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Special Short Story – Reinstall in Hot Spring Inn Special[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Regardless of how the starting time for the class at the classroom of Ataraxia high school department second year first group was close, more than half of the seats were empty. Due to Hokuto’s attack there were a lot of students that were resting from injury or running around as the labor service for the reconstruction support.

Kizuna was sitting on his own seat while staring outside the window. The city where the reconstruction was progressing was reflected in his eyes, but inside his head he was thinking about a different matter.

At present, the battleship for the use of another world exploration was in the middle of construction. When it finishes, they would immediately embarked to search for the Deus ex Machina, but before that there was something Kizuna ought to do.

It was the Core’s reinstall.

{That’s so. The search will be carried out by splitting into three teams, so at the very least reinstall one person for each team.}

His mother who had the appearance of a young girl told him that. He had already finished the reinstall on Himekawa. Two people left. Kizuna was worrying about who he should do that to.

“Kizuna, what’s the matter? You are making a gloomy face.”

A voice called at him from behind suddenly. When he looked up, there was a tanned smiling face with blonde short hair there.

“Gravel. So you came to school.”

When Kizuna let out a joyful face, Gravel was also looking at him fondly with delight.

“Yeah. As expected it seems that my body has become completely used to this routine right now. I spent my time leisurely for two, three days after I got discharged from hospital, but I couldn’t calm down no matter what.”

Gravel sat at the seat behind Kizuna.

There were two teams remaining that needed reinstall. Most likely they would be split into the Vatlantis group and the Izgard & Baldein group. If that was the case, then obviously Gravel would be the one from Izgard.

Only Vatlantis remained.

“Kizuna, what about the others?”

“Aah, Himekawa……Hayuru is energetic. Grace is still in the middle of rehabilitation. Hyakurath will be discharged soon, she should be under home recuperation after that I think.”

For the candidates from Vatlantis, first was Grace. And then next was Hyakurath. Putting aside the past, in this reborn Ataraxia he had spent time with those two as classmates. Both of them could be trusted, their strength was also certain.

However, they were still not in the condition that could do the reinstall weren’t they……. However, if speaking about another powerful person in Vatlantis then…….

At that time the chime of the whole school broadcast sounded. At a glance, the monitor that was visible on the blackboard turned on and a face of a female student was projected. It was an adult face and figure that really couldn’t be seen as a high school student at all. Her sharp eyes were shining on her crisp expression.

{This is the student council president Zelcyone. Today after school, a combined battle practice will be conducted. The students who are scheduled to participate are to come without exception. Also, the student mentioned――}


The captain of the Vatlantis Empire’s Imperial Guards. As a matter of fact she was the person who was standing at the top of Vatlantis’s army. With her mind attacks that other magic armors couldn’t do, she was a terrifying magic knight.

Kizuna was staring fixedly at that face which was largely projected at the front of the classroom. Zelcyone was one of the few magic knights that weren’t injured when Hokuto attacked.

‘――No no! No matter how, that woman is just impossible.’

He put a lid on his thought before it could become a clear idea. Be that as it may, was there anybody else? A powerful person of Vatlantis, with perfect health, and that could possibly have their Core reinstalled…….


Kizuna decided in his heart the remaining candidate.

Part 2[edit]

Inside the grounds of Nayuta Lab, there was a stylish hot spring inn that was newly made jointly with its reconstruction. It was something built for the solace of the personnel, so it was set up with a wooden Japanese architecture, a verdant Japanese garden with boulders and pond placed there, and then an open air bath, all in pure Japanese style.

The hot water of the hot spring didn’t come from nature, but its composition was created to be very close to the real thing. They had once discovered a hot spring at the bottom of the ocean and pumped up hot water from there, but right now there was no way they could do that. However, this hot water was of a good make that couldn’t be differentiated with a natural hot spring without getting told that.

After they recovered their memories, they became nostalgic of the facilities that existed on Megafloat Japan but none in Ataraxia, so a lot of facilities were constructed, this was one of those.

Kizuna was waiting for someone in one of the rooms there.

The room deep within the second floor was the best room in this inn. The ceiling was high with spacious and luxurious construction, even the furnishings like the chair and table were all high class items with high quality. On the other side of the paper sliding door created from hinoki cypress like a bamboo screen, there was a long and narrow small room, refreshing wind was flowing in from the window.

Kizuna was looking down at a beautiful Japanese garden from that window. The greenery was beautiful, the placement of the stones forming the pond and stream was flowed by water, it was a garden that had a close resemblance with a famous temple in Kyoto. The scent of new tatami and hinoki cypress filled the room, in addition the refreshing wind flowing from the garden also mixed with it, creating an atmosphere that really calmed down the person inside.

It softened the nervousness of what he would do after this.

When he was deeply breathing in the air outside, there was the sound of the sliding door at the entrance being opened.

“Just what business do you have with me, Hida Kizuna?”

A voice that was sharp like a blade resounded, causing Kizuna to instinctively feel choked. His peaceful feeling instantly got blown away, nervousness ruled over his heart.

“It’s nice for you to come, Zelcyone.”

Zelcyone who was wearing Ataraxia’s uniform was crossing her arms with a disappointed expression.

“Well, sit down.”

Kizuna separated from the edge of the window and returned to the room, he then sat down on a tatami chair. They sat surrounding a too wide lacquer table, he was facing each other with Zelcyone.

“I haven’t finished taking care of the student council’s work. If you have business with me then finish it quickly.”

“My bad to call you when you are busy. Even so……although you are complaining, you are continuing to act properly as the student council president huh.”

Zelcyone scowled sharply and let out a low voice.

“I’m not doing this because I like it. I’m only thinking that making the students agitated even more than this, and in turn lowering our combat potential, is not a good plan.”

At that time “Excuse me” a voice could be heard from outside. The sliding screen was quietly opened and a female servant wearing a kimono in seiza posture appeared.

“I bring the tea for the honored guests.”

“Listen well. I have no intention to get along with you. I came because you said that this talk concerns the search of Ainess-sama that will be carried out eventually. Say your business quickly.”

Zelcyone didn’t even pay any attention at all to things like the existence of the female servant entering the room, she threw her irritated feeling at Kizuna.

――And so,

She didn’t notice the hand of the female servant behind her sinking into her back.

That small hand felt unpleasantly groping around inside her chest. It was already too late when she felt that uncanny sensation.


She slashed with a hand chop while turning back. However, behind her there was no figure of anybody.

There was only the dark entrance at the other side of the sliding door that was left open.

“Wha…..just now?”

“It’s this way, Zelcyone-sama.”

Zelcyone turned back in a flash.

“However, Zelcyone-sama too has completely grown soft after living for so long in Ataraxia. Well, for me this is also something desirable though.”

Settled snugly above Kizuna’s knees, Hida Nayuta was fanning herself with her fan.


Zelcyone’s face distorted hatefully.

“Say, Kaa-san? Can you not sit there like it’s only natural?”

“Isn’t this fine. You need to fulfill your filial piety sometimes.”

Rather than a parent, she only looked like a daughter sitting on the lap of a young father.

“So you are going to toy with me until that far……Teros!”

Zelcyone called the name of her magic armor.


Normally the armor should be equipped on her body instantly, but it didn’t appear. Silence spread inside the room, the trees at the garden were giving off the sound of their rustling.

“This is, impossible……Teros!”

“Are you looking for this?”

Nayuta’s fingertips were holding a silver capsule.


The color of Zelcyone’s face changed. She had seen that capsule before. Originally it should be inside her chest, the Core of the magic armor Teros.

“You bastard……you took it out just now. In that short time, without even any wound……”

“It’s something trivial for the current me.”

Zelcyone’s gaze glared at Nayuta, as though saying that she would kill her.

“Well, please don’t make that scary face. It’s not a lie that we are going to talk about something related to the search for Aine. If I have to say it directly, this talk is about the power up of your magic armor Teros, that’s what this is about.”

Zelcyone closed her eyes and her mouth pursed tightly, but before long she opened her eyes slowly.

“Let’s hear the details.”

Part 3[edit]

The sound of hot spring flowing was quietly resounding. The evening sun already disappeared between the trees, the curtain of night was lowering. Above the stones surrounding the open air bath, lanterns were placed, that orange light was swaying and got reflected on the water surface.

Facing the lighted up beautiful garden, the open air bath possessed a profound beauty. Zelcyone and Kizuna were in front of that open air bath, both of them were standing still.

“……Why, do I have to enter the bath together with you. If you are going to do the Core’s reinstall, then do it quickly.”

“That’s why I explained it already right? There is the need to share the two people’s affection and pleasure. Also things like trust, various things…….”

Zelcyone sighed with a bothersome feeling, she put her hand on the jacket of her uniform.

“Good grief……this really cannot be shown to my lot.”

Without showing any embarrassment, she took off her jacket with light motion as though she was changing clothes for PE lesson, she then unbuttoned the buttons of her shirt. From the gaps of the clothes, her purple bra could be peeked.

“What’s wrong, you need to undress too right?”

“Ye, yeah.”

Kizuna also began to take off his uniform, but no matter how he got bothered about Zelcyone. When he took a glance at her, she already lowered her skirt and now she was only in her underwear.

Her underwear was setup in above and below. Her panty looked elegant, created from really expensive, delicate, and beautiful laces. Furthermore her garter belt and stockings further increased her sexiness. Her bewitching look didn’t seem like a high school student at all.

Inside his heart, compared to his big sister Reiri, was she older? Was what he spontaneously thought.

When Zelcyone took off her brassiere, her splendid breasts spilled out. Kizuna was reflexively driven by impulse that wanted to move his hands to support those breasts. Zelcyone’s breasts were drooping heavily as though they were just flicked. It moved up and down for a while from the pull of gravity. It wasn’t extremely big like Yurishia, but it was big enough. Her slightly big nipples strangely made him feel that they were obscene.

Next she put her hand on her panty, and then she pulled down without hesitation. From underneath it, a bush in a color that he couldn’t possible see on Lemuria appeared. That bush which was the same purple color with her hair somehow gave him a noble impression. Furthermore, it was beautifully ordered including their length and shape.

Kizuna was completely fascinated, wondering whether she was also properly trimming that kind of place.

‘――Whoops. I cannot just only keep looking like this.’

Kizuna also took off his underwear in fluster and now he was in a state that could enter the bath anytime.

At that time Zelcyone was taking off her garter belt. Even though she had already taken off her brassiere and panty, yet her appearance that was only wearing garter belt and stockings was really inflammatory.

He even thought that it was a shame that they were taken off, but with that on she couldn’t enter the bath. Kizuna wrapped a towel around his waist and waited for Zelcyone to prepare.

“What, you are waiting?”

“Yeah…..more or less.”

Zelcyone took a towel in her hand, but she didn’t even try to hide her body and faced Kizuna still naked.

She was in the position of giving out order, but looking at her body he understood that she didn’t slack in training. Her tight waist and her faintly formed abs made that apparent. On the whole she was slim, her butt was also smallish. Compared to when he just looked at her breasts, now that he looked at her whole body like this the largeness of her breast looked standing out. He felt that it wasn’t really that large, but surely the slenderness of her body made it look larger.

“Wha……what’s wrong? What are you looking hard at like that?”

“N, no. That’s right. It’s no use just facing each other like this huh. Let’s go.”

Kizuna unconsciously offered his hand. However Zelcyone only glared at that hand and she wasted no time heading towards the bath.

Kizuna scratched his face and pursued the butt that was shaking left and right.

The bath was too spacious when it was reserved just for the two of them, The surface of the boulders were smooth, it felt just right to sit there or to lean on. Kizuna and Zelcyone sat side by side with their backs on the boulder and soaked in the hot water.

“Come to think of it, is there any hot springs or open air baths on Vatlantis too?”

“Obviously. I often went there together with my lovers and mistresses.”

“Let me ask just in case……what you mean by lover is woman right?”

“Obviously don’t you think? What are you saying?”

‘――Of course it’s like that. There is nothing but woman in the world of Atlantis after all.’

“But you have also become completely used to males now that you have lived in Ataraxia right? If it’s you Zelcyone, surely there must be a lot of boys that have approached you with good will isn’t it?”

However Zelcyone made a disagreeable face, then she said as though spitting out.

“Yeah, it’s depressing. I don’t have any interest in men. I have also never let any of them touch this body, not even once. I even thought that if it’s possible let’s just make Ataraxia into a girl school.”

“That’s surprising that you had that kind of plan……realistically that’s impossible though.”

“Also a discipline room. The unpleasant lot and the lot I’m pleased with can be brought there to be trained. No matter how you think of it, that’s a really necessary facility.”

“That’s impossible no matter how you think of it!”

Having been told that clearly how she hated men, for Kizuna who had to do the reinstall with Zelcyone after this it felt like he got the wind taken out of his sail.

However, Zelcyone who had her cheeks reddening from soaking in the hot spring looked really erotic. Her hair was also tied up into a side ponytail hairstyle where her hair was hanging down, so her nape was beautifully visible. That white neck was faintly colored pink, causing Kizuna’s chest to beat fast.

However, he found it difficult to find the timing for broaching the subject.

‘――Yosh. Let’s try doing it daringly.’

Kizuna stood up and sat down on the boulder surrounding the bath. And then without even hiding his body with a towel, he cooled down his flushed body with the night wind.

Zelcyone who was soaking beside Kizuna was startled for a moment the instant Kizuna stood up. And then after that her eyes couldn’t move away from there.


She was staring fixedly with a heated gaze. That shape that she was seeing for the first time was as though she was tracing it with her eyes to burn it into her memory.

“As expected it’s rare seeing it huh.”

Zelcyone abruptly returned to her senses and averted her face.

“Hm, hmph. I’m just looking at it thinking how ugly it is. As I thought, girls are beautiful. Atlantis is an evolved world. Lemuria too should quickly throw away the gender of male.”

She rattled on in one breath.

And then she pretended that she wasn’t bothered for a while, but she kept sending him peeking glances.

He approached Zelcyone’s direction for a little, but she didn’t specially act as though she hated it. And then finally he had approached until Zelcyone’s shoulder clung to Kizuna’s leg closely.

Zelcyone’s small and well shaped head was right there. Looking at her from above like this had never happened before. His hand unconsciously reached out. Will she get angry? Kizuna hesitated for a moment, but he resolutely touched her purple hair.

However there was no reaction from Zelcyone. Kizuna moved his hand and caressed her head as though praising a little kid. Thereupon Zelcyone leaned her cheek on Kizuna’s knee as though asking to be spoiled, she was staring at between his legs.

“What beautiful hair. There is no color like this on Lemuria.”

“……Even in Vatlantis there are not many with this color. This is the uniqueness of my family lineage.”

“Is that so. It’s my honor that I can touch them.”

‘If I think carefully, does that mean I’m the first man that touched Zelcyone?’

“Nn…..that’s, is its size changing?”

‘Don’t ask something embarrassing like that straightly’, Kizuna thought.

“Yeah. With girls, there are also places that can change in size right?”

“Uh huh……certainly.”

Zelcyone lifted her waist and stood up. Hot water was flowing down that beautiful body.

“Kizuna. By all rights, it’s intolerable for this body to be touched by the likes of a male. But the circumstances is how it is. I’ll tolerate it just for this time. That’s why――”

Zelcyone’s eyes were lit in resolve.

“Present to me the strongest magic armor. Grant me the strong power, that can protect Grace-sama and Ainess-sama as much as possible.”

Kizuna also stood up and received Zelcyone’s gaze right from the front.

“Yeah. Even I understand that Grace and Aine need Zelcyone. Let’s combine our strength, and create the power to protect those two.”

Zelcyone’s grim gaze slackened a little. Combined with the blush on her cheeks thanks to the warmth of the water, she suddenly looked lovely.

That face was rapidly approaching Kizuna.


Kizuna’s mouth was blocked by Zelcyone’s lips.

Even while being shocked by the sudden proactive action, Kizuna responded to that act. And then he also passionately welcomed the tongue that was parting through his lips. Zelcyone’s tongue was soft and slightly longer compared to other people. It was a mysterious sensation to have her caressing freely inside his mouth.

That pleasantness made Kizuna circled both his hands on Zelcyone’s back and embraced her. Zelcyone also responded to that and she circled her hands on Kizuna’s waist. The bodies of the two clung at each other tightly, Zelcyone’s breasts had their shape distorted from being pressed on Kizuna’s chest.

With the addition of the pleasantness of the sensation of those breasts, Kizuna fell into a daze.

Their lips suddenly separated. The saliva of the two that were mixed with each other formed a bridge between their mouths. And then Zelcyone smiled sweetly.

“Fufufu. How about I take a look at your skill, o demon king of Lemuria.”

“While it’s only this inexperienced me, I’ll do my best to make you feel good.”

Kizuna lifted up the breast of Zelcyone with his right hand.

“Nn-……fufu, I am, formidable just so you know……after all for me, there is no woman that I cannot make fall.”

“That, really makes me want to enter apprenticeship under you.”

His right hand kept moving to gently massage Zelcyone’s breast.

“What an anathema.”

‘――Eh!? Already?’

“That makes me lightly shocked. Am I that unskilled?”

However Zelcyone glared at him sullenly.

“You already have no need to make any more woman fall. You have Ainess-sama and Grace-sama right? What need do you have to make other woman fall.”

“Eh? That’s――”

Kizuna had his lips blocked once again. And then Zelcyone’s supple fingers crawled around Kizuna’s body. And then her palm that was circled on his back lowered down along his spine toward his butt. And then Zelcyone began to rub Kizuna’s butt.

“Nn……fufu-, as expected it’s hard.”

“That’s obvious. But……Zelcyone’s is soft.”

Kizuna also fought back, he grasped Zelcyone’s butts and massaged them while pulling to left and right.

“Anh, yo, you are rough……but, this too, is unexpectedly……aaan-”

Kizuna felt strangely excited hearing her unexpectedly sweet gasping voice.

One of his hands caressed up from her butt along her spine.


Zelcyone’s spine shivered, her body bent backward. Zelcyone’s stomach was pressed on Kizuna’s thing.

“Nnhaa……wha, what……it’s actually this hard.”

Zelcyone stared at that with moist eyes.

“Are you curious of it?”

“No, not really……uaAAN-!”

He groped Zelcyone’s breast once more. And then his mouth held its tip.

“Hih! Oy, so suddenly……AAaAAAAAAAA……yo, you stupid fool……”

Zelcyone’s face floated an intoxicated smile. When Kizuna understood that Zelcyone was happy, he attentively began to lick her breast.

Inside Kizuna’s mouth, Zeclyone’s nipple was pointing up. And then its stiffness was also increasing. At the same time with that, the way Zelcyone was feeling it was also growing fiercer.

Kizuna separated his mouth from the breast’s sensitive spot and then he also caressed around that part with his tongue.

“Au…, doing it, that thoroughly……”

He was caressing by drawing circle, his tongue was gradually moving to the outer part. And then from the side of her breast to above. It was right at that time that Zelcyone was lifting her arm, without stopping he licked up at her armpit.


She shrieked joyfully with her voice breaking into falsetto.

“Zelcyone, does this place feel good?”

“Yo-, you are wrong. It felt a little ticklis――hiiIIIIyaaAAAAAn! Wa, wait-don’t-! That spot-!”

Kizuna held back Zelcyone’s arms and forcefully put his mouth there. He licked up with his tongue, and then he strongly sucked to leave behind a kiss mark.

At that moment, Zelcyone’s body stiffened.

“Hiiih! Nh! Aah! AAaAAAAAA……”

Her whole body convulsed and she trembled all over.

‘――She really feel it at her armpit.’

Kizuna grew to feel slightly mischievous, he caressed her body while only his mouth didn’t go away from her armpit. He licked thoroughly and each time Zelcyone’s body trembled.

After doing that for around five minutes, strength left Zelcyone’s body and she went limp.

“What’s wrong, Zelcyone?”

“Shu……shut up. Never mind, just let me go.”

However she looked like she would sink into the water if he let go. Kizuna lifted up Zelcyone in a princess carry.


She looked up at Kizuna with blank eyes as though she was a young girl.

“My bad, Zelcyone. I got too carried away I think.”

Zelcyone shyly averted her gaze with a dizzy expression. That was a face that he couldn’t imagine coming from the usually gallant Zelcyone at all.

“Re, really……the humans of Lemuria, are lacking in elegance. Really……are you a hungry beast……because of that even my rhythm got deranged.”

After apologizing once more, Kizuna kept embracing Zelcyone and got out of the bath.

Kizuna carried Zelcyone until the changing room and made her sat on the bench. And then perhaps she had no strength on her waist, Zelcyone couldn’t stand up that he was the one who put a yukata on her. It was difficult to neatly fix her clothes, but today this whole inn was reserved. Kizuna lent his shoulder to Zelcyone whose yukata’s front was still slovenly and returned until the room.

After opening the sliding door and entering the room, the inside was dark, there a futon was already spread. It was two futons for two people, but looking at how the two futons were spread sticking at each other it could be felt how intentional it was.

“We arrived already Zelcyone. Hold tight.”

Kizuna laid down Zelcyone on the futon where they almost fell in the middle. The lighting of the room vanished and the only light came from several indirect lighting put on the wall.

From the gaps of her opened yukata, he could clearly see her voluptuous breasts until its tips. And then her thighs were exposed without reservation from her flipped up yukata’s cuff.

Inside the dim room, Zelcyone’s body that was illuminated by orange light was distinctly covered by shadow, she looked even more lewd compared to when in the open air bath.


When he patted her head, she narrowed her eyes from the pleasant feeling. And then she grasped Kizuna’s hand and brought it towards her mouth.

“Zelcyone, what are――”

She held Kizuna’s finger in her mouth, licked it diligently with her tongue, and then she sweetly bit with her teeth. His finger felt really pleasant, that it felt like he was hallucinating that his arm too would be swallowed by Zelcyone.

Masou Gakuen HxH V09 BW 11.png

“Nh, chuu……ha, the likes of man……chuu, in front, of me……nkuu……isn’t something, worth mention……ing haa……”

Perhaps from her competitiveness, Zelcyone tried to make Kizuna feel good, this time she opened the front of Kizuna’s yukata, kissed at his chest and crawled her tongue on it.

‘――Uu, it, feels good! Just what is this woman’s tongue made of? Even though I’m just getting licked, my body feels like it’s melting!’

“Ze, Zel……it’s enough already right? I’m taking the Core, so wait a little.”

Saying that he tore off Zel’s body from him and tried to stand up. However Zelcyone grasped the cuff of his yukata.

“Oi, Zelcyone……”

The front of Kizuna’s yukata was bared open and Kizuna’s thing appeared in front of Zelcyone’s eyes. Zelcyone’s throat that was staring fixedly at that gulped audibly.

“A……are you running away, Kizuna.”

“What running away……”

Kizuna smiled wryly and then without stopping he went away from the futon as though dragging along Zelcyone with him. His yukata was bared open from the pulling and it was mostly taken off.

After he picked up the attaché case that was left on the floor and returned, Zelcyone was looking up at him with a dissatisfied face.

“I told you I was just picking this thing up.”

He opened the attaché case and inside a Core shining silver was put there. While Kizuna and Zelcyone were going to the open air bath, Nayuta was adjusting this Core.

“You are going to……install that in me?”

Zelcyone crawled her finger between her powerless legs.

“In my place here……”

That inflammatory gesture made Kizuna gulp his saliva unconsciously.

“So, something like that. For that, Zelcyone and I have to be even more intimate.”

Sitting in front of Zelcyone, Kizuna stared fixedly at her eyes.

Perhaps due to the hot spring, or possibly from shyness, Zelcyone’s cheeks were blushing, her yukata was slipping down from her shoulders.

“You can……do as you please. Show me, your……skill.”

As though he was invited by her shaking breasts, Kizuna’s hand reached out.


He thoroughly rubbed and lifted up the breast that was large for her slender body. The breast that had been warmed in the hot spring felt like it became even softer and sucked in his hand. The tip of her breast had been kept standing from a while ago.

“HAaAh! If you, doing it, tha, that strongly-……aaah”

He stimulated that stiff tip by pressing it with his fingertip. And then when he gently pinched it, feverish breathing leaked out from Zelcyone’s mouth.

While he was playing with her breast a lot and thought of the next development, shuddering pleasure ran in Kizuna’s abdomen.

“O, oi-, what are……”

“Fu……fufu, yo, you too……don’t forget……nn, that you are also receiving attack.”

Zelcyone’s both hands went between Kizuna’s crotch, One hand traced along his shaft, and the other hand gently lifted up the things dangling down below it.


“Fufu, ho……how is it Kizuna? Yo, you look like, ahn, you’re enjoying it too much, nnh!”

Kizuna also tried to oppose her, his hand went into between Zelcyone’s legs.

“NNAaAAH! O, oi-, there……haaah! Aaan♡”

Zelcyone twisted her body in obvious pleasure. That high pitched voice of hers, her knitted eyebrows and smiling face, it was all different from the usual Zelcyone, she looked really lovely.

“I, idiot-, don’t move insi――hiaaah! YaAHN, an”

“Zelcyone yourself, you let out a lot of cute voices huh……it’s a little unexpected seeing you like this.”

“Yo, you, fool……the, there is no way, that’s true, I……ha, am the side that makes people scream.”

However, right after saying that her body bent backwards and she raised a sweet voice.

“NOOoOOOh♡ Thi, this is……ku, your body, is not a woman so……shit-, I, I’m not familiaaaaAAAAAAANNNNN-“

Strength left her body and Zelcyone collapsed towards Kizuna.


Zelcyone leaned her head on Kizuna’s shoulder. Kizuna gently embraced her body so that she wouldn’t fall. She was breathing sweetly while sometimes her body would shiver.

Looks like she welcomed a light climax. However, even while her consciousness was hazy, her lips pressed on Kizuna’s nape and her tongue caressed his skin. And then both her hands kept grasping Kizuna’s thing firmly.

“Zelcyone, then can I rely on you for the Core? I want you to stimulate and warm this thing.”

It was a preparation for the reinstall. The Core was synchronized with Kizuna’s sense, so from here on Kizuna also couldn’t let his guard down.

However Zelcyone alternately looked at the Core that Kizuna presented and the thing that she was holding. And then she separated for the moment from Kizuna and laid down her body erotically on the futon. And then she brought her face near Kizuna’s thing on all fours.

“This is……both of them are synchronized right? Then……I want to warm this one here but……is it no good?”

Her eyes that were looking up at him beggingly made his chest jolted. Obscene light was shining in her moist eyes. Perhaps taking Kizuna’s silence as approval, Zelcyone brought her face even closer and opened her lips. And then she kissed at the tip with her soft lips. Instantly pleasure ran from Kizuna’s crotch towards his waist. And then in the blink of an eye Kizuna’s thing was swallowed by Zelcyone.

“O, oi……don’t suddenly force yourself.”

He touched Zelcyone’s head gently to separate her from him, but then Zelcyone hugged Kizuna’s waist. She put strength on her arms obstinately that she wouldn’t release it.

“Go, got it! You can do as you like.”

He said that and caressed her head, feeling relieved she unfastened her hands around his waist. And then her hand propped the thing she was sucking and moved up and down, the things dangling down below it were massaged greedily by her other hand.

That awkward hand movement flamed up Kizuna’s pleasure instead. That Zelcyone is……just thinking that made him excited.

Kizuna glanced at the Core he put beside the futon. It seemed that it was already thoroughly prepared for the install.

“Zelcyone, aren’t you tired? Besides you are bored right? It will be soon……”

However Zelcyone shook her head with the thing still in her mouth. And then she let out Kizuna’s thing that had been warmed so much in her mouth that it felt like there was steam there, she looked up at him with entranced eyes.

“It’s mysterious……why, is something like this……making me calm down, my chest going warm from sucking it……I don’t get tired of it……I can keep licking it, for the whole night……”

‘――No, if you do that that will be too wasteful for me.’

He reached out his hand and touched Zelcyone’s body. He lifted her voluminous breast and caressed it. Her body that was already feeling it reacted sensitively to Kizuna’s hand, honey was overflowing from inside her body.

“Let’s feel even better. After that I’ll have you lick it again.”


He soothed Zelcyone who was looking up at him doubtfully and somehow made her hand released him. And then he opened the legs of Zelcyone who was now lying down on the futon facing up.

“Now, here we go……”

Zelcyone looked fondly at the nervous Kizuna and showed him a kind smile.

“Yes……let’s make it, with the two of us?♡”

That smile which was really obscenely cute made Kizuna smiled reflexively too.

‘――That way of saying it makes me think of various other things though.’

Kizuna brought the Core close to Zelcyone’s crotch, he touched its tip at Zelcyone’s entrance.


Zelcyone’s body jolted in shivers. And then without stopping Kizuna sunk the Core into her body.

“Ah……kuh……nnha, aaa, AAAAAAAAAAAAAA-!”

As the Core was progressing inside, Zelcyone’s body was convulsing. And then, both her arms reached out as though searching for something.

“YaaAAAHN, Ki, Kizuna-! KIZUNAaAAAAA-!”

“It’s fine. I’m right here.”


When she found Kizuna’s body, she made a relieved sigh and expression and embraced his body.

“O…..Ze, Zelcyone?”

When he was embraced strongly like this, it was really difficult to move.

“I’m sorry, just for a little……”

When he was trying to separate their bodies, Zelcyone entangled both her legs on Kizuna’s body in panic, holding Kizuna’s body tightly with both her arms and legs.

“Ya, no, NNoOOO”

She threw a tantrum with a face that almost broke into tears so that he wouldn’t go away. This must also be because of the effect that was similarly generated in Heart Hybrid. Perhaps she was feeling it too much that her head didn’t work properly.

Kizuna relaxed and put his body weight on Zelcyone’s body. And then he whispered sweetly into her ear.

“You don’t need to worry. I’m right beside Zel here.”


In her eyes that let out tears on her joyful smile, a purple light was swimming.

After he thrust deep into Zelcyone, he slowly pulled it out.

“Ah, yah, it, feels good-! So, something like this, is-, the first♡”

Zelcyone rained down kisses on Kizuna’s ear and cheek fawningly. And then as though she was thanking him for the pleasure he gave her, she stretched out her tongue and licked him all over. It felt ticklish, but it made him feel Zelcyone’s lovely expression of affection and made him feel happiness. It felt like his affection towards the pushed down Zelcyone beneath him was increasing.

“Are you okay? You don’t feel pain?”

Zelcyone shook her head toward Kizuna’s question with an expression that was desperately suppressing the pleasure.

“I, it’s all right…ahn……Ki, Kizuna, can do…….as you please, already♡”



Particles of light were floating up from the bodies of the two who were staring at each other.

Kizuna went into his last spurt and accelerated the coming and going of the Core as though to familiarize it with Zelcyone’s body.

“Aah! Kizuna-! KizunaaAAAhn!”

Zelcyone’s face was bright red, sweat was flowing from her whole body and she gasped a lot.

And then both of them rushed towards climax together.


Intense light snapped out and warm divine radiance wrapped the two of them.

“Aa……this is, the mix of affection and pleasure……”[1]

The Core was melting inside the body of Zelcyone who was murmuring intoxicatedly.

It was the moment when the reinstall of Teros succeeded.

Part 4[edit]

Both of them fell asleep right after and passed the night.

When Kizuna opened his eyes due to the morning sun that shined from the window, there was Zelcyone that was softly breathing cutely inside his arms. It was an innocent sleeping face with a slight smile tugged there.

‘――I never thought that I would spend a night with Zelcyone.’

Even after the reinstall Zelcyone kept fawning at Kizuna a lot. It made him recall that dazzling night.

“Zel, it’s morning now.”

He called at her while caressing her head, Zelcyone opened her eyes with a faint voice.

“Good morning, Zel.”


Along with the strength of will that was gradually filling her eyes, expression was vanishing from her face.

She raised her head slowly from Kizuna’s arm pillow and stood up on the futon.


And then she put on her underwear with sluggish movement and she put her arm through her uniform’s sleeve.

“Aah, are you going to school? Or else to the dormitory――”

She glared at Kizuna who was calling out to her with eyes as though he had killed her parents.

“Shut up! Don’t you push your luck Kizuna!”


That drastic change of attitude made Kizuna stiffen with a cramped smile on his face.

“Last night, to my shame, I got taken by surprise, but that was an accident. Don’t you think that the likes of you can do whatever you please with me! That doesn’t mean that I now belong to you!”

“Eh, a, yeah…..but about yesterday……”

Perhaps she was recalling what happened last night, Zelcyone’s cheeks reddened and she pursed her lips tightly.

“For, forget about last night! Or, or else, do you need me to erase it for you huh!?”

“N, no, stop that please!”

Kizuna immediately covered his eyes.

“……Listen well. About this matter, don’t you tell even a single soul.”

Kizuna thought that was only par for the course, but he didn’t dare to open his mouth.

“I got it……so, if you are going home then I’ll send you off――”

“No need! Don’t put on an air like you are my master! I’ve not become your woman at all! Engrave that into your heart! Hida Kizuna!”

The sliding door was closed with a bang and Zelcyone’s figure vanished.

“Aa……got it.”

While being half dazed from that complete change of attitude, Kizuna looked around the room where Zelcyone had left. He slowly stood up, put on his yukata, and then while thinking about going for a morning bath because this was a rare chance, he approached the window.


Outside the window, there was Zelcyone in the middle of the path towards the gate looking up to here.

The gazes of the two met and Zelcyone’s cheeks reddened before she turned her face. And then, she headed towards the gate with large steps.

While looking at her back figure, he wondered what he should talk about with her the next time they met face to face?

――Like that, Kizuna pondered.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. The words affection I have been using until now can also be heard as love in the original language
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