Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 9 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – NecropolisCity of the Dead[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Grace-sama……is this place, the Necropolis?”

Illuminated by the sunset, the city existed in the middle of the desert. Looking at the city that felt pleasant with the verdant green, Clayda heaved a sigh in relief.

“It doesn’t feel like a ruin that is really that bad. If I have to say, it has the air of a resort instead.”

However Grace frowned and shook her head.

“This is only the outside appearance. The power flowing in this city is strange no matter what. It’s like something that was originally here is being covered on top to avert the attention from it……”

When Grace approached the tree planted outside the city, she touched it with her hand.

“Mu……this is”

Raising one of her eyebrows, Grace pulled out a single feather of Koros. She changed the shape of that feather into a sword before directing it to the tree and slashed from diagonally above.

Thereupon the thick tree trunk was quickly bisected.


Clayda and Elma spontaneously raised their voices.

The cut tree didn’t collapse, it changed into faint golden sand. And then the sand spilled down and raised sand cloud, forming a hill of sand.

“This is……Grace-sama?”

“I also don’t understand, but this is possibly something created by the machine god.”

Elma looked over the city.

“Then, everything of that city is also……created by the machine god, is that what Grace-sama is saying?”

“No. I think that city of stone is the real thing. Only living things like the plants are counterfeit.”

Grace passed through between the trees and entered the city. Following after her the expression of Clayda and Elma showed traces of nervousness once again.

Grace peeked at the situation of the street from the shadow of the buildings.

“That is……people?”

At the street were undead walking around in staggers like ghosts. Under the orange light, the shadows of the undead were elongating from the street until the walls of the building.

The setting of the sun was approaching Necropolis. The sun had been sinking until it was almost touching the horizon.

“What an eerie place……the city is beautiful, but how should I say it? That mechanical people, they are really like corpses or deceased spirits.”

Clayda’s body was shivering as though she was feeling cold.

“They are actually deceased spirits. Don’t worry, those guys are powerless. They aren’t even attacking. You can just ignore them.”

Without any vigilance, Grace came out from her cover to the street. After her Clayda and Elma followed while being alert of the surrounding.

“Then where is the source of the power that is pulling at Oldium?”

Clayda displayed a floating window and confirmed the location.

“Ahead of here……it looks like it’s in that huge pyramid.”

There was a huge pyramid at the other side of the city. It was made by piled up blocks of stone, the height of that monument might even reach three hundred meters.

Grace and the others couldn’t even imagine just for what purpose it was created for.

“Then let’s go take a look.”

After saying that Grace moved into a run.

“A, please wait, Grace-sama!”

Far above the heads of the three, a single bird was flying.

The figure of the three running through the street was reflected on the eyes of the flying falcon overhead. The image reflected in those eyes was projected before the eyes of Osiris who was in the palace.

“They came back unexpectedly fast.”

What was flying overhead the three girls was the mechanical bird that was a part of Osiris’s body, [Horus]. Everything that Horus saw was shared with Osiris. That function was also possessed by the lion [Sekhmet] that was currently sleeping besides Osiris.

When these Horus and Sekhmet combined with Osiris, they would become the true machine god Osiris.

“Well then, go ahead, hold back your friends in place.”

Osiris commanded so towards no one. Then, Yurishia and two other shadows that were waiting at the corner of the room were standing up.

Yurishia brushed off her golden hair and floated a composed smile.

“As you commanded, mother.”

“Wait, Isis. You are to remain here.”

Yurishia directed a reluctant face at Osiris.

“No way! Even though I too want to become mother’s strength!”

Leaving behind Yurishia, the two shadows kicked on the floor and ran towards the window. And then, without stopping they jumped outside at the air without hesitation.

Osiris spoke with gentle voice towards Yurishia who was chasing at the two shadows with her eyes.

“I want you to be at my side. By doing that you will become my strength above all.”


Yurishia’s cheeks were turning red and she stared at Osiris with moist eyes. Osiris faced Yurishia who was like that and spread open both her hands.

“Now, come here.”


Yurishia looked down shyly and she advanced forward towards Osiris timidly. She kneeled under Osiris who was sitting on the chair and put her head above Osiris’s knee like a spoiled child.

“Mother……you won’t abandon me right?”

“My. That is my line. You won’t die as you please and leave me alone for the second time won’t you?”

The two naturally smiled.

Osiris caressed Yurishia’s head as though she was admiring a work of art that could break easily.

“Fufufu, you are cute. My Isis……”

Part 2[edit]

The space that existed between world and world where there was nothing. It was a pitch black place. Moving inside that darkness was colorful light. That was energy that was moving between alternate worlds. A phenomenon where the energy of certain worlds were moving into other worlds.

The moving energy would someday arrived at another world somewhere. At the world where that energy arrived at, a mysterious phenomenon would occur.

Perhaps it would appear as an UFOunidentified flying object, or perhaps a monster or an OOPArt would appear, or perhaps even a supernatural phenomenon that couldn’t be explained would occur.

But, when looking outside from the window of the battleship Ataraxia, those lights coming and going between the worlds were reflected in people’s eyes as a really beautiful phenomenon. It was like they were light a show for people to enjoy.

Kizuna was standing at the bridge of the battleship Ataraxia, staring at the wild dance of those lights.

“Our direction is not mistaken right?”

On a specially installed chair that was even more splendid than the captain’s seat, Nayuta’s small body was sitting there.

“Yes, there is no mistake.”

Nayuta snapped her fingers and a large screen was floating at the center of the spacious bridge. Over there was a display image of boxes lining up in rows at left and right, top and bottom.

“This is the map of the worlds. Every single boxes represented a single world. The world where we came from is here.”

Responding to her voice, one of the box shined blue and a line of light elongated from there.

“And then, currently we are here.”

The box shining blue was the world where they were at and where Ataraxia was, the elongating line was the path thd battleship Ataraxia was traveling.

“And then, the location of Oldium and Golden Dragon are here.”

Among the boxes lining up at every direction, one of them was shining red. And then one more box was shining yellow.

“So Oldium is at the red one, and Golden Dragon at the yellow one?”

From the current position of the battleship Ataraxia, the red box was overwhelmingly closer. The yellow box was twice or thrice farther.

“Exactly. Currently we are heading in the direction of the red box, in other words, towards Oldium.”

Certainly it was correct to aim for the closer place.


Kizuna’s expression turned grim.

At the aspect of battle strength, Golden Dragon was the weaker one. Their main force was Gravel and Aldea. Kizuna was unable to grasp regarding the strength of the other members.

On the other hand, at Oldium they had Grace and Zelcyone, the Quartum was also there.

Indeed each ship had someone who had Core reinstall done to them. However, if he was not there then it would be difficult to defeat a machine god.

The [way to deal the finishing blow to a machine god] used when defeating Hokuto.

What was possessed by Corruption Armament [Nayuta], the combo of anti-machine god trump card [Reincarnation] and Climax Hybrid.

Reincarnation inflicted attack to the machine god’s body and at the same time it sent the destruction program that Nayuta prepared. The destruction program destroyed the target’s existence from the inside of the machine god. While that program was in effect, the machine god’s ability was also suppressed, causing them to only be able to use the strength of a normal human.

Aiming at that timing, Climax Hybrid was performed on the machine god.

The reproduction act that had became unnecessary for a machine god. The sexual pleasure that was abandoned because it became unnecessary, that sensation which the machine god was inexperienced at became the greatest attack towards the machine god.

But, something that was effective against Hokuto, would it also be effective against the other machine gods in the end?

Besides, in battle strength they were also still grievously lacking.

Sylvia and Masters were still not healed completely. Also Ragrus, Valdy, Hyakurath, and Mercuria were also the same. All of them were in the middle of treatment, whether it was at the hospital or at their own residence.

――At least Sylvia has been discharged from hospital so that helps but……if possible Ragrus and Hyakurath too……Ragrus can be grouped with Sylvia, Haykurath’s partner is Mercuria but, her affinity with Himekawa is also good, forming a combination with two sword users is also――,


Kizuna who was absorbed in his thinking didn’t notice the appearance of the person who arrived right beside him.

“That’s right Himekawa is……woah!”

Kizuna was surprised at the real Himekawa who was at his side.

“Aah, sorry. Hayuru huh. What’s the matter?”

Himekawa made a face that was a bit sullen.

“There is something I want to ask. It seems that at Oldium and Golden Dragon, there are also those who had done the Core’s reinstall just like me isn’t it?”

“Eh? Ah, yeah……”

The pressure of the sharply glaring Himekawa made Kizuna unconsciously step back.

“Who are they? Please teach me.”

“E, err……”

“Don’t tell me……all of them!?”

“Wrong! That’s impossible.”

“Possible, at the staying behind group of Ataraxia too, you have done reinstall with……”

“No, that’s also not yet――”

“Not yet you say, so that means you will do it after this! That’s impure! Indecent!”

“N, no, this is something necessary right? Besides, Hayuru yourself have also done it already.”

Himekawa became red in a flash.

“Thi, this is not about me! Doing it without caring about who it is done with is just preposterous! Doing that, with……all of them, that’s just, such shamelessness cannot be permitted-!”

“That’s why, I told you I didn’t do that!”

“Then, who did you do it with? Yes, I understand already. After all the one in Golden Dragon who did it was Gravel-san right? Then the one in Oldium who did it was Grace-san right? Good grief……just Aine-san doesn’t satisfy you, to even put your hand on her little sister too……”

Towardd Himekawa who kept talking in rapid succession, Kizuna was panicked.

“Aah-, geez. Just what with you Himekawa!”

“It’s Hayuru-!!”

Kizuna who poured oil on the fire kept being criticized by Himekawa even after this for three hours.

In the end, she calmed down four hours later.

Doing Climax Hybrid in preparation of the emergency was done after that matter.

Part 3[edit]

“When looking from nearby, this thing is quite large.”

Grace looked up at the pyramid that was towering high to the sky. When they approached near, they understood just how big the stones that were forming the pyramid were. One of the stones was three meters tall, there was also a stone that was five meters long. Only by piling up that kind of stone in numbers that reached a few million stones that this pyramid was created.

After coming out of the city and advancing through a wasteland for about a kilometer, there was this pyramid standing tall. Grace and the others searched for the entrance by walking around the pyramid.

While walking for some reason Elma let out a high-spirited voice that seemed excited.

“This is really big isn’t it……isn’t this bigger than even the pyramids of Giza?”

“Though it’s not as big as Genesis.”

Clayda talked with nostalgic feeling somewhere. Honestly what came to her mind first was the knowledge regarding the pyramids of Egypt that she learned at Ataraxia’s class and everyday life. As if to erase that away, she purposefully searched for fragments of Vatlantis inside her memory.

“Yes. Even that Genesis was a relic that the Deus ex Machina left behind. Indeed, perhaps there are some things that correlate with it. Nevertheless……just where in the world is the entrance of this thing?”

Grace casually put her hand on the stone of the pyramid.


Line of light stretched from her palm. It was as though a ripple was spreading, small lines were floating on the surface of the pyramid. The shape was like the inside of a computer’s integrated circuit, countless small circuits were joined in a complex pattern.

Light lines were running around the surface of the pyramid. Those lines now reached the summit and even now were going to circle the pyramid’s side.

“What……this is?”

“Don’t touch that!”

A sharp yelling voice resounded. Grace and the others were familiar with that voice.

From the sky two silhouettes descended.

Their figures wearing magic armor were familiar.

“Lunorlla! Also Ramza too!”

Grace’s face split open into a wide smile of joy. The ones who appeared before her eyes were two people of Quartum, Lunorlla and Ramza.

Lunorrla was a beautiful woman with long blue hair. Due to mortal combat in the Colosseum, her beautiful body was carved with scars that were painful to look at. Her arms and legs, her stomach were all riddled with scars. In addition the scar running from her forehead to her cheek told the story of how severe the mortal combat she went through were. She was a warrior that was even called as the death god of the Colosseum from the way she fought.

On the other hand Ramza tied unruly red hair behind her. She was a girl with a bright and frank personality. She possessed the special ability to manipulate flames, but when that ability ran wild even the earth’s crust would be melted, even herself would be burned to ash, that ability contained such danger.

Even among the imperial guards, these two possessed fighting strength above the rest. Grace joyfully called out to those two.

“It seems that we passed each other on the way but, where had the two of you gone until now?”

However Lunorlla and Ramza looked at each other with troubled faces.

Seeing that, Clayda made a dubious face at the state of the two.

“Oi, what’s wrong both of you? Grace-sama is asking. Answer it properly.”

While saying that Clayda reached out her hand at Selene she carried on her back. Elma also materialized her large hammer that was as tall as herself in her hand.

“Both of you, what’s the matter?”

Grace frowned at Clayda and Elma who suddenly armed themselves. Clayda went forward as though to protect such a Grace.

“Grace-sama. Please be careful. The state of those two is strange.”

As though to support those words, Lunorlla unsheathed the two short swords integrated in her magic armor. Two swords style. With one short sword each in her left and right hands, she lowered her waist.

And then Ramza raised a huge axe from her back, a tomahawk. The tomahawk that was shining bright red was as though something that was dyed red from absorbing human blood. Swinging around that tomahawk that a normal human wouldn’t be able to lift, Ramza made an apologetic face.

“Sorry―, this is the order of Osiris-sama see. We have to defeat you all see―”

“What did you say!?”

Clayda raised her Selene in front of her face.

“Have you lost your mind-!?”

Elma raised the hammer’s handle with both her hands and moved it behind her so that she could swing it anytime.

“That body……offer it, for the sake of Osiris-sama.”

Lunorlla emitted light from her thruster and approached in front of Elma instantly.


The large hammer had destructive power, but it couldn’t deal with Lunorlla’s speed. Lunorlla mercilessly ran a blow towards Elma.

The moment before the shining sword touched the thin neck of Elma, fierce sparks were scattered.

“-! ……”

Lunorlla’s short sword was blocked by Clayda’s Selene.

“What are you planning, Lunorlla!”

“…….Clayda, surrender obediently.”

“Haa? Don’t joke……with me-!”

Clayda threw Selene from super close range. Selene that flew while rotating attacked Lunorlla as though it was a living thing. Just when it seemed like it would hover in the air, it suddenly moved, its trajectory suddenly curved. Just when it seemed like it would pass far through, it suddenly returned back. It was like a yoyo with a string attached, it came and went at the close range while slashing at Lunorlla.

Lunorlla too didn’t take distance, she continued to evade the attacks in close range. And then the moment an opening showed, her sword attacked without negligence. However Clayda also got out a second Selene and repelled Lunorlla’s attack.

“Clayda. You, cannot win against me. That’s why, surrender.”

“Don’t joke! I don’t like you from a long time ago! What death god of the Colosseum! That’s why, now I’m going to kill the death god!”

Offense and defense that the eye couldn’t follow were unfolding between the two.

And then between Elma and Ramza were a large hammer and a large tomahawk. The two weapons that were similarly large-type were swung around, attacks where each one was a sure kill if they hit clashed.

“Oi, stop it! All of you!”

Even when Grace raised her voice, her words to stop didn’t enter the ears of the four people. Cold sweat trickled down the cheek of Grace.

“……Just what in the world is this?”

“I had those two become my servants.”

That voice made Grace looked up at the pyramid. At the center of the pyramid, a single female was standing.

“Osiris… this is your work.”

“Yes. Because I cannot let you approach this pyramid.”

‘――You. Far from releasing Yurishia, even Lunorlla and Ramza now fell into her hand.’

“Clayda, Elma! We are at a disadvantage. We are pulling back for the moment!”

“ “Yes-!” ”

Hearing Grace’s command, Clayda and Elma took distance from their respective opponent.

They turned on their heels and tried to get away from the battlefield. However in front Elma, a strange object appeared.

――Osiris’s blue pyramid.

“Wha…..what? This is!”

“No good! Don’t look at that thing with your eyes!”

Grace yelled desperately. But at that time a certain eye at the pyramid’s side opened.

“This is-!”

The glaring eyeball moved quickly at all direction. And then when it stared at Elma’s face, its movement stop still. Severe gaze entered from Elma’s eye into the nerve inside and even until the brain tissue, it burned new information on it.

“Oi! Elma! What’s wrong!?”

Clayda yelled, but Elma was staring at empty air and didn’t move as though she had frozen.

“Oi, get a hold of yourself Elma! Avert your eyes from that weird thing!”

As though noticing Clayda that was calling at Elma, the blue pyramid directed its golden eyes at her glaringly.

“!? Dam-……”

That moment, Clayda’s eyes also lost its focus. A clattering sound could be heard, it was Selene falling on the ground.

“What’s wrong, the two of you!”

However it was like Elma and Clayda didn’t hear at all.

Grace tried to analyze the situation desperately. Looking from the state of Yurishia, Lunorlla, and Ramza, this was――,

“Mind control, that’s what this is huh?”

“Fufufu, I am the queen of this Necropolis. Everyone who exists in this world kneels in front of me.”

“Although it is only because Nee-sama is not here, I too am the emperor of Vatlantis Empire. I cannot kneel that easily!”

Feathers of light flew from Grace’s wings. They became sharp arrows and pierced Osiris’s body.


Koros’s special move was Harvest. It was a technique that plunders the opponent’s magic power, that was to say their life force. Opponent whose life force was sucked dry would lose their life. However――,

‘――What’s with this woman! It is as though there is no feedback at all. I cannot feel magic power at all.’

Harvest also didn’t work at Hokuto at all. However that was because Hokuto’s energy was at the amount that couldn’t be sucked dry. In contrast this Osiris didn’t have any energy. Her life force was empty.

“Does this mean, that Osiris has already died……”

Grace suppressed the impatience she felt inside her chest and took out a blade of wing this time, changing its shape into a scythe.

“Then, I’ll cut you apart!”

She headed to Osiris and flew up in one go. Staring at Grace that was approaching before her eyes, Osiris smiled with eyes as though she was looking at a mischievous kid.

“It seems you are a little too special to be used as a vessel.”

Osiris’s golden eyes shined.

“Stop speaking!”

Grace’s scythe drew an arc and attacked Osiris.

‘――You are finished!’

A dull metallic sound rang as though stone and metal clashed. And then fierce sparks were scattered.


The blue pyramid protected Osiris. Grace’s scythe bit into the pyramid and its movement stopped. And then the eye of the pyramid shined. That golden light covered Grace’s sight.

“-! Get away.”

Grace closed her eyes and opened her thrusters in full throttle and took distance all at once.

However there was no pursuit. Besides her consciousness was also clear.

‘――It seems I avoided the mind control.’

And then she opened her eyes.

Masou Gakuen HxH V09 BW 06.png


There, it was a wide and spacious corridor with a ceiling that was shockingly high. Decorated with gorgeous Gothic-style, it might be better to call it as a huge hall rather than a corridor.

A familiar corridor. It was the capital of Vatlantis Empire, Zeltis where she was born and raised. It was inside the palace there.

“Grace, what’s the matter?”


A very beautiful girl followed by ten-odd maids was standing there. Silver hair and red pupils. Her bare skin was only covered by accessory and thin fabric, she looked nearly bare naked. That person was the one she was looking for, wearing the outfit of the emperor.


Her beloved big sister, Ainess Synclavia also known as Chidorigafuchi Aine, it was that person.

“Nee-sama! So you are in this world!”

She rushed towards Aine with a joyful face.

“What’s wrong with you Grace? Your condition seems strange since a while ago.”

“Mu, however that cannot be helped. Rather than that Osiris is……”

However Aine knitted her eyebrows.

“Osiris? Just what’s this about?”


‘――Well, what was I thinking about?’

“I’m sorry. I had a lapse in my mind just for a little.”

Aine smiled feeling that it couldn’t be helped. Emotion of deep affection colored that smile.

“Let’s go Grace. Kizuna is also waiting.”

With a light step Grace stood at the side of Aine who started walking.

“Ooh, so Nii-sama is also here.”

Aine made an exasperated face at the joyful Grace.

“That’s obvious. Because, Kizuna is the new emperor of Vatlantis Empire right? He has married us after all.”


Grace spontaneously stood still.

“Marriage? I and Nee-sama……with Nii-sama?”

Aine also stopped walking and looked back.

“That’s right. You strange child……just what’s the matter?”

Grace didn’t have any memory of that. No, now that she thought hard, she felt like such a thing really had happened.

“Bu……but, what I had done to Lemuria, such act should be something that is hard to forgive for the people of Lemuria. No, it couldn’t possibly be forgiven. Even if I have to throw away this body, I have the responsibility to better the relationship between the two worlds. And then, when I accomplished that, this life will be……”

Aine stared at her little sister with a sad smile.

“Grace, that was a sad crossing of path. That was the result of the two sides jumping at shadows and thinking only of one’s own self-protection and profit……”

“However still!”

“The one launching attack at the magic weapon first was Lemuria, as a matter of fact Vatlantis is the victorious country. We have already entered the unconditional peace treaty based from that.”


“Geez, really what is going on with you since a while ago Grace?”

“So that’s……what happened.”

Now that she though hard, it was as though the memory was late in accompanying her, she recalled the sight of the time when the treaty was made.

“What was carried out as the symbolic ceremony for that treaty, was the marriage ceremony of the three of us don’t you remember?”

‘――That’s right. With all the people of the empire as the beginning, Izgard and Baldein, even Lemuria also gave their blessing, a grand ceremony was carried on. Just what was I talking about? To completely forget something this important, what a blunder.


I became together with them.

My beloved Nee-sama.

And then with Nii-sama.

From now one we can live together forever.

The three of us combined our strength.

The two worlds will take each other’s hand, creating a splendid country.

Can something this happy exist?’

“What’s the matter Grace? You are crying?”

When Grace returned to her senses in realization, tears were gathering in her eyes where it almost spilled out.

“It, it’s nothing.”

Grace wiped her tear with her hand and showed a bright smile.

“Now, let’s go. Kizuna is waiting.”

Aine offered her hand. Grace took that hand and grasped back.

“Yes. There is no way we can let Nii-sama wait.”

With a full smile Grace walked beside her sister.

After walking for a while, there was a balcony there. Below there was a plaza where ahead it continued towards the city. It was a place for the sake of greeting the people of the empire. Even now it was filled to the brim with a large number of people, they waved their hands and raised cheering voices.

And then there was already someone waiting at the balcony.

“Aine, Grace. You two finally came.”

“We made you wait Kizuna. No, your majesty the new emperor of Vatlantis.”

Aine embraced Kizuna while grinning. And then she kissed Kizuna’s cheek. And then Kizuna also kissed Aine in return.

“It’s fine to call me just Kizuna. Even if you call me emperor, I just cannot feel it for real.”

“Nii-sama……is that you?”

Kizuna spreads open his hands toward Grace who was standing still in dumbfoundment.

“What’s the matter? Come here Grace.”


Grace approached timidly and brought her body into Kizuna’s chest. Kizuna tightly hugged Grace’s slender body. His arms were warm and strong. His affection towards Grace could be felt from those arms. Grace felt a deep relief, pleasantness, and serenity, she entrusted her body to those sweet affection.

“This is like a dream……for this day, to really come.”

Tears floated on Grace’s eyes once more.

“Oi Grace. It’s no good if you cry.”

“I, I’m sorry. But, this cannot be helped. I’m happy.”

Grace rubbed her face on Kizuna’s chest, wiping her tears.

“Really Grace, because you are such a crybaby……come on, everyone, the people of the empire are watching.”

When she glanced below the balcony, the plaza was packed full with people. And then even ahead at the city, the street was filled to the brim by people.

“Tha, that’s true. As the queen of Nii-sama, I cannot show my embarrassing side.”

And then with Grace at the center, one of her hand grasping Aine, and her other hand grasping Kizuna, they went until in front of the railing of the balcony. And then with their connected hands raised high, they greeted the people of the empire. At that moment, applause and cheers that were even louder were raised.

“Until now I have shouldered this alone, but from now on it will be the three of us together.”


Kizuna stared at Grace.

“Yes, Nii-sama doesn’t need to say it. From now on I together with Nee-sama will support Nii-sama! Nii-sama can rest assured having gained reliable foundation and safe condition! The three of us, from now on too, for a long, long time, will be togethe――”

Kizuna’s calm voice cut her off.

“No, for you Grace it will be only until today.”


Kizuna and Aine separated their hand that was connected with Grace’s.

“A scapegoat is needed to save this world. One with a soul of high status at that too.”

“What are……you saying?”

Grace was unable to understand the meaning of the words. Her thought circuit stopped working from the too sudden happening.

“Thanks for all your work till now. From now on, I and Kizuna will support this country.”

Aine passed in front of Grace, walking towards Kizuna’s side.

“The world looks like in peace, but that’s because Osiris-sama is watching over this world. To show our gratitude, we have to offer a sacrifice.”

“Yeah. So that we and Vatlantis Empire can live in happiness, we want you to die.”

“For the sake of me and Kizuna, can you die for us?”

Aine presented her a short sword decorated with jewels.

Cold sweat was flowing from Grace’s whole body. Despite so her body was cold. Her ears were ringing, the voice of the two people who should have loved her sounded like they were far away.

Those two, in front of her eyes were clinging close to each other as if they were embracing. Whether it was in front of them or at their side, there was no place for her to stand.

“I see……so that’s how it is……”

With shaking hand, Grace accepted that short sword.

“Nee-sama and Nii-sama, wants me to die right?”

“Yeah. For our sake, die.”

Grace unsheathed the short sword and stared at the blade that was shining coldly. She held the sword in reverse grip and aimed the tip at her own throat.

She faced up and looked at the sky.

Tears were naturally falling from her eyes.

Actually, she wanted to live with the three of them together. But, if this way was the only way for these two to live the happiest, she should offer her life happily. Yet――,


Her tears were spilling down unstoppably. Sadness, frustration, herself was just too miserable.

It was no good already.

If she had to feel like this, then it was better to die.

“Sayonara……Nee-sama, Nii-sama.”

The wasteland spreading before the pyramid. Grace looked up at the night sky with tears flowing. Both of her hands were pointing at her neck as though she was holding something.

There was nothing in Grace’s hand. But, in exchange Osiris put a sharp sword at her grasp.

And then the point of that sword, was stabbing at Grace’s neck.

“Fufufu. The moment when happy dream is turned into nightmare feels good right? The people of this country, all of them tasted that before they died. With this now you are also a resident of Necropolis.”

The tip of the sword touched Grace’s slender neck. Her skin broke from the impact and red blood flowed out from her white skin.

Osiris turned at the four Quartum standing behind.

“Even though if you are easy to control like these children, I will let your flesh properly alive……but, I have properly prepared an undead body for you. You can be together with us, so you can rest assured. Eternally in the future……”

And then, Osiris deeply plunged the sword into Grace’s neck.

At that moment, fresh blood spurted out like a fountain from the beautiful white neck. The overflowing blood seeped into the sand, creating a red river.

“This is……?”

Along that river verdant plants were growing, flowers were blooming. The river was heading toward Necropolis and following it, a wide area was turning green. Tall tree was growing one after another, around Necropolis greenery was growing abundantly. Springs were welling up here and there, right now as far as the eye could see the land was changing in appearance into a grassland. That miracle made even Osiris’s lips tremble.

“By no means……such thing”

From the direction of the city that was enveloped in green, she could see human silhouettes coming. Before she realized the night had also passed. Beneath bright sunlight, that silhouette was running to here.

‘――Running, to here?’

Osiris doubted her eyes.

There was only undead in the city. The undead couldn’t run. Yet despite so, just what in the world was that?

“Don’t tell me……living, human?”

It wasn’t undead. It was a human with living flesh. A girl with blonde hair that was really similar with Yurishia.


Osiris opened her eyes wide.


Osiris’s body was trembling.

‘――Don’t tell me, Isis is? Impossible. But, that’s undoubtedly my daughter, Isis. And then, that person from behind her. That person is――,’



It was a tall male with splendid build. A pharaoh with white skin and golden hair. Osiris dashed and leaped into the chest of her missed husband. The pharaoh too embraced Osiris’s body firmly.

“This is……a miracle has occurred?”

While trickling tears in happiness, Osiris pressed her cheek at her beloved pharaoh. Her daughter Isis was also hugging at the mother that was like that.


“Aa, Isis……my cute daughter.”

Osiris detached her body from her husband’s arm and embraced her daughter’s body.

“But, just how……?”

“I don’t know. My mechanical body was rapidly becoming my former body……when I noticed I had become exactly like before. I wanted to meet mother immediately……”

Tears were overflowing from Isis’s eyes. Staring at that face Osiris’s eyes were also shining with tears.


She embraced her daughter’s body strongly once again. And then to make certain of that existence, she caressed her daughter’s back many times over. After that, Osiris looked up at the face of her husband the pharaoh.

“We too were the same. When we noticed, we were at the pyramid having come back to life. How and why, we don’t understand but……”

People were spilling out from the city one after another. Everyone was the undead people from before. They clapped at each other’s shoulder, rushing around on the desert while laughing.

“It seems, that everyone is saved……”

“Yes……this miracle……it’s unbelievable.”

Tears of happiness overflowed from Osiris’s eyes. When that tear fell on the ground, the ground vibrated.

“Eh? This is……”

The next moment, shockwave that blown away at them assaulted. Osiris and Isis, the pharaoh too collapsed on the grass.


Isis pointed at the city.

“Mother, the Necropolis!”

They could see the palace crumbling. And then the buildings of the city were crumbling one after another, swallowed by the sand. The verdant land once again changed in appearance into a desert.

“Aah-! Our city!”

“Anybody, help!”

Voices of lament were raised from many mouths. But, those voices were suddenly blocked.

“Wh……what, this is!?”

The bodies of the people were crumbling. Their skin instantly rotted, their flesh crumbling down. And then from beneath those, undead body appeared.

“N, no! Help, help me!”

The people whose body began to crumble looked for salvation from Osiris.

“Aah-, Osiris-sama! I beg you! My body, my bodyyyyyyyyy!”

“Hiiiii-! Osiris-sama! Osiris-sama!”

The too sudden happening made Osiris dumbfounded while still hugging Isis.

“Mo……mo, ther”

“I, it’s fine. It’s fine Isis. I will――”

The face of Isis in her arms was crumbling down. The beautiful face that was like a goddess of beauty was erased, a smooth steel mask without individuality was there in its place.

“I, Isis……”

“Mo, the……r,”

Flesh tissue was also torn off from the body, returning into the undead body that was only like a bone frame.

“I, ISIS―!”

Osiris’s shriek thundered. However Isis’s crumbling was unstoppable. Not only her flesh, even the undead body that should be immortal began to break. The metal rusted, breaking into scraps.

“Dear! Dear, help――”

The face of the pharaoh she looked up at, was the steel mask of an undead.


And then the undead filled with the soul of the pharaoh also had its joint slipped, falling on the ground in pieces.

“Stop! Please! My daughter! The pharaoh, they cannot be revived like this! I beg you please stopppp!”

However even her pleading words came to nothing, the bodies of the people, even the undead filled with the soul of Isis and the pharaoh were rusting and crumbling. And then they were blown away by the wind.

The warm body that was just in her arms until just now was nowhere to be found. The rusting undead that became dust couldn’t be differentiated with the sand of the desert. She thought to search for the dust of her husband and daughter from every single sands in this desert. However, she understood how impossible that was.

Frustration that she couldn’t do anything about was raging through her body towards the unreasonableness that suddenly visited. What could she do to kill this feeling of regret.

When she thought that, a short sword half-buried in the sand entered her eyes. It was a short sword for ceremonial use. However, it could be used to cut the skin and flesh of human, even gouging out the throat or piercing the heart were possible.

Osiris picked up that short sword and pointed it on her chest.

“Dear……Isis. I too will follow the two of you soon.”

And then without hesitation she thrust the sword. The sharp blade tore her soft skin and pierced deeply until the handle part.

However, nothing happened.

There was not even pain.

“No way……”

After she pulled out the sword, she stabbed her stomach next. Then she stabbed at the other side of her chest, and at her throat.

She couldn’t die at all.

This body as the machine god Osiris wouldn’t even give her the permission to die.

“I……have to live, holding this bitter feeling, for eternity?”

Dropping the short sword, she didn’t even have the will to wipe away the tears that were flowing without end.

‘――Please. Someone, kill me.’


Above Osiris who let out her shriek, the moon was floating.


What was spreading in the sky wasn’t blue sky, it was the night sky. Osiris stiffened with a face that was wet with tears.

“How is it, the feeling of seeing a dream.”

Receiving the moon light, a silver armor was shining. And then inside the unfolded wings, a magic circle was beautifully changing color like a kaleidoscope.

“What in the world just now……you are……”

Heart and Soul RemodellingHeart Rebuild.”

A magic armor possessing wings like a butterfly. The woman wearing that beautiful armor whispered.


“The moment when happy dream is turned into nightmare feels good right? Osiris.”

Osiris’s face distorted in rage.

“How dare……how dare, how dare you!”

Tears of sorrow changed into tears of rage.

After standing up unsteadily, she glared at that woman with eyes filled with hatred.

“Who……are you? For this me to not notice you”

At that time, Grace and Quartum who collapsed on the sand opened their eyes.

“Wha……eh? I……”

Grace noticed how she was sleeping while trickling tears.

“Nee-sama, Nii-sama……they?”

When she raised her body, there was the Quartum with wondering faces like hers.

“U……my? I, what am I doing I wonder……”

Elma tilted her head, besides her Clayda was looking around in circle below her as though searching for something.

“Hm? Eh, the children……”

“The live show is……”

“Ha? What are you saying? Rather than that, *cough*……eh?”

Lunorlla and Ramza also seemed confused in the head. Each of them was pulled into a mental world that they were watching until now.

“Stop being careless and wake up. If you cannot protect Grace-sama, then what use is there in Quartum.”


The four Quartum jumped to their feet from that familiar voice. And then they showed expressions of surprise and happiness.

The one who was there was a female who was wearing a splendid military uniform like a commissioned officer, yet her lower body had underwear appearance as though she forgot to wear the trouser. Her four limbs and at her back were wearing magic armor that was shining silver.

Grace and the Quartum had remembered seeing that magic armor. However, compared to the one in their memory, it was far larger. Its shape was just like the machine god. No, it was obvious that it was the same type like Himekawa Hayuru’s Neros that had been reinstalled.

An armor that described beautiful sleek curves. The leg units were large, making the body height a meter taller. And then the large type thruster on the back and the unit that imitated wings had the design of a straight line as the basic tone.

However right now those wings were unfolded, showing a biological form. The beautiful pattern drawn at the inner part giving off colorful luminescence that was just like a butterfly flapping its wings.

That was the magic armor [Teros].

The only magic armor that could possibly launch mind attacks. And then its possessor was the most terrifying magic knight in the Vatlantis Empire.

All the members of Quartum raised happy voices all at once.


The captain of Vatlantis Empire’s Imperial Guards, Zelcyone, it was that person.

Grace also made a smile and her voice was excited.


“Grace-sama, my deepest apologies. I was late in rushing here.”

Toward Zelcyone who was apologizing from the bottom of her heart, Grace wordlessly shook her head side to side.

Masou Gakuen HxH V09 BW 07.png

Osiris glared at Zelcyone with a demonic look.

“I see……you, seem different compared to these bunches.”

Osiris whispered after looking at Zelcyone’s Teros from top to bottom.

Grace showed a joyful expression, but she noticed suddenly and looked up at Zelcyone with a grim face.

“That’s right! That figure……you left me alone and did reinstall with Nii-sama then!?”

Zelcyone’s face also made turnabout into a bitter face.

“……Grace-sama. Right now that matter is――”

Quartum also had their cheeks reddened and their eyes shined.

“Zel, Zel-sama was……with Kizuna!?”

“Zel-sama, finally made a male lover!?”

“Lies-, I cannot believe it!”

“The……the detail……”

All at once strange voice of ‘kya―’ or laughing voice or awkward voice were raised.

Zelcyone looked at the Quartum with an irritated face.

“Shut up! Just who is going to do that kind of act because of liking! This too is for the sake of protecting Grace-sama’s personage that I went as far as picking this bitter choice!”


The four Quartum instantly straightened their back and saluted.

Osiris lifted up her chest and crossed her arms.

“Indeed that compared to the others you seem strong, but even so you cannot compare with me who is a machine god you know? But still you are planning to fight me?”

“No, I don’t have any intention of fighting or anything.”

Osiris tilted her head.

“Then, what?”

Zelcyone’s lips showed a wicked smile.

“I’m going to execute you.”


Osiris narrowed her eyes.

From Zelcyone’s waist unit, something like a silver string was pulled out. A whip that was like a sword thinly stretched out was condensed, its shape transformed into a sword in Zelcyone’s hand.

“Then, how about I use a sword too.”

Osiris put her hand at her front and spread her fingers. Thereupon, like a plant growing from below the soil, the sand parted and a thin and long stone rose up.

An octagon shape that was vertically long with pointed tip. Letters were carved at its surface. It was the spitting image of Egypt’s relic, an obelisk.

The obelisk that appeared from inside the sand settled itself inside Osiris’s hand. She lightly swung it around like a sword. From a glance it was a stone sword that looked like it would easily break. However, it was a weapon of a machine god. There was no way it was a mere stone.

Zelcyone readied her sword and pointed the tip to Osiris.

“Here I go!”

Particles of light scattered from the thruster of her back, pushing Zelcyone towards Osiris. Osiris’s golden eyes captured that figure.

“I will make you into a slave too and discipline you back to the correct path!”

Osiris kicked on the sand.

The two bodies accelerated in the blink of an eye to a speed that was nearly the speed of sound. And then the moment Zelcyone crossed with Osiris, the magic circle and pattern drawn on Teros’s wings that was like a butterfly began to shine.

Zelcyone’s sword and Osiris’s obelisk scattered fierce sparks. Sword and sword clashed, fierce shockwave blew away the sand. The crossing two women passed each other and when they distanced themselves from each other, a crater appeared between the two of them.

Osiris’s lips slackened and she turned at Zelcyone. At the same time Zelcyone fell on her knee.


Her left arm armor cracked and she pressed on that wound with her right hand.



Quartum and Grace yelled worriedly.

Osiris thrust the tip of the obelisk into the sand and then looked down at Zelcyone with a smile full of composure.

“Zelcyone. As expected it’s impossible for you to defeat me. To try to defeat me with an attack of that level is……”

“I wonder about that.”

Zelcyone grinned widely.

“What are you bluffing fo――”

A splitting destructive sound came and one of Osiris’s legs broke.


“The instant we passed each other, I shifted your space recognition with Heart Rebuilt. Its ability is not only showing any kind of nightmare or brainwashing. Using it in this way is also possible.”

Osiris looked down at her own leg that was broken.

“How dare you……how dare you!”

From her body that was trembling in rage, black aura was rising. As though invited by that darkness, a mechanical bird descended down from the sky to Osiris.


Osiris’s leg folded and the torso opened. Thereupon her mechanical inside became obvious to see.


The lion lying down on top of the pyramid sprinted down. The head of the lion unfolded as though it was disassembling, transforming into a state without head. When it arrived at Osiris’s back, Osiris slid in her leg into the part where the head was.

Osiris’s legs were stored into Sekhmet’s inside, with the lion torso as the replacement of her broken leg, her appearance turned like a centaur.

And then on her back her shoulder armor opened and a link unit showed its face. There Horus’s body combined. Like that, what was created was a human that possessed lion torso and falcon’s wings. It was the figure of Sekhmet and Horus and Osiris’s combination.

――And then, one more thing.

From Osiris’s back, a round object was floating.

That was the sun that symbolized the death and rebirth.

That was the stone that was the main cause which cornered this world into ruin.

That sun emitted red light.

“Wha……what, this is!?”

Zelcyone felt strength leaving her body. If she let her mind relax, it felt like she would fall on her knees.


From Osiris who had become the figure of a machine god, a wavelength that shook the mind spread. It was like an impact of heavy bass explosion. It felt like her body would be blown away a few meters back.

That wavelength shook the body on a cellular level jolted awake the fear lurking in the body. The fear that living things instinctually possessed. The despair of encountering a natural enemy that one couldn’t possibly match.

It was the sensation of a bare handed human facing a lion with an empty stomach.

That much fear and despair attacked Zelcyone’s whole body.

Zelcyone gritted her teeth and raised the corner of her mouth with the muscle of her cheek.

“An existence that introduced herself as a god, should at least be able to do this much huh!”

As if looking down at Zelcyone who roused up herself, Osiris showed a cruel smile.

“This is the true appearance of machine god Osiris……Zelcyone. Only you I will kill in this place. I will erase you from all time and space!”

Readying her obelisk sword, Osiris headed towards Zelcyone.


Zelcyone brandished her whip. The metallic whip was a thin blade. It was terrifyingly long and moved freely. It was the same like swinging around an absurdly long sword. That sword attacked Osiris. The long and heavy obelisk couldn’t deal with this speed. Aiming at the spot where Osiris’s stance would be hard pressed to deal with it, the whip assaulted.

Sand pillar rose explosively. Osiris kicked on the ground and evaded the whip. That movement was fast, she leaped towards the bosom of the whip in an instant.


Osiris swung down the huge stone sword. Zelcyone changed the shape of the whip into a sword and blocked the attack of the obelisk. It was a heavy attack that was swung down from overhead.

A sword that was broken into two flew in the air.

Although she defended against an attack of the obelisk, Zelcyone’s sword snapped.

“What stupid strength-!”

Opening her thruster in full throttle Zelcyone took distance in one go. However, Osiris’s speed was fast. In the blink of an eye, Zelcyone was overtaken and she was hit by a pursuit attack.


The obelisk attack that hit her back snapped off one of her wings.

‘――Damn it!’

“Fufufu, without that wing it’s impossible to plant suggestions in me right?”

“Hmph, well it’s just like you said.”

Zelcyone was trickling with cold sweat while she was grinning.

“Then die!”

Osiris headed towards Zelcyone and she was going to swing down the obelisk. However,


She had lifted her obelisk, but it didn’t move as though someone had caught it.

“This is-!?”

Zelcyone’s whip was entangling the obelisk. The whip came from inside the sand.

When Zelcyone flicked her finger, from inside the sand whips raised their head in succession and entangled on Osiris. Both arms, wings, and then the lion’s four legs were restrained.

“Guh……since when……”

“This whip is quick witted see. While it was pretending to run around from you, it was scattering itself inside the sand. Quartum!”


Clayda, Elma, Lunorlla, and Ramza, the four people carried their respective weapons and attacked from four directions. The opponent was in the state that couldn’t make any movement. They unleashed an attack filled with all their strength.


The round bright thing at Osiris’s back emitted light.


The next moment, the round object was shining like a sun. Quartum had their eyes blinded by that light. Lights that were like lasers were fired to all direction from the sun.


Zelcyone’s yell made Quartum deploy their Life Savers even while their eyesight was stolen. The laser fired from Osiris’s sun opened holes on the desert and destroyed even the Life Saver.


Although Quartum’s members weren’t damaged fatally, they got hit directly by the laser and got blown away while their Life Saver was pulverized.

“This cheap trick……”

The laser of the sun also severed the whips of Zelcyone that were entangling Osiris’s body. When she spread her arms, the whips that were dissected into pieces fell on the sand.

With this it looked like all of Zelcyone’s plans had ran out their course. However――,

“You all did well in buying time. I give you my praise.”


An anxiety that Osiris couldn’t comprehend was spreading in her. She looked at Quartum that should be defeated. Even while collapsing on the sand, the four people floated satisfied smiles. And then, Zelcyone was,

“Even if Heart Rebuild became unusable with just one wing, if it’s heavy work then there is no problem.”

Zelcyone’s butterfly wings had its left side half broken. However colorful light was rotating at the right wing. It was like a kaleidoscope that was emitting light.

“Eat this! Thousand Color of Every FlowerKaleid Breath!!”

The butterfly wing released explosive light. That was a surge of light that shined in various colors. Every single patterns of the wing emitted light, those lines of light attacked Osiris. Several hundred, several thousand lines of light each drew different color and trajectory, hitting directly at Osiris’s armor.

“Kuh……what, pressure!”

Osiris’s armor was overwhelmed and that large body was pushed down. Osiris deployed shield at her front and she curled herself as though she was laying on the sand. Her wings burned and its surface began to melt. Cracks entered the four legs of Sekhmet and the armor split. And then the torture of light that seemed like it would continue forever suddenly informed its end.

“Fufu. How is that? It feels good right?”

Zelcyone sounded like she was enjoying herself, but sweat was trickling down on her cheeks.

‘――My magic power will also hit empty soon. Can you just stay down already?’

Zelcyone’s secret wishing came to nothing, Osiris’s four lion legs didn’t lose their strength. That large body stood up once again.

And then the hateful eyes of Osiris captured Zelcyone.

“It was a mistake, to think that if I use my body just a little it will be fine……but, it’s enough already. All of you, will have those bodies of yours perished by me.”

Lines of light floated on Osiris’s body. Blue light was rushing on the body of the golden lion. It looked like power was traveling all over that body. And then that light was restoring the armor that received damage. Before long, Osiris recovered back her shining golden armor into just like before.

That figure felt like she had liberated the power that had been put under limiter until now.

‘――How troublesome.’

Zelcyone murmured inside her heart.


Grace yelled in a loud voice.

“This woman is a machine god! Exchanging blows with her honestly from the front is not a smart plan!”

“……It cannot be helped.”

She shrugged her shoulders and floated a nihilistic smile. And then she turned and yelled sharply.


Sand rolled up explosively. Zelcyone opened her thrusters in full throttle and escaped from in front of Osiris. Following after her the Quartum and Grace also flew away.

“You knaves-!”

Osiris was staring with eyes filled with hatred. However she didn’t try to move from that place. Looking at that state of Osiris across her shoulder, Zelcyone whispered in surprise.

“……She won’t come in pursuit?”

A floating window opened and Elma’s face was projected.

{Might she possibly have grown scared of Zel-sama’s strength?}

Grace nodded in a different window.

{Possibly she harbored a feeling of danger to leave Necropolis unattended. Receiving Zel’s mind control without her realizing it must be something really shocking for that woman.}

Clayda murmured with a complicated face.

{Possibly, she feels no need to chase……or something.}

Zelcyone sensitively reacted to those words.

“What? What do you mean?”

{Ah……no, it seems that she is manipulating the sand so that a strange power is affecting Oldium that it cannot take off. Therefore, that woman might have another method to obstruct us.}

“You fool! Say that quicker!”

Yelling ‘hi-‘ shortly, Clayda then instantly closed the window.

Zelcyone pondered while gnawing at her nail.

‘――What to do? In the end we have to return to Necropolis once more. Besides if there is this manipulation of sand…….’

“Even in the case that Osiris cannot come out from Necropolis, no matter where we run away in this world, that woman’s pursuer will catch up……”

At that time, Ramza’s window suddenly opened.

{Zelcyone-samaaa! That, that!}

Suppressing her feeling that wanted to complain that she didn’t understand of her only saying ‘that, that’, Zelcyone looked back across her shoulder.

“What’s, that?”

Bulging up sand was moving with terrific speed inside the desert. There was something under the sand that seemed to advance underground, but it was faster than Zelcyone and the others who were flying in the sky.

{For some reason I have an unpleasant premonition heree―!}

{I agree……Grace-sama! Please raise your altitude!}

The purusing sand overtook Zelcyone and group.

{Eh? Its business isn’t with us?}

“You think that’s possible! It’s coming!”

The sand swelled up as though blocking their way, it towered up in one go until the height of a hundred meters.

“What’s this thing!”

It was a sand giant. It had no face with black holes opened like a cave at the location of the mouth and eyes. Its body surface was constantly flowed with sand, like water circulating.

Although Elma was holding her hammer in hand, but she was at a loss of how to hit.

Its height was already two hundred meters with only its upper body appearing. Its body was rapidly lengthening as though slipping out from the sand.

“Anyway, we have to try attacking it!”

Ramza held aloft her tomahawk and went toward the sand giant.


With flame rolling up, a terrific shockwave severed the arm of the sand giant.

“I did it! Go me!”

That happiness only lasted for a moment. When she turned back, the arm that should have been severed was growing again.

“Eh! Lies!?”

Lunorlla’s window opened besides Ramza.

{That thing’s body is made from sand. Even if we fight it normally we might not be able to inflict damage to it.}

“Even if you say that, then just what are we going to do-!”

When she yelled that, a bundle of light came flying from far beyond the sky.



A particle cannon possessing golden brightness. That bombing hit Ramza directly. Ramza who lost consciousness was falling.

“Get a hold of yourself!”

Lunorlla kicked on the air and pursued Ramza’s body. However the arm of the sand giant came flying at her.


The gigantic lump of sand had the total weight of a few dozens of tons. Lunorrla’s body was easily blown away. And then one more giant appeared from the ground. The bodies of the two were swallowed into the rising sand.

“Ramza! Lunorlla!”

Grace pulled out a scythe from her wing and took a stance. However she only kept clutching the scythe’s handle without moving.

‘――Even if I go helping those two, how should I do it? Should I dig them up from the sand? However the sand is constantly flowing like a river. The bodies of those two must have been washed away already.’

While thinking that the bombing came again.

Elma repelled that particle cannon with the shield of Life Saver.

“Kuh……just who in the world!?”

She magnified the image in the floating window. What was reflected there was a blue magic armor.

“That’s……Yurishia Farandole!”

Clayda clicked her tongue.

“So that girl has really become Osiris’s underling!”

{She is only being controlled! Zel! Can you release Yurishia from the brain washing?}

Zelcyone’s window also opened.

{My deepest apology. Because of the damage I received from Osiris……I am unable to do it.}

{Ku……the troublesome opponents just keep increasing.}

{Grace-sama. If it’s Yurishia then I understand the way to defeat her. I will go ahead to――}

{No good. If Yurishia get hurts then, Nee-sama and, Nii-sama……will be sad.}

Zelcyone was about to say something but it was clear that she swallowed her words back with effort.

“By your will.”

Answering with just that, Zelcyone stared at the window that reflected Yurishia’s image.

Yurishia was smiling with the joy of capturing her prey.

“Finally I caught up. I won’t forgive those who went against mother. Now, swallow up them all!”

When Yurishia raised her hand even more sand was swelling up. Like a round pillar, the sand was rising up.

“What is it this time!?”

Elma’s yell was answered by Clayda’s trembling voice.

“That’s……a dragon, I wonder?”

Torso with a diameter around ten meters was endlessly continuing. A face showed out from the sand before diving into the sand once more. And then it suddenly appeared from right under Elma.


A big mouth opened and swallowed Elma.


Clayda yelled. But Elma’s figure was already nowhere to be seen.

“Shit……just what should we do”

Grace bit on her lips. Her hand that was gripping the scythe became white from pouring too much strength.

‘What should I do. Teach me,’


It was at that moment when those words unconsciously rushed out from her mouth.

The sky split open.


It was like glass breaking, the sky was smashed apart. And then from that hole the bow of a giant battleship peeked out. That bow became a giant drill, that drill was rotating and scattered apart the fragments of the sky. That drill displayed how it broke this sky.

A function that forcefully caused AU collision, Excavator. There was only one battleship that was equipped with that other than Oldium and Golden Dragon.

Clayda reflexively yelled.

“Battleship Ataraxia!”

Grace looked up at the giant shadow covering above their heads.


And then from that battleship a black shadow was flying down. That man wearing only pilot suit was yelling with his body dancing in the sky.


Instantly a jet black armor wrapped his body. Pink light ran across the armor. That was without any doubt, a Heart Hybrid Gear.


“Grace! You are safe!”

The sand giant discovered the falling Kizuna and reached out its hand. Kizuna immediately controlled his posture using his thruster and evaded the giant hand that was like a wall approaching him.

“What’s this thing!?”

The window of Zelcyone opened besides Kizuna’s face.

{It seemed that these things are controlled by the machine god Osiris. But we don’t understand the way to defeat it. Can you do something?}

“Machine god’s……”

Kizuna thought for a moment and he immediately answered with a smile.

“I’ll do something about it somehow!”

Kizuna ignited his thrusters and quickened his falling speed.


He passed through Grace’s side in one go.

“Here I go! Corruption Armament [Nayuta]!!”

Several magic circles opened in front of Kizuna. The corridor from the line of the magic circles reached until the ground. Each time he passed through a magic circle, Eros’s figure was transforming.


Grace opened her eyes wide at that appearance.

The reason was because that appearance resembled that Nayuta when she became god. Also, what did he say? Corruption Armament, Nayuta?

Zelcyone was also staring at the transforming Eros with a shocked expression.

“Is that the power of god, that you obtained……Hida Kizuna!”

Kizuna who became the figure of a machine god pulled his arm in order to let his fist fly.


Without slowing his speed, he dropped into the desert just like that. And then just before he crashed, his right arm punched the desert.


Eros’s right arm sunk into the sand. The shockwave from that blew away the sand like an explosive. And then, at the same time the virus that destroyed a machine god was sent from the right arm into the sand. If it was only normal sand, there wouldn’t be any effect. But, if it was something that became a part of a machine god――,

Clayda who looked up at the sand giant raised a shocked voice.

“Ua!? What the?”

The three holes on the face of the giant were crushed and the face itself was crumbling. And then it became unable to support its whole body, the giant was falling towards the ground.

Inside the giant familiar silhouettes came in to view.

“Lunorlla! Ramza!”

Clayda ignited her thruster and headed to extract the bodies of the two from inside the sand.

The effect of Reincarnation was transmitted like a spreading ripple with Eros as the center. After the giant, the sand dragon began to crumble.

Looking at that figure, the color of Yurishia’s face changed.

“No way! The protector gods that borrowed the power of Osiris-sama are……”

The alert window of Cross naturally blared, informing Yurishia of the approaching enemy.


Looking at the approaching Kizuna, Yurishia directed the nuzzle of the Differential Frame at him.

She matched the target. What was left was only the firing.


She mysteriously hesitated.

Even though he was supposedly the hated enemy that was a hindrance for her mother.

‘Defeat him quickly’, inside her head she could hear a commanding voice.

However, when she looked at the face of Kizuna that floated in the target, her fingertips stiffened.

‘Why can’t I pull the trigger!?

It’s no good already.

Only a few seconds left until contact.’

“Aah, geez!”

She converted the Differential Frame from offensive into mobility. She turned right and opened her thrusters fully. She had to return to Necropolis in a hurry.


From far above, a sword was suddenly flying at her.


It was already too late when the sensor detected it. One side of the Differential Frame was crushed.


Even thinking that was too late. Getting her attention taken only by Kizuna, she didn’t notice at all the other enemy.

“Hayuru……you really did it just now!”

With the moon at her back, Himekawa was floating with the reborn Neros equipped. Yurishia glared hatefully at that figure while falling.

With Yurishia’s Cross unable to control her posture, she was falling towards the desert where Osiris’s authority had been already unable to reach.

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