Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 2 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Captured by the Curse of the Past[edit]

Part 1[edit]

On the wall of Nayuta Lab, the woman who introduced herself as Aldea was projected.

It was the video that Eros automatically recorded from just now. Inside the monitor, the woman who was smiling gently was emitting green light, equipping her Heart Hybrid Gear.

Looking at that image, Reiri spoke.

“So, this is the one who repelled Aine’s Corruption Armament in the previous battle.”

On the screen, the mysterious Heart Hybrid Gear that defended against Pulverizer was projected.

Kei typed letters on the console, and the content was projected on the monitor.

{There is no mistake. This is the same Heart Hybrid Gear. The human equipping it is also identical.}

Aldea who was reflected on the wall monitor deflected Blades with her shield. She thrust the hole that was twisted open on the wall, causing it to collapse.

{The detail is unknown, but this spear and shield seems to possess the power to distort space.}

“Distorting, space?”

Kizuna faced Kei’s direction and asked.

{The moment this spear touched the building, the space around it distorted. That distortion tore the building, it even warped the Life Saver. Her shield basically used the same theory. The instant the Blade hit it, the space was distorted, repelling the attack.}

“Then, what about this tsunami of rubble?”

Kizuna pointed at the wall monitor.

When Aldea drew a line on the ground with her spear, the ground that was slightly caved in gradually turned bigger, then it descended forward like a surge.

{By distorting the space, she produced gravity. Using that power she moved mass and caused this kind of rubble tsunami, that’s my guess.}

What the hell is that?

Kizuna wasn’t quite feeling all of this was real. He could only understand this as something like a supernatural power.

Aine pouted her lips in dissatisfaction.

“That’s quite an absurd power. How cheeky.”

Yurishia separated her mouth from the cola bottle that she drank.

“Even Aine’s Corruption Armament is quite something thoughh.”

Reiri was glaring at Aldea whose image was closed-up.

“In addition, the name of this woman is Aldea……and then she designated her Heart Hybrid Gear as Zeel, correct?”

“Yes. But, she didn’t call it Heart Hybrid Gear, but magic armor.”

Himekawa added.

“then, the ones who came in contact with her were only Kizuna and Himekawa?”

“That’s rightt. I was only giving cover fire from afar, so I didn’t even get near to begin withh……ah, but Aine came near her didn’t you?”

“……Yes. But, she kept talking about incomprehensible things, she couldn’t be talked with.”

“And then on the other side of the Entrance, namely the AU’s Vatlantis Empire…..huh.”

Reiri crossed her arms.

“Hey……Nee-chan. Is this woman really a person of AU? Also, something like Vatlantis Empire in the AU, does it really exist I wonder?”

“Who knows. There is no way I know that.”

‘Well, that’s……that’s true though.’

“Kei, show the image of the magic weapon.”

The image of the three headed dragon was projected on another wall surface.

{This is a magic weapon that was observed for the first time in this occasion. The terrifying thing is how it repelled all the attack of Heart Hybrid Gear. The attack fired from its mouth and wing destroyed even Life Saver. That ability far surpassed the category-A.}

“Above the A-rank huh……”

{It will be categorized as category-Ultra provisionally. For its call sign, it will be tentatively named [Three Headed DragonTri-Head] based on its shape.}

“Commander! We should deploy once more right now.”

Himekawa raised a loud voice.



Reiri answered immediately.

“Why-!? Such dangerous thing cannot be left alone! We should exterminate it right now with all of our force!”

Against Himekawa that even now was snapping with an extremely menacing look, there was no way Kizuna didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Just what in the world was going on with Himekawa?

Since the moment she saw that Tri-Head, her state was strange.

{The spec of the enemy is unknown. At the very least, we understood that it is an extremely powerful enemy from the battle this time. It’s reckless to challenge it for a rematch if we don’t prepare some kind of countermeasure.}

Kei calmly expressed her judgment.

“What are you going to do with such weak attitude! You have seen the tragic state of Guam correct? That was the doing of that thing! If we left it alone, perhaps there will be a lot more people who will meet the same experience. Let’s destroy it before that happen!”

Reiri’s face scowled.

“What’s wrong Himekawa? Aren’t you snapping too much on this? Has something happened?”

“I, I don’t meant that!! ……But…”

Reiri heaved a deep sigh.

“――Well, fine. Anyway all members are to rest today. The countermeasure for Zeel, and also Tri-Head will be considered after this. Stand by until we contact you in due course. That’s all!”

“Ple, please wait! Commander!”

Himekawa doggedly pleaded, but Reiri exited the room as if ignoring her.

Yurishia made a large yawn.

“Haaaa……as expected I’m sleepyy. I will quickly go home and sleeep.”

“I guess……tomorrow there will be normal class for us, how unbelievable.”

The imagination of his futon was extremely lovely. He had to go back to the dormitory even for a second faster and sleep.

“If it’s from here, then staying in hotel is nearer you know? Hey, Kizuna. You won’t stay with me?”


His eyes were awakened all of a sudden.

Staying together……did she, mean it in that meaning?

“What are you saying? Staying outside is prohibited.”

Aine nonchalantly answered.

“Rather than that, the direction of my room is nearer compared to Kizuna’s room. It’s fine for you to take a rest in my room you know?”

“No, it’s in the same dormitory right? Rather, it’s even in the same floor.”

“But, the distance is nearer to my room from the elevator.”

“Aah, certainly……for just around five meters!”

While having that kind of exchange, Himekawa’s mouth was tightlipped as if thinking hard about something.

……As expected, there was something. Tomorrow, let’s try asking again.

Kizuna thought of such thing while heading to the dormitory.

“So, why are you passing through my room I wonder?”

At the exclusive floor for Amaterasu, Aine asked Kizuna.

“No……even if you asked me why, I’m just going to sleep.”

Aine’s face blushed red.

“Saying that you want to sleep right from the front like that, how could you say such thing with such straight face. I wonder if this is what people called as a ‘thick face no shame’ face?”[1]

“No……thick face no shame actually doesn’t refer to face or anything.”

Aine’s fingers played with the tips of her hair lacking in composure.

“If I left you to wander by yourself, it looks like you are would rape someone every three steps……well, we mustn’t let a criminal come out from Amaterasu, so I, I think I have to do something about this?”

“……If you want to sleep-talk then do it after you sleep.”

The night operation. Encounter with mysterious enemy. Battle with a category-Ultra. And then report meeting.

His body and heart was already at the limit.

“Then, good night. Managing your health is also part of battle. Quickly go to sleep.”

“Ah……wa, wait a second. I’m thinking of analyzing the image of the enemy we met today. I’m thinking, isn’t it better for Kizuna to also watch it together with me?”

He absolutely wasn’t in the mood for that.

“Do it tomorrow, go to sleep quickly.”

Leaving those words behind, Kizuna returned to his own room.

“Fuuh―good grief, I’m home―”

Perhaps his tension slackened too much, but a greeting of homecoming came out from his mouth naturally even though there was no one. He quickly entered the bath after going home, so there was only sleep left.

He changed into his sleepwear and quickly slipped into his bed.

Aaahh, how warm……somehow, there was comfortable warmth, it mysteriously felt like human skin.

In addition, the texture of this futon was squishy and soft, he couldn’t say anything, a pleasant touching sensation was――,

“Wait, what the hell is thisssss!”

When he flipped up his futon, there was Sylvia sleeping soundly there.

Soft and fluffy blonde hair, and then the long eyelashes that were similarly blond. Coupled with her skin that was smooth like baby, she really looked like a sleeping angel.

“Sy, Sylvia! You, what are you doing in this kind of……!”

When he shook her, Sylvia rubbed her eyes while raising up her body in totter.

“Funya? Ah, Captain―……welcome, home, desu……”

“You……you have been waiting for me all this time?”

“Yes……Sylvia, cannot do anything desu. That’s why, at least, when Captain return home, I have to welcome……so.”

Her head was swaying unsteadily left and right, her sleepy eyes looked like they were going to close even now.


Kizuna gently caressed Sylvia’s head.

“It’s fine for you to sleep already. Rest well.”

Perhaps she was reassured from those words, Sylvia yawned and collapsed at Kizuna.

She leaned against Kizuna and began to have sleeper’s breathing.

‘Good grief……should I sleep on the sofa――oh?’

Slyvia’s hand was clutching at Kizuna’s clothes tightly.

“Oi, Sylvia……”

When he saw how peacefully Sylvia was sleeping, he felt like it was too pitiful to wake her up.

Kizuna laid down just like that and covered Sylvia who was hugging him with the blanket.

Before he noticed it, Kizuna too began to breathe peacefully.

At that time, Aine was inside her own room.

The lighting of the room wasn’t turned on, the turned on monitor became the light replacement.

And then, in that monitor, the video watched in the laboratory before this was projected.

The AU woman called Aldea.

And then the three headed dragon designated as Tri-Head.

Aine sat on the floor while hugging her knees.

Just why?

Her heart was astir.

Also, that strange poem, about the goddess or something.

The movie was played back until the end, then the screen went to stand by.

Masou Gakuen HxH V02 133.jpg

She pushed the replay button.

The movie ended.

The replay button was pushed once more.

The movie ended.

This time it was replayed on repeat.

Unnoticed, the outside became bright.

Even so Aine repeated that video and continued to watch.

Part 2[edit]

“Well then, I give you a new mission.”

The next day, Kizuna was summoned to the principal’s room.

“A mission……what is it this time?”

“The enemy that appeared yesterday was one so powerful to the degree that we hadn’t encountered until now. To genuinely take an aggressive position against the AU from now on, we have to recognize that our power is still insufficient.”

Kizuna also felt that.

That Zeel, and then the Tri-head, even with the Heart Hybrid Gear he couldn’t do anything against them.

“And so, we decided to implement the method for powering up the Heart Hybrid Gear more efficiently based on the previous research that had progressed.”

“Eh!? Don’t tell me, such method really exist!?”

“There is. After analyzing the data until now in detail, the result of the research invented a ground-breaking method. The Heart Hybrid!”

Kizuna lost strength and fell to his knee.

“In the end that’s what you mean!!”

“Follow me.”

Reiri commanded with a tone that didn’t allow any protest.

Being told that strongly, Kizuna obeyed with a conditioned reflex. Surely that was the result of the imprinting since he was a child.

There was no one in the corridor.

The time right now was still in the middle of the third hour of the class. When he peeked into the class from the corridor’s window, students were sitting orderly receiving their lesson.

They exited from the school building and headed to the backyard.

There he could see a huge capsule thing without any window and a smooth white outer wall.

“Nee-chan, what’s this?”

“This is a simulator from the previous research that made progress. By sending electric signal to the brain, it manipulated the sight, hearing sense, and sense of touch, it’s possible to reproduce any kind of battlefield with this.”


“It was created with the assumption to be used for mock battle against magic weapon or infiltrating territory under enemy control. It was planned to be used as part of class but……”

“Isn’t that amazing! Then we can even have a mock battle against that category-Ultra and that Heart Hybrid Gear Zeel! This is the victory of technology huh.”

“No, that’s impossible.”


“A major software update was performed to it. Try to enter inside.”

Reiri touched the sensor that was on the side of the hatch. The hatch opened and Reiri entered inside. Kizuna too continued after her, then the hatch closed behind him.

The inside of the room was pitch dark.

“O, oi, Nee-chan. I cannot see anything here?”

“Don’t get flustered. I’m activating it soon.”


Flickering light ran in front of him, the inside of the room turned bright.


Kizuna became aware of the place he was at and got taken aback.

After all, that room was――,

“This is our house! The one in Megafloat Tokyo! Eeh? How?”

“Aah, how nostalgic.”

‘Certainly, since Nee-chan enrolled into Ataraxia she was living in dormitory. I live here until just a short time ago but……hm?’

A noise ran in front of him.

Somehow it was like the sight inside his eyeball was disturbed, it was a strange sensation.

Suddenly the scenery in front of his eyes changed.

“Eh? Evening? No wait, a beach!?”

Both of their shadows were stretching out on the long continuing beach that was wrapped in orange light. The sound of wave washing ashore and the smell of salt water stimulating the nose whispered to him that the sea spreading before his eyes was a real thing. Kizuna and Reiri were bathed in the evening sun while facing a beach.

“This is the simulator’s function to set the situation.”

Reiri operated the transparent console floating before her.

In an instant, the beach changed into a hotel room with beautiful night view.

“Not only scenery, the clothes can also be changed.”


Kizuna’s uniform was changing into the appearance of a commander in warring period. Also it was not a real armor, but a light design that came out in game which looked strangely modern.

‘Is this……Nee-chan’s hobby?’

When he ascertained it with his hand, the feeling of touch of the armor and kimono was obviously different with his uniform.

“Amazing……even the touching sensation is like the real thing.”

“Originally this was a function to simulate combat equipment though. The feel of equipment and weight are also reproduced. Using this, even human without Core should be able to practice Heart Hybrid Gear for real. But right now that role is succeeded by the Technical Gear.”

“No, it’s really awesome……but, why is it not used? Isn’t it properly functioning?”

“The combat data is almost all erased, and different data is installed in exchange. Besides, there is also a need to change the equipment of this room. No matter how great it can trick the senses, it will be troubling if there is no bed and shower room.”


“Right now, all sorts of date spots and hotels combined with hobby preferences, in total 108 situations have been prepared. As for equipment, in total three thousand types of accessories and tools, western clothes, etc, all has been registered.”

“I don’t think it’s possible……frankly, it’s scary to ask but, I’ll dare to ask. Those data, what are they for?”

“Of course, for the sake of the Heart Hybrid between you and those lasses. A data simulator in order to stir up the feeling and to do erotic thing.”

Kizuna’s consciousness became far away.

“This much advanced technology……this kind of device, what kind of demonic remodeling has been done to it……”

“Even if I say so myself, this is quite a resolute judgment I have made.”

“Isn’t this idiotic!?”

He reflexively yelled.

“Kizuna, those Zeel and Tri-Head are formidable enemies. We won’t be victorious with superficial methods.”

“There is no connection between this and that at all!”

“In order to win against those guys, we too have to gain even greater strength. For that sake, it’s indispensable to be more effective and efficient in Heart Hybrid. However, how to actually realize that? Kizuna, do you understand?”

“No, I don’t understand……though…”

“Heart Hybrid is making the heart and body of male and female into one, sharing their affection and pleasure with each other. To produce the greatest result, is nothing more than making the affection and pleasure even greater. Then, how to actually do it?”

Kizuna didn’t try to answer.

“To do that, first you have to deepen your relationship of trust with your partner. And then, by doing acts that match the sexual disposition of your partner, it heightens the mental pleasure and excitement. By stimulating the erogenous zone efficiently, you inflicted strong physical pleasure.”

‘……What is this person saying with a serious face like that?’

“This facility is for that sake. Be aware of your partner’s wish and fulfill it with this. And that is not only about Heart Hybrid just so you know. A man that can do that is able in his job, and is also popular with woman.”

Now that he was told that, he couldn’t just ignore it……however…….

“This facility is an equipment to surpass time and space. Furthermore, it can put any kind of clothes on the other party. It’s possible with this to look for your partner’s fetish and heighten their excitement efficiently.”

When Reiri waved her hand, the console moved in a slide in front of Kizuna.

The control was simple, but there were so many options. Furthermore, it seemed that extremely detailed customization was possible.

“There is amazing variety here……wait, what’s with these clothes?”

Sailor uniform, nurse, race queen, etc, rather than calling them clothes, it’s more accurate to call them costumes. Not only outer garments, there were also a lot of underwear and accessories.

“This toy category is too ominous……ah”

He didn’t intend to choose, but his finger tapped the console accidentally. Thereupon, the scenery in front of his eyes changed suddenly.

“This place……?”

It was the main street downtown. Passerby was normally passing through.

“Kizuna. So this is your preference?”

“Eh? Uwaaa!?”

Hida Reiri in bunny girl appearance, was standing there.

“I don’t know at all, that you are looking at me with those kinds of eyes.”


“You, you’re wro-……!!”

Even while getting flustered, that body was properly burned into his eyes.

Protruding long ears that went *pyon*. Butterfly necktie and white collar. The long and slender legs were wrapped in black stockings, and a black bunny suit that clung tightly on the body.

Normally it was hidden by the military uniform, but it was a magnificent figure that was not being outdone even by Yurishia and Aine.

“This is the first time I've tested it on myself, but what an interesting thing.”

Reiri twirled on the spot. Her long black hair drew a circle in its flutter. Her ass that was greatly exposed had a cute white round tail attached. She tightly pushed out her hips and stopped her rotation. Her breasts that were exposed more than half shook flexibly.

She brushed up her hair and stared at Kizuna with smoldering eyes.

“Fufufu, how is it? I too am not someone that can be overlooked right?”

Masou Gakuen HxH V02 143.jpg

What an unimaginable appearance for the person who reigned on the top of Ataraxia! If the students and the big shots of Ataraxia saw this, they would faint for sure!

“Wha-, what kind of appearance is that, wear something quickly!”

“Aren’t you the one putting this on me……well, something like that is trivial. Listen, this is something in order to realize the greatest recovery of Hybrid Count in the shortest time possible by setting the situation to match your partner’s fetish……are you listening properly?”

“Ye……yeah! I’m listening!”

‘Nee-chan’s bunny girl appearance is just too unusual, that I unconsciously gaze at it. Nee-chan has high position, and she is always on the side that gives order, someone whom no one can oppose. That kind person, right now has become a mere showpiece.’

This was the terrifying power of bunny suit!!

“The result from inspecting the Heart Hybrid until now, we understand that the higher the excitement when the Heart Hybrid is happening, the better the quality of the Hybrid Count recovered. Certainly, it’s possible to cause Heart Hybrid even with soft contact. However, there is great difference in the energy obtained.”

“Good quality? ……What’s that mean?”

When Reiri crossed her arms, her breast was lifted by her arm. Not just her breast became increasingly emphasized, it was as if the tips would become visible, it made his heart throbbing fast.

“Even cars can be filled with regular gasoline and high octane gasoline right? Even if you fill a car that exclusively uses high octane with regular gasoline, it won’t be able to show its true performance. Heart Hybrid Gear is the same. With better quality Hybrid Count, its power and performance, every point will have their spec raised.”

“Is……is that so?”

‘Shit, I got strangely conscious of it like this. By any chance, do I actually like bunny girls?’

“What’s wrong? Is your condition bad?”

The bunny Reiri peeked into Kizuna’s face and touched her forehead on his.

“Doesn’t seem like a fever.”

Kizuna’s view was fully filled with Reiri’s close-up.

‘Uwa! Near! Moreover, the breast pressing is strangely soft, Nee-chan’s, breas――.’

“I, I-I-I-I’m fine-!”

He separated from Reiri in panic.

“Is that so? Anyway, use this facility and try out a Heart Hybrid here. First we want to confirm how effective this will be. Is it okay?”

“Ma’am, yes Ma’am!!”

He unconsciously okayed it.

When the system returned to its default state, Kizuna returned to his previous uniform. And then the scenery of the downtown became a pure white bland room with only one bed conspicuously put inside.

“Nevertheless, making this kind of facility inside the school of all place……isn’t it morally problematic?”

After his sister left, Kizuna laid on his side alone on the bed. He was staring at the Amaterasu’s Hybrid Count displayed on his smartphone monitor.

“First, who should I test this on……”

Kizuna pressed on the icon and made a call.

“――So, I wonder what business do you have with mee?”

Yurishia arrived with strangely lively attitude.

“I’m wondering if you can give me help in confirming the function of a new simulator.”

“What, it’s for something like thatt? I don’t particularly mind but……this room is something like that?”

Making a slightly regretful face, Yurishia looked around the inside of the room.

“Yeah. It seems that this is a facility where we can do Heart Hybrid even more efficiently.”

Yurishia’s eyes flashed.

“You, you meann……doing that, with me, right here?”

“We, well, see it yourself a bit.”

Kizuna operated the console floating in the air. Thereupon, the white room changed into the scenery of a plateau. Green meadows and lake, and then mountain ridges covered in snow at afar were stretching before their eyes.

“Eh? Wha, what’s this!?”

Yurishia showed a similar reaction with Kizuna before.

The problem was, what kind of situation would make Yurishia the most excited.

From plateau to beach resort area, to a hotel room, he changed the scenery repeatedly.

“Heee, this is amazingg! It’s like teleporting instantly many times over! What kind of places are there aside from this?”

“Yeah……let’s see it in turns. That, something――”

――If you have a situation that can make you excited, tell me.

There was no way he could ask that……what should he do now?

A high class hotel room was projected. From the window, they could see the night scenery with stars scattered on the sky.

Yurishia’s eyes were narrowed ecstatically.

“Isn’t it lovelyy……eh?”

However next a suspicious room appeared in front of her eyes.

There was red lighting and iron bars. Chains attached with shackles for arms and legs were put on the wall, then a stand in X-shape for crucifixion. And then things like a chair with restraints, furniture that normally couldn’t be witnessed was lined up.

Was this, that thing? The so called SM playroom thing?

As expected this was off putting.

“Hahaha, it looks like a hotel series. I don’t think that there will be something like thi-……”

Yurishia’s mouth was half-opened while staring around the inside of the room, it was as if her heart was stolen.


Her cheek was colored, her breath was rough.

“Is something wrong? Yurishia.”

“Hiee-!? No-, nothing’s wrong-“

Yurishia answered oddly in fluster.

“Ge, geez-, what’s with this room. It’s vulgar and perverted thing. Please turn it into the previous hotel with the night view!”

“My bad. I’ll change it back immediately.”

Saying that, Kizuna operated the console in panic.

However, Yurishia’s state just now attracted his attention.

“Uwaa, it really look like a hotel! He, hey Kizuna, I wonder where is this night scenery taken?”

The behavior of Yurishia right now also felt awkward somehow…….

‘Don’t tell me Yurishia is-!? No, as expected there is no way――.’

But, if they only did Heart Hybrid like this, then he had the feeling in the end there would be nothing different with everything until now. This was a facility prepared with great difficulty by his sister, going as far as crushing a combat simulator for this. He had to use it effectively.

Then, boldly――,

“Hey Kizu――naaa-!?”

Yurishia’s voice broke into falsetto.

That was understandable.

In an instant, Yurishia’s uniform was changed into a black bondage costume.


It was a costume composed from a corset and belt with high exposure rate. The enamel’s black material reflected the lighting, making her allure even more conspicuous. The costume didn’t dig into her skin, it was like the costume was custom ordered to perfectly fit Yurishia’s voluptuous body.

“Wa, wait Kizuna! Wha, what’s the meaning of this?”

Yurishia hugged herself to hide her body. However, doing that was unable to hide Yurishia’s body. Her pressed breast jutted out from between her arms.

“Sorry. Looks like some kind of system error put that on you by itself.”


Yurishia showed a face like the world had ended.

“No way! Do something!”

“It’s okay. If we wait a little, I think it’s going to be fixed soon.”

“Re……really? It’s really okay right?”

“Yeah, that’s why until then please be patient for a while.”

“Is that so……I understand. But――”

Yurishia twisted her body in embarrassment. And then, after she glanced at her own figure that was reflected in the mirror, her face was turning red.

Her blonde hair and white skin really looked attractive with the black enamel that shined in luster.

“Yurishia, do you hate that kind of clothing?”

“Eh! Ye, yes……obviously.”

The eyes of Yurishia who was answering like that were swimming around. Different from the usual confident Yurishia, she looked anxious with fear. And then, being embarrassed like this without any place to escape, her body was shivering unable to calm down, she sent a helpless gaze to Kizuna.

‘――Wha, what the? She is strangely cute!?’

“Do, don’t, look at me. It’s embarrassing.”

“Sorry. But……it really suits you.”

“――!! Eve, even if you told me that, I, I’m not happy or anything……”

Yurishia felt Kizuna’s gaze.

‘I, it feels like, I’m conscious of Kizuza’s gaze stronger than usual… though, he is licking all over my body.

He is looking, at this appearance of mine……I wonder if Kizuna is also excited?’


When she imagined that, a deep sigh naturally leaked out from her mouth.

Her heart was throbbing fast.

“Hey, Kizuna…… does looking at me wearing these kinds of clothes……make you happy?”

Yurishia looked up at him with damp eyes.

“Tha, that’s……I think that it’s a little abnormal, but when Yurishia is the one wearing it, that, it’s extremely……”

Kizuna averted his eye with red face.

Looking at Kizuna’s shy reaction, a little composure was born inside Yurishia’s heart.

‘I’m also throbbing hard but, even Kizuna is also the same isn’t he…….

That’s right. Even the time before, Kizuna also got all flustered looking at my swimsuit appearance.

……Really, since when could my heart get this painful because of Kizuna, I wonder.

Somehow, it’s a little irritating.

I’m the dominant one here. Get a hold of yourself, Yurishia Farandole.’

Her original personality that hated to lose drove Yurishia into a strange direction.

“And thenn, Kizunaa, just what are you planning making me wearing something like this?”

She approached Kizuna while swaying her hips.

And then her finger which was wrapped in a long glove that reached above her elbow was poking at Kizuna’s chest.

“Wha, what you ask……that’s……!”

Yurishia twirled and turned her back on him, she was walking toward the window. Looking at her figure from behind, Kizuna gulped his saliva. The exposure rate of her behind was also amazing. Her back was largely opened, a fabric that was like a string was digging into the crack of her ass, almost all was bared open.

Her figure in the swimsuit that he saw at the sea was amazing, but it was incomparable to this.

Her white and large ass was shaking up and down each time she walked.

It was glossy without a single stain. It was giving off the impression of delicious fruit heavily drooping from the ripeness.

‘――Kizuna is looking at my ass.’

Yurishia sensitively felt the gaze of Kizuna.

Herself that was wearing this perverted costume was seen by Kizuna.

Thinking like that, the inside of Yurishia’s body was becoming heated.

Along with that, golden light danced from Yurishia’s body like sparkles.

Looking at that radiance, Kizuna was shocked.

‘――The sign of Heart Hybrid? How, even though I haven’t even touch her!?’

When Yurishia had walked until the large window that stretched up from the floor until the ceiling, she turned back at Kizuna. Matching that motion, her breast shook with a momentum as if it would be forced out from the bondage costume.

The light shining in from the window into this dim room was depicting a shadow on Yurishia’s body.

Yurishia who was turning her back on the night scenery looked like a bewitching witch floating on the sea of jewels.

It was as though Kizuna was ensnared by magic, he started walking unsteadily toward Yurishia.

Perhaps Yurishia was also getting excited, her skin was dyed in faint pink, she was slightly sweating.

Yurishia caressed her hands from her ass to her waist, then to her breast, as if to ascertaining her own body line.

――Want to touch?

It was like she was inviting Kizuna for that.

When Kizuna slowly held out his hand, that hand was lightly struck down.


“Noo good. You still have to wait★”

Just like usual, Yurishia sent him a heavy wink.

On the contrary, Yurishia’s hand was crawling around Kizuna’s body.

She was taking off the button of Kizuna’s uniform.

“Yu, Yurishia?”

Yurishia’s slender fingers slipped in through the gap of the shirt.

“Eh? Wai-, what are-……!”

Yurishia began to grope at Kizuna’s chest.

“Fufuu, before this you touched my breast, so this is the payment for that♡”

“Wh, wha-?”

Yurishia tickled the tips of Kizuna’s chest.

“How is it? I wonder if boy also feel it?”

Yurishia’s finger tips were moving up and down as if flicking off Kizuna’s chest.

“Wa, wait, something like this――”

Kizuna’s consciousness was concentrated on his chest. A shuddering sensation ran through from his chest to his body.

‘――Kuh! Like this our position is reversed.’

“Ufufu, as I thought you are feeling itt. Then, show me an even better face okay?”

Kizuna’s shirt buttons were unbuttoned until the bottom, then his undershirt was flipped up.

Looking at Kizuna’s chest, Yurishia narrowed her eyes happily.

It was a sturdy chest with faint muscle outlined. That chest was feeling Yurishia’s finger tips sensitively.

‘No way, this is cute somehow…….’

Yurishia stretched out her pink tongue a little and licked at the tip of Kizuna’s chest.


Kizuna felt a sensation he had never experienced before.

He felt sweet itchiness from the tips of his chest.

“Have you, ever done something like this?”

“The, there is-, no way I’ve ever done this!”

Yurishia smiled in triumph of victory.

“I see♪ So I’ll receive Kizuna’s first then?”

“Stop saying that in a strange way!”

“Even if you have sucked before, you have never been sucked until now correct?”

Suddenly, he recalled the Heart Hybrid with Aine.


He gulped his saliva audibly and stiffened.


“Eh-? N, no, something like sucking, how could that――”

Yurishia showed a doubting expression.

“You should have done it with your mama’s breast……”

While talking, Yurishia’s eyes was turning dangerous.

“Kizuna……who have you done it with?”

‘Uwaa! Her gaze is scaryyyy!’

“Hayuru? Or maybe Aine?”

“E, err―rr……”

Being taken aback, his hand accidentally touched the console floating on the air.

“Wai-, wait? What is this!?”

Both Yurishia’s hands were shackled, her eyes were also wrapped with a blindfold. Both restraints were made from soft leather, so her body was being restrained without her feeling pain.

“Ki-, Kizuna? You’re unfair! Whe, where are you-!?”

“My, my bad! This is really just a coincidence. My hand grazed the console……”

“It’s fine already, release it quickly!”

Yurishia was angry, no, rather she looked more like scared.

Her impression was completely opposite of the Yurishia who was like a queen just now.


Kizuna approached Yurishia.

Feeling his presence, Yurishia’s shoulder twitched in surprise.

She didn’t know what would be done to her or even resisted. It seemed that she was scared of that. Yurishia who was the world strongest ace that feared nothing was shivering from his every little action.

However, simultaneously Yurishia’s face was blushing, her breathing was turning ragged.

From all that happened until now, Kizuna felt something that was near conviction.

‘――By any chance, is Yurishia liking SM?’

Since she wore this costume, signs of Heart Hybrid immediately appeared. In addition, when she was acting like a queen too, and now that she was acting like a scared little animal too, whichever it was she looked like she was getting excited.

There was no doubt. Then, what was left was――,

{By doing acts that match the sexual disposition of your partner, it heightens the mental pleasure and excitement. By stimulating the erogenous zone efficiently, you inflicted strong physical pleasure.}

And so he was told, where was this erogenous zone?


Breast and ass……I don’t have any other idea except those places.

Wha, what should I do?

Wait, there is no point to hesitate. Then, first is――,’


‘So-! Softtt!’

Kizuna crawled his hand through Yurishia’s ass.

‘Wha, what’s with this sensation! Is this really human body? It’s like the softness of fresh snow, really spongy.’

“Wai, Ki, Kizuna-? Where are you touching!?”

When he grasped the ass, his finger felt like it was sinking without end. And then, from between his grasping fingers, the meat of the ass was spilling out.

‘Amazing. Touching it feels really good. No matter how much I’m rubbing it, I won’t get tired of it.’

“Aa-, ah, aaa, fuAaaAAnn-“

Yurishia was desperately trying to escape from Kizuna’s loving caress by twisting her body. However with both her hands restrained she couldn’t move her body satisfactorily, she also didn’t understand Kizuna’s position due to the blindfold. On the contrary, it was like she was just shaking that large ass in front of Kizuna’s eyes.

And then golden light began to scatter from Yurishia’s body.

‘The Hybrid Heart is beginning already? Or maybe, does this mean that Yurishia’s erogenous zone is her ass?

No, but if thinking about Yurishia’s number one, then as I thought, it’s――,’

Kizuna dropped his gaze.

‘――surely her giant breast.’

“Yurishia, about the chest area of your clothes”

While breathing raggedly, Yurishia was turning her face to the direction where Kizuna’s voice came.

“It’s almost come off.”


“Is it okay, for me to just take it off?”

In other words, he was telling her to expose her raw breast without anything hiding it in front of Kizuna.

Yurishia’s lips was trembling for a while, then before long she nodded shortly.

Kizuna reached out his hand at Yurishia’s breast, he took off her buttons one by one, unbuttoning them. Each time he did that, Yurishia’s body was jumping twitchingly.

“I’m taking it off.”

Kizuna’s hand took away the bondage’s chest cloth.

The breasts which were freed from the restraint spilled out from the bondage suit as if they were jumping.


They jumped jigglingly, the vibration of the repeated shaking up and down absorbed his gaze.

Without anything obstructing his gaze, Yurishia’s breast was exposed in front of Kizuna.

‘――Hu, huge.’

He understood that it was big even from above the clothes. But, looking at Yurishia’s breast raw like this in contact with the air, he realized that what he had seen until now was not everything.

Even without underwear, the breasts were going against gravity, maintaining their magnificent shape slightly pointing above, it was far larger than even Aine, that color and shape were manifesting beauty and lewdness that couldn’t be compared with anything.

The protrusion that stuck out from the white skin was drawing pink colored gradation.

From the breast that became exposed, sweet fragrance was gently drifting, tickling at Kizuna’s nose.


Yurishia felt Kizuna’s passionate gaze on that tips.

Exactly because her sight was blocked that her feeling became sensitive, her power of imagination was also swelling.

It further instigated Yurishia’s excitement, from the depth of her body, hot liquid was seeping out. And then, golden light was rising up from the surface of her body.

Kizuna’s hand touched Yurishia’s raw breast.


When his finger tip slightly grazed the hill of her breast, Yurishia’s body convulsed twitchingly.

Similar with her ass, this one was also very soft. When he put a little strength to his finger, his finger made a large depression on her breast.

Kizuna spread his hands and rubbed Yurishia’s breast as if he was lifting them up.


‘――Wha, what? Is this!?’

The sensation information of her breast rubbed by other people, furthermore by a man was beyond her imagination. Against the sensation that was obviously different when she was touching herself, the processing ability of Yurishia’s brain exceeded the limit in the blink of eye.

Yurishia was unable to endure the pleasure and shook her head uncomposedly. Each time she did that, her hair elegantly spread out while scattering golden particles.

“Do you feel good, Yurishia?”

“It, it feels goo-……ood-, aaah!”

Knitting her eyebrows, she was making an anguished expression under the blindfold. She raised her breathing, her lips opened as if seeking oxygen with her tongue stretched out.

Masou Gakuen HxH V02 163.jpg

Kizuna’s palm felt something hard stiffening. That thing was gradually hardening and growing bigger.


Kizuna took off Yurishia’s blindfold.


The face of Yurishia that was melting in ecstasy appeared under it. Tears were gathering in the corner of her eyes.

‘Haa―, haa―,’ She was just wringing out suffocated breathing sound without letting out any voice.

Her expression looked as if she was asking him in anxiety ‘what are you going to do?’

Kizuna separated his hand from Yurishia. Her breast shook bouncingly because of the strength holding it was gone.

“Eh, Kizu……na?”

‘Why do you stop?’ Eyes that looked blaming were staring at Kizuna.

“Don’t worry, Yurishia.”


That instant, Kizuna’s fingers pinched at the pink tips shining on Yurishia’s breast.


Yurishia showed a face that looked like she was going to cry,

Kizuna put more strength, as if he was trying to press tightly.


And then he pulled as if to twist the whole breast.


At the same time with the scream surging out from Yurishia’s mouth, golden light exploded out from her body. And then, pink radiance was also ejected from Kizuna’s body.

Those radiances became a vortex of two colored light that was enveloping their body.

――That was the moment where Heart Hybrid succeeded.

And then after that he confirmed the vital signs of Yurishia in his smartphone.

Yurishia’s Hybrid Count was splendidly charged to full.

For the time being, he considered that Yurishia’s play preference was something like S&M with her breasts as her erogenous zone.

This time it was more than enough to put a costume on Yurishia, but he had to make Yurishia even more excited in the Heart Hybrid of next time.

‘――Well, first is one person.’

There was two more girl before he completed his mission.

Part 3[edit]

After school, Kizuna was heading to the student guidance room.

Due to the Heart Hybrid with Yurishia, he was able to confirm the result of the aforementioned simulator.

However thinking about Himekawa’s preference, what could it possibly be?

He had the feeling that his distance with her had been greatly shortened by helping out with the work of public morals committee. If he could understand Himekawa’s preference well, then their Heart Hybrid might go well.

When he opened the door and entered the student guidance room, there was Himekawa standing near the window in the light of the evening sun.

“Sorry I’m late. I was called by the teacher a little. Today where are we going to do the crackdown――”


She pressed on him in one go.

“Waa, wha, what! What’s wrong?”

“What do you think!?”

‘Hee!? Wha, what!? Is it about, Himekawa?’

“No, that, I think you are beautiful, you also have serious personality……”

“……What are you talking about?”

“Eh? Isn’t this about you Himekawa?”

Himekawa’s face turned flaring red.

“Wha-, ple, please don’t say something stupid! I, I’m beautiful or something is……wait, this is not that kind of talk! This is about that category-Ultra! Just how long are we going to wait until the decision to attack Guam again will come out!?”

“Ah! Tha, that’s what you are talking about. No, I also don’t know anything about that.”

‘This is bad, I completely made an embarrassing mistake. I wonder if Himekawa is thinking I’m strange now.’

Himekawa kept prattling on and on with her face still red.

“Since then, we have been in stand by all this time. I’ve already reached the limit of my patience. Let’s go to the commander right now to express our opinion!”


Frankly speaking, as long as Nee-chan doesn’t give the order, I don’t think that a permission to sortie will come out.’

Besides, he didn’t feel the necessity to once again attack Guam in such a hurry.

In a certain meaning, he could even say that the information they collected about AU from their infiltration to the enemy territory had produced unexpected result.

Rather, he didn’t understand just why Himekawa was being this impatient.

Having his resistance cut down by Himekawa, Kizuna headed together with her toward the principal’s room. However――,


Reiri settled it all with a single word.

“Just why!? Even though there is enemy right in front of our eyes, why――”

“There is no prospect of victory.”


Reiri’s answer was simple. With that Himekawa was thrust with a fact that was hard for her to approve.

“Bu, but, we cannot leave them alone just because of that!”

“What can we do other than leaving them alone? What are you planning to go there without any countermeasure?”

“Of course, to defeat the enemy! Isn’t that right, Hida-kun?”

Himekawa looked for agreement from Kizuna.

Naturally, you are my ally――she was making a face that was thinking so.

“Tha, that’s……”

“Hida-kun? What’s wrong? Let’s fight together!”


That’s impossible.’

“That’s impossible, Himekawa.”


Himekawa’s smile froze.

“Even if we go now, we will lose again.”

“Tha, that’s……”

Himekawa’s complexion was turning pale rapidly.

“The difference in battle strength with the enemy is obvious. Until we find a method to overturn that, it’s better to not force ourselves challenging them again. Even if we go now, it will only make everyone meet danger.”

“Are you……scared……”

Himekawa stepped back from Kizuna.

“No! I――”

“……I was convinced that, you understand me……what a great misunderstanding I’ve made.”

“Please wait! We cannot go right now, we should――”

“I misjudged you!!”

Himekawa rushed out from the principal room.


Kizuna also chased after Himekawa and wasted no time to exit to the corridor. However, he could only see the figures of teaching staff coming and going, he couldn’t find Himekawa’s figure anywhere.

Part 4[edit]

‘――Aah! Geez, how infuriating!’

Himekawa that sneaked out from Ataraxia was flying alone above the sea.

‘Whether it’s him or anyone, no one is reliable. As I thought, I can only do it myself.

I will defeat the category-Ultra.’

But, what if the enemy magic armor came out?

‘At that time, I’ll defeat Aldea first. That’s all.’

Before long Himekawa arrived at the sky above Guam.

‘――I wonder where they are?’

Himekawa materialized floating windows around her body.

If there was magic weapon, then the sensor should detect it.

‘……Looks like they are not here.

Was it pulled back to the Entrance?’

At that time, a certain sensor was shining red.

It was not magic weapon. This reaction was……Heart Hybrid Gear!?

“My my, you came alone? This is a surprise.”

“……So you show yourself!!”

Wearing the green colored magic armor Zeel, Aldea was floating on the air. She was brimming with gentle smile.

The reaction displayed on Himekawa’s sensor was unmistakably came from Heart Hybrid Gear. But this meant that magic armor and Heart Hybrid Gear was the same thing.

“I’m happy that you come to meet me. Let’s pass an enjoyable time? I wonder if it’s better to have a talk, or is it better to kill each other?”

Himekawa immediately drew out the Sword on her waist.

“My, so you are wishing for killing each other then.”

The moment Aldea said that, her shields detached and lined up in the air. One among them was shining brightly, changing its shape into spear. Aldea’s hand grasped that spear.

“I too come out here by my own decision……so if I don’t at least bring home a Core, I will get scolded. I will have the Cores of you and your comrades to bring back home.”


From Himekawa’s back, large swords were flying out. They cut through the sky and aimed at Aldea.

“I know that those shields boasted iron wall protection. But!”

‘――I just need to avoid the shield, and attack directly!’

Himekawa imagined the trajectory of the Blades.

The Blades changed their trajectory as if reading Himekawa’s heart, they circled around Aldea with acrobatic motions as if toying with her.

And then, they assaulted all at once from four directions.

Together with a brilliant flash, four shields blocked the attack of the Blades. Even now the Blades were trying to push back by raising their output, but the shields were also pushing back. During that time fierce sparks scattered.

The thruster of Neros ignited and Himekawa’s body sailed out in straight line.

‘――Even if those shields blocked the Blades, this Sword will cut you apart!’


The Sword was swung down on Aldea.

Fierce light surged out like lightning.

Before Aldea’s eyes, the remaining single shield blocked the attack of Sword.

“Kuh……as expected from the shield that blocked Pulverizer’s attack. However!”

Himekawa pressed on with Sword.

The figure of Aldea on the other side of the fiercely shining shield was changed completely with just now. Because she was using her magic armor as shields, right now her appearance was mostly only her flesh body.

‘――Right here, if I can just deal a slash at her……I’ll win!’

“Prepare yourself! After defeating you, the next one will be that Tri-Head!!”

“As expected from Neros. I cannot underestimate you……but…”

“This is!?”

Suddenly, the Sword bended.

The shield blocking Sword was also similarly greatly warped. From the gap, Aldea’s smiling face could be peeked.


The spear grasped in that hand was stabbed on her own shield, distorting the space together with the Sword. The spear stretched out straight, brushing aside the shield and Sword.


The tips was stabbed at Himekawa’s chest.

Similar with the previous battle, it was like the inside of her chest was taken right from the root, a strange sensation. And then in the next instant, her body was blown away as if she was pulled behind.

“Gah, GAHAAaAAA-!”

After being blown away for about two hundred meter, she finally could stop herself. She pressed on her chest and felt a relieve that her own flesh was still there.

――However, what if it was stabbed into her just a little deeper?

She recalled the destroyed building before this. What if she met the same fate like that?

A shiver ran through Himekawa’s whole body.

“It’s fine to kill you, but this is a rare chance so let’s enjoy it dramatically. I’ll collect the other Cores while I’m at it.”

When Aldea who was soaked in joy spread her hands, the spear returned to its original shield shape.

And then, behind and front, left right above below, six shields were surrounding Himekawa.


Looking from this close, the shield’s structure was like four layer piled up together. Those layers were unfolding one by one with the circle shape attached on the top of the shield as the axis, transforming into X-shape. The next instant, each of the top was linked at each other with light, then they began to radiate green light.

“――This is……-“

Himekawa became locked inside cube of light. Each surface was possessing X-shaped frame, it was a cage of light. Nervousness ran through Himekawa’s body.

Suddenly, the space inside the cube distorted.


The distortion wringed Himekawa with fierce impact and pressure.

‘Kuh! Thi, tis is……I’m imprisoned!?

Something like this, I’ll destroy it from inside with Blade……!’

However, the Blades that should be moving obeying her will couldn’t be controlled.

“Wh……why is this!?”

Himekawa intended to launch them in straight line, but the Blades were just rolling in place, they couldn’t get out from this cube. It was as if they were imprisoned by unseen power.

‘――Then, with Sword!!’

Himekawa put all the strength in her body to swing down the Sword, but it wouldn’t move just like she wanted.

‘――Wh, why?’

Neros’s output was clearly dropping down. Himekawa confirmed the status of Neros in panic.

Her Hybrid Count……was already none?

The gauge was already in red zone, the remaining amount had became only 5%.

‘No way! This, this, kind of thing.’

Himekawa’s consciousness was becoming distant.

‘No, no good, it’s painful……my awareness, cannot hol――.’

Her blurred sight could see the figure of Aldea right nearby.

“Ufufufu, you are now in the role of the captured heroine you know? Act your role properly okay?”

‘No good……I can’t move, even a single finger already.

I want…..

Hybrid Count.


Himekawa’s consciousness sunk deeply into the darkness.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. A Japanese phrase, though in English it only have a simple meaning of shameless
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