Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 9 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – S&M[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The stadium in the high school department of Ataraxia. It was a facility mainly for the sake of carrying out the activity of track and field competitions, but it was twice as spacious as a normal stadium. That was because it was also used as the practice of the combat department. There was consideration for practicing Technical Gears and depending on the situation it could also be used for mock battles.

However it wasn’t assumed that it would be used for the match that was currently carried out.

The students of the research department were observing that match with their feelings in suspense.

“I beg you~, don’t destroy the stadium too much okayyy……we are the ones that will get scoldeddddd-!”

Huge metallic lumps were clashing.

The shockwave and the clashing sound reached even the students who were observing on the stands. As though their eyes reflexively closed and their bodies stiffened as though hands were clapped in front of their eyes.


“A, amazing……this is, a battle between fellow super large types……”

Just by looking the pressure was overwhelming.

The observer stand vibrated, making those standing stagger on their feet. The raised wind flapped the skirts. Because of the uniform with short skirts, the underwear beneath became fully exposed, but it wasn’t the time to look at that because all the eyes were fixed on the impressiveness in front of their eyes.

Two large type magic armors. One of the pilots raised a yelling voice.

“I will receive the victory mark today! Sylvia!”

Ragrus’s small body was settled in the huge magic armor. Demon was charging as though it was sliding on the field of the stadium. And then it raised its fist. The strong arm that was the largest weapon of Demon struck.

“Sylvia won’t let that happen desu!”

Sylvia’s Taros blocked that strong arm.


The impact shook Taros and Sylvia that was settled at its center. The slight groan leaked from that small mouth, and then Sylvia’s grimacing face made Ragrus’s movement stop.


“It’s fine desu! Sylvia is still continuing desu!”

This time Taros’s strong arm attacked Demon. Rather than calling that an arm it was more of a hammer. A metallic lump like a large vault with a door attached. That was Taros’s right arm.


And then the left arm was a flat cube. Just by getting struck with that, even concrete would be easily pulverized, but one could understand from the two opened muzzles that it was the barrel of a particle cannon. A distance of just a few meters were closed with the thruster of posture control and then that muzzle was directed at Demon.

“From this near!?”

Ragrus was driven by nervousness. She wasted no time to move Demon’s left hand to the front. Life Saver was deployed on the palm. However Sylvia instantly lowered the muzzle and aimed at Demon’s leg.

The purple light particles that were fired hit Demon’s knee.

“Chih! The right leg got hit!? The damage?”

Ragrus’s eyes roamed through the window opened in front of her body that displayed Demon’s condition. There the display that the right leg was unable to be used was flickering.

“Cheh! Troublesome!”

While spitting that out she cut the driving force of the right leg.

At a mock battle projectile weapons like the particle cannon had the output set to the lowest setting. In exchange the state of the impact was analyzed and it decided how much damage was received. Following that decision the match was continued with the assumption of receiving that damage. What Ragrus was doing right now was following that rule.

“It’s uncool so I don’t’ want to really do it but……”

Ragrus thrust both of Demon’s arms to the ground and did a handstand.


Sylvia was also taken by surprise at that stance.

“Here I go Sylvia! After all I also hate consecutive losses!”

Demon dashed using the hand like legs. It passed through Taros’s side and disappeared from Sylvia’s field of vision.


Demon’s speed was even faster than when it was running with its legs. And then its posture control using the huge palm was far more nimble than usual.

As expected even Sylvia got led around by the nose.

‘――But, if it is with the combination of the left hand’s particle cannon and the main Igniscannon!’

Sylvia made Taros turned around and ignited her large rocket. Ragrus opened her eyes wide towards Taros that was heading to her with a body blow.

“No way-!?”

‘Even though I thought I had taken absolute distance!’ While cursing inside her heart, Demon bent its arm and gathered strength before straightening all at once, jumping to the air.

Taros passed through below Demon. However Taros stuck an anchor from one of its legs and faced the falling Demon with its hammer striking.



Even while receiving intense impact, the hammer of Taros’s right arm was blocked.


Igniting the thruster, Demon matched the motion of the hammer to escape from the impact.


Taros’s posture broke with its inability to stop the momentum.

“I got you!”

Ragrus got away from Taros’s hammer and landed at a close range. At that time she had already made the preparation to strike a punch.

But, at that time what was reflected in Ragrus’s eyes was the appearance of Sylvia’s grimacing expression with a pale face.


Ragrus floated a console of light and touched the button for emergency suspension of the match. Sirens immediately resounded inside the stadium and the magic armors stopped functioning.


Ragrus got out from Demon and leaped at Taros. When Ragrus’s body separated from Demon, the magic armor became beads of light and vanished.

“Eh, Ragrus-chan. What’s the matter desu?”

Ragrus shouted with a voice that was colored by anger.

“What do you mean what’s the matter! How can you say that with that kind of face!”

Ragrus lent her shoulder to Sylvia and she pulled her out from Taros.

“Good grief……it’s still impossible for you to do anything like a mock battle!”

“Ehehe, recently Sylvia felt good so I thought that perhaps it’s fine already desu……”

“Everyday life and battle is completely different!”

After Sylvia’s body got down on the ground, Taros’s body became light similar to Demon and vanished. The ambulance came at that timing. The research department and the rescue squad department came rushing after receiving the contact of the emergency suspension. A stretcher was carried from the car and the rescue students dashed towards Ragrus.

“Ragrus-san, please put Sylvia-san on the stretcher.”

“No need! I’ll carry Sylvia to the hospital!”

Ragrus said bitingly while embracing Sylvia’s body.

A cool voice cut in from behind the bewildered rescue squad.

“Ragrus, leave this to the specialists.”

“Hyakurath, sama……”

With her golden ponytail swaying, the captain of the Leon squad of Vatlantis Empire’s imperial guard, and also the class representative of second year first group, Hyakurath had come. And then beside her was Mercuria of Tigris squad.

“But-! I’m!”

Mercuria put her hand on her waist and talked admonishingly.

“However Ragrus, the place she will be carried to is not the hospital, it’s Nayuta Lab.”


“You don’t even understand where she will be carried to in the first place――”

Hyakurath raised her hand and stopped Mercuria.

“Everyone of the rescue squad, please.”

Following Hyakurath’s instruction, the relief squad took over Sylvia from Ragrus’s arms, they put her on the stretcher and brought her to the ambulance. The moment the door closed, the car dashed away with its sirens roaring. Ragrus was staring at the back figure of the ambulance with worried gaze.

“It will be fine. There is no danger to Sylvia-san’s life.”

Hyakurath gently put her hand on Ragrus’s shoulder.

“……I guess. That’s right, that’s only obvious.”

Ragrus recovered her calm a little and looked up to the sky. Over there the result of the match was displayed. Two minutes fourteen seconds after the start, it was Ragrus’s defeat due to her surrender.

“Aa―aa, it became consecutive defeats……”

Sounds of applause reached the ears of Ragrus who looked up to the sky. When she looked around thinking what happened, the students who were watching the match from the stands were clapping towards Ragrus.

“What? What’s this?”

Ragrus looked up to Hyakurath looking for an answer.

“Everyone is moved you know?”


Ragrus’s face scowled.

Hyakurath also looked at Ragrus with a happy face and applauded.

“They applauded your friendship with Sylvia-san, and your noble heart.”


Ragrus’s face became red in a flash.

“Tha, that’s stupid!? So, something like that”

However the thundering applause was growing increasingly louder.

“Aah―, geez! I’m going already!”

She rushed out as though running away. Mercuria called out to that back with a mean face.

“Ah, Ragrus! It’s not the hospital but the lab remember! Don’t get mistaken!”


Ragrus’s figure vanished towards the exit while it looked like she almost tumbled.

Part 2[edit]

Battleship Ataraxia was cruising at an altitude of ten kilometers in the sky. Beneath a sea of cloud spreading, they couldn’t confirm what was happening in Necropolis, but in return surely Osiris also couldn’t see Ataraxia from where she was.

Inside the ship’s cell, an investigation was happening.

“Yurishia Farandole. Answer my question.”

Zelcyone who was equipping Teros was peering into the eyes of Yurishia who was sitting on the bed. Inside Zelcyone’s eyes, a magic circle was floating. It was the proof that Zelcyone was using her ability to rule over the opponent’s mind and controlled her as she pleased.

“What are you planning? There is no way that this me will listen to what you are saying don’t you think? There is only one person in this world who can command me. Only my mother Osiris-sama.”

She glared at Zelcyone with a gaze filled with hatred.


That abrupt change of attitude also inflicted shock to Kizuna who was present there.

Reacting to Kizuna’s murmur, Yurishia directed a piercing gaze at him.

“This coward. To put this kind of thing on me and rob me of my strength……”

Yurishia touched the ring of magic power control wrapped around her neck. That was something used once on Yurishia and the others when they became prisoners in the Vatlantis Empire. It caused the wearer to become unable to use magic power and also made it impossible to equip magic armor.

“What happened Yurishia? Don’t you know me?”

Yurishia gritted her teeth audibly.

“I know you. Hida Kizuna……as the captain of Amaterasu, you made use of your position to do as you pleased with my body, a cowardly man.”


Kizuna’s heart spontaneously jumped in shock.

“I really wondered just what was going on with myself until now. But, after meeting mother I understood my true self. I am not Yurishia, I am fated to become Isis. After accepting Isis’s soul I will be able to become mother’s daughter, yet!”

She stood up from the bed and instantly assaulted Kizuna.


A sharp punch aimed at Kizuna’s jaw.


Stepping back, Kizuna barely dodged. However Kizuna’s back bumped into the wall of the cell. There Yurishia’s leg leaped up. The muscle hidden by the plump thigh drove her supple long leg like a whip and struck at Kizuna’s head.


Kizuna’s body was thrown to the wall and he was assaulted by light concussion. Yurishia immediately circled on Kizuna’s back and constricted his neck.

“Zelcyone! If you don’t want Kizuna’s neck to be broken, free me from here!”

With a bored looking face Zelcyone heaved a deep sigh.

“Do as you please.”

“-……I’m really, going to kill him here!”

“――So, you hear that right? What are you going to do Kizuna?”


While his neck was constricted, Kizuna touched the controller put on his finger.


At that moment a magic circle shined on Yurishia’s choker. A shock that resembled electricity traveled through Yurishia’s body, paralyzing her.

“Ku……, you……”

Even when she tried to curse, her tongue was in a paralyzed state. Kizuna separated from Yurishia’s arm and he gently lied down her body on the bed.

“I’ll come again……Yurishia.”

Leaving those words behind, Kizuna and Zelcyone came out from the cell.

Listening to the sound of the door locking, Kizuna heaved a deep sigh. And then he directed a grim face at Zelcyone.

“How is it? Can you remove Yurishia’s hypnotism?”

Zelcyone shook her head side to side at Kizuna’s question.

“It’s no good. Even when I equipped Teros thoroughly, there is no effect. It seems a really powerful hypnotism is affecting her.”

Teros became light and vanished from Zelcyone’s body. From underneath the sexy Zelcyone in her military uniform appeared.

“Don’t tell me……for her whole life, she will be under the impression that she is Osiris’s daughter, that’s not it right?”

“I don’t know. I’ll leave the rest to you all.”

He walked together with Zelcyone. Coming out from the block where cells were lined up, they moved towards the space for the crew’s living activity.

They came out at a spacious viewing room. From the floor until the ceiling it was made from transparent wall like a glass. It was scary if one wasn’t used to it, but it was also a place where one could get the feeling like walking on the air. Currently it was the time of sunset, so the surface was wrapped in orange light. The cloud sea showered in the light of the setting sun was beautiful like a painting. The rim that reflected the light brightly and the shade that became the thick cloud’s shadow were like a paintbrush, creating a grandeur view. It was a beautiful scenery that touched the heart.

Inside such space, a single figure was standing still.


Noticing Kizuna, she turned her face.

“……Nii-sama. And also Zel.”

‘――What’s wrong?’

Grace’s condition was different from usual. Even though she was usually a lump of energy that was full of confidence, now he couldn’t feel any ambition from her. Even her expression felt like there was a shadow hanging over her.

“What’s the matter? Are you feeling unwell?”

“No, there is no such thing……why?”

“Why you ask……you don’t look energetic. You look different from usual.”

Grace looked slightly surprised.

“Nii-sama……you really paid attention.”

Saying that, her face turned a little bashful.



“What should I do, to make reparation……”

She whispered with a voice so small that he almost couldn’t hear it. Kizuna wondered if he mistook what he heard that he couldn’t reply for a while.

Grace pursed her lips as though changing her mind and shook her head.

“No, it’s nothing. We also have to take back Oldium. Let’s think of the way to do that.”

Grace abruptly turned her back at Kizuna and Zelcyone, before leaving that place.

“Then I’ll return to my room. Call me when it’s time for the strategy meeting.”

“Yeah, got it.”

Grace’s figure vanished behind the automatic door.

“She said that but, as I thought isn’t her condition strange?”

Kizuna asked Zelcyone.

“……Grace-sama, she feared that she will become a hindrance for you and Ainess-sama. And then she is feeling responsible towards the sacrifice that was caused from the war between Vatlantis Empire and Lemuria. By some chance, perhaps she is thinking that if she doesn’t take responsibility, then it will influence the future of you and Ainess-sama.”

Kizuna frowned, not understanding what she meant.

“Grace-sama was shown that kind of illusion from Osiris’s mental attack.”

“I see…….”

Kizuna showed an expression where he was enduring a pain.

“It’s a difficult problem but……but, at the very least Aine and I won’t treat Grace like a hindrance.”

“That’s obvious. If you do that kind of thing, I’ll lop off your neck that very day.”

Something cold ran through Kizuna’s spine. That wasn’t a mere threat, she was seriously saying that. That was what Kizuna felt.

“But the nightmare that was shown in the mental world inflicted severe impression and influence. In a certain meaning, its influence if far larger than even reality. Due to that, it makes Grace-sama worried.”

“Hey, Zelcyone. Is there, any way to make Grace cheerful you think?”

Zelcyone glared at Kizuna with a vexed face.

“Think about that yourself, you good-for-nothing.”

“……I cannot object anything to that.”

‘Hmph’, snorting her nose, Zelcyone walked towards the window. Kizuna also stood beside her.

“Zelcyone. You know a lot about Aine and Grace that I don’t know. Can you teach me about various things from now on too?”

Zelcyone clicked her tongue and suddenly gripped Kizuna’s collar.

“You bastard, you are acting too familiar with me.”

Kizuna was perplexed to that threatening look of hers.

“I, is that so? But, having good relationship, is not a bad th……”

“Annoying! I am the captain of Vatlantis Empire’s Imperial Guard. I’m not the student council president and also not your lover! Don’t you misunderstand demon king of Lemuria!”


Kizuna stiffened with a convulsing face.

Zelcyone separated her hand from Kizuna’s collar as though tossing him away. She turned on her heel and walked towards the corridor.

“Don’t get elated just because you have done as you pleased to my body for just once!”

Zelcyone got out and the door closed. Was it just his feeling, it was as though the door that should be automatic felt like it was closed rougher than usual.


Kizuna who was left alone cocked his head in puzzlement while watching the sunset turning into night sky.

‘――Certainly Grace is Vatlantis Empire’s emperor. But, she is a girl even younger than me. To just weigh down all the responsibility on a girl like her, I cannot think of that as something right.

Besides right now we are fighting together for the sake of saving both Lemuria and Atlantis, she is a reliable comrade. Even about Aine and also Yurishia, if we combine our strength then surely we can save them.’

“But, so she is actually worrying that much. Grace……”

He unconsciously murmured to himself.

Was it because of the time they spent together in the Ataraxia that Nayuta created, he completely considered her as a comrade that he didn’t realize until that far.

“Certainly, it cannot be helped that Zelcyone called me a good-for-nothing huh……”

The cute little sister was worrying and suffering. If he didn’t become her strength, then what use was this Nii-sama for.

“Yosh, let’s call Grace――”

At that time the summon announcement resounded inside the ship.

{Hida Kizuna, the strategy meeting will be carried out after this. Come to the first laboratory urgently.}


Just what in the world was it about?

Kizuna turned on his heel and walked in the corridor with a fast pace. He got into the elevator and headed to the first laboratory nearby the battleship Ataraxia’s stern. Inside the room that had a size similar to a classroom, Reiri and Kei were already waiting.

“What’s the matter? So sudden like this.”

What was inside the room was only a set of desks and chair. There was nothing else, it was a deserted room. At the center of that room, a screen was floating that projected the state of Yurishia inside the cell.

“You have seen it already……as expected it’s difficult to release Yurishia from the brainwashing.”

“Yeah, but there is a way.”


Kei that was facing the desk typed on the keyboard fast.

{The only way to release Yurishia’s brainwashing. That is――}

Continuing where Kei’s typing left off, Reiri proclaimed.

“The Core’s reinstall!”

Kizuna repeated that sentence inside his head many times over.

“Wait a second. What relation is there between releasing the brainwashing with powering up the magic armor?”

When Reiri nodded, Kei began the explanation.

{The suggestion that Osiris gave Yurishia produced a strong binding on the brain’s nerve tissue. To untie this binding is not an ordinary undertaking. However, by giving her even more intense experience, when there is information even more beneficial than Osiris’s brainwashing, it can give Yurishia’s body another impression.}

“……What do you mean?”

{When a Core is installed, a certain kind of reset phenomenon will occur inside the body. That is in order for the Core to activate, it will remove information that became a hindrance. By using that the body’s bad condition like illness will be improved and mental difficulty will also be removed.}

“Heee……that’s amazing. It seems that the Core is useful for medical treatment.”

{However, this is only limited if there is even more beneficial information by the time the install is happening. For example, if the body doesn’t have the information of the original healthy state, then there will be nothing that will be particularly improved.}

“That’s……what you just said, the more intense experience?”

Reiri crossed her arms and nodded.

“We had Zelcyone slipping into Yurishia’s mind to investigate, she said that when Yurishia received brainwashing from Osiris, there is a memory where she was given strong pain together with pleasure. However, she doesn’t know as far as the specific way……”

‘――Pain and pleasure she said……don’t tell me!’

“About that, I can imagine it in general.”

Reiri stopped crossing her arms and grinned widely.

“As expected from you, then we can keep this short.”

Reiri’s eyes shined glaringly.

“Grant the true desire that Yurishia is looking for! Pleasure that makes that girl scream both in her heart and flesh! Ecstasy that she has never experienced before! A climax so great that it smashes the memory given to Yurishia!”

“I have to, do to Yurishia……something even greater than what Osiris did?”

{If the reinstall succeeded in that situation, the effect of the install will be able to erase the control of Osiris that is deeply rooted in Yurishia.}

Kizuna pursed his mouth strongly, he stared at Yurishia who was projected on the screen.

She was sitting on the bed with a grim face.

‘――This is a match between me and Osiris.’

Yurishia’s face distorted in bitterness and tears dripped out. He had never seen Yurishia looking that bitter.

“That’s not all you know?”

Unnoticed there was a young girl standing at Kizuna’s side.

“!? ……Since when!”

{Professor Nayuta?}

“You bastard! I told you already to not enter as you please!”

Ignoring Reiri who lost her temper, Nayuta walked until the center of the room.

“It seems that how each machine god became how they currently are and their very existences itself are different from each other. A method that is effective against Hokuto doesn’t mean that it will be effective against the other machine gods.”

Reiri glared at Nayuta with an irritated look.

“Then what are you saying?’

“In order for Yurishia to receive the soul of Osiris’s daughter, she should also have the information about Osiris and Necropolis driven into her. Even if her brainwashing is released the information about them will remain. That’s why……”

Kizuna nodded.

“We can obtain Osiris’s information from Yurishia. Perhaps we can even understand what kind of attack will be effective, is that it?”

Nayuta nodded in satisfaction.


Kizuna talked to Yurishia inside the screen with a gaze filled with determination.

“I’ll surely save you without fail……Yurishia!”

Part 3[edit]

Light shined into the gloomy room. The blonde haired girl wearing Ataraxia’s uniform was illuminated by spotlight. Surely even among foreign pin-up girls, there wasn’t that many who possessed a style this magnificent. Because such selfish body was forcefully imprisoned into the uniform, the breasts and also the butt looked like they were going to burst out. That was Yurishia Farandole of Amaterasu.

That former ace of America had handcuffs fixed on her, she was suspended by a chain from the ceiling. Even her mouth was filled with a ball that had holes opened on it, it was fitted on her face with a leather band.

Kizuna stared at that figure with a nervous look.

Yurishia’s fate hung on this mission. Not only that. The configuration information of Lemuria and Atlantis that Osiris possessed. Whether they could take back that data also depended on this mission.

Even though he was motionless, sweat was flowing out.

“Is the preparation finished?”

A young girl entered inside the light that illuminated Yurishia. The young girl wearing a strange kimono with the lower part becoming tights smiled proudly.

“My side’s preparation is perfect. I finished taking out Cross’s Core from Yurishia and improved it. Besides, the equipment and the placing of the stage are also complete.”

“……You are really able to prepare something like this huh.”

Kizuna looked around inside the room. Various kinds of whips and torturing devices were lined up on the wall. There were props like rope and candle, then there were also big tools like the pulley where Yurishia was currenly suspending from or the x-shaped cross stand. When he turned around, the room was partitioned with iron bars like a prison, the exit was at the other side of the bars.

This place was a special laboratory inside the battleship Ataraxia. Originally it was a room used for experiments with weapons and dangerous things, but Nayuta reformed it. The variety of tools prepared here was also assembled by Nayuta.

“Generally all these existed in Ataraxia. Reproducing them is something easy.”

As though putting spirit into himself, Kizuna strongly breathed.

“Yosh. I’ll leave it to you.”

Nayuta put her index finger on Yurishia’s forehead.

“Mm, mmm……”

After lightly groaning, Yurishia’s blue eyes opened.

“Then, I’ll leave the rest to you two, the young people.”

Leaving behind a sentence like a match-making auntie, Nayuta who had the youngest appearance slipped through the iron bars and left the room.

‘Even though it’s better if she acts a little more like a human’, Kizuna thought inside his heart. He pulled himself together and gauged Yurishia’s state.

“Yurishia. How do you feel?”

Yurishia’s eyes were gradually opening wide. She was completely awake now.

“Mm―! Nnuuuuuu!”

The chain clinked with her raging trying to escape, but there was no result except her big breast shaking. Her beautiful blonde hair became disheveled and she glared at Kizuna with a furious expression.

“Nfu-! Unauuuuuh, aunu!”

She looked like she was hurling angry words at him, but the holed ball was bitten in her mouth so the words were unclear. From the hole opened on the ball, saliva was dripping glisteningly.

“I will train Yurishia from now on. Just who is it that is your master, I will properly make you understand it.”

“! Nnnnbohauuannnn!”

Yurishia howled. He didn’t understand what she was saying, but Kizuna understood painfully well what she wanted to say. Honestly speaking, Kizuna himself was also hesitating.

‘――No, don’t get cold feet. In order to take back Yurishia, this is necessary.’

Besides, the thing that Yurishia was actually looking for, that was something she herself wasn’t aware of and expected it unconsciously. He had to give it to her.

From the Heart Hybrid experience until now, it was obvious that Yurishia had the taste for S&M. However there was a stopper hanging on somewhere in her. Perhaps it was Yurishia’s pride as the world’s strongest, or possibly her up bringing as a celebrity that was a hindrance.

But breaking that wall and liberating her self would become the strength to take back the true Yurishia.

Osiris too must have make Yurishia fall with that same act.

‘――However, I’ll give Yurishia something even better than that!’

Kizuna approached Yurishia, and then the raging Yurishia, especially her fiercely raging breasts, he grabbed them.


The bulging that was too big in his hand changed shape elastically.

“Nn! Mmmuuhnnnn-!”

The sensation his palm felt was soft even while it had firmness. But there was something he was concerned with. There was no sensation of the underwear that should be under the uniform.

“Yurishia, you have no bra. Since when were you like this? How lewd.”

Yurishia’s cheeks reddened and she shook her head.

“You are saying, ‘It doesn’t matter since when, I want you to grope me”, that’s it huh.”

‘――Actually we didn’t put the underwear when she was changed though.’

Yurishia sent him a gaze filled with anger. Kizuna accepted that gaze calmly and continued rubbing the breasts without caring.

“Uu……fu, fuu―, nnu”

He continued to rub the breast with one hand and his other hand caressed around her body. As though confirming Yurishia’s body, his hand moved on her suspended arm, and then below her armpit.


Yurishia became standing on her tiptoes. It seemed that she was feeling it more than he thought. And then his hand moved from her side to her stomach, and then to her ass. The large butt was truly worth it to be caressed. He flipped up her skirt and exposed her white butt that was wearing black lacy panty.

“So this part is wearing something. Normally you didn’t wear anything right? It’s fine to not force yourself you know?”

“Nn-! Unnunnn!”

While purposefully saying mean things, Kizuna caressed her large butt. It was truly big, that his hand grasping it didn’t even cover half of it. Even so when he caressed and rubbed the butt to his heart’s content, he could see her waist shivering. It seemed that these shivers weren’t caused by her breast but because of the stimulation to her lower body.

When he looked at Yurishia’s face, the strength in her glaring eyes was growing weak. Perhaps she was desperately trying to rally her feelings, sometimes her look became grim. However it would soon become an intoxicated look completely once more.

“What’s the matter Yurishia……even though the one doing this is someone hateful that you want to kill, it looks like you are feeling it.”

Inside the palm that was busily massaging the shaking breasts, something stiff could be felt.


Yurishia was shaking her head in refusal. However, the sensation that Kizuna’s hand was feeling didn’t lie. Kizuna pinched at the tip of Yurishia’s breast and slowly pulled it.

“Looks like it’s completely standing up here huh?”


“It’s fine okay? You can just feel good.”

Kizuna brought his mouth close to Yurishia’s ear that had been dyed red completely and whispered. ‘fuh’ when he blew his breath, it shook her body shiveringly.

Tears gathered a lot in Yurishia’s eyes, she glared with eyes that were holding back sorrow.

“What’s wrong? Is there something you want to say?”

“Nn―! Nnunna―!”

She desperately yelled, but it didn’t become any word. In exchange saliva was flowing down from the opened holes of the ball gag. The image of the beautiful and elegant Yurishia dripping down drool slovenly looked immoral somehow that it made something chilling ran inside Kizuna’s heart.

‘――But, it’s not good to be too fixated. From here on I‘ll also break Yurishia’s defense by dialogue. Let’s do this!’

After giving such pep talk to himself, Kizuna circled his hand behind Yurishia’s head. And then he untied the clasp and took off the ball gag pressing on her mouth.

‘Puhah’, Yurishia spitted out the ball gag and thrust out her tongue. From the tip of her pink tongue a line of saliva stretched down.

“Dripping saliva like that, you look like a baby like that.”

Kizuna excessively fanned up Yurishia’s shame. However with her restricted state, Yurishia couldn’t even wipe out her mouth. Yurishia yelled out angrily with a big voice in order to divert her shame.

“Doing something like this to me, do you think I’m going to obey Kizuna from this!? Don’t look down on me! I absolutely won’t lose!”

“That’s really reassuring huh……”

Kizuna walked until the wall and scrutinized the torture devices lined up there. He felt Yurishia’s gaze on his back. Even though she talked confidently, but she was anxious about what would be done to her.

‘――Yurishia’s body is already warmed up, then first…….’

When Kizuna returned with a scissor in hand, Yurishia twitched in fear.

“What are you……planning to do?”

That voice was trembling in fear.

“You don’t need to worry. It’s only a change of clothes for you.”

He put the scissor at the stomach part of the uniform.

“Don’t move because this is dangerous.”

Yurishia obediently listened to him. Perhaps because of the fear, her body was trembling. The cutting edge of the scissor was good, it easily tore apart the uniform. It reached until the chest and completely cut open the front of the uniform. And then after he finished cutting the sleeves too, her upper body became cleanly naked.

Continuing, Kizuna put the scissors on Yurishia’s skirt. He cut from the stomach part to the bottom. After he cut until the fringe, a soft sound was raised and the skirt fell on the floor.

Yurishia was standing with only a single black panty without even being able to hide her body.

‘――Now then, how should I torment her next?’

Kizuna went to the wall once again and pondered. And then his two hands took the tool that he decided in his heart, before returning to Yurishia. He put the prepared tool on the floor for the moment and reached his hand at Yurishia’s handcuff.

“I’m going to release the chains now.”


Yurishia made a surprised face.

What happened so suddenly? Even though she was thinking that he was going to torment her. Yurishia was half in doubt, but Kizuna really released Yurishia’s wrist from the restriction.

Yurishia’s eyes shined glaringly. The moment her hand became free, she grappled at Kizuna.


She intended to break Kizuna’s balance and constrict his neck from behind. However Kizuna’s body that she was pushing with her hand didn’t even take a step back.

“This is……ah!”

She got her arm twisted by Kizuna in reverse.

“There was what happened before this. So I had the restriction tool newly increased.”


Yurishia noticed the rings wrapped around both her wrists. It was really similar with the one wrapping around her neck.

“This thing is an improved version. It’s not only limiting your magic power, it also steals your physical strength. The current strength of Yurishia is equal to a child.”

In addition the current Yurishia didn’t have a Core, so the magic power limiter was mostly meaningless. But stealing her physical strength was greatly useful for the success of the mission.

“Kuh……how low are you going to fall, you coward.”

Kizuna unconsciously smiled wryly.

‘――Indeed. But that’s because it’s absolutely impossible to do the reinstall while fighting Yurishia who is skilled in hand to hand……just insult me however much you want right now.’

Kizuna picked up the torture tool he selected before. It was a hexagon block with length around ten centimeters. An explanation was written at its surface.

“Automatic binding device……so this too is a kind of [installer].”

――Installer. It was a necessary assistance device for the sake of the reinstall preparation.

Even at the time of Himekawa’s reinstall, he also used an installer as expected although the shape was different.

According to Nayuta’s explanation, the installer would stimulate the body with delicate vibration and electricity, at the same time it seemed that it would permeate out the medicine to assist with the reinstall loaded in the device with an appropriate timing.

Like that, the most optimum environment for the sake of inserting the Core was created. At the same time it also had the measuring device for analyzing the body’s condition, he could monitor whether the flesh had reached the most optimum state for reinstall or not from the remote control.

Kizuna grasped one of Yurishia’s hands and his other hand touched the automatic restraining device on Yurishia’s chest. While doing that he was hit by Yurishia several times, but it was only to the degree of raising weak sound. The pain and damage he got was almost zero, he finished what he was doing easily.

“I wonder……is it okay with this?”

When he pushed the switch, rope flew out from the automatic restraining device.



The two spontaneously raised a yell. The red rope that was yarned from special fiber entwined through Yurishia’s body. It detected Yurishia’s body size and the rope entangled at each other, it created knots by itself and bound down Yurishia’s body.

After around five seconds, Yurishia’s body was completely tied up. The red rope was covering Yurishia’s body in a shape that joined up hexagons. Depending on how one looked at it, it also looked like a turtle shell. Both her hands were tied at behind, her chest became shaped from the binding of the rope. That way of tying emphasized the breasts even more. And then the rope also dug into her crotch. The rope stretching from her lower body parted her crotch, it was sandwiched between her bottoms and then fastened on her waist.

“Wha, what with, this”

“That’s why I told you already this is a change of clothes. It really suites you yeah.”

“Do, don’t say something stupid. There is no way something like this is a clo――aaahn!”

Kizuna gripped the rope on her crotch and pulled it up.

“What’s the matter? You raised a voice that sounded like you are feeling good just now.”

“The, there is no way it feels go……nnah! Yah, aaaaan”

Yurishia raised moaning voices while desperately shaking her head side to side. She began desperately protesting that she was not feeling anything.

However the rope that was digging into her crotch was steadily absorbing moisture and changed color.

“Even though you claimed that I’m wrong, but this thing cannot give you any excuse huh?”

“You are wrong, such thing…….is not truee-! Auhn, ah ah, don’t-!”

“Despite what you say, it looks like you are really pleased with it.”

Kizuna pulled up the rope digging into her crotch and then shook it to the left and right.

“Kuau! Sto, stopppppmm-“

She quickly began to raise a pained voice.

“Honestly recognize that you are feeling good because of me. If you do that, then I’ll do something that feels even better to you.”

“Tha, that’s……”

Yurishia’s throat gulped audibly.

“…….There is no way, I’m feeling it.”

Even while answering so, her body was convulsing in shivers. It was the proof that she was struck with pleasure.

‘――Yurishia is feeling it just from being tormented with words.’

The tips of her shaking breasts were also standing tautly. Kizuna pinched at that tip of the breast with his fingertips.

“Hii! Aaaa-, stop it, don’t pull it!”

He twisted the tip of the breast with his fingertips. There, Yurishia’s whole body twisted back and forth.

“As I thought, you are feeling it even more than usual. You liked being tied huh, Yurishia.”

Kizuna continued massaging the breast with one hand while his other hand gripped the rope on her crotch. And then he shook the rope back and forth once more.

“Tha, that’s not true! That’s not trueeee-!”

Honey was trickling along Yurishia’s thigh. Power left her legs and she kneeled on the floor. And then the rope dug into her crotch excessively from that motion.

“Noooooooooo-, don’t, that place is, nnnun!”

Kizuna released his hand from the rope. Yurishia’s waist lost strength and she collapsed on the floor.


The moist eyes on her flushing face were already drunk in pleasure. Kizuna seized Yurishia’s chin and made her face above.

“How is it? Have you become a prisoner of the pleasure already?”

Feverish breath leaked out from Yurishia’s lips. Her eyes were wandering in fluster.

“The……there is no way, that happened. Something like this……compared to Osiris-sama, is completely, nothing…….significant.”

From how she acted, she still had the composure to bluff.

‘――Then, a stronger stimulation is needed.’

Yurishia’s body had warmed up, she was sweating moistly. There was also the temperature of the room that had been slightly heightened, causing Kizuna to also sweat.

“I too should prepare for battle.”

After murmuring that, Kizuna began to take off the uniform he was wearing. He felt the presence of Yurishia getting nervous. However, he didn’t mind it and took off his trousers too, now he was only in his underwear.

Masou Gakuen HxH V09 BW 08.png

Kizuna who was left only in his underwear picked up one more torture tool. Looking at the thing in Kizuna’s hand, Yurishia gulped. Back in her mind, she recalled the punishment Osiris had given to her.

“Hm? By some chance is this it?”

Kizuna lightly swung the whip in his hand. The leather whip with a duster shape resounded out sharp ripping sound. Yurishia’s body jumped up in surprise.

“No, nothing……I don’t know what you mean.”

‘――That’s, the same whip that Osiris-sama lashed…….’

Kizuna took off the tag attached at the handle of the whip. There was an explanation written there.

{The electromagnetic waves emitted by the whip will invigorate the cell of the struck part. That will assist spreading the Core’s information to the whole body at the time the Core is installed.}

Kizuna tested it by swinging it at his own leg. *pushu* a sharp sound could be heard which made Yurishia twitch in reaction.

‘I see. The sound is big but it’s not that painful. If I properly control the strength, it will make the skin a little red but it won’t injure the body.’

Kizuna was relieved and grasped the chain hanging down from the ceiling. When the chain was separated from the handcuffs, it could be seen that the tip of the chain had a metallic hook there. He hooked it at the rope on Yurishia’s back.

“Ah……wha, what?”

Kizuna pressed at the switch on the wall and the chain was slowly pulling up with a motor sound. Pulled by that, Yurishia’s body was also dragged up, she was forcefully made to stand.

“Then, here I go Yurishia.”

“Wai……sto, stop it! That’s――”

Kizuna swung down the whip on Yurishia’s butt. A fierce ripping sound resounded and Yurishia’s body bent.


The white large butt had faint red mark left there. Yurishia’s legs were shivering convulsively.

‘――Keep going!’

Next he hit the back.

“NNAah! Yaah! Stop! Please-!”

Kizuna circled to her front and then he teasingly pressed the tip of the whip on the breast that was shaking left and right .

“Aaa……no, stop it, that place……”

“That place, where do you mean? I won’t understand if you don’t say it.”

Yurishia bit her lip.

“My……my breast.”

“Got it. You want your breast hit right?”

Yurishia unconsciously opened her mouth in bewilderment.

“Tha, that’s not……just who is saying something like that!”

Kizuna lifted the whip and hit even stronger than anything until now. And then together with a sharp blow sound, Yurishia’s white breast had a red streak carved on it.

“-!? Ih-……-!”

The pain that traveled through her like a thunder made Yurishia clench her teeth. Tears blurred her eyes.

The moment the pain changed into a paralyzing itch, a sharp sound resounded once more.


Red streak ran on her breast crossing through the first one. And then her stomach, side, thigh, all those were also hit by the whip.

“Noooooo! Aaaaaah! Stooooop-!”

Yurishia’s hair was disheveled while she was crying out loudly. However――,

‘――You really feel it……Yurishia.’

The installer shining at the center of her breast had a monitor attached, there it displayed the numerical value of Yurishia’s state whether the reinstall could be done or not. That was to say, from that number it could be understood how much Yurishia was feeling it.

That number was rapidly increasing.

The maximum was 1000. At the beginning it was around 80, but it was rapidly continuing to increase, especially since he was hitting her with a whip that the degree of the increase was great. Right now it had reached until 500.

When his hand stopped, Yurishia was breathing heavingly. It was like she had ran a marathon with all her strength, her shoulders were moving up and down several times. Sweat was trickling down like a waterfall, her face was also flushing.

Holding her chin, Kizuna lifted her face. There, a pained expression wetted with tears appeared. Her lips were half opened, she was breathing feverishly.

If he had to say with words, that expression was pleading at him [do it more].

However, since the time when the number had surpassed around 400, the increase of the number was weakening in speed. Perhaps he couldn’t hope for further increase with whipping more than this.

‘――For doing the reinstall, at the very least, I want the number to be above 800. For that, something even more intense is needed. And in addition it must be something Yurishia is wishing for…….’

Kizuna stared at the torture tools lining up inside the dark room.

If he didn’t hurry, then Yurishia’s body that was in the process of surrendering to pleasure after much effort would cool down.

Kizuna desperately thought while repressing his impatient feelings.

‘――What kind of things did Osiris do to Yurishia? And then, what should I do to give her a memory even more intense than that!’

At that time inside Kizuna’s head a certain thing flashed.

‘――I can just make Yurishia choose.’

Kizuna pressed the lighting switch on the wall. Thereupon the indirect lighting other than the spotlight lit up, and the torture tools that were hidden from Yurishia’s eyes by the darkness became plain to see.

“This is……”

Kizuna fixedly observed Yurishia whose breath was caught in her throat. And then her gaze stopped at a certain spot, he noticed how she was continuing to stare fixedly. Yurishia’s throat was moving up and down.

Ahead of her gaze was a device like a horse riding machine. However, at the part where the rider’s waist would be lowered down, the shape was made into a triangle shape.

‘――That’s……a triangle wooden horse?’

At the spot for sitting, it was shaped like a triangular prism with triangle cross section. There was no flat surface, the angle was at the above, so if someone straddled it they would have their legs forcefully opened and their crotch would come into contact with the triangular angle. Naturally it would be painful, they would be pressed down by their own weight so the rider wouldn’t even be able to escape.

“So Yurishia want to ride that.”

When Yurishia returned to her sense with a ‘hah’, she looked up to Kizuna. And then with an expression that was begging for forgiveness, she shook her head to left and right.

“You’re wrong……you’re wrong. So, something like that, stop it……seriously, I beg you!”

In contrast with her words, at the inside of Yurishia’s thighs, honey was dripping down from the rope that tied at her crotch.

Kizuna lowered the chain and he unfastened the hook from the rope binding Yurishia. And then he picked up a scissor and squatted in front of Yurishia.

“I’ll make you a little comfortable. Don’t you move.”


Yurishia felt the coldness of the scissor on her lower body. And then the rope parting her crotch was quickly cut. And then, next the scissor entered beside her waist and the string of her panty was cut.


The panty fell to the floor gently, now there was nothing hiding the between of Yurishia’s nether region. A golden bush wet with dew appeared.

“Ya-…..ya, yaaa! Don’t look! I, I don’t want thisss!”

She desperately rubbed her thighs to hide it, but it was a pointless effort.

The number displayed at the installer on her chest rose to 540. Kizuna embraced up Yurishia whose body was only wearing rope and led her towards the triangle horse.

She stopped her legs in resistance, but she was dragged away forcefully towards the horse.

“Nooooo! Please! I’ll do anything else other than that! That’s why spare me from that!”

But the current Kizuna was able to understand what was Yurishia’s body was saying.

Yurishia’s body, was very happy.

The triangle wooden horse was currently set to be at its lowest height, he was able to easily make her straddle it. Kizuna circled behind Yurishia and made her crouch. And then he put his hand under Yurishia’s knee and lifted her up.

“Yah, stop, this posture-! Don’t spread me!”

Yurishia whose legs were spread raised a voice of lamentation. Her pose was like that of a small girl made to pee. Surely it was humiliating for her.

And then Yurishia’s body was lowered to even more humiliation than that.

“Don’t, don’t don’ttttttt!”

Kizuna stepped on the foot switch attached on the foot of the wooden horse with his right leg. There a quiet mechanical sound started out and the triangle wooden horse was rising.


Yurishia’s shuddering became more fervent. She was sweating from her whole body.

“I beg you! If you stop right now I’ll forgive you! That’s why――”

‘――Don’t get tricked, Kizuna.’

Kizuna persuaded himself.

――Don’t listen to the word coming from her mouth. Listen to the voice of Yurishia’s heart.’

Kizuna’s leg that was stepping on the switch didn’t waver, the triangle wooden horse continued to rise without stopping.

“Do, don’t don’t! Kizuna! Just this is no good! Please stop it!”

However the triangle wooden horse didn’t stop moving.

“I beg you Kizuna! If it’s something else――hih!”

The summit of the triangle touched Yurishia’s secret place. And then Kizuna separated his hand from her, entrusting Yurishia’s body on the wooden horse.


A scream burst out.

At that moment, in Yurishia’s brain the sensation of the punishment she received from Osiris was resurrected.

“Kuh! HaAAAAN♥”

Sensation that couldn’t be recognized whether it was pleasure or pain attacked Yurishia. And then the wooden horse rose even higher, Yurishia’s tiptoes left from the floor. Right now Yurishia’s body was completely lifted up.

“Kah! ……haaa-! Ku……”

It was as though Yurishia couldn’t breath, her mouth was flapping close and open.

“Ple, please……help me, Kizuna. At this rate, I……my feeling to mother will……”

Tears were flowing from her eyes.

Yurishia was begging for pardon from her mouth, but that face was completely changed into a female in heat.

And then the number on her chest was rapidly continuing to rise, it was already crossing over 650.

This wooden horse was naturally not just a mere torture tool. This too was one kind of installer. This device gave direct result when Core’s reinstall was carried out.

Surely it could be said that it was a good luck that Yurishia showed interest to this tool. For that reason there was a need to make her fold in one go.

Kizuna’s foot pressed on a different switch.

“Kyahn! Aa, wha, what are, you do……aaAAAAAAAAA♥!”

The wooden horse began to subtly vibrate with motion the eyes couldn’t see. It was sending sweet, and also severe sensations from Yurishia’s nether region towards the inside of her body. It was a tremendous feast of pain and pleasure mixing with each other. It was enough to take away Yurishia’s sanity from her.

“Nooo-, no, stop ittttttttt-♥! I’m, a, already, turning strangeeeee”

‘――Thi, this is amazing-, something like this, perhaps this is even more than Osiris――no, than mother-!’

The number on Yurishia’s chest reached 700.

Kizuna glared at that number and though about his next move.

Currently he was still not surpassing Osiris. Only one more step, what to do to smash Osiris’s control?

Kizuna chose from the torture tools something primitive but effective. Carrying that, he returned to Yurishia one more time.

“I’ll present to you Yurishia an accessory.”

“Hah, wha, what……aaahn!”

Yurishia saw the thing in Kizuna’s hand with blank eyes.


Kizuna opened the clothes pin and brought it near the tip of Yurishia’s breast. Yurishia’s eyes was getting moist with intoxication.

“Do……don’t put something like that on me! It’s scary, scary, I don’t want, getting hurt anymore-“

However the tip of Yurishia’s breast was standing tautly in anticipation. It was as though it was looking forward to it, begging that it wanted to be adorned with that accessory quickly.

Yurishia’s shook her body trying to escape from the clothes pin. Kizuna held down the shaking breast and pinched that tip with the clothes pin.

Pain she never felt until now and a pressing strength were continuing to attack the tip of Yurishia’s breasts. It wasn’t something that ended in a moment like whipping. It continued to torment Yurishia’s breast without any gap.

“Aa, aaaa……ta, take it off. Please, take it offaaaahn”

With the tip of her breast flattened down, it was like Osiris’s something inside her body was pushed out completely.

And then the number reached 800.

‘I did it!’ Kizuna yelled that inside his heart. However, he had no intention of stopping here.

He would aim at increasing the number as much as possible. Besides he still hadn’t manage to erase Osiris’s presence in Yurishia.

What in the world could he do even more than this?

Pain, and pleasure. Those two.

He had used tools enough already.

Next it must be something that Kizuna gave to her directly.

And then, he had to make her recognize her defeat to him completely, making her submit.

‘――And for that!’

Kizuna stopped pressing the switch of the wooden horse and the vibration stopped.

“Aaahn! Aa……eh?”

Yurishia who was breathing roughly stared at Kizuna with a face that seemed to say ‘what’s the matter?’

Kizuna reached out his hand and caressed Yurishia’s cheek.

“It’s my bad to make you feel painful.”


“If you hate it that much, then I’ll stop tormenting Yurishia even more than this.”

“Eh……bu, but”

In shock, Yurishia’s eyes that were wet with tears were blinking repeatedly.


Yurishia’s breath hitched on her throat, wondering what Kizuna was planning to say.

“Become my slave.”

The moment she heard that sentence, Yurishia felt the inside of her stomach tighten hard.

“If Yurishia becomes my slave, then I’ll do something that feels even better to you.”

Yurishia’s throat gulped audibly.

“But, if you really hate it, then I won’t do it anymore. Yurishia, you choose what you like.”

Yurishia was obviously flustered. She looked around at the surroundings, her eyes roaming everywhere.

“That’s……but, I, belong to mother……I have to become Isis. Besides, I am a celebrity of high society you know? I’m also the strongest pilot in the world……besides, mother said, something like S&M is vulgar……”

The confused Yurishia began to talk incoherently. Osiris’s brainwashing and Kizuna’s training were conflicting inside her.

Kizuna pressed on the foot switch. There the wooden horse lowered down and it would lower Yurishia to the floor.


And then her toes reached the floor. Kizuna’s hand reached toward Yurishia’s breast and he was going to take off the clothes pin.

“Aa, aaa…….wait. Wait.”

Yurishia’s face almost broke into crying.

Her mother that left the house from divorce.

That mother was fastidious, she loathed something vulgar.

She especially wouldn’t tolerate the existence of a thing like S&M.

And then she hoped for Yurishia to become a celebrity of high class society.

An elegant lady that would be envied by anyone.

But, she wanted to become a hero rather than a lady.

And then, it actually weighed on her mind.

She felt that the restrained and whipped figure was beautiful.

‘Mother, Yurishia is――,’

Yurishia’s shoulders trembled and she murmured with a small voice.

“……I will.”

Kizuna stopped the wooden horse. And then he stared at Yurishia, but her face looked down and on that note her mouth kept pursed tightly.

“Say it properly. What does Yurishia want to be?”


Kizuna was going to lower the wooden horse once more. At that moment, Yurishia raised her face.

“I’ll be your slave!”

Hot tears flowed down from Yurishia’s eyes. The number displayed on the installer at her chest went over 900.

“Please, make me Kizuna’s, master’s slave!”

“You said it well, Yurishia.”

And then he made the wooden horse vibrate once more.


Yurishia raised a coquettish voice. Kizuna pressed on a switch and the wooden horse raised in height. Yurishia’s tiptoes floated in the air.

“Kuh, haa……it, it’s the first time, I feel this good!”

And then Kizuna circled behind Yurishia who was writhing in pleasure and he stared at her big butt.

“Here I go Yurishia. This is, my love to you.”

And then Kizuna spanked as hard as he could at Yurishia’s butt.

A ripping sound that was conspicuously loud resounded.

That sound and impact pierced Yurishia’s body, rippling through her whole body.

Just who was her master, it was being taught until every corner of her body.

“Hiii-! Aaaa♥ aa♥♥ aaa♥ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh! ♥♥♥”

She raised a scream and her body bent like a bow. She raised a joyful voice so loud that all her breath was spent out from her body, Yurishia lost her consciousness then.

Catching the body of Yurishia that was going to fall, Kizuna got her down from the wooden horse.

The number at the installer on her chest stopped changing. The number was 1000. It had reached the max value.

‘――Yurishia recognized me as her master. Right now is exactly the time for the reinstall!’

Kizuna took off the installer and carried Yurishia in princess carry. And then he pressed a switch on the wall. Thereupon the iron bars quickly opened. After he got outside carrying Yurishia, he went to the room at the side.

There a room with white as the base that was a complete change from the previous room appeared. It was a comfortable room with a clean impression. At the center of the room was a king sized bed. He laid down Yurishia above it.

A silver attaché case was put beside the bed. When he opened the case, there, a metallic capsule with a diameter of three centimeters and length of five centimeters was put in.

“This is Cross’s Core……”


When Kizuna murmured that, Yurishia’s eyes opened.

“Aa……I, am……?”

“I’m glad. Looks like Osiris’s brainwashing is released already.”

Kizuna gently caressed Yurishia’s cheek. There Yurishia’s eyes closed and she rubbed her cheek on Kizuna’s palm like a spoiled child.

“Yes……but, it’s mysterious. I’m still thinking that I want to be mother’s daughter. It’s like there are two of me.”

According to Kei’s story, if the reinstall was finished in this state then Yurishia would be able to escape completely from under Osiris’s control.

“I’m going to reinstall the Core in Yurishia after this.”

“Core’s……eh? Then, inside my body…….there is, no core right now?”

Kizuna lifted Cross’s Core in his hand in front of Yurishia’s eyes.

Yurishia stared at the metallic capsule with a face that couldn’t believe what she saw.

“Lies……because, if the Core is extracted, I should die shouldn’t I?”

“This is possible if it’s with the current Kaa-san. It’s doable with the power equal to the machine gods that she obtained.”

Yurishia leaked out a sigh of admiration.

“She really is a god isn’t she……then, even if my Hybrid Count becomes zero I won’t die?”

“No, that’s still……hm?”

Yurishia didn’t lead the life in the Ataraxia that Nayuta restored. That was why she shouldn’t know about the death that would happen when the Hybrid Count was used up.

“Yurishia, how do you……”

However, Yurishia showed a smile that seemed to want to say what are you getting confused for after this late.

“Something like that, I can understand from looking at the atmosphere of Kizuna and the commander.”

“Is, is that so?”

Yurishia nodded.

“But pretending to not notice it will be better for Kizuna……that was what I thought so I stayed quiet.”

Suddenly strength left Kizuna’s shoulder.

“What’s that…….so that’s how it is. Even though I was doing my best so that it wouldn’t be noticed.”

Yurishia chuckled and sent him a wink.

“Because it’s Kizuna you absolutely won’t do something that will kill us, I believe that. Honestly, I wasn’t really bothered with it☆”

‘……I’m really not a match against Yurishia huh.’ Kizuna whispered that inside his heart and brought the Core close to Yurishia’s mouth.

“When the Core is warmed to human’s temperature, it will become the shape suitable for the install.”

Just with that explanation Yurishia understood what she should do.

She opened her glossy lips and stretched out her light pink tongue. The tip of that tongue touched the Core.


Breath leaked out unintentionally from Kizuna’s mouth.

Kizuna’s senses were shared with the Core. That stimulation urged a change in Kizuna, the shape of the change was also reflected on the Core. In that state the Core could be inserted into Yurishia’s womb.

Yurishia licked the Core all over with the tip of her tongue. That way of licking was lovely and also stimulating. The Core quickly began to change shape. That change made Yurishia’s eyes turn round.

“……This is”

“Yeah……that’s how it is.”

Yurishia’s throat gulped. Her eyes were tinged with obscene light.

“But, then I might as well…….Kizuna’s, master’s thing……”

Yurishia raised her upper body and looked pleadingly at Kizuna.

Kizuna nodded and he stood up on the bed. Yurishia made a happy face and kneeled on the bed. And then her hand reached at Kizuna’s underwear.

She pulled it down swiftly and Kizuna’s thing jumped out from inside.


Yurishia gulped her saliva audibly. And then she licked her own lips as though to moisten it. It was a very obscene gesture.

“It’s, already……”

With her white palm she lifted up the whole of Kizuna’s thing from below.

“Yeah. With this it’s enough for doing reinstall――aaah!?”

Yurishia kissed at the tip. And then without stopping her face advanced.


Kizuna’s thing was getting inserted into Yurishia’s mouth. Yurishia didn’t stop and finally her nose tip touched Kizuna’s abdomen.

‘――The whole thing, is swallowed!? Does, it reached until her throat?’

And then Yurishia slowly pulled out. Kizuna’s thing was shining wetly from Yurishia’s saliva. And then when the whole thing was pulled out, this time her tongue licked it around to her heart’s content. That stimulation was ticklish, the sensation was like the backside of his waist was being tickled.

Like a dog expressing its affection to its owner, Yurishia was licking around Kizuna with everything she had. It felt very good and gradually led Kizuna towards climax.

“Yurishia……it’s, fine already. If you do more than this――”

Hearing his voice, Yurishia finally separated her tongue.

At the brief moment when Kizuna sighed in relief, Yurishia opened her mouth and immediately swallowed Kizuna’s thing.

“Yuu, Yurishia-!?”

Kizuna reflexively grasped her blonde head. Yurishia kept sucking Kizuna’s thing while looking up at him. Those eyes were whispering to him.

――More, treat me like Kizuna’s property♡

Kizuna understood. A relation of master and slave wasn’t a relation that was only one way from just one of the sides, it was a two-way relation. Similarly like the master dominating the slave, the slave also chose the master. The slave decided whether the master was someone worthy of her, whether the master was someone that could give her the pleasure she wished for.

The slave constantly evaluated the master like that.

Kizuna grasped Yurishia’s head with both his hands.

And then he began to move back and forth fiercely.

Yurishia’s back was shuddering shiveringly.

‘――That kind Kizuna who always acted like a gentleman, is doing horrible things like this to me.’

When she thought that, she was able to feel for real that she belonged to Kizuna. And also how he wouldn’t do this kind of thing except to her. When she thought that, she felt ecstasy and pride that she was Kizuna’s slave.

Kizuna’s thing fiercely went in and out at her throat.

Tears blurred Yurishia’s eyes. She desperately endured her rising urge to vomit.

Strength entered Kizuna’s waist.

‘――It’s coming-!♡’

The moment she thought that, hot energy was ejaculated into Yurishia’s throat. It was flowing from inside her throat directly into her stomach. Hot liquid also overflowed from Yurishia’s nether region. Her waist was trembling. Yurishia also tasted a light climax.

‘――Aaa♡ Happiness……♡’

Yurishia narrowed her eyes ecstatically while feeling Kizuna’s pulsation inside her throat. Tears were flowing from the corners of her eyes.

When Kizuna’s thing became docile, she slowly distanced her face. From inside her mouth, Kizuna’s thing was spitted out with warm steam rising.

“Gehoh! Geho, gohoh!”

“A, are you okay Yurishia?”

Yurishia showed a brave smile towards the worried Kizuna.

“My deepest apologies. To be choked only by something of this degree.”

Kizuna shook his head and patted Yurishia’s head.

“No. You have worked hard. It was really good.”

Hearing Kizuna’s words, Yurishia felt happiness overflowing from inside her chest. Each time she serviced Kizuna, she felt like Osiris was growing thin inside her heart.

Yurishia looked down with an apologetic face.

“But……I’m really hopeless that I couldn’t moderate what I did, I made master come already. Like this the preparation need to be done again……”

“No need to worry.”

Kizuna picked up the Core that was put at the side. He pushed it at Yurishia’s cheek. The Core was retaining its hardness without change.

“Aa……aaaa……it’s still, this hard♡♡♡”

With enraptured eyes Yurishia stared at the Core that had the same shape with Kizuna’s thing. Those eyes were intoxicated, her face changed into captivation.

“It’s finally the time. Okay, Yurishia.”

Yurishia smiled lewdly and she nodded.

And then she laid upside-down on her hands and knees, she reached out both her hands behind, then below her butt, her most important place, she opened it with her fingers and showed it to him.

“I beg you……please, put it here.”

And then she directed an intoxicated face at Kizuna.

“Please, give Yurishia the proof, that she belongs to master.”

Kizuna fitted the Core at the spot, feverish breathing leaked out from Yurishia’s lips.

“Aaan, it’s enter――!!”

The Core was entering into Yurishia’s body.


At the same time with that a merciless pleasure also hit Kizuna. This pleasure was the culmination from all of Yurishia’s disgraced state that she had displayed thoroughly until now. If he let his guard down even just for a moment, it felt like it would immediately end.

‘――Fu, furthermore, what pleasure! It’s fine, even if she is not the world strongest even in this kind of aspect too right!?’

“Fuah, ah ah, a, amazing-, it’s the first time, I feel this good-! Aaah!”

Yurishia rubbed her face and breast on the sheet to suppress the pleasure, she lifted her butt high.

“E, even though this is my first time, it’s not pa-uuuh, ahaaa! Not painful……at allll-!”

‘――That’s because the Core doesn’t injure the body!’

He wanted to say that, but it felt like his limit would arrive if he opened his mouth. He pushed the Core into Yurishia’s inside where it was filled with her honey. When her wall was parted open by the advance, the pressure from that overflowed the honey to the outside. And then if he tried to pull the Core out, the wall was sucking as though it wouldn’t let go. It felt like the pleasure would make his waist melt. Stimulation that could make the inside of his head go white made him writhe and grit his teeth.

“Ah, aaaahahaaannuuh! Ma, master, do, do I, feel good?”

“What are you saying! I, I’m enduring here! Kuh……you!’

Yurishia narrowed her eyes from happiness that came from the bottom of her heart.

“I’m happy-, I’m happy! Master-♥”


Even more severe tightening attacked Kizuna.

‘――Yo, you! If it comes to this then this will be a short decisive battle!’

Kizuna looked at Yurishia’s large butt and swung down his palm.

“Hi!? –kyaaaaaaaaa!”

Sharp ripping sound resounded, Yurishia’s white ass was faintly dyed red. That stimulation made Yurishia bend her body.

“HAAan! Doon’t, master! Forgive me! Hyaaan!”

Yurishia’s hand clutched the sheet strongly. Her eyebrows knitted and she gasped in agony.

Kizuna didn’t stop his hand and struck Yurishia’s butt many times.

Each time that happened Yurishia’s body bent backwards and drool trickled down from her opened mouth.

“Aaah, I, I’m……ah, something, is coming, com…..ah, a! Aaah!”

Yurishia’s back curved, she began to convulse shiveringly.

‘――I’m at my limit too!’

“Here I go, Yurishia!”


Masou Gakuen HxH V09 BW 09.png

Yurishia raised gasping voice that trailed out for long, her body was violently convulsing as though she was being electrified.

And then at the next moment, explosion of magic power that dazzled the eyes occurred.

It was so bright that nothing could be seen.

But, the beads of light covering the body were calming the heart and body, it was literally giving them a dreamy state of mind.

His consciousness was getting far away while drifting inside that light.

Suddenly the next thing they knew, both Yurishia and Kizuna were lying down on the bed like empty husks. The particles of magic power covering their sight cleared up and their breathing calmed down.

Kizuna and Yurishia kept lying down, their eyes gazed at each other.

“Yurishia……we did it.”


Kizuna raised his body and scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Stop it already with the master.”

Yurishia also raised her upper body and looked up shyly at Kizuna.

“Nope. When the two of us are alone… are master♥”

Saying that, she kissed Kizuna’s cheek.

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