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Chapter 3 – Calm Ordinary Days[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The fragrance of aroma oil was filling the bathroom.

Inside a large bathtub where one could stretch out their body relaxedly, white limbs were swaying.

A large deep breath was taken.

This was the time where she could relax the most in the whole day.


The bath taken on the day where she had almost died made her feelings turn complicated.


A voice naturally leaked out from the mouth due to the good feeling.

She was going to rise from the bathtub to wash her body.

“-! Ouch……-“

She sunk into the bathtub once more.

She raised her arm from inside the hot water.

There was an awful bruise there.

Her whole body was bruised, there were also inflammations appearing here and there.

How humiliating.

She was the ace of America, therefore that meant she was the world’s strongest.

She had such conceit in herself.

――Despite so,

Hida Kizuna.

She was saved by that amateur rookie with almost no combat ability at all.

This her of all people.

At that time Cross’s Hybrid Count was completely used up, it could be said that it couldn’t be helped.

But, right now her Hybrid Count was recovered until more than half.

It was like magic.

If, after this too she continued to fight, then would it happen again…… that thing they did today?

“Hida…… Kizuna.”

When she said out that name with her mouth, her chest mysteriously heated up.

Why, she wondered?

If she talked about the men that were close to her until now, then there were only fellows who envied herself who was a super ace and laid their hostility bare, or those who got close to her with ulterior motives.

Yurishia looked down to her breast.

With the hot water’s buoyancy, the white bulge was floating in the bathtub.

She put her hand on that big breast.

She was hugging Kizuna’s face right here.

Her hand was crawling on her left breast.


This breast, was touched by Kizuna’s hand.

And then that hand grasped forcefully.

Yurishia’s lips burst open in a smile.

What a curious man.

She felt really happy of getting touched by Kizuna,

She felt proud somehow.

Herself who was feeling like that was the most mysterious of all.

Part 2[edit]

“How are your wounds?”

Kizuna stared at Reiri who arrived to visit him.

Inside the spacious treatment room, whether it was the floor or the wall or even the bed, everything was pure white. Reiri who was wearing black military uniform inside this room looked as if she was floating on air.

“Yeah, everything is okay. Rather than that, what about Yurishia?”

Three days had passed since the battle at the unpopulated island.

After that battle, Kizuna and Yurishia who were picked up were sent directly to Nayuta Lab. The wound Kizuna got when he covered Yurishia was deep, he couldn’t avoid being hospitalized.

“From the examination result, that girl didn’t have any particular problem so she was released on the same day. From today she will be going to school. She is really annoying asking to meet you.”

Reiri made a wry smile.

“Is that so…… then, about her Heart Hybrid Gear?”

“Aah, if it’s about that, you can confirm it yourself with this thing.”

Reiri took out Kizuna’s student device from her breast pocket.

When Kizuna received his student device, he confirmed Yurishia’s vital sign. Her Hybrid Count had recovered until around half.

“……As I thought, we succeeded in Heart Hybrid.”

“Looks like it. However, to recover that much only by hugging is something significant. Furthermore, she had shot ceaselessly until the shape of the island changed, and she still had the amount remaining til this much.”

“That’s true huh…… it’s strange but, why did it succeed?”

His consciousness was dim and he didn’t remember that event well.

However, he had the feeling that his face was buried into something absurdly soft and elastic, his hand even grasped it but…… right now he couldn’t collect it into a definite memory.

“Hybrid Heart is also greatly influenced by the other party’s trusting relation and affection. We don’t even know if by any chance that was influencing this.”

However Kizuna crossed his arms and pondered.

“Hmmm, there is too many things I don’t follow about that…… I didn’t do anything significant that could make Yurishia trust me, to say nothing of something like love, that’s impossible I guess?”

“Kizuna, a guy like you is really……”

Reiri held her head.

“……Well, it’s fine already about that. Rather than that, take to heart the lesson from this incident. There is always something unexpected and it might be possible to occur again.”

Reiri faced Kizuna with a serious gaze.

“That’s why, it’s essential to always maintain the Hybrid Count in the safe area.”

“……I got it, okay.”

“Hybrid Heart is by no means a joke or messing around. It’s an important method to protect the lives of all of you, it also has an influence on the survival of mankind.”

Kizuna released a deep sigh from the heaviness of the responsibility assigned to him.

And then he heaved a deep sigh once more from the detail of the act that he had to actually do which was the contrary to the heaviness of that responsibility.

“In any case, Heart Hybrid Gear is not a safe weapon. Pay meticulous attention. If there is a next time for something like this, then it will not be strange even if someone dies.”

“Preferably, if we can just stop using something like Heart Hybrid Gear……”

“However, there is no other way to oppose the AU other than Heart Hybrid Gear.”

Certainly, they couldn’t oppose the AU’s magic weapons with their current weaponry.

“So in the end, there is no other way than to do Heart Hybrid.”

“Right. Combine the heart of two people and create a single power. That power recovers the energy and even strengthens the Heart Hybrid Gear. This greatly influences the fate of all Ataraxia’s students, and also the fate of mankind.”

That was a little exaggerated.

“But, well…… if the other party doesn’t feel like it, then it won’t succeed right? I also got to respect the other party’s feelings…… but, thinking of that, I become more and more confused just why the Heart Hybrid with Yurishia succeeded.”

“……Two, or three days later you will be discharged from here. Until that time, keep thinking as much as you can.”

Reiri left the treatment room.

Kizuna who was left alone collapsed onto his bed.

He kept worrying for a while, but in the end no answer came out.

Part 3[edit]

After that, he spent three days in the lab before Kizuna was finally released to go.

It was already time to go to school, so he didn’t go back to the dormitory and directly went to the school.

“In the end, one week passed. For some reason, I already feel nostalgic.”

He opened the door of second year first group.


“U, uwa, Yurishia.”

The moment he entered the class, Yurishia rushed to him.

Their distance was close.

And then her face was close.

Commotion and agitation ran through the class.

“You okay? Your injury is already better?”

“A, yeah. But, my collarbone still has a crack, and the hole on my back is not closed yet…… ahahaha.”

Yurishia was dejected.

“I, I’m sorry…… it hurts doesn’t it? Because of my fault……”

“Eh? Ah, no. This is not Yurishia’s fault right? It’s not a big deal. Rather than that, Yurishia, you okay? I heard that you don’t have any big wound though.”

“My…… even though Kizuna is also injured, you still worry about me. I’m happy……♡”

She pressed her cheek and stared at Kizuna with upturned eyes.

Kizuna was severely shaken.

‘――Wh, who is this person?’

Certainly, her appearance was Yurishia.

But her behavior didn’t seem like Yurishia at all.

“Actually, I wanted to go visiting you immediately you know? But, that mean commander hindered me…… it’s really vexing!”

‘That mean commander is my Nee-chan though.’

“Wait a second, the two over there. What are you two doing flirting here! This is the school!”

Himekawa showed an energetic appearance.

“Myy―, Hayuru-san. This is a matter between me and Kizuna. I wonder if someone uninvolved like you can kindly not interrupt us?”

“As a public morals committee member, I have the responsibility to protect the order of this academy! I cannot overlook actions that disturb the public morals!”

‘Really, the two of them are amazing huh.’

Even though Yurishia just went through a life-or-death battle like that, she came normally to school and talked idlely, Himekawa too reacted to that as if it was only natural.

As expected from the aces of America and Japan. His respect to them raised another notch.

At that time, Aine entered the classroom.

“Myy―♪ Aine-san. Good morning.”

“……What is it?”

Yurishia moved in front of Aine and she faced her with an elated face.

“Aine too wants to do Hybrid Heart one more time correct? Just so you know, from now on I have the confidence that I can achieve Hybrid Heart successfully anytime. I wonder how about you?”

“……That’s unrelated to you.”

“Well, I think Aine-san’s Heart Hybrid was merely something like an accident, wasn’t it?”


Aine ignored Yurishia and sat at her own seat. Her face looked like frustration and impatience were mixed in it.

“Oka―y, everyone go back to your seat―. Oo, Kizuna―, so you come back―”

Sakisaka-sensei entered the classroom.

The class began.

After surviving through a life-and-death battle, he felt it, just how irreplaceable, how important an ordinary day like this is.

Part 4[edit]

“I’m back―”

He came back to his dormitory room after a long while.

After school, he was invited by Yurishia because she wanted to have a celebration for the hospital release, but he asked her to postpone it for another day.

For today he wanted to be in his room, alone for just a little――,

“Captain, welcome home desu!”

“Sy, Sylvia!? Why are you in my room?”

Sylvia in an apron was rushing to him happily until the entrance. And then she welcomed him with a smart salute.

“Yes! While Captain was absent from home, it’s Sylvia’s duty to protect this room desu. Also, I heard about the strategy’s success desu. As expected Captain, how amazing desu!”

“Strategy’s…… success is it?”

“What’s wrong desu? Is Captain not happy with that desu?”

He suddenly returned to his senses.

“No. That’s not it…… you did well guarding this place for me while I wasn’t here.”

He patted Sylvia’s head.

Her golden hair was soft, it felt far more comfortable than he imagined.

“Ehehe―, I got patted desu―”

With a happy smiling face, Sylvia returned back inside the room.

‘Sheesh…… but, somehow I feel healed.’

Kizuna followed behind Sylvia and entered the room.


On the table, fish & chips, roast beef, meat pie, Yorkshire pudding etc, foods that he usually never saw were lined up.

“Was this made by Sylvia?”

“Yes! This is the dish from Sylvia’s homeland, Britain desu!”

“British…… food.”

“Ah, just now Captain thought that British food is bad didn’t you desu?”

“Uh, bull’s eye.”

“Please try to eat. It will taste absolutely delicious desu!”

He picked up a chip, the so-called fried potato that seemed safe and brought it to his mouth.

“Oh, it’s unexpectedly good. I mean, it’s delicious! Britishfood being bad has become a really popular material, so I misunderstood here. So the authentic British food is unexpectedly tasty like this.”

“It’s great if Captain understands desu.”

Sylvia proudly puffed up her breastless chest while going ‘ahem’.

“Sylvia tried seasoning it in Japanese taste desu. Mainly, Sylvia used the taste of the food at British food store in Japan as reference desu!”

Was it okay to call this as British cooking then?

“Sylvia heard that today Captain is discharged from hospital, so Sylvia prepared a celebration desu.”

She was smiling friendly with a bright face without any shadow in it.

“Sylvia is happy to become a subordinate of a good captain desu.”

“Eh? N, no. There is no such thing right?”

He felt ill at ease from that evaluation which was too high.

“Captain, you are kind desu. When Sylvia came from Britain, Sylvia felt anxious desu.”

“Now that you mentioned it…… why did Sylvia come to Japan?”

“Sylvia has a high aptitude for Heart Hybrid Gear desu. Because of that, Sylvia came to Ataraxia that is the center of the research and development desu.”

“Heee, Nee-chan also told me but, as expected you are really an excellent talent huh.”

Syliva was shyly fidgeting with the fingers of both her hands poking each other.

“Even like this, Sylvia is a noble desu. Sylvia’s family has an ancient and honorable origin, but we lost our money and then lost our home desu. My family right now is in the homeland’s London, they are living in a small apartment desu.”

“Eh…… that means…”

Not in the Megafloat UK, but her homeland? Then that meant…… the army of AU had――

“It’s fine desu. Surely they are safe desu. That’s why, Sylvia will become a full-fledged knight and return to Britain. Sylvia will be recognized by her majesty the queen too and the Silvercut house will be restored desu. If that happens then Sylvia can live together with my family again desu.”

Sylvia tilted her head and smiled cheerfully.

“I guess…… okay, someday, we will take London back with the strength of the Kizuna squad for sure!”

“Yes! For sure desu!”

For the sake of this small squad member too, he had to do his best.

Kizuna swore it in his heart.

Part 5[edit]

Sylvia’s smile didn’t vanish until the end where she went home to her own room.

Kizuna laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

‘I am holding the life of everyone.

However, even though I’ve resolved myself that I’m going to do Heart Hybrid when the time comes for sure, it’s meaningless with only my resolve.

What about the other party’s feelings?

Is this really fine for the other party?

Seeing from the view point of the people around, how do they see it?

If I respect the others’ will and don’t do Heart Hybrid, am I going to be still resented for letting them die?

Or the reverse?’

He couldn’t collect his thinking and his thoughts were continuing to go in a circle at the same place.

“Aah…… I don’t get it. Rather, it’s better if someone just replaces me.”

“Do you think a human that wants to become the replacement of a vulgar man like you exists in this world?”

Kizuna jumped to his feet.

A silver haired girl was standing at the room entrance.

“Chidorigafuchi! Why? How did you enter!?”

“I tricked…… no, persuaded that tiny girl that I need to enter for the mission.”

“You! Just what are you doing to my healing!”

“I know that you are a vulgar being already.” [1]

“No one is saying that here!”

“It’s because you were a vulgar being since you were born that you are lamenting it this much aren’t you?”

“Don’t force that to me! I don’t think that I am that vulgar!”

Aine opened her eyes wide and stepped back.

“That…… for you to not lament your own existence that is like that…… how, how pitiful is that I wonder. Just how wretched your own existence is.”

“……My bad to not be aware of that myself. So, if you like, I want you to teach me just how amazing your existence is then.”

“Oh well…… I’ll specially teach you then.”

Aine went up the bed, then she stood up imposingly over Kizuna. She was looking down on Kizuna with full pressure.

“If I have to say, I’m the queen.”


“No, a god.”


Certainly, only her attitude was big.

“So, how about for real?”

Aine lowered her waist from that posture and straddled Kizuna.

“I wonder, just how many humans in the whole world know about themselves, what kind of person they are deep down?”

“I’m not talking philosophically like that.”

“Rather than something like that, listen to my demand.”

Kizuna gave up and gestured with his hand for her to continue.

“Do Heart Hybrid with me.”

“But Chidorigafuchi, since we did the Heart Hybrid before this…… your energy hasn’t decreased that much you know?”

“I’m not talking about something like that. What I want is the [Corruption Armament].”

Aine’s expression was her usual cool one. He couldn’t read her emotions from that expression.

“No……rather than that, there is something more important right?”

“There is none.”

She really declared that!

“What I cannot tolerate the most is my low combat ability. That’s why, there is nothing more important than the Corruption Armament right now.”

“No, you are strong enough right? You won’t lose if it’s in close range, that’s what you said.”

“In reality, it’s rare for the enemy to come to the range where one’s hand can reach. If there is no possible method for a long range attack, then one cannot fight properly.”

Certainly…… at the dogfight above the sky of Ataraxia, she fought by using conventional weapons, that way of fighting seemed to be difficult.

“That’s why it’s necessary, the [Corruption Armament].”

“Corruption Armament…… you said that before. Is such a thing really that――”

Aine took off her upper clothes. And then she was unbuttoning her shirt.

“You! Just because you wear pilot suit underneath doesn’t mean…… eh?”

It was a normal underwear. A white brassiere appeared from underneath the shirt.

“I tried to change the mood. If I can obtain the Corruption Armament with this, then this is cheap.”

Kizuna once more looked up at Aine’s figure.

The breast that was so big it looked improper for her slender body, when it was looked up from below, it looked excessively large. It possessed an amazing mass that it felt like it was pressing on him.

“Now, touch it.”

“That’s, even if you told me ‘Now come!’ like that…”

“How irritating.”

Aine took Kizuna’s hand and led it to her own breast.


He had the feeling that Aine’s hand was slightly shaking, but it was not that much.

A swelling sensation spread in his palm. The feel of touching over the brassiere was even more indirect compared to touching over the pilot suit. The hardness of the bra and the ornament on the bra’s surface gave a slight stimulus to his palm, yet it mysteriously made his heart throb fast. The bra felt like that last fortress protecting the important breast.

“Co…… come on, stronger.”

Aine pressed Kizuna’s hand on her breast. His fingers opposed the sensation of the breast pushing back at his hand and they slightly sunk into the breast.

This was done across the bra, but the softness of the breast inside it was conveyed enough to his palm.

It felt like it was even larger than before…….

Was it because now he was looking at it from below?

It was a large breast to the degree that Chidorigafuchi’s face was not visible from where he was.

Even though this is the same body of Chidorigafuchi that he had seen in her normal uniform and pilot suit, his feeling felt like this was the first time he was seeing this.

Was it because Chidorigafuchi was in an unconscious state before? He felt like the volume that he felt with his hand and the mass were superior.

No matter how long he stared, it was beautiful, it was impossible to not get excited from seeing. It was such a bewitching body.


However, Kizuna’s hand was still being moved by Aine, he didn’t display a voluntary motion.

“What’s wrong? If you don’t play with it more, the Heart Hybrid won’t succeed right?”

“I know that. But……”

For Kizuna right now, the feeling of wanting to touch proactively didn’t well up inside him.

“Are you, unconcerned? Doing something like this.”

“Something like this?”

“That, doing something lewd…… with a man like this.”

Aine’s expression hardened a little.

“Don’t mind it. What I’m concerned with is just whether I can obtain the Corruption Armament or not.”

“But that means you just want to get a weapon right? That doesn’t mean that you want to do something lewd. Heart Hybrid is also like that as well. To continue to fight, the Hybrid Count has to be replenished. I understand that reasoning. But, just because of that, is it really okay to do something erotic only for that?”

“That’s a silly worry.”

“Just what are you calling silly.”

Kizuna was irritated from Aine’s words.

“Before this was Yurishia, and before that was you, you two were about to die. I only knew all of you just for a short time, but I want to beg off seeing someone that I know die in front of my eyes. Furthermore, I have the method to actually prevent that…… I have it but……”

“Then, it’s fine if you just do it.”

“Don’t say that so simply! In reality this is something erotic you know? This is not something that is okay to be forced one-sidedly by me. Even the feeling of the other part――”

“I don’t understand the feelings of other people or anything.”

She declared.

“What I understand, is the thing that I have to do no matter what. That’s all.”

“Are you, not thinking what happens if you die or anything at all?”

“That’s right, that’s not a problem at all.”


Just what’s with this girl.

“What I want is just a powerful weapon. So that I won’t lose to Yurishia and Hayuru. That’s why I don’t need to worry about anything. I’m fine to do whatever, erotic things or anything else.”

“Is it really okay?”

“How persistent. How about you just try it without delay?”

“……I see.”

Kizuna raised his body and reached his hand to Aine’s body. That hand was heading to her breast.

Aine’s complexion changed in a flash. Her body stiffened and she was watching the going of Kizuna’s hand with a held breath.

When Kizuna’s hands were put on Aine’s shoulders, she made a relieved face.


Kizuna repositioned their bodies, he pushed down Aine on the bed.

“Wha, what?”

“We are going to do it right? Erotic things.”

Kizuna’s hand was going to grope Aine’s breast.

Aine wrinkled her forehead and her body stiffened. When Kizuna’s hand approached near, her eyes were glistening with tears.”


Kizuna heaved a deep sigh and withdrew his hand, he scratched his head.

“See here, Chidorigafuchi. To make Heart Hybrid a success, we have to make our hearts into one. You, what do you think about me?”

“……I’m not interested in you.”

“……Isn’t that right.”

Kizuna answered with a tired face.

“I too cannot get into the mood to do lewd things with you.”

Aine raised her body and glared at Kizuna.


“It’s impossible if I’m watched at by eyes that looked that scared.”

Aine’s face reddened in a flash.

“I, it’s not like, I’m scared or anything!”

“Don’t force yourself. Isn’t it fine if we wait to know each other more, to become closer first before doing this?”

Aine looked down and she didn’t move for a while.

“That’s…… unreasonable.”

She whispered that and got down from the bed.

“……Chidorigafuchi. Don’t you have anyone close to you?”

“Something like that…… there is none.”

Aine picked up her clothes and exited the room without saying anything.

“Geez…… what’s with that girl.”

Kizuna collapsed on the bed.

When he buried his face into the sheet, suddenly he smelled Aine’s fragrance.

‘――But, that girl.’

The figure of her back when she exited the room.

‘――For some reason, she looked…… strangely sad.’

Part 6[edit]

Unexpectedly, even though he had spent a night where he couldn’t really sleep, sleepiness didn’t particularly attack him even in the afternoon class.

When he recalled the events yesterday night, he fell into a light self-hatred.

For some reason, he felt like he was bullying Chidorigafuchi.

‘Haa’, he released a deep sigh.

“When you sigh, happiness will escape together with it you know☆”


“Hey Kizuna? Do you have time after this?”

‘After this? Aah, so the class today is over already.’

“Yeah, I don’t really have anything to do……”

Yurishia clapped her hands happily.

“That’s great―. Then, I wonder if you can accompany me for shopping? After that, how about having dinner together with me?”

“I’m happy you asked me, but my mood is a little……”

“Now, let’s go.”

Yurishia forcefully took Kizuna’s arm.

“Eh? Wa, wait.”

The corridor that was jammed with students going home became noisy from the two of them walking arms linking.

“Yu, Yurishia-san? Where are we going shopping?”


The application for going outside Ataraxia took some time, but one hour later they arrived at Kyoto float.

“Why in Kyoto float?”

“We are just taking a walk a little♪”

They walked through the streets while giving sidelong glances at the historical buildings reconstructed here. Compared to the original Kyoto, the size of this float was only its one-thirtieth. There they experienced the condensed sightseeing of the famous historic places.

The stage of Kiyomizu, hall of Sanju San’gen, Kinkaku temple, etc., all of those spots were in a range that they could walk around by foot.

“Ah, look Kizuna. What a lovely townscape!”

It was a street that made one mistake it for the Edo period. Yurishia’s feet stopped in front of a building that had several stores in it.

“Pretty…… hey, I wonder if this suits me?”

What Yurishia pointed at was a kimono of Nishijin brocade. It was a pink kimono and a golden belt with flower patterns drawn on it put on a pedestal.

Yurishia’s eyes were shining with expectation.

“Yes, I think it will suit you.”

“Then, I’ll buy it―”

‘Eh? Isn’t this really expensive?’

Kizuna confirmed the price and he felt astounded by the price that reached seven digits.

When Yurishia exited the store, she had already worn the kimono that she just bought. It also suited her blonde hair.

“Well then, where should we go next?”

“This is a rare chance, so how about to the place that Yurishia wants to go to.”

“Is it fine?”

Yurishia asked worriedly.

“Of course.”

Yurishia smiled pleasantly,


She said.

“That’s not inside Kyoto float……”

After that they went to Okinawa float, and they ate sweets while going through international window shopping.

“Next I want to try seeing a large Buddha statue.”

They took a commemoration picture at the Kamakura Buddha statue in Kanagawa float.

“I want to try looking at the Megafloat’s ranch.”

Toward the Hokkaido float.

“This thing called takoyaki, it doesn’t look like octopus at all, so why is it called takoyaki?” [2]

Osaka float.

The distance between each place was not that far, but traveling around everywhere this much was quite difficult.

Even so, Yurishia was really active. While he was being led around, the hand of the clock had already reached eight o’clock.

“Not good, let’s have dinner soon. Western or Japanese, which one is good I wonder?”

“Hmmm…… that’s a little puzzling.”

“Oh, when you feel puzzled, you should do both☆”

Yurishia winked at him.

They went to a super high class traditional restaurant in Kyoto before moving to a first class hotel restaurant in Tokyo float.

When the time almost changed into a new day, they finally returned back to Ataraxia.

Both of them walked side-by-side through the road from the station to the dormitory.

It was a path where they could see both the night scenery of the city of Ataraxia and Megafloat Japan.

It was a very beautiful sight.

And then, most beautiful of all, was the starry sky that seemed as if it was going to rain down.

It was a night sky that they couldn’t see at the homeland Japan.

“Today was really fun♪ Thank you Kizuna.”

“I was the one that got treated for everything…… next time it will be my treat for you.”

“This is my thanks to you, so don’t mind it. I wonder if you are satisfied by the dinner?”

“Yeah, I never thought that we would really go for both. Both were luxurious that it made me nervous.”

Yurishia breathed out amusedly.

“I’m sorry if you didn’t enjoy it because you were nervous. For some reason, even though this should be my thanks to you, I also enjoyed it myself.”

“I had fun too. It feels like ten days is compressed into this normal after school though. Yurishia, you are really active aren’t you?”

“I guess so…… for some reason, since the battle on that unpopulated island, it seems that I changed a little.”


“Yes. It’s mysterious isn’t it? Even though I have gone through life-and-death battles several times until now, but that was the first time that I thought I might really die.”

That might be the proof that that was just how strong Yurishia was he guessed.

“Since then, I become really greedy. I want to see the things I haven’t seen yet. I want to go to places that I haven’t gone to. I want to wear clothes I have never worn. I want to eat foods I’ve never eaten. Also…… I want to go on a date with a boy, something like that?”

After saying that, Yurishia stared at Kizuna.

“Kizuna, this is all thanks to you because you saved me you know?”

‘Because, I saved her?’

“Rather than calling that saving, it was more like just buying time. Rather the one who did the saving was Yurishia right? Cross’ firepower is just awesome. Just as expected from the ace of the American army.”

Kizuna laughed ‘ahaha’.

“But since then Kizuna is not energetic aren’t you?”

“Eh, no, that’s not……”

“Especially today, you are not energetic at all. Did something happen?”

Yurishia peered into Kizuna’s face.

“Tha…… that’s…… you really understand huh.”


‘Because, I was always looking at you after all’――she didn’t say that.

“Try to say it if you have something bothering you. I’ll give you some advice.”

Yurishia showed a bright smile like the sun.

As if being invited by that smile, Kizuna opened his mouth.

“Yurishia, is your relation with Chidorigafuchi good? I’m wondering, what kind of person that girl is?”

Immediately Yurishia’s face became sullen.

“Ee~!? You are not worrying about me? That’s rea―lly a let down.”

“No, sorry. But, it’s about the Heart Hybrid……”

Eh? Just why did he apologize?

“It can’t be helped then.”

Yurishia crossed her arms and moved her fingers antsily.

“Well, it doesn’t even seem like you like Aine or anything…… fine then, I’ll specially teach you. But, I too don’t really know that girl well you know?”

“But, you two are comrades in the same team Amaterasu right?”

“Because, we don’t really talk much. Even when we talk, she is always in that kind of manner right? She has a wicked tongue, she only talked about incomprehensible things, she doesn’t really talk about herself.”

“She didn’t talk about herself?”

“Yes. That’s why, I don’t even know what did Aine usually do to pass her time. I don’t even know about something like her hobby, her favorite thing, or even her family.”

“Then…… any person that seems close to her?”

Yurishia pondered a little, but she shook her head.

“No one comes to mind.”

There was no one close to her, he remembered Chidorigafuchi saying that to him.

That girl was popular among the male students but…… actually, she had no friends or anything?

“In the first place, where did that girl come from? Her appearance doesn’t look like a Japanese at all though.”

“I also don’t know that.”

“You don’t know?”

“I was also interested in that, so I tried asking around once. But, no one knew. Nobody in this academy knew about Aine’s past.”

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Here the sound of healing and vulgar in Japan is similar. One is ‘iyashi’ and the other is ‘iyashii’.
  2. Takoyaki means fried octopus.
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