Seiken Tsukai No World Break:Volume 1 Chapter 6

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If he revealed the identity of the person on the other side of the telephone conversation, he’ll probably lose his life.

The Year 1 Class 1 teacher of Akane Academy, Tanaka Sensei, was reporting to [him] in a very respectful manner.

“Yes, it’s unmistakable. An [Ancient Dragon]. One was finally discovered in the academy. Yes, I had long marked him to be quite exceptional and he didn’t fail to live up to expectations.”

For Tanaka-sensei who often looked tired and uninspired, it was quite unimaginable that he can actually put on a serious look and converse solemnly.

“He’s called Haimura Moroha, right? I want his battle records.” The [him] on the other side gave a clear order.

“I understand. I will send you the recording of the whole battle. I’ll also send you his detailed personal information and those closed to him.”

“Remember to send it covertly.”

“Yes, no one will find out.”

When the line cut off, Tanaka-sensei continued to bow at the waist to the empty air.

If he were not to do that, he won’t be able to contain the dread occupying his heart.


Why was he called to the principal office just barely into the school term? Moroha asked himself while sighing heavily in his heart.

This is the day after he defeated Gen, during lunch break.

There was a very high class looking work table made of polished wood in the office. The principal was sitting behind it with her hands resting in a cross position on the table.

She’s still wearing the triangular-brim witch hat that’s like her personal trademark.

Standing closely behind the principal was the little girl who had kissed Moro……given medical treatment to Moroha. Come to think of it, she was holding on to the principal’s arm tightly too during the welcoming ceremony.

From the resemblance, she should be a relative of the principal. Who was she exactly? And was it fine for her not to be in elementary school right now? While feeling puzzled over these side topics, he directly asked a question:

“What is an [Ancient Dragon]?”

He was summoned to this office because of this issue.

“In Japanese, the meaning would be [A dragon from ancient times].

The principal gave a mysterious smile while resting her chin on her crossed hands.

“I can get that kind of definition by checking a dictionary.”

“It’s a kind of jargon among certain <Saviors>. Some people in the Japanese branch office of the White Knight Order also named it [The Eldest Heroic Spirit].

“The…eldest, heroic spirit…?” Moroha carefully repeated this phrase softly.

“That’s right. [The Eldest Heroic Spirit].

The principal subtly lowered her chin and voice, concisely began her explanation.

There was a thesis that was put forth within the White Knight Order in the past.

Every [Savior] were individuals who possessed the memories of their past life.

If that’s the case——

Since it was proven that a soul can reincarnate once, it’s theoretically possible for a soul to undergo a second reincarnation.

Thus, isn’t it possible for a [Savior] with two past lives to appear, and able to wield different [Ancestral Arts]?

Still, a Savior that will validate this theory never appeared.

Another theory was proposed to explain this:

It’s a common belief that a soul will need at least a few hundred thousand years to reincarnate once.

Only those souls that lasted through the ages without damage and in pristine conditions will be able to successfully reincarnate into bodies again.

In other words——

For a soul to go through two reincarnations into a third one, it would require the soul to have an indestructible will to last though almost a hundred million years.(TL: 100,000,000 years).

For such a huge and powerful soul, can the measly and frail container known as the human body contain it?

It’s another case if you are talking about the bodies of Celestial Beings or mythical creatures from a fantasy world. Thus, the theories were completely farfetched.

Finally, the Order made the following conclusion:

If a Savior with two completed past lives really appear, he is not human at all.

He’ll be like the legendary Heavenly Emperor that ruled over all fantasies since ancient times.

He’ll be a monster like a dragon.

“Is it really rare for a person to have two previous lives?”

Moroha was still at a lost even after hearing the origin of that name.

“Since a person had reincarnate once, it’s not strange for him to reincarnate again…something like that.”

“As explained previously, you are the only person proven to have an indestructible soul that lasted a hundred million years. Not only in this school but in the entire world, throughout history you will not find a second example.”

“Muuuuuu.” Moroha placed his hand against his face.

Although he don’t really had any feelings on being called a monster, nor does he think the entire matter is a great deal to fuss about, at least he understood the term <The Eldest Heroic Spirit>.

“So, what’s going to happen to me?”

Since he appeared to be an extremely rare sample, would he be captured and cut apart by some mad scientist? Moroha cannot help but shivered when he think about it lightly.

“Nothing will happen to you. Except for our eager high expectations for a student with limitless potential and possibilities. Please learn as much as you can in this school, and complete great goals and accomplishments in the future.

At the flippant answer accompanied by a mischievous wink of her eye, Moroha cannot helped but feel slightly disappointed.

“Truthfully, I would be satisfied if I can just be part of the clerical staff in the order.”

“Haven’t you heard of the phrase <With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibilities>?”

The principal replied with a slight rebuke in her tone, but did not pursue the matter further.

Moroha cannot be bothered to argue further, plus he had no intentions for others to understand his thoughts, so he maintained his passive expression.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. I’m also a witch. With experience that witches are similarly held as an object of fear, I’m going to give you a fair warning. I think that you’ll be targeted by various people from now on, without regards to your willingness or thoughts.

The principal playfully rotated her hat and added:

“The only important thing is——protect those you care about and don’t lose your way. Understand?”

Moroha honestly nodded his head.

Because he felt that this is very valuable advice.

“That’s all I have to say. Do you have anything to add?” The principal glanced toward the girl at her back.

The girl who shared a kiss with him nodded her head after an [Ah!] sound.

“You will have misfortune with girls romantically. Be careful.”

She was saying something preposterous while giving an angelic smile.

“It’s the type of misfortune where many girls will make you suffer, and will also be driven to tears by you.”

“Don’t say something so absurd while smiling so radiantly.”

“To add on, Maya is also a girl, so please make me cry anytime.”

“Age. There’s too much difference in age.”

“So you are not denying that you’ll make girls cry? *Pita*?”

There’s nothing amusing about this……

Another strange person appeared. Aren’t there too many strange people in this school?

It’s more than enough to make him feel cold sweat gathering——after saying his pleasantries, he escaped from the office.

Once outside, he found Satsuki and Shizuno waiting for him. They only relaxed after Moroha told them that nothing major happened inside.

“Still, I never heard that Onii-sama had memories of two past lives…” Satsuki narrowed her eyes.

“It’s not like I was purposefully hiding it. I just never found the opportunity to say it…”


“I’m sorry, but it shouldn’t matter right? The fact that I’m your brother and you are my sister will not change. I’ve already promised you.” Moroha frantically tried to muddle his way through.

“That’s right. It was important in the past, but it’s even more important in the future!”

Unexpectedly, Satsuki became cheerful suddenly.

Hands clasped behind her back, twirling round and round on the tip of her right foot on the ground.

“We have more and more promises……” Satsuki raised her face toward Moroha.

That’s right——

The initial promise to always return to her side.

The promise to try his best to treat her as a little sister.

Or the promise to give him a kiss after his victory against Gen.

The new binding between their relationships is steadily increasing.

(I made a regretful promise with her though.)

Moroha shifted his eyes away from Satsuki as if to escape from her gaze, scratching his head.

It’s too cute to be looked at directly.

How could there be such as cute [sister] in the entire world.

While he was feeling awkward, a ringing tone from a phone sounded.

“EH? You had a phone, Moroha? I thought you didn’t have one.”

“Ya, I received this yesterday.” Moroha replied as he answered the call.

“Hello?” “Hello?”

You can hear the voice answering from nearby, because it came from Shizuno who was standing like a shadow behind the beaming Satsuki.

“Don’t make prank calls.” Although Moroha seem to be voicing out a rebuke, he was smiling gently.

“You received it yesterday……Could it be, Urushibara……?”

“Didn’t she say that she’ll give me a present if I defeat Isurugi? I’ve always wanted one of these but it’s hard to ask uncle to buy one for me. I was so happy last night that I unknowingly talked for a long time using the phone.”

“To be able to chat with Moroha in my own room, I’m so happy.”

“That’s too unscrupulous. Don’t think you can jump ahead just because you have some cash!”

“You are wrong. I won that phone previously as a prize. It even came with 3 years free talk-time. Unfortunately, I’m already using a smartphone, plus that free phone isn’t really that user-friendly, so it’s difficult for me to use. It’s such a “waste” if I throw it away, right?”

Shizuno used her ultimate attack——Moroha’s favourite word.

“Is that true…?” Satsuki had a suspicious and doubtful look.

“It’s great that you did not waste anything. And I got what I always wanted.”

Conversely, Moroha with an expression of a child playing with a new toy started talking excitedly into the phone.

“How about this, let’s exchange numbers, Satsuki.”


Satsuki became cheerful again, a cute look similar to a dog perking up its ears.

“Of course.”

The two of them are friends, right? Even as siblings they are no reasons not to exchange numbers.

Moroha naively push his phone forward while Satsuki happily do her preparation on her side. After, they completed the procedure clumsily using their unfamiliar skills.

“All right, now I’ve a second contact after Shizuno.”

“I also have a third contact after papa and mama.”

“…Moroha, Ranjou-san, congratulations on your tear-jerking level up.”

Shizuno congratulated the both of them while pretending to be sobbing.

“It’s fine if I’m forever alone!”

Moroha accepted his fate but Satsuki appeared to be unhappy.

“I’m just joking, Ranjou-san. Here, why don’t you exchange numbers with me too?” Shizuno took out her smartphone.

“Don’t wanna.”

“Are you a kid? Learn how to behave from Shizuno.” Moroha poked Satsuki softly.

“You actually supported Urushibara instead of supporting your sister!?” Satsuki protested while exaggeratedly pressed against her head where she was poked.

“That’s obvious.”

Well it’s well-known that the both of them did not have a friendly relationship, Shizuno was the more matured side this time.

“Mu,Mu. My telephone number and Email address are very precious. So I can only give them to special people!”

“Ah, my hand is automatically deleting the precious telephone number and email address.”

“I’m soooorrrryyyyyyy. I’ll exchange details with Urushibara, so please forgive meeeeeeee!”

Satsuki held out her phone with teary eyes.

“Don’t wanna.”

Shizuno imitated Satsuki’s earlier words and hid her smartphone behind her.

“Why! Didn’t you asked to exchange contacts just now?!”

“Ranjou-san? Don’t you know that prices and emotions are always fluctuating every moment?”

“And you actually put on airs?!”

“My telephone number and Email address are very precious, so I cannot give them to your freely.”

“Heyheyhey, you are taking advantage of me now although you are a rich person——!”

“Ara? It’s because these things are done that we became rich.”

“I don’t want to listen to this twisted logic——.”

“Hey, Shizuno? Are you also a kid?” Moroha slightly poked Shizuno who continued to bully Satsuki.

The corner of Shizuno’s mouth edge upward slightly, revealing the dimples on her cheeks.

Of course Moroha understood that this was Shizuno’s style of making a joke.

Still, Shizuno looked very happy at being slightly poked for some reason.

“For that person, you should use more strength when punishing her!”

“Do you want to try it again?” Moroha glared at Satsuki and she swiftly turned her head away.

Ultimately, the two girls finally exchanged their phone numbers and email addresses.

“Oh no. My hand slipped and deleted the data——“

“I’ll take you on anytime if you want a fight, Urushibara!”

“——of the beauty salon I often visited.”

Shizuno continued her sentence as if nothing had happened, all the while showing a hint of her dimples.

Satsuki’s face was frozen from the point where she yelled out “Urushibara”.

“I’ll just enter it again later. Oh, What’s wrong, Ran•jou•san?”

Shizuno asked the stiff-faced Satsuki in an upbeat tempo underlined with sarcasm.

(It took so much time just to exchange contacts.)

Moroha cannot help but smile bitterly, but with admiration in his heart.

“Moroha, why are you smiling….?”

Satsuki questioned Moroha when she spotted his reaction with one of her eyebrow twitching.

“Hmmp.” Satsuki who unlocked her frozen state turned her head away childishly.

“In times like this, the brother should agree with the little sister, Moroha you meanie!”

She rushed to stand before Moroha in a rush.

“Still, as I’m a gentle and understanding sister, I will forgive you. Be happy that you have a great sister like me!”

With that, Satsuki suddenly stood on her toes, swiftly and softly put her lips onto Moroha’s cheek.

Moroha was struck speechless at being kissed.

“What’s with that expression? There’s nothing to be surprised about. I, I’m also fulfilling my for you beating up Gen.”

Satsuki was trying to justify her action with a red face and, shrugging her shoulder, walked back to the classroom. Even if she said had nonchalantly said [nothing to be surprised about], she was in an unnatural manner, even move the arms and legs of the same side of the body simultaneously.

“She’s cute but strong, a strong rival.” Shizuno sighed while saying that. After throwing a meaningful glance at Moroha, she left and followed Satsuki.

Moroha looked at the retreating backs of the girls and shakes his head. In the end, he never said anything like [I thought it would be mouth to mouth].

(On the face.....well, we are siblings I guess).

Even so, there was a residual warm feeling left on his face which felt really comfortable.

Moroha may be stingy and thrifty, but he was definitely not a greedy, stubborn person.


And so, with this, Moroha leisurely passed his school life for around ten days or so.

As the first years gradually got used to their everyday lives in the school, the time came to the later part of April, when students discussed how they were going to spend the upcoming Golden Week.

After his duel with Gen, the looks Moroha received from his classmates became warmer and more passionate.

The girls’ eyes were warm with yearning and admiration, while the guys’ looks were passionate with jealousy and fear.

On a side note, Gen never appeared in school after that.

It was rumored that he was [recovering] from his injuries at home, but since all injuries, no matter how severed, disappeared the moment you left the arena, that rumor was too illogical. In addition, based on hearsay from Gen’s followers who visited him, if Moroha’s name was mentioned he would fall into a panicked state, shaking uncontrollable on the bed and refusing to step out of his room.

In some way, the class temporarily resumed a peaceful state——on that afternoon when everyone was thinking that way, a visitor to their class by a certain personage caused a huge disturbance.

“Is Haimura-san here? I’ve something to discuss with you.”

An upperclassman asked into the class from the entrance in a deep voice.

The upperclassman was very tall and from his well built body, appeared to be strong and agile. Although he had on a serious expression, it was also an honest and frank face.

On his nametag: [3-2 (White A) Isurugi Jin]

Its Gen’s elder brother.

Oi Oi, is he here to take revenge for his brother? The class descended into chaos.

Snatches of conversation can be heard throughout the class:

“That person looks to be really strong.” “What’s his rank?” “He’s one of the top characters in the Japan Branch Office.” “Oh, is he stronger than the official members of the order?” “It’s rumored that he won against multiple opponents” “ Really? Isn’t he a student?” “It seems the teachers are learning a lot from him.” “Haimura-kun run away quickly…..”

“This is bad, Moroha…..,” said Satsuki in fear just as they were leaving for the cafeteria.

“I don’t think he looked that scary.” Moroha replied her honestly, but Satsuki shook her head while shivering.

Even if advised against, Moroha will proceed forward bravely by himself, but——

“My bad. Can Urushibara Shizuno-san please come along too?”

Shizuno shot a glance at Moroha, hinting to him to [run away if there’s danger].

With Jin leading the way right in the front, the three of them reached the rooftop.

AN AMBUSH——did not happen.

It appeared that he just wanted to talk to them alone away from people. He probably chose this open but empty location so as to reduce any mental pressure in their discussion.

Jin stood before the fence surrounding the rooftop and started talking while looking over the courtyard.

“Haimura-kun, I’ll be direct with you. I’m here to recommend you for promotion to Rank C.”

As expected, he was not here because of his brother.

In Moroha’s eyes, Gen was a rotten person at first sight. On the other hand, his initial impression of Jin was that of a somber and steady nature.

“What is Rank C?” A phrase that seemed familiar yet unknown to Moroha.

“……The White Knight Order classified all Saviors into a few ranks for convenience. “ Before Jin opened his mouth, Shizuno murmured an explanation for Moroha in an uninterested tone.

Most students of Akane Academy are Rank D. The “D” for <Disciples>.

After successfully graduating and entering the White Knight Order, they will be promoted to Rank C, which is the “C” for <Common>.

“Oh, but I’m still a student though. Graduation is three years down the road.....”

“Even if you ultimately failed your graduation a few years down the road, as long as one has been judged as possessing abilities beyond the average, you can be promoted to Rank C even if you are still enrolled in school. In the academy, there are 12 people, including me, that are promoted this way. So, the academy had made a decision judging you to be eligible for promotion.” Jin replied Moroha’s question.

Even if Moroha was listening to Jin, he just grunted a reply with flagging interest.

“You may not know this as you’ve just entered the school, Rank C Saviors are none other than [The True Swords of Justice], a position that everyone in the school look forward to.....”

“My apologies, I really have no interest in Senpai’s topic. Is there any incentive in promoting to Rank C?

“Ha ha. You are a really practical person. Incentive...Let’s see, It’s practically a given that you’ll be accepted by the White Knight Order when you graduate. Frankly speaking, it’s possible to go far in your career in the future”

“Anything else?”

Leaving aside the issue of being accepted by the order automatically, for Moroha who only want to be a clerical staff, it’s troublesome if he was made to go too far above his station.

“Ah, there’s also a scholarship grant. It may be old-fashioned but the recipients are all grateful for it.”

“Isn’t everything free already in Akane Academy?”

“Ha ha ha ha. That’s right. Calling it a scholarship is just a cover. In other words, it’s a monthly salary.”

“You’ll get that even as a student?!!!”

In a school that banned students from having a job, the word “salary” had so much allure.

“What about the disadvantages?” Moroha suppressed this ultimate temptation, and continued his questions.

“Why would you think there’s any?”

“If there were only incentives, you wouldn’t be here to “discuss” the matter with me.”

“I see. Not only are you powerful, you have an agile mind as well. I wish Gen would learn more from you.”

Jin could only smile bitterly. Turning around to face Moroha straight in the face, he asked in a solemn voice:

“If you are promoted to Rank C, I would like you to join the group under me, the Combat Corp [Strikers].

Another unknown phrase appeared.

The main mission of the White Knight Order is too destroy any Metaphysical that appeared as fast as possible, right? For most of the students who are Rank D, they basically will not be sent to the frontlines. But for us Rank C and above in the combat Corp, fighting against the Metaphysicals is also a part of our training.”

“And you want me to enter the Combat Corp?”

“Right. We really hoped that [The Eldest Heroic Spirit] would join us.”

No matter the incentives or disadvantages, Jin explained everything in an honest and straightforward manner.

“We’ll activate once or twice a month on an average, but will conduct special combat training every day after school without fail. So, a lot of time will be required from you. Don’t even think about joining a club. From the founding of this school, there had already been several sacrifices. As the literal meaning of that keyword, you need to have the determination of risking your life. So I will not force your decision.”

“Guuuuu....” Moroha used a fist to support his head and thought hard.

Time was not an issue. It’s the same as taking a job.

He’s not particularly fearful of [risking his life]. After experiencing Fraga’s battles, Moroha may have developed an illness similar to “not being afraid of heights.” Anyway, that was that kind of feelings so he was not particularly resisting for that reason.

The main thing was, can he really be of use? Moroha was very concerned about this.

“I don’t think I’m really that sort of person that you can trust so unreservedly.”

“It’s unfortunate for you, but the value of a person is not determined by himself, but by those around him.”

“What if I dragged the group down?”

“Please leave the team then. We are all risking our life too, so we don’t have the luxuries of bringing along dead-weights.”

Since he had already discussed so much with this seemingly straightforward and honest guy....

“Just as a reference, how much will the salary be?”

Isurugi without any evasion gave a clear and concise amount.

An amount that far, far exceed that of the initial salary of a new university graduate.

“I did it, aunt!!” Moroha cannot help but raised his arms and cheered.

“Is this kind of incentive really that great?”

“It’s really that great because of this kind of incentive.”

On one side, the worried looking Shizuno was trying to get Moroha to reconsider, but Moroha just smiled serenely.

Since he can received such a high salary, he can start sending money back to his guardians even before he joined the White Knight Order.

“Senpai, please take care of me from now.”

Of course, if he really dragged everyone down, he would leave the corp without hesitation. He will not do such unscrupulous things like sacrificing the lives of others just to repay his uncle and aunt.

“My sincere thanks and welcome. I’ll handle the paperwork for your promotion to Rank C. From today onward, please proceed to the Third Training Arena after school for group training.”

Jin put forth his right hand and Moroha gripped it strongly.

“I guess, I’ll start attending today too.” Moroha was startled when Shizuno suddenly said that.

“Have you made up your mind too? Since it’s rare to find outstanding Black Mages, this is great.”

Jin also held out his right hand to Shizuno while smiling.

“Wait a minute. Is Shizuno promoting to Rank C too?”

“No. According to all reports I’ve received, she’s not at that level yet.”

Moroha also felt that was the case too.

In the practices for Dark Arts, Moroha and Shizuno are learning Step One Dark Arts, the same as the other students. While Shizuno exhibited reliability when tutoring Moroha, most of the other times she was just not motivated.

If this kind of Shizuno was an outstanding Black Mage, what went wrong in the middle?

“I had previously asked Urushibara-san to join us as a reserve member,” Jin continued explaining. Moroha simply cannot believe his ears.


“For people who are near Rank C ability, they will be asked to join us for training as sparring partners after school. For them, this was a rare chance for further practices, plus when they promoted to Rank C in the future, they will be able to integrate to the team smoothly. This is the so-called reserve members.”

“Shizuno...wanted to be that?”

“....Due to family circumstances, I had started Black Mage training since one year ago.”

“This was known to the principal, thus she recommended Urushibara-san to us.”

“Could this be an example of “Don’t judge a book by its cover?”

Could the reliable side that Shizuno exhibited when tutoring me, be only a small glimpse into her abilities?

Moroha was shocked into silence.

“Personally, regarding lessons or being a reserve member, I’ve no interest.”

“If so, why.....” Just when Moroha was asking a question, he stopped.

Because, her beautiful eyes seemingly carved by a master dollmaker was looking at Moroha’s face.

A naked and sincere look was concentrating on Moroha.

That was truly a stupid question. The hand that Moroha raised to scratch his head——


——was frozen.

A rude feminine voice resounded in the spring air.

Moroha, jerking like a rusted automaton, turned jerkily towards the owner of the voice.

It’s Satsuki who had arrived on the rooftop without anyone noticing.

No, she had probably followed them from the start secretly and eavesdropped on their conversation.

“No matter the Combat Corp or reserve members, please allow me to join in too.” Satsuki forcefully rushed towards Jin.

“Ummm, who are you?”

“I’m Ranjou Satsuki, a classmate of Moroha. A White Iron type,” Satsuki made her self-introduction energetically, causing Jin to become hesitant for a moment.

“If Moroha and Urushibara are going to train after school together, I must not lose to them!”

“Uh...I admit you have the drive. I’m just not sure of your abilities.....”

“Her ability is such that she got beaten badly by your brother.”


Shizuno revealed the cruel truth, causing Satsuki to scream in rage and glared at her.

Jin’s face changed.

“Even for Gen, my estimate is that he’ll still need at least half a year before he can be considered for reserve member status. If you have such a huge gap in skills with him, I’m afraid I must decline you.”


Satsuki looked like her world is ending.

Her natural exuberance was cruelly destroyed without a trance left. “

“Not to worry. It’s not like I’m rejecting you from joining permanently. First, you’ll need to increase your abilities. I hope that we’ll meet again to discuss your membership.”

Isurugi Jin gave some words of encouragement to Satsuki, but she didn’t seem to have heard him.

“We’ll depend on you.” “See you all after school.” After exchanging a look with them, Jin left the rooftop.

A cold wind blew across the rooftop.

Passing through, it left behind an unpleasant silence.

Moroha wanted to say some consolations to Satsuki but he cannot seem to find the right words. He decided that the most important thing was to break the silence first:

“Hey, Satsuki ——“

Moroha reached out his hand to hold her shoulder.

“I......I’m not depressed or anything!”

Satsuki sprung away as if repelled by magnetism.

“Of course I’m not up to Oni-sama’s level. I’m very clear on that. I’m just frustrated that I’ve being evaluated as being weaker than Urushibara. I will definitely catch up with her in the near future, so look forward to it, Moroha!”

Satsuki tried to act unconcerned while squeezing out a very forced smile.

“It’s because I will definitely become much, much stronger in the future. Strong enough to stand beside you and watch your battles. HO......Ho..hohoho?!”

Satsuki continued to say out her prideful words and even laugh out loud.

In the face of her strength and will, Moroha found himself speechless.

Because, except for believing in her and waiting patiently for her, doing anything else will just be a form of insult to Satsuki…….


Fast forward to after school.

Moroha changed into his battle suit and walked toward the third training arena with Shizuno.

“Let me welcome the both of you again, Haimura-kun and Urushibara-kun. Welcome to the Combat Corp, [Strikers].”

Captain Isurugi welcome them personally.

There were already about 30 other students gathered, consisting of either the main members or the reserved members.

Everyone gave off a fearless look, processing the presence that far exceed that of a normal high school student.

There was no simple atmosphere of a normal sports club. Instead, it felt like the group is like a lazing lion that was simply not hunting at the moment, or something like that.

A strong organisation with power as the main criteria.

That was Moroha’s first impression.

“Those third year——the same year as Isurugi-senpai, are known as the Golden Era.” Shizuno whispered.

“All the most powerful <Saviors> are gathered here. The number of <Metaphysicals> they destroyed is more than any other people in the Japan Branch Office. Originally, considering that the Akane Academy’s combat corps comprised mostly students, there should be very little opportunity for them to be activated. The golden era defied that logic and destroyed <Metaphysicals> left and right.”

As usual, Shizuno was fulfilling her role as the information kiosk.

“Which means that those people over there are more powerful than the adults in the White Knight Order?”

“Yes. Most of the members of the golden era are established as Rank B.”

Most of the <Saviors> in the order are Rank C.

With great accomplishments, one can be promoted to Rank B, or the elite rank [Breaker].

“The current Combat Corps is not considered a student group, but as one of the main war potentials of the Japan Branch.”

“That’s hard to imagine.”

“It’s similar to a high school baseball team being mixed into the Professional League for the championship.”

“They are really monsters then.” Moroha cannot help but whistle at that.

“And there is the king of the monsters.”

It’s easy to know who Shizuno was referring to.

It’s Isurugi Jin.

The gallant man in the center of the monster’s nest.

He’s identified as a Rank A White Iron on his name tag.

The A for [Ace].

Even in the whole of Japan, he was considered as one of top Savior in the Japan branch of the order.

“So, Moroha-kun. Let’s enter the main topic for today.”

The King of the monsters started talking in a dangerous tone.

“While I was able to catch your duel previously, the rest of the group said they wanted to witness the strength of [The Eldest Heroic Spirit]. So can we depend on you?”

The content of his talk was also dangerous.

“I don’t think I’m able to show anything too impressive?”

“You can use either Light or Dark. Just use your most powerful attack on me.”

While Jin was talking, the air surrounding him started moving slowly. A pale yellow aura tinged with white radiated from his body like a heat wave.

A Prana colour that brings to mind, the stabbing violence of ruthless lightning.

The Battle Suit on his body had reacted and shifted into a design that carried several sharp angles in the cut of the clothes.

Even his slender body seemed to have grown bigger by a few sizes.

Something in Moroha’s mind seemed to be blaring an alarm.

Shizuno was clutching Moroha’s sleeve tightly.

Showing that amount of aura pressure just by opening his gates, it’s unfathomable.

“It’s not even an exam, is it safe?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty safe——for me.”

Isurugi displayed an unshakable confidence that he can take on anything that Moroha could throw at him.

Moroha wanted to whistle again, but abandoned the thought in consideration of the courtesy towards his upperclassman.

Once Moroha agreed, all the upperclassmen moved from the training ground to the viewing gallery.

Everyone was displaying an attitude of happily watching a great show. Still, there was no feeling of revulsion towards them, as everyone here was a strong person in their own rights. Thus, any single one of them has only pure and uncomplicated feelings to seeking strength, the so called desire for self-improvement.

“It’s no good if we affect the surrounding. Can someone help to take care of Shizuno?” Moroha asked the upperclassmen.

The upperclassmen were all surprised and looked at each other.

Moroha was thinking that “Aren’t all of you too relaxed?”

“All right. I’ll take care of her safety.” A short hair girl immediately stepped forward and volunteered herself.

“You are a good man, aren’t you?” The girl winked at Moroha while passing him, causing Moroha to be at a loss on how to respond to her.

“Moroha, are you fine?”

“You hear him too. I’m quite safe.” Moroha waved his hands and sent off Shizuno who was displaying an uneasy expression.

Eventually, the only people left on the training ground were Isurugi and Moroha.

“Senpai, aren’t you summoning out a weapon?”

Moroha was holding his ID Tag in his right hand while armoring himself in his white prana.

A relaxed and natural stance, able to adapt to any situation.

“I’m just going to take on one attack from you.” Isurugi replied seriously.

“I see. So I’m starting?”

“Please.” Surrounded by his lightning-like aura, Isurugi strongly nodded his head.

Treating that movement as his start signal, Moroha launched his attack.

He jumped straight up into the air with <God Speed Link>.

The superhuman leaping strength carried him all the way to the top of the arena that was more than ten meters high.

(You said you watch our match, right?)

Moroha flipped over and planted his feet against the roof of the arena, and launched himself downward.

The leaping power of God Speed Link plus the kinetic energy of gravity.

Moroha was duplicating the fearsome attack displayed by Isurugi’s younger brother a few days back.

Streaking through the air like a meteor and targeting the Strongest Savior in the Academy.

(Come, Saratiga.)

Moroha injected Prana into his ID Tag and summoned his beloved sword……and he continued to inject more prana into his right hand.

Saratiga began to glow with a white aura.


After his duel with Gin, Moroha spent ten days to master this technique.

With all that, Moroha also threw in his pure muscular strength from <Titan Strength Link>.


Moroha concentrated all the techniques he learnt up to this stage into this swordstrike, and swung at Isurugi.


Isurugi crossed his arms and took on the attack from above squarely.

With the bracers formed by his battle suit and injected with his lightning prana.

Moroha’s attack and Isurugi’s defence connected directly, and with a crash generated a shock wave.

In that instance, sparks flew all over.

A typhoon-like disaster seemed to explode in the arena.

And…Moroha’s sword was blocked by Isurugi’s bracers.

Even so, the floor of the training ground was shattered into several pieces.

Previously, Moroha accomplished this level of destruction by attacking the floor directly, but this time the same amount of damage was done via shock waves only.

The entire arena started creaking alarmingly and continued to shake.

The viewing gallery was not spared either and shook continuously. Even Shizuno who was protected by a upperclassman let out a soft yelp.

Moroha, who only started school for two weeks, had demonstrated his strength and exquisite control of his Light Techniques.

Standing right in the eye of the Prana tornado, Isurugi who had blocked the sword with his crossed arms, said one word as if nothing had happened:


Ah——Moroha also fearlessly smiled back in return.

(I’ve haven’t done anything deserving of praise yet.)

He was not in the least shocked or surprised that his all out strike was blocked.

Since his attack was blocked, he pushed hard with Saratiga and flipped far away backward.

Pulling a distance away, Moroha re-establishing his stance.

SeiKen Tsukai no World Break 01 258.jpg


Holding his sword in his right hand, he traced out magic characters with his left forefinger, displaying a higher speed and accuracy incomparable to what he displayed during his match with Gen.

All Beings revert to bones at death, let the rites of cremations begin

The Aria for Step Three Dark Art 『Incinerate』.

The magical flames that threw his younger brother into the abyss of death in a single strike were now rushing toward Jin like a tidal wave.

Different from a physical attack from a sword, this is an immaterial heat energy attack that cannot be defended against even with <Diamond Skin Link>.


Isurugi’s relaxed expression was twisted into a frowning face.

A long, broadsword suddenly materialized into his hand.

Raising it with both hands, he slashed down with great strength, making a screeching, piercing sound.

As the broadsword cut through the air, a strong wind pressure expanded.

Hitting the wall of air, Moroha’s Incinerate detonated harmlessly without reaching Isurugi.

Light Advance Technique <<Jupiter>>. One of Isurugi’s favorite moves.

After eliminating the magical fire, the left over pressure continued towards Moroha.

(How powerful…!)

Moroha quickly covered his face with both of his forearms and protected his whole body with <Diamond Skin Link>.

Even if weakened, the remnants of Isurugi’s <<Jupiter>> was not to be underestimated. If Moroha doesn’t increase his defenses with Prana, it highly probable he’ll be blown away by the wind pressure.

An explosive sound sounded through the arena as the forces collided across Moroha’s body. While withstanding the Prana Vortex, Moroha cannot help but whistle in admiration.

Still, regardless their perception of time, only a few seconds had passed since the start of this “demonstration”.

After a short while, the vortex expanded itself and the arena returned to a silent state, as if to silently protest against the excessive use of force by the two of them.

Moroha and Isurugi dismissed their weapon materialization and restored the original form of their ID tags.

“Didn’t I say I will take only 1 attack from you?” Isurugi admonished while smiling bitterly. “It’s against the rules to add a Dark Magic on top of a Light Technique.”

“Since it’s nothing that’s secretive, I was thinking I might as well demonstrate from both side.” Moroha nonchalantly scratch his head.

“In addition, Senpai…in comparison to defense, you are actually better at offense, right?”

In Moroha’s head, screeching sounds can still be heard. Similar to how one can determine if a runner is a short distance sprinter or a long distance marathoner by observing their muscle build, Moroha display his ability to judge other people’s skills just by observing their prana aura.

“Even if I asked you to fight with a weapon, it seemed likely that you’ll ignore me? Senpai should also demonstrate a little bit for us to see,” Moroha smilingly replied, as if a small child doing a prank.

“…and what have you seen?”

“I see that it’ll be very strenuous to keep up with Senpai……I’ll really have to put in more effort.”

“Hmmm…it looked like there was value in letting you see then.”

Isurugi’s initial cold unfriendly smile changed to a bitter helpless smile and he forgave Moroha’s naughtiness.

Is this the pride of an A-Rank Savior?

By this time, the other students have descended from the viewing gallery.

“You REALLY are a good man!”

“If it’s you, there’s absolutely no problem sending you to the actual battleground. Since the 3rd years graduated, we welcome anyone that is strong.”

“I originally though that it over-hyped that you can use both sides and underestimated you, but it’s amazing that you can wield both side at such a high level.”

“That’s right. You can use Third Step Dark Arts already, I really want to learn from you.”

“It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be promoted to B-Rank right? I’m so jealous.”

Moroha received rave reviews for his performance. Since the goal of promoting himself seemed successful, Moroha let out a sigh of relieve.

It would had been really sad if the group had said “We don’t need you” on the very first day. Looks like he’ll be able to keep his position for at least one payday.

Moroha looked towards Shizuno.

She is observing him with her usual expressionless face.

Still, it feels like a posture of “Don’t make me worry”. Could it be his misunderstanding?

“It’s been a long time since I felt so happy, Eldest Heroic Spirit.” Isurugi came over and comradely put his hand on Moroha’s shoulder.

“Now that we have someone like you who can use both Light Techniques and Dark Arts, I’m feeling excited as the front line commander. Haimura’s greatest weapon is that I can use you everywhere.”

“You mean I don’t have a specialized position?” Moroha raised an eyebrow.

“It’s your versatility,” Isurugi explain in a clear and concise manner.

“In a battle where light techniques is more effective, you can be deployed as a White Iron; Conversely, if more dark arts is needed, you’ll be activated as a black mage. Wait…No, if it’s you, you can accomplished what other black mages cannot do, which is to cast dark arts right at the front line. With Haimura-kun, how much can my tactics expand? I cannot wait to test it out.”

It seemed like he got praised unreservedly by Isurugi. Moroha’s versatility is a rare part that can make the organization more responsive and adaptable.

This is an undeniably useful asset.

(Looks like I’ll be able to receive 3 salaries before being fired.) Moroha scratched his head with a bashful face.

There’s really no need to be embarrassed——Misunderstanding Moroha’s thoughts, Isurugi solemnly nodded his head.

“So, let’s start today’s practice then.”

“Captain, the arena floor is still a wreck.”

“The battlefield may not always be in an undamaged condition, right?”

At Isurugi’s reply, the rest of the team could only smile in agreement.

Everyone gathered in a circle and Isurugi shouted in a loud voice:


And the team shouted out in reply:


Everyone was shouting at full strength and stood up straight. Just like real soldiers.

“Ummm, can I skip that?” Moroha discreetly asked Isurugi a little bit after that.

“Nope. Everyone should be of one mind. This is mental training for focusing on our noble goals so it’s very important. I hope that you can memorize it by tomorrow.”

“Geh…since it involve my salary, I’ll do it.” Moroha vaguely replied.

Still, on a practical note, the atmosphere around the team had suddenly turned more heavy and serious, as if a switch had been flipped. Maybe it’s a form of self-hypnotism.


The training of the Combat Corp was harsh.

Normally, as a student, one will have to spend the entire day attending the standard curriculum, now he had to attend a punishment gam-----no, bonus level where everyone else had vastly more experience and training then a Year One student.

Basically, training with the elites of elites in the entire country was very tiring.

Tactics, Formation and Teamwork – the 3 pillars that the harsh training focused on.

For example, setting up a defensive formation , holding the front line, supporting from the back with dark arts, prevention of gaps in the formation, learning to switch position with exhausted members. There was also scenario training where in the event of bleach in formation, having everyone separate into 2 groups and commencing an effective pincer movement practice, or doing an orderly retreat with the 2 groups supporting each other.

In an ideal situation, it was hoped that the power of 1 + 1 = Power of 3 or 4.

Helping each other, covering for each other’s weakness, handing any situation, raising everyone’s survival rate, the training aimed to fulfill these goals.

Against the Metaphysicals, one on one is definitely impossible.

What the Saviors hold as their advantages are their numbers. Thus, they have to keep capitalizing on that.

Or so was he drilled on till his head felt like exploding.

When finally released, the sky was already turning orange.

“This is the most tiring day since I was born.” Moroha listlessly walked out of the school gate with heavy footsteps.

“Luckily I know how to slack during busy periods,” remarked Shizuno in her usual expression while walking beside him.

“……Please teach me how to do that next time?”

“I don’t think it’ll have any meaning for you to learn it.”


“Moroha is not a person who is good at accommodating and work with others, right? So it’ll only increase your fatigue.”

“UH? Don’t describe me as someone who is self-centered and selfish ok?”

“On that note, I’m very proficient in accommodating others.”

“Don’t ignore me. Please agree with me.”

While Moroha was protesting, Shizuno increased her footsteps and escape.

And so they reached the main gate while playing with each other like this.

And, an unexpected person was waiting there for them.

“SO SLOW! The only person who is allowed to make me wait so long is Onii-Sama.”

Arms akimbo and with an impatient look, it’s Princess Satsuki. “We didn’t ask you to wait for us.” Moroha smiled and jokingly retort her.

Still, considering the feelings she had while waiting for them, Moroha cannot help but smile at her.

“I’ve asked a friend just now. Apparently there’s a great okonomiyaki shop around here. “

“You mean you check the web right?”

“Shut Up! Anyway, for me who had lived in both Osaka and Hiroshima, it’s information that cannot be ignored. Thus, to thoroughly investigate, come eat it with me?”

“I’ve no money.”

“No worries. It looks like you can eat it for only 300 yen.”


“Definitely. In return, you’ll have to cook it yourself though. Still, you can depend on me for that. It’s super cool to be able to cook okonomiyaki in Osaka, so I’ve practiced very hard.”


“Your vanities is of use for the first time.”

“You should be happy that you can eat food made by your own sister…..”

But, as if in opposition……..

“Sorry. If you want to go, go by yourself.”

Shizuno rejected Satsuki with her expressionless face.


As if not noticing Moroha’s bewildered expression, Shizuno continued in the same flat voice:

“Moroha and I are both tired. Thus, we would like to go back early and rest.”

“Ummm…no, I’m not really that tired…”

“We have to practice in the days ahead too. Getting rested for tomorrow training is also part of the job.”

In front of Shizuno’s cool but correct statement, Moroha was forced into silence.

“I….I see. I didn’t….didn’t know that it was that tough. I’m sorry, I lack consideration.”

Satsuki bowed her head in apology while twisting into knots the ponytail by her side.

“You aren’t in the wrong. It’s just that, we’ll probably be training till late tomorrow too. So, even if you were to wait for us again, we’ll probably have to reject your invitation.

“……hmmm. I got it.” Still bowing her head, Satsuki replied in a small voice.

“……Then, can I asked you all out during the holidays?”

“Thank you, Ranjou-san. We’ll be happy to accept if that was the case. Right, Moroha?”

Satsuki accept with a small nod of her head, then turned and ran away with all her might.

“Hey, wait Satsuki!”


Until the end, Satsuki never raised her head. Even when Moroha called out to her, she never took a glance back.

“Why did you have to say such hurtful words?”

“I don’t think those words were meant to be hurtful,” Shizuno replied in her normal expressionless way.

“Do you really need me to say it?”

“You are the one who won’t understand if it’s not said.”

Moroha glared at Shizuno with smouldering anger in his eyes.

Shizuno match him with her serenity and clear eyes.

“Moroha wanted to earn money by himself right? Buy, you also felt that Ranjou-san is cute also right? In consideration that you are unwilling to give up on both, I’m just stating out the facts, even if wise advise are hard on the ears.”

Within those artificially looking doll-like eyes, a strong will gleamed forth.

It’s like…a loyal retainer, even knowing she will displeased her ruler, stating forth the ugly truth and pure facts without any honeyed words.

This gaze is hauntingly familiar to Moroha.

“You…Are you sure you are not the Witch of the Netherworld?”

“I should have said this before. I do not know your past life.”

“Let me ask you another thing then. Ishirugi…when I was duelling the younger brother, you shouted out to me to use the dark arts, right? How do you know that I can use it, that I have 2 past lives?”

“I can answer that. Remember the incident with the juice cooling? With one look you correctly surmised that it was done with an adjusted 『White Breath』. If not for a certain level of familiarity with the dark arts, it’s impossible to figure that out.”

Huuu, Moroha was cornered into silence.

Well, it’s not a big deal if she wanted to continuing deny it. Moroha concluded while shaking his head.

“Regarding Satsuki, didn’t I say this several times already?”

“Don’t bully Ranjou-san?”

“Don’t decrease your value as a girl.”

The expressionless Shizuno shook slightly at his reply. Without keen observation, no one would have noticed that she had widened her eyes slightly in surprise.

“About rejecting Ranjou-san…you are not angry?” Shizuno asked anxiously. Apparently even she is aware and ashamed of her actions and finally leaked out some emotions.

“I already said that that’s not it. What I hated was your willingness to be the bad person in this situation. I am thankful for your help, but I hope that you’ll remember this: If a girl has to sacrifice herself for me, I wouldn’t be happy about it at all. I’ll prefer it if you make me happy with your smiling face,” Moroha urgently press his words against Shizuno who slightly flinched.

(Can you understand?) ( Can you comprehend?) Moroha secretly observed Shizuno’s face.

In the end……Shizuno hid her true feelings with her expressionless face as usual.

(Really, what a troublesome girl…). Moroha thought as he scratches his head.

“Anyway, think about it for a while. I need to go chase after Satsuki.”

Since this is an emergency now, even if he didn’t convey his feeling swell enough now, he can slowly have a long talk again the future.

While Moroha was thinking of that, and ready to wave goodbye……

“………I knew you would say that.”

“What was that?”

Shizuno’s sudden words were too soft and Moroha didn’t really catch them.

“Did you say something just now?” Moroha slightly bent down to stare into Shizuno’s eyes.

At that instance, Moroha was ambushed.


Moroha’s mouth was abruptly sealed by the soft and warm lips of Shizuno’s.

It was a gentle feeling, in addition an indescribable sweet breath enter through his mouth.

“What are you doing?”

Moroha came back to himself and jumped back to escape from Shizuno’s strange action: A soft kiss.

Still, this little kiss was enough to set his heart pumping uncontrollably.

“Did my value as a girl decrease again?”

The girl who kiss him for the second time, smiled mysteriously with her dimples showing.

“What are you thinking about? I don’t understand…”

Facing Shizuno’s dazzling smile, Moroha hurriedly place his hand over his heart and attempted to regulate his ragged breathing,

“It’s fine even if you don’t understand.”

“Hmm? Why?”

“Else my little enjoyment of teasing you will disappear.”


“I mean it’s your worth as a man.”

What is going on here?

“By the way, aren’t you going after Ranjou-san? It’s better if you hurry.”

Without further explanation, Shizuno pushed Moroha’s back.

Taking strong action that’s against her normal behaviour, Moroha can only be confused by her.

Still, Moroha had to listen to her. If he had to continue staring at Shizuno’s face, the warmth lingering on his lips will never be able to cool down.

Moroha bid “See you tomorrow” to the disturbing self-sacrificing girl.


“Did something went wrong somewhere?” Satsuki depressingly trudge down the hell slope and mumble to herself.

The only reassurance are the streetlight illuminating the roads. If you were to trip, you’ll probably be rolling all the way to the bottom.”

“I finally got to meet Onii-sama…I thought that he’ll praise me……”

A beautiful, invincible Savior possessing vast prana.

One who would only showed that incredible strength in the face of evil in the name of justice.

Everyone in her class will look up to her, everyday Moroha will hug her every day and say [That’s my little sister], [I’ve fallen in love with you all over again]……..

The super Satsuki that she planned at the start of the school term has dissipated without a trace in just 3 weeks.

This is the cruel reality.

Moroha, Gen and Shizuno have displayed a high level of personal ability, showing the potential to be <Saviors> that are above the norm.

Satsuki herself? Instead of vanquishing evil, it would be more accurate to say that she was shamed by evil instead.

The fateful reunion with her beloved brother, the brother she loved the most had abandoned her to undergo special training with another women.

She wanted to cry at how far her dreams were from reality.


Satuki sniffle her nose alone.

It’s painful, but what hurts the most was her own uselessness.

Moroha, the brother she loved the most, met her dream expectation perfectly.

Right at the start of the school term, he had already made a name for himself.

He became a noted person in class and enjoyed high popularity among the girls.

He was discovered as the first and only [Ancient Dragon] in history and will without a doubt become a core member in the Strikers. No one in school will ever look down or underestimate him.

Satsuki is not jealous, but proud of him. She is growing even more and more infatuated with him.

But, it hurts deeply not being able to stand beside him.

She is so lonely that she wanted to wail and cry.

“Kuuu…even…sniff……Urushibara…had properly….hic…hic…followed beside him…….”

Satsuki forcefully swallowed back her tearful whimper back down her throat and refused to weep.

And…a ringtone came out from her phone.

Satsuki hesitantly took out her phone.

The caller is Moroha!

While she is at a loss on what to do……losing to the loneliness in her heart, she answered the call in the end.

“He…hello? Moroha, what is it?”

Her unexpectedly choked up voice was a shock even to her.

“I…I’m not crying! So don’t jump to conclusions! Ah…it’s really serious. The pollen allergy this year is really bad. It’s really hellish!”

Before anyone could asked, she clarified herself.


There were two male voices.

One from the phone…and one from behind.

Satsuki turned around sharply and felt her knees go weak.

Moroha was standing right there on the slope with his phone pressed against his ears.

“Your eyes are red and swollen.”

At Moroha’s words, Satsuki hurriedly covered her eyes with her free hand.

“No…Nonsense! You shouldn’t be able to see in the dark…”

I’ve been had! Satsuki was so embarrassed that she trembled uncontrollably.

“What are you doing here!?”

“I suddenly craved okonomiyaki.”

“I thought you had no money?”

“300 yen is an acceptable range.”

“It’s around 300 yen! Not exactly 300 yen!”

“I’m sorry. Can you borrow me 50 yen? I’ll repay you next month.”

“Irritating! Weren’t you tired? Why don’t you go back and sleep early?”

“Hey hey…….”

On the slope, Moroha unabashedly smiled at her. Taking the phone away from his ear, he relaxed his arms by his side.

Standing proudly yet impishly, it was a posture that suited him very well, this brother of hers.

Staring at Moroha, Satsuki gradually forgot the tears wetting her face.

While Satsuki stared spellbound at Moroha, he cannot helped let out a satisfied grin.

At that point, he unashamedly declared,” It’ll be too much If you do not let me taste a delicious okonomiyaki, I may die and leave this world full of regrets.”

And jokingly added: Because I’m born spoiled.

Satsuki nearly fell down.

Where was the serious atmosphere from just now? Satsuki narrowed her eyes.

“I got it. I take you there. You must be thankful to this gentle sister of yours!”

“Then you’ll have to cook it well and make it more delish.”

“I give it my all. It’ll be so good that you will not be able to live without my okonomiyaki ever again.”

Moroha and Satsuki were side by side by then.

Both started walking beside each other.

The night wind gradually dried Satsuki’s tears. Raising her head, she discovered the moon is already high up in the sky. To her, this is a really special and beautiful evening.

“Hey, Satsuki. Since I’ve a phone now, can I call you before bedtime?”

“You…you are really a siscon, Onii-sama. This is really tough on me.”

“Isn’t it fine? Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

“Hmmmm……Okay. Although I’m busy myself, I’ll accompany you three times a week on the phone.”

“Oh, three times a week is it? I’m very thankful.”

As Satsuki chatted happily with Moroha, she slowed down her walking pace to a stroll…….


It was said that when God creates, he gave everything an inescapable fate. Of course, no one knows if this is true.

Still, when someone meets misfortune, it is undeniable that it happens not because of their fate, but due to the malicious will of a third party.

This is a commonly held opinion of [him].

The screen was showing the highlights of the practice match held among the combat corp.

“His” secretary commented after watching the video: “As expected of the current combat corp, when put among them his presence seems to be a bit lacking.”

Sighing, the secretary continued: “[The Eldest Heroic Spirit] has finally appeared, but could we have been overly optimistic in our expectation?”

In regards to the regretful tone, [he] replied:

“If an appropriate Metaphysical appear, then the real capability of Haimura Moroha could be judged fairly. “

This seems to be a practical and normal point of view.

“Please stop joking. Such a convenient Metaphysical will not pop out of the blue so suddenly, would it?” The secretary replied with a faint smile.

“Ah, you are right. There won’t be such a convenient coincidence.” Saying that, [he] smile at the same time.

“In addition, a half-arsed metaphysical will be swiftly eliminated by Jin’s team without fail.”

“Truly, if the opponent is half-arsed, the [The Eldest Heroic Spirit] won’t even have a chance to enter the stage.”

[He] laugh mirthlessly.

Even if tens of thousands of years passed in time, even if the location is shifted hundreds of millions of light years away——the misfortune of men is always planned out in secrecy.

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