OreShura: Volume 5 Afterword

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He was probably thinking along the lines of this:

"Love, is it really such a beautiful thing?"

Despite how his parents talked non-stop about the beauty of love and romance, they vanished at the very end because of very ugly mayhem—this was the a very deep influence on how his 「anti-love」 principles took shape.

In order for him to fall into the river of love, he'll have to experience the 「beauty of love」 himself.

However, he's surrounded with the mayhem from the girls around him.

The more our female protagonists express their love to him, the more they'll tie him up in their rivalries and grow more distant from him. It's ironic and it 「doesn't make sense」 , but it's true to life.

—Even flowers can symbolize disorder.

—Goodbyes are a fact of life.

How will Eita and the girls overcome this 「Anti-Love」? Or will they surrender to it in the very end? It will be my honor if you, the readers, read until the very end.

Well then, the story for this time will end here.

I would like to thank each one of my readers from accompanying me to this point.

Translator notes and references[edit]

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