OreShura: Volume 2 Afterword

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In a romantic comedy, the childhood friend and girlfriend always have a 「hostile relationship」.

It’s the same as how the hero’s nemesis is the demon, the detective’s enemy is the thief, and justice’s opponent is evil. The childhood friend and girlfriend are bound by fate to always battle each other.


The childhood friend is dear to him, and he is pampered by the 「more than friends, but not yet lovers」 relationship. But due to the debut of the 「girlfriend’s」 outside pressure, he has no choice but face his true feelings, and realize his love.

As for his girlfriend—she discovers that a memento has been stuck to her boyfriend. That is, 「his bond towards the childhood friend」. This kind of bond forged through years of exhausting training was something the girlfriend could never obtain, no matter how anxious she was about it. Every time the bonds of the past re-emerges, the girlfriend is frightened out of her nerves.

Because of the girlfriend, the childhood friend becomes aware of her true feelings.

Because of the childhood friend, the girlfriend is often very disturbed in her heart.

And so they fight.

And it becomes mayhem.

This flurry of mayhem will unfold among both sides, and will certainly transform into something interesting and 「wonderful」.

This is the reason why 「girlfriend」 and 「childhood friend」 is included in the title.

If you readers enjoy the commotion of girls competing with each other over the lead male (romantic comedy), I am honored.

I am absolutely grateful that Bunko decided to make a radio drama CD and manga.

The radio CD is scheduled to be made by HOBiRECORDS, and the manga will be drawn by SQUARE ENIX and serialized in in the monthly magazine, 「GANGAN JOKER」. Please give these works your attention along with the original text.

Well, the story for this time ends here.

Thank you readers for supporting me until this point.


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