Seiken Tsukai No World Break:Volume 1 Chapter 7

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“Hello? Urushibara? It’s me, Satsuki. Will you go out with me?”

“I’m sorry. I’ve already have someone I liked.”

“Who is confessing to you! I meant to go shopping with me!”

Thus, Satsuki and Shizuno met up outside.

This was the Sunday on the same week that Moroha successfully joined Strikers.

Unfortunately, the sky was overcast on that day. No matter how you cut it, it’s not a good day to go shopping.

“The sky is strange today,” complained Satsuki while Shizuno tilted her head in puzzlement.

The atmosphere was uncomfortable as if the humidity was high. Goosebumps easily broke out over their skins.

Still, they can’t change the rest day. They could only go out that Sunday.

They took a 30 minutes ride on the public transport towards a newly opened shopping mall.

Newly launched just the previous year, everything still looked new and shiny. The complex formed a “コ” shape if viewed from the sky, with a garden in the middle. Complete with an artificial pond, artificial grasses and shaded seats, it was a popular spot for people to take their meals.

Unfortunately, this picturesque view was dampened by the overcast skies.

Satsuki forcefully shake off her gloomy thoughts and readjusted her mood.

“I’ll like to buy a gift to celebrate Moroha’s promotion to Rank C!”

“……I’m a bit carsick……” Shizuno, with a pale face, replied gloomily as she held a handkerchief to her mouth.

“Irritating! You really know how to kill the mood!”

Still, even if Satsuki complained with her mouth, she still gently massage Shizuno’s back.

".....why did you chose shopping district so far away? Isn’t it fine to shop somewhere nearer?”

“When I spoke of plans in the classroom yesterday, Tanaka-Sensei recommended me this place.”

“……you found this place on the internet, right?”


Satsuki was twisting around in anger and denial, unknowingly indirectly admitting to the fact that she has no friends.

“…so, what did you want to buy as a gift?”

“I’ve no faith in my ability to pick a good gift, so that’s why you are here!”

“......please don’t make that kind of statement so proudly.”

“That’s because, last time as a prank I presented to Onii-sama some glass shards that I picked up at the roadside as a present. In the end he happily accepted with an “I will treasure this my entire life” and really did that.”

“If you are trying to show off your love life, I’m leaving.”

“Uh? Why? I trying to say that regardless of what I gave him, he’ll happily accept. This actually troubles me, you know.”

“……Can I go back now?”

While the bickering went on, they diligently look through the stores.

It’s common for girls to spend a long time when they are shopping. After walking one round, they will need to discuss their choices and make up their mind. So they decided to take a break for lunch and rest.

After some planning, they decided to have lunch at the open garden and walk towards the center.

“It’s not…..going to rain, right?” Satsuki muttered to herself while looking at the overcast sky and queuing to buy a crepe from a portable outdoor outlet.

Large amount of dark clouds were covering the sky, giving a feeling of oppression.

The previous heavy humidity in the air had completely disappear, so it didn't appear that it's going to rain, but……

For some reason, the prickly feeling on the skin in increasing along with a rising dread.

(Uh? What is this feeling?) Satsuki is starting to unreasonably feel a rising sense of discomfort and panic.

Seated at a outdoor table, even when overlooking the beautiful pond from the balcony and eating delicious crepe, she cannot calm herself. Thus, she asked Shizuno in a serious tone:

“Hey. Leaving the weather aside, don’t you feel that there's something strange in the air today?”

“Strange? What do you mean?” Shizuno tilt her head curiously while holding on to her own crepe.

Apparently, only Satsuki is being sensitive to a rising danger. She attempted to explain her feelings into words to convey her thoughts.

“I think you are the strange one,” Shizuno replied with a pitying look.

Facing this person who is strangly dull today and instead said irritating words, Satsuki was about to say something to rebuke her ——


A roar like thunder resounded.

Satsuki’s thoughts froze over.

Amid huge torrents of water suddenly pouring from the sky, Satsuki stood stunned on the spot.

Luckily, after being drenched by the cold water, Satsuki came back to herself.

“What is this?!”

Rain? Sudden Squall? No, it’s wrong.

Shizuno turned her head towards the pond with her mouth hanging open.

That’s because there was something there that caused this infuriating, irritating yet graceful maiden to reveal this dumbstruck look.


No, not something. It’s some creature.

When she heard that growl, Satsuki understood immediately.

After being blown on by a breath full of blood scent, Satsuki understood immediately.

When she look upon that gigantic body, Satsuki understood immediately.

What was it that had a gigantic body, bloody breath, heavy shadow and deafening noise?

What did large torrents of water to suddenly fall from the sky?

Obviously, the answer will become clearer if she just raise her head and take one look.

But, it’s too terrifying. Her body was paralyze and her hair stood on end.

Even if she is a savior, the familiar memorized battle tactics and preparation vanished from her head in an instant. All because of this fella.

Like a silent dark tsunami, creeping towards her endlessly.

Being surrounded by that evil presence, she felt that she had turned into a small, insignificant and powerless rodent, trembling uncontrollably.

Satsuki stared at her hands placed on the table and tried to order her fingers.

(Move…please move. Move a bit…just a little bit……please…)

Even if only a single finger twitch, it felt like she’ll be able to break free of the trance caused by terror coiling around her.

Sadly, her fingers remain frozen.

At this moment, the area around her darkens as an enormous shadow loomed over her.

At this moment, the scent of blood grew stronger around her.

At this moment, the growling became louder around her.

Panicking and trying to remember how to move her fingers, the feeling of despair cause Satsuki to be unable to open her eyes.

And because of this, she can instead hear clearly——

“GUWAHHHHHH” “HELP MEEEEEEEE” “Mummy I'm scared!!!!!”

The tearful crying voices and screams of children.

Satsuki's eyes snapped open and she jumped up from her seat.

By herself, she stood off against that fella, staring at each other.

It’s a giant snake.

It’s a giant snake that had broken up to the surface from underground, arching its neck like a scythe. A giant snake with a single eye.

The torrent of water from the sky was caused by this snake breaking out from the ground and throwing all the water from the pond into the air.

A monster that does not belonged on this world, any place on Earth or any other natural environment.

It is a Metaphysical, the natural enemy of all saviors.

Why did it appear here? —— Satsuki have no answer to that even after thinking furiously.

She knows the reasoning very well though.

Those creatures known as Metaphysical, are more sudden than Natural Disaster and are more cruel to the inhabitant of the world.

Satsuki who had lived in cities devastated by Metaphysical know that very well.

The terrifying yet strangely majestic giant snake rear up like a tower stabbing the sky, with that single eye glinting right at the front.

Looking deeply into that fearsome, monstrous single eye, Satsuki——

“Come! The great me will be your opponent. Be thankful to me!”

——screamed out her defiance and challenge with false bravado.

With her golden prana surrounding both arms and summoning her slim sword, she attempted to control her shaking legs.

And, terrifyingly, the snake seemed to smirked at her. As if it understood human speech.

“Right. That’s a good child. That’s right, your opponent is me. Don’t distract yourself with other inconsequential people.”

Satsuki, trying to force out her courage, spoke out roughly:

“Urushibara, can you hear me? Snap out of it and wake up!”

“I’m sorry. I’m fine now.”

Shizuno who just shook herself out of her stupor, as if trying to salvage her dignity, brush back her silky wet hair back and stood up elegantly from her seat.

“Is that so. That’s good. Please contact the Academy for reinforcement immediately. After that, lead everyone to evacuate——try to save as, lead everyone to safety without fail.

“And Ranjou-san?”

“I will try my best to pin down this fella here.”

“But…to fight a metaphysical by yourself…..”

“ [Victory lies in numbers and teamwork], the iron-clad rule of saviors right? I knew that from lessons, but I don’t think we have time for that kind of preparation.”

Satsuki complained while taking on a stance with her sword.

The mono-eyed snake seemed to be happily looking at the slightly pathetic looking Satsuki, while swaying with it's scythe-like body.

“…please stop saying ridiculous words.”

“If I were to escape too, who knew where this fella will rampage next.”

If they were to leave this monster alone to rampage as it wills, how many people will be injured?Even worst, how many people will be sacrifice?

The surrounding will definitely turn into hell.

She will definitely not allow it to happen.

(Of course I’m scared…..Don’t want to die…….)

Still, if she ran away to preserve herself, she’ll undoubtedly will turn into a false <savior>.

(Right! If I run away, I won’t be worthy to be Onii-sama’s little sister!”

Satsuki forcefully squeezed out a smile.

What, isn’t this for me the best reason to fight? Satsuki tried to convince herself.

Following the curve of her jawline, water dripped from her chin.

At the same time, filled with resolution and determination, Shizuno stepped up beside Satsuki.

“If that’s the case, allow me to fight alongside.”

“Uh? Reinforcement? Evacuation?”

“I’ve already sent a message to Moroha and the school. Everyone is evacuating correctly, so no one needs to lead them.”

“It’s enough with me alone. I don’t need any burden.” Satsuki screamed out loudly.

The delaying battle that’s going to happen next can be said to be a suicide mission. Satsuki do not want to drag Shizuno...her friend into it.

Even so…

“Who are you calling a burden? I am the [Royal Witch] respected and feared by all. It’s supremely easy for me to do a little thing like supporting you,” replied Shizuno loftily while smiling with a bit of dimple showing.


Glaring intently at the giant snake, Shizuno wrote out glowing glyphs in the air with her fingers:

Oh Darkness of Ice, Oh Spirit of Snow, lend me your breath, and freeze this unto a silence deeper than death

Shizuno’s surrounding drop into a darker gloom than that cast by the dark sky or the snake’s shadow.

The magic she cast greedily swallow the light in the area and absorb the ambient energy in the surrounding to power itself more.

Satsuki was shocked into silence.

Shizuno’s magical skill is excellent. Even Satsuki who became a savior for only a short time understood this.

Shizuno’s slender finger tranced out enough power as if to freeze the world into silence.

After writing 3 lines of glowing glyphs into the empty air, Shizuno gently tap them with the tip of her finger.

Ancestral Arts, Step Three Dark Magic 『Frozen Shade』.

The smooth and glossy scales unique to a snake was covered by a layer of frost, the giant snake over 10 meter in length started trashing in pain.

Shizuno, who had never shown anyone the full extent of her skills, revealed her full strength for the very first time.

(How powerful…!) Satsuki was deeply shocked.

Shizuno actually hid the fact that she has as much, if not more, power than most Black Mage teachers in the academy.

And thus there is nothing more reassuring than this as support. Thanks to her, Satsuki regain her courage and determination to win.

“My turn,” with a battlecry, prana gathered and swirls around her right leg.

Kicking off the ground strongly, Satsuki dashed towards the giant snake with the speed of a bullet.

She started her fight immediately with the <God Speed Link> that she just learn recently.


With both arms enhanced by <Titan Strength Link>, Satsuki chopped at the giant snake’s body unhesitatingly with no finesse.

Coupled with the explosive power of <God Speed Link>, she avoided the blood sprays.

It’s hard to describe her fighting movement as being elegance. Still, Satsuki had long abandoned those childish impulses.

The giant snake was originally staring at the trembling Satsuki as if to verify the freshness of its lunch. Now unexpectedly it is being counterattacked furiously by that would-be lunch. Facing this, it abandoned its laziness and fiercely baring its fangs.

Satsuki was the same and was focusing strongly on avoiding the fast darting jaws attacking her.

During this time, Shizuno was shooting off multiple 『Frozen Shade』, causing even more pain and suffering to the giant snake.

Unable to withstand the pain of frostbite, the snake finally extended it's neck to attack Shizuno, but had its head kicked away by Satsuki. She had not forgotten her duties as a white iron to protect the helpless black mage during spellcasting.

(Could it be…that this could actually work?)

Just when she felt a shiver of hope and leaked out a tiny smile——

Like saying [I was waiting for this moment], the cruel fate awaiting the two girls descended.


With a loud crushing sound, another giant snake broke out from underground.

“…………you are joking, right?” Satsuki could only smile bitterly.

That’s because, an unbelievable scene continue to unfold in front of them.




Just like being in the middle of a bomb explosion, the loud crashes continued to resound.

With every dust cloud explosion, a snake appeared on a scythe like body.

Giant snakes over 10 meters in length kept popping out.

The suddenly insignificant Satsuki could only stared helplessly at this surreal scene that’s like a CG re-creation of a Hollywood movie.

From the very first mono eye snake to the last 9 eyed snake.

A total of 9 Giant snakes.

No, it’s even worst……

“This is....a multi-head?”

A 9 head hydra.

The category of Metaphysical where the number of heads is linked to the overall power exponentially.

In the case of the giant with 7 faces and 8 arms that appeared last year, it took a task force of over 100 saviors to take it down. Satsuki learn that during lessons.

And this fella had 2 more heads than that giant, a total of 9.

“This...this is impossible...”

Her sword had slipped from her nerveless fingers.

It sounded sharply as it hit the hard ground.

“Satsuki! What are you doing!”

A harsh reprimand from Shizuno came from the back.

And from the front, the 9-eyed snake opened its maw and approached.

Shizuno cast 『White Breath』at it. Due to the sudden situation, she had only time to cast the significantly weaker Step One magic.

The 9 eyed snake brushed aside that attack effortlessly like nothing and continued to press forward.

From point blank distance, the snake breathe out a grey cloud.

Shizuno swiftly grabbed and push down Satsuki, covering her with her own body to protect Satsuki.

Unfortunately, the defense level of a non-White Iron like Shizuno is limited. The two of them were brushed lightly by the cloud.

Satsuki reflectively squeezed her eyes shut, but there wasn’t any feeling of pain anywhere.

No. Specifically all feelings below the knees have vanished.

Both her legs——were grey and petrified.

In addition, the petrification continued to creep up her legs invasively.

“Increase your prana output and resist the petrification curse!”

Satsuki, caught in a tangle with Shizuno on the ground, nodded sharply and followed Shizuno’s instruction.

Luckily, she’s able to prevent the curse from advancing further at great speed, but it’s impossible for her to stand up on her legs.

No, even so ——

The 5 eyed snake moved forward and licked Satsuki’s neck. Satsuki prepared for her death mentally.


Even if she was pressed down on the ground by Shizuno, Satsuki still reached out and grab her weapon and desperately swing her sword widely with her limited reach.

This is only a weak defiance pushed by her fear of death and not really a wise or deliberate choice.

The 5 eyed snake, giving an impression of [Ara, how scary, how scary], leisurely pulled back its head.

That’s right, for some reasons these monsters can mimicked human expressions.

Even if they are snakes. Even if they are monsters.

The 9 snake heads continue to jeered and laugh at Satsuki, playfully sliding their bodies all around the two girls, causing Satsuki to fall deeper into panic. They even took turns to reach forward and poke Satsuki with their head playfully.

“Come at me then! Taking turns or all together, I’ll take you on!”

Satsuki raised her sword to the front, like a fur-bristling cat driven to a corner.

This is only a facade of bravery of someone driven to a corner and had given up.

Seeing this, the 9 snake heads happily open and closed their jaws.

It’s very abnormal——no matter which head it was, they don’t seem to have any intention of seriously eating them.

After the passing of time, even Satsuki was able to calm down somewhat and felt that small suspicion.

What were they thinking? What were their intentions?

Satsuki cannot comprehend the goals of this metaphysical.

“Hey, what do you think?” Satsuki asked, but receive no reply from Shizuno.

This was when, Satsuki discovered that not only her legs, but Shizuno’s entire back was petrified by the cursed breath.

To resist the curse, she is forcing out mana as much as she can and had slipped into a half-conscious state.


Satsuki was frantic. Even if they were not swallowed up by the snakes, the slow petrification will still finished them off. It could be even that for the metaphysical, the twisted expression of the two girls due to fear and despair was the real delicious meal for them.

The giant snakes had happiness glinting out from their multiple eyes. It was simply terrifying.

Satsuki had already lost her will to lock eyes with them, and with no resistant slowly close her eyes.

At this time, her mobile rang.

It was a specifically set ringtone.

The ringtone set for Moroha.

Satsuki snapped open her eyes and prayed.

Amidst the despair she saw a silver of hope.

Thus she prayed hard and grabbed onto that hope to break free of her despair.



Taking a hot water bath whenever he felt like it, it was truly heaven.

For the happy-go-lucky Moroha, for some reason he cannot calm himself down today. For that reason, he left the bath early and went back to his room. After drying his hair with a towel, he checked the mobile on his desk.

There was a text message from Shizuno.

As this was the first text message he had ever receive, he had a pleased smile as he checked the message.

Reading the message, his smile froze.

Satsuki and Shizuno were under attack by a metaphysical and the situation is desperate.

Moroha changed into his battlesuit in record breaking time and flew out of his room.

{A metaphysical had appeared near the academy. Due to this emergency, all students are to gather in the mess hall. Repeat…}

A broadcast was sounded immediately from the speakers.

This must be part of the procedure for emergencies.

Moroha ran into the mess hall in a rare panic.

Everyone’s reaction was exemplary. Many students were already gathered in the mess hall that can be converted into a conference hall in a pitch.

The huge display screens, a source of many fights regarding the channels to watch, was displaying a view of an unusually huge metaphysical——the 9 head hydra.

The worst situation ever.

Although the video was taken from a distance away, the menacing presence of the metaphysical did not decreased at all. Compared to the shopping centre buildings, it was easy to determine the scale and size of that thing.

That huge monster actually appeared, everyone’s eyes was glued to the screen.

“Please tell me the situation!”

Moroha swiftly saw the figure of Isurugi Jin. It seems he was discussing something with the dorm head. He quickly moves to their location.

“It’s horrible. A Metaphysical as strong, if not stronger, than that dreadnought class that was defeated at Tokyo bay last year appeared. The teachers have already determined that it’s a multi head type. Even worst, a total of 9 heads that had never appeared before.”

“Forget about that! Shizuno and Satsuki are on location right now.”

“I know. Urushibara-san informed us via message. She said that to successfully evacuate the non-combatants, the two of them are keeping the target busy.”

The calm analytical tone of Isurugi is causing Moroha to become more frustrated.

I don’t need that kind of information. I already knew that from Shizuno’s message. Let’s reinforce them quickly! What I’m asking is if everyone’s preparation is completed?”

“We won’t be reinforcing them.”

The calm voice of Isurugi caused Moroha to explode in anger.


“Facing that kind of monster, it’s unwise to rush in without a plan of attack. If we attack carelessly, there’s a high possibility we’ll be wipe out totally.”

“Aren’t you an A-Class? Weren’t you proud of how great the Combat Corp is?”

“If this was a normal metaphysical, of course it won’t be an opponent for us. But, that monster will probably require the full mobilization of the entire Japan branch to take down. That includes all A-ranks like me, as much B-ranks that can be gathered and probably as much C-ranks, with a hundred of them as a single unit, as backups. If we don’t go that far, we won’t have a chance.”

“Then what are we to do now?”

“Currently, the principal had already request help from the White Knight Order. We are to wait for the reinforcements and prepare the formations spearheaded by us. No point in making unnecessary sacrifices.”

What nonsense is this? Moroha was tongue tied.

His brain was about to explode.

Could it be…that not only Isurugi’s family, but no one around him had died even once?

That he had never experience the pain of eternal partings.

Was this why he was able to sprout these shitty words? Moroha’s anger reached its peak.

“This is ridiculous. If we wait that long, Satsuki and Shizuno will be dead by then!” Moroha screamed in anger.

Isurugi seemed to hesitate for a split second, yet continue to reply calmly:

“This is a necessary great sacrifice to protect the majority.”

Moroha snapped. Something broke within him.

His heart started beating hard and erratically with an uneven rhythm.

He can hear the rush of blood in the depth of his ears.

His anger intensified to a single point.

“Listen to me,” Moroha says in a low and quiet tone.

He said this to Isurugi Jin, the monstrous captain of the combat corp, Strikers. One of the highest ranked White Iron in Japan.

“There is no life that can be abandoned easily in this world!”

Isurugi grunted once and took a step back.

The pressure that Moroha is emitting, a mix of hatred and bloodlust, caused Isurugi who was known for his steadiness and calm to panic.

“Forget it. I’ll go myself.”

“Wait a minute! Don’t break formation by yourself. I said it before that only the power of teamwork and organization can defeat the opponent. What can you do by yourself? Don’t forget the iron rule! Don’t let emotion cloud your judgement. This is an unnecessary sacrifice, it’s a childish self-satisfaction. Please reconsider…….”

Even if he was pushed down by Moroha’s presence, what needs to be said still had to be said. Jin used his full courage to persuade Moroha.

But, Moroha just glance once at Isurugi and he was struck silent.

Moroha just silently, resolutely turned his back on Isurugi and ignored him.

“Moroha-kun. Please calm down. No matter what, those two cannot be saved already.”

Isurugi plead earnestly towards Moroha’s back.

“Aren’t you all Allies of Justice?” Moroha coldly replied without turning around, and throw in his next line:

“If we cannot even save two girls, how are we called <Saviors>?”

Isurugi can only reply with silence.

Moroha had already lost any expectation with this place.

So, he can only proceed by himself.

Towards the two waiting for him; to the place besides the two of them——


The distance from the Academy male dorm to the shopping mall is around 20km in a straight line.

Moroha wrapped in pure white prana was running at full strength with God Speed Link.

His battlesuit had morph into a streamlined style, helping him to speed like the wind.

If he were to follow the main road, he’ll have to make a huge circular detour following the hill path.

Thus, Moroha decided to jump towards his location in a straight line.

Kicking off the tar road, he jumped onto a nearby residential roof with God Speed Link.

A height normally unreachable by normal people, he cleared it easily.

In addition,

Feathers Dash, Light as Ash, Released me fast, From Gravity Lash

While casting magic with his left hand, he dropped his weight magically to almost zero.

After taking lessons with Shizuno, Moroha’s Black Magic ability increased by leaps and bounds.

Once he landed on the next roof, he jumped off again.

The second jump was even further than the first.

In this way, Light Technique <God Speed Link> works in conjunction with Dark Magic Manifestation of Feather WeightDecrease Weight.

With this, Moroha jumped along the rooftops of the residential area and swiftly approach the shopping mall.

Every subsequent jump was further and faster, as if he was flying.

Along the white buildings, Moroha danced in the skies like a bird.

Light as feather, cutting through the air.

For a normal White Iron, it’s not a difficult thing to jump over a building with God Speed Link.

But, compared to running full speed on the ground, this method loses out in speed. Jumping continuously in a straight line or running on the ground circularly, which method is faster is irrelevant as the difference is not that far apart.

But, it’s different for Moroha. Only for Moroha.

By decreasing his weight with Black Magic, and then jumping with Light Techniques, this is a method out of the common knowledge of Saviors.

Pairing the fastest speed with the shortest distance——

With incomprehensible haste, Moroha rushed towards the two girls’ side.

He prayed that he will reach them in time.

He worried that they are not picking up his phone calls.

He imagined all sorts of horrible scenarios and had to continually shake them away from his head, only to repeat this again.

Moroha rushed through the city center like a tornado.

The speed he exhibited was too ridiculous, the movement he displayed was too unnatural, thus no one saw him at all.

Only a few minutes have passed since he left the dorms, yet he can already see the shopping buildings.

Also, the 9 scythe-shaped body of the hydra.

“SATSUKI! SHIZUNO!” Moroha roared, praying and hoping that his yearnings reached them.

Only a few more steps to reach them.

Moroha without hesitation rushed into the center of a 6 street traffic junction.

The unlucky vehicle that was just passing through had to swerve hard to avoid Moroha. Without a care, Moroha continued to swing between vehicles or jumped over them, crossing the junction without pause.

The next obstacle was a 4 story building.

Moroha leaped off the road and, kicking a tree as a jumpboard, ran up the side of the vertical building and reaching the roof.

The last jump was executed without hesitation.

Moroha finally stood on the shopping mall overlooking the destroyed center garden.

The hydra also noticed the brilliance of Moroha’s white prana.

Raising all the heads, they mockingly laughed at him.

As if saying that they were waiting impatiently for his arrival.

Even under the multiple glare of the metaphysical, under the immerse pressure, Moroha desperately looked for the silhouette of the two girls.

Satsuki and Shizuno——FOUND! They were hugging each other and lying on the ground.

Surrounded by the hydra, they gave the impression of sacrificial virgin maidens in some ancient civilization ritual.

Shizuno’s entire back from slowly pertifying, while Satsuki’s was petrified from her toes to near her navel.

Was that the doing of the metaphysical? Unforgivable!


Moroha forced Prana into his palm.

The tag in his palm reacted and morphed into his soul weapon.

The proof of a warrior standing on the battlefield.

Moroha is now a sword and the sword in his hand is Moroha.


Jumping from his high ground, Moroha plunged his sword into the nearest mono eye snake’s single eye.

<<Venus>> Activated.

Using Saratiga as a conduit, Moroha forced refined prana into the organ, causing it to explode from within.

The head that just lost its only eye roared in pain, and trashed uncontrollably.

Moroha stable himself using the sword stuck into the broken eye and prevented being thrown off.

Next, the 4 eyed snake rushed towards Moroha with its jaws wide open.


Moroha pulled out his sword and dodge by kicking off the injured head hard.

The inertial of the 4 eyed snake was too great and it collided into the mono eyed snake head, causing both to be entangled together.

Although everything was still going as planned, Moroha’s situation was still graved.

Especially, the platform he kicked off was unstable, so his jump was only partially successful. He was dropping onto the ground from a height of tens of meters.

If this continues, he’ll smash into the ground at high speed.

The chains of hell clung unceasingly to all sinners

At the last moment, Moroha’s left hand trance out a line of glowing glyphs.

Immediately, dark chains seemingly made from the night itself flew out from Moroha’s left arm and wrap themselves along a tree.

Using this as a pivot point, Moroha swung around like a pendulum and he successfully stabilize his balance.

The chains forged from Dark Magic disappear without a trance and Moroha landed on the courtyard.

Although he remembered the spell for 『Bind』in a split second, he was able to adapt the full effect successfully.

“I’ve made you all wait.”

Moroha stood up with both legs steadily on the ground, protecting both Satsuki and Shizuno who were just a few meters behind him.

“I just know…Onii-sama…will come.”

Resisting the spreading curse, Satsuki who was groggy with prana exhaustion still felt happy inside.

“But…Urushibara…is in danger. Her pupil’s…colour…is getting lighter……”

“Acknowledge. Leave the rest……”

Staring at the hydra, he resolutely straightens his stance.

“…to me.”

Raising the sword in his right hand and bravely took a half step with his right leg.

With his chest held proudly forward, it brings to mind a heroic pose.

In return, the metaphysical waved their 9 heads at him threateningly, hissing at him just like normal cobras.

The enemy was much, much larger than him. And they outnumbered him.

To be frank, the situation the worst.

But, as long as Satsuki is looking at him from behind, he felt courage flooding him!

(First, I must fight numbers with numbers.)

Moroha swiftly arrange possible tactics and scenario in his mind.

Holding Saratiga in his right hand, he leap forwards so fast with God Speed Link that not even a mirage can be seen.

At the same time, he wrote out glowing glyphs with his left hand.

Like the pavilion on the sand, fragile and phantasmal, revealed as the house of seduction

Once the black magic is completed, Moroha’s single body split into 10 bodies.

That’s right, like a certain ninja art popular in pop culture, Moroha had split into several clones.

The 9 heads of the hydra seemed to wave in confusion by the sudden multiple targets, but decided to attack each different Moroha with a different head.

Just when the 6 eyed snake swallowed up its Moroha, that particular Moroha disappeared like a mirage.

At the same time, 3 other Morohas disappeared without a trance after being individually attacked.

Those that disappeared are all fakes created by black magics. Using light to create 3D images, Moroha who seemed to have multiplied, actually had cast the Step 1 Black Magic 『Phantasmal Image』.

At this point, the real Moroha was approaching his true target——the 5 eyed snake’s head. Dodging the fangs, he chopped at the maw as he rushed by.

Glowing pure white with prana, Saratiga sliced apart the maw like a hot knife through butter.

The 5 eyed snake collapsed on the ground and rolled around in pain.

Still, although the attack seemed very successful, it’s far from a fatal blow.

Using the internal damage effect of <<Venus>>, the destructive power cannot be underestimated. But against the huge body of this metaphysical, the damage is still not significant enough. Similar to a 3cm cut on a human adult body, even if the cut is deep it won’t be a fatal blow.

Also, 4 heads that were previously distracted by the clones were turning back and attaching him from multiple direction.

Moroha cast Phantasmal Image again and scattered the clones in multiple directions.

4 heads went off to chase after the clones while the 7-eyed snake chased after the real Moroha.

Preparing to turn around and meet the attacker, Moroha’s grip tighten on Saratiga’s hilt……and loosens.

(There’s no end to this.)

If he could release prana equivalent to Flaga’s, it’ll be a different story. But for the current him, this is a long term battle like using an ice pick to chip away slowly at a large tree.

(Even so, the enemy will fall in the end……)

It’s similar to the dual with Isurugi Gen, a long term battle of attrition.

But differently from that duel, Moroha simply do not have the time.

Moroha shoot a quick look at Satsuki and Shizuno.

Shizuno’s situation is the direst. Although the petrification rate is slow, it was steady and all 4 limbs were petrified at this time.

He had to end this quickly, end this lighting fast.

(If that’s the case, how about this….)

Moroha who was running at full speed turned around to face the hydra chasing him.

In his dual with Gen, a similar attack of the same rank ended it in one blow.

Dance, Dance, Spirits of Thunder

No one live forever in this world, in an instant, in a flash, greed and joy

All are abandoned instantly; let the killing party commence this night

As he sang the aria, he was swiftly tracing the glowing glyphs with a practiced hand and concluded the spell by hitting the lines with a hard blow from his left hand.

Instantly, the lines formed into multiple balls of lightnings——Step Three Dark Magic 『Ball Lightning』, and the multiple balls exploded against the huge body like carpet bombing.

This time it’s the 7 eyed snake’s turn to trash in pain after suffering consecutive lightning strikes and burns.

Using Ball Lightning, the area effect damage greatly increased. But the forces are dispersed over a larger area and thus the snake did not received as much damage as expected.

Of course, Moroha did not know that Shizuno’s Freezing Shade was not able to deal a fatal blow either.

As these techniques were not used against human targets but giant monsters, the firepower is lacking.

In conclusion, regardless of light techniques or dark magic, both have limited effect against this creature.

[Right tool for the job], this phrase passes through Moroha’s mind.

Moroha really wanted to clicked his tongue at the impasse, but he’s running out of time.

That’s because the 8 eyed snake is approaching him fast after “snaking” through the trashing 7 eyed snake.


Using superior weight and shocking speed, the 8 eyed slammed hard into Moroha with a direct attack.

Moroha gritted his teeth and cross his arms, blocking using Titan Strength Link and jumping back at the same time to reduce the impact.

But, the impact was so stong it felt as if his body was broken into pieces.


Moroha’s body was blown far up into the sky like a piece of driftwood.

(That’s too powerful.)

While being blown up tens of meters up into the air, Moroha understood this deeply.

If he had not refectively jumped back and lessen the impact somewhat, he would have been really crushed into several pieces when he landed on the ground in the end.

Moroha twisted his body in the air and regain his bearings. Looking down, he looked for a landing spot and also to access the situation.

Downward——the 9 head hydra seemed to be waiting for him impatiently.

The 7 eyed snake that just took a direct hit from Ball lightning had recovered and had joined back into the battle.


Moroha clutched his teeth tighter.

Overwhelming in strength. Overwhelming in toughness. Even overwhelming in numbers.

So this is the so called creature that required the full mobilization of the Japan Branch to defeat —— the Dreadnought Class Metaphysical.

Moroha’s body was finally reclaimed by gravity, and he naturally drop down.

The metaphysical opened their bloody mouth to welcome him.

In Shu Saura’s memories, there was no such convenient magic like flight magic.

It’s the end.


Moroha’s mind conjured an image of a small boy.

A small boy that looked like him 8 years ago.

The boy was looking at him with darkened eyes.

— Of course it’s impossible.

— You cannot save anyone.

— You cannot even save your mother or father.

He could see those condemnations in those darkened eyes.


The right hand holding Saratiga was shaking.


The trembling intensified, as if reaching a limit.


Moroha saw it.

Behind the image of the “him” 8 years ago.

Behind the gazes of condemnation, on the background far away.

He saw Satsuki.

Satsuki was crying.

Satsuki who had witnessed Moroha being thrown up into the air was crying uncontrollably.

Even so, she did not avert her gaze from him.

Even if she was terrified and was surrendering to despair, she still looked on.

No matter what happens, Satsuki will always call Moroha’s name in her heart.

Satsuki forced down the fear of the petrification creeping up her body, and only single-mindedly looked at her Onii-Sama.

Seeing the swollen red eyes of this crying sister, Moroha sliced the air once.

Moroha sliced apart the image of him from 8 years ago.


That’s right. We’ve promised.

No matter how difficult the battlefield, no matter how strong the enemy, no matter how far we are, even if fate threatens to tear us apart

“I will always be victorious and return to your side!”


Moroha sucked in a deep breath.

His thoughts cleared.

At this height that can caused the sight to become dizzy, conversely everything can be calmly and clearly observed.

As if waiting for offerings, the hydra was shaking its body happily.

The shopping mall had suffered massive damage. Everything was broken.

Satsuki and Shizuno are still being corrupted by the petrifying curse.

Moroha took in everything he saw, and combine [ALL] into [ONE].


Moroha steadly let loose his breath and ready his sword.

He relaxed his body, closed his eyes and delves deeply into his consciousness.

The sound of the wind rushing past his ear disappeared.

The sound of the streets disappeared.

The only sound is the beating of his heart, the flow of his blood and his deep breathing.

And——Moroha seemed to hear the sound of seven gates slamming wide open.

Focusing, he forced the Prana dormant in his body to a high level.

The seven Prana Gates: Left hand, right hand, left leg, right leg, solar plexus, heart and brow, were gushing forth prana like a broken dam and releasing it throughout his whole body.

In the darken skies, Moroha was shining brightly in pure white as if ascending into heaven.

But, this is not enough.


Moroha roared toward the sky like a beast.

Being in his natural state is not enough to defeat this hydra. More power is needed.

If one does not abandoned the skin of a human and changed into an avatar of destruction, one cannot defeat a true monster.

CRACK. CRACK. Something seemed to be breaking in Moroha’s head along with a feeling that something is rushing up and down inside his brain. Something is gnawing away from the inside, bringing intense pain never experience by Moroha ever before in this life.

[Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh]

While Moroha is drawing forth prana from the 7 gates——

At the same time he is refining Mana.

From certain languages, magic can be translated literally as [Power from the Devil].

Like the devil, Moroha was ceaselessly stealing and absorbing all ambient energy from the surrounding, be it light, wind, heat or any other naturally occurring sources on earth to boost the power of his mana.

The darker the world, the more powerful he became.

Moroha also nonchalantly swallowed the pure white light of his own prana.


Moroha strained hiself with a low growl from his throat.

Without power, one can overcome difficulties.

Even if you prayed to God, no one will be saved.

Human Lives and Values are not so easily preserved.

For Moroha who had lost both parents, he had such a deep understanding.

The desire——for power.

The desire for absolute power that will resist fate, overturn adversaries, destroy enemies.

“I won’t arrogantly say that I’ll save anyone! But…..”

Visions flashes through Moroha’s mind.

Satsuki posing in her revealing clothes on their first date.

Satsuki desperately forcing herself trying to catch up to Moroha.

Satsuki with a red face when he is stroking her head.

Satsuki with terry eyes when she wanted to be praised.


Shizuno and their kiss during their first meeting.

Shizuno undeniable cuteness and her seductive yet daring attitude.

Shizuno and her dimples when she laughed.

Shizuno with her calm,solemn attitude and self-sacrificial but strong will.

Everything Everything Everything.

It’s all precious to him. He does not want to lose anything. So——


Moroha’s shout resounded through the clouds.

Prana rushed out form the 7 gates within his body, unendingly and unceasingly as if from a bottomless well.

And Moroha’s mana greedily absorbs and swallowed up the prana as if a black hole.

Prana turned into light and attempt to illuminate the world. Mana diffused into darkness and tried to swallow the world.

Both fought and compete for supremacy over each other and thus, broke each other’s limit.

This is the so called rivalry which raised the power of both through combat.


The white prana and black mana had formed sinuous lines around Moroha.

How much energy and power are hidden among those depths?

[White] & [Black].

The 2 extremely polar energy started to swirl. As if 2 tigers fighting, trying to bite each other’s tail.

Almost like the symbol for Taoism.

Isurugi Jin once said this: Moroha's value was his versatility.

He’s wrong. Very wrong. He was speaking as someone with a fixed mindset and no imagination.

The principal once said this: Prana and Mana can be made to work with each other if you were to think about it.

Moroha is the [The Eldest Heroic Spirit], an existence above common knowledge. One who can freely control Prana and Mana.

As if to break apart the world, Moroha’s twin power burst out explosively.


Taking a stance with Saratiga in his right, his left hand wrote out the magic script.

He was not able to cut off even one single head using the internal destruction of Light Techniques or the wide area destruction of Dark Magic.

Moroha understood that he cannot defeat the hydra if he continued the same method.

But, no because of this, Moroha had to think out a new and extreme alternative method, and sang the aria in a clear voice:

Purgatory of Hell, Conflagration of Gaia

Fire burn good and evil without prejudice, purifying all in its intense mercy

All beings revert to bones at death,

For God abandoned humanity,

Let this corrupted world end, Let the trumpets sound, Let the time of judgement begin

Aria and the tracing combined.

Something was continuing to crack inside Moroha’s brain, and he seemed to hear another...him...speaking:

“That’s right. Let all witness the might and power of one who is called <The Pluto>.“

This is a dark magic that’s ranked two steps above Incinerate. The Step Five Dark Magic 『Black Gehenna』.

Finishing the five glyphs lines, Moroha tapped them to conclude the spell.

Not with his hand this time, but with Saratiga held in his right hand.


Suddenly, a mass of black flame not natural to the world manifested.

The black flame twisted around as if alive, but gradually concentrated onto a point.

Concentrated onto Saratiga.

Blending into the prana surrounding the sword, the sword seemingly burst into black flame.


With sparks flying out from the black flame, Moroha raised the fiery Saratiga high over his head.

He dropped down the sky like a comet trailing smoke behind him.

At this time, 8 heads were rushing towards him.

The 9 eyed snake breathe petrification smoke at him.


Regardless of all obstacles, Moroha slashed through with his hellfire sword. Amazingly, the immaterial smoke was cut apart and disappear without a trace.

Spinning his body, the hellfire swirl around Moroha like a whirlpool.

As he dropped down, Morohaspin the hellfire into a screw-like shape and approached the 9 eyed snake.

Piecing into the maw with the prana and mana combined sword.

And, an explosion of white and black——

<<Venus>> broke apart the internal body like a toxin creating pathways, and 『Black Gehenna』 flooded along the pathways burning everything.

Internal Destruction and Area effect destruction working together. A combined attack.

In the end, one snake of the hydra burst apart, destroyed from within.

Moroha is the only savior in the world capable of using both Light Techniques and Dark Magics.

Thus, he could forged a third path and create an all new skill of his own.

In the future, The White Knight Order will name it thus:

Yin-Yang Ancestral Arts》 -

The Black Sword that Sears All Heavens KURIKARA

Losing one of its heads, the other 8 heads rushed forwards together in a frenzy.

Moroha landed on the one of the snake body and majestically swung his sword several times.

All these time, his body was emitting light and darkness.

5 eyed, 3 eyed, 2 eyed, 8 eyed, 4 eyed, 6 eyed, 7 eyed——

Moroha destroyed one head after another as they attacked him.

“I am FLAGA< The Guardian of the Holy Sword> and SHU SAURAThe Holder of the Forbidden Spell! For you who have angered me, repent and burned in hellfire foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!”

Shouting while dancing with his hellfire sword, Moroha was like a fiery whirlwind.

Fresh blood spraying into the air were vaporised by the heat.

Surprisingly, the mono eyed snake that was injured at the very first start of the battle was the last head to be bisected.

And, the battle ended.

Moroha seem to have effortlessly and instantly vanquished the hydra.

The giant snake bodies that had lost all the heads lost all strength and flopped to the ground lifeless.

6 of the giant headless body crashed into the shopping buildings and the buildings were demolished.

SeiKen Tsukai no World Break 01 322.jpg

Looking at the wanton destruction below him, Moroha did not relax his fighting spirit.

Somersaulting with his sword held against his shoulder, he shoots towards the ground straight as an arrow.


Moroha thrust out the deciding blow and piece the ground strongly with Saratiga.

Huge amount of Prana and Mana were pumped into the ground and the ground heaved.

The huge courtyard was broken into pieces, not unlike a cookie dropped onto the floor.

The surrounding buildings lost their foundations and were demolished.

The ground pieced directly by Saratiga exploded and a huge hole was created, revealing the enormous main body of the hydra hidden underground.

That body was pieced by Saratiga and all remaining prana and mana was released inside.

A pillar of flame shoots towards the heaven like an erupting volcano.

The enormous fiery pillar piece the high dark clouds and broke a hole in the cloud cover.

A shaft of light shine through the gap onto the destroyed shopping mall.

In a situation where no one was killed, a dreadnaught class Metaphysical was destroyed.

Haimura Moroha.

Just by the power of himself, and the feelings he held for his little sister........

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