Seiken Tsukai No World Break:Volume 1 Chapter 1

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The one, single reason why Moroha successfully entered the private Akane Academy: He is a special person.

Not in the present, but in an ancient time tens of thousands of years ago…….

Not on Earth, but in a distant galaxy hundreds of millions light year away…….

As a hero, battling endlessly.

A special person who had such a previous life.

With dreams as a medium to experience memories of their past life—— their heroic actions, thoughts and accomplishments;

Possessors of indomitable souls that literally resisted the eons of grinding from the sands of time, until finally reincarnating into the world again, these people are known as <SAVIORS>.

Akane Academy is a school that only accepts and trains students who are <SAVIORS>, and Moroha is one of them.

His aptitudes were discovered in his third year of middle school. After listening to explanations from the relevant authorities, he was admitted into this school.

Barely into his high school life and he already suffered a shock.

Satsuki, known as Salacia in her previous life, was Fraga’s younger sister.

To meet her again in spite of the unimaginably low odds involved in reincarnation, Moroha can only believe in the hands of fate.

Of course, it’s also impossible for him to treat Satsuki as his sister immediately.

As Moroha walks into the classroom, he has eye contact with the seated Satsuki, who immediately turns her head away.

Looks like she’s still angry.

Still, in no time at all, Moroha felt her hot, burning gaze on him. A girl who cannot be honest with herself.

(Really. Something really amazing happened just now after the welcoming ceremony.) Moroha can only smile bitterly.

Anyway, let’s ignore all that, looks like the first class meeting is starting. Since Moroha had not sorted out his thoughts and feelings yet, he decided to ignore them temporarily.

In the Year 1 Class 1 classroom, everyone is sitting according to their class number. Moroha is seated in the middle of the last row.

There’s exactly 30 students in the class, and everyone’s a <Savior>. Perhaps due to their awareness of the importance of first impressions, everyone looked filled with confidence and ambitions. An attitude not expected from highschool students.

(In comparison……)

Moroha distractedly looked at the man standing the lectern. An unremarkable man around 40s, with black rim glasses and a side-parting hairstyle. An unhappy face just like that of a tired office worker.

“For this 1 year, I will be the teacher in charge of this class. My name is Tanaka Taro so let’s get along.”

Even the name is unremarkable. “Although this is a refresher, please pay attention. As all of you are special, please have the self-awareness and train hard during the 3 years of high school to become an outstanding <Savior>——“

After hastily doing his introduction, Tanaka started on a heavy topic.

Most of the students in the class were sitting upright and paying close attention on the lecture.

Moroha had never attended those private schools with entrance exams before, so he guessed that the mood of those schools is similar to this one?

The serious atmosphere is poles apart from the relaxed normal public schools he was attending up until last year, so he’s having some trouble adapting. Now he is ashamed of himself for taking lightly Satsuki’s warning to him not to fall asleep.

(Maybe I’ve been fooling around too much.)

Ok, I should buck up now.

“Universally known as the <Ancestral Arts>, those are the miraculous powers that everyone used in their previous life. In this life, you should ultimately be able to wield it easily and effortlessly. Maybe you will have some doubts on that since you are not able to manifest anything now, that maybe you do not have the ability? Not to worry, me and the other sensei will patiently teach you all how to access your talents. As the first year concentrates on getting the basic down firmly, the lessons may be repetitive and boring, but I hope that everyone will put forth their best efforts……”

The miraculous powers used in the previous life, known as <Ancestral Arts>.

Hearing that, Moroha recalled scenes of Flaga’s fight.

The pure white aura swirling around the body; exhibiting superhuman abilities and martial powers. If you really can tap into that power, it’s not too far-fetched to call it miraculous.

Moroha softly clenches and unclenches his fists.

Similarly, several students were looking at their hands and doing the same thing.

Shooting a glance at the seat beside the corridor——Satsuki is busy taking down notes, probably writing down Tanaka’s words.

(Sensei already said that this is a refresher. Isn’t what he said already written down in the school introduction guidebook distributed before the start of the school term?)

Although she could be considered the most serious and enthusiastic in the class, her attitude is dangerously entering the realm of comedy.

“Even so, when everyone is independent, you will be solicited to enter the <The Order White Knight Order > as an official member, and help to battle the <Metaphysical>.

“Sensei?” A male student raised his arm.

After Tanaka determined his name in the class register and called him, the student stood up respectfully. Moroha paid attention to this student who looked to be full of vigor.

“About that so-called <Metaphysical>, does it really exist? Before we entered the school, the explanation was kind of vague and we were told that more details would be given in Akane Academy.

“Ah. I would like to know more too.”

“Is it really giant monsters?”

“Ya. These few years, the internet is rife with various postings like {I’ve been attacked by monsters, any questions for me?} or {My house is burned down by monsters. My life is over \(^o^)/.} Are you referring to those kinds of stuffs?”

Since one student asked, various other students also jump onto the wagon. Although more rowdy compared to the respectful tone shown by the initial student, the other students seems to be in good spirits.

Tanaka nods his head as he answers the students’ questions.

“Yes, about that. That information is considered classified as decided by the United Nations during secret meetings. Since this includes not letting the general public becoming aware of the existence of <Saviors> like all of you, of course the <Metaphysical> information is not widely known.” Although rumors or word-of-mouth from victims cannot be totally prevented, related information is never shown on the mass media. Naturally, as people connected to Akane Academy, we are also banned from leaking relevant information to outsiders.”

“Sensei, does that mean you have the relevant information?”

Tanaka nodded his head, took out and starts to operate a remote control.

In the midst of surprised cries from the students present, the blackboard at the front of the classroom split in half straight down the middle. Whirling on mechanical rails, the split parts slide to the left and the right, revealing the giant LCD screen hidden within the walls.

(What the hell. That’s so cool.) Moroha was touched by this scene.

“So then, although this is only a short video, let’s all have a look.”

Tanaka started the display.

(What kind of school did I enter? Ah….Ah……..). Moroha rest his face in his hands as he concentrated on the screen.

A view of the ocean filled the screen.

Loud whirling sound, it seems the video was taken on board a helicopter from a rather high altitude.

(Isn’t there any closer view?) — No one demanded this.

That’s because one look is all everyone needed to know how dangerous the scene was.

A massive mega-tonnage cargo ship lied capsized on its side and entangled by a monster. This means, the monster is more massive than the giant ship, and is so strong that it can flip the cargo ship to one side.

A quick description of the monster would be that of a headless squid or octopus, else a starfish with dozens of limbs.

A massive maw in the middle of the body with many bloody teeth gashing together.

Those massive limbs or tentacles are undulating constantly and wrapping around the cargo vessel. The massive steel frames that were strongly designed to withstand oceanic storms are now moaning in distress, and apparently on the verge of collapse.

The view is so disgusting it makes one want to throw up, though everyone in class is staring fixedly at the screen. It may be too much for some students, as some are holding their handkerchief to their mouth.

Moroha is thinking:

So that’s a <Metaphysical>.

A monster that does not belong on this world, any place on Earth or any other natural environment.

“In all the <Metaphysical> that appeared in our country, that sea monster was the biggest ever recorded,” Tanaka started lecturing to the class.

“During that battle, over a hundred <Saviors> were deployed, led by one of the <Six Heads>, the <White Knight Order> Japan Branch Head, Suruga Andou. Even so, it was a life and death battle that took more than 4 hours before the monster was destroyed. Although up til now <Metaphysical> would not appear frequently, but when one does appear, only <Saviors> are capable of battling it. I hope all of you can engrave this into your heart.”

How many people, excluding Moroha, actually heard any of that?

Most of them are watching the screen with their mouth opened.

Dozens of <Saviors> with bloodthirsty faces rushed to battle the Dreadnought Class <Metaphysical>.

They are all super-humans, wrapped in flaring auras and running on the water effortlessly, wielding various weapons skillfully. Not only that, military helicopters were hovering in the airspace, carrying many other <Saviors> using dark arts, raining down lightning bolts like rain.

Is this the power of <Saviors>? The video clip playing in front of them is too shocking for words.

Even so, in front of the Dreadnought Class <Metaphysical>, they all looked like ants fighting a lion.

Maybe everyone in class is imagining themselves to be one of those ants.

After that clip, the screen continued to show various other clips of other <Metaphysicals>.

A giant double headed snake breathing clouds of poison, a giant ape with 6 arms that emits fire and a feline that can camouflage itself like a chameleon. While they are not as enormous as the cargo-ship crushing sea monster, they are still impressive monsters with high fighting abilities.

When an imposing 4-eyed humanoid giant appeared, everyone held their breath.

[<Metaphysical> suddenly appeared 6 years ago. Where did they come from? What’s their life-cycle? Even now we have no answers to those questions. What we do know is that they are drawn to assaulting populated areas, and that the only thing that can stand against them is us <Saviors>.]

The entire video presentation took about 10 minutes. During that time, the class was silent as a tomb.

What a surprise——Moroha looked around, feeling slightly depressed.

The entire class is now as solemn as a wake. Where did the boisterous high school spirit disappear to?

Fights with various strange and alien monsters. Moroha had experienced those many times in his dreams. He had originally thought that everyone here was the same, since everyone appeared so confident just now. He even felt that there might be some who would proclaim they are itching to have a go at those foes.

“Ah, my bad. I seemed to have frightened you all a little bit. <Metaphysical> may be strong and fearsome, but we have the advantage of numbers. We have also developed many tactics involving swarming the enemy and supporting each other, slowly and carefully whittling away at the enemy no matter how much time it takes. In this manner, it’s actually quite rare if someone dies in battle. And this school is founded to train you sufficiently in those tactics. As you are special, you are important personnel of the country. We will not carelessly abandon any of you, so please do not worry——”

Tanaka pretended not to notice the change in the mood, and tried to continue the class meeting via brute force.

The initial male student sitting near the windows is slump against his seat, so demoralized that he couldn’t even stay standing.

What is wrong with everyone? Tanaka is starting to become more flustered.

The strained tension in the classroom is gradually reaching the breaking point.

If the class falls into hysterics just on the first day, the future looks bleak. The cloud of unease keeps swirling around in the air……..


A sharp bang on a desk shattered the silence.

Moroha turned his head to look. Satsuki is standing up with both hands on her desk.

“Born in XXX prefecture. Class number 30. My name is Ranjou Satsuki……….”

Satsuki with shining eyes is declaring loudly.

While everyone is stunned, it seeps into Moroha that she is doing her introduction.

“I will strive hard to be the 2nd most powerful <Savior> in the school. So follow me everyone!”

Satsuki started to twirl her side ponytail and posed proudly.

Her spirit is really commendable. Her action easily swept away the gloom in the classroom and apparently woke everyone out of their flunk.

This could be said to be a kind of leadership quality——

Satsuki was looking at Moroha sideways, showing a [How is it? Want to praise me?] naïve look.

Unfortunately…..nope. Are you such a big shot that you can boast so proudly? Moroha can only smile bitterly to convey that message.

(And you ONLY want to be the 2nd strongest. That’s really kind of you.)

It’s really comical if you think about it. Plus……

(Your words lack conviction.)

Still, from the way she was preaching to him on his nap earlier, it could be seen that she’s a born busybody. With her forceful tone, the initial impression would be that she’s looking for a fight.

What a waste of her kind-hearted nature. It really makes one want to cry.

The other students who heard her audacious declaration started yelling themselves.

“Why the hell should we follow an unknown wench like you!!!”

“That’s right. You are too damn cocky.”


Probably not expecting the negative reaction, Satsuki seemed taken aback.

“What the hell? That’s because all of you are so pathetic just now, so the great me just had to take you under my wings and teach you all how to be superb <Saviors>. It’s better if she had kept her mouth shut, but now she just poured oil onto the fire.

“Teach others…. is that something you can force on others?”

“Bitch, you think you are so great?”

“Be a superb <Savior>? I can farking do that by myself if I try!”

“Don’t be so arrogant! KNOW YOUR PLACE!”

Satsuki, suffering from a continuous barrage of rebuke, had long lost her head and is pushing back.

“SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP!!!! I’ll show you how great I am. When that happens don’t come crying to me to beg for my forgiveness.”

A great aspiration has unknowingly degraded into a childish fight in a comedy sitcom.

(Are you all elementary kids……)

Maroha covered his face. He really cannot bear to watch anymore.

The great debate of Satsuki vs. most of the class—— no, it’s a fight, continued on.

“Ah, Sensei? Time is precious; can we continue with the self-introductions?” He tried asking quickly to the highest authority in class.

“Hmmm? Ah yes, everyone should treasure each other as a precious classmate. So then, let’s start with the student number 1 for self-introduction.”

Tanaka had caught on with Moroha’s intention.

Although he has an unremarkable appearance, Moroha felt that right at that moment he is acting like a proper sensei.

“Yes! I am number 1………”

Anyway, although there are some people who are still bickering with Satsuki, the depressed vigorous guy from before stood up energetically for his self-introduction.

Satsuki face lighted up as if to say “I’m saved.” Looking at Moroha with her sparkly beautiful eyes, it’s like she’s declaring “Onii-sama, I trust you forever!!!”

It’s not like he wanted to play the role of an elder brother. With a complicated feeling, Moroha converses silently with his eyes to Satsuki not to worry about it.

The self-introduction carried on.

“I also came to this school with the aim of becoming the strongest <Savior>. Please take care of me everyone.”

“It’s a mandate from heaven to have me fight for justice and peace. I will work hard to learn all I can.”

“My most pressing goal is to get a promotion to Rank C as soon as possible.”

What is this? Everyone is actually pretty confident and ambitious.

Spurred by Satsuki, everyone is rushing to declare their similarly lofty goals.

“In my past life I’ve fought worse stuffs than that crappy thing. <Metaphysical>? Very well, watch me kill them all!”

“Ohhh, isn’t someone sooooooo very proud of their past life?”

“Shut your mouth! We are the <Saviors>! Isn’t this that kind of school? I’ll protect the country with my own hands!”

“Hey that’s not too bad. Allies of Justice, it has a nice ring to it.”

Finally, the descent into past-life boasting and the catcalls that followed.

The atmosphere did become more festive, but self-introductions had been abandoned.

Moroha looked coldly at the banter happening around him, as if he had a different thinking from the rest of them.

He is definitely not laughing at the dreams and future of his classmates.

He does not dislike the boisterous mood of the class.

It’s just that……listening to a whole day of “Justice” and “Saviors”, he already felt like puking. Just because of this, Moroha’s mood drops to the absolute bottom, and he’d like nothing better than to escape as far away as possible.

Still, if it were just because of this small reason then it would be inconsequential. The real reason is because……..

Moroha who was lost in his thoughts suddenly snapped back to awareness of his surroundings. That’s because the class had suddenly turned deadly quiet.

What? Mohora looked around for the cause.

All his classmates are concentrating their gazes on a girl.

Sitting to Moroha’s front and left is…..Shizuno.

(What happened?)

Moroha was astonished. From his position, he can only see her glossy, long black hair, not her face.

Still, even if he can’t see it, it must still be that ice mask?

“I say….you must be Urushibara-san? Is anything the matter?”

Tanaka is probing gently while checking the class register.

“Does your stomach hurt? Are you still frightened after watching the <Metaphysical> video? Or are you too shy to do a self-introduction? Maybe you have a joke to share with everyone for a good laugh?”

Just when everyone is feeling alarmed, Shizuno…….


“You are sleeeeepingggggg againnnnnnnn!!!!!” Satsuki jumped out from her seat as she screamed out what everyone is thinking.

Moroha feels exhausted for a moment, while at the same time he cannot help but praise her. It’s unknown if Shizuno can naturally fall asleep anytime and anywhere, but after the <Metaphysical> clip, Satsuki’s fight, and the self-introduction, she still can slip off into dreamland. In a certain sense, it’s not something that can be accomplished by those without a sufficient amount of guts.

(Didn’t she say that she wanted to be late and go through high school disorderly?)

It’s certain that she lacks drive. Her attitude is completely reversed from most of the class who used the self-introduction time to toot their own horn. Why would she come to Akane Academy which is basically a training facility for <Saviors>? It’s a mystery.

(She’s really a strange person). Mohora seriously thought that, recalling the conversation with her just now.


“Are you the <Witch of the Netherworld>?”

“Excuse me?”

No matter how much he fixated on her, her frozen mask-like face hid her thoughts and feelings.

“Are you still playing dumb? I should have been together with you in our past lives too.”

Even so, Moroha continued to question her.

That’s because Shizuno clearly called him Shu Saura, and also “Darling” shortly after.

Moroha have memories of 2 past lives.

One of which is Fraga, who is the protector of Salacia, and another.

He’s not sure which life came first and which second, but he is very sure that the current <Haimura Moroha> is reincarnated on this Earth after 2 previous lives. In the other life, Moroha is called Shu Saura, the Pluto feared and hated by all.

“I have very little memories of Shu Saura, and what I do have consisted mainly of his lone battles. But……”

A major difference from Fraga’s life.

“Shu Saura had a very trusted confidant. Someone who seem to serve as his right hand as well as his consort. An exceptional woman known as the <Witch of the Netherworld> or < The Royal Witch>. I’m sure you noticed that I don’t sound very sure of myself. That’s because while I’m sure of her existence, I can only vaguely remember those titles, and not her name or appearance.”

If Shizuno is really the reincarnation of that witch, Moroha would like to apologize for his amnesia.

Just like how he apologized to Satsuki.

After saying his piece, Moroha remained silent.

Silently waiting for Shizuno’s reply.

“My apologies. For a while now I don’t really follow what you were trying to say.” And, Shizuno denied him again.

“Is that so? All right then.”

Since he is getting nowhere with his inquiries, then it must be his misunderstanding then.

Wanting to apologize is only fulfilling his self-gratification.

(My apologies. Please forget what I said.) When Moroha wanted to say that——

“I heard about this before. If someone said “Have we met before”, be careful of being accosted,” Shizuno serenely said.

“Wait. Stop. I don’t have that kind of meaning.”

Don’t destroy the mood! Return to me my sweet feelings of sorrows! Moroha wanted to protest.

Then, he saw the small smile on her face, and realized—— she’s joking.

“You are quite the joker, aren’t you?” complained Moroha.

“You are really a strange guy.”

“That’s wrong. It’s the reverse, right?. You are the strange person here.”

“That’s so impolite. I’m a very normal girl.”

“No. I’ve never met a girl as strange as you…..ever.”

“How can a strange person like you say that?”

“Okay. Let’s stop this endless looping argument.”

Moroha then bitterly left to look for his classroom.

For some reason Shizuno, who originally intended to be late also left her seat.

Curious, Moroha chose to remain silent. Along with the similarly silent Shizuno, the two of them, without any conversation, walked side by side to the classroom.


That was what happened just recently.

And the self-introductions came to an end. The awoken Shizuno and the ambitionless Moroha successfully go through their turn with short sentences. The last number, Satsuki, was willing to go through a second turn, but she could only retreat (with teary eyes) in the face of the class rage.

After that, Tanaka conveyed some other class matters and the class meeting adjourned.

That’s also the end of the school day for that day. The time is just barely past noon.

As Akane Academy is a boarding school, you can just go back to the hostels for meals.

Moroha is preparing to go back for lunch after stuffing the distributed lecture materials into his bag.

“A moment of your time?”

Moroha raised his head at Shizuno.

Something interesting seems to be happening on the 1st day, thus everyone is taking quick glances at the two of them. Unnoticed by Moroha, Satsuki is also perking her ears at their directions.

While Moroha is wondering what Shizuno is up to, he waited patiently for her to continue.

“Do you have time after this?”

“Sorry. Since I’m in high school now I was thinking of looking for a part-time job after this.”

It’s a shame, but he had to turn down Shizuno’s invitation.

Earn your own pocket money. You are not a man if you do not understand that.

“It’s against the school rules to have a part-time job.”


His worth as a man was destroyed suddenly.

“Damn it…..”

Moroha cursed as he digs into his uniform pocket, looking for the student handbook to check the school regulations.

Instead, his fingers touched a cold metallic object.

“Ah right,” said Moroha as he took out the object.

It is a student ID Tag made of metal.

Carved on the surface is the Academy name, Moroha’s name, gender and student number.

Instead of a typical student handbook with an ID page, Akane Academy instead issued this ID Tag to the students.

When Moroha received his, he was somewhat pissed at the militarization of that common item. Now that he remembers the feeling again, it’s a double whammy on his psyche.

“It seems like some free time had cleared up.”

Moroha kept the ID Tag with disappointment.

“So then, please go out on a date with me?” Shizuno asked in a calm voice.

At that bombshell, the other classmates started whispering to each other. Like watching a show they are waiting for Moroha’s reply. Satsuki is pulling at her hair in frustration.

Moroha, ignoring the surroundings, replied: “Sorry, I’m broke.”

A cold wind seems to blow through the classroom.

Still, this is his true current financial state.

Another more practical reason why he wanted to find part-time work is because he’s poor.

“My treat?”

“No. I cannot allow that.”

“It’s common courtesy for the host to treat the invited.”

“If it is common courtesy, isn’t it the guy who has to pay?”

“Are you trying to tactfully decline my invite?”

“No. If possible I would like to accept.”

Being asked on a date by a beauty——you are not a man if you remained unmoved.

“Then, let’s go. I’m interested in you. Don’t look at my appearance; I’ve so much money that I can casually throw them into the drain. Just accompany me.”

“Even 1 yen is still money. Don’t waste it.”

Moroha felt a bit unhappy at her casualness towards money.

Shizuno blinked her eyes at his tone.

Surprisingly, not with an expressionless face.

After thinking a bit, she readily admitted her mistake: “I’m sorry. My words were phrased wrongly.”

Thinking (Do you really understand?), Moroha said:

“A date with you should be worth plenty.”

“Don’t degrade the feeling, now.”

Shizuno’s enchanting dimples appeared again. Is it really that fun to make fun of people?

“The money spent during serious talks and enjoyable chatting is definitely not a waste, don’t you think?”

“Still, I can’t say I’m happy being treated alone.”

“Your personality is so hard to handle.”

Shizuno looked upwards as if to appeal to the sky.

The guys around them are whispering fiercely to each other, “Is that guy an idiot?” “Why is he hesitating over such a beauty? What a pity.” “What is there to complain about? Let me replace him.”

Also, they have been staring at Shizuno’s chest.

Staring at those full orbs that will shake with any soft movements. That won’t change shape even when standing upright.

Everyone is guessing that the sticky situation between the two of them should continue for a while yet, but——

“Isn't it obvious that he dislikes you? A persistent woman will be hated!”

A third party entered the fray.

It’s Satsuki who had been observing the situation intensely with increasingly bloodshot eyes.

Without hesitation, she stalked towards them and parked herself on the opposite side of Shizuno, directly across Moroha’s table.

She definitely does not look serene.

(Oi, is she going to flare again?)

The seated Moroha is looking alternatively at the 2 of them. He felt cold sweat breaking out across his brows.

Satsuki is coldly laughing softly on one side and staring challengingly at Shizuno.

In comparison, Shizuno——

“Haimura-kun, about that date……”

“Why are you ignoring meeeeeeeee!” Protested Satsuki at Shizuno who won’t even spare a look at her.

Shizuno looks at Satsuki as if seeing her for the first time.

“Who might you be?”

“Ranjou Satsuki! Didn’t we have introductions just now?”

“I fell asleep, so I didn’t hear.”

“Listen to others carefully. I did pay attention to your introduction!”

“It’s fine not to pay attention to mine.”

“Please make an effort to build social bridges!”

“I was born anti-social.”

Compare to Satsuki who is mindlessly yapping away like a petulant puppy, Shizuno is effortlessly countering her.

“Enough!” Satsuki squeezed out that single word between her clenched teeth, and turned to glare at Moroha.

“Go out and play with me today!”

The spoiled demand from a cute younger sister—— it can only be describe as thus. Although her expression and voice cannot be described as polite, it’s the kind of casual, familiar communication between family members. Yes, putting aside the fact that she does not look like a younger sister, Satsuki also does not feel like a stranger to Moroha anymore.

Moroha nodded his head, and replied:

“Sorry. I already have a date.” He casually reached over to hold Shizuno’s sleeve.

“Onii-sama, you traitorrrrrrrrrr!”

Moroha leaked out a small voice when he was grabbed on his collar by Satsuki, who had on a really scary and terrible expression.

“Didn’t you just reject a date with this girl? If so, you should be free now right? Go out and play with me!”

“That’s just a breakdown in negotiation due to the lack of funds. Due to the same reasons, I cannot turn around and go out happily with you too.”

(If I do that, then I really will be a dishonest traitor), Moroha thought.

“Hummuuu muuuu muuuuuuu……” Satsuki reluctantly released Moroha, and ground her teeth angrily.

“Don’t you stand there and gloat with no expressions.”

Satsuki swung towards Shizuno, and talked condescendingly at her:

“You are Urushibara right? You must have some guts to have ignored me just now.”

“By the way, what’s your relationship with Haimura-kun?” Asked Shizuno.

“Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho!” Satsuki happily declared:

“Moroha and I were together in our past lives. Not only were we true siblings, we will lovingly call each other names, like [Salacia——] or [Fraga♥]. Do you know that for both of us to reunite after reincarnation, the odds of that happening is a number so astronomically impossible that it doesn’t exist yet in this dimension. THUS, the two of us are tied together by the red threads of fate so tightly that you will never comprehend it. HO HO HO HO HO!”

“Wahhhhh….” The surrounding classmates shouted in surprise.

“That really shocked me.” “It’s like a miracle.” “That’s so romantic.”

Everyone started their discussions with this [I’m so touched] look on them.

“……Is that true?” Shizuno asked and Moroha nodded his head.

Still, Shizuno silently asked Moroha with her clear beautiful eyes, “What’s going on?”


Moroha cannot seem to explain himself easily. Satsuki just declared that the two of them were together previously, and Moroha confirmed it. If this is true, then this topic would end right here and now.

BUT ——

If Shizuno is also with him previously, then he is the Witch’s companion too. For Shizuno who is not aware of Moroha’s memories of two lives, it’s not strange for her to have reasonable doubts on Satsuki’s claims.

(Weren’t you lying just now too?) Accuses Moroha with his eyes.

Shizuno casually shifts her eyes away.

Maybe it’s her conscience, but she does look a bit guilty and a bit upset. As if she is holding in several painful secrets.

Satsuki, not catching the delicate mood between them, makes a shooing motion.

“So we have lots of things to talk about. For the stranger who we just met, please stand to one side. Shoo, Shoo.”

Ever expressionless, but a vein started pulsing at Shizuno’s temper.

“….No matter your methods, I will not stand aside.”

Although Shizuno’s language use is not really correct, her determination is conveyed to the surroundings.

In the face of Satsuki’s taunts, she swiftly set out to show her strength.

Shizuno grabbed hard onto the seated Moroha’s head and pulled him towards her.

And hugged his face into her overabundant chest.

SeiKen Tsukai no World Break 01 080.jpg

(OHHHHHHHH!) The students watching the show became noisy over this new development.

Satsuki’s face is now stiffened in pure rage, and one of her eyebrows is twitching uncontrollably.

Moroha is stunned speechless.

His whole face is surrounded by a mythical softness.

Even if it’s through the uniform, or further through the bra, the sensation is undeniable. Shizuno’s breasts are supremely bouncy as she capriciously rolled Moroha’s face within them.

This way, Shizuno’s breasts and Moroha’s head are tightly wedged together with no gap between them. Even so, it’s not to the extent that there will be difficulties in breathing, but a full sensory experience of the charms of that bouncy softness.

If this is not Shangri-La, then what could it be?

“Moroha….What are you doing……?”

From Moroha’s back came this soft deceptive voice from Satsuki. It appeared that she is not condemning the perpetrator [Shizuno], but the victim [Moroha].

“Ahgiganbumanyging.” (I didn’t do anything).

Moroha wanted to convey his innocence. But with his face stuck into Shizuno’s chest, he is not able to speak clearly.

“Oh….Is it really that comfortable?”

(What did you actually think you heard?) Moroha shakes his head side-by-side in denial.

The breasts pressed against him shook violently.


Shizuno leaked out a sweet yet anguished sound.


Satsuki is raging like a little kid.

“Hentai! Sukebe! Pervert! How dare you do this kind of thing in front of everyone? Do you love it? Do you really love breasts that much? Are you even willing to suffer capital punishment just for breasts???!!!!”

As Satsuki talked rapidly, she grabbed hold of his back and started shaking him strongly.

On a side note, for Satsuki to be this flustered and condemning, it’s probably due to the perception that her beloved brother is being snatched away. In the right circumstances, she should be a tender and loving individual to her loves.

But, Moroha’s head is still squeezed between Shizuno’s melons.

With Satsuki’s rocking, Moroha’s head is forced back. When that happened, the tightly compressed flesh bounced back to their original shape, then compressed again, then released again. The situation is getting worst.

What kind of Play is this? The sensory overloaded Moroha is starting to feel strange.

Moroha lightly taps Shizuno’s side to request for release.

But, Shizuno continue to hug his head tightly, even increasing her strength.

“That’s enough, Urushibara! Don’t you feel any shame at using a woman's weapon?”

Satsuki finally turned her wrath on Shizuno.

“It’s better for you to be quiet since you don’t possess any.”

“Of course I have them! A woman’s weapons!”

Satsuki stopped her shaking, and slapped her right hand onto her chest.

Slapped her right hand onto that relatively~ flat chest compared to other girls her own age.

Shizuno, still hugging Moroha’s head, looked at Satsuki’s chest for a long moment.

“….I’m sorry, I said something insensitive.”


“….Right. There are some things that can be said and cannot be said.”


“Do not worry. We are still in our growing phase.”


Shizuno, looking sincerely apologetic, looked away while Satsuki stamped her leg in angry protest.

“It’s fine. I lend him to you for a while.” Shizuno let go of Moroha.

(I’m saved.)

Moroha greedily sucked fresh air as he is finally released.

“He’s not your belonging. I’ll deal with you later.”

Moroha’s head is now jerked towards Satsuki, and buried into her chest.

“How…How….How is it, Moroha? Is…is… it com…com….comfortable? Please check out the capability of a woman’s weapon, although we are siblings, so you do not have to hold back! Although it’s embarrassing, I will bear with it. Please heal my injured feminine pride, Onii-sama!” Looks like she is serious about her rage and competitiveness towards Shizuno. Red faced, she looks like she is throwing her everything into hugging Moroha’s head hard.

“It hurt, it hurts! The ribbing, the ribbing hurts.”

Moroha screamed in pain.

He meant “The rows of hard buttons rubbing against my face hurts.” Satsuki is still a girl. Even if her breasts is not big, the unique softness belonging to a girl’s chest is still there.


Satsuki blew her top when she misunderstood.

It’s scary when things get lost in translation.

In pain yet surround by softness, Moroha can be described as half-enjoying and half-suffering.

Why is he dragged into this dispute on the first day of school?

Originally intending to return to the hostels, many of the classmates sat engrossed as if watching a blockbuster movie. Even students from other classes walking past are sticking their head in.

The crowd is getting bigger.

“Using his face to measure the size of girls’ breasts, how enviable.” “Plus the two of them are cute….” “Is he a noble from somewhere?” From the spectators PoV, it is truly a scene of two girls fighting over a boy.

It’s Hell.

Truly a scene worth watching.

“Enough is enough!”

Moroha pushed away Satsuki’s encircling arms and finally regained his freedom.

“Didn’t I tell you to refrain from actions that will decrease your value as a girl? Don’t pretend to be dumb now!”

Moroha scolded Shizuno first, and then turned on Satsuki: “You are banned from talking about your breasts! Do you hear me!?”


“Onii-sama is always scolding me.”

Shizuno reluctantly agreed while Satsuki started complaining.

“In addition, don’t drag me into a fight between girls!”

“If Haimura-kun promptly agreed to my invite, things wouldn’t end up like this.”

“That’s right. It’s because you declined your sister’s invite that things ended up like this.”

(Is it my fault?)

Moroha covered his face as he felt a headache mounting.

“Let’s do this. The three of us will go out together, and to cool off.”

“Are you fine with the finances now?” Shizuno asked.

“My bad, but can you treat us for today? As compensation for my mental damage.”

“I’ll be happy to. It’s not a problem if it’s the three of us. I have some questions for her anyway.”

“If it’s not just us siblings alone, I don’t want that!”

“Let’s forget it for today. We’ll talk next time.”

“…3 people are fine too.” Satsuki agreed reluctantly with a cramped face.

Finally this romance comedy has ended. Disappointed, the crowd that had gathered to watch the show dispersed slowly.

“Damn playboy. May yours break in half.” Some guys also cursed when leaving.

Finally, the classroom emptied out and Moroha relaxed.

“So, let’s go.”

Moroha packed up his belongings and left with Satsuki and Shizuno.

On the first day of school, the day ended up becoming a date with two girls.

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