Sekai no Kiki Hamekurumeku!:Volume 1 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1[edit]


The telephone rang.

And, it is the telephone of a public phone booth that is ringing.

In a world where everything is stained pure white, Shingo Miyata stares blankly at the phonebooth.

Up down left right of this world, inside out, are like having been through a recent snow, everything is white.

Turning towards his back was white, looking ahead is also an endless space of whiteness.

In this snow white, there is only one phonebooth that is announcing its existence.

That's right, there is a phone booth there.

Even though the number of phone booths out there nowadays has reduced dramatically, it can still be found on the streets.

It is as if boasting its existence in the white world, standing tall there.

In this snow white world, why is there just this phone booth......

Shingo tilts his head slightly with a puzzled look, his mind filled with question marks, unable to give it a smooth thought.

------ Am I dreaming?

If this is a dream, then all the abnormal scenes before me can all be explained.

The telephone suddenly gave off a sharp ring, as if hushing Shingo to pick it up. Even though this is dreamland, but that sound is still rather stinging in his ears.

Even if he ignores it, the ringing shows no sign of stopping.

Shingo makes his decision, and walks to the phone booth, placing his hand onto the folding door. The ringing continues to ring as if hushing him, so Shingo opens the door forcefully at one go.

At that instant, the ringing that is now several times louder pierced Shingo's eardrums. He reflectively wants to cover his ears, but thinking about it a little, to escape from the series of soundwave attack, he might as well just pick up the phone.

The phone inside the phone booth is pink, and is actually not button type, but rotary type. This spinning type photo that can almost be considered an antique, even though Shingo knows of its existence, this is the first time he has actually seen one.

Shingo picks up the phone, and place it lightly at his ear.

"Pin pan pang------! Congratulations, you are a winner!"

A female voice that bears a strange tension gets into his ear.

"You have been chosen as one of the "Chosen Ones" to save the world------!"


Shingo blinks, then asks back with a troubled look on his face:

"Erm, err...... Who are you?"

"Hmm? Huh? Ah! Its me! Me!"

How the hell would I know who are you!?

The voice on the phone seems obviously female, and she is that kind of lively and not too smart kind of girl.

"I don't know anyone by the name of "Me"."

"That's right, this is the first time I am talking to you."

"Oh......? Then who the hell are you?"

"Hmm, about that~ God, I am God."


"Ah! But I am female, so I am probably considered a Goddess?"

"...... Is this some new kind of telephone treachery?"

"How did you come to that conclusion!"

"Because not only did you not tell me your name, your content is very strange as well......"

"Damn, my first appearance isn't going too smoothly, youngsters nowadays are just like that."

The female that claims to be God is muttering something, but gets back to the topic very soon.

"Oh my! Now is not the time to be wasting time. Hey, are you listening? Now let's get back to topic."

"Yes, yes, I am listening!"

"Then I shall tell you. Erm...... Actually I made a small mistake, so Earth is now in a danger of getting eliminated."


God ignores the shocked Shingo, and continues on to say:

"Of course, I will take responsibility for it. But the problem is, there are things going on elsewhere which I cannot ignore."

"........................Wai, wait a minute."

"Actually, even though it is possible to just sacrifice Earth because of that mistake. But if I just ignore it, I will feel bad and can't sleep well."

"....................... I said wait."

"Besides, it is my fault that Earth is in a crisis, so I as a goddess decided to be benevolent and leave a ray of hope to save the world------ That would be the "Chosen Ones" like you."

"....................... Hey!"

"In order to save the world, I will grant you one power as you wish, you can then use this power to save the world from its crisis. That is the most I can do. There is no time, so state your wish quickly."

"....................... Hey, hey!"

"...... What? If you don't tell me soon, I am going to hang up!"

"....................... Hey! I am saying......"


"................. I am saying, you are saying so many weird things all of a sudden, how am I to believe youuuuuuuuuuuuu!"

Shingo is so agitated that his saliva flew all over the place.

"World crisis!? Chosen ones!? What is that! Even a primary school kid won't believe it okay! Besides, why me? I am just an average high school student!? Why would the responsibility of saving the world fall into my hands?"

"Hm, ah! Huh......?"

Sounds of someone scratching his/her head, puzzled, could be heard from the other end of the telephone.

"That's strange, everyone else accepted it easily, why won't this guy just listen?"

"Are you even listening to me!?"

"Huh? Ah, aaah, yes yes I am listening. Right, what did you just say?"

"You aren't listening at all!"

Shingo is so angry that he starts feeling dizzy.

I can't understand why am I dragged into such an unexplainable situation.

Besides, the woman on the other end of the phone that claims to be God is really too weird. What God, world crisis, heros and sorts are terms that will only appear on television and peoples' fantasies, or dreams.

Thinking about it, Shingo finally calmed down.


As if the mist before his eyes are all cleared, everything became clear to him.

That's right, a dream, this is a dream. Didn't he already felt that he was in a dream since the beginning?

Finally at ease, Shingo felt relaxed.

And so, the ridiculous turn of events can be easily explained. Goddess, the strange female voice in the phone, world crisis, or the world before his eyes------ are all part of a dream.

Shingo thinks, and so he felt much better, and in turn began to enjoy this world.

"......Hey! Goddess."

"Hm, what?"

"You said you will grant me a power I want?"

"Huh? How come we can communicate again all of a sudden? Oh well. Yup, that's right! But you can only choose one."

"Any power is fine?"

"Leave it all to me."

"Okay, then I shall say it."

"Out with it, out with it!"

Shingo tells her the power he wanted.

He cried out the power he wanted to save the world with a firm tone.


He says with a strong tone, as if boasting, and made the above declaration.

But, the first reply from the other terminal was a hesitant voice.

"..................................................Are you serious?"

"I am very serious."

"Wai, wait a minute, are you sure that is fine?"

"That's right."

"......Fine then, if you are happy with it. Well then, I bestow you with that power then."

"Hey, hey, why does your tone sound so unwilling, you don't seem thankful in your voice."

"What is so thankful about upskirting? Why don't you tell me."

The goddess mutters to complain.

"Whatever, anyway, good luck from now on."

"Sure, leave it all to me."

Just as Shingo nods, the world before him starts to crumble, his body levitates quickly, he knows that this dream is about to end.


He is just a high school student, yet he dreamed about being chosen as a hero to save the world.

Shingo who felt that he is dreaming can't help but give a bitter smile.

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