Seiken Tsukai No World Break:Volume 1 Chapter 4

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At the start of the next day, the atmosphere in the class changed.

When Moroha stepped into the classroom, he was shocked as all the girls turned their heads simultaneously to look at him.

With very warm and affectionate looks.

Moroha as usual, sat at his seat in the middle of the last row but now with a cramped face.

“Ah, Haimura-kun.”

Just as he barely touched his seat, one of his female classmates rushed to his side.

The atmosphere suddenly turned ugly as the air was infused by feminine grudges of [Don’t jump the queue!], but as Moroha had shifted his attention to the girl in front of him, he failed to notice it completely.

She was a cute girl who seemed confident of her appearance; with a big ribbon in her hair that suited her a lot.

If not for the existence of Satsuki and Shizuno, she’d probably be the most noticeable person.

“Do you have time after school? If possible, I would like you to help tutor me in Light Techniques. I have many areas to need your help on. Of course, as thanks, maybe we can have dinner or something together after that...”

To the word “dinner”, Moroha’s mouth twitched slightly.

Although Moroha lived frugally due to his financial situation, he had never let anyone treate him before. He still had that much restraint.

But he had no qualms about accepting food in return for a favour.

Just as he was about to break into a smile of acceptance…..

“…Moroha already has an appointment.”

Like a phantom, Shizuno suddenly appeared behind the girl and grabbed her shoulder, whispering softly to her.

“I….I….I’m sorry!”

The girl retreated hurriedly with an expression as if she was having a heart attack.

“It’s just not possible to let down one’s guard.”

“You are the same,” retorted Moroha as he stared dreadfully at Shizuno who appeared out of thin air.

“You just caused me to lose my dinner.”

“Doesn’t the hostel provide those?”

“I’m in a growing phrase. Eating a 2nd dinner outside is hardly an issue.”

“I could treat you to dinner, all you can eat.”

“I don’t like to eat free meals.”

“Teach me light techniques then?”

“Aren’t you a black mage?”

“You are so dense,” sighed Shizuno. “Ranjou-san is glaring at me, so I'll be returning to my seat,” and she left.

Glancing out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Satsuki, who had just opened the classroom rear door, staring at them from across the room.

Since Moroha pretended not to see her, she gave a “hmmp” and went to her seat.

Ignoring the grudge filled air generated by jealous girls.

They were in that condition because they knew that Shizuno had a date with Moroha two days ago, so they were all regretfully muttering things like [She got ahead of us] or [I was too slow].

In such a complicated atmosphere ——

“This pisses me off.”

From the front door of the classroom, the large body of Isurugi Gen appeared.

He swept his gaze around the classrooms once, and all the girls who were dreamily looking at Moroha tried their hardest to avoid looking Gen.

Even the guys, who were originally embarrassed by the delicate mood of the girls, strived not to look at Gen in the eyes.

“Isurugi-Kun, good morning to you,” greeted some of Gen’s cronies who had attached themselves to him earlier.

Gen continued to look around the classroom with dangerous eyes, proceed to his seat beside the windows and sat down heavily.

“As I said, this pissed me off,” Gen leaned against the windows, and purposefully said that in a loud voice.

“It’s strange. Why are the looks being thrown to me and Haimura so different ?”

Looked like he just wanted to vent some frustration. After saying those stuffs, he seemed to lose interest and deflected, losing the will to bitch anymore.

“That’s because you keep saying those childish things, that’s why you are being looked down upon right?”

Satsuki was saying something outrageous again.

“What did you say, bitch?”

Gen, fully roused from his previous lethargy and stood up again. Moroha could not help but cover his face with his hands.

Gen looked at Satsuki with death in his eyes, while Satsuki fearlessly stared back with scorn.

A death-match …… did not happen.

“Huh. There’s no point in messing around with a weakling.”

Gen changed his mind and sat back down in a relaxed manner.

Although Satsuki scream “WHAT DID YOU SAY!” Gen was already ignoring her.

With that, the class that regained peace……did not happened either.

“Haimura, let’s have a duel and determine who’s the No.1!”

Gen with a maniac look in his eyes said some nonsensical things.

“This kind of thing, it’s better to decide it earlier.”

What did you meant by [earlier]? What was [better to decide]? Moroha could understand.

“The No.1 is you, lets decide it that way,” Moroha replied indifferently.

Moroha had absolutely no interest in his position in the school hierarchy.

Compared to this, the bigger problem was that he already felt sleepy before morning lessons.

“You bastard…….”

Temper throbbing and giving off a ferocious look. He’s already the No.1, what was there for him to be dissatisfied about?

“What are you saying, Moroha? Don’t you have any pride?” Satuski was pulling her ponytail in exasperation at the unbelievable words from Moroha’s mouth.

“Being honest and admitting your defeat is also something to take pride about. Isurugi had been practicing Light Techniques since two years ago, so he’s obviously above me in abilities.

Moroha replied that absentmindedly as he yawned widely. He’s really going to fall asleep. This is really bad.

“Che, you damn coward. How are you a <Savior> like this?” Seeing the unmotivated look on Moroha’s face, even Gen gave up after clicking his tongue once.

Another reason was that the bell had rung and Tanaka-Sensei walked into the classroom.

(I’m not a <Savior>.)

Moroha struggled to contain his yawns while he sat up straighter.

“Unbelievable,” said Satsuki as she left that one word before returning to her seat.


Lunch Time——

As the cafeteria was crowded, Moroha, Satsuki and Shizuno decided to have their bread lunch at the courtyard lawn.

The weather was good and the springtime sun was comfortable.

“My good mood was destroyed by you,” complained Satsuki.

Shizuno looked at Satsuki displeasingly.

“I won’t shut up. Anyway, Isurugi was running all over you, why did you remain silent even so, Moroha?”

“Because the topic of "who's the best" is dreadfully boring.”

To Moroha, lunch was the most important thing right at this moment. He eagerly tore open the bread packaging.

“Don’t you feel any defiance when other people ridicule you?”

“Nope, none whatsoever,” replied Moroha as he stuffed his mouth full of pizza toast.

“I guess Moroha is more in love with money than power?” asked Shizuno straightforwardly from his side.

“[Love] is not the appropriate word to use. I’m not a miser or anything. I just felt that it’s hard to go through life without money, and I also cannot repay my Uncle and aunt. I don’t want that.”

“I do not know if I should describe you as being realistic or something else. What a hard man to understand.”

I have desire for money, but no desire for fame. That should be what Shizuno meant, I guess?

“That is why I feel that it’s best to keep a low profile. Although money is important, I don’t really want to be rich. As long as I can be someone that Uncle and Aunt can be proud of, I’ll be satisfied. Other than that, I don’t want to reach too high above my station.”

“Is that so? I see.”

Although Moroha wondered if he was being too obstinate, luckily Shizuno seemed to understand.

After that, the sensitive Shizuno stopped talking and concentrated on opening her tea packet.

“If Onii-sama is not the No.1, then I won’t agree to it. Definitely not.”

And there was the self-proclaimed little sister who cannot read the mood, sitting on the other side of him.

“I was so angered by you that I couldn’t concentrate on the lessons the entire morning.”

“No, you had better concentrate on the lessons,” countered Moroha. “I’m not asking you to study till you spit blood out, but since the fees are free, please don’t waste the chance to get a good education.”

“This….I will admit that I am at fault on this matter,” said the embarrassed Satsuki as she played with her ponytail after being scolded by Moroha.

“Moroha is really an outstanding student.”

“I’m not up to that standard. After all the efforts my uncle spent convincing me to come to high school, if I were to leisurely pass my time here without making an effort, I’ll be so ashamed that I’d punch myself.”

Even though he was not putting any financial burden on his Uncle right now, Moroha felt that he might as well study hard instead of wasting his time. If he were to do that, he might as well go find a full-time job.

“AHHH~~AHH. I still feel so frustrated.”

Was it really that unbearable for your brother to be laugh at by others?

Satsuki had taken out a sandwich from her bag and was chewing through it savagely as if to vent her anger, while continuing to complain.

“Weren’t you the one who was complaining that Hamburgers were low class food? So Sandwiches are fine?” Shizuno quickly attacked Satsuki when she saw an opportunity.

Satsuki choked on her food and quickly gulped down some packaged orange juice.

“Sandwiches are elegant food invented by nobles!”

“How stubborn.”

“And this orange juice is not cold at all, so irritating!” Satsuki tried to shift the topic away clumsily.

Yes, it was a fact that lukewarm orange juices are terrible things. The increased acidity will stung the tongue and also leave behind a sticky aftertaste.

“Here, pass it over. I’ll cool it for you.”

“Huh? What are you doing, Urushibara?”

Satsuki tilted her head as her orange juice was taken away.

Shizuno took over the juice with her left hand, and was pointing at something with right hand.


Shizuno said that word significantly in a solemn voice.

Something seemed to electrify in Moroha’s mind.

Oh Child of Ice, Oh Child of Snow, lend me your breath, and freeze this with your small exhalation

While Shizuno was chanting something like an aria in a singsong voice, she seemed to be tracing something using her the tip of her right forefinger. .

That’s right. She was not pointing at anything just now. As if there was an invisible board hanging in the air, Shizuno’s graceful fingertip was writing a series of glowing glyphs.

A language that never belonged on Earth.

The language of the realm of magic.

Following her aria and gestures, the surrounding seemed to darken slightly. At their location in the centre of the courtyard with a cloudless sky overhead, it was a mysterious phenomenon. Shizuno was increasing the amount of mana within her by absorbing energy from the natural surroundings, and molding it into the form of energy she wished for.

Only a few seconds had passed.

While Shizuno was writing the glyphs, Moroha and Satsuki were mesmerized.

When she tapped strongly on the last glyph, that single line of characters seemed to rotate and disappeared into the juice package.

“Here, Its cold now.”

Shizuno casually push the package against Satsuki’s cheek, causing Satsuki to jump away in fright.

“Step One Dark Magic 《White breath》. Did you adjust it to a low powered version, Shizuno?

“Dark Magic? The power that Dark Mages used?”

After hearing Moroha’s confirmation, Satsuki screamed as if crazed while Shizuno just nodded her head.

“That’s not allowed! <Ancestral Arts> can only be used for justice. The school rules also stated clearly that you can only use it during training, or in a desperate emergency.”

“It was a desperate emergency to chill orange juice.”

“Don’t crack this kind of bad joke, Urushibara.”

“Hey, don’t be so stubborn about these matters. It’s not as if we had troubled anyone, and you were helped, isn’t that great?”

“The me just now, who thought you were a model student, was an idiot,” Satsuki sighed exaggeratedly.

“Forget it, there will be no next time. I don’t want to be disciplined for breaking the school rules.”

Looking off to the side, she sucked greedily at the orange juice.

“Ah, it’s so tasty.”

Hearing this clumsy thanks, Moroha and Shizuno can only smiled bitterly at each other.

Following, the two of them also took out more bread from the bags.

“Hahahahahaha,” laughed Satsuki suddenly while pointing at Shizuno’s bread. “Curry bread? A girl is actually eating curry bread? That’s so damaging to the grace of a girl. Hey, why is it a curry bread? Is it because it’s yellow? Are you the yellow ranger in a Sentai show?”

Although Satsuki was hard while holding her stomach, Shizuno just ignored her and continue to eat her bread calmly.

One look and you can see who was the more graceful girl between them.

“I heard that the curry bread in Akane Academy is pretty famous.”

“Really? I should have chosen that if I’ve known.”

Although the hotdog he is chewing was tasty too, Moroha started to crave for a taste of the curry bread.

He also suddenly realized something: Except for him and Satsuki, Shizuno don’t seem to have much interaction with other people, nor seemed to have any other friends. Still, once and again she will provide information and intelligence when needed. It’s really unfathomable.

“Do you want a taste, Moroha?”

“Thanks. Let me share some of mine with you.”

“Here, say Ahhhhhh……”

Moroha took a bite out of the curry bread that Shizuno held over, and Shizuno, with another Ahhh, took a bite out of Moroha’s hot dog in his hand.

“What are you doing, Onii-samaaaaaaaaaa.”

“It’s tasty!” Moroha replied while looking at Satsuki who was clutching her head, chewing all the while.

The pairing of soft bread and crispy skin gave the outer layer a sweet taste, which combined with the exciting mature tasting filling; it was the perfect blend of sweetness and spiciness.

“You said “AHHHHH!” You actually said “AHHHHHHH!” And an in, in, in…indirect kiss!”

“What indirect kiss? Are you an elementary school child?”

“How could you do that when you already have a sister, you heartless playboy!”

“Heartless? Playboy? Is that something you said to your brother in the past?”

“I wouldn’t say that! Ah~ah, to think Fraga was so gentle last time. He will go [Ahhhhhh] and feed me every day. How did he change into such a philanderer?”

“Then let me feed you now…..?”

“He would go [Ahhhh] to feed me, yet he would mischievously kissed me on the face when I closed my eyes.”

“Were the two of you really siblings?!”

Facing Satsuki who was grinning foolishly while reminiscing and even drooling a bit, Moroha cannot help but look suspiciously at her.

On the other side, Shizuno calmly said:

“I had already kissed Moroha directly. At this stage, there’s really no point in making a fuss about indirect kissing or anything like that.”

Satsuki who was in her personal daydream suddenly snapped into her demonic face.

“How could I not make a fuss? How many times had I said this, this is a major event for a girl!”

“It’s only a touch between lips.”

“What do you mean by [only]?!”

“It’s not like I’ll get pregnant.”


Hearing the word spoken calmly by the expressionless Shizuno, the innocent Satsuki blushed all the way to her neck.

“It’s unbelievable! For a girl to be unaware of the importance of kissing, it’s really unbelievable!”

Satsuki, shoulders shaking and hugging her arms, turned her head away with a hmmmp.

Her cheeks were puffed out, rounded like a dolphin’s head.

On the other hand, Shizuno’s dimples were showing up on her face. She must be feeling happy about teasing Satsuki.

The single organism that was straight-laced Satsuki had not notice that yet. Shizuno was still better at this. Looking at this, Moroha could not help but smile.

“I’m full.” Moroha clapped his hand together in appreciation and thought about how peaceful the day was.

Of course, he would only come to regret his naïvety later in the day.


After changing into the battle suits inside the changing rooms, the three of them walked together towards the tunnel.

For the afternoon practical lessons, they came to the first training arena again.

Possibly due to them being slightly early, very few students from the four classes had arrived. None of the four teachers had arrived yet either. Moroha’s group walked toward their classmates.

Isurugi Gen was there too, and seemed to be saying something in a loud voice.

“My elder brother said that the threats from the <Metaphysicals> are increasing every year, and the White Knight Order will not be able to cope if they don’t increase their war potential more.”

Three guys were surrounding him and were attentively listening to every word he said.

He had already found some followers quickly, looked like he’d be forming his very own clique soon.

“But, Isurugi-kun, isn’t that bad? That won’t be a good situation to be in.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. It’s great for us as it’ll be the best job security guarantees. If we can be as active as my brother, we’ll go far in the future. This is all thanks to the <Metaphysicals>.”

His statement did make some sense.

But only in a twisted manner, similar to the logic of a thief.

“Ah, so that’s it. Isurugi-kun is so clever. That’s great.”

Gen was shamelessly declaring his views, and his cronies were clapping and cheering him on.

The rest of the class was frowning but since the strength of Gen was undeniable, no one got the courage to argue with him. In fact, seeing Gen’s group being so extremely conceited, they actually felt ashamed for them.

“I actually thought about this, that it’s better for a <Metaphysical> to turn a city into a sea of fire. If that happened, the country will have no choice but to increase the funding to the order.”

“Wow. If that really happen, our salaries will keep rising!”

Gen’s group started laughing outrageously.

Their wretched, obscene expressions were harmful to the eyes.

(Instead of calling them <Saviors>, it’s more accurate to call them thieves.

Moroha ignored that group and sat down on the ground. Shizuno did the same.

“You….you…..people…..” Satsuki said with an emotional expression.

Narrowed eyes, farrowed forehead and a trembling mouth. A face full of wrath, all the more remarkable due to her beauty.

“You people are all trash! A disgrace to all <Saviors>!”

Before Moroha could stop her, Satsuki had already walked toward Gen’s location.

“HUH? What nonsenses are you spouting out since yesterday!?”

Being scolded by Satsuki, Gen’s temper also flared up and he stood up quickly.

“I had let you off many times since you are a girl, but it looked as if you are getting too full of yourself,” declared Gen as he used his superior height to look down condescendingly at Satsuki.

“Trash is trash. Am I wrong to say that?”

“HUH? Who do you think you are? What rights do you have to look down on me, you damn shorty?”

“You are so dumb if you need to ask that? Remember what you were laughing about just a short while ago.”

“Ah, what about it? Are you my parents? Oh, I know, you didn’t like my words just now right? Well, we are humans too. We need to eat too, okay? Understand now?”

“My point is your aspiration is despicable!”

“Don’t tell me you are one of those “We are allies of justice” types? Listen to me, go back to kindergarten. Okay?”

“Same to you. Trash is smelly, please jump into an incinerator.”

“What did you say? I’ll grope your breasts.”

“Why don’t you die and reincarnate again? If that happen, you may become a slightly better <Savior>.”

A duel using lips and tongues as swords.

Satsuki and Gen’s insults were getting worst and worst.

Everyone was staring at the two of them.

“Shall we help her, Moroha?”

“That’ll only complicate matters.”

Shizuno also understood that, so she nodded her head silently upon hearing Moroha’s answer.

The situation will only get worse if you blundered clumsily into it. It’s a different case if one side was to strike the other, but as they are still in a verbal war it’s better to observe at the moment.

Just as Moroha came to this conclusion——

“What is this commotion about?” The class teacher of the 2nd class demanded as he entered the arena.

Gen displayed a “Another interruption” expression as he clicked his tongue in irritation.

For Moroha, this should have been the end of this matter and he had relaxed himself. He was too naïve.

“Sensei, these two had already released their prana. It’s so impressive.” One of Gen’s cronies commented with an innocent face.

“Ah. I saw that yesterday. To reach this level barely into the curriculum, it’s really impressive.”

“So~~if possible could we have the two of them give a demonstration duel for the rest of us?”

“Oh? If possible I would like my students observe too. If the two of you are willing, how about it?”

Moroha clicked his tongue in irritation this time. So this was what’s going on. Just as he was about to restrain Satsuki——

“It’s fine. Let me teach this ignorant goon what a <Savior> should be!” Satsuki declared first.

“HEH HEH! That’s good. Then show me the strength of your justice.”

Gen accepted of course. An expression that he had been waiting for a chance like this.

(Damn it. Satsuki, you single cell organism.) Moroha ran out of excuses he could have used since the teacher approved the practice duel.

He could only looked on helplessly as the teacher of the 2nd class gave clear instructions for the preparations.

All the 1st year students were seated at the viewing gallery

Only three persons were standing on the training ground.

The referee, Tanaka-sensei, and the spirited Satuki and Isurugi Gen.

As they were standing in front of authorities, no more insults were being thrown between the two of them. But the two of them are glaring at each other with grudges.

“Ready, Start!” Tanaka gave the signal. Satsuki and Gen released their prana simultaneously.

Satsuki’s arms were emitting a golden light, but Gen’s whole body is awash in a blood red aura.

Next, the two of them materialized their weapons from their ID Tags.

Satuki’s weapon is a small double-edge sword. She wasn’t able to do this feat yesterday but was able to successfully materialize it today.

She must have practiced hard in the hostel yesterday. Although Satsuki loved to make many declarations and talked big, but she also had a hardworking facet in her.

And on Gen’s side——a giant fierce looking axe.

The observing students felt the oppressing will of the combatants and cannot helped but shiver.

Moroha also prayed that Satsuki remained safe.

“There’s no need to fear any injuries in the arena. You’ll be fine as long as you reached outside.”

“I’m not worried about that, Shizuno.”

Moroha did not want Satsuki to feel any suffering. Concentrating on Satsuki, He continued to pray silently.

“I’m Coming, Isurugi.”

Satsuki sounded a bit nervous, but she set her determination and attacked with a strong pressure.

“TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.” With her shout, she raised her sword in both hands and swung down with a beautiful strike.

Only, Gen continued standing in place motionlessly. Or was he unable to move? Shouldering his axe, he remained motionless.

Satsuki’s sword arced once.

This was a strike enhanced by 《Titan Strength Link》. If you were to take in such a blow victory will be decided immediately, right?

A blunt sound rung out and something was thrown into the air.

That thing kept spinning and a curve path, and struck upright on the ground behind Satsuki.

It’s Satsuki’s sword.

“…What happened?” Shizuno asked but Moroha had only seen a quick shadow.

Gen who had been foolishly standing like a motionless statue had done something with an incredible speed.

Looming at the results, he must have knocked away Satsuki’s weapon with his axe.

“AH….uhhh…..?” Looking at her empty hands, Satsuki gave a confused look.

This meant that Gen’s movement was so fast that Satsuki was not able to see and realized what had happened.

Victory had been decided in an instant.

Satsuki and Gen had a huge difference between their fighting abilities.

“Pick it up,” said Gen confidently as he tapped his axe lightly against his shoulder.

“We can’t continue the duel if you have no weapon, right. So pick it up.”

Being pitied on by him, Satsuki could only tremble in shame where she stood.

“You don’t have to go easy on me. We are just having a demonstration duel. Prepare yourself anew and we’ll start over again.”

Gen’s words were filled with sincerity and generosity.

And because to this, all the more insulting it was.

Due to rage and shame, Satsuki’s face color had already gone past red and into a blue-black shade.

“Hey hey, you need to buck up a bit more. It’s not good if an ally of justice retreat just because of a small setback.”

“I’ll definitely make you cry and apologized to me….”

To pick up her sword, Satuki strongly turned her body and ran toward it.

Gen’s lips twisted upward in a despicable smirk.

Rushing forward, he swung his axe downward towards Satsuki’s unprotected back.

No blood splattered. Satsuki did not suffer any injuries.

In replacement, the clothing on her back was sliced apart with just the correct amount of strength. The cloth on her back and the strap of her bra were cut apart.

The white skin of her back was displayed fully to all the 1st year students.

“Noooooooooooo!” Satsuki cannot helped but knelt down. The skin of her back was slowly dyed red.

“Ku…HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.” Gen was laughing to the extent of having tears in his eyes.

Moroha had already rushed out. With unbelievable speed, he had jumped out of the viewing gallery and landed onto the training ground. Running to Satsuki’s side, he quickly covered her with a coat.

“Oi oi, Haimura? We are in the middle of a duel, you know? Don’t interfere okay. It’s despicable right?”


Facing Gen’s taunts, Haimura did not reply at all. He was too furious to form any incoherent words.

“It’s also not right to bully those weaker than you too, Isurugi-kun.” At this point, Tanaka-sensei gave a word of warning to Gen.

“A demonstration duel is one thing, but a private fight is disallowed!”

“Don’t you have any awareness of what being a <Savior> means?”

“As one of the chosen, how could you….”

The class teachers of class two, three and four also arrived on the training ground and started lecturing strictly.

A wall of human bodies separated Gen and Moroha.

“Ah my bad,” Gen apologized in an insincere tone, and turning his body to squeeze through the wall of bodies, continue his follow up “attack” at the still shaking Satsuki:

“Ranjou, did you hear that? It seems you are a weakling!”

Hearing that, Satsuki’s body jumped once.

“Shut up!” Although Moroha was unreservedly releasing his bloodlust, it did not even register at all on Gen standing near the teachers.

“Aren’t you Isurugi Jin’s brother? Why don’t you learnt a bit on how to conduct yourself like your outstanding brother….” While Tanaka-sensei tried to advise Gen, Gen is still exultantly ridiculing Satsuki.

“Ranjou said it herself that we are all <Saviors> and that for peace we had to battle the <Metaphysical>. If so, isn’t weaklings like Ranjou here the ones that’s disgracing all <Saviors>? She may be good at shooting her mouth off, but she’s such a loser in reality.”

Gen laughed heartily holding his stomach.

Kyaaaaa, screamed Satsuki sharply.

Next, she ran out covering her ears.

“Wait, Satsuki.” Moroha wasn’t able to catch her, his voice didn't even reach her ears.

Satsuki ran into the connecting tunnel under the eyes of the entire year one student body.

“Ha ha ha ha, remember this! Weaklings should surround and serve the strong.”

“Enough is enough. Know where to draw the line, Isurugi-kun!”

Gen continued to laugh hard. Even when the 4 teachers continue to admonish him, he treated their words as wind.

“….Isurugu.” Moroha glared at Gen again.

But, right now——

Satsuki’s small back had already disappeared from his sight as she ran outside the arena. He cannot but helped but to worry for her.

He wanted to hold her shaking delicate shoulders.

He couldn’t ignore Satsuki.

Moroha did not hesitate and chased after her.


Satsuki was in the courtyard.

She sitting, hugging her knees, near the grassy area where they had lunch not long ago.

As all the students were having practical lessons at the moment, no one was around.

Except for Moroha.

As she had ran out of the arena, Satuski and Moroha’s clothings had reverted back to their original state. Moroha noted that he’ll need to cover her with a coat again.

“Only Moroha is not allowed to come near...”

“Why only me…..?”

“Because I don’t want you to see my pathetic face right now.” Satsuki replied weakly, eyes puffy and red from crying.

She kept silent after that.

Seeing her lonely back as she sat hugging her knees, Moroha found it hard to follow her instructions.


“If I cannot look at you, I can still stay at your side, right?”

Supporting his head with his arms, and positioned his back toward Satsuki.

Satsuki continued to remain silent.

So it means that he can stay at her side, Moroha forced himself to interpret her silence as that.

The weather report had stated that the spring season for this year will be a good one. As proven by looking up into the sky, the mild sun was gently shining on and warming up the two of them.

“I don’t think that you have anything to be ashamed of.” Moroha, taking the sun as a role model, gently consoled the depressed Satsuki.

“I may not know the meaning of the existence of <Savior> in this world, but compared to the strong ruling over the weak, isn’t the side working towards a noble goal more impressive? In my opinion, Isurugi is the disgraceful side.”

Still, Satsuki continue to remain silent.

(I’ve ran out of ideas.)

Moroha decided to observe the sun and wait leisurely.

He may be scolded by the teachers later, but he cannot bring himself to care at the moment.

Compared to lessons, Satsuki is more important right now.


How many sheep-like clouds had he counted floating pass in the sky?

“I wanted Onii-sama to praise me.” Satsuki said mumbled suddenly.

Moroha was shocked lightly by her sudden utterance.

The feeling of wanting to be praised, he also strongly desired that. He wanted the deeply respected guardians who raised him to say to him [You had done very well].

And, he wanted to repay them too.

In a certain sense, he chose this school precisely for that reason.

Being on the same wavelength as Satsuki, Moroha continued to wait silently for Satsuki to continue.

“Due to misfortune, the towns I lived in were attacked one after another by <Metaphysical>. Due to this, until my 3rd year of middle school I was forced to move house 12 times.

“If you keep moving around, isn’t it hard to make friends?”

Moroha felt Satsuki nodding her head.

“Still, I wasn’t lonely at all. I had Salacia’s memories and dreamed of Fraga every night when I sleep. To Salacia, Fraga was her world and everything. To me, it was the same.”

She confessed all that in a mournful voice and a soft tone. To Satsuki, her beloved Onii-sama is a supremely important existence.

While temporarily ignoring the fact that Moroha was that beloved Onii-sama for the moment, the loyalty she displayed toward that love wwould make anyone feel touched by her.

“After I passed the test and found myself a <Savior>, and informed that I’m not the only one who had memories of their past life, and that there is a school that gathered <Saviors>, I had a thought…….”

Moroha felt Satsuki’s gaze behind his back.

“I came here on the off-chance that I can meet up with Onii-sama.”

Moroha silently continued to listen to her confession with his back to her.

“That was the only reason I entered this school.”

Satsuki breathe in deeply through her mouth and nose.

“Do you understand what I am trying to say?”

She sniffed through her nose, and forcefully tried to stem the tears gathering in her eyes.

“Truthfully, [justice] or [save the world] are only secondary to me. I was only trying to act tough in front of Onii-sama, and wanted him to praise me. And, I wanted to fight by Onii-sama’s side. No matter the opponent or reasons, this time I will be by my Onii-sama’s side to witness his fights. That was my only wish.”

She revealed the truth and real feelings hidden in her heart.

“So I was only trying to act tough and being stubborn. When Onii-sama said that he did not wish to fight in this life, I became distraught and then got angry.”

She revealed the guilt hidden in her heart.

“My goals are not noble at all. I actually had no rights to preach to Isurugi, because I’m the same as him. Looking at him, it was like looking into a mirror and seeing my ugly side. I cannot resist myself and challenged him. And I lost……even when those fellow laughs at Onii-sama, as your sister I cannot even protect your honor. I am so useless…..”

Her voice started shaking and break apart as she talked, and after reaching the end she started crying again.

Hugging her legs, she rolled her small body even tighter into a ball, looking even smaller.

A vulnerable girl was crying silently.

“I beg you, Onii-sama. Scold me just like you used to. I am fine with any reprimand.”

She cried harder as she begged him.


It’s enough.

Moroha turned his body to face her and held her shaking, delicate shoulders, and asked:

“Do you like me? Not Fraga, but me?”

The suddenly frozen Satsuki lifted her head.

“Eh…..what?” Satsuki asked with a doubtful expression.

Then, her face spoiled by crying was blushed a faint gentle red.

Moroha continue purposefully:

“I will also be honest with you. I cannot treat you as my little sister, for I have very little memories of my past life. So, even if you go Onii-sama this or Onii-sama that, I will only be at a loss.”


“The strength of your yearning, feelings and love for your [Onii-sama], I already know them well.”

Moroha purposely smiled a smile, [you brocon].

About justice, about <Saviors>, Moroha had no interest at all. In fact, he cannot match Satsuki’s frequency most of the time actually.

So Moroha had no rights to lecture Satsuki.

Moroha felt happy now though.

For he is joyful at finally understanding the girl named Ranjou Satsuki.

And he liked her even more now.

“So, if you really liked me, I will receive your feelings.”

As Moroha earnestly said out every word, Satsuki’s face turned redder and redder.

“You said re,re,re,re,received? How are you going to do that?” Satsuki tried her best to ask while stammering. Even so, at this point Satsuki felt that steam was coming out of her head.

“AH~.” To allow time for Satsuki to calm herself down, Moroha paused for a while.

Satsuki abandoned her previous pose, and unconsciously leaned her body forward.

Moroha, with his utmost feelings, replied:

“I will try my best to treat you as my little sister.”

Satsuki revealed a complicated expression.

“Ah? You are not willing?” Moroha tilted his head and felt surprised.

Satsuki also paused for a while, with her face twisting for a split second.

“How could I not be willing? Isn’t that my wish all along?”

With a half-crying and half-laughing expression, Satsuki threw herself into Moroha’s arms.

Going with her momentum, Moroha fell down and hugged her tightly.

The two of them lay on the glassy lawn hugging each other tightly.

SeiKen Tsukai no World Break 01 187.jpg

Sure enough——

Even if he treated Satsuki like a little sister, the crime-like softness of her body, the sweet smells like a forbidden fruit from her hair, the warmth of her velvety skin were all a severe burden on his heart.

Moroha was trying his best to suppress his worldly desires, because the Satsuki who was wetting his chest is that pure, that warm.

This is a sister, Moroha had to continue to remind himself in his heart.


After school, an obscene voice resounded in the school corridor.

“I say, that crying face of Ranjou was simply marvelous.”

“From now on, she won’t be able to show off in front of Isurugi-kun, right?”

“If not for that interfering Haimura who was acting tough, I would have shamed her more. What a pity.”


The deplorable conversations between Isurugi Gen and his two followers who were not even trying to hide their rotten morals.

They were pushing aside other students, and walking arrogantly down the corridor.

Suddenly, their footsteps stopped. Someone was blocking their way.

It’s Moroha with the setting sun behind his back.

With the backlight, he was using a pair of somber eyes to look at the group.

“What. Are you here to seek revenge for that girl?” Gen coldly laughed.

Moroha remained silent.

“I’m asking you what you are here for!”

Even when Gen started shouting, Moroha remained silent. He only looked back at them with his ever increasingly deepening and darkening fearsome eyes.

(This guy… can actually give this kind of look…)

Gen could feel sweat beneath his clothes.

“Moroha, you bastard! Don’t be so full of yourself!”

One of Gen’s cronies rushed toward Moroha angrily.

Just when he was about to grab Moroha, he found his face grabbed by Moroha instead.

Moroha’s fingers were emitting some creaking sounds and were deeply forced into that crony’s face.

That person cried out in pain but he wasn’t able to free himself. He was finally thrown away like rubbish to roll his way to Gen’s legs.

“Haimura, do you think you can leave unscathed after you bully one of my boys?”

Gen helped to lift up the fallen person, and used a rough and deep voice to growl out his displeasure. Even his followers started shaking at hearing that voice.

But, Moroha just continued to glare at them.

“It’s surprising to me…..” Moroha finally opened his mouth.

“Do you think you can leave unscathed after you made my little sister cry?”

This was said in a normal voice that will not cause any fear in people hearing it.

Yet Gen’s cronies were so scared that their faces turned white.

“If you have the will, then I’ll accompany you to the end. We’ll see which of us is the No.1.” Gen savagely howled.

“I’m not interested in the position of No.1, but I’ll have you kowtowing to Satsuki for forgiveness.” Moroha announced coldly.

Since both side refused to back down, a fight is imminent.

Tension rose in the air of the corridor.

As if one is locked inside a room with of explosive.

The other students had long disappeared. Gen’s followers were retreating as far as they can.

It’s imminent.

The tension filled air was disturbed by an untimely cough.

“Ah…ah…cough. How many times do I need to repeat myself before you all understand? A private fight between <Saviors> is not allowed.”

Gen roughly turned his head behind him.

When did this happen? Without anyone’s notice or awareness, Tanaka-sensei is leaning against the wall near them.

“Still, it’s not like I don’t understand your feelings. So let’s change locations. So why don’t you let me handle this matter? If you listen to me, I guarantee the two of you will get to fight as much as you want.” Tanaka-sensei said as he wiped his black-rimmed glasses with his handkerchief.

Gen, intrigued, nodded his head. Moroha appeared without dissension ——

In this way, the curtains raised for the battle stage between Moroha and Gen.

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