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April 23, 2016 - Baka-Tsuki Town Hall

The General Meeting will hold place in two sessions:

  • Session 1: (4/23) Saturday 14:00 Greenwich Mean Time (UTC/GMT).
  • Session 2: (4/24) Sunday 02:00 Greenwich Mean Time (UTC/GMT).

The discussion of the following topics will be held on the #baka-tsuki IRC channel, located at the Rizon Chat Network.

Using THIS LINK, you'll be redirected to the Rizon Chat, where you'll have to choose a name before connecting to the channel.

Meeting Summaries:

  • Quick link to minutes (summary) of Saturday Session: [-pending-]
  • Quick link to minutes (summary) of Sunday Session: [-pending-]

Meeting Full Transcripts:

  • Quick link to transcript of Saturday Session: Saturday Session
  • Quick link to transcript of Sunday Session: [-pending-]

Link to the 2014 meeting: Meeting:March302014


This google doc contain's Cloudii's present opinions, which will be used as a starting point for discussion.

Election Board Meeting

  • Revisit and determine details on the eligibility of candidates and voters
  • Settle the implementation specifics of the elections beginning on May 1st, 2016

Lower Hierarchy Restructuring

  • Determine how many alt lang supervisors we need, senior editors, senior translators, etc.
  • Allow wiki members to submit an application for positions of power during the election period
  • Revisit how we can keep the sidebar up to date -- consider creating a dedicated position?

Charter of Guidance Simplification

  • Aim to cut down the total length and complexity of the rules
  • Revisit rules -- determine if they were being observed or ineffectual. Eliminate or modify rules that are inefficient.

Q&A on the Baka-Tsuki Server Move

  • Answer questions and concerns from members

(pending -- if you have anything that you want to address, feel free to add it here.)

Question concerning DMCAs
Could it be possible to make a page detailing what was DMCA'd for each project?

I'll take the example of Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu as it's difficult to understand what's going in there: full text links for the first series are still up, most chapters were however deleted while some others remain. For other volumes it's just the images... so, it's confusing. The translator seems to have stopped working on the second series after the strike, but an external translator picked it up. Now I wonder if it's allowed to let it continue, since the second series got at least some images removed.

It would be great to have something clear and detailed, as to know what exactly is affected; if it's a series globally, just some chapters or volumes, the images, only the english project or all the languages.

Thanks, RS (talk) 17:10, 24 April 2016 (UTC)

Complete Log of the Meeting