Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut:Volume 3 Prologue

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Prologue – On The Far-Off Sky[edit]

Two people were looking down at the world.

In a wide, inorganic and spherical airspace that was enveloped by very thin light.

The wall surfaces had countless frames and over there, the vast earth with many towns and forests were being projected like small windows.

The pair of a man and a woman were sitting in the observatory room of the machine that supplied all those sceneries.

One of them was a handsome faced and silver haired young man.

The man who was wearing an elegant mantle decorated with golden embroideries, with the majestic appearance of royalty, was clad in a bloodlust similar to a drawn blade.

“Is it okay, if I just ask one question?”

“──‘No way’. If I say that then what will you do? Is making an idiotic introduction an occupational disease? Mishis V Exfer”

The young man turned around with a smile that was similar to mocking or ridiculing towards her.

The young female who was wearing pure white and dark blue maid clothing was standing still just like a shadow.

She was a steel maid that would absolutely not reveal any openings even as she clearly displayed the will of devoting herself to the role of serving and attending to her master.

That beautiful face was emotionless and was just silently staring at the young man.

“Why did you entrust the Divine Drag-Ride to them? Although it’s for the sake of that goal, but if you were to think of the distant future, isn’t it a poor judgment to allow those guys who will eventually become hostile to you to possess fighting power?”

The female called Mishis quietly inquired with an indifferent tone.

After laughing scornfully in response to that question, the boy silently raised his chin and struck her with his gaze.

“The existences known as a <Hero>, where do you think they come from? Mishis”

“…… I find it hard to understand the meaning of your words.”

After slightly hesitating, the maid replied as such and the young man laughed.

“Do you not have memories of reading heroic tales? Even the kind from fairytales is fine. The hero who aids the virtuous people and the princess, and defeats the evil monsters and leaders. Where would they be born from in this present world that is not a tale?”

“…They are arranged by the powers that be. ──I guess? An existence burdened with the role known as <Hero>, claiming to be justice and fighting against the enemy.”

Towards Mishis’s words, the young man silently narrowed his eyes and raised the corner of his mouth.

“That’s incorrect, Mishis. The thing called <Hero> is surely the populace.”

“The… populace?”

Without showing any facial expression or gestures, Mishis just returned the question.

“That’s right, Mishis. You who were asleep wouldn’t know, but the majority of this world is like that. There is no such hero who would intentionally start fighting for the sake of a great cause. Both humans and animals, unless they were facing danger in a fight, would live by chasing after the small coins dangling in front of their eyes. Even knights, if they were to be cut off the reward from their feudal lord, they would be reduced to bandits in order to stave off subsistence. That is what’s called the instinct of a person ── of a living being.”


“Then, what is it that compels those guys to fight? A great cause? A sense of justice? A sense of duty? …That’s not it, with that kind of self sacrificing mindset, the masses will never move.”


Only the faint sound of Mishis catching her breath could be heard.

“What moves those guys is always <self-preservation>. In that case, for them who don’t have anything, you should just put them under ‘magic’. Bestowing upon them the powerful weapon known as Drag-Ride, informing them of the location of the ruins that are housing treasures, showing them the enemy called the Abyss, and then finally even allowing them to acquire the taste of victory, step by step ── those guys will begin moving in order to protect their own interests and naturally the so called <Hero> would be reduced to a fool”

Cutting his words once there, the silver haired young man stood up.

While gazing at the window of the machine that projected countless sceneries, his mouth suddenly formed a smile.

“For us to open all of the ruins, <Heroes> are necessary. That reason alone is more than enough for giving the Divine Drag-Ride to them. From here on out the conflict between nations will intensify even further. Even a head maid like you would eventually be made to act, you know?”

“I understand the story. But in that case, from your logic doesn’t that mean that there are no such things as a <Hero> in this world from the beginning?”

Towards Mishis’s question, the presence of the young man who had been revealing a forced smile up until now changed.

As those pair of ashen eyes that bordered on insanity widened, he muttered.

“──Nope, that’s wrong”

Just for an instant, while building up his words, the man showed a wicked smile.

“…I’m the exception. The sole exception. Only I ── am the true authentic hero, Mishis. Unlike those guys”


The silver haired young man started walking out of the observatory room at the same time as he told so.

“It’s about time to set the next step into motion. Send out a messenger to that third imperial princess, Mishis.”

“As you command.”

After the maid courteously bowed her head, she closed the door following the young man’s departure.

As she touched the surface of the desk with her fingertip and controlled the machinery of the room, Mishis softly muttered.

“…Do you really think so? Fugil.”

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