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Chapter 4 – Setting Off[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Kizuna looked up at the three huge shadows above his head.

“Somehow……it looks amazing.”

The silhouette of a ship with length that might even reach two kilometers in total was floating in the sky of Ataraxia. The battleship that became the flagship of the allied army of Lemuria and Izgard that Kizuna once boarded and fought together with.

The core members of each army that gathered in the vast testing site of Nayuta Lab raised shock voices from the sudden appearance of the huge battleship.

“Our battleship [Ataraxia] huh. It’s unforeseen that I can meet it once more.”

Gravel who stood beside Kizuna murmured with deep emotion. Himekawa also crossed her arms and looked up at that battleship.

“So you all rode that to come save us didn’t you……also, that one is called [Oldium]?”

Himekawa asked after looking at the one other ship with an outline that was even larger than Ataraxia.

“Eh? Himekawa, you know it?”

“Yes. If I remember correctly it’s that ship……we once, sang on its deck――”

“That’s right isn’t it. Sometimes its deck was lent for a photo session or anything else to be broadcasted through the empire.”

A beautiful girl like an angel arrived with her pink hair fluttering behind her. Her small statured but splendid body was covered by small ornaments that were shaped like wings, she was walking towards them gallantly.

“Grace! You are fine already?”

Her arm was still in a sling, but Grace answered with a bold smile.

“Yes. I made you worry Nii-sama. Now I’m completely fine already.”

“Is that so! Aah, I’m really glad.”

Looking at her energetic figure, Kizuna’s voice reflexively became excited. However, Zelsione who was standing by behind Grace was making an unpleasant face.

“What’s the matter? Preside……Zelsione.”

Zelsione glared fiercely at Kizuna, but she then sighed deeply in resignation.

“How can this be fine. Even though her injury isn’t healed yet, her majesty still said that she will come together on this journey.”

Masou Gakuen HxH V08 187.jpg

“Obviously! Even though this is the journey to search for Nee-sama, how can I just stay quiet house-sitting here!”

And then she looked up at the largest battleship among the three ships floating in the sky above.

Its total length far surpassed two kilometers. Its hull was long and narrow depicting streamlined shape, its top was crowned with a luxurious and gorgeous fortress. And then from its side until its bottom was colored with beautiful ornaments and painting. It was a grand battleship that was once even called as the flying imperial villa, the other world’s greatest flying work of art.

Oldium was the symbol of the royal family, it was also the embodiment of the Vatlantis Empire’s strength. Because Grace didn’t deploy at the previous battle against Kizuna and the others, it was placed at the rearmost row of the fleet and didn’t have the chance to participate in the battle. However, Oldium had the trust of the Vatlantis army that even resembled a faith, that as long as Oldium was there then they would win the battle.

“Besides, if I don’t ride on board Oldium, then nothing will progress. Isn’t that so, Zel?”

Zelsione shrugged her shoulders exaggeratedly while whispering ‘By your will.’

Kizuna suddenly felt like spouting out. When he looked at his side, Gravel was staring at Zel with eyes as if she was looking at a strange thing.

Even Zelsione, after they were leading school life for some time it seemed that her personality had grown to be more amicable, that was how Kizuna got the impression from her. It felt annoying to agree with what Nayuta was saying, but certainly the period of grace she gave them all with this school life was bringing on various effects for them. That was a fact.

“Say, that is……”

Himekawa who was raising her hand reservedly pointed at the remaining ship with a perplexed expression.

“That is, the remaining ship……rather than that, is that an animal? What in the world is that……”

“Aah……I too don’t really get just what that is.”

Kizuna also frowned, he stared at the strange-looking large object floating in the sky.

“That is the flagship of Baldein that is like our guardian deity, the [Golden Dragon].”

The queen of Baldein, the commander of Baldein army Ruleo and her staff officer Mora finally arrived. Landred today wasn’t wearing her white robe of the school nurse, she was in the style of a queen that looked nearly stark naked. It seemed that she had recalled her past as the queen.

And then Ruleo and Mora were also not in school uniform, they were wearing military uniform with high exposure rate. Kizuna had met them before, but it was as high school students of Ataraxia, this was the first time he saw the two as military officers of Baldein.

Ruleo was twirling her wavy light blue hair with her finger while looking up proudly at the shining gigantic golden dragon.

“That’s right! That is exactly the protector god of our Baldein! The great dragon that ruled at the summit of magic weapons, the Golden Dragon!”

A golden gigantic dragon. Kizuna had the memory of seeing its appearance when they were invading Zeltis. He had heard that it came running to help the Lemuria and Izgard allied army from their pinch and was the leading actor that reversed the war situation.

It looked small compared to Vatlantis’s flagship, but even so its total length was about five hundred meters. Just the length of its neck was more than a hundred meters, its tail was easily twice longer than that. The length of its torso was also more than a hundred meters, the four huge wings growing from there had large size that wasn’t inferior even compared to a normal battleship.

Inside that torso, a facility for commanding officers to live inside was arranged neatly. As a matter of fact one could assent if it was applied as Baldein’s flagship. However it was surprising that a living space existed inside a magic weapon even as a joke.

“Ohohohohoho, all of you from Vatlantis had witnessed how it scattered away everyone on the occasion of the Zeltis invasion hadn’t you all? That gallant figure had been burned behind my eyelids forever!”

“That’s, it only because the flagship of the Vatlantis Empire [Oldium] didn’t sortie out.”

Sparks went off between Grace and Ruleo. Even now they were going to jump at each other, but Reiri’s voice called out before that happened.

“Everyone is here already.”

Reiri and Kei came from the research tower adjacent to this ground just in time. Kizuna nonchalantly moved in between Grace and Ruleo and talked to Reiri.

“Nee-chan. Just where in the world did we get those battleships? Are those also inside the data taken back from the Deus ex Machina?”

Faster than Reiri could answer, there was a figure that appeared lightly from thin air above.

“No. Those are freshly made brand new articles.”

Taking out a folding fan from her bosom, Hida Nayuta then sharply pointed above.

“Those ships’ designs entered inside my head, so I created them after adding some improvements.”

Everyone present there was taken aback from Nayuta’s careless remark.

“If I could just understand the design, building a ship is even simpler than in Lemuria. That’s because weapons like magic weapon and battleships are created using magic power. With my current power, there is no problem at all to create those.”

However, Grace was in a state where her mouth was opened unable to close anymore.

“……What are you saying. That ship was built by several hundreds of Vatlantis’s magic engineers for several tens of years you know?”

Now it was Nayuta who tilted her head in surprise.

“How strange. That’s just too inefficient. Did your people have no motivation, or did they just not have the ability, isn’t it because one of those things?”

Even Grace couldn’t help but admire Nayuta’s power. Not only as a machine god, but her level as a magic engineer was just on a different scale. Grace once again thought that her appointment of Nayuta before for Genesis’s repairing and armament’s improvement wasn’t necessarily mistaken if only looking at her ability. It was just, there was too much problems with her personality, so in the end it was a failure.

Reiri crossed her arms and looked over everyone there.

“With this our preparation is in good order. It’s finally the time to depart.”

The place became still as death. It felt like they could hear the sound of gulping throats.

*ba-*, Nayuta opened her folding fan with that sound.

“Let me explain the strategy for this time once more.”

Saying that she flapped her fan and a transparent cube appeared in the air. The transparent box was floating in the air.

“Please think of this cube as a world.”

Inside that cube, there was a round sphere floating.

“This is the space. And then inside it are stars and planets, and also living things. Everything is settled inside the unit called the world.”

Kizuna asked in suspicion wondering what was she talking about.

“……It’s really a grand scale story huh. Talk in a way that we can understand.”

Nayuta smiled thinly and waved her fan once more. Thereupon three more cubes appeared and there became four cubes in total.

“Each Deus ex Machina has their own world. This one is Hokuto’s.”

The cube Nayuta pointed then showed the figure of Hokuto floating in it.

“And then, this one is Thanatos.”

It was the Deus ex machine in the style of Greek that destroyed Genesis and deleted Atlantis and Lemuria. Her appearance was pasted in the second cube.

“The detail of the other two is unclear but I know that they are called [Osiris] and [Odin].

The remaining two cubes had those names carved in them.

“These four Deus ex Machina collaborated to create two worlds.”

Particles of light flowed out from each four cubes and gathered in one place. From that, two cubes appeared.

“These are our worlds, Lemuria and Vatlantis.”

Black sphere was created inside the cube and stars were flickering inside it.

“The civilization of earth has commonness in image with those Deus ex Machina, but if we think that in the first place those machine gods were the ones creating our world then it can be understood.”

“Eh!? Even the civilization of our world is something given by those machine gods?”

Kizuna asked back spontaneously. He understood that the Deus ex Machina created Atlantis and Lemuria, but he didn’t think that even their civilization was because of the Deus ex Machina.

Kei immediately typed on her keyboard.

“In that case, that means they were intentionally giving us their civilization. What meaning does it have?”

Nayuta smiled sweetly and nodded.

“Good question. That too will surely become clear if we defeat one of them.”

Nayuta largely waved her hand and cubes representing the worlds appeared one after another, they were being piled up towards the sky. The four cubes of Deus ex Machina also slipped inside those piles and he lost sight of them.

Masou Gakuen HxH V08 195.jpg
White box in the top: Chain of countless world
Transparent cubes: World
Right top corner box: Hokuto’s world
Right bottom corner box: Osiris’s world
Left top corner box: Thanatos’s world
Left bottom corner box: Odin’s world
Left white box: Atlantis (AU)
Right white box: Lemuria (Earth)
Black box at the center: AU Collision
Black box at the bottom: Miniature world created by the four Deus ex Machina modeled after their own worlds.

“What is called as the world exists in countless numbers. Passing over the boundary that exist between worlds and reaching a new world is a pain. To find the Deus ex Machina, we have to actually travel through space-time and step into different worlds.”

The boxes of the worlds were still piling up while Nayuta was saying that with the momentum that the pile might have even reached the battleship floating in the sky already. Looking up at that tower, Reiri let out a low voice.

“In other words, there is no other way but using our legs and steadily looking for them, is that what you mean?”

Nayuta looked up at the two battleships and one magic weapon standing by in the sky.

“Just as I said before, I performed some improvements to those three vessels. In addition of refining their magic mechanisms, I loaded them with the function to generate Entrances. That is to say they are able to move between worlds.”

She was saying that they were ships that could possibly generate AU collision by their own power and move between worlds.

Everyone in that place couldn’t believe Nayuta’s words so suddenly. But, when they thought of Nayuta’s ability as a machine god, they couldn’t just discard it as a lie.

“In exchange, I distributed the majority of my body that finally began to recover to the magic mechanisms of the three ships.”


Kizuna spontaneously raised his voice towards that concerning phrasing of Nayuta. However, it felt like it would touch something unpleasant if he asked in detail, so he instead chose to not ask deeper.

Reiri put her hand on her waist and spoke once more.

“The operation will begin after this. Each person is to begin the preparation to board each ship.”

Until now they kept being done in one-sidedly by the Deus ex Machina. It wasn’t any different like being tossed around by mother nature like a typhoon or an earthquake that human power couldn’t match.

‘――But, it will be different from here on.’

Reiri yelled sharply.

“It’s hunting time.”

Killing intent like ice was burning up inside those eyes.

“The prey is god!”

Even humans exploited their knowledge and efforts to the limits and resisted in order to subdue the raging nature.

“We will let those creators know the strength of humanity!”

Here, in this place, was the beginning of the genuine counterattack against the Deus ex Machina.

Flames were lit inside the eyes of everyone.

“……Just you wait and see, god.”

Kizuna clenched his fist tightly.

Part 2[edit]

Two battleships and one gigantic magic weapon departed from Ataraxia.

The flagship of the Vatlantis Empire Oldium was used by the Vatlantis group just like that. The main crew was Grace, Zelsione, Quartum’s Clayda, Elma, Lunora, and Ramza.

In Baldein’s Golden Dragon, Baldein’s army including Queen Landred and then Gravel and Aldea of Izgard’s army embarked inside.

And then the flagship of the Izgard-Lemuria allied forces, the battleship Ataraxia. The one embarking it were Kizuna and Himekawa, also Reiri and Kei and also Nayuta together.

Because it was still difficult for the other members to participate in the battle, they were continuing to receive treatment in Nayuta Lab.

“It would be great if everyone quickly got better isn’t it.”

Himekawa kept staring outside the window while talking to Kizuna.

Both of them were looking at the streaming scenery visible from the window at a corridor that was distanced from the bridge. The battleship Ataraxia was currently in the middle of sailing between worlds. The scenery visible from the window were lights that looked like falling stars in the middle of darkness, sometimes it looked like a flowing river. The scenery was so beautiful that it would make one sigh in admiration, it wouldn’t make one get bored no matter how much one looked at it.

“Yeah……but, what’s the matter for you to suddenly say that?”

Shrugging her shoulders, Himekawa smiled shyly.

“The sight outside the window looks like shooting stars somehow……I suddenly feel like wishing for something.”

Kizuna narrowed his eyes as if he was looking at a cute kitten.

“I guess. It’s absolutely impossible to see this kind of sight in the previous world.”

Kizuna had seen a sight that was similar with this previously. That was when he was fighting Vatlantis and rushed through the Entrance towards Zeltis. That time when he passed through inside the Entrance, the sight was extremely similar to this.

“Come to think of it, Hayuru, you had never seen the scenery inside an Entrance haven’t you.”

“Yes. Because, weren’t we locked inside a cell without windows when we were taken to Vatlantis. After that Kizuna-kun returned to Lemuria but, I kept staying at Vatlantis all that time since then.”

“You’re right……after all, you are the national idol of Vatlantis.”

“Wai……ple, please stop! That thing doesn’t matter anymore!”

Himekawa’s cheeks reddened and she glared at Kizuna sullenly.

Kizuna was laughing while directing his eyes outside the window once more.

Actually, what they were doing was moving between worlds, similar to an Entrance, so perhaps it was only natural that the scenery was similar. What was different now was there were others flying side by side with them.

Oldium and Golden Dragon. The comrade ships fighting together with them.

“Which reminds me, now is the time for the periodic contact……let’s go back to the bridge soon.”

Kizuna said that and began to walk, Himekawa also replied “Yes” and followed behind him.

Both of them walked through the wide corridor and headed to the bridge. When they came near the entrance’s door, the heavy door opened soundlessly. And then inside the bridge was an interior that was like an extremely luxurious parlor as usual. No matter how many times he saw it, Kizuna couldn’t think of the room as something inside a battleship.

There was the ship captain’s seat at a high position inside, Reiri was sitting there similar to the time when they stormed Zeltis.

Ahead of the captain’s chair, at the left was a table where Shikina Kei was sitting. At a glance the table looked gothic, but it had the function to govern the ship’s navigation.

With a good timing, the transmission from Oldium and Golden Dragon came at that time. Large windows opened at the front of the bridge. Each window projected Grace and Gravel respectively.

{Nii-sama! This side is in the middle of smooth sailing. How about that side?}

Her arm was in a sling, but Grace seemed to be full of energy.

“Yeah, this side also has no problems. What about your side Gravel?”

{Our side is the same. Well, though compared to the other ships, this one is quiet cramped.}

Thereupon Ruleo’s voice could be heard across Gravel’s shoulder.

{Come now! That’s rude!! In the first place, other countries’ battleship is just pointlessly using too much space. If there is just space as much as this Golden Dragon has, then there won’t even be anything inconvenient!}

Looking at Gravel who was soothing Ruleo with a troubled face, laughter spontaneously occurred.

The sailing was going favorably right now. There was no big problem, but if there was anything they were concerned of, it was that they didn’t understand when they would arrive at the world of the Deus ex Machina.

Kizuna peeked at the window floating above Kei’s desk.

It was displaying a graph of square grid like a chessboard. It seemed that it was displaying the condition of the space. Kizuna didn’t really understand it, but he recalled Nayuta and Kei talking about something like that. That was why he was really concerned that the graphic was greatly distorted.

“Shikina-san……what’s with this?”

Kei stiffened. Her fingertips were trembling above her keyboard.

‘――Don’t tell me,’

Kizuna reflexively yelled.

“We discovered an alternate world here!”

“What? Kei, the detailed report!”

Even while Reiri was asking, the graph displaying the space was increasingly distorting more, turning into a huge vortex. It was just like a typhoon that was photoed by satellite.

Kei who returned to her senses typed on her keyboard in panic.

{A terrifyingly huge AU collision is occurring! It is swallowing multiple worlds and expanding even more! The distortion of space-time is attacking like a tsunami! I don’t understand what will happen if we get dragged in!}


The battleship Ataraxia began to vibrate fiercely. The ship tilted and started accelerating as if it was being sucked by something. Kizuna clung at Kei’s desk and frantically asked.

“Can we avoid it!?”

{Unknown! How to deal with something like thi}

{What should we do!? The control is not working here!}

It seemed the situation was also getting disastrous at the other side. The screen was fiercely shaking, the crews of the ship were moving about in confusion. At that time, the battleship Ataraxia was attacked by a fierce impact. And then with a turn the ceiling became reversed.

Kizuna and the others were already being swallowed by the space-time tsunami caused by the AU collision. The fierce shaking continued and the whole ship’s body raised creaking sounds.

Reiri was clinging on her chair while desperately giving out instruction.

AU Wall ExcavatorExcavator! Put it out!”

Kei ran her hand through the control panel without a moment’s delay. Responding to her fingertips, several dozen holes opened on the bow of the battleship Ataraxia, particles of light were ejected from there. And then the whole bow of the ship began to rotate. It was like a drill used on the occasion of digging into underground got enlarged to an unbelievable level.

What was called Excavator was the equipment that made it possible for navigation between worlds. As long as no Entrance was created, it was impossible to go to another world. However, Nayuta made this new equipment, this Excavator dug out the wall of the world and by opening a tunnel, it made it possible to enter the world thorough that. It was something that forcefully created an Entrance.

“For the time being we will escape to the nearest world! Anywhere is fine so dig into that wall!”

Yelling voices also could be heard from Oldium and Golden Dragon’s windows.

{Don’t be late to react on our side too! Don’t let Oldium get separated from Ataraxia!}

{Match the movements with the other ships! If we get blown away to a different world, perhaps we won’t be able to meet again for a second time!}

The rotating bow of battleship Ataraxia crashed into something invisible. It was like the ship suddenly stopped in place, a fierce impact attacked the ship. Sparks scattered on the bow and distorted the light flowing in the surroundings.

“Kei! Did that do it!?”

{We caught it. Fixing at the outer edge of another world.}

“Don’t let go! Cut in just like this! Oldium and Golden Dragon too――”

At that time, a shockwave that felt like a punch struck the battleship Ataraxia. The bow of the ship coming into contact with the wall of the other world was separated once again.

{We are separating from the other world, a big one will come again. Everyone be care――}

At that moment, the sky and ground became reversed. And then everyone on the bridge was thrown away from their chairs and tumbled on the floor. It was like a gigantic hand was holding and shaking the ship. The vibration towards all direction was continuing and strong impacts as if the ship crashed into a rocky area were attacking incessantly. The creaking of the ship’s frame was resounding like a scream.



The transformation of space became a gigantic undulation that attacked the ship. It was like a tsunami, swallowing and toying with Ataraxia, Oldium, and Golden Dragon. Power that cared not of their effort threw the three ships into a chaos of whirling world.

The windows floating in the bridge turned off all at once. Oldium and Golden Dragon’s transmission was cut off. In continuation, the lighting inside the ship was vanishing one after another.

{Control……isn’t working.}

With a portable keyboard hung down from her neck, Kei was just barely able to type in those words before she lost consciousness. The figures of Ataraxia, Oldium, and Golden Dragon disappeared between the waves of space-time.

Part 3[edit]

“Kizuna, wake up.”

It was a nostalgic voice. Mother’s voice――it sounded extremely young, but the quality of the voice was certainly that of his mother. Even when he was a child, his mother had come several times to wake him up. Because she would be troubled if the experiment didn’t start exactly as scheduled.

“How long are you going to sleep. Stop relaxing and open your eyes.”

But, this time he was feeling unbearably pleasant. He wanted to keep like this, just for a while longer――,

“The machine god is coming to hunt us.”

That voice made Kizuna jump awake.

“Here!? Is everyone safe!?”

The crews had fainted on the floor of the slanting bridge. Everyone didn’t even twitch. The inside of his chest became cold instantly, but Nayuta was fanning calmly with her fan.

“Calm down. Everyone has just lost their consciousness.”

Kizuna sighed in relief and stood up unsteadily.


A female student that fainted at his side moaned.


Kizuna raised up Himekawa’s body and gently swept away the hairs clinging on her cheek. He caressed her face and checked if she had bruises. With a faint sigh, Himekawa thinly opened her eyes.


“I’m glad. Your consciousness is back.”

Himekawa he raised her body and put her hand on her forehead.

“I, fainted……?”

“Yeah. I also just awoke only now though……rather than that, are you not hurt?”

He lent his hand to Himekawa and helped her to stand up somehow. She had some bruises but it seemed she didn’t have any serious injury. Kizuna faced Nayuta and asked.

“What happened after that? This place……where is it?”

“Looks like we landed on a different world. Confirm it by your own eyes.”

“Even if you tell me to check……”

Kizuna walked together with Himekawa towards the window.


The scenery spreading outside the window entered his eyes and he reflexively lost his words.

It looked like earth.

At afar, continuing mountain areas consisting from thin and long mountains like reversed icicles. Green forest was continuing from those mountains like flowing waves. There was a vast city divided in gird shape spreading before those. There was a lot of red tiled roofs and various sizes of buildings were standing in a clutter. That scenery looked like a city somewhere on the earth reproduced here, it gave Kizuna a mysterious feeling.

“This place……is this, the world where we originated from?”

“It looks similar, but this is somewhere different. Look at that.”

Ahead where Nayuta pointed was something that was obviously bizarre. Small islands were floating in the sky. Those islands were created from gigantic rocks, trees and plants were growing from there and water was flowing down. Those small and big islands were floating in the air. Himekawa also opened her eyes wide and gazed at the abnormal scenery.

“What miraculous……”

“Where we are is also on one of the islands floating in the sky.”

Nayuta projected an image of the battleship Ataraxia captured from overhead view on her palm. On top of her small palm, a miniature map was floating. The battleship Ataraxia did emergency landing at the edge of the island. They were on a plain distanced from the city. Considering that the total length of the ship was two thousand meters, it seemed that the diameter of the island was about ten kilometers.

Kizuna felt that the city on this island and the image of the clothing of the Deus ex Machina Hokuto overlapped.

“Don’t tell me……this is Hokuto’s world?”

“If that’s the case, then that means we drew out a coincidence with a terrifying probability……I cannot think of this as anything but as the work of someone’s will.”

“Someone you say……just who can do this?”

Nayuta put her finger on her lips and pondered for a while. For someone like Nayuta who usually replied back with immediate result, this was something rare.

“……Anyway, let’s investigate. We are going out for field work.”

“Bu, but, is the outside an environment where humans can live?”

Himekawa asked in a fluster.

“The composition of the air is no different with earth. The temperature and humidity are also relatively warm.”

Having said that they still couldn’t rest assured, but it appeared that there was no problem for the moment if it was just going outside.

“However, let’s go outside after two or three more hours. There is something to do before going out.”

Nayuta smiled after saying that. Looking at her smile, Kizuna’s breath got caught. It was different with the thin smile she usually pasted. That smile was like a pure girl’s one.

“Something to do……what’s that?”

“The reinstallation of your own Eros.”

Nayuta untied the sash of her kimono. She loosened her collar and exposed her immature breast.s


Kizuna and also Himekawa spontaneously stiffened without being able to say anything.

In contrast to the two, Hida Nayuta floated a smile overflowing with curiosity.

“You will be doing Climax Hybrid with Okaa-san, Kizuna.”

Himekawa cut in with a bright red face.

“Wha, what absurdity are you saying! I, I, i-impossible! Whether ethically or morally, such thing is wrong!”

“From here on it’s a time of parent and child without outsider’s interference. Then, excuse us.”

Nayuta waved her finger and the figures of the two disappeared from in front of Himekawa.

“Ah…..whe, where are you going? KIZUNA-KUUUUNNN!?”

To look for the vanishing two, Himekawa was about to go out of the bridge.


Reiri who lost consciousness on the floor turned over and groaned. Himekawa immediately judged that looking after the fainting everyone should be prioritized. Himekawa crouched down before Reiri and shook her shoulders.

“Please wake up, Commander! Chief Shikina!”

Himekawa called at everyone one by one and looked around to check if anybody was injured.

‘――Then, should we start soon?’

Nayuta whispered to Kizuna with a low voice.

Both of them weren’t teleporting or anything. Nayuta only gave fake information into Himekawa’s optical information and showed an image as if they suddenly vanished. The theory was similar with the Love Room.

Kizuna sighed inside his heart and he went through the door with his hand pulled by Nayuta.

And then they walked inside the slanting ship. After walking for about five minutes, they arrived in front of a splendid door. He followed Nayuta who entered inside like it was only natural and inside was a sleeping room no matter how he looked at it.

“What’s this place?”

“It seemed that this room was created for noble visitors. This is the most pleasant bedroom, so we will do the reinstall here.”

Floor and wall that looked like marble. The room was like a suite room of a super high class hotel. The room itself was wide, so even the bed that was bigger than king size looked small.

“But, reinstall you said……that means Eros will also power up?”

“Unfortunately, its basic performance as a single gear won’t change. But, its power-up after doing Hybrid will drastically increase. And then, it will be added with a single weapon.”

Nayuta suddenly raised her hand and the kimono she was wearing vanished as if it was torn away. Her unripe young limbs were exposed in front of Kizuna without a single string covering it.

“Wha……oi-! What are……”

Nayuta walked until in front of Kizuna and poked at Kizuna’s chest with her fingertip.


With unhindered motion her hand was buried inside Kizuna’s chest until her wrist. And then, Kizuna’s clothes also vanished into nothing like dry paint that was torn off.


Kizuna jumped back in reflex and hid his crotch.

Nayuta stared at Kizuna’s naked body with a wide smile.

“You have grown quite splendidly. It was worth it to give birth to you.”

“Wai……just, what are you planning to do!”

“Please don’t ask the same thing repeatedly. I told you we are going to do Core reinstall right?”

When Nayuta opened her hand, a black metallic capsule was placed on her palm. Its diameter was smaller than a centimeter, its length was only about two centimeters.

――Eros’s Core.

He had only seen it once when he was a child. At that time it was also Nayuta who installed it in him. Although, at that time it was done using surgery.

The Core placed on Nayuta’s palm became light particles and vanished.


Kizuna raised his voice reflexively, but Nayuta was staring at him in amusement.

“No need to worry. It’s fine you know.”

The light particles drifting in the air was circling around Nayuta before beginning to converge on her palm once more. The particles of light began to crystallize. And then a brand new Core appeared with beautiful black luster.

“That’s……the upgrade is finished already?”

“Yes. Perhaps it looked simple, but it was really difficult you know?”

With Core in hand, Nayuta was slowly approaching Kizuna with a sweet smile.

“I will reinstall this Core into Kizuna with my own hand.”

Kizuna was drawing back as if to match Nayuta’s movement.

“No, wait a second! How!?”

“Even if you ask how, Kizuna, you yourself have done this twice already haven’t you.”

Kizuna’s countenance paled.

“Wait wait wait! That’s bad! In various meaning……uwaa!”

He got tripped by the edge of the carpet and Kizuna collapsed on a sofa. Without any delay Nayuta straddled above him.

“There is no problem isn’t it?”

“There is nothing but problems! We are pretty much parent and child even as a joke you know!? Furthermore aren’t you a young girl right now!”

Even Kizuna himself didn’t understand anymore just what he was talking about.

“So it’s about something like that. No need to worry.”

Nayuta bent her flat white breast that had small pink ring on it.

“I’m not a human anymore. I’m god. And so, I’m not tied down by that kind of trivial rule of humans. There is no problem at all.”

“I cannot accept that!”

Nayuta laid down on Kizuna’s stomach and rubbed her flat chest on Kizuna’s chest.

“It’s fine. It’s not going to hurt.”

“That way of talking is too suspicious! I got nothing but bad feelinggggg!”


With her beautiful glossy black hair getting disordered, Reiri rushed in while being out of breath.

“Ne-! Nee-chan!?”

“Oh Reiri? Today I’m not chartering a bus you know?”

“Annoying! Don’t treat me like a driver! Even this ship, it’s not a cruiser for the sake of you bastard. Most of all, don’t make me be the driver of a tourist bus! Of all things to happen, Himekawa and Kizuna’s……flaunting off something like that!”

“That, don’t tell me……that bus when I did Himekawa’s reinstall, Nee-chan was the driver!?”

“Gu……tha, that’s right……if I didn’t do that, this hag, throwing tantrum saying she won’t cooperate with the reinstall! Are you a brat! Shit-!”

Reiri seriously launched a low kick from the bedside.


His big sister was breaking down from her severe anger. Kizuna was staring at that state of her in dumbfounded expression. However, the tourist bus the other day was also strangely driven roughly, but now he could understand why. She was forced by Nayuta and so she became considerably irritated.

“Reiri, I don’t understand what you are saying anymore you know?”

“You are the one most not understandable here! Aah, enough already! I won’t allow you to do whatever you please anymore than this! I cannot leave Kizuna to someone like you!”

Nayuta was looking up at Reiri with cold eyes.

“In this emergency time, being jealous like that is not admirable at all.”

Reiri’s face flashed red.

“I, I’m not jealous or anything! I have the responsibility to protect Kizuna from you bastard!”

“Except me, there is no other existence that can perform reinstall to Kizuna. There is no leisure of option here.”


Nayuta poked at Kizuna’s arm.

“Eh? Uwa!”

Mysteriously, Kizuna’s body was lightly floating just from being lightly poked and he fell on the bed. Nayuta’s small body also climbed on the bed.

“Now, let’s begin. The ritual of love.”

A completely naked young girl straddled Kizuna’s body and stood imposingly. Across her smooth slit, he could take a peek at her smiling face that seemed to have fun.

Nayuta took a glance at Reiri’s direction. Tears were gathering in Reiri’s eye and her shoulders were trembling. Nayuta suddenly raised her face as if she remembered something.

“……Right right. Vast magic power will be needed for Eros’s reinstall. I guess it will be better if there is another possible partner that can do Heart Hybrid with Kizuna so as to produce a large amount of magic power. Reiri?”

Reiri lifted her face in sudden realization.

“Take off your clothes quickly and come up to the bed.”

“Bu, but……”

Kizuna raised a panicked voice at the hesitating Reiri.

“Wai! Kaa-san, what are you saying!”

“My? You are reluctant Kizuna?”

Kizuna hesitated to say in front of Nayuta who shamelessly asked.

“Eh……I, I’m not reluctant or anything but……”

And then Nayuta didn’t miss the change that happened in Kizuna’s body.

“My♪ It became splendid. Kizuna is also getting in anticipation aren’t you?”

“N, no……this is”

It was too late to hide it right now and he had no way to make an excuse. Looking at Kizuna’s thing that was facing up, Reiri’s eyes moistened.


And then Reiri’s throat gulped. Nayuta made an exaggerated troubled gesture.

“Raising up this kind of siblings, as a mother I feel complicated. Did the way I raise you two mistaken I wonder?”

Reiri took off and threw away her jacket and untied her necktie.

“I don’t remember being raised up by you.”

She pulled down her skirt and there was only her underwear left. She hesitated for a moment, but she immediately circled her hand to her back and unfastened the hook of her bra. Her imprisoned breasts spilled down at once. It shook like jelly, shaking up and down. That large breasts which was far from a Japanese person in average didn’t submit to gravity and pointed up.

And then she put her hand on the panty that wrapped her large ass before pulling it down smoothly, she then slipped it off her toes. The body of his sister that was without a single string covering it made Kizuna’s thing react even further. It twitched in pulsation as if to demand that body. Looking at that motion, Nayuta narrowed her eyes.

“Ufufu……then how about we begin.”

Nayuta sat down at Kizuna’s side and reached out her hand to his crotch. However just before she could seize it, Reiri’s hand stole it first.

“Le, leave this to me.”

“My, how greedy, Fine, I will take this side then.”

She grasped at under that thing, at the two balls wrapped by limp skin.

“Uwaa! O, oi! That is……-”

“I understand. This is something important right? I will handle it carefully, so rest assured.”

Inside that small hand, his largest vitals were seized. Even if he was told to rest assured, Kizuna was greatly anxious. However, the sensation of the small soft hand softly rubbing was something he never experienced until now.

While he was being rubbed gently, his anxiety was rapidly disappearing, he was falling under the control of tranquil pleasure gradually.

“Kizuna……how about this side? Is it better to do it a little bit stronger?”

On the other hand, Reiri’s fingers entangled him and moved up and down, sending him a direct intense pleasure. It was a gentle stimulation that tended to be reserved, but right now it felt good.

“Hmm. About that much……feels really, good.”

Reiri showed him a delighted smile. The honey overflowing since before dirtied Reiri’s palm and fingertips, causing her hand to slide well. It increased the pleasure for Kizuna even more and his waist unconsciously floated up.


When Reiri took her hand off, she then brought her face towards the thing she grasped until now. Her tongue reached out and touched at the tip wetly. At that moment, taste that stimulated Reiri’s sensuality was spreading from her tongue to her whole body.

“Ne, Nee-chan……”

Reiri sucked as hard as she could at her little brother’s thing that was pointing up teasingly. The taste of a man spread a lot inside her mouth, she traced that shape inside her mouth with her tongue.

When her mouth separated away with *chuu* sound, Nayuta snatched it without a moment’s delay from the side.

“Ah! You bastard-”

“Fhon’t ve vhoivhy, I hem honhehrahing”

The small mouth spread as wide open as it could, Nayuta then held Kizuna’s thing deep inside her mouth. It was to the degree that made the one watching even got worried if Nayuta’s jaws would get disconnected, but she was moving her face up and down with an entranced expression. Looking at her state, Reiri was being taken aback.

“……It reach until that deep?”

Like that, won’t that thing reach until deep into the throat? Reiri gulped down her saliva. Kizuna’s thing slipped out from Nayuta’s mouth with slippery sound then. That thing which was glistening bright from the saliva of the two stood tall even harder. Without even minding her face getting dirty, Nayuta rubbed her cheek to that.

“Reiri, let’s lick it together.”

“A, yeah……”

Reiri also brought her face closer once more and began to lick at the shaft part. Soft tongues were licking up from both sides left and right. The sensation of something like a mollusk animal creeping around was mercilessly stimulating Kizuna’s lower body.

When Reiri crawled her tongue at the vital place which Nayuta was toying with her hand before this, she then held it inside her mouth.


Inside the feverish mouth, the ball was rolled around. It gave completely different pleasure compared to when Nayuta grasped it with her childish hand. While that happened, Nayuta was licking around at his tip and sucked. And then when her mouth let it go, she licked around the whole standing tall thing with Reiri together once more. That combination with their breaths matching each other made Kizuna’s limit rapidly rise up from inside Kizuna’s waist.

“Ka, Kaa-san, Nee-chan-, I’m already!”

Both of them began to lick with even more strength in their tongues.

“If’s hine, hust fhike fhat, fet hit hout”



From Kizuna’s tip, life energy spurted out when he passed his limit. It mercilessly scattered everywhere on Reiri and Nayuta’s face and hair, dirtying their bodies.



The two received the white liquid with entranced faces. In their eyes, light in heart shape was floating.

Reiri and Nayuta embraced Kizuna from left and right, between them, they rained down kisses on his body.

“Aah, Kizuna-, Kizunaa♥”

*Chuu, chuu* with those sounds, from his waist to his stomach, his chest, from his shoulder to his neck, the kisses were climbing up. Kizuna also responded to the two, his left hand at the mature body, his right hand at the unripe body, both hands were caressing lovingly.

His left hand was on the large breast that couldn’t be grasped just with one hand. But the breast’s tip became completely hard even before he was rubbing, it was standing up largely. His right hand was on a chest so flat that he could say there was nothing there at all, even so the pink colored tips were swelling out plumply.

“Even without you doing something like this……isn’t it fine, with only Kizuna feeling good?”

Reiri took off her usual mask of a strict commander and showed a face of a woman. With a bewitching smile, she was kissing at Kizuna’s body.

“But Nee-chan. If Nee-chan and Kaa-san doesn’t get aroused too……the reinstall won’t succeed.”

‘Fufu’ Nayuta leaked out a chuckle.

“Even without you worrying like that, we are already completely aroused here.”

Nayuta stood up and then she kneeled at the side of the lying down Kizuna, her finger crawled on her own crotch. And then, she made a display of opening her secret valley with her fingers. Thereupon, a string of glistening honey was trickling down from the completely drenched place.

“Come on Reiri, show him yours too.”

Reiri was looking shy for a while, but before long she gave up and reached out her hand at her important place, she then spread it open to show him with wet sound. Honey of sexual desire was overflowing out as if she was peeing. The honey trickled along her thighs and made a stain on the sheet. From that valley, hot honey that might even give out steam was thickly welling up, dripping down from her groin.

“Just from sucking at your thing, I become like this……are you disillusioned now?”

Reiri looked down at Kizuna with an anxious gaze.

“There is no way I’ll think like that right? For Nee-chan to feel like that from someone like me……I’m, really happy.”


Reiri’s eyes trickled out tears.

Kizuna reached out his hand at their honey pots that were overflowing with sexual fluid.



The body of the two bent into ‘<’ shape and pleasure struck them with shivers.

His fingers caressed at the slippery and soft valleys. The overflowing honey wetted Kizuna’s fingers and the fingers that became able to slide well scratched the valleys even more.


Nayuta slumped down on Kizuna limply, while she was breathing out sweet sigh on his chest, she was also moaning. It was a sight that was hard to believe. Nayuta who was reborn as a machine god with that transcendent ability was raising an unbecoming voice and became gasping from his finger.

“……! Nnaah!”

Reiri’s body jumped and bent backwards.


She wetted her finger with the honey overflowing from her groin and she once more entangled her fingers on Kizuna’s rigidness. And then she was moving up and down rhythmically.

Masou Gakuen HxH V08 225.jpg

“Uu! ……Ne, Nee-chan-”

That movement felt like it was shaving away his patience. Kizuna was nearing his limit rapidly. In order to resist, Kizuna also parted through the two’s valley’s even deeper.

“Haaaaa! Nnaann!”

“Uh, ku……aah!”

And then he discovered it at their entrances. He pushed against it with the fingertips of his right and left hands.

“Ah……Kizuna, that’s……”

Reiri showed a bewildered expression for an instant. When Kizuna sent her a questioning stare, she could only nod.

Kizuna thrust inside the two with his fingers.



He was advancing through the caves of soft flesh that were feverishly slippery. Reiri’s one was also tight, but Nayuta’s one was so narrow that it made him wondered if his finger really could enter.


Nayuta showed a pained expression and her body bended.


Nayuta’s head hung down limply and her back shivered.

“Do, don’t mind it……do it, just like that.”

“Kaa-san, don’t tell me……”

“Ufufu……this is because I was reborn. Since my body became like this, receiving this kind of stimulation is the first time. But――”

Nayuta embraced Kizuna’s neck. Her disarrayed hair was clinging on her sweaty cheek. Her white skin and blushing cheek looked really lewd.

“Mother whose first is stolen by the son is also not too bad.”

“N, no, the logic, or the sequence is strange like that, besides……doesn’t it hurt?”

Nayuta stared at Kizuna with a dazed face. And then she laughed in amusement.

“That’s not something someone who had half-killed me should say.”


He was lost for words. Kizuna fell silent awkwardly.

“This immoral act will create it. The Corruption Armament of yours……”

‘――My, Corruption Armament?’

“Wait a second, Kaa-san said [Corruption Armament] just now right!? My, Eros’s, Corruption Armament, such thing exists!?”

“It exists. We are creating it from here on.”

Nayuta answered with a red face.

“By materializing this Corruption Armament, the Core will also get improved. And then the improved Core will be installed by a person possessing the ability as a machine god. In order to realize that install, we will use the supply of magic power of our kind, an existence that is close to me and Kizuna. These three factors are necessary.”

“That is……”

Kizuna looked alternately at Nayuta and Reiri’s face.

“That’s right. This is different from common Climax Hybrid. Till the end this is an act for the sake of obtaining Eros’s Corruption Armament and reinstalling the Core. Eros’s Corruption Armament will be a weapon created by Reiri and I, and then Kizuna, by the three of us. And then this is exactly――”

Nayuta bent her sweaty body flexibly.

“The true trump card to defeat the Deus ex Machina.”

‘――The true, trump card?

My Corruption Armament will?

But, just what in the world, is that?’

“And then, even further ahead of Corruption Armament. There, a further divine mystery is surely awaiting.”

“Even further ahead? Divine mystery……what does that mean?”

However, Nayuta directed to Reiri a bewitching smile as if she didn’t hear Kizuna’s question.

“Now, we are continuing Reiri. If you are so inclined, before we are made to come, we will wring him out several more times.


Kizuna’s spine shuddered.

With eyes that reflected heart marks, Reiri smiled obscenely. And then she put strength on her fingers tightly and changed her movement to wring out from Kizuna with certainty.

“Shi, shit-! Even I!”

He once more pushed in his fingertips into the bodies of the two.


“Fu, fuaaah!”

Sticky watery sounds echoed. The liquid that was overflowing even more rapidly trailed along Kizuna’s hand until his elbow.

“Ah, aah♥, a, AAAAAAAAAA♥!”

Reiri was surely near her limit. Her body warped and convulsed twitchingly. Each time she twitched her large breasts were shaking shiveringly, her sweat became grains of light that scattered around her.

Nayuta shrunk her body and endured the pain. However her stiffness was gradually taken and her body slackened. Her inside that was only stiffness now changed into softness that enveloped Kizuna. And then with a carnal face, she crooked her leg in fretfulness.

“Au, fuah, ahn, aah♥”

Even her voice was gradually mixed with something sweet. Her body was tinged with faint pink from arousal and her whole body was expressing the delight of her pleasure.

Reiri desperately moved her waist matching the movement of Kizuna’s thrusting finger. At the inside Kizuna’s finger also didn’t let go and the tightening from the soft flesh was increasing. Each time Reiri moved intensely, her large breasts shook and the tips stood so pointedly it looked like they were going to burst. Even Reiri’s pleasure was on the verge of rupturing. Her voluptuous body began to emit beautiful particles of light.

“Aah! No, no more. I’m, coming, I’m coming.”

“Ne, Nee-chan. I, I too, am no good already!”

Nayuta slide up her body and peered at Kizuna’s face.


Nayuta’s eyes showed heart marks where glittering light was dancing in them. And then inside Kizuna’s eyes too, there were beautiful lights flowing. After ascertaining that, Nayuta smiled in satisfaction. And then she opened her mouth.


On her tongue, Eros’s Core was placed there.

Nayuta’s opened mouth was approaching near him. Kizuna also opened his mouth to welcome it and reached out his tongue. The tongues of the two touched each other and then their lips overlapped.

Inside the glued mouths, the tongues of the two were entangled. Together with Nayuta’s saliva, Eros’s Core was sent into Kizuna’s mouth.

The moment he gulped down the saliva of the two of them and the Core――,


Reiri welcomed her climax and her body bent backwards. The tips of her breast quavered. Her thighs that closed as if to hold down Kizuna’s hand was convulsing quaveringly. And then from the valley there, hot liquid spurted out like pee.

From Kizuna’s thing that was seized by Reiri’s slender fingers, life energy surged out vigorously. Reiri accepted that white splash with her chest.

It awakened Reiri’s climax even more and Reiri drowned inside the waves of climax that repeated many times over. The flying proof of love so hot that it felt like it would scald what it touched drew parabolic arc and rained down on Nayuta’s back too. When she felt that heat on her back, it was at the same time when she drank down the saliva of Kizuna from their entangled tongues.

And then, she also welcomed her climax.


The two who were exchanging passionate kiss with their tongues licking each other also gulped down each other’s coquettish voice along with each other’s saliva.

And then radiant light was emitted from the body of the three.

It was different from Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid.

That phenomenon was obviously different from the phenomenon carried out between fellow holders of normal Cores.

The light shining in multicolor.

It filled their field of vision to the limit, brightness that felt like it would swallow even the world.

‘――How, beautiful.’

Nayuta whispered so inside her heart.

Most likely that was the first time, for her to feel that the sight reflected in her eyes was beautiful.

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