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Eros! This is Kuji Masamune!

Everyone, do you all watch the TV anime [Masou Gakuen HxH]? This work that had caused various controversy before its broadcast was meeting several difficulties, yet all the staff and cast combined their strength to somehow overcome all those!

I was writing this volume just about when the climax of the early stage battle was happening. I think that is the period of time when even the people who at first thought this work is simply a stupid ero story began to think that it’s not all this story has.

The lewd scenes of [Masou Gakuen HxH] is supported by the heavily serious setting and the drama that the characters are burdened with. The characters are becoming desperate in their attempt to overcome that kind of difficult problem that they go to an unexpected direction (lol). But exactly because they are doing it seriously that I think it is interesting.

If you aren’t watching the anime, then by all means please watch it through the net transmission or from the DVD package. However, the battle from there will be where this work shows its real ability, so by any means please realize its second season! I pray for my wish that the story of Aine and Kizuna can reach its conclusion! I beg everyone too to please give your support too without fail!

From the fifth volume Ger-san makes great contributions doesn’t she! Gravel also became cute, Kizuna and Aine’s battle too, I want to see them in the anime!

…..But well, let’s stop talking about the anime here, about this ninth volume――,

We touched Yurishia’s past that we have never even imagined before this, Yurishia actually knew about the secrets regarding Heart Hybrid Gear, I’m glad that I am able to collect the part that I wrote with the air like foreshadowing. Even Zelcyone who had few chances to contribute until now has a lot of turn! But there is no scene of her reinstall here!? All of you who lamented that! After this afterword, the scene that you cannot see in the main story, the reinstall scene of Zelcyone that was really unthinkable before is compiled there, so please have fun with that too!

And then with the amazing character design & illustration power of Hisasi-san, the new character Osiris can also become a cutely erotic character. Be that as it may, Kizuna-san now conquered even a married woman! Truly a pro! Kizuna-pro! (lol)

Oh man―, writing that one was really fun. The depiction of Necropolis’s scenery also felt like I was going to keep writing it forever if I got careless. I was writing that while recalling the Egypt where I went before. It was really fun you know! Egypt! It is a culture sphere that is totally different, so the feeling that it’s like another world is not half-assed! I never thought that it will be useful as a writing material even after many years had passed! If I have a chance, I want to go there again without fail.

Speaking of overseas, it has ended when this volume comes out, but at the middle of August Kuji Masamune conducted his first autograph session! Furthermore it’s at Taiwan!

What makes me so thankful, I was invited by Sentan Publication that is publishing [Masou Gakuen HxH] in Taiwan. I like Taiwan a lot, I have gone there a few times to play, but I have never even dreamed that I would be called there for an autograph session!

And then what is important, is [Extas Online] that was released at the same time with this ninth volume! Please treat me well with this series too. In regards with the characters and the story they are more interesting then Masou!? Is what I’m thinking so please, I think you can enjoy it together with [Masou Gakuen HxH]!

Well then, for thanks. Thank you very much for always drawing the greatest illustration and character design! Hisasi-san! And then Kurogin-san who did the mecha design. The editor in charge O-san of Sneaker’s editing department. Everyone of the anime staff and cast! And then, all of you readers who always support this series. Truly thank you very much as usual!

From here on too please treat well [Masou Gakuen HxH] and [Extas Online], Eros!

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