Seiken Tsukai No World Break:Volume 1 Chapter 3

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The male hostel of Akane Academy is a modern building completed around five years ago.

When one describes a male hostel, an image of a dingy, dirty building will emerge, but this building is different.

Designed like a high class hotel, even the entrance is modernised with an automatic sensor gate.

Moroha’s room is located on the third floor, a carpeted room with western interior design. Mohora had long wanted to live in a place without tatami flooring and on a real bed. He was fairly dancing in joy when he moved into this room.

Moroha woke up to the alarm clock on the second morning of his high school life.

He sat up and blurrily looked around his room.

In addition to the bed and a study desk, the furnishing included a wardrobe, LCD flat screen TV, a bookshelf, a small fridge and a folding table. These were school-issued seeing as how they are everyday necessities.

There is even air-conditioning. Also, a high-end laptop computer with free, unlimited internet access.

To Moroha who came from a poor family, every item in this room is an expensive luxury item that he had longed for his entire life. He was deeply touched when he first realised he could use all of them.

For him, who came to school with almost no personal belongings, in a single night he had turned into a high school student with a fulfilling life. How much investment was poured into this school? While he contemplated that question, he was cheerful. “It’s great to have entered this school.”

Moroha climbed out of the bed and switched off the alarm.

Then he noticed the letter he had placed on the table.

“I’ll need to remember to post this on the way to school,” he muttered as he confirmed the address and name on the envelope. The address is his uncle’s home, which was where Moroha was living until now. He had promised to send a letter home after the end of the welcoming ceremony.

As stated before, his uncle and aunt who raised him are not considered well-off financially.

Nevertheless, they did not hesitate to take in the orphaned Moroha who had nowhere else to turn to. A very kind couple.

It is because of this kindness that Moroha wished to be courteous to them in return. If the couple had just been slightly relaxed or showed some small weakness to Moroha, the extremely well-behaved Moroha might have acted more like a playful child his age.

Although not as close to them as a real family, Moroha still liked and respected the two people who bought him up.

And because of that, Moroha was not willing to add to their burdens and was going to abandon a high school education. He wanted to enter society as soon as possible as a working individual so that he could repay them.

Of course the two of them objected strenuously, and wanted him to go to high school, and even University if possible. In his last year of middle school, they would discuss the matter with him almost every day.

The turning point was when he took a strange test in school. After passing the mandatory test required for all students in his year, he was declared a <Savior>.

Soon after, some high level executives from Akane Academy came and begged him to join their high school. Their sincere attitude, along with their unreserved explanations of the advantages and dangers of the academy, was able to generate some good will from Moroha.

Plus, it’s a boarding school, with all expenses waived. Basically, everything in the school is free, that’s the main draw for Moroha.

More importantly, with some hard work, he will be employed in an international organization upon graduation immediately. At that point, he can start to repay his guardians.

In the end, there was absolutely no reason for Moroha to refuse the invitation.

Since details pertaining to <Saviors> and Akane Academy were classified, his class teacher was sent to his uncle and aunt with an assurance of “It’s a great school.” Pleased, the two of them did not raise any objection for Moroha to attend the school.

“I will work hard,” promised Moroha aloud to the letter.

Scratching his head, he contemplated the truth of the saying: You’ll talk to yourself more when you live alone.

Ok, lets have breakfast. Wearing his sleepwear come house wear, he proceeded to the cafeteria in a T-shirt and shorts.

He was not worried about his attire as there are mostly guys in the cafeteria, and all of them were his peers.

The cafeteria is a huge room that can seat more than a 100 people at the same time.

The meal attendants will serve you after you queue in the line with your meal trays.

Breakfast for today is rice, Miso soup, fried lotus roots, egg rolls and grilled fish with salad as a side dish.

(A 3-dish meal early in the morning, how extravagant.)

A great situation for Moroha who was always hungry like any adolescent.

If his current life could continue like this for the next 3 years, he’d be living his dream.

(Still, the taste is not quite as good as Auntie’s cooking.)

Moroha daydreamed as he ate his breakfast. It’ll be a lie to say that he is not homesick.

(Just like the saying, Home is where the heart is.)

Suddenly depressed, he quickly finished his breakfast.

Back in his room, he gave his face a quick wash and tidied his appearance. Now he’s ready to go to school.

Opening his wardrobe, he took out his school jacket hanging inside.

The photo that was placed on the top shelf was revealed.

That was the last family photo he took with his parents when he was in elementary school.

Moroha lived with his family in a small countryside town. His parents, in partnership with the local agriculture farms, operated a small eatery with fresh products and ingredients.

When Moroha was seven, his parents drove a small truck out to the farms to stock up.

And a traffic accident occurred.

Moroha was in school when the school received the notice, he rushed to the hospital, along with his class teacher.

His parents were in critical condition.

“The critical issue is that they lost too much blood,” the doctor explained to the teacher in a low tone, ignoring Moroha who was a small child.

But Moroha was smart for his age, and understood their conversation.

As his parents were a rare blood type, a rural hospital did not have any stocks on hand. Even if some were rushed down, it’s unknown if it can reach here in time——

That was basically the situation.

Once he understood the situation, he unhesitatingly rushed to the adults, and cried out “Use my blood.”

He knew that he had the same blood type as his parents.

But the doctor shook his head. Moroha was too young and he cannot approve a blood transfusion using him.

Moroha begged and screamed. As he cried, he held onto the doctor and begged continuously.

He wanted to save his parents from the bottom of his heart, regardless of the price.

“Please pray then. Pray that your parents make it through,” the doctor replied coldly, even till the end.

The blood did not reached the hospital in time, and his parents both drew their last breath at almost the same time.

Moroha was not able to save his parents——

Remembering this painful memory, Moroha bit down on his lips.

Eight years had passed since. It had taken a lot of effort before Moroha could control his emotions when he looked at the photo of his parents.

Near the end of the date yesterday, he fought with Satsuki.

The barely healed emotional scars were torn apart again.

But, it was not Satsuki’s fault. The fault lied with…..

He looked at the boy in the photo.

The boy looked back at him with irritated eyes.

In the photo, his mother was hugging him, an elementary school student then, from behind. Due to that, he was exhibiting an unhappy and embarrassed expression.

To the current Moroha, that expression looked as if the boy was condemning him.

“Hah… don’t glare at me like that, I understand clearly,” muttered Moroha to himself.

“I can’t even save my parents, so how am I supposed to save anyone else?”

If he met with someone who suffered the same past as him ——

If that someone were to boastfully declared: “I am a <Savior>”, Moroha would have definitely stepped forward and punched him. After which, he'd lecture the person for his arrogance and presumptuousness.


Akane Academy and most of its associated facilities are located on top of a hill.

It was a hill that’s shaped like a pudding. While the top of the hill was very wide, the hill was not really that high. Unfortunately, while the route from the bottom to the top was short in terms of distance, it was a steep slope. This made waking to school rather quite a difficult and arduous chore.

(Why are the hostels located at the foot of the hill? Since there’s so much space at the top, why not construct it within the academy?) This was a common complaint amongst the students.

Moroha, as if encouraged by the summer wind, was challenging the hell slope.

(It’s not too bad now, but when the summer heat arrives it’ll be a killer.)

Just as he was thinking to himself, he spotted a familiar ponytail at a distance in front of him.

It’s Satsuki.

He hesitated for a moment to consider if he should call out to her, but since he was not willing to drag out the awkward mood from yesterday, he chased after and caught up to her.

“Ah, I’m so sorry about yesterday. Even when you took time to play with me,” said Satsuki hesitantly, after she stared dully at Moroha for a short while.

“I… I didn’t mind. I went, just a little bit, overboard with what I said,” Moroha smiled after he said that. Reconciliation successful.

After, the two of them continued on side by side. Their steps were light, no assistance from the wind required.

“For me, I thought about it late into the night,” Satsuki, as if she could no longer take the silence, spoke ambiguously.

“I did my best to re-evaluate Fraga as a person.”

Due to their difference in height, Satsuki looked up to Moroha proudly.

“Moroha, you don’t remember much, right?” She sounded very satisfied about her ability to remember her past life, as if it was a great honor.

“I thought about it carefully last night and remembered; Fraga was not the type to spout things like [I fight for justice] or [I will protect the world] from his mouth. He’d just disappear into thin air and stealthily travel to the war zone himself, winning the battle single-handedly regardless of any injuries. That’s what he did until the end, when justice prevailed and the world was protected——that's the kind of person he was.”

Even if Satsuki said all that, Moroha did not know how to reply. As he hesitated, Satsuki held out a single hand, indicating that he did not need to speak.

“It was my fault yesterday. [Fraga] is [Moroha]. Regardless of what may happen, I believed that Onii-sama will definitely fight beside me,” smiled Satsuki.

Blinding pure white teeth, a pure straight smile who no crookedness.

“You think too highly of me.”

“It’s fine as long as I believe. Don’t be so modest! As you are my Onii-same, be more conceited.”

Satsuki smilingly flicked Moroha’s nose with a finger.

(Hah….I just cannot say no to her.) Moroha thought darkly as he rubbed his nose.

But, there was no feeling of unhappiness.


Lessons officially commenced on the second day of school.

Theories were conducted in the morning. While subjects on the <Saviors> were touched on, other courses similar to a normal high school were also held. This was in consideration to the fact that not all students will be able to join the White Knight Order, so a decision was made to help those other students to enter the University of their choice after graduating from here.

Even if special and secretive, Akane Academy is still a high school.

In addition, since English is the common language in the international White Knight Order, language lessons are more comprehensive than most other schools.

After lunch, it’s finally the practical lessons——

In other words, training to use <Ancestral Arts>.

Even if you aim to do clerical work in the order, a minimum skill level and knowledge was required.

Thus, Moroha was full of enthusiasm when he arrived for the lesson.

All the first years were gathered in the First Training Arena. A round building with a bowl-shaped interior, the ground level is an extremely spacious training ground and surrounded by rows of seats. The first row of seats was raised very high above the ground level, thus the training area was surrounded by high walls.

“This is impressive.”

“Thi…this is nothing right? I guess the size is only barely adequate. With this, us siblings can rampage to our heart’s content, right?”

“There are 2 more buildings like this.”


Moroha, Satsuki and Shizuno were chatting loudly as they walked through a set of opened gates.

This set of gates leads to a tunnel that goes under the seating gallery and into the arena.


Steeping onto the arena, Moroha suddenly felt a wave of sleepiness.

After a few seconds, the sleepy feeling dissipated.

“Wha, Wha, What was that just now?”

It appeared that Satsuki had the same experience, and was hugging herself protectively.

“The interior of the arena is linked to a pocket dimension created by a unique <Ancestral Arts>. To describe it simply, the pocket dimension is similar to being in a [Dream World]. We just passed through the boundary, so we have all [slumbered],” Shizuno calmly explained while walking briskly in the tunnel.

“Why…why was there a need to create something like a pocket dimension?”

“Inside the pocket dimension, even if a hole is blown through your stomach, you’ll be fine immediately once you stepped out of it. Just like being shocked awake from a nightmare. With this assurance, you’ll be able to rampage to your heart’s content, right?”

“I don’t like this….I don’t want to imagine it……” Satsuki was holding her head in fear after being frightened by Shizuno.

“Hmm….It is assuring though,” Moroha concluded.

If any normal school were to have such a huge and majestic building as a sport hall, it’ll be their pride and joy. But [forming a pocket dimension within] is beyond anyone’s expectation.

The three of them continued to chat as they walked down the tunnel, and finally emerged onto the arena ground.

4 teachers and their classes had already arrived, and the combined students were gathered together in one group.

When the school bell rang, Moroha and the rest of Class 1 gathered in front of Tanaka-sensei.

Everyone were not seated neatly according to their student numbers like in their classroom, but scattered around sitting or standing as they liked in a loose group as they prepared for Tanaka’s lessons. Moroha, Satsuki and Shizuno were sitting together naturally.

One person who was sitting slightly further away caught Moroha’s attention.

A male student who gave off the impression of a wolf.

A small amused grin on his face, he looked as if he despised everyone around him while he surveyed his surroundings. A brutish aura that caused everyone to be wary of him.

“Okay. Listen carefully,” Tanaka said. With that, the lesson started and Moroha shifted his attention back to the sensei.

Another side note, the students and the teachers were all dressed in battle suits specially designed for <Saviors>. While the battle suits were extremely light and easy to move around in, the design revealed a lot of skin, embarrassing some of the more conservative students, thus it was not popular among the female students.

Anyway, the class listened attentively to Tanaka.

“Hm. As was taught in the morning, saviors are generally separated into two groups. One group are the warriors that possess great physical abilities called <Light SaviorsUsers of Light Techniques>and the mages called <Dark SaviorsUsers of Dark Magics>Since the names are too long to be used conveniently, in Japan, we call them <White Iron> and <Black Mage>.”

Moroha compared his memories of Fraga’s battle scenes with the knowledge he learned from his lessons in Akane Academy.

The power to crush thousands single-handedly. Arms with the strength to cut apart a fully armored knight armored in one stroke. The speed to rush all over the battlefield like a whirlwind.

Those are all <Ancestral Arts> abilities used by White Irons —— <<Light Techniques>>.

“Also, since Sensei is a White Iron type; for the practical today I will be teaching you the usage of <<Light Techniques>>. For those of you who are <Black Mages>, please observe carefully from the side today. Don’t pretend that it doesn't concern you and slack off.”

Some students put on a helpless expression as if Tanaka had read their minds.

“Lazy,” Satsuki frowned.

“It’s fine. Ranjou-san is not “big” enough to discipline them,” Shizuno replied her.

“What are you talking about?”

“I'm talking about the future of your breasts.”

“Stop lumping them together!”

“The two of you, please pay attention seriously. If you act like this, how are you qualified to criticize others?”

Scolded by Moroha, Satsuki crossed her eyes.

“Won’t it be more efficient to have separate classes for White Irons and Black Mages?”

“In a battle with a <Metaphysical>, it’s impossible to win in a one-on-one fight. Thus, teamwork and cooperation is very important. Therefore, we need to understand the capabilities of each other first. The lesson plans in the future are also all team-based activities.”

At Shizuno’s conscientious explanation, Satsuki nodded her head as she understood the concepts. At this, Moroha added his comment from the side:

“Plus, for those people who can use both <Light Techniques> and <Dark Magic>, if you separate the lessons, they won’t be able to decide which classes to go to.”


His comment seemed to shock Satsuki for some reason. Moroha simply thought what he stated was common logic.

Satsuki anxiously pointed a finger upward and faced Moroha.

“Onii-sama, since you have lost most your memories, I won’t blame you for not knowing. In our previous world, there were only White Irons, remember?”

“Now that you mentioned it, I don’t remember fighting any mage-like characters.”

“Conversely, in a Black Mage world, there seemed to be only Black Mages around. It’s said that there are no previous worlds where both types exist together.

So, a <Savior> that can use both Light techniques and Dark Magic don’t exist.

It’s impossible for one to exist.

“Hmmmmmm,” Moroha lowered his chin in thought after Satsuki’s explanation.

“Okay. Please look at Sensei now.”

Tanaka-sensei suddenly clapped his hands together for attention, and Moroha was forced to stop his contemplations.

“First, let me do a demonstration.”

Tanaka-sensei spread his legs apart and bent his knees.


Although he had on a serious look of concentration, he let out a funny cry.

Yet, with the increase of his presence——

Tanaka’s body started simmering as if giving off heat waves.

Was it a dark grey shade? It felt like an aura of iron-like dark grey.

The aura that Tanaka-sensei was generating started to shake like a solar prominence.

For Moroha who grew up reading manga, it’s like [generating an aura field].

The battle suit made of special materials started to resonate with Tanaka’s plana and grew to cover more of his body, changing its shape and color.

Those suits were great items that will adapt itself to the need of the users as according to the user’s characteristics.

“Did you catch that? That’s Sensei’s Prana.”

The students let out a cheer of wonder.

Moroha was clutching his fists so hard that it started sweating. In Fraga’s memories, a warrior wrapped in Prana is a common sight everywhere in his world. That should be the case for all the other White Irons, right? Still, in this modern society, it’s exciting to see this happening in front of his eyes.

“How did you do that?” “Please teach us.” “I want to learn that too.”

The students were prompting urgently.

“I will be teaching you the methods now…is what I would like to say. Actually all of you should know how without any instructions from me.”

Tanaka-sensei put on an evil grin.

Several students were stumped by his words.

“All of you have access to your past memories and experienced this in your dreams. So, recall the sensations in your dreams to remember how you accessed your prana.”

Ah…all the students seemed to understand the hint immediately.

(Once he gave the hint, the question that was asked just now seemed quite idiotic.)

Before Moroha came to the academy, he had never felt the experiences he had in his dreams actually happened in his previous life. Thus, he never had the whims of [since Fraga was like that, I can be a superhuman too!”]

“Right. Let me try that!” “Me too!” “ GAHHHHHHHHH!”

The students were all making various poses, and tried to release their energy.

No one was having any success and many were making comical screams.

Some of the black mages observing from a distance were rolling on the floor laughing. (ROFL)

Although Shizuno, who was a black mage, was daydreaming expressionlessly.

“It’s not coming out! Why aren’t you coming, my invincible prana!!” “ GUAAAAAAA” “Something else is going to come out from my arse.”

The White Irons were bogged down in a hard struggle.

Even if someone were to tell them to remember the sensations, looked like it’s not that easy. Until now, no one was able to access their prana.

(If it was that easy to imitate their dreams, there would be no need to set up this school.) Moroha realized that he must take this seriously and not be careless.

“White Irons have seven Prana Gates in their body which are the source of their energy. The gate in your habitual hand will be the easiest to open, so try to concentrate there first.”

Although Tanaka-sensei gave more suggestions, no one reached success yet.


In the crowd, Satsuki raised her head proudly and stood up.

Strong looking students who looked as if they will activate their prana immediately by going “RAWWWWWW” were still concentrating. Moroha was also confounded by his lack of success.

Satsuki, looking as if she is silently gloating, was leisurely doing warm-up exercises.

But she discovered that, except for Moroha, no one was paying any attention to her.

“Look carefully! This is the true power of the great one who you all looked down on,” declared Satsuki loudly, spreading her arms and looking upward.

“You are still holding a grudge from yesterday.”

“Shut up, Moroha just need to stand one side and watch carefully.”

Satsuki opened her eyes wide and concentrated.

With a poof sound, both of her arms glowed like lanterns.

While the glow was not really strong, nor was she emitting it from her whole body like Tanaka, the golden glow was her prana without a doubt.

“That’s so great.” “Not from one hand, but two?” “Did you figure it out immediately, Ranjou-san?”

The classmates who were just fighting with Satsuki yesterday were all paying full attention to her now.

Satsuki raised both her arms, and replied in exultation:

“When I heard about the <Ancestral Arts> during the pre-school briefings, I was thinking [That’s so cool. Let’s try doing it just like in the dreams], and I started training and finally resulted in this. HO HO HO HO HO HO HO.”

After laughing happily, she beckoned to Moroha to stand up.

“Will you let me do an experiment on you?”

“Not a problem, but please be gentle on me.”

“I know.”

Smiling, Satsuki grabbed hold of his right flank and right leg. At this time, Moroha had a bad feeling.


Moroha was lifted up into the air like a placard.


“Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa…” The observing students started applauding.

It was simply too unreal that the slim Satsuki with her thin arms could effortlessly lift up the tall Moroha, as if she’s filled with great strength.

“Isn’t this great? If you filled your arms with prana, this kind of things can be done easily.”

“Hm. Very well done, Ranjou-san. That is an application of one of the basic light techniques:

<<Titan Strength Link>>

Receiving Tanaka’s praise, Satsuki spin around, still holding Moroha, as if dancing in joy.

“I feel giddy, put me down.”

“Ah, sorry.”

Satsuki made a mischievous face and put Moroha down.

Just when he took a relieved breath…..

“Try and break out using your strength!”

Satsuki wrapped Moroha from the back with the prana-enhanced arms.

“Dummy, what are you doing?”

“Don’t call me a dummy, I’ll get mad! If you are not happy just try to break free, Onii-sama.”

Although Satsuki is just playing a small joke on him as his sister, Moroha cannot take it.

That’s because it’s touching him. Those two round things.

Although Shizuno took every opportunity to ridicule her breast size, but to a 15 year old male, those are still deadly weapons.

“Damn it, I can’t move at all…”

“Well, it’s not your fault. It’s impossible for you to break free without using <<Titan Strength Link>>.

“Fine. I got it. I surrender, I give up. You are amazing, so release me.”

“HO HO HO HO HO,” Satsuki finally release him while laughing.

Moroha went back to where Shizuno was sitting and sat down beside her.

Just as he was wiping the cold sweat from his brows, Shizuno suddenly hugged him tightly from behind, and breathed seductively into his ear:

“Mine feels better, right?”

Two huge breasts were pressed flat against his back.

The elastic breasts keep changing shapes against him, entrancing a person even though the feeling was dulled by the battle suits.

“What kind of reaction are you expecting from me,” demand Moroha as he glared behind. Shizuno just revealed her dimples as she smiled slightly.

“Stop playing these jokes that’s bad for the heart.”

Moroha shrugged her off while smirking at her to tell her of her failure of getting a reaction out of him.

On the other side, after showing off the results of her hard work and abilities, Satsuki is still laughing. After sweeping a look at her classmates, she coughed a few times and said to Moroha:

“Ho ho. So, Moroha? Do you want your gentle sister to teach you some tricks?”

Saying that, she threw another glace at her classmates. Before Moroha could say any affirmation:

“Ah, so there is a trick to it?” “Please teach us too, Ranjou-san.” “We’ll appreciate it.”

The female classmates surrounded Satsuki like waves.

The male classmates were more stubborn due to their pride, so they did not join in the entreaties. But they did look at Satsuki with envy.

“It’s fine. Let me teach it to you! It’s a special service today, so you’ll all have to give me your gratitude. HO HO HO HO HO”

“Thanks so much, Ranjou-san.”

After being sufficiently flattered by the girls, Satsuki was getting more proud of herself. She took several glances with a happy expression at Moroha as if saying [Aren’t I great? A sister that you can be proud of].

True. At this moment Satsuki is really dazzling.

“Let me start my lecture. This is a special training method taught to me in my past life by the female warrior who introduced me to swordsmanship. First you forcefully open the hand of your strong arm as wide as possible.”

As expect of a (previous life) princess, Satsuki put up a majestic pose.

The girls surrounding her followed her instructions. The males who originally faked indifference also secretly followed.

Moroha also did the same thing. Shizuno sitting at the side tilted her head as she looked over.

“Next, you form a fist with all your strength.”


“Now, try to execute both actions at the same time.”

You cannot open your fist even if you want too. You cannot close your hand even if you will it. Inevitably, your hand will start shaking.

“Ah, my hand is getting warm!” “I remembered this sensation in my dream.” “Just a bit more and my prana should come out.” “This is so frustrating.”

The girls were all crying out while following the instructions.

“It’ll take some time before you will be able to access your prana. You can only keep practicing until you got it,” Satsuki leaked this information out reluctantly as if embarrassed.

Moroha was pondering deeply instead.

(Is it really so troublesome?)

Although Satsuki’s method is like adding on a training wheel when learning how to ride a bike, Moroha thought that this method was beating around the bush too much.

And——while listening to Satsuki, somewhere in the depth of his brain, a “SCREECH~~ SCREECH~~ noise was heard.”

That’s not a description of him being impatience, but a literal sound.

It’s as if there was a wall of glass in his mind, and a fingernail is scratching on the surface, giving off an uncomfortable and ticklish feeling.

This is the first time something like this happened for Moroha. Plus, the feeling came on too fast and too sudden.

Although Moroha is trying to pay more attention to Satsuki, the SCREECH SCREECH SCREEN noise is getting more serious.

He’s starting to develop a really serious headache.

(What’s happening to me?)

Moroha closed his eyes, and as if in deep meditation, shifted his consciousness deep within himself.

Suddenly, something seemed to flash across his mind.

A familiar voice was heard.

{I do not know who you learn this from, but you will never improve if you continue like this no matter how much time passes, Salacia.}

A cold and aloof tone, but still filled with love for his sister.

Like listening to a recording of your own voice from a long time ago, a feeling of discord and self-derision——that’s the kind of mysterious feeling felt by Moroha right now.

{Don’t force your strength, that’s a hindrance. It’s best to be natural.}

Hearing that, Moroha awoke.

This should be the territory that’s known as self-realization.

Moroha had reached that territory.

It may be close to you, but you may never find it your whole life——those are the prana gates in your own body.


“Moroha?” Touched on the shoulder by Shizuno, Moroha returned from his thoughts.

He slowly opened his eyes to find that his right arm is glowing with a white aura.

Compared to the amount generated by Fraga in his dreams, it’s super dim.

But this is definitely the glow of prana.

(I did it. No……I should be able to do better.)

Moroha’s left arm lighted up next, followed by both legs in quick successions.

Since he gotten the knack of it, he cannot stopped himself now. Solar plexus, heart, forehead——

In a flash——

Moroha’s entire body glowed brightly in a white light as the seven prana gates in his body are thrown wide open.

“…is that, the same as Sensei’s?”

Moroha gave a thumb-up at the shocked Shizuno as he stood up. As if to check the conditions of his body, he tried moving his body slowly and gently.

“You will be healed if you go outside, right? What about the building itself?”

“No matter how much damage is sustained from the inner side, it’ll repair itself in a few hours.”

“I won’t be scolded then.”

Moroha raised his right knee, and holding on to a strong intent of <Shatter> in his mind, drove his leg into the ground.

Destruction. Shattering.

The reinforced cement floor beneath him was totally destroyed, and spiderweb-like cracks radiated to a distance of 5 meters around him.

That was the Ancestral Arts, Light Technique <<Titan Strength Link>>.

While the same technique, the output between Satsuki and Moroha is vastly different.

“Moroha…I can’t believe it…..That’s so powerful…….” Satsuki was staring with wide eyes.

In addition, the other girls being tutored by Satsuki were turning their heads towards Moroha.

“Hey, Haimura-kun. Did you open all seven gates so quickly?” Tanaka took a quick look at the group of girls with their jaws hanging, and praised Moroha while clapping.

Ignoring all class boundaries, all the first year students were looking at Moroha.

Moroha was instantly surrounded by pressure with all the gazes. If it was anyone with slightly less courage, he’ll probably have suffocated under all that peer pressure.

(This is bad. I overdid it.)

In that frozen moment, Moroha scratch his head.

“KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”, screamed a girl in the class.

As if waiting for a signal, time flowed again.

“Haimura-kun, how did you do that?” “So there was really a trick to it?” “Please teach it to me.”

The girls surrounding Satsuki were all rushing to Moroha like an avalanche.


The girls all surrounded Moroha and started shooting out questions at him rapidly.

There were even some who took advantage of the confusion to grope his body; it’s already beyond the level of simple sexual harassment!

Still, being surrounded and pressed on by the soft bodies of young nubile girls, Moroha cannot help but feel comfortable.


A cross-eyed Satsuki pushed through the girls and squeeze to Moroha’s front.

“Moroha is really great. You don’t even need me to explain anything.”

“ that so,” Mohora shakily replied as he caught hold of Satsuki who was throwing herself into him in a bear hug.

A slim girl’s soft body twisting around in his arms; a nice fragrance waffling from her hair, Moroha cannot help but feel his heart beating faster.

“It’s great! Do you know how many months it took me to access my prana from 2 arms? Ha ha ha ha, you are making me look bad now.”

Is she happy or angry, cheerful or sad? Please stick to one emotion.

A girl with an extremely fast mood swing.

Still, in Moroha’s eyes, a girl who was also extremely cute.

“Satsuki, did you remember what you did just now?”

Moroha suddenly felt like teasing her a bit and grin unpleasantly at her.

“Uh,” Satsuki lifted her teary joyful eyes at him.

Moroha pounced onto this defenseless prey who had not realized her doom.

He held fast onto Satsuki’s waist with his right hand, and used his left hand to tickle her.

“Hahahahahahah, don’t…don’t tickle my side. Hahahahahah, it’s…its…cheating to go for the armpits.”

“You can try to break free if you cannot take it.”

“Hahahahah, evil. Onii-sama is so evil.”

Satsuki, who only opened two gates, was obviously not able to escape from Moroha who opened all of his. Thus, Moroha was able to continue exacting his revenge to his heart’s content.

Just then,

“This is surprising. There actually another capable character beside me.”

A strong yet rough voice shouted out.

Moroha, still holding on to Satsuki, stopped his tickling and looked toward the owner of the voice.

At a far distance from the students sat the guy, who Moroha noticed earlier, with his legs thrust straight in front of him on the ground.

The guy with the cold smile who gave a deep impression of a crazed wolf.

His shoulders were wide, even sitting down you could see that he had a very well trained body.

His name was…Isurugi Gen.

Due to the fact that he was staring coldly at Satsuki’s group while they were practicing, it was thought that he was a Black Mage.

With everyone’s attention on his, he arrogantly stood up.

When he stood up, it was realized that he also had a very noticeable body, maybe around 190cm.

No matter what his past life was like, he is giving out a savage feeling as if he was ready to fight anyone right then and there.

With a “foom” sound, Gen’s eyes filled with power.

The muscles under his battle suit expanded.

Moroha had a sudden illusion that the surrounding was filled with the smell of blood.

That’s because that was the color of Gen’s aura, a blood like dark crimson.

Satsuki, Shizuno and the other students drew a quick breath, and compared the two guys who were quietly emitting prana from their whole body.

On one side, Moroha was still holding Satsuki and in standing in a relaxed natural state.

On the other side, Gen was rolling his shoulder aggressively with wide eyes.

Two people who are polar opposites. Under this tense atmosphere:

“I remember that you are the third year, Isurugi Jin’s…..” Tanaka sighed deeply and spoke coldly.

“Yup. Jin’s my elder brother.”

Even under that unnatural atmosphere, when the word “brother” was heard, some people started whispering to each other.

“It’s very rare for brothers to be <Saviors> together. Even in this school they are the only examples,” softly explained Shizuno to Moroha from behind him.

Moroha had also heard in the morning lessons that there is perhaps one savior out of every 10,000 people. So he had to agree that sibling saviors were really rare.

“I asked Jin to teach me Light Techniques from two years ago when he first entered this school.”

Due to this miraculous advantage, Gen is bragging at his ability to open all of his prana gates.

“You are called Haimura right. So you also learned before entering this school like me?” asked Gen willfully.

“No. I’m learning about prana for the first time today.”

“Stop lying. Even for me, it took me an entire year before I can open all seven gates. This is not something that can be learned instantly. Stop pretending and tell the truth!”

Gen refused to believe Moroha and continued to press him for the truth.

Satsuki, still in Moroha’s arms, started retorting before Moroha could reply.

“So what if you used a year. Don’t use your pitiful knowledge to judge my Onii-sama’s greatness.”

“What did you say? The half-ass fella who can only light up two arms should go to one side and keep quiet.”

“What did you say? Stop describing me like a fluorescent lamp, it’s unforgivable!”

Moroha held back Satsuki who struggled as if she wanted to rush at Gen.

(Haiz, what a rash person.) Moroha smiled bitterly at Satsuki who was panting in anger.

“Hey, the both of you. Don’t try and fight in front of Sensei. You should all know this; <Saviors> are banned from using their abilities for personal reasons. I do not know about other schools, but Akane Academy takes a very strict stance on violence and the punishment is very harsh indeed.”

If Tanaka-sensei had not put in those words, Satsuki should have rampaged by now.

Mohora released Satsuki who had suddenly turned well-behaved.

Gen also grunted and released his tension.

“Let us continue the lesson. Since we have the rare opportunity of three people being able to release their prana, let me teach you something additional. The three of you, take out your student ID tags.”

The three of them followed that instruction.

“This is considered a weapon for White Irons.”

“This small thing?” Satsuki and Moroha looked at each other in confusion.

Gen is sneering at them as if saying: “You don’t even know this simple stuff.”

“Imaging the weapon that you want to use, and inject prana into the ID Tag.”

“Oh… any weapon fine?” Moroha asked.

“This required a very strong imaging on your side. For your target, you need to strongly and clearly remember the weapon you used in your past life. The weapon that had the strongest connection and compatibility with you in your past life.”

Listening to Tanaka, something seemed to burst into fireworks in Moroha’s mind.

With a bonus headache even worst then the one he experienced previously.

This time, without Moroha’s concentration, the familiar voice resounded in his head again.

A familiar scene appeared in front of his eyes, as if he’s daydreaming.

In a solemn shine far beyond the solar system, under a winter sun long gone in the past, Moroha and Salacia were facing each other.

Salacia, in a white Miko dress, was hugging carefully a longsword in a scabbard.

“I will not talk about other matters, but please allow me to say this——May the fortunes of war be with you, Onii-sama.”

Salacia look at Moroha with puffy, tear-filled red eyes.

Moroha calmly and silently took over the longsword.

A hilt painstakingly designed in the most exact details fit into his hand perfectly, as if to proclaim that it was not a work of art, but a partner for victory in the cruel battlefield.

With a ringing sound, the blade is drawn into the cold air.

The blade with a mirror-like finish, as if a masterpiece created by the gods.

Without testing, one can discern that this blade is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece forged and reforged countless times until perfect was finally achieved.

The sword is a priceless artifact all by itself.

Its name is <Saratiga>, the holy sword that Moroha is the guardian of.

At this point, the daydream broke apart.

With a light dizziness, Mohora returned to himself.

Why can he hear the voice of his past life? Why can he remember his past life via daydreaming instead of dreaming it while asleep? Was it the same for the other <Saviors>? Mohora was now seriously confused.

But, he had definitely gotten a reliable clue.

Now, he had to summon that holy sword to the present.

Mohora clutch the ID Tag tightly.

“Ahh…..Ahhhhh…..It’s surprisingly difficult to inject prana into an object.”

Although Satsuki was complaining bitterly in her own struggles, but Mohora did not even hear her in his deep concentration.

This proved how much effort he is pouring into imaging the details of the holy sword——his previous partner.

(Come, Saratiga……..)

Moroha released his prana into his ID Tag.

After a flash of light, the ID Tag in glowed brightly as if red-hot, and lengthened like sugar candy.

The hilt with the easy grip, the solidly built hand guard, the long blade, the sharp edge…all of these materialized as the sword lengthened. His previous partner was being summoned into this world.

Finally, a sword appeared in Moroha’s hand.

But, compared to the holy sword with the mirror-like blade and detailed body, this is a rather normal looking sword.

(Was my imagination lacking?)

Moroha disappointedly raised the sword and checked out its condition.

“Grats, Moroha!” “That’s so cool.” “It’s so striking.”

Still, the girls were screaming like fangirls with Satsuki as their lead.

Moroha became happier gradually as he regained the long lost feeling of holding onto a sword and started to think that everything is fine like this.

(Please take care of me again, Saratiga.)

Moroha slowly stroked the sword body, and decided that this shall be his beloved weapon from now on.

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