and the high school building were near, he wanted to go to school with some time left because this was his first day.

This place was Ataraxia’s student dormitory.

After the commotion yesterday, he was forcefully taken away somewhere. He didn’t bring a single thing from his residence in Tokyo float, but this dormitory had already provided the full set of furniture for the resident, so he was not inconvenienced at all. Home appliances like television and audio were completely provided here that he had no complaint about it, and the furniture and equipment were so splendid that he wanted to doubt whether this place was a high class hotel.

Most of all, not all the rooms were splendid like this. Only members of Amaterasu who possessed Heart Hybrid Gear were treated specially like this, so he heard.

When Aine stood up from the bed, she ripped off the futon from Kizuna.

“Wa-! Don’t pull it off so suddenly!”

Ignoring Kizuna’s words, Aine was glaring at Kizuna with a grim look.

“Then should we begin?”

Hearing those words, he felt a pressure that was nearly a killing intent.

‘Do, don’t tell me…… as expected, she is coming for me?’

“Wha, what is it?”

“Of course, it’s for activity of love. With the flow until now, the love between you and me should be heated up enough correct?”

Aine took off her jacket and threw it away.

“Nothing is heating up for even a millimeter. Rather I’m shrinking here from terror.”

“You are really noisy about every little thing. It’s fine already so let’s just do it quickly.”

Aine grasped the collar of Kizuna’s sleepwear and took it off with a force that almost tore off the front button.

Kizuna’s collarbone until his stomach became exposed.

“Uwaaaaaa…… a……?”

Aine froze while still grasping the sleepwear. She was staring fixedly at Kizuna’s upper body without averting her eyes. Her cheeks were also slightly colored red.

“……No, now! Quickly do Heart Hybrid with me!”

“Wa, wait! Just wait a second, why are you rushing this much!”

At that time, the door was knocked.

“Hida-kun? If you don’t wake up soon, you will be late to the homeroom you know?”

That voice was, Himekawa Hayuru.

It would be terrible if she found him in this kind of situation.

“It was inexcusable for me to be angry yesterday with you without giving you the chance to explain yourself. Perhaps you also have your own circumstances…… excuse me, are you there?”

‘Uwaaaa! What, what to do!? But, there is nothing that I can do!’

He could do nothing but pray so that Himekawa would leave just like that!

“By any chance, if you are still sleeping then I have to wake you up…… then excuse me.”

Just limited to this situation he was being really troubled from that kind heart!

“Ara? You are he…… re, are……”

Himekawa’s eyes could see nothing except Kizuna whose upper body was naked and Aine whose uniform was disordered hugging each other on top of the bed. Moreover, Aine was straddling Kizuna’s waist.

Three seconds later, Himekawa reached her own conclusion.

“Illicit sexual relationship…… ho, how shameless…… in this sacred dormitory, to, to-…… what an, indecent act! Yo, you are trying to rape Aine-san again like this! You can’t be forgiven anymore!”

“You’re wrong! No matter how you see it, I’m the one being pinned down here! I’m the one getting attacked!”

“Haa? You are still saying idiotic things like that! Are you thinking that such unsightly excuse can possibly be believed? A girl attacking a boy, how nonsensical.”

No, that was the truth though!

“Hayuru. It’s hard to say this but, what this sexual offender is saying is true.”


“The one attacking, is this me.”

“That, that’s……”

With a face that expressed how she couldn’t believe it, Himekawa staggered on the spot.

“There is the need to perform Hybrid Heart even for a second faster, so this can’t be helped.”

Aine puffed up her chest proudly.

“No…… just why are you looking that haughty?”

“But, I wonder if this is what is called as a female carnivore? It’s obvious but I love meat you know. Especially the specialty product of Mie float, the Matsusaka beef, it’s really delicious. Kanagawa float’s Hayama beef is also hard to discard. I wonder what kind of meat Hayuru likes?”

“Thi…… this is, my limit already. The, the both of you……”

Himekawa’s shoulders were shaking in fury.

“I’ll punish you! Neros!!”

Red light filled the room, a red armor was fixed on Himekawa’s body.

‘Thi, this girl-! She is putting on her Heart Hybrid Gear!’

“Le, let’s calm down and have a talk! It should be strictly prohibited to have a personal with by putting on our gear!”

“No need to worry. After all this is an official duty as a public morals committee member!”

Himekawa drew out the sword hanging on her hips and slashed at him.

“You’re forcing your own rule too much!”


Aine too materialized her gear and stood in the way of Neros.

However there shouldn’t be any way to block the sword of Neros that was swung down.

Something like catching a blade with bare hands was an impossible story from the beginning. The empty handed Zeros could only get cut down like that――was how it was supposed to be.


However, the sword was stopped.

Zeros moved with amazing speed and stopped not the sword, but restrained the hand that was holding the handle of the sword.

“……Impudent act.”

“In this range, you are no match for Zeros.”

“Is that so? Such thing won’t be understood unless we test it.”

Himekawa showed a belligerent smile.

“You, you girls! Don’t fight in someone’s room! The scale of your fight is ――”

After that, Kizuna’s room met with devastating damage after a defense and offense of less than ten seconds.

Part 2[edit]

‘……What a terrible experience right from the morning.’

Kizuna exited the dormitory and headed towards the school building.

It seemed that his room couldn’t be used for a while. Fortunately, there was still an empty room and he could exchange his room.

The two perpetrators were severely reprimanded by the dormitory head. Due to that they might arrive late to school.

Well, they reaped what they sowed.

He was thinking of going by using public transportation, but he would still make it in time even by walking.

He went by walking while viewing the townscape at the same time.

The transportation in this Ataraxia was mainly underground trains, thinking from how the enemy might attack. The inside of the underground train could also be used as a shelter in emergency time.

Next was the unmanned electronic automobile, but it was applied as a taxi. It was convenient how it could be used to go everywhere no matter the route.

While thinking of such things, he was walking through the roads that were cleanly maintained.

It seemed that, somehow, around this area was not affected by the battle yesterday.

Both sides of the road were planted with trees, giving tranquility to the people walking down the road. Passing through that road were many students heading to the school.

Kizuna planned to walk mixing with those students, but he noticed something strange.

There was no one coming closer around Kizuna.

Everyone was getting out of the way from Kizuna’s vicinity, they were whispering gossip from afar.

‘Aah…… I see. So this is also, reaping what I sowed…… is it?’

He could listen to the whispering voices.

“That’s Eros.”

“Eros you know.”

“The Eros.”

‘Aah-, geez! Ero, ero, how noisy!’

He made his steps faster as if to run away toward the high school building.

When he passed through the gates, he could immediately see the school building standing tall. Its steel frame was exposed, the wall was made using composite materials, it looked rustic but it was a cool building.

He entered the building from the entrance.

But everywhere he went he was met with curious stares and malicious gossip. It was wholly uncomfortable.

‘Let’s not pay it any mind and head to the classroom. Though, this situation will also happen in the class too.’

“Err…… the second year first group if I remember right.”

The high school part was largely divided into battle department and research department. He was in battle department so this first group must be a battle department…… was how it should be.

He confirmed the plate of the classroom and opened the door.

The attention was gathered at him all at once, but the students immediately averted their gazes.

But among them there was only one person raising her hand smiling at him, a female student.

“Haai, Kizuna. I wonder what kind of business you have in my class?”

It was Yurishia Farandol.

Blonde haired and blue eyes, her uniform was filled to bursting with her breasts and waist. As usual, she had a showy appearance. She was by no means gaudy, she was like a high grade precious stone where he could feel her fine quality and elegance.

Also there were five, six female students that seemed to have fine upbringing surrounding around Yurishia.

“Wai-, Yurishia-sama! You must not call out to that man.”

“That’s right! Exchanging word with someone like that will dirty Yurishia-sama!”

The hanger-on group were glaring at Kizuna with eyes filled with hostility.

‘How amazing. When all’s said and done, she is like the queen of the high school.’

“Now, now, everyone. He is a transfer student. It’s no good to not be kind to him♪”

“My, how kind you are, Yurishia-sama.”

“As expected from the queen of Ataraxia!”

Somehow, rather than a clique it looked more like a religion.

“Wait a second the lecher over there! Yurishia-sama is the ace of the American army and the flower of high society, she is a lady of American celebrity. It’s a dream that cannot possibly be granted for someone like you to exchange words with her. Don’t come closer to her in a radius of 5 meters from now on!”

Now that she mentioned it, he had watched the news before that America dispatched their Heart Hybrid Gear to Japan. If he remembered right it was something about advantageous deployment for the strategy in the Pacific Ocean as allied nations, or returning the favor for Japan’s provision of Heart Hybrid Gear technology to America, that kind of content.

So that pilot in the news was this Yurishia Farandol.

“Right, right, how awe-inspiring that is. I understood already.”

“What’s with that attitude of yours!”

At the other side of the angry hangers-on, Yurishia was looking at Kizuna and sent him a wink.

That act and expression of hers made his heart jump for a second unconsciously.

“Oka―y, everyone take your seat. The homeroom is starting now―”

A female teacher wearing a red jersey entered the room.

Her hair was carelessly tied behind her and tiresome aura was coming out from her whole body. He guessed that her age was around the later half of the twenties. Even though she was a beauty when he looked carefully, there was the feeling that it was ruined by none other than herself.

“Aa― Hida-kun. You neglected going to the staff room and came here haven’t you―”

“Ah…… is that so, I’m sorr――”

“Right, it’s fine so don’t let it bother you. I am Sakasaki Saki. Your homeroom teacher.”

With a sleepy gaze, she waved her hand tiresomely.

“This is a good timing, oka―y, come to the front.”

Obeying what Sakasaki-sensei told him, he stood at the podium in front of the class and looked over the class.

There he felt an uncomfortable feeling.

“Err, sensei…… there are a lot of girls here isn’t it?”

A lot, that expression was not an accurate one. The correct one was that, there was nobody but girls here.

“Hm? Because this is an all-girl class after all.”


“Look, you students are boys and girls in that age right? Especially the stimulation of pilot suits are strong see―. So that there will be no mistakes occurring, the classes and training are divided between the boys and girls. If I have to make a reference, this first group is the top of the battle department female group. This class is called Flourish class.”

He didn’t know at all that was how the class was divided.

“Then, it’s really bad for me to be here. I have to quickly go to the boy class.”

Sakasaki-sensei firmly took hold of the wrist of Kizuna who was trying to get out of the class.

“Aa―, it’s fine, it’s fine, your place is right here.”


“Then, you all know him but I’ll give an introduction one more time. This is Hida Kizuna-kun who newly enters this class. Everyone, get along well with him. In that kind of meaning.”

“Teacher, please don’t say anything like ‘in that kind of meaning’.”

The door of the class was opened loudly and Himekawa made her entrance. Behind her there was also Aine.

“Oh, Himekawa and Chidorigafuchi. It’s rare for you two to wake up late.”

Himekawa walked until the teacher podium with loud steps before she pointed at Kizuna.

“I didn’t wake up late! It’s the fault of that man over there that I came this late! Rather than that, what is the meaning of a boy joining the girl class!? Such thing cannot be permitted!”

“Yep. Sensei also thinks so, but this is actually permitted.”

“Please explain!”

Only in this kind of time Kizuna and Himekawa were in the same opinion.

“Th, that’s right. Besides, sensei too already said it yourself just now. That we all are boys and girls in that age and so this division is so that no mistakes will happen.”

“Aah, rather you need to do that mistake. With all you got.”

“What the helllll, is thatttt!”

“Because this is the strategy so it can’t be helped. Everyone too, do your best in various things with Hida-kun, okay? Errr―, yesterday the seats had been rearranged to make place for your sitting. Over there, near the window.”

The seat the teacher pointed at was located behind Himekawa, his right was Aine, and in front of Yurishia, then at the left was a window where he could always dive out for the next world, that location was perfectly surrounded by enemies from all sides, it was truly a land of death where he was isolated and helpless.

No, no matter where he was sitting, there was no safe area for him in this class. The cold gazes of all the class members were mercilessly shaving off his will power.

When the morning class was over, Kizuna’s will power was already endlessly close to zero.

Part 3[edit]

“Haa…… I’m tired.”

Afternoon break. Kizuna exited the school building as if running away. He couldn’t bear the gazes of his classmates that were filled with disgust. The atmosphere made him feel like he was going to choke, that when he went outside he breathed in relief.

“I wonder what I should do about lunch…… maybe it would be better if I asked about the school cafeteria.”

However, if he took a step outside the school, there would be a lot of food stores outside.

When he peeked outside, there were a lot of students having fun talking while having their meals.

If it was like this, then even without a school cafeteria there would be no problem at all.

After hesitating, in the end he entered a fast food store that was safe.

However, the moment Kizuna entered the store, the bustling atmosphere inside froze.

‘――Eh? Wh, what?’

“O, oi. That guy, that’s Eros.”

“Don’t look, it seems that you will get pregnant if your eyes meet his you know?”

“I heard that the second year Chidorigafuchi and Himekawa had already become his prey.”

“Is the implementation for the assassination plan not finished yet?”

“Shh, about that talk……”

‘Oi oi oi! There is a dangerous talk that’s not a laughing matter mixed there!’

Kizuna exited the fast food store to escape, but on the outside, gazes from the girls as if they were looking at something filthy were directed at him while gazes filled with envy and grudge were glared at him from the boys.

‘Aah…… can I keep living here like this?’


Kizuna was surprised from hearing a voice calling his name.

So there was a person who would talk to him in this Ataraxia.

However, he comprehended it after seeing the owner of the voice.

“Chidorigafuchi huh…… what business do you have with me?”

“What are you going to do for lunch?”


He couldn’t answer. Honestly, he didn’t have anymore prospect.

“Is that so? If so then come with me. I’ll bless you with a meal.”

“Are you treating me, or are you saying that I’ll be the one treating……”

However, there was nobody else that would eat together with him. In the first place, it didn’t seem that he would be able to obtain any lunch. As far as he was concerned, he had no other option.

“……Got it. I’ll accept your gift. Then, where to?”

“Follow me.”

He was led into a forest where there was no human presence.

When they passed through out of the forest, there was a terrace that faced the sea with chair and table put there.

Or perhaps it should be said, that this place was right near the spot where he met Chidorigafuchi for the first time.

Kizuna nervously sat side-by-side with Aine.

When Aine opened the wrapping that she was holding, a bento box appeared from inside.

“Here, eat up.”

Inside the box were crammed with beautiful sandwiches.

“Oo-! Don’t tell me this is handmade?”

“That’s right. For you to be able to eat the handmade bento by this me, you are truly the happiest person in the world.”

He didn’t know about that, but, anyway, this was a lunch that he had prepared to give up just now. Let’s just eat it gratefully.

“Itadakima―su.” [1]

Tuna sandwich, egg sandwich, he ate them one after another.

“Oo-, it’s really delicious! But, this……”

“Is there something?”

“No, it’s like…… the taste is really similar with the sandwiches sold in the convenience store.”

“Of course it’s like that. It’s something I bought from the convenience store.”

“Then this is not handmade!”

“I cut them into half and put them into the bento box.”

“What kind of explanation is that! If that’s true, then even heating instant curry counts as handmade, putting hot water inside cup ramen also counts as handmade cooking!?”

“Then I’ll ask you this, where does the definition of handmade cooking begin and where does it end?”


“For example, if you buy bread and tuna can in a convenience store, then can you call it handmade cooking if you jammed the tuna between the bread I wonder? I cannot feel any fundamental difference from there, though.”

“No, well, certainly that might be true but……”

“If you talk about handmade cooking in that kind of meaning, then as expected you will need to grow the wheat and catch the tuna fish from the place where they set out, you have to do everything from the start. However, if Hida-kun tells me to do that no matter what, then I think I’ll submit permission to leave school and board a tuna fishing fish.”

“I’m sorry! Chidorigafuchi’s handmade lunch is delicious!”

“It’s fine if you understand.”

What a tiresome woman, this girl.

“Right right, also there is one more thing, there is something I want you to eat.”

“Hm? What. Something like a desert?”

Aine stood up and stood in front of Kizuna.

And then, she pinched her skirt and slowly lifted it up.


“To call this a desert, I’ll take off my hat towards the extent of your sleaziness.”

“Just who means that! It’s fine already, just put back down your skirt! It’s totally visible from here!”

“……You’ve seen it?”

“N, no…… just barely, only almost, I didn’t see it though.”

However, the thighs that could be seen from the gap between the skirt and the over-knee-socks were dazzling. And then, if the skirt was raised one more millimeter, the panty would be visible.

In the case of this morning she was also like this, but, did this girl not have this thing called shame?

When he stared fixedly at Aine’s face, her cheeks seemingly had a reddish tinge.

“Look here…… by any chance, are you actually embarrassed?”

“There is no way that’s true. Look at how calm I am.”

When he saw her wrist, the finger tips that were pinching the skirt were shaking.

“How is it? It seems that by doing an act that cannot be done inside the school, the feeling of immorality gives rise to excitement.”

Kizuna gulped his saliva.

“If you want to see, it’s fine to flip it over you know.”

Her voice seemed calm, but her expression looked anxious somehow.

This girl, actually she was unreasonably forcing herself wasn’t she?

……Should he test it?

Kizuna slowly reached out his hand to her skirt.

Aine’s thighs quivered shiveringly.

“As I thought, you are really forcing yourself right?”

“……I wonder what are you babbling about, you animal. There is no way that this me will falter from just this much.”

“But, you are shaking you know?”

“This is warrior’s excitement from the anticipation of obtaining the [Corruption Armament] from now on. I’m really happy I cannot bear it.”

――Corruption armament?

“What is that…… this thing called [Corruption Armament]?”

“It’s fine already, just strip this off. I don’t mind at all so…… just this much.”

Aine’s cheeks reddened and she averted her eyes.

“I, if you say until that much then……”

After Kizuna pinched the skirt’s hem, he slowly lifted it up.

He could almost see the area where her long and slender two legs were connected into one.

And then, finally that summit became visible.

At the other side, he could peek at her ass right from the front.

This was, a girl’s panty……?

“Err, Chidorigafuchi-san.”

“What is it?”

“……This is a pilot suit isn’t it?”

“Yes. I don’t know when I will need to scramble out after all. Naturally I’m wearing it under my uniform.”

Honestly, this was also erotic so it was completely okay! But, for some reason he felt cheated!

“No doubt you are aroused right? Now, with this, all the preparations are complete. Quickly make the Corruption Armament――”


There was a voice that was not Kizuna’s or Aine’s.

Without them realizing it, there was a girl standing nearby. She was a middle school student but her height was short like an elementary student.


Just what kind of scene he showed to this innocent girl!

‘Like this ain’t I completely a pervert! A hundred percent molester!’

That girl, with her petite body and beautiful blonde hair completely looked like a westerner. Her large eyes opened wide in perfect circle looking at him.

Perhaps he had already planted a trauma inside a girl this cute that she wouldn’t be able to forget for her whole life.

‘However, if that happened then I would continue to live inside that girl forever…… This is not the time to think something stupid! I’ve got to think of an emergency countermeasure now!’

“By the way Hida-kun. I wonder if you can release you hand from my skirt soon? It’s a little bad to show this in front of an underclassman I think.”

‘GYAAAAA, I’m still flipping over her skirttt!’

Kizuna separated his hand in panic and desperately began to make an excuse.

“Y-, you! This is not how it looks like, by no means I’m doing something that I need to feel guilty about!”

That girl tilted her head a little with a puzzled face.

“Yes. This is a mission right desu? I thought that this might be the strategy that commander talked about yesterday desu, but…… am I mistaken desu?”

‘Eh…… what?’

“Excuse me for my lateness desu. I am called Sylvia Silvercut. I was told by the commander to bring Hida-senpai to her desu.”

She smiled in a friendly manner and bowed cutely.

He left Chidorigafuchi on that spot and was led away by Sylvia out to the street. There, a large limousine was stopping at the roadside.

The door was opened by Sylvia and he boarded the car as he was told.

“Kizuna, sorry to be sudden like this.”


After Sylvia also got in, the car started to move without sound.

Kizuna stared at his sister sitting in front of him in a glare.

“There is a lot of things I want to ask Nee-chan.”

“What a coincidence. There is also a lot that I want to talk with you. But, I think it’s fine to do that after we arrive, first let’s finish the small chores.”

From her bosom, Reiri took out an appliance that looked like a small communication device.

“I’m giving this to you.”

At a glance, the thing looked like a smart phone’s show model.

He recognized this thing…… now that he thought back, the students here were all using this.

“That also doubles as a student’s identification card, a communication device exclusive for Ataraxia. From all sorts of contact methods, schedule, attendance and grades, health condition and the likes, everything is managed by that device.”

When Kizuna touched the screen, an interface he had never seen before was booted up.

“Heee…… this is cool.”

“Yours is specially made, there is an Amaterasu icon there correct? Try to start up that application.”

Kizuna did as he was told and tapped Amaterasu’s mark that was designed as wings and heart mark. Thereupon, the names of Aine and the others, and all sorts of parameters were displayed.

“What is this? From height and weight…… even the three sizes are shown here!? Isn’t this personal information?”

“That’s why no one but you can see it.”

‘Aah, is that so…… no, isn’t that also no good?’

“From basic specs until their vital sign and current location, all of those are being monitored in real time. There is an item named Hybrid Count there right?”

There was a graph signed with a heart mark there.

“That’s the remaining energy of the Heart Hybrid Gear. Do Heart Hybrid before the gauge enters the yellow zone.”

Yellow zone was starting from 25%, and under 10% was the red zone.

“When the energy remaining is less than 5%, it will become hard to even maintain the Heart Hybrid Gear. Pay careful attention so that the energy won’t get lower than that. Understand?”

“Just wait a second! About that story, since yesterday it’s just full of things that I don’t get. Just what in the world is happening, explain it to me so I can understand a little bit more!”

Reiri took out a juice from the car’s mini-bar, then she offered it to Kizuna and Sylvia.

“The detailed explanation will be after we arrive.”

Kizuna felt a little dissatisfied having the explanation delayed, but he obediently consented.

He believed that now Reiri had said that, she would surely give him an explanation later. Reiri had never failed to keep her promise to Kizuna.

“Rather than that, I’ll introduce Sylvia to you once more. She is a transfer student from Britain, Sylvia Silvercut.”


Research and development of Heart Hybrid Gear was also conducted outside Japan, but most of them came from the technology gifted by Ataraxia. And so promising human resources from all over the world came to this Ataraxia.

Although, that was the story before the Second Another Universe Conflict occurred.

He guessed that Silvia too arrived in this Ataraxia before that time.

“She is a first year of middle school, but she is an extremely excellent personnel. From today on, she will work as your subordinate.”


Masou Gakuen HxH V01 10.jpg

“Please take care of me, Captain!”


“Yes! Sylvia is Kizuna-senpai’s subordinate. I was assigned with formal appointment to this position. That’s why, Kizuna-senpai is Sylvia’s captain desu.”

“Ne, Nee-chan, a subordinate for me, what is the meaning of this?”

“I don’t mind whether you make her help you for your daily life or whatever. It’s fine for you to order her for any kind of business. She is your first subordinate. Be affectionate to her.”

Be affectionate!?

“No matter how you look at it, isn’t that a crime!?”

“……What are you thinking inside your brain?”

‘Ah, so it’s not in that kind of meaning…… shit, it’s like I got completely brainwashed unwittingly.’

“Well, this girl is also one of the candidates. If it looks like she has good prospect, I won’t stop you from that.”

“No, stop me! As an elder sister, as a person in position of responsibility!”

“Also, I’ll make Sylvia report whether you make progress in your relation with those lasses or not.”

‘So that was your true objective making Sylvia my subordinate! Isn’t that just a nice way of saying that she is my overseer!

“Err―, are you fine with that? Having me as your captain?”

“Yes! Sylvia is the number one member of Kizuna squad desu. It’s an honor desu!”

She was looking up at him with bright eyes.

Kizuna was unable to do anything except powerlessly smile towards that pure eyes.

“As poor as I am, Sylvia too will do her best! I will become the strength of Captain, I want to make this strategy a success desu!”

“At first it’s only Sylvia, but I expect you to someday become a captain that leads the Heart Hybrid Gear force, Amaterasu.”

“……That’s a really unthinkable long distance for me.”

After the car drove for ten minutes, they arrived at the destination.

“Eh…… this place is”

When he got off the electric automobile that was automatically driven, he was in front of a building that he recognized.

“Sylvia will explain desu! This is the Heart Hybrid Gear laboratory desu. It’s called Nayuta Lab. But, why is this place called Nayuta Lab?”


That was because his mother’s name was Hida Nayuta.

Sylvia returned back using the car after that and Reiri and Kizuna entered the lab.

They walked a corridor that he was familiar with.

When he was a child, he had come many times to this lab. He felt strange freshness and nostalgia.

“But, is this corridor this narrow? The ceiling is also low, even the entrance should be bigger.”

Kizuna spoke while observing the pure white corridor.

“You are the one that had grown bigger.”

Reiri who was walking ahead gave a calm retort.

‘There’s that.’

Before long, they arrived in front of the room that his mother once used as her research room.

Nervousness ran in Kizuna’s heart.

“This is Reiri. I’m entering.”

It was an excessively spacious and pure white room.

At the center, there was a console that looked like a cockpit. A lot of floating windows were surrounding that console.

In front of that console, a girl in a white research coat was sitting. She was busily operating the keyboard and touch panel.

“This girl is the supervisor of this lab, the person working in charge of Ataraxia’s technology, Shikina Kei.”

When she was introduced, she turned to Kizuna with a glance.

She had a petite body so he didn’t know but, it seemed that she was the same age as Reiri. Her hair was in a bob cut style and put in place by several pins, perhaps it was so that the hair wouldn’t become a hindrance in work.

Her cold eyes behind her glasses were observing Kizuna intently.

She didn’t say anything and turned her back to him before running her fingers through the console’s keyboard.

A floating window popped up in front of Kizuna.

{How do you do. I am Shikina Kei. A close friend of your big sister since our time as students. You can call me Kei. Nice to meet you, Hida Kizuna.}


“She is a fellow that is poor in communications with other people. Well, don’t mind it.”

“Y, yes. Then…… why am I here?”

“It’s for adjusting your Heart Hybrid Gear.”

Kizuna’s heart jumped sharply in his chest.

‘Don’t tell me, Kaa-san will?’

“I’ll say this first, but if it’s mother then she isn’t here.”

“Eh-? Is, is that so……”

He felt complicated, as if he was relieved and disappointed.

“That person right now is missing.”


“Missing you say…… how?”

“She disappeared. A certain day when we noticed, she was already nowhere.”

“Disappeared? Just where in the world did she go then?”

“Because we don’t know that we say she disappeared.”

“But, with the world right now, just to where can she go? She cannot move anywhere except to the other floats in this Megafloat Japan, the coming and going of people is also being managed. She should be discovered immediately right?”

Kei was typing with a speed that even the eye couldn’t follow.

{She couldn’t be found. No matter what we did anywhere. Looking just from the investigation result, Professor Nayuta right now is not in Megafloat Japan anymore.}

“That’s…… was she moving when we came into contact with other country’s float?”

{That’s one of the possibilities. But, if the professor felt like it, the security of all float will be meaningless. Searching for her is a pointless waste of time.}

Just what in the world happened?

He thought that even a mother like that was advancing her research for the sake of the world and mankind…… despite that, she vanished in this essential time, there was a degree even for being irresponsible.

“Kaa-san…… just what in the world is she thinking?”

“Who knows. That person’s thinking cannot be understood by us. I don’t even want to understand anyway.”

Reiri spitted those words out.

{But, last month an unregistered mail was sent to us. The content was the data regarding the ability of Hida Kizuna, about your Eros. Most likely it was something written by Professor Nayuta.}

“Eh? Then……”

{Of course, we tracked the mail but it was pointless. It’s just, there is only one person in the whole world that knows of the detailed data of Heart Hybrid Gear. Only Professor Hida Nayuta.}

“Kei analyzed that data, it was three days ago when the meaning and conclusion of the data could be derived. And then I called you here.”

When Kei operated the console, windows were started up around Kizuna, several formulas and graphs that he couldn’t comprehend were displayed.

{This is a ground-breaking discovery. It is explaining about the special ability that is possible only by Hida Kizuna’s Eros.}

“My gear?”

“Right. And then, there is also the answer about just why the performance of your Heart Hybrid Gear is low there.”

Kizuna’s heart felt a sharp pain.

Without a single change in expression, Kei continued to type in the keyboard.

{The performance of Hida Kizuna’s Heart Hybrid Gear is low because he has no aptitude, that explanation is not accurate. The correct answer is, because you are a male that the trait is different.}

Because he was a male?

{Only after Heart Hybrid Gear was installed into a female that it would display its original performance. The reason was unknown, but from the experiment result, it had to be recognized as fact.}

Reiri nodded in affirmation.

“In reality, we are sorting out the candidates who have high aptitude for Heart Hybrid Gear and also excellent skill, but the chosen personnel are all female students.”

So that was it. Because of that, the ones who possessed Heart Hybrid Gear, Chidorigafuchi, Himekawa, and Yurishia, all of them were girls.

{However, we understand that this is the difference of trait between male and female. In exchange for male’s low battle ability, their consumption rate of Hybrid Count is little.}

“Eh! Isn’t that really advantageous――”

“Their Life Saver is long lasting I guess. However, only having high stamina won’t defeat the enemy.”

Kizuna was jumping in joy, but his shoulders immediately dropped in dejection.

{But, your Heart Hybrid Gear [Eros] has a special ability that is only available when it is installed in a male.}

“That’s, the special ability, that was written in Kaa-san’s mail?”

{Correct. That is the Heart Hybrid phenomenon. We called it [Union Remodelling].}

Kizuna recalled yesterday’s occurrence.

“That’s the thing that I did with Chidorigafuchi yesterday right?”

“Right. I also explained it in the general meeting yesterday.”

If he remembered right, with two people, man and female possessing Heart Hybrid Gear, their body and heart into one, sharing their affection and pleasure…… something like that.

{With the proffesor’s data as the basis, we tried various simulations. The result, we obtained the conclusion that this was something that only Hida Kizuna’s Eros could do. For that reason, we called Hida Kizuna from Tokyo float until Ataraxia in a great rush.}

So that’s it…… he finally felt like he could comprehend the situation.

{There is an unlimited possibility in this technology. It’s not limited to simply replenishing energy, it also included the possibility of realizing power up of the Heart Hybrid Gear. An addition of new weapon that is not there until now. We are also having expectations for that.}

Now that she mentioned that…… before this, Chidorigafuchi was also talking about something strange.

“Is there any relation about that with this thing called Corruption Armament?”

Kei’s hands stopped. She was staring intently at Kizuna.

However, he couldn’t read Kei’s thinking at all from her face. He felt like she was not looking at him, but perhaps to something that was behind him.

Kei’s fingers moved while she was still facing him.

{Where did you hear that story from?}

“Err, just now from Chidorigafuchi……”

{I see, I understand. Exactly, they are connected. Until the end, Heart Hybrid is nothing more than energy replenishment for Heart Hybrid Gear. However, when the heart and body become one even far deeper than that, the two’s energy resonance will reach the limit and one can obtain a new weapon, the [Corruption Armament].}

“What kind of weapon is that?”

{Unknown. But from the research result, we can only confirm that such a weapon exists. But no one has seen it before, so it cannot be verified.}

“And Aine wanted that?”

“Yeah. At that time, I didn’t get it all just what she was talking about though. In short, she wanted to do erotic things and obtain a new weapon…… something like that.”

Reiri crossed her hands and smiled.

“Isn’t that fine? Give her that present.”

Kizuna’s face scowled.

“But, I said this yesterday at the auditorium too, I think that it’s important to consider each other’s feeling in this. Even if Nee-chan suddenly told me to do that kind of things with a girl that I just met for the first time, that’s obviously impossible isn’t it?”

“Is that so? I think that this is a happy situation for a man.”

“We, well, perhaps that’s so but….. that’s not it! Even though I look like this, I have reasoning and common sense! Hearing an absurd story like that, you think I can just suddenly say ‘Oh, okay’! Just what kind of harem manga this is!”

“It’s fine like this. I’ve made all kinds of preparations.”

{Not touching the feast before one’s eyes is a man’s shame.}

Even Kei was backing up Reiri.

“Bu, but even so, the feeling of the other party cannot be ignored I told you!”

“Then, everything will be fine if you just make those lasses to like you.”

“No…… that’s impossible. If you use your common sense.”

“But, if you don’t do it then Heart Hybrid cannot be realized.”

Just why on earth were they this persistent?

Whatever the circumstances may be, their methods and ways were irrational, they were too forceful.

“About that, I have a stupid question here.”


“When I was doing experiment as a child it was the same but, this energy of Heart Hybrid Gear will naturally recover to normal if you just leave it alone? Just why do I have to go that far to recover this energy?”


Reiri was unusually hesitating to talk. Kei’s fingers were also tapping on the keyboard, but they were hovering in the air without going anywhere as if lost.

“……It takes too much time, waiting for the energy to recover naturally.”

{Just as we explained previously, the energy consumption rate of males are low. Furthermore, the experiment result of Hida Kizuna in the end is just from the initial stage experiment content. It cannot compare with the amount consumed in real battle. Also, the greater the obtained combat ability is, the compensation for that is also great. In this half year since the Second Another Universe Conflict, all of this has been proven.}

“I see…… similar with a car, if they travel a lot then it will take a lot of fuel to consume, if the performance is high then the fuel consumption is also bad, so it’s something like that.”

“Rather than that, let’s accomplish our objective today. The adjustment of Eros. If it goes well, it might be able to power up you know?”

“Eh!? Power up?”

Kizuna became excited.

“Right. It’s great that you saved Aine in the battle yesterday, but it’s a problem that you already fell from just that much mass. According to the data sent by mother last month, it seems that adjustment matching the wearer’s age is necessary. Though it’s different from Heart Hybrid, in the end this is just on the level of adjustment.”

“Even so at least the performance will go up a little!”

“That’s right.”

Reiri smiled gently.

Kei stood up from the console and moved close to Reiri. She pointed at a door and whispered something to Reiri in a small voice.

“Kizuna, if you go through that door, at the end of the path is the adjustment room. There is also a change of clothes there, so go ahead first and finish your change.”


Kizuna got out of the room with joy welling up within him.

Silence visited the room where Reiri and Kei were left behind.

Worry was carved at Reiri’s forehead.

Kei faced Reiri and whispered in a voice that could be barely heard.

“Re-ri. Is it fine…… to not tell him the truth?”

“Yeah, this is something that someday I have to tell him…… I know that.”

Kei closed her eyes and nodded.

“I think it’s fine for Re-ri to follow your determination.”

“Sorry, Kei.”

Kei’s lips smiled a little.

Part 4[edit]

――And then, the next day.

Kizuna was flying on top of the blue sea in excellent condition. The weather was also good, and he felt really good.

{How is it, your condition?}

Communication from Kei was displayed in a floating window as text.

“I’m in a really good condition here. Somehow, it’s like I’m reborn.”

The sea under his eyes was flowing behind very quickly. He was at a speed that he would absolutely be unable to display if it was before.

He purposefully flew until he barely touched the sea surface, it was also fun dodging the waves. He got carried away and took a steep ascent and descent, he even tried somersaulting.

Today, Kizuna was given a mission to survey for resources. This mission was unrelated with other students of second year first group, this was a mission assigned by Ataraxia, for Kizuna this became his first mission.

The content of the mission itself was simple.

Currently Ataraxia was sailing through the open sea of Indonesia.

Nearby there was an unpopulated island that was rich with resources, so he was told to go survey the island.

He thought that if it was not the specialist then such investigation couldn’t be performed, but it seemed that everything would be fine if he just operated the investigation device following the manual. The collected data would be transmitted to Ataraxia in intervals, and then combined with the sample they would bring back, the specialists would take time to investigate that.

A lot of the parts of Megafloat Japan was made up from ocean resources and recycled resources. This was a simple mission, but it was important.

“Haai, Kizuna. You are in a good mood aren’t you.”

Yurishia took Kizuna’s side.

“Ah, Yurishia. Yesterday my gear got powered up a little. So I’m checking the movement a little.”

“Fufufu. You look like a kid that received a new toy, how cute♡”

‘U, certainly, I might have gotten too hyper here…… it’s a little embarrassing.’

At that time, Yurishia received a private communication from Reiri.

“My, commander. Is there something wrong, for you to call me directly like this?”

{There is one thing you should be careful about. Yurishia, your remaining Hybrid Count is few. Right now you only have 20% left. Avoid combat at all costs.}

Yurishia looked over the blue sea.

“Aa―, it will be fine. After all this is really a safe place―”

Yurishia turned aside Reiri’s worry with a smile.

“Rather than for me, isn’t it better to worry more about the little brother I wonder? He is really in high spirits you know.”

Yurishia smiled amusedly.

‘――Really, it’s fine as long as he doesn’t get carried away and holds us back though.’

{Indeed, that guy getting merry like that is also one of my worries. In any case, I don’t think that this mission is dangerous, but there is nothing better than being careful. Don’t you dare let your guard down, okay?}

The communication from Reiri was cut off.

“Yurishia, who was that from?”

“No, it’s nothing. Well then, I’ll be going ahead.”

Leaving those words behind, Yurishia accelerated. Just in an instant she reached a tremendous speed.

“As expected from the ace of America’s army. No way I can catch up with that……”

“What are you saying? Something like someone you can catch up with, doesn’t exist anywhere here.”

Himekawa was coming closer to him while saying such harsh thing without hesitation.

“Ahahaha, well, now that you said that, that’s exactly right.”

Himekawa heaved a deep sigh and glared at Kizuna.

“Anyway, although this is a safe mission, carelessness is prohibited. Listen sincerely to what I say and refrain from arbitrary action. Especially, Aine-san!”

Looking at his other side, before he realized, Aine was also flying along his side.

“Right. I’m listening properly. Your question is what should be done so the breasts can become bigger, right?”

“No one is asking that kind of question!”

After shouting that with a red face, Himekawa flew away with amazing acceleration as if kicking away at the air.

“Uwa, incredible. So the one with fast speed is not just Yurishia huh―”

“I guess so. Her breasts are small, but Hayuru is Japan’s ace you know? Even though her breasts are that small.”

“No…… that’s not related to breast size at all.”

He couldn’t feel anything but ill will from that already.

{I heard that! Please stop playing around-!}

Himekawa’s angry transmission shook his eardrums.

Himekawa too was pitiful.

Kizuna sympathized with Himekawa from the bottom of his heart.

Honestly, her breasts were not that small but, well…… if the comparison was with those two then it might really look small.

Kizuna took a look at the owner of the smaller one between those two.

The large breasts were shaking without pause from the vibration and wind pressure. It possessed an overwhelming presence.

“Ah, err, you saying that means Chidorigafuchi, you are Japan’s number two then? Or else are you from another country?”

Her appearance was like a foreigner, but her name was in Japanese style. By any chance, perhaps she was an ace from somewhere in Europe.

“Don’t look down on me. I’m not such a small human that can be rated on that scale.”

“Eh? You mean……”

“I’m the earth’s ace.”

“E, earth!?”

‘Oi oi! That’s just too big!’

“That’s wrong, I’m mistaken just now. Yes, I’m the universe’s ace.”

“I got the feeling that I have seen something like that on the internet a long time ago!”

{You guys, leave the joking around behind.}

He could hear Reiri’s voice that was mixed with anger.

‘Dangerous, scaryyy.’

{The destination island will enter into view soon. When you arrived, begin investigation as planned.}

“Ro, roger!”

The unpopulated island that was their destination was actually a small island. Shallow shoals were extending wide, in the center there was a land with a radius of less than one kilometer.

Even so, there were trees and greenery typical of a southern country, it had the appearance a little like a private resort.

So that was how it was. If it was an island this small, then even an Entrance of AU shouldn’t manifest here.

The Entrance that sprang forth from the collision with AU existed everywhere all over the world, but there was a fixed rule about their appearing spot.

That rule was they could only appear limited in a land with certain surface size.

The reason wasn’t understood, but until now there had never been an Entrance discovered above the sea, there was also no confirmation of an Entrance on an island with a size below a certain limit.

For that reason, a Megafloat was a safe area.

At the event where they got near large land, meticulous vigilance was necessary, but an island this small was safe.

Kizuna was relieved and assembled the investigation device he brought.

“Err, I wonder if it’s fine like this?”

Because it would be a hindrance for the work, he called off his Heart Hybrid Gear.

{Yes. What’s left is just to push the switch, then it’s finished.}

The manual Kei created was extremely easy to understand, so the setting was finished without any trouble.

“Then, switch on.”

The investigation device was started up.

{Data transmission is confirmed. It will take around two hours for the data gathering, so during that time carry out the sample collection of the plants and minerals of the island. After completion, recover the device and go home.}


Kizuna heaved a single sigh and dropped his shoulder.

“Ah, the setting is over already?”

Himekawa who was a little far away noticed him and called out.

“Yeah, it’s finished. I’m told that the data collection will take two hours as expected.”

“Then we will collect the sample just as planned. How about we divide into two groups?”

“That’s right. Although this is a small island, it will take more than two hours if all of us are together.”

They separated into two groups just as Yurishia proposed.

“Well then―, Cross – off.”

Yurishia removed her Heart Hybrid Gear.

“Eh, Yurishia-san. You took off Cross?”

“Yes. There is no enemy here. This is a southern island that we rarely visited. At the very least we have to let our hair down♪”

Himekawa and Aine looked at each other and followed along by removing their gear.

After that, with a reason to balance their combat strength, they were divided into groups of Yurishia-Kizuna and Aine-Himekawa.

Yurishia-Kizuna group would be in the south side while Aine-Himekawa group would investigate the opposite side.

The island was surrounded by white sandy beach, coconut trees were lining up along the beach.

Yurishia went ahead for just in case, so Kizuna was instructed to follow along from behind.

Kizuna followed that instruction and he was walking behind but――

“The scenery is really beautiful isn’t it―”

“Tha, that’s right……”

The scenery was beautiful, but the back figure of Yurisa walking was also beautiful.

Swaying golden hair. Under it was the large ass wrapped in the pilot suit.

Voluptuous thighs stretched out from the ass that looked voluminous, in accordance with those legs alternately moving forward, the ass changed its orientation to the left and right.

Saying it frankly, his eyes were troubled where to look!

“Hey, Kizuna. That tree――”

Yurishia suddenly turned back. Kizuna was greatly shocked and averted his face.


His eyes swam around, he scratched his head, he had no composure at all.

Yurishia who saw his state made a really wide mean smile.

“It’s no good unless you properly listen to what I’m saying you know―”

Yurishia twirled and faced Kizuna. Matching that movement, her large breasts shook.

Kizuna’s eyes became nailed to that place.

Yurishia’s breast jolted to the opposite side as if hopping back, and then it returned back again to the original side. While that movement was repeated, its shaking was gradually settled down. His eyes were naturally chasing that shaking.

“Heyy, Kizuna-kuun?”

“Hah, yess-“

“It’s no good if you are staring that much☆”

She raised her index finger and closed one of her eyes.

“Uu…… ye, yes.”

After that, even when Yurishia was occasionally turning back, Kizuna was facing at the sea’s direction all the time.

Looking at Kizuna who was like that, Yurishia smiled thinly.

‘――He utterly has no resistance to girls doesn’t he? Like this then, something like Heart Hybrid will be impossible.’

“……Well though, as long as he is not becoming a burden, then it doesn’t matter.”

Yurishia leaked out a small murmur.

“Hm? Did you say something?”

Kizuna called her.

Yurishia smiled cheerfully and turned back.

“No, nothing. This is a rare chance, so let’s collect the samples around this area.”

“Aah, ri, right.”

Even after that, Kizuna kept getting flustered towards Yurishia’s figure in her pilot suit.

And then, the collection ended, and by the time they returned to the previous sandy beach, two hours had just passed.

Joining Aine and Himekawa that had returned, they began the preparation for returning home.

“Then, we are returning ahead.”

Leaving behind Kizuna who needed more time to retrieve the investigation device, Aine and Himekawa would carry home the collected samples ahead of him.

“Okay. But, I might catch up with you two immediately later.”

“A race? Certainly Yurishia-san’s top speed is amazing, but…… if there is a handicap then I won’t lose.”

Himekawa was completely eager to race.

“Then, Aine-san. We too are going to race. The one who can return first to Ataraxia will be the winner.”

“Hayuru will be overwhelmingly advantaged in something like that. It won’t even be a match.”

Himekawa’s cheeks reddened and her body fidgeted around because she was happy from being praised.

“Tha, that’s not true at all. Aine-san yourself also has wonderful mobility don’t you?”

“I mean, the air resistance of our chest is just too different.”

“Here I go-!!”

Himekawa flew away with a demonic look.

After that Aine chased behind her.

“Now, we too should tidy up and return back immediately.”

“Yeah, guess so.”

Kizuna answered while moving his hand.

“By the way, Kizuna’s Heart Hybrid Gear, how much spec it has?”

Yurishia gave him an unexpected question.

“Eh? How much…… even if you ask me that…”

Weak, he could only answer with that.

“Hmmm, I see…… then, until now how many enemies have you defeated?”

“Eh…… that’s, zero.”

Yurishia raised a surprised voice.

“Then, you are really a brand new rookie? Your combat experience?”

“When Ataraxia was attacked before this was my first…… even if I say that, I was just catching the falling Chidorigafuchi, after that I didn’t do anything. Hahaha.”

“Nn― but, you saved Aine, so I think it’s fine even if you feel proud of yourself isn’t it?”

‘――Whaat? So he really is an amateur. I wonder if it will really be okay like this?’

“Until now, how many enemies have Yurishia defeated?”

“Me? Approximately, about three hundred.”


Kizuna lost his words.

“I thought you were amazing but…… as expected, America’s ace is just incredible……”

“I’m not…… incredible or anything.”

Yurishia had a distant look. As if she was looking at something at the other side of the sea.

“Is something wrong? Yurishia?”

With a ‘hah’ Yurishia returned to her senses.

“……That’s only natural. After all being called America’s ace, that means being the world’s strongest☆”

She winked energetically at him.

Kizuna felt like his blood was rushing to his head.

“I, I got it. At the very least, I’ll take care of this tidying up.”

Putting aside Yurishia who was leisurely sitting on the sandy beach, Kizuna progressed the tidying up of the investigation device.

Five minutes later he finished his work and turned back to Yurishia’s direction.

“O―I, I’m finished. Yurisi――”

Kizuna doubted his eyes.

Behind Yurishia, a magic weapon Blue Head was standing.

Such thing.


White sandy beach and southern country’s tree. Blue sky and white cloud.

All of those were looking cheerful no matter where one looked.

The magic weapon struck by sunlight like a demon was standing toweringly.


Yurishia reflexively turned around from Kizuna’s shout.


Yurishia wasted no time to put on her Heart Hybrid Gear and deployed her weapon.


Yurishia’s main cannon, the Differential Frame spouted out fire.

The head of the Blue Head was hit directly. In addition, its body was filled with wind holes from the cannon’s rapid fire.

Blue Head’s large body was collapsing behind slowly.


The scenery behind it was flickering gently. The blue sea and white clouds wavered. It was just like seeing scenery through a warped glass.

Looking up at that, Yurishia shouted in disbelief.

“This is…… AU’s Entrance!?”

From that wavering scenery, a gigantic armored leg appeared. That leg blew up the white sand and stepped out on the beach. And then from ten meters above the ground, armored head, and then next the upper body, that appearance revealed itself as if breaking through an unseen wall.

A second Blue Head stepped forward.

‘God dammit, why did it turn out like this!”


Kizuna emitted pink light then his body was wrapped in a black gear.

“This is Kizuna, Ataraxia, respond! Shikina-san, Nee-chan!”

However, nothing came out from the window except noise.

“What happened, Kizuna?”

“I cannot make communication! Ataraxia, also Himekawa and Aine, all of them cannot be called!”

“What did you say!?”

Yurishia glared at the AU’s Entrance.

“Right, so that’s the cause……”

For some reason communication malfunction occurred at the vicinity of AU’s Entrance. The reason why they couldn’t communicate with their homelands that were Japan and America was also thought to be caused by this.

“But, if it’s just Blue Head, then it’s not a big proble――”

The Entrance that was connected straight to the AU, its space was slowly wavering.

‘――Don’t tell me,’

Similar with the Blue Head, from the air where there was nothing, an Albatross made its appearance.

By no means that there was nothing. When he looked carefully, he could see that the space was distorted in a rectangle shape.

That was the proof that an Entrance to AU was right there.

They were quickly surrounded by ten Albatross. With a sidelong glance, Yurishia took a look at Kizuna.

‘――This is why a burden is just troublesome.’

“Kizuna, I will hold them back here. That’s why, you hurry and return back to Ataraxia.”

“Eh!? But, Yurishia, what about you?”

“I alone am enough against the likes of Blue Heads and Albatrosses.”

“But! Leaving Yurishia behind, there’s no way I can do that!”

Yurishia glared sternly at Kizuna.

“Even with Kizuna here, you will be just a burden!”


Kizuna dropped his gaze with a bitter expression.

Yurishia immediately displayed a smile looking at Kizuna who was like that.

“There will be no problem against enemies of this level. Rather than that, you need to report this quickly!”

Certainly, Yurishia was a super ace that had shot down three hundred enemies. In contrast with that, he didn’t even have proper experience of real battle. Even for someone like him, what he could do to be useful was――

“……Go, got it! I’ll call for help immediately!”

“Now, here we go!”

Yurishia drew out particle rifles from her waist. She took a stance with both her hands holding the particle rifles like handguns, she directed it at the Albatrosses in the air and began shooting.



Kizuna flew out skimming the sea surface, like that he dashed away with all his power.

An Albatross was trying to aim at his back.

“I won’t let you do that!”

The Differential Frame faced the back and fired the particle cannon. Without a moment’s delay she directed both her hands to the front and the rifles shot through the Blue Head. The Albatross that was trying to pursue Kizuna was shot down by the particle cannon.

Confirming that Kizuna had distanced himself away, Yurishia used her sensor to confirm the number and position of the surrounding magic weapons.

‘――Five Blue Heads, and eight Albatross is it?’

She made a plan to clear them all with an all out bombardment and use that opening to retreat.

“Then, I wonder if you all have resolved yourself? I’ll sho―ot down everyone now.”

Light began to fill the nozzle of the particle cannon.

All cannon shootFire!”

Yurishia’s weapons spouted out fire.

In addition to the particle rifles in both her hands, bullets of light were fired from her back and waist.

Those light bullets pierced the Albatrosses’ bodies and pulverized them with one attack.

Yurishia’s weapon moved and changed their deployment pattern. It was as if each cannon muzzle was possessing their own will, they pursued after the enemies’ movement.

The conclusion was reached in about five seconds.

A sudden silence visited the battlefield.

Yurishia ‘haa―’ breathed out a large deep breath.

Those many figures of magic weapons couldn’t be found anywhere. What could be seen were only fragments of light, raining down on the sea.

“Somehow…… it looks like I barely made it.”

She only had little Hybrid Count left. She had already entered the red zone right now. Just a little more and her Heart Hybrid Gear would be forcefully called off.

“The commander…… she surely will tell me ‘I told you so’ with this.”

She became a little depressed, but Yurishia played with her hair and renewed her mood.

“But well, I made it somehow anyway♪ Now, when I get home a bath with aroma oil entered will be――”

Yurishia lost her words.

From the Entrance, a figure of an object she had never seen before was going to appear.

A mechanized lizard.

At first that was what she thought. A long neck appeared, before long a body with wings growing out made its appearance. And then on its back, there was an upper body of an armored knight that looked similar with Blue Head and Albatross.

Dragon CavalryDragre

It was considerably rare to encounter, a magic weapon in category-A.

The upper body of the armored knight didn’t have any great difference compared to other magic weapons, but it had a long neck and tail. And then when it spread out its wings, that pressuring appearance was overwhelming.

A sweat flowed down Yurishia’s cheek.

If she was in a perfect condition, it was not an enemy that she couldn’t defeat.


Her body was heavy, she couldn’t enter any strength.

It appeared that the energy of Heart Hybrid Gear was almost used up.

The dragon neck was slowly turning as if it was searching for prey.

Inside the caving in eyes, red light was eerily shining. Its mouth opened. There was no tongue inside it for sure, but a tube like a firing nozzle for something was visible.

In the next moment, the sight before her eyes turned pure white.


Her body flew in the air. The sky and the sea were rotating.

‘I was blown…… away?’

Inside the rotating circle and circle scenery, she could see a straight line of flame being drawn at the sky.

Unable to control her movement, she crashed into the sea.

Part 5[edit]


Kizuna was surprised from the sudden restoration of the floating window that he kept connected the whole time. By opening distance from the Entrance, it seemed that he had escaped from the range of the communication obstruction. The half transparent window displayed the figure of Reiri.

{Did something happen, Kizuna?}

“Ne-, Nee-chan!?”

With a chaotic face, Kizuna desperately tried to explain the situation.

“A, an Entrance appeared on the island! Right now Yurishia is in the middle of battle. I request instruction!”

{What did you say!? What does this mean, Kei.}

{Such thing shouldn’t happen. If the data until now is correct.}

Kizuna sent the image of what he saw to Ataraxia. With the function of Heart Hybrid Gear, everything that he saw was automatically recorded. It was something like a drive recorder.

The data was sent to Ataraxia and replayed inside the command room.

Magic weapons were appearing one after another from the Entrance that appeared above the sea.

{This is……}

{The shoals.}


{The ground for it to appear is small. But, this island has shallows with depth less than a meter that continued for several hundred meters. If those areas are totaled, then there will be enough space for an Entrance to be formed.}

“Shit-! So that’s how it is.”

{Kizuna, you said that Yurishia is in battle situation? What about Aine and Himekawa?}

“They returned back ahead. Also Yurishia said that she alone will be enough, so――”

{Got it. Kei, call Aine and Himekawa. Tell them to immediately turn back.}

“What’s wrong, Nee-chan? Why are you that rushed?”

Reiri spoke worriedly.

{Yurishia’s remaining Hybrid Count is only a little. We thought that there will be no battle occurring in the mission this time and let our guard down…… shit-!}

Taken aback, Kizuna opened the floating window of Eros.

He confirmed the vital sign of Yurishia displayed there and lost his voice.

Her remaining Hybrid Count had passed below 10%, further, even now it was continuing to decrease.


{Don’t worry, right now Aine and Himekawa are heading there. You just come back here!}

Kizuna glared at the meter gauge that was continuing to decrease.

In Kizuna’s mind, the figure of Aine crashing down when her Hybrid Count became zero was resurrected.

“Don’t joke around! If she is shot down in a situation of being surrounded by the enemy……”

{Oi! Kizuna――}

Kizuna cut off the communication and made a rapid turn toward the island.

‘Shit-, am I going to make it!?


The fastest you can until now!’

The surrounding scenery was streaming behind and vanished.

He raised his gear’s output until the maximum.

“I can see it!”

Yurishia was crouching on her knees at the shoal.

A hundred meters in front of her, at the white sandy beach, a magic weapon he had never even seen before was standing in her way.

Yurishia was breathing with her shoulders heaving up and down, she didn’t even have strength to stand up anymore.

But, she was still alive.

Her Life Saver was also still functioning.

He made i-――,

At that time, Yurishia’s Heart Hybrid Gear, Cross became beads of light and vanished.


The Hybrid Count had already went down passed the limit.


She turned around with a jerk at Kizuna’s voice.

“Ki, Kizuna!?”

He caused the water to splash and slid at Yurishia’s position. He deployed Life Saver just before stopping.

Dragre’s flame clashed with the Life Saver.

The flame that was bounced back by the Life Saver impacted at the sea far ahead.

At that instant, the sea water evaporated.


The water caused large explosion and a water pillar higher than a hundred meters was rising up.

Kizuna embraced Yurishia in her pilot suit into his arms.

Wall of water collapsed on him and a severe impact ran through his whole body.

“You, you okay Yurishia?”

“I’m, I’m fine…… wait, Kizuna you…”

The armored knight growing on Dragre’s back was moving. The weapon with the shape of a lance in its hand was directed to the two of them.

Dazzling light burst out and a beam of light was fired from its tip.

That light hit directly at Kizuna’s Life Saver.


The shield of Life Saver was wavering from the tremendous bombardment.

That beam was not stopping and continued to attack the Life Saver.

Intense high temperature attacked the two. The sea water in the surroundings evaporated, producing steam like a smoke screen.

Even now Eros’s Life Saver looked as if it was going to break.

Kizuna held out his right hand to the front and desperately supported the Life Saver.

“Why, did you come back!? Just run away quickly!”


His right arm felt like it was burning, his body felt like it was going to come apart from the impact.

“Do you hear me!? Run away quickly!”

“I don’t wanna!”

Yurishia’s words were involuntarily jammed in her throat.

“Do, don’t say something childish! That thing is a category-A magic weapon don’t you know! With something like your Life Saver it will shave off all your Hybrid Count in a flash and that’s the end you know!?”

Kizuna directed a frantic gaze at Yurishia.

“Don’t worry! A male’s consumption of Hybrid Count is lower compared to girls! Haha-, what the hell Nee-chan. I’m seriously useful…… aren’t I!”

Yurishia looked at Kizuna with a shocked face.

The dragon head opened its mouth. It was as if the kettle of hell was opened, flames surged out from it.

A shockwave even greater assaulted the two.

The Life Saver of Eros screamed from the simultaneous attack of the armored knight and the dragon.

The Life Saver that passed the limit was smashed apart.



Both of them were blown away from the intense attack of the magic weapon.

The body of the two flew in the sky.

After flying through a long distance, they fell into the sea.

Kizuna’s face landed on Yurishia’s big breast.


Kizuna’s limp body still covered over Yurishia unmovingly.

“Yurishia…… you…… okay?”

Kizuna leaked out a painful voice.

“Why are you doing this?”

With a shaking hand, Yurishia stroked Kizuna’s head.

“Why are you going this far for the sake of me who you haven’t met for long?”

“What, are you saying…… a girl, meet this kind of danger…… it’s obvious, just what to do.”

Kizuna raised his face and looked for the Dragre with a painful face.

‘――Just for that kind of reason?’

Yurishia hugged Kizuna to her bosom as if to console him.

‘――Even though you cannot even fight against magic weapons well…… you are going to protect me with your body, until you become like this?’

‘――Risking your life.’

There was no focus in Kizuna’s eye, as if his consciousness was blurry.

Perhaps he was desperately looking for something to support his body, his hand was wavering in the air.

And then, that hand grasped at Yurishia’s large breast.

“Ah! ……-”

Yurishia’s chest jumped greatly.

Even though her breast was touched, but she didn’t feel any unpleasantness at all.

In its place, deep inside her chest, she felt as if her heart was strongly squeezed, painfully and heartrendingly.

‘――Wh, what, is this?’

The throbbing of her heart was unstoppable.

As if her heart was going to break.

Golden radiance was born inside Yurishia’s eyes.

When she peered into Kizuna’s face with those eyes, the gazes of the two met.

Within Kizuna’s eyes too, a beautiful pink radiance was dancing.

Yurishia felt that that radiance was really beautiful.

The next instant, their bodies were enveloped in golden and pink radiance.

“Eh! Thi, this is…… what in the world?”

Yurishia was staring wonderingly at the radiance coiling around her body.

“……Heart, Hybrid?”

Together with the radiance covering his body, Kizuna’s consciousness was becoming clearer.

This was――.

It was similar, with that time before when he met Chidorigafuchi.

“This is, Heart Hybrid…… amazing. Strength is welling up inside my body.”

In a complete change from before, vitality was overflowing through her whole body.

Yurishia’s golden hair looked sparkling, her skin was also so glossy with bright luster.

Kizuna too unintentionally became completely fascinated.

“Thank you, Kizuna…… for coming to save me.”

Yurishia smiled sweetly.

“Eh! No, that’s”

When she saw Kizuna being shy, Yurishia’s heart mysteriously turned warm.

“Then, right now I need to pay back that magic weapon☆”

Yurishia directed a smile to the Dragre. However a killing intent was dwelling in her eyes.

“Yeah! Blow it away!”

Cross’s weapon began its bombardment preparation.

Dragre’s mouth opened. Inside that mouth, beads of light were dancing.

“Watch me Kizuna. This is, my showtime!”

Flames were gathering inside the dragon’s mouth, at that instant,

Fall to HellHell Fire!”

Cross’s full bombardment was opened and an all-out fire was carried out focusing on one point.

It was an intenseness that couldn’t be compared with Yurishia’s full power shooting until now.

The main cannon pulveriszed the dragon’s head.

The armored knight was blown away altogether with its hand that was holding the spear.

Unable to endure, the Dragre spread a shield with its remaining arm.

However Yurishia’s full power shooting ignored the shield as if it was nothing.

The dragon’s wings became full of holes and completely lost its control.

The bombardment that gave the impression as if it would continue forever pushed back the Dragre like that until the Entrance to the AU.

Yurishia’s bombardment demolished the shoal of the unpopulated island into pieces as it was.

The body of Dragre already lost its shape and not even its shadow was left behind, it was smashed up into fragments of light.

At the same time with that, the Entrance to the AU was terminated.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Itadakimasu, a phrase Japanese people say before eating.
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