Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 8 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Re-install[edit]

Part 1[edit]

One of the patient rooms in Nayuta Lab. The door of that room quietly opened. Kizuna peeked at the situation inside the room secretly, where there was a black haired girl lying down on the bed. Her usually tied hair was let free and her hair that was longer than her shoulders was spreading on the pillow. Several cables and tubes were connected from under her blanket into the medical device beside her pillow. Her back figure that had a different atmosphere than usual made Kizuna feel a slight tension.

Kizuna was going to put the fruit basket he brought at her bedside but his hands stopped. There was the visiting presents piled up there by the previous guest, there was no place for him to put his.

“You are famous huh.”

Kizuna made a faint smile.

“……Ah, boss Kizuna.”

Gertrude Baird slightly opened her eyes and looked up at Kizuna.

“My bad. I woke you up.”

Stopping Gertrude from rising up her body, Kizuna put his visiting present at the empty space by the window. He could see the panoramic view of Ataraxia from the window, it was a room with a really good view. However, what could be seen from there was the scar left by Hokuto, a really painful scenery.

The configuration information of the world taken back by Nayuta. Ataraxia that was reconstructed from there with great pain now became a tragic figure just from looking. A third of the outer wall surrounding Ataraxia had collapsed, half of the urban area and industrial area was changed into scorched earth. The facilities below third floor underground were safe, but there was no doubt that they received a really serious blow. The current Gertrude who couldn’t wake up from the bed couldn’t see that scenery, in that respect she was being fortunate instead.

“You intentionally came here to see me? Wai―t, boss yourself, has your injury gotten better already?”

“Yeah. I’m mostly ok now. The ban for meeting Gertrude was lifted up today, so I came to visit but……”

Kizuna sat down at the circle chair at the bedside.

“Looks like there was a guest before me.”

He looked up at the piled up boxes of fruits and snacks. Books, games, television, audio, AV device, model gun and electric airsoft gun, even toy drones and robots were also there. It was completely puzzling that there were even a bicycle and a surfboard, but perhaps they had the meaning of telling her to quickly get healthy so she could play them.

Staring at the mountain of presents, Gertrude shrugged her shoulders.

“Various people came by in turns, I cannot have any peace at all.”

“Those guys are bad huh.”

Kizuna floated a wry smile.

“But Masters are all hospitalized right? Who came here then?”

“The fellows from my class came. Also boss’s sister also came you know. Even though she is busy, she is really driven by a strong sense of duty. Besides……Gravel also came.”

The end of Gertrude’s sentence sounded quieter from a little shyness.

He had come visiting Gravel several times in her hospitalization. It was fortunate that her injuries weren’t as serious as they thought. Both he and Gravel were discharged from hospital almost at the same timing, since then, for some reason, there were also a lot of chances to meet.

Currently there was only Kizuna and Gravel who were discharged from hospital. Next were Himekawa who in the first place was only lightly injured and Zelsione who didn’t participate in the battle. The members other than them were still hospitalized without change although the degree of their injuries were different.

“……Nevertheless, your luck was bad. You are the one with the heaviest injuries.”

“Good grief really. Like this, don’t I look like I’m always out of the stage from injury all year round. There is nothing more disagreeable than this.”

“No, you received that attack, it’s only natural you got like this. Rather, the other Masters who only got light injuries, isn’t it better to call them just getting very lucky?”

“I’m calling that as strong evil luck instead.”

The other members of Masters who received the same attack were also in the middle of treatment at the same hospital. However, the only one seriously injured was Gertrude, the other members would be able to return to the battlefront relatively quickly.

Gertrude had bad luck, on top of receiving a direct attack, she was struck into the buildings of Ataraxia several times. As a result, she bore serious injuries that made her get lost in the border of life and death while in ICU.

“Get well quickly, okay? When Masters are not here, it feels like we are lacking the mood makers after all.”

“The other girls are going to get out soon, so I’ll leave it to them.”

Gertrude looked up at the ceiling with eyes that looked lonely.

“Boss Kizuna……those machine gods, you are really going to pick a fight with them?”

“Yeah……but their strength is not something half-assed. There is a need for us to obtain even stronger power. We are going to try all the ways we can take and find the method to oppose the Deus ex Machina.”

“Is that so……in that case, I’m going to become unneeded anymore am I……”

She said that with a self-depreciating tone.

“Just what are you saying. There is no way――”

“Even the Ros-series is no match against them, can someone like me be useful, I don’t understand that anymore.”


Certainly, in a certain aspect, that was a fact. The Deus ex Machina surpassed human knowledge, they were opponents with power that was really like a god. If their opponents were just magic weapons like until now, then there were places where she could be greatly contributing to by matching the fighting strength. That was because before this the enemies were made up from various kinds of weapons, where there were the strong enemies and the weak enemies.


Kizuna put his hand on Gertrude’s head and stroked her hair messily.

“Wha, what are you doing! Just stop it!”

Kizuna obediently lifted his hand.

“Just what are you saying. This kind of situation is something we are used to right?”

Gertrude pouted her mouth.

“That’s, boss is saying about how I got injured before that I need to withdraw from the battle line isn’t it. That way of talking is just too――”

“Even when we fought Vatlantis, it’s the same like this. In that absolutely disadvantaged situation, we didn’t even have any way of fighting where we could fight properly. Even so, didn’t you and I manage it somehow until this point.”


Gertrude completely fell silent. Kizuna stood up and turned his back to her before going to the exit. He opened the door and stood stock still just before he exited the sickroom. And then, he turned around and raised his thumb at Gertrude.

“I’ll wait for you, partner.”

The door closed and Gertrude became alone. She directed her head to the side and stared at the present Kizuna put there. While she was staring at that, tears were blurring her eyes. And then at the same time, there was something welling up from the bottom of her heart.

“Really……what a troublesome person.”

A smile floated on her lips.

“I’m going there soon. When boss is in a pinch, without me he won’t be able to do anything after all.”

Part 2[edit]

Kizuna was walking through the corridor of the hospital with a fast pace. There was burning resolve residing in his eyes.

He couldn’t forgive the Deus ex Machina who caused not only Gertrude, but everyone to meet that kind of experience. But clashing against them driven only by his rage would only give him a honorable death. He understood that well.

The enemy were four machine gods.

They were existences in possession of power that was exactly like god, they were obviously in a different dimension compared to all who he had fought until now.

He would defeat those gods, and then take back their world, and also Aine and Yurishia.

――In order to do that, there was something he should do.

Kizuna took out his mobile phone and searched the communication address of Nayuta Lab’s central control room. Kizuna who went outside the entrance of the hospital with phone in one hand found a little girl waiting for him.

“Have you prepared?”

Nayuta wearing her unfamiliar clothes looked up at Kizuna.

Looking at her figure, Kizuna put back his mobile phone in his pocket.

“Yeah. I also planned to hurry you to quickly begin just now.”

Nayuta who was smiling in satisfaction waved the flag she was holding in her hand. Thereupon, the embarking door of the large bus stopping behind her opened.

“Then let’s start. The first step in order to defeat the Deus ex Machina.”

Nayuta who had the appearance of a bus guide had eyes shining in curiosity.

“The Core’s re-install.”

Part 3[edit]

The large tourist bus was traveling across the Ataraxia that was continuing its reconstruction work.

“E― what you can see on your right is Ataraxia’s international exhibition hall. Fortunately even in the battle against Hokuto the other day it avoided destruction from battle. Its total floor space is about 230,000 square meters. It is divided into the east and west exhibition halls and the conference tower, making it able to hold every kind of event.”

The young girl in the costume of a bus guide showed the building with one hand and explained smilingly.

“……What kind of joke is this?”

Kizuna asked at the bus guide Nayuta with a threatening tone.

“Just as you see, this is the sightseeing tour of Ataraxia. By looking around the Ataraxia that is in the middle of reconstruction, the message asking you to cooperate in the reconstruction with your best effort will be conveyed, this is a plan for the sake of enhancing one’s desire to work diligently. I chartered it for Kizuna’s sake this time.”

“No, perhaps that’s important but! Rather than that what’s going to happen with the Core’s re-installation?”

The one riding the bus was Kizuna and Nayuta, then there was only the bus driver. The interior was remodeled like a parlor, it had the presence really like an exclusive vehicle for VIPs. All the chairs were removed, relaxing sofa and table, also bar counter and refrigerator. At the back even toilet and shower were also fully installed.

“This is not just a mere tour. This is an important plan to power up the Heart Hybrid Gear.”

“How much it’s okay to believe that……”

“Aah, let me give you this.”

Nayuta took out a small metallic piece from her breast pocket. Its length was eight centimeter and thickness around three centimeters with the shape of a capsule.

“Heart Hybrid Gear’s Core……the adjustment is finished already?”

“Yes. It’s only still this one though.”

Kizuna stared fixedly at the Core handed over to him.

――Two weeks ago.

The proposal suggested by Nayuta to cooperate and defeat the Deus ex Machina. Even while harboring a lot of anxiety and dissatisfaction, Kizuna and the others swallowed that proposal.

And then――,

“Understood. We will listen to what Kaa-san is saying within limitations. That’s why, teach us the way to defeat the Deus ex Machina.”

Kizuna asked the question like so.

The central control room of Nayuta Lab. Those gathered there, Kizuna and Reiri, Kei and Himekawa, they were waiting for Nayuta’s answer with held breath.

“The way to defeat the Deus ex Machina……that is by reinstalling the Core.”

“Wha……what did you say!?”

That proposal struck dumb everyone in that place.

“That’s no good. Taking out a Core will kill the holder. Kaa-san should be the one who understands that the best.”

Once Nayuta ordered the imperial guard Valdy to take out a Core from Brigit of Masters. The result, Brigit’s life was lost.

Nayuta smiled sweetly without any remorse.

“Certainly, humans don’t have the ability to extract out a Core. However, while I’m imperfect, I too am the same race of organism as the Deus ex Machina. If it’s with the power of the current me, taking out a Core without risking the life to danger is possible.”

Nayuta walked until in front of Himekawa and raised her right arm quickly.


Without even any time to think ‘ah’, Nayuta’s arm sunk into Himekawa’s breast.


Kizuna screamed and reached out his hand. However it was already too late. The arm stabbing Himekawa’s chest was moving as if to search around for something.


Himekawa was looking down on her own chest in a daze. It didn’t hurt. But the sensation of a small hand searching inside her body was eerie, causing dread to run inside Himekawa.


Her hand that was trying to push away Nayuta hit empty air. In an instant, Nayuta had jumped back several meters behind.

And then, her hand was holding a metallic capsule that was shining silver.

Kizuna’s heart jumped greatly.

“Himekawa! You okay!?”

He grasped Himekawa’s arm and peered into her eyes. Himekawa nodded with a scared face and dropped her eyes on the bulge of her breast where Nayuta’s arm was sinking in just now.

There was no hole opened there or even bleeding. It was just like magic.

“I’m fine……I think, though.”

“Really!? Is there anything hurt, or painful, anywhere!?”

Himekawa shook her head tremblingly.

“Yes, nowhere……say, is it really true that my Core is taken out?”

‘haaaaaa’, Kizuna sighed in a big way.

“……I thought my heart got stopped there.”

Nayuta proudly rolled around the Core in her hand.

“How is it? Now do you feel like trusting me a little?”

Reiri went in front of Nayuta and glared in despise.

“But even Sylvia who had her Core installed using the new method couldn’t match the Deus ex Machina. With just that there is no meani――”

Nayuta raised her index finger and waved it left and right.

“Of course. Just reinstalling the Core won’t make you a match for the Deus ex Machina. There is a need to improve the taken out Core.”


Kei’s opened her eyes wide in shock. Her hand that was typing the keyboard stopped in the middle.

“That’s right. The Core has a limiter fixed in it. That is so that the organism using the Core won’t become a threat to themselves, the Deus ex Machina set the Core with something like a safety device.”

Nayuta held up the Core of Neros in her hand towards the lighting.

“But, if it’s Ros-series, then it’s possible to remove that limiter.”


Kizuna and Himekawa looked at each other in reflex.

“I will carry out optimized improvements, by attempting to increase the performance as high as possible while maintaining the magic power’s consumption so that it will stay the same like before. After finishing that we will reinstall it with the most effective way, surely we will obtain the power that can possibly oppose the Deus ex Machina with that.”

Kei pulled herself together and ran her fingers on the keyboard once more.

{Is something like that possible for you Professor Nayuta?}

Nayuta looked up at Kei and smiled.

“With my current power, I am able to substantiate even theory that is impossible to realize because of humanity’s left behind technology. I’ll show you that I can make you all reach the level where it’s possible to fight the Deus ex Machina.”

――There was such conversation.

The mission assigned to Kizuna right now was the Core reinstallation of the Heart Hybrid Gear pilots as well as the magic knights in possession of magic armor. The method itself wasn’t any different with that time he installed a Core into Sylvia.

The bus that stopped at the traffic light suddenly took off. That impact shook Kizuna’s body greatly.

“……So, aren’t we going to do the reinstall?”

“In the place we are heading at right now, the reinstall partner Himekawa Hayuru is waiting. Ah, driver-san, don’t park at the parking lot but please go to the rotary’s direction.”

The driver wordlessly turned the steering wheel. The car roughly turned and Kizuna’s body was pushed down on the sofa by the side G force. The driving was just too rough.

“In that case explain it a little bit more. If there is no information beforehand, even I will feel troubled.”

“My, Kizuna is the one setting up the plan today you know?”

Kizuna twisted his head. He didn’t have any recollection at all about what Nayuta was saying.

“What is the meaning of――”

The bus stopped suddenly as if it was going to pitch forward.

“We have arrived here. Is your preparation finished Kizuna?”

“Yeah. I’m fine……but, are we going to do the reinstall here?”

What could be seen outside the window was the entrance of the exhibition hall explained to him just now.

“That’s right. Then let’s go.”

Nayuta climbed down the steps while holding a flag with words ‘Group Travel’ written on it. Kizuna followed behind her reluctantly.

“――Wait, this place!?”

When he got down the bus, the scenery there looked like a Halloween party. The courtyard of the exhibition hall was teeming with people in various costumes.

Girls in cute magical girl costumes. Boys wearing army uniforms of the past military. Cartoon character costumes of robots made from cardboard. Woman in risqué outfits with high exposure rate. If he remembered correctly, that should be the character of the anime that was popular last year.

It was a rush hour of people with various costumes. And then everywhere around them were photo taking sessions being carried out.

“This is……a cosplay event?”

A girl with a costume of a school uniform was hitting the sides of her head with her two hands in a strange pose. Most likely that was the signature pose of the character she was cosplaying. That girl was surrounded by several rows of males holding cameras while clicking their shutters.

Even though just before this they were just getting attacked by an unknown enemy and received a devastating blow.

“I’m really impressed by the mental strength of Ataraixa’s fellows. Good grief……”

“Aah, the people here aren’t real humans.”


“When I regenerated Ataraxia I investigated all the students’ data, so recycling that data I created these extras.”

Kizuna once again looked around at the cosplayers taking poses and the people swarming around them readying their cameras.

“Ah, this cosplay is aweso―me, it’s cuteee~”

“How about calling out to that group and do a combination?”

“Please look over here―”

Every single one of them was enjoying their hobby happily. That realness could only be seen as the real thing.

“These are fakes……is the theory the same like the Love Room?”

“No, they really exist in reality here. They are existences I copied from the students who actually have this kind of hobby. Their memories and thought circuits are also the same, but at best they will only remain for an hour before vanishing.”

The Love Room only tricked one’s brain and gave them mock experiences, but this was something Nayuta really created with her power, it seemed that was how it was.

“If I have the original data, I can reproduce things and people like this. However, this is consuming my energy, so honestly I want to erase them as quickly as possible.”

“Then should we go”, told that by Nayuta, Kizuna followed behind her and entered into the exhibition hall. Behind Nayuta who was walking forward holding a flag, Kizuna was following while looking around restlessly. Nayuta weaved through the crowd and moved forward with surety. They passed through the hall and went above using an elevator. At the floor they arrived there was a hall with doors lined up in a row. Walking on the carpeted corridor, their steps stopped in front of a door. Thereupon Nayuta suddenly opened the door and entered.

“Thank you for waiting. Here is the main event.”

“Kyah! ……Don’t open the door so suddenly――wait!?”

The width of the room was around ten tatami, it was like a parlor used for business discussions. There was one girl wearing cosplay inside that room.


“Ki, Kizuna-kun!”

What Himekawa was wearing was a costume of a cat eared girl. The costume had a lot of frill and gather, fluttery clothes that looked girly. A hole was opened on the skirt and there was a tail from there moving flexibly like a real thing.

“Wai……don’t look! Please don’t look!”

It was cute, but the skirt was excessively short. Also the shoulder and chest were opened, the guard in the unusual places were thin.

He had the feeling it was an anime character intended for primary schoolgirl that was popular two or three years ago if he remembered right. Nayuta smiled sweetly and nodded in satisfaction.

“This is the character of [Magical Girl Nyan Colosseum] that Hayuru liked, the black cat Shanowal.”

“You really know it well don’t you.”

“I won’t tolerate anything that I don’t know.”

“No, it’s just a knowledge that is fine to not know no matter how you think about it.”

Even while they were having that conversation, Kizuna was unable to take off his eyes from Himekawa’s black cat Shanowal cosplay.

“It’s fine already! I told you already to not see!”

Himekawa’s lips were trembling with a bright red face.

“Even if you told me to not look, but if you show me a cosplay filled with that much spirit then……Himekawa, did you like that anime?”

“Yo, you’re wro……no, I don’t hate it but……that, we, wearing costumes like this-, is not my real intention!”

Masou Gakuen HxH V08 145.jpg

“Then why?”

“Because of the mission!”

Silence ruled inside the room.

Kizuna made a cramped smile and opened his mouth while feeling perplexed.

“Himekawa……no, I think it’s a good hobby you know? It’s unexpected for that serious and strict Himekawa, but something like this gives balance――”

“That’s why if I told you it’s mission then it’s really because of the mission-! Please don’t speak in a supporting way like that! In the first place isn’t this Kizuna’s instruction-!”


“No, I’m not really――”

Just when he was about to say that, he shut his mouth. Suddenly there was a line of thought that came inside his mind.

‘――By any chance……?’

Cold sweat trickled down Kizuna’s forehead.

“Kaa-san……this is, don’t tell me.”

“Yes. I peeked inside Kizuna’s mind. Kizuna has been thinking all this time, about how to do Heart Hybrid in even more effective ways haven’t you? This time I gave shape to that research result.”

Himekawa’s face turned bright red and her shoulders trembled.

“Yo-, yo, you, just what kind of research, have you been doing-!”

“I’m not-! I’m not doing research or anything! I was only thinking it!”

Nayuta’s face looked really delighted.

“It’s because Kizuna was a serious child since a long time ago. There is no saving you from the theme and level that you choose, but perhaps your inquiring mind took after me. Ufufu”

“Don’t ufufu me! Besides, you said the thing that I was thinking……”

Kizuna suddenly lowered his voice and asked with a whisper.

“……To what degree, Kaa-san read my thoughts?”

Nayuta answered with a full smile.

“Everything. I read everything.”


Ignoring Kizuna’s fury, Nayuta whispered into Kizuna’s ear.

“Also, I didn’t tell Hayuru that the people in this venue were temporary existences. That way is more exciting after all.”

Certainly, that way would be effective for the sake of the reinstall that they would do after this. However, having the preparation taken care of by this much, it felt like he was being manipulated in a manner of speaking. In that case, he didn’t feel really enthralled.

Nayuta opened the door and nimbly exited outside.

“I’ll leave the rest to you two youngsters. Do your best.”

Leaving those words behind, Nayuta’s figure vanished. The two left inside the room were oppressed by an awkward atmosphere.

Before long Himekawa took out something like a box from her skirt pocket.


She presented it to Kizuna with a trembling hand. What she was holding was something like a communication device at a glance. It had a small monitor and slider switch on it.

“This is?”

Even when he asked that, Himekawa was only looking down with a red face.

“I was told to hand it over to you so……but, you won’t really……use it right?”

When he took it, it had the size that settled just right in his palm.

“What, is this a remote?”

Saying that, Kizuna pushed the switch without any further thought.


Himekawa screamed and crouched down.

“Oi Himekawa!? What’s the matter!”

Kizuna rushed at her in panic, then Himekawa answered him with a gasping voice.

“I, it’s fine, the switch……ple, please turn it off!”


When he looked carefully, Himekawa was pressing her crotch and she knitted her eyebrows as if to endure something.

“Himekawa……this is, don’t tell me”

“I, it doesn’t matter, quickly!”

When Kizuna turned off the remote control’s switch in panic, Himekawa leaked out a sigh of relief. Kizuna took her hand and helped Himekawa whose legs were unsteady.

“A―……this is, it’s, that thing isn’t it? The so called――”

“A, aren’t you the one telling me to enter it? That was why I entered it!”

Her cheeks reddened and she yelled with a voice that was going to cry.

“Is, is that so, sorry――eh?”

He had no recollection saying something like that, but surely it was Nayuta who gave the instruction based on Kizuna’s thinking. He wanted to yell that it was a false accusation, but he was in a complicated situation that he couldn’t really assert that.

Certainly it was a fact that he investigate ways to make the members of Amaterasu excited so that the Heart Hybrid would be even more effective. He was thinking out several plans based on his experiences until now. Regarding Himekawa……there was no doubt that this cosplay convention was an ideal situation.

“You worked really hard, Himekawa.”

Kizuna caressed Himekawa’s cheek kindly. Himekawa narrowed her eyes pleasantly and buried her face onto Kizuna’s chest.

“Because…’s for the sake of reinstalling the Core……I received the explanation that the performance of Heart Hybrid Gear is decided on the condition of the install time……that’s why, I need to bear with it even if it’s embarrassing, that’s it.”

‘――I see. Himekawa is also desperate.’

Kizuna hugged Himekawa tightly. Her shoulders were slightly trembling.

“Besides, Sylvia-chan is still not healed yet……Aine-san and also Yurishia-san are not here……Amaterasu, is only Kizuna-kun and me right now……if I don’t do this, even saving the two of them……there is no one but me. If I don’t obtain a strong power, everyone……”

Kizuna separated his body from Himekawa and took out a Core from his jacket’s pocket.

“This is Neros’s Core.”

Kizuna stared at Himekawa with a serious gaze.

“With this thing outside of Himekawa, the fate of dying when your Hybrid Count run out……Himekawa, you are now free from that fate.”

“……That’s right isn’t it.”

“That’s why think about it one more time. I’m going to bind Himekawa once again, with the fate of death. But if Himekawa is――”

“Please don’t make fun of me.”

The unexpectedly strong tone made Kizuna felt like his cheek was just slapped.

“In the first place I offered this life in order to protect the people. Even far before I knew of the fact that the Core is shaving off my life, I was fighting with that intention. After this far, are you thinking that I will shrink back? Is Kizuna-kun thinking that I’m someone like that!?”

Kizuna was overwhelmed by the sudden threatening look. The Himekawa who was trembling until just now was nowhere to be found.

“Please don’t look down on Himekawa Hayuru!”

Surely she was really vexed. Tears were floating at the corner of her eyes. Kizuna noticed that he had hurt Himekawa.

“Sorry. Himekawa. I didn’t have such intention. It’s just about you I’m……no”


‘――It’s the same like when with Sylvia. My resolve is lacking.’

“I wanted excuse to install the Core into Himekawa. I wanted to escape the responsibility, of giving the fate of death to Himekawa once again. That’s why, I wanted to get Himekawa’s permission.”

Himekawa’s expression softened. Her anger just now vanished and her face changed into an affectionate face towards him.

“Sorry. I――”

Himekawa pressed on Kizuna’s lips with her index finger.

“Okay, that’s it.”


“If you understand, then I won’t mind it anymore. Really Kizuna-kun, you are just――”

‘――too kind.’

She swallowed back those words. And then she showed a smile on her lips.

“……That’s right. This is a good chance, so if you make a single improvement about the matter that I am displeasured with since long ago, I’ll forgive you with that. Is it fine?”

Kizuna faced Himekawa with an attitude so serious that it even looked exaggerated.

“Yeah, say anything you want. I’ll work hard to change it.”

“Then from now on, please call me Hayuru.”


Himekawa put her hand on her hips and glared at Kizuna.

“Hayuru I say, Hayuru! Why are you calling only me with my family name all this time until now! Even Aine-san, even Yurishia-san, even Sylvia-chan, you are calling everyone with their name, yet it’s only me who you keeeeeeep calling as Himekawa! Just when are you going to call me Hayuru!?”

“N-, no, there is really no particular meaning about that……strangely it’s easier to call Himekawa with your family name or something. For some reason calling you with your name, makes me feel shy or something.”

“Are you saying that my name is embarrassing!”

“That’s not it! Look, it’s like I missed the timing……changing the way I call you now might make someone think of me as strange won’t it?”

However, Himekawa brought her face close and glared at Kizuna fixedly.

That silent pressure subdued Kizuna.

“I, I got it already. From now on, I’ll call you that.”

“Please try to call me that.”


Himekawa’s glare was approaching him. There was already no more place to escape.

Kizuna opened his trembling lips and said out that name.

“Hime……Hayuru, san.”

“I don’t mind you calling me without honorific.”

“Eh……Ha, Hayuru?”

“Why is it like a question……”

Together with a sigh, Himekawa separated from Kizuna.

“Well fine. Then, should we go?”


Himekawa pulled a wry face.

“Where you say……this is the plan you created right? We will obtain the strongest new type, that won’t lose to Sylvia-chan! It’s great isn’t it!”

Her tension was excessively high beyond the usual Himekawa. But, perhaps it was better like this for the reinstall. Kizuna was also pulled by Himekawa’s vigor and his feelings brightened.

“That’s right isn’t it! Let’s go Hayuru!”

Called in the way she was unfamiliar with, Himekawa’s face flared red.

“Wh……when I’m called like that again, it’s unexpectedly……ba, bashful isn’t it.”

Himekawa took out one more remote control from her skirt’s pocket similar to the one before.

“Here, actually I didn’t plan to hand this over but……”

Receiving that remote control, Kizuna tilted his head.

“This is? Isn’t this the same like the one before?”

Himekawa looked down and fidgeted around with her fingers entangled at each other.

“This is, that……the tail’s……”

‘――Aah……so it’s something like that.’

Kizuna guessed it and put away the remote control in his breast pocket, then he took Himekawa’s hand.

“Let’s go.”

The two of them left the room with their hands holding each other.

Part 4[edit]

“Please look over here―!”

“Ye, yes-”

Himekawa directed a stiff smile at the direction of the calling voice.

The moment Himekawa went to the cosplay exhibition, males carrying cameras rushed at her all of a sudden. The pressure from them almost made her get cold feet, but Himekawa forced herself to make a smile to interact with them. The circle of people was gradually increasing and right now she was surrounded by maybe fifty people. And then shutter sounds were resounding without end from all directions.

Those sounds were resounding inside Himekawa’s body.

‘――Aa, what shameless thing I’m doing here……with this kind of highly exposed showy appearance……even though it’s embarrassing just coming out in front of people……being surrounded by this many people and having my photo taken. This shame that will last forever…….’

However, for the sake of obtaining a powerful Heart Hybrid Gear――she made such excuse to herself, she twisted her body and took a pose.

“Then please change your po―se”

“Ye, yes. Then……how about this?”

She recalled the pose the character did in the anime, she then raised both her hands and twisted her waist. As if the males had been waiting for that, camera shutters were clicking all at once.

‘――Aa, dear me. By any chance, had I done something I cannot take back……. But, this is also a mission. It cannot be helped.’

Even while making such excuse inside her heart, the throbbing of her chest couldn’t be falsified. Her face was burning with even her ears feeling hot. It would be fine if that was all, but under her belly was also getting heated.

‘――No way, am I getting excited? This me, by this kind of thing…….’

She immediately denied that thinking.

‘――Stupid! That’s impossible. Something like that!’

Hiding various feelings inside her heart, Himekawa directed a smiling face at the camera lenses.

But, there was a factor that made her even more uneasy.

At a spot a little distanced from the circle of the cameramen, Kizuna was looking at Himekawa’s state. And then, what his hand was holding was the remote control he was given before this. That was something for the sake of controlling the thing entered inside her body. According to Nayuta’s explanation――,

{This is a necessary support device for the sake of the reinstallation’s preparation, the installer.}

{Preparation you say……I need to insert this?}

It was a capsule smaller than even the Core. Himekawa rolled it on her palm. A cable was attached on the capsule which was connected to a small battery.

{The delicate vibration and electricity generated by the installer will stimulate your body, at the same time the medicine loaded inside this device for aiding the reinstall will be secreted in the appropriate timing. Like that it will create the optimum condition for accepting the Core. At the same time, it also has measuring device for analyzing your body’s state. Whether your body is in the optimum condition for reinstall or not, it can be shown on the monitor of the remote control.}

Recalling that conversation, Himekawa suddenly became anxious.

‘――I was told that but……Kizuna-kun, he will never use that won’t he? Till the end, that thing……is a gadget for stirring up――!?’


A severe stimulation suddenly assaulted her. The receiver inserted behind her short received the signal of the remote control and the main body connected by the cable was moving violently.

Himekawa’s knees lost strength and slumped down.

That stimulation was more then she imagined, Himekawa fell into a light panic.

“What’s the matter?”

“Are you okay!”

The people gathering to take pictures called to her with worried faces. Himekawa bit her lip and sealed the rising up voice of joy inside her desperately.

At that time, the vibration suddenly stopped.

“I……I’m fine. I only felt a little unwell so……I’m fine now.”

She forcefully made a smile.

‘――U-, unbelievable! He really turned the switch!’

Himekawa raised her eyebrows while still smiling and glared at Kizuna’s direction. However it seemed that Kizuna wasn’t affected. He returned a gaze that seemed to tell her to ‘keep at it’.


She once more answered the cameramen’s request and changed her pose.

However, the throbbing in her heart was unstoppable.

The installer was small and the vibration was also slight. However, there was something terrifying from its effect. Even a slight vibration summoned a severe pleasure.

Furthermore it was beginning to vibrate unrelated with her own will. She didn’t understand when it would start to move and when it would stop.

‘――I wonder when it will move again?’

It created a great anxiety inside Himekawa’s heart. Her face flushed and the beating of her heart became fierce. That was not only because of her anxiety.

‘――Aah, I am doing, something perverted like this……it’s great that no one is noticing, I’m putting that kind of thing in there and came out in the public, while feigning ignorance like this……what immorality. It cannot be forgiven morally. If I’m discovered……I.’

The more she thought that, the rougher her breathing became and the inside of her skirt was heating up. While she was fearing the vibration assaulting her once again, on the contrary it was also like she was waiting for it in anticipation.

“Then this time can I ask you to use the background over there?”

A young man readying his camera pointed at the open space near the sea.

“……Ah, yes. It’s fine.”

The moment she began to walk after saying that,


An intense pleasure occurred in her abdomen again.

It felt like her waist would collapse. Her legs trembled and she was going to fall if she let her guard down.

“Ah……a, haa♥……mmuh! ――”

Gasping voice was going to leak out from her mouth, causing her to block her mouth in panic.

“What’s the matter? As expected are you feeling unwell?”

The young man with the camera asked her. However, Himekawa who was holding her mouth with her hand couldn’t answer. If she released her hand, she was going to raise an unbecoming coquettish voice.

After she calmed down a little, she took a deep breath and put her breathing in order. The installer was still vibrating, but she managed to endure it somehow. She lifted her face and smiled with a blushing face.

“No, no need to worry. I was just……nn, a little diz……zy.”

Under her slightly frowning eyebrows, her moist eyes were shaking. That expression was very erotic. Her hair that was clinging to her cheek due to sweat also propped up the coloring of her charm. Himekawa who was smiling with a woman’s expression made all the people around her, whether male or female, to gulp.

For Himekawa who was desperately enduring the pleasure, the situation of her surroundings that was like that didn’t enter her eyes. ‘Eii!’ Shouting to herself inside her heart like that, she stood up with all her might. And then while persuading herself that she wasn’t feeling anything, she walked towards the fence at the sea side.

“The……then, how about we start?”

She leaned on the fence and supported up her body somehow. The small device was still continuing to give Himekawa sensual stimulation without change. Her breathing was gradually becoming rougher, the amount of her sweat was also increasing.

Looking at her state, even the men surrounding Himekawa noticed her strange state.

“Excuse me……are you, really fine?”

“Ye-, yes. Hauu……I’m finee……se,e”

Her cheerful face that forcefully smiled with shivering voice made the young men holding their cameras feel incredible fascination at her.

“But, your face is red……”

“Do you have a fever?”

Their words were really worrying for her, but for the current Himekawa it was a worry she couldn’t be thankful for.

It would be the end of her life if she was noticed. Her evaluation that she had built as the disciplinary committee member would fall rock bottom and she would be jeered as an obscene pervert. If it came to that, then she wouldn’t be able to even walk outside no matter what.

However Himekawa was getting excited almost in the same degree with that fear, she felt her chest getting hotter. Had she ever felt this much excitement and exaltation until now?

She immediately shook her head and chased away that thinking.

‘――Such thing is impossible. This throbbing is due to fear, I’m just hallucinati――!?’

At that time, Himekawa was assaulted by a sensation she had never experienced before.


There was no way she could hold back her voice.

The severe sensation made her see sparks in front of her eyes.

Her back bended backward and she stood on her toes. Inside her body there was something foreign that was not a part of her body vibrating.

‘――M-,my butt, inside-!?’

“Hih! ……gu……haa……nn!”

Her tail stood straight while shivering.

“Something like this……is absolutely, impossible……”

She raised her chin and her body was thrown back.

Her long black hair flowed softly and her bending body depicted a beautiful curve.

Tears were trickling from her eyes that looked up to the sky in ecstasy, wetting her redly colored cheeks.

That appearance was inflammatory, a beauty that couldn’t be surpassed.

The gallery around her forgot to even click their camera shutters, they were charmed by the beauty of that appearance. One person among them returned to his senses suddenly and yelled.

“That’s [Magical Girl Nyan Colosseum] eleventh episode! The scene where Shanowal released her ultimate skill by paying with her life in order to save her comrades!”

“That’s it! What amazing reproduction!”

“Magnificent! It’s just too magnificent!”

The light of the flashes and the sound of shutters were pouring down on Himekawa like thunder. The gaze of the gallery bathed her body, Himekawa reached her limit.

‘――No, more. I……I’m coming-!’

“Kuuuh! ……♥♥♥!!”

From between her tightly clenched mouth, the joy of climax leaked out slightly. The pleasure of climax shook her whole body and she collapsed on the ground as if she ran out of strength.

“Awesome! Even the way she fall is perfect!”

“A god! This is the reincarnation of Shanowal-sama!”

Kizuna rushed to Himekawa, parting through the greatly delighted gallery.

“You really did your best……Hayuru.”


At that time, a bus rushed in, cutting across the cosplay convention.

“Oi! What’s that!?”

“Uoo-!? That’s dangerous, everyone run awaaaaaay!”

The cosplayers and the galleries ran away everywhere like baby spiders scattering. Evading the people screaming while running about everywhere, the bus came to a stop in front of Kizuna.

Nayuta who was still in her bus guide costume leaned out her body from the bus door.

“Now for the finishing touch. Quickly get in.”


Kizuna embraced up Himekawa even while cursing. While carrying Himekawa in princess carry, Kizuna rushed up the bus steps and got in. At that moment, the bus took off suddenly.


While still holding Himekawa, Kizuna fell on the sofa.

“Now Kizuna. Your chance has ripened up. Right now is exactly the time for reinstalling the Core of Neros.”

Even inside the shaking bus Nayuta mysteriously didn’t stumble and smiled in an imposing stance.

“Then, I look forward to working with you.”

Saying that, Nayuta pushed the switch on the wall. A curtain was running down swiftly and the inside of the bus was isolated from the outside with fabrics. It was a simple creation of a private room for Kizuna and Himekawa’s sake.

“Shit-! It’s just too absurd on top of this pushiness!”

There was no reply to his angry yell. Kizuna took a deep breath to settle down his fury.

Perhaps it was Nayuta’s consideration for Kizuna and Himekawa after a fashion by pulling down curtains like this.

‘――Well, this is for the sake of increasing the success rate of the reinstall……isn’t it.’

Kizuna took off his uniform and left only his underwear, then he looked down on the collapsed Himekawa.

“……Hayuru. Now is finally the reinstall time. I’ll insert, the Core into you.”


Perhaps she was feeling it just from imagining it, Himekawa’s mouth was leaking out a feverish sigh.

Kizuna flipped up the hem of Himekawa’s skirt that was attached with a lot of frills.

“……This is”

The inside of the skirt was in a disastrous state. Her shorts was soaking up with her honey until the limit, the insides of her thighs were drenching wet with her overflowing honey.

Kizuna put his hand on the short and slowly pulled it down. Himekawa pushed up her waist and helped Kizuna. Her shorts slid down from her crotch and then a square battery fell over while drawing string. The battery was dangling on a cable and it became suspended in the air without hitting the floor.

“Then……I’ll pull this out.”

Kizuna pulled the cable.


The installer at the end of the cable showed its figure. Its figure that was drenched in sticky liquid was gradually appearing. Before long it slipped out smoothly and dangled down on the cable.

He put the installer that had fulfilled its duty on the floor and put his hand once again on the shorts that was still around Himekawa’s knees. When he slipped out the shorts from her toes, Himekawa’s lower body became fully bared. Her center part was thoroughly feverish, it even felt like steam would be rising from there. Certainly like this the preparation from the installer was fully finished. Kizuna took out the Core of Neros from his pocket.

“Ah……wait, Kizuna-kun.”

Himekawa raised a voice that stopped him. However, her expression wasn’t rejecting him, she was looking worried of something.

“That, even if my side’s preparation is already finished……Kizuna-kun is still not……”

She murmured with a small voice embarrassedly.

The Core was synchronized with Kizuna’s senses. The more Kizuna felt excited, the Core would also change to a shape that was easier for the installation. And then the sensation that the Core felt would also be completely felt by Kizuna’s body at the same time.

“You don’t need to worry about that.”

Kizuna said that and showed Neros’s Core to Himekawa.

“! ……”

Himekawa made a gulping sound from her throat.

“It’s……that big.”

“Hayuru is showing me this kind of appearance……even I cannot endure it you know.”

Himekawa stared at the Core presented to her with entranced eyes. That Core had the same shape with a part of Kizuna’s body, transforming into the same size.

‘――That thing, inside my body.’

Just thinking that made hot liquid flow out from Himekawa’s secret place.

“It looks like you cannot wait anymore huh.”

Those words made Himekawa’s cheeks blushed red.

“You meanie……please don’t say that.”

Kizuna showed a smile and apologized.

“I didn’t mean that.”


Himekawa felt the Core’s tip touched the important part of her.

It was different with the installer, even though it was hot and hard, the surface was soft. It was really like a part of the human body.

“Here I go, Hayuru.”

Kizuna stared at Himekawa. And then Himekawa was also staring back at Kizuna with happy eyes.

“Yes. Please……enter it.”

The tip of the Core was pushing open Himekawa.

“Nn, yaaa-!”

The Core was slowly, however certainly invading inside Himekawa.

However, mysteriously there was no pain. Just like the explanation she got before this, it seemed that it was the truth that the Core wasn’t giving injury to the flesh.

Accordingly, it was only unknown pleasure that was given to Himekawa.

“Hiaaahn! ……Ki-, Kizuna-kun! Kizuna-kuuun”

Like a child looking for help while drowning, she reached out her hand. She caught Kizuna’s body and then hugged tightly.

“What’s wrong Hayuru? Are you scared?”

“Nnuh! Yes-, scary, it’s scary-”

Himekawa let out a fawning voice between her joy. It accelerated Kizuna’s pleasure.

“Just what, is it……that you need to feel scared of-”

Kizuna also gritted his teeth from the pleasure while answering. Frankly speaking, it was Kizuna himself who wanted to raise his voice. However, Kizuna pushed in the Core even deeper.

“Naaaaaaaau! Because……this, feels too gooddd! My, my head is going strange, my body is going somewhere, I-, I’m going to come!”

Kizuna was also the same like that. The pressure, heat, wetness, all those that the Core felt was also transmitted to Kizuna like it was something he felt himself.

“Even I feel good……this is……Himekawa’s inside……kuh”

“That, that kind of, lewd, shameless thing……haaan! Mm, ah!”

As if feeling happy that Kizuna felt it, Himekawa’s inside pressed tight on the Core. It excessively strengthened the pleasure of the two.

Kziuna circled his hand on the bending back of Himekawa and he raised up her body.

“Haah, aahn!”

Their sitting posture became one where they faced each other from the front while hugging each other, Kizuna pulled in and out the Core with his right hand while his left hand grasped Himekawa’s butt so that her body wouldn’t get away.

Himekawa’s tail wriggled left and right to express her joy, caressing Kizuna’s hand. The sensation felt really pleasant, conveying to him how Himekawa was fawning on him. Kizuna’s inside was also growing violent from her loveliness and he put his strength into the hand holding the Core.

It brought pleasure to Himekawa while at the same time also giving Kizuna himself intense pleasure. It would be fine if it was just that, but if they let their guard down then they would come by themselves.

To make the reinstall a success, they had to reach the climax at the same time. It was easy saying it but hard to achieve. Kizuna gritted his teeth hard and thrust the Core until deep inside.


Himekawa stood on her knees as if to run away. As if to corner her, he pressed the Core until even deeper. Himekawa opened her mouth so as to take in oxygen frantically.

Unknown pleasure was rampaging inside Himekawa’s body. Her whole lower body was paralyzed, it felt like her body would melt down. However, in contrast of her lower part that was thoroughly given affection, her upper body felt loneliness. Her chest throbbed, especially its tip was standing pointedly in longing.

‘――Ki, Kizuna-kun. I wonder if he isn’t going to touch it……’

She immediately erased that thinking, but the pain inside her chest instead made her even conscious of it against her better judgment.

“Mm-aan! Hah, aaa!”

Her body bended back and forth, her breasts intentionally shook to give appeal with their all. Her breasts bounced as if rotating up and down, left and right. However Kizuna was getting entranced by the movement of the Core, that he didn’t notice.

She felt like she was being told that her breasts weren’t charming, that she became sad.

‘――Aah, please! Quickly touch it, my breast. I think its shape isn’t bad, even its texture……that’s why!’

At that moment, her nipple grazed the tip of Kizuna’s nose.


Electric current traveled from the tip of her breast into her head.

Kizuna looked up at Himekawa’s face. At that moment, she felt like the inside of her heart was seen through, her blushing face became even more crimson.

“Tha, that’s not it. This is……aa”

Even while saying that from her mouth, her breast was thrusting forward as if to look for Kizuna’s mouth. To answer that, Kizuna kissed at the pointy tip.

“!! –kyaaaahn!”

Instantly she lost consciousness. That was just how much she had been longing for that pleasure. Kizuna sucked at the most sensitive part of Himekawa’s breast and tortured it inside his mouth diligently.

‘――How happy-, it feels good-! This should be a mission……but my head is getting strange!’

Sweet, ticklish pleasure was melting Himekawa from inside her breasts. It resonated with the pleasure thrusting up from her nether region that it felt like even her thought circuit would be melting down.

“Fuaaun! Aah, ah, a, yaaaaann!”

Unable to endure she embraced Kizuna’s head and pressed her breast on him. I want you to touch more, I want you to lick more, I want to feel more. Such feelings exploded and she became unable to understand anything.

“Aah Kizuna-kun-! Pleaseeee aah! Ahn, mo, more!”

“Ha, yuru……-, my, breath, chok-……!?”

Kizuna was pushed down with his head still embraced.

“Ah! I, I’m sorry-“

In panic she moved away from above Kizuna.


Right that instant the Core slipped out.

“Ah……I’m sorry……dear me”

Kizuna smiled at Himekawa whose shoulders dropped dejectedly.

“You don’t really need to apologize. I was also in danger because it feels too good. Let’s get back to square one, and do it once more.”


Smile came back on Himekawa who felt relieved. Himekawa who sat beside Kizuna suddenly caught sight of something. That was the existence that was largely raising up from under Kizuna’s underwear. The instant she became aware of that existence that she noticed even from looking above the underwear, Himekawa’s throat gulped audibly.

‘――I, still haven’t……given love to that properly. But, surely Aine-san and Yurishia-san, has touched that, or perhaps even something more amazing…….’

Thinking that, she became unable to contain herself. When she noticed, her hand had touched Kizuna’s underwear.


The voice of Kizuna didn’t enter her ear. Himekawa’s awareness was concentrating on the thing hidden under the underwear. And then looking at the thing jumping out from below the underwear, it made light in the shape of heart float out in her eyes.

She crawled on all fours, straddled the body of the lying down Kizuna, and brought her face closer to that.

‘――You must not Hayuru, doing something like this!’

One other her yelled so inside her heart. This kind of shameless thing. This kind of embarrassing thing. And then, her face was coming near until the place where the tip of her nose was going to touch.

Her cheeks flushed. Her breathing was rough. The upsurge of her chest was rapidly getting bigger. Even she herself couldn’t do anything against this impulse rising up from inside her body.

A peculiar scent thrust into her nose. The moment she smelled that scent, honey welled up from inside her body. Even though she wasn’t conscious of it, her tongue stretched out by its own volition.

‘――Dear me, what am I going to do!? Thi, this is no good! Something like that is absolutely…!’

Her tongue touched.

She couldn’t believe what she was doing. Licking something like this, it was impossible thinking with common sense, she should only feel disgust from this.

Even though that was how it should be, what welled up inside herself was only sweet and charmed feeling.

‘――Aah, this is……Kizuna-kun’s♥’

She couldn’t stop anymore. Her other self that yelled reason had vanished somewhere. Her tongue turned and she ran her tongue over the glossy tip.

“Ha, Hayuru……kuh”

Kizuna couldn’t hide his bewilderment on Himekawa’s complete change.

Not paying attention to the bewildered Kizuna, Himekawa couldn’t control the impulse welling up inside her, she opened her lips and kissed that tip. And then just like that she lowered her face and held the tip part inside her mouth.

‘――In, inside my mouth, Kizuna-kun’s is……!’

The sensation hitting the inside of her cheek made her reconfirmed what she was doing right now. That fact made Himekawa’s head boiled up.

‘――Unbelievable……I’m, doing, something like this.’

Her face was dyed so bright red that steam might come out from her head. It was as if she was delirious from fever, she was ascertaining the shape of the thing held inside her mouth with her tongue.

The taste spreading inside her mouth completely stole the capability of her thought circuit.


The intense pleasure struck into the sensitive organ. Furthermore, the one doing that, was the serious, strict, and hater of perverted thing, the discipline committee member Himekawa Hayuru. That fact fanned up Kizuna’s excitement even more. Just that converted the pleasure of the act done to him by multiple times.

“Hayuru……lift your leg.”

Kizuna also couldn’t just stay bewildered. This was obviously the same aphrodisiac effect just like the time of Heart Hybrid. That was to say, that they were nearing the success of the reinstall. Being done in one-sidedly would make him miss the good chance. Kizuna seized Himekawa’s right leg with his hand, when he lifted it up Himekawa obediently followed it.

In the position where their heads were mutually in reversed position, he made her straddling him.

The most important place of Himekawa was approaching before his eyes. It was an earth-shattering pressure. On top of that, her tail was wriggling back and forth from unbearable pleasure.

Kizuna fastened the Core that couldn’t become even harder than this on Himekawa’s secret place. Its tip raised viscous sound. And then his thing that should be inside Himekawa’s mouth was given an added new pleasure.

‘――In this point, it’s already too amazing. Can I really hold on until the end?’

He was sweating coldly inside his heart.

But he couldn’t pull back.

“Here I go Hayuru.”

He couldn’t see her face. However his thing held inside her mouth could feel Himekawa nodding.

And then Kizuna once again sunk the Core into Himekawa’s womb.


Unable to endure, Himekawa released her mouth and screamed.

“A, a, a, ahhaa―……AaANAAAA-!”

The hip that he seized was shivering. Perhaps she was tasting a light climax. Thick liquid was dripping down from Himekawa’s secret place.

And then Kizuna felt it once again, the sensation tightening severely on him even when it was soft and hot, he almost fainted in agony.

‘――Kuh! No good. Right now is still not yet!’

He clenched his teeth and held out somehow.

Himekawa bent backward and her back was convulsing many times. And then her upper body collapsed languidly, the sensation of Himekawa’s breast crushed on Kizuna’s stomach was spreading.

“Hayuru, take a little rest――!?”

Once again the pleasure Kizuna felt in his sensitive part became double.

‘――Hayuru-, you!’

“Fufufu……Kizuna-kuun♥ This thing is, really……lovely♥”

With hazy mind, without any reasoning or intention anymore, Himekawa was only rubbing her cheek and crawling her tongue on Kizuna’s thing simply lusting insatiably for pleasure.

The figure over there wasn’t the intellectual and upright ace of Japan.

It was the figure of a girl that had been changed into a female in heat losing herself in lewdness.

“Mmu……chuu, haa……it’s really, hard”

She rained down kisses many times while making sounds. Next she tried to hold it in her mouth from the side, from below to above, from above to below, her tongue was making round trip. Unconsciously he almost stopped moving the Core, but if Kizuna stopped he would be attacked one-sidedly. Even if he had to risk his life, he had to continue.

He thrust in the Core deeply and shallowly. Each time he did that, Himekawa’s body secreted love honey in place of lubricant oil. The pressure of her body that was constricting feverishly, and the sensation of her slippery tongue that was like a mollusk animal. Every kind of pleasure was constricting Kizuna at the same time.

Kizuna pushed in the Core deeply. Himekawa’s body jumped up again with a twitch.

“Hih! I-, insidee……I, feel……it”

Himekawa’s thighs that were straddling Kizuna’s face were trembling unsteadily. Each time, Kizuna’s Core was constricted with even stronger tightness.

‘――Kuh, shit-! But, even Himekawa, she is getting light climaxes repeatedly since just now! At this rate she is going to reach the summit! Only a little more! Do your best, Hida Kizuna!’

Scolding himself like that, he mobilized all his willpower and tensed the muscle of his lower body.

However Kizuna’s limit had already approached soon.

‘――Guh! This is bad. If I let my guard down, I’m going to pass the limit in one go!’

“Ah! Aan! Uan! Ki, Kizuna-kun! I, I’m, already, cannot think-, aAAAAN! Haah, it’s fine-, already, other thing, doesn’t matter anymoreee-!”

Himekawa was moaning inside Kizuna’s arms. It was pleasant like a melody of heaven, her voice was caressing Kizuna’s ear.

The softness enveloping him, also her sweet gasping, everything was stirring up Kizuna’s excitement, pulling Kizuna powerfully towards his limit.

‘――What to do? At this rate, it will be bad. Just what in the world, that I need to……!?’

At that time, Kizuna recalled the remote control that was still in his jacket’s pocket. What that thing controlled was the one other installer. That was still inside Himekawa.

‘――That’s it!’

“Here I go Hayuru!”

Kizuna reached out his hand at the jacket he threw away. He took out the remote control from its pocket and turned the switch to the strongest output.


Himekawa raised a quavering scream.

“N, no, don’t don’t don’t! My, my ass♥, my ass is, AAAAAAAAANNN♥!”

The tail that had been left in there all this time was shaking greatly as if it was rotating.

Himekawa’s mind became far away many times.

“NOOOOOOo! Kizuna-, the front and, behind, bo, both at the same time is just♥, NO GOOOOOD!”

Blood rushed into Himekawa’s red face, tears and drool were flowing while she was crying and shouting. She was surely repeating heightened climax rapidly, her body was twitching and convulsing repeatedly.

“Don’t♥, ah♥, coming-, Kizuna-♥, I’m coming, a, amazing♥ aaaaaaaa-”


Kizuna raised his speed of taking in and out the Core. While rubbing the wall inside, he severely attacked the place inside where she felt it the most.

“Here we go Hayuru! Together!”


Masou Gakuen HxH V08 182-183.jpg

Both of them welcomed the climax at the exact same time.

At that moment, explosion of terrific magic power occurred.

The life energy of Kizuna that was discharged together with that explosion dyed Himekawa’s face white. And then the Core of Neros was absorbed into Himekawa’s body. The Core disassembled into particles once and rushed inside Himekawa’s body, before long the Core of Neros should be taking form once again in her chest.

The surge and radiance of magic power the two’s body generated didn’t settle inside the bus, it rushed outside towards the sky, the radiance stretching straight up pierced through the clouds, passed the sky, and broke through the very world of Ataraxia that Nayuta created.

The sea of space-time that Ataraxia navigated. Like a lighthouse illuminating the sea of darkness, the climax of Kizuna and Himekawa pierced through the darkness of space-time.

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