Owari no Chronicle:Volume13 Afterword

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And that was Owari no Chronicle 6-B.

A lot is in motion now and it all ends with Volume 7 coming up next.

There’s still one volume to go, but I only made it this far thanks to all of you. Thank you very much.

Now for the customary chat.

“This is such a pain, so you can just continue from last time.”

“You mean like how I helped an old lady cross the street, it turned out she was the president of a major corporation, and now I’m watching the Tyson vs. Akebono fight in Las Vegas?”

“Do you want me to despise you?”

“Go right ahead. I’ve been starving for some excitement in this boring life of mine.”

“Did you head out of the house naked, buy a 1.5 liter drink from a vending machine, and calmly head back home like you talked about earlier?”

“Well, it’s been so hot lately.”

“Wow, you really are awful. So what’s your next mission?”

“Dancing naked in front of a neighborhood house. They’ll never imagine someone’s dancing naked in front of their happy little home. If I can hear a night game broadcast while I do it, that would be perfect.”

“That’s a crime, you know? In more ways than one. What if a kid opens the door with a fireworks set in hand?”

“They’ll probably think it’s a summer dream. Don’t worry, I’ve been working out.”

“That first part doesn’t have anything to do with the last part. And what is it with you and nudity?”

“Well, I get bored.”

“That makes no sense!!”

“Besides, wearing clothes at home is such a pain. I do wear them in winter, though.”

“So it’s like an animal’s summer coat and winter coat?”

Oh, we didn’t talk about our middle and high school days. Oh, well.

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that. My background music this time was Fairchild’s Chiisana Hoshi. (When it snows, no other song will do.)

“Who cried the loudest?”

Anyway, the next one will be out in a month, so wait just a bit.

September 2005. A morning after a typhoon.

-Kawakami Minoru

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