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Chapter 4 – Creator and Creation[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Yurishia who finished the reinstall was released from the curse of Osiris. And then as expected, the information Osiris taught her was left behind in her memory. Working with that information as the base, now they were discussing the way to invade Necropolis and Osiris.

“This is how Necropolis look in the whole.”

Zelcyone pointed at the floating window floating at the center of the bridge. The data that Zelcyone, Grace, and Quartum recorded from infiltrating Necropolis was shown in several windows floating around.

And then in the biggest window, the map of the whole Necropolis was projected. The people looking up to that window were Zelcyone, Grace, and the Quartum from the Vatlantis group. In addition Kizuna, Himekawa, Yurishia, and then Reiri, Kei, and Nayuta of the Lemuria group.

Kizuna who had never gone to Necropolis fixed his eyes upon the picture and video that showed the city.

“Somehow, it has the air like Egypt or the area around it on earth huh……”

Kei operated a table furniture and projected a picture of earth. She displayed things like a desert city and the pyramids as comparison targets.

{It appears that the civilization of the Nile river basin come from the influence of Osiris’s world.}

Reiri also nodded.

“Let’s reconfirm our objective. It’s to recover the configuration data of our worlds that is in Osiris’s possession. For that sake, it’s necessary to defeat Osiris.”

“If we do that, can my Oldium escape from the sand then?”

“That’s right. Above all, at the time Osiris is defeated this world itself will crumble after all.”

Kizuna faced Nayuta and asked her.

“Then, about the way to overcome Osiris……how can we defeat her?”

“Osiris is a queen of the dead. Since the beginning she has lost her life. It’s impossible to kill her.”

Agitation spread among them. Among them it was only Zelcyone who wasn’t shocked.

“That’s the truth. When I manipulated that woman using Heart Rebuild, I thought I already made her suicide but it was impossible. Most likely even that woman herself is unable to sever her own life.”

“Then, what should we do so we can defeat Osiris?”

As though to evade the impatient Kizuna, Nayuta moved the talk towards Yurishia.

“Before that, there is something I want to ask Yurishia.”

“Wha……what is it I wonder?”

“Inside you, there should be the memory as the loyal servant of Osiris, and then as the vessel of her daughter’s soul still remaining.”


“You said, that the one who left behind Genesis on Atlantis was Osiris, didn’t you?”

“Yes. Of course I don’t know that directly. Mother……Osiris taught me that knowledge.”

“I don’t mind that――now then, there is something on my mind about that information.”

Reiri murmured in irritation.

“What? Don’t put on an air.”

Nayuta shrugged her shoulders towards that thorny voice.

“Osiris’s objective is to obtain flesh for soul vessels. And then she would make Necropolis get a fresh start of life. However, Genesis that was made by the Deus ex Machina had the power to create life. Isn’t that right?”

Being asked that, Zelcyone answered reluctantly.

“Yeah. Although there is the need to offer blood of two people, and a part of the flesh……”

“That’s right. That’s the two required things in order for Genesis to create life. Those are the genetic information that becomes the base for the born life. And then there is one more thing.”

The four people of Quartum looked at each others’ faces. Lunorlla whispered with a complicated face.

“Is there really……something like that?”

Ramza tilted her head and groaned.

“Uuu―n, we still don’t have any experience in creating children though―”

Nayuta abruptly loosened her lips.

“That is the energy of life. Namely the magic power.”

Kizuna recalled that in the first place that was the cause that made Lemuria and Vatlantis fight.

“Atlantis fell into a serious lack of magic power, and because of that life couldn’t be born anymore. Because of that too the AU collision was generated.”

“Aah……after that a lot of tragedy happened.”

“If there was no Genesis on Atlantis, perhaps there would have been no such unnatural consumption of magic power, and both worlds could of kept on existing without any problem.”

Grace crossed her arms and let out a low voice.

“……In other words, the cause of Atlantis’s desolation and AU collision is Osiris. Is that what you are saying?”

Yurishia’s shoulders trembled with a jolt. And then her gaze fell.


Kizuna was concerned with Yurishia’s condition. Inside Yurishia there was still the knowledge as Osiris’s daughter remaining there. That was the same like having the past as Osiris’s daughter. Her heart was put between two pasts, perhaps that made her suffer.

Nayuta spread open her fan in a flash and showed a bright smile.

“Certainly that is the case, but in the first place our worlds were things created by the Deus ex Machina for the sake of an experiment. If, for example, Genesis wasn’t there on Atlantis, we wouldn’t even notice that we are experimental objects and perhaps we would have been exploited and culled. It’s also the truth that because Genesis was there, we were able to obtain the power to oppose those Deus ex Machina.”

With a snap, the fan closed, as though to tell to return back to the track.

“This world cannot create life because there is no life energy existing here. Osiris also doesn’t have life energy, She is moving using energy of the same kind as magic power, but it’s different with our magic power. In a certain meaning, perhaps it can be said that it’s an energy of the exact opposite type.”

Kei displayed the text she inputted in a window.

{Then, is there any danger for us staying in this world?}

“Yes, even while we are staying here right now, our life force and magic power are being lost. The stone of the sun that Osiris is operating. That thing is sucking all the life force. That thing is the main culprit that plunders all the life on this world, bringing death to the pharaoh and Osiris’s daughter.”

“……Stone of another world. Father, summoned it.”

Yurishia murmured with a faint voice. Everyone turned at her hearing that voice.

“That thing was……something the pharaoh, obtained in an attempt to make the world abundant. It was by no means, something summoned to kill everyone!”


Yurishia returned to her senses from Kizuna’s call.


Yurishia forcefully smiled with a pale face, then she sat down on the sofa nearby.

“Go, good grief……don’t mind me, continue the talk.”

Inside the suffocating atmosphere, Nayuta made a pondering gesture for a little and immediately continued the talk.

“Certainly that might be the intention. However, that thing invited the ruin of this world so that was an irony. If I have to say further, Osiris became a machine god with that power, so that was also something ironic.”

{However after hearing Professor Nayuta’s story, what Osiris is thinking about, her attempt to use our bodies to resurrect the people of this world is――}

Nayuta sharply pointed her fan at Kei.

“Exactly. Even if she prepared a container of flesh, it won’t be a solution. To solve this problem fundamentally, it’s by filling this world with life energy, with magic power.”

“Wait a second Kaa-san. Something like that is――”

Nayuta’s eyes looked back at Kizuna’s eyes.

Those eyes told him. That Kizuna should have known it already.

――That method.

That’s right.

It was possible.

For Kizuna, he had a clue about that method.

“That method is――”

At that time, the battleship Ataraxia shook hard.


Kizuna unintentionally stumbled. The floor tilted and small vibrations kept happening through the whole ship. The only one who could stand straight was only Nayuta, the other crew were grasping at the nearby furniture like a desk in panic.

“What happened!”

Reiri yelled while holding at the back of a sofa to support her body.

{Unknown cause. However, the battleship Ataraxia is in an abnormal gravity. Something sticking at the front surface of the ship is pulling Ataraxia to the ground.}

Elma scowled.

“At the front… say?”

“Don’t tell me!”

Clayda ran on the tilting floor and clung on the window even while she almost stumbled. The night outside was bright from the moonlight. At that night sky, something like black smoke was jetting out from below.

“It’s sand! Sand riding the wind is blowing up!”

“What did you say!?”

The altitude of the battleship Ataraxia was ten kilometers. At that height even the sand wouldn’t reach, even if a shape like the giant attacking them before was created, it would take time. They were under the assumption that they were in the range where they would have enough time to deal with it.

However the dark mist visible outside the window made Kizuna felt a chill.

“Impossible! A sandstorm is reaching this high!?”

Zelcyone turned to Kei and yelled.

“Oi! The altitude of this ship is decreasing here. Raise the output!”

{We are doing it. But, it’s impossible for more than this. The engine died.}

Ataraxia passed through the cloud and further fell in altitude. It was just like when a plane was landing, the ship was descending, heading to the surface little by little with certainty.

A gigantic triangle appeared from the horizon.

It was Necropolis’s pyramid. Using the power of that pyramid, the sand was controlled. Ataraxia was being pulled straight towards the gigantic pyramid.

“Ku……Kei! Soften the impact of the landing!”

Kei didn’t even have the leisure to type the keyboard, she desperately operated the panel floating on the desk. From the bottom of battleship Ataraxia, large type creation control engine that couldn’t be compared with magic armor ejected large amounts of particles. The speed lowered slightly, but it couldn’t overcome the strength pulling the ship to the ground. The vibration was fierce, if they carelessly talked they would of bitten their tongues.


The bow of the ship touched the surface of the desert.


They attempted to land as softly as possible, but even so, fierce impacts attacked the battleship Ataraxia. The sand burst up violently, the bow of the ship was sliding above the sand. And then the hull was gradually sinking into the sand. The ship was advancing into the sand as though cutting through water. The sand blown up on both sides reached until the height of a hundred meters.

Necropolis was rapidly approaching before their eyes. At this rate, the bow of Ataraxia would charge into the pyramid.

The color of Yurishia’s face changed.

“Stop! Please!”

With thick cloud of sand raised, Ataraxia finally halted.

It was only a kilometer until the pyramid. It seemed that there was quite a distance still, but when considering that battleship Ataraxia itself was nearly two kilometers in total length, then it was just within a stone’s throw. It was good luck that the ship stopped without collision.

Yurishia stared at the pyramid and she heaved a relieved sigh unintentionally.

“I’m glad……”

“Are you okay Yurishia?”

Yurishia returned to her senses from Kizuna’s worried call.

“Eh? Yes. I’m glad no damage happened to Ataraxia, that’s what I thought. That’s all.”

Her made up smile created a slight anxiety in Kizuna’s heart.

He didn’t think that she would betray them. However, because of how she knew about Osiris and her people’s circumstances from real experience, it couldn’t be helped that she couldn’t consider it as other people’s problem. Surely it would be painful for her to fight Osiris.

“Yurishia, can you stay behind on Ataraxia and protect this ship?”


“The sand Osiris controlled can change its shape into monsters like a giant or a dragon. If Ataraxia is destroyed while we are confronting Osiris, we won’t be able to make any move.”

Grace also nodded in understanding.

“Right. In fact my Oldium too has also fallen into Osiris’s hand. Like that if Ataraxia is also stolen, it will develop into Osiris’s advantage in one go then.”

Reiri was holding on the sofa’s back and stood up. Zelcyone threw such Reiri a proposal.

“Reiri. We once fought Osiris and exposed our trump card. If we are going to split into two groups, we will be the one remaining here. Is it fine like that?”

Reiri nodded and gazed at Kizuna and Himekawa’s face.

“Machine god Osiris is strong. Advantage of numbers won’t work against her. Rather it’s better to prepare a battle force that can possibly resist the machine god……Kizuna, also Himekawa.”

Kizuna and Himekawa’s faces were colored with nervousness.

“It’s you two who defeated Hokuto. Can you two do it?”


“Please leave it to us! Kizuna-kun and my ka……combination, is the strongest!”[1]

Himekawa puffed her chest with rough excitement.

“I, I too――”

Yurishia was about to say that, however she lost her words receiving Kizuna and Himekawa’s gazes.


She faltered and averted her gaze. She bit her lips from an emotion inside her that she herself couldn’t understand. In front of Yurishia who was like that, a young girl with low height came.

“It’s fine even if you don’t force yourself. Osiris’s mind control is something really deeply rooted.”


Nayuta looked up at Kizuna and smiled.

“It’s strange to call this as replacement, but I’ll go.”

Reiri lifted her eyebrows.

“What? However……”

Nayuta had divided almost all her power to the three battleships and Kizuna, she had almost no combat ability. Reiri also understood that.

“My, are you worried about me?”

“Don’t sleep talk. I’m only worried that you bastard is planning something dirty.”

Nayuta opened her fan and hid her smiling lips.

“Fufufu, I won’t be a bother to everyone. I will only accomplish my objective. My objective to know about the matter of machine god.”

Nayuta had evolved into an existence that surpassed humans. However, her state was that of an incomplete god. Nayuta held the objective to further evolve herself into a perfect being.

“I see. Kaa-san has an interest for the information the machine god has……in the existence of the machine god itself, huh.”

Kizuna sighed deeply as though it couldn’t be helped.

“But, don’t be a hindrance okay? Also, leave the fighting to us.”

“I understand. Also Hayuru.”

“Eh……yes. What is it?”

For Himekawa being talked to by Nayuta was something that almost never happened. Himekawa answered with a dubious face.

“Whether you are worthy for my son or not. Show it to me clearly okay?”

Himekawa held her breath reflexively.

‘――Worthy for her son, she said!? Wa, tha, that meannnnn!?’

Himekawa’s face was dyed red in the blink of an eye.

“U, understood! This Himekawa Hayuru, will surely complete the group work without fail. Okaa-sama!”

“There is no need to call a woman like that Okaa-sama! Even before that there is also no reason for you to call her that!”

Himekawa who was yelled at by Reiri went out from Ataraxia as though running away.

Part 2[edit]

Kizuna, Himekawa, and Nayuta, the three of them were walking besides the pyramid. With the emergency landing of the battleship Ataraxia, the pyramid was located between the opposite side of the city and the ship.

There was not a single sound, it was a silent night. There was no animal to raise a sound in the desert, only the moon rising above the pyramid was reflecting bright light. The shadows of Eros and Neros were falling on the sand of the desert.

Kizuna and Himekawa were already wearing their magic armor. Himekawa’s armor were enlarged from the reinstall, it was the new type Neros. Kizuna also had a new type armor, yet there was no change in its appearance compared to the old Eros.

“It’s a really eerie silence isn’t it?”

“I think so……I thought that they would come attacking right away.”

Different from usual, now when he was talking with Himekawa he had to look far up. Himekawa was opening several floating windows around her body. Thanks to the enlargement, now she was able to display several screens larger than everything until now. Himekawa was glaring at those windows, her eyes shining with vigilance of anything strange that would appear.

Nayuta who was walking in front raised an ‘ah’ sound.

“That is……”

The moment she said that, Nayuta broke into a run.

“Ah! Don’t go as you ple――”

Nayuta dashed close into the pyramid and then she happily stroked around one of the stones.

“Just what are you doing, so suddenly like that.”

Kizuna stared at the stone Nayuta was stroking around. However, he completely didn’t understand what difference it had compared to other stones.

“This stone is the control panel of the pyramid.”

“Control panel? That thing?”

“Yes. Take a look.”

Nayuta’s hand shined. Thereupon that light spread onto the stone’s surface while drawing detailed patterns. It was like the inside of a computer’s integrated circuit, an assembly of mechanically detailed patterns.

The light spreading from Nayuta’s palm was moving from stone to stone, before long it covered the whole pyramid. The circuits covering the surface without leaving any nook behind made the pyramid brightly shine in the night sky conspicuously.

“I see……I understood it really well.”

Nayuta released her hand from the pyramid’s stone. Thereupon the light settled and the pyramid’s appearance immediately returned to its former look.

“Understood you say, what is it you understand?”

Nayuta answered with a face full of smile.

“The way this world is constructed, and about the machine god Osiris. Inside this pyramid there are not only the undead filled with Osiris’s husband and daughter’s souls, the information of this whole world is also stored here. It seems that the thing we heard from Zelcyone and Yurishia is the truth.”

“The whole world’s……that means, if it’s with Kaa-san’s power”

“I think so. It cannot go perfectly by any means, I guess it’s possible to restore them tolerably. Although――”

She put her fingertip on her cheek and tilted her head.

“The magic power is insufficient.”

“But if it’s with Eros’s power, it’s possible to produce magic power. The problem is, how to create the amount that can fill a world……”

Previously they had once produced magic power that filled the whole of Atlantis. At that time it was something possible only by means of a ceremony of Climax Hybrid with the emperor sisters Aine and Grace, and then also the cooperation of all the people of the empire.

“It’s Osiris.”

Nayuta talked alone.


“Machine god Osiris. Her body so to speak is a magnification device. She is operating with the power of the sun that was summoned from another world. Because of that, this world turned into a world of death but……”

Kizuna suddenly realized and he leaned his body forward.

“What are you saying, if we use Eros as the replacement of that sun!?”

“Exactly. Climax Hybrid with Osiris and the magic power generation from that. Surely it will become a life force that is sufficient to revive this world with the power of the machine god Osiris.”

Kizuna stared with serious eyes at Nayuta who looked really boastful somewhere.

“Kaa-san……can you do it?”

Nayuta shrugged her shoulders and answered like it was troublesome.

“Ok ok.”

Kizuna and Himekawa faced each other anxiously.

Was she really going to do it? This half-assed god of a mother.

Even while complaining like that in his heart, Kizuna was feeling bewilderment to the recent change of Nayuta.

Since her appearance changed into a little girl――especially since the Deus ex Machina appeared, the words and deeds of Nayuta changed into something that couldn’t be thought of from the previous Nayuta. Possibly something happened during the time they passed in the Ataraxia that Nayuta created.

Her personality and behavior were strangely like a human.

Even further, childishness and innocence could be felt from her. The one feeling that was not just Kizuna. Surely the one feeling it the most was Reiri. Kizuna had talked before with Reiri for just a little about Nayuta’s change. However, it was only to the degree of voicing his doubt, it didn’t go any further than that.

‘――Just what in the world happened to Kaa-san? Or else, this too is her usual method to confuse people with a smoke screen?’

“And so, Kizuna.”


Kizuna was lost in his mind too much that he didn’t listen to the voice around him.

“My, you are not listening to what Okaa-san is talking?”

‘puku―’ Nayuta inflated her cheeks in dissatisfaction.

“Aah, sorry. Err……what is it again?”

“By knowing about Osiris, I also understood a little about machine god Thanatos too……that’s what I was saying.”


Kizuna held an impression that resembled terror towards that name.

Thanatos. The person who demolished Lemuria and Atlantis. However, just like the other remaining machine god, her true identity was wrapped in mystery.

The last time they met, the world was completely destroyed without him being able to do anything.

“Do you understand the way to defeat Thanatos?”

“The way to defeat her is it? That is――”

“Don’t touch that pyramid!”

A sharp voice resounded, cutting off Nayuta’s voice.

Nayuta grinned broadly and turned around with her head tilted.

“Nice to meet you……that doesn’t seem like the atmosphere that we have here.”

A god with a strange shape was standing with Necropolis at her back.

He had seen that figure in the images that Grace and the others brought back. However, when he actually looked at her in confrontation like this, he was overwhelmed by her presence.

Black hair with tanned skin. Large breasts and slender waist created a lascivious bodyline. However, her lower body was combined with a lion’s body. The lion’s body that was large like an elephant with four legs. Giant wings were spreading on her back. A golden machine god possessing the body of human and beast.

That figure made Kizuna sweat coldly on his forehead.

“Machine god……Osiris.”

The golden eyes under her black hair were burning in hatred. The flickering red lights rising from her whole body were also like a representative of Osiris’s fury.

As though she was inciting Osiris who was like that, Nayuta tapped the pyramid *pon pon* with a chuckle.

“Is this data storage really that important?”


Osiris kicked on the sand.

“What are you doing getting her angry like that!”

However, Nayuta was smiling cheerfully without feeling remorse.

“As promised, I’m leaving the battle in your hands.”

“Geez! Here we go Hayuru!”


When she replied Himekawa was already letting loose her Blades. The four flying swords assaulted Osiris, stopping her in her tracks. The Blades were changing direction while cutting at Osiris over and over.

“Ku……what a hindrance!”

Osiris stretched her hand and a sword like an obelisk appeared from inside the sand. After she grasped that sword, she faced the coming Blades and swung down. The Blades scattered intense sparks in the air.


Himekawa raised a voice that sounded like a scream.

The Blade that was locking blades with the obelisk was severed right into two.

Kizuna also spontaneously opened his mouth.

“What-!? The new type Blade is?”

“Don’t think that something like this can destroy me and this world!”

Osiris lifted the obelisk to the sky. And then the sun on her back began to shine brightly. The red light of the sun was running along the pattern carved on the blade of the obelisk.

‘――This is bad!’

Kizuna’s instincts were ringing alarm bells.

“Wait, Osiris! We want to save this world! Listen to us!”

Osiris showed a ridiculing expression as though mocking them.

“Experimental animals like you need to stop sleep talking. All of you cannot do anything. Much less saving this world, that’s just an impossible delusion.”

“You are wrong! There is no life force in this world. Even if you prepared replacement flesh, it will only end up the same! You will only repeat the ruin!”

“Is that why, you stole my daughter’s body?”

“Something like that is unneeded! I’ll give this world a fresh start in life!”

Osiris gritted her teeth in irritation.

“Is that all the jokes you have to say?”

The obelisk lifted over her head was emitting dazzling light.

“I am the queen protecting this Necropolis! No one, will steal this world, my husband, my daughter, from me!”

“Hayuru! Dodge!”

However, faster than they could escape, the brightly shining red obelisk was swung down.



The red light launched along with the sword streak of the Obelisk swallowed Kizuna and Himekawa. That light was a light that stole life. The light of the sun shining on Osiris’s back. The sun of another world that plundered all the life and all the magic power in Osiris’s world.

Osiris’s lips distorted in madness.

Part 3[edit]

“Hm? That’s, what light is that?”

One of the Quartum standing guard on the deck, Ramza pointed at the direction of the Necropolis. Red light that pierced the sky was stretching up from nearby the pyramid.

“Seems like, they are starting already……”

Elma made a grim face while staring at the fiercely rising red light. But Lunorlla was staring at a completely different direction while murmuring.

“Un……looks like it’s starting. At this side too.”


Elma chased after Lunorlla’s gaze and there she found a sand hill that was piling up a little more compared to the surroundings. But that hill was approaching Ataraxia while gradually increasing in height.

“It’s coming here!”

Elma summoned her hammer from the air. At the same time with that, the sand exploded up largely. The sand looked like a water pillar spurting towards the sky. The jumping sand was heading to the sky without stopping before changing shape into a dragon.

A transmission came in from Clayda who was holing up in the stern of the ship.

{Oi, something’s coming from this direction too!}

The image sent from Clayda was projected in front of Elma. There a giant with height that might have reach a hundred meters was reflected as it was waking up its body from the sand.

Elma opened a new window and reported to Grace who was on the bridge.

“Grace-sama! The sand monsters are coming! They are coming from the port and the rear!”

The bridge also confirmed the appearance of the monsters. The students of the research department were running around on the bridge, carrying out the analysis by controlling the light panels floating on the desk.

“Yes. This side is also confirming it. After this I and also Zel will come out.”

After she closed the window, Grace turned to Reiri.

“You don’t mind right, headmaster?”

“Yeah, we are counting on you. You too Zelcyone.”

Zelcyone didn’t reply and followed behind Grace.

Grace was going to get out of the bridge gallantly, but her legs stopped in front of Yurishia who was standing nearby the entrance.

“What are you going to do?”

“……I’m going, that’s obvious.”

Without meeting Grace’s gaze, Yurishia kept staring at the floor, Grace heaved a sigh with a purposeful gesture.

“No. Don’t come. You can just stay here.”

Yurishia snapped up her face as though she was just hit.

“Wha……what does that mean! I have finished the Core’s reinstall, right now my battle strength is even……stronger, than Grace you know? Yet despite so……”

However, when Yurishia looked at Grace’s red eyes that were staring back fixedly at her, Yurishia’s voice was gradually losing its momentum.

“It’s a bother to let you enter the battlefield with that kind of half-hearted feeling. It will be unbearable to be shot from the back.”

Yurishia bit her lip.

“Something like that, I won’t――”

Grace removed her gaze from Yurishia and went until the entrance, before she stopped.

“I understand, the feeling of regretting the errors of the past.”


“Speaking honestly, I too don’t understand what I should do. However, we have to take responsibility towards the people of Lemuria. After all I too am in the position of governing a country.”

“What……are you talking?”

“Is the current you Yurishia or Isis, I don’t know. But, if you are a princess, then you understand what I am saying right? Shouldn’t you fulfill your responsibility too?”


Grace tilted her head back and stared at Yurishia who was looking down.

“If you have the will for that, then you should go not with me but towards where Nii-sama is.”


When she lifted her face, Grace already turned her back on Yurishia.

“Now that Nee-sama is not here, originally it should be me that has to help Nii-sama. But, with my magic armor I cannot win against that Osiris. I will only become a hindrance for Nii-sama.”

Leaving those words behind, Grace walked away in the corridor. Zelcyone also gave Yurishia a glance before chasing after Grace right away.


Yurishia clenched her fist tightly.

Part 4[edit]

When the sure kill red light enveloped Kizuna and Himekawa, Osiris made a satisfied smile.

“Fufufu, how is that? My strength. The likes of experimental animals like you all――”


An impossible phenomenon made Osiris lose her words.

Inside the red light, inside the light that brought death to everything, that man was standing.

He covered the girl behind him and lifted a shield in front of his hand.

‘――A, shield?

Impossible. There is no way this light can be blocked. If there is someone that can do that, then it’s only an existence with power that is the same like mine or Thanatos. This kind of experimental animal――no, this man’s armor. Since when did it have that kind of shape?

The female should be the one wearing the large armor. But, right now it looks like the male is the larger one.

It’s a strange armor. That appearance, it’s as though a machine god is standing there.’

Osiris’s eyes opened wide.

“Something like that……you, just what in the world, are you?”

That man answered.

“Just a human.”

And then he smiled widely.

“Although, I borrowed the power of a fake god just for a little.”


The red light emitted from the obelisk vanished. The obelisk emitted high heat and white smoke was rising from it. And then, white smoke was also rising in large amounts from Kizuna’s armor.

Eros’s Corruption Armament [Nayuta]. With its effect Kizuna’s Eros had its appearance changed into a hybrid with Nayuta’s armor as a machine god.

However, although he obtained a power that was close with a machine god, it wasn’t something ordinary to stop the full power blast of the obelisk. The tip of his right wrist that deployed the shield was changing color to bright red as though it was burning.

“Ki, Kizuna-kun. Are you okay?”

Himekawa who was protected behind him was worried about Kizuna’s body.

“Yeah, no problem at all.”

Kizuna’s face that answered so was drenched in sweat. There was no way he would be okay.

“Osiris. You said it, right, that the likes of an experimental object cannot do anything. That it’s a delusion to even try saving this world.”

“Naturally! Something impossible for I the creator, there is no way it’s possible for you all who are the creation!”

Osiris’s eyes were moist with tears.

“Do you think that I was only lamenting doing nothing for these tens of thousands of years? While working so that not even a single soul of the people will be lost……I only kept dreaming of resurrecting that world where the people, my husband and daughter are there……”

Tears were overflowing from her golden eyes.

“The bodies of all of you, are the sacrifice for that sake! You all are existences that were created to be offered for this world since the beginning! Yet despite so……despite so!”

The beautiful face of Osiris distorted in anguish.

“Why……are you doing, something like this. Even though……I thought, that this time for sure……it will go well.”

The god shed tears of grief like a girl. That figure made Kizuna hardened his resolve inside his heart once more.

“If, I can defeat you……at that time, lend us your strength.”

“……That’s something impossible, but let me dare to ask you……what do you want me to cooperate with?”

“There is a way to restore this world. For that Osiris’s strength is necessary.”

Osiris made a faint smile.

“How long you are going to talk about a pipe dream……that’s fine, do as you like. Either way, something like the creation surpassing the creator is impossible after all.”

Kizuna showed a daring smile.

“I will defeat you, without fail. And then I’ll teach you……something like the creation surpassing the creator, that’s just something common.”

The temperature of the arm that blocked the attack of the obelisk lowered and it returned into the jet black armor.

The new armor that he obtained from defeating his real mother and also a god Nayuta. With its arm, he embraced the body of Himekawa who was wearing Neros.


Kizuna faced the dignified face of Himekawa.

“Kischarge Hyrbid! Hayuru.”

“Ye-, yes-!”

Himekawa’s face turned bright red instantly. And then she closed her eyes and looked up. Her hands joined together, making her look like a princess waiting for the kiss of the prince.

Kizuna’s face approached and their lips touched each other.

That soft sensation made the two drunk.

And then a miracle occurred.

The miracle named Kischarge Hybrid.

When their lips separated, the eyes of the two were instantly changed into battle readiness.



In respond to Himekawa’s call, a magic circle unfolded before her eyes. And then from inside it, the Corruption Armament of Neros [Gladius] made its appearance.

It would cut even god, a sword with three blades.

“Let’s go, Hayuru!”

Both of them grasped the hilt of that sword. And then the both of them opened their thrusters at full throttle simultaneously.


With the sure kill sword in hand, they headed toward Osiris.

“These……experimental animals!”

Osiris also readied her obelisk. The sun behind her emitted light once more.


Both swords clashed.

Intense powers opposed each other. And then blinding light and shockwave that felt like it would break their bodies assaulted.



Both of them combined their powers and pushed back at the obelisk. Osiris’s body was gradually pushed behind.

“Thi, this power…….this should be, impossible!”

Himekawa made a bright smile looking at Osiris who raised a pained voice.

‘――We can do this!’

At that moment, the blue pyramid appeared in front of Himekawa’s eyes.


The eye at the side of the pyramid opened.


The eye that was shining gold was staring at Himekawa. Golden light flew into Himekawa’s eyes, passing through the retina and invaded the nerve cell.


Strength left Himekawa’s fingers that were holding the hilt.

“What’s wrong, Hayuru!”

‘――That blue thing!?’

The blue pyramid was also going to direct its golden eye to Kizuna’s direction. At that moment, strength completely left Himekawa’s body and the two of them were blown away by the obelisk’s shockwave.


Kizuna and Himekawa’s body were blown on top of the sand. They rolled for even two hundred meters on the sand.

“Shi, shit…….-!”

Kizuna adjusted the thrusters of his whole body and rallied his stance.


However, Himekawa’s body was carried by the momentum and rolled above the desert. He wanted to go help her. However, he couldn’t turn his back against Osiris who was readying the obelisk. Furthermore Gladius was also sent flying somewhere.

“You have good luck, black one. Just a little more and I would of been able to rule your heart too.”

Standing in front of the floating blue pyramid, Osiris approached Kizuna. Her four lion legs stepped on the sand, the wings on her back were opened proudly in conviction of victory.

Kizuna gritted his teeth.

‘――I can win if I can just hit her with Reincarnation. However, it’s impossible to make the opening for that.’

“Kuh……what to do!”

Dragging the shining red obelisk, Osiris approached while drawing behind a line on the sand.

“I planned to kill you, but you look healthy, so let’s make you a slave. And then you will continue to work for my sake for eternity.”

The blue pyramid faced towards Kizuna. And then they eye on its side leaked out golden light.


The moment he yelled so in his heart, a streak of sharp light cut through his sight.


The golden light that blinded the eye filled his field of vision.

In front of Kizuna’s eyes, a violent explosion occurred.

A golden light that cut through the sky. That streak of light accurately struck the blue pyramid. The fragments of the pyramid that exploded into pieces rained down from the sky.

“Wha……what in the world, just happened?”

Osiris directed a shocked gaze to the sky.

With the moonlight on its back, a blue armor was floating. That blue was giving off a really beautiful color. Receiving the moon light, its surface was a transparent aqua blue like water. And then the armor that was piled up in many layers was transforming into deep ultramarine color farther inside, a coloring with depth like peering into a deep lake.

And then a streamlined frame. Aerodynamic shape that made one image water and wind. There, golden light was running, a gorgeousness with nothing that could match it.

On its back were two huge units to the left and right, the Differential Frame, those too were also different in shape compared to until now. The whole thing was a Heart Hybrid Gear that was custom made for the owner.

“Haai, Kizuna☆”

Yurishia Farandole closed one of her eyes and waved her hand.



In contrast with the happy Kizuna, Osiris furrowed her eyebrows.

When Cross’s Differential Frame ejected particles, she had landed on the ground instantly. She came down in front of Kizuna’s eyes with terrifying speed.

“I made you wait♥ Well, even if said that, I wonder if I made you wait too long?”

It was a carefree bright smile.

Kizuna opened his mouth and he was about to say something. However he changed his mind and shook his head.

“……No. Making a man wait is the special privilege of a good woman after all.”

Yurishia narrowed her eyes. Something bright came to the surface at the corner of her eye. Yurishia nonchalantly wiped the corner of her eye with her fingertip. Kizuna caught that hand and brought her face close to him.


The faces of the two approached to a distance they had never experienced until now. Even when they were doing Climax Hybrid, even when their face had got close before this, one of them would dodge to the left or right. But, right now was different. They mutually approached close as though being sucked to each other. Their noses touched and they could feel each others’ breathing.

“Ah……Ki, Kizu――”

Yurishia’s lips were blocked by Kizuna’s lips.

Just with that it felt like Yurishia would greet a climax. The cells of her whole body were trembling happily. Yurishia’s cheeks were dyed pink, her eyes were faintly closed in intoxication. Her lips parted and Kizuna’s tongue entered. At first she was surprised, but she had no intention to protest at all. Rather, she was happy. Inside her mouth, Kizuna’s tongue was freely moving around. Tongue and tongue touching each other felt good, but having her gums licked felt ticklish.

As if paying back the favor, Yurishia also invaded into Kizuna’s mouth. And then she fully tasted him stickily. Her head felt blank, her thinking ability fell. Right now she already could do nothing but entrusting her body to the pleasure she felt inside her mouth.

She was being connected, with her beloved person.

The moment she thought that once again,

Magic power exploded violently. Fierce surge of magic power to which the expression of explosion was truly fitting. That large amount of magic power was whirling with the bodies of the two at the center.

――The first Kischarge Hybrid with Yurishia.

The mouths of the two separated with a pop. While that happened a string of saliva was forming a bridge between them.


When Kizuna called her name, Yurishia quietly nodded.

And then she opened her right hand and thrust it forward.


A magic circle opened in front of Yurishia. The magic circle that was drawn by golden light slowly rotated. From its center, something like a handle came out. Yurishia grasped that and pulled it out. It was something like a huge tube. But, its full appearance couldn’t really be seen.

And then after pulling it out for nearly five meters, finally its tip appeared.

What appeared from the magic circle was a huge nail driver machine.

The sides of its barrel that had a diameter of nearly a meter had a long and thick cylinder part stretching out, looked from above, it was like a huge cross. What was buried at the center inside the barrel was a huge sharp stake. Its tip showed out its face, emitting a terrifying light.

That stake would pierce the enemy and strike with a large amount of particles.

This was the new type, Crosshead.

No matter what kind of enemy, they would be pierced and pulverized from the inside, a cross of destruction.

That cross was supported from left and right respectively by Yurishia and Kizuna, they grasped the grips attached at the sides of the barrel.

Looking at their appearance, Osiris’s voice turned rough.

“Isis! Just what in the world are you doing!”

That voice made Yurishia hold her breath for a moment.

“Throw away that thing, come here!”

Yurishia looked down.

“Yes……I will, go there right away.”

Her expression that was clouded by shadows made Kizuna call out to her worriedly.


Yurishia lifted up the Crosshead for a little and fixed its aim at Osiris’s sun.

“Kizuna……the weak point of Osiris is that sun she holds on her back. Optics weapon and particle cannons won’t be effective, but it can be destroyed using physical attacks.”


Kizuna glared at the shining sun on Osiris’s back. Even when she used the obelisk she was borrowing strength from that sun. It was the power source of Osiris’s strength and her weak point.

And then having been told the method to destroy it, Yurishia’s determination was also transmitted into Kizuna’s chest.

“But, by aiming there, we will also get hit by Osiris’s attack.”

Yurishia abruptly leaked out a smile.

“What are you saying. We are trying to defeat a god right? Let’s go with the resolve of giving her one or two arms!”

That way of talking startled Kizuna.

“Oi, Yurishia――”

“It’s not like I’m getting suicidal. Rest assured.”

Yurishia shook her head with a wry smile.

“Depending on what we want, the risk we need to brave changes. If we are going to do a large gamble, then a fitting resolve is necessary.”

“Certainly……all the more when humans are trying to challenge a god huh.”

“If you decided to fight then don’t hesitate. Calm down, then carry out what you decided calmly, with all your strength. If you do that, naturally the result will come.”

Yurishia moved her sight to Osiris’s sun. The side face of Yurishia who found her objective was refreshing.

“Is that the instruction of the ace of America and the world’s strongest pilot?”

Yurishia glanced at Kizuna and winked with a composed smile.

“Well, something like that☆”

Kizuna strongly grasped the grip.

“Bring it on! We are going to win this battle for sure!”

“Yes, from here on, it’s the showtime of me and Kizuna!”

Kizuna’s Corruption Armament [Nayuta], and Yurishia’s Differential Frame ejected fire. Explosive ejection of particles instantly accelerated the bodies of the two into the speed of sound. However, their momentum didn’t know any stop and further rose in speed.

And then the Crosshead that they raised to the front.


With fury and despair mixing in her face, Osiris raised her obelisk. The sun on her back was burning, dying Osiris’s golden armor in scarlet.

The brutal stake was advancing straight to the sun shining on Osiris’s back. Eros and Cross’s full power. Ejecting vast amounts of energy of gold and pink, Kizuna and Yurishia’s bodies brought the Crosshead until the shooting range with speed that surpassed even time.

The sure kill Corruption Armament. Its shooting range was, a meter.


Crosshead grazed above Osiris’s head and captured the shining sun on her back.

The stake thrust stabbed, thrusting from below to above.

“You two, my sun-!?”

At that time, her eyes met the eyes of Yurishia who was supporting the Crosshead. The girl who she treated as a daughter for a time, a girl who really resembled her daughter. The girl who ought to be her daughter’s body. The moment she saw those blue eyes shining brightly with strong will, Osiris realized. This girl, wasn’t her daughter.


Osiris howled.

The tip of the stake was going to break the shell of the sun. The sun was trying to repel that intruder. Both sides were fiercely clashing, intense light gushed out. Shockwave and radical change of atmospheric pressure were causing a tornado in the surrounding.

The sand storm rolled up and inside electrical discharge ran.

Eros and Cross were pushing the Crosshead with their greatest driving force. Kizuna and Yurishia’s bodies were fiercely vibrating. The boisterous dance of light blocked their sight. At the other side, Osiris was readying her obelisk horizontally and its blade emitted a conspicuously bright red light.

She was planning to cut down Yurishia and Kizuna in one go with a side sweep. Kizuna’s face distorted bitterly.

‘――It’s coming!’

“Disappear! Black armor! And then, my daughter’s vessel!”

The obelisk was running while trailing red light behind. From Yurishia’s side radiance that would vanish her body was attacking.

“Differential Frame!”

Yurishia yelled and then the Differential Frame on Cross’s back slid in between the obelisk and Yurishia.


The obelisk cut apart the armor of the new type Differential Frame. The armor danced in the air, the machine inside was exploding while scattering apart. The radiance of the obelisk also easily destroyed the armor of the new Cross.

However, for just a moment the obelisk was obstructed by the Differential Frame. That instant decided the match.

Kizuna and Yurishia’s voices overlapped.

“ “Drive!!” ”

The internal stake of the Crosshead caused a severe explosion. Particles of magic power were compressed and caused explosion in one go. The large barrel was something for the sake of restraining that explosive power. The way that explosive power could escape was only through a point.

The energy of the explosion was looking for an exit and headed towards the end of the barrel.

Hiding the power to pierce all of existence, it rushed out with speed even faster than light.

And then the stake of destruction pierced the sun.

Summoned from another world, that sun continued to burn by absorbing all the life in this world.

The stake of the Crosshead destroyed its shell, stabbing into the inside of the sun. At that moment magic power energy that contravened it struck. The shell that was broken in one spot was brittle, in an instant small ruptures ran all over its surface.

The eternal sun that repeated death and rebirth was smashed apart into pieces.

The sword of obelisk cut into two the Differential Frame. It dug into Cross’s armor without stopping and tore off the armor from Yurishia’s body. The armor of Cross broke, Yurishia’s finger separated from the Crosshead and her body was blown away in the air.

Gashes were carved on Yurishia’s whole body, blood was spurting out all at once. However her expression was overflowing with the happiness of a sense of achievement. Her blood soaked face addressed Kizuna.

‘――I’m leaving this to you, Kizuna.’

Kizuna took off his hand from the Crosshead and clenched his fist. He concentrated all his magic power into his right arm.

“Thanks! World’s Strongest!”

Kizuna’s face approached as though it was going to touch Osiris’s face. And then his raised fist lunged in a straight line filled with all his strength.


Kizuna’s burning fist struck on Osiris’s chest.


The Corruption Armament [Nayuta]’s special skill. The curse sorcery exclusive for anti-magic god.

“Thi, this……is-”

Feathers were falling off from the wings on her back. The feathers danced like withered leaves riding the dancing wind. And then the wings itself crumbled into pieces as though losing its foundation.

Not just that. Sekhmet’s body that became Osiris’s lower body was also disassembled. It was as though the parts connecting the whole suddenly vanished, all the components from its armor until its internal structure were torn off and falling down.

“This……this, is”

Osiris’s legs appeared from inside Sekhmet’s body. She attempted to stand on the sand with those legs, but she couldn’t put strength in her legs.


Just like that she fell on the sand. She couldn’t put strength in her whole body, she couldn’t even stand up.

“This……for me who is a machine god, who should have the power that surpassed humans……”

Reincarnation was the program that Nayuta specially wrote to disrupt the internal structure of a machine god. That virus was rampaging inside Osiris right now.


She frowned painfully, her cheeks blushed and her body twisted. That state of hers was strangely erotic. Her appearance was young, but her appearance and gesture emitted sex appeal that had been piled up throughout the years.


Strength was leaking out from the whole body of Osiris. It seemed she lost consciousness.

Kizuna sighed in relieve and opened the floating window.

“This is Kizuna. I succeeded in stopping Osiris to function with Reincarnation. However Yurishia is injured. Send the rescue squad here with urgency!”

{My, I’m fine you know♥ Don’t worry.}

A window started and Yurishia soaked in blood was projected there.

“Fi……fine you say, you are soaked in blood!”

{It’s not as bad as it looks, so I’m fine. When I was still in Masters, something to this degree often happened.}

‘Really?’ Kizuna whispered in his heart.

{Rather than that what about Ataraxia?}

{There is no need to worry for our side.}

Grace opened a window.

{Battleship Ataraxia is undamaged. Also, perhaps it was right when Osiris was defeated. The sand monsters crumbled and vanished.}

Kizuna breathed in relieve.

“I’m glad……”

However, there Reiri and Kei’s windows came to the front.

{It’s still too fast to feel safe. From now on it will be the crucial moment of your battle, Kizuna!}

{Right now we are sending the equipment for your next battle. Evade.}


Kizuna focused his eyes and he could see a large missile fired from battleship Ataraxia.

“Wait a second……don’t tell me”

That missile was flying straight at Kizuna.


Lifting up the collapsed Osiris, Kizuna kicked on the sand and flew up. After just a tiny interval, the spot where Kizuna was at before was impacted by the missile.

However, that missile didn’t explode and stabbed into the sand. And then the cover was disconnected and a capsule shaped container appeared from inside.

“Somehow……it feels like a long time since I last saw this thing.”

The container fell down from the missile, it ignited its main part’s posture control thrusters and automatically landed at a level ground.

――Middle range mobile tactical supply room. Alias: Love Room.

“No, is this the ballistic style?”

Kei’s window had text running on it.

{As the additional option for this time, we drew up the data of the room that Osiris shared with the pharaoh.}


{It’s something we drew up from the testimony of Yurishia and Zelcyone. It’s a rush work, but its level of completion is good.}

“Is……is that so.”

The door of the Love Room automatically opened.

“Err……actually, there is something I’m bothered with since a long time ago.”


“Osiris has a husband and a daughter right? That’s, that’s to say she is a married woman or something……with someone like that, that’s……is it okay? In various meanings.”

Kei looked back at Kizuna stoically.

{What are you saying this late. You have been with your real mother and sist}

“UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-! Got it! I understand! There is no problem at all!”

After taking off Eros, leaving only his pilot suit behind, Kizuna rushed into the Love Room as though he was running away. Thereupon the hatch closed and the environment setting program was automatically activated. The scenery around was being rewritten along with noise.

“……This is”

The wall and the floor were both created from marble, it was a splendid room. The ceiling was high, its size must be more than a hundred square meters. Even with just that it was a room that cost a lot of money to make it this extravagant, but it was further decorated with geometrical patterns made from gold, making out the room to be luxurious and gorgeous even while being refined.

Outside the window was dark, right now it seemed that it was set to be night. Inside the room was illuminated by the warm light of the lamps.

At the center of the room, a bed with size larger than king size was put there.

Kizuna laid down Osiris’s body on the bed.

Right now looking at her like this, she didn’t look any different from a human. Her appearance seemed to be around the middle of her twenties until her late twenties. Her tanned skin and black hair were overflowing with oriental charm.

And then her huge breasts. Certainly, even if he was told that she was Yurishia’s mother, he felt like he could accept it. Her waist was tight that it was unbelievable that she had given birth to a child. On the contrary her butt was the type that could give safe birth. She was a goddess, but rather than a goddess of death, being a goddess of fertility and harvest suited her more.


Her black eyelids blinked, her golden eyes peeked out.

“This place……don’t tell me”

She woke up with a panicked state.

“My bad, but this place is a made up room. This room was reconstructed with the room you once spent your time in as the base.”

It was the Love Room so it was slightly different, but it was meaningless even if he explained in detail. Rather than that the sense of relief that Osiris felt by being in this room, and then the sense of immorality, was important.

“You are……the black armor’s”

“Call me Kizuna. That’s my name.”

Osiris was staring fixedly at Kizuna’s face.

“So I lost……to you, Kizuna……”

Kizuna was going to sit at the edge of the bed.


Osirs raised a panicked voice. Kizuna stared at her wondering what was up, but Osiris looked down and murmured with a small voice.

“No, those who can climb to this bed are, only me and……my husband.”

‘I see’, Kizuna understood. And then at the same time he also felt heavy. Although they had been separated by death, this was a woman who had a husband and a child……to be forced to do Climax Hybrid with her like this.

Furthermore the souls of her husband and child were preserved inside the pyramid. If this mission succeeded, perhaps they would return to life.

But, even that wouldn’t come true without doing this.

‘――I will make it work for sure. This Climax Hybrid with Osiris!’

“……Is this place, really the room where you lived in the past?”

“Yes. In this place with my husband……we spent the night on this bed, and affirmed our love of each other. Isis was also given to me here.”

That vivid explanation made Kizuna reflexively swallow his saliva.

“For the sake of resurrecting that husband and Isis, I want to borrow your strength.”

With a half-doubting gaze, Osiris looked up at Kizuna.

“You also said that before didn’t you? But, how can I believe that……”

When she was about to say that, she suddenly closed her mouth.

“No, you have defeated me. The creation has surpassed the creator……so something like that is possible……if that’s the case, then perhaps even something that I cannot believe, a possible method, really exists.”

“It’s fine even if you don’t believe it from the bottom of your heart. But, only for now I want you to believe me.”

Osiris nodded slowly.

“I understand. Then……what do I need to do?”

“That is……do Climax Hybrid with me, no. I want you, to do male and female activity with me.”


Osiris slowly raised her hands and wrapped her own body as though protecting her breasts. And then she crawled on the bed, distancing herself from Kizuna.

“No……that is, no good. My body is my husband’s. There is no way I can let another person lay their hand on……”

“However, this is for the sake of saving that husband.”


“It’s only once, if I can do it with you, with that your husband and daughter, no, not just them. Perhaps everything in this world can be saved!”

Osiris kept hugging her body and looked down. Her face was covered by her black hair hanging down. She bit her lip and looked like she was enduring something. Before long she released her hands from hugging her body and opened her arms, she presented her arms as though inviting him on the bed.

“Please……feel free……to climb on the bed.”

When she lifted her face, tears were bloating her eyes.

“But……it’s only this once. I’m doing this for the sake of saving this world.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Kizuna climbed the bed and sat in front of Osiris. Once again he looked at Osiris’s body, her beauty and sexiness overwhelmed him. As expected from the beauty that the pharaoh chose as his queen.

Osiris was also staring all over at Kizuna from the top of his head until the tip of his toes as though licking him with her eyes.

“Aah……someone this young. Dear me, just what am I doing.”

Being told that, Kizuna once again felt the difference in age between him and Osiris. However, she was a machine god who had live for several tens of thousands of years, so he also felt like things like age didn’t matter anymore. If speaking only from her appearance, then she was almost no different from Reiri.

“Even you Osiris look young though.”

However Osiris talked back with a troubled face.

“Such thing is not true. I have a daughter whose age is about the same as you, you know?”

That was a fact that was hard to believe.

“I got married when I was eleven years old though.”

“That’s young!”

But after saying that, he recalled that his mother was also a fair match.

Kizuna scooped up Osiris’s hair. Her hair was silky and felt pleasant to touch. And then he touched her cheek. Her tanned skin was lustrous, he couldn’t help but felt doubt whether she was really made from machine.


His finger was touching gently from the nape of her neck towards her chest. The mellow skin felt like it was absorbing his fingertip. And then his hand stopped at the middle of the largely swelling up breast.

“Nn……what’s the matter?”


“It’s fine, so please continue. Besides, I also don’t really feel it compared to my husband, so rather you have to do better.”

Osiris didn’t look like she hated it. Kizuna’s hand crept on her whole bosom that was hidden by accessory, and the he slowly put more strength.

“Nn-! HaaAAAAAA-!”

It was unexpectedly a large reaction, Kizuna spontaneously pulled back his hand.

“Are you okay?”

Thereupon Osiris’s cheeks shyly turned red.

“Ye-yes……that, something like this, has been too long, so……that’s……”

Inside Kizuna’s heart, his feeling that was thinking that Osiris was cute was growing larger. Kizuna circled to Osiris’s back and caressed her body from both sides.

“Hyaaahn, tha, that place……”

He traced her body line from her waist until below her armpit. While he was doing that, Osiris’s body was shivering continuously. And then after watching for an opportunity, he scooped up the ripened large breast that was drooping heavily from below. His arm felt a profound weight.

“Haan……aa, ah”

‘――Certainly, it feels almost the same like Yurishia.’

However compared to Yurishia the sensation of touching this one gave the impression of a little bit firmer. Kizuna put strength into his fingers and began to massage, then the accessory that was clinging on her breast until now to hide her nipple went out of place with rustling sound. It was as though Osiris was unconsciously coaxing loving caress from him.

In order to answer that expectation, Kizuna pinched that tip with his fingertips and twisted.

“Nnaaa! Hauh, nnaaauaaAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

“Eh? Huh”

Osiris’s body stiffened and then she convulsed twitchingly many times over.

‘――This is. She is, climaxing……already?’

“Errr……are you, feeling it easily since the past?”

“I, I don’t know-, such thing-……yah, yaaaan!”

‘――Osiris who became a machine god didn’t need sexual pleasure, she also has no chance to experience it. Because of that her endurance become nothing……is that it?’

Kizuna changed the way his hand held the excessive breasts many times and obstinately rubbed it thoroughly. Thereupon the tip was little by little becoming stiff.

“Aah, aa! Please, wa, wait. I will, a, again――”

When the tip of her breast was rolled with his palm, Osiris bent her back backward and convulsed.


‘――A, again!?’

“Haa, haa……haaan. Wa, wait. Let me, rest a little……”

“You are really……sensitive aren’t you?”

Thereupon Osiris’s face was increasingly getting red and she rattled on.

“I, it’s not like I’m feeling it or anything! It’s only because it has been quite long……co, compared to that person, this is nothing big. The way that person did it, felt really good!”

‘――Then, if that’s the case, that’s more reason for me to work even harder.’


Osiris’s waistcloth was disarrayed and it got rolled up.

Unconsciously his eyes couldn’t turn from there.

“…..Is, something the matter?”

Osiris whispered with heated breath mixed in her voice.

“No, there is nothing.”

It was at that moment where Kizuna became aware that Osiris wore no panty. And then, he also noticed how abundant liquid was overflowing from there.

“Then, I’ll make you feel even better next.”

Kizuna embraced Osiris’s shoulder with his left hand and pulled her body towards him.


Osiris’s weight leaned on his chest. That weight felt pleasant somehow. And then his right hand flipped up the waistcloth that had turned into the shape like a loincloth, exposing her important spot.

“Has this place, been seen by other people?”

“Never……it was only that person.”

“Then, I’m the second person who has seen it.”

Kizuna touched at that chasm.


Osiris bared open her eyes wide.

“Keep at it, Osiris.”

“Kuh……so, something like this, compared to that per……son, aaaaaann♡!”

He gently traced at that chasm and rubbed it up.

“Ah! Ah! Fuah! Aaaan! Yah, yaaan!”

His finger was sandwiched between the walls of that chasm. It was as though it wouldn’t let go of Kizuna’s finger, it closed and he felt like it was sucking him in. It felt pleasant, a pleasure that felt ticklish.

“Hiiiiih! Kuh……kuuUUUNNNN!”

Osiris clung at Kizuna, her body trembled and she welcomed a climax once more. Kizuna’s hand was drenched with warm honey. Sweet aroma was drifting up from between Osiris’s crotch.

Osiris was staring at Kizuna with a dizzy gaze. Her hand that was clinging at Kizuna moved, she began to proactively caress Kizuna’s body.

“Hey……Kizuna……you won’t take it off?”

Osiris’s eyes told him to take it off.

“……I guess. I want to directly feel Osiris with my skin.”

After saying that Kizuna stood up. For a moment Osiris smiled happily, but she immediately changed her face into a solemn look.

“Actually, having my skin touched directly cannot be permitted but…….this is for the sake of saving this world, so this cannot be helped.”

Kizuna took off his pilot suit with familiar hand movement. The pilot suit was worn directly above his bare skin, so he wore no underwear. Kizuna’s thing was exposed in front of Osiris’s eyes without anything hiding it.


Osiris’s eyes was staring at it with intense concentration. Her throat was moving up and down with a gulp.

Kizuna purposefully thrust it out in front of Osiris.


Osiris was breathing roughly while staring at that fixedly. Her cheeks and around her eyes were dyed red, her eyes were completely moist.

Osiris was waiting motionlessly. However, Kizuna didn’t move closer to her more than that.

“Ki, Kizuna……”


“You won’t, make me try consoling this?”

“If you want to touch, it’s fine you know?”

Osiris gulped again with audible noise.

“N, no……if Kizuna, tell me to touch it……”

Kizuna brought it closer until a distance where it almost touched Osiris’s cheek. Osiris’s eyes that were staring with desiring face looked like she had almost broken into tears.

‘――Good grief.’

“Osiris, can you touch it, making me feel good?”

The moment he said that, Osiris rubbed her cheek at Kizuna’s thing.

“Aah……this sensation♡”

And then she reservedly let out her tongue, touching at Kizuna’s thing.

“Nn-♡ This, taste……is nice”

Once she stepped over, her limit was gone already. Osiris crawled her tongue and enjoyed Kizuna’s thing until every corner to her heart content. Her slippery tongue entangled and caressed Kizuna’s thing. Rather than a technique it was a hungry passion, it made him felt this thing called affection.

That pleasure was reliably piling up inside Kizuna. Osiris opened her mouth and led Kizuna’s thing inside her mouth.

“Hamu♡……nhnnannh, nh, nh, nh”

Osiris’s tongue was writhing inside her mouth. Her face was moving back and forth, caressing Kizuna’s thing inside her cheek. That warmth and softness was pushing Kizuna to his limit in one go.

“O, Osiris-, soon it will be, bad!”

However Osiris didn’t show any sign of releasing him. Far from that, her tongue moved even stronger instead.

‘――I’m at my limit already!’

Kizuna’s pleasure gushed out in one go. Large amount of energy filled Osiris’s mouth.

“Nh! Nku♡ nh♡ nh♡”

Without hesitation Osiris swallowed it in. She showed no sign of pain at all, rather she was smiling happily.

And then matching the timing of her throat gulping down, hot liquid spurted out from her crotch. Osiris’s waist was trembling.

And then even after drinking up everything, Osiris didn’t separate her mouth from Kizuna’s thing from reluctance. She persistently kept sucking up, as though she was trying to suck out everything, even what was remaining inside it.

“Osiris, can you let it go for a moment?”

However Osiris was only looking up at him with questioning eyes, her mouth didn’t seem like it would let go.

“It’s fine. It won’t go anywhere.”

Saying that Kizuna caressed her head. It was a small head that felt good to touch. It could become a habit caressing this soft and silky black hair.

Osiris slowly took out Kizuna’s thing. Finally Kizuna’s thing touched outside air. However, Osiris’s slender fingers immediately entwined Kizuna’s thing. She grasped it firmly and wouldn’t let go.

As expected even Kizuna made a wry smile.

With a thick cushion on her back, he made her sit in a posture like sitting on a reclining chair, Kizuna and Osiris lined up on the bed.

Osiris was staring at Kizuna with a heated gaze. Even during that time Osiris’s fingers didn’t let go of Kizuna’s thing for even a second.

“Say……are you pleased?”


It was as though she finally noticed how she kept holding it all this time, her face became red and she let go with an embarrassed face.

Kizuna embraced Osiris’s body close to him. Osiris followed him in silence and moved her body close to Kizuna.

“It’s fine to hold it you know?”

When he whispered that into her ear, she went bright red until her ears. She lowered her head on Kizuna’s chest and her hand reached towards Kizuna’s crotch.

‘――Ah, but I want to hold it.’

“Though your husband’s thing might be better than this.”


He tried saying that with a little mean streak, but Osiris didn’t reply.

Kizuna also inserted his hand between Osiris’s crotch. Osiris didn’t resist, rather she opened her legs so Kizuna could touch easier.

Osiris’s legs were soaked with hot honey from the inside of her thighs until below her knees. And then, the place where the honey was welling up was heated, steam was rising from there.

Kizuna’s hand crawled, looking for the overflowing spring.

“Haaa-! Aaahn, the, there-, aa, great-”

His fingertips got caught by a protrusion. He rubbed it with a little strength.


Osiris spurted out hot liquid once more and her body became a bow.

How many time has she climaxed already? However, Kizuna mercilessly continued to torment her. Also whether it was consciously or unconsciously, Osiris’s hand that was grasping Kizuna’s thing was also moving up and down.

She rubbed him as though saying that she wanted to pay back the pleasure that she felt even just for a little. Her tanned palm was soft, the strength she was gripping him with was also superb, she continued to maintain Kizuna’s vigor.

With his fingers Kizuna opened the entrance of Osiris’s hot source.


“How is it? Osiris. Does it still not feel as good as your husband?”

Osiris frowned and she bit her lip.

“……it’s good.”


From her golden eyes, tears were spilling out in large drops.

“It actually, feels good! More than that person, than my husband! It feels good!”

Kizuna’s finger invaded into Osiris’s honey pot.


Masou Gakuen HxH V09 BW 10.png

It was as though it had been waiting for him, the soft flesh was pulling in Kizuna’s finger inside.

Kizuna also whispered into Osiris’s ear.

“You are really cute, Osiris.”

At that moment, Osiris’s inside tightened hard on Kizuna’s fingers.

“Kuuuh! Fuh!”

Osiris’s body that was tightening got done in by that pleasure instead. Her lips were trembling, her teeth was clattering. The climaxes that happened in succession repeatedly severed and threw her mind into confusion. And then, hot liquid spurted from the gap that was holding Kizuna’s fingers.

“Aah……forgive me, dear……”

Kizuna’s fingertip rubbed the inside of Osiris’s wall.

“HIUuaaAAAAAAAAA-! Aa, that feels good-♥ Kizunaaaa nn♥”

Each time he moved his fingers inside, Osiris tasted a climax. The everlasting climax continued to torment Osiris. Sweat was flowing from her whole body, making her tanned body damp and made her shine. Each time her body trembled, her large breasts shook and sweat scattered.

The stimulation that Osiris’s hand gave him also severely attacked Kizuna’s waist.


Kizuna’s eyes had pink light floating there.

And then Osiris’s eyes were also shining gold.

“Kizuna is better than my dear! It feels far betterrrrrrrrrrrr!”

The Core in Kizuna’s chest emitted light, pink colored particles were overflowing from his body.


The moment he raised his voice happily, thick cale was stretching out from under the bed.


That thing looked like a hose for drainage use, or possibly for a vacuum cleaner. The white hose’s diameter was around ten centimeters. Its mouth was opened as though to have something plugged in there. It was moving around as though looking for something to connect with, but when it faced at the direction of Kizuna’s abdomen, its motion stopped still. And then as though it was sucking in Kizuna’s thing, it connected with Kizuna.

“Wha, what the hell, is this? Shikina-san? Or else is this Kaa-san’s doing!?”

Nayuta’s voice resounded without any window in display.

{It’s something Kei made from my instruction.}

“As I thought! Just what is the meaning of this?”

{It’s a connection cord for the sake of effectively pouring the magic power generated from Kizuna’s body into Osiris.}

The tip of the cord that was fixed on Kizuna appeared from under the bed. And then like a living thing it presented its neck in front of Kizuna. Its shape and size was just like a Core when it is going to be reinstalled.

“Don’t tell me……with this”

{Exactly. Link that connector into Osiris, joining her body with Kizuna.}


However, did Osiris felt any opposition against this?

Thinking that, he turned to Osiris.

“Aaa……please, Kizuna.”

Osiris opened her crotch, she opened that part with her own fingers.

“Quickly, come here♥……until the inside.”

{If you miss this timing, then there will be no next time. Osiris who lost the sun of another world will have her body crumble before long. As long as she doesn’t recover her original body, Osiris cannot be saved.}


Kizuna grasped the cord roughly and fixed its end on Osiris’s body.


That tip touched the lower lips of Osiris. And then, at that moment a sweet sensation also ran through Kizuna’s crotch.

“As I thought, it has that kind of mechanism……”


Kizuna opened his eyes.

“Here I go, Osiris!”

“Come, Kizuna!”

The connector of the linking cord entered into Osiris.


The moment it entered, the moment it advanced deep inside, the moment it hit the wall inside, everything of those moments made Osiris climax. That intense pleasure went through the linking cord and got transmitted to Kizuna.

And then, at the same time when the lump of pleasure from Kizuna was attacked, a vast magic power was emitted from Eros’s Core. It was directly poured from the linking cord into Osiris. It filled the inside of Osiris’s womb and made her body’s structure ran in adverse tide.

Those particles were divided by the inside of Osiris’s womb, increasing it in number. And then sublime light was overflowing from her body.

The energy filling inside the Love Room was sent to the pyramid through Nayuta who was outside. The pharaoh and the princess, and then the configuration information of this world preserved in the pyramid. All of those were revitalized and revived.

With the pyramid as the center, the brightness of life energy was spreading.

That brightness crossed the desert. After that light was running through, grass was growing, trees were born. The yellow desert was changing to green. They weren’t sand objects that were fakes Osiris made to decorate Necropolis. They were real plants that possessed life.

The desert split and water spurted out. The overflowing water created a river, the river turned into a large river and large amounts of water was flowing. The water gathered ahead where it was pouring and a sea began to be created.

The love overflowing from the heart granted moisture to the dried land.

Osiris leaned 0n Kizuna’s shoulder and went outside the Love Room.

“This is……!?”

There was Necropolis between overflowing green trees. A river was flowing at its side where ahead of it were green grassland and forest, a city of people was spreading.

“Even though all those were desert just now……”

Kizuna was also looking around the surroundings dumbfoundedly.

“So you really……spoke the truth, Kizuna.”

Osiris stared at her own body in wonder, she touched her hand and confirmed its existence.

“My body too……it’s returning to human flesh.”

Osiris linked her fingers, she stared at the world overflowing with greenery as though she was in a dream.

“Thank you……truly.”

“No, that’s……”

Kizuna felt awkward having that straight forward gratitude thrown at him.

“Ah, that’s right. Rather than that, you better try to go to the pyramid quickly. Surely……”

Osiris suddenly noticed and turned on her heel before breaking into a run.

However, her legs came to a stop and she returned back to where Kizuna was standing. And then she embraced his neck and she pressed her lips at Kizuna’s lips.


“Fufu, keep this a secret from the pharaoh okay?”

And then she turned her back on him again and dashed.

“I will tell the next generation, that Kizuna is the savior of this world! For eternity!”

She yelled that with a loud voice and waved her hand.

After Kizuna waved his hand back, this time for sure Osiris ran towards her husband and daughter.

“Then, let us depart too.”


Kizuna was so shocked towards Nayuta who was standing beside him without his realization that it felt like his heart would stop.

“The thing that we can obtain has also been obtained.”

In Nayuta’s hand, a red crystal was shining.

“That is, what Osiris had……”

“Yes. It’s half of Atlantis’s configuration information.”

“Just two more……”

Kizuna looked up to the sky.

There were two Deus ex Machina remaining. Thanatos and Odin.

Did the Golden Dragon that Gravel and the others boarded arrive at a world with a machine god in it?

Where was Aine, whose whereabouts was still unknown?

Kizuna’s thoughts ran towards another world at the other side of the sky.

“Be safe……Aine.”

Part 5[edit]

Two petite girls came out from Nayuta Lab in the company of each other.

“With this, Sylvia can also return to the front lines desu!”

Her small body stood on her toes as though to make her body as large as possible.

“Just what are you saying? You only just got better, so don’t get carried away.”

Ragrus’s largely rolled twintails shook while she gave a warning in exasperation.

“Ragrus-chan is a worrywart desu.”

“I don’t want the girl who collapsed in the mock battle before this saying that like a big shot-!”

Sylvia made an apologetic face and she bowed her head with a bob.

“Sylvia is sorry desu. Sylvia keeps being a bother to Ragrus-chan desu.”

“N, no……it’s not like I want you to apologize.”

Ragrus awkwardly turned her back on Sylvia.

“Geez, enough already, we are going. It’s a celebration for you leaving the hospital, so I’ll treat you to something.”

She said that before breaking into a run.

“Well, my recommendation is the crepe stand at the shopping mall near the station I think. How about that, the cream bean jam beside it is also……”

However, Sylvia’s presence wasn’t following behind her.

‘――Just what’s with her, really!’

Cursing so inside her heart, she turned back.

Sylvia didn’t move even a step from the spot where they were standing still before. She was staring fixedly at the sky.

“Hey Sylvia? What are you doing standing absentminded――”

A crack ran on the sky.


Something chilling ran inside Ragrus’s heart.

The crack widened and the sky was peeled off.

‘――AU collision.’


Ragrus immediately dashed towards Sylvia.

“Ragrus-chan, look at that desu!”

From the gap of the torn sky, a god was descending.

It was too beautiful to be called armor. It was as divine as a work of art.

That figure was colored by beautiful decorations.

On the armor that was like a shrine, were elegant wings that ruled the sky.

At the center of the luxurious and gorgeous armor, a peerless beautiful girl opened her sorrowful eyes.

“Machine god……Thanatos.”

“No way, why……why, is she here……”

Kizuna and the others were heading to battle.

Despite so.

Or else, was the departed force obliterated?

Along with that anxiety, the hearts of Sylvia and Ragrus were trembling with a feeling of terror.

The enemy they should defeat. The opponent they had to fight.

Despite so, the moment they saw that figure, their bodies couldn’t move.

That presence was just too immense.

Even though Hokuto was the same machine god like her, the status was just different.

They couldn’t even rouse any will to fight.

They were helpless.

They noticed of their own recklessness, of planning to fight that kind of thing.

It wasn’t the matter of winning or losing.

They didn’t even understand in what way they should fight this.

Thanatos stared at Ataraxia, and murmured with a melancholic tone.

“Let’s grant the time of ruin. This world will be eternally――”

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. I don’t know what Himekawa is going to say here, it’s a word beginning with ‘ka’ in Japanese
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