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Holy Elies.
Holy Elies.
She was the holy woman who leads the party gathering of women with the highest-level spellcasters, the “Canaan Pilgrim, the Boat of the Sacred Teaching”. She was also the only {{Furigana|“Ancient Caster”|ANCIENTER}} of this world. She spoke as if she was telling herself.
She was the holy woman who leads the party gathering of women of the highest-level spellcasters, the “Canaan Pilgrim, the Boat of the Sacred Teaching”. She was also the only {{Furigana|“Ancient Caster”|ANCIENTER}} of this world. She spoke as if she was telling herself.
“It’s not the Five Great Disasters. Something else besides them. A mysterious presence is starting to cover the world.”
“It’s not the Five Great Disasters. Something else besides them. A mysterious presence is starting to cover the world.”

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Intervalː The Moving World

The territory of the supreme metropolitan Elmekia.

The ancient castle of Istalucile, the “heaven mirror hall”——it was a huge room where the floor, the ceiling, and all of the four walls were covered in beautiful shinning mirrors.

The training room for MASTERSKnights.

It was a place for training where they would grasp hold of themselves while being reflected on the mirror to acquire a more subtle swordsmanship.

——The MASTERSKnights covered in black battle-wear stood at the centre.

He appeared to be around thirty-years old. His short, ash-coloured hair which had been trimmed, and his black irises. He was tall as he would be a head taller than the average adult male and his whole body was trained like steel.

A swordsman with an atmosphere where it felt like the vibe around him was the sharpest blade there was by simply “being” there.

“Reporting sir!”

The two MASTERSKnights who rushed in to the spacious hall. Both of them were members of the same party and also wore the black battle-wear.

“We have received contact from the town of the blazing cliff Jio. They have confirmed the withdrawal of the Five Great Disaster who had seized the Great Volcano of Galia.”

“They defeated her?”

“W-What do you mean by defeat sir?”

“I’m asking whether those troops, consisting of lower members, actually defeated the Demon General of Blaze.”

The swordsman asked with a low voice which added pressure to his words.

“N-No sir……apparently our troops were struggling against her henchmen.”


“H-However! They had reported that they succeeded in the mission to guard the town of the blazing cliff.”

“Of course they did. If they hadn’t I wouldn’t allow them to remain in this knight squad.”

“……Y-Yes sir.”

The two MASTERSKnights nodded their heads with a nervous expression.

“Even so. Which party was the one that defeated the Demon General of Blaze?

“M-My apologies. The actual details about the ones that defeated the Five Great Disaster is unknown……”

“No information? You are telling me it was a nameless new party?”



“We haven’t actually confirmed this information but they are saying a boy, who has an exact resemblance to the famous Brave Hero, had three girls follow him and had defeated the Demon General Achendia……”


“W-What should we do sir? Though we have pushed them to get the exact details.”

“Leave it. Tell the troops at the town of the blazing cliff to return immediately. And there’s no need to find the information about that party of four either.”

“Yes sir.”

The two subordinates saluted respectfully and left the “heaven mirror hall”.

Without even looking at them——

“The Sword Emperor Elline. The strongest swordsman in history who ended the End War......and someone who resembles him? ……”

The Knight King Zellbright.

The man who was called the strongest man of this era simply muttered that out.

“Was it his reincarnation or was it merely his imposter? But if he is the real thing——”

He made the large sword, he was holding with his left hand, stand on the floor. The man who stood at the top of “Elmekia Dusk” lifted the side of his mouth.

“Interesting. If he is indeed the reincarnation of the Sword Emperor who was the strongest man in history, then I shall defeat that man. I will then settle my score with that foolish swordsman, Sword Saint Shion, and I shall indeed become the strongest.”

There was no need for his subordinates to get more details. If he was indeed the real deal, then they will certainly meet in this world where a world scale battle of gaining the Encore was happening.

Swordsmen were those who were born with such fate.

“Come. The reincarnation of the Brave Hero. I shall wait for you here.”

The Knight King Zellbright.

It wasn’t for his ambition or for his honour. It was simply his path to supremacy. That man sought for strength more than others and had his gaze towards a sword which existed very far away.


The holy-land Canaan. The Cathedral, the “room of prayers”——

A place filled with peacefulness. The flow in this room had stopped like a frozen air. The place of holiness where every single sound had been silenced.

Though there was one girl in a golden robe.

“The spirits are making a commotion.”

She had a hood covering her face while looking up at the ceiling.

“There was someone else besides me who commanded a spirit? The user of ancient summoning……and Great Volcano of Galia was the location? A person who commanded a spirit showed up on that location where the Five Great Disaster was present?”

“Excuse us, Elies-sama!”

Two women in white robes appeared while stepping quietly.

“I believe you are already aware then?”

“I am aware that the Demon General of Blaze had retreated. This child had informed me.”

What was present in the room of prayers was a whirlwind, which was a prank of the spirit “SYPHancestral spirit of wind”. And the only one in the holy-land of Canaan who was capable of hearing the “voice”, was the girl called Elies.

“Except, I don’t understand. The ones that defeated the Five Great Disaster weren’t “Elmekia Dusk”. The spirits are saying it was much more special……a group of four with mysterious powers.”

“Pardon me?”

“Have people investigate it. Get in contact with the town of the blazing cliff and enquire about all of the parties that was made up of four members. There is a chance that there is someone else besides me who is an ANCIENTER“Ancient Caster” among them.”

“An ANCIENTER“Ancient Caster”!? It can’t be! The only one who is currently capable of hearing the voices of the spirits is you, Holy Elies-sama. And the only one closest to you is the Sword Saint Shion-sama.”

“That’s why I’m curious. And, yes. Can you also get in contact with Shion?”

“Yes. But that Sword Saint-sama and his party the “Investigation of the Spirits” are……”

“We don’t know which part of the world they are at, right? This is Shion we are talking about so he’s most likely taking a nap somewhere such as a sanctuary or a spirit’s habitat. Anyway, please find him.”

“……We will do our best.”

Her subordinates made a beautiful bow and simply left the room of prayers.

She looked at them with warming eyes and——

“Shion, you can also feel it, can’t you? These commotions by the spirits. The spirits being startled.”

Holy Elies.

She was the holy woman who leads the party gathering of women of the highest-level spellcasters, the “Canaan Pilgrim, the Boat of the Sacred Teaching”. She was also the only ANCIENTER“Ancient Caster” of this world. She spoke as if she was telling herself.

“It’s not the Five Great Disasters. Something else besides them. A mysterious presence is starting to cover the world.”


A nameless sanctuary.

Everywhere you looked, it was covered in green and the cries of the birds. It was a space wrapped in pleasant breeze.

In that location cut from the tumult of the world——

“Hey, Shion. Apparently the rumoured Five Great Disaster had retreated without any trouble.”


“Shion. Hey Shion. Wake up already. How long are young going to take a nap?”

“……Yeah, I’m sorry Karei.”

The Sword Saint lifted his upper body slowly after he had his shoulder shaken by the black haired ENCHANTERBarrierer girl.

“Your back. It’s covered with leaves now.”

“Yup. I was sleeping on the grasses after all.”

Innocent. The blond swordsman smiled with an innocent, smiling face.

He appeared to be around twenty years old.

——A swordsman with a neutral atmosphere.

His blonde hair which grew down to his shoulders flowed like silk. His charming eyes, his handsome face, and his manner of speech. There wasn’t even a single factor which would be considered as vulgar in him. And the peaceful atmosphere around him was feminine.

Sword Saint Shion.

Along with the Knight King Zellbright, he was a young swordsman who was also said to be the strongest right now.

“So, were you listening to what I said? It’s regarding the Five Great Disaster.”

“Yup. She retreated didn’t she? I thought it was about time she would. I’m sure she wasn’t intending to conquer the earth from the very beginning. I knew she didn’t get along with the Demon Lord of the Underworld so she probably came up to earth because she didn’t like him.”

“If I think about it, you were saying that from the start.”

“Though I’m glad. With this the people of the town of the blazing cliff would be relieved.”

“Besides, the mission to hunt her down was given to “Elmekia Dusk” as well.”

“Yup. Though it would appear that it was a different party which defeated the Five Great Disaster.”


The ENCHANTERBarrierer screamed in shock.

“Surprising, isn’t it? Well, I was also shocked as well.”

The Sword Saint on the other hand made a teasing smile as if he was waiting for her to make such a reaction.

“Gabrie told me just before. He received a contact from someone he knows……ouch!”

“You. If you knew it already then you should have told me right away. And likewise for Gabrie. Where did that ARIACaster go?”

“He went to gather information. He went outside since he said he won’t be able to know the situation from here. He said he’s curious about the party which defeated the Five Great Disaster so he went to investigate them.”

“Hmm? I thought you ordered him to. Aren’t you curious about them?”

“I am. But you know, getting along with them without knowing anything about them may be more fun.”

They would definitely meet.

The Sword Saint spoke in a manner as that time would certainly come.

“I can’t wait. The reincarnation of that Brave Hero……”

“Huh? You said something?”

“Nope, just talking to myself. By the way Karei, we will be moving once Gabrie returns. So be prepared.”

“Oh. So the next destination has been chosen then?”

“It’s the place I mentioned before. Except, let’s move a bit faster.”

The blond swordsman stood up. The direction his jade-coloured eyes gazed at was high above his head.

His gaze was as if he was looking at a place not present in this world. Like he wasn’t gazing at the present but the future——

“The spirits are scared. Something is trying to appear in this world.”

“……The mysterious atmosphere you mentioned before?”

“Yup. The way the spirits are being afraid wasn’t normal. I already have an idea of the location of the Encore. It may be better if we aim to find the Encore first.”

“It’s rare to see you active. Did you finally start to want the title of the Brave Hero?”

“That isn’t like me. Even if we did find it, we won’t tell anyone or report it. I don’t want people making a commotion and the Brave Hero Elline probably doesn’t want that either.”

Shion answered with a bitter smile as he waved his head.

“Except, the information I am seeking for might be recorded in the Encore. I just want to find that out.”

“…...Yeah yeah. I know.”

Karei nodded while she placed her hand on her glamorous hips.

“Then I’ll start preparing.”


The swordsman waved his hand to the ENCHANTERBarrierer girl who turned around.

The Sword Saint Shion.

The highest-level swordsman who led the most famous party in the world, the “Investigation of the Spirits”, continued to stare at the white clouds above for a bit longer.

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