Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha:Volume 3 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Runaway of the Loli - Ero - Succubus[edit]

Part 1[edit]

School life. Repetition of fundamental routines.

Waking up in the morning, going to school, attending class, going home.

These routines range from people who work diligently in extracurricular activities, or friends and lovers enjoying their youth in side trips.

—That aside, there are also few ones attending an "extraordinary" school life.

An annual series of valuable opportunities.

Second trimester will be over in less than a month.

The visit of the early autumn was felt in the early morning and midnight day by day, as the Hijirigasaka Academy HR made announcements of the upcoming events.

"—I think everybody already knew this, but – the Sports Festival will be held next month."

Mamoru Sakazaki, the homeroom teacher said as the students took glances of the print-outs handed to them containing the outline of the sports festival.

"To the new LHR, please take into consideration the participants in each event. Just in case, please elect some candidates because participating in an event according to what they like is a little too much."

For a big event coming up, the faces of the students are divided into about three. The people who looked forward to the event. The people who disliked it as it was troublesome. And the people who aren’t particularly interested.

"And— this time we’ll decide the committee for the sports festival. The representatives will be composed of a boy and a girl." However, they heard what Sakazaki uttered, the majority of the class’ faces turned sour. With an honest reaction like that in the classroom, Sakazaki gave a wry smile.

"Don’t make such conflicted faces. By the way, is there anyone who wants to volunteer?"

The whole class became silent. Sakazaki then thrusts both hands to the teacher's desk.

"Then so be it. You can nominate others if you desire. However, it’s not a bad thing to work as the staff in the school events. Incentives will be given to those who worked hard properly and it will be added according to work. If you are aiming for entrance into a school of a higher grade on the recommendation now is a good chance."

"Mamo-chan sensei〜. How advantageous does the additional points in the school report increase my chance in the entrance examination?"

Sakazaki gave a shrug with a little smile as he answered the question one of the girls gave.

"That is up to your best efforts. But unlike the usual achievement test in entrance examinations, as for the examination for the recommendation to higher schools, the human nature is tested too. That is one of the purposes considered an advantage and the student council is in favor of that as well. And remember things like surprising and valuable opportunities appeal in types of people who think positively."

Then the chime rang. Sakazaki set the attendance register with a tap to the desk and said in a joking manner.

"Lecture is over— though the first lesson was physical education, I am sorry it became longer."

Unlike normal class, preparations for physical education took more time because of the necessary changing of school uniforms to PE uniforms.

While a boy took out his gym clothes from the locker in the corridor, a girl started moving her hands in a plastic bag.

"Are the PE uniforms okay?"

"... It’s alright, because I won’t use it today."

Yuki nodded as Basara asks along the corridor,

"As I said, Basara, we are going to pool today."

Suddenly, a voice came from the side.

"…Aah, is that so."

There were swimming pool lessons in summer classes as part of the curriculum of Hijirigasaka Academy. This is because facilities for the swimming including the sauna to warm the body in an indoor warm water pool are substantial. (!)

"I already told you yesterday, have you already forgotten?"

"My bad. I was a bit inattentive."

As Basara made an excuse, Mio knitted her eyebrow, and Yuki looked puzzled.

"…though Naruse-san and I had showed you our swimsuits last night?"

"O-Oi, Yuki"


The fact that Nonaka spurted out caused Basara and Mio to be startled. Then,

"———————————— "

A threatening atmosphere occurred behind Basara right away. Yes, this is probably bloodlust. Unable look back in fear, Basara felt that he was surely being glared right now — by other boys.

Today was the fifth day Yuki lived together with Basara and Mio. This was a fact already well known not only in the class but the whole academy.

......Well, it can't be helped... it won’t be a secret forever.

Feeling the intense jealousy of the other boys in the class, Basara sighed. In Hijirigasaka Academy, girls like Naruse Mio and Nonaka Yuki were unmatched in beauty.

Since he is living together with two such people, a little envy was acceptable. In fact he had already seen the swimsuit figures of Yuki and Mio.

…Or so it was the reason.

Basara recalled why he forgot the schedule of the swimming lessons of Mio and Yuki. At the same time he wanted to forget it altogether. Yuki and Mio came to show their swimsuits to him because of that loli-ero-succubus living together with them. That devil’s mischief was carried out as expected and turned it into a swimsuit fashion show.

How shameful. Last night's Mio and Yuki were on his mind. Moreover the images of the two people in swimsuits overlapped their bodies right before his eyes. Basara blushed and looked down as he took out the PE uniform in the locker.

"See you later, both of you. Takigawa, Lets go."

"Hee? Ah oh yeah… so fast!? That’s dangerous, Basacchi, what’s the rush!?"

He caught the arm of Takigawa in his rapid speech, and rushed along the corridor ignoring his surprise and tried to walk in a brisk manner. Mio and Yuki stared at them with blank expressions and left the other boys glaring at them behind. It is dangerous to recall what happened last night any further.

A nosebleed before the start of physical education and going to the infirmary is too early, whatever the circumstances may be.

As he changed his clothes, Toujou Basara kept in mind that he must not be noticed by the public as much as possible. —The reason is from five years ago.

It is because of the ghastly traces of serious wounds he suffered in his whole body when the tragedy attacked the village of the hero clan. Therefore to surroundings where the truth cannot be spoken, he made excuses that he suffered from a road accident when he was young.

Opening the steel door of the locker, as he took off the buttons and opened the front of his shirt,

"No matter how many times I see those scars I always feel amazed."

Takigawa said in a heartily tone beside him as he also changed in his PE uniform.

"The wound that I suffered when I was in the village has a long story, but was a very terrible incident."

Takigawa who is from the demon clan, with Basara who is a former Hero clan, knew the past when the village was attacked.

"What? I have changed already."

As the second trimester being over and the start of the summer vacation in the Hijirigasaka Academy, as well as the time that has passed when Basara transferred to this school for about one month, He has finished fabricating the a lie. About the muscles that covered his entire body, he told that when it was because of consistent training of the rehabilitation after the accident.

That said, it cannot change the fact that it was unpleasant to look at. Therefore, to avoid exposing his body to everyone like this, Basara used the locker at the far end of the room. Changing his school uniform to PE uniform, Basara took the hanger and hanged his uniform and put it into his locker.

"Hmm, you sure have it hard."

"What do you mean?" said Takigawa as he finished changing his clothes and he was asked back absentmindedly.

"Nah… does Basacchi’s village, do they also have these various kind of injuries? But, including Nonaka, the colleagues that had come to the other day had beautiful and unscathed bodies. Do they have a good medicine or do they have some kind of witch doctor there? And yet, Basacchi’s scars does not disappear.

Besides Basacchi, would there have been a fellow who had been rolled in an identical accident? That would be terrible."

Basara turned speechless to those words.

Although he had allied with Takigawa, he did not tell him about the tragedy that occurred five years ago.

It is because he cannot talk about it recklessly. He can lose more than just that. As a result, Basara haven’t told Mio and Maria the details of that incident. However, Takigawa may guess it according to Basara’s circumstances. Therefore,

"It can’t be helped. For I’m the one who caused the problem"

Basara said as he closed the door of the locker and looked up — at the sky outside the window.

His thoughts drifted in a remote hometown faraway.

On the road of asphalt seen from the window, a little girl whom he recognized skipped by as she walked.


Basara uttered unintentionally, clung at the window in a panic, and threw it open as he leaned forward. Then at the corner of his eyes the back figure of the little girl who passed by outside the men’s locker room turned to the side.

The entrance of the school building was just ahead. The little girl entered the hall in a composed manner. Her profile was seen smiling at a moment, and a violent, nasty premonition swelled up.

"What’s up with you, Basara?"

"This is bad, Takigawa. I suddenly felt a headache and felt dizzy, so I’m going to excuse myself rom PE class. Just put a clever act to the teacher for me!" uttered Basara as he jumped out of the boy’s locker room.

Part 2[edit]

Naruse Maria entered the Hijirigasaka Academy school building and arrived at the target location. She had set foot on the classroom of Basara and the others.

Although there is a bit of distance from the entrance to the classroom, Maria was never questioned by anyone. Before entering the school grounds, a magic invisible to the public eye was performed. Within normal humans, demons like Maria are invisible.

"Uhm— oh, here it is, his seat."

Maria strode inside the classroom with light steps, and stopped in front of a certain seat.

She pulled out the chair, sat down, and put out a satisfied nod.

"So this is Basara-san’s seat? I’m sure in class he’s always in a delusion of doing it, I wonder? Oh~ Basara-san you’re really~"

Maria did a rude remark and laughed.

"For Basara-san to do such things, Here I go, my lovely, magical, fantastic ma—"

"—there will be no such method!"

Suddenly a strike came from the rear.

"Ouch! Wha— Why is Basara-san here? You should be attending PE lessons right now!"

With an astonished expression, the loli-ero-succubus looked back. At that moment,

"Really, this fellow."

In spite of her childish appearance, Naruse Maria is a girl that had both cuteness and sexiness combined, Toujou Basara groaned unintentionally from his heart.

Because of this, he cannot relax his guard against her. While having a pure childish body and mind with innocence, this woman’s charms strongly stimulate a man’s instinct at the same time. Basara, while suppressing that disturbance he felt,

"…I saw your figure from the window of the locker room. Because of that I could not be present in class."

While being told, Maria‘s face seemed joyful right away,

"Ha-ha—n. Basara-san is really so lively and worried about me that he decided to cut class"

"Aah, I totally felt more dead than alive—if I were to leave you alone I predicted that you might start something bad. — And? What on earth are you doing in another person’s desk?"

"I was going to cast a magic that will make girls want to rub their most sensitive parts in these four corners of these desks"

"What kind of harassment is that?!"

"Eh? Don’t you want a 5 person orgy on your desk?"

"I don’t! And I prefer the normal desk!"

Maria felt at loss, then

"How regrettable. It will surely be the best in school, a desk to whom everyone can form a line and do it"

There cannot be a waiting for such worst line. Going to that extent was a painting of a scene in hell, it seems.

"Good grief… to think that you came here suddenly, It's too strange for funny mischief?"

"Eh? No, Never! Never! Pardon me Basara-san. But what do you think of me for?"


"How cruel! That silence, what an impolite response!"

Maria said furiously.

"Time passes very much before you came. For Mio-sama, I came to confirm whether there is a problem or not and to confirm her safety. Because I haven’t done these things for a long time after you came, even I intend to look in various ways."

"Indeed. You have a point…"

"Yes. Ah, I had made you cut your long awaited class, Basara-san, If you like, do you want me to keep company? Together the security checks can be more effective."

"Although I don’t really mind skipping class and it’s not really "long awaited". You have a point. It is better if we go together…. However it will be bad if we're found loitering around the campus during lessons"

"In case we are discovered we must make sure to be prepare ourselves, isn’t it? Furthermore Basara is a former member of the Hero clan. You know how to hide your own presence in the public, right?"

"That is, even though I can erase my presence well…. Why will you go to those extremes?"

It is natural that their existence must not be known to the world, so one of the basic skills that the hero clan must learn is the way to erase their presence in the public. At present, it was used when sneaking in hell, etc. and it was possible for Basara and Yuki to act secretly where no one will found out.

"It’s for Mio-sama’s sake." She said with a straight face. After thinking about it for a while,

"Understood. I’ll go with you."

Basara replied with a nod— a minute after that.

"……Oi, Maria"

A low call originated from a regretful Tojo Basara.

Basara just now, was in front of the place that Maria said to be visited to check Mio’s security. Prioritizing security, Basara joined her company to investigate, which is, the men’s forbidden domain — the girls’ toilet.

"What are you hesitating yourself for, Basara-san."

"Err….. That is not the problem here."

With a suppressed voice, the loli-ero-succubus declared calmly.

"No. That is the problem here. Basara-san, what on earth are you ashamed of? Toilets are spaces with half-closed rooms. If we let our guard down, the enemy will have a chance to make things even during the opportunity. Here is the place most likely to be targeted. Yet why are you not doing it? Basara-san, don’t tell me you would not intend to help me if there is a chance Mio-sama will be attacked in the restroom?"

No….. It’s not like that."

"Then, in preparation for an emergency, how are you supposed to act if you don’t know what’s happening inside?"

"No. In case of rough situations I would certainly hear it from you to know it, and…"

"Hearing it a hundred times cannot match a single glance. What would you do to be absolutely sure without really seeing it?"

Maria sighed with a mix of disappointment.


Basara nodded due to lack of excuses. Certainly in the situation where danger approached, there should be no time to feel shame and hesitation. If he thought of Mio first, it would be necessary to take into consideration her privacy from her daily life. But it won’t allow him to ensure her security as much as possible. Therefore, Toujou Basara made up his mind and set foot to the ladies room. Of course it’s his first time to experience this. The moment when the first step had settled on the floor — a sense of guilt invaded the forbidden domain and rose all at once to Basara.

"….Oh, you will be at least suspended from school if you’re discovered."

It is a suspension from school for the worst reason, too. Such things as cutting classes and invading the ladies’ room, the mental damage is too unreasonable. However, when Basara went forward with a second step, he switched his thoughts somehow.

"What will become of this……?"

And Basara called out his thoughts as he turned around and gazed at the ladies’ room for the first time of his life.

"How is it? How much is it different from your imagination?"


There are still some errors of what he had imagined it to be. The purpose this time is to crush that error.

"Basara-san, please check on the cubicles just to make sure."

And as Maria suggested, Basara checked out of necessity the cubicles one by one. He checked every door and see to it that there are no problems, even the locks.

"I’m done… There seems to be no problem here."

"Eh— you have checked them already? Is there something or some places you are worried about?"

It seems that she’s disappointed. But it seems that Maria doesn’t want to back down either.

"There doesn’t seem to be any particular….No, — I just want to confirm one last thing just to be sure"

"Ooh, Basara-san took interest in the womens’ toilet? Please, by all means tell me anything!"

"What’s with the useless delight……? No, well it is not really a great thing. There it is in the middle of the cubicles, what is that? A small trash bin? I saw it from the first time I entered the room."

"Ha……? Basara-san, you don’t know what that is? Even though you’re already a high school student?"

"What? Is it strange if I don’t know what that is even though I’m a high school student?"

Not knowing anything at all as he asked Maria again, Basara’s instincts felt uneasy.

"No, I don’t mean it to be that way…..ah, Basara-san born in a very faraway land, so there is a possibility that you don’t know it…."

Maria said as she voiced her thoughts, then she put her both hands on her cheeks as it reddened before long.

"Uwaaa〜 it can’t be, I have discovered the pure side of Basara-san! Even though he does all those kinds of things to Mio-sama. You really don’t know what that is?"

"My bad… unfortunately the men’s room does not have such thing."

"It’s obvious. Because that is exclusively for women’s use only."

"Is that so…..? However there is no such thing in the bathroom at the house"

"It’s because if Basara stays in, Mio-sama and Yuki-san will be too embarrassed to use it."

"…. Embarrassed? Then why would such a thing be in a restroom?"

"Iyaa〜n, you really have no idea, Basara-san? You really are a pure boy!"

"Hey, your voice is too loud!"

"It’s alright. My voice cannot be heard by ordinary people!"

"It’s still too risky. Whatever the answer is, please tell me already!"

I want to leave this place already. Before somebody else enter during class!

"Please wait a moment. This also concerns Basara-san’s stepping up to adulthood. Having you know the truth behind that thing is one of the most fascinating development ever, as I spent a conference with my mind"

"Don’t say such foolish things—"

Basara was about to say, but his words were interrupted.

All of a sudden, Maria’s expressions changed completely, and alertly looked up at the ceiling.


"What happened?"

Basara took a glance at the ceiling with a serious look, but no abnormality was found. However,

"This presence—"

Just like that, Maria rushed out from the ladies room in a flash.

"O, Oi…. Maria?"

Chasing her in a hurry, Basara felt nervous and impatient.

It is still at the height of the first period now. Though the time is nearing its margin.

Don’t tell me, an enemy came?

Running up the stairs, Maria is not her usual state. After reaching the last step, however, before the door leading to the rooftop Maria’s movement stopped all at once.


she held their breath In front of her eyes .

With a serious face, Maria turned the knob and the door to the rooftop was opened.

Having followed Maria to the top of the school building, Basara continued to climb to the rooftop, but the place was unoccupied.

—However, it doesn’t solve the tension Basara has right now.

There are plenty of blind spots in the whole place, including the shade of a cooling tower and the water tank.

And, above all, though it’s faint, there are signs of breathing of other people other than Basara and Maria.

— The partner seemed to be in the other side of the open area somehow.

Therefore Maria and Basara exchanged nods, and started a course of action.

While going around to the side, at first, Maria peeked her face to watch the state on the other side.

"(BINGO. As expected, it was here after all.)"

To those words uttered in a whisper, Basara’s throat gulped. Judging from the presence, there were two people from the other side, apparently. According to Takigawa, With the exception of Zolgia, he has one trickier subordinate. Honestly, fighting against two high ranking demon families is impossible, to attack, they should have at least a single plan for a counter.

Toujou Basara wished for in his mind, as he peeks his head above Maria’s, and he saw it. The two high ranking demons in his imagination — weren't there.

"….Say, Maria"

"What is it, Basara-san? Your voice is too loud. The other side might notice."

"What on earth was that….?"

Basara just now, witnessed something unbelievable in his eyes. He asked the question to make sure.

"Ha? You have seen it and still don’t know? That’s something called "slipping out of the classroom to cut class, A couple who seeks ecstasy and thrill by secretly making a love affair in the rooftop" situation"

"……Is that so? For me, it is a great misunderstanding"

His high hopes were cut off. The serious atmosphere in him left a while ago.

"Don’t tell me…. that was some kind of succubus magic?"

"Oh dear, don’t make a wrong idea Basara-san. If I use my charm magic, that kind, won’t end with such simple and innocent behavior—"

Hahaha. What kind of pride was that? I want to hit this loli right now — to feel the love his older brother as much as he want, with a hammer. As Basara’s right fist emitted a hot aura, however, the movement was suddenly stopped.

Peeping at the state where you can see her eyes glitter, Maria on the other side felt happy.

"Oh dear."

Tojo Basara’s strength was drained. And as he retracted his face, he leaned at the back side of the open area, thinking while looking up in the sky—

Am I a little too eager?

As Takigawa said, Zolgia was aiming only Mio, and somehow I felt losing my composure for some reason. However, it may be just an excuse.

—As for Takigawa’s story, he said that Zolgia is a high ranking demon with a considerable power. Is he a certain noble class in middle ages?

Duke, Marquis, Earl, Viscount, Baron, — these are the five ranks of nobility, adopted depending on fighting power among the demon clan.

The Duke at the top is considered to be a class equal to a demon king, and the Marquis Zolgia follows its rank.

The enemy is too powerful to fight head-to-head. If we decide him to fight head on, the only method that we have is striking his weak point to win. But this is expected by the other party as well. If Zolgia is only aiming at Mio, there will be a chance to avoid a battle.

—However, That’s all Basara can affirm.

Zolgia killed Mio’s parents. For her, he is an enemy whom she should hate above all.

And the reason why Naruse Mio fights— is to avenge the murder of her parents by that demon……Besides that,

Basara knew that Mio, who lives under the same roof, sometimes have nightmares in the middle of the night. On a certain day… suddenly, the daily life of a normal girl, was deprived of her important family. And then she was told that she was the daughter of the Demon King’s predecessor and her life was targeted because she inherited his power.

It is easy to imagine how much of a terrible shock she felt. Mio is not strong at all. She was different from Basara who received ample training. Still, Mio did not yield to the tragedy before her, she faced it, and no matter what it takes, Tojo Basara will do anything to protect her.

Although he stopped being a hero and he had lost the mission to fight and protect the world, the only family living under the same roof at the very least — Mio and Maria, as well as Yuki, he will protect it till the end. Thus,

"Ha〜 is this is no good, this is already no good at all. You’re still too lukewarm. The side effects of pressure-free education was reaching even at this place. Totally deplorable. I am anxious about the future of this country"

Even though she’s too devoted to her instincts, this loli-ero-succubus is an important family. For once, he will tolerate it with a big heart— for the big brother’s love larger than the sea.

"Excuse me Basara-san. I can’t stand it any longer. For a moment, I want to those guys the love that uses maple syrup!"

"Wait. Where on earth did you take that bottle from?!"

Even the face of the Buddha has limits! Then Maria blinked her eyes full of surprise,

"Eh? Well, because there is no cake to smear and caress them with"

"Are you an idiot? It’s almost the same as the conversations in my dream"

"? What conversations?"

"……he? No, what kind of reaction is that…."

Maria referred it as "smeared cake caress". After the day Basara moved in to Hijirigasaka Academy and his reunion with Yuki, Basara and Mio bathed together for the sake of proving and strengthening his trust to her. Certainly he took a bath with Mio and Maria, but because he spout a nosebleed and fell down after Mio washed his back by her chest, Basara expected that the cake part should have been a dream. However, if Maria recalled as well…

"Ah, that’s right, it’s a dream, right, doing things like that…."

"What a minute, what the hell is that?"

Unbelievable. So she is saying that those entire events really happened?

"It is okay, Basara-san. It’s a condition where excitement overpowers the sense of reason, and causes instincts to run wild….. Such dreams show in the unconscious mind of a person deep inside so there is not much of a difference."


"Oh my? What’s the matter, Basara-san? It’s like those mangas, where all of a sudden getting down on both hands and both knees in the ground. Will the uniform get dirty?"(!)

"My bad Maria, but I’m glad if I leave you alone for a moment."

In spite of thinking about world peace, I want to reflect myself in various ways till dusk.

"That is not good. I am currently checking security of Mio-sama in the campus now. And Basara-san making a noise will cause the couple to panic. After that I’ll go."

That’s what Naruse Maria said.

"Is this the right time for us to be worried—and leave that aside before things happen?"(!)

Part 3[edit]

With a triumphant look in her face, Maria and her companion patrolled here and there, and having reached their destination,

"…there’s even more, and now it’s here?"

Basara groaned while looking at a girl’s locker room ahead.

Moreover, it’s not a regular changing room for PE class. It was a girls’ locker room with a shower added next to a warm water pool. As Basara stood still at the entrance,

"What’s wrong with you Basara-san? Quit wasting time standing around, quickly get inside"

"Do I really have to enter…?"

"What is it this time…? For Basara-san who has already conquered the girls’ toilet, and only one or two locker rooms, numbers don’t matter."

"Don’t say such scandalous things. And when did I conquered the girls’ toilet?"

To be able to endure that detestable thing is something I cannot accept completely. (!)

"……Rather, as expected, this is bad."

From inside the pool, the voices of the girls in swimming class could be heard. Cutting the long story short,

"Mio and Yuki are at the other side?"

"Therefore you must have to check their safety"

Maria puffed up her flat chest with pride,

"There is no mistake. Certainly either here or the ladies' room are the choices if the enemy would target Mio-sama"

"Oh you…."(!)

You must understand that even this too is a special case. Please, know the situation yourself.

"But I think that checking of her safety in this changing room is not necessary. Even Yuki is using the room with her altogether. Probably at the stage when it enters the locker room, Mio with her detection magic, and Yuki calling out "Sakuya" in response to the strange magic power, should have confirmed if there will be an imminent danger. If strange things happen and the enemy attacks during the class, the barrier will respond to the activation of magic, or something like that will happen."

"Then, even if you may omit the security check, I think it still would be the best for you Basara-san to memorize the layout of the girls’ locker room just to make sure. This is identical to the girls’ toilet, and if this room became the battle arena there must be things that can hinder Basara-san’s judgement. We must hurry. The first period will end in approximately 15 minutes. If we don’t, Mio-sama and her classmates will come back"

Maria pulled with force towards her the hand the unwilling Basara,

"……Do you only want to confirm the layout? I can just leave in haste after looking around."

I say so as I reluctantly stepped on the women’s locker room. But unlike the toilet, the color of ceilings and tiles are different, however, there is not much of a difference in men’s locker room.

"This is already enough. Let’s leave the place quickly…… Maria?"

Rather than responding to Basara, Maria opened the door of a certain locker.

"Oi, oi! You, what are you……"

"No, this isn’t enough. I must confirm whether there is a problem in Mio-sama’s locker just to make sure."

Is it the succubus’ sense of smell? Maria, having pulled out a correct answer, started searching the contents of the locker one by one,

"There seems to be no problem in particular…… only a little, Wait Basara-san. Take a look at this!"

"See what? What’s the matter————"


As Basara turned his head to Maria in a panic, something was covered in his face.

"No〜, how shameless of you, Basara-san"


For a moment, he didn’t realize what happened. However, after a short while, he understood what covered his face—— Mio’s panties. Thus, he lost his temper.


Basara being covered by Mio’s panties on his head, proceed over to Maria and pulled her both cheeks in front of him. This was the best choice for a counterattack by reflex to his feelings at this moment.

"Nya〜, Basharashan basharashan, if hurrffsh if hurrffsh"

"This noisy little erotic succubus! Next time, Next time I’ll—"


"Ah Finally〜!"

"the first time on the pool is really the worst〜"

Various voices are heard from across the entrance of the locker room.


The chime signaling the end of the first lesson didn’t ring. Even though there are still 10 minutes left, why are the girls coming back this early? There’s no way they all feel sick?

"……No, it’s different. Rather…."

He has forgotten the basics. Swimming classes, under normal circumstances, takes even longer periods of time to change clothes than a regular PE class. It’s all more natural if it’s a girl. If that’s the case, then the class should dismiss ahead of time. Basara thought in a spur of a moment,

"—Basara-san, hide yourself!"


In a space in a locker room where one normally shouldn’t use as a hiding place, he was forcefully pushed suddenly by Maria’s hand. It is a narrow dark space— Mio’s locker, that is.

"Fuu〜 that was a close one Basara-san."

The moment Maria said that, the girls who finished the swimming lessons has entered the locker room one after another. The sound of steel doors opening reverberated the room in a short time.

"(Throwing me in a place like this all of a sudden. What are you thinking?)"

"(I have no choice but to take a risk. Oh no〜 How careless of me. However, thanks to this situation we were able to stick with each other right, Basara-san? Hehehe, Basara-sa〜n)"

"(…Though you seem to be calm and composed. If Mio were able to see us doing something like this, even you will be half-killed besides me.)"

Taken aback of what she have heard, a large amount of sweat dropped to the face of Maria.

"(What are we going to do, Basara-san? "I’m going to get pinched violently!?" (!)

"(Don’t worry… Because I’m in a greater pinch than you are.)"

Being locked up in this direction is bad. At any rate, my hand is in a state where it is placed down because of being put into the locker by force. I didn’t have even the time to take Mio’s panties in my face.

"(Uuuu, I’m going to get punished again, for sure. Being scolded by Mio-sama, at the very least.)"

"(You, What do you think you’re doing! Oi!? What are you taking my clothes off for?!)"

"(Since I’m going to get beaten into half-dead anyway, I must sexually harass Basara-san as many times as I can. I’ll take this chance to reverse the pinch into a chance. In this case, having a small body is convenient, am I right?)"

Having being said that, Maria skillfully took off his panties in a minuscule space,

"(Quit it… I’ll try to think of a way to break off the situation so don’t give up so casually!)"

Basara persuaded in despair. However, Maria looked up with eyes that focused on him completely,

"(Fufufu. Well, Basara-san… Will you give yourself up and do it with me?)"

And just like that, a small hand entered Basara’s PE uniform.

Part 4[edit]

The swimming class ended earlier than expected.

Warming up the body, the girls entered the sauna room and took a shower one after another.

Yuki which entered the shower in one of the cubicles earlier, closed the faucet before long, and began wiping the drops of water into her body by her prepared bath towel. She was feeling a pleasant sensation, which is smell of the fabric softener touching the body. That is,

…Basara’s smell.

Yuki closed off her eyes by reflex. The bath towel that she was using is the one that was washed in the Toujou residence— with the very same detergent and fabric softener as Basara’s. Therefore as she wrapped it in her body,

…It has a similar feeling to being hugged by Basara.

Her breasts, waist, her butts and her thighs— as if her entire body all over is being touched by Basara, and became the same as his scent. Yuki held her body, that her both arms seem to reach her back, and remained in that state for a while— and having attained satisfaction before long, she left the shower cubicle quietly.

Going past between her naked classmates, she returned to the girls’ locker room.

As the girls of the class were having heated topics of their school and private lives with bright voices, Yuki silently opened her locker, and took out her bag. While attempting to change her underwear, there was a person who lined up next to her. It was a girl who owned the locker beside her. Presently living together with Basara as well as Yuki herself, it was Naruse Mio. With Yuki’s first group having finished everything from the sauna up to the shower, and Mio just in the last group out of the sauna, they both returned in front of their lockers by chance with the same timing. Behind Mio, were Aikawa Shiho and Sakaki Chika. They were from the same class, and are both Mio’s close friends. As Mio’s face burst into smiles while talking to them,


She didn’t notice Yuki’s presence for a moment.

——Naruse Mio, one of the most beautiful girls in the school.

That lovely face of hers that can overshadow any idols’ faces on TV, and that exceptional proportions of hers that can make any gravure models ashamed. Even though her atmosphere is a little too overwhelming, her personality is bright and friendly. Therefore, male students even call her "Princess Mio" and her fans are unending.

There are also boys who call Yuki "Princess Yuki" in the same manner, but for a girl who’s always silent and not very amiable, Mio has a higher popularity.

Nevertheless, she doesn’t care about this issue. For Yuki, it is not important what the others think of her. Only one thing matters to her —— and that is Basara. As for Nonaka Yuki, the young man named Toujou Basara is a special existence. It began since she reached the age where she became wary of her surroundings. Even though he was driven out from the village of the hero clan, and even if Mio is the daughter of Demon King’s predecessor, he didn’t think twice in protecting them.

… However,

Nonaka Yuki right now, is driven with anxiety.

She understood the reason— Naruse Mio is a more formidable enemy than she expected. It’s not because Yuki came from the Hero clan nor Mio being the daughter of the previous demon king. Mio is a formidable enemy— as a woman herself. She noticed that ever since she started living together with them, and her feelings are getting stronger and stronger. There’s no doubt— just like her, Mio loves Basara.

Although Mio is somewhat docile with Basara, it seems that she doesn’t realize her feelings for him yet, but how soon will she realize these things? For Yuki, this is a dangerous situation. Mio has more charms that she doesn’t have.

One of those charms was her unbelievable bust size. As that succubus Maria advised, Mio is using her voluptuous chest to seduce him, and to shorten their distance rapidly.

G cup. It was four times the size of Yuki’s, which in C-cup. Such chest is pushing her swimsuit to its limits. It passed through the level from being a toxin to the eyes to a crime already. That naïve Basara will easily fall when approached with such breasts.

"…Being suffocated in that swimsuit sure is nice."

"…Nonaka, did you said something?"

Turning around and coming to view her enormous breasts, Mio, who was finished her conversation with Aikawa and Sakaki a while ago, asked her with a puzzled look. Yuki said while looking at Mio’s chest,

"S- Class surveillance target…"

She was no match and couldn’t do anything but to remain silent in her current state while looking at the pair of demon lord class breasts. With such dangerous chest, she wanted it to be turned into an S Class termination target already and destroy it in one swift attack. However,


"Uhm…… What are you sneering at?" Mio said as Yuki revealed a tiny smile.

Actually, there is still a single hope for Yuki. The ‘light’ to her problem in bust size difference with Mio. As the succubus have told her, a woman’s chest will grow in size when being fondled by the man she loves.


On the day they stated living together, Basara told her his relationship with them and current influence of the demon clan that surround Mio and him. He also told Yuki important things, and also about him and Mio entering into a master and servant contract.

And— after telling her the details of the contract, Maria proposed this—If Yuki wants to, why don’t you also form a master – servant contract with Basara? Maria who is a subordinate of Mio, really wants her to form a contract.

However, Maria understood that Yuki still cannot comprehend what the contract really is. Still, she suggested to make her a contract with Basara, as the contract will make her get stronger together, therefore she can even protect Mio even indirectly. Actually Basara and Mio increased their fighting strength thanks to the power of this contract.

Yuki gave her approval immediately, without even questioning or suspecting anything at Maria’s proposal at all.

Rather, for Yuki, these can all be classified as merits. As Basara’s servant, they can know each other’s whereabouts and even deepen each other’s trust to become stronger.

Above all— in the situations where Mio receives unwilling naughty treatments from him, If Basara and Yuki were to form the master and servant contract, everything can become on equal terms.

In the end, the only thing important is to deepen her master-servant relationship with Basara. (!)

—However, Nonaka Yuki believes that she will never be inferior in that aspect to Mio.

She can say with confidence that she’s more obedient than Mio herself. Therefore,

"… I’ll look forward for tonight."

Yuki said as she turned around to Mio, who in response reacted with ‘what’. Mio’s face turned sour at once.

However, Yuki didn’t mind Mio and began putting on her underwear. She raised the panties slowly from her feet, slid on her thighs and squeezed between her tight butts.

As she dedicated herself to a promising future—a G-cup that doesn’t really have a hook in the bra, she quickly got dressed in her uniform and headed towards the exit of the locker room. (!) Nonaka Yuki felt calm with every step…after that.

Several hours during the full moon tonight, she and Basara will be in charge of the bedroom.

Naruse Mio thought as she watched Yuki’s back as she goes out of the dressing room.

Wha… what is she talking about? Does she really mean to make a contract with Basara?

Maria explained the master-servant contract and heard what kind of experience Mio is having with the contract itself, even though she had witnessed the situation with her very own eyes. Yuki accepted the proposal of Maria easily.

…Nonaka sure is calm.

In the current state of the master-servant contract, only Mio and Maria are mentioned. However, even though the magic used is from the demon clan which the hero clan opposed, Yuki still desired for a contract with Basara. To be able to get stronger with Basara—for that reason, Yuki didn’t hesitate at all.

And, when Basara opposed the idea because he doesn’t want Yuki to be dragged into his mess, her gentleness and docile personality turned the tides and persuaded him. (!)

As Maria proposed and Yuki wished for, Basara approved it via majority decision. Mio, as of now, couldn’t do anything to stop Basara and Yuki from making a contract. It is because if Mio would be the one to recite the master-servant contract with her own magic, the characteristic of the curse to be executed when the subordinates side betrayed a master, would be derived from the power of the Demon King’s predecessor Wilbert from whom Mio inherited her power.

…what can I do?

The more she thought about it, the more her patience is shortened. Yuki is beautiful and amazing. Mio couldn’t be a match to that sheer beauty. She isn’t called "Princess Yuki" just for show.

Moreover, Yuki and Basara are childhood friends. Her time spent with him is longer than Mio. Mio and Basara’s relationship is shorter, thus the connection between Yuki and Basara with the master and servant contract made him a good match with Yuki. Nevertheless, supposed Basara and Yuki made the contract, Yuki will be on equal level with Mio.

And if— the curse of the succubus is to take effect on her in front of Basara,

…Nonaka will surely submit better than I....

Yuki is one way or another aggressive towards Basara. If Yuki were to enter a contract with him, she would submit to Basara in no time, strengthening their relationship even further and leaving Mio behind. Even in the fight against Byakko, Yuki had demonstrated an incredible power.

"…Even I"

Can do it better if I tried harder— as those feelings swirled inside her heart, Mio opened the door of her locker, and all of her thoughts and actions came to a halt. Inside the locker, her face turned pale, as the panties that Mio wore, were covering the head of Basara dressed in his PE uniform.



With a sudden incident that came out of the blue, an awkward silence drifted between Basara and Mio. —furthermore, it was a situation not possible to overlook. Inside Basara’s PE uniform there was a head poking out, and yet somehow in one piece and panties, a twerking of a little butt can be seen before Mio’s eyes,

"Haa Haa, Basara-san. do ya feel good here?"

Speaking in a Kansai Dialect that reeks of idiocy. It would surely be magic invisible to ordinary people. And to think that neither she nor Yuki realized it, perhaps presence can be erased too, so Mio stepped back in silence, and tried to kick the ass in front of her eyes up to the surface of the moon,

"What’s wrong, Naruse-san?"


Jumped up in surprise because of the sudden call, the locker door was slammed hard in a speed of light.

"…I’m sorry, you seem to be lost in thoughts but I didn’t think you would be surprised this much."

In this overreaction, Shiho Aikawa who called beside her looked at her with eyes of surprise.

Aikawa has already taken off her swimsuit and finished her preparations to go to the shower. Next to Chika was Sakaki.

"Naruse-san, you haven’t taken off your swimsuit yet? Let’s hurry to the shower already. We don’t have much leisure, time is running out, you know?"

"Ah, Yes… OK"

As said by Sakaki, Mio responded rather ambiguously in a spur of a moment,

"Or maybe— because of the swimsuit does not come off because of your enormous breasts, which you need help?"

"Aikawa teased in such a manner. With fingers on both of her hands performed a groping motion, Mio desperately thought for an excuse, (!)

"No… Apart from that, you two people go on ahead. I’m kind of not feeling good right now."

"Are you okay? Don’t tell me, you started to feel anemic again? Shall we take you to the infirmary?"

Aikawa stopped joking around and started worrying about her.

"I’m okay, I think. Maybe a little rest and I’ll get over soon. But before that, I have a favor to ask…"

Mio told an idea to overcome this dangerous situation.

"It’s still the first period right? I too want to take the shower because I hate the smell of chlorine. But I might stop in the infirmary for a while, so I may be late for the next lesson. Please inform the teacher about me."

"I got it. Don’t overdo it okay?"

"I’ll inform the teacher as well."

The two people left Mio and went to the shower. After confirming the decrease of people in the surroundings, Mio faced the locker and said something.

"…everyone is gone. Till then, I’m going to wait here."

Naruse Mio continued in a chill voice.

"For the pervert who wears panties over his head, and the fool who is taking off his clothes, who shall turn back with a decent appearance by the time I open the door"

Is it fine?

"Otherwise the inside of this locker will become hotter than the latest oven."

Aikawa and Sakaki who came back from the shower, are made to pass with the excuse of bad physical condition. All the girls except Mio finished changing, and have left the locker room.

"—Hmmmm. In other words, you did such thing to check my safety?"

Naruse Mio said with her arms crossed under her ample bosom. Exposing her bare legs and her natural and perfect shoulders— her outfit was still a swimsuit and haven’t changed yet.

—before Mio’s eyes, were two people looking down before her and sitting in seiza. Basara with the trace of red slap on his left cheek, and Maria which had stacks if ice on a part of her swollen petite head. These two people had escaped from the recommendations of chef Mio for today’s recipe "A Pervert and A Fool Whole Roast garnished with a High School Girl’s Killing Intent" and settled only at this degree, because of the signs of their best efforts as the door opened for the second time.

Maria, who was the one who covered his mouth with Mio’s panties, removed the piece of cloth, and Basara, who raised Maria’s skirts midway, came out in the narrow locker. However, Mio’s anger didn’t settle down after all, but she spared their lives nonetheless.

"You… Last night, even though you had enjoyed yourself with Nonaka, it seems you haven’t had enough?"

Last night. In order to please Basara, Maria tempted Yuki to cut loose the nether region of the swimsuit with a cutter, leaving the part exposed, and removed the chest pads on the swimsuit. Although it’s not that foolish at a side glance, Mio rejected the idea making Maria said that she "have no confidence in her own body" with eyes of pity. Provoked by this, Mio flew into a rage.

In the end, she had shown her sexy swimsuit figure to Basara. Being flustered to see such appearance in his eyes, still makes her happy seeing his blushing face. Even now. Aware of this, Basara with a reddened face looked down, with only the feet being seen, and Mio find it cute.


The current situation prevents her thoughts from being said. Since Yuki came to live together, Maria always stirs up the sense of rivalry between Mio and Yuki whenever possible, and it always leads to a perverted situation. Last night, not only she showed her swimsuit to Basara—Mio had been ridden with flattery by Maria, and convinced her to move to the bath with everyone. Having been made to do various things with Basara, Mio eventually activated the curse of the master-slave contract, and became a terrible sight.

That’s right. When Maria suggested the master-servant contract to Yuki, she said that it’s more than simple words and to show that, Basara and Yuki suddenly sticked together. Mio watching the scene got enraged and activated the aphrodisiac curse in instant, and the full details of the curse was seen to the point that they finally made itself comfortable.

As a result, Yuki too, insisted that she also wanted to bind herself to the contract.

That, I cannot easily forgive. Fortunately the slap Basara had a while ago the curse of the master-servant contract didn’t activate. The contract believed that Mio is OK to get angry.


Mio felt a little anxious. In contrast to Maria apologizing herself for, Basara apologized several times, even though she had said nothing from the very beginning. Even wearing Mio’s panties, are undoubtedly Maria’s doing. Even Mio understood this.

Because Toujou Basara would never do something Naruse Mio would hate. Nevertheless,

"… Basara? Is there something you don’t want to say…?"

Since he set foot on the girl’s locker room, Basara was also responsible for what happened. Even if the circumstances in the clothes are excusable, trespassing the girls’ locker room was not. However,

"No. The decision was made by me… I’m sorry."

Seeing Basara dropping his head more in a sorry state, Mio thought,

…Even though you can save yourself by making an excuse…

That I was seduced by Maria. That this is for the sake of protecting Mio. You can just tell the truth and it will be okay. If you do it, I’ll gladly bury the hatchet.

However, Basara was a very earnest person, who avoided escaping and always take the difficult way. Always taking the trouble to make Mio feel at ease because of the master-servant contract, even deepening their mutual trust and becoming stronger, he always gave away his indulgences, even for Mio’s obstinacy.

…this is getting too awkward, you idiot. (!)

Having said that Mio still cannot forgive for being angry as well,

"— Anyway, I’m really sorry."

And once again, Basara obediently apologized, and

"I must also apologize to Yuki properly later…"


After Basara mentioned that name, Mio’s body reacted in a sensitive manner.

—If it’s true, if he contacted Yuki with his phone and came back, that might solve the situation in an easier way. However, it couldn’t be done with Mio. She will surely forgive Basara, even if it is something shameful, unlike her and her sudden anger outbursts. Tonight, the master-servant contract between Yuki and Basara will be made. It will surely be different from Mio’s time, Yuki will smoothly enter the contract and will surely show off being a more superior subordinate of Basara than her. Even at this time Basara and Mio were still unable to show off their bonds with each other. Therefore,

"Why did you just mention Nonaka right now…? Even if I’m still not done talking to you, Basara?"

She unintentionally spoke of dissatisfaction. However, the guilty feelings induced the curse of the Master-servant contract.

Jealousy, that is. However, it’s too late when she thought "that is wrong".

All of Naruse Mio’s mind and body, was spellbound by the curse of the contract.

"Ah…Aaah, AAAaaah…n"

Leaking an erotic voice, Mio slumped down on the floor. As she staggered aimlessly,

"—O, Oi?!"


Seeing her in such state, Basara held Mio who is about to fall down, and Maria gave an anxious expression.

"You, Why in this situation?"

In the arms of bewildered Basara, the mark of the curse of the contract appeared in Mio’s neck, and her body writhed in agony.

"…Even I knew it …."

The aphrodisiac effect of the curse was terrible. Therefore Mio could endure the feelings she restrained no more.

"Because I understand it perfectly… Basara does such a thing to this degree, was all because of me."

However, Mio started panting.

"But by doing so, the bad person to Basara, will be I again….I can’t say anything."

To Mio whose real intentions are revealed, Basara opened his eyes in surprise. And,

"…it is bad. But even so, you should have been angry without caring about me"

To say it to that extent, Basara looked gentle that it made me want to cry.

"Good grief — you are really troublesome"

"And whose fault do you think that is, idiot..."

And, Basara trying to ease the situation as usual,

"—wait a moment, Basara-san. Could you might as well strengthen the stimulation? As of you two today, you can boost each other’s level right now."

Basara, holding Mio, narrowed his eyes straight to what Maria had said,

"You, even at a time like this? —"

He replied to Maria in a pestered tone—However, Basara suddenly stopped talking as he saw Mio’s state. It was evident in Mio’s eyes.

Maria’s expression stiffened. And

"We’ll get to the scolding later. But the improvement of our fighting power thru strengthening each other’s trust cannot be performed all the time. Should we avoid such precious chance or not?"

And, Maria explained her intentions with a glum but youthful face.

The other day, the decisive battle between Takashi and the others, Basara and Mio were able to put up by sheer luck because of the improved fighting power.

Confident with the person in charge at the bedroom, this is not such stuff to be focused and deepened all at once. It takes time to mature, and obstacles made it difficult to get stronger.

Still, because the other don’t have any means to win, Maria said to Basara, do not waste any "chance" for victory. For this reason Maria in advance, told the story to Basara alone.

If this was directly said to Mio, she will become aware that the two people were doing something strange to strengthen their mutual trust, and the strengthening will fail. But if Mio were to eavesdrop Maria’s and Basara’s conversations, she will recognize it as Basara’s true feelings and as a result, their fighting power will increase through the contract. But originally, lifting the curse of the contract does not increase their combat strength that much. It is possible to strengthen it to an extent, if everyone who signed the master-servant contract has a greater power that even surpasses a demon king. (!)

This time, Mio and Basara acquired a chance to become stronger.

This precious opportunity cannot be wasted, especially to Mio. Increasing their fighting strength once is still insufficient to this degree. She doesn’t want to become a burden to Basara.

Above all, is the reason why Naruse Mio fights — to avenge the murder of her adoptive parents.

Naruse Mio still remembered. The terror she felt when her foster parents whom she treated as her real parents were murdered by the demon clan in front of her very own eyes.

Thus, Mio has decided. To make sure that the demon clan must be destroyed, and to avenge her adoptive parents, she is willing to take any hardships. If it’s possible to gain strength when fighting with Basara, Mio won’t mind anything. Even if it is something very embarrassing. Because…

Even that he’s aware that she is the Demon King’s predecessor’s daughter, Basara still risked his life to protect Mio.

In response to what Basara has given to her, Mio must return the favor.

"…please, Onii-chan"

Mio pleaded with these few words. But this was enough.

"Onii-chan" — with that single word, the relationship between Mio and Basara changed completely.

From a member of a precious family, to a swearing allegiance to a royalty. Toujou Basara absolutely becomes only for Naruse Mio.

"…understood" said Basara.

Maria on his side proposed in a quiet voice.

"Let’s go to the shower room just to make sure. It seems that the girls won’t do a swimming pool class on the second period, but as an insurance I will perform the magic to repel people, because there is still the possibility that we may be seen when someone has entered."

Mio and Basara are then brought in the innermost shower room cubicle.

Mio that was lowered on the floor from a princess-carry, sat down from the tiles on the floor.


As her body felt a feverish sensation, Mio looked at what Maria whispered to the ear of Basara. Perhaps,

It is likely a consultation in making her submit intensely.

To boost their fighting power, surrendering to overwhelming level is required. Last time the maple syrup was messed up on the chest, and the pleasure was thoroughly engraved to the mind and body.

…what will happen to me this time, I wonder?

The second period has already begun. If she feels like it, she can spend a considerably long time to submit herself. She swallowed her saliva accumulated in her mouth as she thought, and luscious quiver ran all over Mio’s body. (!)

A sweet aching sensation gathered inside her chest and the bottom of her abdomen as well. The eyes were drowsy due to the heat, and her consciousness became light.

"… My bad, for making you wait." Basara finally said so and turned toward Mio. In his right hand, gripped a shower head detached from the hook on the wall before she became aware.

"What…is this…what will you do with this…?"

"Mio’s body has become heated after all, so first were going to cool it off a little."

Maria answered the question immediately, and the water exited from the shower head in a moderate level of power. The water temperature at its lowest. The water cooled to the limit, the hands,

"Let me know it you can’t endure it."

Basara softly muttered, began to soak first the feet of Mio. The sexual feeling was improved to the maximum because of the aphrodisiac curse, Mio’s body was in heat, and the cold shower felt her more pleasure than imagined.


From the tips of her toes to the top of her feet, to the malleolus of her ankle, a pleasant sensation titillated her whole body.

"…What is this…through shower…only…"

Feeling stimulated by the soft caress of the cold water, Mio couldn’t hide her surprise.

But, the pleasant sensation gradually intensified, when the place that the water is hung began to go up slowly, which firmly soaked the lower half of her body from the tips of her toes to her beautiful thighs.


Mio already couldn’t hold to leak her sweet voice. And

…what should I do…

Mio’s heart beat furiously. She herself, imagined where will be the next spot as the water dripped her wet thighs.

—Naruse Mio trusts Toujou Basara as her master.

For this reason, up to know, even if various things like this are to be done, they can be accepted, to be able to deepen their bonds as master and servant. So, if he wanted to get there wet, Mio is unable to refuse it.


However, Basara avoided showering the most sensitive part of Mio, and began to soak her hands this time. Why, Mio thought. If he wanted to make myself submit, it should be more effective there. Then.

"Fufu……this is different, Mio-sama."

Maria said as she was seen through.

"There, Mio-sama, is a place that you must heat up so as to burn yourself. Though it imitates this cooling even it’s not trying to. The main point is, as you feel hotter and hotter that place gets wetter and wetter."(!)


Seeing the blush on his face, Maria giggled as the speechless Basara sprinkled water from the hands to the elbows of Mio. Furthermore, when he soaked the upper arm and the shoulder, in her open state, he soon pointed the shower head to another sensitive place. Beside the collarbone —the nape of her neck.

"Hnnn……fu, ku…Unn…Haaa…."

Mio, whose weak spot is soaked, twitched her trembling body, and bit her lips in desperation to suppress her voice. Even if it’s during the time of the aphrodisiac curse, she doesn’t want to be the type of woman whom felt herself in the shower. However, even bluffing and pretending to be tough was too much. Basara’s eyes were focused to what seemed to burst in her small swimsuit — Mio’s chest.


Mio suddenly leaked a hot breath. Even when she refused the master-servant contract, and even before the showdown with Takashi and his company, Mio’s sensitive place has been made to submit many times.

Finally, it got wet.

But,it is not so soothing from over her swimsuit. When the aphrodisiac curse executed, Mio’s heart, the arousing sensation is exploited even from the slightest level of friction by the cloth above.

I don’t care what happens in the shower anymore.

To her sensitive breasts, Basara started soaking Mio by the shower,


At once, the pleasant sensation that was born on the depths of her breasts surrounded her whole body, and Mio couldn’t endure her voice anymore.

…No! My voice in the school will…

To this prohibited situation, Mio’s thoughts fell into disarray, but she couldn’t stop herself. Basara stared at Mio in silence. Because of that gaze Mio felt even more.

After her sensitive breasts have soaked plenty, suddenly—the shower stopped.

"Haa..Nn, Ah…ya…n"

With the pleasant feeling with the shower had settled, Mio leaked weak deep breathing noises.

"ah, haa…ha"

The nipples of her breasts that is made and felt cold, being pushed up by the swimsuit, insisted on pleasure in a lewd manner. Then, Basara draws his waist close to it and a lip is quietly drawn to one of that breasts.

"…Do-don’t…wait…Oniichan…I’m gonna…cum…"

There is no time to wait. Without regards to the sweet agonies, the mouth in front of her chest which is being stretched in the swimsuit and it was sucked at once. At that moment —the locker room, was the first place where Naruse Mio climaxed for the first time in the school. The feeling of a tremendous fall of her virtue,


Mio’s whole body convulsed in pleasure, and raised a coquettish voice as her vision was dyed pure white.

Her back arched unconsciously, and her waist floated in sensation—such a violent orgasm.

It was a pleasure sufficient enough for submission. Nevertheless,

"…? This…, Oniichan… W-wait…"

Having not calmed down from the climax yet, Basara turned behind her and put both hands in the swimsuit from the sides of her chest. Basara’s hands invaded her tight swimsuit, and began to rub Mio’s chest violently.

Shinmai v03 063.jpg

Without pausing for a breather, Mio was pushed up to the next climax in the arms of Basara.

…oh no, my body is getting hotter…

Once again, intense orgasms engraved her body, and Mio felt a rise in her temperature.

Still, Basara didn’t stop. Mio’s chest and Basara’s hands adhered in her wet swimsuit which never happened before, and became one. Soon, both the nipples of Mio’s sensitive chest were raised and rubbed and plucked in a way so many times. So to submit herself to pleasure.

"Oniichaa—yaa, Oniichaaan!"

Having reached orgasms countless times while shivering her whole body, Mio called Basara in a sweet and lovely voice. Calling one’s master to strengthen the submission even a little, indicated how much absolute his existence does to her subconscious. (!)

And yet, when the master-servant contract intensified, the glow didn’t come out.

"…what…why …?"

"for Mio-sama and Basara-san to go further than now, even though her chest is already been massaged, and even the place to be sucked is taken advantage, and even if the location is the school of all places, this play is still on an insufficient level." (!)

"u… that, that sort of…"

In the words of Maria, as her chest is continued to be massaged Mio raised a voice tinged with pleasure.

…un, unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable…

It was unbelievable. But even so she felt. Although she submitted herself so much. Mio’s heart swore obedience to Basara so much — but it is still not enough.

Then, all of a sudden Mio’s breasts were stopped being massaged and Basara’s both hands slipped out from the swimsuit. Mio’s eyes were asking why, and soon understood his thoughts.

"…what are you doing, Oniichan!?"

Mio’s climax was cut momentarily by Basara.

The showerhead was forcibly slipped inside the swimsuit from the side of her chest.

"Ba, Basara-san…?"

Maria that is nearby, raised a voice of perplexity.

It means that this action is the idea of Basara.

An aggressive ad-lib. However, Naruse Mio understood that this is not the end of it. The shower head was pushed against at the tensed nipple of Mio’s left breast.

…u…no way…

Naruse Mio imagined what will happen upon herself, and her body quivered gradually. She’s convinced. She herself will be made to submit in an unpreceded level from now on.


With a quivering voice and body, she braced herself for imminent arrival of the moment.

"This all ends—now"

Basara with peaceful eyes, said as she stared at Mio.

And his right arm surrounded her from behind, and a firm left shoulder was held.


Mio clung the arm tightly. Because Basara wanted to strengthen their bonds more than now, understanding that this is necessary, she prepared herself.

The master whom Mio entrusted her everything — Basara, kept silent.

But only for a period, his empty left hand, opened the shower all at once. That moment,


The torrent of shower began to act violently inside her swimsuit, and Mio gave a serious scream. Her chest which became more sensitive is ruined to the limit by the intense current, and she reached the climax at once. However, it didn’t end at that level. The water that gushed out vigorously from the shower violated Mio’s breasts without mercy.

"YAa, HAaaa?! Nnn, aaahh, Fuaaaaaannn, Aauu, aaaaaAAAAA!"

Naruse Mio is wrapped in a series of multiple orgasms by the storming pleasure.

Her long hair was disheveled, her white neck bent, and her thin waist twitched indecently, But even that all of Mio’s body stricken and shaken by the violent pleasure, Basara still didn’t release Mio from his embrace. If it became impossible to control and suppress her with one hand, he will strongly restrict her by hugging Mio with both hands.

And, to Mio who spent all the oxygen in her lungs in releasing flirtatious voices in no time,


Her consciousness and breathing are drowned in her simultaneous orgasms, and her hips lifted indecently every time she reached climax. Basara’s arm was hugged tightly, and the moments she reached orgasms in succession were ten times on count.

Light appeared and enveloped Basara’s and Mio’s bodies.

The radiance indicated that their fighting power has grown. In this instant,


Basara whom she held on tightly, moved immediately and responded to Mio.

However, he who was hugging her with both hands, still left the showerhead open.

Then how did it feel, Basara? The answer was only known to Mio, who tasted it personally with her own body.

Mio acted violently because the shower head has already entered the valley of her breasts. To help her, Basara held the shoulder straps of Mio’s bathing suit, pulling them down all at once.


As a result, while the cold water sprayed all over inside her swimsuit, Mio exposed all of her bare chest to Basara, and he was pushed violently up high in shame.

Because- Mio’s nipples, that became sensitive to the maximum, and rubbed intensely over the cloth of the swimsuit that is forcibly undone,

Came out of the swimsuit which is too tight for her big breasts and made the girl’s climax to be stimulated more than usual.

"Ah…Ha, Aaaah…Nn, Yaa…Nnu"

Soaked in reverberations of the climax, Mio exhaled a hot breath as she was liberated at last.

"You did your best till the last minute… Good work."

With the upper part of the swimsuit being undone, a quiet whisper came to her ear and she was embraced gently. A warm, gentle voice and embrace extended in Mio’s whole body.

…ah…oniichan… I see. I did well…

I’m so glad. Mio felt relieved. Onii-chan praised me again… I’m so happy.


While being held, her consciousness drifted towards the left over intense good feeling, Mio’s cheeks landed on Basara’s sturdy chest. The younger sister wanting him to praise her for doing her best repeated it many times and behaved like a spoiled child.

Her back was patted gently. It’s the very thing Mio desired from her words. It was embarrassing, but strangely it was satisfying — and all of it were rewarding. Because, I will be able to help Basara again with this. Our bonds and power with Basara which is the master, was able to become strengthened once more.

It is what my master desired — the master whom I want to dedicate my entire self with pleasure. (!)

Feeling happiness to the maximum, Naruse Mio slowly closed her eyes. And, Mio can’t remember what happened after that.

The only thing she remembered vauguely—was Basara’s warm embrace.

Part 5[edit]

The number of climax Basara gave exceeded two digits, enough to make Mio’s consciousness fly.

The intense pleasure continued being engraved without choice, and the submission caused her heart and body desire to take a rest from exhaustion.

Even so, her breathing and pulse were still stable, and didn’t have any problems, Maria analyzed.

Therefore, in his arms, Basara carried Mio to the locker room, and asked Maria to wipe her body clean with a towel for her not to catch a cold, and help him put on her uniform. And then he erased his presence from the surroundings, went back to the men’s locker room, changed into his uniform, and joined the two again to the pool locker room. The unconscious Mio is lifted in his arms and carried to the infirmary, to Hasegawa, the school nurse, and when asked she wanted to take a rest in the bed because she had a little fever. Maria which is invisible to an ordinary person like Hasegawa, directed to be near Mio until her consciousness returns, and Basara returned to the class at the third period.

—Afterwards, Mio regained consciousness at lunchtime, returned back to the classroom with Maria, and properly participated in the afternoon classes.

——Present time, after school,

"…Good grief, where did Maria went?"

Searching for Maria, Toujou Basara roamed inside the campus.

When Mio returned to the classroom, her figure turned into invisible state not seen by everyone except Basara. And after spending lunchbreak together, on the condition that she will behave herself Maria allowed to be there in the classroom for the fifth period. Basara thought and expected things to go out of hand during class and be absorbed in her mischiefs.

Thus he endured it somehow till the fifth period is over, with this she will be lectured severely during break time. He ordered her to wait without doing anything from the sixth period at the corridor.

…didn’t I told you to return earlier?

No. Basara thought that’s not the case. He told Maria to wait in the hallway. If she went ahead, he should be informed at least. It doesn’t seem that she came home in silence. What on earth? What the hell is going on, I wonder. But there is no response on the mobile phone several times.

…don’t tell me.

There is one possibility, Toujou Basara gave a firm expression.

In the rooftop, where the student couple having a tryst a while ago,

——it’s possible that in the middle of the sixth period, the enemy might have really come over. And as she goes to check the situation she has been compromised, and in the middle of combat.


Then he should hear the battle sounds. Even though a magical barrier for blocking the sound is deployed, the reaction to magical power comes forth surely. Basara will surely notice it if it does so.

Then, what if Maria was caught off-guard by the enemy? And if resistance futile at all, and she was not able to call for help to Basara? As his imagination became worse and worse,


Noticing something Basara began running down the hallway. There is no time to spare for expressions.

"Shit… I should have looked with Mio and Yuki after all"

Mio came back to the classroom at lunchtime, and when Basara asked her in worry if she is okay, Mio replied ‘it’s all right’ in a pretty awkward manner. With a red face, and eyes that don’t match his at all. Perhaps, she maybe felling shameful to have been seen by Basara who had her disheveled intensely in that place. With this, Basara’s face also reddened, and it became an awkward atmosphere. Being conscious to each other when he’s nearby, Mio decided to go home earlier, and for her not to be alone, Yuki accompanied her to return together.

——but what’s really more important, rather than feeling embarrassed is the safety of Maria.

Nevertheless… the corridor of the school were Basara ran,

"… Found you!"

Suddenly from the scenery outside the window, he discovered the figure of the girl being searched and quickly stopped his pace.

"That girl, why in such a place…!"

That explained why she couldn’t be found. Normally, one doesn’t set foot in there, a dead space in a crevice of a complicated building. Once Basara opened the window immediately and tried to call her,


His hand that extended to reach the lock to the window stopped midway. Maria in the courtyard, was not alone. However, within the school, there are no other human beings whom Maria can expose her appearance aside from Basara, Mio and Yuki. On the other hand, he didn't face an enemy yet—then who is it?


Toujou Basara spoke that name dumbfoundedly. Takigawa Yahiro has been with Maria.

"Why are those two people…?"

As if looking at something unbelievable, Basara felt a little dizzy. Then was the conversation over? Without being able to move at once Basara glanced what’s ahead, Takigawa and Maria parted ways from each other.

In order not to lose them at his sight, Basara hurried. He tailed Maria. Then in the place went down the first floor, and jumped out of the school entrance, he met with Maria suddenly.

"Ah, Basara-san. Yahhoo"

Maria waved her hand was soon as he was found with a carefree smile.

"Good grief. Don’t ‘Yahhoo’ me, and don’t go out on your own without permission."

"I’m sorry. I seemed to wait in the corridor without doing anything, but there are more free time than you think. The weight of Boredom is more painful than you have guessed!"

"You… reflect yourself a little."

Basara sighs as he said, and took a glance at Maria’s expression.

…There’s no way, it is.

There was nothing unusual on Maria’s profile. Toujou Basara thought. Like the time he mistook a couple on the roof for an enemy attack, someone like himself has become a little nervous as they were told that Zolgear is targeting Mio.

In fact, that situation where Maria and Takigawa meet, there are a lot of complicated possibilities that can be given out in that situation. After all, Takigawa is from the demon clan — the watchdog the existing Demon clan had sent.

However, the forces that protects Mio’s true identity — the Moderate demon faction, said that the present Demon faction might have slipped a spy. However, these facts are unknown to Maria.

In the end, only Basara knew the identity of Takigawa. For this reason, Basara who knew his real colors allied with him in outmost secrecy and as the last resort, to deceive the enemy as their trump card, like the proverb ‘to deceive your enemy, deceive your friends first’. Thus, just like Yuki and Mio, of course, he is in the same moderate faction. Though it cannot be said that there is no possibility that Maria and Takigawa are familiar with each other.

… However,

He never heard anything from the two. And today’s lunchbreak, Maria is seen to come with Mio to the classroom, Basara explained the situation at once to Takigawa, who pretended that he doesn’t see Maria.

Therefore, if he believed that the two people are sure not to have any point of contact.

Then why are these two people together a while ago? If Maria is in a condition where she should not be seen by ordinary people by her magic, how can this explain that she is with Takigawa who is pretending to be a commoner?

…Maria may deactivated her magic or something, and unfortunately was found by Takigawa…

The possibility is not surely zero. But, if assumed that Maria talked with Takigawa, whose identity is hidden, will he really play it along when approached by Maria?

Basara thought of a reason why Takigawa did so,


He just realized. After school time passed by, and he has already gone too far in leaving the class. The students with club activities remain, and the students coming and going the student entrance can be seen right now.

But, even if Maria is an outsider, nobody still noticed her since a while ago, because of her magic.

There is no odd point here. However, if Maria didn’t disenchant her Magic— the one and only possibility that Maria and Takigawa were able to meet each other a while ago became impossible.

"? Basara, is there something wrong?"

"No, nevermind."

Basara whom a suspicion swelled in him was asked a question at once in the same timing, and covered it momentarily.

…Damn it!

A certain possibility appeared in his mind, and Toujou Basara received a tension and chills in the depths of his chest at once. The worst situation is that the two people, Naruse Maria and Takigawa Yahiro —were deceiving Basara. He did not think that he can keep his cover to up forever, because that’s not his intention either. Until he defeats Zolgear, at least for Basara, he wanted to hide the identity of Takigawa to Mio.

The enemies are high ranking demon clan, and the acting subordinates who served him had considerable strength too.

If Takigawa will not work as a trump card in case of emergency, the odds will be low for them. Basara doesn’t mind if these two people have a secret connection as long as it was necessary to protect Mio. Even if unknown to Basara, there will be a hand that can be lend in case of emergency. In fact Basara did the same thing to Mio too.

But — What if the two were were deceiving him with malicious intent? With Basara’s discovery of Takigawa’s real identity, he allied with him behind the scenes. As for Maria who doesn’t know Tagikawa’s real identity, if it was a trap to harm all of them, they as of now will be driven to a very dangerous situation. To the degree of being hopeless for sure.

—Maria is a true friend, and is a precious family. He doesn’t want to suspect her. However, it’s not possible to leave it as it is.

Basara which left his bag returned to the classroom with Maria. Making sure that no one else is in the classroom, he asked Maria in a casual tone.

"…say Maria, a little while ago, were you not with Takigawa of our class?"

Originated from the feelings that he prayed for, is the question that control the fate of various things. Then,

"That? You have seen it, Basara-san? Gee—Yes, I am."

Maria replied immediately as if nothing happened.

"I haven’t come from a little while, so I kind of forget the trivial structures of this place. While I entered that odd place after exploring here and there, I lost my way completely. And because there was no help for it, I deactivated the magic for once, and asked the person who happened to pass by the vicinity."


Having an answer that he didn’t see coming, Basara stopped thinking.

"Then, fortunately, I was saved because of Basara’s friend who was getting along well with. There is not a single person in the campus who doesn’t know the popular Mio-sama, but the others who know the setting of a younger sister is limited. If I happened to pass an unknown person in that circumstances, if I’m unlucky the worst case scenario is that I’ll be treated as an unidentified and lost little girl."

Maria, in a nick of time. Toujou Basara listened to her dumbfounded.

…for once… is that really it? Then there is nothing strange at all isn’t it?

That was an unthinkable reason for Maria to talk to Takigawa, to deactivate Maria’s magic temporarily, it’s a different story from what he had thought. Assuming the situation is possible. If Maria who guarded Mio wander the premises alone, it’s not strange for Takigawa to be bothered about it and go see the situation.

"What… so that’s it?"

Basara felt relieved,

"—So it means that I will come here regularly by the future, and I intend to familiarize myself with the structure of the school premises. At that time, how about Basara-san? How about entering the locker again, and be found by Mio-sama again on purpose, and do such things as training in the contrary?" (!)

"Learn by experience a little, you loli-ero-succubus!"

Basara said to Maria with a slowly grasped fist in reflex, —However,

"……good grief."

Like that, a hand was laid in the head of Maria.

"? Uhm… Basara-san won’t intend to hit me?"

To Maria looking puzzled, Basara sighed, and said what he thought all the time from a while ago.

"…I’m worried. It’s because you have gone so sudden, I thought of what could have happen to you."

When his serious worry was transmitted to her head, "… ha?" Maria leaked a small voice.

"…I’m sorry"

She lowered her eyes and looked down. Basara gently pat her head.

"It’s okay if you understand. It’s a good idea. If you come to the school again, say it before then. Not only me, but also Mio and Yuki too, to go all round the campus. When the push comes to a shove, if we have all the members, we can properly confirm each other’s moves precisely."

"… Okay"

Have I said a little too much? Maria nodded with a gloomy expression.

Not wanting this kind of face, Basara scratched his cheeks, and as Maria looked down, her nose was pinched upwards a little tightly.

"Fueeh——It hurts!!"

Basara released the hand that was pinching the nose of the upset Maria, and laughed in a whim.

"Let’s go home soon. Mio and Yuki will worry if we’re late."

After all, we have done various things today. If things don’t go well, Mio’s lightning will definitely strike us down if were misunderstood that we entered a place somewhere not good again. Literally. I’m serious.

Maria replied with a "Yes" and nodded in return—and the two people began to walk.

As they walked on the corridor with no people around, changed shoes at the student entrance and went out, Maria kept silent all the way. She followed just a few steps behind Basara.

…while a little bit out of the gate,

"…uhm, Basara-san?"

"Hm? What’s the matter?"

Called behind suddenly, Basara turned around.

"Your hand… May I hold it?"

Looking up, Maria asked timidly. She seemed like a child who did something naughty, was got angry at, and was trying to set her distance to her parents for them to forgive her.

"… Of course."

With a quiet smile, Basara stretched out his hand. A small hand overlapped the outstretched hand. The hand which felt uneasy, Basara’ grasped it tightly but gently.

To inform that he’s not angry anymore. Then,


Shinmai v03 079.jpg

Still feeling slightly apologetic, Maria smiled with joy.

After that, until they arrived at the house, Maria held hands with Basara all the time.

With the sun setting in the west in the background, chased their shadows that extended for long.

And in the sky that Basara looked a while ago — the night has already started to come.

From the city sky where the stars cannot be seen easily, the full moon started to raise to surface slowly.

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