Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 4 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Vatlantis[edit]

Part 1[edit]

A week passed since the Okinawa Capture Operation.

Megafloat Japan and West USA were moving to the offshore five hundred kilometers east of Chiba’s Bousou Peninsula. There was no contact with the enemy since the battle of Okinawa, Ataraxia also regained the peaceful ordinary days.

“But, the previous battle was a failure as an operation. Although we crushed the enemy, the endgame was poor.”

Reiri looked at the written report while murmuring in annoyance.

“We cannot repeat that in Tokyo.”

Kizuna nodded strongly to Reiri’s words.

The preparations for the next operation was steadily progressed in the research room of Nayuta Lab. The gathered data was projected at the four surrounding walls, the map with Tokyo as the center was displayed on the floor. Lines of light were stretching from various regions, each line was connected to floating windows that floated in the air. Each of the floating windows was displaying various information in text or video. Amidst the floating windows covering the room, Kizuna was walking around in irritation.

“But, the investigation is not progressing at all. If there is no more information of the actual place……Shikina-san, what happened with the unmanned aircraft’s investigation?”

Kei was sitting on a chair that was surrounded by consoles. As usual, no expression could be seen from her eyes behind her glasses. Only her fingertips were busily moving, typing text on the window.

{We are sending out several unmanned aircrafts. However, not a single one came back. We expected that most likely they were shot down above Tokyo. The details are unclear due to the electromagnetic interference from the Entrance. The aircrafts also couldn’t send back the data they gathered, so if the aircraft cannot return, we cannot obtain even a single information.}

“Even though we could scout with unmanned aircrafts at Guam and Okinawa……”

Kizuna groaned with a difficult face.

{It can be thought that at those times, there was the intention from the enemy side to offer the information.}

Like this they didn’t understand the number and formation of the enemy. Even if they attacked with all their might, they couldn’t discover what kind of trap might be waiting for them. There was a limit to leaving everything to chance.

Kizuna suddenly recalled what happened previously.

“Then, how about we rely on Yurishia to scout like at Okinawa?”

Reiri sighed, as if telling him to not ask something he understood already.

“Tokyo is not like Guam and Okinawa that is an isolated island. Even if we carelessly send a scout, by the time they arrive at Tokyo, there is the possibility they will be surrounded by the enemy with the escape route severed.”

{It’s possible if it is a Heart Hybrid Gear that excelled in sensor and measurement ability to possibly scout from long range and high altitude. However, unfortunately there is no one that specializes in scouting, whether in Amaterasu or Masters.}

Kizuna looked down and stared at the map of Tokyo spreading under his feet.

“……Then, what should we do?”

Reiri crossed her arms and answered naturally.

“We can only try to do it.”

Kizuna too didn’t have any answer other than that.

“So we also stop any forceful methods for breaking the deadlock of the current situation… it? Can we secretly infiltrated, like that time in Guam?”

“It’s best if we can infiltrate unnoticed by enemy and investigate. But, they are surely not that naïve. We are going with surprise attack tactic right from the start.”

Kei separated her eyes from the monitor and stared at Reiri. A change that was mostly unnoticeable appeared in Kei’s expression.

{Reiri, I understand that you are getting impatience about the matter of Professor Nayuta. But……}

Reiri glared at Kei as though to repulse her gaze. Kei looked down in a fluster and dropped her gaze fixedly on the keyboard.

Reiri took a large deep breath and brushed up her front hair.

“……But, don’t think that we can make Tokyo fall with one attack. We are thinking to divide the capture in several times. First we are going to launch a surprise attack with the objective of confirming the enemy’s battle strength. Gather as much information as possible. However, you are forbidden to go too deep.”

“Right, I’m not going to force myself……but…”

Kizuna knitted his eyebrows and spoke ambiguously.

“What is it? Is there something that bothered you?”

“No, it can’t be helped that we don’t understand the situation……”

Reiri opened her mouth instead of Kizuna after reading what was in his mind.

“You are bothered by the [interesting thing] that mother said right?”

Kizuna raised his face in surprise and nodded silently.

“Shedding light on that is also one of the missions this time.”

Kei tapped her keyboard to add something.

{There should be some kind of meaning in Professor Nayuta’s action. She telling us to come to Tokyo, there must be something there.}

“Yeah. But, even if we are thinking about it there should be no way we can understand what that something is huh……roger. However, how will you give instruction from Ataraxia? When we get near the Entrance, it becomes hard to communicate right? We can make do somehow with the communication of fellow Heart Hybrid Gear, but how will Ataraxia make contact with us?”

“Gertrude that is in the middle of recuperation will remain in Ataraxia to be in charge of communication. But even so, I think that most of the situation will need to be dealt with by making decisions on the spot. Ataraxia will also separate from Megafloat Japan and approach near Tokyo as much as possible. We are making preparations so we can send reinforcements anytime, but there is no satisfactory backup here. Keep that in mind.”

Ataraxia’s current position and the map of the Kanto region were reflected on the wall. Several lines were stretching from Ataraxia heading to Tokyo.

{The infiltration and retreat route are currently in the middle of designing. There will be no problem if it’s possible to hit once and then withdraw. However, for the sake of our peace of mind, we also want to assume of cases where the battle with the enemy intensified and also if due to some kind of trouble, withdrawal becomes difficult.}

Nervousness ran through Kizuna’s heart.

‘――No, certainly we have to think about the worst case scenario too. It will be ideal that it doesn’t come to that, but it’s out of the question to not have anything that can be done when we actually fall into a predicament.

Kizuna faced Kei and nodded with a meek face, he then urged her to continue.

{In that case, the usage of Corruption Armament adapting to the situation and efficient replenishment of Hybrid Count will become the key.}

“What does that mean specifically?”

{To inflict damage to the enemy, the most effective way is to use Corruption Armament that possesses vast destructive power. However, once it’s used, it cannot be used again for a while. It’s desirable to carry out Climax Hybrid in the needed timing looking at the situation.}

“You mean to tell me, to do Climax Hybrid in the middle of battle?”

{Correct. Besides in the situation that there are a large number of enemies or when the battle turns into a protracted one, there is the necessity to put into consideration the effect of the decreasing Hybrid Count. In the worst case, when someone falls into a condition where they are unable to fight, it will be indispensable to replenish their energy with Heart Hybrid at the spot.}

Kizuna cocked his head in puzzlement with a complicated face.

“However, even though we don’t know what kind of situation it will be, where are we going to do the Heart Hybrid? There is also no way we can bring the Love Room with us right?”

{Regarding that, we have been thinking of a way. No need to worry.}

The letters displayed on the window were strangely overflowing with confidence. Just what in the world were they thinking, on the contrary it only stirred up anxiety inside him.

“Whether it’s exterminating the enemy, or stopping with a little skirmish then withdrawing, what will be the deciding factor is as expected, the Corruption Armament. So that you can carry out Climax Hybrid with the members of Amaterasu without any problem, have a favorable relationship with them.”

“Yeah, I understand.”

――’However’, Kizuna murmured inside his heart.

There would be no problem with Yurishia and Himekawa, but Aine was as usual in a reluctant state. She felt it was scary to have her memory resurrected due to Climax Hybrid.

Kizuna also tried to talk about various things with her to give her reassurance, but it was quite hard.

“There is a bit of problem with Aine but……but we will have to rely on Zeros’s Corruption Armament [Pulverizer] later. I’ll try to persuade her somehow.”

“Yeah, I’ll leave that to you……also, there is one more work that I want Kizuna to do.”

“Nn? What is it?”

“That is……”

Reiri paused her word and showed a worried expression. However, she raised her face as though she had made up her mind and spoke resolutely.

“There is one Core remaining in Ataraxia’s possession. It was decided that this Core will be installed into the selected candidate.”


“What did you say!? Just wait a second, Nee-chan. What you mean by that, is a student of Ataraxia will be chosen to be made to fight on the battlefield, isn’t that so?”

“Right. We have already picked up the excellent students to be chosen. Before the next Tokyo recapture operation, I want the pilot to be in a condition that can possibly participate in the mission.”

Kizuna swallowed his saliva.

A new Core would be installed. In other words he was told to choose a candidate to fight at the front line risking their life.

“Wait a second. The Core……what is its name?”

Letters were displayed in Kei’s window.

{Taros.} [1]

Kizuna’s body stiffened. The inside of his chest quickly turned cold.

‘――Of all things, it’s a Ros-series.’

There were several types of Heart Hybrid Gear’s Core. The [Ros-series] of Kizuna and the others in Amaterasu. The high powered [Res-series] with Scarlet’s Ares as an example. And then the series named [Gra] [Ruba] [Nil] and so on that the other members of Masters were using.

Even among them, Ros-series’ combat ability stood out from the crowd. And then, being in possession of [Corruption Armament] which possessed irrational destructive power was the characteristic of Ros-series. However, in exchange for that high combat power, there was the need to supply it with one’s own life. When the remaining amount of life, so to speak the Hybrid Count became zero, the wearer would meet their death.

So that it wouldn’t come to that, Kizuna performed replenishment to the members of Amaterasu with Heart Hybrid. So that the Hybrid Count wouldn’t go under the red zone, he was paying meticulous attention to it.

But even so, it didn’t change the fact that this would make someone into a new sacrifice.

“……But, Nee-chan. Is it really fine?”


“We, the current members of Amaterasu, were given the Core by Kaa-san. Even Nee-chan didn’t know that Heart Hybrid Gear is doing something like using life as energy. So to speak, Nee-chan is also a victim. But――”

“If I know that and still give out a Core, I too will join the rank of the perpetrator both in name and reality. I won’t escape the vilification as an inhuman person, is that what you want to say?”

Reiri’s tone flared up Kizuna.

“No one is saying that at all! Nee-chan was really that angry about Kaa-san, Nee-chan also said that you had never approved this for even once. You said that actually you don’t want to do this, I understand those words are not something that came out from superficial feeling! But, that……how do I say it, this is also hard for Nee-chan right……giving that order.”

Reiri’s mouth smiled broadly.

“You are saying something impertinent even though you are just a little brother huh. What, I don’t want to act hypocritical after this far. Even if I make someone install the Core, it doesn’t change my responsibility as the one that gave the order with full knowledge of the circumstances.”


Reiri raised her hand and stopped Kizuna who persistently opposed this.

“I also don’t want to use Taros’s Core proactively. However, it’s also the fact that it’s hard to close the gap of battle strength between us and them. A large damage came out from the battle with Gravel the other day. If by increasing our battle strength, the probability to return alive for all members can go up, I have to use that method no matter what.”

Reiri took into her hand the file that was put on the console.

“This is the list of the candidates.”

Kizuna reached out his hand to take the file presented to him. But, his hand stopped right before he took it.

‘Is this really fine? I’m forcing Ros-series onto other people with this. If I do this, I cannot criticize Kaa-san anymore. But…….’

Various conflicts were born inside Kizuna, they were circling around inside his head. Those conflicts were gradually accompanied by emotions of impatience and fear, robbing from Kizuna his ability to think. “What to do?” Only such words were ruminated inside his heart, Kizuna merely stood stock still while sweating coldly.

“Kizuna. This is something that I ordered. There is not something for you to worry about.”

That voice was very soft, carrying a kindness that wrapped around Kizuna.

With a ‘hah’ in realization, Kizuna raised his face and stared at Reiri’s face. There, gentle eyes that were sympathizing with Kizuna were looking at him.

‘――Nee-chan saw the damage of the battle with Gravel and reluctantly took this method. The damage of Ataraxia that received a surprise attack. Gertrude of Masters was seriously injured, and Brigit……she died in battle in the end. Even Yurishia and Scarlet, they almost lost their life.

Who was the one commanding them?


Whose responsibility is it that so much damage came out?

Isn’t that the fault of me who was the commander at the scene?

Everyone was fighting with all their strength bravely.

But I kept disappointing, making everyone meet danger, in the end I made Nee-chan pick a method that she didn’t want to use.’

Kizuna bit his lip and accepted the presented file.

When he flipped the front cover where nothing was written, there was the profile and photo of students lined up in a row. The files had several pages, but Kizuna’s eyes stopped at the name written on the top of the first page without moving.

“That list is lined up in order of their grades and aptitude’s excellence. The current top is――”

――Sylvia Silkcut.

The hand holding the file was trembling.

“Sylvia is the top of the candidates, to say nothing of how far she left behind the second and third places. Thinking normally, there is no ground for doubt. However, the captain is you. You choose who will be added into Amaterasu.”


I’ve to decide something that important no matter what?

Perhaps my decision might steal the life and lifestyle of that person here.

I’ll have to do Heart Hybrid in order to recover the decreasing life, irrelevant with the wish of the person themselves here.’


Sylvia in the photo was making a serious face that normally he had never seen. He understood that she was a little nervous and tensed in the photo. When he looked at the picture, Kizuna recalled Sylvia’s smiling face that was without worry. Her voice that talked with idolization at him was resurrected in his ear. Sylvia came everyday to his room and was too helpful for him in various ways.

He was thinking that he wanted to protect Sylvia, he never thought for even once that he wanted to make her fight.

However, who would he make as a sacrifice in exchange of protecting Sylvia?

“……You don’t need to decide immediately. Take your time. Think so that you won’t regret it.”

Reiri spoke to him as though she had read his sentiments.

However, it didn’t change the thing that he must do.

The current Kizuna had the feeling, that the answer wouldn’t come out no matter how much time he spent.

Part 2[edit]

The sky of AU, in the high altitude above Vatlantis Empire, a gigantic battleship was moving. With its narrow and streamlined shape that cut through the blue sky, it gave off the impression of elegance and delicateness even while being a tool of war. And then its red hull that made those seeing it to feel awe. That red color was the proof that this ship was of the fleet of the imperial guard.

Its total size surpassed five hundred meters, but almost no sign of people could be seen on its hull or inside it. The battleship was also a gigantic magic weapon, it moved following the order of the owner and moved automatically. There was no need of ship crew to move the ship. What was needed was just a single commander that handed down orders.

There was the figure of the person handing down orders to this battleship on the ship’s bridge. That person was wearing a long mantel that was mismatched with the petite body while standing haughtily. She was a member of the imperial guard, Ragrus.

The inside of the bridge was like a living room of a high class mansion, it really couldn’t be seen as the inside of a military ship. The whole surface of the bridge’s wall in 360° was turned into window making the room really bright, the gigantic fur of an unknown animal was spread on top of the marble floor. And then it was combined with the stone tabletop with golden legs and a sofa that looked comfortable to sit at. On the table, fruits and bottles filled with alcohol and juice were lined up, and flowers were scattered everywhere on the floor of the bridge.

On the place a step higher in that bridge, a big leather sofa for the commander to sit was put. Ragrus was standing in front of it and looked down at the guest that was boarding from Okinawa.

“How is it, this ship of mine! It was gifted personally to me from the captain of the imperial guard you know?”

The black haired female that was sitting near the window that faced the direction the ship was moving turned her head back.

“Yes. I’m really grateful to be let onboard in this wonderful ship Ragrus-sama.”

Looking at Nayuta that reverently bowed her head, Ragrus smiled proudly.

“Isn’t that right, isn’t that right! You really understand well even though you are just a Lemuria person. If you have such a modest attitude, then it’s fine for you to be here. But, if you say something impertinent, I’ll lock you into the cell like Gravel and Aldea just so you know! Valdy, you too relax however you like.”

“Ye, yes……thank you.”

Valdy who was standing beside Nayuta turned to Ragrus and lightly tilted her head.

Nayuta was enjoying the scenery from the window with deep interest. Looking at her appearance, Valdy spoke to Nayuta a little bashfully.

“Nayuta-sama, you have few chances to get out from the palace so……is it, unusual?”

“Yes. This is an extremely precious experience. I only listened to the story, I didn’t really have a chance to look outside the palace with my own eyes.”

It was the scenery of the suburbs of Vatlantis that usually she couldn’t really witness. The green rural landscape was spreading as far as the eyes could see. The gentle hilly area was going on, extending to the mountains with snow covered peaks at the far distance, drawing the beautiful scenery of a mountainous area.

There was also thick forest in the middle of vast grasslands, making one understand that the land was blessed with abundant nature. And then, there were cities here and there. Those cities were not something huge, small cities were developed in a fixed distance of each other.

With a glance, it looked like a lineup of Victorian-style buildings that resembled the townscape of Europe. The buildings were all built from stone, splendorous spire and luxurious building and so on, everything was designed devoting to delicateness and with ornaments decorated on it. It made one imagine the excellent technology and culture they possessed, of the wealthy livelihood the people there must have.

However, regardless of such splendid cities, there was no figure of people in the city below her eyes.

“Is there no people living in that city?”

Nayuta asked Valdy.

“Yes……the cities around here, are all……abandoned.”

Before long they could see another different city. However, this city too was deserted, they couldn’t see a sign that people were living here. The door, window, and so on were left open.

“The people are gathering in the capital, in addition it’s only natural if the population is decreasing isn’t it?”

She answered so, but in her heart she didn’t think that this was something natural. Based from Nayuta’s investigation, the reduction rate of the population of this world was abnormal. In this ten years, the population was decreasing by ten percent. There was war, but she couldn’t believe that it was the cause. There was also the case with the Another Universe Conflict, but it was a war where they mainly used unmanned magic weapons, there was almost no human damage from it.

And then the total population was also few. The land size of Vatlantis was mostly the same with earth, but its population was nothing more than one-thousandth of earth. However, from what she saw on the number of cities that had become ghost towns, there was supposed to be quite a number of people before this. She guessed that something happened, and the population dropped sharply.

Right now, most people were living concentrated in the capital Zeltis and few provincial cities. However, even that capital was being approached by danger.

“Ah! We can see it now, the capital Zeltis!”

Ragrus’s voice became excited. As though invited by that voice, Nayuta looked at far ahead of the ship.

What was visible first was the black line stretching straight to the sky from the horizon. Before long, a dyed black land was showing its appearance from under that line.

――Vatlantis’s imperial capital, Zeltis.

That was a city that was like a black armor covering the land. Regardless of the light that was pouring down from the blue sky, that town rejected light and its body was always clad in the darkness of night.

The black imperial capital that was the center of Vatlantis.

And then, further in its central part.

There, was the center of this world.

A gigantic pillar that pierced the sky, the [The Pillar of World CreationGenesis].

It was created from a baffling material that wasn’t stone or metal, it had the shape of a square with width of two hundred meters on each of its sides. That pillar which was growing from the ground stretched so high it pierced through the clouds heading to the sky, its tips were largely spreading in the sky, like a tree trunk that took root in the land.

The gigantic pillar of mechanical device that connected heaven and earth. It was the system that administered everything of this world, the heaven and earth, and then also the whole creation, it was also the object of faith.

As if to protect that Genesis, a jet black palace was surrounding it.

It was a jet black castle that emitted really ominous pressure. Its appearance that was completely covered with black shining armor emitted prominence even among the black city Zeltis. It was like the palace itself was wearing magic armor.

This palace was built for the sake of protecting this Genesis which was worshipped as god. For that reason, the palace itself was shaped attached with armor.

That palace was surrounded by triple layer of high protective wall. In this city that was partitioned by castle walls, the social status of the people here were lower the more outside the place they live was at. And then, outside the wall spread the city where the normal citizens lived.

Each of those layers of city were also all black.

That was because all of the city was built using black colored material. Inside that city, beautiful lights in variety like green or blue were running everywhere. Those lights circulated to wall or rooftop from the edge of the street, covering the city in every way. Zeltis’s black streets and buildings looked much better due to those bewitchingly beautiful lights.

All of those were light of magic power. The energy of this Zeltis were totally supplied by magic power, dynamic force was shouldered by the mechanisms called as magic mechanisms. Those were similar to magic weapons, machines that activated using magic power.

For example, automobile cars in the shape like a horse carriage were running through the road, but all of those were also magic mechanisms. Looking just at its front part, it looked completely like a magic weapon in the shape of a horse, but behind it was a boarding space like a car that was connected to the horse. Each parts of that body were shining with the radiance of magic power, showing that it was a mechanism that was moving using magic power.

The blimps flying comfortably above the city were also similar. They were not floating using gas, they were also moving using the same theory like magic weapons.

At the side of the hull, monitor like floating window was floating, seeming to perform various contact and advertisement and the like. It was flying quite low, but it was skillfully evading the buildings.

Above this city, Ragrus’s battleship was advancing towards the palace.

As they approached the palace and Genesis, the hugeness of the Genesis and its complex structure became obvious.

The Genesis was like an absurdly gigantic mechanical clock. Uncountable gears, pendulums, etc., were interlaced complexly, it was packed full with really intricate mechanisms.

Some parts of that mechanical pillar were covered with outer wall that was applied with geometrical carving. Along with those pattern carved on the surface, magic power light was constantly shining while changing shape. However, by no means were all of them shining. It was as if the light was lacking in electricity, the light was thinning from the middle before vanishing completely. And then the system that was moving like mechanical clock was also moving extremely slowly, it felt like that even now it was going to stop moving.

“It seems that the activation rate of Genesis was going down again.”

Valdy peered at Nayuta’s side face.

“Err……then, as expected……”

“The destruction of Vatlantis is caused by the Genesis that became unable to function enough, correct? And then, it’s thought the cause is the drying up magic power.”

Saying that, Nayuta looked up at the pillar that was even extolled as god. Chasing after that gaze, Valdy too stared at the sky with a serious expression.

“The sky is……lowered, again……”

Ragrus also grimaced.

“I have to lower our altitude a little…..I wonder, is the Genesis really alright?”

Following Ragrus’s instruction, the battleship lowered its altitude a little.

There was no ceiling in the sky of Vatlantis. However there was a strange pressure, the position of the cloud was also far lower compared to the sky of earth. It was as though the sky was going to fall even now.

Such sky was supported by the gigantic pillar called Genesis. It looked like that. However, the surrounding of the tip that was spreading in the sky was greatly distorted, cracks was running in the sky with the pillar in the center.

The pillar that was trying to support the sky that was going to fall, on the contrary now looked like it was stabbing the sky, trying to destroy the whole sky.

On the other hand, at the ground too, fissures were also running on the ground in radial shape with, as expected, the Genesis at the center. There was also place with gap that had reached about several tens of meters at the center. The palace that was created like armor was only influenced a little, but large damage was coming out from the city outside the castle walls.

Buildings were torn apart due to the fissures, bridges crumbling down, streets were divided.

The same with the sky, it also looked like that below the Genesis also pierced the land, trying to break the earth crust itself.


Valdy raised a short voice.

Exactly while they were watching, the land began to crumble. Together with fierce tremor and roar, the ground was tearing apart. And then, the street and the cars running on top of it were sliding down toward that gulf. The pavement of the road, the buildings, all were crumbling as if sliding down on a slide.

There were terrific sound of destruction and screams. The cry of pain of the swallowed people reached until high in the sky. Without even any time to rush to their help, one of the area of the city was crumbling in its entirety in the blink of an eye. And then, water sprouted out from the ground, flooding up the surrounding city.

Valdy and also Ragrus had no word for that really tragic sight.

“It seems that the collapse is advancing again.”

Ragrus felt irritation at how calmly Nayuta was talking.

“You’re annoying! That’s obvious just from looking at it! Or else what? You are thinking that it feels good right? After all, you are someone from Lemuria! I’ll send you too to the cells because of the crime of treason!”

“E, err……Ragrus, calm down……”

Valdy was interjecting in a nervous state. Ragrus averted her face with a huff of her nose.

“Do something about this situation quickly. If not, you will――”

Valdy raised a cornered voice to obstruct Ragrus’s words.

“Ah…..Ra, Ragrus, the castle, you are going to crash……”

“He? Wait! KYAAAAAAAA-, dam dange-, avoid it! AVOID ITTTTTTT!”

One of the spire that formed the palace was approaching in front of their eyes. When Ragrus gave the order that took the rudder in panic, the battleships tilted greatly. The battleship barely avoided contact just several meters from a crash.

“I, I thought that my heart would stop……”

Ragrus sat down on the floor of the bridge from her waist giving out.

Even while almost causing an incident that would end up in the death penalty, Ragrus’s battleship gradually lowered its altitude and landed on the spacious landing place exclusive for the imperial guard nearby the palace.

The hatch of the battleship opened, from there Ragrus showed her appearance.

“Now, walk promptly!”

Red carpet was spread from the landing place until the gate of the palace. Ragrus was walking triumphantly on the carpet. From behind her, Gravel and Aldea’s figures appeared. Both of them had their upper body bounded by a leather belt that was inserted with restraining magic and were locked inside a cell all the time since Okinawa. Blindfolds and gags were untied from them and they walked by their own strength. Hida Nayuta and Valdy were following after them.

Although they were restrained, Gravel and Aldea were acting dignifiedly. They easily overtook Ragrus with her small steps with their gallant walk.

“Hey, wa, wait there! What are you two doing going past me huh!?”

“The one telling us to walk promptly was you.”

“Kuh, no back talk! Do you understand your place? You are a criminal here, criminal! Act fitly with that……hey, wait I said―!”

After Ragrus ran and returned back to the front of the line, she paid attention to the back while walking on the carpet with a trot.

Ahead of the red carpet, there were the figures of the imperial guard members lining up in a horizontal line. Around fifty members of the imperial guard standing in a row, all of them were good looking women.

And then at the center, was a female with an air that was obviously different with all the group members.

The highlight was her whitely shining purple hair, white skin, and coupled with her well-ordered face that was like a doll, she was drifting off a mysterious atmosphere. And then her pressure that was overwhelming other people. Even amidst the beautiful girls lining up, she was emitting a conspicuously large presence. From her mantel and clothes’ design, it was clear that woman was also an imperial guard. However, from the extremely intricate decoration applied on her clothes, and the first-class fabric it used, it gave the impression of a position that drew the line with the other group members.

Ragrus hit her fist on her chest with a little nervous look, making a gesture that displayed respect.

“Captain Zelsione! I come bringing Gravel and Aldea for the crime of treason.”

Ragrus puffed up her flat chest and reported proudly.

“Good work Ragrus. Also, you too Valdy.”

Zelsione generously nodded then moved her gaze to Gravel and Aldea.

“However, it’s a dangerous talk to accuse them of treason isn’t it? What is the meaning of this?”

Gravel accepted Zelsione’s gaze without faltering. Without minding Gravel who acted like that, Ragrus proudly continued her report.

“Yes. These people were intentionally neglecting to report while knowing about Zeros’s whereabouts in Lemuria. Furthermore they headed by themselves to Lemuria and are suspected of scheming to take Zeros as their own.”

Zelsione knitted her eyebrows.

“Hou? What are they going to do after obtaining Zeros?”

“Gravel is originally not one of the people of our Vatlantis Empire. She was the general of a foreign country that is ruled by Vatlantis. She is of a savage tribe in the first place. Surely she pretended to enter our jurisdiction, aiming for a chance to fly the banner of revolution.”

“Don’t mess around! I’ve never done anything like that!”

Gravel howled with an angry expression.

Ragrus jumped and backed off away from Gravel.

“Wha-, what’s with you, yelling angrily like that, the current you cannot do anything at all!”

Gravel faced Zelsione straightforwardly with sincere eyes.

“Imperial guard Captain Zelsione. Do you also believe such nonsense?”

Zelsione stared at Gravel as if licking with her eyes from the tips of her toes until the top of her head, she looked like she was evaluating her.

“So the hero of the remote region is going mad……this is not really nonsense that can be considered as an absurd story. Until now, something like this has happened several times. As long as you are not a pure blooded person of Vatlantis, such possibility cannot be denied.”

Aldea interjected as if to mediate between the two.

“No. When it comes to Gravel, she will not do such things. This me who is a pure blooded person of Vatlantis guarantees it.”

However Zelsione rejected Aldea’s smile with a cold stare.

“A guarantee of someone like you means nothing. From the beginning your eccentricity is something intolerable. You were demoted to the subjugation army, but far from reflecting, now you are waving your tail to Gravel.”

Zelsione jerked her chin and gave instruction.

“Bring the two to my room. I’ll interrogate them later.”

The lining up imperial guard members rushed to Gravel and Aldea with quick movements. The two were restrained by four people each and ten people were surrounding them. They were on guard toward Gravel and Aldea to the degree that they wouldn’t separate their eyes even for an instant from the two.

“We won’t struggle even without you being that vigilant, rest assured.”

Gravel murmured with a fed-up face, but the imperial guard members didn’t slacken their wariness. Leaving behind the four people lining up at the left and right of Zelsione, the other members carried the two into the palace.

Zelsione gave a sidelong glance to that procession before moving her gaze to Nayuta.

“――So, Nayuta. You didn’t report anything to us even while knowing about Zeros. Why?”

Nayuta smiled softly with a ‘fuh’.

“I am a human from another world. Furthermore I’m nothing more than a single researcher. How could I possibly know how important Zeros is for all of you? I talked to Aldea-san only for the purpose of making idle talk. I first noticed Zeros’s importance from this commotion, it really shocked me.”

“You too are an engineer employed by the royal palace. Didn’t such information enter your ears?”

Nayuta kept smiling and shook her head to the left and right.

“I’m not so boorish to prick my ears for the internal affairs of the royal family. I intend to know of right from wrong there. It’s upsetting if I’m thought of as such a base person.”

Zelsione was staring at Nayuta with a doubting eye.

“I see……however, if that’s so then why did you act together with Gravel and Aldea? If I recall correctly, you are supposed to build an experiment facility in Lemuria’s Tokyo.”

“Yes, the magic power plant’s construction is going favorably. The other day too I received the cooperation of Zelsione-sama, I am truly feeling grateful.”

Nayuta lowered her head deeply.

“It was a coincidence that I encountered Gravel-san and Aldea-san in Okinawa. When I went there for confirming the material, a Lemuria attack happened in a stroke of bad luck and I received the favor to board the retreating battleship of the imperial guard. There, the two were also coincidentally in the same location.”

Zelsione crossed her arms looking bored.

“Hmph. Your story seems straight for the moment……and then, that magic power plant something, does it produce result? You have bothered me to use my time, so I won’t let you say that it failed.”

“I returned here for the sake of confirming that.”

“Hou? So it’s complete.”

“Coincidentally this evening I’ll carry out the experiment. If you have the interest, please come to watch by any means.”

“Is that so, then I’ll look forward to it. I have the principle that I won’t believe anything except of what I see with my own eyes after all.”

Nayuta faced Zelsione and lowered her head respectfully, then she entered into the palace gate.

Looking at her figure from behind, Zelsione murmured.

“Even though she is just a person of Lemuria, but she is someone suspicious……Valdy.”

“Ye, yes, Zelsione-sama.”

Valdy answered with a flustered look.

“There wasn’t anything suspicious from Nayuta?”

Valdy wrung out her voice with a cowering look.

“No……none. She, she is really working to save Vatlantis……even in Tokyo, she did her all to complete the magic power plant……at Okinawa, she also told me……to kill a soldier of Lemuria.”

Valdy took out a small piece of metal from inside her mantel. Zelsione accepted that piece of metal and raised her eyebrow slightly.

“This is, a Core of magic armor……you are telling me that Nayuta ordered you to take it out from the soldier of Lemuria?”

Valdy nodded.

“Hm……Valdy, continue to guard and monitor Nayuta. Don’t let anyone meddle until we determine whether that woman’s experiment proves successful or not.”

Valdy made a happy face then she went to follow Nayuta with a light step.

Zelsione also flapped her mantel and headed inside the palace gate. After that her four close aides that were called the [Four Swords of DisciplineQuartum] also followed her. Ragrus who was going to be left behind called to Zelsione’s back.

“Ca, Captain, where are you going?”

Zelsione’s legs stopped, she then answered without even looking back.

“I’m going to interrogate Gravel.”

“Ah, the, then, I’ll go together with Captain.”

Zelsione looked across her shoulder and made a sadistic smile towards Ragrus.

“Is it okay? My interrogation, is a fun time you know?”


Ragrus’s face became bright red from imagining something. A stifled laugh leaked out from between the close aides.

“It’s too early for you. Go home and rest in your room.”

Ragrus stayed quiet and saw off Zelsione and her close aides leaving.

“What’s this……even Captain is treating me like a kid.”

‘I found Zeros, and I even captured Gravel and Aldea who acted as they pleased, isn’t this my achievement? Yet despite that――.’

Ragrush stomped on the ground, then she turned right about face to and walked towards the town.


She stopped walking and turned back at the black luster castle. She looked at the highly towering spire and narrowed her eyes.

‘But, if I raise even greater achievement……perhaps even Captain will pay more attention to me.’

Ragrus turned her back to the palace in resolve, and she began to run to the city.

Part 3[edit]

The jet black castle reflected the color of sunset. The sun of AU was changing in shape matching with the distortion in the sky. The sun that was crushed unshapely was going to sink beyond the sea. Several high spires dropped long shadows on the city around.

One of those spires became the imperial guard’s headquarters. Its height was around three hundred meters, boasting the second highest height after the spire that the emperor lived in. Zelsione occupied several of the upper floors to set up her office and residence.

Inside one of the rooms there, in a spacious bedroom with size of a hundred tatami, four people that were Zelsione’s close aides were gathering. However, their appearances were clearly different with just before. There was not even a little bit of strict tidiness as military personnel in their appearances. All of them were wearing clothes that exposed their skin which excessively made them conspicuously obscene by wearing the clothes on their body. Each of them had different design, but the clothes incorporated the image and motif of the imperial guard uniform in some respects, it excessively engendered the air of immorality.

One of them, a blond girl wearing eye patch was nestling on the sofa. A white haired girl with an air like a lady was lying on the large sofa that could have three people sitting on it in an inflammatory posture.

A female with large scars on her face and body, and a red haired girl with heart mark tattoos on her breast and abdomen were sprawled on the bed entangled with each other.

The sofa and bed the four girls entrusted their bodies on were luxuriously and beautifully decorated with devoted engravings of embroidery and design.

And then, the room itself that was the living room of Zelsione was something extravagant filled to the brim with luxury. The interior, whether the floor or the wall were created from deep red stone, ornament of gold craftsmanship was added on the wall. On the table with beautiful tabletop that was like a jewel, alcohol gathered from all over the country and luxurious meal created by the palace’s chefs with all their skill were lined up.

Everything of those were things that aesthetically didn’t suit a military that fought for the sake of the country and it’s people. The overdone extravagance emitted the fragrance of immorality, this space of Zelsione, whether it was the room, the furniture, even the people that were inside it too, were degenerately obscene everywhere.

But, there was only one thing that didn’t suit this space that pursued beauty.

Gravel was hung in the center of the room.

A chain hanging from the ceiling was connected to a shackle, forcing her to a posture where both her hands were raised. Her legs were in contact with the floor, so it wasn’t the chain that supported her body weight, but she was unable to move freely. Her clothes were the simple thing that a prisoner was made to wear, the top was only a white tank top and the bottom was only a spats.

Gravel yelled angrily with an irritated voice.

“What kind of self-indulgence this is for the elite imperial guard of Vatlantis! Do you understand what kind of situation Vatlantis is currently in? There are also people that are in poverty don’t you know that? Know some shame!”

The imperial guard’s degenerated act made Gravel feel fury.

Once, her own country fought Vatlantis, got defeated, and became a part of the empire. Even at that time, her anger didn’t well up until this much. She thought in the past that there would be peace with this. If her country was managed under justice and ethics, it wasn’t too bad even if they became a part of a huge empire. Compared to having the people’s livelihood threatened by the fires of war and their lives tragically stolen, it would be a far better future.

However, that was the story only if the country was managed justly. The forceful invasion of Lemuria, then this state of the imperial guard, Gravel couldn’t comprehend this.

One of the close aides raised her body from the bed. She was a female with an eye patch that didn’t suit her beautiful blonde hair and lovely face. Her whole body was wrapped in a tight clothes, not a single line of her body was hidden. And then things like her breast and nether region, the parts where they had to be hidden were on the contrary inserted with large cuts, giving a peek of the white skin. The contrast of the black fabric with luster and the white skin which awakened the eye seeing it was drifting off obscene atmosphere.

“Shame? Why do we have to be shameful? O hero of the frontier-san.”

Laughter leaked out from among the close aides.

Gravel endured her irritation and talked back.

“It’s still better if it’s just a common soldier. But you all are the top of Vatlantis’s army, the imperial guard directly under the emperor. Furthermore you four are the close aides of Zelsione, the symbol of fear that is the Quartum! By nature, aren’t you in a position to enforce the discipline of us the subjugation army and the other units? Yet, what’s with this depravation! If you have the time to invent some pretext to treat this me as criminal, there should be so many other things that you have to do!”

However the four people of Quartum were only making puzzled faces.

Doubt was swelling up inside Gravel.

‘――What in the world, is this? These fellows.’

At that time, the crimson large door that was the entrance was opened.

“Thank you for your opinion, but your words won’t reach them.”

The owner of this room Zelsione entered the room with her purple hair fluttering behind her.

The clothes worn on her body should be better called as underwear. They were a purple bra and shorts arranged with beautiful laces combined with see-through material. And then stockings that were suspended with garter belt.

And then, she was wearing armor that shined in silver on her limbs. The unbalanced feeling with the underwear conversely colored Zelsione’s body obscenely with lewdness that was several times greater than if she was stark naked.

“Come on, you also think so too right?”

Zelsione pulled the chain that her hand was holding. The person that was connected at the end of that chain entered into the room.


“Ahaha, Gravel. Facing each other in a sexy appearance like this……guh!”

The chain held by Zelsione was connected to the collar on Aldea’s neck. When Zelsione strongly pulled, Aldea raised a painful voice and staggered.

Aldea was wearing a red corset. It was shaped to lift the breast from below, but the essential breast was exposed bare, it was shaking greatly each time she walked. And then, she was wearing underwear that was a short with terrifyingly small area covered and also red stockings.

Zelsione was looking over the room with a gaze that was looking down on everything except herself, then she sat down on the luxurious sofa set up in front of Gravel. Aldea had the chain of her collar pulled and made to stand besides Zelsione.

“Zelsione……you bastard.”

Gravel gritted her teeth.

“Fufufu, don’t be that angry. Rather than that, you are feeling a doubt right? How about you try to ask this me?”

Zelsione spoke in jest. Gravel felt that her guts were seething, but she somehow endured it and spoke her question.

“Yeah……you all that are the top of the imperial guard are making boisterous merrymaking in obscene appearances, without any dignity or pride, I cannot think of this as a sane affair. In addition, the loyalty of the Quartum towards Zelsione too, it’s in an abnormal level.”

Gravel glared at Zelsione without hesitation. Zelsione narrowed her eyes joyfully.

“That’s because everyone loves me see. They wish to offer their heart and body to the person they love, such thinking is only natural right?”

Zelsione turned at the direction of her close aides and threw at them an erotic smile. Like a pet that was called by its owner, the four people of Quartum rushed to her. And then they made joyful expressions, kneeled under Zelsione, and rubbed their bodies to her legs.

“Yes, we are the servants of Zelsione-sama!”

“If it’s something that Zelsione-sama wishes, I want to offer everything that I can.”

“I yearn for you, Zelsione-sama.”


The four people were speaking passionate words while twisting their waists. They were like puppies that shook their tail fawningly so that their owner would be affectionate to them.

Gravel grimaced.

“The military of Vatlantis has fallen so far……”

“You don’t need to worry, you too will soon become like this.”

Gravel made a sneer.

“How foolish……something like that, is truly impossible.”

“Is that so, then I’ll prove it.”

Zelsione pulled the chain and drew Aldea near her face.

“You can see with your own eyes, how this Aldea becomes my pet.”

Aldea’s face twitched.

“No, no way, Zelsione-sama. Even if Vatlantis is destroyed, I will not do such thi……auu!”

Zelsione grasped the collar of Aldea who obviously hated it and forcibly made Aldea faced at her direction. And then, she brought her face near that her lips almost touched.

“Don’t avert your face. Look at my eyes.”


Aldea stared at Zelsione’s eyes while raising a painful voice. Zelsione’s bluish green eyes was like a clear lake, it felt like she will be sucked in if she stared fixedly at those eyes. Aldea was unable to avert her eyes from those pupils. Before she knew it, her consciousness went through those eyes and dove through a bluish green lake. And then she was falling into a bottomless abyss invitingly. That was a pleasant experience without anything to compare.

“You are my servant. Isn’t that right, Aldea?”

Zelsione’s eyes were shining in bluish green.

“Yes……I, am a loyal servant of Zelsione……sama.”

Zelsione distanced her face and released the chain that was connected to Aldea’s neck.


Aldea raised a painful voice, she then dropped to the floor and picked up the chain which she then presented to Zelsione reverently.

“Zelsione-sama, are you throwing away this me? Don’t do such thing……I beg you, put this Aldea in your side forever……please be the owner of this Aldea.”


Gravel witnessed an unbelievable sight. That Aldea was kneeling and clung to Zelsione’s leg.

“Fufu, it’s fine to keep you if it is as a dog, you don’t mind that?”

Aldea’s eyes shined from Zelsione’s words.

“Thank you very much! So that Zelsione will give me your affection, I’ll become a splendid pet dog!”

Cold sweat flowed down Gravel’s cheek.

“Mind, control……huh.”

Zelsione turned at Gravel with an exaggerated gesture.

“Correct. The ability of my magic armor [Teros] is the ability to rule over the other party’s heart. No one can go against this me. With only one person as exception, just the emperor.”

“……I see, that’s a sleazy ability that suites you.”

“You too will soon become the captive of this me.”

Gravel’s eyes were lit with flames of fury.

“The hell with that! Even if it’s tyrannical, but if I’m processed in formal procedure, I planned to obediently accept whether it’s a trial or even punishment, but my patience can only go this far!”

And then, Gravel called to her magic armor.


She should have recovered her magic power already. This time she might be treated as a traitor for sure, but there was no way she could just leave alone Vatlantis who had become rotten from the inside.


But, Zoros didn’t appear.

“Impossible!? This is……how can……”

Zelsione raised a broad smirk.

“Did you think that this me will bring you into my personal room without preparing anything?”

“Don’t tell me……”

Cold sweat oozed out from Gravel’s whole body.

“It was when you were dragged out in front of me. At that moment, I had grasped your heart. After all it was the best chance when your magic power was reduced and you were weak. For the current you, even if you try to call your magic armor in the tip of your mouth, in your heart you are not thinking of wanting to put on your armor. No matter how much you hate me, you should not be able to point your sword to me seriously.”

Zelsione stood up from her chair and walked near Gravel.

“Fufu, o hero of the frontier, you beast of the tan skin. I’ve desired you since before this. That tan colored skin that doesn’t exist among us……I want to add that into the collection of this me.”

Zelsione’s finger stroked up from Gravel’s breast to her throat. Gravel’s body twitched. Her chin was lifted up by the finger and made to stare at Zelsione’s eyes. Gravel glared back at Zelsione with straightforward eyes.

“Zelsione, if you intend to brainwash this me, then just do it. But, my soul will never submit to you by any means! Someday, I’ll defeat you for sure!”

“That’s make me more and more looking forward to it.”

Zelsione took a whip that was put at the side of the sofa and swung it toward Gravel’s chest.


Tearing sound reverberated, anguished voice leaked out from Gravel’s mouth. One of her shoulder strap of the tank top was snapped, exposing the abundant protrusion of the breast.

“Fufu, you really purred with a nice voice.”

Zelsione circled around Gravel observing her. Her legs stopped behind Gravel, she bent her arm and swung the whip. The fabric of the spats snapped, and the tanned ass peeked out its face from the gap of the white cloth.

“How about you stop this roundabout act……and just put your technique on me already.”

Gravel raised a painful voice.

“No. Such thing is artless. I want to have you submit to me, right from the bottom of your heart. That’s why, I’ll take a lot of time to break you.”


Gravel got goosebumps all over her body.

A satisfying voice sounded from Gravel’s ass once more.


“Now, this is still only the beginning you know? I’ll carve the taste of this whip firmly into that body.”

“Ku…, bastard-!”

Fear and bewilderment spread inside Gravel. Those emotions were not regarding the pain or even about the fate that was waiting for her from here on. It was a fear of herself becoming a self that she didn’t know about.

A paralyzing sweet pain spread from the place she was struck at. Each time the whip struck, her spine shivered and pleasure drove through her. It was a sensation that she had never experienced until now.

‘――Impossible! Why, something like this……this should be only pain…….despite so.’

The sound of the whip cutting through air resounded.


A coquettish echo mixed inside the shriek.

The thin clothes became rags in the blink of an eye, countless traces of the whip were carved on Gravel’s body. However, there was no wound to the degree of breaking the skin. The superb handling of the whip granted pain together with numbing pleasure to Gravel.

“How is it? Won’t the taste of the whip turn into pleasure before long?”

Zelsione put her index finger on Gravel’s chin and raised her face.

“Wha……what, nonsense……su, such thing……is, impossible-“

Gravel answered with a trembling voice.

Zelsione laughed scornfully and put her hand on the tank top that covered Gravel’s breast.


Before Gravel could raise a voice to stop her, that cloth was torn off. Gravel’s large breast fell out in a bounce. The charming light brown globes were shaking to the left and right from their weight. The color of her skin was light brown, but the tip was standing out with its light pink color. It was conspicuous due to its contrast with the skin color, as though a flower that bloomed on a tree. And then that tip was standing up from blood congestion, it was pointing so stiffly that it looked painful.

Sigh of admiration leaked out from the mouths of the Quartum and Aldea who were surrounding Gravel.

“Fufu, this thing is not lying.”

Zelsione pinched the summit of Gravel’s breast.

“Sto, stop it-! Do, don’t tou……aaa-!”

Zelsione mercilessly kneaded the sensitive tip with her finger. Each time, Gravel’s tanned body was convulsing twitchingly. And then, the tip that became hard was increasingly stretching.

“Fufufu, it become this big……don’t you feel embarassed?”


Gravel’s face was colored with shame.

“Aah……Zel-sama, you only play with Gravel……not fair.”

A murmur of envy leaked out from Aldea’s mouth. The Quartum too were also staring at Gravel jealously. Gravel became excessively embarrassed from feeling those gazes.

“Kuh, don’t look! Do, don’t come near!”

Even though something really embarrassing even at the best of times was done to her, but to have such sight of her being seen by other people was a humiliation that was hard to endure. Furthermore――,

“How nicee, Gravel. To be able to feel that gooddd”

One of the Quartum, a girl with red long hair was speaking enviously.

For Gravel, having other people knowing that she was feeling good from this kind of act, was a disgrace so great that she wanted to die.

“Such, such thing……you are just manipulating my mind to forcibly grant pleasure to me! It’s absolutely impossible, for me to feel pleasure or anything from something like this!”

“Yeah, exactly.”

Zelsione easily recognized Gravel’s point.

“-!? You bastard-!”

“But, by repeating this, your brain will memorize this stimulation as pleasure. When that happens, there will be no more need for mind manipulation. Your body will become something that cannot live without the pleasure that I grant you.”

Gravel’s complexion changed.

“Tha……that’s, foolish. Impossible, I, won’t become like what you think!”

One of the Quartum, the girl with a large gash on her face raised her voice as if to ridicule Gravel’s yell.

“Hahaha, now that you mention it, I also said the same thing didn’t I? Now it feels nostalgic.”

The white haired girl laughed gracefully in response to that.

“Yes, I too was also the same. Now that I think about it, I was really a big fool wasn’t I? I was pointlessly resisting……although, Zelsione-sama was enjoying the course of our fall anyway.”

She chuckled after saying that.

Gravel’s face turned red and she yelled angrily.

“Foolish idiots! Even now you all are being manipulated. Come back to your sanity!”

Gravel appealed to them desperately. That was because for an instant she thought, that the fellows in front of her eyes might be her future self. She had to reject that no matter what. Her future self had to see that she rejected this.

However, the four people were only smiling obscenely.

Zelsione lowered her right hand straight from the valley of Gravel’s breast, from Gravel’s navel to her abdomen, and the fingers were slipping into the spats.

“Wha-, stop! Don’t touch there!”

“Hm? This is……”

Zelsione was making a dubious face, but she soon made a cruel smile and began to move the hand that she inserted into Gravel’s spats.

“Sto-, don’t, take away your hand right no-――shh! A, aahnn”

Zelsione’s fingertips dug into Gravel’s crevice and rubbed up.

“Hii, sto, stop it! Ah, a, aaahaaaann-“

Suddenly sticky watery sound started to become audible.

“Fufu, you yourself, what do you have to say for your obscene state like this?”

“I-, I don’t care-, no, noo-, a, a, AAAAAAA-“

Gravel extended her toes and her body trembled.

Zelsione made a joyous smile and withdrew her fingers from inside Gravel.


While the fingers were extracted, they were also flicking Gravel’s most sensitive part. The tan body jumped with a start.

And then that wet fingers were put in front of Gravel’s face to flaunt it. And then when the fingertips were separated, strings were pulled between them.


Gravel’s face turned red and her body trembled from the great shame.

Masou Gakuen HxH V04 BW 03.jpg

“You cannot see it from that position, but your crotch is drenched and the shape of your crevice is really standing out from the honey you know?”


Gravel rubbed together her thighs in a fluster trying to hide her crotch. However in her hanged state, she really couldn’t do that well.

“There is really no meaning of you hiding it. Rather I think it’s better to take it off from you. You might catch a cold like this.”


Gravel’s complexion paled.

“What about you girls too, don’t you want to see Gravel’s hair style?”

The four heavenly kings and Aldea expressed their approval of Zelsione’s words with obscene smiles. [2]

“Sto, stop……only that is…”

Gravel begged with a wrung out voice, but no one listened to it.

Zelsione put her hand on the torn spats and tore it off with all her might.


“Thi……this is…”

The eye patch girl leaned her body forward.

“Well well, my my, this is really clean.”

The white haired lady put her hands together.

“Hee, are you shaving?”

“Buttt, this is just too clean for shaving isn’t itt? Maybe it’s actually not growing from the start?”

Gravel bit her lips with teary eyes.

Zelsione was in a really good mood that she might break out in a dance anytime.

“Is that so, so Gravel is hairless. So the hero of the frontier has her body like that of a little girl. Hahahaha, this is amusing.”

“Yo…, are satisfied already right? Just do whatever you like, execute me or anything……”

Zelsione made a sadistic smile to Gravel who dropped her shoulders crestfallenly.

“What are you saying? Have you forgotten already? You are to become the love slave of this me. It’s unthinkable for me to kill you or anything.”

At that time, the eye patch girl spoke as though noticing something.

“Which reminds me, Zelsione-sama, it soon will be the time for Nayuta’s experiment, what are we going to do?”

“Hm? Then let’s watch it in appreciation with everyone. Let’s go out to the balcony.”

Zelsione threw open the window and went out. The outside had become completely dark and cool wind passed through while stroking the body. There was no star in the night sky, darkness like a flowing ink was spreading above. The town around the palace was overflowing with light, but the crumbled area and dislocated part were sinking into blackness as if eaten by a worm.

However when the gaze was lowered, one could grasp the state of the downtown that was crowded with onlookers. When one looked at the spires nearby, there were people on balconies and faces coming out from windows visible from here. A great number of people were having interest in Nayuta’s experiment.

Zelsione was struck with an idea and she returned back into the room.

“It is pitiful to be left out. Let down Gravel too.”

Following the order, the four heavenly kings slackened Gravel’s chain and unbound the binding. Gravel crumbled down and collapsed on the floor. Zelsione dragged up that body.

“Now, we are going. Gravel. I’ll unveil your matter to everyone too.”

Gravel’s face cramped. And then she looked at the thrown open window.

“Do……don’t tell me, in this appearance……”

“Of course. It’s wasteful for you to hide those limbs.”

Gravel struggled with her weak body.

“Such, such act-……tha, that’s insane! No-! Stop!”

The eye patch girl came bringing a leather handcuff. Aldea accepted that handcuff.

“A, Aldea, stop, what are……”

Gravel stared at the face of her partner with scared eyes.

“Ufufu, how nice Gravel. To receive this much affection……but, I also love looking at Gravel’s cute place♥”

Gravel’s back became cold from terror.

Aldea put the handcuff on Gravel. Her left and right arm were fixed on her back and she became unable to hide her body at all.

The tan body without a single string on it was pulled to the balcony.

“Stop! It’s better for me to die rather than being seen in this humiliating appearance! Kill me!”

“What are you saying? It’s too wasteful to not appreciate a body this beautiful. Let’s show your cute place to so many people.”

“Don’t! Ah, do……no-, stop it-! NOOOOOO!”

And then she was led until the edge of the balcony.

Gravel’s heart was ringing like an alarm bell. She was having cold sweat with bright red face.

‘I, it’s fine. As long as no one notice――.’

“That’s Zelsione-sama!”


Gravel’s wish came to nothing, the moment Zelsione showed her figure on the balcony, the gazes of the people converged on her. Many mouths said out Zelsione’s name in cheering voice.

“Hmm? That’s, who is that I wonder? Isn’t she naked?”

Gravel’s heart felt like it would stop.

The people that were in other spires and also the people looking up from the city below, they saw all of her embarrassing places.

There was distance so it was fine. She was not seen. That was how she was persuading herself, but the spectators who came for sightseeing were carrying telescopes and binoculars.

Despair spread inside Gravel’s heart. It felt like her thought circuit was going to stop from the great humiliation. She didn’t feel like it was real that she was doing an act like this. Gravel’s eyes were overflowing with tears.

“How is it? What do you feel?”

As if to give her the finishing blow, Zelsione’s fingers slipped in directly into Gravel’s crotch.


Gravel’s body was pierced with a terrific pleasure.

Her body reacted unconcerned with her will. Her waist was starting to move by itself to search for more pleasure.

“Uu, uuu……stop……stop it, alreadyy”

Gravel spilled out tears. She couldn’t even oppose the severe pleasure that she had never experienced before, only letting herself being toyed like this. Gravel shook her head until her hair was in disarray in order to endure the pleasure desperately.

“How is it Gravel? The feeling of stepping your foot into a world that you don’t know?”

Gravel leaked out heated breathing as if it was going to let out steam, she answered while drool was slovenly dripping down from the corner of her mouth.

“Hic-……forgive me, already……please, please I beg youu.”

Her flushing cheeks were wet with sweat, her disarrayed hair was clinging there. Tears were collected fully in her eyes, that appearance of her supplicating while looking up, didn’t have even a sliver of trace of the hero of the frontier anymore.

Shivers were creeping up inside Zelsione’s chest.

“You are really cute, Gravel. Now, you can come.”

Zelsione’s fingers strongly pinched the firmly standing up breast’s tip of Gravel. And then the fingertips caressing the crotch were also deeply thrusting up, stirring inside the heated honey jar.

“N? Nno-, ah, kuuu……hahHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-!”

Gravel’s toes stretched and her whole body convulsed. Spray that looked radiant overflowed out from inside her body, wetting Zelsione’s hand and the veranda.

Gravel’s body was convulsing over and over, as if she was shocked by electricity. The intensity was gradually settling down, and strength was leaving from Gravel’s body.

She lost consciousness and fell down, where Zelsione caught her in her embrace.

“You girls, take Gravel to the bed. Don’t forget the restraints and keeping watch on her.”


Quartum and Aldea received Gravel’s body from Zelsione, they held her body at the left and right and took her inside the room.

There was a single figure watching that full particulars from afar.

Hida Nayuta took away her eyes from the binoculars and looked at the Genesis that was a few meters near her. A lot of blimps were floating around Genesis. With a request from Nayuta for the sake of the experiment, Nayuta and Valdy were riding one of those blimps.

“Valdy. I heard that children are created from this Genesis in this world, is there no mistake of that?”

“Eh……ye, yes. That’s correct. When one’s blood and the partner’s blood are offered to this pillar, it will give birth to children.”

“The human race of the AU, are living things which are all created artificially……that’s how it goes. Really very interesting.”

Nayuta nodded with her usual smile.

“Err……is it different, in Lemuria?”

“Yes. In Lemuria male and female perform intercourse to create children.”

Valdy opened her eyes wide from shock.

“Creating children by yourself……that’s something miraculous. Bu, but……in this world, there is no living thing called man……though in the past, it seems they existed.”

“If that’s so, then you too might be able to create children by yourself.”

“Such thing……for me to be able to create children……unbelievable.”

Nayuta’s lips suddenly burst open in a smile from Valdy’s bewildered look.

“I also had created children before you know? Before this, the Lemurian person wearing the black armor we encountered at Okinawa……he is my son. Furthermore, he is a man.”

Valdy became even more shocked.

“No way……I thought he was a peculiar race but……that’s a man, is it? I only knew from the report that they exist in Lemuria but……that was the first time I saw the real thing.”

The imperial guard which was an elite group didn’t participate in the invasion mission to Lemuria. That was the work of the subjugation army appointed to people with low status or someone like Gravel who came from a country that was ruled by Vatlantis.

“Well then, I can understand that the child-making is performed by this Genesis. If that’s the case, I have a question regarding the act that imperial guard captain did just now. I saw them performing intercourse between fellow females, but what is the purpose of that?”

Valdy didn’t understand the meaning of the question at first, but when Nayuta explained in detail of the scene that she had just seen, she went bright red until her ears.

“Tha, that is……an act of love. Captain……is a little, err, special but……when we become adult, that’s something to do……was what I’ve been told.”

Listening to Valdy’s answer with a voice that was like a fly’s buzzing, Nayuta nodded in comprehension.

“It’s not for production activity, but an act that is purely for pleasure is it? I understand now.”

Nayuta looked up to Genesis. There was not a single star that was visible in the pitch dark sky.

She was told that once it was a starry sky. However right now they couldn’t see it. Similar with the crumbling ground, the starry sky was also being lost.

This world was slowly breaking down. The sky, the land, and also even the human life.

Nayuta began confirming the machinery assembled on the scaffold. Thick cables were creeping out from the Entrance to Lemuria far away. Those cables went through the city of Zeltis and pulled up towards the blimps floating in the air. And then, at the end it was connected to the Genesis.

The blimp that Nayuta rode was lined up with a variety of measurement devices and control panel and monitor. Machinery brought from Lemuria and machinery created in Vatlantis were mixed, other people wouldn’t understand at all just what function would those machines accomplish.

Vatlantis’s appliance was abundantly decorated, refined, with charm like high class furniture. Despite all that, the technology was far surpassing the technology of the human world.

Nayuta reached her hand to the panel that was used as a console. In a glance it looked like just a stone slab, but when her hand was held over it, a control panel made from light was floating.

“……Now, it’s time to begin the experiment. Let’s start.”

Without even a second slower or faster from the schedule, Nayuta pushed the button of the experiment start.

At that moment, lights of various colors began to flow inside the cables. That was the light of magic power. A large amount of magic power was flowing into Atlantis from Lemuria. Then the magic power traveled through the cables that were spread inside the imperial capital Zeltis and led into the Genesis. The devices piled up on the blimp groaned and began to activate.

Light of magic power traveled the surface of Genesis and several magic circles were floating on top of one another. Those radiances were gradually turning brighter. The running lines carved on the surface in detail like an ancestry map were beginning to shine. The light even reached to places that until now didn’t shine due to insufficient magic power. It was like water was flowing into trenches, one could understand well that the magic power was reaching over every nook and corner.

The gigantic system which looked like a mechanical clock that until now seemed like it would stop anytime also began to move as if life was breathed into it. The movement of each gear and pendulum became smooth and the motion speed was rising.

“Nayuta-sama! That’s!”

Valdy raised a loud voice that was unusual for her.

Ripple of light was spreading at the tip of Genesis, with the part that was sucked into the sky as the center. And then, the starry sky showed its appearance with the pillar as the center.

The pitch black darkness was erased and full starry sky was spreading wide. Voices of admiration, and then voices of joy were raised from the mouths of the people looking up at the sky.

“The sky is……healed.”

Valdy was looking up in a daze at the beautiful starry sky.

Nayuta was staring at the urban area of the imperial capital Zeltis with her binoculars.

“Yes but, it seems like it doesn’t go as far as the mending of the land. However, we have verified the methodology of this world’s recovery. What’s left is only to gather a large amount of magic power.”

Nayuta didn’t show any reaction at all to the success of the experiment and only confirmed the results indifferently.


“What’s the matter Valdy?”

Valdy lowered her head deeply.

“To return the sky to this Vatlantis……Nayuta-sama is our benefactor.”

Nayuta stared fixedly at Valdy who kept her head lowered.

“Raise your head Valdy. This is also thanks to your assistance.”

Valdy raised her head and shook it in fluster.

“Such thing……I, didn’t do anything……everything is Nayuta-sama’s……”

“But this will not become a fundamental resolution.”

“Is, is that……so?”

Valdy’s shoulders dropped in dejection.

“Yes but, I’m also in the middle of investigating a new countermeasure.”

Valdy raised her head in a flash. Her eyes were shining in expectation.

“Re, really?”

“Yes. For that sake, your strength is necessary.”


Nayuta smiled kindly.

“Yes, I am a human of Lemuria. Surely I’ll also receive various misunderstanding and obstruction. Even so, will you protect and follow me? In order to save this Vatlantis.”

Valdy knitted her eyebrows tightly.

“As you wish. I will, protect……Nayuta-sama.”

Nayuta closed her eyes and put her hand on her chest.

“Thank you Valdy.”

Nayuta turned her back and headed to the small flying boat that was connected to the blimp.

“Well then let’s head back to Tokyo. We will be busy again.”

Valdy followed after Nayuta’s back and accompanied her like a shadow. Nayuta was walking while smiling gently like usual.

It couldn’t be peeked just what she was thinking. That was how her smiling face looked like.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Could possibly be read as Talos.
  2. The four heavenly king is not a translation mistake. The author suddenly used those words. In Japan, these words are usually used to refer to the four trusted generals of the antagonist.
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