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Chapter 2[edit]

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The five “Chosen Ones” came to a nearby empty, as if forgotten by others, children’s park.

No matter what, they must sit down to have a talk.

Shingo first looks at Tarou.

“Is it okay for you to just come out like this?”

“Why do you think I am not tied to a rope! That is from the trust that I will return to my master’s side, and for me to contribute to this world, to all of mankind, that I am allowed freedom like this.”

“Contribute to this world, to all of mankind?”

Tarou laughs proudly. At least, it looks as though its laughing.

“I am a famous dog in this area. When I take a walk, I am also being a patrol guard for the night roads at the same time, I have saved females and children from danger several times. I am even known as a patrol dog that has been complimented by the police!”


If that was real, then perhaps it is the most suitable hero among this group of people. Even though its just a dog……

“So, what powers was bestowed upon a famous patrol dog like you?”

Mitsuo as if wary of Tarou, stands in front of Honoka, with a stern look on his face. It feels as though he would trust Tarou only in ero matters. [Translator’s note: When Tarou first appeared, it sniffed under Honoka’s skirt. P.S. Tarou is a MALE dog.]

Tarou does not seem to mind Mitsuo’s attitude, and says proudly:

“Its cloning/doppelganger.” [Both terms can be accepted I guess?]


“I have the ability to create countless duplicates of myself…… It may be faster for me to just show it to you!”

The greatest purpose of their discussion, is to find out about each other’s abilities. So, Shingo and gang seems anxious and hushes Tarou to show its powers.

“Then let me begin!”

Before it finishes its sentence, two Tarous appeared before them.


“Its not over yet!”

Following that, it increases to three, four…… Gradually, Shingo and gang is surrounded by a big bunch of Tarous.

“G, Great……”

“Of course, each one of them is real, and can attack. On the contrary, even if attacked, as long as the real me is not hit, I will not be injured.

Seeing the leaning, lying down and even sitting clones/doppelgangers, no matter what they are doing, they would all open their mouth to speak at the same time.

“W, which one of them is the real one?”

“Can you guys tell? Want to make a guess?”

Shingo and gang takes up the challenge.

Mitsuo seems agitated, as though he wants to grab its tail instantly.

“But this ability is really useful. The clones/doppelgangers can attack, yet the opponent’s attacks would be useless against them.”

“I am a dog after all, different from humans, and there are many troublesome limitations. So Kami-sama[A.K.A God] was willing to accept a little more of my requests.”

“So I guess the ability to speak the human language was requested by Tarou as well.”

“No, this is because it was too sudden, I did not even think about it. The one who noticed this was Kami-sama. This seems to be what she called “service”!” [Treat it as fanservice in a sense… Don’t ask me why, their Gods are very… err… friendly? Understands the common masses well? LOL?]

Our powers are superpowers given by God, powers that would make us grateful to her[or It? How to refer to God…? And the God in text is a female by the way], yet to express it using the word “Service”, then won’t the grateful thoughts in our hearts be greatly reduced as well? To hear the word “Service” from God’s mouth, it seems this Kami-sama is really casual.

Mitsuo bears this thought in mind, as he shouts out confidently: “I got it!”

“Oh, you found me?”

“Of course I found you! You have been leaning down ever since just now, taking the opportunity to peek under Honoka-nee’s skirt!”


Honoka who was suddenly mentioned presses on her skirt with a nervous look on her face.

Tarou on the other hand seems untroubled as it stands up.

“Don’t use such mistaking words. I was just leaning down. What proof do you have that I have been peeking?”

“It was not necessary, yet you deliberately stayed by Honoka-nee, and with the fact that that is your real body, isn’t that the most convincing evidence?”

Even though this theory is not much of an evidence, yet it is strangely convincing.

After Tarou disengages his cloning/dopperganger ability, all the rest of the clones/doppelgangers disappears without a trace instantly.

“Okay, just like that. I am capable of making clones/doppelgangers.”

“Don’t try to change the topic like that!”

“Is there a problem?”

“You actually ignored my proof!”

Honoka listens to their conversation, and can’t hold her laughter, and whispers to Shingo.

“With Mitsuo taking the lead to look into the matter, it would be easier for us.”

“Yeah. If we are to look into each issue one by one, causing our blood pressure to go up won’t be good for our body either.”

After all, Mitsuo is still young, it doesn’t matter even if it is a bit harder for him. Shingo came up with such a conclusion by himself.

“S, so, I have a question!”

Jun raises his hand with a timid look on his face.

“T, Tarou, w, what is the greatest number of clones/doppelgangers can you make at one time?”

“From my test yesterday, at least a hundre.”

“A hundred!?”

“If it is just to increase the numbers, I can probably create even more. But as the number grows, it would at the same time use up my energy. So to actually manipulate their actions, twenty or thirty would be the limit.”

Even so, for us, with such few numbers, it is still a great addition in fighting power. Tarou seems more and more like the most suitable hero in the group.

“A, awesome……”

“Having said that, you were given powers too right? Let us see what is your power!”

“Ermm…… M, my powers is n, not as magnificent as Tarou’s. I, its just teleportation.”


“T, that’s right.’

Before he finishes his words, Jun disappears without a trace. The gang looks around hurriedly, only to find Jun standing on the cubic bars for the children to climb since who knows when.


“I, is that your teleportation?”


Just as they were thinking that he disappeared again, Jun appears before Shingo and gang again with the blink of an eye.

“N, no, this is awesome enough already!”


“B, but, t, there are all kinds of limitations.”

According to Jun, even though the distance of teleportation is unlimited, but it seems that he can only teleport to places where he can picture in his mind.

For example, to teleport to New York, all he has to do is think of the scenery of a specific place and he would get there. So if Jun uses the statue of liberty as his destination, he would get there accurately.

On the other hand, just knowing the location name, if he is unable to picture that location, he cannot get there. For example, there is a country called “Gabon” in Africa, if he only knows the name, but is uncertain of the actual scenery there, he cannot go there. Yet if he has a picture of Gabon in his hand, he can use it as a clue to get there.

“But, teleportation ability is very important indeed.”

Under the current situation where they have no idea where and how the world crisis is going to happen, the ability to use teleportation to adapt to it would make Jun’s ability very precious.

“A, and, I w, want to give t, these to you guys.”

What Jun took out from his bag are round stones of the size of a palm. There are four in total, he gives it to each person one by one.

“T, this is a “teleportation stone”. A, as long as you have this, a, anyone can use teleportation easily. B, but, you can only teleport to where I am. Be it getting s, separated or a, acting alone, this is f, for everyone to gather instantly, something I g, got from Kami-sama.”

“Hee, you are just a pervert, yet you are so meticulous……”

Mitsuo is very impressed, thinking in his heart that it is great to have this “teleportation stone”.

Shingo and gang all have their own lives to take care of. Especially for Shingo, Honoka and Misuo, they have to attend school, so they have a greater constrain regarding their movements, so to have a way to gather instantly during emergencies, is naturally the best.

“But, no matter which one, your powers all seem very common.”

Mitsuo crosses his arms at the back of his head, with an unbelievable look on his face. Honoka tilts her head slightly and asks him:

“Really? I actually found Tarou and Matsukawa’s powers very powerful.”

“We are facing a world crisis! In that case, won’t “a laser beam that can pierce through everything” or “a sword that can cut anything” be better?”

Tarou hears his words of complaints, and frowns slightly.

“So then what is your ability?”

“An “almighty barrier” that can shield against anything.”


“Yeah. Jun, throw that stone over there at me.”

“Huh? B, b, b, but……”

Mitsuo smiles arrogantly.

“Didn’t I just say its not a problem? This is an “almighty barrier” after all.”

Shingo takes on the job in place of the hesitant Jun.

“I am throwing it now.”

He tosses the stone lightly at first. The stone flies straight at Mitsuo’s face.

But, at around one meter from Mitsuo, the stone suddenly disappears with a small exploding sound.

“Huh, what?”

Shingo ignores Jun and Tarou who are standing at the side with their eyes widened, and uses all his might to toss a stone. Yet it is the same this time round with a clear sharp exploding sound, the stone disappears at the same time.

“Oh, ohhhh------”

Sounds of admiration rises from all around.

“Its an invisible defense barrier.”

“No, its not entirely invisible.”

Hearing that, the gang stares more closely for a while. All they see is an invisible semi-spherical object that is surrounding Mitsuo’s body like a piece of lens, extending outwards.

“A, amazing…… T, this, w, won’t break?”

“Who knows. Oh, better watch it, its better to not get any closer!”

Mitsuo halts Jun and Tarou who can’t resist the temptation to get closer.

“This defense barrier is as the name implies, able to shield against any objects. And not only does it defends, it is also able to destroy things it comes into contact with.”

“D, destroy?”

“You guys saw it too, the stone was grinded into dust the moment it came into contact with the barrier. Other objects too, erm…… Though I have yet to try it, but in theory, be it missiles or lasers, they would be destroyed the moment they touch this barrier, no, perhaps it should be said that it would be eradicated.”

“Mitsuo-sama, if a living being touches that barrier……”

“If a living being touches it, it should not get eradicated, but it seems that the being would get an expected blow. As for humans, just touching it, I guess he would faint from it?”

“Best not to make random guesses…… Or have you tried it?”

“Yesterday I was surrounded by a bunch of baddies, so I tried to fight back with the barrier, and the battle was determined in a moment.”

“So that’s it.”

Tarou shows how impressed it was continuously.

A defense barrier that possess the ability to attack and defend at the same time, it seems like the only weapon that can decide the outcome of the battle. Even though Mitsuo is still a primary school student, it is not that good an idea to have the most offensive ability, but given the small number of comrades they have, there is no choice at all.

“Ah, yes.”

Mitsuo seems to have just recalled something, and looks in the direction of Shingo.

“Just to mention, this barrier does not protect men(guys).”


Shingo replies with a high pitched voice.

“W, what do you mean?”

“It is as the words implied. This defense barrier will not protect men. If you want to be protected no matter what, just hide behind me.”

“W, why did you request that kind of restriction from Kami(God)!”

“Because I hate men.”

“Hey, hey……”

Mistuo ignores Shingo who bears a troubled look, and places his eyes on Honoka.

“So then, what is Honoka-nee’s ability?”

“My ability is to sense the chosen ones. But since everyone is gathered now, this ability is useless. The other would be the ability to sense world crisis.”

Other than Shingo, the other members tensed up upon hearing this. Until Honoka says gently “But currently, I can’t sense any changes”, did they let out a sigh of relief.

“And…… Actually I am more than that.”

Huh? This time, everyone opened their eyes wide.

Kami(God) gave each person one ability, why is it that Honoka is special? Faced with everyone’s question, Honoka opens her mouth in a obscure way to say:

“About that…… As it was too sudden, I am not exactly sure what this is about either. How should I put it? Anyway, there is something like a watcher that exists.”

“There is one more person?”

Honoka’s explanation made everyone confused. So, she points at her chest.

“Here…… There is someone who isn’t me inside.”

The gang is unable to grasp her meaning at all, even Honoka herself, she seems very troubled as she cannot find suitable words. In the end she seems to have given upon explaining, and sighs deeply.

“Sorry, I can’t seem to express it clearly. I leave the rest to you, Kulan.”

Who is she talking to? Just as everyone is confused, Honoka’s expression changes.

No, it is more than just a change in expression. This is an entirely different person!

The innocent expression disappears from Honoka’s face, her big round eyes glimmers like strong glass, the solemn atmosphere that radiates out from her body puts a great pressure on everyone, that atmosphere oppresses everyone there.

Honoka gives off a smirk that looks down on everyone. As if feeling happy at their pathetic state, the side of her mouth rises, showing an arrogant smile.

“Ho, Honoka-ne……?”

“You called the wrong name.”

Mitsuo can’t help but call out, but was corrected coldly by Honoka. A manly, monotonous and deep coarse voice made Mitsuo unable to say anything for a moment.

“I am not Sumiyoshi Honoka.”

“What did you say?”

Its sharp animal instincts made Tarou stand on guard, hearing him growl in a low voice. Yet Honoka…… No, rather, that someone who is not Honoka does not seem to mind and gives his name against Tarou’s threat.

“I am Kulan Dios.”

“K, Kulan……?”

“Sumiyoshi Honoka thinks that this name is too long, and calls me “Kulan”. As for you guys, feel free to call me what you want!”

“Oh, ohhh……”

Mitsuo stands forward in replacement of Shingo who does not know what is going on at all.

“Hey! Who are you?”

“A semi single thinking entity that Kami(God) created.”

“I can’t understand at all!”

“You don’t have to indulge further, nor understand me completely, it is enough to just know the reason why I exist.”

“The reason why you exist?”

“Sumiyoshi Honoka mentioned earlier too? My mission is to watch you. And so, I am fused with Sumiyoshi Honoka.”


“You can imagine that there are two souls in her body, that would be Sumiyoshi and me. As I am born from part of Kami(God), I am unable to think on the same viewpoint as a meager human, thus I am fused with Sumiyoshi Honoka, to learn the values of mankind and to communicate.”

Three guys and a dog converse with their eyes, conducting a conversation “Do you understand?”, “Kind of, but not really……”

“Honoka-nee, what is this guy?”

“No point calling her, the consciousness of Sumiyoshi Honoka is sealed by me. I can let my consciousness reveal itself freely, but Sumiyoshi Honoka is unable to replace me.”

“This isn’t a fuse, this is forceful occupation!”

“Don’t worry. Basically, I will let Sumiyoshi Honoka take charge. So long as you don’t have any major issues, I will not appear randomly.”

Really? Mitsuo seems doubtful, but what he said is of another matter

“So how is Honoka-nee now?”

“She is sleeping…… Perhaps it is easier to understand in this manner? As the one who is currently awake is me, so this body is under my control. But, this is after all Sumiyoshi Honoka’s body, what I see, hear or touch through this body will turn into information and transmitted to her.”

“Can you change back to Honoka?”

“Of course.”

Before he finished his sentence, Honoka’s eyes returned to its former brilliance.


“Yes, I am Sumiyoshi Honoka.”

Honoka replies with a smile. Shingo and gang finally relaxes upon seeing the usual Honoka.

“Honoka-nee, is that guy really okay?”

“Mmm…… I do feel a little uneasy. But in my dream, Kami-sama said “He will probably come in handy”. Since Kami bestowed him to me, he probably isn’t too bad……”

“Probably”? Why is it “probably”?

“Oh well, since it’s the doing of that Kami-sama, there is probably not much meaning behind it?”

“I really hope Kami(God) didn’t put an unimportant object into my body……”

That sounds right too. From the tone and attitude, Kulan seems like a man. Even though he is not human, but to have to eat and sleep with a ridiculous lifeform(man), one can only say Honoka is pitiful.

“Anyway, no point thinking about it, lets just leave it at that for now.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“So, Shingo, what is your ability?”


The topic was suddenly shifted to him, causing Shingo to have a troubled look on his face.

“All that is left is you? What kind of ability did you get?”

“Oh, t, that……”

He forgot about it completely.

Shingo looks at Honoka for help. But seeing Honoka trying hard to hold her laughter, and looks away with a look of pity.


The solo and helpless Shingo is under the vigorous attack by everyone.

“Hey, what power is it? Why are you acting so suspicious, is it some powerful ability?”

“But, if Shingo’s power is the offensive type, maybe our combined powers would balance out in terms of attack and defense.”

“T, t, that is really worth looking forward to.”

Sorry, everyone, I have completely betrayed your expectations.

He had originally thought that even so, when saying the name of his power, it should be easier than when he told Honoka. But, seeing everyone so shocked that they can’t move, he really wanted to find a hole to hide in.

“……I think I better ask again…… What did you say?”

“I said……”

Shingo has already begun giving up on himself.

“It’s the “ability to upskirt”!”




Absolute silence at the scene.

“…… Hey, Shingo.”

Mitsuo grumbles with eyes of suspicion:

“What kind of joke is this?”

“I, I am the one who wants to know.”

“Stop joking!”

Mitsuo closes in on Shingo with his mouth splattering non-stop.

“Please, are you an idiot!? We are facing a world crisis here! Why would you ask for something like “the ability to upskirt”!”

“B, because, I didn’t really expect a world crisis to come, I thought that it was just a dream! You can’t blame me can you!”

“Even so, you shouldn’t ask for some “ability to upskirt”!”

It really hurts to get pinned by this one.

Shingo is at a loss of words, at this moment, his savior appears unexpectedly.

“O, okay okay. C, calm down already!”

Jun steps out and cuts between the two. Not only that, even Tarou joins in the mediation party.

“Since it is done there is no other way. What you say now will not help in any way.”

“B, but……”

“W, what we should do now is not to reprimand Shingo, b, but to think carefully, how we can use that “upskirt” ability, r, right?”

“That’s right, now is not the time to quarrel. As comrades, we should try to find a way to use the “upskirt” ability to its fullest.”

Mitsuo has no special opinion, but he thinks that one man one dog clearly biased towards Shingo is idiotic, even Shingo seems to find it unbelievable.

“That’s it!”

End of discussion! Tarou as if announcing it, changed the topic very obviously.

“We need to think of a good way to use Shingo’s ability. But actually, we are not even sure what kind of ability it is that Shingo possess.”

Be it sure or not sure, isn’t it as the name implies.

“Y, yeah! W, we must try to understand e, each other’s abilities!”

Why are they so enthusiastic about it?

To Shingo, this is a really hard to understand puzzle. But Mitsuo seems to have noticed something, his attitude took a three hundred and sixty degrees turn. [Translator’s comment: Don’t ask why is it 360 degrees… It ends up the same place?]

“O, oh well, as Tarou and Jun said, there is no point in just blaming Shingo.

“……Erm, ah, err, t, thanks?”

“Welcome. Okay, Shingo, show us your ability!”


“W, we really want to see what kind of a, ability it is that Shingo possess!”

Now, Shingo finally understands what the three of them are up to.

“Quickly, Shingo, don’t stand on ceremony, just show it to us!”

“Even if you tell me to not stand on ceremony……”

He slowly looks towards Honoka.

“Huh? W, wait, why are you looking towards me?”

Tarou uses a solemn voice to say to the terrified Honoka:

“Honoka-sama, this is for mankind, or you can say it is for the entire world. At this moment, please be the sacrifice for Shingo’s ability------ No, in order to study Shingo’s powers, please bear with it!”

“N, no, even if so…… S, Shingo-kun!?”

This time, its Honoka’s turn to look at Shingo for help.

“Shingo, hurry up and show us your powers!”

“S, Shingo, t, to comrades like us, this is t, the most important ritual to join the party!”

Shingo really wants to stand up for Honoka, but judging from the atmosphere now, that is an impossible task. Even he can’t resist the incitation by the rest of the party.

“Sorry, Honoka……”

“D, don’t apologize to me…… N, no------!”

Seeing Shingo’s hand lift up, Honoka seems to have given up as well.

Just as he saw Honoka press her skirt down, Shingo’s hand rises lightly.

“------Lift up!”

Swoosh, Honoka’s skirt flies up. But as Honoka has already held her skirt down, so even though a dangerous view of her white thigh is seen, but sadly for the gang, they failed to see her underwear.

“Damn, too bad!”

“Just a little more.”

“B, but, it was a g, great scene already.”

“W, wait a minute! Aren’t you guys discussing about how to help with Shingo’s ability now!?”

Honoka complains with a blushed red face.

“Shingo, I am very sorry for having treated you like an idiot, your power is very impressive indeed!”

“Oh well, just based on this power alone, it isn’t impossible for me to acknowledge you.”

“S, Shingo, you really are o, our p, precious comrade!”

“Ah, that~ Actually it was nothing…… Thanks.”

His powers getting recognized by the others, made Shingo both happy and embarrassed.

“Why did you guys build a friendship because of that!”

Tarou chucks and says:

“Men’s motivation runs on something that females will never understand.”

Even though these are some cool words, but isn’t it just upskirting? “Ugh!” Honoka’s lips curves downwards, and cries in embarrassment and grudge.

These are the chose ones?

These are my comrades?

Is it okay to rely on these people?

Compared to expectations, Honoka’s worries consists of a greater portion.

But, if this made them unite together, then just a upskirt or two, I can only turn a blind eye to it.

…… But if there is a third, or forth, I won’t forgive them.

And so, the “Chosen Ones” picked by Kami(God) gathers together like so, and their team consciousness(?) is subtly formed.

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