Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 4 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Aine[edit]

It was just a little more until the lips of the two touched each other, it was at such a time when the eyes of the two were blinking at each other.


Suddenly it felt embarrassing and the two averted their faces together in panic as if it had been arranged beforehand.

“Wha, what’s with you?”

“A, aah. My bad.”

Although he said that, Kizuna felt like he got the wind taken out from his sail because of the proactive Aine that was different than usual.

‘――Yosh, I’ll pull myself together.’

Kizuna manipulated the console and opened the Love Room’s internal setting screen.

They only had a little above one hour left. Anyway it was a fight against time. Before the reinforcements of the enemy came, he would make Aine equip her Corruption Armament and clean up the fleet. The shortest shortcut for that was to provide Aine with the situation that matched with Aine’s disposition, which could excite her the most.

“That is……this!”

Kizuna tapped the console and in an instant the normal room changed into a different scenery. It felt like a teleportation.

“This is……?”

Aine raised her voice in wonder.

Classmates were passing right beside her. The familiar classroom. The familiar desk. Aine touched at her own desk. She felt the familiar cool touching sensation.

“Ataraxia’s…….second year first group’s classroom?”

“Yeah, that’s right. I think that this place if the most fitting place to do Heart Hybrid with Aine.”

“Why, in the classroom……”

Aine didn’t hide her bewilderment and looked around the surroundings. Right now was the break time. Here and there were close groups talking with each other. The individual dialogues resounded inside the classroom, reaching Aine’s ears as a single commotion. That was the BGM that was always echoing inside the class. The atmosphere characteristic of the classroom that felt cool somehow, and the sparkling reflection of dust from the light that shined in from the window calmed down Aine’s heart for some reason. And then Aine noticed that she too was wearing an Ataraxia uniform similar with the students in the surroundings.

“You put something on me rather than taking off clothes……”

The tumult in the corridor was audible from the other side of the classroom’s noise. And then the musical performance of the wind instrument club that could be heard faintly. From the outside of the window she could hear the sound of a bat hitting a ball. The students enjoying baseball outside the window, and then the townscape of Ataraxia that could be seen outside the schoolyard.

While breathing in the air of the classroom, Aine gradually figured out just where she was. Suddenly, she remembered that she hadn’t finished her mathematics homework.

“Then Kizuna……what in the world are we going to do here?”

“Of course, to do Climax Hybrid. Here.”

“Haa!? Wha, what are you saying? There is no way we can do that in a classroom!”

Aine’s voice quivered.

“Aine, right now we are inside the Love Room.”


Aine touched her hand on her head as if she was having a headache. The excessive realness of the sight made her feel like she was unable to understand what was reality. Right now, she was in the middle of a battle in Tokyo, such thing felt like a lie.

“Then, why in the classroom? It should be, more……that, something like a quiet place, or, or a place where we can be together just the two of us……err, like a hotel?”

Aine fidgeted while complaining shyly.

“I also thought that but, as I thought this is the most fitting to match Aine’s preference.”

Kizuna sat on his own seat and smiled at Aine. However Aine was standing imposingly in front of Kizuna with a face that was fully displeasured.

“I’ll firmly reject getting told that this is my interest. I cannot calm down in this kind of place, so quickly……auhn!”

Kizuna lifted up Aine’s breast from below and fondled it.

“Wha-, wh-wh-wh-wh, what are you doing-!”

Aine turned her back to him while hugging her own breasts.

“No, with how big your breast is, I thought perhaps it feels stiff.”

The gazes throughout the classroom converged on them, the air was stirred throughout the room.

Aine’s eyes darted everywhere from that reaction.


The classmates were supposed to be merely data. But this reaction was like living humans.

“My, my breast is not stiff. The stiff one is my shoulder…..that’s how it is, everyone, it’s tru- hii!”

Kizuna’s head reached out to her defenseless back. His index finger slid down tracing her back.

“!?……ah, aaaaannn……ku”

Aine’s body trembled and she suddenly leaked out a delighted voice. She pressed her mouth in panic and glared at Kizuna with a bright red face.

While she was doing so, Sakisaka-sensei entered the classroom while wearing her usual red jersey.

“Now―, the class is starting― get to your seat―”

Sakisaka-sensei’s appearance and speech looked like her usual state Aine was familiar with. She could only see that it was the real Sakisaka-sensei, or at the very least something that the real person moved herself.

But, the moment Sakisaka-sensei entered the classroom, it was like the program changed, the classmates that were paying attention to Aine suddenly lost their interest and took their respective seats.

“Hey, Kizuna……is everyone, really just data?”

“Yeah. It’s fine to not worry about them. Everything is a character that is moved by the program. You won’t be treated as a pervert when we return to reality.”

“That’s fine then but……wait, it’s not fine. Just what do you mean by treated as a pervert?”

Aine glared at Kizuna with an anxious face.

“The thing Aine will do after this is something that will be a disaster if everyone knew about it, you see.”

“This has already gone past a bad premonition and straight to a bad feeling though.”

“Then, first can you roll up your skirt?”

Aine lost her words for an instant. However, she soon retorted back in wrath.

“I refuse. I cannot believe that such act is related to Climax Hybrid.”

But, Kizuna shook his head with a serious expression.

“No. This is the most reasonable for the current Aine, an act that can make you the most excited. Moreover, it can realize a powerful Hybrid in a short time.”

Aine snorted, as if saying that it was stupid to even listen to this.

“Me? There is no way I will get excited in this kind of situation right? I just cannot calm down.”

“Believe me, give this a try. Besides, when we just first met, there was once that time when you rolled up your skirt by yourself and showed it to me wasn’t it?”

“Tha, that time was……that”

Aine’s cheeks reddened and grabbed the end of her skirt.

“Even if they are a character made from data, it’s only obvious that they will get bothered by what we are doing. But, if you turn your back to everyone then it will be fine. If it’s in this position, no one will be able to see whether it’s sensei or everyone else.”

“Is, is that really true?”

Kizuna’s seat was near the window. Furthermore he was the second from the back and Yurishia who usually was at the farthest behind wasn’t here. Certainly, if she was in a position that faced each other with Kizuna, there was no one other than Kizuna who would be able to see.

The classmates that were here didn’t actually exist. She understood that in her head, but she could hear sounds, even their breathing. If Aine turned back, the characters would react to that movement and they would stare back with a gaze that asked ‘what’s up?’.

Just what was different from this place with reality?

However, at this rate nothing would begin. Aine resolved herself, grabbed the fringe of her skirt and she slowly lifted up her arm.

“Is……is it fine, with this?”

Aine’s cheek was dyed red shamefully. She couldn’t look at Kizuna’s face properly and averted her gaze.

From under the black skirt, a dazzling white underwear appeared. Its waist line was decorated with reserved lace and frill, and a small cute ribbon was attached at the center. It was neat and tidy, but it was a cute design that really seemed girlish. The legs that stretched out from there were trembling nervously.

“Aah……what a cute panty.

“Eh? Kyaaa!”

Aine returned back her skirt vigorously and held it down.

“I, it’s not a pilot suit……?”

“It’s artless to be the same like before. For the time being it was chosen from Aine’s wardrobe. After all the data is formed from the transaction history of Aine’s shopping in Ataraxia.

“Per, pervert!”

“It wasn’t me, the one who did it was Shikina-san though……then, next, face towards everyone else and lift up the back of your skirt to show me your ass.”

“Sto, stop playing aro……-”

Just when she was about to say that, she rethought that this was also for the sake of Climax Hybrid. Aine turned to her classmates in dissatisfaction. However, as expected she felt resistance to roll up her skirt.

“Aine, can you lean forward a little for me?”

Aine lowered her upper body and pushed out her ass to Kizuna. White panty showed its face from under the skirt’s fringe.

“Hey, just what are you planning to make me do……a!?”

She noticed this late that her panty became completely exposed, Aine straightened her back and pressed down her skirt.

“I had seen it before already, there is no point doing that this late right? Show me properly this time.”

Aine bit her lip in fixation and rolled up her skirt, pure white ass was pushed out in front of Kizuna. Aine’s head was dizzy from the excessive shame.

‘Wha, what’s this, this pose……this is just too embarrassing. How unbecoming.’

She was only worrying about Kizuna behind her, but suddenly she felt gazes and looked forward.


The gazes of her classmates were converged on herself.

‘No……don’t, don’t look.’

And then she could hear the voices of her classmates whispering in small voices.

“Wa, wait Kizuna! What’s this, everyone is……looking here, they are talking.”

“Aah, the data and algorithm of the Love Room was upgraded. It’s judging the situation in real time, a function to produce reaction and dialogue was implemented in it.”

“Why doesn’t this technology get used for other things than this!?”

Aine had cold sweat. Even if she understood that this was data, the virtual and real became jumbled up.

“Look, that pose. She is sticking out her ass to a man invitingly.”

“She is really doing that kind of thing in a classroom.”


Tears floated in the corners of Aine’s eyes from shame and humiliation.

“He, hey……Kizuna. This is enough already ri――aahn!”

‘Thi-, this man! He groped my ass-!’

The meat of her ass was rubbed thoroughly as if he was gripping it strongly. Each time, shivering pleasure was piercing through from her tailbone until the top of her head.

“Hey, you, you can touch me so……do this in somewhere else……haa-”

Her ass was opened, pulled strongly, causing stimulation to run from the joint of her legs until her groin. She unconsciously concentrated her mind to not only her ass, but also to the between of her groins.

‘Aah, don’t……even though everyone is watching. I have to keep my calm.’

“What’s wrong Aine? You are rubbing your thighs.”


Before Aine realized, Kizuna’s hands separated from her ass.

“You look like you are really getting in the mood, but the class is going to start any time now.”

“Wha, what mood……this is Kizuna’s fault-“

She said her complain with her mouth pursed tightly. However, Kizuna’s hand grabbed Aine’s waist and he pulled her closer.


Aine sat down on Kizuna’s lap.

“Wa, wait……”

“You better stay quiet because we are in the middle of lesson. You are going to gather everyone’s attention again like this.”

Aine opened her mouth trying to say something, but no words came out. Her mouth was just closing and opening repeatedly.

Before long it was like she resigned herself, she sat still on Kizuna’s lap and faced the main screen in front of the classroom.

‘――Uuu, this is abnormal no matter what. Something like this……sitting on the lap of the only male student in the classroom while receiving a lesson. Fu, furthermore……’

“Uu! Kuh……uAaa……yaa-”

“Oi, Aine. Your voice is leaking out. We will get exposed if you aren’t quiet you know?”

“The……the, n……do-, don’t touch……mee-“

Her body was touched by Kizuna the whole time since the lesson started. She was being careful to not raise her sound too loud, the gazes of her classmates would gather on her, so she was trying to not move her body somehow. Actually she wanted to twisted her body and for her leg to go taut. She was desperately enduring that while her body was trembling in pleasure.

“Hey, Aine.”

“Do, don’t……talk to me, right now. Ku-……kuu-“

If she let her guard down, her indecent delighted voice would resound inside the classroom. She clenched her teeth and pressed her mouth with her hands, desperately enduring her gasping voice.

“Where do you feel good the most Aine?”

“I ab……absolutely, won’t teach……you”

Despite saying so, Kizuna’s hand was gradually becoming bold. Even though previously his hands were only caressing her body from above the uniform or caressing her thigh, right now his hand entered into her uniform and rubbed thoroughly at her breast.

“U……ku……ah-, a……haaa”

But, her breast was rubbed, it was lifted up and toyed, but the place that she would feel the most wasn’t getting touched.

Kizuna’s finger was crawling on Aine’s breast with a movement that drew a circle. That finger gradually climbing the mountain and aimed at the summit. And then finally……the hand separated at that timing.


Having the pleasure that she had waited for avoided just before it happened, made Aine’s breast felt like it would burst from the pain. She shook her breast as if to look for Kizuna’s hand, but she was unable to find it.


Aine was embraced by Kizuna from behind and he whispered to her ear.

“You want to be touched?”


She felt like her heart was seen through, Aine’s cheek was further dyed with shame.

Aine bit her lip while swinging her neck to the left and right.

And then Kizuna suddenly blew his breath at her ear.


  • Twitch*, Aine’s body jumped.

“I really don’t understand at all the place where Aine can feel it easily……if I’m forced to say, it’s like your whole body is an erogenous zone.”

“Do, don’t say something stupid……so, something like Kizuna’s caress, do, doesn’t, make me feel it, at all like this, you, you are misunderstanding.”

“Is that so? Then, can you take off your panty to show me?”

“The, there is no way I can do that-! Is your head getting weird?”

Aine raised a high-pitched voice and gathered the gazes from all over the class.

“Oi oi, Chidorigafuchi-san. It’s no good unless you stay quiet―”

Sniggers came from inside the classroom when Sakisaka-sensei warned her.

“I……I’m sorry.”

Aine’s cheeks reddened and she glared at Kizuna across her shoulder. Kizuna’s face that was a few centimeters ahead from hers was smiling at Aine.

“Come on, show me the proof that Aine doesn’t feel it from getting touched by me.”


Aine reluctantly raised her waist and inserted her hands inside her skirt. And then, she began to lower her white panty smoothly. The rounded cloth slipped off the leg and she tried to hide it in her hand.

“Come on, it’s no good if you don’t show it.”


He stole the small rolled up cloth from Aine’s hand. The taken off underwear was warm. That underwear was spread out by Kizuna’s fingers.


Aine tried to steal it back and reached out her hand, but Kizuna’s hand easily avoided it. And then, Kizuna spread the white panty with his fingers like playing cat cradle.


Aine wordlessly averted her bright red face.

“Aine, is this just my feeling, it’s really――”

“Tha……that’s sweat.”

Aine was shrinking inside Kizuna’s arms from embarrassment.

“Hee……is that so. So this is sweat……”

Kizuna shamelessly caressed the panty’s groin part. A string was drawn between Kizuna’s finger and the panty.

“Do-, don’t-! Don’t touch the――”

Aine tried to take back the panty from Kizuna’s hand and she reached out her hand. In reaction to that, Sakisaka-sensei pointed at Aine.

“E―rr, then for the next question―, I’ll leave it to you Chidorigafuchi-san then―. Can you come to the front here?”


Her movement that reached out her hand was judged by the computer as a motion of raising her hand. Aine turned to Kizuna with a troubled look.

“Come on, sensei is telling you that. Go on there.”


Aine stood up with a face that almost cried. She pushed down her skirt tightly and her knees were shaking anxiously.

“Come on― quickly―. Solve this question, no delay.”

The main screen with width of three meters was displaying a mathematics problem.

Aine stood up with trembling legs and walked to the front of the classroom timidly. She pressed on the fringe each time her skirt swayed. The skirt was short even in normal conditions. Perhaps the inside would be seen just by a little momentum.

She somehow reached until the front of the classroom. But just by climbing on the teachers podium made her felt like the inside of her skirt would be seen.

‘――I will get exposed……that I’m not wearing it.’

Something viscous was dripping down at the inside surface of Aine’s thighs.

Her finger touched at the screen that became a touch panel. She wrote the answer and looked up at the next problem. It was in quite a high location, but the screen couldn’t be scrolled. She couldn’t reach even if her hand reached out, so she stood on the tips of her toes.

“Hey, that……”

“She really is not wearing it?”

Aine’s heart felt like it would stop. She stiffened unable to move.

The small whispering voices at her back were gradually getting louder.

Her beating heart was becoming furious, cold sweat flowed down.

‘――It’s exposed. It’s seen. What to do, what to do?’

“Everyone― be quiet―. Look here, geez, there is no way a girl, going to school in no panty can exist isn’t it?”

Aine responded with a cramped smile at Sakisaka-sensei’s defense of her. However, the students’ whispers didn’t stop. Inquisitive and scorning stares to Aine were getting stronger.

“Then, how about your show it instead? With a ba―m. After all there are only girls here, don’t mind it, show it all!”

“E, err……err”

Aine sent her gaze at Kizuna to look for help. However, Kizuna was staring at Aine intently. He was watching in appreciation at Aine that was trembling with shame, excitedly and lovingly.


Masou Gakuen HxH V04 BW 06.jpg

Aine gripped at the fringe of her skirt with trembling hands.

Everyone was raising jeering voices from their mouths, the noises reverberated inside her head. Her cheeks blushed and even her head became hot. She was sweating and the throbbing of her breasts couldn’t settle down.

She slowly lifted up her skirt and revealed her thigh, and then finally the face of her leg joints were almost seen, at that time――,

The bell that informed them of the end of lesson rang out.

“Ye―s, it’s time―. Well then, everyone be healthy―”

It was as if a switch was turned off, Sakisaka-sensei exited the classroom. The students were also standing up and bowed as if the event until now didn’t exist.

Aine ran as if escaping something and flew into Kizuna’s chest.

“Geez! Idiot! Idiott! Tha, that was really embarrassing!”

She rapidly hit at Kizuna’s chest.

Kizuna gently stroked at the head of Aine that was being like that. Aine nuzzled on Kizuna’s chest with a teary face. And then, slight light particles were rising from Aine’s body.

Aine’s reaction was favorable. If they could progress at this rate, the Heart Hybrid would be completed in just a little more.

The lesson just now only spent a few minutes of their time. Normally it would feel strangely fast, but for the current Aine those few minutes felt like a hour.

Aine separated her body from Kizuna and exited to the corridor with unsteady gait. Kizuna chased behind her.

“Where are you going Aine?”

“Ju……just the toilet. Don’t……follow me.”

“No, your condition looks bad. I’ll follow you because I’m worried.”

Aine faced Kizuna with dim eyes.

“Is that so……thank you.”

However she soon knitted her eyebrows.

“But, that’s an unnecessary worry……in a different meaning.”

Aine exited to the corridor and noticed that there were also a lot of other students from different classrooms. When she came near the stair, Kizuna stopped and grabbed at Aine’s shoulder.

“Eh? Wait……”

They turned at the corner of the corridor and he pushed Aine’s body at the wall of the stair.

“The toilet is still ahead. What are you thinki……ahn!”

Kizuna’s left hand circled at Aine’s back and crawled up under her uniform. And then, his right hand opened Aine’s chest, exposing the big breast that was enveloped in a white underwear. The bra was heavily supporting Aine’s breast. However Kizuna’s left hand unfastened the hook on her back, at that moment her breast flew out and looked even bigger by a level. The bra that was released from its duty dropped on the floor.

“Wha-, in this kind of place-. No, no way!”

Putting aside Aine that was greatly disturbed, Kizuna rubbed up Aine’s breast.

“Nnaa-! HaAh……sto-, stop it, Kizuna.”

The heat that she was made to utterly feel until now was remaining. Just by being touched a little, the wave of pleasure that had settled down once was now surging in again.

“Haaa, ah, a, kuun……do, don’t――a!!”

A student descending down the stair was staring here fixedly.

“No, noooo! Stop stop! Please, nooooo-“

She hit her fist at Kizuna’s chest. However, strength couldn’t enter Aine’s arm that was feeling it at all.


Going against Aine’s words, Kizuna’s hand crawled into under Aine’s skirt. Aine tried to close her legs in panic, but it was too late. Kizuna mercilessly granted stimulation at the place that Aine felt it the most.


Aine’s body was trembling. Something hot was dripping down on Kizuna’s hand.

When Kizuna took out his hand from under the skirt, he showed his fingertips to Aine.

“Aine, you have become this wet see.”

However Aine’s eyes that were filled with tears were dim, she begged to Kizuna.

“Please……stop it, already. Everyone, is looking……I’m completely seen. This kind of place……please, at least somewhere where there is just the two of us……”

“That’s no good like that. For the sake of pulling out Aine’s power, Zeros’s power to the maximum……pleasure that unspeakable to Aine’s imagination is necessary.”

Kizuna opened bare Aine’s chest. The student that was passing nearby stopped walking and stared at Aine and Kizuna with a shocked expression.


Kizuna sucked at the tip of the breast that he didn’t touch before. And then his right hand pinched at the opposite breast.

“It’s fine like this right? Now it’s not visible to everyone see.”

Kizuna grasped at the breast tightly like an eagle as if to hide the breast. And then like that he rubbed thoroughly at the soft breast as if to make it even softer.

“Tha-, that’s not the prOOOoo- haa, ah, aaaaa”

“Then, should I take off my hand?”

Kizuna separated his mouth and hand. Thereupon, the white large breast shook like jelly. The tip that he put in his mouth was shining wetly while standing stiff. That appearance was really obscene, it was not something that was allowed to be exposed in school.

“Do-, don’t! That’s also no good! Nhoo-!”

Kizuna’s mouth and hand once more covered Aine’s pink summits.

“Kufu-, ha-……hi, AAann”

The sensitive sense organ of Aine’s breast had its shape traced by the tongue inside Kizuna’s mouth many times over. It was licked around persistently, making the tips stand up even larger, it was becoming painfully stiff.

“How amazing, Aine. It’s standing up the most until now isn’t it?”

Kizuna sucked even more strongly.


Honey was dripping down on the floor from between Aine’s legs.

Blue light was swimming in Aine’s eyes. Her whole body was tinged with faint light.

‘――Yosh. It will be soon.’

“Aine. Let’s show everyone Aine’s cutest place.”


Aine’s head was fuzzy from the too much pleasure. But, the pleasure that came next pierced her body as an impact.

The left and right breasts were brought closer and the two pink tips were connected. And then Kizuna put the two into his mouth all at once.

It was as if he was trying to suck out the milk that wasn’t supposed to come out, he sucked strongly and severely.


The tips of Aine’s toes stretched. Her body greatly bent backwards, her white slender neck was trembling. Her body convulsed and jumped with a fixed rhythmical twitching. Each time, strong light welled up from Aine, combining with the light that was overflowing from Kizuna’s body.

At that time, the bell that signaled the start of the class rang. The instant Aine heard that sound, she sat down on the floor as if her waist was broken.


“Aine, the Heart Hybrid succeeded. Next is――”



“I’m at my limit already……if I move……it will leak out.”

From the red eyes which had light of heart floating there, tears were slowly overflowing.

“……Got it. Leave it to me.”

Kizuna carried Aine in his arms. He moved Aine with the princess carry. Aine was burying her face on Kizuna’s chest. Her eyes were closed, she grasped the collar of his uniform and desperately endured her urge to urinate.

“Yosh, we arrived here.”

Kizuna lowered down Aine. Aine’s trembling feet touched the floor and she tried to hurriedly enter a toilet stall, but then, she was bewildered.

“This……this place?”

It was a wide and dim room. The flooring under her feet was glossy. When she looked up, there was lighting setup at the ceiling for the stage equipment. In front of her eyes there was a large deep red curtain that hanged down from the ceiling as if to block her way.

“Hey, Kizuna. Whe, where is this? Didn’t you carry me to the toile…..”

Kizuna raised his right hand as a signal and the curtain was slowly beginning to rise slowly. From the gap underneath it, dazzling light and noisy voices of people talking were leaking audibly.

Aine’s face was turning blue in the blink of an eye.

“Do……don’t tell me.”

The curtain was gradually rising. Before long Aine’s field of vision became unobstructed by anything and the sight at the other side of the curtain was thrust at her together with a feeling of despair.

“Ki, Kizuna, what is, the meaning of this?”

Aine’s knees were trembling unsteadily, she then whispered in delirium.

“I gathered everyone here. I think that I’ll let them watch Aine’s Climax Hybrid.”

The place Aine was standing at was the stage of the grand auditorium of Ataraxia.

The audience seats were filled with people, people, people, as far as the eye could see. Most likely there were two or three thousand people here. It was a large crowd that made one suspect if all the students of Ataraxia were gathered here.

The audiences raised cheers when they recognized Aine’s figure. Many mouths yelled Aine’s name, applause was sent to her.

Aine felt a pressure as if the audience seating was a towering high wave that was going to swallow her. That pressure made Aine unconsciously stagger back.

“Oops, get a hold of yourself Aine.”

Aine’s body was supported by Kizuna from behind.

“Kizuna, I……want to, go to toilet, ple, please I beg you……”

“It’s fine. It’s fine for you to not hold yourself back here.”

Aine received a shock that stopped her breathing. It was as if she was seeing something unbelievable, her eyes opened widely and she forgot to close her mouth.

“Lies, stop joking……hey, please, I’m at my limit here, that’s why”

Aine begged while looking up at him with teary eyes.

“Enduing it too much is not good for your body Aine.”

“U……uu, Kizunaa……”

Aine leaked out a voice that was filled with despair together with her tears.

“I’ll help you.”

Kizuna embraced Aine tightly from behind and slipped his hand inside her skirt.

“Do-, don’t-, i, if you touch me now……I, I, cannot hold back-……a!”

Ignoring Aine’s restraint, Kizuna’s hand touched at Aine’s most important place.

It was a sensation that was different with hair. And then his finger crawled at the wet valley under it.

“Ahau! ,uaa, AAaaa……yaaaa……”

“Aine, it’s fine to not hold back anymore you know?”

“Yaa……don’tt……only that, is no good”

Tears spilled out from Aine’s eyes.

“I, I’m seen……my……place where I do it, in front of this many people……”

The audiences raised cheers and commotion at every single action of Aine and Kizuna. Aine’s brain was refusing to recognize the excessively impossible, abnormal situation.

However, unconnected to Aine’s feeling, her urge to pee mercilessly tortured her.

Her waist was trembling fiercely. It passed the limit of her endurance.

Kizuna’s finger touched at a swelling thing.


Aine raised a soundless yelling.

Her breath stopped. A sensation that she had never experienced before rushed all over her body’s nerves.

“Fuaa! Haaa, hah, hah, aaaa-, KUHuaaAAuUUU!”

Her breathing quickened and the palpitation of her heart became fierce. Her lower body felt numb and something hot was spreading from around under her stomach.

“The-, there, isn’t good, it’s scary, AAAAAAA”

Kizuna’s finger pinched at that soft stiffness and shook it.

A wall was destroyed inside Aine.


Sobbing filled with despair and sorrow, and then joy was sung from Aine’s mouth.

And then at the same time, light particles and hot liquid burst out from Aine’s body.

After piling up patience on top of patience, sparkling spray went flying, creating a puddle of water on the floor of the stage.

Aine’s whole body was assaulted by tremendous pleasure and fatigue, and flaccid comfortableness. She was feeling like she was floating in the air. And then Aine’s consciousness was carried away to the far beyond.

Her field of vision was getting narrow in a flash and darkness enveloped her.

Aine was going forward inside that darkness. Stars of various colors were appearing and vanishing. That scenery made her felt it was beautiful and also mysterious, it felt nostalgic somewhere inside her.

Before long, a lump of light that was conspicuously radiant came from the beyond. It emitted vivid and powerful radiance, a lump of light.

‘――That is, Corruption Armament.’

Inside that lump of light, a Corruption Armament was sleeping. If her hand reached that, she would obtain Pulverizer. In other words, it meant that the Climax Hybrid succeeded.

Aine faced that lump of light and reached out her hand.

But ahead of that, there was one more radiance that was like a star.

‘――What, is that?’

It was a light she had never seen before in all the Climax Hybrids until now.

She passed over the lump of light where the Corruption Armament was sleeping and headed to the dazzling light ahead of it. Blue and red, it was as if it was clad in a nebula of purple gas, a beautiful light that would make one sigh in admiration.

Inside it, something that was far more powerful than even Pulverizer was hidden.

Something different from Corruption Armament. A danger that mustn’t be touched, yet it was sublime despite all that.

That was the true identity of this light.

It was not logic, it felt like that.

Aine spread both her hands to welcome that radiance.

And then, the instant she was touched by that light, memory surged into Aine’s brain like a tsunami.

The night sky she looked up to from a pond surrounded by stone fence.

White castle with beautiful peaks at the background.

Black city, and black castle.

And the living in the castle――,

A girl with pink colored hair.

That girl was turning around this way.

The beautiful lips opened.



Aine released her hand from that radiance. And then she rapidly distanced from that radiance and her consciousness was wrapped in darkness once more.


Aine suddenly raised a yell and collapsed on the floor. Blood pulled back from Kizuna’s whole body instantly. He released the setting of the Love Room in panic and embraced up Aine’s body.

“Aine! Pull yourself together!”

Aine opened her eyes faintly. Inside the pure white room where there was nothing, her eyes met the eyes of Kizuna who was peeking at her face worriedly.


At that time Aine felt a strange sense of discomfort on her body.

‘Strange, it’s different with the usual state of Climax Hybrid. Usually, there is the feeling of Kizuna entering inside my body……there should be the information of the Corruption Armament floating inside my head.’

“Aine, you okay? You feel anything strange anywhere?”

“Strange……rather than that, it doesn’t look like the usual Climax Hybrid. Somehow……”

When Aine tried to sweep away her hair that was hanging on her breast, that hand stopped.

‘――My hair is still silver?’

Something cold crawled up Aine’s back.

“The Climax Hybrid……failed?”

Aine faced Kizuna with an anxious look. Kizuna clenched his fist and wrung out his voice in frustration.

“Sorry……there is no doubt, even though I thought that the Climax Hybrid succeeded……why”

“Kizuna……tha, that’s”

‘――my fault.’

Even though she discovered an ability that was even more amazing than usual, she became scared instead and then――.

Between the bewildered pair, a communication voice cut in.

{Kizuna! If you are finished please come outside! It’s an emergency situation here!}

They could hear Yurishia’s voice that sounded like she was at her wit’s end.

“Aah, roger. Aine, let’s go out first for now!”

Aine kept sitting on the floor in bewilderment. Kizuna opened a window and confirmed the time.

“Aine, we still have thirty minutes. It’s fine if we just think for our next move. Don’t mind it.”

Kizuna grasped Aine’s hand and forcefully pulled her outside the Love Room.

And then Kizuna who got outside, was shocked by the sight spreading in front of his eyes.

“This is-……!?”

Several dozen red battleships were floating, filling out the sky.

“Enemy, reinforcements……no way, there should still be time left.”

Kizuna felt the absurdity while staring at the red ships floating in the sky.

Himekawa and Yurishia were in front of the Love Room, they were staring up at the sky like him.

Himekawa noticed Kizuna and she asked him with an anxious voice.

“Why……isn’t the enemy attacking?”

“Aah, certainly it’s strange. What are they planning to do?”

“Kizuna, how about we try asking that person, isn’t that fine I wonder?”

Yurishia pointed beside the Love Room with a grim face.

“They arrived faster than I imagined. The game is invalid with this I think?”

Hida Nayuta’s figure appeared from the shadow of the Love Room. And then behind her was Valdy that was standing like a possessing ghost.


“But, it was quiet fun. My……”

Nayuta looked at Aine’s flowing silver hair and shrugged her shoulders.

“Aine. I’m disappointed in you.”


Aine was taken aback after being told that out of nowhere. Suddenly she recalled when she couldn’t clear the experiment task of the Heart Hybrid Gear skillfully when she was a child.

“As expected, it looks like I’ll have to bother your hand, Zelsione-sama.”

Nayuta talked to a direction where there was no one.

“Hou, so you noticed.”

Ripple like a water surface spread in the air where there was nothing. The scenery distorted and the owner of the voice appeared from inside it.

It was a woman wearing a really beautiful magic armor.

She was beautiful with a smooth body line. Then an armor that was shining silver beautifully like a mirror. Wings that gave the impression of airplane were attached on her back, shining in turquoise light of magic power. The armor enveloping both her arms and her legs was a little big, making one imagine of the firm defensive power and combat power that it hid.

In contrast, there was almost no armor on her body. There were only sexy purple bra and panty, and then a garter belt attached on her body, to the degree that it made the person looking troubled where to look. She smiled spicily with her purple hair and sent a provocative gaze to Nayuta.

“How did you know?”

Nayuta lightly bowed before answering.

“Even after the fleet of the imperial guard appeared, there was no movement at all. That’s because there is a reason they cannot attack. And also, Zelsione-sama won’t believe of anything she hasn’t seen herself, was what you told me. I thought that you will directly observe Zeros by yourself without fail.”

Nayuta tilted her head and smiled sweetly.

“Nevertheless, what a magnificent performance. You disarrayed our recognition and made us unable to notice your presence haven’t you Zelsione-sama? As expected of the captain of the imperial guard.”

Kizuna stared at the purple haired woman with a surprised expression.

“The captain of the imperial guard……you say?”

“Yes, this is the imperial guard captain, Zelsione-sama. The top of the military of Vatlantis.”

“This woman is……”

Not only Kizuna, Aine and Himekawa, and even Yurishia were filled to the brim with nervousness.

“Zelsione-sama, that’s the possessor of Zeros, Aine.”

“Zeros……so it’s you.”

She stared at Aine’s figure, from the top of her head until the tips of her toes as if licking her with her eyes.

“I see, she has the resemblance. But……”

Her eyes stopped at Aine’s silver hair.

“The hair color is wrong. Certainly normally it’s silver hair, but it’s different when magic armor is worn. This is a fact that the mass doesn’t know……you more or less have resemblance, but what a shame.”

Aine retorted back in wonderment, but also with a nervousness somewhere in her voice.

“I don’t know if you are a big shot of somewhere, but what are you doing finding fault right after appearing suddenly? You are too cryptic that I don’t understand anything at all.”

Kizuna also couldn’t hide his nervousness. The hair on his whole body was standing on its end from the appearance of the top of the enemy’s army that appeared here alone.

“Aine, everyone too, don’t let your guard down.”

Beside Kizuna’s face, Scarlet’s floating window opened.

{Kizuna, currently Masters have retreated until the Tokyo Bay. Should we return to your location?}

Kizuna answered without taking off his eyes from Zelsione.

“……No. Stand by there. But, if I give the instruction, I’ll rely on you at that time.”

Scarlet’s face was a little worried, but she immediately returned an affirmative and closed the window.

‘――What to do? Should we escape right now, or should we engage this woman?

Just defeating the enemy’s general doesn’t mean it will decide the victory of the war. I know that but, even so there is no doubt that it will become a considerable damage to the enemy.’

Kizuna gulped his saliva audibly.

Zelsione called out to Kizuna as if she had just noticed his presence.

“Hou, so you are the man I heard the rumor about. I knew from literature, but this is the first time I see a living and moving one. So the report from the subjugation army is not just nonsense.”

Zelsione stared at Aine once again after saying that amusedly.

“I’ll have you spit out how did you obtain that Core. Also, let me present a fun dream to the others.”

Light ran on Zelsione’s magic armor. Her wings opened and lens in eye shape appeared from inside. How the magic power light was running on the spread wings was beautiful like a butterfly that flapped its wings. And then the feather lens looked like a large eye that was shining bewitchingly.

A magic circle floated inside Zelsione’s eyes.

Heart and Soul RemodelingHeart Rebuild.”

A ring of light was spreading from Zelsione. That light enveloped Kizuna, Aine, Himekawa, and Yurishia.

“Wha-!? Thi……this is, what……?”

Himekawa’s surrounding was enveloped in darkness. The figures of Kizuna and others that were supposed to be nearby just now couldn’t be seen.

“Kizuna-kun! Yurishia-san, Aine-san, where are you all!?”

There was no reply even when she yelled. She became unable to understand where she was. even which way was up or down.

Inside that darkness, there was a faint light shining. Himekawa patted down her chest in relieve.

“I’m glad, there you are. I’m he――”

Whirling flame gushed out from the small light.


Himekawa’s surroundings was surrounded by hell fire in the blink of an eye. At the other side of that flame, the city of Tokyo appeared before she realized it.

In the sky that was dyed bright red, black clouds and the city’s silhouette were floating like shadow picture. And then, a large shadow that was even larger appeared.


Himekawa readied her sword with a grim face.

“Before this I was almost crushed by the past, but now is different!”

When she was going to leap forward, something caught her leg.


A hand reached out from the ground and caught her leg. Hands were growing out one after another as if crawling out from the bottom of the ground.

“Wha-……what is this-!”

Himekawa got goosebumps from the excessive repulsiveness.

“You are awful, Onee-chan.”


When she turned back, there was a girl standing in front of Himekawa. That was the girl she talked with, right before the first attack of Tri-Head.

Cold sweat gushed out from Himekawa’s whole body.

The girl was hugging a bear plushy that was burned black while tears were flowing from her eyes.

“Even though I didn’t want to die yet, even though Onee-chan told me, that you will save me.”

Himekawa’s eyes were opened wide in terror, her eyes were moving everywhere swimmingly.

“Liar! Return mama back!”


Himekawa backed off. Thereupon, she could hear voices from behind too.

“Why, did we have to die?”

It was a couple that seemed to be the same age as Himekawa.

“Even though there are still a lot of things I want to do with him! Just why, did I die, and you are alive!”


Himekawa held her head and crouched down.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorryyy! Uuu……UWAAAAAAAAN”

And then Himekawa cried like a little child. Even so, the shadows of the dead surrounded Himekawa and continued to blame her.

“Liar” “Die” “Why are you alive” “Help”

“Please……forgive me, forgive me already……”

She closed her eyes and blocked her ears while trembling fiercely. She didn’t want to hurt anybody else anymore, she didn’t want to be hurt. She wanted to sink into the bottom of the darkness and lived by closing herself inside her shell. Where no one could interfere, where she wouldn’t react at all, just quietly――.

“Himekawa! Oii, what’s wrong, Himekawa!?”

Kizuna called out to Himekawa with an impatient expression. However, Himekawa who dropped her sword and stood stock still with empty eyes didn’t seem to hear anything.

Looking at that state, Zelsione spoke proudly.

“It’s pointless. That girl is falling into the darkness inside her own heart. She is now the same like a living corpse.”

“What did you say……?”

“It’s not just that girl you know?”


Beside Kizuna, Aine fell to her knees.

“Aine-, what’s wrong!?”

Aine flowed sweat like a waterfall all over her body, her body was trembling.

“I’m having her spitting out, just how did she obtain the Core of Zeros.”

“Ku……I, I don’t know, anything.”

Aine wrung out a pained voice.

“I won’t allow such excuse. If you forgot, then you can trace back your own memory and search for it.”


Aine screamed and collapsed on the ground.

“Aine! Shit-……you bitchh!”

Kizuna clenched his fist and rushed at Zelsione. Just before he reached Zelsione, he suddenly collided with something that cut in and sparks scattered.

“Wha-!? Yu, Yurishia-?”

A blue armor stood in his way as if in protection of Zelsione, stopping the charge of Kizuna. Yurishia’s face was like a doll without will.

Zelsione calmly walked and brought her face closer that her lips almost touched Yurishia’s lips. And then, she peered into Yurishia’s blue eyes. Zelsione slipped into Yurishia’s mind from her eyes and read inside her heart.

“……Hou, this girl seems to love you huh. I don’t understand about the feeling of loving a man, but this is interesting. Then, you can break with your own hands, your important person.”

Zelsione separated from Yurishia’s body.

Yurishia turned her back to Zelsione, then her gaze was lost as if she was searching for something. And then when she caught Kizuna’s face, she glared sharply. Those eyes were changed 180 degrees from how she was usually looking at Kizuna.

“O, oi……Yurishia?”

Something shuddering ran through Kizuna’s back.

‘――This is bad.’

He immediately whipped his thruster on.

“I won’t let you get away Kizuna!”

Yurishia’s particle cannon attacked Kizuna. He deployed his Life Saver and somehow blocked the shooting.

Kizuna’s head was in chaos.

“What’s wrong Yurishia!? Why……-!”

Yurishia didn’t let him argue and directed the Differential Frame in bombardment mode to Kizuna.


The large caliber particle cannon destroyed Kizuna’s Life Saver.


Kizuna’s body rolled on the ground.


Without even time to call her, Yurishia’s unmatched accuracy with her particle cannon hit directly at Eros’s armor.

“Gah! Shi, shit-……!!”

It was like playing by throwing a rock to see how it rolled, Yurishia’s bombardment made him roll on the ground.

‘Damn it! Now that it has come to this, I don’t know if it’s usable, but it’s sink or swim, let’s do it!’

“Mode Zeros!”

Together with Kizuna’s yell, Eros’s pink luminescence changed to blue. He kicked the ground and ran. His figure vanished from in front of Yurishia with speed in a different dimension from until now.

‘――I can do this!’

The Climax Hybrid failed, but it saved him that Zeros’s ability was usable.

‘By some chance, was the Climax Hybrid actually not a failure? However, if that was true then why Aine……no! Concentrate on the battle in front of you right now! Zeros doesn’t have weapons for long range attacks. I have to fight the long range specialist Yurishia with bare arms.

That might be reckless. But, there is no other choice but this!’

Kizuna headed to Yurishia and rushed. Impact broke the pavement. He rushed on the ground with a speed that might make the asphalt melt and approached near Yurishia.

Zeros’s strong points were this speed and mobility. He didn’t understand what happened with Yurishia, but looking from the people that were used for the magic plant, he could imagine the gist.

“Come back to your senses! Yurishia!”

Kizuna aimed his right fist at Yurishia and unleashed it. Yurishia leaned her body diagonally and avoided the punch by making it slide across her shoulder. And then her left hand that gripped a particle cannon was thrust like a counterpunch.


The gun muzzle of the particle cannon hit Kizuna’s forehead. It felt like his heart would stop.

And then Yurishia pulled the trigger.

Kizuna desperately twisted his neck and avoided the bullet.

The light particle cut apart Kizuna’s temple.


Blood scattered and smoked.

However there was no time to feel relieved. Kizuna desperately grasped at the arm of Yurishia that fired the gun.

But that hand of Kizuna was easily shot through by the gun in Yurishia’s other hand.


It was a very close range with no way to evade. He received the bullet in a state without even Life Saver deployed.

Furthermore Yurishia didn’t slack down the shooting. The gun nuzzle was aimed at Kizuna in succession.


He desperately swung his arm and flicked off Yurishia’s hand that was holding the gun. Yurishia’s body twirled in a circle using that momentum. During that time, the gun in the other hand was aimed at Kizuna.


He ate an impact at his chest.

He somehow held firm and unleashed a punch. However Yurishia’s beautiful agility dodged Kizuna’s blow.

Kizuna struck up his leg by kicking the ground. The kick aiming at Yurishia’s flank was blocked by the unit of the Differential Frame. And then that cannon muzzle was directed at Kizuna’s direction.

‘――This ain’t a joke!’

The large caliber particle cannon from the Differential Frame that could obliterate a magic weapon with one attack was fired. Kizuna leaped aside, that he almost fell and evaded the bombing.

Suddenly cold sweat was pouring out from his whole body.

He fell on the ground and like that his body rolled and rose up. But, Yurishia was running in pursuit of him.


He would be eaten alive if he took a half-baked range!

Kizuna clenched his fist and charged while wringing out his courage. He leaped into Yurishia’s bosom in one go.


And then he swung his fist. A large swing was dangerous. He unleashed a combination of short punches.

Yurishia hardened her guard and endured Kizuna’s blows. Each time his fist hit, Cross’s armor surface was shaven, little fragments and sparks danced in the air. Several flashes were repeated between the two.

‘――Yosh! As expected she cannot follow Zeros’s speed! At this rate!’

The next instant, Yurishia’s body received Kizuna’s fist and she collapsed looking up.

“I did it!”

However Yurishia was looking up at Kizuna with cold eyes. And then the particle cannons in both her hand were directed at Kizuna.


Kizuna immediately deployed Life Saver. Yurishia who kept lying on the ground fired the guns in both her hands consecutively. Dazzling flashes snapped off in front of Kizuna’s eyes. His Life Saver didn’t make it in time and bullets impacted on his body in succession.

“GUAAAA-! Gah……!”

Pain that made him almost faint pierced his whole body. Yurishia jumped up and thrust her guns at Kizuna to further attack him.


He let out a loud voice to hold on to his distancing consciousness.

He swung his arm desperately and repelled Yurishia’s arms, he continued to avert the gun muzzles. But Kizuna’s speed was falling down. He didn’t make it.

The muzzle was directed at his forehead.

His body bent backwards and the Life Saver was deployed.

A particle cannon bullet ran past ten centimeters in front of his eyes. However, his stomach that showed an opening was mercilessly hit with rapid fire of bullets. Eros’s armor broke.

Kizuna collapsed on the rubble and writhed around literally.

‘――Shitt! Just who the hell was saying that Yurishia is a long-range specialist! Isn’t she totally dangerous even in this kind of super close range!’

Kizuna resolved himself of his target and took distance by flying behind. He reached the limit of his concentration from continuing the offense and defense in super close range.

He lowered his body and ran to encircle Yurishia.

Yurishia fluttered her golden hair and examined Kizuna’s state in a calm appearance. Kizuna glared at the once reliable comrade who had now become a threat that should be feared.

Whether it was her reflexes, mobility, tactical mind, guts, judgment, everything was perfect. The nickname of the world’s strongest was not just putting on an air. Just what in the world he had to do to…….

Kizuna recalled his battle with Gravel before this.

‘At that time, I multiplied Yurishia and Scarlet’s ability. I created weapons and was able to win against Gravel. Then……however, Zeros doesn’t have a weapon.’

A flame burned up inside Kizuna’s chest.

“Then it’s speed! Give me speed even faster than Yurishia’s Differential Frame!”

The light of magic power drove around Eros’s whole body. That radiance recreated Eros’s armor. Even sharper, with even more powerful thrusters.

“Here we go, Yurishia!”

Leaving behind dust cloud dancing up from the ground, Kizuna’s figure vanished. With a single step he approached in front of Yurishia. Yurishia turned and ignited her Differential Frame to widen the distance from Kizuna. She was slightly floating above the ground and aimed the particle cannons in both her hands to Kizuna while accelerating.

The bullets of the particle cannons impacted Kizuna. He was blown away but he withstood it somehow. He started to run once again and chased after Yurishia who was moving in high speed.

Yurishia fully opened the propulsive force of the Differential Frame and finally broke the sound barrier. Right now she was a bullet that advanced while destroying all the buildings that stood in her way. She came out of the city, crossed the river in the blink of an eye, and got on the road continuing in a straight line.

His distance with Yurishia was separated in one go, the figure of Cross vanished from Kizuna’s sight. At this rate, Kizuna would be sniped from a place where his hand couldn’t possibly reach.

‘――More! More speed! Faster than even sound, the speed of utmost limit!’

Large amount of particles burst out from Eros’s whole body. The ground dented from Kizuna’s movement, trench was carved and its surface flared up. The sound of wind cut raised a roar, the shockwave hoisted up the rubble.


Kizuna caught up to the speed of Yurishia’s Differential Frame. He once more caught her back in his view.

Yurishia aimed the particle cannons in her hands to Kizuna and fired.

Yurishia’s aim was accurate. It would absolutely hit.

‘――More faster! Even faster than a bullet, even faster than a particle cannon!’

The shape of Eros changed into an even sharper shape.

The brushed aside air raised a sound that was like an explosion.

The friction of the armor and air created high temperature heat.

Every single step destroyed the land.

Flame and line of destruction was drawn, he ran.

The rubble of the destroyed city were blown violently by a storm.

The light bullet from Yurishia’s particle cannon was fired.

By all rights, it was a bullet of light that was supposed to be impossible to dodge. He could see that bullet flying at him.

Kizuna avoided the bullet with a paper thin difference.

The bullets that were rapid-fired after that, were all avoided. However his distance with Yurishia was widened.

Cross’s Differential Frame also raised her speed to the utmost output power.

Particles of light overflowed, making Yurishia’s whole body shine golden.

Yurishia who was changed into a golden bullet was flying by mowing down everything.

Kizuna reached out his hand, but he still couldn’t reach to that golden light.

‘――Even faster! To overtake the light!’

Kizuna’s whole body was enveloped in blue light.

His step gouged the ground, Kizuna’s body drove away.

He was running.

Rather than that, he was flying.

Kizuna became a blue meteor that swept the ground.

The blue meteor caught the golden bullet.

Yurishia twisted her body in an exquisite timing and turned back.

The guns on her both hands fired dozens of bullets in a second.

Light particles scattered all over from Kizuna’s whole body.

‘――Surpass time!’

Kizuna’s body exceeded all speed.

Yurishia’s movement,

The fired bullets,

The whirled up rubble,

The particles of light,

The world,

Everything looked unmoving.


Eros’s fist smashed Cross’s armor.

The Differential Frame broke and was blown away into the far beyond. Yurishia’s body scattered Cross’s broken fragments while flying in the air.

She was heading to a half destroyed building with a terrific momentum. It would be instant death if she crashed.

The moment before Yurishia’s body crashed, Kizuna appeared as if he was using instantaneous movement. And then his arms embraced the body of Yurishia who lost her consciousness.


After Kizuna embraced Yurishia’s body, he hurriedly returned until the place where Aine and Himekawa were.

With Eros’s excessive mobility, it looked to Zelsione’s eyes as if Kizuna was surging out from thin air.

“Hou……so you survived. What an unexpected result.”

Zelsione was waiting in front of Aine and Himekawa. Kizuna softly laid down Yurishia’s body on the ground.

Right at that time, Eros’s augmentation became grains of light and vanished.

‘――So it’s impossible to maintain it for a long period.’

Kizuna clicked his tongue and glared at the enemy in front of his eyes.

“You are called Zelsione aren’t you? I’m going to puke from the way you are doing things.”

Zelsione scoffed from Kizuna’s insult.

“Who cares about your feeling.”

“You! ……No.”

He restrained himself that was going to rush ahead. Rather than that, right now he needed to cut his way through from this place.

Kizuna tried to rush towards the collapsed Aine. At that moment, a belt of turquoise light ran through in front of Kizuna’s eyes.


Impact like being kicked and numbness like being electrified ran on his chest. Kizuna’s body was blown away and rolled on the ground.

“Kuh! What, the?”

He didn’t understand what was done to him. Something long like snake and shined in turquoise color suddenly appeared in his sight and struck his body.

“Zelsione……this is the doing of you bastard huh.”

Kizuna pressed his chest and stood up. And then he glared at the metallic whip, held in Zelsione’s hand. Slit was carved on the whip that was shining silver, light of magic power was leaking out from that gap.

“That girl is right now tracing back her own past. I won’t let you be a hindrance.”

Zelsione swung the whip with a speed that even the eye couldn’t catch.


The whip entangled on his leg and a stimulation that numbed half his body traveled. And then that whip took his leg, making Kizuna collapse on the ground.

“I caught you.”

Zelsione smiled widely and pulled the whip.


Kizuna’s body was dragged around on the ground that was littered with rubble everywhere. And then, matching with the movement of the flexible whip, he was flew into the air and struck into the ground like a plaything.

“No matter how much speed you boasted of, it’s irrelevant if you are caught. Just a good-for-nothing boy.”

‘Damn it, if I only have the speed from before, this kind of woman――UOO!’

The whip was greatly swung around and Kizuna’s body crashed into the wall of a collapsed building. His body broke the concrete before being thrown down, where he rolled on the ground.


Even though he was released from the whip, he couldn’t immediately stand up. Using all his strength, he stood up with trembling legs.

The nerves of the opponent which was touched by that whip were directly stimulated. It was not just a mere pain, it seemed that the whip could grant various kinds of sensation to the opponent intentionally.

“Really, what a woman with a disgusting hobby……”

Kizuna wiped the blood on his lips and dashed once more.

He could only win against her in speed. He would do the power up like before one more time. He would fly with a speed that her whip couldn’t pursue and strike his attack!

Zelsione’s whip was moving like a living thing, it was fast, with no blind spot. It was like a round defensive wall was build with Zelsione as the center. There was no space to attack from anywhere 360 degrees around her.

But, there was an opening!

If he just had the speed that could leave behind everything in the lurch!

At that moment, Eros’s armor was transforming. Powerful speed was equipped in every part of Zeros.


He dashed on the ground, avoided the whip, he boosted his every single movement with his thruster. All of his motions were carried out with a phenomenal speed.

However, he couldn’t reach the previous speed no matter how. And then, the cause of that was obvious.

‘――Shit-! The Hybrid Count is insufficient already!’

Regardless of the Climax Hybrid that he had just performed, his Hybrid Count had already broken through the red zone.

This was the limit. He could only do it somehow in this situation!

The whip that assaulted in many layers was avoided barely with paper thin difference.

‘――I got through!’

Kizuna overcame Zelsione’s whip wall.

Kizuna pulled back his fist and emitted out particles from the elbow thruster. It was the thruster to make Eros’s fist punch at the speed of sound.


Kizuna’s fist was launched. That explosive power reached Zelsione, right before that, the silver whip instantly converged on Zelsione’s hand. And then, it was――,


Pierced at Kizuna’s leg.

“Fufufu. Do you think that this is just a mere whip? Unfortunately, this is its original shape.”

In Zelsione’s hand, was a silver sword filled with turquoise luminescence gripped firmly.


Fresh blood spurted out from Kizuna’s leg.

“Hmm, the scream of a man sounds different, it’s not bad.”

Zelsione was listening in ecstasy at Kizuna’s scream with a joyful expression.

And then she made a ghastly smile at Kizuna.

“Aah……certainly, it’s not bad……wha-!”

Kizuna stepped his own leg. The sword pierced the leg.


Zelsione knitted her eyebrows.

Kizuna obtained a little distance, in exchange of his blood and pain. This mere single step, was an important step in order to open the way to escape.

“With this……you are, in my range.”

Light particles burst out from the elbow thruster.


Kizuna’s fist was launched out once more from the elbow thruster. The god speed punch broke the lens on Zelsione’s back that looked like an eye.

“You……in exchange of one leg, you made my magic armor Teros……”

With a surprised face, Zelsione stared at Kizuna’s face. Kizuna was flowing out greasy sweat while showing out a smile with his trembling lips.

At the next instant, Kizuna opened a communication window.

“I made you wait Scarlet! With this, this woman’s hypnotism should be invalid! I’ll leave the rest to you!”

{Roger! We are going everyone!}

The Masters returned affirmation all at once and they flew to Tokyo once more.

However as if to take the wind out of their sails, there were figures standing in the way of the Masters.

“Wa-, what’s this? You all!”

Scarlet faced the four people lining up in front of her eyes and yelled.

“We are the imperial guard of the Vatlantis Empire, the Quartum. The loyal servants of Zelsione-sama.”

A girl with an eye-patch answered. However Scarlet yelled angrily in irritation.

“Haa? Who cares, just move aside from there!”

A white haired lady put on a coquettish air while replying.

“There is no way we will move aside. Oh girls who will cause a nuisance for Zelsione-sama……”

Quartum and Masters pulled out their guns simultaneously.

“Rout them all!”

“Bring it on! I’ll crush you!”

And then a fierce battle began.

Kizuna who watched that event from his communication window clenched his teeth.

Zelsione looked at Kizuna’s expression and narrowed her eyes happily.

“Fufufu, looks like no help will come huh.”

Kizuna was assaulted by dizziness due to the Hybrid Count’s reduction and the bleeding from his leg.

“No……but, the match with you is decided already. Now that you cannot use your hypnotism, you have no chance of victory.”

“Is that so I wonder? Then, you can look at my eyes. Are these the eyes of the defeated?”

Invited by Zelsione’s words, Kizuna stared at her eyes carelessly.

Their gazes met, just for an instant.

Freedom vanished from Kizuna’s body.


Inside Zelsione’s eyes, a magic circle was floating. When he noticed that light, his whole body was already feeling like it was chained, he couldn’t move a single finger.

“Certainly, it’s impossible to use wide range sorcery without Teros’s Heart Rebuild. However, if it’s just invading the heart of a single person……it’s a trifling matter.”

Zelsione pulled out her sword from Kizuna’s leg.


Intense pain pierced through his head. Strength left his leg and he fell to one of his knees.

“The sin of damaging my Teros is heavy. Realize that with your body.”

Zelsione once more changed the sword into a whip and hit Kizuna.

“Gah! Kuh……uu!”

While the whip was swung many times, Eros’s armor was cracked, its surface was beginning to get torn off.

And then, each of those hits inflicted intense impact on Kizuna’s body, giving a numbness that paralyzed him. And then, his flesh was destroyed bit by bit.

‘――Da, damn it! I can’t do a thing. I have to do something!’

There was only impatience overflowing inside Kizuna’s heart. The Masters that were his lifeline were stopped by the Quartum. Yurishia lost her consciousness, Himekawa too was unconscious.

And then, Aine was――.

Aine was lying down with her eyes still kept open. However those eyes reflected nothing. That gaze was directed into Aine’s own sea of consciousness, into that deep ocean trench.

“Aine! Get a hold of yourself, open your eyes! Aine-!”

Aine was hearing a voice that was calling her from somewhere. Whose voice was this she wondered? She had the hunch that this was surely a voice of someone important to her.

While listening to the voice that was resounding from somewhere, Aine looked around her surroundings. A long corridor was continuing straight forward. It was a really wide and big building. The ceiling was surprisingly high and its decoration was also beautiful like a work of art, it was like a palace from somewhere.

Aine was like a lost child, looking around restlessly.

‘Err, certainly……that’s right. I was told to investigate how did I get my hands on Zeros. And then, I need to teach it to that purple haired person.’

She didn’t know the why, but she had such a sense of duty. Aine started to walk. She turned at several corners and endlessly walked on the long corridor.

Before long, a large door ahead of the corridor entered her eyes.

This was it. Inside this, there was the answer she was looking for.

{Hey, Onee-chan. This door, you are going to open it?}

A small girl was standing in front of the door. Her appearance was about seven years old, with silver hair and red eyes, she was a really cute girl.

‘――This is……me?’

It was her appearance when she was a child. That child faced her and warned.

{Not opening it, is better I think?}

Pretending to not hear her, her hand touched the door handle.

‘――Inside this door, a fearsome power is sleeping.’

The moment she grasped the handle, she instinctually understood such thing.

{But, if Onee-chan releases this power, Onee-chan won’t be able to return back anymore you know?}

The girl whispered.

Suddenly her whole body was seized by fear, her hand became unable to move.

At that time, floating windows opened around her body.


There, a figure of Kizuna receiving Zelsione’s whipping was reflected. Eros’s armor was broken, the skin of Kizuna’s body was also torn, his flesh rend apart. Each time he was whipped, blood scattered. Kizuna was soaked in blood, soil, and dust, writhing around on rubble.

She reflexively averted her face. The sight wasn’t too much, but she couldn’t bear to see.

Aine stared at the door towering before her.

‘――If this door is opened, I can save Kizuna.’

She put strength into her hand that was grasping the handle.

{Hey, Onee-chan. Is this no good?}

Beside the girl, the Corruption Armament [Pulverizer] was floating.

Aine shook her head.

‘――No good. It won’t be useful in this situation.’

Inside the window, Zelsione stopped her whipping and opened her mouth boredly.

“I’m getting tired of this soon……then how about I change the design a little.”

Zelsione turned her back to Kizuna and headed to Aine who was lying down.

“Wa……wait, what are you planning to do to Aine!?”

Zelsione lifted up Aine and peered into her eyes. A magic circle floated in Zelsione’s eyes and the magic circle was reflected on Aine’s eyes.

After she gently separated their bodies, Zelsione faced Kizuna and smiled widely.

“This is my minimal compassion. Rather than getting killed by me who you just met, it will be to your satisfaction to be killed by the hands of your comrade right?”

Zelsione changed her whip to sword once more and presented it to Aine. With empty eyes and trembling hand, Aine accepted that sword.

“Now, kill that man.”

Zelsione’s whisper sent direct order to Aine’s body. Aine readied the sword and walked towards Kizuna.

Aine’s mind was staring at how her body was going to kill Kizuna, like it was another person’s matter.

‘――Don’t, stop it.”

Aine shuddered from that spectacle.

She felt like she was watching an even scarier nightmare inside another nightmare.

The her inside the window was standing in front of Kizuna. Kizuna was lying down under her feet while looking up at Aine with pained eyes.

Aine raised up the hilt of the sword and pointed the blade below, she held it as if in offering.

Zelsione was staring in very great enjoyment.

The sword tip was aimed at Kizuna’s chest.

Aine gulped.

‘――That, is absolutely no good.’

Aine slowly lifted up the sword in her hands.

‘――Don’t! Run away, Kizuna!’

Kizuna was desperately trying to move his unmoving body. However that was meaningless. Sweat was flowing from his whole body and his body was only trembling idly.

Inside her heart, Aine was dropping tears.




Meeting you in Ataraxia, you freed me from my worry, the more I knew about you, I become pained, shy, that’s why, I, for you――,

Aine swung down the sword she held up at Kizuna.

The heartless sword was going to stab at Kizuna’s chest.


Aine threw open the door.

From inside the door, sublime light was overflowing out. That radiance cleansed Aine’s body, like all her impurity was removed, it was a pure and beautiful light.

And then at the same time, the memory sealed inside the door was returning inside Aine. The self she lost was reconstructed. It felt like she was staring at how the puzzle pieces were automatically fitted in. And then, when she saw the completed picture,

‘――I remember everything.’

Aine’s consciousness flew out from the palace inside her heart and rose to the surface rapidly. She faced the upper layer of her mind, and the moment she broke through the wall of the awakening, her sight was synchronized with herself that was swinging the sword.

“What’s wrong? Why did you stop?”

Zelsione who stood nearby was staring at her with doubtful eyes.

Aine stopped the sword just before it pierced Kizuna’s chest.

Zelsione was looking hard at Aine’s state, but she immediately noticed and spoke.

“Aah, I see. I never thought that you will awake at this timing.”

Zelsione smiled wryly, but she asked Aine after she pulled herself together.

“Looking at your state, you seem to have accomplished your errand. Now, where did you get that Core from?”

Kizuna looked up worriedly at Aine who was standing in front of him.

Aine stopped the sword she aimed at him in the middle of the way. However, her state was strange for someone who returned to her senses. Just what in the world was going on?

Aine dropped the sword she held in her hands to the ground.

And then, she smiled at Kizuna with a face that looked like she would cry even now.


Her glossy lips, looked like they were moving like that.

Aine closed her eyes. At that moment, blue light was flickering from Aine’s whole body.

And then Aine’s hair was changing its shine to pink color.

Smile vanished from Zelsione’s face.


Aine’s eyes that were faintly opened shined red.

Her pink lips were spinning out words coldly.

“Forbidden Armament [Magic Formula DeconstructionCode Breaker].”

The parts on Zeros’s back disassembled, it began to transform. Each time the armor unfolded, new parts were created, in the blink of an eye, a large ring was created on Aine’s back. And then, the center of that ring let out a light that formed a magic circle.

Zelsione immediately lost all her composure. She poured out cold sweat and her lips were trembling.

‘――Impossible. Why, is she freely talking while under my magic? Why is she freely moving?’

“You……who are you?”

Zelsione pulled out a new whip from her back armor. When she lightly wielded it, the whip changed its shape into a sword. That sword was prepared with its tip towards Aine.

At the same time, from the magic circle floating behind Zeros, strange letters were drawn and a belt of light was created. The belt of light rotated around Aine and built a dome in half sphere shape. And then the rotation gradually increased in speed, it was expanding as if enlargening its territory.

“Hmph, is it something like a barrier?”

Zelsione readied her sword with one hand. She spurted out light particles from the thruster on her back and rushed at Aine to attack. She thrust her sword straight and cut into the dome of light.

The sword heading straight to Aine had its tip touch the dome of light.

The sword vanished.


The sword was vanishing, from the tip of the sword heading to the hilt.

By all rights, the sword should have pierced through inside the dome. However when the sword touched the dome, it was vanishing in turn from the place that touched, the sword couldn’t reach inside the dome.

Not only the sword. Even the magic armor was vanishing from the place the belt of light touched. Sword, magic armor too, all was reduced to algebraic equation made of light, those equations were detached loose and vanished. When Zelsione came out of the dome of light, magic armor was disappearing from her body into nothing.

She was shocked.


Zelsione’s body was trembling.

This was not a simple destruction. The sorcery was returned to its formula shape and then deconstructed.

If it was with this ability, then it was only logical that her hypnotism was cancelled. This was something that made all magic power and sorcery invalid. No matter what kind of powerful magic armor the opponent was wearing, it was irrelevant. Whether weapon or sorcery, they would be deconstructed into the level of magic formula.

In front of this ability, any kind of powerful weapon or sorcery was meaningless.

The dome of light was further expanding continuously. Swallowed by that light, Heart Hybrid Gears vanished from the body of Kizuna, Himekawa, and Yurishia. In exchange, the brainwashing Zelsione put them in was erased and they recovered their sanity. The barrier was further expanding, magic weapons carrying out battle on the surface were annihilated, the battleships floating in the sky were deconstructing into lumps of letter and formula. The battleships were cleanly vanishing from their edge similar with Zelsione’s sword the moment the dome touched.

Masou Gakuen HxH V04 BW 07.jpg

“This is……Zeros’s ability.”

Zelsione stared fixedly at the girl standing in front of her eyes in bewilderment.

“But, this power……this is, as if……”

Zelsione recalled the figure of a girl, who was living in her memory of the distant past. That figure overlapped with the figure standing in front of her eyes while wearing Zeros. It was a silver colored hair, but tinged with beautiful and lovely pink color.

“Don’t tell me……don’t tell me, no, that’s impossible! How can this be possible!”

Zelsione ran towards Aine, And then she called out with a trembling voice.

“You are……how can this be, you are really……is this, a miracle?”

Aine answered with a sorrowful gaze towards Zelsione whose eyes were filled with tears.

“It has been a long time, Zel.”

Tears were overflowing from Zelsione’s eyes. She endured a sobbing that was going to leak out and kneeled in front of Aine.

Kizuna desperately tried to move his body that was now free.

“Shi……shit, what is? What is going on?”


Yurishia and Himekawa that recovered their consciousness rushed to Kizuna. Both of them had their Heart Hybrid Gears vanish, they were only in their pilot suits. Both of them helped Kizuna stand up and asked with a grim face.

“Kizuna-kun……this is, just what in the world is going on?”

“I……I don’t know. Even I……”

The shocking development left Kizuna confused of what to do.

In front of his eyes, Zelsione was kneeling towards Aine for some reason.

Aine who stood in front of her was looking down with a dark and sad face.

Kizuna, Himekawa, and Yurishia too, they could only look over them with mere dumbfoundment.

Zelsione raised a voice mixed with tears.

“Vatlantis Empire’s imperial princess, your highness Ainess Synclavia. I offer you my utmost welcoming.”

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