R-15:Volume 1 Bonus

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A short erotic novel written by Akutagawa Taketo to promote world peace[edit]

"—Music majyo evangelion-chan is here~☆ I have to teach you, you hentai tentacle who is attempting to conquer the world, a lesson for all the young girls out there~~"

Deep down in the sombre forest, music majyo evangelion-chan who is actually Fukune pointed at and shouted at the tentacles in front of her.

However, the tentacles started to move slowly, as if scoffing at evangelion-chan's mien, and dashed to attack her immediately.The tentacles that have been transformed to meat sticks contaminated her clothes mercilessly, lightly ravaging her delicate breast and inner side of her thighs...and savagely intruded inside her clothes.


The tentacles wrapped around her small breast, stroking it lovingly with the sticky tentacle hands that were immersed in body fluids.

"Ahhhngggg...W-What is this kind of feeling...It's so comfortable..."

To the chaste envagelion-chan, the loving strokes of the tentacles were undoubtedly a sensation she has never experienced.

The stern look on her face had vanished and was replaced by doubt and joy.

"Stop...envagleion-chan will not...succumb to this lure! To protect the young girls in the world, I have to waken my powers with my music tone—Wuuah...!"

Evnagleion-chan tried to waken herself with her powers, but the tentacles had already mercilessly invaded her small mouth, and the tip of the tentacruls had already arrived to the clean white panties...and had torn it apart.

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