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Chapter 2: The Merits and Demerits of Swaying the Master-Servant Contract[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Master and Servant contract — the magic of swearing allegiance to the master.

Because each other’s souls are connected by the magic of the contract, it can grasp the position of the partner if thought deeply.

In addition, if each other’s relationships of bonds and mutual trust are strengthened, The master and subordinates may both raise their combat potential.

To prevent the subordinate’s betrayal on the other hand, the characteristics of the caster’s ability is added as a curse. If the subordinate’s side have guilty feelings for his master, the curse activates.

… It is a terrible magic, if you think about it.


Facing up the ceiling above his bed, Basara on his room stared blankly. After he came home with Maria, Yuki and Mio finished the dinner for four people.

After that, he was told by the three girls living together with him to wait in his room, which he is doing right now.

Tonight is a full moon. The only day where the master-servant contract can be recited in the human world.

Basara will, and thereafter, link the master-servant contract to Yuki and then followed by Mio.

At first, Basara was pretty reluctant in having a master-servant contract with Yuki.

Though Basara and Mio are connected by the contract, Mio falls into a horny condition when she held guilty feelings for Basara, and made to accept a considerable mental burden.

Particularly, being able to do nothing but surrender as a subordinate to pleasure, Mio has been done many shameful things up to now. One of it exactly is the incident at the shower room today. Therefore, it is not really necessary, if Yuki thought about it.


To know each other’s positions. And, as the master-servant contract is deepened, the combat efficiency is also raised.

These two advantages are very big. In fact, Mio has been saved thanks to one of these merits till now, and was able to come through while fighting the powerful enemy. In the future, it will be impossible to avoid fighting powerful enemies further – called the high ranking demon clan. After all, Mio pledged to avenge the murder of her adoptive parents — the high ranked demon Zolgear. In addition, if the other side began to move and target Mio, clashes will be inevitable.

Therefore, countermeasures were an urgent need for Basara.

——in this situation, the idea that surfaced, is that for Basara and Yuki to enter a master-servant contract.

Yuki, from the hero clan has been ordered by the village with the mission of monitoring Mio, but what if, she was living together with them only for working with the enemy hidden from Basara's view?

——not possible. Yuki is an important friend who, similar to Basara, betrayed the ‘village’. She defied the orders given to her for the sake of him and Mio. If a case they were attacked by Zolgear, Yuki will surely fight for Basara’s sake.

Though this is very reassuring, this meant that Yuki’s life will be exposed to danger. To decrease such risk even a little, Maria proposed to make a contract with Yuki.

In contrast to Basara and Mio who are reluctant because they knew the risk of the master-servant contract, Yuki agreed at Maria's proposal without delay. That decision didn't even change upon seeing the aphrodisiac curse that took effect on Mio.

However, due to the fact that Yuki assertively wanted to form the master-servant contract with him, Basara finally gave in. A few days ago, when he went to the shopping district with Yuki—— she disappearing in front of him in the middle of shopping is a big thing.

The impatience and fear that he got in that time, Toujou Basara hasn’t forgotten. In case Yuki would be lost, the bottom of his heart thought that it would be better if the master-servant contract has been done.

Right now, a clear threat called Zolgear approached them.

Until the matters regarding Zolgear has been settled, the option to link the master-servant contract to Yuki following Mio temporarily won’t be a mistake.

Because the master-servant contract can be only done in a full moon, it is possible to release it under the mutual agreement of both sides.

Suddenly, the door of Basara’s room was knocked with modesty from the outside.

“Basara, please come down. Maria and Nonaka have already finished the preparations.”

In response to Mio’s calling from the other side of the door, Basara got up from the bed.

“Okay… Coming.”

Replying calmly, he prepared and walked towards the person on the door.

Going out of the corridor, Basara went down the stairs and followed Mio.

Mio, who first reached the first floor, looked back with her eyes pointing up to his.

“I say… I woke up not in the mood because of having strange thoughts.”

Sulking only for a little while, however gave warning of insecurity from her upturned eyes.

“I know it already… However, it’s all right. This time is different from that time. If the contract is properly made, the curse will not activate in a sudden.”

At that time when contract with Mio was made, various things happened. The original master-servant contract was reversed and the magic activated because Mio refused the contract. There won’t be any problem if it is done according to normal procedures. But,

“…because I believe in you”

Saying a few words, Mio took a step to the living room. What could possibly to go wrong? Basara followed while thinking, he set foot on the living room.


The meaning of Mio’s words were immediately understood, he stood on the spot.

In the center of the huge magic circle drawn on the floor, Yuki stood. But that is not the reason why Basara halted his step. It is because of Yuki’s appearance. What Yuki wore is a sensational white bustier with garter belt —an underwear to lure a man to temptation. Charmed by the gallant beauty involuntarily, Basara turned his back in a hurry.

“WA ——, my bad… that’s not… that appearance!?” slightly screaming in embarrassment, the voice called out Yuki at the back.

“I said that I don’t want to lose to Naruse-san… Maria prepared this.”

“What is this sense of ridiculous rivalry? No, if anything apart from that appearance, I will not yield to Mio. Do not be deceived, Yuki. Such appearance only pleases Maria!”

“Basara-san, that’s a terrible misunderstanding. I just only responded to Yuki-san’s feelings”

“Lies! You, you are really enjoying this confusion aren’t you?

Right. To think that I was worrying a little too much after coming back from school, here she goes again in full throttle. If there is any room to place her eroticism even a little bit, I will shove it in full force.

…if these kind of things happen, you should have told me earlier!

Basara sent blaming glances at Mio, who in turn made a displeased face and turned away. It seems that Mio had tried and failed to stop the situation somehow.

“…Basara, look this way”

“No, before that, Yuki should change her clothes first!”

As Basara tried to appeal the request of Yuki at his back,


“…? Uhm, Yuki-san?”

As the atmosphere at his back got disturbingly quiet, impatience struck Toujou Basara. This silence—— it’s obvious that Yuki is clearly displeased. Basara was asked timidly,

“Basara…If you won’t face this direction within five seconds, I will take this off piece by piece.”

“I-I understand. I’m sorry!”

In an instant, Basara turned back with a sudden momentum.

Why am I apologizing here…

To think that he is being held hostage by the act of a girl getting nude. Although embarrassed, as Basara’s gaze swam all over Yuki’s captivating figure, Yuki seemed somewhat happy in spite of her blushing face.

…damn. What a joyful face.

Sometimes, Mio and Maria pose wide open and daringly defenseless, and may do physical contact time to time that may look like they’re teasing Basara. Is his embarrassed reaction really that amusing?

Smiling full of bliss, Maria was given a look full of resent,

“Fufu. Now then, shall we start?”

“More like, let’s end it all quickly.”

A negligent response was retorted from Basara. The agreement of the situation has been completely accomplished, and all preparations are ready. Identical at the time the contract of Mio was signed, each person stood in their respective positions.

“…won't you not get a wrong master and servant this time?”

“Leave it to me. By any chance if I make Yuki-san Basara’s subordinate, she would also become Mio-sama’s subordinate indirectly. I won’t ever make a mistake this time.”

Beating her chest with pride, Maria joined hands with Yuki who is standing next to her.

“——Then Yuki-san, here it goes”


As Yuki replied with a nod, the magic circle began to shine at once. At first the body of Yuki, after that Basara’s body was surrounded with the same light too ——shortly thereafter, a magic circle appeared on the back of Basara’s right hand. Seeing it, Basara felt relieved.

“Alright… Yuki, do you understand the procedure after this? To the magic circle on my hand, you have to kiss i ——"

“…don’t want it”

“Oh. Don’t want i…eh? Come again? What are you saying Yuki…?”

As the face became startled by reflex, Yuki took a deep breath and matched his eyes,

“I have decided it from the very beginning—— I won’t do a normal contract.”

Before her own eyes, the agitated Basara, Nonaka Yuki saw it clearly.

The childhood friend that Yuki loved, mouth agape.

“wha-what are you saying Yuki…?”

He approached her as he panicked. As he presented his right hand where the magic circle appeared,

“Did you hear it from Maria? The magic circle will eventually disappear if we didn’t do it right away, and then terrible things will ha ——“ “I know. But it will be fine.”

In contrast to Basara getting impatient, Yuki declared as is nothing will happen. Shifting her gaze from Basara to Mio,

“I should have said it properly… I won’t lose to Naruse-san.”

“————————" In contrast with Yuki’s declaration, Mio who saw her glance turned away without saying anything. Those eyes, were not similar to the agitation like Basara.

Somehow, what Yuki wanted to say can be predicted. That Yuki is a formidable opponent, she thought. But thinking even further at the same time,

…I won’t accept defeat.

The time Mio and Basara entered into a master and servant contract, Yuki heard what kind of condition Mio was in. The circumstances Mio and Basara was in if thought thoroughly, you can say that this is a valid excuse. The feelings that yearn for Basara however, Yuki can’t allow herself to lose in that aspect. Therefore Yuki can’t afford to keep silent without doing anything about the relationship between Basara and Mio. First of all, it is out of the question if they don’t have to be in identical terms with one another.

… It is useless to be treated in the same condition.

Of course, losing is never an option if it’s loyalty to Basara. However, the lack of knowledge concerning the relationships between opposite sex can’t be denied. And there is a situation to follow. No matter how much effort she gave to catch up to her, she won’t be able to surpass Mio.

For this reason Maria was requested for a favor, and became a figure wearing an erotic underwear. However,

…There will be no meaning if she easily made the contract here.

It was heard that Mio endured nine times for the contract to be made. And after that, she was treated like that too many times by Basara. Even after today’s swimming lesson in a place where Yuki doesn’t know, she has been done again by Basara.

That was not a joke. Today, Mio surpassed the number of times she has been done to herself up to now.


“Its alright…do the same thing to me as you did to Naruse-san”

To the anxious Basara, Yuki responded.

“Basara, please——dominate over me”

Immediately after those words were uttered by Yuki, the magic circle at Basara’s hand disappeared.

——That moment,

“Ah —…”

In the depths of her abdomen— a sweet ache was born in the organ that symbolizes femininity. Yuki’s body quivered.

The same time, a sensation came at once. In the sense similar to what he got when she was done with the swimsuit with Mio last night, the idea which Maria proposed in which Basara was made a full coverage.

“…Ah…nn, yaah….n…”

As she made alluring voices in sweet agony, Yuki staggered and leans her body in front of his eyes.



Both hands wrapped the back and held it firm. Then— a weak titillating sensation ran on Yuki’s whole body.

…What…is this…?

Snuffling naively in the arms of Basara, Yuki was caught in a surprise.

“Now Basara-san… it’s your turn to respond to Yuki’s feelings this time.”

Maria joyfully told while Basara was hugging Yuki.

“I get it already. Now that it has gone this far already, I don’t have a choice——but to do it"

He retorts in a slightly lowered voice than usual.

“then, please come to the sofa. First, please look for Yuki-san’s weak spots first.”


To Maria’s words, Yuki and Basara stared each other in silence.

Words were not needed. As Yuki entrusts her weight to Basara, and he carried her towards the sofa—with Yuki’s back lying flat onto the couch.

And, as Basara cover’s her delicate figure,

“I’ll be touching you, Yuki” “Okay”

With her whole body in heat, Yuki nodded, and Basara began touching her body.

Basara’s hand was gentle. The fingers working, which are concerned about Yuki’s body which became really sensitive,

“Ah....fuh ,ahh…Nnn…Yaahh….Ahh..Nn…nu…ha…”

Nonaka Yuki clad in underwear enough to allure any men writhed her body in sweet senstions above the sofa.

Wherever she was touched it was so comfortable that it’s unbelievable. Whenever Yuki was touched by Basara, a sweet sensation ran into her whole body, and the area round her waist becomes hotter and hotter. Yuki, who had such sensitive reactions, there was a moment where Basara hesitated for little while——before he began touching her breasts and thighs.

Yuki, looked up with eyes willing to accept everything, Basara’s hands eventually extended.

“Yaah…ah, fuh…uh….haaa….fuaann…ya…ahh”

As the sensitive parts of her body was assaulted, pleasure developed on the woman’s body. Yuki gradually raised her voice. When the contract was signed, it was found out that Mio’s chests are her weak points. At that time, Mio which her chest was assaulted became in complete disorder, and it is heard, master and servant contract was completed in the ninth time. That sweet sensation, was far stronger than any place Yuki was touched until now. However —

…If it’s like this…by all means….we’ll be even…

Because there is a certain tolerance to senses such as pain acquired from the training as a hero, it will be ridiculous if she was to lose focus here in no time. Mio was subjected to hardships nine times before she has given up, but she herself seems to be able to tolerate it even further.

With this I can win against Mio — — With this catch up with her for once. Or so she thought,

“?….Hm, Basara…?”

All of a sudden, Basara released his hands from her chest. What on earth? What’s wrong? As those things filled her thoughts, Basara’s hands reached to her hips, and then ——


Incomparable to the pleasant feeling when he did her breasts, Nonaka Yuki’s body trembled all over.

…Wha, what the ……is this……?

With such intense pleasure Yuki was taken aback by surprise, Maria, looking at her state such state,

“Fufufu, as expected, Yuki-san’s were her hips.”


Said in delight, Yuki understood the meaning of those words before long. Her self was just told where her weak spot is.

“Ah, AAAaaaaahhh……”

Yuki, which her face were tinged with red in shame quivered, and Basara, from facing upward, laid his face down to her.

And then, a wispher was brought to her ears,

“Yuki…. Please raise your hips.”

“Yuki was ordered by the voice, her body stiffened with a sudden twitch. What on earth will happen is I do as he said? It’s understandable that Yuki is ignorant about this kind of knowledge. However,


Yuki followed the words of Basara. Mio have seen it. Refusing Basara’s words in front of her eyes is not an option, because she absolutely don’t wish to be assumed as a woman with a weak loyalty.

Therefore as told by Basara, Yuki raised her hips and was shoved up to him.

“……ha……h, Fuuuh…..ha…”

Basara hasn’t touch them yet. Still, Yuki’s ass, where Basara’s intense gaze on her rear was somehow felt, were shaking from side to side, as if it was begging to be touched immediately.

“Don’t worry. I will make you surrender at once.”

With a gentle voice that seems to be a lie, that moment her buttocks which became sensitive ——were grasped tightly all of a sudden.


An intense, violent pleasure sparked the first time, and Nonaka Yuki’s vision turned pure white.

…Lie…, this is……

It’s not just her sight. All her thoughts were wiped out by the intense pleasure.

It was unbelievable. Having been such pleasure. For Mio to be able to endure it nine times.

Yuki bit her lips tightly and braced herself up desperately. Then,

“What an erotic hips… they are a good match for Mio-sama’s chest”

Before everyone became aware, Maria had come before their eyes, and said those words with a smile. As she was seen, Maria turns out to be holding a videocam towards them.

“Wha – what are you…”

Seeing the recording lamp on, Yuki raised a voice filled with confusion and felt intense shame.

Shinmai v03 000 color 04.jpg

What am I doing? I’m filming Yuki-san’s sexy figure.”

The young succubus smiled naturally as she said.

“Today will be the holiday when Yuki-san will become a complete servant. How could I let this pass without recording it properly?”

“…No…such things….”

As her face reddened while her body writhed in pleasure, Yuki,

“Gosh, you don’t like this? Even though the other day we watched the film where Mio-sama is being done by Basara-san? This is the same thing. Because Yuki-san said that she don’t want to lose to Mio-sama, I intended to stir up the mood.”


“If this makes you feel unpleasant, then I’d better stop for the better. Well, Mio-sama also seemed to resist being taken like this.”

“Of course it’s natural to resist! To begin with, you kept silent as you filmed it!”

From a slight distance with a blushed face, Mio shouted.

“So, with your consent, if I filmed it like this and you are able to endure it, you may be able to win against Mio’sama”

“No way…”


What an absurd remark. Well, succubus are succubus, Mio continued, and Yuki surprised.

“I don’t mind either which. Whether you stop me here or continue taking pictures. I won’t intend to force it. Basara-san’s job as the master is more important, which is making Yuki-san submit herself – even by forceful means.”


From the words of Maria tinged with provocation, Yuki bit her lips facing down. Maria, seeing Yuki’s state gave a coquettish smile, and Mio whose face was blushing, held her breath. After that, holding both hands before her face making a fist,

“…Please continue”

A shaky voice was squeezed out. Those words where revived by the two people, Maria and Basara.

In her heart, she convinced herself.

…it’s all right. This much, is nothing to me…

As her body trembled because of the tingling sensation, Nonaka Yuki strongly engraved this to her mind. Even if it’s impossible to catch up to the number Mio had reached so far, she may be able to shorten her distance even a little.

Behind Yuki, Basara’s voice persuaded in a gentle manner.

“It’s great if you are willing to do it, but please. Don’t overdo it”

As he said it, Yuki’s hips have begun to be massaged again.

Once again, Yuki was pushed up to her climax in no time —— not understanding how many times she came at once. Although counting was no means possible. As her buttocks are messed up and changed shape, Yuki raised seductive moans every time her body reached climax.

“…haah…Don’t…my waist…without…permission….”

Feeling the heat on her hips as if it was burning, Yuki felt a non-stop intense pleasure. However, the way she was massaged was so intense that it left traces of hands within her rear. That indecent appearance too, was being recorded to the video. Every time the five fingers of Basara dig into her ass, Nonaka Yuki’s butt twerked indecently.

“Fufufufu, fantastic, Yuki-san. Though your usual, intelligent and calm appearance is beautiful, You today being overtaken by a woman’s instinct by overwhelming pleasure is more charming than ever.”

The voice of Maria was heard close to the ears. The words entered her ear, but Yuki didn’t understood properly what Maria had said. Yuki, as of now, Basara and only the pleasure that Basara gave was all in her mind.

Blank thoughts. A reaction of women in intense pleasure. In real time, Nonaka Yuki’s body grown up to an adult. From an innocent girl to an experienced woman who tasted the sweetness of erotic sensation.

Still ——Yuki kept on enduring. Not wanting to lose to Mio. This strong desire desperately made her consciousness in tacked. After that,

“Quite stubborn aren’t you… spending too much time will cause a great burden to your body.” Maria uttered in disappointment.

“Basara-san, how about changing positions for a little while? Well, attacking from the rear may be good, but as it is right now, Basara-san cannot be seen. If the person who becomes the master comes to view, I think that Yuki-san will be able to submit easier.”

“…..Maybe you’re right”

Heeding to the advice that originated from Maria, He and Yuki changed positions. It is a sitting posture where she is riding onto the lap of Basara.

Yuki who acquired her target, reached her both hands to the back of Basara’s neck and embraced it.

“…hah……Basara, please. Not my hips….”

As the sweet feverish sensation enveloping her body made her head faint, Nonaka Yuki begged. Her own self wanted to catch up to Mio, even a little. Not only on terms and relationship, but chest size included.

“If that’s what you wish, then…”

While rubbing her rear with his left hand, Basara pulled down a shoulder string of the bustier Yuki was wearing with his right hand, and began massaging the exposed left breast. Furthermore, the very tips of her breast which became tense, were held by his mouth, and Yuki was sucked by Basara in indulgence.

“Yaaah……Nnn, yaaaah, nuuuu, fuaaaaaah!”

Her upper body of Yuki which was carved in many times, became sensitive to the limit, incomparable to the feeling when her chest was caressed earlier. As her whole body trembled in ecstasy,


his hands gave a tender massage to her chest and gentle rub at her hips. Yuki kept on calling the name of his partner, who will soon change from being his childhood friend to being his master. Then, as the other hand slid from the back of her waist down to her panties, without warning, both hands were wrapped around Yuki’s butt.

Caught in a complete surprise attack, Yuki that felt the hands of Basara over a piece of cloth up to now, was feeling the sensation as he touched her bare butt directly,

“——————“ And she was attacked by the heavenly sensation even further, her body on the lap of Basara jolted up intensively. Grabbing the hips of Yuki, Basara waved both of his hands left and right. Unexpectedly, Yuki’s panties dropped down to Basara’s arms, baring all of Yuki’s butt.

“Basaraaah……... No, don’t look! —————“

Unable to endure further, Yuki raised her voice, and something incredible happened.

Yuki’s appearance was projected in the TV of the living room.


Seeing the videocam Maria was handling connected to the TV with a cable, she startled.

“You can endure even something like this, right?”

With a smile, she said as she raised the volume of the TV with the remote control.

……No way!

The voice was not high pitched any longer. If she did such a thing, her voice will surely be heard outside. Being driven to a corner all at once, before the eyes of Basara, Yuki panicked. Still not keeping away his hands at Yuki’s rear, Basara looked at Maria with the eyes of scorn.

He did one sigh, and then focused his eyes on the front.

Sorry――his mouth moved quietly.

Expanding his both hands, Basara began grabbing the soft meat of Yuki.

“hah……Basara, what are you―――hah?”

Raising her voice all of a sudden, as she heard her voice leaking out from the TV in a loud volume, Yuki‘s breath was cut off.

In that hesitation, the resistance of Yuki ended. Her eyes opened wide, but it’s too late.

Her hips expanded to the limit, her hips flushed hot. ——the following moment,


As her hips were ripped apart lewdly above Basara’s lap, Yuki raised a coquettish voice.

with the mute button of the remote control, Maria zeroed the volume of the television, all at the same time.

The entire moment Yuki became Basara’s subordinate, Naruse Mio witnessed them all. Seeing the place where the other girl orgasms even she herself has done it before, all of it was a first time for Mio.

…Wow… in Basara’s arms, with a face that was completely intoxicated with euphoria, Yuki is submerged in the afterglow of orgasms. Her figure, where her panties were pulled down to her thighs, and her bustier were exposing her chest revealing her half-naked condition, was too captivating. Involuntarily, Mio swallowed the saliva that gathered in her mouth.

……I also, was like that too… When the curse activated when the master-servant contract was conducted for the first time, and the she was put herself in ease. Before the fight with the hero clan the other day, and even in the shower room at the school today.


Recalling Basara with herself at that time, Mio’s body trembled from head to foot. Getting a pleasant chill for a moment, her body flushed in heat. Then,

“Are you alright, Mio-sama?”


Suddenly being asked by Maria, Mio finally noticed that she had sunk down the floor. Witnessing the figure of Yuki that was changed to become a subordinate by the hands of Basara, her waist gave in without even knowing it. In a whim, A smile surfaced on Maria’s expression, and

“Here Mio-sama……Please look closely.”

She was urged to take a look at Yuki. The eyes of Yuki, which had lost focus until then, was gradually regaining her senses. ——and regained a sane color before long. After that,


The moment when she turned around and looked up to see his face, Yuki and Basara’s body were wrapped by a light. And then, the mark of the curse of the master-servant contract that appeared on the neck of Yuki slightly changed into a reddish tint.

“Eh……? That...impossible…”

“It’s possible. To be able to perform a master-servant contract and reinforcement at the same time, Yuki will be promising in the future.” Maria stepped up under Basara and Yuki, happily saying it.

—But, Mio could not chase after her. The reason is, her waist gave in, and is unable to stand up. Doing a reinforcement at the first contract——Naturally, Mio, was the reverse, troubled and was unable to yearn for Basara. Such feelings that Yuki did something that was impossible in her feat,


Seeing Basara and Maria talked about Yuki in silence, Mio felt frustrated.

However, this did not activate the curse of the master-servant contract. Because she didn’t hold any guilty feelings for Basara. What Mio is holding at present——is vexation to Yuki.

“——Then Basara-san. The preparation for the bath is ready, you should carry Yuki-san in.”


“What are you getting flustered for? If we leave it like this Yuki-san will catch a cold. In the first place Basara-san is the Made Yuki-san as she was now isn’t it? Good grief… Although Basara-san is remarkable when his sadist switch is on, he becomes twice as sweet and open-hearted when he returns to his consciousness.”

Maria said with a smile,

“With the master-servant contract has been taken cared of successfully, the main duty has been taken care of up to the last minute. Plus, it was done up to the point of raising the fighting power all at the same time. At the state Mio-sama was in the other day, didn’t you warm her body properly?”

“…Is that so?”

Maria whom being asked by Yuki nodded.

“Yes. Mio-sama has been warmed up gently by Basara-san already.”


“……uhm, Yuki?”

Turning her mood bad, Yuki showed a displeased expression in a moment. When Basara asked her a question timidly,

“…Lets go in”


“inside the bath too”

“……I understand”

It can’t be helped. Basara nodded, lifted Yuki in his arms and began to walk.

“Well Mio-sama, until when will you play innocent? Don’t you want to take the bath together?”

“Eh……? Wha-Why me with Nonaka…”

Surprised at the sudden question, Maria with a ‘tsk tsk’ waved her index finger to her,

“It is ‘Yuki-san’, Mio-sama. Also Yuki-san, Please call Mio-sama by her name from now on. Using the cold (formal) one is strange because you two are already on equal terms with each other, being Basara-san’s servants.”

“Wait. How is a servant way of speaking a…”

In contrast to Basara whom frowned involuntarily,



Yuki that was embraced by Basara and Mio who slumped on the floor, exchanged stares at each other.

“…Fine. I’ll go with Yuki.”

“Me too…I don’t mind with Mio”

That said, the designation of calling each other’s names was renewed.

In an instant, Through Basara who is the master, Mio and Yuki’s relationship changed for certain.

Therefore Mio and the others—— the four people entered the bathroom altogether.

Taking her clothes off near Basara who turned his back, while feeling embarrassed, Naruse Mio gave thoughts about her present situation all over again. Eight months ago. Compared to when she was still living peacefully with her parents —— No, her parents were killed, and immediately after that she learned that she herself was the daughter of the predecessor of the Demon King from Maria, as she was told.

From those days, her mental state and environment changed to the point that is unbelievable, and that is taking place right now.

Becoming a part of Basara’s family, a former Hero clan. Entering into a master-servant contract with Basara, becoming his subordinate. Her skin being seen, touched, and taken advantage reaching to the point of acceptance even though it’s very embarrassing. And also living together with Yuki, an active hero and lastly—— she becoming the subordinate companion of Basara.

Naruse Mio accomplished an unbelievable transfiguration from her previous self.

——however, neither mystery nor unpleasant feelings were received.

A family whom takes the trouble to support Mio even her sowing an embarrassing appearance, a partner whom she can discuss her intentions without reserve. The existence of such companion made her feel genuine happiness. The entirety that is called Basara continued to grow inside her day by day, but…

Suddenly, Maria stripping off her clothes next to her while humming a tune came to Mio’s sight.

“? What’s the matter, Mio-sama?”

“……Nothing. Never mind.”

To Maria who looked at her in puzzlement, Mio stated while shaking her head side to side.

Basara was to be in their center, but it was also thanks to Maria who is the one who acts as the mediator in between their relationship.

After having exposed her real identity to Basara, it was thanks to Maria that Mio who hesitated to go back to living with him was able to persuade her, and the reason she was able to return.

Not only that. After her parents are killed, and even the many times that happened up to now, thanks to Maria’s cheerful and lively personality she was able to cope up her mental state. Mio is here today because of Maria.

Even if she’s a little bit carried away to her succubus instinct, in the matter of the master-servant contract with Yuki, she didn’t ignore the issue of the way of calling each other’s names as a servant and companion of Basara, instead she insisted them to call each other by their first names. She was likely trying her best for Mio to make friends. Because they don’t know when the present demon king faction will strike, for Mio who hesitated to make good friends, the existence of Yuki who lent her power that is from the hero clan is even rarer than Basara.


Showing such an assertive attitude only towards Basara, I want to do something somehow. And yet, seeing the struggles of her inexperienced maiden friend in untying the string of the new bustier,

“I’ll do it…”

Mio, clad in her underwear went to her back, and helped her took it off.

“…Thank you”

With her cheeks dyed red, Yuki spoke words of gratitude. That time when she helped her buy clothes in the center of the shopping district, the atmosphere between them got a little closer to each other. It felt nice, talking to Mio, she herself also took off her bra and panties, and the two people wrapped their bodies with bath towels.

“Come, let’s enjoy to our hearts a naked socialization tonight!

First to enter the bathroom, Maria uttered, followed by Mio and Yuki after that, however——the tow people’s steps came to a halt. Basara, who went naked and wrapped a towel around his waist, is still not looking back towards them. Mio and Yuki then nodded to each other, and

“Hey—— you two!?”

“Just go already!”

“Basara, prepare yourself” the two people seized the arms of Basara, and pulled them towards the bathroom with force.

Part 2[edit]

From the night sky, there was a person observing the situation at the Toujou house.

With the moonlight being shown in the background, lowering her gaze to the Toujou residence, was a woman, a demon with a transient beauty ——Zest.


Zest had been watching the situation of the Toujou residence in silence.

For deceiving them in the competition that Maria initiated last night, where Mio and Yuki in their competitive swimsuits had been ruined by Basara, his body, in return was washed in a competitive way to get their revenge. —— However, it was only a while, Mio and Yuki became in harmony.

First, Yuki, in her bath towel exposed herself and began to wash Basara using her own body. Seeing this, Mio removed her bath towel undauntedly, covered her chest with soap bubbles, and stuck it into Basara. Both have been feeling up the heat in a fast pace. When Basara tried to take refuge to the bath tub in panic, Maria embraced Basara by chance in the right timing ——and the bathroom of the Toujou’s fell in the state of confusion. Even if the troubled Basara is seen,


Zest silently watched over the state of the Toujou residence, emotionless. But, even so, even if there is not a word, nor a facial expression, it wasn't without feelings at least.

Just like Mio and Yuki, Zest too, has a master.

However, she felt that there is a big difference Between Zest’s and them.

Her present self, was neither satisfaction nor dissatisfaction——nor envy of Mio and Yuki.


If Basara were his master and not Zolgear, would she herself obtain such strong emotions? Like Mio and Yuki, sometimes smiling, sometimes angry, sometimes joyful, sometimes crying. Would she be like them, not taking everything for granted and ignoring it all?

“…what an absurd story”

Zest concluded as she turned her eyes down in silence, and Naruse Mio came to her view once more. As Basara tried to release himself to Maria that was hugging him, Mio and Yuki went to the hot water one after the other, and an outrageous state in the bathtub with four people began.

But in spite of these circumstances, there is somewhat a trace of smile in Mio’s face. However,

“―――That smile of yours, won’t be for long.”

While saying it with a chilling voice, a cloud covered the moonlight in an instant.

When the full moon reappeared again, there were no traces of Zest left in the vicinity anymore.

Only the autumn wind that blows through the night sky where a full moon floating above remained.

Part 3[edit]

Three days after the Master-servant contract of Yuki has been made ——Toujou Basara visited the Hijirigasaka Academy Infirmary.

He had a jammed finger.[1]

The affected part is his ring finger. It occurred in the middle of the basketball in PE class.

——Usually, Basara do not suffer any injury during class.

However, today’s classes were carried out for both boys and girls in the gymnasium. As for the contents, there’s basketball for men and volleyball for women. And in the class of Basara, there were a few prerequisites that were absent in other classes.

They are Mio and Yuki—— the most beautiful girls in Hijirigasaka Academy, as well as their wild and lively fans.

Unlike the pool class, where the men and women perform separately, their desire to see the swimsuits of the two people didn’t come true. However, when the class is performed in the same gym as them, it’s possible to worship them their figures gym uniform instead. A figure of a girl doing exercise is an object that you can say a male in puberty can see in adoration. With the increased exposure, the softness of the girls’ body could be seen as they moved. As for performing calisthenics[2], it’s no fun if the boys do it. On the other hand, it is more sexy and appealing if the girls do it. Thus, from the calisthenics to the actual game, Mio and Yuki were the center of public attention from the boys the entire time.

Although not paying as much attention Basara still concentrated on the basketball game, but when a pass flown to him by chance, it overlapped the timing when the boys shouted with joy. It is because Mio decided a spike to the toss that Yuki had raised ahead, causing the position of his hand to be slightly out of order——As a result, a jammed finger for the first time in several years. And because there was a pain, whether the spot was hit badly or not, he reported it to the PE instructor, and in the middle of game Basara was made to come to the infirmary.


Right now, he is sitting on a stool with a caster, feeling mentally strained.

The cause of it ——was in front of his very own eyes. The transcendent beauty of a school nurse whom Hijirigawaka Academy is proud of, Hasegawa Chisato, is applying treatment to the finger of Basara.

……not good, it’s gonna be seen……

Basara has been taking glances at Hasegawa over and over. Hasegawa today, under a wine red colored blouse covered by the white robe that she is currently wearing, where an ample bosom that exceeds Mio by a small margin, the buttons were already opened from the top to the third. And because Hasegawa was applying treatment with her posture bending forward, the cleavage from her chest was seen and seemed like it was about to spill in any moment.

“Hn? Was there something wrong?”

“N-No, it’s nothing…”

Asking a question all of a sudden after feeling his glance, Basara averted his gaze immediately.

——Mio and Yuki whom their looks can match idol-class, were living with Maria.

Tolerance to beautiful girls, is what Basara thought that he had.

However, even to Basara, the beauty of Hasegawa can be summed up in a single word. Spectacular. The sex appeal of an adult woman who’s smell is so fragrant that it can make your breath drunk instinctively by just standing there. That is no way inferior to Mio and Yuki under the curse of the master-servant contract. If Hasegawa were supposed to be under the curse of the contract, just what on earth will happen?

……what am I thinking….

As Basara shook of the idea where it started turning over a wierd direction,

“――Okay, it’s over. You will be alright with this.”

Hasegawa who finished doing the bandages, released her hands from Basara’s fingers and corrected her posture. The two human bodies that almost approached the distance like lovers, returned to a distance appropriate for a teacher and a student.

“There are no sprain on the joints. I fixed it with the bandage. Under such condition, keep in on for three days. For now, take a rest in the bed afterwards to avoid putting stress on the affected part as possible. Apparently, there are no damage in the ligaments, you’ll recover soon, but if the pain becomes severe, come to me as soon as possible.”

“? To Sensei’s, not to the hospital?”

First-aid treatments are basically what a school nurse perform. They don’t provide full-scale treatment.

So if his conditions didn’t improve as supposed to, he should have to undergo orthopedic treatment. However,

“Take it easy. Despite my appearance, I stand more as compared to the doctors around here. The one I had provided you also, is not a mere first-aid treatment.”

With her eyes looked toward his, Hasegawa gave him a firm stare.

“Keep away from trouble ——do you understand?”

“Y-Yes. I understand.”

Overwhelmed by her strange demeanor, Basara nodded.

“Good” Hasegawa said, satisfied,

“——Even though you came here several times up to now as Naruse’s attendant, this is the first time for Basara being injured and used the infirmary isn’t it?”

“Ahh, now that you think of it…”

Basara, being a former hero clan, has been trained to resist and avert unprepared injuries or cold from an early age. Cases like this time is an exception after all.

“But this is unexpected. It’s not in my impression to have a conversation with you very much.”

"Well… there is that chance meeting outside the school grounds”

Together with Takigawa in the Yakiniku shop, Basara shared a table with Hasegawa whom they met a few days ago. Being in a place where morals and standards were valued like the school, they shared a private space altogether. It is natural to acquire the sense of closeness.

“Come to think of it, not considering that shop, I had promised to treat you a meal somewhere next time. Do you remember?”

“Ye-Yeah… I think. But you don’t have to mind it that much. Way back from that shop, I had received various consultations from sensei before….”

“This and that are different stories. Hearing the troubles of a student, is pretty much a natural work for a teacher. The point is, you had said it to me personally, didn’t you? “Next time, Then please treat me on the next occasion, at the restaurant of your choice”. And I said “Okay.” right? Isn’t that the promise you and I did?” Hasegawa’s expression became unusual and she pouted a little while.

“Toujou……Do you hate going for a meal with me?”

“No, there will never be such a thing…!”

Don’t be absurd, Basara shook his head.

“…is it true?”

“Yes of course. It is a pleasure to have a dinner with you”

He thought, no exaggerations. Dining with Hasegawa is an honorable thing.

“Well then… in that case, were good. Look forward to it.”

Hasegawa said with a smile. To that expression, Basara felt a deep emotion other than surprise. Hasegawa who always give off a cool, adult vibe, had an expression very much of a girl. As much as seeing Hasegawa’s rare face, Basara thought how much good luck he has obtained till now,

“…Which reminds me, while your father is away from the house, I worried whether you understand properly Naruse and her younger sister’s problems and if you can solve it or not…But please, can you give a little more composure?”


After a heavy silence, Basara replied a short answer. Hasegawa sighed, “It can’t be helped. It looks like my consultations haven’t had much of an effect either.”

“There’s no such thing… I was saved in various ways thanks to the help of sensei’s advices!”

There is no lie in what he had said. Basara, in fighting with Takashi and his company, was able to get over by Hasegawa’s advice at that time and helped Basara in no little aspect.

However, a big obstacle hat he hadn’t faced yet stood in his way. ——Suddenly, the chime reverberated the whole school. The fourth period was over, and it became lunchtime. Though it is necessary to go back to the gym, Basara wasn’t able to return early.

Certainly—— after being told by Takigawa that Zolgear is moving, Basara kept on bracing himself for the worst. He was not able to wipe his uneasiness. Either way, the opponent is a high ranking demon with an overwhelming power after all.

It is necessary for him to avoid repeating the tragedy that happened five years ago. He had lost so many important things in the place of that tragedy. Still, it had a meaning if he had survived like this.

To avoid losing important things twice. ——Therefore,

“Toujou——do not burden yourself too much”


Basara looked up, dumbfounded for a moment, to the calm expression of Hasegawa,

“Thinking that a problem may occur and how to work it out one thing or another out of fear, no matter what extent you make sure to prevent it at all costs, the so-called problem will still rise.”

“That’s… I know, but…even so, being the head, I can’t afford to give up either.”

As Basara argued with a bitter face, Hasegawa with a calm expression,

“Don’t make hasty conclusions. Nobody told you to give up. However, when a person is driven to a corner, it will only narrow his or her view of things… If so, that will be the reason that the most important things will be overlooked. Then, being careful so that a problem does not happen will surely be a mistake. But, if you wore yourself out due to taking care of things, it will become impossible for you to deal with the problem that has risen.” she said in a persuasive tone.

“You should be noted that this is a serious thing. You may not do it even if it was told to relax just because you lost your focus. Therefore you have to continue to brace yourself for the worst, then think about the solution when the time the problem that has risen at least.”

“The time when a problem has risen…”

“That’s right. Although you can’t bring back the events that have happened at least, there is still the thing to be able to recover unexpectedly. If you can’t prevent them, never give them a chance to recover. Besides that, you should think about a method to regain the situation even if a problem happens, and improve it.” Don’t forget. (!)

“There is always a possible way. There are still some choices left. But it is difficult for a person who is cornered in his mind to find it. Though there is the path open called not giving up, that is a mistake. Even if you don’t give up, neither the way nor the answer to things will be found if you are looking for it in a reckless manner. But if you absolutely believe of what you are looking for, it will be found in the first time. But still, don’t hope for the outcome to be exactly the way you had hoped for. You must analyze the situation, and work out countermeasures. When you have been driven to the corner at the outmost limit, it will become a choice and a way to help you and the existences important to you.”


“Don’t lose sight, Toujou ——of the way where you can protect yourself and the existences important to you.”

From the words Hasegawa gave, Basara grasped his fist tightly. He then nodded with determination.


She’s right. He was overwhelmed by the power of his enemy, and completely lost his composure.

Once more, let’s think of it with a calm mind. There will surely be way.

Naruse Mio, Naruse Maria, Nonaka Yuki, a method to protect them by all means.

“Good. It seems that your expression has lightened a little… it seems that my being as a teacher has paved its way above all.”

“Yes……Thank you very much. Then sensei, I will come back soon.”

To Hasegawa who is smiling as usual, Basara stood up and bowed politely.

And as he opened the door to leave the infirmary,

“Ah, Oh yeah. Toujou”

He was called out to come back.

“That bandage—— don not remove it till I say so.”

“? Okay then. But to never take it off, is my jammed finger really that severe?” to Basara that stared over his ring finger where the bandage was rolled, Hasegawa with a calm expression,

“Nope. But you should be extremely careful.”

“…Haa, understood.”

Though the question still remained, but Hasegawa is a specialist so to say. Therefore he should follow her.

When Basara replied in acknowledgement, he gave the etiquette of saying “thank you” and left the health room.

He came back to the gym just to make sure, but the class was already over, and they had already ended putting things in order.

It’s obvious that every one of the class isn’t there either.

“…oh yeah, right”

With a sigh, Toujou Basara faced towards the locker room.

——As he had expected, no one was in the locker room either.

It was presently lunchtime. The time for their long-awaited meal in the middle of the day. If he moved his body for the whole PE class till a while ago, he would certainly be unable to wait in hunger. It seems that the students who don’t belong to the bentou group have finished changing their clothes and charged to the cafeteria in a blitz.

“Well, Takigawa is absent today. He sure takes it easy…”

Basara headed to the far side of the locker room, opened his locker, and began removing his clothes.

“Excluding Takigawa, I should find someone whom I can hand out with after all.”

He realized how much he had depended on Takigawa till now. Basara turned around.


With the current situation of Mio being targeted, if he who must protect her made friends with anyone, that person too will surely be involved in the danger that they are facing right now. He should first concentrate on what is in front of him, and prevent neither the students nor the teachers from being involved due to his carelessness.

——Because Zolgear will surely try to get Mio by all means.

While Basara was in deep thought ——a locker was opened. Would there be someone besides him who changes clothes and came late? As he looked through the door casually,


He looked at the person who came over, and Basara stiffened in reflex. A girl dressed in PE uniform entered the boy’s locker room. It’s not Mio nor Yuki. Of course, it isn’t Maria either.

“uhm…Toujou-kun, are you fine?” She said.

Closing the door at her back, she entered the boy’s locker room. It was a girl who is in the same class as Basara——One of the friends that Mio get along with, it was Sakaki Chika.

“Sa-Sakaki… Wha-What? Why?”

Basara panicked over Sakaki’s suden appearance, and hurriedly put on the pants of his uniform.

“I’m sorry, for entering a place like this… but I realy wanted to talk to Toujou-kun. After all, you didn’t come back from the infirmary during PE class”. She said, approaching him slowly.

“… but why here of all places? Is talking inside the classroom no good?”

“Yes… I don’t want to be heard by other people, especially Naruse-san and Nonaka-san———“

“Mio and Yuki…?”

“Well, Toujou-kun”

Sakaki, as Basara asked in doubt, closed their distance immediately and approached him in a serious voice.

“Toujou-kun… Are you going out with Naruse-san or Nonaka-san?”


To the question said in a clear voice, Basara asked her again in reflex.

“Because… Toujou-kun, you are living together with those two, right?"

“No, however you are right about us living together…but even so, we aren’t particularly going out”

Yuki and Mio are no doubt attractive. There were several times that they made his heart throb while he lived together with them, and also when he tries to dispel the curse of the master-servant contract and help them relax, his sense of reason seemed to fly involuntarily. Yet, if asked if we are going out, the answer is no.

…cause, you know.

Although here is no other way to describe their situation, it can’t be called a romantic relationship either, as long as we are bound up by that curse. The feelings born by forced submission and overwhelming pleasure, were certainly delusions mixed in. it’s too unfair to call it love.

“…is that so? You aren’t going out with anyone yet?”

Sakaki then, in a quiet voice,

“Then ――――― do I have a chance?”

Just like that, Sakaki brought her body and leaned on Basara. The sensation of her soft body that touches head on,


Basara raised his voice in panic, while Sakaki’s face turned red.

Do-don’t make an embarrassing face so much. To this sort of case… isn’t Toujou-kun already experienced in this?”

“E-experienced? I am not! Who, who is the one who said such things!?”

"But… when I asked what kind of person is Toujou-kun, Naruse-san said although he’s not a bad guy, he seems to be a good-for-nothing fellow. You also did very naughty things several times”

“…D-Did Mio really said that?”

Even though they get along pretty well, it is not like Mio to speak the aphrodisiac curse of the master-servant contract to Sakaki and Aikawa. If that’s the case, then why did she spoke about the happenings instead of the curse itself? From his encounter with her in the family restaurant, Basara had already seen Mio’s shameful appearance even before the curse of the contract. However,

“…No, Mio understands those feelings. However, if the guy who has lived separately until now comes to live together with them, such accidents happen that I don’t think of!”

“But you didn’t deny seeing it…Naruse-san’s naked body.”

Then Sakaki while sticking her body to Basara even further,

“Hey Toujou-kun, though Naruse-san’s is amazing…. My chest, they are wonderful too, you know?”

“There’s no reason for me to know that!”

As he cry out while saying,

“then―――I’ll tell you”

The moment Sakaki said it——Basara was turned to the side, and the two people fell down the floor altogether.

“Wha…..? Ho-how in the world did we fell just now?”

“It’s a self-defense that I learned my classes before. Even though you do not actually fall down together, it is fine now.”

Sakaki said it while riding above his waist,

“…damn it, which is it?”

Toujou Basara’s judgement has been misled. Although he put down his guard of her being her classmate’s companion, he was brought down in a position like this. What Basara came first in his mind is that Sakaki is controlled by someone, but it is too hasty to conclude that the Sakaki’s feelings for him are false. She having attended self defense classes was is not far-fetched at all. Therefore, supposing this was all because of Sakaki’s intentions, then he should persuade her first to calm down.

——But, what if she is manipulated by someone? I cannot leave her at this state. Deep in thought, Basara wasn’t able to move at once.

“Toujou-kun, please…… look at me”

Sakaki said in embarrassment, and her body fell over slowly. The soft mounds of Sakaki are forced on the upper half of Basara’s body ——at the same time, the door of the locker room was suddenly opened.


Toujou Basara felt uneasiness in an instant. Whether if Sakaki is manipulated or not, it is bad if they are seen by a third party. Illicit sexual relations in the school is not the problem, but if he is seen by the other boys in this posture with Sasaki, it is Sakaki who will be hurt the most.

However ——Basara’s anxiety has come to a miss.

It is because the person who opened the door and saw them was even more shocked than Sakaki.


Above the eyes of Toujou Basara who took a glance at the door ——were two girls standing in utter amazement. Naruse Mio and Nonaka Yuki.

Nonaka Yuki, together Mio visited the boy’s locker room to look for Basara.


Basara, as of now, is lacking composure.

Though he behaved naturally for them not to worry, Yuki knew it nonetheless.

Perhaps, Mio had noticed it too. Basara ——had brooded here for too long recently. Therefore, with Basara being unable to return to the PE class after having gone to the infirmary, Yuki and Mio gradually became insecure. Also like the other day, although they cannot overlook the possibility of being taken by Maria as a companion to ridiculous places, they are more worried of Basara above all.

The whereabouts of Basara were known right away because of the partner’s location tracker by the master-servant contract.

However, Basara and Sakaki’s conversation were heard as they come inside the locker room. Mio who heard it turned pale as she opened the door slowly ——and the scene as Yuki and Mio imagined was there.


Mio ran away from the entrance of the boy’s locker room in tears. Basara and her close friend embraced each other on the floor. It must have been a shock. Nonaka Yuki also started running. However, in a direction different from Mio ——towards the boy’s locker room.



Ignoring the perplexed Basara, Yuki materialized the spirit sword ‘Sakuya’ in her right hand. Cutting down their distance in one go, Yuki brandished ‘Sakuya’ towards Sakaki who is still riding on top of Basara. But Sakaki was quicker. From the state that she got from Basara she did a sudden flip to dodge Sakuya’s slash, landing on a safe distance.

“――――――Geez, how rude, Nonaka-san. Suddenly cutting me, you’re horrible!”

“Sakaki… You…?”

Standing before as if protecting Basara who got back up in utter amazement, Nonaka Yuki plainly told him.

“……I knew it, she’s being manipulated after all.”

In contrast to Mio who lost her composure and ran away, Yuki remained calm.

What Yuki draw, was a strike of the spirit sword that conceives the soul. If Yuki wished for it, ‘Sakuya’ can cut off the magic and its source such as the effects of medicine controlling Sakaki without hurting her needlessly. So even if Sakaki is controlled by anyone, she won’t be injured. On the other hand, if she’s normal, she won’t be able to see the soul sword in the first place.

——but right now, Sakaki avoided Yuki’s slash in a reaction speed that is impossible for an ordinary human, and just said “Suddenly cutting me, you’re horrible” to her. The answer had already come out.

“…My bad Yuki, thanks for saving me. But cutting her out of the blue… If Sakaki is not being manipulated, what are you going to do?” “Nothing in particular. I will only have her experience a slight pain then.”

Yuki told, plainly. Because,

“She did such things to you and yet alone she left the door slightly opened. If she’s a sane person then she must be deliberately trying to be seen on purpose.” It is an unforgivable for her trouble Basara and do something like that. Besides, Sakaki is a good friend to Mio. Even if she didn’t know the relationship of Mio and Basara, after having done such a thing at the school to a person who is a part of her family that is living together, and tries to be known by the others like a cowardly woman, Yuki won’t permit it, even if it is her classmate. Therefore, whether she is manipulated or not, it won’t be necessary for Yuki to forgive her.

“Hey, what are you two been talking about...?”

Sakaki sulked for a little while, then

“Toujou-kun…… Neglecting me who confessed to you, and talking to Nonaka-san who came just now, are you a bit heartless?”

“…we are talking about whether you are insane or not”

As Basara said it with a serious look, he whispered with an earnest expression to Yuki’s ear, “This is bad, Yuki…… may I leave this to you? Since we now knew that Sakaki is manipulated, the possibility of the enemy targeting Mio is high”

“I think so too. You should better run quickly ―――――When she began running along the corridor, the mark of the curse of the master-servant contract appeared on the neck of Mio. If she encounters an enemy, forget about fighting, even running away in that condition is impossible.”

Witnessing the scene of Sakaki and Basara, she might have been shocked so much that she couldn’t control her jealousy. Yuki signed the similar contract, but the reason why the curse didn’t activate to her is that Sakaki was only a mere classmate to her, and unlike Mio who is also a close friend to her, she acquired training of the hero clan that always judge the situation with a calm head.

Supposedly, if Mio and Maria are embracing Basara, and with Kurumi present, Yuki might not be able to move by the curse too. “Basara, I’m fine here alone. Because she doesn’t even understand that she is manipulated, gathering Intel from her will surely fail. The enemy expects us to be stalled here.”

“You’re a lifesaver ―――― but don’t be reckless.”

Said Basara as he puts out his hand in the open locker, then went running outside the locker room. Sakaki who saw it, sighs in disappointment.

“Aaーa. I knew it. Naruse-san is important after all… We have been dumped, Nonaka-san.”

“I don’t mind. The rejected one is only you. I having remained here, is because he entrusted you to me.” Yuki said as she did a stance with 『Sakuya』again. “―――――Oh my, class rep. Bringing a dangerous edged tool in the boy’s locker room, do you want the police to be called?” Suddenly, a voice was heard from behind. Turning her neck, a female classmate was there. Like Sakaki Chika, it was Mio’s close friend ——Aikawa Shiho.

From her introduction, a smile floated in her face. Furthermore, she can also see『Sakuya』in this situation. “……Why are you here”

not understanding the situation, Nonaka Yuki knitted her eyebrows. There is no surprise that Aikawa is also manipulated. Sakaki was manipulated, so the possibility that Aikawa who was also her close friend being manipulated is high. However,

…So the one (taking the role) that kidnaps Naruse-san, was not her…?

If that’s the case, then who on earth——suddenly a bad premonition swelled up.

“…have to reschedule”

Standing alone, Yuki turned around.

“Eh? Nonaka-san, what is it?”

“What’s wrong? I can’t hear you Class rep”

To Sakaki and Aikawa smiling while exchanging words back and forth,

“Basara told me not to be reckless…but it seems to be impossible.”

Forming a stance, Nonaka Yuki declared as she released the power of 『Sakuya』.

Because I don’t have the time to play with you anymore——I shall end this with a single blow.”

Brandishing 『Sakuya』in goodspeed, that moment, a white flash of light filled the boys’ locker room.

Part 4[edit]

Basara and Sakaki, have been caught in an immodest posture the floor of the boys’ locker room. Naruse Mio kept running away from that place.

Still on indoor shoes, she dashed out of the school building, to a place where no one will keep an eye on.

A place where her current self won’t be seen by others, a place where she could be alone.

The sweet sensation trembling from the depths of her body welled up. If this is the usual, she should have sunk to the floor on the spot, and her condition will become strange if she didn’t have Basara to ‘comfort’ her.

But, ——Naruse Mio withstood that feeling, concentrated and kept on running at full speed.

The figure of Basara and Sakaki a little whilea ago is still engraved in her mind, haunting her.


On earth did it lead to this?

Treating anyone indiscriminately as much as possible, Mio avoided making friends for them not to be involved with the problem of the Demon clan, but Sakaki and Aikawa are special people.

——of course, Basara and Mio only lived together as a temporary brother and sister, and aren’t going out.

But still, while living together with them, she thinks that they are becoming a real family bit by bit.

However, Mio doesn’t have the right to stop Sakaki if she has feelings for Basara.

Located between Mio and Basara was not ‘love’ but ——a ‘master-servant relationship’ to combat the crisis that they are having right now. Nevertheless,


Running in another park that is adjacent to the metropolitan park, Mio reached a vacant tennis court, then grabbed the fences surrounding its perimeter.

I can’t understand. Why is it so painful? Why does it hurt my chest so much? Yuki and Maria had done that to Basara so far, but after seeing it, why am I so angry and upset?

“But still……Why…”

Spitting out a voice, Mio panted painfully. Though she should understand that neither Basara nor Sakaki are bad in the head, her emotions became sloppy that she couldn't think straight.

But she knows that it’s wrong. But she doesn’t understand why.

She can’t stop thinking that she is betrayed by Basara.

So now the cruel master-servant contract in Mio ——swelled up for the betrayal against his master, and a curse of unpreceded level attacked Mio. Not being able to endure it any longer,


The moment her consciousness fade, Mio fell down to the side aimlessly. However,


An existence caught and held Mio gently.


With a warmth different from Basara, as her consciousness fade, Naruse Mio saw the person who had supported herself.

Still, in a state where she couldn’t be able to think clearly, she turned around a name vaguely.


“……Yes. Mio-sama……it’s all right now.”

Maria said in a calm voice.

From that moment, Mio felt relief, then fainted―suddenly, a voice was heard in the end.

Different from Maria, a female voice as cold as ice.

“Sleep at ease Naruse Mio. Your pains―Zolgear-sama will heal it.”

Without giving time to understand the meaning of those words, Naruse Mio’s mind has wallowed into the darkness.

Having reached the scene at last, Toujou Basara arrived at the exact time Mio lost her consciousness.

As he left the boys’ locker room in pursuit of Mio, the location pointed as he used the detection ability of the master-servant contract he used without hesitation pointed out at this park.

And after reaching the scene in front of his eyes, Toujou Basara cried out at once.

“Mio, Maria!!”

The fainted Mio was held in Maria’s arms. Standing beside her, was a beautiful woman of the Demon clan. Maria is Mio’s protectorate, and as for the beautiful evil beside her, the possibility that she’s a companion of the Moderate faction is not zero. But how does Maria who should have looked after the house protect Mio so conveniently? And how did she managed to call a companion devil for support in accordance to this timing? I shouldn’t be asking this——unfortunately with the situation that surrounds us right now, these thoughts should not be allowed. For this best appeal,


The reaction Maria had shown, was a sorrowful expression. Thus, the moment Basara became fully convinced of the situation, a change happened in Maria’s surroundings. The space began to fluctuate.

…as if I’ll let you do it!

Escaping into a distant location, she carried Mio.

As his speed on the ground is accelerated further, Toujou Basara reached top speed in an instant. He changed himself into a gust of wind and cut down their distance all at once.


As he materialized Brynhild, he tried to stab the demon girl who was supposed to be the enemy.

He mowed down and the sword flashed as he lounged through the figure.

However, it just ended cutting into thin air. The transition was slightly earlier.

“Damn it…I won’t just let this happen!”

Basara that made a rigid expression tried to locate Mio’s position immediately. However,

“――――No way…?!”

Even if he thought it in his mind, he was unable to grasp the whereabouts of Mio. While Yuki entered the same master-servant contract to be detected, he was not able to detect Mio’s location where she is kidnapped in the way the fog took her at all. Still,

“It’s not over yet……!”

Grinding his teeth in frustration, Basara squeezed his voice. Even at this degree, still doesn’t want to lose, Basara braced himself up.

That’s right. It’s still too early to give up.

The determination to protect Naruse Mio till the end. These thoughts were transformed to an oath.

No matter how hopeless the situation maybe, giving up is never an option.

Part 5[edit]

The time when her parents are killed, Naruse Mio clearly remembered everything.

At the very place of the tragedy, Mio saw in full details the cruel act of violence with her very own eyes.

The tragedy that struck the Naruses’ family get together ——that occurred after dinner.

Mio, relaxing in the living room with the others, a devil suddenly appeared from the thin air.

That time, she have no idea yet of the demonic existence at all. Therefore, she only just stared at the situation, dumbfounded, not understanding anything at all.

——However, her parents were different.

Instantly convinced that the man from the demon clan is aiming at Mio, fighting immediately began.

Being killed ahead, was no other than Mio’s gentle father.

Momentarily, when he materialized twin swords and performed an assault, a blade with a black luster the man had brought shone, and father’s both hands flew in the air ——along with the fresh blood that painted whole place red, the room was filled with screams.

Upon seeing it, Mother’s shoulders trembled intensely, and shouted at Mio to run away, however, Mio was not able to move. The abnormal tragedy playing in front of her own eyes: it deprived the way and completely lost her sense of reality. In order to buy time for Mio, Father, who lost both of his hands, confronted the man in desperation——however, his face was caught by the man, and his whole body exploded from within, and blood and internal organs scattered all across the living room.

A hopeless gap of power. However, mother never gave up ——rather than beating the man, she chose to protect Mio.

She unleashed flames of super high temperature, that even Mio as of now is not capable of doing, towards the man. However, his power was brutally overwhelming.

The flame prison magic that she recited was easily repelled, and a black flame was created in return.

In an instant. Her whole body was wrapped in the flames of hell, and mother was burnt to death.

The man who killed father and mother approached Mio slowly ——and Mio was unable to remember anything from that point. She lost her consciousness in excess fear, the next thing happened was she woke up in an abandoned factory, and there was Maria who had been introduced until now as her parents’ relatives. She took on the form of a succubus, and Mio was told various things.

And ——Naruse Mio’s battle has begun.


——More than half a year had passed since then, but the dream seemed like it was just yesterday.

But, Mio is fine with it. Because it is necessary for what she is now. To never forget that day. To keep the hatred burning for revenge.

After the death of her parents, she was almost deceived by her lawyer who manages their will and inheritance, and to get rid of her she was attacked by men with their motives in full exposure when she wandered the night town, despite having nightmares every night. But ——after having met Basara and Jin, and living together with them, the number of times she saw those nightmares have lessened.

——Naruse Mio understood why.

To her who had lost everything other than the emotion of revenge, she had obtained new place to stay——and a new family.


Naruse Mio still cannot forget. Her father’s screams as his hands were torn off, dyeing the white living room into a ghastly vermillion. The smell of her mother as her whole body scorched.

The face of the man who had brought tragedy, and depriving her of everything, the main culprit of all. I can never forgive him. I must avenge my parents by all means.

If that is the reason for my living, then I’ll gladly put my life on the line.

To avenge her parents is the only reason—— why Naruse Mio fights with her life at stake.


Naruse Mio slowly rose up from her sleep. An unfamiliar place was seen before her eyes——a dark stone-built reminiscent of a throne room where audiences were held.

“……Where am I?”

Why am I in this place? Mio was unable to comprehend for a moment. The discrepancy between what she is thinking and what is in before her eyes, is that she understood that apparently she had lost consciousness. Tracing her memory back to where she had lost consciousness, she was reminded of the situation Sakaki and Basara was in in the locker room——due to the shock in her mind, Mio ran away while holding in the tremor in whole body.

“Eh? What is this?”

She finally noticed what state she was in. her both hands, both spread apart were chained behind the wall, and she was restrained in a way like being crucified. Because of the little margin in the length of the chains, her body movement is sealed. It completely lost her freedom of movement.

“——————it seems you have regained yourself”

To the call which unexpectedly came from outside her consciousness, Mio’s whole body tensed. Looking at the source of the voice, a beautiful demon stood still. Her eyes which stared at hers were so beautiful that it seemed to suck her from within, even though it was filled with color of ice.

“…this woman, she’s strong…”

There——Just standing there, with only her presence, she was easily convinced.

The white mask that that has fought before, is on par with Hayase Takashi——no, more powerful than him. And Mio understood her situation at once. Being restrained in a strange place, with a demon that doesn’t seem that she is acquainted with, if you think about it, the evidences presented are enough.

Thus, Mio remembered completely. Being not able to endure the scene she saw in the locker room while searching for Basara, she ran away in a sudden impulse from that place, and dashed out of the school grounds.

“…So I fell down in a park ——and was caught by you, am I right?” Mio glared at the demon woman with cold eyes.

“You’re fast on the uptake. Not being confused in this situation, your courage is surprising too.”

“Thank you for the compliment…I decided that I was going to fight against people like you, so I assumed the possibility of being caught by something.”

Mio snobs her with a “humph”, as she guessed the identity of the demon in front of her eyes,

“You——you want the power of the demon king’s predecessor that is inside me, you who is a subordinate of the current demon king?” from the question that she gave,

“——No. It’s different.”

Inside the depths of the wide space——a voice was heard from the other side of the dark room. The moment the voice is heard,


Naruse Mio involuntarily swallowed her breath. Her pulse that beat at peace jumped up at once.

“…That voice just now…it can’t be?!”

Looking at the depths of the dark hall, the sounds of steps hitting the stone pavement was heard, Mio can’t believe what she saw.

“Zest over there, swears loyalty only to me. And although I am one of the body that serves his majesty Leohart… I don’t want the power of Wilbert to be in his majesty’s way.” and a demon appeared with a voice smiling in the darkness.


After seeing that face —— Mio had a feeling that all of the blood running through her whole body boiled. The pressure of the aura the man gave, exceeded the demon woman before her eyes earlier. It is the power that only high ranking demons can possess.

If she were in her normal state of mind, Mio would only tremble herself in intense fear. ——However, Mio right now held no fear at all.

No doubt. Certainly no doubt. No matter what, I can’t be mistaken.

The face that took her kind parents——and deprived all of her happiness and peaceful life, was the face of her only dreaded enemy.


Mio; where her emotions exploded in an instant, cried out the name of the enemy her father called in his last moments.

At the same time, clanking of hard metal reverberated the vicinity. Mio who tried to thrust herself forward to Zolgear, was stopped by the chain that bound her both arms in the stone wall. However, Mio didn’t stop. Her whole body flew into a rage, as if the chain restraining her seemed to tear apart from the force. Happily watching her in such state, Zogear approached Mio.

“Hoooo… that expression when you lost yourself in anger, is beautiful in a way. Seems like it is worth the risk taking you after all.”

“I’ll never forgive you even I kill you a hundred times over! How —— how dare you to do that to Mom and Dad!”

With pure hatred, Mio vented,

“It is a good feeling to be yearned by a woman like you”

Without mind, Zolgear gave a scornful laugh.

“It is disappointing… If I should have known that we will have a happy reunion like this, I should have killed both of those garbage more brutally.”

“……looking down on the opponent you just killed —— you lowlife!”

She cried out, with rude words accompanied by her raging feelings upon the Insult of her parents.

“Hmph… apparently, it seems that you need to learn a language suitable to your appearance sooner or later.” In a brink of a moment, Zolgear’s eyes shot through Mio who is flying into a rage. With that alone,


Mio’s body stiffened all over all of a sudden, and she was at lost for words.

……This, my voice. No way, my breath…?!

The severe pressure Zolgear emitted deprived Mio of her voice, and made her breathing unable to do as she wanted.

“This would be fine… Well then, shall we begin your education at once?”

As Zolgear said in satisfaction while cutting down their distance, her face turned pale. With a gaze that seemed to lick Mio’s curves, he made an indecent smile.

…This bastard…?! In the eyes of Zolgear, Mio, who immediately understood his intentions, froze on the spot.

“No need to worry about anything. I will establish a new passion inside you and repaint all your hatred with sweet pleasures. You will now know who on earth is the master you should devote yourself into”

Zolgear stretched out his hand with a grin.

The hand touched the rich chest on Mio in uniform, and then,

“—— please wait your Excellency.”

Immediately before that, a voice stopped Zolgear—— it was Zest.

“She had already signed a master and servant contract with Toujou Basara, and the bonds have been strengthened at the level where it is now capable of strengthening their fighting powers. If she was humiliated by your Excellency who harmed her adoptive parents under such conditions——Even though it’s only a succubus aphrodisiac, it is not strange if the power of the curse activates and reaches an instant death level.”

“What are you saying, Zest? With the magical barrier that I constructed covering this entire mansion, even the master-servant contract cannot trace it. In fact——furthermore, if I am actually caught in this situation becoming a hindrance to the chief, this daughter is giving me a cheeky attitude a while ago, so was it not appropriate for her to suffer from the curse?”

“Perhaps there wouldn't be any problem if it’s only the curse of the master-servant contract, but the problem is the inherited power of the demon king’s predecessor Wilbert sleeping inside her.”

Zest spoke with a cool voice.

“Even if it is only one——if we stimulate it poorly, the curse of the master-servant contract and running wildly of the power of Wilbert may sync at the same time, and it’s possible that even your Excellency’s magical barrier won’t be able to suppress it. The worst case scenario is, we may lose both Wilbert’s power and Naruse Mio at the same time.”

By those words of Zest, Mio is convinced. In this situation she had become an excess baggage for Basara, but she thought that it is strange for the curse of the master-servant contract not activating, indeed, there was that mechanism.

When hearing the advice from her subordinate, Zolgear became somewhat disappointed,

“…I see. You certainly have a point there. Very well…Then I should extract Wilbert’s power first and foremost.”

“Thank you for heeding this, your Excellency. Well then——“

In the spot where Zest started speaking,


Suddenly, a young voice came out from the corner of the room. That familiar voice,


Mio forgot her suffocation for a moment, and received a blank surprise that stopped all of her thoughts. Looking towards the source of the voice whose she won’t believe, there stood a young succubus.

It was Maria. The shock has stunned Mio, and in silence, took a glance at Maria.


Her usual childish eyes, felt cold and inhuman——and with the fact that she called Zolgear with “-sama”, Mio understood. In the park being on the verge of losing consciousness, it felt like she had heard the voice of Maria. Apparently it seemed that she hearing it was not a mistake.

…So…it was like this…

Having realized the situation, Mio bit her lips tightly in regret.

So I was being deceived from the very start——by this little succubus that I had believed more than anyone.

Ignoring Mio who drooped down her head, Maria stepped up to Zolgear.

“…what business did you came here? Haven’t I commanded you to remain on standby until I gave you an order?”

“Yes. But we have received an urgent transmission magic to Zolgear-sama coming from the Royal castle. So please report.”

To the question that Zolgear asked with an irritating voice, Maria presented the crystal ball with a calm tone.

“The Royal Castle you said…?”

Zolgear which received the crystal ball that noticed the other party at once, frowned silently. The crystal shone instantly, and the next moment,

“…Zolgear. Can you hear me?”

Suddenly, a man’s voice was heard. Zolgear in a tone that seemed he was standing on a ceremony,

Yes, Your Majesty Leohart————I can hear you.”

Hearing that name, Mio was taken aback and she held her breath.

“…His majesty? Then…”

Probably——No, there is no doubt. Speaking to Zolgear through the crystal ball, was the current Demon King who took over Hell after Wilbert, her father’s death.

“Zolgear, Where are you now? I can’t see your appearance over here.”

“It is as his majesty knows, according to the decision made by the Imperial court, I am currently confined in my private residence. Apparently, because the magic waves around the residence has fallen into disorder, a part of the magical barrier has rendered unstable. Maybe that is the cause of the distortion of the video image on the transmission magic?”

Zolgear declared as if nothing happened,

——Apart from that. There is an urgent report this time, what exactly have you been doing right now?”

He was being asked his real motive by the king. Then. The present demon lord said in a quiet voice.

“in the human world, the daughter of Wilbert——I was informed that the whereabouts of Naruse Mio haven’t been found. For you, who is a former watchdog, is there any information that you can share with us?”


In Leohart’s question, Zolgear thought——the information has traveled fast, it seems. However,

“Possibly… ever since I have been dismissed in the surveillance role, I haven’t been involved with her lately.”

Zolgear said, in a voice full of obedience but with a face lacking in royalty.

“Then you say that you know nothing about this incident?”

“Yes. I didn't took part and therefore I don’t know.”

The residence is covered by a magical barrier, so that any waves of transmission magic will be jammed.

Depriving Mio’s voice, her appearance was not known to the other side. Mio made eye contact with Zest with caution, but the loyal servant transformed the nails of her left hand to a sharp thing, thrusting it at Mio’s neck.

No such rattling came from the chain nor could rampaging be heard. In other words, no problem has occurred. Therefore Zolgear feigned ignorance in a dignified manner. Shortly thereafter,

“…Is that so? I get it. Then regarding the matter, I’ll leave the surveillance role to Lars.” Leohart said in a low tune. With his mouth on a wide grin, Zolgear,

“Then, your Excellency, is there other business you have with me?”

“No. I just want to ask you a few things —— I want you to come to the Royal Castle right now.”

Not expecting those words to come out of Leohart, he made a dubious expression.

“…this is so sudden. Was there something wrong?”

“In the western region, ruins of the old Diavola period during the Demon war was seemed to be found. There is a possibility that the souls of the dead and the elements that can be used are sleeping within. I order you to accompany them for inspection.”

“I see ——if this is true, then this would be a great discovery. But Why me?”

As he spoke with humility,

“I have received advice from a certain person that you, who are one of the eldest, have also acquired deep attainments in ancient magic are most suitable for this."

“…that is, it is certainly right”

“What’s the matter? Is there something wrong, Zolgear?”

To Leohart question, Zolgear was lost in his thoughts for a moment. He finally got Mio. He wanted to extract Wilbert’s power as soon as possible.


If he supposed to be unwilling to accompany them, strange doubts will be held upon him. He didn’t think that this place could be found that easily, even if Leohart and his imperial court moved, but sexually assaulting Mio deep inside her soul and extracting the power of Wilbert cannot be provided at this time. Therefore,

“…None, your excellency. Certainly. I will take a visit at once.” Zolgear accepted it unwillingly, and the transmission magic was cut.

“Is it over, your Majesty?”

Asked Zest, drawing back the nails that were focused on Mio’s neck,

“Even if he’s young, the opponent is a Demon king. I can’t do nothing but go… but I won’t join in.”

Zolgear spat out resentfully.

According to what Leohart has said, there is someone who recommended him,

…is it Lars? But if he does it, he should have obtained proof that Naruse Mio has been kidnapped. Well, this will be good, Zolgear smiled. I’m being called for a feasibility study of an excavated remains somehow or other. If that’s the case, then once I have predetermined the value of it, I will return at once. Zolgear turned around Mio being bound to the wall and said in a retaliating tone,

“Just wait —— As soon as I have finished my investigation, I will have you as much as I like.”

Part 6[edit]

After having left the scene where Mio was kidnapped on the tennis court.

Basara joined with Yuki, and was made to hear that the one who manipulated Aikawa and Sakaki were still unknown. Because the master-servant contract cannot trace Mio’s whereabouts, they lost their only lead.

But——even if the road is coming to an end for Basara and Yuki,

The way to help out Mio, has not completely closed yet.

Therefore, Basara tried to contact the young man—— Takigawa Yahiro, which was absent from school today. Since Maria was connected with the enemy after all, all the conditions have overturned.

Although he was cooperating with Takigawa in seclusion, it is likely that the other party might just be playing pretend. Actually, Takigawa hid himself three days before and had met up with Maria. In addition to that he was absent from school at the same timing. These may be irrelevant but it is not. Therefore he thought that it was usual that he won’t accept this appeal, but it is surprising that Takigawa answered the telephone of Basara.

And now—— Basara who made Yuki wait on standby in their home, was alone in the coppices that stretched out on the metropolitan park. For Takigawa whom he told to meet, Basara chose this park as a meeting place. And then,

“Good grief…… of all the places, why this one? It brings back unpleasant memories.”

Appearing before the eyes of Basara, Takigawa whom he called already stood.

“And? Calling me to this place, Basacchi, what on earth do you want now?”

“Don’t pretend that you don’t know. You who is Mio’s observer, must know the current situation already.”

To Basara that reported in an irritating tone, Takigawa shrugs his shoulder.

“I know. Though there are stories you want to hear, I believe that it is slightly too late for that."

“What do you mean by that……?”

“It is as what I said. When Maria and I had met three days ago, you should have seen it with your very own eyes.”

“You… so you noticed that I saw you?”

“Aah. Because you have been into danger here and there, even seeing it in this way, myself is a quality that is sensitive to your eyes, right? I had certainly thought that you would have questioned me for that, but you didn't. From your desire to not suspect Maria, that’s an excuse for a guy that is swallowed on trust or something like that.”

“Then, Maria, after all…”

“That’s right. Maria had been following Zolgear’s orders the whole time.”

To Basara who is still clinging for hope, a cruel declaration from Takigawa was released.

Biting his lips and clutching his right fist in pain, Basara asked.

“……Tell me, Takigawa. Is Maria really the guardian the Moderates have dispatched? Where the hell is the truth——where the hell are the lies?”

That fellow being sent as Naruse Mio’s escort is true. However, she following Zolgear’s orders wasn’t a lie either. By the way, the secret meeting that Maria and I held recently… to tell you the truth, I came to be in touch with that. Not coming to school for a long time, I was running here and there. Finally I thought that Zolgear has begun to move, even with a little check.”

“Do you mean… you and Maria are acquaintances in the past?”

“You might say. But, that fellow doesn’t know that I am really from the moderate faction.

To Zolgear and that right hand of his, I was only an observer sent by the present Demon King faction. On one side, the official reason why Zolgear came to let Maria follow him, is for the purpose of securing Naruse Mio at once in case of emergency, and even the upper echelons of the present Demon King faction consented about this kind of thing. Though they are not allowed to lay a hand on Naruse, it is an effective strategy in case of emergency.” Takigawa added.

“Naturally, I knew that information too —— therefore, I took that underhand and said to that fellow. I appreciate your efforts.”

“…how did Maria reply?”

“Nothing. ‘Thank you’ and that’s it. This matter as to speak, is Zolgear’s reckless actions. Nothing can be said true by that fellow.”

Is that really it?

“Even living together for a long time is not necessarily as knowing the real thing to Naruse and Basacchi.”

To the fact that Takigawa had mentioned, Basara didn’t have any words for it.

“By the way Basacchi—— Have you thought what do Maria wish for?”

“Wha-What was that all of a sudden?”

Asking so sudden leaving him confused,

“As I thought, you still don’t know… Well, I guess so.”

Sighing afterwards, Takigawa informs.

“Even if you throw away your situation and place to stay, the strong feelings cannot be handed over to anyone even if life is at stake. Coming a certain day when her adoptive parents are murdered, Naruse continued on fighting in order to take revenge on that enmity. Nonaka chose to follow Basacchi instead of the the mission of the Hero clan. Naruse not being able to defend against the Hero clan, Basacchi decided to defend as well as Nonaka that had abandoned the mission of the clan for himself. If anything, this is an exceptional degree.”


“It wouldn’t be funny to Basacchi in Maria’s case either. Because of Naruse’s circumstances, and because Nonaka was a childhood friend, I understand it somehow. If that’s what you are, then, why didn’t you ask Maria for that sort of thing?”


Basara who was charged with a question became loss for words in a moment. Certainly, what Maria wished for, is still unknown to him. He haven’t thought of it in particular. The reason is,

“But Maria is… unlike Mio and Yuki who were in danger at some aspects, she always do it with a smile on her face. Even if she do pranks or something ridiculous, there is always a peace of mind in her—— So”

“Hey Hey Basacchi, C’mon now.”

As if disgusted; Takigawa,

“She is Naruse’s guardian. Her feelings and wishes, all of it must be postponed for the sake of devoting herself to Naruse. Also, her true feelings are not a deadpan, or there will be no reason to hide it taciturnly. Even a smile can be one of the excellent masks.”


From Takigawa’s words, Basara couldn’t do anything but bow his head. Takigawa, feeling relieved,

“It is not rally a reason to blame yourself. Maria wanted to hide the truth. Even if you weren’t able to notice it, Basacchi, you don’t have to worry about it.”


“Supposedly, if Basacchi thought about Maria even a little, the true feelings that person was carrying all alone… you might be able to catch up before it had reached this state”

“…Since when, when on earth did Maria…”

What would a kind like her sow to reap this kind of situation?

“Basacchi was deceived from the very beginning. When Basacchi met with Naruse and Maria in the family restaurant for the first time, that person had been following Zolgear’s orders already.”

“No… no matter how long did Maria deceive me, it doesn’t matter. The question is, how long Maria did had been serving Zolgear.”

To Takigawa who came telling him the truth without hesitation, Basara shakes his head side to side.

“Before Zolgear tried to get Mio into his own hands, though her adoptive parents were murdered in his obstruction, did he made a blunder because Mio was able to flee with Maria? But then, Zolgear being of high ranked demon, should have disposed Maria that tried to take Mio off to begin with, and it should have been easier for him to take Mio away. However, he didn’t do it——"

“for that person, that was unnecessary. After all, Maria, was with Zolgear in advance——“

“——No, it’s impossible. In the first place, it is not only Zolgear who desires Wilbert’s power residing inside Mio to begin with. The demon lord who stood after Wilbert. If Zolgear were to forcibly obtain Mio, he surelywent through a lot of questions. After that happened the surveillance was replaced by you. and it has already been done until the order not to approach Mio has been done.”

Basara, weaving words rapidly, assembled his own deduction like a detective.

That Maria’s yearning, he will find the cause that tormented her heart.

“That’s right……I didn’t think he didn’t understand the risk very well. If Maria was a subordinate of Zolgear from the very beginning, all should have been over on that day when Mio’s adoptive parents were killed. If the murder the adoptive parents of Mo was done, why won’t you approach that fellow—— even if a bad job was made and heavy punishment will be received, there is no reason to overlook Mio because they are subordinates already."

“…I see”

Hearing Basara’s conjectures, Takigawa who was listening gave off a smile of interest.

“Say, also that time when you found out my real nature… your power of reasoning is quite a great feat.”

Those words that made up Basara’s guess were not wrong. Therefore, Basara;

“Perhaps ——No, it is certain that Zolgear is doing something behind our backs. Getting rid of the adoptive parents of Mio and Maria in an order not to be discovered by anybody, he should have obtained Mio. Still, he was not able to obtain Mio, so there is a possibility that something unexpected has happened. And when the matter which is the murder of Mio’s parents has come to light, his post being the observer of Mio was dismissed from him and he was replaced.”


“Supposedly, if Zolgear was then accompanied by Maria, the next should be—— Takigawa”

At last, Toujou Basara found out the truth about the questions himself.

That is undoubtedly, the beginning of Naruse Maria’s tragedy.

He announced.

“A hostage —— what if Zolgear has been holding something that is considered Maria’s weakness?


From the original question that he gave, Takigwa smiled, and lightly opens his both arms.

"That’s a clever answer. Naruse was able to run away with Maria, and Zolgear was dismissed in his post as the observer of Naruse and returned to Hell right away, then targeted Maria’s family instead. Maybe a younger sister of her or someone like her has been caught. Afterwards she decided to be with that guy. She seemed to have received various orders given by that guy, in order to obtain Naruse. By the way Basaacchi, is there anything strange regarding Maria’s speech and behavior recently?”

“You mean… that trouble regarding the reversal activation of the master-servant contract with Mio and me?”

To Basara being taken aback by the question, Takigawa nodded.

“That is too what Zolgear wanted to let Maria do on purpose. Have you talked with her before? The aphrodisiac characteristic of the succubus is added on purpose to the curse of the master-servant contract, is the thing that gives pleasure that gives the maximum betrayal, which is being deprived of her chastity by anyone other than her master, beyond her limits until she breaks apart. If he tend to violate Naruse who had pledged loyalty to Basara, the intensity of the curse of the master-servant ontract ill be immense. Probably, anytime now —— Naruse is on the verge of falling to the pit of bottomless pleasure.”

Basara held his breath momentarily and his body turned rigid. The worst case scenario has played in his mind at once. At first, Mio resisited violently, while forcibly violated by Zolgear, and cannot compete with the curse of the master-servant contract for long, Mio succumbed herself to pleasure gradually, reaching the point until Zolgear’s demands are satisfied. However,

“―Well, Because Zolgear wants the power of Wilbert within Naruse, it is not strange that he would not do it at once.”

Takigawa said as if consoling him. Basara looked at him with a bitter expression.

It might be true that there would be delay as Takigawa said, yet the worst case scenario is still imminent.

Therefore―Toujou Basara was not pressed down by his feelings anymore.

“Why didn’t you even tell me...? Maria even. You! This could have been resolve at once, without the situation beoming this worse!”

He then fumed all of his anger to Takigawa.

“Hey, hey, Basacchi, don’t be unreasonable. They took a hostage for Maria. Besides, even I wouldn’t guess it until you told me beforehand. If it were Basacchi’s personality,

“Anyway if you know about Maria’s circumstances, you have turned and ran frantically already. Then, doing such behavior you will draw their attention, and if the information leaked was to be traced back by the present Demon King faction, it will be the end of me in no time.”

“if that is the case, when it had become clear that Maria was proved to have taken a hostage, why don’t the Moderate faction send help and take measures quickly!?”

Takigawa then; declared onto the ear of the doubting Basara.

“the answer is easy——the order given by the Moderate faction is: Leave it as it is.”

“Wha… what the, Why?”

From those words that is impossible to believe, Basara asked, perplexed.

“Although the Moderates have lost its power in their faction, they are still considered a major part of the forces of Hell. As a matter of course, there are large labs of rocks on the inside”

“So you’re saying that there are people in there who dislike Mio?”

"No… No one hates that Naruse. She’s the daughter of the predecessor who is His Majesty Wilbert after all. However, there is one troublesome person who finds Naruse disagreeable."

“…troublesome person?”

“the top of the present Moderates. The elder brother of His Majesty Wilbert that died, Ramses. That one is as stubborn as hell… though I don’t know whether it was mortifying or not for his younger brother to get the throne of the Demon king before himself, but he seemed quite displeased in Naruse somehow or other. Even if the other VIP’s treat Naruse with outmost care, he doesn't pay any attention to that at all. He doesn't even regard her as the Demon king’s predecesor’s daughter, and sending guards to a bare minimum, was all in his orders.”

“…That guy”

It was Basara in a voice so low that it could freeze anything.

“Is that fellow trying to get rid of Mio? Letting only Maria and me as her guards, even knowing that Maria’s family has been taken as hostage, does he intend to become silent without doing anything?

“By the way…well anyhow, don’t you have any plan to take measures? I had searched for the hostage in various ways, besides, when Maria was chosen as the escort, I have a trump card given especially to that guy.”

“Trump card…? Can you really be able to break in this situation?”

“No. it’s not that kind. It’s the trump card as a guard of Naruse to the end.”

And so Takigawa:

“If I use that, Maria’s fighting power will be raised drastically… Basacchi and Naruse, not to mention Nonaka, will become of a level that is higher than before. For sure, as for the battle with Basacchi’s childhood friends just recently, it seems to be of level that she can easily settle with alone. Well, you might say that there is a restriction to this in various ways, and cannot be used indiscriminately without thinking.”

“Maria, has such power…?”

“Ah. Well, even though I have never seen it before, I think that this is not a lie, probably. After all, that has been used once, and that power has been proven already”

“Proven… did you mean…”

“That’s right. She had seemed to use it one time —— to protect Naruse from Zolgear. However, because Naruse had lost consciousness by the shock that her parents are murdered by then, she was unable to see what Maria has done that time.”

After telling that much, Takigawa making him feeling relieved said;

“However, no matter how much strong our trump card is, even if we shift the situation, it is not possible to expect it from Maria whom has a hostage taken on her. That’s why from now on, while avoiding to be discovered by the present Demon King Faction, you will come to save Naruse.”


“For this occasion, the objective of finding the hideout of Zolgear has already been done.”

“Is that true!?”

Taken aback, Basara’s complexion changed and suddenly asked,

“Tell me Takigawa! Even with the power of the mater-servant contract to locate, I can’t find Mio’s whereabouts!”

“It’s probably the magical barrier of Zolgear’s doing. That guy is a specialist in master-servant contract. If he isn’t, then there wouldn’t be any trouble, right?”

However, Takigawa:

“There are slightly complicated circumstances at the moment… the fact that I cannot move recklessly is the reason that it can’t be done.” As he said in a light tone while scratching his cheek, Toujou Basara’s feelings exploded.

“Your being too carefree is at fault, Takigawa! Mio has been caught by Zolgear! And I don’t think that even after he succeeds he will still be keeping Maria and the hostage alive for any longer. You are a part of the guards of Mio similar to Maria, so there is no reason for you to be standing still ——"

He said in a sharp tone, attempting to grab Takigawa’s collar——However, he wasn’t able to do it. Because, coming from his side, Takigawa gave off a sharp right knee.


“ooh, my bad, Basacchi… to tell you the truth, I got a habit of hitting with my knee on reflex when a bastard tends to grab my by the collar. Are you alright? Is it quite painful? Or”

Takigawa took a large step behind Basara and flew to the rear. Basara who is still in a state where he received a strong knee to his side, drawing irregular breaths, materialized Brynhildr and brandished it beside.

Because it is not a fight to risk one’s life, he retaliated with the back of the blade, but a hit would surely hurt. But then,

“I held back my power… Even though these events happened, letting Zolgear’s subordinates of the Demon Clan steal that troublesome girl, just who are you cooperating with?”

Landing in a composure as if nothing happened, Takigawa then declared, with eyes that suddenly turned serious,

“But, you guys are the same too. There are some things that I couldn’t hand over either. No matter what the circumstances are.”

“…As for that, even I am the same…!”

Basara with a painful expression glared at Takigawa,

“Takigawa… what on earth do you exactly want from us? I don’t understand whether you have exposed Mio and Maria to danger. And I have no rights to deny that you are going to give priority to your own desires over those guys either.”


“I am Mio and Maria’s big brother. Since there is no other way to help those two, if you can’t tell me, I will knock you down to your knees, and make you spill out where are those two’s whereabouts!”

“My, my. To think that I have been wondering why am I called in a pace like this, but to settle it with brute force? I give up. It seems that our precious alliance will be over, although I thought that were beginning to get closer to each other… what a short friendship.”

Smiling wryly, Takigawa’s expression had changed into something ghastly.

“However, I just want to confirm something—— with that way of talking, it seems like you are sure to totally beat me at all. Indeed, that’s what you think… but don’t think that this person will give you credit like the last time, kay? Toujou Basara.”

The same time he said his name filled with hostility, a dark aura was released around Takigawa.


The moment Basara had set up Brynhild, Takigawa’s figure had already disappeared in front of his eyes.

“―Too slow”

The same time a voice was heard from behind, an impact came.


Beyond the reactions of a speed type, his back was taken in an instant.

No doubt. Takigawa the other day has held his power in check. However, I cannot not be defeated here.

Being blown off violently and rolled around the coppice grandly, Basara still endured the impact that attacked his whole body.

Kicking the large trunk which he was about to crash into, he performed a dash at once. However,

“…is that the speed that a speed type boasts of? There is a big difference between me and the childhood friends you have the other day.”

With a ‘hmph’, Takigawa shot countless dark spheres, and Basara utilized his top speed to the maximum. Evading in a zigzag motion by irregular side steps, combined with interception slashes by Brynhild, the distance was reduced in a blink of an eye.


While breaking the distance with Brynhild with a roar, he threw a combo of rapid attacks at once. At the spot where Takigawa stood, more than 70 strikes were hit.

Consecutive attacks were drawn out in full strength of his whole body that an opponent won’t get away with only just a single strike.

In the myriad of countless sword sparks、Takigawa yahiro sighed in the opposite side.

“These tricks are the same as that time—— I’m getting bored of it.”

However, together with a voice of foolish tone, everything has been repelled.


Toujou Basara saw. All of the sword attacks that he himself drew out, has been repelled by Takigawa’s barrier before his own eyes. Accomplishing it with such ease, Takigawa held his right handin front of his face. A darkness-colored glow converged in front of Basara’s eyes right away.

“I want to help Naruse. I want to help Maria too. I only want to obtain information without killing anyone. What’s next? You want to defeat Zolgear? What a splendid greed you have, although your idea is too naïve as expected, don’t you think?” Takigawa smiled wryly.

“Aside from ability, I expected this fellow to use his head a little more——what a disappointment.”

At the same time while saying so, a wave of darkness was unleashed, swallowing Basara at point-blank range. Shortly after that, an impact shook the earth and an intense roar sounded.

Part 7[edit]

After talking to Zest in a voice Mio is unable to hear, Zolgear disappeared by teleportation magic. At the same time the effect of the mental restraint that deprived her voice as well as her freedom of movement was released.

“―――Haa, haah…!”

Regaining her normal breathing at once, Mio glared at Maria. For the face of the young succubus that she trusted more than anyone else, Mio asked with a gaze pure of hostility.

“All this time, you have been deceiving me…?” “Do you really think I will give an answer to you in this situation?” as Maria said in a tone of ridicule, Mio bit her lips in regret.

……Not yet…

Yes——It’s too early to give up. After all, Basara and I had made a master-servant contract. It can pinpoint the position of the partner at if searched at once. Basara probably should have already moved along with Yuki, although Mio doesn’t know how much time has passed upon her kidnapping.

Zest is a powerful enemy, so even in the absence of Zolgear, there is still a high chance of winning.

…But first, I have to do something with this chain somehow.

If Basara will come to help, as soon as these two detect a threat, they will expose me as a hostage somehow. Is there any method to get out of these restraints? Mio racked her brain in desperation.

“I’m sorry but―――Basara-san won’t come.”

Seeing through her head, Maria said.

“…What do you mean by that?”

“Have you heard what Zolgear-sama said? This is his personal secret mansion. The entire area is covered with a special magical barrier that cannot be detected by anyone and anything, even the master-servant contract."

In other words,

“It means that not only the curse, but the position locator ability of the master-servant contract are nullified.”


Mio was appalled. As she tried to search Basara’s whereabouts using the position locator ability of the master-servant contract,

“…No way…You’re lying…”

Not detecting any signs of Basara’s whereabouts, she left a groan.

——Before the emnity who had harmed her parents, it was fortunate that she avoided the situation being in an aphrodisiac state.

However, if the position locator of the master-servant contract that is their only insurance didn’t work, it means that getting out in this critical situation is impossible.

…so this is it for me.

The moment she thought so—— insecurity and fear swelled up inside Mio, almost breaking her heart. In a state that deprived her freedom of movement, a situation where she is retendered helpless. She became aware of her body falling into the enemy’s hands.

“―――there is no way you can escape from here, Mio-sama.”

Maria said so, the same time their eyes made contact with each other.


Mio’s field of vision suddenly warped. As she raised a voice in stupefaction, it’s already late.

In an instant, Naruse Mio’s consciousness―――一has been swallowed by the darkness.


Fainting, Naruse Mio’s body was entrusted to the chains on the walls that bound her.

“Why did you put her to sleep? Doing such selfish behavior may put me into trouble, Maria.” With a sharp glance, Zest faced towards Maria.

“She——I still want to ask her a variety of questions”

Until Zolgear returns, I have no time to waste. If she gets information out of Mio, while the master-servant contract with Basara is sealed, the materials that can be used to control her mind will might be found.

“Nothing in particular. I only made her sleep because she’s annoying when she makes noises.”

Maria said with a blank expression.

“Well, then. If you insist ——why don’t you do the interrogation once she wakes up? Or shall Zolgear-sama do it because she is deeply attached to Mio-sama? If you keep taking too much unnecessary moves, the result may have the possibility of backfiring, depriving that person of his enjoyment right? That won’t be good.”

“…no worries. I understand His Excellency’s ideas more than anyone else.”

“Sorry about that, ——Well, what will you do? Should I wake her up?”

To the question Maria asked while shrugging her shoulders, Zest returned in silence. Her silence is not positive, no need to tell. Zest then looked sown at Mio who had lost her consciousness again.

——The curse of the master-servant contract is caused by the sense of guilt towards its master. Thus, if Zolgear has done something for her to hate like murdering her adoptive parents, and the strong feelings for Basara who is her master, the feelings of betrayal that is not being able to protect her chastity to the one she held disgust, may activate the curse to the maximum extent that might lose one’s life. There are a lot of daughters that have been violated by Zolgear in a similar way and many of them had died.

For that reason, the situation cannot be handed unskillfully—— but it has a loophole.

If the mental condition assumes that the she won’t think of anything bad to her master, the curse will activate no longer.


The origin of Mio’s power, the power of Wilbert that sleeps inside her, her purity——it cannot be denied that if her virginity is affected it may also affect the said power. This is the fact that Zest herself is worried about. Though her body was made through the sorcery that Zolgear invented, having the ability equivalent to a high ranking Demon, accomplishment with such restrictions is a great feat.

Therefore, until the power of Wilbert is extracted, taking risks should be avoided before her power goes beyond the limit.


This thing is a trivial matter. There are plenty of methods to subject a pure virgin to fall from pleasure. But for certain, Zolgear will do what is according to his plan by his own hands.

As she had received her conclusion,


Zest noticed that the magical barrier of the residence detected a sudden magic reaction outside the building.

As she took out a video image outside the residence, there was a figure of a young man alone before the front gate. Though in a figure of a human being, its real nature is identical to Zest from the same Demon clan—— it’s the current observer of Naruse Mio, Lars.

…Why is he here?

Zest cannot comprehend with the situation. This mansion is a private residence that is serving as a secret hideout of Zolgear. As for the place, it is not known even to the present demon king Leohart not to mention the Imperial court.

But――― Why is Lars able to come here?

“What are you going to do? Are we going to ignore him?”

“…No, there is no other choice.”

To the question Maria had proposed, Zest said while looking at the image of Lars on the screen.

―――Well, it’s for the best if I silence him right now. However, if I will not respond here, there is a risk that this place will be told to others. And the biggest problem right now is that Mio is here. If this fact is to be known by Leohart and his upper echelons, Zolgear’s position will be cornered at once. Therefore,

“I’ll go―――Maria, standby and look for Naruse Mio.


Zest got out of the barrier, and showed up in front of Lars.

“So you finally showed up…”

Lars said, grinning as he approached the place.

“If I had been made to wait a little longer, I would have reported this place to the higher-ups.”

Lars, with the scenery where the surroundings was covered with a dark aura, looking over the center of the mansion,

“As expected of Marquis Zolgear, what a splendid idea… to be able to build a complex dimension daringly in the space-time continuum of the Human world, and not in the demon world, and to make a hideout here… the VIP’s will never have the idea, and even the hero clan won’t be able to lay their eyes upon this either. This evil design can only be possible under the pretense of a top-secret research, probably.”

“And what business do we have here, Lars?”

It’s not necessary to keep company and avoid unnecessary scrutiny.

He then asked a question in a composed manner,

“I came to get Naruse Mio—— she’s there, am I right?”

Lars said with a cold smile.

…I knew it, so he did notice.

I was careless to have misjudge this man, he is more troublesome as expected.

However, being honest at fault in this situation and admitting that ‘Yes, she’s here’ doesn’t come to her.

“―――What are you talking about?”

“Oi oi, don’t pretend that you don’t know.”

Erasing expression and feigning ignorance, Lars smiled, taken aback.

I am the official observer of Naruse Mio appointed by His majesty Leohart. It is my responsibility if there is something happened to her… Do you understand?”

“I understand your position. However, she’s not here——if you want to evade the issues of your own liabilities, should you be looking for her as soon as possible and not spending time in this place?”

“From the results that I have researched, the conclusion have arrived me here. Well, feigning ignorance is natural” It can’t be helped. Lars said, smiling wryly.

“Marquis Zolgear is currently on house arrest. Nevertheless, if his majesty and his subordinates find out that that you are meddling with Naruse Mio in a place like this, you will find yourself in a really bad situation soon.”

“Are you saying that you are accusing us, Lars? Naruse Mio is not here——of course, his Excellency too.”

“Apart from Naruse Mio, Marquis Zolgear is not present. By his majesty Leohart’s direct orders, he should have been gone to the royal castle. You should avoid making a mess by any means. To say nothing about her even a soul, I guess, is your job after all.”

“Well, I will not say it free of charge… so do me a favor and do something for this guy instead”

After saying that, Lars produced spheres of darkness into thin air. From that, a human who has lost consciousness was thrown to the ground violently. It was a young man whom Zolgear had shown interest apart from Mio, a former hero. He said to Zest who slightly narrowed her eyes,

“When I saw Naruse Mio the other day, I noticed it when I was watching him fighting with the members of the hero clan. This guy has a special power. In a sense, it is an ability more terrible than the power of Wilbert residing in Naruse Mio. Because this guy is given, Naruse Mio was able to stand.”

Lars said,

“Otherwise, I have to report that Marquis Zolgear is hiding something and is trying to betray his majesty Leohart and his associates. By then, you will lose everything that you have built so far. You and Marquis Zolgear don’t want to end up in that situation, right?”

Zest gave a long thought in silence about Lars’ proposal.

——it’s certainly what Lars says. I must avoid any kind of situation that will put us into a dilemma.

It is given priority over the power of Wilbert sleeping inside Naruse Mio. And it is the duty of the subordinates that protect the master, even though she is to receive a scolding later, all for the good of the master. Therefore,

“…there is no other choice.”

“Oh, is that so, I’m saved.”

Muttering a few words, Lars gave a smile of satisfaction.

At that moment——cutting their distance in a blink, Zest entered Lars’ chest.

A feat possible because Zest is stronger than Lars in terms of fighting power.


A super high-speed approach that pierced him off guard, astonished, Lars tried to say something.

But, Zest didn’t gave him a chance to spoke any words further. With sharp fingernails in her right hand, Lars’ torso was pierced sharp. Feeling the sensation that penetrated the body, Zest pulls up her right hand.


Bleeding with his chest punctured open, Lars leaked a groan. Lars, with both knees on the ground, looked up to Zest, who held up her right hand,

“I wish to express our gratitude for your advice. However, if you are killed here, Toujou Basara can be obtained withougt handing over Naruse Mio, and this matter won’t be able to reach his majesty Leohart and his his upper echleons either.”

Lars, with a twisted expression said calmly,

“Then…killing…me…at once……”

However, Lars wasn’t able to say anymore. A dark colored magical wave was shot in Zest’s right hand, and Lars’ head was blown off. Towards the body of Lars without its neck which fell down on his back,

“Don’t worry. As soon as his majesty Leohart know your death—— his Excellency Zolgear will have already obtained the power of Wilbert and Toujouu Basara, and will be reined in the strongest position in Hell."

Zest calmly told, as she shot a magical flames, which devoured the corpse of Lars completely.

After that, a magic circle for special transmission magic is called from thin air.

“Pardon me for my impoliteness, your excellency. There was a little problem that occurred that I want to report, though it has already been dealt with… but may I ask for your judgement thereafter, just to make sure?”

Part 8[edit]

Bound by the chains against the wall, was an unconscious Mio.

And like that, Naruse Maria stared at her in silence.

The one who deprived of Mio’s consciousness was Maria herself. She had helped in the kidnapping according to Zolgear’s orders, in contrast to her job of protecting her, the master whom she should have served. Her family being taken hostage——such excuses won’t do. Still,

I’m…very sorry, Mio-sama… I―――…”

With a face that seemed to burst to tears in any moment, Maria squeezed out with her trembling voice.

——Mio is the daughter of Wilbert, the demon king predecessor. The value of her life cannot outweigh the lives of Maria’s family, but Wilbert’s elder brother, Ramses of the Moderate faction kept neglecting Mio and making light of the situation. Still, many of the Demon families in the Moderate faction are harboring hope in Mio’s existence, the ideals which the deceased Wilbert aimed for—— to achieve peace in the demon world without conflict. As for Maria and her family who had lost her father in the Great War, they had held these ideals firmly. If it goes over than this somehow or other, blood within brethren will be shed, and many lives will be taken. (!)

Nevertheless, Maria thought.

She have been betraying those who are important to her for a very long time. Ironic for a fellow comrade from the moderate faction, who were supposed to protect Mio——even Basara who accepted them with open arms.

Fighting for what she believed, Maria was betraying them who are risking their lives to be alive.

——What Maria is right now, is the result of they have believed in.

Being the only guard left alone, she promised to protect her at the cost of her life.

For this reason, Mio which her adoptive parents are murdered, and was about to become a plaything, it is a miracle for her to be able to escape from the hands of the demon called Zolgear.

However——from the moment when the observer for Mio is replaced, Zolgear who returned to the Demon realm took Maria’s family as hostage, and the situation has changed. From her serene older sister, a call came at once. She came into thinking, whether to fulfill the mission, or to take back the family who were held hostage.


The elder sister whom Maria respected, is an adult who can keep calm judgements at these kind of times. If not, the escort role will be appointed to her, and not to Maria. Giving priority to one’s mission rather than the lives of her family being held hostage—No, weighing the importance of the two should not have been done to begin with.

Truth to be told, a person like her elder sister is more suitable to be the escort of Mio. Actually, there are also ideas of leaving the guard role to her sister that came out, too. But those ideas were never adopted eventually.

It’s because elder sister was assigned to follow and protect the top——Ramses of the Moderate faction.

So, Maria was chosen instead.

——However, Maria has took the bait to Zolgear’s blackmail.

First, to make a chance to save her family that is being held hostage, she only pretended to follow Zolgear for a little while. But the moment that she thought of putting away Mio’s safety for her family―― the die has been cast, and it was too late.(!)

Betraying her comrades and the mission, Maria eventually lost her way. It led to Maria to the point where there is no other choice but to follow Zolgear. ——Every day was like hell. Those words she held to Mio and Basara, full of lies and deceit in order to gain her trust, continued to make her suffer with the ever-stopping pains of guilt. It made her chest tight to the point where it was hard to breath.

And today, Maria had come to the point of no return.

By Zolgear’s orders, she and Zest have been appointed to kidnap Mio.

——Maria then had realized. She won’t be able to return anymore.

It not only mean that she had no means to go back. It also meant that the place where she can go back has been lost. Not only the moderate faction, but also the position of being Naruse Mio’s servant.

And, the home that she had spent together with Basara and Jin.

She had betrayed them all.


Realizing what’s left of her fate, Maria lowered her eyes in silence. Suddenly, the space behind her distorted, and something big has crashed to the floor.


Basara fell down in front of her eyes. He’s lying unconscious and not moving at all. Probably being desperate to help Mio, he got captured by Lars instead.

―there is a little change in plans.”

Zest appeared from thin air.

“Under the direct order from his Excellency, Maria… you are to deprive him and take control of his mind. His Excellency wishes to get this man’s peculiar ability. I it is you, who are a succubus, you should be skilled in those kind of acts."

And then,

“Naruse Mio’s mind will become easier to manipulate if we make this man, who is in master-servant contract with her to follow us. His Excellency hopes that this matter will be accomplished in no time.”

Maria right now, has no other means to reject. Then, as she approached Basara in silence—— his figure disappeared into thin space. Zest then pointed out,

“Another room has been prepared. Please do what you should do.”

She declared indifferently.

“As soon as Naruse Mio opens her eyes for some time, the room where you will be depraving him will be viewed and she will feel turmoil ——being troubled not able to save her master in danger, it will cause the curse of the master-servant contract to run wild for sure.”

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. jammed finger refers to finger joint pain and swelling from an impact injury. [1]
  2. Calisthenics are a form of exercise that consists of a variety of gross motor movements, often rhythmical, generally without using equipment or apparatus. [2]

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