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#7: Beautiful Angelic Maidens Mayhem[edit]

Oreshura v02 153.jpg

Lunch break the next day.

I was eating my bento with Kaoru as usual and asked him about Akishino Himeka.

"I know her. She’s the daughter of the family that runs 'Akishino Inn[1]', right?

Just like a best friend might, he immediately answered. Even though Kaoru’s lunch was only a tiny tomato salad, he was a very reliable person. I really wished that gluttonous Chihuahua would learn from him.

"'Akishino'——Is that the inn at the foot of the mountain in Hane no Yama? "

"Yes, they own a traditional inn founded in the old Edo era. Even though a lot of new mega hotels have been built recently, people say they’re all worse than Akishino’s by a good deal."

"Eh...? So she’s actually the daughter of an illustrious family?"

I imagined Hime as a young attendant of the Inn, saying 'IrasshaimaseWelcome' as she greeted guests… but her poker face probably made it difficult for her to receive guests, even if she looked good in a kimono.

"What class is she in?"

"First year, class 2."

"Whaa... She’s in the class next door? But I didn’t know our neighboring class had a girl like her."

Kaoru poked at his mini-tomatoes while he shrugged his shoulders and said:

"Even though this probably isn’t a nice thing to say, but she isn’t a very sociable person. She’s always alone, as if she’s afraid of others. She probably doesn’t have any friends."


It didn’t matter whether she’s like that because she was 'afraid of others' or simply 'quiet'. She likely came to that denpa gyun-gyun[2] style because she had to escape from an uncomfortable ordinary life.

"Why do you ask about Akashino-san?"

"Ah, well, in fact, yesterday after school, she spoke to me for a while."

"She spoke to you? Really?"

Kaoru spoke with round eyes.

"That's amazing, Eita. There’s even some people in class 2 who have never heard the sound of her voice. What did she say?"

"Oh, uh, that… something about a game."

Of course I couldn’t say that she approached me about wishful thoughts about her memories of love from her past life.

"I wonder what about Eita is she interested in?"

"How am I supposed to know? You might as well ask her."

"...That, um, Eita."

Kaoru leaned his face close and lowered the volume.

"Maybe I’m being too nosy, but you should probably try to stop her from becoming attracted towards you?"

"W-What are you talking about?!"

"You’re already caught in the mayhem between Natsukawa-san and Chihuahua-chan, and if you added one person to that... You really might get stabbed[3] ."

"[...] ...Ha, haha."

How is that possible? I wanted to laugh, but could only force myself to chuckle weakly.

Because it was too late!

"What’s wrong, Eita? You don’t look so good."

"Aaahh, it’s probably because I’m little tired from exams..."

Why is a shy girl infatuated with me?

How did the scuffle in front of the train station end up raising a flag? I really have no clue.

The day before it had been very difficult for me to pull away from Hime and having her going home, since she clung so close to me. When I returned to the clubroom afterwards, Masuzu and Chiwa reprimanded me severely. Even though I tried to explain that 'she mistook me as her boyfriend from her past life' they obviously did not believe me. By the time they accepted it, school was already long over and the teacher later scolded the three of us, 'How long do you intend to stay here'?! My girlfriend and childhood friend really were ridiculous.

...It's impossible that Hime will turn up after school today uninvited, right?

—Of course.

It was the impossible.

"Eita, welcome back."

As soon as I opened the door of the club room, Hime quickly came and wrapped herself around my waist. Her body was as light as a feather and because she was too light, I almost dragged her as I walked.

"W-Why are you here?!"

"When I was searching for Eita around school, this modern person requested that we connect our lines."

Hime’s fingers pointed to Masuzu, who sat smiling while holding a teacup.

"In short, I invited her to tea, but she refused to say a word, so I honestly couldn’t do anything. And I obviously really wanted to learn about Eita-kun’s past life that I rarely hear about."

This girl who clearly said 'Why don't you play with me?' yesterday started to fake crying.

"So I continuously spoke to her even though she didn’t respond. Right, for example, 'fragment of promise of victory', that sort of thing."

"What did you say?"

Fragment of promise of victory.

That was a part of the 'Eighth-Grade Notebook' where I vainly listed the background story of 'my past self'. For example, 'I am the last survivor of the Holy Dragon RaceDragon, and the prince of Planet Saint DragonValhalla', or 'Secret technique, Destiny's Dark Black Flame', and so on... Ahh, it was brimming full with this kind of appalling 'naïve-ness'.

Basically, as Hime hears this, she will increasingly combine my 'delusions' with her own delusions——

"Masuzu, come here, I have something I want tell you."

Masuzu happily stood up and said:

"You want to show off in front of your ex-girlfriend how much we love each other? So characteristic of Eita-kun, cruel and unfeeling, but that part of you I really… kya♪."

"Some • thing • to • tell, it's merely about speaking, so just come over here!"

I was planning to go outside first, but Hime refused to let go of my shirt.

She attentively looked up to me like a child and said:

"Where is Eita going? I want to go too."

"Sorry, wait a little. Let Masuzu and me be alone for a little bit."

"...I understand, I will hold my position."

Hime dejectedly hung her shoulders, as she nodded adorably.

This girl, it's not like she is someone evil or something...

I left the clubroom and brought Masuzu to the end of the corridor where nobody was around.

"Hey, what are you trying to do? Why did you bring her here? Why did you tell her those grave delusional things?"

Masuzu looked calm and said:

"It was nothing. I just thought that, as your current 'girlfriend', it would be nice to exchange notes with your 'ex-girlfriend'."

"That's why I said it before, she’s not my ex-girlfriend, she—"

"Yes, she’s called the 'Holy Dragon Princess of Dawn', right? I never expected she would so easily believe the delusion Eita-kun shouted so loudly in front of the station. Isn’t it like a dream?"

If you say so, but this wasn’t the kind of dream I wanted.

Suddenly, Masuzu spoke with a serious expression:

"I want Akishino-san to become a member of the 'Jien-Otsu'."

"...Are you honest about this?"

"If it's true that she was your ex-girlfriend, I would have dismembered Eita-kun into eight pieces[4] —but if she was your girlfriend from your past life, it will not disrupt our '(fake) boyfriend contract'. Of course I cannot let such a fun toy... Oops, I mean, such promising talent escape. "

It doesn't matter as long as it's interesting? That's really Masuzu’s style.

At this point Chiwa walked towards us while carrying her bag.

"What are you doing in this kind of place? You’re not going to the clubroom?"

I explained to her how we were thinking about letting Hime join the club and Chiwa immediately became angry.

"I’m against it! I resolutely oppose it!"


"Because that Akishino doesn't even want to become 'popular', right? She is only focused on Ei-kun and she even stuck to him while refusing to let go yesterday!"

"Harusaki-san, aren’t you the same? You're only focused on Eita-kun as well, isn’t that so?"

Chiwa’s face gradually flushed red.

I thought she would fiercely protest, but I didn’t expect—

Chiwa said: "[...] ...But that doesn’t count, it's natural because I’m his childhood friend."


You’re not going to refute it? Chiwa?

Something like: 'Who would be interested in Ei-kun?!'

Or: 'I’m just practicing how to become popular, that’s all!'

At least, she would have definitely replied like that not long ago...

—I’m getting off topic.

In short: We needed to confirm her intentions, so we returned to the clubroom.

I sat in the seat next to the window and Hime immediately scurried to my side. It was like she was a small animal. If Chiwa was a Chihuahua, then Hime was a hamster.

The veins on Chiwa’s temples nearly burst as she spoke:

"Well. Err, Akishino-san."

"Call me Hime. I don’t like it when people call me by my name from this life."

"I’ll call you 'Himecchi[5] ', then. Is Himecchi interested in becoming popular?"

"Not in the least."

She flatly said.


Hime hugged my arm and said:

"I don’t think any boy other than Eita is important."


"'Popularity' is a vulgar concept that only interests you people from the present era. I hope you do not drag Eita and I into it."

Chiwa's mouth opened and shut again. It opened and shut again, as if she were speechless.

Masuzu coughed to clear her throat, and said:

"Okay, okay, Akishino-san."

"'Hime is fine."


Masuzu, unrelentingly insisted on calling her that, looked at Hime and said:

"I cannot ignore the statement that you just made. You even called our activities 'vulgar'. People really have a lack of understanding, especially when they don’t realize people in this club are chosen soldiers to fight the Evil Dragon ClanWyvern."

"...What does that mean?"

Hime's eyes were flashing with light.

It seems like mentioning 'chosen to become a soldier' excited her self-esteem. Even though the background story was that complex, her character was actually very simple.

"Top-class warriors will certainly attract the opposite sex. They aren't merely strong, but they must also have intense charisma before they can be called a 'Holy Dragon Princess of Dawn', right?"

"...It does have some truth."

Hime stuck her nose in the air.

She seemed to really like Masuzu’s added 'Popular Holy Dragon Princess of Dawn' background story.

Well, 'warriors' are indeed very cool.

Within their world in anime and manga they are usually very popular and there are many works where the main heroine soon nearly falls in love with the hero, there are also works which include harems.


Masuzu took out my very familiar eighth-grade notebook.

"This notebook is a token left by my 'first love', and it was also the diary of the first incarnation of the 'Holy Dragon Knight of Dawn'."

Masuzu just said something that made the background setting even more complex.

"The first incarnation what? Do you mean Eita is the second incarnation?"

"You could say you’re both right and wrong. After all, the flesh is just a container for the soul. But since Eita already inherited 'Dawn' in his title, he is the second incarnation, but he is also the first incarnation. What's yours is mine. What’s mine is still mine, so what is yours is mine, which basically comes from the logic that I am also you."

Hime vigorously nodded her head and said:

"It’s very easy to understand."

"It’s very —difficult to understand!"

Look, Chiwa’s eyes have basically become dots!

Her ears are even venting steam! Ah, what should I do?

"'He' is a top-class warrior, so of course he is super popular with women. Let me explain some of this."

*PAH*! Masuzu flipped open the notebook.

"Huph! Again?!"

I’ve gradually grown accustomed to hearing my notebook read aloud.

After this month's mayhem, I had already given up.

'Let her do what she wants'! I probably had that kind of feeling.

"'Those who protect me , Vi Mai Angels'."

"Wait! Just waiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!"

"Ah, what’s wrong?"

Masuzu smiled at me as she asked.

It's the devil's smile!

"Listen to me, you two. This is an order by the President: Please restrain Eita-kun."

I was about to fly towards Masuzu, but my arms were pulled in opposite directions by Chiwa and Hime.

"Why do you only cooperate during these times?!"

"Huh? Because I am also interested in hearing about it."

"I also have the right to know holy words that the first incarnation of the 'Holy Dragon Knight of Dawn' left behind."

I struggled, but Masuzu began to read aloud in front of me.

'Those who protect me , Vi Mai Angels'

Today I will introduce the beauties who are around me.

Of course, the 'beautiful girls' part is just their cover.

In reality, They support me in my battle with the Evil Dragon ClanWyvern. They are the reliable Vi • Mai • Angels.

★ The first angel: Ayanami Asuka[6].

Element • Light.

A beauty in the same grade as me, aggressive and headstrong.

Catchphrase is: "Are you an idiot?"

Always has——

"Wuuauaaaaahhhh, Masuzu, what color is your blooooooooooood[7]?!"

I finally managed to throw off the two girls and sprang at Masuzu —but my stomach collided forcefully with the corner of the table.

While I rolled about the floor in pain, Masuzu continued to relentlessly read:

"Always acts tsuntsun, but, of course, in reality she likes me."

"Stopp it! Don't read that! Stopp iiiiiiit!"

"C.V.: Hayashibara Yuko[8]."

"Stooop it! It's melting[9]! Stooop iiiit!"

Oreshura v02 167.jpg

Chiwa tilted her head, puzzled:

"What is a C.V.?"

"It’s an abbreviation for character voice, which means seiyuu."

"Eh! They’re seiyuu? Not angels?"

"In short, I think 'He' used his favorite seiyuu’s voices to dub the Vi • Mai • Angels?"


Chiwa rolled her eyes unfathomably.

No... It’s not true, Chiwa.

But they do have a point.

But it wasn’t like that...

"★ The second angel: Tsukino Rei. Element • Fire. She is a beautiful shrine maiden, afraid of germs. Her catchphrase is: 'I'll punish you!' Even though she hates men, but, of course, in reality she likes me. C.V.: Yotsuishi Michie.[10]"

"Are you going to read the whole thing?!"

Masuzu winked at me as if to say 'of course' and continued executing my death penalty.

★ The third angel: Daigouji Sakura.

Element • Water

She is a beauty who has lived near me ever since I was three; very energetic.

Catchphrase is: 'Funya~an~?'

She always jokes and says: 'Onii-chan, suki, suki!'

But, of course, in reality she likes me.

C.V.: Iwao Sakura.[11]

★ The fourth angel: Onodera Miko.

Element • Wind

A beauty older than me by two years, sexy and seductive.

Catchphrase is: 'Hold me!'

She always wears nearly obscene clothes to seduce me.

But, of course, in reality she likes me.

C.V.: Namiguchi Yuuko.[12]

★ The fifth angel: Kisagari Megumi

Element • Dark

As a beauty part of the library committee, she is very shy.

Catchphrase is: 'Um, this...'

Even though she is very shy, she only opens her heart to me.

But, of course, in reality she likes me.

C.V.: Koudama Riko.[13]

"Amazing —They all 'in reality she likes me', so he must have been very popular."

"He’s really worthy of having the brave title 'Dawn'."

I was extremely impressed by Chiwa and Hime’s reaction to my life crisis, as my body continued to unconsciously twitch.

"That’s strange? Wasn’t there supposed to be four angels? Why are there five?"

I’m sorry, Chiwa— twitch— I think I wrote too excitedly— twitch.


I think I see it...

Beauties with white Vi • Mai • Angels, laughing and giggling as they descend toward me.

Asuka, Rei, Sakura, Miko, Megumi.

I am finally going to the harem where you have been waiting for me—

"Eita-kun, please wake up."

With a slap in the face, I was pulled back into the real world.

Masuzu, Chiwa, and the Hime were all staring at my face with a worried look.

"If you’re feeling unwell, do you need to go to the nurse’s office?"

"Ei-kun, does your head hurt? I have medicine."

"I think you received a mental attack from the Wyverns. I opened a barrier, so there shouldn't be any problem now."

Although they expressed themselves differently with all kinds feelings, they were all worried about me with kind intentions.

"Y-You all..."

Emotionally moved, my body shook a little.


I’m not alone.

I could still go back to that place.

Nothing would make me happier than that!

Do you understand...?

Asuka and everyone else, I can come see you whenever I want—!

"Wait, Natsukawa! Why are you taking advantage of the situation and hugging Ei-kun?!"

"No, I just wanted to move him to the infirmary, that’s all. Is that a problem?"

"My spell has broken. Since this is the case, I need to use a kissing ritual (INITIATION) to directly infuse 'mana' into him."

"You want to kiss what?! If that’s the case, get out of my way!"


I’m sorry, Asuka.

I think I can't go to that place.

At the same time as all of this commotion——

"I want to observe the club for a while."

Because Hime replied like that, the question of her joining the club was temporarily put aside.

"Okay, that’s fine."

Masuzu said while smiling.

"For the first semester, we’ll consider you a temporary member. If you are interested in coming to the club meetings, then feel free."

"I understand."

"Wait a minute."

Chiwa interrupted, looking upset and her mouth full of bread.

"Oh, Harusaki-san, was there something else?"

"Even if she’s a temporary member, how can we just leave her alone? We really need to have her practice! She needs to undergo basic training for becoming popular!"

As a sports-type, she was really preoccupied with these kinds of small things.

"I see, but what specifically do you do for basic training?"

"It's not a lot. You just have to tilt your eyes up a hundred times like how you wave a sword, and then smile adorably one thousand times like you’re practice violent stabs!"

"...Harusaki-san, do you practice like this?"

Faced with something beyond her imagination, Masuzu was completely awestruck.

"Well, since Harusaki-san said it —Let’s give Akishino-san an independent assignment."


"Please write a poem about what kind of 'ideal' maiden you want to be and submit it to us before the end of next week."

When she finished speaking, she pulled a new notebook out of her bag and handed it to Hime. Did she specifically go to the store to buy it for this? This girl is, like always, ridiculously well-prepared.

"Hime, you don’t have to force yourself. Don’t let Masuzu’s flowery words trick you."


Hime opened the white notebook and held her mechanical pencil stiffly. Because she didn’t have any expressions, I had no idea what she was thinking. It looked like she was seriously considering it, but she also looked as if she were simply in a daze.

Was Hime seriously considering joining 'Jien-Otsu'?

Translator notes and references[edit]

  1. Kanji for "traditional Japanese inn" used.
  2. Gyun-gyun: Sound of hugging.
  3. This is supposed to be a reference to the visual novel, School days. Apparently main character was stabbed to death in the end by jealous girls in a love triangle.
  4. I think this is a reference on how Yamato no Orochi was killed
  5. adding a "cchi" at the end of a line or a name is something that is done in a playful tone by certain characters. Also "ecchi" means "pervert" and might reflect Chiwa's anger towards Hime after hugging Eita for "no reason".
  6. Her name is a mixture of the leads from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ayanami Rei and Asuka Langley Soryu.
  7. While I think the original words by some famous personality, the manga world had adapted the "temee no chi wa nani iro da" line as a catch phrase, the earliest was from Rei of Hokuto no Ken. Basically all humans have blood red and thus those who do monstruos acts towards others have their humanities questioned by who ask them such line.
  8. The name is a mixture of the two voice actors of Rei and Asuka: Megumi Hayashibara, and Yūko Miyamura
  9. He is referencing the meme "らめぇッ溶けちゃう!".
  10. Tsukino is a mixture of two characters from Sailor Moon: Usagi Tsukino and Rei Hino. The voice actor’s name is a mixture of their two voice actors: Kotono Mitsuishi and Michie Tomizawa. Between Yotsuishi & Mitsuishi, the kanji reading is similar.
  11. A reference from Card Captor Sakura, a mixture of names: Tomoyo Daidouji and Sakura Kinomoto (The first name has a letter replaced). Her voice actor is again the combination of voice actors: Sakura Tange and Junko Iwao.
  12. A reference from the dating sim "True Love Story". A mixture of names "Onodera Madoka" and "Kusanagi Shinobu". The voice actor is a homonym with a voice actor’s name who sounds the same.
  13. A reference from the dating sim, Tokimeki Memorial, and is a mixture of the names "Mio Kisaragi" and "Megumi Mikihara".
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