Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 8 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – A Certain Academy’s Ordinary Day[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The students that were almost late were rushing to the school gate one after another. It was a usual scenery in this high school department of Ataraxia. However, Himekawa Hayuru was staring at such an ordinary day with an irritated thought.

“……Good grief, I wonder why they cannot just depart from their home just a little bit earlier. Their awareness as the students of tactical defense academy Ataraxia who ought to protect the world is lacking.”

The discipline committee members that Himekawa led detained the rushing students and proceeded to check their uniform and personal effects. At that time a noisy voice could be heard.

“At this rate, Sylvia will receive the first place prize desu!”

“Who, who will let you! Haa, haa, betting on, the captain’s honor-! I won’t lose! No matter what kind of method I have to use! Eros!!”

Equipping Heart Hybrid Gear, Kizuna accelerated in one go and overtook Sylvia.

“Then Sylvia too will get serious desu! Taros!”

A flash traveled and a giant body that brushed aside space appeared. At the center Sylvia’s small body was settled. Taros’s gigantic rocket thruster scattered around a lot of particles about while accelerating. She passed over Kizuna instantly.


Veins appeared on Himekawa’s forehead and her face convulsed.

“Tho, those people……”

At that time the discipline committee members hallucinated that flames were bursting out from Himekawa’s whole body. Sylvia was flying towards the school gate where flames of killing intent was whirling, with a broad smile on her face.

“Waa―i♪ Sylvia is in first place desu!”

Next Kizuna came after her.

“Haa haa, sh……it, Sylvia, is really fast.”


With a look like a demon, Himekawa yelled angrily at the two. Against that surge of explosive rage, Kizuna and Sylvia were trembling. Both of them disassembled their Heart Hybrid gears in panic.

“Aa……sorry. Himekawa, that, a deep reason for this――”

Doesn’t exist.

A grinding sound could be heard from the mouth of Himekawa who was grinding her teeth in annoyance. That voice made Kizuna felt even colder in his stomach.

“Are you listening, Ca-p-ta-in Kizuna? We are members of the tactical defense academy, furthermore we are members of the Heart Hybrid Gear force who should be an example! We are Amaterasu which is the top team you know!? Do you understand what is the meaning of that!?”

“E, err……”

Himekawa cornered Kizuna who was drenched with cold sweat.

“What is with that state of affair……too lax! Your awareness is lacking! Like this far from being the example for other students, you can only become a bad example! By now, I already went past rage and can only feel shameful to this!”

Sylvia was trembling shakily behind Kizuna. Now he became really regretful not only towards Himekawa, but also towards Sylvia.

“Sorry Himekawa. Maybe I got a little too lax just now.”

Towards Kizuna who lowered his head honestly and recognized Himekawa’s grievances easily, it made Himekawa faltered instead.

“Ye……yes. If you understand, that’s fine.”

Himekawa somehow began feeling embarrassed. Perhaps she had gotten too angry after temporarily surrendering herself to her emotion. To go as far as lecturing Kizuna and Sylvia and making them lower their heads in public presence, now that she thought carefully she had demanded too severely from them.

“E, err……”

Himekawa peeked up at Kizuna’s expression. ‘What am I going to do if he is making an angry or sad face?’ she was looking up fearfully with that kind of thinking. However, what she found there was a gentle smiling face.

“What’s the matter, Himekawa?”

Coming back to herself suddenly, Himekawa averted her gaze. Suddenly embarrassment was filling her heart.

“Kizuna-kun……that, I said a little too much……”

“Hm? No, what Himekawa was saying is correct. Besides Himekawa’s strictness also straightened us who tend to lax down. It really helps that a reliable person is at our side, rather it even makes me feel apologetic to make you take the unpleasant role.”


Himekawa’s cheeks reddened in crimson tinge. She looked down so that her dyed cheeks wouldn’t be noticed. However she couldn’t stop her lips that were naturally loosening down. To hide that expression she looked even lower.

“What’s the matter, Himekawa?”

“No……nothing at all-!”

She reached her hand at Kizuna’s collar when she lifted up her face. While she was restraining down her smiling expression by mobilizing all her face muscle, she fixed his necktie.

“Good grief, you are always so untidy here. You are the captain, so please properly do your personal appearance, I always told you that right?”

“No, when I went out this morning I properly did it but……I guess it’s cause of the running.”

“Ah, hey. Your hair is also springing up a little. Your bed hair needs to be fixed.”

Himekawa stood on her toes and extended her hand. Her thin fingers pinched his hair and twisted it, then she smoothed the hair down with her small and soft palm.

“Hyu― hyu―, it’s still in the morning and you two there are already flaunting!”

A bright and loud hooting could be heard. Kizuna turned at the direction of the voice and over there was a girl with red hair in a ponytail showing a broad grin.


Six girls were coming to school passing through the gate. They were America’s Heart Hybrid Gear team [Masters].

“Wha, what are you saying-! I am merely cautioning him in his appearance――”

When Himekawa looked around her, she noticed how all the students arriving at the school were looking at the two of them. The students were heading to the school with their gazes kept locked on at Kizuna and Himekawa.

The Masters were also passing through besides the two of them. Just when they passed each other, Gertrude sent them a jeering gaze.

“Really. To be this passionate right from the morning.”

In succession, Henrietta too passed them while holding her laughter.

“Your daughter is watching with an astounded face there you know?”


Sylvia was looking up at Kizuna and Himekawa who was leaning close at each other with pure eyes.

“Do-, don’t misunderstand, Sylvia! This is really nothing!”

“Tha, that’s right! Wait, rather than that what do you mean by child! Both of us don’t have a daughter this big-!”

“Then, you mean if it is a small child, you have it?”

Clementine who was wearing her clothes haphazardly was intentionally whispering with audible volume, to that Sharon who was wearing a uniform that had been remodeled into goth-loli style answered.

Masou Gakuen HxH V08 017.jpg

“Of course they……have it perhaps. After doing that much Heart Hybrid, to not have it……is strange.”

Himekawa became bright red until her ears. Her gaze swam everywhere, while her lips were trembling all over.

“There is none! At this age, there is no way I will have something like a child!”

Leila spoke with a smirking face.

“How about I introduce you to something like education reserve fund for cheap? You are going to make children from now on right?”

“Wha……wha, wha-wha”

Without even giving time for the flustered Himekawa to reply, Scarlet’s voice cut in.

“Is that how it is? Are you using your weekend for that?”

The embarrassment broke past Himekawa’s tolerance level and caused an explosion.


Part 2[edit]

Parting with Sylvia who headed to the middle school building, Kizuna headed to the classroom of the second year first group together with Himekawa. Himekawa’s shoulders dropped together with a large sigh at his side.

“A disgrace since the morning……”

“We, well, don’t get down like that.”

Himekawa glared hard at Kizuna.

“Just whose fault do you think this is in the first place.”

“No……ha, hahaha.”

Himekawa lightly pressed her temple looking at the dry smile Kizuna made.

“Haa……even though the three of us Amaterasu have to be the example of the students of the whole school yet……”

――Three of us?

Kizuna ruminated that number inside his heart. And then he spoke to Himekawa to confirm.

“In Amaterasu, there are three people……isn’t it.”

Himekawa stared back at Kizuna with a dubious face.

“Yes. I and Kizuna-kun, and then Sylvia-chan. What about it?”

“……No, it’s nothing.”

He felt strange unease, but he persuaded himself that was just his feeling.

Usually he thought of that as natural, but he felt it strange in some moments. For example like the shape of kanji. This kanji has this kind of shape? Is this kanji really matched with this one? The doubt he felt was like such thing that suddenly visited his heart.[1]

‘――Is this what you call, Gestaltzerfall or something?‘[2]

In any case, it was nothing more than a mere hallucination. Kizuna opened the door of the second year first group and entered into the classroom.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning, Kizuna-kun.” “Ah, Hida-kun. G’morning―” “Yosh Kizuna-kun!”

The female students nearby the door called out to him and greetings came to him from their mouths. Female students, even if he said that but there were only girls in this class. It was only Kizuna who was the exception, the second year first group was a girl class of the combat department. Although there was opposition at first, right now even Kizuna had blended in completely. Kizuna went to his seat nearby the window, put his bag at the side and sat on the chair.

When he touched his desk where its whole surface was a touch panel, the electricity turned on and it proceeded to a standby state. While waiting until his desk started up, Kizuna looked around. His classmates made several groups and were chatting happily. Amidst them, it was like empty holes were opened around Kizuna, creating a space where there was no one.

‘――Everyone, they still haven’t come yet.’

Himekawa whose seat was in front of him was talking with a friend near the entrance. It seemed that Chidorigafuchi whose seat was beside him still hadn’t arrived yet. She had a free personality, so he guessed she wouldn’t come until just barely before the time. When he turned behind, he couldn’t see the golden hair that was always sparkling bright there yet today. Surely she was still talking with friends of another class. Possibly she was even doing morning training. She was unexpectedly a hardworking person in that.

While he was doing that, *garari* the sound of opened door came to him. And then it was as if an invigorating wind blew in, the owner of the seat beside him, Chidorigafuchi entered the classroom. Orderly beautiful face that could even make one think if it was artificial. The perfectly symmetrical face had each of its part, eyes, nose, mouth, preserving their perfect balance. Shining red eyes in her white skin were creating presence and sacredness that was even more separated from human. The beauty that apt to give cold impressions was colored gorgeously with the pink colored hair.

With that glossy pink hair fluttering, she finally arrived at the seat beside Kizuna.

“Splendid day, Nii-sama! This morning the weather is fine too!”


Grace Synclavia Chidorigafuchi greeted him energetically too today.

“Mu? What’s the matter Nii-sama. Making a really surprised face like that.”


‘――Right. What am I getting so surprised about?’

“It’s nothing. Good morning Chidorigafuchi.”

When Kizuna returned a greeting like that, Chidorigafuchi puffed out her cheeks in dissatisfaction.

“I told you to call me Grace already.”

The girl, Grace Synclavia Chidorigafuchi had a keen mind and was almighty in sports. On the whole she was a perfect student. Due to that, she skipped a year ahead and was admitted into the second year first group. However, her mental age rather than being appropriate for her age was rather, could even be said to be immature. However, it instead made her cute and she became a celebrity even in this second year first group.

Kizuna made a wry smile and made a light apology.

“My bad, I guess you told me that. Good morning, Grace.”

“Yes. It’s fine like that. Pay attention from now on, Nii-sama.”

Grace showed a joyful smile and sat on the chair. By the way she called Kizuna as Nii-sama, but he had no blood relation with her. She was merely adoring him as big brother, that was all.

“What’s wrong? A quarrel right in the morning?”

A girl with her uniform’s front opened until her chest and sports towel hanging on her neck came. While wiping the drops of sweat sticking on her blonde hair with the towel, she sat down at the seat behind Kizuna. Surely she had just taken a shower after the morning training. Even the light brown breasts that she generously exposed was shining with water drops.

Gravel faced Kizuna and smiled refreshingly.

“Perhaps, Kizuna is being led around by Grace’s selfishness again isn’t that right.”

Kizuna reflexively leaked out a chuckle.


“Wait a second! What is with that way of talking. Nii-sama failed to keep his promise, so I only corrected that. I am innocent!”

“Fuh, being [Nii-sama] is hard isn’t it, Kizuna?”

Gravel was the superstar of Ataraxia’s high school department. With the astounding reflexes and exercise ability she possessed, there was no one who could win against her in any kind of sports. She was formally affiliated with the track and field club, but Gravel was being treated as the ace in all the sports club. She even clinched up the position as the top scorer at the basketball tournament the other day.

Her hair smoothly swayed after it was finished being wiped. It reflected the light coming in from the window and her golden hair was shining glisteningly. He suddenly felt something out of place when he was reflexively fascinated by that hair.

“Gravel, say……your hair, shouldn’t it be long……”

Her breast too……it was large enough, but, it felt like it was bigger before――was what he thought but, as expected he couldn’t say that.

Gravel made a puzzled face and asked back.

“My hair style is like this all along but……Kizuna, you like long hair?”

“N, no! It’s nothing. Don’t mind it.”

At that time his ringtone rang in good timing, Kizuna faced forward. This sound was the sound of the notification mail reaching all the students through the school’s internal network. On the desk that had finished booting up, the icon of arriving mail was floating up. When he touched that icon, a floating window floated up above the desk. What was projected there was a student clad in a noble air with purple hair.

{This is the student council president Zelsione.}

The one standing at the top of all the students of Ataraxia was the third year Zelsione. It went without saying that she was excellent, but her characteristic was that her extreme proficiency at seizing the hearts of people, so to speak she was a swindler.

People who adhered to her was extremely a lot, she boasted overwhelming approval rating as the student council president. As a popular person, usually there should be people who opposed her just because of that popularity, but in actuality there was almost no force that was in opposition against her. That total one-party rule even made the school newspaper publish an article if she was actually carrying out brainwashing with hypnotism on the students. However, perhaps the misunderstanding had been resolved, because now the newspaper club that wrote that article became the sympathizer of Zelsione and the published newspaper became mostly like the bulletin of the student council.

That political strength and her adult look that seemed to be over twenty years old no matter how one looked at it made even doubtful voices that questioned whether Zelsione was really a high school student to appear. However, the people who were trying to touch that fact were buried from darkness into darkness, such rumor was whispered as if it was the truth.

{Notifying all the students. Joint practice with the assumption that a large scale AU collision will occur today in the afternoon will be carried out. Amaterasu, Masters, Vatlantis, Izgard, each team is to assemble at the schoolyard after school.}

“Oo! This joint training makes my skills itch to be used!”

Grace’s eyes quickly turned bright full of confidence. Grace was the ace of the Vatlantis team. Before Zelsione was the ace of that team, but she retired after making Grace skipped a grade as her replacement ace. Zelsione valued Grace extremely high, she carried out policy in order to elevate Grace in any way. The main view of the students was that most likely Zelsione was going to make Grace as her successor for the next student council president.

Even Gravel who was the team leader of Izgard crossed her arms and nodded.

“I see. Even if the individual ability is high, but if one cannot do teamwork, they won’t be able to cope at a critical time. By nature, there should be a lot more chances created for this.”

Gravel stole a glance at Kizuna.

“……I think it will be great if the joint training of us Izgard with Amaterasu is increased, even for just a little, but……what do you think Kizuna?”

“That’s, I think doing that will be great.”

Gravel’s expression brightened drastically.

“The, then, first let’s have a meeting with me and Kizuna about the later――”

  • gatan* A loud sound was raised from Himekawa pulling out her chair. She sat down roughly and glared daggers at Kizuna.

“Rather than doing joint training, you should prioritize mastering the combination of Amaterasu. Also, please don’t flirt with the member of the other team! It’s unseemly.”

“I, I’m not flirting or anything here……”

Ignoring Kizuna’s objection, Himekawa turned to the front in a huff. Thereupon, Sakisaka-sensei who had entered without him noticing was just creeping up to the teacher podium in that time.

“Ua……fu, my hangover……everyone, I beg you, answer the roll call quietly……’kay.”

Deep sighing sound could be hear throughout the whole classroom.

Sakisaka-sensei was just as usual today too.

Part 3[edit]

The end of the afternoon class would soon come.

Shikina Kei who stood on the podium didn’t say a single word today too while teaching the class. Kei was the head of research department, so her chance of teaching class in the first group of the combat department was few. However even though they were the combat department, they were also obligated to take the technical subjects as general education.

Right now the content of the class was regarding the basic concept of Heart Hybrid Gear’s Core.

In most cases the afternoon class was mainly a fight against sleepiness, but today all students were seriously listening. That was because they understood that the class subject was important. The letters that Kei typed were carved on the screen.

{Heart Hybrid Gears move using life as energy. That is to say the pilot will die if they used up their energy.}

This was something they understood from the many times it was explained to them, but they became aware of the weight of those words once again. Himekawa, Grace, Gravel and so on, there were students with Cores actually installed in them in this class. Not just those people, the other students were also gravely accepting the lesson as if it was concerning themselves.

However, that fact was by no means a pessimistic way of perceiving it.

Everyone was aware of the fact that Heart Hybrid Gear consumed life energy. There was no one who feared that fact after all this time. Rather the people who possessed a Core thought with pride of how they were in possession of a power to protect everyone, the students around them praised the heroic deeds of the Core possessors. And then, so that they wouldn’t lose their life, all of them gave back up with all their strength. All of them became as one with the shared feeling to overcome the difficult situation.

Therefore, they could understand that the Heart Hybrid with Kizuna was something necessary. Having said that, it didn’t mean that nobody was concerned with the act itself thinking that it was only little detail.

{Next regarding the specific method of Heart Hybrid.}

The students inside the class gave a startled reaction towards Kei’s letters. The students with Cores like Himekawa and Gravel blushed red with embarrassment. Not only the people who were actually carrying out that deed, the other students were also blushing as expected. And then they were taking peeking glances at Kizuna, Himekawa, and the others with eyes bright from expectation and curiosity.

Of course, Kizuna was embarrassed, but for Grace who was a shy person, surely this was something near torture. Kizuna peeked at her condition worriedly.


Although Grace’s cheeks reddened, but she was showing a proud expression with rough breathing. To the degree that it felt like one could hear a sound effect *doyaa*.

Now that he thought back Grace wasn’t a shy person or anything at all.

‘――Just what was I thinking……?’

He took a grip of himself and tried to concentrate at the class. The text Kei was typing on her keyboard was explaining more and more about the crux of that act――just when the text was reaching that part, the chime of the end of the class resounded.

{Then, this is it for the class today. People with questions, mail me.}

Faint air of disappointment flowed inside the classroom towards the text Kei inputted on the large screen floating in front of the classroom. But Himekawa’s shoulders dropped down in relief.

It was like talking frankly about the deed that they were usually doing. There was no doubt that it was embarrassing. Kizuna too understood well of her feeling.

“Hey Himekawa. How about we request Shikina-san, so that she won’t talk about this too deeply?”

Himekawa looked at Kizuna across her shoulder.

“It’s not like we are doing anything shameful, so there is no need for anything like that isn’t it?”

She once more faced forward, closed her textbook and note windows, and turned off the touch panel desk.

“But Himekawa is bothered right?”

“……I’m just doing the necessary act for our duty. By no means I’m doing anything shameless driven by lust.”

Himekawa said that before standing up and took her bag in her hand.

“Himekawa-san. We are going to practice together today after this right?”

A really diligent student wearing her uniform perfectly called at Himekawa. Her wavy blonde hair was tied in a ponytail, her way of talking and gesture were overflowing with gracefulness. She was the class president Hyakurath.

“Yes. But it will be after I show my face for the discipline committee’s supervision.”

Hyakurath stared at Himekawa with sympathetic eyes.

“I appreciate Himekawa-san’s hard work. Just why there are that many people without common sense and ethic like this I wonder.”

Himekawa felt like she was saved by those words.

“That’s right. No matter how we are supervising, there are this many students causing problems one after another, I’m really stricken with my powerlessness thinking of how to deal with all these.”

“I too understand that feeling. The behavior of my close friend is also bad……she always makes me worry.”

Hyakurath looked down with a depressed expression.

Himekawa liked this class president. She was beautiful like a doll, wise, personally she thought that Hyakurath was more fitting as the student council president rather than Grace.

Compared to Grace, Hyakurath was mentally brittle and there were also aspects where she was faint of heart, but she was always encouraging herself and constantly worked hard to overcome it with desperation. Himekawa liked that human nature of Hyakurath. Perhaps it was because she was feeling that Hyakurath was a person that was similar with her in some respect.

“I’m also the same like Hyakurath-san. Actually, my teammates often cause shameless trouble. He isn’t giving even a little bit of thought to my position as a member of the disciplinary committee.”

Himekawa’s thorny words were pricklingly stabbing at Kizuna’s heart.

“E, err……you don’t mean, me right?”

However, even Hyakurath was staring at Kizuna with a blaming gaze.

“……Certainly, that person is difficult isn’t it.”

Kizuna felt like he was cut down by Hyakurath’s beloved sword [Gloria].

“But, I want to give my all, so that everyone in this academy can rejoice in their youth wholesomely in safety. Perhaps everyone is considering me as a nagging person, but even so I――”

Suddenly Hyakurath took Himekawa’s hand.

“The only one I can rely on is just you, Himekawa-san!”

Himekawa too grasped back at Hyakurath’s hand and stared back with watery blue eyes.

“Hyakurath-san……yes, let’s make this academy as a wholesome, fine place of learning!”

As if to hold back the tears from coming out, Hyakurath bit her lips tightly. And then they nodded at each other.

“Ah, err……I got to quickly go to the executive committee, yeah.”

Kizuna muttered to himself as if making an excuse and quietly exited the classroom before the brunt of the complaints could be aimed at him.

Part 4[edit]

Kizuna came out to the courtyard and looked for the other team members. He could see the members of Masters and Vatlantis sporadically at the bench in the courtyard’s side or under the tree. He guessed it was because there was still time until the meeting time. There were still not many team members gathering here.

“What’s up Kizuna? Looking around restlessly like that.”

Gravel’s voice came from behind Kizuna.

“Nothing really. I’m just thinking of what to do to kill time until the training starts.”

“Indeed……it seems there is about thirty minutes until we start.”

“Eh!? Seriously?”

“What, didn’t you see the mail?”

He took out from his pocket the mobile phone that doubled as the student handbook and checked his mail. There, certainly the notification of the starting time’s change was sent there.

“There is still quite some time huh. Even just standing around in a daze here is……”

Gravel looked to the side with slightly blushing cheeks.

“The, then, how about it? Wa, want to go drinking tea? Aaa, don’t misunderstand even if I said that okay! It’s only at the café inside the school! It’s only, for killing time. I only mean that!”

He felt uncomfortable from Gravel who was acting really unsettled, but there was also really no reason to refuse. Kizuna nodded in quick agreement.

“Then, let’s go.”

Gravel nodded happily. However her smiling face that was like a blooming flower suddenly became grave.

“What’s the matter?”

When Kizuna chased after Gravel’s line of sight, there was a storehouse there adjacent with the school building. The figure of a girl with green hair disappeared towards the narrow path between the buildings. And then they also noticed how that girl was surrounded by several male students at her front and back.

Gravel murmured as if spitting out.

“Aldea……that girl, again with this!”

Gravel started running after clicking her tongue. Kizuna too immediately chased behind her.

“That’s your friend right? Somehow the atmosphere seemed dangerous there!”

“Yeah! That girl causes trouble half playing around. It will be dangerous if I don’t hurry! Kizuna just wait here for me. I don’t feel like involving――”

“Aah, let’s hurry. It will be too late if something happened to your friend!”

For a moment Gravel was taken by surprise, but she soon smiled.

“……Got it. However, Kizuna. The one in danger here are the male students.”


Part 5[edit]

A dead space surrounded by school buildings and storage rooms. Normally no one would come near this space, it was also a blind spot from the school building’s windows. In that empty ground about as big as a classroom, a female student and five male students surrounding her were standing. The males’ bodies were all thoroughly trained, one could understand in a glance that they were students of the combat department. Those males raised angry yells fitting of their large bodies.

“Oi! We were paying money because we thought this is a peeping photo! Just what the hell is this!”

The male students threw the printed out photo to the ground. It seemed that it was the photo of the changing room.

“What, it’s just as I said right? That’s the photo of the female’s locker room.”

“There ain’t any girl inside this photo!”

Certainly the photos scattered on the ground wasn’t photographing any person’s figure. It was as though it was the introduction photo of the facility. Aldea smoothly swept her long green hair and showed a bewitching smile.

“My? I said that it is the photo of the female locker room, but I didn’t say anything about girls in the photo though. Thinking lewdly as you please, isn’t it all of you who are the bad ones?”


“Playing around with a man’s pure heart!”

The male students burly muscled bodies approached Aldea. Usually they were hidden in the shadow of the Heart Hybrid Gear force, but it didn’t change the fact that they were formidable soldiers. Aldea’s thin and delicate body looked as if it would break from the pressure emitted by the boys’ large bodies.

However, Aldea smiled in delight from the bottom of her heart.

“If you aren’t pleased, let’s kill each other.”

“You……we, we ain’t gonna do anything that dangerous!”

“We are just telling you, give back the mone――”

Cold light filled Aldea’s eyes suddenly. She took the arm of a male student with agile movement and floated that large body really easily in the air. The body floating lightly as if free from gravity depicted a parabola orbit before it was struck to the ground.


The flung away male student fell hard and raised a voice of pain. The other four trickled cold sweat.

“Yo, you. Don’t tell me, the perpetrator of the recent incidents where injury came out is……”

“Fufufu, there are five of you, so I’m looking forward to it a little bit.”

The male students shrank back. Aldea floated a smile that made them feel her madness before she relaxedly approached them near.

“Wait, Aldea!”

Gravel and Kizuna ran through the narrow path sandwiched between the school buildings. Looking at their appearances, the male students raised flustered voices.

“Geh! Isn’t that Gravel!”

“Also even demon king Eros, what do we do?”

“Shit-, the opponent is bad. No other way but running away!”

Helping up the collapsed student, they then ran away at the opposite direction of where Kizuna and Gravel arrived.

“Chih! Don’t think that it’s over just with this!”

“Never mind that just run!”

Leaving those words behind they climbed the piled up baggage before their figures vanished along the rooftop of the storehouse.

“Wait a second there! We just entered the best part right!?”

Gravel seized the shoulder of Aldea who was trying to chase after them.

“Aldea! Stop playing around!”


Gravel felt from her palm that strength left Aldea’s shoulder.

“Just what in the world are you doing. Why are you keep causing this kind of trouble?”


Aldea opened her mouth to answer. However no words came out as if she lost sight of what she should say. Her gaze even looked as if she was searching for rescue somewhere. Before long her face looked down and she just managed to squeeze out her voice.

“Because……it’s just too boring. Everyday is peaceful, it’s too happy……it feels like my heart is going rotten.”

Gravel sighed in astonishment.

“What luxurious thing you are saying. Just how precious these peaceful days are. In order to obtain this livelihood, how much ordeal we had to……”

After speaking until that much, Gravel’s mouth shut up.

“What kind of ordeal……we were overcoming……for this?”

This time it was Gravel who threw her gaze at Kizuna as if in wonder.


Kizuna felt something out of place looking at the confused expression Gravel showed him.

“What’s the matter Gravel? That’s, it is because of us, all the Heart Hybrid Gear teams fighting the demon god soldiers coming from the Entrance of the AU collision isn’t it?”

“Is……is that so. That’s right……yes. That’s how it is.”

In contrast with her reply, Gravel embraced her body in response to her increasing anxiety. Her state was obviously strange. Kizuna gently grasped Gravel’s upper arm in order to ease her up.

“Are you fine? Are you tired from training too much?”


Even so it seemed that her anxiety didn’t vanish. Gravel placed her head on Kizuna’s shoulder and her body rubbed on him fawningly. Aldea raised her eyes to the sight of Kizuna and Gravel nestling close to each other. Inside Aldea, a new emotion was flaring up that pushed down her anxiety.

“……I hated boredom but, what makes me the most irritated is,”

Aldea grasped the collar of Kizuna.

“Eh, wai……t”

“You two ignoring me and flirting by yourself!”

It was as though the space was warped, Kizuna’s body flew high in the air.

Part 6[edit]

“Excuse me―”

Kizuna opened the door of the school infirmary while pressing on his hurt waist.

“Yes yes. My, what happened?”

Opening the curtain that surrounded the bed, the school nurse Landred showed her figure. She was wearing a white robe above her dress shirt and tight skirt.

Kizuna reflexively gulped loudly. He had already prepared his heart, but even so he was overwhelmed. After all her breasts were too large, the button of the dress shirt couldn’t contain it. From the opened button, the valley of the breast and the lacy bra were peeking out. It made him want to retort that the size of her shirt was strange wasn’t it, but it was strange how the waist was just right. And then the bursting tight skirt wrapping her great ass. That skirt was also too short. When doing medical examination, there was no doubt that the person made to sit in front her would be able to see her panty clearly. The legs wrapped in black stockings were voluptuous, giving off exquisite obscenity.

She was extremely intense no matter how many times he saw her. It was also rare for the word voluptuous to fit a person this much. The sensual body line that probably boasted the number one big breasts in Ataraxia. That sex appeal could already be said as violent.

“Err, I took a misstep on the stair.”

There was no way he could tell the truth. Kizuna thought that and said out a suitable random speech. It would be troublesome if this incident became something big, if because of that Aldea became suspended from school then Gravel would surely become sad too.

Gravel forcefully made Aldea to bow her head and she herself also apologized profusely to Kizuna. Of course Kizuna didn’t mind it, he was glad that they were able to prevent Aldea from causing a serious incident where injury happened.

{Really I’m sorry. Thank you Kizuna. Then let’s go to the school infirmary. I’ll take you there.}

He somehow managed to calm down Gravel who declared that she was going to take him to the infirmary by persuading her to make some excuse for him that he might be late of going to the joint training. If he was escorted to the infirmary by a girl for something of this degree, there was nothing more shameful than that.

Landred was staring amusedly at Kizuna who was thinking of such thing.

“Hmmm, is that so. But, your falling down seemed to be really skillful doesn’t it.”

That way of talking was like making fun of him and also blaming him somehow. The inside of Kizuna’s heart was sweating coldly as if his mind was being seen through.

“Haha, I just thought that if I was going to fall then it’s better to do it flashily.”

“Ufufufu, is that so? Then please come over here.”

Landred opened the curtain and invited Kizuna over to the bed. Every single one of her gesture looked sexy, he felt like he was being tempted.

──However why is she leading me to the bed?’

Over there was a bed that was excessively splendid for an infirmary.

“Sensei. This is not an injury to the degree that I need to lie down though?”

“For an examination, this way is easier don’t you think. Also I’m going to have you take off your uniform so I can see where the injury is, it will be better this way so that you can rest assured even if other students suddenly enter.”

Saying that she closed the curtain.

“Then please take off your uniform.”

He was bothered that Landred was together with him behind the curtain like it was only natural, but Kizuna took off his coat and shirt just as he was told, making his upper body turned naked. Landred didn’t avert her eyes from the start to finish, she continued to observe him fixedly.

“Err……Sensei, I’m getting embarrassed if you are looking at me like that.”

“My, you are a boy, so you must not get embarrassed just from this much. Now, please quickly take off your bottom too.”


“But, my lower body is fine. It hasn’t really hit anything.”

“No, there are a lot of cases where the person concerned just didn’t notice even though they were injured you know. Now, now, quickly.”

Being told that much, he couldn’t refuse. Kizuna lowered down his trousers even while feeling shame.

The color of Landred’s eyes felt like they changed. Around her eyes also seemed to be tinged red, her expression was changing into fascination.

“Ufu……well then Hida-kun……I’m going to treat you now.”

He wanted to ask just why was she talking in a sexy way like that, but there was no way he could ask that. Landred smeared her hand with the medicine from a tube and then her hand reached to Kizuna’s back. The cold feeling felt pleasant. But with her hand touching him, it became pleasantly warm instead.

At that time, a sexy whisper together with a feverish sigh touched Kizuna’s ear.

“Hey……how is it, does it feel good I wonder?”

Instantly his spine shivered.

“Ye, yes. Like that, it feels good.”

“Ufufu. I see……then, the front too……”

With a posture hugging from the back, Landred’s hands crept around Kizuna’s chest.

“Wai, sensei. That’s”

“Ufu♥ How……is it?”

His back was pressed with huge volume. The bigness and texture were something that he had never even imagined. With its shape crushing flat on him, softness was spreading on Kizuna’s back.

‘──A, amazing. But not just the breast. The palm caressing here too, the hugging arm too, everything is soft. It’s like being wrapped by fine linen with warm texture, at this rate I’m going to melt. Especially, the surface of my back, something soft is wrapping it, there is even a pointy something in the middle, this is──,’

“La-, Landred-sensei-!?”

Kizuna ran away in panic from Landred’s hand and turned around.

“You mustn’t do that, Hida-kun. We are still in the middle of treatment you know?”

What Landred was wearing was only her panties and stocking. There was nothing at all hiding her upper body, her gigantic breasts was pulled down by gravity and shook flabbily in a bounce.

“Se-sensei, your clothes-!?”

Without even hearing the answer, he found them taken off and scattered on the floor.

“Just what, are you doing-!”

Landred’s eyes were shining in lust.

“Healing the injured student is the role of the school nurse. Hida-kun just rest assured, leave everything to me okay.”

“No! I cannot rest assured no matter how I think of this isn’t it!?”

“You are different from the other students, I will especially give you an attentive treatment. After all, you are the little brother of the headmistress……ufufufu”

“Headmistress? How is that related to my Nee-chan……”

Landred sidled up closer to him on the bed. There was no place for Kizuna to escape. Even if he tried to run, somehow he felt like a frog that was glared at by a snake, his body stiffened and couldn’t move.

The adult sensuality that Landred emitted was bewitching. She even had a fan club formed by the students with a particular fetish, he heard that she was being revered as a goddess of harvest, and yet she was by no means seemed fat, her body really appeared like that of a goddess.

At once Kizuna was sidled up by Landred. He tried to push her aside, but no matter where he touched, Landred’s body felt good. Rather, he wanted to have fun with this body even more. She had such addictive charm that she made him feel like that.

While Kizuna’s body was being lovingly caressed by her hand, she tinged his chest until his abdomen with her saliva using her tongue. And then her palm gently caressed Kizuna’s leg. Having that done to him, for the first time he noticed the strange feeling of liberation in his lower body.

“Tha, that-!?”

His briefs was stripped off already without him noticing.

For Kizuna who had done Heart Hybrid for the mission, feeling of rivalry budded at the same time with his astonishment of her technique. But, he noticed that Landred’s technique and experience were obviously surpassing his own, rather he felt like begging to be taught instead. While he was thinking of such things, Landred was happily staring at Kizuna’s thing that was standing tall.

“I’ll make you feel good lots and lots……please let it out without any reservation okay.”

“What is-!?”

“This is headmistress’s little brother’s……ufufu, I’ll give it to you until you are growing unable to separate yourself from my body. There is this saying, to shoot down the general, first you have to shoot down the horse.”

‘──Landred-sensei’s aim, is actually Nee-chan!?’

Kizuna’s big sister, Hida Reiri was the headmistress of tactical defense academy Ataraxia, she was also the commander of the whole Ataraxia. To aim at that big sister of his, did that mean that Landred was trying to steal her position, or maybe abduction, assassination. Some kind of terrorism maybe. In any case, it seemed that Landred had the intention of inflicting some kind of harm to Reiri.

“Shit-! Don’t think that everything will go as you……UOu!”

“Now, please, enjoy my breast to your heart’s content okay♥”

Kizuna’s thing was sandwiched between Landred’s breast. No, guessing from the texture, perhaps he was swallowed already. Anyway the breast was too big, it was unclear just where Kizuna’s thing itself was.

“My, making a face that seems to enjoy it that much……isn’t that making me want to do this even more now.”

Landred held her breast between her two hands and pressured Kizuna’s thing even stronger.

“UoWah!? ……kuh, this is-!”

It was a sensation that he tasted for the first time. He had the same thing like this done to him several times before, but this had a different kind of pleasure. The gigantic volume and mass created overwhelming weight and pressure, granting Kizuna with a counterfeit pleasure.

Kizuna couldn’t hold it and headed to the apex of pleasure.

“It’s fine even if you stop holding it in you know. Don’t be reserved, do it inside me!”

At that moment, Kizuna spurted out his hot thing inside Landred’s breast. Even while he was doing that, Landred was mercilessly continuing to give him pleasure. The huge and soft brutal weapon overflowing with maternity felt like it was going to wring out everything from Kizuna. That overwhelming destructive power made Kizuna’s waist turned powerless.

“Ufufu……it’s lovely. As expected, you really are the little brother of that person.”

Landred was staring with enraptured eyes at the white liquid sticking on her hand. And then she smiled lewdly, her tongue that was like a mollusk stretched out and scooped up that liquid. It was as if she was making a show for Kizuna, she gulped it down *gokuri* with audible sound.

Kizuna still collapsed on the bed while looking up at that unrealistic bewitching scene. Landred straddled above Kizuna who was lying down in a daze.


“How amazing. You are still……energetic♥”

Landred smiled bewitchingly and pinched at the crotch part of her stocking with both hands. And then she tore apart the stocking with Kizuna still watching.

“Now……let’s become one?”

She shifted the crotch part of her panty in order to show him her most important part. And then she was slowly lowering down her waist. Kizuna’s thing was just exactly standing tall below her.

Masou Gakuen HxH V08 049.jpg

The vitality of Kizuna’s thing still wasn’t declining. At this rate──,

“Landred, sensei. Wait, please wait!”

“I won’t wait……aah-“

Landred was dropping down her waist towards Kizuna’s thing.

‘──Shit-, why is Landred-sensei knowing about male’s body this much. She should only have female partners until now shouldn’t she!?’


Kizuna suddenly ruminated the voice of his heart.

‘──She should only have female partners, what does that mean? She is a woman that is so sexy like this. Rather isn’t it more strange if she doesn’t have experience with a man?’

Kizuna was wondering to himself, but he couldn’t find answers that he could comprehend.

“My, I wonder if now you are in the mood for this?”

Kizuna’s tip touched the entrance of Landred.


The indescribable pleasure produced at the tip of Kizuna pulled back his consciousness.

“Eh!? Wa, waa do-, don’t I say, senseeee!”

At that moment, just when Kizuna was going to be plundered,


The door of the infirmary was kicked down.



Kizuna’s big sister, Hida Reiri rushed inside the infirmary.

“Landred-sensei! You won’t be forgiven on this very day. I absolutely won’t let you lay your hand on Kizuna!”

The gallant entrance of Reiri that was just like that of a hero was followed with her sharp glare at Landred. However Landred didn’t falter, far from that her eyes were shining before she leaped at Reiri.


“Uwah! La, Landred-sensei! Let go, let go of me!”

“No. I won’t let you go anymore! Today for sure, I will express this feeling to youuuu”

Landred was stripping Reiri’s clothes as if she was using magic. Watching in fascination at that technique, it made Kizuna realize of the great mistake of the meaning of [aiming] that he imagined previously.

While such thinking flashed through his head, Reiri was already having even her underwear torn away. The image of the two sexy adult women entangled with each other in a grapple gave off a bewitching decadent aroma. Kizuna was spontaneously almost got drunk at that scene, but he returned to his senses suddenly and rushed ahead in order to save his sister.

“Ne, Nee-chan! I’m going to save you right now!”

Reacting to that voice, Landred gazed at Kizuna with eyes like a hunter aiming at her prey. Kizuna reflexively got cold feet.

“Don’t come! Kizuna!”

Reiri who was being pinned down by Landred raised a frantic voice.

“Bu, but Nee-chan!”

“Don’t mind me! Just who can bear having you preyed upon by this kind of woman!”

“……But! What about Nee-chan!?”

“Be quiet! You have joint training right? Leave this place to me, go ahead!”


Kizuna tightened his fist. And then he kicked on the ground as if to shake free from his sentiment.

‘──Sorry, Nee-chan! Nee-chan’s sacrifice won’t go to waste!’



“NHAah! Aahn, kuh……so, something like this won’t make me sub──aahn!”

While Kizuna was heading to the training, the curtain of the adult battle in the infirmary was cut and closed.

Part 7[edit]

When Kizuna returned to the schoolyard, all members had already gathered there. Each one of them was wearing their exclusive pilot suits. Each of the suits had high exposure rate, on top of that the suits clung tightly on their bodies, the design clearly showed out their body line.

“You are late, Hida Kizuna.”

Zelsione glared at Kizuna. The pilot suit of Zelsione who took strict attitude looked nothing more than underwear with garter belt. Perhaps it was because of that mismatch feeling, he didn’t feel that bad even when he was being scolded.

Kizuna bowed his head while lining beside Himekawa and Sylvia. The three people of Amaterasu with Kizuna and the others. Six people of Masters. Nine people of Vatlantis with Grace as the leader. Izgard was a mixed team with Baldein, there were four people with Gravel as the leader. In total there were twenty two names gathered here.

“Then I will explain the outline of the training. This time’s──”

The moment Zelsione began explaining, it suddenly came.

“This sound is!?”

Eerie heavy bass sound, like gigantic metal grazing something resounded across the sky. The sound that made the listener harbor anxiety and dread assaulted everyone without discrimination.

That sound shook the people’s bodies, the building of the school, the ground of the courtyard – the whole of Ataraxia.

Kizuna immediately took out his mobile phone. Its screen gave the alert that notified him of the emergency time and also informed him of the abnormal curve generated in the sky.

“That’s an AU collision! It’s coming!”

The moment Kizuna yelled, a rip traveled the sky. It was generated at the place where the collision of this world with the alternate world happened, the rift of the sky [Entrance].

All the students looked up at the sky and raised shocked voices. The appearance probability of an Entrance for today was low. Normally it was more likely for no AU collision to happen. That was why, no one was thinking that an AU collision would happen.

{Don’t panic!}

Reiri’s voice reverberated throughout the whole school.


The several dozen digital signage displays and floating windows installed inside the school projected Reiri’s appearance. She had a sexy appearance with only her coat put on in a rush on her body, but right now there was nobody who paid attention to that.

{First class battle deployment! All Heart Hybrid Gear teama, carry on with emergency sortie}

“Ladies and gentleman, it’s just as you heard!”

Zelsione faced the gathered Heart Hybrid Gear squads and yelled.

“This is the same like the training we planned right now. Quickly deal with the enemy with composure!”

Kizuna nodded powerfully and called the name of his own Core.


The next instant, Kizuna’s body was enveloped in jet black armor and he flew to the sky in one go. The other members also equipped their Heart Hybrid Gears one after another and headed to the Entrance with shining particles jetting out from their thrusters.

The city of Ataraxia also began to change its look with one furnished for battle. Important facilities, factories, research labs and so on were sinking down into the ground one after another. The remaining buildings opened their outer wall like shutters and showed the missiles and railguns stored inside. The tactical defense academy Ataraxia began to show its true face.

In order to have a quick preparation, Kizuna, Scarlet, Gravel, and Grace, each team leader approached near each other. Kizuna faced the other leaders and spoke.

“The enemy haven’t shown their faces yet. First the enemy’s move――”

“I’ll be the vanguard! Leave being the raid team to Vatlantis!”

“Wait! It’s Masters that will be the vanguard!”

Kizuna and Gravel looked at each others’ faces in resignation due to the two hotblooded people. It seemed they first needed to calm down the two high-spirited girls.

“Scarlet, Masters specialize in long range attacks right? Just how are you going to be the raid team, huh?”

“Leave it to me! Recently we developed combination of shooting with CQC you see!”

Kizuna ignored Scarlet’s reckless remark and moved his gaze to Gravel.

“I’ll count on Izgard and Masters for the cover fire from long range.”

“Got it. Amaterasu will be in the middle range right? But Kizuna, you haven’t done Climax Hybrid yet. Leave the front line to Hayuru and Sylvia, Kizuna, you are together with me.”


“Now then, I’m going! Quartum, Ragrus, Valdy, Hyakurath and Mercuria, follow me!”

As if being whipped by those words, Vatlantis’s members flew out of the group. Their destination was the rip across the sky. The crack was widening and the torn fragments were falling down. The crack was created from the collision of this world with another world. That was what an Entrance was. The only point of contact that linked this world with another world. From there, the AU peeked out its face in the shape of demon god weapons.

――But, this day was different.

It was as though the blue sky ruptured, the sky was torn and blown away in one go.


Vatlantis team stopped in the air and raised shocked voices. Hyakurath that was in the farthest back yelled at all the team members’ backs.

“This is different from usual! Everyone, be careful!”

The sky was smashed and large hole was gouged in the blue sky. From inside that hole, overflowing light was shining through.

“Uwaaa……to make this kind of world and escape! I’m really shocked!”

A girl appeared from inside that light.


Looking at that appearance, all present lost their words.

What, is that?

It wasn’t a magic god weapon.

And then, it also wasn’t a normal human.

That girl was wearing a large type Heart Hybrid Gear. But the shape was bizarre, it didn’t look like a normal Heart Hybrid Gear.

It was like Kizuna and the others weren’t inside the sight of the girl wearing clothes that looked like a China dress, she was looking down at Ataraxia with a delighted face.

Her appearance looked like she was around a middle school student’s age. Her brown hair was braided like a dumpling ball, her remaining hair dangled down like twintails. Her large transparent eyes were shining in curiosity, it was like vigor was overflowing from her small body. And then each time she moved, her breasts shook, it was so big to the degree that it was ill-matched with her small stature.

The armor worn by that unbalanced body looked as though it was integrated into one with her body. That design was more organic then the Heart Hybrid Gear that Kizuna and the others knew about, for some reason it made them associate it with the holy beast Kirin.[3]

The horns protruding out to the left and right like hair ornaments. The ornaments on her hair that was like clouds modeled after flames.

Both her arms were bestial rather than that of a human’s. There were sharp large claws like a dragon, they were big to the degree that they could crush a human body with one hand. The leg part was also long and thick. The knee joint was lengthening to the back becoming reverse joint, expressing the bestiality of the appearance even more.

Furthermore, the tail that was like a flame. And then the wings on her back that, while they were in the shape of bat wings, yet they were shining bright beautifully. That godlike appearance was even like being mixed with demonic shape.

‘――That’s right, I, know that girl.’

The Deus ex Machina that introduced herself as Thanatos. The three people inside the bright light behind her. One of that three.

[Machine GodDeus ex Machina]

Suddenly those words flashed inside his head.

That girl raised a high-spirited voice like a tinkling bell.

“It’s fine to consult first with Thanatos and the others but, as I thought I was the one that discovered this, I’ll be the one taking care of it! Fufufu, although it’s a failure, this is still important data. I think that what was happening in this world, will absolutely be useful!”

The members of Vatlantis were warily observing the state of the girl who was making merry by herself. Ragrus asked the girl without any further thought.

“Hey, don’t tell me that’s…… an AU person?”

Ragrus herself who asked that didn’t really think that was the case. No matter how they looked, the girl was nothing else but a human, she was also talking normally using words. Also even though the armor she was wearing had a greatly different atmosphere, but it still looked like a Heart Hybrid Gear.

‘――Then, just what in the world is she?’

All the members of Vatlantis, Izgard, Masters, and Amaterasu asked that question inside their mind. Among all the people present staring at the girl dumbfoundedly, it was only Kizuna whose condition was different.

Cold sweat was oozing out from his whole body, his heart’s palpitation got violent.

He didn’t understand what he was getting scared about. However his body was trembling on its own, he was unable to stop his shaking.

‘Why? Certainly this is the first time I see her, but why am I being this scared?’

At that time, a certain scene flashbacked inside his head.

That was the pillar piercing the heaven that supported the sky.

The figures of four people appearing by splitting that sky.

Crumbling down Genesis. Annihilated city.

‘――I, had fought, that, before.

Fought, and then lost.

Horribly without anything I could do.

And then――,

The world, was destroyed.


Earth and Atlantis too, the worlds were annihilated.

I too should have died.


“What……am I thinking?”

There was no way such thing happened!

The inside of his head was teeming with incomprehensible scenes.

By any chance he was seeing a dream of a world being destroyed like that……perhaps that was it. Maybe, he jumbled the memory of his dream with reality. Surely…….

“Oi, Kizuna! Are you listening to me?”

Gravel’s angry yell flew into his head. His body was shaken and Kizuna returned to his senses.

“A, yeah……sorry. Can you repeat it once more?”

“Let’s try to contact that girl. We don’t know whether we can establish dialogue but……come together with me.”

“……Got it.”

Kizuna pressed on his chest to restrain his violently beating heart. However his heart that felt like it was going to jump out of his chest was uncontrollable. It even felt like Kizuna’s instincts was ringing out alarm bells to warn him.

Kizuna ignited his thruster and followed behind Gravel. Grace flew out from among the Vatlantis team, and together with them, went until in front of the girl’s eyes, they then hovered still in the air.

Grace started the conversation after getting tired waiting for the girl to notice them.

“You over there. Who are you?”

Grace’s dignified voice made the girl turn to her. It was like she was noticing their existences for the first time, her eyes stopped at Grace.

“Hm? You all are the living things inside this experimental world aren’t you?”

Grace frowned her face.

“Experimental world? I don’t know what you mean, but if it’s about us living in this world, then you are not mistaken. So, who are you?”

The girl puffed out her chest and acted high and mighty. The breast that didn’t match her small body shook up and down.

“I am a Deus ex Machina Hokuto. One of the people who created your world and you all!”


For a moment, Kizuna felt like his heart stopped.

‘――Deus ex Machina.’

And then his heart was fiercely rampaging.

‘――It’s not a dream. We were once, killed by these guys.’

Hokuto smiled widely in delight.

“Your world failed the experiment. That was why we collected the data once and then started it over again. Ah, but, although it failed, I think that the data of you all is going to be useful you know? Yet despite so, for the data to leak out, even though just a part of it……”

Hokuto looked over the sea and Ataraxia below, and then at the sky spreading above.

“Just who in the world did this?”

Kizuna clenched his fist tight to stop his trembling finger.

“Who cares about that! Rather than that you guys, you destroyed Genesis, and then our worlds……you annihilated it once! Isn’t that right!?”

Hokuto tilted her head with a puzzled face.

“That’s right but……you don’t remember?”

Kizuna was attacked by a new confusion.

‘――That’s right. Why, did I forget something that important? What is this world we are in right now?’

Kizuna shook his head as if to drive away his anxiety and doubt.

‘――This is not the time to worry about that kind of thing!’

“Everyone be careful! This girl’s power is beyond imagination!”

Gravel grasped Kizuna’s shoulder with a bewildered expression.

“What are you talking about since just now! You are acting strange Kizuna!”

“That’s right! Explain it so we can understand-!”

Hokuto crossed her arms while looking at the exchange of Kizuna’s group.

“Uu―m, so it’s not intentional that you guys stole the data? Then, this is just an accident?”

Hokuto half closed her eyes and further pondered.

“That should be right. There should not be any existence that can jump the gun on us. But, saying that we made a miss is also, strange, but……well, it’s fine.”

Hokuto opened her eyes suddenly and nodded as if she had comprehended the situation.

“Understood. Then, I’ll deal with you guys here. I’ll convert you into data and make this world stop existing physically with this.”

Red light traveled Hokuto’s whole body. It was the proof that magic power was circulating through her body.

{Everyone! Move!}

Scarlet’s voice reverberated from a floating window.

Kizuna, Grace, and Gravel parted to the left and right in a rush. Several streaks of light passed through between them. Masters’ all out attack was heading to Hokuto in offense.


The shooting drowned out even Kizuna’s voice. From pistol until anti-material rifle, various firearms were firing. The bullets that came from the compressed magic power of the Heart Hybrid Gears impacted Hokuto and particles of light burst open. Scarlet yelled with a ferocious smile.

“I don’t really get it but, what you said is a war declaration on us! I’ll make you regret picking a fight with this Masters!”

Scarlet’s Ares launched a large amount of missiles. It was the weapon possessing the greatest destructive power among Masters. However Hokuto didn’t dodge and received the missiles. A flower of flame bloomed in the sky.

“How’s that!”

Scarlet clenched her fist proudly. As if to mock Scarlet who was like that, a disappointed voice could be heard from inside the flame explosion.

“Uu―n, something like this is completely no good you know.”

“What did you say!?”

Scarlet opened her eyes wide looking at Hokuto who appeared from inside the flame.

There was not a single wound on Hokuto’s body. Regardless of that much bombardment in full power attacking her, it was useless.

“Wha, what’s, with this girl!?”

Henrietta fixed the placement of her glasses and observed Hokuto. Even Kizuna who was looking at a position closer than the Masters didn’t understand how she blocked that.

“For something like that, I don’t even need to defend……well, I don’t even think that there is anything in this world that can hurt me though.”

Scarlet was taken aback.

“Don’t tell me, that bombardment……all of that hit?”

Masters were ruled by despair from the shock. Their weapons that kicked around all those demon god weapons until now weren’t useful at all here.

“Hmph, interesting. Next is my turn.”

Gravel came out in front of Masters who lost their fighting spirit. And then she rotated her gunblade’s cylinder and loaded a special bullet. It was a sure-kill bullet with the destructive power several times the normal bullet. Gravel fixed her aim at Hokuto and pulled the trigger.


Together with tearing sound that pierced the ear, the gunsword fired a lump of compressed particles.

That bombardment could defeat several demon god weapons altogether. If one got hit with that, even Kizuna’s Life Saver that boasted high defensive power would be smashed apart. Even though the girl was Deus ex Machina, she should dodge it.

But even looking at the approaching gigantic bullet of light, Hokuto didn’t show any sign of dodging.

A large explosion occurred and dazzling light became a ring that was spreading wide. That radiance made all the people spontaneously squint their eyes and used their hand to block the light. From the gaps of their fingers, they could see a flame explosion spreading in the sky.

“Did that do it!?”

Kizuna focused his eyes and a floating window started up automatically. And then the display was zoomed up in order to see through the flame. Flame and smoke were scattered by the wind flow. And then, there was a figure floating in the air at the other side.

“Hee, that’s quite a power there. I got a little dirty.”


Hokuto lightly shook off the soot that clung on her armor. The light of the bombardment that Gravel fired was running across her armor. It was as though the fired bullet was disassembled into magic power and then taken in into the armor. Gravel’s mouth opened without closing back and she stared at that figure dumbfoundedly.

“We were the ones making you guys you know? There is no way the creation can win against the creator. Besides――”

Hokuto slowly put her hands to the front. Several pebbles materialized ahead of her hands.

“What? That’s……”

Cold sweat trickled down Gravel’s neck. Anxiety was swelling up inside her heart. Masters too felt a bad premonition at the mysterious thing Hokuto started to do.

“……What is, that?”

Gertrude’s whisper was answered by Clementine with a trembling voice.

“Is……isn’t that, rock, I think?”

The pebbles inside Hokuto’s hand grew bigger in the blink of an eye, every single one became a large rock. The scene was as though an asteroid belt was materialized suddenly in the sky. Henrietta manipulated her floating window and analyzed those rocks.

“Those are, real rocks. I don’t understand at all just how she is materializing those.”

Hokuto showed a sweet smile.

“We are ruling over everything that exists in this world. Water and air, land and rock, we can even create things like that. Umm, rather than saying it like that, there is nothing that we cannot do you know.”

Scarlet harbored wariness towards Hokuto who was wielding that mysterious power. Rather than calling it being alert, her emotion was more that of fear. However, there was no way they could recognize that. The hearts of all the members of Masters would break. Scarlet lied to her shaking heart and declared with cheers.

“Hah! Isn’t that just something like a party trick. So what, are you saying you can make rocks, is that it? It’s not like it has any offensive power or anything!”

The countless floating fragments of stone came forward and Hokuto swung up her right hand to the left of her face.

“Then here I go.”

Hokuto waved her right hand horizontally and the rocks vanished.

And then at the same time the figures of Scarlet and the others vanished from in front of Kizuna.

Kizuna doubted his own eyes.


The communication windows were also closed all at once. The information of Masters, Aldea and Gravel, all suddenly became gone. Fretfulness was welling up inside Kizuna’s heart.

“Just where in the world……Scarlet! Gravel! Where are you, answer back!”

There was no reply no matter how many times he called. Kizuna displayed the information of the battlefield network and confirmed their position.


There was the reaction from Scarlet and others from the outer edge of Ataraxia, two kilometers from where he was.


His head snapped to look at that direction. The defensive building that was at the outer wall of Ataraxia far from here. A part of that area had smoke rising up. Something shuddering cold was driving through Kizuna’s back.

‘――Don’t tell me.’

“What happened! Everyone answer back!”

In place of reply, floating windows started up in front of Kizuna. Those were the windows for the emergency occasion that the Heart Hybrid Gears automatically started when the pilot fell into a state that was unable to fight.


In each of the windows, the figures of the pilot spilling blood were projected. A voice came from one of the windows.

“Gu……e, eh? This place……where?”

Scarlet who sank into the rubble murmured deliriously. Her trademark ponytail came apart with her face dirtied by blood and dust.


“Ki, Kizuna? Eh……? I, why……”

Two more windows opened.


Zoros’s armor was smashed, a figure collapsed powerlessly on the ground was projected.

“Ku……Kizuna. What, happened?”

Aldea was also collapsing beside her. Both of them didn’t seem able to stand up even if they were trying. Kizuna gritted his teeth hard.

“The rock, hit us? However, something like that……”

Hokuto put her hand on her hips and sighed in amazement.

“You cannot underestimate it just because it’s rock. After all any kind of thing will become a terrifying weapon if given enough speed and mass. This time how about I fill this world with the soil of land and bury all of you alive? Or else I can fill this world with sea water and drown it.”

Kizuna glared piercingly at Hokuto who was smiling.

‘――Just like god creating heaven and earth, this girl is saying that she can also create land and sea.’

Kizuna clenched his fist.

“But! It’s unforgivable for you to do something like that to my comrades! It doesn’t matter who you are!”

His fist that was going to rush forward was held back by Grace’s small hand.

“Wait! Nii-sama hasn’t done Climax Hybrid. Leave this to me!”

After saying that Grace spread her gold and silver wings, from there she pulled out a feather that was created from a blade. After she rotated it rapidly, its shaped changed into a scythe with handle attached before he knew it.

“We won’t reveal her limit in distance! We are cutting her up! Everyone, follow after me! Ragrus and Valdy will protect Nii-sama. Let’s go!”

“Grace! Wait!”

Not listening to Kizuna’s call, Grace and the Vatlantis team flew out.

“This me won’t allow any further transgression!”

Grace came from the front, and then the Quartum came from left, right, above and below, from behind was Hyakurath sneaking close. Mercuria was readying her Arc Drive from a distance and prepared to give support.

“Here we go! All-out attack formation!”

The wings with only bones made from blades grew out feathers of light.


Feathers of light fired out from the wings. The feathers became arrows and attacked by surrounding Hokuto.

“Eat everything!”

The arrows of Harvest pierced Hokuto. And then those arrows were absorbing the magic power from her body many times over.

However Hokuto was staring at the flying around arrows with a composed face.

“This thing……what effect does it have?”

“Wha……what the!? It’s not effective!”

Grace’s eyes opened wide in shock. Certainly, even with the feathers sucking and sucking, it was as though there was no effect at all. Grace was feeling as though she was scooping out seawater using a ladle.

“By any chance, are you absorbing my magic power?”

After saying that, Hokuto laughed in amusement.

“You see, I myself am a single world.”

“What did you say?”

“Your stomach, it cannot eat something like the energy of the world in its entirety right?”

Even being told that, Grace didn’t understand at all just what was Hokuto talking about. What she understood was only the fact, that Harvest didn’t work.

“Then, I’ll cut you down!”

Grace accelerated in one go and slashed at Hokuto. In that timing Mercuria’s arrow headed to Hokuto in support. That arrow was like the big spear that a cavalry carried.

“You cannot run away from this arrow of mine!”

The huge arrow fired from Mercuria’s Arc Drive drew a parabola while heading to Hokuto.

“Something like that, won’t work on me!”

Hokuto thrust out her left hand that had large claws growing out. Mercuria’s arrow hit that large palm.


However that arrow didn’t pierce Hokuto’s hand or got repelled back. Its movement stopped the moment it touched the palm and got deconstructed into light particles. However――,

“You did great Mercuria!”

An opening was created, Grace slashed her scythe at Hokuto’s armor in a flash. However Hokuto’s right arm leaped up, fierce sparks and metallic sounds thundered loudly.


Hokuto’s palm blocked the scythe.

However at the same time the Quartum slashed from four directions all at once.


Clayda, Elma, Lunora, Ramza, all four were formidable people, possessing master class skills. They wouldn’t fall behind most opponents. Furthermore Hokuto’s left hand was occupied by Arc Drive and her right hand was sealed by Grace’s scythe. Her body was left defenseless, Clayda with her Selene, Elma with her hammer, Lunora with her twin swords, Ramza with her tomahawk, each of them struck.

Fierce sounds of blows resounded.

Hokuto didn’t evade and received the attack of the Quartum with her armor that looked like a Kirin. Ramza yelled while pushing her tomahawk with her whole body.

“Not yet! Everyone press on!”


Quartum put the strength of their whole body and pinned down Hokuto’s wings and legs. Hokuto’s armor raised sparks. Quartum ignited their thrusters with full strength and frantically trying to cut into Hokuto’s armor with their prided weapons.

“Ahahaha, something like that won’t be able to scratch my armor.”

Grace grinned broadly hearing that mocking laugh of Hokuto.

“The finishing blow! Go Hyakurath!”

From behind Grace, Hyakurath with her beloved sword Gloria readied leaped out. However the shaking of her fingertips were transmitted to her sword and the sword tip was shaking left and right.

Hyakurath bit her lips tight.

‘――Do your best, do your best, Hyakurath!’

By encouraging herself like that, the shaking of her fingers stopped. The large sword she brandished drew an admirable arc and swung down on Hokuto’s head.

Hyakurath’s attack that was extolled as a holy sword split open Hokuto’s head――was what they thought.


Red light shone above Hokuto’s head. That radiance clashed with Gloria. The sword of light that collided at it emitted explosive light.

“What the!? This is!”

Hyakurath unintentionally yelled. The dazzling light made her unable to open her eyes properly.

The streak of light suddenly appeared above Hokuto’s head blocked the sure-kill sword. Hyakurath was completely unable to understand what happened.

“You guys, you put a scar on my body didn’t you?”

“What did you say?”

Hokuto was staring at the puzzled Grace with a severe expression.

That face was an angry expression that they saw for the first time. Until now she was always showing a smile that made them think she was fooling around, acting as if she was having fun. However, now her look made a sudden change.

“Your scythe, is scratching my palm.”

“My scythe?”

Grace stared really really close at the palm of Hokuto that was blocking her scythe.

Indeed, it was just for a little, the scythe was digging into it for a few millimeters.

That was possible due to Koros’s ability to whittle down magic power. However, frankly it wasn’t something in the level that could be called as damage.

“If you call that a scratch, that’s really a scratch. Unfortunately I cannot be satisfied by something of that degree.”

Magic power was circling in Koros’s wings. All that power was sent into the scythe in Grace’s hand. The scythe was further digging into Hokuto’s hand, scattering fierce sparks and particles of light.

“You too were laughing when there was nobody who could inflict a wound on that prided body of yours, weren’t you? How is it now? The feeling of being wounded? Is it refreshing?”

“Don’t mess with me!!”

Hokuto’s rage exploded.


Hokuto’s shriek and rage became a shockwave, blowing away Grace and the others.

“Wha, what in the world!?”

The impact that made her feel like she was kicked flying blew the Vatlantis team for a hundred meters. They controlled their posture back somehow and stopped in the air.

“My body is the world itself! To injure me means destroying my world, it’s the same like killing people. If such a thing is done to me then I……”

Hokuto’s eyes turned moist and she yelled with a painful voice.

“Cannot keep having fun!”

Hokuto grasped the red light floating above her head. At that moment, the light that was fiercely emitted settled down and an object wrapped in red light appeared.

It was a crimson sword. The blade with the color of dark blood had shining red light running on it like blood vessels. It was an eerie and ominous sword.

“My body is composed with world. But taking out a weapon and offensive ability from there and granting it a single shape……that is this [Eight Trigrams KirinHakke Kirin].”

At that time Hokuto’s eyes shined.

‘――This is bad.’

All present in that place perceived that not with logic, but by their instincts.

“Everyone, pull back for the moment! Hurry――”

Hokuto’s Hakke Kirin flashed.

At that moment, flame and shockwave spread as if a nuclear explosion was occurring.


The radiance that was like the sun and sparking thunder swept over Ataraxia. Grace and the Vatlantis team had their armor broken by that shockwave while being blown away.

Even with the thrusters fully opened, it was impossible to maintain a posture. Grace and Hyakurath that was blown away crashed into the commercial buildings of Ataraxia in the far distance. Quartum and Mercuria fell on the ground and sunk into the street, piercing through until the underground layer.


Kizuna was also blown away by the incredible impact and struck a building’s wall.

“Ku……Himekawa, Sylvia……are you two safe!?”

He somehow opened his communication window and tried to confirm his comrade’s safety. However there was no reply.

Before long the pressure pressing on his body became light. The raging flame passed over him and the disastrous scene of Ataraxia entered his eyes.

“Thi……this is……”

With Hokuto as the center, the buildings around were struck down like dominos. The whole of Ataraxia was wrapped in flames, explosions occurred everywhere, black smoke was rising up.

“Aah! Geez, I won’t forgive you all!”

Hokuto swung Hakke Kirin once more. From the blade of the sword, flame and shockwave ran and flew towards Kizuna.


He flew up and evaded the shockwave with only a paper thin difference. When he looked back, a group of Ataraxia’s skyscrapers were split into two at the center.


The buildings were breaking into two one after another, the upper part collapsed and slowly falling down to the ground. Even the remaining buildings were on fire and began to raise black smoke.

“Captain! Sylvia and the others will do something about this somehow desu!”

Two huge frames were flying towards Hokuto. Those were Sylvia’s Taros and Ragrus’s Demon. As if chasing after those two gears, one more light was following behind.

“I will go too!”

Himekawa with her Sword readied was heading to Hokuto accompanied with her Blades. Kizuna gave instruction to them in a hurry.

“Stop! Even if you all attack her――”

Just when he was about to say that, Kizuna pursed his mouth.

‘――Then, what to do?’

Against the Deus ex Machina who possessed overwhelming power, any tactic was meaningless. If Hokuto felt like it, then total annihilation would be unavoidable.

“Damn it!”

Kizuna was also going to follow after Himekawa and the others, just when he was going to do that, Hokuto’s figure vanished.



Sylvia and Ragrus crashed into the defensive wall building with terrific speed.

Hokuto who didn’t move for even a single step since she appeared now moved. She moved and then crushed Sylvia and Ragrus who were approaching.

However, that movement completely could not be followed. It was excessively too fast, he couldn’t even be aware of it.

“Himekawa! Her movement is fast. Be caref――”

Himekawa’s back was in front of his eyes.


The body of Himekawa that flew at him crashed on Kizuna. He couldn’t hold back her body at all. Kizuna was blown away together with Himekawa’s body, the two of them were falling towards the ground.


There was no countermeasure that could be taken. Kizuna embraced Himekawa as if to wrap over her to protect her from the impact of the fall. ‘――At the very least just Himekawa.’

Just when he was trying to soften the impact with his thruster and Life Saver, Kizuna and Himekawa’s body crashed through the high school building. They destroyed and pierced through the building before colliding in the schoolyard. Their bodies somehow stopped crashing after digging through the schoolyard’s ground.


Impact that felt like it would make his body fall into pieces attacked him. He lost consciousness from the pain for a moment.

“Shi, shit……-“

To avert his mind from the writhing pain, Kizuna gritted his teeth and raised his body.

“Ku……Hi, Himekawa. You okay?”

Thanks to Kizuna volunteering his body to cover for her, Himekawa wasn’t seriously injured. But she completely lost consciousness.

He entered strength into his limbs to try to stand up somehow. However, he couldn’t put any strength, on top of that his dizziness was also severe. His knees lost strength and he fell on the ground.

The black smoke from fire made the surrounding dim like it was night. When he laid down with his face up, he could see the figure of Hokuto floating in the sky from the gap of the black smoke.

‘――Something needs to be done about her.’

When he thought that, a new window opened and Reiri’s face was projected there.

{Kizuna! You are no match against her. Return back!}


At that time, he noticed that his fingertip touched something.

‘――This is, Neros’s Blade.’

Kizuna grasped that flying sword and stood up somehow. Kizuna ignited his thruster then.

{Stop! Kizuna!}

Reiri’s voice was getting farther. Kizuna headed to Hokuto and accelerated. He wrung out the last of his strength and flew straight at Hokuto.

“Don’t you look down on humans! God-samAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

He readied the Blade.


Putting in his whole strength, Kizuna headed to Hokuto and thrust the Blade.


Hokuto’s index finger and thumb pinched the blade of the Blade.

“How persistent.”

That fingertips curved down tightly. At that moment, Kiuzna’s body was blown away towards the ground.


With the speed that far surpassed the speed of natural falling, Kizuna struck the ground once more.


Blood spewed out from his mouth.

His body couldn’t move, as if all his bones were broken.

‘――No good. Not even my finger, can move.’

Explosive sounds roared in the far away. Hokuto’s attack made the city get wrapped in flames, the facilities of Ataraxia were beginning to explode. At this rate, Ataraxia would sink.

‘――Everything, will be erased again.’

‘――I, cannot do anything again.’

Suddenly a voice entered his ear.

“Ah, which reminds me, you are the person that was quarreling with Thanatos previously right?”

Hokuto landed down on the ground without him noticing, she was peeking into Kizuna’s face. Perhaps flames were approaching nearby, flame sparks were dancing in the dim space like scattered sakura petals.

“You don’t even have the ability to learn, you cannot even predict what will happen if you challenge us. I wonder if you are not as evolved as I thought?”

She was smiling in delight, as though her mood had been fixed.

But, for some reason.

For Kizuna, that smile looked like something really false.

She had been like that since the time she first appeared. She was constantly smiling and made merry in delight. But, all of that looked forced.



“Why, are you……looking that bored?”

Hokuto’s face stiffened for an instant. However, she soon smiled broadly again and twirled around with her hands spread wide, looking really in delight.

“Just what are you saying? I’m always having fun. So happy, so fun, that I really cannot help it♪”

That smile increasingly seemed more hollow to him.

‘――This girl, is she really an existence just like what we imagined from the word [god]?’

Even her reaction when her hand was scratched by Grace,

{Cannot keep having fun!}

That reaction didn’t come from having her pride hurt, or even because her hand was hurt. The fact that she was hurt exerted some kind of influence on her. Her way of talking then was as if she feared that.

“I don’t, really get it but……even gods, have it hard huh.”

Hokuto’s face distorted. She was trying to force herself to smile, but her eyes were burning in rage.

‘――That’s it.’

“That face……I think, that’s, the only one……that is your real face.”

At that moment, emotion vanished from Hokuto’s face.

“You, are saying weird things.”

And then she squatted down and touched Kizuna’s chest with her fingertip.

“I’m having fun here. It’s no good if I’m not having fun. Everyday, everyday, no matter where, no matter when, always. I’ve got to have fun no matter what. That’s why I must not even get hurt.”

Saying that, she made a smiling face that seemed sad.

“That is, my role as a god.”


Kizuna’s consciousness was becoming far. His eyes turned hazy and Hokuto’s smiling face became blurred.

“Am I…..dying?”

“That’s right. You don’t even understand that?”

Hokuto suddenly stood up and floated a dry smile. And then the red sword in her hand, Hakken Kirin’s tip was aimed at Kizuna.

“How really stupid.”

The sword where all weapons were compressed touched his chest.

The tip tore open his skin. However, he was already unable to move even a single finger.

It was becoming dark in front of Kizuna’s eyes.

Even the sound of the burning flames became inaudible, all sounds were going further away.

He was invited into stillness, towards the darkness of death.

At that time,

“There is this saying, that a stupid kid is cuter, isn’t it.”

There was a voice.

Kizuna’s eyelids opened again.

The flame was whirling with a thundering sound.

It was a voice that was really calm, and soothing.

Black smoke was rising, flame was giving rise to squall.

Fanned by that wind, the kimono that looked like a furisode was flapping.

Sparks were raining down with rain.

The long glossy black hair fluttered.

That figure which looked like a young girl, yet with a bewitching appearance.

It was too sudden.

However it was inevitable.

Hida Nayuta was standing.

“――You are”

“This is our first meeting. I am called Hida Nayuta.”

Hokuto was staring at the suddenly appearing young girl with a bewildered face.

“What……are you?”

Showing a soft smile, Nayuta took out a fan from her chest.

“The person who restored this world.”

The fan spread open in a flash, it gracefully sent flickering wind.

Power entered Hokuto’s eyes.

“I see……you are, the cause.”

Hokuto’s hand flashed.

Definite killing intent cut Nayuta.

Hakke Kirin was swung at Nayuta with speed and destructive power incomparable to anything until now.


However in the middle, that blade stopped.

Nayuta’s fan blocked Hakke Kirin.

“This is the world that I reconstructed with great pain. I didn’t want to allow destruction until this much, but in this urgent transfer, it took a little time to manufacture the program for the use of your enforced removal.”

Saying that Nayuta gently turned her fan the other way. Hakke Kirin was repelled and Hokuto leaped backwards.

“You are an existence of the same kind like us, is that how it is I wonder?”

When Hokuto readied her Hakke Kirin once more, the world tilted with a violent shaking.

“Hm? This is!?”

Hokuto let out a panicked voice. Nayuta’s figure was distorting. Not only that, with Ataraxia as the start, everything of this world was distorting flabbily, whirling and elongating into strange shape. It was just like water that was being absorbed into a hole.

Inside the world where everything was rotating, only the Entrance carved in the sky retained its original shape, approaching towards Hokuto.

“My deepest apologies, but the preparation to fight all of you is still not finished. Please take your leave for today. Adieu.”


The fingertips of Hokuto that reached out were vanishing. She was being absorbed into the Entrance approaching her. It seemed that she was being forcefully ejected from this space.

“Hida, Nayuta……I see, the one using Genesis as they pleased was――”

Leaving behind those words, Hokuto vanished inside the Entrance.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Because of how many kanji there are and how some of them have really similar shapes, even Japanese people will sometimes confuse the kanji with each other.
  2. Gestaltzerfall (German for “shape decomposition”) refers to a type of visual agnosia and is psychological phenomenon where delays in recognition are observed when a complex shape is stared at for a while as the shape seems to decompose into its constituting parts.
  3. Kirin is a Chinese unicorn.
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