Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 3 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Connection RemodelingConnective Hybrid[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Aa― I’m tired. I want to quickly enter the aroma bath―”

Yurishia that returned back from the scouting of Okinawa arrived in the lab.

The current location of Ataraxia was far distanced from Okinawa, it was hard to scout using unmanned drones. There, they made use of Cross’s swift speed and Yurishia was directed for scouting. She went until Okinawa in the afternoon where the visibility was good, then she returned back when it became evening.

“So, Yurishia, what about the situation at Okinawa?”

Kizuna stood up from his chair after waiting long for Yurishia.

“Geez―, in times like this, it’s no good unless you first express your gratitude you know?”

Yurishia pouted and complained.

“Sorry. Err―, it really helped that Yurishia went there for us.”

“Myy, then you have to give me a reward then. Can you wash my back in the bath for me?”

“Tha……that’s for some other time, please give your report.”

“My, that’s a promise then★”

Yurishia winked at Kizuna and began her report.

“The enemy fleet that is stationed at Okinawa are two ships of five hundred meter-class and one ship of thousand meter-class. For magic weapons, a total of twenty Albatrosses and around ten Vikings.”

Kizuna made a taken aback face.

“That’s all? Is this certain?”

“Yes, there is no mistake.”

If there was only that many enemy forces, it didn’t seem hard to take back Okinawa but…….

“Also, there is an atmosphere of people living there. Well, perhaps it’s just the AU people though.”

Reiri crossed her arms and pondered.

“Where we concerned, we also cannot use a simple brute force approach……good work. Go home and rest.”

Yurishia lightly saluted and headed to the entrance.

“Ah, I’ll add something just in case, the thousand meter-class is the one that Gravel boarded. Surely those two are in Okinawa.”

Leaving those words behind, Yurishia left from the lab.

Silence ruled the space between Reiri, Kei, and Kizuna who were left behind.

And then, the sound of Kei’s keyboard tapping began to be audible reservedly.

{While the prospect of Connective Hybrid is unclear like this, the chance of victory even if we fight them again is slim. We should avoid conflict.}

Reiri nodded towards the line of letters streaming in the window before her eyes.

“I want information of AU but……the risk is high.”

“No, wait a second.”

Kizuna put a halt when the atmosphere was going to be ruled by resignation.

“Those guys’ objective was Aine. Even if we escape from here, they will surely come to attack us again. The next time we receive their attack, there is no doubt that Ataraxia will receive damage even more than before.”

“……Do you have some kind of idea, Kizuna?”

“We have to launch a surprise attack from our side. Also we have to do it as early as possible. For example, sometime like tomorrow.”


Before Reiri could protest, Kizuna continued his story.

“Ataraxia will stay here. Only Amaterasu and Masters will go. If we do that, we won’t be noticed by the enemy, we also should be able to stop the damage towards the city and people at the minimum.”

{However, there is also the possibility that a large force is hiding at the other side of the Entrance.}

“Certainly there is such possibility. That’s why only the Heart Hybrid Gears will secretly infiltrate to seal the Entrance first. Only after that we will crush the magic weapons and the battleship.”

“Certainly if the connection with the AU is severed, there will be no worry of enemy reinforcements, and they will also be unable to replenish the magic power for the fleet here. We can deal with the fleet and magic weapons like that, what are you going to do about Gravel and Aldea then?”

Kizuna was at a loss for words.

He had no confidence.


The faces of Yurishia and Scarlet emerged in his head. And then also the figures of those two when they were still in good relations which Kizuna hadn’t ever seen before.

“Do we know what kind of Corruption Armament Yurishia has?”

{We can mostly predict it. If we calculate the power up from Climax Hybrid in addition with the Connective Hybrid, most likely even the gunsword of Gravel and Aldea’s Labyrinth Cube can be destroyed.}

Kizuna resolved himself.

“I will do something about the Connective Hybrid.”

“Do you have any chance?”

Honestly, none.

However, if he could realize it,

He could protect Aine.

And then, he would be able to make Yurishia and Scarlet talk to each other with a smile.

“I have.”

Reiri grinned broadly.

“Then, just try it.”

“Yeah. But, I have one request for that.”

{We will do whatever we can. Say anything you want.}

“That is――”

Part 2[edit]


Scarlet rushed to him while waving her hand from the other side of the street. She looked cute wearing white shirt and jean miniskirt. She was also wearing a summer cardigan.

Kizuna lightly raised his hand in response. Kizuna was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. He was putting on half-sleeve black dress shirt over it.

Today was a weekday, but a special day off was given to Amaterasu and Masters. That was why they could brazenly relax while the school was going on. Last night, Kizuna invited her to go playing together through the phone and arranged to meet at the nearest station from the dormitory.

“Sorry, I made you wa――”

Scarlet’s expression clouded. That was because she could see, that a woman wearing sunglasses was standing behind Kizuna. She was wearing a top that was like a swimsuit with low-rise & tightly fitted hot-pants. The dynamite body was displayed even sexier.

“――Hey, wait! Why is Yurishia here!?”

Taking off her sunglasses, Yurishia directed a displeased gaze at Scarlet.

“That’s my line. Kizuna, what in the world are you planning with this?”

Kizuna talked to Yurishia and Scarlet at the same time.

“I’m thinking for us three to go play like before this. See, before this there was Gravel’s attack in the middle and it got interrupted right?”

“Don’t make a joke! I’ll beg your pardon if I have to be together with Yurishia. I’m going home!”

Scarlet turned her back and she was going to return through the path she came from.

‘――You think I’m going to let you go home here!’

“Aah, it can’t be helped. Then, Yurishia. How about we go on a date with the two of us? Your Hybrid Count is also reduced, so we also need to do Heart Hybrid.”


Scarlet’s legs stopped.

“Myy, I’m really happy to be invited by Kizuna.”

Yurishia got close to Kizuna’s body until her breast almost touched.

“Come to think of it, I also haven’t done Climax Hybrid with Yurishia until now. I think it won’t be bad even if we try to test it. If we succeed, your shot down score will surely also increase a lot.”

“Fufu-, the only one that I want to shoot down is just Kizuna you know?”

“Kuh! I, I’m going too!”

“My? It’s better for a kid to not come along you know? From here on is the time for adults after all.”

“I’m sixteen years old! I’m not a child anymore. You yourself don’t look like a high schooler. Aren’t you actually 27 years old?”

“Now now, anyway let’s ride the underground train first to move to the commercial facility.”

“Subway? Rather than using that, I’ll call a car right now.”

Yurishia tried to call a taxi and took out her smartphone from her bag.

“Aah no……can we not use a taxi for today?”

Kizuna stopped Yurishia with a troubled face.

Scarlet took the hand of such Kizuna and began to go down the stair toward the subway.

“No way, just no, this is why the rich is so annoying. Let’s go with just us using the train.”

“What’s with you. Even though I just want to travel comfortably.”

Yurishia also got down the stairs while complaining. Twenty meters underground, they arrived at the subway platform.

“It’s really empty isn’t it? There is no one here aside from us.”

It was exactly as Scarlet said, there was not a single soul on the platform.

“This is the afternoon on a weekday. Isn’t this only usual?”

“I guess, even we usually are in class at this kind of time.”

While they were talking, the underground train slid into the platform. They also couldn’t see anyone inside the train.

“For some reason, this feels like a pointless waste of energy.”

Scarlet talked in amazement and boarded the subway.

This train was in belt line that ran along the outer circumference of Ataraxia. It was supposed to be crowded when it was the time for commuting to work and school, but right now it was completely empty.

“It’s like we have reserved it.”

Yurishia sat at the left side of Kizuna and she naturally put her hand on Kizuna’s knee.


“Hm? Something the matter?”

She smiled at Kizuna who was narrowing his eyes. Even during such exchange, Yurishia’s right hand was stroking Kizuna’s thigh. Her hand was crawling around affectionately, from above his thigh until the inner part. Her hand was going up little by little, doing a fairly dangerous near-miss.

“Wa, wait! What indecent things are you doing in a public place like this!”

Scarlet yelled angrily with a face red from anger and embarrassment.

“Isn’t it fine? There is no one anywhere, this public people you are talking about.”

As far as the eye could see, there was no shadow of a person even on the other train.

“That, that might be true but……wait, I’m right here!”

“Your face becomes really red. If you’re like that, then it’s impossible to do Heart Hybrid you know?”

“You don’t know anything of that! Listen? Next time that woman Gravel comes again, I will be the one who defeats her. I will take revenge for my comrades, so you don’t interfere. After all you have snatched a lot of accomplishments from us already!”

Yurishia was smiling composedly as always. But, for Kizuna, her expression looked slightly clouded.

“For you……that’s impossible. Next time I will also equip Corruption Armament, so just leave the enemy’s magic armor to me.”

“That attitude of yours, looking down on other people like that, I――!?”


The subway suddenly halted. Their bodies collapsed towards the train’s travelling direction while they were still sitting. Yurishia’s body leaned on top of Kizuna due to the law of inertia. Scarlet’s balance crumbled and she fell to the floor, and like that she kept sliding on the floor.

And then there was a smacking sound, before the lighting vanished. The inside of the train was enveloped in darkness.

“This is……not a normal thing isn’t it?”

Yurishia whispered with a calm voice.

The red light for emergency use inside the train turned on. At the same time, the electronic papers that were hung up for advertisement changed into warning displays all at once.

{Announcement of aerial attack warning. The train is now stopped en route. This place now becomes a shelter so it is safe. Please act calmly.}

Text flowed onto the electronic paper and they could hear the announcer’s synthetic voice from the speaker.

Ringtone from Kizuna’s smartphone rang out.

{Kizuna, can you hear me?}

“Nee-chan! What in the world is going on?”

{Gravel is coming to attack again. Unfortunately, the initiative is taken from us.}

Yurishia brought her body closer to Kizuna and talked to the smartphone.

“Commander, we are locked inside the subway. My apologies but, I will destroy the train. Depending on the situation, I also might open a hole in the ceiling.”

{Wait, Yurishia, you are together now with Kizuna?}

“Yes. Also, Scarlet is here too.”

{What? I see……is this what they call fate……you guys, move to the coach in the rearmost of the train right now.}

Kizuna’s face scowled.

“Haa? There is no time to be carefree right now! We have to――”

{Don’t make me tell you the same thing twice!}

Kizuna and others reluctantly moved from coach to coach and reached until the rearmost connection part. Different with other coaches, the door was made from solid steel and there was also no window.

Kizuna faced his smartphone and asked.

“What is this? Is this not a normal train coach?”

{This is new equipment that Ataraxia’s R&D Department developed in absolute secrecy. It is a special train in order to send it to the lab, but due to some blunder you guys are riding the train too.}

“Aah, that’s why there is no one else riding this train! No wonder I thought something was strange.”

Scarlet spoke in understanding.

{It’s a coincidence, but this proves fortunate instead. I’m opening the door from here right now.}

At the same time with Reiri finished speaking, the light of the lock part shined and the door began to slide open.

Yurishia put her fingers on her lips and knitted her eyebrows.

“New equipment you say, I wonder if it’s a powerful heavy weapon or something?”

“Or else a new option for Heart Hybrid Gear? Well, anything is fine! I’ll be the one to use it! Because I’m the ace of Masters……after……all?”

“Wha……what’s, this?”

Based from what they saw, there was nothing that seemed to be a weapon inside the special coach.

“Is this an experiment room or something? Where is the new equipment?”

The three entered the coach and ascertained the inside.

The room only appeared like an experiment room or a medical facility. It had white walls and floor. Parts that looked like device with control panel attached were installed here and there, several cables were connected to each device.

At the center, there was something like a capsule with its upper part cut away. It had softly curved silhouette, there was also steam rising from the liquid poured inside it, it also looked like a bathtub depending on how one saw it. The size was large with length that a person entering it could lie down comfortably in it, the width also made it possible for one to spread both their arms.

A cushion was spread in front of it. When he tried to touch it, the surface was slick and easy to slide on, it seemed its inside was filled with air.

Scarlet curiously advanced inside the coach. The other side of the capsule became a step higher, a pure white bed was installed there.

“There is even a bed inside……I got it! This is a sleeper train. This is really high class.”

Reiri’s voice resounded from the smartphone as if to interrupt Scarlet’s voice.

{Wrong. This coach is a newly developed new equipment, the [moving type provisional special bathroom, the second model].}


The three weighed the meaning of Reiri’s words.

“Wha…..err, bathroom? Wait, you mean bathroom?” [1]


“So, Nee-chan. How can this equipment be useful in the current situation?”

{This is a facility for the sake of carrying out Connective Hybrid.}

Yurishia’s expression increasingly became confused of what she meant.

“Commander……why is a bathroom created for the sake of doing Connective Hybrid I wonder?”

{There are a lot of unknown variables in Connective Hybrid. In order to raise the success rate even for a little, the result of all the methods we have investigated is this moving type provisional special bathroom, the second model.}

“So, what are you telling us to do right here?”

{Manual is prepared at each device, so just follow the content. Until you finished the Connective Hybrid, the other Amaterasu and Masters will buy you time. During that time, you guys have to make success the Connective Hybrid. Escape from the coach right after you succeed. Then exterminate the enemy!}

The transmission was severed at that ending. A floating window popped up inside the train coach in exchange. The procedure of Connective Hybrid was written there.

“What, what? Step 1, enter the exclusive pod and warm the body, improving the blood flow? In other words, it’s telling us to enter inside this liquid?”

Kizuna pointed at the capsule that was filled with hot water.

Yurishia took the medicine lined up on the shelf and read the window floating in front of it.

“There is the step 2 here. Get rid of the excess waste products on the body surface……so it’s telling us to wash our body. In the case that you haven’t succeed until this point, move to step 3, so it says.”

Scarlet glared at the window floating above the air mat.

“Step 3. Rub the special medicine on the body, giving pleasure at each other mutually. This medicine has the function to mix with more than two kinds of light particles generated in the cases of Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid, and then seeps into the body.”

Scarlet paused in her words for a moment and knitted her eyebrows.

“Err―, the specific method of each step is, to become……stark naked, using each other’s, bo-, body, stimulating the other party……obtaining pleasure is, preferable……WHAT THE HELLLLLLL!?”

Scarlet shrieked.

“Indecent! I-impossible! There is no way something like this could be done!”

Yurishia breathed out a single sigh as if resolving herself, then she began to take off her hot pants.

“Wai-! Why are you taking off your clothes!?”

“You yourself, what are you saying? This is an order from the commander. We are told to succeed in Connective Hybrid and annihilate the enemy. This is not a game you know?”


Scarlet’s mouth opened wide for a while without closing.

“Bri, bring it on! Let’s do this!”

She took off her summer cardigan heatedly. Kizuna gulped his saliva from witnessing the scene of two beautiful girls taking off their clothes. Yurishia who had taken off her hot pants was turning her back on him, just like that she also lowered down her black underwear. Thereupon, her white and big ass appeared.

“Kizuna too, don’t get fascinated like that. You too have to begin stripping. In Japan, it’s no good to enter the bath while wearing underwear right?”

Yurishia took off the swimsuit bra that she wore in place of western clothes. And then, she entered her hand into the pod while showing her back to Kizuna and stirred.

“Looks like it’s just hot water. Though perhaps there is some additional agents mixed in.”

Yurishia dipped her toes into the hot water, then she continued entering her leg into the pod. Before long she sat inside the pod and soaked in the hot water until her shoulders, she then turned back to Kizuna.

“My♥ The hot water is really good. Come on, Kizuna too, come here.”

Yurishia hid her breast with her left hand and reached out her right hand to Kizuna in invitation.


Kizuna was going to take Yurishia’s hand.

“Are you planning to go in with your clothes on?”


He looked at Scarlet’s direction with a feeling of looking for a comrade.

“Wa! Uwawawawa-, do, don’t lookkk!”

“So-!? Sorry-“

Scarlet already took off her underwear. She hid her breast with one hand and her other hand was pressed between her crotch while she twisted her body.

“Fufufuu, it’s no good for you to get overtaken even by Scarlet you knoww”

Yurishia laughed teasingly.

But, certainly it was just like she said. This was for the sake of realizing Connective Hybrid. He mustn’t hold them back.

Kizuna began to take off his clothes. And then his hand touched the last piece, his briefs.

‘……It feels like I’m really attracting attention.’

Yurishia and Scarlet’s eyes were shining, focusing fixedly on Kizuna.

‘Shit, it’s super embarrassing getting stared like this! But, nothing is going to start unless I take it off!’

He took off his briefs with all his might. He then entered his leg into the pod while nonchalantly hiding his crotch.

Scarlet was hiding her face with her hands. But, her fingers were opened, so it was meaningless. Her face was half opened with bright red face.

“Ce, certainly, this is a good hot water.”

He talked with an intentionally faked calmness. However there was no reply from the female camp. In exchange, he could hear a small voice that might be Scarlet’s.

“I saw……I saw it, a, a boy’s, is, is like that, eh? Eeeh?”

It seemed that she fell into panic for some reason. On the other hand Yurishia was――,

“Geez, Kizuna is bad you know? Even I am a girl. Against a boy’s thing……there is no way I can win.”

She was sidling down into the water with intoxicated eyes.

“O, oi, Yurishia. Your eyes look dangerous for some reason, calm down!”

There was no place to escape inside the pod. He tried to stand up, but his shoulders were firmly grasped.

“Aahn, Kizunaaa-“

Yurishia embraced him in deep emotion. The hot water rippled fiercely and overflowed from the pod. Scarlet rushed to the pod.

“Wait! That’s not what is written in the manual! Get away from him.”

“My, you are still here?”

“Wha-!? ……Ugununu, never mind that just move away! I will get in too!”

“Myy, I’m sorry. This pod is only for two peoplee.”

‘No no, what are you saying?’

“Scarlet, you enter here too. Warming the body first is one of the procedures after all.”


‘It’s fine to get shy, but can you please stop staring hard at my crotch?’

“Go, got it. This is a mission until the end right? We are not doing anything strange.”

Scarlet entered into the hot water from the opposite side of the pod in order to be as far away from Kizuna.

“Ce, certainly, this feels really good……then after this is――”

Yurishia leaned on Kizuna and embraced him.

“Haaa……doing things like entering the bath together with Kizuna. This is the best.”

“Yeah, but Yurishia. If you cling this close to me, it’s going to get dangerous in various things though.”

“You don’t have to be shy……you are really sturdy……it’s lovely.”

Yurishia was rubbing her abdomen to Kizuna enrapturedly.

A vein emerged on the head of the completely ignored Scarlet.


The exploded Scarlet tore apart the two. Yurishia pushed away into the left arm of Kizuna, while Scarlet was settled inside the right arm of Kizuna on the opposite side.

Scarlet glared at Yurishia across Kizuna.

“Are you listening? Connective Hybrid is performed by three people correct? There is no meaning if Yurishia is monopolizing this by yourself you know? Understand? It’s impossible here for you to take away all the good parts only for yourself!”

Scarlet distanced away Kizuna from Yurishia. Her objective was accomplished, but in exchange, Yurishia and Scarlet’s limbs became exposed to Kizuna’s eyes. Inside the swaying hot water, Scarlet’s slender body and red ponytail were swaying. Scarlet’s head was placed on his shoulder like an arm pillow, from there Scarlet was looking up at him anxiously.

And then at the direction of Yurishia was even more dangerous. There were two white large things floating on the hot water. Liberated from the gravity, the floating things were shaking at ease while being warmed by hot water, making them tinged with pink color. And then their tips were shining with even darker pink.

“It’s comfortable when they are floating in hot water. My shoulders are really stiff because of this you know―”

“My bad because there is nothing that can float from me! Also, hand! Don’t pat around Kizuna’s body!”

Even while being complained like that, Yurishia’s hand was crawling around Kizuna’s body.

“How about Scarlet touching it too? You have never touched a naked boy before right?”

“I, I don’t really want to touch……”

Even while saying that, after feeling discord for a short while, Scarlet’s hand was stretching toward Kizuna’s chest. However Yurishia took Kizuna’s hand in an exquisite timing and got out from the water while slipping through Scarlet’s hand.

“Now, we are warmed up, so next is the step 2. How about we clean our body?”

Yurishia took a towel hanged at the side of the pod and apologetically hid her body.

“Guh, nununu Yu, Yurishia~-“

The left behind Scarlet also angrily got out from the hot water.

“O, oi, wait a li――”

Kizuna also imitated Yurishia and hid his crotch with a towel.

After crossing over the pod, there was a washing spot with chair and body shop prepared.

“It’s a chair that can change shape.”

It was a chair with concavity in it. Kizuna was made to sit there and Yurishia sat nicely in front of him.

Kizuna was in a state where he barely put a piece of towel on his lap. As for Yurishia, her towel was very much wet from the hot water and it did nothing more than hanging down clingingly from her breast.

The towel looked transparent and its width also lost against the size of the breast, so various things were bulging out. Furthermore, the towel hanging down from the tips of the towel, when seen from the side, the navel and nipple behind it, then even until the deep valley under that were in plain sight, it was extremely thrilling.

“Now, I’ll wash your body for you.”

Yurishia’s palm took the body soap, lacquered it on Kizuna’s body, and created bubbles.

“Yurishia, even if you use towel or sponge……”

“No. It’s better to touch using hand if we are doing Heart Hybrid. Isn’t that true?”

“That’s, perhaps that’s true.”

Kizuna’s neck, shoulder, chest, were glided through by Yurishia’s warm and soft palm.

“I, I’m doing that too! Kizuna-, I’m washing your back now, I’m not going to let you say no!”

“A. yeah, please.”

Being caught between two beautiful girls and being told they would wash his body, this was really an unthinkable situation.

He desperately tried to divert his attention, but it was a pointless resistance. Four soft hands were crawling around his chest and back without rest. The owners of the hands were only wearing transparent small towel on their bodies, their immodest figures were mostly naked. It was as though they were competing which one could service Kizuna, they put their utmost effort to shake Kizuna’s body at the front and back.

There was no way he could possibly resist or anything in such an extraordinary situation.

“I wonder, perhaps I should wash the rear from the front side like this?”

Yurishia’s hand was slipping into the gap between the concavity seat and Kizuna’s crotch that was hidden by towel. Yurishia’s hand passed through under Kizuna’s groin and reached until his back. From there Yurishia’s hand that was fully lathered with bubbles returned back while gently touching Kizuna’s body.

“Gu, uwaa! O, over there is dangerous!”

Yurishia’s hand stopped still in the middle.

“Ah. Kizuna……this-……is”

Yurishia was feeling a sensation that she never experienced before in her palm.

Kizuna couldn’t let out any word from the pleasure of Yurishia’s fingertips’ stimulation. Yurishia who noticed the true identity of the thing inside her hand pulled back her hand in panic.

“Ah, err, uhh! I, I’m sorry? Bu, but it also seems to make Kizuna happy so, all’s well, isn’t it-……isn’t it?”

Yurishia’s cheeks were tinged red, she twisted her body in order to hide her shyness.

“The, then, I wonder if it’s fine already for you to return the favor soon?”

“Return the favor?”

“Won’t you wash my body? With Kizuna’s hand okay.”

“Eh? No, but!”

“Remember the reward for the scouting before this. You promised to wash my back right?”

This was unexpected, he never thought that he would make to fulfill that kind of frivolous promise in this kind of place.

Yurishia turned her back to Kizuna and put the towel on the mat. In other words, Yurishia at this moment was literally in a figure without a single string covering her. Kizuna was making bubble with the body soap in his palm that was full to the brim with nervousness, then with that he spread it at the stainless white back of Yurishia.

“Ahn, even my back……really, feels it……”

Yurishia’s back was trembling in shivers matching with Kizuna’s hand movement.

“Hey……who is going to wash my body for me?”

Scarlet murmured sulkingly.

“My, so you cannot wash your body by yourself, what a little child you are―”

Yurishia teased her cheerfully.

“You’re noisy! Fine then, I’ll do it myself.

Yurishia turned back and smiled kindly.

“It can’t be helped, so Kizuna. Wash her body.”

“Hee!? No, you don’t need to do that. I don’t have any such intention-“

Scarlet was greatly flustered when she was actually told that.

“Ohh? If you will be so reserved, then I’ll have Kizuna wash every nook and corner of me like this then.”

“Uh! Thi, this……I got it already! Come here Kizuna, wash me!”

Scarlet was speaking grumblingly, even so she was sitting while turning her back to Kizuna. Kizuna changed the direction of his body 180° to the back while still sitting and turned his back at Yurishia. Doing that this time there was the white back of Scarlet in front of his eyes. Kizuna then gently caressed Scarlet’s back just like what he did to Yurishia.

“Aa……aa, aa. It tickles……yet, somehow……it shivers.”

Scarlet too looked like she was feeling good. At this rate, the preparation for the Connective Hybrid would also……!?

“――! Yu, Yurishia?”

An extremely soft thing was pressing at Kizuna’s back.

“My back has become clean, but the front part hasn’t been washed so……nn, like this Kizuna’s back can also get washed, this is just right isn’t it♪”

Yurishia used that large breast and washed Kizuna’s back. She moved her body and rubbed at Kizuna’s back with her breast drawing circles. There was no towel between them. The sensation of skin and skin touching at each other directly was wonderfully pleasant.

“No way……I, might actually feel it like this, a little. Hey, Kizuna too, wash the front of Scarlet for her.”

“Hiee? Do, don’t don’t don’t! The front is……HAAAaaaAN!”

Kizuna’s arms embraced Scarlet’s body from behind. Scarlet’s slender body was settled snugly inside Kizuna’s arms. His arms that were crossed under Scarlet’s breast were sliding up like that. The shape of her breast changed and the most sensitive part was flicked by the crossed arms. The thin towel that barely protected the body was quickly torn down. The beautifully shaped breast showed a shaking like jelly.


The body soap made it slippery, so the sliding was smooth. He moved his bubble covered arms up and down. Her breasts were pressed and its shape changed, but it was easy to move his arms thanks to Scarlet’s small breast.

“Hii, a, aaaaa-!”

The tips of Scarlet’s breast became bigger. The sensation on Kizuna’s back was also displayed a change. His back that was feeling nothing but soft sensation now was also feeling something firm.

“Ki, Kizuna……I, I, might be a little hopeless.”

Not only her breast, Yurishia glued her whole body and she tried to feel Kizuna with her whole body.

“Me, me too……somehow, aa, aa, my body feels like floating……eh?”

“What’s wrong, Scarlet?”

“Something……around my waist, a strange hard something is……”

Scarlet’s hand circled to the back carelessly and gripped at that thing.

‘――This is.’

That instant, power of imagination and pleasure mixed inside of Scarlet and exploded.


And then Yurishia also put some strength and rubbed her breast at Kizuna’s body.


Scarlet and Yurishia’s coquettish voices overlapped.

Masou Gakuen HxH V03 BW 07.jpg


Kizuna peered at the respective faces of the exhausted pair.

Red light was swimming inside Scarlet’s eyes. And then, golden radiance was also visible inside Yurishia’s eyes. But, that was all.

‘No good. This is nothing more but normal Heart Hybrid.

As expected, there is still something lacking for Connective Hybrid.’

The trust between the three people, then the trust and friendship, the thing such as love between the fellow female would become power in Connective Hybrid. As long as Scarlet and Yurishia were still in conflict with each other, he couldn’t expect any result.

‘――As I thought, this cannot be avoided. From now on is the crucial moment!’

“……Yosh, next is the last, step 3. We are moving to the air mat now.”

According to the manual, they were told to use the special medicine and dissolve it to the hot water.

“I’ll do it. Err……with this, it is okay I think?”

Yurishia mixed the medicine with the hot water that was filled inside a wash basin. She stirred it with her hand, the sound of the mixing was changing into sticky splashing sounds, and like that a viscous and sticky liquid was completed swimmingly.

“Now then, sit on the mat.”

Yurishia and Scarlet sat on the mat like he told them. First he dribbled the syrupy liquid at Yurishia.

“Kyaa, it’s warm, and terribly slimy……it feels good when it dribbled on the body perhaps.”

The dripping liquid slid down Yurishia’s breast. It parted into several lines and traced the shape of the breast. It pulled into strange shape from the tip part and fell on her knee.

Next he spilled the medicine from Scarlet’s shoulder.

“Uwaa, really. It has strange feeling……amazing, my body is all slick.”

“Smear this to each other’s body. It seemed it has high effect when used to the whole body.”

“Fuuhn……what to do in practice――ahn!”

Simultaneously, Kizuna’s left hands rubbed at Yurishia, while his right hand to Scarlet’s breast. He attentively caressed in order to instill the medicine on the breasts.

“Fufufu, to rub the breasts……uu, of both of us at the same time, haaa, Kizuna too is a meanie.”

“Sh-, shut up you. Po, pointlessly big breast like that, is just vulgar, hyann”

Unable to endure the pleasure, Scarlet twisted her body. At that moment, her body slipped and slid away. The medicine dripping down from her body was spreading on the mat, making it extremely easy to slip.


Even though she was in a sitting position, her body easily slipped and fell. The three of them now laid down on the mat on top of one another.

“Geez……Scarlet, this is because you are really lacking in attention.”

“This can’t be helped. Just look how slippery this thing is!”

Kizuna who watched that exchange interjected.

“Do both of you have this kind of rhythm since the past?”

“Eh……no, in the past…”

Scarlet knitted her eyebrows and averted her gaze.

“Oh well, generally our rhythm was like this I think? Above all, what I know about her is only when she was still a rookie that hadn’t grown her hair though.”

When Yurishia spoke teasingly, Scarlet’s complexion changed out of nowhere.

“Yes, you are always like this since the past. That attitude which is looking down on other people. On the surface you look polite, elegant, and kind with that disguised face, but your heart is completely different. You are thinking that humans other than yourself are all incompetent. You are a terrible hypocrite.”

“I guess.”

“――!? Wait, so you agreed! This liar!”

Yurishia showed a bitter face for an instant, but she immediately answered in defiance.

“Yes, that’s right. Because, it cannot be helped isn’t it? In reality, everyone is all incompetent.”

“What’s with your way of talking! Certainly, there was no one that could rival Yurishia in paper tests and also in physical tests. But even so, it doesn’t mean that it’s fine to make light of other people, much less tricking other people and using them, that’s not something anyone can do!”

“To grasp results that surpassed other people is just common sense no matter what world it is. If you are frustrated, then just pass through me.”

“Don’t make fun of me! After all, right now I’m the ace of Masters! My status is higher than someone like you. Someone like Yurishia is not my match anymore.”

Yurishia sighed from being fed up.

“Then isn’t it fine already? It’s fine even if you don’t take on someone like me.”

“Yes, I’ll do just that. Even this Connective Hybrid is unnecessary. It’s obvious that this is impossible with you who is selfish and has not even a bit of cooperativeness!”

“Fuuhn, so even how the Connective Hybrid is not going well is also my fault?”

Yurishia stared at Scarlet with cold eyes.

“That’s obvious! There is no way anyone can give trust or anything to someone who is thinking about nothing but using other people while considering them incompetent.”

“Is that so……I see. Certainly I don’t trust in other people’s ability. When I entrust others with a task, they will only fail that task, it can’t be helped that I give up on them. It’s not like this applies to just Scarlet. I’m sorry to Kizuna, but even Amaterasu is also like that. When I fight in a team, I constantly think like that. I was thinking [Aah, I don’t want to get hindered by these people].”

“A woman like you is just……-!!”

Scarlet glared at Yurishia. It was as if she was trying to kill her with her gaze.

“I’ll say it clearly, at the battle of Los Angeles, Scarlet, you were a hindrance. I couldn’t finish the mission if I was with you. That was why, I made you to go back.”

“Yurishia, how about you just say the truth?”

Kizuna who was lying down on the mat cut in between the two’s conversation.

“……So even Kizuna is calling me as a liar?”

“I’m not saying you are lying. But, there is something you are not saying right?”

“What matter I wonder?”

“That’s right, that thing was also Dragre wasn’t it? The one that attacked me and Yurishia on the unpopulated island.”

Yurishia was slightly agitated.

“You hid that your Hybrid Count was low and tried to save me didn’t you? You even told a lie that I’m just a hindrance that will drag you down to get me to run away. If you are really a human that is always thinking of using other people, you won’t do something like that.”

Scarlet scoffed.

“That’s not it. This woman doesn’t like to have her prey get taken by other people. How can she rise higher in the world, that’s the only thing this woman is thinking about.”

“Are you really thinking that?”


“Are you thinking that Yurishia is a human that is only thinking about using other people?”

“Tha, that is……Yurishia is a rich person, she has been raised without any discomfort from the time she was born until now, so……she is thinking that it’s only natural for other people to work for her. She just cannot take notice of someone like us who are only normal humans. On the outside she show friendly acts, but actually she is not thinking of them as the same human like her. She is thinking that everyone is an idiot and helpless.”

“That’s right. Perhaps it’s true that I think of everyone as helpless.

“Right! That’s why――”

“But, I think that’s different than hating them, or not thinking of them as human.”

“Wh-, why?”

“Yurishia, she wanted to save Scarlet. It was just, she couldn’t think of any idea other than resolving it by herself alone. What she said before, she doesn’t trust of other people’s ability, I think that’s a truth. Because she doesn’t believe in other people’s ability, she expected that they will die if they fight. She doesn’t want to let them die. That’s why she fights alone. That’s Yurishia’s reasoning.”

Scarlet knitted her eyebrows.

“But……if that’s true, then just why did she make us fight something like a category-A Dragre!?”

“Even Yurishia didn’t know that a Dragre would appear.”

Kizuna got down from above the air mat and took out his smartphone from his taken off clothes.

“This is the information we obtained from West USA in exchange of the information of the category-Ultra we fought the other day. This is the battlefield network data when Yurishia’s name was raised at the battle that occurred in Los Angeles and Arizona.”

Kizuna went until Scarlet’s position and showed her the LED screen.

The battlefield network distributed in real time the enemy number and position, furthermore the ally location and gear condition, their weapon utilization state, and then things like the geography and weather situation, all of those data to the allied information system. Based on that information, the strategy room sent instructions to the front lines, and also the ones on the front lines could possibly make the pertinent judgment that adapted to the situation using the information from the battlefield network.

Although with the obstruction of communication nearby the Entrance, it could only be used in a limited time.

Even so, the recorded information was preserved in the server, by restoring that data, it was possible to reproduce the battlefield. The data that Kizuna currently showed was the situation when the two was just parting with Yurishia going to Los Angeles while Scarlet was going to Arizona.

“Yes……certainly, this looks like the data at that time when Yurishia tricked me. Though at that time I couldn’t obtain information due to the communication interference.”

Certainly the enemy force heading to Los Angeles was approaching without changing their advancing direction. However, there was no hint of enemy in Arizona at all, there was also no particular movement in the Entrance.

“The category-A……is not displayed?”

For a moment, she thought that this might be a fake, but this was the real data no matter how she saw it. With this data, then Yurishia too shouldn’t be able to imagine that enemies could possibly appear at Arizona.

“When Yurishia made Scarlet stand by, she didn’t know anything about the magic weapon attacking. And then, there is this communication recording.”

Kizuna operated his device and began replaying a sound file.

{This is Yurishia, the enemy in the urban area had been exterminated. I’m returning after this.}

{Yurishia? You are not together with Scarlet?}

{Eh? Yes. Just a little, I’m alone――}

{Return to the base urgently. An unidentified enemy appeared from the Entrance at Arizona, it is in the middle of invading towards the base. Scarlet and the reinforcement unit from other bases are in the middle of battle, but the enemy is just too strong. We cannot even contact them, we don’t know the situation. It’s possible they might have been annihilated already. Even if it’s just you, return to the ba――oi!}

The transmission was cut there.

“She violated the order and headed towards the powerful enemy which appeared for the first time with her exhausted body. It was for the sake of rescuing Scarlet. Certainly she is self-centered and self-righteous, and she doesn’t have any faith in other people’s strength, but she is by no means a girl who can use or sacrifice other people.”

Scarlet received a shock as if she had been hit by lightning.

――That’s right.

Certainly Yurishia wasn’t that kind of person.

Exactly because of that, she was shocked from being betrayed.

But if that was a misunderstanding, she felt like all her resentment to Yurishia, then all her hard work to death until she became the ace of Masters were denied. Scarlet was imprisoned in her thought that was going around in circles and became unable to move.

Yurishia who stayed quiet and listened opened her mouth. Scarlet returned to her senses from that voice.

“At that time……the enemy was invading into the downtown of Los Angeles. There were also a lot of small enemies, it was obvious that Scarlet’s missiles couldn’t deal with them. Far from that, there was the risk of stray shots inflicting damage to the city and people. If there were civilians that died from Scarlet’s weapon, I thought that Scarlet won’t be able to stand back up. That was why, I went there alone.”


“But, of all things my lie that enemies appeared in Arizona for the sake of distancing Scarlet away really became the truth, I had never imagined that. But, it’s the fact that the result was that I monopolized all the achievements by myself. That’s why, all the things that Scarlet said is not mistaken. I made you into my stepping stone and grasped the seat of the super ace, that fact doesn’t change. Besides……”

With an apologetic expression, Yurishia looked at Kizuna’s direction.

“I’m not amazing or anything. All is just a simple coincidence. It’s also true how I am a liar.”


Yurishia smiled at the awkward Scarlet.

“That’s why I thought that it’s only natural for Scarlet to resent me. That’s why, I won’t make any justifications regarding that. Besides――”

Yurishia stared fixedly at Scarlet.

“Wha, what?”

“That spoiled Scarlet in the past has become this splendid now. There is some worth in being resented like this.”

Scarlet’s face turned red in a flash.

“Wha…..I, I wasn’t spoiled or anything! Don’t say something so irresponsible!”

“My? So you were not always sticking close behind me, going Yurishia-senpai, Yurishia-senpai every time I was speaking something?”

“Hee―……so Scarlet was like that in the past?”

“Wai-……Ki-, Kizuna! You must not believe it! Yurishia-sen……Yurishia is a liar after all!”

“My, I wonder which one is the liar? If you don’t become honest, then your breasts won’t grow bigger♪”

Yurishia grasped at Scarlet’s chest in a whoosh.

“KYAAAA, where are you touching! Pervert!”

“If you cannot do that perverted thing, give up on the Connective Hybrid.”


“That’s right. It’s just a little bit more until the Connective Hybrid succeeds. Let’s do our best.”

“Wa, what are you smirking about like that! That, it’s not like I forgive Yurishia after all! Wait, are you listening? Both of, kyaaaa!”

Kizuna also got on the mat again and embraced Scarlet tightly from the back.

Her nerves were heightened and she returned to her senses, but she had just gone through Heart Hybrid. He was going to drive her to climax even faster than usu――,


Dripping medicine was dribbled on his back.

“Oi, Yurishia. That startled me.”

When he turned around, Yurishia was putting the medicine on her breast. The liquid with highly transparent stickiness was flowing along the exposed breast and crawled down Yurishia’s body. Her state that was lacquering the viscous liquid on her body with both hands was giving off a really obscene atmosphere. The liquid coating Yurishia’s whole body granted glossy shine on Yurishia’s skin, her body that was gleaming from the lighting was very lewd.

“Now Kizuna. Accept me with your whole body okay?”

With a sexy look, Yurishia embraced Kizuna and pushed him down.

Yurishia’s body that was slimy with the viscous liquid was clinging tightly to Kizuna’s body that there was no gap between them. Yurishia’s voluptuous body that already felt soft even under normal circumstances was glued to him even closer thanks to the medicine. It even made him felt that it was as though they were connected into one.

Yurishia’s breast was pressed on Kizuna’s abs, sliding on top of Kizuna’s body in its crushed state. The slick liquid decreased the friction, granting him only the pleasure until it reached Kizuna’s head. The breast’s tip passed through Kizuna’s nose. It was largely pointed, with the beauty of its glossy color enhanced thanks to the viscous liquid. From the tip that was shining from light reflection, drops of liquid scattered in shining splash.

Yurishia’s breast once more grazed Kizuna’s mouth and keep going down until his chest where it stayed there pressed on him.

That was an unbearable pleasure.

It was not simply soft, the hard bud at the center was stimulating Kizuna’s body ticklishly. And then surely Yurishia herself was also feeling it. She knitted her eyebrows and endured the pleasure that resounded on her breast while sliding her body up and down.

“Hey, does it feels……hnn, good?”

Yurishia smiled at Kizuna while also restraining her gasping voice.

“Yeah, it’s obvious that it feels good if you do something like this.”

“Kizuna, I hate it that you forget about me here.”

Scarlet hugged at Kizuna’s arm. Her body was coated with the medicine similar to Yurishia, she was shining gleamingly. The highlight of her smooth body line was shining from the light reflection. Her expression was also changed to complete obscenity, perhaps due to Yurishia’s influence.


She licked the back of his hand and then sucked on his fingertips from there. Then now she pressed Kizuna’s arm on her breast and she slid her body. Each time she did that, painful sigh leaked out from her mouth.

That figure of hers, a girl who still didn’t know about a woman’s happiness becoming desperate in trying to obtain pleasure, looked sweet.

‘I too have to make her feel good.’

Kizuna rubbed thoroughly at Scarlet’s breast with his hand that she hugged.

“Aaa! Tha, that’s, amazing.”

He caressed around from her breast to her lovely navel, his palm was lowering down little by little.

“Ah……don’t, more than that, is no good.”

However even when she tried to close her legs, she didn’t even try to hold him back with her hand and let him to keep doing it.

“Hyaaaua……a, ah”

Kizuna’s fingertips touched her sensitive part. There he gently caressed as though treating something important. Each time Scarlet raised coquettish voice with her body convulsing. And then, Kizuna’s fingers that were drenched with the medicinal viscous liquid were replenished with a new liquid.

Scarlet half opened her mouth while looking up at the air with empty eyes. Crimson light was beginning to rise up from her body.

‘――Nice. Just a little more……uoou!?’

A fierce pleasure rushed from between his groin to his back.

“Fu-fu-fu, you will be shot down if you let your guard down★”

While he was attacking Scarlet, Yurishia was moving her body towards Kizuna’s legs. She embraced his foot, moved her whole body up and down and repeated movement that was stroking his leg. And then Yurishia’s hand was also granting similar stimulation to Kizuna himself.

‘Thi, this is bad. I’ve to fight back immediately!’

Kizuna raised his upper body and reached his hand to Yurishia’s breast.

“Aahn! Geez, don’t do that. Right now I’m making Kizuna feel goo…..dd-aaah!”

He pinched the pink sensitive part and lightly pulled. Yurishia couldn’t oppose that pleasure and her movement stopped. He switched their posture with that opening and leaned forward at Yurishia. He didn’t intend it, but he spread out Yurishia’s nether region and now he was in a posture that forced his way through between her legs.

‘This, this posture…….’

With a bewitched expression, Yurishia raised a desiring voice. “Kizuna……something strange in me……it’s unbearable. The inside of my body is itching, it won’t settle down. More……I want to feel Kizuna close……”

Yurishia lifted her waist. And then golden light overflowed with her abdomen as the center.


Scarlet came licking all over Kizuna’s side. And then her hands circled at Kizuna’s front from behind, and grasped at his important thing.

When he was attacking one person, he got attacked by the other person. Even while he was talking, the other person was giving his body pleasure mercilessly. He couldn’t see even a little bit of opening or negligence.

“O, oi, Scarle-――kuh”

“Ehehe, the weak point of a boy. I completely understand.”

Scarlet showed a smile that was like a little devil. That smile was so inflammatory that he couldn’t think of her as the same character with the girl who didn’t know anything of this just before.

Yurishia also raised her body and smiled obscenely. Her breathing was rough and her body was convulsing in small shivers.

“Hey……we too, are already at the limit……it’s unfortunate, however if we are touched by Kizuna even by just a little bit more, we are going to……come over to the other side of the limit.”

Yurishia and Scarlet, and then Kizuna too were generating light particles from their body. Those particles were caught on the viscous liquid, mixing the three kinds of light.

Yurishia and Scarlet were lining side by side in front of Kizuna.

“The last switch, to realize the Connective Hybrid……”

Yurishia embraced Scarlet’s shoulder. Scarlet too rubbed her body at Yurishia, like a dog that became emotionally attached. Yurishia whispered something into her ear and Scarlet nodded with an erotic smile.

Yurishia and Scarlet lifted their breast with both their hands and smiled.

“See. Which one will you choose? Both of them come with recommendation you know♥”

The two beauties were directing their breast at him, presenting it to him side by side.

The overwhelmingly voluptuousness and softness that granted ultimate healing of Yurishia. Beautiful silhouette with moderate size. The superb sensation of touching where there was the firmness inside the softness of Scarlet.

‘――There are these wonderful objects lined up before my eyes, what should I do?

Yurishia? Or Scarlet?

Don’t be impatient.

Think calmly.

――This is Connective Hybrid. Choice like choosing which one doesn’t exist!’


Kizuna circled his hands to the back of the two and got them closer as though to join the body of the two together. And then, the breasts of the two drew near and the pink summit touched each other.

Those two summits were put into his mouth at the same time, and he sucked.

Sweet numbness ran through the two bodies of Yurishia and Scarlet. It felt like a short circuit which would block the pleasure was going to occur at the nerves that were in the tips of the breasts from the intense stimulation.

Despite so, even more stimulation was granted inside Kizuna’s mouth. He bit lightly with his teeth and poked at the depression of the pointed end with his tongue. And then he crawled his tongue at the whole surface and flicked the pointed end with the tip of his tongue.

“Hah, ahaaah, a! AAAA-!”

The two’s bodies were convulsing, tears spilled down from their eyes due to too much pleasure.

Kizuna then sucked with all his might as if giving the finishing blow.

And then finally, the two sensitive sense organs broke through the limit.



Masou Gakuen HxH V03 BW 08.jpg

At the same time with that, particles of light were generated from the body of the three explosively. The surge of light overflowed inside the train coach and coiled around their bodies once again. It stirred the liquid wrapping their bodies, mixed, and then absorbed into their body. The viscous liquid that contained medicine evaporated at the same time with that happening.

Kizuna sensed the three colors of light particles mixing inside his body and fused. That was a sensation like something which had never been inside himself was now existing in his body.

“This is……Connective Hybrid.”

“Do……does it, succeed?”

Yurishia raised her voice looking at the light wrapping her body.

“I also…..completed it.”

Scarlet whispered dazedly.

“Aah, both of you have worked hard.”

Kizuna spread his hands and embraced Yurishia and Scarlet at the same time. He caressed their heads respectively with his right and left hands and slid his hands through their hair as though scooping them up. Particles of light flicked off from the tips of their hair and danced in the air.

“Yurishia, Scarlet, can you do it?”

“Fufu, of course. I received a lot of energy from Kizuna.”

“I’m OK anytime. I feel like that I won’t lose to anyone if it’s now!”

Kizuna stood up and took out pilot suits from the closet inside the coach.

“Both of you, wear these pilot suits.”

He handed over the pilot suits to Yurishia and Scarlet and then began to wear one himself.

“Ye, yes……but, they are really prepared that there is also my suit here.”

“Yeah. That’s because it had been arranged. We are going! Eros!!”

Kizuna’s body was enveloped in pink light. The light compressed and converted into black armor. A jet black armor with beautiful luster. A gear that contained all color, and so wasn’t of any color. The black Heart Hybrid Gear [Eros] was fixed on Kizuna’s body.

“We are also going. Cross!”

“Roger! Ares!”

On Yurishia’s body was blue fuselage with golden light, the Heart Hybrid Gear [Cross] which even gave off an elegant impression, and then on Scarlet’s body was the white fuselage with crimson luminescence, the vibrant [Ares] was equipped.

However, their shapes were slightly different from what they were used to seeing until now. Armor was attached on Cross’s arms which increased its defensive power, and then the armor at its legs were also enlarged. And then above all, its Differential Frame was greatly reinforced. Its output was increased with its enlargement, the caliber of its particle cannon was also magnified, its destructive power was also raised. And then, its impression was also changed into sharp design, its silhouette was also changed like wings shape.

Ares also had its missile unit on its back enlarged, its fire power was drastically increased.

“Amazing! So this is the power of Connective Hybrid!”

“Yeah, let’s quickly go out to the surface. We will fly following the line of the subway and get out to the surface in the next station.”

Following Kizuna’s instruction, the three managed to go out to the surface from the station entrance few hundred meters ahead. And then they climbed high to the sky in one go.

“Then, the enemy! Where……in the world, are they?”

Scarlet yelled vigorously, but she soon noticed that the situation was strange.

“The battle……is not happening?”

“Hey, Kizuna. As I thought, this is――”

Yurishia glared fixedly at Kizuna, at that time a communication from Reiri came in.

{Kizuna, looks like you succeeded.}

“Yeah, just as promised Nee-chan. With this the surprise attack plan is a go!”

{Yeah. The other members are all standing by. You can depart anytime.}

As though those words became the signal, they could see Heart Hybrid Gears ascending from various places of Ataraxia.

Scarlet pressed a question at Kizuna with a severe expression.

“Kizuna! So you tricked us?”

“Yeah. I felt bad, but it was an emergency situation. There was a need to make you two do Connective Hybrid. Of course, I’ll accept all of your grievances.”

Just when Scarlet was inhaling air to start rattling on, Yurishia interjected with her words.

“Just as I thought. Well, I had guessed this though.”

“――Eh? Wha, what do you mean?”

“You still asked? It was already strange right from the start don’t you think? It’s not like Kizuna for him to suddenly invite us to date, it was also too forceful of him to make me and Scarlet bumped heads no matter how you see it. The empty station even though today is a weekday. There was also no one at the platform. And it was also strange for a train without anyone on it to come, most of all, when the enemy came attacking, there was that kind of coach connected on the train so conveniently, even that was strange. In the first place, will a new equipment be connected to the coach of a train to be transported? Even Scarlet noticed that much right?”

Scarlet’s eyes swam around.

“Hee!? O, o, obviously! I knew already, just that much.”

“Then, you don’t really need to get angry don’t you? If you don’t even have the leeway to be considerate for Kizuna’s mental state which was that desperate, you won’t be able to become a good woman you know?”

“Gu……u, I, I got it already. It’s not like, I plan to get that angry anyway……”

Yurishia suddenly approached Kizuna.

“But, this was really forceful for Kizuna wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, that’s because we want to launch a surprise attack before we are attacked by the enemy.”

Yurishia’s lips got near Kizuna’s ear.

“Is that for Aine’s sake? Or else……is it because it’s true, that my Cross is using my life as energy?”


Kizuna forgot to breath from the really great shock.

“Yurishia, how can you know tha――”

Yurishia touched Kizuna’s lips with her index finger.

“No, it’s fine even if you don’t say it either way.”


“Rather than that, those mobsextras are finally coming here you know?”

Amaterasu and Masters which ascended to the sky finally arrived at the side of Kizuna and the others.

Aine and Himekawa of Amaterasu. From Masters were the battle power addition Clementine and Sharon.

“Yurishia-san, Scarlet-san……those Heart Hybrid Gears! Don’t tell me, you two succeeded in Connective Hybrid?”

Himekawa asked with fully round eyes.

“Exactly! With this the countermeasure for Gravel is complete! Leave everything to us next!”

Clementine raised a voice of admiration towards Scarlet who was throwing out her chest proudly.

“Scarlet, this is a surprise. I never thought, that the Heart Hybrid Gear can really be remodeled like this.”

However Sharon faced Scarlet with a chilly gaze.

“……You did erotic things.”

“Ju, ju, just shut up-!”

Kizuna faced everyone and spoke.

“Everyone listen to me. This is sudden, but today Amaterasu and Masters will seal the Entrance at Okinawa with this mixed team. After that, we are going to repel the enemy of the AU stationed at Okinawa.”

“It’s certainly so sudden. What about the details of the operation?”

“I’ll explain while we head to Okinawa. Each of you is to download the outline of the operation and the manual of the sealing system of the Entrance. Then, we are going!”

After saying that, Kizuna spurred Eros’s thruster and headed to the north sky. The other gears were also following after him.

Scarlet lined besides Yurishia while flying.

“He, hey, Yurishia.”

“What? Is something the matter?”

Scarlet seemed to be really lost. But, she opened her mouth in resolve.

“Look. I’m reluctant but, if Yurishia say that you want it at all cost then……I’m okay giving you the spot as Masters’s leader.”

Yurishia shook her head with a wry smile.

“What are you saying? The leader of Masters is you right, Scarlet?”


“Have confidence. Besides, right now……”

Yurishia shifted her eyes to the figures of Kizuna, Himekawa and Aine flying in formation.

“I am Yurishia Farandole of Amaterasu.”

Part 3[edit]

Naha of Okinawa. The Shuri Castle that was once the castle of Ryukyu Kingdom had now become a castle of Vatlantis Empire.

Surrounded by thick and solidly built stone wall, the buildings were built in the hybrid style of Japan and China. A temporary fortress of AU which was lined up with those buildings was giving off distinctiveness. A gothic-style construction with dome shape that stood at the height of fifty meter was built from white half-transparent stone as the material, making it look like transparent glass, several thin and slender spires were standing in line from the building.

That castle was constructed in Vatlantis and carried here with an aircraft carrier to be established. Right now it was used as Gravel’s castle in Okinawa. Aldea was sitting at the window of that castle’s office.

“Hey, Gravel. I can see something changing.”

Gravel whose eyes were going through the documents piled on the table raised her face.

“What’s the matter, Aldea?”

“The Entrance is vanishing.”


Gravel stood up and moved until Aldea’s side, she then gazed outside. She could see the Entrance that was for the sake of coming and going to Vatlantis disappearing from its edge. And then, it soon disappeared without trace.

“Before this there was also an Entrance that vanished. Is this the same phenomenon with that time?”

“Perhaps……like this we cannot return back to Vatlantis can we?”

Gravel went to the window at the opposite side of the room and opened the curtain vigorously.

She could see from the distance, the figures of the magic weapons deployed on the harbor across the city of Naha, the Vikings currently exploding and falling down.

“Gravel, is that……don’t tell me, enemy attack!?”

“They finally came. Let’s go, we are welcoming them.”

Gravel exited the room with a fast pace and rushed down the stairs. When she threw open the large door of the entrance and came outside, there was the wide garden surrounding the castle buildings there. At that garden, four Albatrosses guarding the castle should be standing by.

“This is……”

At the plaza of red and white striped pattern, fragments of light were raining down. On the red colored path stretching straight from the plaza’s center, a white figure was standing.

Looking at that figure, Gravel smiled in satisfaction.

“Aine-dono, I have waited for you.”

It was Chidorigafuchi Aine, clad in the white Heart Hybrid Gear [Zeros].

“You said your name is Gravel right? There is something I want to ask you.”

“By all means.”

Aldea with a vigilant look was standing by behind Gravel. She was overflowing with the tenseness that if something happened, she could enter combat readiness at anytime.

“Why are you two trying to take me away? Is your objective Zeros’s Core?”

“That’s one of our objectives. But, we are also interested in you yourself.”

“What are you saying I am?”

“Silver hair and red eyes. And then, Zeros, which resides inside that body……you are――”

Loud noise and shockwave suddenly occurred. An explosion occurred in front of Gravel and Aldea, raising up fierce flame explosion. The cluster of flame spread and crimson flame rushed through the plaza.

{Aine! You okay?}

A communication window opened which projected Yurishia. When Aine looked up to the sky, she could see Yurishia and Scarlet flying here. Kizuna’s figure was also there behind them.

“……If I have to say, Scarlet’s missile was what dangerous to me just now. It’s troubling how rough an American person is.”

Aine talked to Scarlet inside the communication window while her body was protected from the flame by the Life Saver.

Kizuna descended down from the sky in front of Aine’s eyes.

“I’m also troubled here with your order violation though. Even though you are supposed to stand by at the rear, you rushed to this kind of place alone, what are you trying to do?”

“That’s……I was a little bothered by something. Rather than that, what about Gravel and Aldea? They aren’t supposed to be opponents that can be defeated just with this much.”

Warning display blinked at Aine’s sensor window.


When they looked up, there were two figures in the sky. One emitted green light, it was Aldea’s [Zeel]. The other one was emitting orange light, it was Gravel’s [Zoros].

A transmission came from Scarlet that was standing by in slightly far high altitude.

{Kizuna, leave fighting those two to this me!}

{We are going to pay back the debt from before. Kizuna and others protect the sealing system of the Entrance. It will be a little troublesome if enemy reinforcements come.}

When he looked, Albatrosses were approaching the place where the Entrance previously materialized. Around that place was where Yurishia and others set up the sealing system just now.

“Got it. Aine and I will protect the Entrance sealing system. We will leave this place to you!”

Kizuna and Aine kicked the ground towards the sky, they headed to the sealing system. Gravel immediately sensed their movement.

“We are chasing them, Aldea.”

However Yurishia and Scarlet stood in their way.



The missile units folded on Scarlet’s back deployed like spreading wings.


Several dozens of missiles fired all at once. They were flying towards Gravel and Aldea while pulling white smoke behind them. The moment they approached near, the missiles emitted dazzling flash, and then with explosive sound that could tear the eardrum, they produced a shockwave that shook the body. Explosive flames that were spreading in circle piled up in layers, blocking Gravel and Aldea from view.

From inside those flames, green and orange streaks of light flew out. Flames of explosion were occurring in succession as though chasing behind them.

“Not yet, not yet! The second wave is coming up!”

From Scarlet’s Ares, missiles were fired once more. If it was normally, she would be already run out of ammo from a while ago. But thanks to the Connective Hybrid, the amount of ammunition she could possibly carry was exceptionally increased. Gravel was shooting down the pursuing missiles with her particle cannon, but the number was a lot and the speed was fast, so she was having difficulty dealing with the missiles.

“This time the number is a lot!”

“Besides, the shockwave is stronger than before-. It’s dangerous if we don’t properly dodge!”

Aldea was also blocking the missiles with her shields, but if she couldn’t take distance then the explosion’s destructive power would inflict damage to her. At the sky of Okinawa, missiles’ explosions opened at succession, amidst it two lights were meandering and twisting in hardship.

Ares’s missile units suddenly became quiet. Heat was ejected from the firing entrance, creating flickering haze.

“Chih, all missiles fired. I’m entering replenishment now Yurishia!”

“Leave it to me!”

Yurishia withdrew particle rifles with both her hands, she also further aimed the muzzle of the Differential Frame to Gravel and Aldea.

“Now, this time I’ll have you two dancing with my bombardment.”

Her Differential Frame was enlarged larger than before, its caliber was also increased. Particles of light was absorbed into the muzzle, amassing energy for the shooting.


Together with Yurishia’s yell, the filled up energy was liberated. Ring of light spread from the muzzle, golden light ran through its center.

“Labyrinth Cube!”

Aldea formed a cube shape with her six shields and slid them in front of Gravel.

The violent light was bounced in front of the shield. The golden bombardment was absorbed by the Labyrinth Cube. The absorbed light was ejected from various surfaces and disappeared beyond the sky.

“As expected, it doesn’t seem like we can make a solid hit with conventional weapon……”

Golden light ran across Yurishia’s eyes.

“The corrupting destruction power sleeping inside me. And then, the weapon possessing brutality. Right now is the time for you to exhibit your power――come out.”

When Yurishia stretched out both her hands forward, several layers of rings of light were spreading, a pattern like a magic circle appeared. She spread her palms and obtained something inside her hands. And then, she grasped an unseen something. From the space where there was nothing, it felt like she could pull out something.

And then, from the pattern that looked like a magic circle, a thick, long tube showed its appearance.

It also looked like the barrel of a cannon, but the figure of its whole body hadn’t really appeared. And then, the tip that finally appeared wasn’t a cannon muzzle.

It was not a cannon.

At the tip wasn’t a muzzle to shot bullets, the tip was narrowed down and sharply tapering to a point. It was a terrifyingly huge nail. With a diameter of 30 centimeter, and length that could even reach one meter from what could be seen.

That figure filled with cold and callous radiance looked like a huge monument that proclaimed massacre and destruction. The length of the whole weapon was nearly three meters. The base of the extremely thick nail was covered by an even thicker steel tube, the whole shape of the nail couldn’t be seen. The part behind it even looked similar to Gravel’s gunsword, a large cylinder. And then the main frame was largely protruding out at the top and bottom, the whole volume was forming a cross shape.

That was Cross’s Corruption Armament, [Ruin CruciformCrosshead].

The instant Yurishia held Crosshead in her hand, all the spec of this Corruption Armament was flowing into Yurishia’s brain.

“I see now……it crooked the space with the nail, there the particle cannon will strike from zero distance along with shockwave, that’s how this work. It’s really a nasty piece of weaponry.”

Scarlet’s eyes shined when she came beside Yurishia.

“Amazing! So this is the so called Corruption Armament. If we use this then even those bunches――”

Cold sweat flowed down Yurishia’s cheek.

“Unfortunately, it looks like it cannot go that easily. The range of this thing is only one meter.”

“Haa!? The weapon of the long range specialist Yurishia is!? Just what’s the meaning of this!”

“It’s useless unless I approached the enemy. But, I’ll win as long as it can just hit. The problem is, how to stop the enemy’s movement……”

Scarlet smiled proudly and opened the lid of her missile pods. Inside were packed fully with the newly created missiles.


“Ehehe, the ammunition creation speed is also in a different level! I will stop those bunches movement, so decide this in one shot!”

Yurishia’s face that was taken aback for a moment turned into a daring smile.

“Obviously. For something like chance, even just once is enough!”

Yurishia readied Crosshead and changed the propulsive power from the Differential Frame to the maximum. At the same time, large amount of missiles flew out from Scarlet’s Ares.

“You two can eat a cage of flame and explosion!”

Missile explosions occurred one after another around Gravel and Aldea. Aldea was moving her six shields all over the place without stopping, Gravel was shooting down the missiles with her particle cannon, but the number was just too much. The movements of the two were completely stopped.

“Yurishia! GO AHEAD!”


The Differential Frame spouted flames. Holding the huge Corruption Armament, Yurishia flew in a straight line.

Inside the repeated explosion, Aldea faced Gravel and yelled.

“Gravel! I cannot hold out more than this!”

Gravel’s mouth slackened.

“To grow this much in such a short time. Just what kind of magic are they using――”

Gravel endured the impact of the explosions while loading her gunsword with a large bullet.

“Here we go Bullet!”

From the tip of Gravel’s gunsword, fierce light surged towards Yurishia. The bombardment of light rushed through the sky in order to exterminate Yurishia.

The bombardment hit Yurishia. However, the Crosshead that Yurishia raised crooked the space at its tip, flicking off Gravel’s Bullet to four directions.

“What the!?”

Gravel’s face distorted in shock.

Aldea lifted her Labyrinth Cube to the front between Gravel and Crosshead.

The Labyrinth Cube and Crosshead collided, space distorted along with a fierce shockwave. The ability of Labyrinth Cube that freely controlled the vector of enemy attack with space distortion was negating each other with Crosshead’s space crooking.

“Aldea!? Don’t force yourself!”

“Just this much is not a big deal, rather than that, use this chance――”

Yurishia pulled the trigger at her hand.


The ammunition inside the cartridge burst. That explosive power was changed into piercing power, the steel nail was shooting into Aldea’s shield while scattering sparks. Crosshead shook from the shooting’s impact, heat and light particle surged out from the ejection entrance.

The huge nail pierced into the shield of Labyrinth Cube.

Aldea’s eyes shook from shock.

The shield that was supposed to bounce back any kind of attack broke apart.

But, it didn’t end with just that.

At the same time with the shooting of the nail, a quantity of particles that rivaled a super large particle cannon was fired.


All six shields that composed the Labyrinth Cube were blown away into pieces. And then the might of that particle cannon pierced Aldea’s body, it reached even until Gravel’s back.

Explosion of light and flame occurred.


From inside the flame explosion, the bodies of Aldea who lost her strength and Gravel were falling down. Both of their bodies fell to the road, the glass of the buildings that faced the road broke from that impact, raising up dust smoke. Small explosion and static electricity sprang forth, the nearby toppled cars caught fire and raised explosions.

Looking at that situation, Scarlet raised a voice of joy.

“We did it! We did it, Yurishia!”

Each parts of Crosshead opened, it was performing ventilation audibly. Heat haze was raising from its whole frame, it could be understood that it was expelling amazing heat.

Yurishia shook her head and brushed off her hair, then she lowered down her cannon barrel.

“Yes, with this we accomplished the vindication of our honor. I just don’t match with a habit of keep losing.”

Scarlet was staring at Yurishia radiantly.

“As expected from Yurishia. You pulled off something that looked impossible so easily.”

“My, what are you saying? This is something achieved by the both of us, you and me right?”


“This is something impossible for me alone. So throw out your chest proudly.”

“Ye, yes……but. In reality, the one that defeated them was Yurishia.”

Yurishia cancelled her Corruption Armament. Crosshead turned into particles of light that were carried away by the wind.

“You see, I was almost killed before this. Furthermore, it was by that Dragre.”

Scarlet’s eyes opened wide.

“That, for someone as strong as Yurishia, how……”

“I didn’t have enough Hybrid Count, to the degree that I couldn’t even equip Cross. Until that time I had never felt the sensation of death creeping on me. No matter what the situation, no matter against any kind of enemy, I had never lost my composure. However, that time was different. I was really prepared that it was my last.”

Yurishia directed her face to the direction of a mountain, where the Entrance was at.

“At that time there was a person that came to save me. He was laughably weak, ignorant, powerless, without even any experience. He was exactly a person that could be called incompetent.”

‘――That’s……somehow, I also have an idea of someone like that.’

Scarlet too was staring at the same direction as Yurishia with moist eyes.

“But, I was saved by someone like that. Since then, my mood keeps going crazy. Things like my sense of values, my way of thinking, they became not really comprehensible.”

Scarlet peered into Yurishia’s face from the side. Yurishia’s eyes were the eyes of a girl in love.

“That’s why, I’m thinking to try trusting people right now. I still cannot really do it though. Even in someone that I think as not having ability, in actuality that person might have something that I cannot do――”


“Is something the matter, Scarlet?”

“No. I’m just thinking that I might be similar to Yurishia only in that kind of aspect.”

? sign floated above Yurishia’s head and she tilted her head.

“Nevertheless, to remodel even as far as Yurishia’s heart……Eros is really terrifying.”

“What’s with that? If you have something to say, then say it clearly.”

“Nope, nothing. It’s just, I think that I’ve made a new target to compete over with Yurishia.”

“What’s with that?”

At that time, the complexion of the smiling Scarlet changed.


Inside the rising dust cloud, orange light was shining. From inside the gradually clearing smoke, a human silhouette appeared. Cheek that was dirtied by soot. Dragging along armor with cracks entering it that even now it looked like it was going to crumble down, Gravel showed her appearance. In her arms, she was carrying Aldea who wasn’t making a single movement.

Yurishia’s back trembled.

“That’s……how can she not fall from that?”

Gravel laid down Aldea at the base of a roadside tree, then she looked up at Yurishia.

“I thought that I mustn’t use this in Lemuria, but now I cannot say that. I’ll face you with all my power.”

Gravel made a symbolic gesture with her left hand and concentrated her mind. Thereupon, light particles floated from Gravel’s body. The orange particles that displayed beautiful radiance were drifting in the air. And then when she waved her left hand to the side, a magic circle appeared as though following her hand.

Gravel plunged her right hand into the magic circle. And then she grasped something and pulled it out.


She was gripping something like a sword handle. The magic circle was gradually separating from Gravel, making its true identity clear.

Orange light ran through Gravel’s eyes. She lightly brandished the new weapon in her hand.

“This is, my true weapon [Gunsword Unconventional WheelSword Gatling]!”

To call that as gunsword was imposing, heavy, and brutal. It had six large caliber barrels, lined up in round shape. At the inside of that circle, a cross shaped sword with a form like the tip of a plus screwdriver was emitting dull light.

Sweat was flowing down Yurishia’s cheek.

‘――That way of materializing just now, that imposing shape, don’t tell me that’s also a Corruption Armament?’

“Wha, what are we going to do? The Corruption Armament? You have to take it out once more!”

“No good. Either way, I don’t have anymore energy.”

“The, then……what to do?”

Gravel prepared her Sword Gatling. Light particles were absorbed into the dark gun muzzles one after another, it was charging the energy for a bombardment.

“We can do nothing as we are now.”


Gravel pulled the trigger of the Sword Gatling. It emitted an intense light, from the six gun muzzles and the cross sword, full charged bombardment was fired all at once.

It was a bombardment that would erase even Heart Hybrid Gear if it hit directly. Such thing approached in front of the two instantly and impacted. Terrific explosion sound and undulating light were spreading to the sky.

However, the impact and also pain hadn’t reached Yurishia and Scarlet’s bodies yet.


Kizuna was standing in the way in front of Yurishia and Scarlet.


Kizuna was deploying Life Saver, but even now it looked like it would be breaking.

Yurishia wasted no time putting her hand to the front, overlapping her Life Saver with Kizuna’s in one more layer.


Scarlet too reacted to the voice calling her. The total of three Life Savers were blocking the Sword Gatling’s full power bombardment.

Even so they couldn’t block the bombardment of the Sword Gatling.


The view in front of their eyes became pure white and they couldn’t see anything.

The three layers of Life Saver broke apart, the impact blown off the bodies of all three of them. The three bodies plunged through a building with the momentum of being thrown, they destroyed the roof of private houses and crashed to the ground.

“Kuh! E, everyone, are you safe!?”

Yurishia and Scarlet lost consciousness inside rubble. Kizuna opened his floating window and sent a communication to Himekawa that was dealing with the battleship at the harbor.

“This is Kizuna! Himekawa? Yurishia and Scarlet are fainting in my current position. Come here to recover them on the double!”

{Ha? What is the situation there? Kizuna-kun, what are you doing?}

He tried to explain, but he could see Gravel’s figure coming down here. He cut the communication and confronted Gravel.

“You are the young man wearing the magic armor before this……I don’t have any business with powerless fellows like you. Get back if you don’t want to die.”

Kizuna sent a glance at the fainting Yurishia and Scarlet.

‘――I got to pull apart Gravel from this place first. If it’s Himekawa, she will undoubtedly follow my intention.’

“I don’t want to die, but there is something I want to talk. I have two things I want to ask. Do you know of a human called Hida Nayuta?”

“Who knows. I also don’t have any obligation to answer.”

Gravel readied her Sword Gatling and pointed the tip at Kizuna.

“The second one. Why are you trying to take Aine away?”

Gravel’s expression changed.

“I should have said already that I don’t have any obligation to answer.”

The Sword Gatling began to rotate at high speed.

‘――This woman is really dangerous. However――,’

“Mode Cross!”

Due to the Connective Hybrid, Eros obtained the same effect like with Climax Hybrid. Eros’s luminescence changed into golden color, the ability of Yurishia’s Cross now resided in Kizuna’s Heart Hybrid Gear.

“Come, Gravel! Let’s have a match one more time!”

He kicked the ground and ignited his thruster. Kizuna’s body flew as if sliding through the main street, after that Gravel came chasing him.

‘――Nice, it’s going well.’

However the Sword Gatling was rotating, bullets of light were firing in succession from its tips. Those bullets were blowing away traffic lights and opened holes in the buildings. As though they were chasing after Kizuna, holes were opened in the street. Concrete was burst open, and fragments of glass scattered everywhere. Exactly like the name said, rapid firing that was like a gatling cannon was destroying the city.

‘Shit-! It’s not as powerful as the charged shot from before, but the city is going to be full of holes like this. Besides, I’m going to get shot down at this rate.’

Kizuna made a sudden turn of direction at a forked road and took a distance of one block from Gravel.

‘She should come from above――!?’

Kizuna’s expectation was betrayed, he received cannon bullets that were like rain right from the side. It was like the building separating them was utterly irrelevant, the Sword Gatling was rapidly firing at him. Concrete and steel frame were smashed like jokes and bullets came flying towards Kizuna.

‘Damn it, what should I……wait?

That time I did Climax Hybrid with Himekawa……I could create a sword to use. Something, like that?’

Kizuna stopped his movement at an intersection, he was facing Gravel that appeared at the other end of the street.

“Have you resigned yourselves, young man?”

“My name is Kizuna. Also, what I decided is not resignation, it’s resolve.”


‘It’s pointless if it’s Eros’s standard equipment.

What I need is a firepower that can win against that Gravel’s weapon.

Gun, rifle, artillery, rapid fire cannon, missile, railgun, particle cannon, Differential Frame,’

“I want them!”

The instant he shouted so, a change was born in Eros’s armor.

“Wha-……what the hell?”

Gravel doubted her eyes.

From Kizuna’s behind, an artillery appeared. It looked like something folded up on his back, but it looked natural deployed like that. Next a railgun appeared, then it was a particle cannon next, and then a Differential Frame.

Gravel received a shock looking at how weapons were born from Kizuna’s Eros.

“I, impossible-……!”

Just where were all those things got loaded inside that thin armor, she wondered. Shape changing and compression……no, this surpassed such boundary. Then, Corruption Armament? Such thing was exactly impossible!

Eros that didn’t have any weapon at all was transforming into a cluster of heavy weaponry.

“Are you saying that you are shouldering a single force on your back!”

Gravel’s Sword Gatling began to rotate.

“Go! Sword Gatling!”

Bullets where each single one could rival the Bullet were fired in rapid succession.

Each time the bullets impacted on Kizuna’s surrounding, depression occurred on the street. The buildings around them were blown away, fire was spreading everywhere.


The mountain of heavy weapons waiting on Kizuna’s back spouted fires all at once.

A tremendous bombardment battle was unfolding.

There was no tactic or anything.

They were just merely, simply, shooting at each other with all their strength, it was a battle that was like a childish squabble.

In the blink of an eye, their surroundings were transformed into a burnt field.

The Life Saver unfolded in front of Kizuna began to creak. He stretched his hand forward and supported it.

“Shit! I’m getting pushed back!”

‘Not yet, it’s still not enough.


Give me more firepower!

For example, right. The missile barrage that Scarlet’s Ares has. I want that!’

At that moment, something rushed through Kizuna’s mind.

And then, words were naturally spun and came out from his mouth.

“Hybrid Mode!!”

Particles of light rushed around inside Kizuna. The ability obtained from the Connective Hybrid was dragging out that radiance. And then, reconstruction. On Kizuna’s back, the huge missile units equipped on Ares were created one after another, building a towering defensive wall of weapon.

“Wha-, still……it’s still increasing!?”


The large missiles that were fired all at once exploded all around Gravel. Shockwave threatened Gravel’s Life Saver. And then, the Differential Frame at full power fired the large caliber particle cannon.

Sweat flowed down Gravel’s cheek.

‘――No good. The material’s amount is just too different! I’ll be pressed down at this rate!’

She could easily defeat him with a single shot of charged Sword Gatling. However, if she stopped her bombardment even just for a second, she would be done in at that instant!

Shivers ran across Gravel’s back.

‘What’s this, emotion?


“Terror? This me?”

Gravel looked at the figure of the black magic armor across the bombardment that filled her sight.

Her instinct as a soldier told her, that thing was dangerous.


Gravel ignited her thruster.

‘At this rate I will lose. But, the enemy has nothing but artillery as his weapon. If I can get near and cut him down with Sword Gatling, it will be my victory! Even if my magic armor breaks, or my body is torn open, who cares about that!’


Gravel raised a roar.

Kizuna’s instincts let out danger signal at the approaching enemy.

‘――She is coming.

If that sword reached, I’m dead.

If I can shot her down before that I’ll win――but,’

The hair on Kizuna’s whole body was standing on end.

‘No, that woman is coming.

Even if she die, even if her heart stopped, her soul will send that sword until it reach me.

I don’t have weapon for close range.

Weapon that can compete with that sword physically――’



Himekawa finally arrived after hearing that communication before.

Gravel was approaching close.

She was moving in defiance of bullets and particle cannons.

Gravel’s naked blade was approaching.

‘I don’t――no,

I have.

A sword that can match the enemy.’

Kizuna raised the index finger of the hand that was supporting the Life Saver, and dropped it down.

This time Himekawa had no hesitation.


Himekawa’s Blade flew out.

Sword Gatling’s bombardment opened a hole in his Life Saver.

The bombardment grazed Kizuna’s cheek.

Himekawa’s concentration was raised to the limit.

The Blade went with its fastest, its most accurate until now, toward that person’s location.

Gravel came until the distance of five meters from him.

The terrific bombardment looked like a wall of light.

Sword Gatling’s tip was approaching.

The Life Saver of the two broke.

Impact hit the armor.

The Blade ran past Kizuna’s side from behind.

Sword Gatling was swung down, trying to hit down the Blade.

Kizuna’s fingers grasped the Blade.

Sword Gatling’s strike cut empty air.

A flash traveled.

Sparks scattered.

Kizuna swung Blade like a sword. The blade of the Blade was driven into the side of the Sword Gatling that swung at empty air.



Particles of light ran through Blade’s blade.

Blade’s blade bisected the Sword Gatling. The Blade cut down each barrel one by one, as if cutting butter.

And then, that slash also struck Gravel’s magic armor.

The bombardment stopped.

Gravel’s Sword Gatling was already not even a gun or a sword. The barrels that inflicted the bombardment and also the sword fell to the ground.

The half-destroyed magic armor too, now it was unable to become an armor that protected the body.

“This, is……”

Gravel’s body was pitching forward as though she had used up all her strength.

“Kizuna-kun! Are you okay!?”

Himekawa landed beside Kizuna.

Kizuna couldn’t even answer, he fell on his side at the ground. The additional weapons that he created like a mountain became particles of light and vanished.

“I’m, fine. Rather than that……Yurishia and Scarlet?”

“I left them to two of the Masters. We had also suppressed the enemy, we thought that there is no need to protect the sealing system, so I went here……”

“Is that so……you saved me thanks to that.”

“And, what about this Gravel and Aldea?”

“If they are still alive……we have various things we want to ask them. We should take them prisoner. Although, handling them seems like it will be tiring.”

“Yes. They are precious source of information. I’ll quickly refrain――”

A bullet hit the reached out hand of Himekawa.




Kizuna covered over Himekawa and looked around the area.

Ahead of the intersection, there was a shadow of a person. Kizuna doubted his eyes of what he saw.


The one who stood there, was Brigit of Masters that was supposed to be recuperating in hospital.

“You are the one that attacked us!? Why did you do that?”

Brigit smiled sweetly.

“Why, that’s obvious. The order that I received is to exterminate the enemy. It’s unthinkable taking the enemy as prisoner. If we don’t defeat them when we actually can, we will only regret it later.”

There was not her usual smile on Birgit’s face. She was expressionless like a Noh mask. Her tone was also not the calm one like usual.

‘――This girl, is she really that Brigit?’

Brigit had one of her legs and one of her arms fixed with plaster cast. Her Heart Hybrid Gear was also not covering just those parts. She dragged that impaired body and reached besides Gravel.

“It’s hard to aim with one hand, but it’s an easy target if it is this near.”

“Wait! We don’t know anything about the AU. These guys will become precious source of information! That……I know that you resent Gravel, but now――”

Spark scattered on Kizuna’s chest.


“Ki, Kizuna-kun-!”

His chest armor broke. Himekawa worriedly peered at Kizuna’s face.

“Resentment? I’m just fulfilling my duty. The humiliation that I received……the wound that my body received……why, all those are irrelevant! If you stand in the way of my duty, I’ll kill the both of you too!”

Brigit aimed the muzzle of her rifle at Kizuna’s face. Himekawa laid her hands on her sword’s hilt.

“Don’t move! If you move even a millimeter more than that, I’ll pull the trigger.”


Himekawa kept her grip on the hilt, she looked at Kizuna as if looking for an anwer.

Bead of sweat emerged on Kizuna’s forehead.

‘――This damn girl, she completely lost her sanity. Shit-, what should I do!?’

Brigit’s finger that was in contact with the trigger lost strength.

“……What’s, this…”

Brigit murmured to herself.


A hand grew out from Brigit’s chest.

It was an arm clad in armor. At the tip of its fingers, a small metallic lump was held.

‘――That’s, Heart Hybrid Gear’s, Core?’

The arm returned to inside the chest and vanished. The mysterious thing, was that there was no hole opened on Brigit’s chest, and so there was also not a single drop of blood coming out.

Brigit fell down like a doll with its string severed.

“Kizuna-kun……did something, happen?”

A timid voice could be heard in answer of that question.

“Err……I took out the Core……from inside the body of that girl. Because I thought, that at that rate…..e, everyone would be……killed.”

From the other side of the smoke that was raised by the flame, two shadows of people turned up. One of the shadows was a tall female with slender body that was equipped in armor. That arm of hers was the one that grew out from Birgit’s chest. Her fingertips were holding a piece of metal.”

“As expected, the user will die if the Core is extracted. I got a good data.”

Then a voice of one more person came.

‘I, know this voice.

I won’t be able to forget it, even if I try, this voice.’

That figure appeared from the other side of the smoke. That person was putting on a coat like a doctor’s white robe, she had white skin and long black hair. She looked really similar with Reiri, a young beautiful woman.

“Long time no see isn’t it, Kizuna.”

――Hida Nayuta.

The mother of Kizuna.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. The second words are said in English
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