Seiken Tsukai No World Break:Volume 1 Epilogue

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Moroha was tiredly climbing the hell slope leading to the academy.

Satsuki and Shizuno were walking by his sides but Satsuki had been nagging non-stop all the way.

“That was really dangerous! Onii-sama!”

His ears were growing tired from the same phrase.

When Moroha destroyed the main body, didn’t he destroy the entire shopping mall?

The ground broke, the buildings collapsed, Satsuki and Shizuno petrified right in the middle…….

“We were lucky that the first 9 eyed snake you destroyed was the key to undoing the petrification curse and so we were able to escape on our own. If not for that coincidence, what would you have done?”

While Satsuki was venting at Moroha, Moroha was trying to defend himself:

“ No...that was unavoidable. I had to bet my life just to destroy that fella. Anyway, if I had held back, there could have been worst consequences……”

“Couldn't you have given us some consideration?!!!”

“I’m sorry. Please let me know what I can do to make it up to you?”

While Moroha begged Satsuki, she held a contemplative look going [Let’s see...].

“I would like to give thanks to Moroha instead.”

Shizuno facing straight forward was saying that expressionly .

“Uh? Urushibara you traitor!!!”

“Moroha, thank you very much. How would you like me to reward you? How about something that will greatly decrease my value as a girl?”

“Don’t take the opportunity to score points with Moroha!!!”

“Both of you are so energetic…..”

Which side was really the one who almost turned into stone and at the edge of death?

Moroha would like nothing better than to just lie down on the roadside and go to sleep.

Still, even if he was exhausted, he had to obey the principal who called him by phone and ordered him to report back immediately.

The principal also warned him that he’ll have to give a clear and concise report upon his arrival, no details omitted. Just thinking about it, Moroha felt faint.

“Ah well. It’s fine, since Moroha kept his promise.”

Looks like her mood turned better after venting. Satsuki was scratching her face in embarrassment.

“Anyway, shouldn’t you ladies be the one to lavishly reward me?”

“Lavishly? What do you mean by la…lavishly?”

Satsuki shirked back in fear and came to a suddenly conclusion:

“Don’t…don’t tell me? You want me to also do something that will decrease my value as a girl as thanks?”

Satsuki was so embarrassed that she was red to her ears.

“Are you still desiring my soft gentle lips? Was it so unforgettable for you?”

“Wait...Imouto-sama. I think your fantasies had gone off a deviant path since a while ago.”

“No~~. Stop, Moroha. We are siblings. It’s too early to do those kinds of things.”

Satsuki had already stop listening. She was hugging herself and twisting her body shyly as she lost herself in some fantasy world.

“Shizuno, let’s go.”

Moroha heartlessly abandoned Satsuki and moved quickly away up the hill with Shizuno.


Moroha turned his head to look behind and the angry Satsuki chasing them and smiled.

Shizuno’s dimples were floating up on her face.

The new leaves were dancing on the winds above the road.

The gentle sun, the greenery surrounding them.

Without their awareness the weather had turned sunny, nothing better to let one relax in.

He can walk along the road to school with Satsuki and Shizuno again. He can chat and laugh along with them again.

Moroha was satisfied.

The effort he put in today was not wasted.

Right, if he were to get more rewards, he’ll be frightened instead of divine retribution.

After conquering the hell slope, the school gate finally appeared in front of them.

Isurugi Jin was waiting for them.

“I could hear you guys all the way from here.”

Moroha suddenly felt embarrassed when he hear that from Isurugi.

“No, no. That was meant as being amazed by your resilience. Seeing how you guys are flirting, you don’t looked like you had went through a life and death battle. It’s amazing that the metaphysical was destroyed just by the three of you. It’s truly heroic. I’ll really like to learn from you guys.“

If someone else was to say the same words to them. They’ll have felt uncomfortable. But only Isurugi did not give them that feeling.

“Good job. Please accept my deepest respect.”

Isurugi unreservedly praised and congratulate them.

Moroha stopped walking and look straight into Isurugi’s straight and honest face.

This guy abandoned Satsuki and Shizuno to their death.

If Moroha had no resentment towards this, it’ll be a lie.

But, Isurugi did not apologize for that decision. And that was why Moroha decided to forgive him.

He did not apologize because he ultimately believed that he made the correct decision. Believing that Moroha would win against the Metaphysical by himself would be against the norm. Regardless of the outcome, that was the belief and judgment of one capable of leading the combat corp. That of a leader.

Moroha do not want to be someone like Jin, who shouldered the fate of many people.

Moroha can only expand his full energy to protecting those right beside him.

Thus he changed his mind. He felt that if he continued to resent Jin who bears such a heavy burden, it be too despicable of him.

“It was really tiring. I will definitely not do that a second time.”

Moroha untied the knot in his heart and grinned at Isurugi.

Isurugi’s entire atmosphere calm down considerably.

“Actually, I’ve something to tell you guys. That’s why I was waiting here,” Isurugi said that with a big smile.

“I would like to invite Ranjou-san to join us as a reserve member.”

Moroha grunted in surprise and they all turned to stare at the named person.

Satsuki was frozen.

5 seconds...10 seconds...15 seconds...

“EEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Satsuki screamed.

“Whywhywhywhy? Why do you want me suddenly?” Satsuki was screaming in confusion.

“You challenged that monster fearlessly because you were trying to protect the powerless masses right? That is courage were praising, a model savior worth emulating. Even with strength, that is something that couldn’t be trained out by a normal people. It’s something inborn. Someone like you who processed such a strong sense of justice is a rare gem needed by the combat corp. So I hope for you to join us.”

“But…but…but…in the end I did not……”

“That’s just like Isurugi-senpai.”

When Satsuki was about to deny her involvement, Moroha quickly cut in and hit her with his elbow to remind her to keep quiet. Such an honest person. REALLY!

“Even if you said that, it’s too much to have her join as an official member immediately, right? So you’ll have her join in as a reserve member to train her up, correct? Ah, such a comprehensive plan.” Moroha said in a rush with a face full of fake smiles.

Moroha had already advanced the conversation several steps in advance and said everything Isurugi wanted to say, so Jin can only smiled bitterly and nod his head. After a [Please think about it], he left them and head back.

“Isurugi-senpai the end the monster was defeated only by Moroha,” Satsuki whimpered softly.

“It’s impossible to win one on one with a metaphysical, this is a deeply rooted common sense. If it was known that this truth was broken, Moroha would be raised to an S-class Savior,” Shizuno explained this expressionlessly.

Satsuki, disturbed, turned towards Moroha and said: “ Moroha really did that though...”

“Regardless of who defeated it or how many people did it, it’s no matter right? Rethink what Isurugi-senpai said. He praised Satsuki’s fighting spirit right? We actually think that too, so you can puff out your chest and be proud.”

Moroha scratched his head and awkwardly patted Satsuki’s shoulder.

“Can I really do that?” Satsuki mumbled to herself and pinched her face hard.

“Feeling pain in her cheek, she finally acknowledge that this is reality.

“GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!” Satsuki started jumping around in joy.

“I won’t be pushed aside out of the circle. I can be beside Onii-sama’s side. I’m so happy!!”

At the end, she actually pounced forward and hugged Moroha tight naively. Moroha was feeling flustered over this.

Still, no matter what, a warm feeling flooded from his heart and he lowered his soft gaze at the Satsuki hugging him.

For now, even if it’s just a tiny little bit, he really felt that this is his little sister, so he gently stroke her head.

“Remember not to become a burden to us.”

“Irritating! If I promote to an official member first, don’t hate me!”

Even after Shizuno tease her, Satsuki still maintained her radiant smile.

“Right! Since it’s decided, Let’s take a bath after we get back. And take a long nap. To prepare for the training tomorrow!”

“We still have to report to the principal though.”

Wanting to escape by herself, not so easy.

Luckily she had hugged him on her own free will first, so Moroha caught her firmly.

“Guuu. Moroha was not petrified. So you cannot understand our fatigue,” Satsuki complained while struggling.

“Really. My legs still felt a bit stiff. Like there’s some rocks grinding against each other inside the leg. It felt really disgusting.”

“Ah, I get that feeling. It’s the same for me.”

“Right! Right! Although it could be our imagination…”


Before Satsuki could finished, Moroha’s expression turned serious, and he knelt down.

His left hand and right hand reached out…and groped hard on the legs of both Satsuki and Shizuno.

“WHAT?” “Ara.”

Satsuki widened her eyes in shock while Shizuno put both hands on her reddened cheeks. Moroha was just concentrating on checking the conditions of their legs.

Satsuki’s leg was athletic and bouncy. No matter where he touched, the flesh is springy. It felt really good to stroke it.

On the other side, Shizuno’s leg was surprisingly voluptuous. But it’s definitely not fat. When he squeezes with his hand, his fingers would sink deeply into the extremely soft flesh. Enough to make anyone’s heart pound.

“There don’t seemed to be anywhere abnormal, even so should we visit a doctor and get a MRI done?”

While Moroha was stroking both their legs, he was talking seriously to them.

“Before that, maybe we should go to the police station……YOU PERVERTED ONII-SAMA!!!!” Satsuki replied with one eyebrow twitching in irritation.

Moroha jerked slightly, coming back to his senses, and finally realized the crazy thing he’s doing.

(I worried about you both-- Really--)

Still, Satsuki was glaring coldly at him.

Maybe it’s due to his guilt, but it seemed as if Satsuki’s cold piecing gaze was stabbing at the hand on Shizuno’s thigh.

“Ahhh ahhhh. As your sister, I feel so sad. Is there anything you want to say?”

“---------------It’s a really beautiful leg.”

“Yes, let’s make a trip to the police station. It’s good for you to spend a night in a cold cell.”

“I would like to visit a gynecologist with Moroha someday instead.”

“STOP SAYING NONSENSE OVER THERE!” Satsuki was angered beyond reason.

“Moroha! Shizuno! Both all you are too fallen!” She shouted at the two of them while pointing at them.

“The great me will spend lots of time to slowly straighten you out. So be thankful to me! Ho ho ho ho ho!”

Satsuki maintained that position and laughed shrilly.

“The two of you are lucky to have me as a training partner. You should cry in joy.”

“Yes. I feel like crying now.”

“As above.”

“Come, let us proceed to the principal's office then!”

Satsuki energectically dragged the two of them forward by grabbing their hands and taking great steps forward.

“Moroha and Shizuno exchanged a glance, and ——

The three of them smiled and chatted happily, walking forward...together.

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