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Chapter 2 – The Beautiful Woman of Country of Ruin[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Well then, I’ll explain the outline of the operation.”

Hida Reiri looked over the Amaterasu members who were gathering in Nayuta Lab.

It was an emergency summon.

Kizuna, Aine, and Himekawa lent their ears to Reiri’s story with obedient faces.

In contrast, it was only Yurishia who looked around at the surroundings with a face that looked as if she would break out humming anytime.

Reiri was not even much concerned with Yurishia’s behavior, she turned to the console in the center of the room and called out.

“Kei, I’ll let you explain.”

In front of the console that looked like a cockpit, a petite girl was sitting.

She was the researcher in charge of this Nayuta Lab, the person in charge of Ataraxia’s research department, Shikina Kei.

Her hair was held back with several pins, her eyes settled behind the glasses didn’t show anything of what she was thinking about.

Kei didn’t reply back and only moved her fingers with amazing speed. Thereupon, in the middle of the research room, several floating windows appeared.

A window each appeared in front of Kizuna and the others, displaying the text that Kei inputted.

{Yesterday, at 2.10 AM of Megafloat Japan’s standard time, we caught a weak radio wave.}

On the floor surface, a map of the Pacific Ocean with Megafloat Japan as the center was displayed. Currently, the Megafloat was cruising between Papua New Guinea and Philippines. A red blinking line was stretching from Megafloat Japan on the map.

{When the radio wave was analyzed, we understood that it was undoubtedly something used by mankind for transmission. That dotted line is displaying the direction from where the radio wave was sent.}

The map was scrolled following the stretched dotted line.

Before long the scrolling of the screen was stopped at the end point of the line which was an island.


Yurishia raised a questioning voice.

“Correct. The transmission wave was delivered from around Guam. Yurishia, have you ever been to the American military base in Guam?”

“Only to the degree of stopping by there. It was before the 2nd Another Universe Conflict, so I didn’t have any impression of it other than a normal resort area…… but, naturally that place also has an Entrance right?”

The origin was unclear, but Entrances that occurred due to the collision of world space existed only above land. In addition, it only appeared on land with a certain degree of size, it wouldn’t appear in a place like a small island.

But, Guam’s land size was more than 500 square kilometers, it was a large island. There was a high chance that an Entrance with AU existed there.

{There is a record that an Entrance appeared there in the 2nd Alternate Universe Conflict and it turned into a battle. However, after that no one knows how it turned out there.}

Kei’s words were not generated as sound, but conveyed to them as text on the window. It was not like she had a disability that made her unable to speak. She was just extremely poor in communicating with people.

“We don’t know if there is anyone in Guam, or if it was the people of AU using human facility. However, in any case there was supposedly someone there sending us a transmission. The mission this time is to infiltrate an area under the control of AU, and to make clear of the source of the transmission. All of you are to land at Guam Island.”


Kizuna reflexively raised his voice.

“There is an Entrance there right? That’s too dangerous!”

“The situation won’t change for the better if we keep getting scared of the enemy’s shadow forever and only run around.”

Reiri said flatly.

“Then, we are going to march into the enemy’s controlled land……and start a full-blown war?”

Even until now they were using the phrase of war with AU, but in reality there was no battle or anything. Mankind was only one-sidedly exterminated, their countries stolen, and they escaped above the sea where the hand of the enemy couldn’t reach.

And then even now, they were cowering from that shadow, running from place to place above the sea.

Certainly, they defeated the enemy’s battleship with Zeros’ Corruption Armament, but saying it in reverse, they were merely sinking one battleship after all this time.

“Before the war happens, we first need to know about the enemy. Our knowledge about the AU, is nonexistent.”

The map projected under their feet began to move once more.

Kei manipulated the console and tapped the keyboard.

{The main objective of this mission is to collect information of the area that fell under the control of the enemy. Originally, we want to perform investigation of mainland Japan and the neighboring islands, but in the current situation the danger is great. From our experience until now, when we entered the range of two hundred until three hundred kilometers from the land, the possibility of the enemy detecting us is high. In other words, the more we are approaching a large land, the danger is also increasing. In that meaning, the land of Guam which doesn’t have any other Entrance in it’s vicinity is suitable as the first test.}

“First Megafloat Japan will approach Guam until 300 kilometers from it. Amaterasu will all take off from there. Separate into two groups, then investigate the center urban area Hagania and Tamon, and Andersen airbase at the north side. For the dividing of the group and the instruction on the actual scene……Kizuna, you take control.”

“Eh! Me?”

Kizuna was shocked from the sudden appointment.

“N, no, it’s impossible even if you suddenly told me to do it……”

The shoulder of the panicked Kizuna was lightly tapped.

“Fufufu, take care of us. Novice captain-san★”

Yurishia showed a wink from a close distance.

“No, really, there is no way me as a captain…”

“It’s not impossible or anything, perhaps this can be said as the right man in the right place.”

Aine unexpectedly talked as if in endorsement of Kizuna.

“Aine……no, I never thought that you will say that about me. Now I feel a little shy.”

“Because, Kizuna usually doesn’t have any combat ability, you are just being useless. That’s why, I think it’s fine for you to be the captain in a place far from the front line. So that you won’t be a hindrance to us.”

“So you are just getting rid of a nuisance!”

Having said that, what Aine said also made sense. Kizuna’s Eros almost didn’t have any combat ability, it had no redeeming feature other than its Life Saver.

However, even such Eros had a method to obtain a wonderful combat ability.

――[Climax Hybrid]

With that phenomenon which was even more superior than Heart Hybrid, it would bring result that was truly miraculous. It could power up the partner’s Heart Hybrid Gear, and added a special weapon called the [Corruption Armament]. And then at the same time, Eros would copy the ability of the partner Heart Hybrid Gear, making it possible for Eros to exhibit similar combat ability.

“However, just by getting near, the enemy will quickly find us isn’t it? Besides, if there is an amazing number of army stationed there, we are going to fall into a really bad situation……”

As if to flaunt off, Aine brushed off her silver hair that was shining from the lighting.

“Well, at that time I will show you how I exterminate the enemy with my Corruption Armament [Pulverizer].”

She was truly smug. Her face looked like it couldn’t be more triumphant than that.

Yurishia chuckled mockingly ‘fufun’ to that.

“Myy, aren’t you unable to use Pulverizer anymoree?”


Aine’s mouth was shut tightly.

“It disappeared when time passed correct? That prided Corruption Armament♪”

After that battle, Zeros was tested in Nayuta Lab. However, when Aine tried equipping Zeros, Zeros had returned to its default state and Pulverizer was also gone.

Kizuna’s Eros was also the same, it was reversed back to the usual useless gear.

“The, then, I just need to do it one more time, the Climax Hybrid.”

“My, this time I should be the one testing it though. Hey? How about around tonight? Let’s go on a date, and together to a hotel――”

“Please stop! That’s really shameless!”

Himekawa yelled with a bright red face.

“You all, stop playing around.”

With a single sentence from Reiri, the place returned to dead silence.

“Well then, breakup. The operation will begin tomorrow night. Until then, study the necessary information like the local map.”

Reiri said that and exited from the room.

Her head hurt from watching the three continuing to quarrel.

A window appeared in front of Kizuna who heaved a deep sigh.

{If you find yourself in need of a love hotel, say it anytime. I’ll prepare it.}


From the other side of the console, he could see Kei making a reserved thumbs up.

Part 2[edit]

The sunset of southern country was really beautiful, one wouldn’t get tired of seeing it no matter how many times.

Standing at the edge of Ataraxia, Kizuna was gazing at the horizon that was dyed by the sunset.

The large sun was sinking on the sea, the curtain of night was gradually lowered down above the head. That state which kept changing moment by moment was exactly the showtime of mother nature.

This spot was the testing ground that was adjacent to Nayuta Lab. The width was close to a 400 hundred meters track-and-field running track. Since the past, this was the facility used for Heart Hybrid Gear activation experiments and the like. Kizuna too had his first flight in this place when he was a child.

At this time he had already finished wearing Eros. At the same time, Aine, Himekawa, and Yurishia too were also wearing their respective Heart Hybrid Gears.

In front of Kizuna, Kei’s floating window appeared.

{The check of all gears is finished. There is no problem, you can go anytime.}

Kizuna raised his hand to Shikina Kei who was in a slightly separated place to show his acknowledging thought.

“Then, let’s depart soon. We will separate into two groups, me and Himekawa, Aine and Yurishia. We are going to the urban area in the center, Hagania and Tamon, Aine and Yurishia are to investigate Andersen air force base in the north.”

Yurishia nodded.

“Roger. I more or less know about that base.”

“After separating on-site, start the investigation. Two hours after that, we are going to meet at the airport site in the center of the island. The enemy might be intercepting, so we basically won’t use our communication. However, emergency situation doesn’t count. That’s all, any questions?”

Aine raised her hand.

“Why are Kizuna and Hayuru together?”

“Eh? No, it’s better for Yurishia who has familiarity to go to the base right? If Yurishia and Himekawa are grouping together, then that means me and Aine will group together.”

“Is there any problem I wonder? Though depending on your answer, your neck might break.”

“Don’t say anything scary! A group with me who doesn’t have offensive power and you who is a specialist of super close range, the balance is just bad.”

“If, if that’s the problem, then it’s fine if we just do Climax Hybrid isn’t it?”

“Certainly Pulverizer has an amazing power, but it’s big, just shooting it once will make a large commotion. It cannot be used in an infiltration investigation right? Even I will only get the ability of Zeros, so it will only become two people with the same ability.”

“……What a useless man.”

“Next, there is also a choice where I go to the base but……”

Aine compared the face of Yurishia and Himekawa.

“It can’t be helped then……”

Aine faced away with an irritated face.

She looked dissatisfied, but for the time being it seems she understood the situation that Kizuna could be relieved inside his heart.

“Yosh, all gears take off!”

Together with Kizuna’s command, the four Heart Hybrid Gears flew to the sky.

Light was ignited from the thrusters, four colors of light drew lines in the madder red sky. Before long those lights separated into two, becoming two streaks of blue-golden light and red-pink light.

After Amaterasu departed, Reiri and Kei were watching over the progress of the operation in Nayuta Lab.

Nonetheless, they couldn’t understand the situation detail from Ataraxia. In the end, they were just waiting for contact. Reiri and Kei separated from the other staff and secluded themselves in the center control room.

“Re-ri, want a drink? There is also local beer you know?”

“Aah, that thing created in Ataraxia. Where, let’s try drinking it.”

Because both of them were best friends since their time as students, the atmosphere between them was amiable. They were supposedly in the middle of duty, but the atmosphere was actually relaxed.

Reiri took out a beer bottle with Ataraxia label on it from the refrigerator and opened the cork with the corkscrew that Kei handed to her.

Kei opened a bottle of cola and held it out towards Reiri.

“For the success of the operation.”


The bottles raised clanking sound.

The two put their mouth directly on the bottle. The cold carbonic acid stimulated the tongue, watering the throat.

“Fuh, it’s unexpectedly good.”


After drinking the bottle dry in the blink of an eye, Reiri opened a second bottle.

“Re-ri. That radio wave, what do you think of it?”

“Nine out of ten, it’s just a coincidence. Something like an old communication facility malfunctioning……or something.”

“I think that’s a sensible judgment……but, by some chance, it might be human.”

“Do you know something?”

“That radio wave is sending data. Some kind of theory and…..graphic file like a map.”

Reiri raised her eyebrows.

“The detailed content?”

“That’s still unknown. But, perhaps it’s related to the Entrance.”

“I see……however, the sender might be an AU person.”

Kei nodded briefly.

“Re-ri……you don’t think, that it might be Professor Nayuta?”

Reiri’s hand that was carrying the bottle to her mouth stopped.


She put the bottle on the table and dropped her body heavily on the sofa.


“――I see.”

Silence flowed between the two.

“Kei, you want to meet that person?”

Kei’s lips looked slightly smiling.

“I don’t know. But, perhaps that’s so. That person is……a genius after all. She is something like a target of worship.”

“Even you are a genius you know?”

Kei shook her head with a wry smile.

“The dimension is too different. In front of Professor Nayuta, someone like me is a mere ordinary person.”

Reiri once again gulped her beer.

“……Re-ri yourself, Professor Nayuta……your mother, what do you think about her?”

Reiri put the bottle she finished drinking on the floor.

And then, she spoke while looking at something far away.

“――My ultimate enemy.”

Part 3[edit]

Yurishia and Aine were standing in front of the US military base at the northern part of Guam Island.

The sun had sunk into the sea already. There was not a single artificial light, only the moonlight was creating silhouettes of the building where the headquarters and office were in, and the hangar of the aircraft jets.

“When there is no human presence here, it feels like a different place.

Yurishia boldly entered inside the grounds from the entrance that was left ajar.

Aine too continued after her.

“Has nothing changed since the last time you came?”

“Hmmm, it was only two, three days for me, so honestly I don’t remember thoughh……but, I think nothing really changed. That’s what makes it eerie instead.”


“Because, there is no sign of battle see?”

Aine once again looked around at the entrance they came through and the fence, then the buildings inside the grounds.

Certainly there was nothing destroyed here. On the contrary there was not even a single bullet mark. People were only gone from here, leaving only large containers without anything inside. That was her impression.

“Did they escape……or else, they surrendered without resistance I wonder……”

Yurishia pondered with a difficult face.

Aine manifested several windows around her face and searched the surroundings with all sorts of sensors.

“There is nothing really standing out. Just completely abandoned buildings, I wonder if it’s fine to call them so?”

“What happened here, it’s great if we could just find some clue thoughh.”

Yurishia whispered with a carefree tone, but her eyes were vigilantly observing the surroundings.

Aine too responded while staring at the sensor.

“And, we also want information regarding the AU. We are the first ones infiltrating a place that had come under enemy control right?”

“Perhaps. At the very least, I have never heard of any story about information brought from this kind of place.”

After walking ahead, they found a large steel tower. Yurishia stopped walking in front of the building without lighting in front of that tower.

“There should be a communication facility here. First, let’s confirm this place.”

After they entered through the door left ajar, there was a pitch dark corridor continuing to the inside.

Yurishia drew out the gun on her waist. It was a [particle gun] that fired particles produced by the Heart Hybrid Gear as bullets.

“I’ll go first. Aine, please take care of my back.”


The dark corridor was dimly illuminated by the luminescence of the Heart Hybrid Gear.

The two of them were advancing forward while paying meticulous attention.

“Everything……is really spotless.”

“…….Rather, there is nothing here.”

Rather than calling the place clean, there was nothing.

Not to mention traps, even equipment and machine was not left behind sufficiently. The isolated bookshelves left didn’t have a single book in it. The drawer of the desks were empty. And then, not a single electronic device like PC or anything could be found.

Although this was a military base, the operation here was similar to a government office. There should be a mountain of books and paperwork here, without PC or monitor here there would be no work that could be done.

“Hey, Yurishia. Is the US army destitute? I wonder if they sold their furniture to the pawnshop.”

“There is no way that’s true……”

The dark corridor continued straight. A few meters ahead was only darkness. That darkness felt like it was continuing towards a different world.


Ahead of the corridor, a dim light was visible.


Yurishia erected her index finger in front of Aine’s eyes. Don’t talk――looking at such sign, Aine nodded silently.

Both of them killed the sound of their footsteps and advanced.

Little by little the light became bigger.

‘――A door.’

Light was leaking out from the door.

Yurishia’s heart beat became faster.

‘――Is there, someone?’

Yurishia prepared her particle gun.

She clung beside the door without raising a single sound, with a hand sign she called for Aine.

Aine and Yurishia nodded at each other, then Aine opened the door slowly. Yurishia separated herself slightly from the door, matching herself with the angle of the opening door, she confirmed the inside of the room.

“Clear, there is nothing.”

When Yurishia entered the room, she lowered her gun.

Aine who entered from behind asked Yurishia.

“This is?”

“……Who knows?”

In front of the eyes of the two, there was a communication device that still had electricity.

From the large console, a low noise could be heard slightly.

The light emitted by the communication device’s monitor was illuminating the wondering face of Aine.

“I wonder if it was only this thing that had been connected to electricity all this time? Or else……”

Yurishia put the headphone connected to the device on her ear.

“Someone, was coming here recently……I think?”

“There is still time until we meet up. Let’s try investigating a little bit more.”

Yurishia nodded to Aine’s words and put back the headphone on the console.

Jarring noise was continuing to flow out from the headphone.

Part 4[edit]

Kizuna and Himekawa were standing in Guam’s city that was illuminated by moonlight.

Once it was the main street intended for tourists.

However, right now not a trace of it could be seen.

“How cruel……”

Himekawa stared at that scenery with blank amazement.

What spread in front of the two was a complete ruin.

Not a single one of the buildings lining up the two sides of the street was safe. From the information before the 2nd Another Universe Conflict that they studied yesterday, there should be shops selling high class brand products lining this place. But right now, it had been turned into a mountain of rubble.

There were also buildings that were still standing, but whichever it was, all of them were tilting and many holes were opened in them. Those might be the traces of bombardment. Surely there was also a large fire that happened here. Any buildings had the burned black traces remaining.

Even buildings that had comparatively little damage had all the doors of the shops broken, any kind of glass was scattered about everywhere. When they peeked inside the store, there were shelves collapsed without any merchandise remaining.

The shells of burned cars were scattered about all over the place on the street.

So this was……a world trampled about by magic weapons.

“What a terrible state……damn it all.”

Kizuna’s back teeth were clenched so hard that they made a sound.

“Hida-kun. Let’s try searching. Perhaps there will be something, a clue to know about the AU.”


He was about to say that there might be survivors, but he stopped.

There shouldn’t be anyone surviving here.

The condition of this place was enough to make him think that.

Kizuna and Himekawa walked through the streets that had become ruins.

Broken glass and trash, wreckage was scattered on the ground, sound was created each time they stepped forward. The sounds echoed through this ghost city.

The pavement was broken and made it hard to walk. He guessed that it was the trace of the magic weapons’ advance. The street had caved in all over the place.

After progressing forward, there was a collapsed building blocking half the street. Circling the wreckage of the building, they stared ahead of the street.

There was no presence of living things.

“The residents and travelers in this place, where did they all go……”

Himekawa answered while paying attention to the surroundings.

“That’s so isn’t it……besides, not to mention the figures of AU people, there aren't even any traces of magic weapons here……but, looking from the state of the city, it seems to be a certainty that this place was occupied once……”

It was once occupied, but then it was immediately abandoned?

Just what in the world was going on?

After advancing for a while, there was a wall of concrete and steel frame standing tall as if growing from the ground like a giant tree. Looks like it was the result of a collapsing building.

They cut across through that obstruction with bad visibility by using the gaps between.

And then, their field of vision suddenly opened.

In the middle of the scenery where there were only rubble all over the eyes could see, there was a beautiful woman sitting elegantly on a Victorian-style chair.


In front of the beautiful woman, there was an elaborately decorated round table and afternoon tea set placed on it. Alone by herself, she was bathed in moonlight while enjoying tea.

Her age was probably around twenty years old.

With long green hair and slender body, she was a really pretty woman.

She was wearing clothes that fitted tightly on her body line, releasing attractive sex appeal.

The clothes that were decorated with deep blue and golden lines had an atmosphere like a military uniform from somewhere. However, it had a different quality where the valley of her breasts and her thighs were exposed defenselessly.

That beauty was idly staring at the sky, perhaps from not noticing Kizuna and Himekawa yet.

The purple pupils inside her narrowed eyes were shining. Just what in the world those joyful eyes were seeing? Her glossy lips were gently smiling, she looked like she was going to hum a song anytime.

She was waiting expectantly for someone to arrive. That was how her atmosphere looked like.

“Is that a survivor!?”

Himekawa called out to that woman.

Kizuna that was watching completely in fascination also returned to his senses suddenly.

Himekawa approached closer for two, three steps, then she opened her hands with a smile for reassuring the woman.

“You are safe already, so please be reassured. We have come from Megafloat Japan.”

The woman slowly faced toward Himekawa. The purple eyes were reflecting the red Heart Hybrid Gear.

“We came to investigate this place. Excuse me……are you someone who lives in this place? Or else are you a traveler?”

The glossy lips of the woman opened.

“My……my, my, my my my myy”

Wha, what?

Her state was strange for someone who was happy that help came.

The woman stood up from the chair.

She was tall, and her legs were long. She was like a foreign model that ran around barefooted, her figure was perfect. It was a miraculous molded beauty. The clothes that he thought was a skirt were terrifyingly short when she was standing up. The body suit on her nether region worn under that skirt was in plain sight.

However that woman didn’t show any shyness about her own clothing. She joined her hands and smiled in great happiness.

“You are not the one I’m waiting for……but, to be able to meet with Neros of all things. I’m really happy.”


Why, did she know Neros’ name?

Come to think of it, her clothes.

――It looked like, a pilot suit.

Himekawa spoke after realizing that.

“By any chance, are you someone from America’s Heart Hybrid Gear team? If that’s the case, then are you carrying out some kind of operation here?”



Green hair.

That suit.

Something was tugged inside Kizuna’s memory.

Inside his heart, something big raising tremor was approaching near.

The woman raised her voice happily.

“But this is a good omen. Like this, perhaps I can soon meet her.”

No way.

This woman was?

This woman was!?

From the amorous lips, a cheerful voice resounded.


From her body, green particles overflowed.

“This, this is-!?”

Himekawa raised a flustered voice.

The green light began to solidify. The particles of lights became armor covering that body.

Together with a conspicuously radiant light, the green radiance was dispelled.

Looking at that appearance, Kizuna unconsciously murmured.

“Heart Hybrid Gear……”

An austere armor was created as if in protection of the beauty’s slender body. Several shields were protecting her, giving the impression like a personal solid fortress, it was undoubtedly a Heart Hybrid Gear. However, its atmosphere was different somewhere compared to Kizuna and the others’ gears.

And then he recognized that silhouette.

“The one before……”

The mysterious Heart Hybrid Gear that deflected Pulverizer.

“Yo……you! Who the hell are you!?”

That woman calmly smiled still the same like before.

“I am Aldea. Kindly take care of me.”


She easily introduced herself.

No, but surely that was a fake name. Just which country’s instigation this――

“Which country do you belong to-? And that Heart Hybrid Gear!?”

Himekawa represented Kizuna’s doubt.

“I belong to the Vatlantis Empire.”

Va……Vatlan……tis, Empire?

Just where did such a country exist?

Most likely she was only making fools of them.

Aldea pressed her finger on her lips and tilted her head as though being troubled.

“And so, that……what you called gear, are you talking about magic armor I wonder? If that’s so, I think I had spoken it before, but this is [Zeel]. Kindly observe as you see fit.”

‘――Damn it, just how brazen can you be!’

Kizuna’s head was in chaos.

Just how much could he trust what she said?

N, no, if he thought about it calmly, then surely he couldn’t trust even a single thing about it.

But……certainly she called out the name of the Core to put on that gear.

Besides in the previous battle, this Heart Hybrid Gear……no, this magic armor repelled Aine’s Corruption Armament [Pulverizer], that was an unmistakable fact.

Kizuna fell quiet with a grim face. Cold sweat was flowing from his whole body.

Himekawa also tensed similarly like him. Her opened mouth was literally gaping open.

Aldea was wearing a gentle smile, as if to say ‘Are you okay?’

Just what was with this woman?

Even though she answered all their questions, they couldn’t understand her true identity at all.

Inside Kizuna, a feeling of anxiety was welling up.

‘――Damn it-!’

“……Then, that, Vatlantis Empire you said……just what’s with that? I never heard of it.”

“It’s a great empire, ruling over half of the world you know? How unfortunate for you to not know of it.”

“There is no way something like that exists! Just where the heck can that large empire exist!”

Aldea cheerfully smiled and pointed behind her with an elegant gesture.

The scenery behind her was like a scenery that floated on a water surface, it was shaking gently.

――An Entrance.

The point of contact that connected the world of this side with another universe. It was a puzzling wall with rectangle shape. The size was varied, the big one had height of several hundred meters. The length could even reach several kilometers. It had no thickness, it was transparent, so its existence was hard to notice. However when it was looked carefully, the scenery on the other side of the Entrance was swaying like looking through a distorted mirror or water. Right now, such thing was certainly existing behind Aldea.

“It’s on the other side you know. Isn’t that obvious. Geez, please don’t make fun of me.”

She sent the two a lovely, reproaching gaze.

This woman, was she saying that she was an AU person?

Kizuna didn’t know which was which anymore.

Was this a joke,

Was this the truth,

Was she sane,

Was she mistaken,


If it was Nee-chan, what would she do in this kind of time?’

“Are your questions over already?”

“Wha……n, no! Just wait. I cannot believe what you are saying, no rather than that, I cannot understand!”

“My my, that’s unfortunate. Then, I wonder if I can ask already? What is the name of your magic armor?”

“――Sh, shut up! I won’t say!”

‘Shit-! I don’t want to be asked that, even by a self-proclaimed AU person!’

“My, how unfriendlyy……well, it’s only something without signature anyway though.”

With a dubious gaze, Himekawa faced Aldea.

“Do you have proof about your claim as an AU person? Just what in the world are you doing here? What is your objective?”

“Yes, yes, about that. To start with my first objective is…”

Aldea’s eyes shone bewitchingly.

“to take out the core from inside your body.”

――She came!?

“Himekawa, be careful!”

Kizuna put up his guard.

Himekawa withdrew her Sword and pointed its tip at Aldea.


All of a sudden the parts surrounding Aldea detached from her.


This woman, she purged(released) her Heart Hybrid Gear!?

Normally when Heart Hybrid Gear was purged, it went back into light particles. But, Zeel’s parts that detached from Aldea didn’t vanish and stayed in the air, forming a line in front of Aldea. The detached parts had a shape like a long and slender shield of reverse pentagon. Round part was installed on top of it, it was like the circular shield of ancient Rome was combined with the reverse pentagon shield of middle age knights. There were six in total, all were lining up protecting Aldea.

“You intend to shield yourself? Something like that――”

Light ran through the Blades floating at Himekawa’s back. They raised a low rumbling and flew out in a glide.

“These Blades will pierce them!”

Like a shot arrow, the Blades flew heading to Aldea.

And then, they impacted the shields lined up before Aldea.



The Blades bounced back. It was not something simple like it was merely deflected by the shield.

The instant they hit the shields, the Blades distorted. They warped flexibly like rubber, in the next instant they flew away as if being pulled to a different direction. The control was completely lost and the Blades stabbed the ground and the mountain of rubble while rotating.


Himekawa’s expression tensed from being taken aback by surprise.

“My my, I wonder if the famously rumored Neros is unexpectedly not a big deal?”

Aldea smiled and reached her hand to one of the shields.

The shield shined radiantly and transformed into the shape of a spear.

Masou Gakuen HxH V02 099.jpg

Aldea held that spear in her hand and smiled happily.

Something shuddering ran through Kizuna’s back.

“Himekawa, run away-!!”

Igniting their thrusters, Kizuna and Himekawa fell back behind in one breath.

Pursuing after them, Aldea kicked the ground.

She was charging at them with her spear prepared.

Kizuna and Himekawa slipped through the steel frames that were like a forest. They glided at super low altitude and circled behind the tilting big building.

Kizuna deployed Life Saver while turning back. Himekawa readied her Sword and was alert toward the opposite side.

――Where would she come from?

“Himekawa. If that woman comes, I’ll block her attack with the Life Saver. At that opening――”

The wall of the building concealing them warped.


As if forming a vortex, a huge hole was opened in the building’s wall. The wall was by no means crushed, the concrete was by no means smashed. It was not a realistic spectacle, it was like an image that was digitally processed. The edge of the hole distorted, it was like the hole was forcibly widened and it was visibly rippling.

And then Aldea holding her spear was walking gracefully inside that large hole.

It was an impossible sight.

That phenomenon that Kizuna’s common sense couldn’t understand made him unable to move his body.

“Hi……Hida-kun. This is?”

Himekawa was also the same like him.

“Ufufu. It’s no good. After all nothing exists that can obstruct my path.”

Aldea spoke so happily, then she waved the spear in her hand horizontally. The spear touched the wall of the tunnel.

At that instant, the building was destroyed.

“Wha-! Whaatt!?”

It was as though the building was blown away directly horizontally, the building was collapsing in Kizuna and Himekawa’s direction.


Kizuna activated his Life Saver amidst the raining down rubble and escaped. However, Kizuna and Himekawa’s bodies were sent flying, they tumbled around on the ground.

“Kuh……Himekawa! Are you okay!?”

He faced the densely enshrouding dusts and yelled.

“Ye, yes. I’m alri――”

Aldea with spear in hand flew out from inside the cloud of dust.

Himekawa immediately deployed her Life Saver.


The moment the tip of the spear touched the Life Saver, the Life Saver’s light shield distorted.

From the gap of the Life Sphere’s distortion, the spear touched the palm of Himekawa.

The hand jumped.

As if it was pulled by an unseen power.

“Thi, this is!?”

Aldea pulled her arm and pushed out her spear once more.

This time the spear touched Himekawa’s stomach.

An impact that she had never experienced until now pierced Himekawa’s body.

It was as if the inside of her stomach broke through to her back, a strange sensation. And then, with that point as the center the whole body was pulled. As if the direction of gravity was changed, Himekawa was blown away horizontally.

“Guh, HAAaAAA-!”

Himekawa’s body was rotating strangely while plunging into a mountain of rubble.

‘――Wha, what was that, just now.

A spear attack?

The spear itself almost had no offensive power at all.

However, this is?’

“Himekawa, are you safe!?”

Kizuna’s figure was visible at the other side of the cloud of dust.

“Ye, yes! But, please be careful. Life Sphere doesn’t work against that spear!”

“What did you say!?”

When Kizuna stood up with tottering legs, he glared at Aldea who appeared from inside the dust smoke.

Aldea smiled cheerfully and thrust her spear on the ground. And then, she moved her spear to the side like that, drawing a line below her.

‘――What is she planning to do?’

The rubble under Aldea’s feet swelled up.


The ground shook.

‘――Earthquake? No……this is.’

He got a bad feeling.

The rubble under Aldea’s legs undulated. Its height was gradually increasing while advancing here.

“That looks bad……Himekawa!”

Himekawa was collapsed several tens of meters from him.


He rushed to the location of Himekawa that was still unable to stand up, then he dragged her body along and ran away.

“We are escaping Himekawa!”


Himekawa’s eyes were opened wide in shock.

When Kizuna looked back, a gigantic wall made tremors in the land while approaching them.

That was a tsunami made from rubble.

Concrete and steel frame, fragments of building and car wreckage, all those became one mass approaching at them.

That sight was like the whole city was vertically towering over them.

Deploying Life Saver would leave them completely swallowed.

The gigantic tsunami of rubble covered the tops of their heads, the night sky was being encroached by the darkness of the rubble.

‘――Damn it all, we cannot escape!’

Kizuna and Himekawa were enveloped in the darkness and the sound of destruction raised by the rubble.

That darkness was pierced by a single golden light.

That light gouged out the darkness, from there the face of the starry sky and moon came out.

The next moment, dazzling lights and explosions spread, then shockwaves struck their face.

“Wha, what the!?”

The golden light evaporated the rubble, blowing away the tsunami.

This was――a golden large caliber particle cannon.

Differential Frame!


He could see golden light hovering in the sky bathed in moonlight. Golden light was leaking out from the Differential Frame on her back.

“I thought it was strange that you two didn’t come no matter how long we waited! What is all this commotion!?”

And then one more light, a blue light rushed through the night sky and landed besides Kizuna.

Lightly brushing the shining silver hair with her hand, she gazed at Aldea with her red eyes.

“I want to ask in detail about this situation and who that person is, but……well, it’s all the same if we just capture that person and make her confess.”

Aine’s boastful talk felt reassuring for some reason right now.

“My my, further two more are coming. This saves me the hassle of searching……my?”

Aldea stopped her movement. For some reason, she was staring fixedly at Aine.

“White magic armor……you, you are the child firing that absurdly destructive large cannon aren’t you?”

Aldea’s eyes shined.

“As expected, it’s a magic armor I have never seen before. Silver hair……red eyes.”

‘――Aldea’s state is strange.’

She was oddly excited looking at Aine.

“Hey, what is your name?”

“I don’t have any name to introduce to someone like you, but I’ll teach you specially. It’s Chidorigafuchi.”

Aldea touched her finger on her cheek, making a thinking gesture.

“I wonder where is your birthplace?”

“…….It’s Tokyo in Japan. The place you all stole.”


Aldea hummed. And then――

{The goddess dance. Nothingness, and death, and emperor. And then to eternity.}

Aldea sang something like a song.


Kizuna was reflexively taken aback.

Himekawa and Aine were also the same like him.

Only Aldea was staring at Aine with eyes shining in anticipation.

What was that spell just now?

Or else, was that a poem or something?

By any chance, did Aine understand its meaning?

However Aine was scowling her face with all her heart.

――What’s the meaning of that?

Her expression was telling so.

Aine stepped forward and stomped.

“I don’t understand what you are running your mouth about, but calmly let us take you away. That’s right……we will prepare a party for your sake. A brawling party though.”

Aldea’s shoulders dropped in disappointment.

“My, what a lovely invitation. But, I’ll refrain myself for now.”

She smiled elegantly while heaving an exaggerated sigh.

“Aa― aa, how unfortunate. For some reason, I suddenly lost my motivation.”

Aldea gracefully raised her hand and snapped her slender and willowy fingers audibly.

Thereupon, as if affected by that sound, the Entrance at her back swayed noticeably.


Something, was coming?

Was that woman, ordering something to come out from the Entrance?

Something was coming out, a body.

Inside the landscape that was like a water surface, something was gradually becoming clear.

An object that seemed to be glowing was approaching from the other side of the Entrance.

As if emerging to the surface, that thing came out.

A gigantic sphere of light with diameter around ten meters.

A spiraling pattern was continuing to move on the surface like a whirl, it vaguely resembled Jupiter.

That sphere was floating in the air, it was slowly coming here.

“That child will become your opponent. The Core can be taken even after death after all, so rest assured and die, okay?”

She said that child……was that a living thing?

Even while he was wracking his brain about the thing’s true form, the mysterious sphere was rapidly approaching near.


Himekawa’s eyes were opened wide in shock.

“Himekawa, you understand what that thing is?”


Himekawa’s body was shaking, her teeth were clattering audibly.

The sphere stopped still.

They were confronting the sphere with a length of a hundred meters between the two sides.



A crack entered the sphere.

Intense light was gushing out from the crack.

“Just what in the world is inside――”

The sphere burst.


A shockwave that was like an explosion crushed the street’s pavement. And then, the cars around were blown away like paper. The walls of the buildings distorted, they were being pushed down by the pressure.

Kizuna stood in front of Himekawa and Aine and deployed a large Life Saver. The terrific shockwave was assaulting him as if trying to crush his hands.

‘Shi, shit-! What is this? A bomb!?’

Mysteriously, the fragments of the cracked sphere were floating still in the air as if time was stopped.

However, a few seconds later it was like time began to resume once more, the fragments suddenly flew.


The radiant clumps that was like crystal rained down on the surrounding surface.

Those fragments caused large explosions the instant they touched buildings and the ground. The main street was enveloped in crimson flame in a flash.

“Wh, what kind of power this is!”

Kizuna put strength inside his hands and supported the Life Saver that he deployed in the front.

“Himekawa, Aine, you two okay!?”

“Ye, yes. Kizuna yourself, you okay?”

He could hear Aine’s worried voice from behind.

“Yeah! You don’t need to worry about me……wait, Himekawa come on, give your reply too!”

However, there was no reply.

“Oi! You’re okay right!? Hime――”

At that time, the explosion of fragments stopped.

And then from inside the sphere, a figure of an object wrapped in a flame that looked like magma appeared.

“Wha……what’s, that?”

While dripping with flame that was like magma, a round mechanical neck elongated, and a folded up pair of shining wings opened.

“Dragre? ……No.”

Kizuna recalled a category-A magic weapon, Dragre. However, this thing was obviously different with that. No matter how he saw it, it had the appearance like a legendary dragon, however――,

It had three necks.

Under its feet, there was Aldea who was protected by her shields.

When the shields opened, she displayed a wide smile.

”How is it? I wonder if you all are pleased?”

{Kizuna! That thing looks dangerous. It’s better to withdraw from here!}

Yurishia’s warning came from the floating window.

“I totally agree. We are retreating for the moment. Withdraw.”

“As I thought……the one from that time……”

Himekawa murmured deliriously.


“What’s wrong, Hayuru?”

However, the voices, whether it was Kizuna’s or Aine’s didn’t enter her ears.

“……The three headed, magic weapon!”

Yelling such, Himekawa flew out.


Readying her Sword with both her hands, she rushed forward with all her speed.


Looking at her appearance, Aldea clapped her hands cheerfully.

“That’s the spirit. Now, kill each other cordially okayy~”

“Himekawa! Come back-!”

Blades flew out with incredible speed, attacking straightforwardly at the three headed dragon. And then, they pierced the head and the neck of the magic weapon.

She did it!?

However, the three headed dragon didn’t even twitch. The Blades ignited light particle trying to cut apart the magic weapon, but their blade couldn’t break through the armor.

Kizuna was watching over that situation with held breath.

‘――That’s impossible.’

No matter what kind of enemy it faced, the Blades would defeat it in an instant.


In the opening while the Blades were attacking, Himekawa was sliding in below the three headed dragon. She thrust the Sword that she gripped with both hands to the stomach of the magic weapon. Sword’s light particles scattered sparks against the armor of the magic weapon.

‘――Himekawa’s sword, doesn’t work?’

The armor of the three headed dragon repelled all of Himekawa’s swords.

That was a shocking truth for Kizuna.

Until now, those swords had carved apart magic weapons really easily. That was an obvious truth, he had never even thought that a magic weapon that Himekawa’s sword couldn’t cut existed.

The mouth of the three headed dragon opened.

Instantly, a sharp beam of flame was fired from that mouth.


Opening her thruster, Himekawa escaped from the flame. Chasing after Himekawa’s movement, the flame drew a line through the street and buildings. When the flame impacted something, explosions occurred from the inside of the street and building. The impact disturbed Himekawa’s movement. There the other neck attacked with gushing flame.


The flame blown away Himekawa.

Although she deployed Life Saver, the moment the flame impacted, it caused an explosion in the Life Saver. That shockwave threw Himekawa to a wall of a building.

‘Damn it! That magic weapon is just too dangerous!’

Kizuna rushed to Himekawa’s location.

“Oi, Himekawa! You okay!?”


“I’m going!!”

Aine faced the three headed dragon and jumped.


The dragon ate a flying kick that was like a missile on its flank. Shockwaves spread to the surroundings and the armor of the three headed dragon distorted.


“It doesn’t go through!?”

If it was another magic weapon, that kick would have definitely pierced through the body, yet――.

It was as though there was no damage at all on the three headed dragon, the long neck turned and directed sharp fangs at Aine.


Aine kicked the armor and took distance. She twisted in the air like a gymnast, landing beside Kizuna and Himekawa.

“My my, I never thought a movement like that will come from a magic armor……I think my interest is tickled a little.”

Aldea acted as if she was watching a sport.

‘――Shit, that woman, she has a screw loose in her head!’

Kizuna cursed inside his heart.

“Kizuna, what is that magic weapon? My attack doesn’t work at all!”

Aine asked while still fixing her gaze on the magic weapon.

“All members retreat! Himekawa, can you stand!? We are pulling back!!”

But, when Himekawa stood up, she shook off Kizuna and once again she headed towards the three headed dragon.

“Wai-! Hayuru, what are you doing!”

Aine too was confused at Himekawa’s unusual action.


Himekawa raised a war cry and slashed at the three headed dragon.

The three headed dragon’s neck aimed at Himekawa.

She avoided the spouted off flame with a rough movement.

In the opening when the magic weapon was concentrating on attacking Himekawa, the Blades dashing in the sky surrounded the three headed dragon and aimed at the center neck.

And then the four Blades slashed all at once from four directions, pressing on the neck.

The movement of the three headed dragon stopped.

‘――Got you!’

Kicking the ground, Himekawa’s body danced.

Heading to the neck of the three headed dragon, she slashed down her Sword.


Together with a fierce metallic sound, her Sword was bounced back.


Over and over, she raised her Sword and struck.

“Youu-! Youu-! You! YOUUUUU!”

In her desperation of swinging down her sword, Himekawa didn’t notice that a different neck was aiming at her.

Flame was compressed brightly inside its mouth, it was going to spout it out.

“Himekawa! Run away-!”

The instant Kizuna yelled, golden light impacted the head of the three headed dragon.


{What are you doing Hayuru! That’s too reckless! Kizuna, take her away quickly and withdraw! If she moves around like that, then I cannot even guarantee any covering fire here!}

Inside the window, Yurishia’s anger was exploding.

The Differential Frame fired a large caliber beam once more. Explosions also occurred at the remaining two necks. From that impact, the heads of the magic weapon were greatly repelled.

However, the neck that received the attack first was opening its mouth again.


Kizuna slipped between her and the dragon.

He instantly deployed Life Saver and blocked the flame of the three headed dragon.


Together with a fierce explosion, the Life Saver broke like glass.

Kizuna and Himekawa were blown away for tens of meters, they tumbled on the ground.

“Da, damn-“

What attack power.

The level was just too different with other magic weapon, whether in armor or weapon.

When Kizuna stood up, he took Himekawa’s arm.

“Oi! Himekawa. Can you stand? We are leaving right away!”

Himekawa shook off Kizuna’s arm in irritation.

“Release me! That thing, only that magic weapon, I’ll kill it!”


A flame of madness was residing in her eyes.

The three headed dragon spread its wings largely. The wing’s surface gradually shined radiantly, it looked like it was charging in some kind of energy.

It elongated its neck facing towards Kizuna and Himekawa, then it opened its mouth. Painful metallic sound was ringing in the surroundings. Inside the body of the three headed dragon, something mechanical was beginning to operate. That sound sounded like the roar of this magic weapon.

That flame would come again. Furthermore, this time the three heads were aiming at them at the same time.

‘Damn it, no matter how low my Hybrid Count consumption rate is, there is still this thing called limit.’

The mouths of the three headed dragon were shining fiercely.


With Life Saver in the front and Blades stood up behind it, the Blades served as a shield replacement. However, the Life Saver was smashed in an instant, and each time the Blade received attack it was creaking. Moreover, the Hybrid Count was noticeably shrinking down.

“At this rate-……there will be, no way left-!”

Bombardment of Differential Frame impacted the wings of the three headed dragon. The panel that was shining red visibly broke and scattered. In succession, golden flash also exploded at its flank.

The three headed dragon’s body tilted.

However, that was all. The broken wing was regenerated in the blink of an eye. The enemy was far from destroyed.

Kizuna turned to Aine and yelled.

“Aine! We are collecting Himekawa!”

Before those words even ended, Aine dashed at Himekawa’s position. She grasped the shoulder of Himekawa that was trying to go forward again.

“Hayuru, we are returning.”

“Release me! I have to, that thing, that magic weapon, I have to defeat it!”


Kizuna grasped the opposite shoulder.

“We are pulling back. That is an order!”


Himekawa gritted her teeth audibly.


“Yurishia! We are withdrawing from Guam from now. Give us covering fire!”

{Roger, leave it to me!}

While Yurishia was opening a full bombardment, the three escaped from the vicinity of the three headed dragon.

“My? Wait, what are you doing? Even though the best part is starting from here―!”

Ignoring Aldea’s voice, they fully ignited their thrusters and flew to the sky right away.

And then they headed to Ataraxia as fast as they could.

“Looks like they are not pursuing.”

Yurishia who readied her particle cannon and stayed alert to their rear was murmuring.

Kizuna also looked back and stared at the shadow of the fading island. Certainly, there was no sign of Aldea or the magic weapon chasing them.

Kizuna breathed deeply in relief. He opened the communication window.

“This is Kizuna. We are returning to Ataraxia now.”

Looking at the gently swaying sea that was bathed in moonlight, the previous mortal battle seemed like a lie.

So that, was a land under the control of AU…….

Guam city that had become ruins.

A self proclaimed person of AU who introduced herself as Aldea.

AU Heart Hybrid Gear that was called magic armor.

Vatlantis Empire that ruled over half of AU.

And then a magic weapon they saw for the first time.

Anyways, there were many things they didn’t understand.

However, talking about results, they might be able to consider this result.

They didn’t understand the opponent, but they were coming home bringing information.

Next, they just needed to wait for the analysis of Kei and the others.


Kizuna was staring at Himekawa who was flying with her head looking down.

Did something happen with that magic weapon?

No matter how long he stared, he couldn’t see inside Himekawa’s heart.

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