Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 8 Prologue

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“Captain, it is morning already desu. Please wake up desu.”

It was a cute voice like a tinkling bell. Invited by that voice, his consciousness was rising to the surface from the bottom of a deep sleep.


After he floated up to the morning awakening as if taking out his face from a water surface, a girl that was like an angel was reflected in his eyes.

“Ah, you woke up Captain? Good morning desu.”

Fluffy blonde hair and violet eyes. Her smile that was overflowing with enjoyment and expectation was peering at his face.

“This place……is it, heaven?”

“Captain? What are you talking about desu?”

His mind couldn’t settle down and various matters that rose inside his head vanished.

‘――It’s like something really serious had happened……something really important…….’

His hazy mind tried to recall the dream he had seen just now. However the more he tried to remember, the memory was only going even farther. He tried to cling at the tip of the concerning dream and closed his eyes once more.

As if to obstruct that, the curtain was opened vigorously. The morning sunlight shone into the room aplenty, causing it to be dazzling even when his eyes were closed. And then as if to give the finishing blow, a small hand shook his body.

“Geez, Captain is a sleepyhead aren’t you desu. Captain is going to be late if you don’t quickly wake up desu.”

“Aah……Sylvia huh.”

Hida Kizuna woke up from the bed reluctantly.

“Good morning. Today you are early too.”

“Did captain stay up late yesterday desu?”

“Yesterday……eh? I wonder about that?”

Sylvia smiled in amusement at the unclear answer of Kizuna.

“It’s look like Captain is still not fully awake yet desu. Please wash your face. While Captain is doing that, Sylvia will prepare the breakfast desu.”

“I guess. Thank you Sylvia.”

Now that he woke up it was really nothing. Even the content of the dream that he was strangely bothered with was just a dream anyway. It had already completely vanished from inside Kizuna’s head.

What was called a dream was vivid when it was being seen, but when one woke up it would be completely forgotten soon. Surely it was because the content wasn’t a logical or coherent one, but something nonsensical.

Kizuna washed his face and finished changing his clothes, then he headed to the dining kitchen. There, an appetizing breakfast with rising steam was waiting for him. It was a homemade Britain style breakfast of Sylvia.

Beautiful glossy sunny-side-up fried egg. Sausage full of meat juice and bacon. Fresh and lustrous tomato and lettuce, mushroom, baked beans, black pudding, etc. All of those were served in a plate. The refreshing aroma rising from the crispy toasted bread and cup that was filled with coffee instead of a tea. Any of those struck his sleeping stomach and roused up his appetite whether he wanted it or not.

“Now, please eat desu.”

Taking a seat in the position that faced Sylvia upfront, he picked up his chopsticks while saying ‘itadakimasu’. The volume was quite much for breakfast, but it was delicious that he kept eating unconsciously.

“I’m thankful that you are taking personal care of me, and of course I’m happy but……Sylvia, you are not forcing yourself aren’t you?”

Sylvia blinked her eyes with a puzzled face. After a moment, she slowly tilted her head. It seemed that she was bothered because she didn’t understand what he meant.

“No, you make breakfast and clean up the room, the quality is also frightfully high……I’m thinking if it isn’t really tiring for you.”

“It’s not tiring at all desu. Sylvia is enjoying it desu.”

Saying that, she showed a smile that seemed to look really delighted.

“Rather than that, Captain yourself, are you tired desu? This morning Captain was really a sleepyhead desu.”

“No, rather than being tired……perhaps, it’s because I had a little bad dream.”

“A bad dream desu?”

“That, I don’t remember most of the dream. For some reason, it felt like it was really something spectacular like the world is going to end or something though.”

“Haa, world destruction……is it desu. Captain saw a really dangerous dream desu.”

Was he going to be laughed at, he wondered, but unexpectedly Sylvia showed a serious expression. He took the remote on the table and pressed the button. Thereupon the big television at the center of the living room turned on and the morning news began to broadcast.

{Continuing after the weather forecast, this is the forecast of Japan’s AU Entrance. The outbreak of Entrance in Japan is surely in low probability. The appearance likelihood of Entrance in every region is as can be seen.}

“The maximum rate is around 10%……it seems that today there won’t be a large scale AU collision isn’t it desu.”

“Yeah. With that rate there won’t be any dispatch I think.”

“World destruction also won’t occur desu.”

Sylvia’s radiant smiling face that seemed to tell him to please be relieved made Kizuna reflexively smile wryly.

“Even I am not thinking seriously of something like world destruction you know. Even if an AU collision occurs and any kind of Demon God Weapon appears, there won’t be any problem with us Amaterasu here right?”

“Of course desu! Sylvia will do her best desu!”

――AU collision.

It was a phenomenon that occurred when two worlds, this world and the alternate world that originally shouldn’t cross each other, came into contact with each other. And then an Entrance was the rip that came forth when these two worlds collided.

What came from the AU through that rip were mysterious gigantic weapons called demon god weapons.

Their true identity and objective were unclear. It was just that they were existences that repeatedly attacked and invaded silently. Before, great damage resulted from them, but currently due to Heart Hybrid Gear forces starting from Amaterasu, it became possible to repel them.

The research about AU collision was also advancing. Right now, even the Entrance outbreak could be predicted. It was even ordinary for the morning and evening news to report it together with the weather forecast. Now even the AU collision and the demon god weapons that appeared from there became perceived as something at the same level as natural disaster like lightning strike or typhoon.

“Ah! We will be late if we don’t go out soon desu!”

Sylvia’s voice made him confirm the time that was displayed at the television’s screen. There was not even fifteen minutes until the school gate was locked.

“This is bad-! This week it’s Himekawa herself who has the shift at the gate right? Let’s hurry!”

The tableware was pushed at the dishwashing machine for the moment before Kizuna exited the room together with Sylvia. Perhaps because the time was late already, there was no human presence in the dormitory’s corridor. It was too slow even waiting for the elevator, they rushed outside in a fluster where warm sunlight of spring and a refreshing wind greeted them.

There was no particular reason, but Kizuna’s heart was enlivened.

‘――Looks like today will be an enjoyable day too.’

He had such a hunch.

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