Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 4 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Install[edit]

Part 1[edit]

She could hear a voice calling her from afar.

What a noisy fellow. It would be troublesome in various things if she was caught.

She threw open the door and went outside.

So that she wouldn’t be caught, she ran with all her strength.

It felt really good. She loved running cutting through the wind.

She looked back and confirmed that no one was pursuing her.

She ran across a bridge built from white stone. A large quantity of water was flowing under the bridge, falling down to the waterfall ahead from here. It was dangerous, so she was always warned to not cross the bridge alone.

But, it was fine. Nothing would happen if she didn’t cross the fence.

She went across the opposite bank, there was a lake after passing the hill. If she went until that far, surely she wouldn’t be easily discovered. Besides, the scenery was nice there. The peaks covered in snow were reflected on the lake, it was very lovely.

She wanted to see that scenery quickly.

She crossed the bridge with fast beating heart.

But, today was a little strange.

The scenery was distorting. What was going on she wondered? A dizziness?

Suddenly, her body floated.

As though her foothold was suddenly gone due to a pitfall.

She fell from the bridge?

Her body was falling.

How could that be, even though she was running right in the middle of the bridge and she didn’t cross the fence.

Her view was distorted. She became unable to understand, the scenery, her own body, she didn’t know which was which.

There was a violent sound of water, her body sunk into the water.

At this rate she would be washed away to the waterfall, surely she would die. If she fell, she would be beyond help……that was what somebody told her. That……who was it again?

But, inside the water was really quiet without even a flow.

Suddenly it became bright in front of her eyes, her body was floating up to the surface.

Black sky.

It was night.

Silver moon was shining in the night sky.

Pink flower petals were riding the wind and fell with that moon as the background.


There was only such feeling.

Nothing came to mind except that.

She stared at the sky and continued to drift on the pond that was surrounded by stone fence indefinitely.

Part 2[edit]

With his treatment and break over, the day for Kizuna to resume going to school finally came.

“Good morning.

“Go, good morning. Himekawa, you are doing uniform checks right on the day you are returning to school?”

In front of the school gate, there was the figure of Himekawa Hayuru with electronic paper in one hand doing inspection.

“Yes, because I had left all of my public morals committee member work to other students, I have to help a little at least.”

Bathed in morning sun, the figure of Himekawa calling out to the students was really beautiful. Her black hair was sparkling from the light of the sun, her expression and voice were lively.

Even though before this she was doing checks with a solemn look, now her atmosphere was completely different.

He guessed that because for the current Himekawa, this normal day was a breather for her where she could feel tranquility.

They had slipped through the verge of death several times, and then even more severe battles would be waiting from now on. Until the next mission, this brief ordinary day was an important time.

“? Is something the matter, Kizuna-kun? You will trouble the other students if you are standing still distractedly in that kind of place.”

“Eh, yeah, I guess. My bad. Then I’ll head first to the classro――”

“Ah, please wait.”

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

Himekawa was approaching the position of Kizuna who was going to leave to the classroom. She stepped to a distance that was too close for talking, Himekawa’s hand suddenly reached out to Kizuna’s neck.

“Oi, what are you……”

Himekawa’s white and slender fingers were put on the knot of the necktie that was at Kizuna’s collar.

“Geez, the way you tied the necktie is untidy.”


She loosened the knot and untied the necktie temporarily.

“You are the captain of Amaterasu, so please take care of your personal appearance.”

“Ye, yeah……”

‘Wha, what’s with this newly wed situation? This is the time of going to school at the gate you know?’

Himekawa’s face was right near Kizuna’s nose. In this distance it felt like he could even hear the sound of her blinking. Himekawa’s long eyelashes looked even longer from this near. Himekawa was pouring her gaze fixedly at Kizuna’s collar, she briskly untied the necktie once and tied it again. Her slender and soft fingers was ticklishly touching Kizuna’s neck.

There was a gentle fragrance of flower.

The glossy long black hair was swaying by the wind, swaying silkily like in a dance.

‘Is this, the aroma of Himekawa’s shampoo I wonder?’

Kizuna’s heart was suddenly beating fast.

The students who arrived at the school were throwing subtle glances at them while passing through the school gate, but he became unbothered even by that.

However right at that time, his neck was tightened up tightly as if opening a curtain. And then, his chest was lightly tapped. Suddenly returning to his senses, his eyes met the eyes of Himekawa that were looking up at him.

“Ok, it’s fine with this now……is something the matter?”

Kizuna felt that not only his cheek, but even his ear became hot.

“Hee-!? N, no, nothing at all-, then, work hard!”

Kizuna headed to the entrance with an awkward way of running.

He walked through the corridor heading to the classroom. After meeting the surprise attack of the AU, the war situation was in the middle of getting strained, but there was not even a little bit of darkness that could be felt from the expressions of the students.

‘Well……guess that’s how it is.’

Something like an emergency situation had been there the whole time since the 2nd Another Universe Conflict. It was no use to make a fuss over it at this late hour.

Rather, from Guam to Okinawa, Ataraxia was in the middle of steadily drawing near to Japan. The number of enemies they shot down was also increasing, they had become able to defeat the enemy battleship that they hadn’t managed to do before this. Even the weapons of anti-magic weapons use that was in the middle of development, was entering the stage of testing in real battle. Surely even the students were feeling the atmosphere that they were going out in offense even further than before. Far from shaking in fear, on the contrary there was the air of firing up in enthusiasm.

Perhaps everyone’s strength would be necessary for the recapture of Tokyo. At the very least, the technical research department had to hurry in their development and mass production.

He opened the classroom door even while thinking about such thing.


The instant he entered the classroom, a red ponytail flew to Kizuna.

“Uwaaa! S, Scarlet!? You, your year is different!”

“The class hasn’t started yet, so it’s fine right? My building is different, so I cannot come here unless it’s lunch break or a long free period.”

Her hands circled on Kizuna’s neck and her body was glued to him.

“N, no. Wh, why are you making it a given that you will hang out in our class?”

“What’s with thatt, it’s no good?”

Scarlet puffed up her cheeks.

“Leave it at that, Scarlet.”

Yurishia stood from her chair and approached them while her large breast was shaking.

“What’s with you, I can decide for myself a thing like this right? There is no reason for me to follow Yurishia’s instruction.”

Scarlet averted her face standoffishly.

“This is not an instruction or anything like that, the class is starting already you know? Go back to your classroom quickly.”

“Hmm―ph. It’s fine even if I’m late just for a little.”

Yurishia released a sigh ‘haa’, she then took out a communication device from her chest and put it on her ear.

“Yesss, this is Yurishia. Please come to collect your boss here. ASAP. After all if you are late for thirty seconds, there will be a dishonorable rumor that the ace of Masters is late coming to class.”

“Wa-, Yurishia, who are you talking with!?”

Without even waiting for the answer, the sound of several Heart Hybrid Gears flying in the corridor could be heard approaching here.


A student wearing a Heart Hybrid Gear on top of her uniform rushed into the classroom. Looking at that figure with braided brown hair, Scarlet let out a panicked voice.

“Clementine! Wha, what are you doing coming here!?”

It was Clementine from Masters. She also participated in the Okinawa recapture battle, she was a gunman that liked western genre with the braided brown hair as her trademark.

“Scarlet yourself, what are you doing in the classroom of the upper classman? If you are late, we are going to get shouted at.”

Clementine grasped Scarlet’s arm without letting her say anything.

“We are going back quickly. Henrietta, take care of the opposite side.”

One more person entered the classroom, a platinum blonde intellectual girl wearing glasses. The same like Clementine, she was wearing Heart Hybrid Gear over her uniform. And then as expected, she was similarly taking the arm of Scarlet forcefully.


Because Henrietta was in charge of protecting the Megafloat at the previous battle, so Kizuna and the others were not an acquaintance with her. However after the Okinawa battle, she was transferring to Ataraxia similarly with the other members.

“Then, let’s quickly return. The class will start in ten more seconds.”

“Ah, hey! Let go of me! YOU TWOOOOOooo”

Without even any time to talk, the two ignited their thrusters and literally flew back to their own classroom.

Himekawa entered the classroom as though replacing them.

“……Just now, what happened?”

Yurishia answered with a wry smile.

“Aah, don’t mind it. Rather than that how about taking a seat? The class will start soon.”

“Yes, I can tell you with confidence…..that the first hour of today will be self-study.”

The classroom was stirring. Himekawa lightly cleared her throat and continued her notification.

“It seems that Sakisaka-sensei, is late to school.”

Finally that red jersey couldn’t even operate normally. The whole classroom was enveloped in a disappointed air.

‘――Well, it can’t be helped for Sakisaka-sensei.’

Kizuna glanced at Aine’s seat from the side. The desk without its owner looked lonely.

He didn’t hear that Aine would be absent today. Had something happened to her?

At that timing the door of the classroom opened and Aine showed her figure. She was feigning her cool face as usual and took a seat at her chair while fluttering her silver hair.

“Aine, what happened? Do you feel bad?”

“No, I’m just cutting class. I think that it’s more beneficial to count the stains in the wall rather than going out to class.”

Himekawa knitted her eyebrows and let out a worried face.

“Aine-san, it’s better to not force yourself and rest in your room you know?”


Aine was looking back at Himekawa in puzzlement from the unexpected reaction.

“Because, your complexion is bad, your voice is also not energetic.”


Aine looked down without even retorting back with her abusive tongue.

Kizuna stood up and took Aine’s arm gently.

“Himekawa, I’ll take Aine to the infirmary for a bit. Perhaps we will go to the lab after that……”

“I understand. Please take care of Aine-san.”

“Now, let’s go Aine.”

Unexpectedly, Aine was obeying him obediently. Her step was firm, but it was like her heart was not in it, she looked unreliable in any way.

The doctor was absent when they went to the infirmary. There was a pod for use of treatment in capsule shape, so he thought to first examine Aine there, but Aine obstinately insisted that the normal bed was better, so for now he made her lay on the bed.

“So, how is your condition?”

“It’s fine……in the first place, I don’t feel bad anywhere.”

Even so she was awfully lacking in vitality. Even her usual abusive tongue didn’t make any sound.

“……I just, saw a little bad dream.”

“Is that so? It’s fine if that’s the case.”

Kizuna confirmed Aine’s vital sign in his smartphone.

“Your current Hybrid Count is 70%. Heart Hybrid is not yet――”

The moment he said that, Aine wrapped her body inside the blanket and turned her back to Kizuna.

“Aine. As I thought, is Climax Hybrid scary for you?”

Aine didn’t answer with her back still facing him.

“There is something that I have to say. In the mission next time we plan to recapture Tokyo. Naturally, this will be the largest scale mission compared to everything until now.”


Aine raised a small voice.

“Climax Hybrid cannot be avoided. Especially, Aine’s Pulverizer will become the trump card at the crucial time. That’s why Aine, I want you to do Climax Hybrid with me.”

Aine kept her silence inside the blanket. After quite a time passed, finally she answered quietly.

“……I don’t want to.”

“The mission next time will be with the full power of Amaterasu and Masters. It will be hard to survive unless we devoted all of our strength.”

Kizuna touched Aine over the blanket.


Aine’s body was trembling in shivers.

“Because……it’s scary.”

Aine turned her face across her shoulder to Kizuna. Kizuna felt like the heart inside his chest was clenched. Aine was making a helpless expression as if she was going to cry anytime soon, like a lost child.


Kizuna embraced Aine’s body.

“Each time I did Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid, I remembered strange things. It felt like I was changing into something completely different.”

Aine was scared of recovering her memory. The image she recalled couldn’t be thought of as something of this world, they were all just absurd scenes, so she was harboring fear towards those unknowns.

“It’s fine. Calm down Aine.”

Kizuna gently put his hand on Aine’s shoulder to reassure her. Aine didn’t resist and sat on the shoulder following Kizuna’s urging, but he couldn’t feel any vitality from her figure. Her shoulders dropped like a withered flower.

“There was no such thing like this before……I didn’t care who I was and where I came from, I felt that it’s fine even if I die if I cannot fight……despite so, right now it’s scary. The current me, my current life, to have them completely gone is really scary.”

“Aine, no matter what your remember, there is nothing to fear. No matter what happened in your past, all of those had come to pass.”

Aine raised her face and glared at Kizuna with a sharp gaze.

“Don’t say whatever you like thinking that this is another person’s problem! Just about everything that I recalled doesn’t seem to be the things of this world you know? I thought that maybe they are things that I saw at a movie or on television in the past, but if that’s the case then the content should be more scattered yet……everything strangely feels connected as one. It looks completely like a connected world. Besides……even the dream this morning…”


Aine shut her mouth and lowered her gaze.

Kizuna too scratched his head awkwardly.

“Aine… bad. Sorry, I only made you scared all this time.”

Kizuna gently embraced Aine’s body closely. Aine leaned her body to Kizuna as if to entrust her body to him.

“……No, even I understand. I’m like a kid, to get scared from something like a dream. But, this is not about logic. Even if I think to welcome it, the feelings that say it’s scary are rapidly arising……I cannot stop it.”

Kizuna entangled his fingers in Aine’s hair. And then he lightly slide his fingers as if to comb her hair. The silky hair slipped through his fingers without getting stuck.


Aine partly closed her eyes and twisted her body.

Her hair was beautiful silver. The sensation of it slipping through between his fingers felt really pleasant. It smoothly tickled on his skin, the comfortableness healed even the caressing side.

“Aine, no matter what kind of past you have, no matter who you were and where you come from, I……we won’t change. You are our important comrade. For me, you are no one else but Chidorigafuchi Aine.”

Kizuna caressed Aine’s head repeatedly.

“That’s why you don’t need to worry. When your past becomes known I……not just me, surely Nee-chan too, even Himekawa and Yurishia. There will be no one that changes.”


Aine buried her face onto Kizuna’s chest. And then Aine circled her hand on Kizuna’s back and hugged him tightly. Aine’s large breast was pressed on Kizuna’s body.

“I’m happy you say that…..but, surely……”

“Yeah. It’s fine to not hurry. It will be a large scale operation, but at the beginning we will only scout. Let’s slowly put your thoughts in order. Have faith in us more.”

Aine kept her face buried and answered with a stifled voice.


‘Yes. No matter what I will become, surely Kizuna and the others won’t change.’

Aine swallowed back the words that almost came out from her throat.

‘――The one who will change, is me.’

Part 3[edit]

The bell that notified the end of the class resounded in the school building of the middle school.

Saving the data, closing the monitor installed on the desk, and turning off the power. The data of the class and the note was also synchronized in real time with her room and her student notebook. She had a little point of uncertainty, so she was going to review on the way of going to Captain’s room.

While thinking of such things, Sylvia Silkcut collected her baggage. There her classmates approached her with a smile.

“Sylvia-chan, after this everyone will go shopping, won’t you come together with us?”

After Sylvia stood up from her seat, she looked up at her girl classmate. All of her classmates, no matter if they were male or female, loved this cute and petite like a doll transfer student that came from Britain.

The girl who called out to her, and also the group of seven, eight people waiting behind her, their eyes were shining in expectation. They were eager that today they would invite Sylvia who always looked busy for sure.

“Shopping desu?”

“Yes, something like looking at accessories, or going to a family restaurant to chat.”

The girls behind her also began giving support fire.

“Also it looks like there is a new holograph print coming in. Let’s take a picture together.”

Sylvia looked at her wristwatch.

“Yes, it’s fine if it’s for two hours desu.”

“Waa! Really? Hooray!”

“But you only have two hours? You are really busy huh. It’s work in the lab?”

“Ye, yes…, something like that desu.”

Actually she planned to go to the Captain’s room like usual. However, she also thought that it was inexcusable to refuse her classmates invitation so many times.

‘This time Captain is also going to the lab, his return will be late desu. I planned to use that time for picking up a new cooking repertoire but……let’s do that at the next chance desu. Today I’ll make curry that is also Captain’s favorite desu.’

“Then, let’s go!”


Sylvia shouldered her leather bag like a rucksack and got out of the classroom surrounded by her classmates. They exited the entrance while talking about the class and the military training. Thereupon they could see a limousine stopping in front of the school building.

“Hey, isn’t that Amaterasu’s exclusive limousine?”

“Really. I wonder if it came here to meet the principal?”

When they finally got near the school gate while talking about such thing, the door of the limousine opened.

Sylvia was surprised looking at the character that appeared from the inside.


Hida Kizuna came out from the car with a serious expression.

“Sylvia, get in. I have something important to talk about.”

Part 4[edit]

“Eeh! Sylvia is going to be the pilot of a Heart Hybrid Gear……desu!?”

Sylvia forgot to even close her mouth and stood stock still with a shocked expression.

The ones present inside the research room of the lab were Kizuna and Reiri, Kei, and then Sylvia, just those four. Kizuna answered with a quiet look.

“That’s right. Among the current candidates, you are the top whether it’s in aptitude, talent, or anything else.”

“Re, really……Sylvia is…”

“What’s left is only your feeling. We won’t force――”

“Please let me do it! Sylvia will defeat the enemy for sure and retake Britain, the earth without fail desu!”

Sylvia didn’t hesitate. Hard determination was conveyed from her expression and words.

Rather, it was Kizuna who felt evasive as the side which was starting the talk.

“Sylvia……that, it’s fine even if you don’t answer immediately. We are not particularly in a hurry. Think hard about it more……even if you give your answer after that――”

“I’ve been thinking! I’ve seen it all this time inside my dream desu!”

Sylvia appealed with a desperate look.

On the contrary Kizuna was grimacing.

“This is a significant decision for you. No one will complain even if you refuse.”

Sylvia looked at Kizuna’s attitude and her face clouded in anxiety.

“Captain……Do you think, that Sylvia is not worthy to receive the Core desu?”

“Eh, no. That’s not it, it’s not something like that at all. That’s not it but……”

“Then, why is Captain talking in the way that recommends Sylvia to refuse like that desu? Captain was the one that said that you will give Sylvia the Core desu. Sylvia, doesn’t understand Captain’s thinking desu!”

Sylvia clenched her small fist and questioned Kizuna.


“Captain……you don’t want to make Sylvia fight desu!?”


Kizuna yelled in a conditioned reflex.

After he yelled, Kizuna made a face of now he had done it.

Enthusiasm quickly drew back from Sylvia.

“Why……is Captain, doing such thing desu……after saying something that made Sylvia happy……Captain is telling Sylvia, to give it up is it desu……”

Sylvia’s eyes wandered. Tears were gathering fast in those eyes.

“No……Sylvia, wait, it’s a misunderstanding. I……”

“So that’s how it is desu……surely, Sylvia was chosen but, that’s not Captain’s wish desu. Actually Captain, wants to hand over the Core to someone else desu……”

Tears were overflowing in the blink of an eye, they were flowing down following her cheek.

“But, if that’s the case then Sylvia……doesn’t want to be told this from the start desu. Even though this is Sylvia’s objective for all this time, even though this is Sylvia’s dream……it’s cruel to make Sylvia hope like this desu.”

Tears were flowing without stopping, she raised her voice and began crying.

“Wait! I want Sylvia to――”

“It’s enough already desu!”

Sylvia ran away and rushed out from the research room.

She was running through the long corridor. Sylvia could hear from behind a voice that was calling out her name.

However she continued to run.

She didn’t want to hear anything.

She couldn’t see well in front of her due to the tears.

But, such thing was trivial.

It was trivial even if she was going to crash into something, or fell and got hurt. After all, she wouldn’t be able to fight anyway.


Her foot slipped on the corridor corner. Her body collapsed, she dragged a trash can that was put nearby, and slide on the polished floor. Her back hit the wall and she stopped. She was falling alone in the corridor without anyone.

The place that hit the wall hurts, but it seemed that she wasn’t particularly hurt.

‘――Rather, it’s better if Sylvia just breaks.’

She sluggishly raised her body and crawled into a hollow in the wall. It seemed that it was actually a space for putting an automatic vending machine, but it was merely an empty space, perhaps from being removed. If it was here, she guessed that she wouldn’t be found in this blind spot even if someone peeked from the corridor. Sylvia leaned closer to an even more deserted spot in the corridor where there was no sign of people, she sat down while hugging her knees.

She didn’t want to meet anyone. She didn’t want to be seen. She didn’t understand anymore what she was going to do from now on. She felt like her whole existence had been denied.

It was impossible to fight the enemy with her ability.

She didn’t know if it was other people, but it was the greatest shock that the Captain that she loved was thinking such things about her. And then at the same time a fierce regret was welling up inside her heart.

She had said such thing and then rushed out. Surely it was impossible already to be of assistance to the Captain anymore. Besides, she didn’t know what kind of face she should make if they met again. Far from being in Amaterasu, she would surely be expulsed out from even the Kizuna squad. It was just a two person unit that consisted of a single captain and a single squad member, but Sylvia was pleased with the Kizuna squad. She didn’t particularly go to battle or did anything combat related, but even so she had emotional attachment to it.

And that also ended already now.

“Sylvia wants to go home……to London.”

She sniffed.

Things like the home where she lived, perhaps, had gone already. Even her family, surely they had died. Actually she understood that. But, but, if by some chance――

‘That’s why I promised right? That we are going to take back London together.”

“Ca-, Captain!?”

Kizuna was standing in front of her eyes.


Sylvia who was sitting inside a hollow had no place to escape. There was also no place to hide, she didn’t even know where she should look, her body fidgeted unable to calm down.

“Have you forgotten completely the promise with me? I said that we will take back London with Kizuna squad’s strength.”


It was a talk when Kizuna had just arrived in Ataraxia, when no time had really passed.

‘――Captain, remembered desu.’

“……But, Sylvia is not recognized by Captain desu……Sylvia cannot fight together with Captain desu.”

Sylvia asked hesitantly while looking up.

“What are you saying? Whether you enter Amaterasu or not, you are my subordinate. Aren’t you my first subordinate, the only member of the Kizuna squad?”

Sylvia opened her eyes in surprise.

Kizuna squatted and met his gaze with Sylvia.

“Sylvia, you are more talented than anyone. I guarantee that. You are my, the Kizuna squad’s pride.”

“But……then, why can’t Sylvia receive the Heart Hybrid Gear Core?”

Kizuna released a large sigh, and then spoke in determination.

“I don’t want to make you die.”

Sylvia’s heart jumped largely feeling a shock.


“It’s my disqualification as Captain saying things like this……but, it cannot be helped. Sylvia is precious to me. I believe you are someone important. I want to protect you. Against someone like that, there is no way I can do anything that will make you hurry to your death!”

Kizuna spoke as if spitting out his worry.

“But……no matter how I thought about it, you are qualified for this. There is no other choice but to choose you. But, I don’t want that. I’m reluctant. How can I send the cute Sylvia to the battlefield with this hand? But, then am I going to make another person do it? With a reason that I don’t want you to die, am I going to push that dangerous fate to another human?”

Kizuna felt pain saying out those words one by one. The option that controlled someone’s life and fate. He became unable to see the answer from that weight.

“I don’t understand. What is the correct thing to do, what is the best thing to do!”

Looking at that appearance of Kizuna, Sylvia’s heart recovered her calm in contrast. And then, she felt something warm was filling the inside of her heart. This person was thinking about her until this much. The beat of Sylvia’s chest became fierce. Tears that were different from sadness were overflowing from inside her eyes.

“Cap, tain……u”

But that person was suffering in front of her eyes. A man that was far larger, stronger, and in higher position than herself. But, that person looked like someone that was really easy to break, really easy to hurt.

She felt tightness inside her chest. And then, a new will was born inside Sylvia.

‘――I, have to protect this person.’

Sylvia crawled out from the hollow and put her small hand on Kizuna’s head.


And then she gently caressed Kizuna’s head.

“Captain is thinking too much desu. Sylvia is saying that she wants to fight desu, so it’s fine desu.’


“Captain, you said to Sylvia that you don’t want to make Sylvia die, that you want to protect Sylvia, that Sylvia is important. But, Sylvia is also the same like that desu. Sylvia wants to protect Captain desu. Sylvia absolutely won’t forgive anyone that hurt Captain desu.”


Sylvia’s eyes were serious. Facing her right from the front like this, she exuded pressure that made him falter.

“That’s why, Sylvia doesn’t want Captain to worry about Sylvia desu. When Sylvia thinks that Sylvia is the one tormenting Captain, that’s the most saddest thing desu.”

“That’s not it. Sylvia didn’t do anything bad. I’m just unable to decide.”

Kizuna gently brushed off the hand of Sylvia that was caressing his head. Sylvia grasped those fingers of Kizuna.

“Sylvia wants to fight together with Captain desu. Doing support like now is also an important work desu, being assistance to Captain is also fun desu. But, Sylvia wants to work at the place that needs me the most desu. If that place is a place where Sylvia can be together even more than now with the person that Sylvia loves……if it’s a fate of being together in life and death with that person, then Sylvia will be happy desu.”


Kizuna slowly stood up and he lent the hand that was linked with Sylvia’s hand to help her stand.

“You are going to be constantly side by side with death you know?”

“Sylvia knows that.”

“Besides……Heart Hybrid Gear practically won’t recover naturally. You will do Heart Hybrid with me. Even so, is that fine with you?”


Sylvia’s face turned bright red instantly with her mouth wide open. And then, her hand that was linked with Kizuna was swung up and down.

“Geez-, Captain doesn’t have any delicacy desu!”

“Tha, that’s so huh……my bad.”

After somehow soothing Sylvia who complained with a sulky look, they started to walk back towards the research room.

While walking, Sylvia whose cheeks were red whispered to herself.

“……There is no way……Sylvia feels reluctant desu.”

“Hm? What did you say?”

Sylvia glared at Kizuna with a face that couldn’t believe it.

“Why did Captain missed to hear the essential thing desu!?”

“Eeh-? No, sorry about it. That, can you say it one more time?”

“No way desu! Please don’t make Sylvia say such embarrassing things so many times!!”

They returned to the research room while quarreling like that.

“You done talking?”

Reiri and Kei were drinking tea leisurely on the sofa.

“You two are just too relaxed……”

Kizuna felt irritated when he remembered about his dispute with Sylvia.

“There is nothing we particularly need to do while waiting for you two’s return after all.”

Kei poured black tea on tea cups, put them on plates and handed those over to Kizuna and Sylvia. Kizuna drained down the black tea in a few gulps and put the cup back on the plate while intentionally making a sound.

However, somehow he felt soothed by the fragrance of the Earl Grey.

“……But, Nee-chan. What were you going to do if we didn’t get back or our talk didn’t go well huh?”

“You returned right?”

His meager opposition was cut down by Reiri’s sentence and her self-satisfied look.

“Besides, it seemed like your talk also went well.”

Reiri stood up from the sofa and headed to Kei’s desk. There was a solid stand attached with caster beside the desk, a small safe was placed on it. Ten-digit password was inputted from the touch panel on its surface. It was a lock attached with fingerprint recognition.

“I’ll have you two do an important mission after this. Are you listening?”

A small electronic sound rang and the lock was released. Reiri took out a small metal piece from inside. It was something capsule-shaped with length about eight centimeters and a diameter of around three centimeters. She handed it to Kizuna’s hand.

“Nee-chan……this is?”

“Taros’s Core. Kei, I’ll leave the procedure explanation to you.”


Kei put a small keyboard on her lap and began to type with amazing speed. A large window popped up in front of Kizuna and Sylvia, and text was displayed in a flow.

{The content of the mission is the installing of Taros’s Core. Of course, it will be installed into Sylvia, and the one installing is Kizuna.}

Kizuna couldn’t understand the meaning for a while from the mission content that he had never even imagined.

“O, obviously that’s impossible don’t you think!? How am I going to operate someone!? I cannot do anything like that!”

Letters appeared to soothe the flustered Kizuna.

{No problem. In the early days the insertion was performed by operation, but the research was advancing after that, now we don’t need operation. What is needed is just to put the Core inside the body. With that the install will be completed.}


{The Core that is inserted into the body will dissolve for a moment, diffusing into the body. And then it will be rebuilt inside the chest. Those processes will be performed automatically by the Core. There is no need for a special operation.}

“What’s with that……then, it was meaningless for me to do that operation.”

{Kizuna’s past record and data became the foundation to progress the research. It’s not meaningless.}

Even being told that, it didn’t change his feeling of being cut open.

{Besides, in Kizuna’s case an operation would be needed sooner or later. There is no need to be vexed.}

‘What’s with that?’

Kizuna couldn’t understand the meaning of what Kei said.

“Then, that way of inserting into the body you said, how will it be done specifically?”

It was taking some time that was unusual for Kei before the reply was coming.

{I made an illustration. I want you to see this.}

In the window, a woman body in cross-section view was displayed. The abdomen part was zoomed up and then the insertion point and the path for the Core was displayed.



The opened mouth couldn’t be closed back.

When he looked at Sylvia, she was fidgeting with a bright red face.

“Err. According to the talk just now, I will, to Sylvia…..that, doing the procedure just now, is what you are saying……?”


“No no no! That’s bad! No matter how you look at it!”

In contrast with the flustered Kizuna, Kei continued her explanation calmly.

{This time is a new experiment. Until now, the install was carried out mechanically in a certain meaning. However, looking back at all the data until now with regards to Heart Hybrid, we considered if the occasion of the Core install can be said to be the same thing. That is, if the installing person and the installed person’s relationship……the factors of trust and affection might give a great influence, that’s how it is.}

“Certainly……after all both Heart Hybrid and install are something that concerned the Core.”

{If that is actually a fact, this will become a great discovery. The installing also serves as the initialization setting, if we imagined it from there, this might exert a great influence on the Heart Hybrid Gear’s basic performance and disposition rating.}

“So even if it’s the same Core, but due to the relationship with the partner installing it, a difference in performance will come out you mean?”


That was a story that he couldn’t ignore. If the Heart Hybrid Gear’s performance could go up depending on the installing method, it wasn’t a method that he could discard. After all by upping the combat power, it would be connected to the survival rate of the pilot too.

{This will be the first experiment. So it’s unclear whether there will be any effect and how much different in spec will be realized. But there is a value in doing it.}

“Yeah, I’m also in favor. But……Sylvia, what do you think?”

Sylvia was looking down and played with her fingers looking troubled. She peeked at Kizuna’s expression in a looking up glance and then murmured with a voice that seemed like it would vanish.

“If we are doing this……then, Sylvia wants Captain……to be the one entering it desu.”

“Is it okay?”

Sylvia raised her blushing face and stared at Kizuna with moist eyes.

“Sylvia cannot think of doing this, other than with Captain desu……”

Kizuna’s heart throbbed hard hearing those trembling whispers.

{We are preparing several experiment rooms. Choose whichever room you prefer.}

The appearance of the experiment rooms were projected on the monitor. There were ten rooms in total, a room looked modern, another room looked fancy, each of them was devoted to a trend.

‘……Hmm. This is troubling. I have no base for choosing.’

“Aa……Sylvia, which do you like?”

“Umm, Sylvia is stumped. All of the rooms are cute desu.”

He was worrying over this and that together with Sylvia, but in the end they decided on a cutely fancy room.

{I understand it’s the C experiment room. This is the card key of the experiment room.}

Kizuna took the plastic card that Kei presented to him. Kei kept looking to the side without meeting Kizuna’s gaze. He had the feeling that her side face looked slightly red.

{Then, get out to the corridor and go left, then enter the room with ‘C’ written on the door. An installation manual is also prepates insode.}

Perhaps Kei was also agitated, she unusually made a mistype on her keyboard.

“Go, got it. We will use the internal phone if something comes up.}

‘Damn it, its like the nervousness is transmitted. Now my heart is beating hard.’

{Good luck.}

Kizuna feigned calmness and came out to the corridor to look for the experiment room.

“Captain, this door is written ‘C’. This is the place isn’t it desu?”

“Looks like it. Let’s try to enter.”

It seemed that the door was strictly soundproofed. Kizuna opened the lock and entered inside.

The cute interior design was using red and pink with white as the basic tone. It was more frank compared to the picture they saw, the fanciness didn’t feel so gaudy. After observing the situation of the room further, he noticed that a part of the wall and the ceiling were turned into a screen. Perhaps it would project image that they liked but right now it was projecting their own figures like a mirror. It wasn’t just projecting their figures, but it was also displaying vital signs over their figures, the numbers displayed were changing in real time.

“Ah, there is a large bear-san desu~♪”

Sylvia rushed in a trot towards the sofa where she hugged the huge bear plushy sitting on it. Its sitting height was taller than 150 centimeters. There were also several other plushies placed at the end of the bed or on the floor.

The coloring of the room was vivid, but the lighting that was a little drawn back produced a calm atmosphere.

But, when he thought of the thing that they would do in this room after this, he couldn’t calm down at all.

Of all things, inside a room this lovely, furthermore with Sylvia who was frolicking with a plushy……this went past immorality and he even felt feelings of guilt.

“Stop, this is something important for the sake of protecting Sylvia’s life. Err, first read the manual.”

There was an extension telephone at the bedside, a manual was put beside it.

“Let’s see, let’s see, [Basically do the same thing like with Climax Hybrid. At the timing when the partner is in an intoxicated state, insert the Core. If it succeeds then the Core will disintegrate for a moment and spread to every part of the body], that’s it.”

‘Wait, this is all!?’

“Sy, Sylvia understands desu. Then, first, what should be done desu?”

Sylvia clenched her fist tightly and asked him.

“The, then it’s……”

‘Shit-, this is bad. I’m even more nervous than usual. Calm down me!’


Kizuna hugged Sylvia tightly.

Sylvia’s body was small, and maybe her body temperature was high because she was really warm. He felt like he was hugging a small animal. So as to not break her delicate body, he gently put strength into his arms. Sylvia’s body stiffened, but she didn’t resist.

“Ehehehe……as Sylvia thought, it’s this kind of thing isn’t it desu?”

“If you hate this……”

Sylvia shook her head.

“Sylvia doesn’t hate this desu…..bu, but somehow, it’s like Sylvia has become an adult desu.”

Kizuna made Sylvia sit on the sofa. And then he loosened Sylvia’s necktie. He unbuttoned her clothes and opened the front of her uniform.


Kizuna’s lips touched Sylvia’s collarbone. Sweet fragrance could be smelled gently through Kizuna’s nose.

“Sylvia smells good.”

At that instant, Sylvia closed the front of her uniform and stood up from the sofa.

“As expected Sylvia hates this desu!”


‘What’s wrong, all of a sudden!’

“Sylvia also had PE today, my body is dirty desu! Sylvia will take a shower desu.”

“No……you are not really dirty or smelly you know? I’m not bothered at all.”

“Sylvia is bothered desu!”

Saying that, Sylvia rushed to the shower room inside the experiment room.

Rather he thought that she actually smelled wonderful……, but he refrained from saying that. It was also awkward to be the only one not showered, so after Sylvia came out he washed his sweat in the shower.

He wrapped his waist with a towel and sat on the bed.

Sylvia was leaning on the bear plushy on the sofa. Her appearance was only wrapped in a single piece of bath towel.

“Sylvia, come here.”


She got up and shyly moved until the side of the bed. And then she sat between Kizuna’s legs. Kizuna embraced Sylvia’s body from behind.


Kizuna’s hand was caressing from Sylvia’s shoulder until the depression of her collarbone. And then, his hand caressed around at the body that was hidden under the towel as if he was searching for something.

Sylvia’s body twisted inside Kizuna’s arms ticklishly.

“You feel ticklish?”

“Yes. It’s ticklish, but pleasant……it’s a good feeling for some reason desu.”

Kizuna entered his fingers into the seam of the bath towel that was wrapped on Sylvia’s body.

“I’m taking off the bath towel.”

Sylvia’s throat made a gulping sound.

“Fe, feel free desu.”

Sylvia’s body stiffened and she closed her eyes shut. Kizuna’s hand stripped off the single piece of cloth that barely protected Sylvia’s body.

From inside, the appearance of Sylvia just like when she was born appeared.

Her skin was smooth like a boiled egg that was peeled off from its shell. There was not a single blemish on that white skin with thin pigment. There was also the sign of faint pink coloring on her breasts that were slightly swelling up.

“Ho, how is it desu-? Sylvia’s body, it’s not strange isn’t it desu?”

Sylvia kept her eyes shut and raised her voice determinedly.

Kizuna smiled and talked to Sylvia.

“It’s fine. Sylvia’s nakedness is beautiful and cute. Open your eyes.”

When Sylvia opened her eyes, the screen of the wall reflected her appearance like a mirror. Looking at her stark naked self that was embraced tightly by a naked man, Sylvia’s face became heated that it felt like steam was going to come out from her head.

“Sylvia, I’m going to do various erotic things in order for Climax Hybrid.”


Sylvia’s eyes were going in circles.

“Surely it’s embarrassing, and you feel bewildered because this is your first time, but believe me and entrust your body to me.”

“Sylvia, believes in Captain desu. Sylvia is not worried of anything desu.”

“Got it. Then, yield your body to pleasure without enduring it.”

Kizuna’s fingertips touched Sylvia’s bare skin. His fingertips were slightly sinking into the white and thin breast.


Sylvia’s breast that had never been touched by anyone yet was invaded for the first time by Kizuna’s hands. Perhaps due to the bath in the shower, her skin was soft and smooth. The skin that was like a baby’s felt like it was sticking to the hand, the sensation felt absurdly pleasant to touch.

His hand caressed every nook and corner of the whole body to fully enjoy the sensation of the skin, after that he determined the small beautiful radiant pink breast as the target. He rubbed at that small breast with his palm as if circling them around.

“Ah, a, wai-……Captain”

Kizuna’s palm began to feel the sensation of the tip of the breast stiffening.

“What’s the matter Sylvia?”

Kizuna crawled his tongue on Sylvia’s nape.


Sylvia curled her body and trembled in shivers.

“The, the body feels somewhat hot……it’s shivering desu.”

Kizuna’s left hand was put still on her breast, his right hand was caressing the line from her armpit to her waist.

“It’s fine, no need to worry. That’s the proof that Sylvia’s body is feeling it favorably.”

“Bu, but……hauu!”

Kizuna’s right hand patted Sylvia’s stomach, he poked at the depression of her navel. From there his hand moved from her thigh to her knee, he slowly enjoyed the change of sensation.

However, everywhere was soft and squishy, it felt good. And then everything was slim and small. This sensation where he could really play with her whole body inside his arms like this was uniquely characteristic of Sylvia. This was something he couldn’t possibly imagine to do to Aine or Himekawa, much less Yurishia.

His hand crawled her conspicuously soft thigh and then like that his hand went at the inner part of the thigh.

“Hah, aaah, do-, don’t……desuu”

Sylvia put strength into both her legs and closed her thighs. Maybe it was her instinct that didn’t allow trespassing, or else it might be a reaction from the pleasure, but it denied the invasion of Kizuna’s hand.

“But……too bad.”


Kizuna inserted his hands behind Sylvia’s knee and opened both her legs into a pose like preparing a small child to pee.

“Thi, this is embarrassing desu! Do-, don’t se……-!?”

Sylvia looked at her own appearance that was reflected on the wall screen and her words hitched in her throat.

“Thi, this kind of posture……i, it’s indecent desu.”

Her face got bright red and stiffened.

Kizuna put his own legs between Sylvia’s crotch and prohibited Sylvia to close her legs. And then when Kizuna opened his legs, naturally Sylvia’s legs also opened. His hand then gently went between Sylvia’s crotch in that gap.

“Fuu!? Aa……aaaaaa-, yaaaaaaahn!”

Pleasure that she had never felt until now pierced Sylvia. From the place where Kizuna played with, a pleasure that sweetly numbed her whole body and turned her head strange was spreading.

“Fuah, fuahn, iyaan!”

Kizuna’s fingers were moved rhythmically. Sylvia reacted to that, gasping voice was ringing out unconsciously from her mouth. It felt like she had became a musical instrument that was sounded freely by Kizuna’s hand.

Splashing sound of water mixed into that sound.

‘――Wh, why, can this kind of voice be heard desu?’

Sylvia didn’t understand why her body was making this kind of voice.

“Wh……y iann, haaa, aa……hyann”

She thought to ask, but her voice was overwritten by her gasping, she couldn’t talk. Even during this time, Kizuna’s fingers were beginning to further caress her attentively. It was as though he was trying to dispel his doubts of Sylvia’s structure, his fingertips were ascertaining every single thing.

Sylvia herself, too, had only went as far as touching it when she was washing her body in the bath, she had never tried spreading it this attentively.

Her whole body was feeling hot, her head felt like it was blanking. Her hazy head looked at the girl that was reflected in front of her eyes.


She thought that. She didn’t believe that it was herself. She was staring with entranced eyes at the beautiful, cute, and then the obscene figure.

Kizuna too was fascinated by Sylvia’s figure. Her cheek was flushed, tears were emerging on her eyes, then her gasping expression, it was an unbelievably sexy expression. It was unthinkable that such expression came from the small girl settled inside his embrace.

“Hyaaaann, uaa, a, AAaaAaNNN-“

Her crotch was opened in front of a man, her body twisted in pleasure, the immature body obscenely wriggled.

It was as though a succubus was disguising herself as an innocent girl that didn’t know about corruption.

“Emph! Hiaa!”

Her body bended greatly. At that instant, purple light flew from Sylvia’s body.

That was the telltale signs of Heart Hybrid.

Kizuna found the most sensitive organ of Sylvia. The instant he pinched that bud, Sylvia’s body bended backwards greatly.


Together with the convulsion that assaulted her whole body, a wordless shriek was raised.

Sylvia couldn’t breath from the fierce pleasure and stimulation, she also couldn’t raise her voice. The toes of her feet looked like they were trying to grasp something, both her legs were stretched tautly.

Inside Sylvia’s eyes, light particles were swimming. When those eyes were slowly closed, strength left from Sylvia’s body. She limply almost spilled over from inside Kizuna’s arms.

Kizuna embraced Sylvia’s body up and laid her down on the bed. And then he picked up the Core put beside the pillow with his fingertips.

“The main performance is from now on……hm?”

Something that seemed like a part of a manual was projected on the wall screen.

“The Core cannot be installed as it is. It will activate if stimulation is granted while warmed by human temperature, install after that……huh.”

Kizuna held the Core and climbed on the bed.

“Sylvia, I’m going to finally install it.”

Sylvia opened her eyes sleepily from Kizuna’s call.


Fawning voice leaked out from the mouth that was opened slovenly. The focus of her eyes was blurred, it seemed that she was still drifting in the waves of pleasure.

“Are you okay? After this is the last step you know?”

Sylvia face Kizuna in reaction to his voice.

“……Is, that so desu……Captain will insert that Core desu?”

Her way of talking was unreliably unsteady, but it seemed that her consciousness had returned slightly.

“Yeah, but a preparation is needed. Sylvia, this Core……”

At that time, the sign of Climax Hybrid also occurred at Kizuna. Pink light particles were generated from Kizuna’s body, that light was absorbed into the Core.

“What? This is!?”

The Core began to change shape. The metal was flabbily warping then swelling. And then it accomplished a change into a shape that he recognized.

“Wh-, why, has it become this shape!?”

As expected Kizuna was also flustered. He didn’t hear about this, it was also not mentioned in the manual.

“Eh? The shape changed desu……ah, that thing, it’s the same like Captain’s isn’t it desu?”

Sylvia’s vacant gaze lowered to Kizuna’s groin.

“Hm? ……Owaa!”

Before he realized it, the towel wrapped on his waist had come off.

It was embarrassing, but Kizuna also compared by sight the Core with his body. Certainly its shape and size were exactly like his.

“They said that this is the first experiment……perhaps this is a fact that we only understand for the first time now.”

However, stimulating this thing by himself is also a little, that.

“Sylvia, it seems that it needs to be warmed by human temperature……”

Before he could finish talking, Sylvia stole the Core from Kizuna’s hand.

“Ro―ger desu.”

And then after making an erotic smile, Sylvia stuck out her small tongue and licked the Core.


Suddenly pleasure pierced his spine, making Kizuna jump.

“Is something the matter desu? Captain―”

“N, no……nothing at all.”

He feigned a calm, but inside his heart was panic. He didn’t dare to think so but……no, certainly that was the sensation of Sylvia’s tongue. Thereupon――uu!

Sylvia caressed the Core that had become big with her hand.

“Something like this desu?”

Pleasure that made the waist tremble attacked Kizuna. In the warm and gentle softness of the palm were five delicate fingers that were entangling complexly.

There was no room for doubt anymore. This was a sharing of senses. Kizuna took in the information from the Core, the Core was expressing Kizuna’s reaction. Perhaps for the installation there was a need to grasp the state of the Core with maximum accuracy using this transmission of the delicate processing.

“That’s why it’s necessary to synchronize until this far……kuh, but this is……”

Sylvia was staring at the Core with a heated gaze and tasted it once more with her mouth.


Sylvia released a hot sigh.

“It’s mysterious desu……Sylvia is feeling Captain from this Core. Aah……it’s lovely desu.”

Sylvia was staring at the Core with entranced eyes. Her tongue stretched out from her small mouth and the tip of the tongue touched the Core. At that instant, a slippery and soft sensation also ran through Kizuna.

Sylvia became dazed and began to lick the Core. Severe pleasure was attacking each time Sylvia’s tongue traced the surface of the Core.

‘Shit……I have to give her stimulation too! It’s unbearable to be done in one sidedly!’

Kizuna was lying down beside Sylvia.


Sylvia happily snuggled closer to him. She put her head on Kizuna’s left arm and settled herself inside Kizuna’s arms in arm pillow posture. With an expression of rapture, Sylvia stroked the Core with her fingers while crawling her tongue on it.

She sent Kizuna a flirtatious glance while licking as if to peek at Kizuna’s reaction. And then, she wriggled her ass as if gyrating her waist, it was unclear whether she did it consciously or unconsciously. That appearance was very lewd, a gesture that couldn’t be imagined coming from the usual Sylvia.

She was clearly in the intoxicated state that was the sign of Climax Hybrid.

Sylvia that was usually pure had become a bewitching witch even young like this, he was captured with such hallucination. He couldn’t possibly believe that the current erotic smile she wore was the same face that came from the innocent smiling face that she always showed him. That Sylvia was making an expression this erotic while shaking her waist. When he thought that, it heightened Kizuna’s excitement.

“Ah, it become a little harder♪”

“It even changes in hardness?”

Kizuna asked concernedly.

“Yes, it’s metal, but the surface is comparatively squishy. It’s a little cute desu.”

She kissed *chuu* on the tip audibly, that was a lovely kiss.


In order to varnish over the pleasure granted to him, Kizuna reached out his hand to Sylvia’s breast.

“Ahn, geez Captain―……aahnn”

He rolled the small pink colored tip with his fingertips. And then he brought near his lips to the other side.

“Ah, Captain― don’t desu. Doing both simultaneously is――kyahn”

He kissed at the tip of Sylvia’s breast. He traced the part that let out its small tip thoroughly with his tongue. Thereupon, he could understand that while it was small, it was standing stiff now.

“Ah, no, HHaAuuUahm do, don’t-, don’t like tha-”

He left the breast and licked around from under her armpit to her side. Sylvia’s body had nice aroma everywhere, he tasted sweetness like candy from his licking.

“No, no more, ahn, thi, this timee, Sylvia will make Captain feels good desu.”

Sylvia opened her mouth largely and put the Core inside her mouth. At that instant, Kizuna’s body tasted the sensation of being wrapped in a something hot.

Inside the mouth was moldering hot, it was like a completely different world. There was no place to escape inside the soft mouth cavity that was protected by mucus membrane. Inside it where he was surrounded by warm and soft walls, the tongue was moving to lick repeatedly, pleasure to the degree that he wanted to scratch off his head numbed his whole body. His body stirred trying to escape that pleasure, but the thing stimulated was the core so it was completely meaningless.

Sylvia half closed her eyes ecstatically and sucked on the core passionately.

‘Thi, this is bad! If this stimulation is continued…!’

Kizuna once again brought his fingertips near Sylvia’s core part. This time he didn’t meet the guard of the thighs and reached the destination, he traced the trench and gently caressed up and down. Each time he did that, Sylvia’s ass twitched in reaction, wet sound and hot liquid was melting out from the inside.



He stared at the eyes of Sylvia who kept the core stuffed in her cheek. The light particles were rapidly converging, her eyes looked as if they were shining.

With this, the preparation for the install was in order.

“Sylvia, it’s finally the main moment. I’m installing the Core into your body.”

Kizuna took the Core from Sylvia’s hand, and changed his posture where now he was hanging over her.

“Can I?”

Sylvia spread both her hands and held them out to Kizuna.

“Come……please enter it into me.”

Tears were overflowing from those eyes. Those were tears of happiness.

Kizuna softly caressed Sylvia’s head and fitted the Core at her entrance.


And then, he slowly pushed it inside.

“Nnaa! Kufuuh……NNN.”

Sylvia desperately endured it.

“Does it hurt Sylvia?”

“I’m fine……desu……more, please come……until deep inside”

But the one who felt intense was not just Sylvia. Severe sensation also assaulted Kizuna.

Kizuna clenched his teeth reflexively.

‘Thi, this is……-!

What the hell, with this great feeling! Something like this, shouldn’t exist, at all-!’

It was hotter than inside the mouth, thrusting into this tight world that was overflowing with honey. Soft walls were constricting from every direction, as if repelling him from advancing through the narrow path.

Kizuna endured the pleasure desperately while pushing the Core as if expanding the inside of Sylvia. Thereupon, hot liquid overflowed as though being pushed out by the Core.

“Aah, haah, haah, aah-”

Sylvia’s breathing became incessant.

“Oi, are you really……o, okay? Uaa!”

Kizuna too was not fine. The tightening became even more severe than before, doubling the pleasure. He clenched his teeth and desperately endured, but his vision was getting misty, his consciousness was getting strange somehow.

“Ah, Sylvia, is fine……desu. It was only at the beginning, ahn, ahn, but it soon, feels good, aah, Sylvia is, already, becoming strange, desuuuu-!”

Pink colored radiance of Heart Hybrid was produced from Kizuna’s body. That light all passed through the inside of his body, gathering at Kizuna’s abdomen. It even felt like Kizuna’s life force was gathered from throughout his body.

“Captain-, Captain, Sylvia is, no, no good, already desu! Sylvia, is going to come from somewhere desuu-!”

Both of them were at their limit already.

Shining magic power particles were rising from their whole body. Inside the room, light particles that were shining sparklingly were on the verge of saturation.

What was left, was only inserting the Core until the end.

Until the deepest inside Sylvia!

“Here I go, Sylvia!”


Masou Gakuen HxH V04 BW 04.jpg

The pleasure felt like it was burning off the nerves in his brain. The energy that was gathered from throughout Kizuna’s body was released all at once. He tasted the hallucination like everything inside his stomach was carried away.

Sylvia’s body was pulsating as though it was trying to absorb all the energy from Kizuna without leaving a single drop behind. The Core was melting together with that energy, seeping into all over Sylvia’s body. Sylvia was intoxicated by the sensation of Kizuna’s light permeating into her body. It was like swaying to and fro inside an euphoria, an exquisite sensation.


She was murmuring in delirium.

Kizuna too collapsed beside Sylvia from using up all his strength. Intense fatigue attacked him, he didn’t have the willpower to move even a single finger. He felt as though he had poured all of the life force all over his body into Sylvia.

‘Right now, all the other matters, already……doesn’t matter.’

And then Kizuna too fell into a deep sleep.

Part 5[edit]

The morning of the beginning of the Tokyo recapture operation finally came. Ataraxia separated from Megafloat Japan once more and attempted to approach Tokyo independently.

At the maintenance spot that was adjacent with Nayuta Lab, the sortie preparation of Amaterasu and Masters was progressing steadily. Inside the gigantic bunker where even the maintenance of a jumbo jet could be carried out, a large number of people were in a great commotion.

The pilots of Heart Hybrid Gears that would participate in the operation and the staffs and the like that were carrying out examination and action confirmation, few hundred people in total were busily running everywhere.

This was the first time these many Heart Hybrid Gears were maintenanced all at once. Not only that, the new weapons developed by Ataraxia’s technical research department were lined up crowdedly. It was also the first time for those weapons to be deployed in actual combat, just giving maintenance and preparing those weapons caused a great commotion.

It was before the battle, but the maintenance spot was literally turned into a battlefield.

Amidst all that, Masters’ ace, Scarlet was looking around.

“Listen well, everyone! We are going to take revenge for Brigit who lost her life in the previous battle!”

All members raised one of their hands up from Scarlet’s command and screamed a battle cry. Scarlet nodded in satisfaction and looked over the members’ equipment.

“How is it, Clementine? Are your sortie preparations taken care of?”

“No problem.”

Clementine shouldered her beloved Winchester rifle and grinned broadly.

“There is only problem all over you! Never mind that, just leave behind that retro rifle!”

Scarlet picked up an anti-magic weapon particle rifle and threw it at Clementine for replacement.

“Eehh~ this thing doesn’t have any charm. My preference doesn’t…..”

“Don’t go to war with your preference!”

Sharon came along to the location of Scarlet that was yelling angrily.

“Then Scarlet. How to use this railgun?”

“Aah, that type is too much for you so……wait, you even made your pilot suit into a goth loli spec-!?”

Sharon’s pilot suit was lavishly using white frills and laces added with black skirt, it couldn’t be differentiated with the goth loli fashion that she usually wore.

“I thought that for this big moment……”

“Aah, all of this guy and that guy! Henrietta, you too give me help here!”

Scarlet looked for help from the excellent Henrietta that possessed comparatively good sense.

Henrietta pushed up her glasses and asserted coldly.

“I refuse. Because that’s Scarlet’s job. Please don’t disturb the stability of my mind.”

“Give me back the stability of my mind!”

“My my, this is terrible.”


Yurishia wearing her Cross appeared with her large breasts shaking. And then, Kizuna and the other members of Amaterasu also came from behind her.

“What about Masters’s preparation? No problem?”

“There is a lot here!”

Scarlet hugged at Yurishia with teary eyes.

“Geez-, help me a little here. Everyone is too selfish, even though my own equipment too is still not prepared enough yet~”

“Yes yes, it’s fine, so how about we take care of it one by one?”

Yurishia caressed Scarlet’s head with a troubled smile.

“Oo―i, is everyone working properly?”

Gertrude who was sitting on a wheelchair arrived while waving her hand.

“Gertrude! You, is it okay for you to get out?”

“It’s fine. Well, I troubled Leila for this though.”

The one pushing the wheelchair was Leila Howitt.

“Ahaha, Don’t be like that. You don’t need to be that concerned. I received the compensation for this properly so there is no need to feel worry. Ten dollar a minute or one dollar for each ten meters, which do you prefer?”

“So you are planning to take my money-!?”

Leila was similar with Henrietta, she was in charge of the Megafloat’s protection at the previous battle and didn’t participate in the fight. With short blonde hair, she looked like a refined girl, but it seemed that she was quite a money monger.

Kizuna faced all of the members and called out to them.

“Everyone listen to me. There is a new member added to Amaterasu, so I want to introduce her.”

A small girl that was guided by Kizuna lowered her head.

“I joined as Amaterasu’s member in this occasion. I am called Sylvia Silkcut of Kizuna squad. Please take care of me desu.”

Aine, Yurishia, and Himekawa had heard of this story before so they weren’t surprised. But, for the Masters, there were many people that didn’t know of Sylvia’s existence itself.

“Aah, you are the genius girl from Britain that I heard the rumors about. Nice to meet you, I’m Scarlet from Masters.”

Scarlet looked for a handshake and Sylvia responded to that nervously.

Kizuna spoke to everyone once again.

“This operation will be Sylvia’s first campaign. Everyone, I want you to keep this in mind. In the first place, Sylvia had only just gotten her Core installed. It looks like the adjustment will still take time, so her sortie will be a little late.”

Sylvia narrowed her shoulders.

“I’m sorry desu……”

“No, I was the indecisive one that couldn’t really make up my mind so……sorry.”

Kizuna coughed once and continued his talk.

“But with the result of the install, she is already finished equipped with the Corruption Armament.”

Aine’s eyebrows twitched.

‘――The Corruption Armament? Then, this girl. She did Climax Hybrid……?’

Aine’s heart was discomposed inside.

“I think it will be quite an increase in our battle strength with Sylvia’s participation. But in case of some kind of trouble happening when we rush to the destination, I want to equip one more gear with Corruption Armament. Sylvia will also be late in her sortie so this is even more important. Though the one who will do this……”

Kizuna stared at Aine. Both of their gazes collided in the air. Aine’s gaze was swimming everywhere.

“Say, Ai――”

The instant Kizuna tried to call to her, Aine reflexively averted her eyes.

“Then, I’ll do it. I also have the actual result from the last time.”

Yurishia linked her arm with Kizuna.

Looking at that, Himekawa raised her hand with a sullen face.

“Please wait a second, Yurishia-san. Cross’s Corruption Armament [Crosshead] is a weapon for use in super close range. It can exhibit its might in a special condition, but I think its use in generic situations is meager. In this operation, won’t my [Gladius] be the more effective one?”

Yurishia knitted her eyebrows.

“Even though you said that, but actually you only want to do perverted things with Kizuna right?”

“Tha-, that’s untrue-! Su, su, such thing is compelt, completely, i-i-i-impossible.”

Himekawa became bright red and desperately protested with inarticulate speaking.

The inside of Aine’s chest felt sharply painful looking at that exchange.

Her beating became fast.

Aine opened her mouth timidly.

“He, hey……”

Kizuna turned to her and asked with a surprised voice.

“What’s wrong? Do you have any opinion Aine?”


Aine faltered. She felt like something was whirling inside her stomach.

But, at the same time she could hear the alarm bell, telling her that she couldn’t do Climax Hybrid.

She didn’t understand why.

‘What to do?

But, at this rate.

She will be left behind by everyone else.

Also, Kizuna is gradually getting further a――,’

“Got it. Not only about the Corruption Armament, but if thinking about Eros’s power up too, Himekawa is more suitable. We don’t understand the situation at Tokyo, so I think that Neros that excelled in all-purpose will be better.”

“Eee―, I cannot agree with that!”

Yurishia opposed fiercely.

“Wait, wait! This time there is the possibility that we are going to do Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid on-site. In such case, it will be quite a dangerous situation. Saying it in reverse, I want to preserve Cross as the trump card for that time.”

“Nn……well, it can’t be helped if Kizuna said that much……Hayuru, I’ll concede it to you this time.”

Yurishia released her arm that was joined with Kizuna.

“The, then, there is no time left until the sortie. That……how about we go now?”

“Ye, yeah. I guess.”

Himekawa looked a little shy approaching close to Kizuna as if snuggling up to him, before both of them left.

Aine did nothing but seeing off the two of them in silence.

An indescribable feeling was rampaging inside Aine.


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