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Chapter 4 – Peerless Rupture[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Himekawa is the enemy’s captive!?”

Kizuna doubted his ears.

However, Reiri’s face was really serious and in no way telling a joke.

“Himekawa was captured by the enemy. Currently she is under the AU’s grasp and has become a hostage.”

He didn’t understand the meaning of this.

“……Hostage, you say?”

Kizuna repeated that word dumbfoundedly.

Yurishia leaned her body forward, making her large breasts shake.

“Wait a second, Commander? What kind of metaphor is that?”

“The meaning is exactly as you heard. Above Guam, Himekawa is being restrained on the enemy’s aircraft carrier.”

All members lost their words.

{Look at this.}

A floating window was opened, Kei’s text and a video was played there.

It was the aircraft carrier of AU.

Perhaps the picture was shot from the air, the blur of the picture was considerable. It was quiet a far off image, but they could confirm the one thousand meter class aircraft carrier. The height of the aircraft carrier was supposed to be several dozen meters, but because the ship hull was long and wide, it looked like a mere flat plank flying.

The camera was gradually approaching from overhead. Following that, the image was becoming clearer.

“This picture was taken by the unmanned reconnaissance aircraft that was sent to patrol Guam.”

On the wide and flat deck, floating patterns and letters that seemed to be AU’s were emitting light. In the center of those radiances, Aldea who was wearing Zeel was sitting on a chair.

And then, in a slightly separate place, the category-Ultra Tri-Head was standing by. The large body leisurely lying down was like a living being.

――And then, there was one more person.

In front of Aldea, there was a figure floating in the air.

Red Heart Hybrid Gear.

There was no mistake, that was Himekawa Hayuru’s Neros.

At Himekawa’s left and right, below and above, front and back, X-shaped shields were floating. Flat surfaces of light with those shields as the center were making a regular hexahedron, Himekawa was locked inside it. Her figure floating in air as if drifting weightlessly was as though she was being restrained by invisible chains.

Above the video, Kei’s inputted text was streaming.

{Even though the unmanned aircraft approached until this close, those guys didn’t shoot it down. Most likely their objective is to show us Himekawa’s figure.}

Looking at Himekawa that was restrained by a mysterious power, Yurishia knitted her eyebrows.

“I see……she really feels like a hostage.”

Reiri also nodded with a grim face.

“There is no approach at all from the AU side. We don’t understand what is those guys’ objective, but we can guess that their objective perhaps is to lure us.”

“But Nee-chan. Normally we will think so, but the opponent this time is an AU person you know?”

“Thinking about the precedent of first contact the other day, it’s only natural to think that they have extremely similar behavioral pattern and sense of values as us. And exactly as they aimed――”

Reiri looked over the members of Amaterasu.

“No matter what the enemy is planning, we have to go rescue Himekawa.”

He completely agreed with that.

Yurishia showed a daring smile.

“So we are going to dare to accept the enemy’s invitation you say? I don’t hate something like that.”

“Then, what should we do?”

Aine asked while her eyes were still staring at Aldea on the screen.

“First, I have something for Aine and Kizuna to do.”

“Aine and I?”

Reiri raised the corners of her mouth.

“This time it’s our turn to surprise them.”

Part 2[edit]

On the wide sprawling deck of the aircraft carrier, there was Aldea staying there alone.

The wind blowing in the sky was fluttering up her long hair.

Her purple eyes were shining bewitchingly, she was staring with all her attention at the sky that was nearing dawn.

Suddenly her lips were murmuring something.

“This is completely contrary to my expectation……this is really different from the story that I heard from that person. Even though I thought that child in white magic armor is surely the one.”

She turned back at the Tri-Head standing by behind her.

“If it’s just collecting the Core, then I’ll leave that to you. I think it’s about time they come taking the bait.”

Several windows were opened around that murmuring face.

The displayed content and letters were different, but the technology itself couldn’t be told apart from Heart Hybrid Gear.

Those windows underwent a complete change into a deep red alert display.


From beyond the window, she noticed the pressure of fierce light approaching.

It was a bombardment of light possessing destructive power beyond imagination.

――Corruption Armament [Pulverizer]

The light of destruction crossed the sky instantly.

Anti Battleship Use Multiple DefenseMultiple Shield!”

Aldea yelled sharply.

As if to respond toward that instruction in panic, the aircraft carrier deployed defense shields of magic circles. Several tens of shields were piling up in preparation for the Pulverizer’s bombardment.

Even a single one was a shield that could block the main cannon of an AU’s battleship.

But with a single attack of the Pulverizer, those shields were crushed really easily. And then, all of the shields were mowed down. The flash right from the side gouged a gigantic hole almost right at the center of the ship hull, then it pierced through to the other side.

The ship’s body greatly tilted, the surface of the deck was turned into a giant slide.


Aldea and Himekawa, and then the Tri-Head began to slide down on the deck.

‘This bombing, it’s from that time!?

This destructive power is as if it came from a super dreadnought class battleship’s main cannon――no, it’s even more than that. It’s not like I cannot block it if I use my “Cube Dimension MazeLabyrinth Cube, but――,’

Aldea stared at the Labyrinth Cube that began to slide down and knitted her eyebrows.

Even now those shields were used to imprison Neros.

The bombardment of Pulverizer made the aircraft carrier receive lethal damage, Aldea also fell into confusion. As if charging at that opening, there was a shadow suddenly approaching with tremendous speed.

Trailing a golden light trail behind it, a Heart Hybrid Gear was soaring in the sky.

It was Yurishia’s Cross.

Cross that flew by fully opening the Differential Frame’s propulsive power easily broke the sound barrier.

On Yurishia’s body, Kizuna was clinging there closely.

“It will be soon, Kizuna!”


If it was in a straight line, Cross was faster than anything.

It carried Eros until above the aircraft carrier from beyond the horizon in the blink of an eye.


Kizuna separated from Yurishia’s body and danced that body above the sky.

Under his eyes the aircraft carrier which was crumbling even now was visible.

At the center of the hull which had a gigantic hole opened, the hull was warping. The one thousand meter gigantic body quickly broke in half and began to fall towards Guam’s sea.

Yurishia passed through in an instant and turned back at the falling aircraft carrier. In the end of her sight was the Tri-Head that spread its wings to fly from the slanting deck.

“I don’t think I can defeat it but……”

She converted the Differential Frame’s ability from propulsive power to attack power.


From Yurishia’s whole body, particle cannons spouted fire all at once. The golden lights stretching out straightforwardly impacted the Tri-Head directly. Together with dazzling light, an explosion spread.

Aldea clicked her tongue while sliding down the deck.

“I’ll leave that long range battery to you! It’s fine for you to break it.”

Tri-Head reached out its neck from inside the flame due to Aldea’s instruction, its spread out wings shined red and it lightly took off to the sky.

“Please try to catch me!”

Yurishia confirmed that the Tri-Head came chasing her and raised the output of the Differential Frame once more.

Confirming the distancing from Tri-Head, Aldea weighed between the captured Neros and that white magic armor she was unfamiliar with. She was wondering which one she should prioritize to deal with?

Letters of AU were floating in the window floating in front of Aldea’s eyes, a warning was addressed to her once more.

‘She is preparing a bombardment again!?

As expected, it will be bad if I’m shot right now.’

Aldea undid the restraints on Himekawa’s body as if throwing her away. The six shields once more attached themselves to her body, she ignited her thruster and headed towards the direction from where the Pulverizer came with full speed.

Himekawa’s body which lost its support was falling together with the debris of the aircraft carrier.

Confirming Aldea was flying away, Kizuna yelled.

“Mode Zeros!!”

The radiance of Eros that was worn on Kizuna’s body changed. The pink luminescence was changing from below into the same blue color as Zeros.

The first instruction that he got from Reiri in the briefing was to do Climax Hybrid with Aine. And then, they obtained the Corruption Armament [Pulverizer] for Aine, and the same ability of Zeros for him.

Chasing after Himekawa’s body, Kizuna plunged into the middle of the falling debris of the aircraft carrier.

Eros which was supposed to be useless exhibited equal mobility as Zeros. He was avoiding the hundreds of pieces of debris falling on him with beautiful movements.


While evading the obstacles, Kizuna opened his sensor window.


The window shined brightly, pulling Kizuna’s attention on it.

A three dimensional map with Kizuna at the center was displaying a shining red dot.

‘――That’s Neros!’

It displayed the dot falling to the sea diagonally below at the right of Kizuna’s position.

He ignited the thrusters throughout his body with light particles and pursued after Himekawa with speed far faster than a natural drop. He soared with tremendous speed amidst the scattered debris.

The torn off deck from the crumbling aircraft carrier was flying in front of Kizuna becoming a gigantic wall.


Eros’s figure vanished in an instant. In the next moment, it slipped through the falling deck in evasion.

“Himekawa――! Where are youuuu-!?”

The internal magic mechanisms were expelled out to the sky one after another from the pulverized ship hull. Clusters of huge parts were endlessly floating in the air, obstructing his path.

Even while Eros was moving with high speed, it didn’t come into contact with the debris and avoided them all.

If it was the normal Eros, surely it would have crashed in an instant and bore large damage. However right now the result of the Climax Hybrid with Zeros was in effect. Even the storm of debris looked like it were all in slow motion.

But, no matter how much mobility he exhibited, it was all meaningless if he couldn’t save Himekawa.

The sea surface was rapidly approaching.

Impatience was seeping into Kizuna’s heart.

It was the end if Himekawa fell to the sea. He had to save her no matter what before that.


Kizuna mobilized all of his sensors and searched for Himekawa’s location.

However there was no reaction.

‘Why damn it! There was a reaction until just now! Shit-!’

Kizuna’s heart was ringing like an alarm bell.

Sweat flowed down his forehead.


He turned his head, moved his eye, he was sending his gaze to all directions,

At that time, swaying black hair was reflected in the corner of his eyes.


Neros was already terminated, Himekawa right now was only in her pilot suit. Like this it was only natural that there was no reaction from Neros.

If she fell to the sea from this height in her flesh, she would certainly die.

Before she fell to the sea――,

At that time, the prow of the aircraft carrier impacted the sea below. The wreckage of the broken aircraft carrier didn’t immediately sink and stood towering tall like two spires from the sea.

‘This is bad!!’

Himekawa’s body was falling toward that spire. At this rate, Himekawa’s body would hit the aircraft carrier faster than falling into the sea.

Igniting his thruster, Kizuna headed to that direction with all his speed.

In front of Kizuna, a protective wall torn of from the hull flew into his way.

Kizuna twisted his body and pulled his fist.


The fist struck out from his shoulder drove into the thick steel plate. A shockwave like an explosion opened a hole on the steel plate.


Kizuna flew out from amidst the explosion and embraced the body of Himekawa that was powerlessly floating in the air.

“Himekawa! Oi, get a hold of yourself, Himekawa!”

Kizuna ignited his thruster and slipped through between the two spires just barely.

And then he raised his output to full throttle and increased his speed. While being showered by the gigantic water pillar heaved up by the debris of the aircraft carrier, Kizuna was flying horizontally, distancing himself away from the aircraft carrier.

{This is Kizuna! Himekawa has been safely rescued! We will immediately withdraw from the front line!}

The transmission from Kizuna was delivered to Aine.

Ten kilometers from the aircraft carrier, Aine was readying the Pulverizer on the sky, she was charging the energy for the second shot.

“Next is the Tri-head. Yurishia, lead the prey here quickly――!?”

Her sensor reflected the shadow of something approaching in great speed.

{Aine! Aldea is heading there! Be careful!}

The moment she heard Reiri’s voice, Aine readied her Pulverizer once more.

“To dare challenging this me in a one-on-one battle, there is a limit even in being conceited.”

Aine aimed at the approaching Aldea.

“This time I’ll pulverize her for sure.”

And then, she pulled the trigger without hesitation.

The wave of destruction blew away the clouds and a terrific explosion sound roared above the sea. And then, the radiance that destroyed space and time shot out straight towards Aldea.

It was the bombardment that destroyed even a gigantic battleship in one shot. If it hit directly, then the likes of magic weapons would be terminated without the least bit of difficulty.

Aldea stopped in the sky. Her armor detached from her body.

Aldea’s glossy lips opened.

“Labyrinth Cube.”

Six shields transformed and linked up, the cube that restrained Himekawa was making its appearance once more.

The next moment, the merciless bombardment of Pulverizer hit.

An explosion of light occurred.

Fierce lightning spread to the sky and sea, shockwaves indented the sea.

It made one think that Aldea altogether with the cube floating in the air were pulverized in one breath.


The light of Pulverizer lost its target inside the Labyrinth Cube.

The bombardment was circling on and on inside the cube as though losing its path, its direction was changed and then it was flying away from the gap of the Labyrinth Cube.

Several streaks of light that were warped into different directions, one flew to the outer space annihilating the cloud, one opened a large hole at the sea terminating the sea water.

Aine was staring at it happening from beginning to end with shock.

‘――It’s blocked again.

Not just once, but twice.

My Pulverizer doesn’t work.’

Aldea’s figure was wavering standing still at the other side of the heat haze.

Labyrinth Cube distorted the power of Pulverizer. It was blocked, but it didn’t mean that it was repelled easily.

‘――Can I attack one more time?’

Aine tried to ready her Pulverizer. However, Aldea was already moving.

She was heading to Aine with her full speed.

There was no leeway for Aine to charge a third shot.

Aine swiftly threw away her Corruption Armament, the Pulverizer vanished, turning into beads and belts of light.

In exchange she clutched her fist and charged at the approaching enemy.

The two Heart Hybrid Gears collided.

Sharp light and fierce sparks scattered.

The Labyrinth Cube returned into six shields and lined up in front of Zeros.

With her fist stopped, Aine glared at the enemy across the shield from very close range.

Looking at Aldea like this, she was really indistinguishable from humans.

Her hair and the color of her eyes were a little different, but such thing was still within the range of fashion. It could be changed trivially.

In order to shake off her surprise and hesitation, Aine let out caustic words.

“I don’t care whether you are human or a person of AU.”

The elbow thruster increased in brightness, the shield was pushed back.

“What is without doubt, is that you are the fool who is challenging this me in close range battle!”

The instance Aine almost overcame the shield, light ran on Aldea’s shield and Aine’s arm distorted.


The distorted space flicked off Aine’s right fist. However in that moment, Aine’s left hand reached out and grasped the shield.


Aldea was taken by surprise.

Aine’s upper body that was almost thrown backwards was supported by gripping the shield.


And then like that the shield was raised, and the body that became defenseless was punched. The elbow thruster produced a punch at a speed that was normally impossible, and in the instant of the impact, a shockwave was fired from the end of the arm.


The moment the impact attacked Aldea, patterns like a magic circle floated for an instant on her body.

It seemed that it was something substantial like the Life Saver of Heart Hybrid Gear. However, it was like a minimal safeguard that didn’t have that much defensive power.

Aldea’s body was truly easily blown away, Aine kicked the air in order to add a pursuing attack.

In order to stop the approaching Aine, Aldea lined up the shields in front of Aine, but Zeros astounding mobility was in full display, all the shields were evaded.


That movement shocked Aldea.


The leg thruster emitted a belt of light. That propulsion was struck into Aldea’s body as a fierce spinning kick.


Aldea’s body bent forming the shape of >. Aldea was using most of her armor as shields. Although she had pilot suit and safeguard, she was mostly defenseless like this.

Aine once again kicked with her leg, the blade on her shin aimed at Aldea’s abdomen.


Aldea immediately glided a shield in front of Zeros’s leg.

Aine’s kick changed trajectory in the middle. Her leg flew passed the shield and sunk into Aldea’s chest.

“Gu, AAA-!”

Aldea ignited her thruster and somehow controlled her posture, stopping her body in place.

“The next will be the last.”

Aine put her right hand forward and took a stance.

Aldea raised her face and gazed at Aine.

“How amazing……you are.”

Her face didn’t have anger or killing intent. A smile that was happy from the bottom of her heart was shown there.

“For such an amazing magic armor to exist in this world without any signature……hey, what is the name of that magic armor? Please tell me by any means.”

Aine tightened her lips in ^ shape for a while, but then she reluctantly opened her mouth.


In that instant, Aldea’s smile froze.


Aldea muttered deliriously.

“You, Chidori……something I think? You, who are you?”

It was a strange question.

Aine couldn’t catch her meaning.

“Fine then, I’ll teach you. I am the pilot of Zeros. Chidorigafuchi Aine.”

Aldea’s eyes opened wide in shock, her mouth was also hanging open.

“Chidori……Aine……Aine, Zeros.”

She clapped her hands in front of her face.

“Ha……hahaha, is that so, as I thought, so that’s how it is! Ahaha, how splendid!”

Aine made a dubious face.

“I wonder if I hit your head when I kicked you before? Aah, but if I punch you, perhaps you will return back to usual?”

Aine grasped her fist tightly.

“Yes, yes, the current you doesn’t get the meaning of what I’m talking about isn’t it! Aah, but there is no need to worry! Yes, leave everything to me! I will save you for sure!”

Aldea kept talking in excitement. That aroused emotion looked really eerie to Aine who was watching her.

“What are you prattling about I wonder? Your head really has gotten broken hasn’t it?”

“Fufufu, now, I’ll capture, imprison, and kidnap you. With……”

Aldea smiled cheerfully.

“This Labyrinth Cube!”

Six shields were approaching in order to surround Aine.

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Part 3[edit]

Kizuna was carrying Himekawa in his arms heading to Ataraxia.

“This is Kizuna. Ataraxia, respond.”

A floating window projected Reiri.

“Nee-chan, my side went as planned. I’m in the middle of heading back to Ataraxia――”

{Kizuna, change of plan. We planned to destroy Tri-Head with Pulverizer, but Aldea interrupted and now she is in the middle of battle with Aine. Yurishia is fighting Tri-Head alone.}

“What did you say!?”

That Heart Hybrid Gear of Aldea, Zeel possessed a mysterious power. In addition, Tri-Head was an opponent that couldn’t be defeated even with the four of them.

Kizuna’s forehead was having cold sweat.

{The only silver lining is you and Himekawa. Head over there for reinforcement immediately!}

Kizuna looked at Himekawa in his arms.

“Putting me aside, Himekawa’s Hybrid Count is already in the red zone, she is in a state that cannot even put on Neros here!”

Kizuna yelled at Reiri inside the window.

{I’m sending the thing right now. Fly straight at it like that.}

“The thing?”

Just when he was speaking so to the communication window, Kizuna was shined with dazzling light.

From the front, a large capsule he remembered seeing before suspended below a helicopter was approaching.



“U, n……Hi, Hida, kun?”

Himekawa’s eyes opened slightly.

“E, eh? This place? Somehow, it feels pleasantly fluffy…..nyaa!?”

Noticing herself who was sleeping on a bed with a tattered pilot suit and Kizuna who was sitting beside her, Himekawa unintentionally raised a strange voice.


Being alert toward Kizuna who was in his pilot suit, Himekawa hugged her body and backed off until the corner of the bed. Certainly pilot suit was made from a thin material that fitted the body. It was understandable for her to want to be on guard. Moreover, Himekawa’s pilot suit had holes opened here and there. The pilot suit that had already high exposure rate at the best of times became something even more risqué, so it further scared her.

“Whe, where is this place, besides my appearance, yo, yo, you, what did you do to me!?”

“I, I didn’t do anything-! Nothing at all!”

Himekawa yelled with bright red face and glared at Kizuna while her nose was huffing roughly.

‘――Eh, now that I think back?’

Himekawa’s memory revived. She was looking around the room restlessly with an anxious face.

“I, if I remember right……”

‘That’s right, I should have lost against that enemy, Aldea.’

“This is above the sea. The new equipment brought from Ataraxia is left floating on the sea. Now, we are inside it, that’s how it is.”

“New equipment……this thing?”

The bed she was sleeping on was a queen-sized pure white bed.

Inside the room, there was a table and a sofa, dresser, monitor. Inside was toilet and washroom, also a big bathroom. The washing place and also the bathtub were wide enough to be used by two people with enough room left over.

“I, was fighting with that enemy named Aldea……I was pushed into the enemy’s shields, became unable to move, I remember the events until that time, but after that……”

Himekawa pressed her hand on her head, trying desperately to remember.

“I guess you don’t remember what happened after you fainted, but Himekawa, you became an enemy captive then.”


Himekawa made a face that was shocked from the bottom of her heart.

“But……I, I don’t, remember at all of such thing……”

She shook her head in disbelief.

“But, if that happened then how did I――”

Saying until that far, Himekawa’s complexion changed.

“We carried out an operation to rescue Himekawa. Aine’s Corruption Armament shot down the enemy’s aircraft carrier, then, me and Yurishia’s combination rescued Himekawa. But, the operation hasn’t ended yet.”

“That’s……what do, you mean?”

“The enemy Aldea, and also the category-Ultra Tri-Head are going strong.”

Hearing that name, Himekawa’s shoulders twitched.

“Aldea is fighting Aine, the Tri-Head is taking on Yurishia, I want to reinforce them immediately. That’s why――Himekawa?”

Himekawa’s face paled, her body was trembling in shivers.

“Oi, what’s wrong?”

“I, I, what did I……”

Kizuna leaned on the bed and peeked into Himekawa’s face.

“Are you okay? Your complexion is bad.”

“I……I’m a useless human……I’m, already useless.”

Her trembling hand grasped the sheet tightly.

“Taking arbitrary action by myself based on personal emotion……I was saying self-important things trying to correct other people’s conduct, while in the end I’m the one who troubled other people the most……because of my fault, my comrades met danger……uu-“

Tears spilled out from Himekawa’s eyes.

“Himekawa……don’t blame yourself that much. No one is thinking that about you.”

“Even if no one thinks that about me, I cannot forgive myself!”

When she raised her face and yelled, tears scattered from her eyes.

“Himekawa……in the first place, why are you, that obsessed with the Tri-Head?”

Himekawa hung her head down, she stayed quiet for a while.

However, she opened her mouth then determinedly.

“……Before, I had fought that category-Ultra once.”


Wasn’t the previous battle the first attack of that magic weapon?

“It was in the middle of a chaotic situation, so I didn’t make an official report about it, but on the occasion of the 2nd Another Universe Conflict……right before the Megafloat activated, that Tri-Head appeared in Japan.”

Himekawa was staring at empty air with a sorrowful gaze.

“Entrances also appeared in Japan at the 2nd Another Universe Conflict……however, Yurishia-san participated in the operation of the seventh fleet of American army, while Aine-san had the duty to guard Ataraxia and Megafloat Japan. The protection of mainland Japan was entrusted to me alone.”

“Just you alone!?”


“That’s absurd!”

It was absurd no matter how he thought about it. The guy pushing that duty to her is really hateful.

It seemed that Himekawa could guess Kizuna’s thinking. Himekawa showed a sad smile.

“But, at that time I seriously thought that I can protect Japan to the end by myself alone. I can do it with my power, rather if I cannot do that, then what meaning is there in this Heart Hybrid Gear. I persuaded myself like that.”

Himekawa stared at empty air remembering something.

“I flew around all over Japan, defeating magic weapons one after another. If it’s like this then I’ll be fine, I can protect Japan, that was what I felt.”

Certainly, if it was Himekawa’s combat ability, she could even defeat a category-A. But…….

“However, that was only until the enemy’s march was proceeding in full tilt, it was only for a short time. Soon, I could not do anything by myself alone.”

Himekawa’s forehead was etched with creases of distress.

“Just what should I do to deal with the magic weapons that appeared in the whole country simultaneously? The invasion of AU was progressing, each territory of Japan fell into enemy’s hand one after another. I didn’t understand what happened with the land that was invaded. Have the people that lived there died, or are they alive……”

Tears gathered in Himekawa’s eyes.

“I was wrapped in a feeling of despair. Even though if I just had more power, if I could just become stronger, I could actually protect them. The current me can do nothing except defeat the magic weapons before my eyes one by one. It was just like pouring water on a hot stone.” [1]


“With the order from the commander, I returned to Tokyo. There is the need to accommodate the refugees in Megafloat Japan, so I had to buy time until the refugees boarded the passenger ship docked in Tokyo Bay……that was the operation.”

Himekawa’s voice was trembling.

“What I can do was only something that much since the start. Something like protecting Japan, that’s just too impertinent. But, I will protect at least those people. Looking at the several thousand people gathering in the harbor, I swore that in my heart. When they saw my figure, everyone cheered joyfully. The new weapon that can defeat the magic weapons has arrived……they thought that they could feel relieved with that.”

Even now her voice seemed like she was going to cry.

“Himekawa……it’s enough, you don’t need to――”

“A small girl was……a girl hugging a bear plushy was trembling in terror……I promised that girl. That I will absolutely protect her, so rest assured, I said……that girl smiled, she was really relieved……despite so, despite so, in that place……that thing, that thing appeared.”

――Category-Ultra [Tri-Head]

“I was……unable to do anything. I couldn’t do anything! Not a single thing! Even though until then there was no magic weapon I couldn’t defeat! I, cannot do anything……everyone, everyone was……uu, ku……”

Tears spilled down from Himekawa’s eyes.

She suppressed the sobbing spilling from her mouth with her hand, crying while stifling her voice.

“I was conceited, I……before the 2nd Another Universe Conflict happened, I was hailed as the trump card of Japan……everywhere I went, everyone made a fuss of me……I was……feeling as if I had become a princess.”

That was an unexpected truth.

That was a great difference from him who was driven away from the laboratory by his mother.

“But, if it was only that, that’s not really a bad story――”

“In addition……right at that time, my interest in my classmate’s talk about love was gushing forth……I was constantly yearning for love like the ones in a novel or manga. Because of that, before I realized it I didn’t put my all into my training. Even though I was shouldering a significant mission, even though I understood that, I was talking about boys just like my friends, wanting to join hands with a boyfriend…..I only kept thinking about that kind of thing.”

This time Kizuna lost his words.

Himekawa Hayuru had interest in love? She didn’t put her all in training?

That was too unexpected……totally unbelievable.

That was really a story about Himekawa herself, was there a mistake somewhere?

“In the first place I’m just a human of that level.”

Himekawa looked down.

“If I only polished myself by training seriously at that time……perhaps I could have saved those people. If I didn’t get carried away by my fickle feeling and lived seriously, perhaps I could save even more people……thinking that, it makes me want to tear apart this body from shame and regret.”

Himekawa glared sternly with eyes that were wet with tears.

“And so, I don’t want to repeat such a mistake for the second time. I regulate myself, remonstrate myself, I live systematically, sever my desire, not slacking in my daily training, I give my all for the sake of my mission. I decided in my heart to live like that.”

‘――Is that so?

So Himekawa’s stoic personality is because of that reason.’

Kizuna finally understood Himekawa’s obstinate attitude,

“Everyone of Amaterasu who shouldered the same mission as me……also all the students of Ataraxia, so that they won’t make same mistake as me, I want them to lead a wholesome life.”

“I understand your feeling but……isn’t that a little too extreme?”

Himekawa glared at Kizuna with red bloodshot eyes.

“No! That will become something to protect your own life. Not only that, it will also protect the lives of the people of Japan. I want all of you to understand that. I absolutely don’t want a mistake of a fool like me to happen again! Yet despite so!”

Himekawa shook her hair disorderly, she was literally crying and yelling.

“I got angry and rushed out as I pleased, then like that I lost again to the enemy and got turned into a captive……”


On the face of the sobbing Himekawa, a self-depreciating smile appeared.

“For the sake of someone like me, everyone now is meeting with danger……this is really a joke. It goes past aggravation and feels humorous instead.”

Kizuna reached out his hand to Himekawa’s shoulder.

“It’s fine, everyone is not thinking like that of you. Even we――”

“Please just leave me alone! In the first place I’m just a human of this level!”

Himekawa shook off Kizuna’s hand with a lot of strength. And then, she hit the bed with clenched fist several times.

“Everything would be better if the Core of Neros was installed to someone else that is not me! If that was the case, no one would feel troubled or meet any danger! Even those many people……that girl too, perhaps they would be saved!”

He had never seen Himekawa this hysteric.

Most likely, there was no one in the world that had seen her like this.

She was always dignified, decorous, composed, the serious Himekawa.

As a public morals committee member, she was noble, just, strict on the rule, the hardheaded Himekawa.

‘The Himekawa that we know is that kind of person.’

“I’m sorry……because I, because someone like me, is the one who obtained the Heart Hybrid Gear……a lot of people, died……”

But, the weak girl crying and breaking down here, this was also Himekawa Hayuru.

‘I only thought that my distance with Himekawa had gotten closer, yet I didn’t try at all to understand about Himekawa.’

“……Himekawa, everyone has recognized that you are fighting with everything that you have.”

“Tha, that’s, the result in the end……I only troubled other people……hic”

Kizuna put his hand on Himekawa’s shoulder.

“Certainly, I think it’s important to repent for the past. But that’s only for the sake of learning something from it, so that we can live better in the future. It’s not for blaming yourself forever.”

Himekawa faced Kizuna with eyes that had become red.

“But that……that, in the end, I didn’t learn anything……from it, isn’t it?”

Tears were flowing down from her damp eyes without stopping.

He guessed that she had endured herself until all this time. The dam that her head held back, her piling up bitterness and sorrow had broken and overflowed out all in one go.

“Just……leave me alone. I, I, quit already. From Amaterasu……and from Ataraxia too, I’ll go away……I don’t want, to do this anymore.”

Himekawa rubbed her eyes while turning her back to Kizuna.

‘――This is bad.’

He had to make Himekawa stand on her feet somehow. There was no way it would get better like this. Not only Himekawa, but Aine and Yurishia that were in a bitter fight right now were also approached by danger.

What should he do?

What was the right thing to do?

Kizuna sidled up to Himekawa on the bed.

“Himekawa…..then let’s do this. To make up for the trouble that you cause, can you listen to my story a little?”

“Cu, curse me……hic, as much as you like. So, someone like me……hyaa!?”

Kizuna embraced Himekawa’s body from the back.

“Wa, wait, wha, what are you doing!?”

Not only the area around her eyes, her cheeks also reddened when she turned back at Kizuna. However, she found Kizuna’s face near her nose that she turned back to the wall in panic.

“Like this you can calm down right?”

Kizuna recalled how Reiri did this for him when he was crying as a child.

‘――Well, this is out of my depth though.’


Himekawa complained sullenly, but she didn’t resist more than that.

Kizuna took a large deep breath and calmed down his heart, then he began to talk with her, face close to Himekawa.

“Hey, Himekawa. Certainly, there might be lives that you couldn’t save. But, there should also be a lot of lives that Himekawa had saved.”

However, Himekawa only scowled her face.

“Something like that……I don’t know.”

“There is no doubt about that. Because, the one who said that is me, who you had actually saved.”

Himekawa was making a face that was increasingly confused.

“You forget? That time when I came for the first time to Ataraxia, you saved me that was attacked by a Viking.”


Certainly that had happened.

“But, that was……even without me saving you, Hida-kun has a Heart Hybrid Gear, so that’s not really――”

“But, my combat ability is nonexistent. Besides at that time, Eros also still hadn’t been adjusted yet. There is enough possibility that I wouldn’t have been able to escape. Himekawa saved my life. If Himekawa was not there, I won’t be here right now.”

Himekawa suddenly began to get flustered.

“Bu, but……that’s……don’t you understand what I said?”

“This me, that is the actual person concerned in this, is feeling that you are my life’s benefactor. That’s not something that Himekawa can decide. If I have to say further, Himekawa also saved the life of Yurishia and Aine too don’t you think?”

‘Wh, why, does it become like that?”

“If I died, then Heart Hybrid couldn’t be used. In that case, Yurishia would have been killed by Dragre in the southern island, and Aine would have died from the attack of the large battleship before this.”

Himekawa tried to argue back but no words came out. Only her mouth that kept opening and closing.

“If that happened, then Ataraxia wouldn’t be able to shoot down the large enemy battleship, and also to chase away the enemy fleet. In other words, Himekawa had saved Megafloat Japan.”

“So, something like that……is just……a sophistry.”

“The life that Himekawa saved went to save more life. Sooner or later, it will become an unbelievable number right?”


Himekawa had recovered most of her composure.

However, her gaze dropped to the floor and her face was becoming gloomy.

“Just because of that……I don’t think that my sin will vanish……”

“In order to redeem that sin, in order to save even more people, isn’t that why you are fighting together with us?”

“……That’s why, I told you that a useless human like me will just cause even larger damage. Please search for another qualified person.”

Kizuna breathed a sigh.

“Is that so……”

Kizuna put some strength to his arms that were embracing Himekawa and pulled her body closer.

Himekawa was forced to entrust her weight to Kizuna’s body.

“Wha, what is it? Wha, what are you planning to do!? Do, doing something like this――”

“Isn’t this fine?”


“Because, Himekawa had already giving up fighting right? Then, whether you skip your training, or go playing around, even if you have a slovenly life, or get along with a boy, you shouldn’t particularly mind it. Because, those things are things that Himekawa refrained from in order to fight the enemy.”

“Tha, that’s……perhaps that is so but――n-, no! I wasn’t refraining or anything! I don’t remember ever saying that I want to do those things!”

“But, there shouldn’t be any need to feel any guilt doing this at all, right?”

“Eh……that……you’re right, but”

Himekawa’s cheeks was tinged in pink color.

“Ha-! No, I don’t have any intention to surrender my chastity to you just because of that!”

“I beg you.”

“That’s why! I said that I won’t do anythi――”

“Please help Aine and Yurishia.”


She reflexively tried to look back, there Kizuna’s face was right beside her.

Kizuna’s face was serious.

Himekawa’s chest jumped throbbingly.

“Right now, those two are falling into danger. To save them, Himekawa’s strength is necessary.”

Himekawa’s gaze was lost.

“That’s……it’s already too late, what can I do……”

“Climax Hybrid.”


Himekawa’s face became bright red instantly.

“This, this me, do, doing such shameless thing is――”

“Right now, to save those two, there is no other choice.”


Himekawa’s words got stuck in her throat.

“The recovery of Hybrid Count using Heart Hybrid. And then, the equipment of Corruption Armament using Climax Hybrid. Those are the keys to victory.”

“I……in the first place, it’s possible that something like that is not loaded inside my Neros.”

“I too don’t know that. But, I want to bet on it. On Neros’s Corruption Armament!”

Kizuna’s earnest eyes were staring straight at Himekawa.

Himekawa’s chest throbbed even harder.

“You have seen the might of Zeros’s Pulverizer right? If something of equal power is also inside Neros……”

“If there is……what are you meaning to say?”

Kizuna spoke strongly.

“The category-Ultra, can be defeated by Himekawa’s hand.”

Inside Himekawa, something big shook.

“That, Ultra-class, which is like a demon……that invincible Tri-Head……can be defeated?”


A great number of people’s faces flashed inside Himekawa’s mind.

The time when her own weapon was completely useless, that she was beaten so badly without achieving anything.

The people looking at her joyfully, calling her the goddess that would save them.

The smiling face of that girl, who believed in her――.

Kizuna took Himekawa’s hand. Then he entangled his fingers with hers.


Just from that, Himekawa’s back shivered.

“Besides I thought that Himekawa’s heart that hates indecent things was a problem, but if you actually don’t hate it and only refrained from such acts, then I’m relieved.”

“Eh? ……Err, really, I told you already, I’m not liking it or any……nnuu!”

One of his hands crept through Himekawa’s back.

“That’s why……just this once, it’s fine even if it’s just this once! Do Climax Hybrid with me, let’s fight together!”

Kizuna separated their entangling fingers and caressed Himekawa’s head. He brushed through her glossy black hair, stroked her cheek, and touched her lips.

Himekawa’s eyes turned rigid.

“Do, don’t touch my hair carelessly. Hair is a woman’s soul.”

He caressed from Himekawa’s cheek to her ear.


Himekawa was excessively sensitive, each time he touched her inadvertently, she returned back a reaction for every single one.

“I, I’m, not, a licentious woman like……hauu”

While he was repeating his caress, her eyes became intoxicated.

“I, I said no……even though I understand that we must not do this, my body……”

Kizuna’s hand crawled from Himekawa’s hair to her back. A shivering sensation ran through Himekawa’s back.

“This cannot……be helped? It’s only this once……”

Himekawa narrowed her eyes pleasantly.

“If……if it’s, just once……whether it’s lewd thing, or fighting……because, if I don’t do it, everyone cannot be saved so……that’s why, this cannot, be helped……haan”

Himekawa was already staring at nothing with intoxicated eyes.

Kizuna stroked her head while his other hand was stroking at her thighs.

“It feels good……”

Such words leaked out from Himekawa’s mouth.

“Does your head feel good? Or your leg?”

“Eh? A……ah! My head, head!”

“Is that so? Then”

From her head, his hand brushed her long black hair as if scooping them up.


Kizuna’s hand brushed through her hair, moving to Himekawa’s body.

His hand was moving from her neck that looked so slender they might break towards her collarbone, he was caressing down each of Himekawa’s body parts, as though confirming them one by one.

“Hyaa, whe, where are you touching……!”

Each time his hand slid, Himekawa’s body twitched.

“Himekawa is really sensitive.”

And then Kizuna’s hand gradually climbed from her chest to the two hills.


Himekawa suddenly embraced herself with her two hands, hiding her breast.

“What’s wrong?”

Kizuna stared at her fixedly.

‘Damn it. Did I rush it too much?’

Inside Kizuna’s heart, cold sweat was flowing.

“Hida-kun, you too are actually thinking that my breasts are small right?”


“No……I told you this too before, but I don’t think that at all.”

“Lies. You absolutely compared them to Aine-san and Yurishia-san.”

She began to complain with puffed cheeks.


What was with this reaction?

Kizuna was in confusion, but first he thought that he needed to put her in a good mood.

“Right now the one I have my eyes on is only Himekawa, I’m not comparing you or anything. Well, if you say that I’m comparing……then compared to the average breast, then even Himekawa’s breast is on the big side.”

“Really……just why do men care that much for breast size? Something like that doesn’t matter……I cannot understand.”

……He had various things he wanted to say, but for now he held back.

“Other than size……the shape of Himekawa’s breast is also beautiful though. Can you show me so I can see properly?”

“Tha, that shameless speech, how can you say that so calmly-!!”

Himekawa sent him a protesting gaze, yet even while doing that, her arms that were hiding her breasts were slowly lowering down.

“Is, is this okay?”

“Yeah……it’s really beautiful.”

Kizuna’s fingertips touched the base of Himekawa’s breasts.


He was only touching the surface while little by little aiming at the top area.


He arrived at the part that was the most aroused. There, he was shaking his fingertips in short interval.

Himekawa’s body was writhing around on the bed, as if electricity was traveling through her body.

“Ahh, aa, do, don’t-, that-“

Through the thin pilot suit, he understood well the shape of her breast. And then, even the change that was happening under it was conveyed to him with no hiding it.

The thing that was changing from the smooth round shape, into the solid protrusion was rapidly starting to assert its existence.


The face of Himekawa who noticed that change was colored bright red.

“No, no…..this is, ya”

“Himekawa feels this really easily huh.”

“You, you’re wrong, this, this is……”

Himekawa became teary from shame.

“There is no need to be shy right? Himekawa’s breasts are just too beautiful. If its like this, then it won’t lose at all even to Aine or Yurishia you know.”

Kizuna’s palm gently caressed Himekawa’s whole breast.

“Is……is that, real, ly…..true? I’m really……do, not, lose……to them?”

Even while asking that, Himekawa’s body repeatedly twitched and convulsed from Kizuna’s loving caress.

Her body was this sensitive, that it made him worried just her reacting motions would consume her stamina considerably.

“Yeah, that’s obvious. It’s really beautiful, I like it.”

Himekawa showed a relieved smile.

“……I’m glad.”

Red light flashed through her eyes that were moist with tears in a flash.

With her condition like this, the success of Heart Hybrid was near.

“Hau……ahn! Ah, the, there-“

Masou Gakuen HxH V02 223.jpg

Kizuna’s hand caressed from her breast to her side and stomach. Her body twisted as though running away from that hand, but there was no escape. Like that his hand moved from her waist to her thighs, he was caressing her legs. At that time, his finger pulled at the hole on her tights.

“The pilot suit has quite a damage huh.”

“No way……but, there is no change……”

Luckily, there was a spare in this facility. Kizuna opened the dresser buried in the wall and prepared a spare from inside.

“Then, I’ll put this on you, so sit down on the side of the bed.”

“Ye, yes……”

Himekawa obediently moved to the side of the bed.

She languidly raised her body and brushed up her hair. That gesture was completely captivating.


Saying that, she stretched her slender and long leg.

Himekawa’s eyes were completely filled with bewitching light. He was able to stir Himekawa’s excitement enough with all his doing until now. He could see that the preparation for the Heart Hybrid had been put in order completely.

Kizuna crouched and took Himekawa’s left leg. He took off her tights that was torn with holes in it.

He was lowering down the tight slowly. From below, Himekawa’s bare foot was gradually appearing. Her thigh and calf drew a beautiful curve. He lovingly caressed that curve with his finger.


Kizuna’s body separated Himekawa’s nether region, he was currently in the middle of both her feet.

When he looked up, the surface of Himekawa’s nether region was visible.

Himekawa’s most hidden place, separated only by a sliver of thin fabric was there.

“Aah……this kind of appearance. How improper……”

Shivers were traveling through Himekawa’s back.

When she thought that her most important part as a girl was seen by Kizuna, the area around her lower abdomen suddenly became heated.

Kizuna stared at Himekawa’s legs, his finger caressed as if confirming from the tips of her toes one by one.


The shape of her leg was also beautiful. The finger of her foot was slender, her nails were glossy with beautiful shape. He couldn’t think of it as dirty at all. Rather, he even wanted to kiss them.

Once he thought that, an indescribable impulse was driven through his body.

Kizuna kissed the back of Himekawa’s foot.


He fitted the tight from her toes. However, he didn’t put it on until finish like that, first he kissed her legs before covering the place he kissed with the tight.

Kizuna slid his mouth, from her shin to her calf. While doing that, the hardness and softness that his lips felt was changing moment by moment, he now knew that there was not even a part with similar sensation.

For Himekawa, that act made her have the feeling, as if a mark was put on her foot showing that this foot was Kizuna’s belonging. The tight that was covered on top of it was like a chastity belt that denied the erasure of that mark.

Thinking so, it was like the place that Kizuna’s hand touched, the passage that his lips passed, were gradually turning into Kizuna’s possession, it was like her body was being conquered by Kizuna.


The instant she imagined that, the core of Himekawa’s body was pierced by a sweet stimulation that paralyzed her.

“Wha, what, kind of, perverted act are you doing……aa, aah……hyaaan!”

When he advanced from around her knee to her thigh, Himekawa’s reaction was changing further. Her hand that was clutching the sheet gripped even stronger, and her body bended largely.

From Himekawa’s body, particles of red light began to scatter.

The success of Heart Hybrid was near.

“Hi-, Hida-kun, tha, that place……”

Kizuna advanced until the joint of the leg and sucked strongly at the inner part of the thigh.

“Kuu~~mm-! Aaah!”

Himekawa’s body was thrown back, her waist floated in the air.

Underneath it a hand was sliding in, left and right hand, each hand was grasping at the left and right ass.

“Kyaa! Wha-, do, don’t-“

However Kizuna’s hands mercilessly kneaded on Himekawa’s ass. His finger rubbed at the same time with the turn of his hand.

The sensation on his palm made Kizuna dazed.

Pink light also raised from Kizuna’s body.

“Hii! Ha, haaaann! No, no, this is, shameful……ah, ah”

Himekawa’s body was trembling.

In front of Kizuna’s eyes, there was Himekawa’s nether region that was protected by the pilot suit.

He kissed there.

“――-! Hau”

Himekawa’s back bended backwards.

Even from above the pilot suit, he could taste the heat and dampness emitted from that part.

Himekawa’s legs stretched out tensely.

Her toes bended, as if trying to take hold of something.


Red light surged out from Himekawa’s body.

And then the pink light flowing out from Kizuna’s body combined with it in complete harmony, surrounding Himekawa’s body.

“This is……Heart Hybrid.”

Himekawa whispered with an enraptured face.

Her whole body turned flaccid on the bed, as though strength had escaped from her body.

‘Aah……this feels so good……?


For such a pleasure, to exist…….’

“It feels like……the world, changed.”

Words of ecstasy leaked out from Himekawa’s mouth that was opened slovenly.

Kizuna caressed Himekawa’s head.

“You did great Himekawa. Your Hybrid Count is at full charge now.”

He spoke after confirming the vital sign on the smartphone.

“If that’s so……”

Himekawa raised her body as though she was putting on a coquettish air.

“What kind of thing, are we, going to do next?”

Himekawa’s eyes were shining obscenely.

‘――That’s right. It’s still not the end.’

To reach Climax Hybrid, furthermore in a short time, moreover to obtain Hybrid Count with high quality, there was a necessity to make Himekawa even more excited.

Yurishia had the SM play.

What was it for Himekawa?

However, there was no time to test everything. In addition, failure wasn’t permitted.

Even while they were doing this, Aine and Yurishia were forced into a dangerous battle.

Kizuna displayed the console.

“What is that?”

Himekawa looked at the transparent console with wonderment.

And then, she snuggled close to him like a pampered cat.

‘――Yosh, let’s go with this!’

Kizuna’s hand hit the console.

At that instant, the inside of the room changed completely.


The view was the room where he spent the time together with Himekawa these few days. The student guidance room of Ataraxia.

“Thi, this is, what in the world?”

Himekawa’s eyes were opened wide in shock.

“The function of this new equipment is a kind of environment simulator. Not only location, even our clothes can be changed.”


Himekawa looked down on herself and got shocked again.

“U, underwear!?”

Himekawa was in a white bra and panty that she usually wore.

“Wh, why?”

She was greatly flustered from the sudden happening.

“That’s not all, see.”

He embraced Himekawa’s shoulder and led her in front of the mirror inside the room.

“Nyaa-!? Just, what is this-!”

“It’s cat ears.”

On Himekawa’s head, a cat ear headband was put on.

What was even more strange, was that the ears were flapping matching with Himekawa’s surprise.

“There is also a collar.”

The collar was fastened with a bell, it was a red leather collar. When Himekawa moved her head, a cute sound was raised.

“Also a tail.”


When she looked behind, a long black tail was growing from her panty. It was waving left and right flexibly using some kind of contraption.

“This kind of place, this kind of appearance……ho, how perverted……”

“Yeah, how perverted.”


“That public morals committee member Himekawa Hayuru, inside this sacred student guidance room, she is doing this kind of cosplay, this really cannot be told to other people.”

Himekawa’s throat gulped audibly.

“But, this is an imaginary world. If it’s here, it’s fine to do whatever you like you know?”

If it was the usual Himekawa then she would surely reject it. But, right now she was under an aphrodisiac effect due to Heart Hybrid. Himekawa would surely get on board.

“What I like……anything”

“That’s right. The thing you cannot do in reality, the impossible thing. In here, no one will know, there is no one criticizing. It’s fine for Himekawa to do what you like.”

Sweat was flowing from Himekawa’s forehead.

“I, it’s not like I, want to do something like this, I don’t think……”

“But, you are excited right?”


Himekawa’s usual attitude was strongly based from her sense of duty and guilt. According to the story of her past just now, it seemed that she was actually a normal girl that wanted to play and get along with a boy.

‘――If it is reversed, doesn’t that mean that Himekawa feels stimulation from a sense of guilt and feeling of corruption?

To liberate Himekawa’s suppressed heart, he needed to break the wall of her usual feelings.

And in addition to that, he had to do it safely without breaking her current ordinary day.

By doing that it would also become a reduction of Himekawa’s stress.

Himekawa was staring at herself inside the mirror for a while. Before long, her thighs began to fidget and rubbed at each other, her head with ears growing from it was nuzzling on Kizuna’s chest.

And then, she purred with a small voice.


‘This is bad……how cute.’

“What a cute cat.”

When Kizuna stroked under the chin of Himekawa, she narrowed her eyes pleasantly.

“Then……if I’m thrown away, will you pick me up and keep me?”

Himekawa’s hand was placed on Kizuna’s chest.

The phrase of keeping Himekawa stimulated Kizuna’s excitement.

As expected, although she was in an aphrodisiac effect, that statement was just too amazing. The large gap with how she usually acted also made Kizuna’s heart throb fast.

“The chest of a boy is hard isn’t it? The width of your shoulder is also……wide.”

Himekawa’s hand was caressing around Kizuna’s upper body affectionately.

Himekawa’s hand was soft, the sensation of being caressed was really good. Sometimes when he also felt ticklish, a shiver ran through Kizuna’s body.

“Himekawa yourself……you’re beautiful.”

As if to ascertain the line of Himekawa’s body, Kizuna moved his hand, tracing the contour from her waist to her side, then moving to her shoulder. He could feel for real Himekawa’s slender and supple line.

Himekawa smiled bewitchingly.

“For some reason your hand movement, is lewd……that’s not a hand movement to be affectionate to a cat you know?”

However she didn’t look like she hated it, rather her voice was enjoying it. And then Himekawa too was moving her hand gently as though saying that she wanted to touch all of Kizuna.

“Himekawa yourself, where are……you touching?”

“Hm? Who knows……for some reason……I don’t understand.”

She chuckled like a little devil.

The red light dancing bewitchingly inside her eyes felt like it became even brighter.

Kizuna was moving down his hand from Himekawa’s neck to her chest, he was enjoying the sensation of Himekawa’s body. Her fat was increasing in gentle sloping, and then in a certain spot there was a sudden undulation.

In the middle he stopped aiming for the summit, his finger traced the shape of the breast, drawing a circle.


Himekawa shook her breast impatiently. Kizuna lifted up that breast from below as if to support it.

“……Hey, Kizuna-kun. When you did Climax Hybrid with Aine-san……what kind of things you did to her?”

“To Aine? No……that’s”

“Me too……I want you to do the same things to me.”

Himekawa looked up at him with upturned eyes and raised her voice sweetly.

In her eyes, there was a heart shaped light floating.

When he stared into it, he felt like his heart was sucked into that light.


“Ha…..ii, nnuu!!”

He slipped in his finger between her bra and breast.

He felt directly the breast of Himekawa with his palm.

Amidst the earnest softness, there was a stiffened protuberance. When he inserted his hand, that protuberance was rolled on his palm.

Himekawa’s body jumped as if she was struck by lightning.

“aAAAN! Ah, ah, noo-!”

She twisted her body in pleasure.

Her eyebrows knitted, she was enduring the pleasure in anguish. In her face, there was not a single trace left of the upright and honest public morals committee member.

Kizuna exacavated Himekawa’s breast from the brassiere as if he was digging it out.


Himekawa opened her eyes in surprise.

Himekawa’s breast was exposed to open air without anything obstructing it, it was laid bare to Kizuna’s gaze.

“A……aa, it is seen……it’s completely seen……my, breast.”

It was a breast with beautiful shape, like a temple bell.

The small pink nipple was placed quietly on the white skin. The white skin was clean, there was even transparency on the color of the nipple.

Himekawa’s body was trembling, her breast was also shaking flexibly matching with her body.

“Himekawa’s breast is really beautifully shaped.”

Kizuna put his hand under Himekawa’s breast, and lifted it up.


“Besides, it is quite heavy……”

Kizuna lightly pushed Himekawa’s breast before taking away his hand, he was staring at how the breast returned to its original shape.

“Don’t……if you stare at it that much, even though it’s small, you will hate me……”

Himekawa hugged Kizuna tightly, not wanting to show her body to him.

That innocence made him feel her loveliness. Kizuna embraced Himekawa and circled his hands on Himekawa’s back. Himekawa’s breast was pressed on Kizuna’s chest, changing their shape.


Himekawa’s joyful breathing was audible in his ears.

Kizuna’s hand slide down her back, like that his hand caressed her largely swelling ass.

“Hii! Kyaaaa!”

It was as if Himekawa jumped, her body bended backward. The intenseness of her reaction surprised Kizuna.

“Hi, Himekawa. Are you okay?”

“Ye, yes……but, that, can you not touch that place so much……”

Himekawa’s face was red, her feet were fidgeting, rubbing at each other.

Kizuna couldn’t oppose the sweet impulse to expose the hidden secret.

――There was no place to escape.

Kizuna’s hands grasped tightly at the left and right soft bottom.

“Kii……! E, even though, I told you not to……a, aaaaau!”

They were soft, but they possessed firm elasticity, his palm also felt good massaging them. Kizuna became a captive of that sensation.

In order to escape from Kizuna’s hands that were persistently rubbing, Himekawa pushed at Kizuna’s body.

“I, I told you don’ttttt……haaaan!”

Himekawa was gazing at Kizuna with moist eyes.


Behind Himekawa, her tail was standing erectly.

Her ears were also like that, but they looked like the expression of Himekawa’s pleasure. In addition, if he thought about it carefully……,

Where did it grow from?

It was difficult to suppress that curiosity. His hand reflexively reached out towards the sleek furred tail.

And then, he clutched at the tail that was standing straight.


A scream gushed out from Himekawa’s mouth.

“Myaa, what are……do, don’t-, that, don’t touch ITTTTTTTT!”

Wha, what?

That was an abnormal reaction.

This tail, where did it actually attach at――

“Himekawa……this tail, don’t tell me”

Himekawa’s face became the reddest it had ever been.

“I-, I don’t kneow! Don, don’t ask me-, it’s nothing, it’s nothing at all! It’s attached nowhe――hii! Don’t pull ITTTTTTTTTT!”

“Go, got it.”

Was it better for him to put it back to before in proportion with the part he had pulled out?

Kizuna pushed in the tail.

“――!? ……gaa!! Ku……kuhaaaa!!”

Himekawa’s body jumped, her back bended backward largely.

Her mouth opened wide, her pink tongue was sticking out. It was as if she had forgotten to breath, her breathing stopped.

“Are, are you okay, Himekawa?”


Finally Himekawa breathed in, she bit her lips and stared at Kizuna reproachfully with teary eyes. Her face was bright red, her whole body was trembling.

“I, I’m fine…, the tail, don’t……touch it, anymore.”

Himekawa’s teeth were raising clattering sound while she somehow spun her words.

It felt like she was desperately enduring something.


Himekawa pushed away Kizuna’s body with both her hands and separated their bodies.


Although she succeeded getting away from Kizuna’s body, her balance crumbled and she fell on the long desk behind her.

Kizuna gulped his breath involuntarily.

The rhythm of her toppling over made Himekawa’s crotch――and also, the base of her tail become exposed.

Was it really true?

Did she really want it to not get touched?

He stared at Himekawa who was trembling with bright red face and eyes fully filled with tears.


“Sorry Himekawa.”


Kizuna grasped Himekawa’s thigh and lifted up her bottom.

‘――I want to see. Himekawa’s Climax Hybrid!’

Kizuna’s hand pulled up Himekawa’s tail with all his strength, until it was fully pulled out.

A fierce pleasure rushed through Himekawa’s body.

Her consciousness flew away intermittently.

From the tips of her foot until the top of her head, a sweet numbness and impact pierced her――,


Masou Gakuen HxH V02 242-243.jpg

Himekawa’s toes stretched out straight, the tips of her toes were trembling.

Tears spilled out from her lifeless eyes, her mouth was slovenly opened.

The face of Himekawa that usually looked dignified was soaked in pleasure, she was thoroughly melting.

Her body was repeatedly convulsing in intoxication.

Her hair was greatly fluttering.

Himekawa’s body was dazzlingly shining red. The particles of light separated from Himekawa’s body, becoming a vortex of light that filled the inside of the room. The amount of that radiance and light couldn’t be compared with the time when they did the Heart Hybrid. The pink light overflowing from Kizuna’s body entwined with the red light, surrounding the body of the two while forming a spiral.

“This is……”

As if being invited by that light, Himekawa slowly raised her body.

She was looking at her figure reflected in the mirror with her hazy mind.

Himekawa’s exhausted body was being embraced by Kizuna.

The face reflected in the mirror was undoubtedly her face.

Her skin and her hair were glossy, it felt awkward saying it herself, but it was as though she was radiantly beautiful. In addition her eyes were sparkling. The heart mark floating inside her eyes were lovely.

“This is, Climax……Hybrid……”

It was a mysterious feeling.

From the depths of her body, power was endlessly welling up.

She felt like she could do anything right now.


Kizuna offered his hand to Himekawa.


Himekawa took his hand and got down from the long desk.

“Let’s go. To settle Himekawa’s past once and for all.”

Kizuna’s straight gaze.

Being gazed by those eyes, she was feeling as if the inside of her chest was squeezed tightly and painfully.

And then at the same time, it also felt reliable and lovely.


Himekawa’s cheeks reddened and she nodded.

Both of them kept joining hands and went outside from the opened hatch. At that moment, the simulator function was cut and Himekawa returned to her previous pilot suit.

The outside was already dawn. The sky was beginning to grow light, the horizon was turning bright.

Himekawa and Kizuna stared at each other. And then, she called the name of the Core inside her body.


Spiral light clung at Himekawa’s body as if binding her.

Red light and pink light were constructing armor on Himekawa’s body. It was a crimson Heart Hybrid Gear. However, there were jet black parts that reminded of Kizuna’s Eros added.

This was the proof of Climax Hybrid. The hybrid of Neros and Eros.

And then Kizuna yelled.


Similar with Neros, radiance was coiling around Kizuna before compressing down. From there, Kizuna’s Heart Hybrid Gear was formed.

Black and silver light.

The armor possessing deep luster was emitting coloring that submerged into the darkness of the night.

When the radiance was purged away, Kizuna equipped with Eros was standing there.

That figure had no difference with the usual Eros.

However, Kizuna felt inside his chest the result of the Climax Hybrid.

‘――I can do this.’

On the other side, Himekawa was looking towards Neros on her body many times over.

It had a sharp line from the beginning, but now it was even sharper. Furthermore, the Blades on her back were enlarged. Their output, destructive power, she could perceive that they had been raised by quite much.

Kizuna opened the floating window for communication.

“This is Kizuna. The Climax Hybrid with Neros is a success. Ataraxia, please give instructions.”

{This is Reiri. Thirty kilometers southwest from your position are Yurishia and Tri-Head. Yurishia is going to reach her limit soon. Hurry!}

Himekawa quickly answered.

“Let’s go, Kizuna-kun.”

There was no fervor at Himekawa’s face at all.

Kizuna yelled as if in answer.

“Mode Neros!”

Eros’s luminescence changed from pink to red, Neros’s ability was dwelling inside Eros. This was Eros’s ability due to Climax Hybrid.

If it was now, his speed, power, and ability were equal to Neros.

“Kizuna, Himekawa, heading out for category-Ultra’s extermination from now on!”

Light was filling the thruster, then Himekawa and Kizuna flew to the sky.

Part 4[edit]

“Really, how persistentt!”

Yurishia evaded the Tri-Head’s attack while continuing to fly.

She couldn’t lead it until Ataraxia like this, and it was unmanageable to fight it alone like this. Even if she continued to avoid the enemy’s attack, she was almost at her limit.

“At this rate……this feels like I got bullied to death I think.”

{Yurishia, are you safe!?}

“Ki, Kizuna!?”

She thought that her heart was going to stop.

At the same time, feelings of relief and euphoria were gushing up inside her heart.

“You make a lady wait too long! Where are you right now?”

In exchange of an answer, there was a reaction in Yurishia’s sensor of approaching flying objects.

Two Heart Hybrid Gears.

“So Hayuru is also safe――kyaaa-!”

The flame of Tri-Head grazed Yurishia.

{Yurishia! Fly straight here like that! We are linking up!}

“Ro, roger!!”

Neros and Eros were pushing on with their thrusters at full throttle.

After Kizuna finished his communication with Yurishia, he talked to Himekawa that flew beside him.

“We are going, Himekawa.”

“Yes. But……honestly speaking, it’s a little scary.”

Kizuna looked at Himekawa’s face from the side in surprise.

“Eheh, I just complained a little.”

Far from being scared, she was smiling brightly that looked like she was going to burst.

However, her hand touching her cheek was trembling a little.

“Will you……help me in my problem?”

Kizuna silently reached out his hand, and Himekawa also responded to that.

Both of their fingertips touched each other, and entwined.


Himekawa’s cheeks reddened, she then turned ahead.

There was no hesitation in her face anymore.

They could see golden light up ahead.

The Tri-Head was pursuing a few hundred meters separated from Yurishia.

Kizuna and Himekawa separated their hands and parted to the left and right.


“Geez-! You make me wait too long!”

When Yurishia passed the two of them, she rose high to the sky.

The Tri-Head responded to Kizuna and Himekawa that passed through it at its left and right and stayed still in the air. As if to confirm the figure of its prey, it was turning its three heads.

Kizuna also opened enough distance with the Tri Head and stopped still in the air.

“Kizuna, how are we going to defeat it?”

Yurishia that was turning in large orbit lined up with Kizuna.

“Yeah. We are going to engage the Tri-Head to create an opening. Next is――”

Kizuna once again sent his gaze at the approaching Himekawa.

“――Wait, Hayuru! That appearance, eh? Eeee!?”

Yurishia understood in a glance that Neros was powered up. Its shape was different, and the color was also different. The black parts on it were the proof of a hybrid with Eros. And then, the pink luminescence.

“Don’t tell me, you did Climax Hybrid!? With that Hayuru!?”

“Ple, please leave it alone!? This couldn’t be helped! Because this is an emergency situation.”

Himekawa’s face was bright red and she desperately made an excuse.

Yurishia was staring at Neros with a face that was not amused at all.

“I never imagined this, to be overtaken even by Hayuru of all people……geez, unbelievable!”

And then this time she glared at Kizuna.

‘――Wha, what?’

She was glaring dangerously.

Yurishia also glared at Himekawa in a glance.

“After this, I’ll have you two explain thoroughly what kind of things you two were doing!”


Himekawa’s face turned so red that it was like steam would come out.

At that time, the Tri-Head moved. It spread its wing and assaulted right away.

“We are going, Yurishia!”

Kizuna ignited his thruster and circled below Tri-Head.

Yurishia circled to the flank of the Tri-Head.

A communication window was opened beside Kizuna’s face, Yurishia was talking to him.

{But Kizuna doesn't have a weapon right? It’s different when you hybrid with Zeros, but with Neros, you don’t have any method to attack don’t you?}

Certainly, although he now had equal performance with Neros, he didn’t even have Blade or Sword. However――,

“Don’t worry. If it’s a weapon……”

Kizuna pushed out his hands to the front and a line of light was produced between his right and left hand. That light was gradually increasing in brightness, illuminating the surroundings. When Kizuna’s hand grasped at that light, the light was converging into a single line.

{Don’t tell me-!?}

Looking at that image, even Kei in Nayuta Lab was shocked.

When Kizuna waved his hand as though pulling out a sword, the light was torn off into fragments. From below it, a real sword shining in silver appeared.

“Heart Hybrid Gear is……creating a material?”

Masou Gakuen HxH V02 253.jpg

Kei stood up from her chair and unusually raised her voice.

“What’s wrong Kei?”

“Eros is creating a weapon……”

“However, Zeros also created a Corruption Armament didn't it? If a Climax Hybrid is done, even Eros can do the same thing, isn’t that theoretically possible?”

Kei shook her head.

“……That’s different. A corruption Armament is a weapon that had been loaded inside the Heart Hybrid Gear since the beginning. It existed even if it was hidden. By making use of Climax Hybrid, one becomes able to summon it from inside their body. But……Eros is different.”

The eyes behind the glasses were shaking.

“There was no weapon in Eros. That’s why, that thing is something Eros created from nothing.”


Reiri too stared at the figure of her brother with grim eyes.

“Professor Nayuta……just what is Eros?”

Kei whispered in a voice that didn’t even reach Reiri.

Kizuna inside the monitor slashed at the Tri-Head.


Tri-Head’s three necks were aiming at Kizuna. However, Kizuna slipped through the gap of those three necks and barely soared above its back.

‘――The target is this thing!’

Kizuna’s sword smashed the wing of Tri-Head. The surface of the wing was covered with parts like crystal. In the previous fight, it was the only spot that was destroyed by Yurishia’s bombing.

And then after that the Tri-Head didn’t pursue them.

Most likely this was its only weak point.

“Yurishia, aim for the wing! It won’t defeat it, but it will stop its movement temporarily!”


No sooner than that answer, Yurishia’s large caliber particle cannon destroyed the other wing.

The Tri-Head roared.

And then its movements stopped. It was not falling, just hovering in the air, but its movement was noticeably becoming slow. As though that gigantic body was too much for itself, its movement was dulling.

However, the wings were regenerating before their eyes.


With Kizuna’s voice as the signal, Himekawa’s hand reached forward.

“Come, into my hand――”

The red light became a circle that was widening before Himekawa. Pattern like a magic circle was unfolding, a sword handle was coming out from inside it.

Himekawa’s hand seized it and pulled it out.

From inside the light, a shining sword showed its appearance.

“Liberation and severance from everything of this world――”

It was a wondrous sword.

The handle was abnormally long, the blade could even reach two meters.

And then most of all, that long sword had two blades lining up in parallel.

Two-bladed sword.

This kind of strange sword was not a usable weapon. Normally, Himekawa would think like that.


“Corruption Armament [Peerless RuptureGladius]!!”

For some reason, that name was rising inside her heart.

In response to Himekawa’s voice, supernatural pattern was floating from the shining silver blade somewhere. That appearance was sacred, yet also ominous.

The sword that granted primal fear to the person seeing it was directed towards the magic weapon at the end of her sight.

“Himekawa Hayuru……here I come!”

Himekawa kicked the air.

Readying Gladius in front, she accelerated toward the category-Ultra.

The Tri-Head turned its three heads and aimed.

Those mouths opened.

Material exploded from inside, destructive flame was fired like a beam.

The flame traveling at the speed of sound enveloped Himekawa instantly.

Himekawa’s body should be exploding from inside.

However the flame parted.

Gladius parted the flame Tri-Head spouted out into two.

The slashed apart flame vanished into beads of flame.

The blade of Gladius severed the relationship of everything of this world.

Due to that, there was nothing that couldn’t be cut. No matter how hard the material was, it severed the connection of the material, bisecting it into two.

And then the severed thing was also severed from its relation with this world.

Therefore, it became unable to exist in this world.

The flame of Tri-Head was also severed from its relation with everything else, it was parted into two and vanished.

Himekawa charged straight through the gap of the opened up flame.

And then Gladius struck Tri-Head’s head.


Himekawa’s shriek of fighting spirit resounded.

‘――Those I couldn’t protect,’

Intense flash and sparks scattered.

The armor that withstood the attack of anyone was cut apart very easily.

‘――The people of Japan, that girl,’

Creaking sound of metal sounded like the anguished groaning voice of the Tri-Head.

From the cut open head, liquid that was like blood was scattered.

‘――I cannot forget that girl,’

The head until the neck was cut apart into two.

The blade of Gladius cut away Tri-Head from this world. Its relation with this world was severed, the existence of Tri-Head itself was disconnected, destructing it.

Its body was opened, its internal mechanism spilled out like organs.


The Tri-Head was bisected into two from its head until the tip of its tail.

“I won’t stand still anymore!”

The Tri-Head that was far larger than even the length of Gladius’s blade became two equal parts. The wreckage of Tri-Head that lost all of its power was falling to the sea. Raising fierce water spray, the large body sunk into the sea.

And then, a flash occurred.

Together with roaring sound of explosion, a water pillar with height reaching several dozen meters rose from the sea.


Yurishia breathed a sigh.

“You did it, Himekawa.

Himekawa was gazing in satisfaction at the huge water pillar and the horizon that was starting to turn bright.

“Yes……this is thanks to Kizuna-kun. Thank you.”

Himekawa tilted her head and narrowed her eyes.

That gesture was really lovely, it made Kizuna’s heart beat fast feeling startled.

“N, no. I didn’t do anything……this is something that Himekawa did yourself. Well, isn’t this great for your last battle? I think this is the greatest lowering of curtain――”

“What are you saying?”

Himekawa knitted her eyebrows.


Himekawa started up a floating window for communication.

“This is Himekawa, Neros. The category-Ultra Tri-Head is destroyed. I will head to reinforce Zeros after this. Can I request navigation?”

{This is Ataraxia, Reiri. Zeros is in the middle of battle with Aldea at Guam Island. Hurry!}


Kizuna was staring at that situation with taken aback expression.

“Is something the matter, for you to make a stupid looking face like that?”

Calling it stupid was too excessive.

“No, because, didn’t you say that you will stop fighting?”

Himekawa faced away with a huff, her face looked embarrassed.

“I, I changed my mind. There is no way I can entrust the peace of the world to someone like Kizuna-kun……to a person that does indecent perverted things like that, isn’t that right?”

“That’s really mean there.”

Kizuna smiled bitterly.


“It turned out well like this. Surely.”

“? What is it?”

“Nothing! Now, let’s go.”

Kizuna kicked the air heading to Guam Island.

“Ah, please wait!”

Himekawa too raised the output of her thruster and chased after him.

Part 5[edit]


“Haa……finally, I caught you. You really made me spent a lot of time haven’t you?”

Aine was captured inside the Labyrinth Cube.

‘Wha, what? This is!’

Aine who was locked inside the cube cage desperately tried to exit outside. However, no matter how much she tried, struggled, she couldn’t advance forward at all.

By assembling six of Aldea’s shields, they could exhibit a special ability. Originally, they couldn’t distort the space unless in direct contact, but inside the Labyrinth Cube that came from being surrounded by six shields, they were able to freely distort the space.

In other words, it was impossible to escape if someone entered inside it. Even if the person tried to escape, their advancing direction would be changed, it could even direct the movement energy when the person tried to move to another direction. Furthermore, if the space that was in a messed up state was returned to normal, the living thing inside it would definitely die. Therefore, this cube was a prison, and also an execution stand.

“Now, let’s go together. Aah, how enjoyable, how enjoyable this is.”

“Kuh! Thi, this thing……”

“My my, please don’t struggle. Though it’s pointless even if you struggle.”

Aine glared at Aldea with an anxious expression.

“You, you bastard……what are you, planning to do……to this, me?”

Aldea clapped her hands as if playing around.

“Ufufufu, that’s, of course――”

A sharp flash traveled, causing an explosion at Labyrinth Cube.


The explosion’s smoke enveloped Aldea and stole her sight.

Himekawa that dived down from above the sky slashed Gladius, cutting apart Zeel’s shield.

“Kuh! Just now……Neros!?”

If one of the shield was broken, then the cube couldn’t be formed. The Labyrinth Cube collapsed and Aine was liberated from the prison of light. Aine’s body was thrown out to the air.

“I have come this far!”

Aldea transformed the shape of her shield into a spear and went towards Aine.

“I won’t let you!”

Kizuna flew in from a different direction.

Kizuna’s sword and Aldea’s spear entangled with each other scattering sparks.


Fierce sparks radiated. Both of them were bounced from each other and opened some distance.

“This……black unsigned!”

Aldea’s beautiful eyebrows bristled.

Kizuna readied his sword and charged in at full speed at Aldea. And then he raised his sword overhead and swung it down.

This time Aldea’s spear intercepted Kizuna’s sword.

Together with fierce metallic sound, light particles burst out. Intense light was flickering while Kizuna’s sword was pushing Aldea’s spear.

“Just with this much……you think you can overcome me-!?”

The power to warp the space suddenly became stronger, Kizuna’s sword distorted greatly. The next moment, Kizuna’s body was blown away, as if being pulled back by an unseen power.


Kizuna ignited the thrusters on his whole body and somehow recovered his stance.

“Don’t get in my way!”

Aldea changed all her remaining shields into spears. Kizuna’s surrounding was encircled by five spears.

‘――Damn it!’

“Die, black magic armor!”

However, at that timing an attack of particle cannon was lying in wait.


The golden light blew away all of Aldea’s spears. When she glared up at the direction where the bombardment came, there the blue Heart Hybrid Gear [Cross] was calmly floating. Its figure looked wavering due to the heat haze from the heat of the Differential Frame’s bombardment.

Yurishia imitated a gun by stretching her thumb and index finger and sent out a wink.

“Ufufu, you plan to hunt us down, but now you are the hunted side♪”

Aldea turned on her heel. However, there Himekawa was waiting in her way with Gladius thrust before her.

”There is no place to escape anymore, surrender quietly!”

“Fu……fufufu, ahahahahahaha.”

Aldea laughed out loudly.

“What do you find funny?”

“My my, I’m sorry. This is because I don’t think that there can possibly be anything this fun even in the other world. Aah……as I thought, I’m glad I came here.”

Aldea’s defiant attitude made them feel anxiety on the contrary.

“But unfortunately, the time’s up already.”

“What? What in the world are you――”

When he was about to speak, Kizuna lost his words. Behind Aldea, the Entrance to AU that was in the center of Guam Island began to greatly distort.

“Something……something, is coming!”

Himekawa raised a worried voice.

“Don’t tell me!?”

It was a gigantic Entrance with width of almost two kilometers. If it had this size, it made it possible for even a fleet of large ship to come and go through it.

A cold sweat flowed down Kizuna’s cheek.

The scenery on the other side of the Entrance distorted greatly, a grand battleship that passed two thousand meter class appeared as if penetrating through the center.

‘――That’s big.’

And then, thousand meter class aircraft carriers and battleships of lower class showed their faces one after another. And then also countless magic weapons surrounding the fleet.

Kizuna gulped his saliva.

“Enemy’s, large fleet……”

Furthermore it was on a scale that was far larger than the fleet that almost drove Megafloat Japan to extinction before this.

They were outnumbered no matter how one saw this. They could do nothing but retreat.

At that time, Aine suddenly pointed at the grand battleship.


There was a human silhouette standing on the prow.

That was, a Heart Hybrid Gear of grey fuselage that had close resemblance with a warplane, with orange luminescence running through it.

A large gun turret was loaded around the waist, they could also peek a long gun barrel that resembled a long range cannon on its back. It gave off the impression of battle orientation even stronger than Aldea’s Zeel.

The one equipping that gear was a female with light blonde hair and brown skin. Similar with Aldea, she looked around twenty years old.

“Is that also Heart……no, magic armor?”

The location where Kizuna was, was at the same height as the ship’s prow, so right now he was facing that woman right from the front.

Aldea waved her hand cheerfully.

“Shit……all members, retreat!!”

When Kizuna ordered, all member turned their back from the Entrance and began to withdraw.

The prow of the grand battleship was approaching Aldea that was waving her hand sending them off. Before long, Aldea was in line beside the silhouette standing on the prow, and she descended down to land on the ship.

“You arrived unexpectedly quick haven’t you? Gravel, this is because you are too zealous of your work.”

“Aldea……you acting rashly has utterly used up my civility to you. In the end you called me here after rushing around as you pleased……just what in the world is this about?”

Aldea elegantly presented her palm ahead, she urged Gravel to look at the direction of Kizuna and the others.

Gravel displayed a window in front of her eyes, she directed her gaze at the image that had been magnified from the sensor.

Looking at that information, Gravel made an expression of light shock.

“I see now……Neros and Cross. I don’t know about the other two though.”

“The white one is [Zeros] you know?”

The instant she heard that name, Gravel sharply glared at Aldea.

“……I won’t forgive you if this is a joke.”

“I’m serious. The reason that I forcefully came here alone is that thing.”


Gravel clenched her right hand.

“Capture that magic armor. Don’t kill the wearer. If it’s possible, I want to obtain her unhurt.”

The speed of the fleet’s advance quickened.

“Begin bombardment. Stop the movement of those guys.”

With Gravel’s voice as the signal, the gun turrets of the battleship suddenly spouted fire.

The enemy bombardment passed through above Kizuna’s head and raised water pillars in their path one after another.

“They are attacking! Everyone, be careful!”

“Kizuna! With the position of Megafloat Japan right now, their attack might reach there!”

“Aah! This is Kizuna. Ataraxia, respond!”

Gravel was calmly staring at Kizuna and the others who were flying around amidst the bombardment.

“Good, deploy the magic weapon unit. Don’t be stingy. Surround them and don’t let them get away.”

“I guess so. If they resist then make them unable to move……let’s see, other than Zeros, it doesn’t matter if the others don’t have their complete limbs. As long as they are still breathing, it doesn’t matter――”

“Aldea, shut your mouth.”

Each aircraft carriers deployed magic weapons after hearing Gravel’s instruction. And then, the bombardment of the fleet was further intensified, blocking the path of Kizuna and the others.

Amidst the enemy bombardment that was like pouring rain, Kizuna and the others tried to forcefully break through. It was impossible to evade the bombardment. They had to defend with their Life Saver.

“Shit-! We have to keep our Life Saver until we escape from the enemy’s range!”

However, Albatrosses were hot on their heels from both sides.

“Kizuna-kun! Dragre also came from above!”


Each one of the magic weapons didn’t need to be feared. However, Kizuna lost his words against the army of magic weapons pressing on them like dark clouds.

“Anyway, withdraw at full speed! We are going straight like this――”

Aine’s tense voice cut off Kizuna’s voice.

“Gigantic artificial object inside the sea confirmed! Something is coming out!”


The color of sea under their eyes was changing.

Pincer attack!?

Kizuna felt like he was bathed in cold sweat.

Viking? No, the size was too different. A new magic weapon of the enemy?

The sea was largely rising up.

Yurishia knitted her eyebrows and murmured.

“A gigantic submerging object……no way”

The surfacing object was too gigantic, so it looked as though the horizon was gradually rising. That view was enough to make the sense of equilibrium of the person watching fall into disarray.

The sea parted, a movement was gradually showing its figure from the tip, it was terrifyingly sluggish. It was a fairly fast speed, but it was too gigantic that it looked eerily slow. The head pushing out above the sea looked like an unrealistically gigantic submarine.

“Bi, bigg……”

Kizuna unconsciously ran his mouth.

The size might even be twice of the whole Megafloat Japan. The sea water was pulled by some kind of influence, he could comprehend it if this was said as an emergence of a new island.

However, the emerging thing was obviously something man-made.

Streamlined shaped covered in black metal. All over its surface was lighted by small lights like lighting from a window. The mouths of nozzles for propulsion force and posture control were opening at its top and bottom, left and right. A small aperture was visible, but it was gigantic that it looked like a normal battleship could easily enter in and out from there.

“Is that an AU’s battleship……no, I’ve seen it somewhere――”

Inside Kizuna’s brain, something was tugged.

{The one that Japan is likely to meet across might be West USA I think―, they are supposedly in the Pacific Ocean. Their float is attached with a submerging function, it seems that it can move underwater like a submarine you know―, I don’t know for sure though.}

Sakisaka-sensei’s voice was resurrected in his ear.

The content of geography class was flashbacked inside Kizuna’s head.

“This is……Megafloat West USA!!”

“Yes. Half of USA’s Megafloats. The Megafloat of the west coast.”

Yurishia arrived besides Kizuna.

“This is the Megafloat I was with before I came to Ataraxia.”

The armor parts of the upper and side surface of Megafloat West USA opened, missile launching pods and gigantic particle cannons were rising out. From intercontinental missiles, middle range missiles, fifty centimeter rapid fire cannons, railguns, particle cannons, it was like an exhibition of weapons, various artilleries were appearing.

All of those gunports were aimed at the fleet of AU.

“Bombardment is coming! Everyone split to the left and right!!”

Obeying Yurishia’s warning, Kizuna and the others took great distance from Megafloat West USA’s firing line towards the enemy fleet.

The next instant, innumerable missiles and artilleries were firing all at once.

The missiles flying out from the firing pods corrected their trajectory while heading toward the fleet of AU. The enemy fleet defended from those using shield, causing large explosions one after another.

Furthermore, cannons with huge caliber were aiming at the enemy’s aircraft carriers.

Sounds that could break the eardrum and shockwaves were spreading to the surrounding. Huge shells that weighted about 1.5 ton were impacting the enemy fleet with speed faster than sound.

It was a terrific bombing battle.

In front of the fleet of AU, a wall of flame was created from the rain of bullets. Enemy ships put up their shield, but the Megafloat disregarded that. They were raining the enemy down with large amounts of explosives and warheads in any case.

The barrage that was pouring down like rain was beginning to push back the fleet of AU with the impacts.

“Amazing! They are pushing back the AU fleet with the pressure of their barrage!”

However, mankind’s conventional weapons fundamentally weren’t effective against the weapons of AU.

Kizuna was staring at the AU fleet with a grim face.

“At this rate, sooner or later――”

“This is not everything you know? There are those girls in West USA.”

As soon as Yurishia said that, seven lights were flying out from Megafloat West USA.

“Those are, Heart Hybrid Gears!?”

“Yes, those are America’s Heart Hybrid Gear team, the [Masters].”


Just like Ataraxia had Amaterasu, America had Masters.

The seven lights plunged into the middle of the enemy magic weapons. The one heading the group was a girl with a red ponytail. Behind her, six girls forming formation were following after her.

“We are going everyone!”

The girl in the lead called out to those following her.


Six voices responded in uniform, charging at the enemy’s magic weapon unit.

Looking at their appearances, Yurishia murmured.

“Are they planning to rescue us, or are they trying to help us in taking back Guam, I don’t know which one it is but……what are we going to do?”

The seven people of Masters were taking down magic weapons left and right.

Kizuna spoke resolutely.

“We are going too!”

“I guess so. It’s not bad to teach those Masters here, that Amaterasu is the superior one.”

Aine responded curtly.

“There is a saying, that knowing what is right and not doing it is a want of courage. I will show how I make the enemy into the rust of Gladius’s blade.”

Himekawa too showed a face full of motivation.

“Yosh, let’s――”

At that time, missiles were flying from behind Kizuna and the others. They flew past above the Megafloat West USA and hit the aircraft carrier of AU.


Where did that come from?

{This is Ataraxia. We are supporting West USA from here on.}

In front of Kizuna, Reiri’s floating window appeared.


From beyond the horizon, the figure of Megafloat Japan was visible.

{We are recapturing Guam with Japan-America alliance. After that, we will seal the Entrance.}

“What did you say!?”

Kizuna doubted his ears.

Was such thing really possible?

{We are pushing those guys back until the Entrance with the pressure of the barrage. If we can do that, then it’s our victory. Amaterasu is to crush all the magic weapons!}

“Ro, Roger!”

Kizuna and the others plunged into a swarm of enemy magic weapons, destroying the magic weapons one after another.


And then Himekawa’s Gladius was bisecting its third battleship.

Amaterasu and Masters were showing furiously vigorous activity. Especially the terrific might of Himekawa’s Corruption Armament, it was sinking down the battleships of AU like a joke.

Gravel was observing that situation seriously.

“Eleven magic armors, in addition there are two enemy fortresses……”

Gravel showed a little troubled look in deciding, but she immediately gave out instruction.

“Retreat. All units withdraw.”

“Wait, Gravel! Even though the fun is just going to start from here on!”

Aldea protested in dissatisfaction, but Gravel didn’t back down obstinately.

“The situation is too different with our initial assumption. As expected, we don’t have the readiness to take on eleven magic armors at the same time.”

“Eehh~ I think we can win though……”

“It will be a war of attrition at this rate. On top of our combat strength being expended considerably, in the worst case, there is also the possibility that we won’t be able to bring back home this information. We have to at least avoid that.”

The enemy fleet’s advance stopped, on the contrary they began to fall back.

“Oi! The enemy is starting to retreat!”

When Kizuna yelled that, all members in that place raised voices of joy.

That situation was also transmitted to Nayuta Lab in Ataraxia.

{The enemy began to retreat. They are in the middle of evacuating through the Entrance successively. The remaining battleships three, aircraft carriers one, magic weapons approximately fifty.}

Listening to Kei’s report, Reiri smiled in satisfaction.

“――This is, our victory.”

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. A Japanese phrase, that meant useless or inadequate effort that failed.
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