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Chapter 4 – This is Medical Treatment Until the End Desu[edit]

Part 1[edit]

A night passed after the enemy attack.

{Ten thousand square meters of surface part is replaced. Fourteen commercial buildings are half destroyed or completely destructed otherwise. Another six are damaged. Even the underground lifeline was also influenced to some extent, but we estimate that it will be repaired in three days.}

Ataraxia’s damage report was projected on the lab’s wall.

Kei’s damage report that was flowing on top of that image was stared by Reiri and Kizuna with unpleasant feelings.

{It’s fortunate that the enemy landed in the commercial area. It was a weekday afternoon so there were few people going out, we can think of the human damage as minimal. In addition, there is also no damage on the R&D facilities.}

“Kizuna, is your wound okay?”

Reiri looked at the bandage wrapping Kizuna’s hand and spoke.

“Yeah. It’s just a scratch.”

Kizuna who lost his consciousness was transported to hospital, then he awoke there. The state of the hospital was just like a field hospital. The defense unit members that intercepted Gravel were brought in one after another. That scene was burned into his eyes. People groaned while blood was flowing from their bodies. People who voiced their resentment while flowing tears. People who became unable to move. He couldn’t think of it as anything other than a picture of pandemonium in hell.

“Is that a minimum human damage……”

Amaterasu and Masters couldn’t match just a lone enemy.

{The current statistics are, fifteen deaths, three missing, twenty six serious wound, and fifty three light wound. Others are Himekawa and Yurishia of Amaterasu who are currently hospitalized for examination. Aine had been discharged and is recuperating in her own residence.}

“And then, there is the damage to Masters but……Gertrude has bone fractures all over her body, as well as burns and lacerations in various parts. In addition she entered ICU due to massive bleeding. Brigit has fractures in her right arm, collarbone, and right leg. And then bruises all over her body, lacerations in various parts, it will take one month for complete recovery. In any case, they cannot be counted on as battle strength. We are in the middle of sounding out West USA for reinforcement of battle strength.”

The image of the enemy called Gravel and the analysis data were displayed on the screen.

{Regarding the enemy’s combat ability and the magic armor’s capability, we want to wait for further analysis. Rather than that, the point that should be noticed the most this time is the enemy’s objective. It’s not for exterminating us or even occupying this Ataraxia, the enemy’s objective is Zeros, and then Aine.}

Kizuna couldn’t bear it and interjected.

“That one. Just why are they aiming for Zeros and Aine?”

Reiri shook her head.

“We don’t know why. Rather I want to ask you instead. You have never heard anything from Aine?”

“Eh, no……nothing at all.”

“This time is completely our defeat, but our gain is not zero. Compared to Aldea previously, this AU person called Gravel is easier to communicate with after all. There are also a lot of established facts from this.”

Kei nodded a little and ran her hand through the keyboard.

{The enemy’s ability and magic weapon is using an energy source called magic power. And then, we think they are using the term [Lemuria] to refer to the world of this side, and it seems that in this Lemuria, the consumption of magic power is strikingly severe. We think that the reason they are not distancing themselves too much from the Entrances is also because of this.}

“Isn’t that, just like Heart Hybrid Gear? This magic power those bunch speak about, isn’t that what we called Hybrid Count?”

{Exactly. Honestly there are many resemblances between the enemy’s magic armor and Heart Hybrid Gear. And then the question is, their grasp of Heart Hybrid Gear’s individual naming and even its individual ability. That is actually baffling. We can only think that someone is feeding them information.}

Reiri crossed her arms and sent a sharp gaze.

“Kei, what you want to say is actually, that perhaps Hida Nayuta really had gone to AU, isn’t it?”

{It’s only reasonable to think that. That’s why, we want more information regarding the AU. Whether it’s obtaining the knowledge of magic armor, or grasping the whereabouts of the professor, whichever information it is are connected to the countermeasure method of the Hybrid Count.}

“In other words, you are telling us to keep progressing like this. Even though yesterday we were done in that badly?”

Kei stayed quiet and pulled her chin a little.

“Nee-chan, I also agree. Next time, we will absolutely defeat that enemy. We will capture her, and then make her spit out everything that she knows!”

“However, how will you fight?”

“That’s……this time we were taken by surprise, so we couldn’t do Climax Hybrid. If we can just use Corruption Armament, we can defeat even that Gravel!”

“But, even Corruption Armament is not invincible. Aine’s Pulverizer was also blocked when it was against Aldea.”

“That’s……certainly that’s true.”

“Furthermore, that enemy named Gravel is likely a pro of combat. Even if it is magic armor, it has ability that is not inferior with our Heart Hybrid Gears. The foremost matter, is that it conversely becomes harder to use Corruption Armament if Ataraxia is boarded by the enemy. If we get careless, we will be damaged even more than this time.”

Kizuna graoned. Certainly Corruption Armament possessed overwhelming destructive power, but due to that great power, it was hard to use. If it was used carelessly, it might even come to Ataraxia sinking.

{Reiri, I propose implementing the plan C.}

Reiri made a complicated face.

“Is it possible to be implemented?”

{It’s still in the middle of verification. But, it has prospect. On the contrary if this is impossible――}

Reiri put her hand on her forehead and sunk her body into the chair.

“There is no other way, is that what you mean?”

Kizuna was completely unable to understand, just what were these two talking about.

“Wait, what are you talking about, plan C?”

“We are going to announce it sooner or later. Wait for a while.”

{Look forward to it.}

Rather than looking forward to it, he could only feel a bad premonition.

Part 2[edit]

After Kizuna exited the lab, he returned to the dormitory with the limousine that Reiri arranged for him.

He climbed until the fifth floor exclusive for Amaterasu using elevator, walked the corridor and returned to his own room. In the middle of the way, his legs stopped in front of a door.


Her examination should have finished even before him and she returned first to the dormitory. Kizuna reached out his hand to knock at the door. Why was the enemy aiming for Aine? Did Aine know something about it herself?

He wanted to know that. However, even if he asked her it was highly unlikely that she could answer him.

Even while thinking that, Kizuna knocked on the door.

“Aine, you there?”

After a while, a voice returned from the door.

“Kizuna? What’s the matter? If it’s newspaper, I don’t need it though.”

“Just when do you think I became a newspaper salesman!”

“That’s why, I don’t need anything like detergent.”

“I’m not planning to offer you that! Rather than that, I’ve got something I want to ask you a bit.”

The door opened.

“What is it?”

“It’s about the enemy we fought yesterday, can you give me a little time?”

“……Fine then. Enter.”

Aine was a little hesitating, but she opened the door widely and invited Kizuna in.

The make-up of the room was basically the same like Kizuna’s room. However,

“That’s a lot of books.”

Novels, manga, photo albums, traveling guides and so on, books from every genre were piled up, forming towers. Those towers of books were soaring over the surroundings. Not only books, there were also large amounts of disks that recorded images piling up.

It was a great difference with the room Aine used when she was a child in Nayuta Lab.

“Is all of this, data? For searching for clues of the memory you recalled?”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s a little scattered here, I’m sorry.”

‘You call this a little?’

There was almost no space for his foot to step, he couldn’t even walk straight. He moved until the sofa in front of the television with trouble, but there were also books put there. Aine moved the books on the sofa to the table and built a new tower.

“Please, sit.”

He sat on the sofa.

“Aa―……err. How’s it going with your search? Have you found some kind of clue, like the town or the country where you were?”

“I found nothing at all.”

“Is that so……then, things that aroused your interests, or a knowledge that you knew even before reading the book, is there anything like that?”

“There is also nothing really like that. But, thanks to the increase of my knowledge from reading and watching videos, I was able to mostly understand, that all over the world there are many fun things outside of fighting.”

“That’s great.”

Kizuna reflexively smiled. Looking at that smile, the beating of Aine’s heart became faster. She turned her back to him so that her faintly colored cheek could be seen.

“The, then, what’s the matter? You said you want to talk about the enemy from yesterday.”

“Aah, about that……that woman Gravel, her objective seems to be Aine right? That’s why, I’m thinking if Aine might know something about it.”

Aine recalled about her exchange with Gravel, and also with Aldea.

{I want to ask one thing. Do you――remember your time as a child?}

{Yes, yes, the current you doesn’t get the meaning of what I’m talking about isn’t it! Aah, but there is no need to worry! Yes, leave everything to me! I will save you for sure!}

‘――Just what are they saying?’

“……Nothing. I’m the one who wants to ask them instead.”

“Is there no clue or something inside the memory you recalled?”

Aine twitched before her body trembled.


While Kizuna was watching Aine, he recalled a simple question.

‘――Which reminds me, where did Aine come from?’

Aine was discovered in Chidorigafuchi at Japan mainland when she was a child.

In the end, her family couldn’t be found and they couldn’t understand, where did she come from and what was she doing before she lost her memory.

Aine faced Kizuna with a face that looked cornered.

“Kizuna… see, each time I did Climax Hybrid, things that I recall……no, things that I think is my memory, when I look at them again, it makes me think, this is actually not a memory isn’t it, something like that.”

“Eh? That’s, what do you mean?”

“The memories that I remembered, all of them look unreal……the thing that I remembered first, a beautiful nature and a splendid city, and the large mechanical clock, they are still normal. I thought that they might be somewhere in Europe. But, the things that I remembered from the Climax Hybrid before this, a chalk white castle built on top of a waterfall, eerie black city and black castle. A person that looked like a queen from a movie, riding on a gigantic stone statue and palanquin while waving her hand. And then the figures of so many people covering the surface kneeling.”

“That’s……certainly, that doesn’t seem like your personal experience.”

“Right? On the contrary, it felt like I was watching a movie. It’s not something about myself, I thought that perhaps it might be just a book I read as a child, or a movie that I had seen. That’s why……”

“That’s why?”

“Even if I do Climax Hybrid, I think that I still might not be able to understand who I am. Rather, perhaps it’s better to not do it anymore……”

“What did you say!?”

Those words were something he never expected to hear from Aine, who desired so much for a powerful long range weapon.

No, putting aside Aine’s thinking, he also had his own circumstances. From now on too, powerful enemies like Gravel might appear again. At that time, if Aine’s Corruption Armament became unusable, it would be a great loss for their battle strength.

“Not just that……recently, even Heart Hybrid felt strange somehow.”

“Strange you say, strange how?”

“The time when we did Heart Hybrid in the lab before this too, I felt like……like I’m going to remember something. It was like a haze and not really clear but, that, felt like something that I must not remember, that was how it felt. That’s why……”

With a gaze as if begging him for forgiveness, Aine looked up at Kizuna.

‘No……that’s bad.’

If she didn’t do Heart Hybrid, he couldn’t expect her Hybrid Count to recover.

And then, if her Hyrbid Count became zero, Aine would die.

“Wait――please wait, Aine. That, even memory like that is also one kind of a clue isn’t it? Certainly, you don’t understand if it’s about yourself or not, perhaps it was only about a movie scene. But, basically if we understand what kind of movie it is, there will be something more we can understand from that. The thing that you don’t want to remember, perhaps it’s something like a horror movie……by any chance, perhaps it’s something like a scary memory from your time as a kid?”

“Perhaps that’s so but……I, I already――”

‘――already don’t want to do Heart Hybrid anymore.’

Those words, were going to come out from her mouth even now.

“Please, Aine. From here on the fighting will become even fiercer. At that time, Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid will become powerful weapons. If we wait for natural recovery, it’s not impossible, but continuing to fight the enemy will be really hard.”

“That’s, I understand that. But……ah”

Kizuna embraced Aine’s body. Her body was slightly trembling.

“Are you scared, Aine?”

“Not particularly……I’m not scared or anything……”

Aine’s hand circled on Kizuna’s back. She rubbed her face on Kizuna’s chest.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

‘――I’m not scared anymore.’

“Listen to me Aine. Certainly if you remember a memory that is something like an unknown dream, you will become anxious, I understand that. But, no matter what kind of memory it is, because that past exist that Aine is here right now. No matter what kind of past you remember after this far, Aine is Aine, nothing will change don’t you think?”

Kizuna gently separated from Aine, then he gazed at her red eyes.

The next moment, violent embarrassment rose to their faces. The two of them had faces that were so red, to the degree that steam might come out from there.

‘Shit, just how can this be even more embarrassing than Heart Hybrid!’

“The, then, I’ll go already. Aah, that’s right! About what we talked just now, those bunches’ aim is the Core of Heart Hybrid Gear, Aldea also said that. Surely they came searching just for Zeros, not for you, perhaps.”

“I, I guess so……yes! That’s right, surely that’s how it is!”

Kizuna exited from the room after making to collapse around two towers of books.

Inside the room that had turned quiet, Aine released a deep sigh.

She headed to the bedroom with floating steps, then she laid down on the bed heavily.

‘――Kizuna said those things but, those things that came back to mind when doing Climax Hybrid, they are certainly, feels like a fragment of my memory. There is no basis to that. But, that’s how it feels.

But, they are not something that I wished for.

That’s why, I must not do any more Climax Hybrid.

Inside me, that kind of warning is ringing loudly.


Aine recalled, Kizuna’s arms that were embracing her, the sensation of the chest he pressed her cheek at, she traced the place where Kizuna touched with her finger.

‘If Kizuna demanded it from me, I will――.’

Before long, sleep invited Aine, and she departed to the world of dreams.

And then, she whispered while moving towards the dream.

“The goddess dance……nothingness, and death, and emperor……and then……to eternity.”

Part 3[edit]

Kizuna bended his body backward largely and stretched. In this clear and great weather, he could see the white clouds floating in the blue sky. Under that blue sky, six asses lined up were lifted high.


*DON*, together with such voices, the students rushed out. Their bodies that were overflowing with liveliness were running through the track of the field.

Kizuna’s second year first group was in PE class.

Today they were measured in track and field events, the content was to confirm their basic performance in physical ability. Nevertheless, Kizuna was the only male student. This PE class was far harsher than study class.


Kizuna ran through the track and looked towards his classmates.

For an instant, he mistook their silhouettes as being naked. Matching the running movement, breasts were greatly bouncing.

Without even mentioning the clear depression that was the chasm of the ass, even the subtle line of the body was completely exposed under the bright sunshine without anything to hide it.

That was just obvious. All the students were taking the class in their pilot suits.

He was watching Amaterasu’s pilot suited figures daily, but usually he could only see the figure of his classmates in their uniform. Now those classmates were running around with the line of their bodies exposed, making him completely stimulated by the gap.

‘No, don’t. It’s just too rude to stare at them when it’s not even a duty.’

Kizuna averted his face and looked up to the sky.

“Hm? That’s――”

Human silhouettes were visible above the sky at the neighboring field. Streak of light was left around the silhouette. Before long, two silhouettes clashed in the sky.

‘Heart Hybrid Gear? No, that’s the Technical Gear that Shikina-san made. A practical training using that? Now that I remember, Sylvia also told me so.’

{Ah, but, from a while ago, we started using Technical Gears for training desu. I’m working hard, so that I can quickly become useful for Captain in battle too.}

Kizuna took out his smartphone and confirmed the schedule of the middle school. Currently, the one who was having practical training right before his eyes was exactly Sylvia’s class.

‘Well, it should be fine for me to skip a little. I’ve promised Sylvia that I’ll go seeing her. Even if I stay here watching my classmates immodest figures, it’s just a torture.’

Kizuna pretended to go to the toilet and moved to the neighboring field. After passing through the unmanned gate and passed the corridor, he found the entrance towards the track field.

The track field was almost as big as a soccer field. It was too cramped for Heart Hybrid Gears to fight seriously there, but he guessed that it posed no problem for practicing Technical Gears there.

The students were gathered in the middle of the field. He guessed that there might be around fifty people. The number of the boys was around the same with the girls, so perhaps the class today was a combined lesson for two classes.

Four Technical Gears were already standing by in the air, they seemed to wait for the signal of the beginning of the match.

“Is that……Sylvia!?”

There were two girls and boys each. Among them, there was one person that was awfully petite, it was undoubtedly Sylvia.

Looking at her like this, he could understand well that even among her same year students she was really petite. Even though they were wearing the same gear, the Technical Gear that Sylvia wore looked like a large type.

Technical gear didn’t have a design as refined as the real thing. A frame that was like an exoskeleton was bared, giving off boorish impression. Inside it, Sylvia wearing her pilot suit was settled snugly.

At the same time with the starting buzzer, the four gears began to move.

In order to check each other, they took distance and rotated. Looking at the disordered movements each gear was making, it seemed that it was not a tag battle, but a battle royale.

There was no peculiar weapon for each Technical Gear, all four were carrying conventional assault rifles in their hand. One gear among them was shooting from afar. The aim was……Sylvia. ‘Calm down me, there is no way it will hit from that far. However, it makes me jittery already from the start……eh?’

Sylvia was flying amidst the coming bullets without even the slightest wavering. And then when she approached the firing range, she readied her rifle with a calm motion, and aimed steadily.

And then she pulled the trigger.

The shoulder of the gear firing at Sylvia was painted with pink liquid. It seemed that the bullets they were using were paint bullets.


Kizuna reflexively shouted.

‘Nice, nice, she is really calm there. That’s great, keep it up!’

The remaining two swiveled and they aimed at Sylvia from two directions at the same time before firing. For some reason, they were cooperating to defeat the powerful opponent first. Sylvia reversed her body with full-bodied motion. Her legs opened largely, where she controlled her body freely with her leg thrusters. That light movement made the other two gears unable to fix their aim.

‘Uooo, that’s awesome Sylvia!’

Kizuna was excited as if it was himself in the work, no his excitement was even more than that. Sylvia easily took her opponent’s back and dealt the shot down mark with the paint bullets.

However, the remaining gear was firing at Sylvia from above.

‘Danger! As expected, there is no dodging this. But, she removed two gears by herself. That’s just too great a performance. I’ve got to praise her later.’

The instant he thought Sylvia was shot down, Sylvia demonstrated a sudden direction change without any preliminary motion. She was spinning while aiming her gun muzzle at the opponent.

‘She avoided that!? But, there is no way she can hit from that impossible sta――.’

The chest of the opponent was hit by pink liquid.


The students raised joyful voices.

{Match over. Everyone come down!}

The voice of the instructor flowed from the speaker, all the gears were slowly descending. When the match was over, Sylvia and the other three were talking while laughing without caring of any side.

The other three were also not bad. However Sylvia’s talent was outstanding. The excellent evaluation on her was a truth without exaggeration. Honestly, he could even call her a prodigy.

“Sylvia-chaaan! Ama―zing.”

“That’s aweso―me, Sylvia―!”

Her popularity among the same year was also great. Especially the loud cheer of the boys, it made him a little bothered.

When they landed on the field, the leg part of Technical Gear that a boy put on got entangled.

“Ah! Dangerous!”

Sylvia at the side got dragged and collapsed on the ground. Scream was raised among the students.

Kizuna dashed and headed to Sylvia’s position.

“Sylvia! You okay!?”

“He? Ca, Captain!? Why are you here desu?”

While still lying on the ground, Sylvia looked up at Kizuna with surprised eyes.

The surrounding students looked surprised from the high school student that suddenly appeared. “Eh, who?” “What’s with him, acting so familiar with Sylvia-chan”, gossiping voices like those could be heard.

‘Aa―, it’s great that the bad rumors haven’t spread to Sylvia’s class but……I might be too rash.’

Rethinking it as something that couldn’t be helped, Kizuna pushed the release button of the Technical Gear and liberated the pilot suited Sylvia from the gear.

“Yeah. After all I promised that I’ll go watching your practice.”

“Ehehehe, I showed Captain my uncool side desu.”

She stood up while scratching her head awkwardly.

“What are you saying? That was amazing. You have great skill.”

“Rea, really desu?――ouch-“

Her knee suddenly bent down with a jerk and she almost fell. Kizuna hugged her body to stop her fall.

“Oi, you okay!?”

“I, I’m fine desu. I show Captain an unseemly act again……even though, Captain finally came to watch me……”

Sylvia became teary eyed.

Kizuna lifted up Sylvia’s body without asking.

So to speak, it was the so called princess carry, Sylvia’s girl classmates cheered.

“Ca, Captain!?”

“Your foot got twisted when you fell right? We are going to the infirmary right now.”

Ignoring the dazed male students and the instructor, Kizuna began to run with Sylvia in his arms.

After running for five minutes, he arrived at the school building of the high school department. Without even bothering to change into indoor shoes, he dashed to the infirmary just like that.

“Wait, the infirmary teacher is not here!”

‘Rather, should he go to the lab?’

“E, err, Captain……you don’t need to be that worried, this is not anything big desu. I think it will be healed if we just compress it.”

“Even I can deal with it if it’s just that but……anyway, let’s take a look at the hurt place.”

Kizuna put down Sylvia and made her sit at the edge of the bed.

“Yes. Ah, but there is no way I can make Captain do something like…”

“It’s fine, so just sit obediently.”

Sylvia’s pilot suit was a one piece that covered her neck and also chest, but it was a halter neck type with her back part greatly opened. The cut in her armhole and nether region was largely opened, while gloves until above her elbows and tights until her thigh protected her limbs.

Kizuna took off that tights. A white dainty leg revealed its appearance. The ankle of that leg was swelling red.

“Uwa, this looks painful.”

First he was going to cool it down. He took out a new towel from the glass shelf, soaked it in water and wringed it lightly, then he began to wiped it on Sylvia’s leg.

It was really slim and small. It was like she was a completely different species from them.

“Haa……the cold is pleasant desu.”

Sylvia sighed from the pleasant feeling.

“Ah, I’m late in saying this but, thank you very much for coming to see me. Err, that, what did Captain think? Sylvia’s practical skill is……”

“Yeah, it surprised me. Sylvia really is excellent. You have amazing talent.”

“Rea, really desu!?”

Sylvia leaned her body forward and her eyes sparkled.

“Yeah, it’s true……wait, I told you, don’t move around!”


She was smiling cheerfully in a completly good mood.

He was not joking, Sylvia’s balance sense and her ability to grasp space were outstanding. But for her to be called as excellent, meant that she would come out to the battlefield early. It also meant that danger would be her constant companion. If like this she also had affinity with Core and Heart Hybrid then…….

Looking at Sylvia who was smiling like an angel, his feeling became complicated.

“Hm? Captain, is something the matter desu?”

“Ah! No, nothing. Err, perhaps there is also bruises in other places, how about I check it for peace of mind?”


She returned an energetic reply and began to take off the other tights and gloves. The moment her limbs became bare, suddenly her outfit’s exposure rate became high.

‘Was the design this erotic without the gloves and tights……wait, what the hell am I thinking!’

“……Ah, it become scratched and bruised this much here and there……”

The bruises on the white and smooth skin looked painful, it made him felt that he couldn’t leave her alone. He searched the medicine shelf and there was a salve for bruises there.

‘Let’s see, the way to use it……please take the appropriate amount in your finger, and spread it with a massage in the center of the hurt spot……huh.’

Kizuna took the salve in his hand and began to caress Sylvia’s ankle with a massage.


“Does it hurt?”

“No……it feels good desu.”

Her words that leaked out together with her sigh were strangely erotic.

‘Oi, the one in front of you is Sylvia! Get a grip!’

Kizuna shook his head and persuaded himself.

He also slid his hand on her thigh with the salve. Sylvia’s skin was really soft, smooth, it was completely like a baby’s skin. No matter where he touched it was soft, he even felt that he might be the one who felt good even though he was the one massaging.

Kizuna’s hand advanced to the inside of the thigh, until the direction of her thigh joint.

Masou Gakuen HxH V03 BW 06.jpg

‘As, as I thought, more than this is……but, I have to treat the wound.’

He paid attention so he wouldn’t touch further above than this, his finger traced just barely near the thigh joint.

“Fua……so, somehow, this is the first time, I feel like this desuu”

Sylvia’s cheeks were dyed pink. Inside the spellbound and narrowed eyes, her moist eyes were shining.

That expression was an inflammatory one that couldn’t be thought as coming from a child. Kizuna’s throat gulped his saliva audibly.

“Is, is there, other places that hurt?”

“Yes……if Captain can, do my back too……”

Sylvia twisted her body to show her back. It looked like she was putting on a coquettish air, Kizuna’s heart throbbed from that. He fell into a hallucination, as if an adult woman was tempting him with a young girl figure.

‘Co, cool off, me! This me that had battled against women with erotic bodies like Aine and Yurishia, is not going to lose against a childish figure like this! Rally your feeling!’

Kizuna answered with a voice that was as calm as he possibly could.

“Your back, is it? Okay.”

He felt awkward whether it was to climb on the bed or make Sylvia stand up, so he circled his hand from the front.

‘――Thinking it over, this posture is quite dangerous.’

His finger timidly touched her back, then his finger softly went down her spinal column.


A sweet gasping voice was played on Kizuna’s ears.

His rallied feeling was smashed apart instantly.

Sylvia warped her back as if she was struck with electricity, she convulsed twitchingly.

“Oi, you okay? Did it hurt……doesn’t seem so huh?”

Sylvia answered gaspingly.

“Ye, yes……something feels tingling, Sylvia feels strange somehow desu. This is……the first desu. Is Sylvia getting sick desu?”

“No, I think you are fine……maybe.”

Her collarbone was visible on her bended chest. And then even though it was small, was the slim chest that softly bulged up. And then on its center was a small protrusion that was not standing out until now, it was beginning to proclaim its existence.

Even though he was mostly not bothered about it until just now, but right now it was clearly pushing up the pilot suit, teaching him of its shape.

“Sylvia, more than this is――”

“Funyu? Is something the matter Captain……desuu?”

Shining light was flowing into her violet eyes.

‘――This is! Don’t tell me!?

No, there is no doubt. This is the sign of Heart Hybrid. If I think like that, then this drunken state of Sylvia is also understandable.

But, she is still not installed with a core yet?

The explanation I can think of is……Eros’s ability, is it?

By some chance, is this……a way to investigate the aptitude for Heart Hybrid?’

“Ca, Captainnn……Sylvia, that……”

Tears emerged on Sylvia’s eyes, she was rubbing her thighs together.

Now that it had come to this, he couldn’t help it.

“Sylvia, I’ll comfort you right now.”


Kizuna’s hand lovingly caressed Sylvia’s back.

He caressed as if to confirm the shape of her shoulder blade from her back, and then his hand went down to her waist.


Unable to bear it, Sylvia’s body floated and her chest was further pushed out. It was as though it was waiting impatiently for stimulation from Kizuna, the chest was shivering in front of his face.

Kizuna gently brushed up that chest, and then he lightly grasped it.


Soft sensation could be felt from the really small breast. He temporarily released his grasping hand, then gently touched with his palm. He rolled the pointy tip his palm felt as if in a massage.

“Auu! Ah! Hauu!”

Sylvia’s body bounced up as if she was getting shocked with electricity in interval.

Kizuna’s fingers gently pinched the tip of that breast.


It was just a little, but a splash of violet flew from Sylvia’s body. It shined sparklingly, entangling slightly with the pink light welling up from Kizuna’s body before vanishing.

Sylvia was spent and fell on the bed. Her breath was rough as if she had just finished doing an intense work-out. She was sweating slightly, with expression of trance on her face.

There was no mistake. Sylvia had an aptitude for Core.

She was an outstanding talent endowed with her ability as pilot and doubled with her high aptitude with Core. Surely she was the strongest candidate as the next member of Amaterasu.

Kizuna stroked Sylvia’s face. Her blond hair was fluffy like feathers, it felt really good to touch. Sylvia too nuzzled her head to his hand like a spoiled child, as if she was feeling good.

“If you know about this, you are going to be happy aren’t you……”

But, Kizuna’s heart was sinking down heavily.

Part 4[edit]

“So all members have gathered.”

Reiri entered the conference room of the command headquarters. The room had the capacity of two hundred. It had half circle form with the seating in stair shape, giving it the atmosphere like the classroom of a university. It was a spacious room, but there was less than ten people here sitting all over the place.

The full members of Amaterasu, four names were taking their seat. Fortunately, both Yurishia and Himekawa were safely discharged from hospital in five days. And then, there were also four people participating from Masters. However two of them were people that Kizuna had only seen for the first time.

Other people were Reiri and a middle-aged American male that he was not familiar with. That middle-aged man was completely like a Hollywood action star with his rugged body, he was wearing several medals on the chest of his military uniform. He guessed that it was the commander of West USA’s side that he had heard of before. But, perhaps he didn’t plan to really talk, he was sitting at the seat on the corner and staring at the situation of the meeting room.

“One week has passed since the assault of Gravel. Currently Ataraxia has retreated until five hundred kilometers southeast of Okinawa. We are staying in this position.”

A huge screen like in movie theater was projecting a map, it was displaying Ataraxia’s current position.

“Surely those AU bunches are going to solve their cruising range problem sooner or later. If that happens then that’s the end for us. Not only for this Ataraxia, for Megafloat Japan, and also for West USA too, there is no doubt that we all will be sunk down. Before that happens, it’s necessary to establish a method that could possibly resist the enemy.”

Yurishia raised her hand.

“But, two Masters became unable to fight from the battle before this. We cannot even make any dent on that woman called Gravel. Is there some kind of strategy for this?”

“There is.”

The conference room became noisy once again.

“First I’ll introduce our reinforcement. There is an addition of two Masters from West USA.”

Two girls were standing up.

“E―rrr, I am Clementine Barrows. My specialty is long range shooting. Think of me as the replacement of Brigit. Well, take care of me.”

She had the characteristic of long orange hair that was braided in three. Her western fashion gave the impression of the good old days of America. Was she actually originated from the country side of America? Or else she might be merely a fan of the western genre.

After Clementine sat down, the other one opened her mouth.

“Sharon Cunningham. I’m doing whatever I’m please, so it’s fine to not take care of me.”

She was a grey haired girl with seemingly no motivation. Her half-closed eyes seemed to want to say that it was troublesome to even come to this conference room. But what bothered him even more than her attitude was her clothing. It was extremely out of place, black goth-loli costume was consolidated on her whole body.

“We, well, their skill is a certain thing you know! They are the most ideal as the substitution for Brigit and Gertrude.”

Scarlet added in a follow up.

“The name I mentioned just now, Gertrude is already transported back to West USA. Her treatment will continue in the hospital of the other side. And then Brigit, she can return to the front line after around a month, so she is staying in Ataraxia. However, she is recuperating for one month. You got that?”

Brigit was sitting isolated by herself at the back of the conference room.

“Are you listening, Brigit?”

There was no reply even when Scarlet called out to her. But, she was whispering as if in a monologue.

“……I’m still, able to fight. I have to defeat that woman, and accomplish my duty.”

Kizuna talked to Scarlet who was sitting in a place slightly separated from him.

“It feels like, she got done in mentally quite much hasn’t she?”

“Ye, yes. I’m a little worried. Just in case, I’m also having the doctor for counseling attending her though.”

Scarlet too knitted her eyebrows worriedly.

Putting aside the exchange of the two, Himekawa raised her hand and questioned.

“The reinforcement is appreciated, but in exchange, aren’t Megafloat Japan and West USA become understaffed due to this?”

“At present they are staying in a safe ocean area, so the danger is low. Rather than that, our situation here is in pressing danger. Rather than shaving off our battle strength for the guarantee of just in case, we judged that we should focus on the threat that is right in front of our eyes.”

Kizuna stood up.

“Leaving that aside, the problem is Aldea and Gravel. Tell us if there is a countermeasure against these two.”

“Certainly those two are strong. Aldea has shields that can block Pulverizer, and Gravel has the spear that can push back Differential Frame. Even with Corruption Armaments, it will be hard to defeat them. Accordingly we devised the plan C……that is, the new Hybrid.”

――A new, Hybrid?

“This is our new power, [Connection RemodelingConnective Hybrid]!!”

Reiri looked up at the monitor.

“Kei, I’ll leave the explanation to you.”


Windows started up in front of the faces of all present. It was the communication from Kei who was in the lab.

{Connective Hybrid was researched until now under the code name of plan C. The details of the plan is Eros and two other gears, in other words three Heart Hybrid Gear carrying out Heart Hybrid at the same time. With multiple gears carrying out Heart Hybrid at the same time, it will produce a resonance phenomenon with multiplied effect, that cannot be obtained from one on one Heart Hybrid.}

“The result is that the energy produced will be tremendous. It’s possible to supply the gear with energy high in offensive power even compared to the normal Heart Hybrid. And then, it also has similar effect for Climax Hybrid. By using this Connective Hybrid, you will obtain Corruption Armament with even higher attack power.”

“Err, just wait a second there. In other words, you are telling me to do Climax Hybrid with two other girls, in total three people together?”


Himekawa stood up in a chaotic state.

“Ple, please wait! No matter how, do, doing such……such perverted acts with other people, is impossible-!”

Reiri answered with a composed voice.

“Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid, are sharing the affection and pleasure, by making your heart and body into one. However, for even more power up, fresh excitement and violent feelings of corruption are effective. With this Connective Hybrid, the implementation of those are possible.”

“Tha, that’s, shameless! Licentious!”

{Not only that. With Connective Hybrid, a new feeling that cannot be obtained by pair Hybrid is changed into energy. In other words, twice the affection towards two people, and then the friendship and trust of fellow females, all of those emotions that cannot be produced from simple pair Hybrid will be combined. As the result, you can obtain an even more powerful strength compared than just doing it only in a pair.}

Scarlet raised her hand with a troubled face.

“E, err, I don’t really get what you are all talking about but……in the first place, what kind of thing are you doing in this Heart Hybrid?”

“It’s doing lewd things with Kizuna you know.”

Yurishia answered nonchalantly.


All the members of Masters were silent. After a while, Scarlet opened her mouth.

“……Just in case, I’m asking this to be sure. Seriously?”

Yurishia answered carelessly.

“I swear to god.”

After a moment, the shriek of the Masters resounded.


“Wha-what the hell! I’ve never heard of this!”

“Impossible! Are you guys stupid!”

“The mystery of the east.”

And then Reiri dealt the finishing blow.

“You are noisy little girls! Don’t scream just from simple lewd thing, you puberty teenagers!”

Putting aside the clamoring Masters, Kizuna talked to Kei inside the window.

“Shikina-san, it’s great that the girls are powered up with that Connective Hybrid, but what will become of me?”

{I expect that most likely some kind of effect will also appear in Eros too. However, it’s completely unknown what kind of thing will happen. We won’t understand until we try it.}

“So this is just leaving it to chance.”

{There is no guarantee of absolute safety. Even so, you don’t have any problems?}

“I don’t mind. This is exactly what I wish for.”

Kizuna answered immediately.

If everyone powered up, then their chance of surviving would also be higher just as much. Then, he couldn’t pick his method.

“Hey, everyone also doesn’t have any objection right?”

Kizuna questioned the members of Amaterasu.

However what came back was the angry look of Himekawa.

“Pervert! Molester! There is no way anyone will wish for such shameless thing! There are also the people of West USA here, please be careful of your statement! What are you going to do if we, all the people of Japan are treated as perverts-!”

“Eh!? No, that’s a misunderstanding! I don’t mean it like that!”

Kizuna looked at the Masters to look for understanding. But――,

Scarlet was backing away with a red face.

“Ahaha……you are seriously Eros aren’t you?”

“You are really a walking desire just as the rumor said, rather that makes you refreshing instead. I don’t want to get involved with this though.”

“Japanese are Hentai. You all are ten years ahead of us only in this field.”

There was one girl that spouted a strange impression. That was what he thought, but he didn’t even have the composure to retort back.

“That’s a misunderstanding! This is duty, I don’t really――”

“Well then, about who will be actually carrying out this duty……”

Reiri crossed her arms and her gaze moved through the participants. Himekawa received that gaze and sprung up.

“I, I don’t want it! Something like that, doing it with three people is abnormal!”

“Then, how about Yurishia?”

“I don’t really mind.”

Yurishia brushed off her blond hair and answered with a composed attitude.

“That’s great. The combination that we think to recommend for the first is Aine, and Yurishia.”


When Aine raised her face, her lips were closed tight in a ^ shape.

‘――I see. As I thought, she is reluctant to do Climax Hybrid.

But, from here on, I cannot imagine that we can survive without doing it. I can only ask her to bear with it here.’

Kizuna stared at Aine who was looking down with a tensed body.

Suddenly, he recalled Aine who was trembling in his arms that day.

‘No……as I thought, this is no good!

After seeing that appearance of Aine, there is no way I can just pressure her!’

It was another matter if her Hybrid Count entered red zone, but right now was different. Besides, it was still better if it was only Heart Hybrid, but thinking how scared Aine was towards Climax Hybrid, there was no way he could do that to Aine.

‘But, who will replace her?

Someone deeply associated with Yurishia, good relationship, matching rhythm――,’

In Kizuna’s mind, his three people date with Yurishia and Scarlet flashed.

They quarreled with abusive language at each other, but amidst all that there was also something that made him felt of their long association with each other. They understood about the other party, knowing all there was to know about each other. The exchange of their squabble also strangely felt in gear with each other.

And then, he recalled that dance game. It was as if that had been arranged beforehand, they were splendidly synchronized.

They looked like they had discord, but wasn’t their relationship great before this?

If he could just resolve the source of their argument――such convinced feeling was rapidly getting bigger inside Kizuna.

Kizuna stood up.

“Wait a second! I recommend a grouping of Yurishia and Scarlet!”


Scarlet raised a hysteric voice and stood up.

“Do, don’t make a stupid joke! I’m not, a cheap……”

Kizuna’s eyes met hers with a force that seemed audibly jolting.

“woman…like, like that though.”

Her cheek puffed red, then her gaze was swimming all over the place. The end of her sentence became unintelligible and she looked down.

‘――What’s with her reaction?’

“Is something wrong, Scarlet?”

When Kizuna asked her once more, Scarlet came back to her senses and raised her gaze, she stared at Kizuna.

Her face turned red again in a flash.

“You, you are annoying! If, if there really is no other way, do, doing Heart Hybrid with Kizuna is, well I might be unwilling but, I might just allow it……Not that! I, I hate it but, I might just endure it somehow, a, anyway it’s that! Right! Just forming a pair with Yurishia, that’s the only thing that I refuse to do at all cost!”

Yurishia was listening to Scarlet’s consternation non-stop talk with her face completely scrunched up.

“……That’s right. I’m reluctant to agree with Scarlet, but only in that point I have the same opinion with her.”

Scarlet glared at Yurishia who talked without motivation.

“That’s really an infuriating agreement. Rather than doing this Connective Hybrid or something with you, it’s still better to do the Heart Hybrid with just me alone!”

“……I see. Do as you please.”

Yurishia stood up from her seat with a sigh and headed straight to the entrance.

“Wha-, what’s with that attitude! Wait, don’t run away!”

Yurishia ignored Scarlet’s provocation and exited the room like that.

――After that, they talked further, but in the end there was no conclusion.

The meeting was suspended and the matter of the pairing for the Connective Hybrid would be coordinated again at another day.

“Shit, what’s the deal with this……”

Kizuna exited the gate of the command headquarters and got out to the public street. The time was already turned to 9 o’clock and the sky had become completely dark. The digital signage displays continuing along the road were sparkling with variety of colors. The sight of the displays lining up in ordered line looked like a parade of light.

Kizuna was thinking while walking alone on the beautifully lighted street.

‘――Even so, is there no other way except asking Aine to bear with it?’

However, when he recalled Aine’s scared face, he became not really in the mood to force her.

Nevertheless, it was also difficult to rely on Himekawa. She had shown a rejection that strong already, he guessed that it would not be easy to persuade her.

Inside his heart, the image that was strongly stuck there was as expected, Yurishia and Scarlet.

“Hey, Kizuna.”

Suddenly a voice called to him from the darkness.


He turned around while keeping his vigil, there a long red ponytail came from the darkness under the street light.


“That……I want to talk a little. You have time?”

Her gesture that was looking up at him shyly, was strangely sweet.

“I don’t mind but, what do you want to talk about?”

“Just a bit……it won’t take long.”

Scarlet sat on the bench of the bus stop. Kizuna also sat beside her.

Kizuna waited for Scarlet to start talking. However it seemed that Scarlet’s eyes were stolen by the dazzling radiance of the digital displays.

“Hey, about the talk――”

“I don’t want to lose to Yurishia.”

Scarlet suddenly began to talk.

“Aah, so this is about your bad relation with Yurishia, I know that Scarlet hates Yurishia. But, I don’t know about the why. Just what in the world happened?”

“What happened……that’s, because that woman is a coward.”

Kizuna tilted his head. The Yurishia that Kizuna knew was not a coward. Rather, she had an aspect that tried to resolve the troublesome matter by herself instead.

“Hey, if something happened with Yurishia in the past, can you teach me? If not, I cannot believe what Scarlet is saying.”


Scarlet looked at Kizuna with a face that seemed to be taken aback.

“I’m the captain of Amaterasu. In addition, I’ve only known her for a short time, but I also believe that I know about Yurishia in my own way. I cannot connect the word coward with Yurishia. Just what in the world happened, tell me.”

Scarlet once again stared at the parade of light, and murmured.

“Fine. Then I’ll teach you. You see, that woman used me. For the sake of becoming Masters’s ace……Masters’s super ace, she used me as her stepping stone.”

――It happened right after the 2nd Another Universe Conflict. When Yurishia was still fighting as one of the American army’s members. Yurishia at that time was fighting together with Scarlet against the magic weapons that appeared from the Entrance at the North America front.

The American army promptly formed a unit of Heart Hybrid Gears that they received from the technology sharing of Japan. The number of their gears were the most numerous, it was a large unit that boasted the total number of fifty gears in the whole of America. However, the pilots at that time were still in a state of groping at the dark about the operation of Heart Hybrid Gear.

Even so, as the only way to defeat magic weapons, the female pilots that drove the Heart Hybrid Gears became the target of popularity, they were treated like first class sport players or Hollywood stars.

The time was also when the invasion from the Entrances still hadn’t progressed at full tilt. The people continued their livelihood the same until that time, they were swinging between happiness and fear from the battlefield report that appeared in the news. Even amidst all that, the war results of the Heart Hybrid Gears that soared in the sky defeating the enemies from AU made the whole America went crazy of it.

It was at such period. Excellent pilots were gathered from throughout America and a chosen unit would be formed, such rumor was spreading.

That was, the Masters.

The Heart Hybrid Gear was already popular under normal circumstances. If there was such a team where the tops gathered, it would attract the interest of the masses without fail.

A while after such rumor began to spread. Suddenly an Entrance manifested at the outskirts of Los Angeles, such news spread. And then, the large force of magic weapons that appeared from that Entrance was approaching the urban area.

It was an army of a hundred magic weapons in total. It was the first large forces since the 2nd Another Universe Conflict.

Los Angeles was safe until now, there was no unit that was stationed there. The ones who could head to intercept the enemy force were only the two people in charge of the Arizona Entrance. Those were Yurishia and Scarlet.

Since before the 2nd Another Universe Conflict, these two were receiving training in the same team, they became widely known due to their high individual battle power and splendid combination.

And then both of them sallied off on this day too.

But, what was different from usual was Yurishia’s late sortie.


“Ah, you finally came! Geez, what’s wrong Yurishia?”

Yurishia caught up to Scarlet in the middle of heading to Los Angeles.

“Sorry. I couldn’t make contact because of the transmission malfunction.”

“Ah, I see. We are already quite near to the Entrance from here.”

The mysterious wall that spitted out magic weapons from AU. That thing which was called as Entrance caused transmission malfunction, there were a lot of cases where they couldn’t contact the base once they sortied.

“Just before I sortied, a new order came in.”

“Eh? Even though they told us to go to LA after this?”

“The enemy advancing to Los Angeles changed their direction, it seems that they are beginning to pull back to the Entrance. On the contrary it seems that there is movement in Arizona.”

“I see……so this is a diversion.”

“Yes. It’s just, there is no way we can also leave this alone, I’ve got the instruction to separate into two groups and observe each spot.”

“Roger. So, what are we going to do?”

“I’m going to LA. After confirming the enemy’s retreat, I’ll head to Arizona. That’s why Scarlet, you――”

“Go to Arizona! Roger-”

“――Then, what happened?”

Kizuna urged Scarlet that fell quiet to continue her story.

A bus stopped in front of Kizuna and Scarlet. The door was opened but they didn’t show any sign to board it, the door then closed angrily and the bus left.

“……When I went to Arizona, it was just as Yurishia said, there were magic weapons there. In addition, there was also something we had never seen before.

“Something you had never seen?”

“At that time, it was the first observed category A in the world, a [Dragre].”


So it was that thing which fought Yurishia on the unpopulated island previously.’

“The fighters of the air force and the tanks of the army were crushed like toys. I didn’t know what to do against the enemy that I saw for the first time. Even so I fought it together with a different Heart Hybrid Gear unit that rushed from a different nearby base.”

Scarlet put strength into her crossed fingers.

“Combining our strength, we cornered the Dragre until there was only a little left to do. But, when we reached that point……everyone used up their strength, their energy ran out in succession and became unable to move. The mouth of the Dragre opened towards me, and I could see the flame gathering inside that mouth. If that flame was fired, that’s the end. I prayed to god.”

Scarlet lifted her face and looked up to the night sky.

“Then she appeared there.”

Scarlet narrowed her eyes at the night sky where there was nothing.

“It was a golden light that was like the fury of god. That radiance which fell down from the sky exterminated the Dragre in one attack. And then, the cloud split and she descended……Yurishia Farandole.”

Scarlet’s eyes were looking at that scene.

“It was completely like the descent of an angel. You must think that it’s an exaggerated clichéd expression but……but, at that time we were moved and cried. About how we risked our life, about the sublimity of Yurishia’s existence. At that moment, Yurishia was unmistakably our god.”

Saying that, Scarlet looked down.

“But that was not it.”


“A few days after that, I discovered that the order Yurishia told me actually didn’t exist. The enemy heading to Los Angeles didn’t change their direction or anything, there was also no order that came out telling me to return to Arizona.”

Scarlet spoke with annoyance.

“Besides, the magic weapons that attacked Los Angeles were a lot, but mostly they were only opponents in category-C or D with low battle power. In exchange of that, the opponent that we faced was the A class that was seen for the first time……it was the strongest enemy at the time.”

Scarlet directed a harsh stare at Kizuna.

“Yurishia knew that the magic weapons attacking Los Angeles were weak enemies! She was late in her sortie because she was confirming that information. And then, so she could monopolize the achievement, she chased me away to Arizona and made me faced the formidable enemy!”

“No, wait a second Scarlet. Was that what Yurishia said?”

“There is no way that sly woman will honestly confess that!”

“Bu, but, about you actually gotten saved by Yurishia……isn’t that a fact?”

Scarlet leaned her body forward with a force as if she was going to bite at Kizuna.

“She was just waiting until we had severely whittled off the condition of the Dragre, before taking off the most delicious part for herself!”

Kizuna faltered from her menacing look.

“That whole day, Yurishia became a superstar. She defeated hundreds of magic weapons by herself, the hero that saved the city. Then she rushed to her comrades that were in a pinch and defeated the strongest enemy, the invincible hero. She was given really exaggerated nicknames, the [Hundred Queen], the [World StrongestAce of Ace], it was so fed up.”

Tears welled up at the corner of Scarlet’s eyes.

“And like that she was picked as the ace of the rumored Masters. At that time I realized. Aah, I got used.”

The hung down head of Scarlet bumped on Kizuna’s shoulder.


“E, even though I was……thinking of her as a friend in all those times, even though I idolized her, even though if she just told me so right from the start, I would do anything if it was for Yurishia’s sake, yet despite so!”

Scarlet raised a voice that was mixed with sobbing.

“That’s why……I worked myself to death. Even after Yurishia was gone……I resolved that I will pay back Yurishia one day, and so I continued to fight. And then……I finally reached as far as becoming Masters’s ace……”

Kizuna gently embraced Scarlet.

“After a while……I heard that Yurishia’s Cross, is a gear that shaved off life to fight……I felt complicated from that but, I felt like forgiving her because of that……but”

Scarlet buried her face onto Kizuna’s chest, desperately enduring her crying voice from leaking out.

Kizuna softly caressed her back.

“Ki, Kizuna is……kind aren’t you……you are strong.”

“What are you saying? You are far stronger compared to someone like me right?”

“Because……you protected me from Gravel’s attack.”

“Aah, that one. That’s because I don’t have any good point except my Life Saver.”

Kizuna smiled bitterly.

Scarlet smiled with eyes that had become completely red.

“You were simply blown away just from a single minor attack from Gravel weren’t you? I heard it already, if you don’t do Climax Hybrid, your combat strength is equal to zero, isn’t that right? But, I think that’s amazing.”

“Don’t get sarcastic. Even like this I’m really bothered with that.”

Scarlet shook her head.

“No, that’s not what I mean. Even though you understand, that you cannot match your enemy with your strength, you still stand in front of the enemy. I think that’s an amazing thing to do……I, I think, tha, that’s……cool.”

“Ha!? Eh? A, that”

Kizuna darted his eyes about.

“Because, that time when Kizuna saved me, that time against the Dragre too……when I felt that I cannot match the enemy, I became unable to do anything at all.”


“Hey, Kizuna……can I, be like this…….a little bit more?”

In place of an answer, he caressed at Scarlet’s head, and at her ponytail which stretched out from there.

――And then, he resolved himself in his heart firmly.

Part 5[edit]

“Gravel. The preparation for the attack is finished. We can go anytime.”

On a white sandy beach, Aldea and Gravel were standing still. Both of them were wearing a hooded mantel, staring at the sea. Ahead of that gaze, beyond the horizon, there should be the moving fortress of the enemy, Ataraxia.

“The preparation so we can depart anytime is finished. If we don’t hurry, they are going to slip into a place we cannot reach you know?”

At the nearby sea, a large force of magic weapon Vikings were standing by in a half-submerged state. Around a hundred Albatrosses were on the land, while a large fleet of five hundred meter-class and thousand meter-class battleships in numbers that reached thirty were waiting for instructions on the open sea.

“Aah……that’s true.”

Gravel received the sea breeze with her whole body and closed her eyes in pleasant feeling.

“Let’s send back the fleet to Vatlantis.”


“But it won’t be good if we don’t have any at all……leave behind around two battleships, also the minimum number of magic weapons, send back the rest. We also returned here without supplying their magic power decently after all. Let’s make them rest slowly.”

Aldea doubted her ears.

“Wait, we are not going to sortie?”

Gravel turned at Aldea and smiled, then she took off her mantel. From under the mantel, a showy golden bikini appeared. The gold color was reflected well on her voluptuous brown limbs.

“It’s pleasant here. The sky, the sea too, are so beautiful. We won’t get punished even if we relaxed a little.”

Leaving behind a mischievous smile, she dashed towards the sea.

There was no human presence in the former private beach of a high class resort hotel as far as the eye could see. Gravel plunged into the emerald sea spreading before her eyes.

“What’s with this. Even though I quickly prepared because you looked like in a hurry.”

Aldea slide down her mantel from her shoulder while speaking in a dissatisfied tone. Her supple body was wearing a white bikini with small surface area.

“What, so Aldea is also planning to swim?”

Gravel raised a cheerful voice while floating in the sea.

“That’s right. Besides, even though I planned to make Gravel reluctantly swim with me, but now it’s spoiled.”

“I’m really sorry for that.”

“Really. So……are you giving up on Zeros already?”

Both of their bodies were swaying from the waves, drifting about on the sea that shined in emerald.

“――No. This is because it’s annoying to go to them for many times. This time I’ll have the other side coming to us.”


Gravel kept looking up at the white clouds and murmured.

“They will come. Without doubt.”

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